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New feels thread, other one reached post limit

>tfw too tumblr for 4chan
>tfw too 4chan for tumblr
I'm too sensitive for 4chan but i'm too "offensive" for tumblr. I just hate myself,i feel alone and i want friends. I want to be able to discuss in a 4chan vidya game discord general without getting kinda hurt or feel bad because i said something that could make people think of me as someone annoying.
There are another girl but it's only dudes otherwise. guys are so weird, man, they only make jokes like "kys" "yer a fag" and stuff like that...And being assburger/not discerning sarcasm too well doesn't help so i just try not to talk too much. Same for tumblr, I try to keep my "4chan" type of humor to myself.

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*there is
Tried hiding i was a girl as long as possible to avoid the usual bashing but thankfully they're fine with it

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someone beat you to it anon


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You're never really going to be friends with these tumblr kind of people. Just try to find friends somewhere else. There's way more places to make friends than tumblr/4chan or even the internet.

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Don't listen to this, you can definitely make friends with tumblr people, just don't be rude. If anon is "too offensive" for tumblr then they are probably posting in a rude way, behaving badly, or trampling others feelings. You should just try being more polite.

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let's use this thread since the other one is down the shitter?

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>implying feels threads aren't perpetually down the shitter

just use the other one to post your feefees until it dies

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well, now that the other thread has officially gone off the deep end

>browsing lacemarket, see listing for a gaudy BTSSB wedding dress that i love
>show boyfriend for shits and giggles
>he looks at the listing and flips through the pictures
>"the girl wearing this dress looks like a cheap knockoff of you"
>i look again
>it's misako

i think i'm the one that looks like a cheap knockoff of her but thanks anyway. i had to explain who she was. it was cute.

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I get a lot of compliments when I wear lolita in general and that's nice but the only compliments that really matter to me are ones from other well-dressed lolitas whose coords I admire.

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>Inherit money from my grandfather who passed away years ago
>Don't really have a specific item in mind for this money but it kind of reminds me of his death all over again so decide to buy a dress with a small part of it to feel a bit better
>Get berated for "squandering" money instead of buying "something to remember him with"
>What do you think this dress will be exactly

I'm hurting bad. Fuck my asshole parents.

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>>tfw too tumblr for 4chan
>>tfw too 4chan for tumblr
frankly i would be disappointed to fit in to either of those places. loneliness is the price of independent thinking.

i would rather have integrity than friends.

>t. lone lolita closer to the schizoid than autist side of the "unsocial" spectrum

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Don't you know anon? You have to buy a tennis bracelet with his birthstone and a charm with his life time line. I'm sure your grandpa doesn't care what you do with the money you got. as long as it's something you can remember him by. My grandma would have wanted me to get my dream dress if I hadn't already gotten it. So instead I opted for a tattoo on my ankle.

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Send help.
>Can't get over ex still
>Talked it to death with all my online friends friends to get over it
>Analyzed every single detail of what I did wrong and to get a clearer picture through mutual/unbiased friends
>My best friend is sitting right by me and I can't tell him the truth because I don't want to seem weak
>Can only tell my IRL friends and older cousin(who's like a brother) the bare minimum details because I absolutely lost my fucking mind

and I still want to talk about it more. I want to know everything and it's just very obsession that led to the relationship ending in the first place. I couldn't deal with the uncertainty at all

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Get more shit anon. Get like a cute accessory that reminds you of him like whatever his favorite color was or a favorite theme like animals or the woods or something and try and bond with your parents.
>get item
>item delivered
>go to parents and say "hey parents this reminds me of (insert memory here) is that great now i can go everywhere with this reminder of (insert memory here)"

If they are still cunts about it... Well shit im sorry.

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You may not have done anything wrong, they may have just grown to not like you anymore. This was listed in a previous feels thread, and might help:


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I've watched this so many times, I was the same poster from last time who got linked this. I can't seem to go about it logically. I watch this and it's like... "Well, yeah, that's absolutely correct". Then a couple hours later, I get a burst of emotions and I'm worthless and can't think of anything but her.

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seagull discord as requested

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My friend just recently through a break up as well and she had a terrible ass time getting over it. She was the same as you, trying to reason why it didn't work out, blamed herself, just basically losing her mind as well.

Don't constantly obsess over it, try to focus on other things. You'll need time to grieve and get over it, but just tell yourself that you *will* eventually get over it. Keep yourself busy in a non-harmful way to keep yourself from thinking about your ex. Exercise, play games, read, hang out with friends.

Don't idolize your ex or put them on a pedestal over the good memories you had together. Acknowledge she is human and recall any of the negative things she's done in the relationship. No one is perfect. Even if she was the perfect girlfriend, maybe she just fell out of love with you and there would've been nothing you could have done to change that.

If anything, try seeing professional help if nothing else works. Just give it time.

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This is normal. The video isn't a magic spell or anything, it just gives some helpful advice to keep in mind. You WILL go through pain, but it will subside. Don't go manic trying to figure what you did wrong, don't blame yourself, but don't repress your feeling either.

It's tough, and you'll crack a few times, but with enough venting and mindfulness you'll pull through and be able to focus on moving on. If you really wish to evaluate what may have possibly gone wrong (and again, it's very well possible that it was not your fault) then do so only after your emotions have calmed and you can think more rationally.

I'm sorry, Anon. I wish you the best of luck. Remember that you're a unique person, and there will be someone else out there to appreciate you for who you are.

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Thanks, I really appreciate it. It's been really difficult; everything around me has been falling apart. Besides the fact that I'm seeing connections to her everywhere, a lot of things in my life have been screwed. A week before our relationship began, my dad died. Soon after our relationship ended, I got into a car accident and then my hard drive died soon after. The whole thing revolving around the hard drive doesn't seem that important, but my entire life including school revolves around my PC. I'm at my friend's house using his laptop at 4 am because I have a project due by 8:30 am today and I'm still trying to install everything to start working. Sleeping, eating, exercising, and sticking to productive habits have been extremely difficult. It feels every single mental illness that I've kept bottled up to function has arisen to the surface all at once. I've lost ridiculous amount of weight, my hygiene is slipping, and I rebound between being empty and emotional. At some points, this life doesn't feel like it's mine and I don't care about anything. Then another, I realize all my responsibilities and how I'm going to fail completely and all the stress just piles up on at once until I stop caring again.

All of my negative traits that made me break up with her in the first place are also keeping me from moving on. I can't still decide if breaking up with her was the best thing I've resolved to do, or the worst. A part of myself, my insecurity, convinced myself that she didn't like me at all since no one could love me. Another nagging voice in my head told me if I truly loved her, I wouldn't burden her with my problems when she's not in a good place herself. Now I'm alone. Even my relationship with my mom is strained ever since I told her the truth and I realized that she'll always put how her relatives/society view her over my happiness. I don't even wish to be loved anymore; I just want to be dead inside so I can just live my life again.

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>Anon who can't break up with her "I love you you're my best friend but I don't want to marry you." boyfriend until we get back from a holiday together in like 5 months.
>Started new job recently.
>Guy has a smile like fuckin' Chris Pratt and knows what Lolita is but "Not that pastel pink stuff, the vintagey ones." which is what I wear but he doesn't even know.
>We spent half an hour on a slow shift being losers and talking about the unacknowledged potential for Danger characters in d&d.
>When I was waiting in the back room after closing he was all "Okay well if I don't see you on the way out I hope I see you next week!"

What a goddamn cutie what am I doing with my life.

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Maybe I misunderstood but you ready have plans for ending your current relationship in 5 months? Why the time frame? If you're away it gives more space for you two to heal and move on.

Part of it may seem inconsiderate to end a relationship on opposite sides of the globe instead of in person, but since we have the internet it can be over a video call or something. It'll be tough, but prolonging it may make it more difficult.

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>live in mom's house
>grew up in big cities, now live in population 500 village
>in nursing school
>work at hopsital in mental health unit with normies
>closest place with nerdfag interaction is 15 minutes away but a few customers of the place have come by and i don't want them to think they have a friend in the hospital so it's ok to go there again
>next closest is an hour away

I just wanna make some buddies to watch anime and play vidya and go to a con or two with man but I've gotta keep my power level hidden from the general public. Just about 18 or so months left until I'm an RN and can head on out wherever, but by then I'll feel to old to do any of this stuff

Freakin normies, man.

i know that feel except i'm pretty well adjusted to 4chan outside of gore and hardcore porn and shit

but desu, only once in a blue moon do i see real game (or anything!) discussion on 4chan, it's just not set up too well for it.

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I did actually consider a tattoo but my skin was so reactive to something simple like earrings I have massive lumps of scar tissue on my earlobes now, so I'm not really sure I could get a tattoo without getting a massive reaction. A dress is probably safer.

Thanks anon. I'll keep that in mind and see what I can find.

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I can relate, I like both tumblr and 4chan. I play a video game with /vg/, but I don't understand guys there. They post "kys" stuff and naked anime girls most of time and on tumblr I lack kind of personal contact? Like a form of a forum or a chat, something to be more direct with others.

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today at con
>2 classic lolitas appear near me, they are practicing their walk on stage
>Mozart's requiem starts playing
>One of them is wearing dark dress, the second is in lighter tones, they both have some similar handmade headdresses with pins
>Day comes too close to me so the Night is loudly asking where is she even wandering. Day clearly sees i'm reading some english book at phone (our language uses cyrillics, so it's not popular to see)
>Their friend starts recording video with them and me
>Mfw i closed some /diy/ led-related thread with dumb pictures just 2 minutes ago
>God bless Jonathan Stroud and his language
>smiling internally

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

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You can't be not rude to some people because they enjoy being offended just too damn much.
I had to unfriend this one girl and I guess I won't accept friend request from random facebook lolitas any time soon.
>sends request
>posts some stuff I think is really funny, like a lot of her posts
>also posts sjw bullshit more and more often
>posts ridiculous monologue about how guys shouldn't send her dick picks because she's taken and "never gonna happen lol"
>also posts provocative cringy pictures of herself posing half naked

She was kind of a lolcow but now the shit's just outweighing the fun.

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Found the tumblrina

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>finally have the courage to post lolita coord selfie to IG and use multiple appropriate tags (style, brands, etc.)
>no response for an hour
>finally, a like!
>it's an ageplay account
>four hours later still nothing except that one ageplay like

I'm ugly and should just stop trying, right?

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pls be my gf

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has anyone here done a cp bare footed?

if yes, p-please post

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>be teacher
>work in a tiny ass town an hour away from where I live
>far enough not to run into students/parents while out and about
>out in lolita today at the mall
>see coworker and her husband
>she runs over and starts talking to me. Mentions nothing about my outfit
>suddenly remember my small city has the largest mall in a 100 miles

I hope I'm not the Monday gossip.

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I apologize for that image. It was the most appropriate thing I had on my phone

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how tall are you?

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Don't apologize for that image, I lol'd.

Also, that suspense sucks. Are you close to this coworker? Maybe pull her aside on Monday and ask her not to mention it to others? Then again that could bring more gossip if she thinks you're somehow embarrassed or ashamed.

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can't you get like barefoot socks or something. Or i dunno create for yourself some silicon hobbit feet. what could possibly go wrong.

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>out of the blue an open call for voice auditions from this new studio comes out
>favorite genre of game, favorite subject, I look like the main character too
>holy shit if i get the role I could cosplay this and i'd actually BE the character
>mic wire breaks
>only other recording tools are too low quality for the audition

Its ok.. fine. totally fine.

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Picture of coord? If she didn't say anything and still came up and spoke to you, it probably isn't that bad

>> No.9246247

the coord doesn't really matter, even non OTT is weird to lolitas. I suppose it would be less weird if she was wearing something sort of 50's style or extremely toned down classic

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Caught a glimpse of a girl changing in the bathroom before tea last month, and I'm still pissed over how cute her pubes were.

Mine look like a drowned rat, and hers look like an enchanted fucking garden. It's not right.

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Okay, I've seen several stories in these threads where people refer to a "comm president."

Wtf is that? Does your comm have a president? What do they do, and how do you pick them?

>> No.9246292

maybe not a "president" but a leader

typically the person who started the comm or mutually decided by the people who formed the comm. primary organizer of events, denotes guidelines for the comm, etc.

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I was working really hard on a cosplay video but everyone seems to not give a fuck.

I literally did everything I could, I got a professional crew together to make it happen, but the other cosplayers just never answer anymore and the places I contacted so we could record in them stopped answering the day before when we were supposed to record everything.

I'm feeling like shit, I gave this project all I had, all my time and my money and I tried to manage everything by myself since no one would help. Yet today people were asking me when we would record things, why I had nothing done and why I'm such a failure, but when I asked for help no one moved a finger.
I even made all of the costumes myself, one of the cosplayers wouldn't even move a finger to get his own shoes..

I've been feeling like killing myself for the past year and I thought this project would make me feel better and productive but I was so, so wrong.

I'm not sure if I can hold on for much longer anymore, I seem to make everyone disappointed. I wish I could stop existing.

>> No.9246324

No one is going to be as into your project as you are, it is normal to do all the work, it is YOUR project, after all. Unless your fellow cosplayers feel like it will really benefit them, they aren't going to be that interested. Judging by your "I" and "my" statements, it seems like you might have come off as too controlling even if that was not you intention. But I feel for you anon, often group projects like these aren't as rewarding as they seem like they will be and the disappointment really sucks.

>> No.9246325

just let em grow and they'll look enchanted too

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>having pubes
>liking pubes

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>using best girl for disgusting anti-bush propaganda

>> No.9246334

I guess I did sound controlling.

At first everyone was really invested in it because it was supposed to be a submission for a contest which would reward the winner with a lot of money, but in two weeks everyone just gave up.

>> No.9246375

>not desiring Nonon's pink vag hair

>> No.9246385

why do you even bother having hair anywhere anon why not just get it all shaved off. Not like you need the hair on your head either.

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Speaking on Nonon, I have a related feel from last year.

>Taking pics of nice cosplays at a con
>Decent but not that great Nonon
>After taking her pic she follows me around a bit and asks where I'm headed
>Tell I was just about to take a break to eat
>She says she wants to eat with me
>Bring her to hotel room to cut to the chase because she was obviously coppin for a fuck
>As I'm pounding her, her wig falls off
>She's bald
>Lose boner
>She cries and gives me cancer sob story
>Feel like a shallow little shit but hard to regain arousal even after she puts wig on
>I'm now reminded of that day and Nonon doesn't arouse me anymore

>> No.9246450

Doesn't chemo knock your pubes out, too? If so, that's tragic.

>> No.9246458

An EGL-geared Discord just got started. Looks like it also has space for Seagulls to be salty. https://discord.gg/wsrsyhs

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>Shoulders too broad
>Waist too wide
>I-I'm not fat I'm big b-boned
>Can never crossdress like pic related

>> No.9246479

I think you or I misread, but I saw it as
>wants to break up, but after she enjoys bomb-ass vacation with said bf first

It's either pre-paid, so it'll be a waste if they break up, or he paid for it all and she's riding 'til the benefits end.
I wish it was written more clearly. I have no idea which of the two sees the other as unmarry-able.

>> No.9246483

oh snap, I have a keloid too breh. I don't think you have to worry about scarring from a tattoo, but then again I'm no expert.

>> No.9246492

you are adorable. I'm pretty sure other anon was looking for foot-fetish fap material

>> No.9246499

meh theres plenty of that shit on basically every NSFW board on 4chan

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Today a Muslim lady came into our shop and her head-thing was made out of Pokeball fabric.

>> No.9246515


There was a lady on campus back when I was in college that had a head-to-toe burberry plaid niqab. She was the highlight of my day every time I saw her.

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>tfw someone tattles to con security about some chick's cameltoe

>> No.9246890

Technically if it is a family friendly con, could that be an issue? Or if a guy didn't wear proper underthings and had a moose knuckle?

>> No.9246930

>Lose boner
y tho

>> No.9246974

I've been really suicidal and depressed for a bit over a year and i let my skin, my hair and my teeth go to shit with the mindset of 'why should i even bother i'm just going to kill myself when this gets too much anyway'
When it came down to it though and I actually tried to kill myself I couldn't do it and so now i just look and feel like trash and i guess i have to live like this now.
I tried to get back into lolita and i feel too ugly for the clothes.
I regret my entire life. I just want to die, someone please kill me.

>> No.9247037

you probably just didn't take a good picture?
i dont mean this in a rude way, i mean people get likes on their pictures because the image stands out in search and if your photo doesn't jump out amongst a pageful of other images, no one will click on it. make sure your pictures are bright & clean looking. no messy backgrounds. you can add stickers with an app like candy cam if thats your style.
heres a video for you on posing and styling an image from a girl with a bomb insta feed. https://youtu.be/kbJt8HcdR9E
hope it helps anon

>> No.9247051

i once had a lady come into my store wearing a baby pink hijab with swarovskis on it. wasn't sure if it was weird or not to say it was pretty so i just awkwardly stayed away lmao

>> No.9247055

I'm in the same situation sis
Is okay some day we'll be at peace and reborn into something some productive

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>about to take comm picture
>suddenly, accidentally imagine what it would be like to have a pole shoved up my ass

The pic just went up on Fb, and I have a totally pained expression in it. Fml.

>> No.9247514

>Shoulders too broad
>Waist too wide
we want numbers

>> No.9247547

got no numbers, too lazy to measure, but it's safe to say I have the body of a man ...who's 5'7"...

>> No.9247583

If it makes you feel any better I'm in the exact same situation right down to being in nursing school

>> No.9247622

This is hilarious.

>> No.9247857

tfw girls don't ask to hang out with you after you take pics of them :/

On a related note, I'm thinking of breaking up with my gf who's super weeb like me and have done couples cosplay and gotten into each other's fandoms since I've finally broke into my first real job post-college. Hoping to get my (unsuccessful) manwhore phase out of me and fulfill my dream of getting a one night stand at a con, just to see what it's like yakno?

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sometimes i get the urge to chew on my burando purses

like imagine ruining a $200 bag with only your teeth

i'm never gonna do it, but i just have this capability to fuck things up and i only realize that sometimes

do you ever get that feeling when you're in a room full of people, where you know you have the ability to slap a stranger across the face? but you don't do it?

that's me right now

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>buy a dress from Mercari, 9000yens
>it arrives stained at my SS despite being specified as "in good state
>visit mercari
>see the same dress, better state
I swear to god, if i get hit by customs or if From Japan doesn't mark down parcels i'm going to go on a killing spree. Being a poor student is suffering mang.

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That sucks anon. I'm also a student nurse and on my mental health placement some people recognised me from seeing me in cosplay because our city is too small. One service user and the pharmacist remembered me from a con, and a staff nurse recognized me from a mutual friend's photos. At least I got to build some rapport with the service user by talking about anime and the con, but I'm 99% sure the staff nurse was just judging me for being a huge nerd.

Also, once I saw a service user who I had met on my placement who had been severely depressed, sometimes catatonic, and she seemed to be having fun with friends at a local con, which was really heartwarming.

>> No.9247880

I know that so well anon. I remember a video the youtuber danisnotonfire made that treated the subject (kind of):

>> No.9247895

>"dan could you put the knife back in the cupboard"
>"..i could kill you, i could kill you right now"

i'm glad i'm not the only edgelord with these thoughts. thanks for the link, anon

also i put away the purse in question because i can't trust myself with these things

>> No.9247897

You're going to regret i~t

>> No.9247988

I don't want to be specific but can I please have some good thoughts? I'm having a really rough day. I have a really important/special meet tonight and I might not be able to go because of all the stupid shit that has happened. If I do go I'll just be a wreck crying about my problems.

>> No.9248005

We're not your personal therapists. Consider speaking to your significant other or a therapist if there reallt are challenges you can't handle. Don't let anyone here fool you into thinking they're some sort of therapist.

Unless your challenge is being a qt single girl in which case hmu bb wya.

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