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Last one is autosaging >>9243766

Share your /cgl/ feels

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why the hell can you guys never check the catalog

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So far what's going in these threads
>Hookup for marriage
>Hate on fat people
>Desperate hookup attempts
>Talk to your SO!!!
>Hate on pedophiles and age-gap relationshps
>Tfw no gf/bf

With the occasional serious stories mixed in.

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i dunno? make one

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>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can write the scripts or songs for musical theatre or may be participants themselves in it's showing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can dance
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can throat sing
>mfw woodsmen who play the concertina

You're simply the greatest! Stay kawaii!

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anyone who posts below this line is an ita who cannot use the catalog

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>tfw no gf
>all the me time for me
>have money for cosplay and no gf to drain me and make my life misable
>tfw when I am lonely but to depress to feel it

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Am male and wish I was female for cosplay and general cute dressing purposes.

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Hey! I just used that picture to express excitement in two seagulls finding love together; you can't use the same picture to express your happiness at being single!

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>tfw horribly ugly body and face
>tfw I'm also stupid with a hint of autistic so I can't even say "at least I'm smart and I have a good personality"
>think that lolita, j-fashion, and cute clothes in general would help
>it doesn't
>think that losing weight, growing my hair out, and wearing nice makeup would help
>it doesn't
>can't get plastic surgery
>become shut-in, gain weight back
>forced to see a psychologist
>forced to listen to her tell me that there's nothing wrong with being useless and ugly
Please just end me. The only happiness I get nowadays is living vicariously through 2D girls and characters I make in games and admiring cute girls and models I see online.

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It's mine now hehehe!

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You can't really do much about the face besides surgery and makeup, but a decent body is almost always possible through exercise and diet.

You'll be cute with hard work, ganbatte! Think of everyone who was born male and never had a chance to be a small cute girl.

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>not sure if you male or female
If you're male don't try to look like a girl and be cute because you will always look 100% ugly. Unless you Asian you can never past as a girl.
Either way if you lose weight your face and attitude will change. Trust me when I was skinny I had a sizzle shin and my face was 10/10 girls would dig me. Now that I am fat no girl would look at me, also became autistic. When you become skinny not only your body change but also your face and charactor. Try to get some excerise like walk a mile every morning or night try to hike on weekends. Eat less junk food. Now become the best self you can be. Work from the inside out.

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>comm president doesn't come to meet because her grandmother drowned
>okay, we can have one tea without her...
>immediately, fights break out
>almost with real kicking
>mfw the hotel janitor has to restore order

This was over a year ago when I was super ita, but I'll never 5get.

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Same here, I have no redeeming qualities desu

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Seconding most of it

>Tfw my gf took dancing lessons for five or so years, learned classical singing, wears lolita and would like to cosplay

We dance mostly hiphop/pop/dance, and those with frills is no good, so we don't dance on those. I don't know how to sing that well, so we mostly pair up with me on the piano and she sings.

Do you play something, sing or dance yourself?

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>Be military aerospatial engineer
>Successful in life, almost 8k/month
>Speak four languages
>Don't have time
>Can't wear lolita nor cosplay due to lack of time
>Enters a deep state of depression

I cry every night at how miserable my life feels, no matter how much burando I have all is to waste when you don't have time.

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Didn't see the old one expire

The stereotype is someone older than those around her who is elegant, composed, and overall has their shit together.

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use your skills and money to plan. Think on your success and what it allows you to do and not on what it restricts you from.

Gain a greater understanding of planning. Plan everything if you must and in that way find time for what you enjoy. When time is short taking a 10 minute break each day to plan out what you have time for is important.

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

Why even live, bros?

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You live to get one. When you do so you're ready to die.

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>find a qt grill and we hit off real fast
>became qt gf
>she was depressive and it got worse
>already had a "pause" of a month in our relationship so she can handle herself good
>everything went more or less fine
>and litteraly 1 hour ago she told me she want to "take a step back for herself"
And the worst part is that i was expecting this, so it just feel void
How do you cope with this kind of situation ? Food is a no-go cause ex-fattie

Also i want to make a Gappy cosplay but doesn't know what kind of fabric i should use for the sailor outfit so my cosplay project is getting into the trash

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You need to ask for a vacation.

That vacation must be catered and planned exclusively to your interests.

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This entire post is an experience

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>busting my ass trying to keep up my GPA
>get this dapper asshole of an English teacher
>marks off for stupid reasons like using words he hates like "very"
>turn in my first essay
>now my grades look like this

Fuck this shit. I'm buying myself some cute clothes to drown my rage in .

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What do I do when I have no ambition in life? Honestly I can't even see past turning 25 because I can't imagine anything ever happening.

I figured I'll just kill myself once I turn 25 but at the same time I don't want to bother my family with me dying and all.

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Just break up. Or at least ask yourself if you're willing to continue, if she's really worth it. Maybe talk to her to really know what her problem is. Anyway, maybe it's worth it, maybe not, only you can mais the right choice. Good luck anon.

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It's a good thing to grow into for older lolitas, I think. I like it!

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> saw a lolita on public transit wearing an Angelic Pretty OP with Kumya-chan on print
> wanted to talk to her and tell her that I liked her coord
> looked like a foreign exchange student
> she got off before I could get enough courage to talk to her

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>not 100% cgl, but eh..
>Boyfriend amd I got back together recently, we split up a year ago.
>Figured since we both got better jobs and overall schedules we could give it another try
>Date night 2 days ago, he asks how I see the relationship going so far.
>Had the ladyballs to say that I feel really close and I wanted to "take our relationship to the next level"
>He says he feels the opposite, that his work is taking over and that "I deserve better" and we should just be friends
>Laughed it off, hugged and went our seperate ways
>Finally sinks in that ultimately he sees himself as worthless and not good enough for me, but also angry that he assumes that those are my standards.
>Been ripping up shitty old cosplays and couple cosplans for emotional therapy, hasn't worked
>punching bag works less
>Bury myself in research essays, live off of energy drinks and food truck grease
>Moral lesson: never date within your cosplay group, you'll become a lonely and naive git in the end

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>mfw I feel like I'm getting old
>took time off of school to travel and work and shit so still in college
>move to tiny ass town for college
>can't connect to people at school
>can't connect to a lot of cosplayers at cons anymore
>usually stick to working behind booths now (stepdad's industry)
>feel like a god damn booth babe when I help out even when I cosplay from other shit
>usually get the nerd cred checks while working.
>just fucking tired of this.
>mfw tired of everything
>mfw don't even know what to do with my life anymore, cosplay and cons were usually my highlight to get me through.

Now for some tfw no girlfriend/boyfriend
>tfw I have a crush on one of my professors.

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This reminds me when I saw a lone Ita on the mall last year. Orange wig, black AP dress, a not matching umbrella, Ita all over. People in my country are still not very good with change, so everyone was looking and talking, kinda felt bad for her.

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did you really need to make another feels thread?

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>Grandmother excitedly points at a bunch of lolitas at a bookstore
>try to talk to them
>they avoid the hell out of me and scowl at me and my grandmother

I tried

can't blame them though, I was dressed like a normie that day

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How old are you?

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I saw a lolita at an airport not too long ago. I tried complimenting but she brushed me off pretty coldly (though to be fair it was like 5am and we were both rushing to our respective flights). Her outfit was on point but it brought up the question of whether or not flying in a petticoat is actually comfortable.
>pic mostly unrelated

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I can't imagine flying in a petti would be nice. But then again I fucking hate flying and am uncomfortable even if I wear a comfy sweater with yoga pants and sneaks

>> No.9246317

I went on a plane in lolita, it was uncomfortable as hell and the only reason I did so was because petticoats take a lot of luggage space.

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Guys, there's already a feels thread. Water you doin'?


>> No.9246380

sounds like you have more problems than an unreceptive boyfriend.

Also if it ended a year ago why would you try again? Sounds like a recipe for failure.

Don't destroy the things you love just move on. End it if you think it's going nowhere and try to change things if you think it can be salvaged.

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that thread has been dead since it was created.

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Twenty three.

>> No.9246459

Not >>9246283
I'm 21 and have failed a bunch of my college courses. I'll probably be there until 22, 4 months out from being 23, if I don't fail any more. I can't really give you any advice on talking to people IRL but honestly I would recommend making internet friends if you don't already. I'm friends with a guy who I met in 2010 on an online game still, despite not having met in the flesh. I tend to find online friends are more honest and generally better friends with those you meet in real life, obviously there are exceptions. You need to have pretty similar interests though to have any kind of lasting relationship outside of playing the same video game together.

>just fucking tired of this.
>mfw tired of everything
>mfw don't even know what to do with my life anymore, cosplay and cons were usually my highlight to get me through.
Neither do I but I take in solace in that I can learn things by reading books and make things like stories or clothes. If you like reading, here's a big archive - https://mega.nz/#F!51Q0waSI!4Ut-eePQr9YSjHJJTQs7Ew!F5ZV0TSR

>> No.9246469

I feel you. If I continue on the route I'm on (because I'm intending to go to grad school, but we'll see how that goes), I'll be 30 when I'm done. Most would be 27ish. I also switched from an arts degree to a STEM major, so I'm also behind because of that. Shit sucks, but I decided I'd rather be a little less broke in the future.

I do have a few internet friends I adore! But thank you so much for the link for all the books. I do love reading and that is generally what keeps me going these days!

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Same. I'm going to every single course I take this semester.


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tfw you're too short for your dream dress

Kill me

>> No.9246497

just.... commission/buy/make a shorter dress yourself?

>> No.9246542

I'm in STEM and would like to do arts but I'm at a point where I feel obliged to finish my current major because the effort, time and money spent will be wasted if I don't.

I'm getting better at that too.

>> No.9246586

Join an art club or participate in the local art scene if you have time. A STEM degree will be much more useful than an art degree. I have an art degree, worked as an artist, and now have a job that makes it easier to travel. I take advantage of the traveling to draw the local area and enjoy their alternative cultures (aka Lolita), but at the end of the day, this is a short-term career. When I'm done with it I'll go back to school to get a STEM degree so I can afford to live alone and support myself.

>> No.9246589

tall girl here
take it to a seamstress to have it taken in for you. boom, problem solved.

also fuck you

>> No.9246701

Isn't it fun to think of being someone's senpai? Someone older would have a lot of knowledge to share from clothes to managing comms.

>> No.9246901

A seamstress can take it apart and shorten the skirt from the top. It will potentially hurt the resale potential on a regular dress but it's very worth doing for a dream dress you'd be keeping.

>> No.9246944

Just saw Doctor Strange and I'm more motivated to cosplay then I've been in ages.

>> No.9246954

How in the fuck does making a dress = my dream dress?

Those are entirely different things, and getting/making a different dress isn't going to somehow fulfill my need for that dress.

>> No.9246960

Yes and no. I'd probably just sit back and be amused to watch them learn by the hard way. I'm not very outgoing as it is and I don't think I'll give much advices unless asked.

>> No.9246973

Original anon here. I agree with >>9246586

I moved to LA between graduating with my AA to where I am now since my school didn't offer winter start, but at least as a theater buff, I didn't like what I saw. I didn't fail down there at all (did end up having to stop because my headshots went out of date and couldn't afford new ones), but I met a lot of people who were in the arts and struggling. Despite getting plenty of roles and working a part time job, I would have been struggling if my dad wasn't so nice. I honestly don't know how people sleep in LA with the amount of jobs they have to hold to keep a roof over their head. Personally, I liked it better when I was just doing it for fun in the major city closest to me now and not trying to overly pursue it. Around here at least, there's lots of student films, the 48 Hour Film Festival, plays, etc.. It's less stressful and you might make a buck. Also, I found my acting classes outside of college to be of more help than the ones in school. They're usually smaller and filled with people who actually want to take it seriously (versus people who need elective credit). If you're anywhere near a major city, I definitely recommend doing it for fun, but don't get a degree out of it.

I can't really comment for drawing and the like because I suck at that shit.

>> No.9246985

most guys who say that you deserve better and they aren't good enough for you are just saying that because they feel guilty about not wanting to be in the relationship anymore.

>> No.9246987

Very /cgl/ feel:

>Finally I got my ouji-hairdo that I like
>Hair's growing back and I'll have to cut again soon

P-please I just want to keep my hairstyle, I like it so much. For first time I did both look good in it and liked it. It's horribly hard to get stylists to style curly hair well.

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

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>Making plans with my cosplay group for a con coming up in the late spring/summer
>Plenty of time to prepare, everyone's excited, planning a group cosplay together
>Our close group consists of 4 people including myself normally, but now it'll be 5 since there are 2 couples now
>Both couples are probably going to be doing paired cosplays together
>Still doing a group thing as a whole and I'll have a line up for the other days too, but I'll be the odd one out
>tfw I've always wanted to do a couple cosplay

W-Well, there's still 7 months to go, never know what can happen before then.

>> No.9247154

>Basically two no cosplay gf posts in a row
Good luck, faggos

>> No.9247233

Autist feels: I've drawn seven people in the draw thread and no one has drawn me and I'm stressed out by it now.

>> No.9247236

>tfw there are hideous pictures of you in cosplay on the internet now
I always avoided the photobooths at con cause that lighting generally highlights every ugly part of me, but one of the photographers at a recent con talked me in to it.
I mean, the photos quality is actually quite nice, but i'm fucking hideous in all of them.
I wish I could just re-upload them all edited...
But anyways, would it be weird/rude to ask them to remove my pictures? I'm just so unbearably ugly in them I can't handle having those photos online

>> No.9247240

Yosh, yosh. Don't be mad about that. Most there don't know how to draw anyways.

>> No.9247244

>Trying to crunch time last minute cosplay for con
>Fell behind because I got really sick
>Friend from HS is randomly in town and texts me
>Everyone bailed on them and now they have an extra concert ticket. Gotta leave in two hours to make it on time btw
>Accept because free concert ticket
>Probably won't finish cosplay now but whatever

I had a really good time last night. It was completely unexpected but hooray for highschool friends you talk to maybe three times a year.

>> No.9247302

>Be me
>Live in small town in literalnowhereville
>love cosplay
>meet qt dude with similar interests
>we start dating
>he turns out an asshole
>get knocked up
>coward kills himself
>be left a single mom
>love my baby but no longer any time for doing real cosplay
>fast forward to 2016 Halloween
>costume contest
>do a space girl costume, not really cosplay but i spent a shitton of time on makeup to get the scale effect right
>actually winning contest
>girl with shitty Stranger Things costume shares her stuff on reddit and twitter
>goes viral
>mfw contest ends tomorrow and I am like 100 likes behind
>mfw i could've really used the tablet price for taking notes at class at uni
>mfw cant never have anything, ever

>> No.9247313

I can like your picture if you want, is it on facebook? :3

>> No.9247321

Just wished he had the courage to tell me sooner instead of leading me on for months....

>> No.9247346

>Stranger Things
Overrated trash.

>> No.9247367

Gotta get those popularity points.

>> No.9247775

Cosplay and lolita have made me realise that I'm into all attractive people no matter what gender. So long as they fit a certain look I like.

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>Decide I want to make an ita bag for character whose been my among my favorites since I was 12
>Figure it'll be no problem finding merch of fave, series is well known and pretty entry level. Plus they're a part of the main cast and integral to the story
>Check Ebay, Taobao, Etsy & Storenvy find hardly anything decent related to the series in general let alone of favorite character

I haven't given up hope since there's still other websites I haven't checked and I did find 1 or 2 cute things but still feels bad man.

>> No.9247782

Mfw spoiled gull moves to Canada. :) bye Felicia!

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>Decide to make Ita bag for character whose been among my favorites since I was around 12 years old
>Figure it'll be no trouble, series is over 10+ years old but still very well known & and pretty entry level
>Plus favorite character is among the main cast and integral to the story
>Check 4 different sites and find hardly anything decent of the series in general, let alone of favorite character

I haven't given up hope entirely, since there's some more anime merch focused websites I've yet to check. Still feels bad though.

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People that are only interested in other people's looks are shallow. That was also the most shallow comment I have ever read. If I was that person I would have little hope for happiness.
>no matter what gender
>not using non binery
Also cosplaying is fun even if you aren't attractive.

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>casually browse yahoo auction for the first time in weeks
>dream dress pops up for dirt cheap
>1 hour left and 1 bid on it
This breaks my heart.

>> No.9248441

>be me
>shaving always gives me razor burn, always, very noticeable and painful
>okay ill try waxing
>takes over an hour doing it by myself, extremely painful, skin very irritated, but i read that's normal for up to 24 hrs after waxing
>goes to bed
>wake up, redness/irritation is gone, finally I have a smooth bikini line
>should last 2-3 weeks, am ecstatic, pain was worth it if it lasts that long
>but wait
>throughout the day i notice the same razor burn-esque bumps appear
>either the friction of my thighs rubbing together or wearing underwear also causes irritation
>i guess im fucked no matter what
>so much for my cute bikini i paid out the ass for that ill never get to wear
>stuck wearing long surfer boy shorts while other girls can wear cute swimsuits
>i hate my body
>why is my skin so sensitive

>> No.9248457

Streisand effect, don't — you'll just draw attention to them. If you figure out how to show well in photos, people will appreciate the change if they notice/remember at all.

>> No.9248463

I hope you went for it anyway because you should have at least tried. One bid doesn't necessarily mean you're in for a bid war, some people give up very easily.

>> No.9248500

>going to Japan later this year with a group of friends
>one friend invites her boyfriend, who we've all met and like, but he's not friends with anyone except for her
>they break up or go on a break or some such nonsense
>its not very amicable
>he wants to get back together, she's not interested
>he's still going on the trip
>she sees no problem with this

I'm trying not to make a big deal out of this but this whole situation is super dumb. I just wanted to go to glorious Nipon and buy all the kawaii lolita clothes.

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>have steel wool in my leotard
>decide to wax for the first time ever
>no idea what I'm doing
>didn't heat the wax hot enough
>didn't apply baby powder or anything
>decide to level the entire forest at once

I swear, I nearly went blind from the pain. I'll have pubes down to my ankles before I do that again.

>> No.9248522

>tfw there are hideous pictures of you in a cosplay of a relatively rarely-cosplayed character on the internet
>tfw said ugly pictures pop up within the first couple pages of searches for that character in general
>tfw you've e-mailed the host about it and they never respond

It's really put me off letting people take pictures of me when I'm cosplaying semi-obscure characters, which is unfortunate because that's, like, half of my cosplay list.

No shame in asking them to remove the photos, anon. I'm sure they'll understand.

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>normie co-worker and I cross paths at a super weeby anime con

>> No.9248533

>new job possibility
>would make enough to comfortably buy three full price brand dresses per month after living expenses and savings
>potentially soul sucking desk job that i will hate
>minimum 40 hour work week, probably weekend/evening over time

i guess i'll go for it? idk, i'm so tempted by being able to buy whatever i want.

>> No.9248578

Were they in cosplay? Did you acknowledge each other or pretend you both didn't exist?

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Sorry for off topic, but gulls this has been weighing on my mind all day and I don't have anyone I can talk to about this..
It happened last night.
>have really good guy friend, see him as older brother type
>he's 26, I'm 20; irrelevant, but the age difference makes me feel like he's a responsible adult I can look up to
>often ill come over to hang out and if it gets too late I'll just lay in his bed with him
>done this probably 10+ times, were on the same plationic page
>I trust him and tell him everything, probably my closest friend
>last night doing the usual just sleeping next to each other
>I'm tired, so I'm falling asleep but he's watching some show on his phone
>fall asleep and don't know how long but wake up to hearing him still having the show on but this opposed to his back turned so I couldn't see the phone or be bothered by the light, he's facing me
>still exhausted from sleep, but realized his hand is on my ass and he's slipped his fingers past my shorts
>realize he's rubbing me down there gently
>I'm not comfortable, screaming "no! No!" In my head but nothing comes out
>make a noise that's kinda like a noise of discomfort but I guess he thinks it's a moan
>Full out starts sliding his fingers in me, I know I need to get him to stop but I'm a mixture of scared and just shocked
>he's my super close friend I don't want to lose him as a friend or make everything awkward
>he starts getting more into it, I'm trying to squeeze his hand as a gesture to stop but it's not working
>in the process my hand brushes against his crotch and realize he's rock hard
>suddenly he takes out his hand and sits up
>he roughly takes off my shorts and underwear and just sits over me
>he can't see my face but I'm so scared and there's tears in my eyes
>just did it so he'd have better access down there, I thought he was going to try to completely come in me right then and there
>finally get out a pathetic "I... can't take anymore..!" because it's really starting to hurt

>> No.9248607
File: 69 KB, 183x275, 1437887902380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neither of us were in cosplay but I was in a kigu, we just said hi and awkwardly shuffled away.

>> No.9248616
File: 2.68 MB, 1440x1080, IMG_9724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he stops right away
>kinda laughs and smacks my ass and says "pussy" and gets up and does whatever in the bathroom
>I want to leave but it'll make everything uncomfortable especially because it's like two in the morning
>barely sleep the rest of the night but he finally falls asleep
>this morning basically act like it never happened

I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell on him because he's my friend but I know it'll only escalate more after last night.. I also have a boyfriend and I've always told him there's nothing between me and this friend (which there wasn't, well, I guess on my part after what happened) and I feel like I should because I really trust my boyfriend but I don't want him to think there was something going on all along and I was lying. I just don't know what to do.

>> No.9248622

At the very least, tell your boyfriend and confront your friend about how incredibly inappropriate that was. I think you should report him for sexual assault. And guess what? A person who would violate you while you're sleeping is not your friend. I'm so sorry this happened to you, anon, but you need to report him or at least tell him he was wrong and get him out of your life.

>> No.9248623

>I don't want to lose him as a friend or make everything awkward
He was abusing you and you thought about that? I would've slapped the everloving shit out of him

Agreed with >>9248622

>> No.9248625


This is sad, that's all I can say really.
It seems quite hard to not have this happen when in a relationship like yours, idky.
Well, if he's really your best friend tell him straight and ask what he really want. Sit down and talk it out, like the adults you two are.
Just remember that if you do nothing you're only going to get yourself more and more suffering, and that will make your life miserable.

>> No.9248627
File: 27 KB, 604x453, taisho musume tama cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dear lord, now i need to know what happened after that at work.

>> No.9248635

I don't think it's going to get any better until you can honestly admit to yourself that no, he's not a really good friend and no, he's not a good person, no matter what he's done for you before.

>> No.9248637

This is not something that you encouraged and this is not something that is your fault. This person is not your friend and you have absolutely no obligation to be nice about this. He knew exactly what he was doing and he has no place in your life after doing this. What he did was sexual assault.

You don't HAVE to do anything. You don't have to tell your boyfriend, you don't have to have charges brought up against him. But if this continues to weight on your mind please seek professional help. This is a huge violation of trust and you deserve to have the resources to move past it.

>> No.9248644

Hey, >>9248622 here, and I wanted to add that I agree with >>9248637. YOU don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with. I'm sorry for the forceful wording of my reply; I've been sexually assaulted myself by someone I thought was a friend when I was your age, and hearing about it happen to others causes me to have this kneejerk reaction in hopes that they'll handle it better than I did. I thought we could stay friends, but it just ate at me until I finally had to cut him out of my life. I came to find out later I was not the only young woman he'd done that to, and I still wonder today if had I spoken up about it, maybe the other girl(s) might not have had the same thing happen.

I encourage you to tell the authorities or to make clear to him how fucked up what he did was and get him out of your life. I encourage you to talk to someone about this, preferably a professional. But ultimately, do what you need to do for yourself.

>> No.9248645

yeah it hurt, and I *like* the feeling of ripping hair out of my body. I used numbing wipes and didn't go super close to any "bits" but the area close to the butthole/vag, I was seeing white pulling the wax off lmao
the more you do it the easier it gets/less painful it becomes, and I'd keep doing it but if my skin is going to break out regardless I'm just gonna have a forest down there, fuck it.

>> No.9248651

Thanks for all the support guys.. I just feel like it's my fault because I didn't say anything and I know this is considered cheating on my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend so much and I would never do anything to hurt him and knowing I couldn't even speak up when another guy touched me like I was his makes my stomach hurt so much that I could puke. I think one part that really messed me up per se is about six months ago my boyfriend had a friend who's girlfriend got raped by a coworker, and they were both drunk however and it's just crazy to think I was talking all tall to my boyfriend like "I'd never let that happen to me!" "Id definitely report him no matter who it was!!" And now here I am, eating my words.

>> No.9248658

You can never know how you're going to react in traumatic situations. What you said was naive, but don't hold it against yourself or let it inform your actions in the aftermath. None of this is your fault. It's not your fault that you couldn't speak up. It's not your fault that it happened. And it sure as hell isn't cheating, of all things. It's not anything you asked for.

>> No.9248672

>has boyfriend
>sleeps with random dudes

I mean, you should definitely not hang out with this dude any more.

But, in the future don't do this to your boyfriends.

>> No.9248674

We just haven't brought it up again. I think he's going to a local comic-con next though.

Maybe he's the same tier as weeb as I am

>> No.9248682

Now now, it wasn't some random dude. It was a really good "nice guy" friend who waited until she was sleeping to grab on to her goodies like the nice sociopath he is. If a girl is giving you the hints, obviously the best time to make your move is when she can't turn you down.

That being said, sharing a bed "platonically" with a male when you have a boyfriend is still a pretty shady thing, or in this case, a ridiculously naive thing to do.

>> No.9248688

>sleeps with random dudes
Yeah that sounds bad, but this is the only guy I've ever been comfortable to literally always be with anywhere. He's taken care of me before in situations where I couldn't stand up for myself (once this drunk guy decided to start kissing me and he knew I didn't know the dude and he pulled him off me and made him fuck off) and he's just the type that's been like a protector and stood up for me before even in silly social situations and yeah I felt comfortable enough to share a bed with him. Also I knew him before my boyfriend and have always felt safe around him, even the times I've hung out with him and he was drunk he always seemed like someone I could trust.

>> No.9248689

You should probably get it done professionally. It's way different since they know how to do it with the smallest amount of irritation possible and they usually get all the hair in one go. Also, moisturize really well after you wax the area and maybe powdering it a bit if you think your pants will chafe. Right after you get shaved you're supposed to wear loose fitting clothes, and it might help to get some powder or cream for the chaffing.

>> No.9248693

why did you keep the baby and not get an abortion? I feel bad for the guy to be honet here. Not wanting a child isn't cowardly. It's sad that your shitty decision to not abort drove him to suicide.

>> No.9248695

Once again, the situation was not your fault at all. But most people would not be comfortable with their significant other sleeping next to someone else. I would really, REALLY encourage you to at least confront him and tell him what he did to you was sexual assault. He waited until you were asleep and you were obviously not interested in him like that if you've never initiated something during your whole friendship. At the very least, never talk to him again. Please don't be a push-over

>> No.9248699

Let him know that you weren't down with what happened and that it made you uncomfortable and basically don't do it again. I can kinda see why he did what he did. Just be straight up

>> No.9248703

Why is everyone telling her not to talk to this guy? He sounds like a sweetheart.

Just tell the guy you weren't into that and to not do it again. From your story it sounds like you were into it?

>> No.9248706
File: 11 KB, 214x236, received_10153874427887343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can kind of see why a man in his later twenties stuck his fingers in the vagina of a young woman not old enough to legally drink while she was asleep and couldn't consent?

>> No.9248712

I mean... If I'd been literally sleeping with a guy despite having a boyfriend, that's sort of the heaviest form of flirting. He clearly was getting sexual vibes from her when there were none. That situation really doesn't sound like an abusive situation, just a really big misunderstanding and a severe lack of communication on both ends

>> No.9248715

Regardless of what vibes you are getting from someone, you don't sexually assault them while they're sleeping. Putting your fingers in or on someone's genitalia without their permission is a form of sexual assault. I'm not sure what part of that you're not understanding. Mistaking her willingness to sleep in the same bed as sexual interest is a misunderstanding. Hell, trying to act on it in a more normal way (trying to kiss her, for example, while they were hanging out) is a misunderstanding. Sexually assaulting her in her sleep is sexual assault. Period.

>> No.9248716

Why even bring age into this? You're infantilizing her. She was sexually assaulted, not child abused.
>implying 20 isn't an adult
Your statement is also leading, subtly suggesting she was passed out drunk when she said not one word about alcohol.

>> No.9248718

Ahh, Chub rub!

If you have a Lush store (The like Vegan/hippie store that sells bath bombs?) They sell dusting powder. After a wax/shave I use it between my thighs about 2 times a day (Once before work, once before sleep) and it cuts down irritation and redness! It also smells lovely and helps combat some sweat.

>> No.9248719

Also, if it WERE just a misunderstanding in his mind, why would he presumably go from unkissed friend status straight to ripping her panties off her in the middle of the night? Again, that doesn't read as a simple misunderstanding to me. It reads as someone who knows he has a person's trust and is abusing that trust and friendship.

>> No.9248720
File: 76 KB, 547x768, IMG_0546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, maybe you're right. Maybe this is a misunderstanding, yeah, it's shity to think he'd think I would cheat on my boyfriend, but maybe he just didn't completely understand. However, it was the fact that he just started doing it while I was asleep that bothered me, and still does. We've known each other for a long time and the fact that he would "start our potential sexual relationships" with him starting out with me asleep just doesn't sound right at all. But the fact that maybe this is all a misunderstanding does make me feel a little better, and now I feel like it might be a little easier to talk to him about it.. but yeah, even though I trusted him, sleeping with him must've gave him the wrong idea and I won't be doing it anymore. I didn't think of it as flirting I thought because there's such an age and maturity gap between us he wouldn't even see me as something sexual, especially since as I've mentioned a gazillion times it seems, I'm comfortable around him, and I act pretty childish on a day to day basis I thought he didn't even think of me that way.

>> No.9248721

She's not a child, but there is a world of difference, mentally and emotionally, between a 26 year old and a 20 year old. That's all I meant to point out. I concede the point on the alcohol. Doesn't change the fact that this dude finger blasted an unconscious girl.

>> No.9248722

> why would he presumably go from unkissed friend status straight to ripping her panties off her in the middle of the night?
This is the part that bothers me. We've never kissed before and next thing you know it's just this. I'd been with him the entire night and I knew he hadn't drunken anything or taken anything that would make him act weird and just out of the blue he was just super aggressive about everything. I don't know if he was just supressing everything and finally he snapped but this is the one thing that still bothers me even if it was a misunderstanding.

>> No.9248726

professionally costs 50+ USD in my area and that's just not really worth it to me if my skin is going to get irritated either way. I did moisturize, and I've been wearing loose clothes, just wearing a sack dress with nothing under it, even.

>> No.9248728

Frankly, I think you're naive as fuck to consider brushing this off as a misunderstanding. Do you, but this isn't someone who has your best interest at heart, whether or not he realizes he's sexually assaulted you. And yeah, your boyfriend is probably going to be pissed if you tell him this dude you've fallen asleep next to you shoved his fingers in your twat but you wanna stay friends, so good luck with that.

>> No.9248756
File: 393 KB, 442x596, aborted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>walking through con
>barefoot friend steps on something sharp
>mfw it's a human tooth

This is why so many cons require shoes.

>> No.9248763
File: 62 KB, 620x930, rs-217545-h_14542938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decide I'm a fat fuck @ 6'0, 230lb in summer 2015
>start cutting weight
>don't set a goal, just decide to go until I see abs
>am now 175
>abs almost here
>mfw waking up every morning almost seeing abs but not quite
>mfw lifts going to shit
>mfw clothes fit terribly

Gonna look good in them cosplays tho

>> No.9248772
File: 1.74 MB, 177x150, oHM3bhj.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw it's a human tooth

>> No.9248782

I hate seeing cosplays of characters I've done but done better, not because I'm not salty about the fact they're better, but I just get autistic over their fabric choices and little design flaws. I don't ever point it out to their faces and I don't even have the right since my costume was executed worse than theirs usually for the sake of time, but I can't help but feel like they're not doing the character justice by forgoing proper fabric choice/wig styling in favor of incredible sewing skill. Maybe I just have the wrong priorities, but it irks me to no end. I always feel like if we had collaborated on the outfit on different parts we could make the ultimate cosplay but that will never happen since they're strangers...

>> No.9248789

This is unfortunately common. I had something similar happen to me in college and I wish I could go back to tell my younger self that he was the asshole. The best I can do is tell you that this isn't your fault and that you're not alone. This is a good time to be selfish and think about yourself. He forfeited your sympathy or concern when he did this to you. I wish you all the best.

>> No.9248820

Well guess he isn't as normal as you thought. Now you can connect over a possible shared hobby.

>> No.9249238

Last meet, I thought I was finally socializing normally and everyone was having a good time, but apparently I just come off as an autistic attention whore.

>> No.9249246

>not because I'm not salty about the fact they're better
Funny, because you sound salty that they're better.

>> No.9249252

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9249260

That's sexual assault. Don't try to paint it as anything else.

>> No.9249283
File: 116 KB, 342x324, makomess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>about to take comm picture
>suddenly, accidentally imagine what it would be like to have a pole shoved up my ass

The pic just went up on Fb, and I have a totally pained expression in it. Fml.

>> No.9249289


This was NOT a misunderstanding. The dude raped you. Christ, I can't believe you think this is in any way a misunderstanding or your fault.

Nobody, and I literally mean nobody, starts touching someone like that in their SLEEP because of 'miscommunication' or 'mixed signals'. This dude is a creep, and the sooner he's out of your life, the better.
I understand you feel close to him and want to trust him, but he took that trust you gave him and violated it in the worst way possible. There is literally never an excuse for sexual assault. Confront him, report him, cut him out of your life, whatever- But do not allow such a scumbag of a human being to remain in your life.

And seriously, shame on every anon who is supporting the 'misunderstanding' card. Are you all literally that stupid that you think starting a sexual encounter with a vulnerable individual while they're asleep is no big deal? Take your toxic bullshit elsewhere, you're just confusing a girl who is obviously struggling with a major violation of not only her physical space, but also her concept of trust and healthy relationships. I feel sick reading some of those comments, christ

>> No.9249295

What I'm wondering is.. How many times has been feeling her up and jerking off on her back while she's been asleep before?

You hear stories about creeps (proudly) doing that shit all the time.

>> No.9249302

Exactly. As much as it makes me feel for her, this sort of thing has probably happened before on a lesser scale and she's had no idea.

>> No.9249346



One, this is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER a misunderstanding. Guy straight up groped and touched you WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. There's no way to know how many times he's done this, and quite frankly that fucker IS NOT your friend.

Don't want to lose him as a friend? He clearly doesn't see you the same way. You have a boyfriend, and you have a voice. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF.

>> No.9249348

Funny because it looks like you're illiterate.

>> No.9249358

You sure showed her.

>> No.9249368 [DELETED] 

>tfw a creepy kid assaulting sleeping girls has got to 3rd base while you are 30 years old fapping to hentai

One day I'll muster up the courage.... to rape

>> No.9249437

>Dream that a girl who isn't in our comm but is in one nearby, and sometimes comes to our comms meets, is hosting a slumber party to get to know our comm better
>Dream me is excited as heck, this girl dresses nice and is funny and would love to get to know her more
>We all gather at her house, not even in lolita, just a regular casual sleepover
>Because it's a dream, there are people in attendance who Im close to but are not at all interested in lolita
>My sister, some normie friends, etc
>And....my ex fwb?????
>He's looking worse for wear and pretty creepy desu
>Everyone is being nice to him
>Wtf wtf
>Suddenly he asks to speak to me privately
>Quickly escalates into a physical confrontation, he traps me in a room
>Luckily the room magically grows another door and I excuse myself gracefully to a room full of perfect dream lolita friends who are all telling me how creepy and ugly he is and supporting me through a rough time

Then I woke up and realized I'm not that close with my comm or that girl nor will I ever be because I'm a socially anxious mofo who can't make friends and that this is just a manifestation of my PTSD from being trapped in a room by another boyfriend. And now whenever I see that girl post on CoF or tumblr I get sad.

>Feels bad man

>> No.9249456
File: 7 KB, 150x137, 1442336145165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>move from very expensive city to much less expensive city
>immediately land job starting at $15 an hour
>tfw was worried i would have to go back to serving or retail
>tfw living costs are so much lower that i can double my lolita budget and still save towards the future

I am a happy camper, gulls.

>> No.9249548

IDK about you guys but when my petticoat is chiffon and doesn't have an overly-tight waistband, I find it comfy as fuck. Being wrapped up in all the layers is like sitting in a duvet.

>> No.9249552

Remember that the stress of your degree might also have made you hate art. I got burnt out doing humanities subjects in high school and was two years into my STEM degree before I could enjoy reading for pleasure again. You often expect a degree to be doing what you love 24/7 but it can actually just put you off the subject altogether. If you just enjoy arts stuff rather than thinking you have the potential to seriously pursue it as a career, it can honestly be more fun as a hobby.

>> No.9249563

>put a lot of effort into my halloween coord and got no good photos because shitty phone camera/was wearing difficult to remove gloves
>tfw i did get my photo taken a couple times at the school's party i went to but can't find any photos uploaded online

>> No.9249586

How soul-sucking any office job is depends on your co-workers. I'd say go for it, some office jobs actually have a really nice atmosphere.

>> No.9249665

>have to choose between IRL friends and lolita events
>feel guilty because I just want to go to lolita events but don't know how to politely refuse the invite to a friends holiday
>I live with the friends in question so it's not like I can pretend I'm broke, they will know that I chose to go to a con instead of go with them

>> No.9249704

He is not your friend, you idiot. He is a guy who just wanted to get in your pants. You need to work on being more assertive and use some common sense. Friends don't sleep in the same bed, they crash on each other's couches and that's about it

>> No.9249739

tumblr please leave. your comment gave me aids.

>> No.9249760

>He is a guy who just
Realize that he may have once been a good friend. But that was then; clearly he either no longer respects or no longer understands you, possibly both; people change. Make it clear what he did was unacceptable and distance yourself, if not cut ties completely. Let him go cry to /r9k/ or whatever if he though you were leading him on, doesn't matter. It's up to you whether you bring this to the authorities or not; we only know as much about this as you've told us. But what is clear is that you must not give the slightest impression that what he did to you was or will ever be OK. I've never heard of one of these situations that was resolved by giving the benefit of the doubt, trying not to hurt anyone, or not talking to other people who care about you.

>> No.9249803

from a male perspective i have to disagree that its rape.
He obviously felt sexual tension and secretly hoped for something more those 10 times sleeping in the same bed. And i cant imagine this never crossed her mind.
Since they have known eachother and are comfortable sleeping in the same bed for a long time id say he probably expected her to be comfortable enough to say no or stop to his advance.
He most likely wanted her to wake up or thought she were woken up since he pursued it further. Or atleast hoped something would happen from this somehow. The noise she made wasnt a no so he thought it was ok but stopped right away once he realised she didnt want anything.
I dont think what he did is justified, he was probably really horny and didnt think straight.
But to call him a rapist and reporting him, potentially ruining his life over a misunderstanding is a bit harsh, especially since hes been good person otherwise for so long. People make mistakes.
Also desu, touching on bodyparts honestly isnt that big of a deal, if i woke up to a female friend stroking my dick gently id tell her to fuck off, probably ask what that was about and break off the friendship. Its not like its some holy totempole that holds all my worth and pride as a person. I just cant see how its traumatic, especially since youre both adults.

but i dont know any of them or wasnt there so i cant make a fair judgement.
should definitely talk to him about it and break off friendship tho.

ill get alot of shit for this

oh come on..

>> No.9249826

I hope you stay single for the rest of your life because your outlook on consent is horrifying. Groping a sleeping person is at the very least sexual assualt, and pentrating her without her consent (which, since she was asleep as far as he knew, she could not give) is rape.

>> No.9249830

What he did was 100% not okay, if you've never had any romantic or sexual contact with a person you don't just fingerfuck them in their sleep like it's normal. But honestly, this girl is fucking dumb for sleeping in the same bed with some dude while she has a boyfriend. I can't believe her boyfriend would be okay with this, and I can completely understand why this "friend" thought she was interested. Still doesn't excuse his actions, she definitely needs to tell him that's not fucking okay but she probably won't because she's a little bitch who sleeps with other dudes while in a relationship.

>> No.9249833

well, according to OP he didnt put any finger in until he knew she was awake and she didnt say no. Atleast thats how i understood it.
And no my outlook on consent is not horrifying, obviously what he did was wrong, i said that in my post. Im saying that screaming RAPIST and reporting the guy might be a bit extreme and offered a diffrent perspective.

a-and its not like i want 3dpd anyway.. im fine with being single

>> No.9249863
File: 8 KB, 318x159, just kill me now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I obsess with wanting to do cute shit with someone. Couple cosplays, hell, just being with someone in general.

I get it. These things take time. I should probably learn to love myself, but I don't. I fucking hate myself. But that's besides the point. The idea that I really want to be with someone and do nice things with them has...
probably poisoned me.

>> No.9249864
File: 65 KB, 589x530, potoo_baby2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw the Alice and the Pirates fairy tail pochette I bought on LM came today and the scratch, that looked super noticeable in the picture, is hardly noticeable and I got it for fairly cheap

>> No.9249876

He went and felt her up after waiting for her to sleep instead of at least making a move on the couch during a movie or something. He was in the wrong from the start. The rest reads like a comedy of errors, where every time she tries to send him a signal or hint to stop it ends up being something easily interpreted as encouragement.

Sometimes you just have to say "fuck off" no matter how much you fear "making things wierd between us".

>> No.9249881

My feels right now are screaming and drinking as I stare at states change colors on a US map.

>> No.9249892
File: 887 KB, 245x219, MYgl6[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying on a skirt I'd made six months ago from some pretty yoryu chiffon
>the waistband is sitting two inches too low
>the first time I wore this skirt, I had to wear a cincher underneath
>what's going on.png
>oh shit, a year's worth of careful and healthy food choices is finally manifesting
>........fuck, I really liked this skirt
>and this means half of my formerly-tailored cosplays are going to sit baggily on me from now on

>> No.9249926

I know how you feel. I am physically sickened. On the bright side..
>tfw moving to Japan in a matter of weeks
Couldn't have happened at a better time.

>> No.9249935
File: 206 KB, 600x600, tell me how butthurt you are.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feeling pretty good, I must admit.

>> No.9249938

Lucky, I'm seriously tempted to sell myself off as an American mail order bride

>> No.9249941
File: 11 KB, 411x369, 1454639525483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9249946
File: 7 KB, 191x234, 456546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw an anon said they have a lolita crush on me

that was the pick-me-up i needed. i'll keep doing my best!

>> No.9249947

Even if he wins, 99% of what he's planning will be illegal and/or a human rights violation.
If he wins, he will be either impeached or a puppet.
If he wins, the law will cage him. We can survive this. It'll be tough, but we can do it.

>> No.9249950

/cgl/ relevant election question

is trump going to make buying stuff from overseas more expensive? i need my burando, i cannot deal with burando tariffs

>> No.9249951

I am literally terrified for my life right now.

>> No.9249952

Yes. If nothing else, the dollar's purchasing power will go down.
This is our BrExit.

>> No.9249956

Meme magic is real. /pol/ is always right.

>> No.9249957


tumblr literally shaking

>> No.9249958
File: 439 KB, 1024x1024, 1457455784840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, when I was reading this, I was thinking, "Did I write this?". Thanks for ghostwriting my thoughts and feelings so I don't have to.

>obsess with wanting to do cute shit
>just being with someone in general
>learn to love myself
>I hate myself
>want to be with someone and do nice things with them

I was dating a girl who I flowed really well with. We had a lot in common, our interactions were natural, and she was a qt who liked cosplaying. I broke up with her due to my own insecurities and the belief that no one could ever love me. Part of it was due to my own insecurity, the other was because I didn't want to feel like I was forcing her into a relationship and I didn't want her to deal with my problems.

Tfw held it all in my hands and I just let it slip away because of deeply rooted mental issues. Wew lad

>> No.9249961

We will survive.
It might be difficult, but we will survive.
You can find a way.
Rabid xenophobic nationalism is a hell of a drug.

>> No.9249968

Ok so right now the yen is .0098 to the usd, is this more money for waifu figures or am I getting that wrong

>> No.9249972

think about it

the baseline for the yen is usually 100 yen = about 1 usd

so if 100 yen = less than one usd, that means you are paying less. enjoy it while it lasts

>> No.9249982

It's why I'm still optimistic that the next 4 years will be hell but we can survive. Who knows? Maybe he'll actually be impeached and we'll be ok.

>> No.9249987

Problem is that if people pull investments out of the dollar they usually turn to the yen because of it's relative stability in the global market. It will just go down again

>> No.9249990

dear gay, male, trans gulls, please be safe. these elections are a ridiculous shitshow and the impact of this will probably bring the entire world to shit. I'm afraid, too - Trump will encourage Russia and Crimea will happen to all of us next to him.

or just get out of the country while you still can...

>> No.9249991

>muh russians

>> No.9249992

I think you're overreacting; we live in America, not a 3rd world country. Gays and trans people won't be lynched; as a matter of fact, most of trans people I know voted for Trump.

I don't see where this "Trump supporters will use violence to kill/silence minorities" comes from. If you google videos of "Minorities being attacked by Trump supporters", see how many results you get as opposed to "Trump supporters being attacked".

Also, checks and balances. Shit will be OK. Trump was just a reaction to political correctness and the increasing fear that American politicians are choosing the interests of the few over the many-- we won't actually become a monstrous violent shithole because people's perceptions won't change due to the person in the oval office.

>> No.9250007

The KKK literally supports Trump so....

>> No.9250011

Fuck dude, I feel you there.

>> No.9250015
File: 63 KB, 160x395, feel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, Duwang

>> No.9250017

Like... as much as I really want to be with someone, I have a lot of personal issues with myself. I wouldn't want to drag anyone down into that, yet I know I still want to be with someone. It's... quite a conundrum sometimes.

>> No.9250018

If you paid attention to the rise in violence post Brexit you'd realize that America is on track for that sort of reaction post election. We will be a shithole based on judicial rulings. So yes the country will be fine if you are white middle class and male. It will be even better if you are upper class and male. But anything else you are fucked, just look at the policies his VP wants to pass.
Also Trump's parents were KKK members and they support him, so yes, that is the exact type of people who will be running the country.

>> No.9250019

Usakumya is Baby's mascot, not AP's.

>> No.9250038

Did we already forget about Pulse or the fact that there was a person literally apprehended with a car full of explosives to a PRIDE event.....?

>> No.9250041

Yeah, I get what you mean.

It's like REALLY wanting to be in a relationship, but you realize you aren't mentally stable enough for one at all. Then you don't want to burden whoever your partner will be with your emotional and mental problems and stress them out.

Wanna talk about it, breh? I notice a lot of dudes with these type of problems tend to be very jealous, obsessive, and possessive as well. It's a strange form of love where you get off on putting your partner's happiness and well-being far above your own at all times.

>> No.9250042
File: 87 KB, 601x517, fuckthisplace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know that feel
>Costume contest for halloween at local con
>Made The queen of souls from "The book of life cosplay"
>added my heart and soul to it, adding battery candles on my hat, the little details and print of the dress
>Come day of the contest im super stoked, makeup is on POINT, people taking pics
>chick comes in a wallmart olaf hat and party city tutu
>She wins second place, my hardwork gets 3rd, edward sissorhands gets 1st (which was explainable)
>pic related of what she wore
>still salty to this day

>> No.9250055
File: 80 KB, 640x685, Photo Dec 02, 15 30 38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9250056

Man whatever year Mulan was released, I was in like first grade and it was my third or so year entering this little kid's halloween costume contest. My mom went hard making me costumes as a kid (probably why I got into cosplay desu). Anyway, this other kid was always #1. His dad went harder than everyone and this year while I was a rabbit inside a large magician's hat that I wore around my torso, this kid was THE fucking red baron. Little costume along with a cardboard plane. The propellor on his plane rotated on its own. This kid blew everyone else away.
He got honorable mention and I got nothing. 3 girls in the same store bought Mulan costumes took all 3 winner ribbons.

>> No.9250061
File: 1.83 MB, 450x450, 1458578716673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9250063

I seem to not have made myself clear about the fact that I'm not American myself. we all saw this happen after Brexit, there's no way this will be any different.

>> No.9250071

God, fuck, I feel like I would be jealous, obsessive, and possessive as well. I feel like I wouldn't be stable enough mentally or emotionally and even just thinking about being with someone I feel like I'd be those things. I know I have to take a step back and think that if I ever do end up with someone, I have to trust them, work together with them, and not saddle myself with such negative emotions.

It's such a horrid conflict. I so very much desire intimacy but at the same time I fear it. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I shouldn't hurt myself either. Fuck everything.

>> No.9250072

The KKK have probably supported most republican presidents and politicians in general how many mass slaughterings of minorities have happened under any of them?

What does the KKK supporting anything even matter? Seriously what actual logic was there to your point? Oh wait there wasn't one.

Dumbass liberal crybabbies. By all means leave the country we'll be better off without you.

>> No.9250073

Just how delusional can one get, its always hillary supporters, feminists, blm etc that get violent. You still belive everything the pay to play media tells you? Even after the leaks? The violence against lgbt , races and women are basically "i disagree with you". what planet are you from?
Actually nevermind, forgot this is underage tumblr board.

Feels good to not be a proffessional victim aka woman/black/lgbt

>> No.9250078

Wow you cis-gendered rape apologist don't you know minorities can't commit crimes against the privileged (aka straight cis white males) have you even taken womens studies 101.

>> No.9250084

It's sad when you see people like this online and realize that most idiots in the US actually believe this drivel.

>> No.9250090

>most idiots in the US actually believe this drivel.
Except we literally just learned that's not the case.

There may be hope for the western world yet. We're not ALL stupid crybabbies who never mentally developed past 5.

>> No.9250096

I'm eurofag and ordered a dress from US and I'm currently waiting it to reach customs. Weaker dollar means less custom fees. On the other hand I'm mildly scared for Estonia, but that would be the case with Hillary too.

>> No.9250098

>trump is president
>dollar drops under yen as a result along with other stocks

>> No.9250099

I can tell you have never even hovered over Donald's website link let alone gone into it to read about policies.

>> No.9250101

You're the very reason why people think women are dumbarses. Saying it as a woman too.

>> No.9250105

Waiting for mods to clean up this mess.

>> No.9250109


Goddamnit I was about to post the same thing.

Aside from Trump being president brand's now more expensive. Fucking great.

>> No.9250111

time to support local indie brands and uhhh... make local lolita great...?

>> No.9250112

I don't know why you're so desperately trying to create a reality in which all niggers are hanged.

Are you some sort of fucking racist?

>> No.9250115 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 800x800, 1469632398771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I woke up this morning again a straight, white male aged 21-35 and am currently bathing myself in the tears of Hillary supporters and hyperbolic retards thinking Nazi stormtroopers are going to round up the blacks and Muslims tonight

>> No.9250116

>Trump's parents were KKK members

Not true. Hilary's mentor was a leader in the KKK though, lol.

>> No.9250117

You can thank the lying media for scaring naive people like that.

It's like when the Dailymail talks about rabid foxes being a threat and your grandpa gets scared to leave the house.
Except here, it's CNN talking about racist bigots being a threat and an impressionable little college kid gets scared to leave the house.

Just remember that the fear is genuine for these people, despite how ridiculous it seems to you. Funny as it seems, they're victims of the media

>> No.9250120

shut up about politics before you all start crying that the mods keep deleting these threads, christ

>> No.9250121

I'm not even American. I'm from Europe and the media hysteria's even taking hold here. There was a morning talkshow on earlier and some woman text in saying her 9 year old son is crying at the result and is afraid that Trump is going to start a nuclear war.

I really do wonder how a 9 year old came to that conclusion!

>> No.9250122

I am genuinely curious why people are freaking out so much.

People are saying they are scared

They are treating this like some kind of terrible act of violence.

What the fuck do they think is going to happen?

Do they think death squads will be formed to kill all women, gays, and minorities?

Do they realize Democracy is still in place?

Is common sense dead?

>> No.9250129

>Is common sense dead?
Almost. But luckily Hilary didn't win so we know these insane paranoid crybabbies, in spite of how it may seem, aren't the majority.

>> No.9250130

Well technically they are because Hillary won the popular vote.

What you're supposed to say is "atleast we know the bulk of them is in California"

>> No.9250131
File: 590 KB, 2484x1712, 1478678305426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feelin gud.

>> No.9250132

Oh did she? I didn't check much after Trump won.

But yeah either way, common sense is definitely on it's deathbed. Hopefully this is the beginning of it's recovery.

>> No.9250144

>Hillary won the popular vote
No she didn't. Trump leads by 0.2%

>> No.9250146

Well the dude has suggested punishing women for abortions, denying Muslims entry and forcing them to carry ID cards, and undoing gay rights. And he has a fully Republican House/Senate and choice of Supreme Court Justices to back him up. He's also literally bragged about sexual assault.

>> No.9250150
File: 319 KB, 612x700, 18354028_p1_zpsba9d9412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things will be okay, buddy.

Just remember not to be caught up in negative feelings. Communicate with your partner, do productive actions rather than actively sabotage your relationship, and let them know that you want to be reassured that you were loved.

I'm sure your relationship will go better than mine once it happens. Remember, communicate with your partner and let them know what's troubling you; don't just let your misery fester. Never think of yourself of a burden, they decided to love you for a reason-- they'll support you through it all. It'll hurt them much more if you decide to be "considerate" and not involve them in your problems. When you two get into a relationship, it's a commitment to love and support each other.

Ganbatte, anon.

>> No.9250151

It's banter :^)

>> No.9250152

They did not fully count out Commiefornia yet, though, did they?

>> No.9250154


Which is funny why people are like "hurr durr media!" When he has said all these things. Pretty explicitly.

So now it's up to them/him to back pedal and say that they were a) hyperbolizing or b) need to back it up.

The point being is that he is hardly the breath of fresh air that everyone thinks he is because he just says shit to get everyone riled up which is the same as any other politician. He can't even fucking run his own business, how does he expect to manage the US economy or manage US healthcare. All of his plans cost projection analyses are pretty abysmal.

I'm hoping he at least has a somewhat competent cabinet. I mean Reagan had dementia but still had a somewhay decent presidency thanks to the support staff.

>> No.9250156

>suggested punishing women for abortions
...if they break a law in the process. Unreasonable?

> denying Muslims entry and forcing them to carry ID cards,
No, limiting entry from heavily radicalized muslim countries and forcing these people to ID themselves properly instead of letting random unidientified people into the country like how it happens in the EU right now.

>and undoing gay rights.
No, he said he'd make it a state issue. Lots of states are pro-gay marriage.

>He's also literally bragged about sexual assault.
He bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and they'd consent to that behaviour because he's a star. It's a low class thing to brag about, but it's certainly not sexual assault.

Nobody is backpedaling, you're just spreading blatant misinformation and people are explaining his actual policies and positions to you.

>> No.9250158

>>mfw I just want to stress shop and buy a lot of brand I don't even need.

Americans chose these two piss poor candidates to lead a nation. Checks and balances only work when voters are staying informed and voting in new representatives. Bad things are going to gradually happen, but you usually won't realize how bad it is until it's too late.

My coworkers in Japan are super confused why he was even a candidate, now I don't want to face them tomorrow.

>> No.9250165

>My coworkers in Japan are super confused why he was even a candidate, now I don't want to face them tomorrow.
weird how just under 50% of Americans are convinced the entire rest of the world are just too stupid or brainwashed to see the glory of a Trump presidency.

so how about that stress-shopping, huh

get some cute shit

>> No.9250168 [DELETED] 

>be lesbian and Bernie Sanders supporter in an entirely Sourth Christian + Trump family (and extended family)
>family is either kept in the dark that I'm gay or ignore it after telling me they don't support my "life decisions" and won't support me getting married now that it's legal
>want to vote for Clinton
>can't because family tensions and open hostility/mocking of Clinton supporters and I live with biggest Trump supporter ever
>through myself into Taobao and Jfashion orders
>burning mad cash like yo
>wake up this morning
>state's governors race ended at 49%/49% with anti-gay, anti-trans governor part of the tie
>Trump is president
>all I can think is I'm glad I already paid for my Taobao order

It's horrible of me but fuck it, I'm going to spend all my meager savings on myself this Christmas before something happens. Pretty lolita dresses, husbando merch, good gifts for my Secret Santas, everything. Might as well be kawaii and enjoy it while it lasts before either shit happens or it gets so bad I just off myself.

>> No.9250172
File: 24 KB, 457x395, 5e9d461f7dbd006f58e5385e69976121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lately got into Love Live
>Want to cosplay from it
>Be lone cosplayer
>No one to pair/group with

>> No.9250178

Thank you. This weekend will be stress-shopping in all my favorite brand shops and a lot of purikura to fill the empty void.

And yeah, most of the world thinks America is a joke right now. That is sad because I love my country and know so many wonderful Americans, but now it's getting harder to defend them.

>> No.9250180

move up North, fellow Santa gull

i am going to spoil my giftees because we are all fucking stressed

>> No.9250187

I'd move to Canada if I could but I don't know anyone there and at least in 'Murica I can enjoy getting my filthy Chinese goods tax free.

>> No.9250190

i mean the Northeast of USA, bluetown, gay-marriage-land, where my vote is ceremonial because this state always goes blue.

we've got Baby and pretty autumns and intellectual&cultural hotspots and each other

>> No.9250192


>Weirdo Mccain people think black people are going to loot everything because Obama
>Paranoid tards think the SS is going to put them in labor camps the moment the clock strikes midnight

It was funny then and still is 8 years later

>> No.9250195

That does sound a lot nicer than where I'm from, infamous HB2 land with months of "Democrats want to let grown men into your daughter's school locker room!" commercials and calls for the "Rural white voters" to stand by Trump
>mfw there's a place nearby called The Rebel with confederate flags on all the windows and a big sign pleading for Trump and the owner is a notorious Clansman

>> No.9250207 [DELETED] 

I know how you feel. I didn't vote because I knew my SO would mock me and throw endless /pol/ memes at me for voting for Clinton. I gave trump a fair shot and read up on him but even putting his lack of professionalism and bigotry aside his supporters are all just so fucking gross. I'm just a white Jewish girl and I feel great disgust with knowing that trump supporters are a majority of this nation. I cant imagine how more marginalized people feel.

On topic .... my JET application is almost done. Maybe this time next year ill be in Japan. Although I would feel guilty running away when I'm not really one of the main the targets of all this hate.

>> No.9250210

America has an apocalypse/damnation fetish. everyone wants their enemies to be punished but they fear they are the ones who might get the shaft instead. it has been this way for a while but the post-Nazi, post-Hiroshima age of mass destruction has made everyone paranoid.

leave, heal and recuperate, get allies, and then return and fight for the younger versions of you. or stay in the more liberal area. but remaining in a place that may be dangerous to you, when you lack support, is the kind of situation that makes suicide seem logical. please try relocating first. come experience our moldy lolita conventions and low obesity rates and gay resort beaches and mind-your-own-businessness.

>> No.9250211

He has already spoke of putting his children throughout his cabinet and then the rest being pay2play for him.

Even if he was impeached we'd be stuck with Pence. I thought Indiana didn't even like Pence.

>> No.9250214

>all this political discussion
It's almost like you're trying to get the thread deleted

>> No.9250216


Fuck. I forgot about that.

well I'm just going to drown my sorrows in Taobao, shitty exchange rate be damned.

>> No.9250218

some is relevant, which i hope our janitor understands. politics has a big effect on an international subculture consumer hobby, and responses to an on-topic feel often stray a little bit. for hypothetical example, an OP's feels about her cat puking on her brand evolves into a discussion on brand cleaning (on topic!) and pet health (off-topic), but it flows from the on-topic subject (cat puke on brand) and does not distract from on-topic discussion or negatively impact the thread. small digressions in the name of sympathy or commiseration seems fine for a feels thread, even when the source of misery is political, just as the cat-puke-anon would not be directed to /an/ for having a feel brought on by pet ownership.

outright debate on political issues, not so much. that goes in /pol/.

>> No.9250253

>Out of a job in 3 weeks time with no light at the end of the tunnel thus far
>Living in one of those countries whose leaders are cheering at the top of their lungs at the election results in the US
>Recently lost one of closest friends and am so upset that I can't even really find words for it
>Got no real life friends, lonely as fuck, only thing anyone can babble about right now is either how they're having a panic attack or lel trump memes
>Cosplay motivation is gone
>Only able to attend a con next year cause old friend I haven't seen in years has invited me to stay with him for free
>Which in turn makes me feel like a gross leech
>5 kg heavy package full of wigs, cosplays and j-clothes is on its' way to me
>Been in the customs office for 3 days now
>That package is the only reason I'm even bothering to get out of bed with a smile on my face every morning
>feeling like a pathetic little bitch

>> No.9250256 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 1200x659, 635865304485781448-1723632830_Trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The world just got a little brighter everyone.

>> No.9250261 [DELETED] 

I am so goddam tired of the Trump theatrics.

>> No.9250269

I would hope so. But you're right, communication is key. And that's really all I want. Because of my awful, horrid self-image, I just want reassurance that I'm loved and that I'm wanted. So, thanks for the advice, and I hope everything goes well for you too.

>> No.9250282


Hoosier here. Fuck Pence, not mainly because of RFA, but because our roads and bridges blow massive dick and he took his sweet ass time trying to fix them

>> No.9250298
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was the laugh I needed today.

>> No.9250304

> I didn't vote because I knew my SO would mock me, endless /pol/ memes at me

>I feel great disgust with knowing that trump supporters are a majority of this nation.

like your SO?

>> No.9250305

The dollar's falling, enjoy paying more for brand.

>> No.9250306

You know it's a secret ballot, right? What stops you from going to the polls and voting Clinton without telling them?

>> No.9250311

If you're so disgusted with Trump supporters why are you dating one? Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.9250313

If you want to talk politics fuck off to /pol/. JFC

>> No.9250320 [DELETED] 

California is thinking of seceding. If we do, we'd be the 13th largest economy in the world. We don't need the rest of you bigoted shits.

>> No.9250324


>> No.9250337

I think she belongs to reddit or tumblr, judging by her post.

>> No.9250340

All political discussion on 4chan needs to be sent to /pol/. Tired of people whining about it on every fucking board just because there was an election.

>> No.9250346

Time to get a rich bf ay?

>> No.9250353 [DELETED] 
File: 146 KB, 623x768, mmhnHhATtr4qaWCpLwrwHtntDRJCqJ9E1y3lNpZ9II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be bernie supporter
You degenerate fuk, I bet your lolita dress don't even fit right.

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