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>on my way to a tea party
>stop at Target for Monsters
>cashier (old lady) holds up four fingers and asks "Are you this many years old?"

To this day, I don't know if she was mocking me or thought I was mentally ill,

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I have a mad case of baby face and I'm glad because nobody wants to insult someone they think is a minor. I've only ever gotten compliments from adults.

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I wasn't in cosplay at the time, but...

>alone in the freezer at work
>decide to start practicing my "loli" voice
>start chirping to myself, "Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed?..."
>finish gathering items and stand up
>boss is standing less than ten feet from me

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>start practicing my "loli" voice
that's the most cringe of this whole post

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you deserved that and should feel very embarrassed

what the fuck

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kek'd hard, anon. thank you for making my night better.

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You deserve it for playing uguu fucckdoll princess in public.

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Please be bait, holy shit.

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>at the con
>feel a sneeze welling up
>try to sneeze into my elbow pit
>no sneeze comes
>overhear some guy disparage me for "dabbing"

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Show her the middle finger and tell her "no its this many"

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Fuck people who are cunts to you. You don't have to take everything and be polite about it.

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That's when I pull the middle age woman "can i talk to your manager". I've had similar things happen to me and I absolutely make sure to talk to their superiors.

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Nah, you only have to if you want to behave like a civilized adult.

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You behave as a civilized adult with people who are worth it. Eventually you realize there is 0 reason to be civilized with people who are cunts for the sake of being a cunt.

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i feel like I'm always able to pick out your posts because of your edgy attitude and your tendency to put a space between the post number and your reply

and i always disagree with you

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It's not like there's something called being able to be rational and realize that someone not liking you and expressing it isn't cause to act like a fucking toddler.

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Not OP but you seem like a paranoid autist.

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Is that not a requirement for posting here?

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I can't even argue with you on that one.

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sounds like you need to lurk more

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nice meme bro

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Someboby set of a stink bomb in the dealer oom near by tabble and everyhone thought I farted..

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Neither cosplay nor fashion, just gross.

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I always wonder when people respond oddly like that. I've never gotten upset because I dress to please myself. But sometimes they seem really odd and it really makes me curious what they are thinking. If they are too rude, (which has only happened once or twice in eight years) I simply don't reply at all, just smile and look at them.

I behave like a civilized adult because I hold myself to certain standards of behavior regardless of what I'm wearing.
I don't just randomly react according to what others around me do and say.

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This is the best post

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I was at a tea party when the election results were announced and this obese chick in our comm literally fell on the floor crying. It was humiliating to watch.

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>decide to start practicing my "loli" voice
>start chirping to myself, "Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed?"

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Them feels when ur an old Xmas fart

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what did your boss do??

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I wasn't in cosplay at the time, but...

>alone in the freezer at work
>decide to start practicing my "Wario" voice
>start chirping to myself, "Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed?..."
>finish gathering items and stand up
>boss is standing less than ten feet from me

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My sides are in orbit

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Got diarrhea while dressed as Space Dandy. It sucked.

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>Dressed as Emma Frost for convention
>All white costume
>Start period morning of convention
>Have amazing time
>Get home and realized I had a blood spot on the back of my bottoms
>thinks "thats ok because my cape would cover it"
>Blood stain soaked through to cape when I sat down for a panel

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met someone in cosplay at a con, talked to them, got their social media.
met someone at this other convention who wasn't in cosplay, talked to them, got their social media
it was the same person.
I don't go up and talk to people very often, but I some how accidentally talked to the same person twice. Its embarrassing since when I talked to her the 2nd time I acted as if I never seen her before. Well, I hadn't, first time I seen her she was in a cosplay with a mask. At some point she could have said "oh yea, I met you at that other con 2 weeks ago".

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oh holy shit

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But what the fuck is going on in that gif?

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how dumb are u?

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My sides!

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ahhh that's pretty bad

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Are you me?
>hanging with friend at con
>meet up with grill who is friend of theirs
>she's pretty qt, introduce self and talk to her a bit
Fast forward to another con
>meet up with same friend
>there's a qt grill with him, introduce self, etc
>only realize it's the same girl way later
>dishonor on me, dishonor on my cow
She was wearing drastically different cosplays both times and the cons were quite a long time apart, but still. I would have been terribly embarrassed regardless, but the fact that it was a cute girl who seemed pretty cool just made it worse.

At least I didn't go maximum neckbeard and managed to introduce myself without being a complete tool not only once but twice, I guess.

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spat out my drink holy shit

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Whats this from?

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wouldn't you like to know

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My friend got hit by a car while dressed as Kaito. He was ok tho.

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>browsing local con group
>chick posts about bringing a tire to con
>"But not an inflatable one, an actual car tire! Can I do that staff?"
>it's for Junkrat
>wants to cart around a car tire all con
>shoots down everyone that says it's a bad idea

Why do people do this.

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This reminds me, someone once asked could they bring a bicycle to the con floors since her character has one and she would be more recognisable that way. Luckily she realized how stupid is was when people pointed it out

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Anon probably browses /h/

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>first lolita meetup
>thought it went well
>many of us travelling by public transport and heading in same direction, finally disperse at large bus station
>station has been undergoing renovations so it looks very different
>bit disoriented and looking around to see where my bus home leaves from
>joke like "haha okay, where am I? I'm not sure where to go from here"
>other lolita I've talked to for a bit at the meetup suddenly looks very concerned
>asks "oh honey are you okay? do you need help getting home?"
>tell her I'm fine, I'm just not entirely sure where my bus leaves from
>she still looks concerned and asks if there's anyone she needs to contact for me
>other girls have scattered by now
>just me and this woman who's now insisting that I hand her my phone so she can call someone to come pick me up
>other people are staring at us like we're crazy people
>or maybe they just think I'm the crazy one idk
>suddenly notice sign for my bus right behind her
>tell her okay I've spotted my bus see you next time bye
>she yells after me "Are you sure you'll be okay on your own?! Be careful!"
>bus driver gives me the weirdest look as I get in
>still not sure what I did to make this woman think I'm not capable of getting home by myself
>never see her at a meetup again

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awww that's kinda cute
she seems like a really nice lady

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>results were basically set by midnight-1am west coast time

what, were you at tea party in the middle of the night? Even if it was the morning after or something, if she cared that much, wouldn't she have been able to look up the results on google or seen the tv? the radio?

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I used to practice my "tea party laugh" while driving. One day, I was doing it and a fly went down my throat. Haven't lolita-laughed since.

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> Someone points camera at me
> Pose for photo
> 10 seconds of posing passes
> "I'm recording"
This happens so often. You would think they'd let you know they're going to be filming, but they just don't.

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What does a lolita laugh even sound like?

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Earlier than that. I was seeing 95% projections for Trump by 9PM PST and people were already losing their minds by then.

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No wonder the fly suicide bombed her.

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My friend pood his pants at a con, so don't feel bad.

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>encounter homeless outside the con hotel
>asks for directions, which I give
>he thanks me and starts to walk off
>after ten feet, decides to give me a Sprite for my troubles
>throws the full can at me
>hits me hard in the nuts
>homeless walks off as if nothing happened

I drank the Sprite, too.

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File: 96 KB, 400x240, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8xNjA2MzkzMTYyNTM2MDU4ODgvMjQ3ODIwODYwNTIwNTI5OTIxL0lNR18xMjk0LkpQRyJ9.EXB-FLCiFB3m_ymc_wfDYUftVO8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Holy fuck, was he five?

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Knowing conventions he probably got massive food poisoning from heat lamp chips or something.

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I'd been disappointed if you hadn't desu

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As someone with almost no con experience: How is food poisoning such a common thing on cons??

>> No.9255956

Idk about it other places but at the conventions I frequent, the food options tend to just be overpriced food trucks (many of which aren't all that great), overpriced convention center food (usually even worse), or the little hot dog vendors outside (delicious but dangerous). I'm sure with all the people they're feeding, they maybe don't take too much care with the food prep.

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My friend had to miss a Saturday after eating a hotel omelette for breakfast.

I've been wicked paranoid about eating at cons ever since. I don't want one badly-cooked meal to ruin my grand weekend.

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>in a store near the front
>Lolita walks by me
>run over and hug her and say "omg it's so refreshing to see a Lolita in this small state!"
>skirt and bow are made of thin baby print flannel you can find a Jo-Ann's; don't care, first Lolita I've spotted in public
>laughs nervously and says she's there with her friends
>as I notice a group of Lolita's walk behind her, I say "Sorry for the hug, I just get overly excited!"
>proceed to hold her hand and arm and wedge my way into the group as they go sit down to dinner
>as I sit down at the table...

>I wake up
>Jesus fuck Christ I can't escape my autism even in my dreams

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You're usually eating away from home and often on the cheap. Things like wonky hotel room fridges can mess with sensitive foods like milk. If you're eating out then the catering type places around/in the convention are often mildly dodgy and restaurants around are often quite swamped.
Travelling is also a great way to find new and exciting bugs to knock you flat.

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>I wake up

You god damn goof.

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Sorry and english is from my first language. The homeless man gave you his food? I have not been to your country. We not normal to eat in public in I ainappropriate from so you should have left your nuts at home. You brought nuts? No interference.

>> No.9256574

This is so cute.
Nuts=male parts, anon! But don't worry this was an interesting comment :)

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>walk by con bathroom
>really strong poop smell
>afraid I will get blamed
>avoid bathroom
>end up taking elevator into the dark basement to pee

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>in sweet lolita
>going to get dinner with buddy, also in sweet lolita
>someone asks us for a picture! sure, why not, we'd like a picture of us too
>lady wiggles her fingers above the camera and coos to grab our attention to the camera
>we-we're adults... what are you doing...?

I was honestly a little bit more embarrassed for her. Our faces were likely incredibly strained in that photo

>> No.9256702

>end up taking elevator into the dark basement to pee
w-was there a bathroom in the basement or did you just...?

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oh god i'm affraid, we're going to be portrayed like complete superficial imbeciles again

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>playing Pokemon Go
>hatch five 10k eggs at once
>five Magmars
>start crying
>hot guys see me crying
>cry harder
>they approach me
>wait 11 minutes to return

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I almost got run over by a taxi dressed as Prussia and all I could think as i stood blinking in the headlights as they stopped short at the crosswalk was "Oh god I alost died dressed as a Hetalia character."

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someone pls pirate this i dont live in a region available

>> No.9257227

tell me you're a girl

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>you should have left your nuts at home
I should have, thanks. It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

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I almost got hit by a car in homestuck cosplay so I can relate to this a lot anon.

>> No.9257422

Someone was posting in my local con group about a cosplay that needed to be covered in blood, and wanted it to be extremely realistic. He kept asking if it would be ok to use pig's blood and didn't seem to understand the obvious and horrifying health risks.

>> No.9257433

Wow, the smell alone would be horrendous.

>> No.9257473

I think they were trying to hit you

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>tfw the car doesn't hit you

>> No.9258014


Probably like this:

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>want to sit on top of a wall for my cosplay photo
>friend puts her hands out for me to step on
>accidentally knee her right in the bush

I still feel bad remembering it. Lol.

>> No.9258421

>you only have to take everything and be polite about it if you want to behave like a civilized adult.

anon what no

>> No.9258422

I am laughing so hard, saved. >>9256224 you are a friendly and beautiful person

>> No.9258468

Where do you live that eating in public isn't allowed, esl-chan?

>> No.9258473

Eating while walking/on the street is considered impolite in Japan. It's a post war thing about not showing off food.

>> No.9258476


>> No.9258477

He said allowed, not impossible

>> No.9258478

Holding hands is a post war thing too. Only it's about not showing off affection and love.

>> No.9258480 [DELETED] 

>laying claim on your bitch isn't about showing off affection and love

anon pls

>> No.9258494

>not eating in public to not show off food
>not holding hands to not show off affection and love

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Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I had a weirdly similar dream not too long ago, believe it or not...
Here's all that I can remember:
>Sitting in the drive-thru of some fast food place for whatever reason
>See a group of girls in lolita walking out of the restaurant chatting with each other
>Immediately roll down my window and shout "ARE YOU LOLITAS?"
>They all stop in their tracks, look at each other, then look at me
>One replies nervously "y-yeah."
>I suddenly grab her by the arm (through the car window) and begin to go on a long-winded tangent about how much I love lolota and how overjoyed I am to see other lolitas in my donkey's asshole of a town
>I'm so impassioned that I begin to openly weep
>Look up girl and ask if I can join their comm
>She tells me no

It might've been a dream, but the shame was all too real.

>> No.9258528

Should've used whispered in the last line

>> No.9258531

I'm a fatty-chan who knows that they'll look god damn awful in lolita and I often have parts of dreams where I find some random item of lolita at a unexpected shop and it doesn't fit but I buy it anyway because it's so pretty. Even in the dream I know I'll never wear it but seeing it makes me want it so much.

>> No.9259160

You don't know cringe until you've seen a lolita rap battle.

>> No.9259166


>> No.9259174

>standing outside con texting some guys, trying to meet up
>these two friends of my girlfriend come up to me and start trying to make conversatio
>I don't recognise either of them because they're both cosplaying Mettaton
>one of them's cosplaying box Mettaton so I can't even recognise her voice
>act kinda standoffish because I don't know what these two strangers want
>they both act really confused
>suddenly recognise them mid sentence
>blurt out "OH SHIT"
>the entire situation instantly sinks in and I break down laughing

at least it made a funny story

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Bitches and hoes, in dolly clothes.
Broken dreams, and pink ice creams.

Do the loli pop, nigga.
Do the loli pop.

>> No.9259389

a couple of friends and I cosplayed as homestuck characters for our local con, we were terribly late giving the finishing touches to some stuff so we decided to grab a cab. The driver told us he needed to get something quick at his house because of an emergency, we all ended staying one hour in the car while he was inside the house. His wife and kids went outside, offering us food, they also called the neighbours to come see us.

>> No.9259396

I'm so glad I'm not the only petty bitch who does this. I don't have time for some poor old hag to be judging my questionable life choices. Maybe you should have made some better ones to prevent your ass from being 70 and still working in Target.

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Oh I never hear that one. that must of hurt!

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>tfw my parents see AliExpress boxes and ask if I got "more chink bullshit"

How did you know she had a bush, perv?

>> No.9260125

Most embarrassing, best story.


>> No.9260204

I almost fell out of my chair while imagining that. Good job

>> No.9260259

>just went out to eat
>wearing a very simple coord
>constant "I love your costume!" from waitress
>got approached by an old man who wouldnt stop laughing and asking me where I was from

It wasnt even OTT or a print dress! It was just a polka dot dress with a bolero

>> No.9260369
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Were you eating at a restaurant alone?

Embarrassing indeed.

>> No.9260407

Haha no I had my fiance and brother with me, but that didn't stop people from bothering me.

>> No.9260412

Where are you from? Are you fat or ugly?

>> No.9260552

I've lately been wearing j-fashion which involves shirts with printed graphics.

One of my instructors constantly reminds me that, 'We need to talk about this weird anime thing,' anytime I bring a paper to the front.

Not really embarrassing, but cracks me up everytime. Sadly they won't be teaching next semester.

>> No.9261217

Target For Monsters must be a creepy store.

>> No.9261232
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>wearing witch-themed lolita to work for halloween event, no petti for convenience
>Everyone says I look cute, etc
>Alarm to take birth control goes off
>Go to place the pill behind my bottom lip like I usually do
>It somehow slips off my finger onto the floor and rolls god knows where
>Exclaim in frustration and start mumbling as I get down on the floor to look for it
>Guy who sits across from me hears me rustling around and asks what's going on and if I need help
>I'm stressed as hell that i lost it so I bashfully explain and he comes to help me look
>Suddenly a supervisor walks by and asks what's going on and why me and this dude are on the floor together
>I again have to explain the embarrassing situation to him
>He says "I'll help you look, but do me a favor..." and then looks really uncomfortable
>Suddenly I realize I'm wearing lolita with no petti and that my ass is on display
>I scramble to tuck my dress around me
>Meanwhile two grown men are crawling around on the floor looking for my pill and attracting even more attention, about 5 people ask wtf is going on
>Eventually I tell them to just give up looking as it probably rolled under a file cabinet or something never to be seen again
>Never find it and have to shift my whole schedule around so now about a month later I'm on a really fucking shitty period because I took one less pill this month
>Why me

>> No.9261248

I never ever have an urge to touch a cosplayer like physically, but I saw a cosplayer feather boa and I didn't even stop to think to ask and reach to touch it. I bet I wouldn't have been caught if my friend didn't yelled "STOP!" at the top of her lungs and scolded me. Fuck, never been more embarrassed, worse we were in the same cosplay.

>> No.9261405

lost my shit anon

>> No.9261419

>friend didn't yelled "STOP!" at the top of her lungs and scolded me.

What the fuck? Is your friend autistic?

>> No.9261421

You need to take another packet without the withdrawal break if you completely miss a pill. Especially if it's in the first seven or last seven of the packet, because if you don't take all of those there's a chance you'll ovulate and wont be protected against pregnancy.

>> No.9261423

Do you mean that I should've skipped those 5 or so "placebo"/no-hormone pills in the pack that I missed a pill in and gone right to the new pack (too late for that...)?Everything I read for my specific birth control (beyaz, a combination pill) said it was okay to just skip a pill and start your next pack a day earlier so that's the course of action I was taking...

sage for OT

>> No.9261444

All the pink pills are the same and all the orange ones are the same. So if you dropped one pink one you could just take the next one, you'd get your period a day early and start the next packet slightly earlier and that should've been it... I don't understand how it completely screwed up your period unless you decided to just wait until the next day to take a pill and started a withdrawal bleed.

>> No.9261447

No, I did the first thing you said, didn't skip any pills. So maybe it isn't the missing pill, but somehow along with my period being a day early it also is slightly heavier than normal, with more severe leg cramps, and 3 days straight of piercing headaches. Maybe it's the weather or my eating habits or stress, idk. I just assumed that any change in my regular birth control schedule would wreak havoc on my body.

>> No.9261452
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 738489230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I realize I'm wearing lolita with no petti and that my ass is on display
>not wearing bloomers or safety shorts

>> No.9263669

I feel asleep at a con and someone sat on my ass.

>> No.9263709

are you seriously taking medical advice from cgl
just follow the instructions in your pack and you'll be fine. don't understand this extra placebo pills bullshit, I just get as many hormonals as I need for a full cycle and a week break

>> No.9263855

not necessarily something i did but i still feel guilty for laughing about it

>walking outside to food truck with friends
>it's pretty busy but not elbow-to-elbow crowded
>kagome cosplayer thinks it's a good idea to start riding the bike she brought in the middle of a bunch of people
>she's having trouble weaving through everyone
>watch a poor qt jack spicer cosplayer i took a pic of s few minutes ago get bowled over by her
>kagome falls off her bike and scrapes up her hands and knees really bad
>jack starts apologizing for knocking the fucking moron of her bike and being "in the way"
>kagome gets up, says nothing, and walks her bike through the rest of the crowd

>> No.9264614

No, but she is very big into the cosplay is not consent ordeal. I just felt as horrified as the other cosplayer must had felt.

>> No.9264655

This is the reason why the pill fails and why I'm scared to ever trust any girl who says they're on it.

The pill sucks, there are much more reliable (and cheaper, in the long run) alternatives that don't require annoying shit like alarms to make sure you're on track with it.

>> No.9264674

I mean I missed days and never took my pill at the same time and shit when I was a teen and never got pregnant...

>> No.9264764

Imagine your ghost trapped looking like that

>> No.9264782

>Having sex for anything other than procreation.


>> No.9264794
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1477325730313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9264802

>running errands with fiance
>wearing lolita, fiance is dressed up nice too
>walk into store, no weird looks so far
>a wild cashier appears!
>entire store is staring at us while I try to explain to Sperglord overhere that we just like outlandish clothes

It was a pretty simple coord, too.

>> No.9264920

No it isn't. Did you know that with most pills it doesn't matter if you miss it if you take the replacement in 12 hours. Pills are pretty reliable once you find a vrand suitable for you and just take them approximately at the same time. Plus, I don't only eat them for protection. They have made my life so much easier. Of course other hormonal methods are the same but without having to remember to take the pill.

>> No.9264926

Yeah, I posted the original birth control story and I agree with you. Took me a while to find this pill and I'm 99% happy with it and not interested in the moodswings, weight gain, and other side effects that could come from starting new birth control. In the 5 years I've been on it this is the only time ive dropped a pill and not been able to find it. Even if I miss a pill for an entire day as long as I take two the next day I am fine. Also love having regular periods and not getting surprised every other month or so...
I do usually wear bloomers or shorts but I was in such a rush that day and plus I have a desk job so I didn't foresee myself having to move into awkward positions very much. Forgive me mana I have sinned.

Sorry but pitching a kagome cosplayer on a bike is so cute to me even if she was an obvious bitch

>> No.9265110
File: 53 KB, 468x587, burnslook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my parents see AliExpress boxes and ask if I got "more chink bullshit"
Do we have the same parents?

>> No.9265112
File: 93 KB, 700x772, IMG_8779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be young inexperienced grill
>cosplay OC "magical girl" inspired avatar
>made of cheap white sorta see through linen and pink fabric
>what are period cramps? what is stress and why would it affect my period? what could possibly go wrong?

>having a fun day until I need to run to the bathroom feeling nauseous and like I have to shit
>fuck, all the stalls are full
>finally get in one and discover I have bled past my pad and underwear and it's baaaad.
>luckily nothing leaked to the outside layers yet but you can still see the darkness from it because it's so see through
>fuck, how am I supposed to walk around all day like this?
>bathroom gets less crowded so I can get paper towels and clean up as best as I can
>stand in front of mirror to check damage, looks like I am wearing wet shorts under my cosplay but it's better than before
>feel like shit physically, too embarrassed to leave bathroom
>end up in handicapped stall crying in pain and humiliation

>friends come looking for me
>none of them has a pad or a car or extra clothes
>they offer to get staff, or wait for me to dry out but I'm too embarrassed. I just want to go home.
>at this point I'm mad because I basically have to ride the bus all the way home smelling like Jack from Croniclesof Riddick, I don't even want to walk around like this or enjoy the rest of the day.

>someone walks into the bathroom and says hello to my friends, then knocks on my door
>Are you the one that needs a pad?
>uh yeah, at this point I would need a mop, a tampon factory and some morphine
>girl literally passes me a giant ziplock bag with a mop, a tampon factory and morphine inside it.
>okay, it was a bunch of vagina wipes, some pads and tampons, some midol, a bag for my wet underwear, and a pair of new underwear from a pack of kawaii panties from the ex hall.

>> No.9265115
File: 70 KB, 1536x1053, IMG_8777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I got clean and dry and changed.
>tampon factory hero girl disappeared before I ever got to see her face, I was in the stall when she handed me the bag and she left before I was done cleaning up and changing
>The face on the butt of the underwear was totally visible if you looked close at my butt, but i didn't care, they were cute af and clean!
>I enjoyed the rest of the day and only cried again when I got home and finally showered

>still have the undies
>ty, tampon hero. Ty.

>> No.9265116

I haven't had a period in 9 years because of my birth control.

This anon's post reminds me of why I am happy I do not have one anymore. It was constant worry over ruining some clothes. I'm glad that someone had an emergency kit prepared.

>> No.9265142

I always carry emergency period supplies with me, but this story has inspired me to expand my kit beyond just pads/tampons/pantyliners/Motrin.

Somewhat related story, but not really a horror story:
> resting at con because of bad shoes
> see a mom and a young teenage girl talking to staff nearby
> daughter nearly in tears
> mom insistently asking staff for Tylenol
> staff keeps saying that he doesn't have Tylenol and that they'd have to go to the first aid station all the way at the other end of the convention center
> stop mom and daughter as they leave
> "You need Tylenol? How much do you need?"
> give the mom the pills to look at
> she approves and her daughter takes them
> thanked profusely

I'm really glad that the mom was there, because it makes me feel slightly less creepy about being the random adult stranger in the corner handing pills to 13-year-olds. I can only imagine this story from the other side if the mom wasn't there to approve. A-at least it was actually Tylenol and not hard drugs?
> tfw you are the horror story

>> No.9265194
File: 57 KB, 500x400, pepetko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sitting on a guy's lap
>get my period
>take off running
>die in the hotel room

>encounter him the next day
>mfw he's still wearing the blood-stained pants

>> No.9265265

>>mfw he's still wearing the blood-stained pants


>> No.9265770
File: 46 KB, 600x316, titanscare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is horrifying.

>> No.9265795

That was a nice ending to your story at least, anon!

Since we're swapping period stories now
> Cosplaying Fashion Week Ryuko from KLK
> Literally in underwear
> "Oh gee, I feel a little wet down there. Is that sweat?"
> Check in bathroom
> Period has begun
> I have no pads/tampons
> Nobody in the bathroom has any either
> Find no dispensers
> Nobody as this con has any pads or tampons
> Run around for 20 minutes till I finally find a store in the hotel that sells tampons

Luckily nothing leaked, but it was pretty spooky. It was especially inconvenient walking around with the giant scissorblades and chest piece knocking around.
Though the irony of bleeding while in a Ryuko cosplay is pretty funny to me.

>> No.9265826
File: 17 KB, 400x400, lolitip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start to get period
>practically run around con screaming "Help, I need tampons!"
>a dude hands me one from his pocket
>a dude
>from his pocket
>what the everloving hell

>mfw I gratefully stuff it up my fuzzy-wuzzy

>> No.9265837
File: 1.94 MB, 400x300, 59SIN2g.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since this has become "embarrassing period moments general", not quite as related but...

My con crew involved this guy who was just shy of Brenner level creeper. They only kept him around because he pretended to be a con sugar daddy using his student loans. It was my first con, I started bleeding during the con, and I was sitting on a bed during a small party in my hotel room when this guy sits down next to me and softly says, totally serious, "Are you on your period? I can smell when girls are on their period."

I am very thank he is no longer around.

>> No.9265849

>this guy sits down next to me and softly says, totally serious, "Are you on your period? I can smell when girls are on their period."

Where does a conversation go from here?

>> No.9265891

I kinda just looked at him confused for like 10 seconds, didn't say anything, and moved elsewhere in the room to sit by some friends.

>> No.9266008

Is your friend a shark?

>> No.9266032

This is called anecdotal and just luck. It is not true and reliable because it because it is based on one personal experience not science and research. They say 99% as a legality to cover their ass if you don't take it at the same time every day which pretty much no one can prove.

>> No.9266035

More likely a bear.

>> No.9266043

You would be surprised what guys sometimes carry
Never had tampons but routinely carry a first aid kit at cons myself (and not some of that prepacked bullshit lel, a custom built one based on my skill set)

>> No.9266048

omfg anon

>> No.9266053

My fiancé (a dude) has three sisters and several female friends and has carried around tampons in his little first aid kit since he was a teenager. They take up practically no space but can save someone's day, so I never thought it was particularly weird.

>> No.9266056

Y'all need to look into getting the Depo shot or some kind of implant. Haven't had a period in 3 years, best shit ever.

>> No.9266119
File: 59 KB, 476x481, everything.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, maybe carrying tampons would be a good way to meet girls.

>> No.9266124

that desperate, eh

>> No.9266271

Tampons are also great for plugging up blood noses so they're often in first aid kits.

>> No.9266280

That's fucking hilarious

>> No.9266432

You really want them when they're bleeding, dude?

>> No.9266522

Can a tampon even fit up your nose??

>> No.9266662
File: 177 KB, 300x300, elsaroused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My daughter asked to be Elsa for Christmas, which is just odd, but she was 3 or 4 at the time.

Anyways a girl doing Cosplay as Elsa was walking through the mall and heard it, which was incredibly crazy and weird, and honestly the girl seemed creepy.

But whatever, as soon as my daughter and I leave the line a fucking life-sized Elsa walks over (with her Christmas shopping bags from LaSenza in her hands) and says, "I heard you wanted to be me for Christmas, how bout we sing a song together...."

And this woman drops to her knees and starts holding my daughters hand and singing that Let it Go song at the top of her lungs and my daughter sort of sings along and people started stopping and taking pictures of them like they were some kinda act performing for Christmas. Meanwhile I look back at Santa who is just standing there shaking his head.

Weirdest fucking random thing ever. Girl was way dirty, my daughter hugged her and was thrilled. I made my daughter have a shower as soon as we got home.

>> No.9266668

>mfw people who do this feel like they're doing a service to parents and their kids

man. it should be common sense that unless the parents approach you, you don't get anywhere near the kid.

i was in lolita once at the mall around easter time and a bunch of families thought i was some kind of easter mascot publicity stunt. took pictures with their kids because they asked and i don't mind showing up in scrapbooks

but going out of your way to dress up as a character and approach kids


>> No.9266674
File: 300 KB, 451x443, IMG_0408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude it's weird but I think I can too
I can also smell when chicks are pregnant. I don't know it's sounds edgy and pretentious but I really can tell people's smells really well

>> No.9266680
File: 40 KB, 408x439, 1444185333670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh god this reminds me of a few years back
>cosplayed elsa at a con
>friends wanted to go to mall on the sat of the con, agreed because i wanted compliments from shoppers desu, and most of the mall was cosplayers going there for food anyways so it wasnt too out of place
>kids keep coming up to me
>i have no idea how to act around them
>spaghetti hard
>end up smiling awkwardly and running away from delighted children
>one kid ran away from her mom like 3 isles down unnoticed to say hi to me
>some mom made me hold her very young child so she could get photos of us
>entire family approaches me for pictures while i'm eating kfc

i never wore the cosplay again because i realized i couldn't handle interacting with kids without feeling nervous and i dont wanna ruin elsa for them by stuttering and running away lmao

>> No.9266684
File: 689 KB, 2241x2380, nervouslego.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wearing lolita to the mall
>lady wants me to hold her 3-year-old for a picture
>she starts to boot up her phone
>little girl shits a river on the floor

>mfw, if I'd picked her up sooner, that shit would have gotten on my dress

>> No.9266697

Welp, I was officially up all night thinking about my dead con crush.

I have to be at work at 3am.

Why can't I just die?

>> No.9266700

Holy shit, anon. Didn't they die like a year ago?

Go get therapy.

>> No.9266701

Last month. You must be confusing me for another obese, mourning idiot.

>> No.9266714

Anon I hope whenever anything bad happens to you, you take a moment to stop and think to yourself: "But at least I didn't have someones crotch fruit shit on my lolita" and feel just a little bit better

>> No.9266725

Just a thought. While I agree that one should never approach a child without permission, I wonder if the girl dressed as Elsa was a party princess. She may have still been in costume from work.

>> No.9266775

>little girl shits a river on the floor
what? how? no diapers or pants?

>> No.9266882

Please don't tell me this is actually a thing?

>> No.9266900

Tampons are actually great for a lot of sstuff. All the Green Berets I knew kept tampons in their first-aid kits for bullet wounds. They're apparently perfect for that.

>> No.9266913

It definitely is. There are specialised nose tampons for post-surgery which are obviously better to use, but in a pinch (small size) vaginal tampons work as well. Why are people freaking out about this? I thought it was common knowledge.

>> No.9266928

Well tampons were originally invented for bullet wounds.

One time my sister got a nose bleed at a convention and bled all over herself. Fortunately it was only a bodyline dress and the stains came out. This was a few day after a massive nose bleed which sent her to the hospital and the doctor tried to get her to put a tampon in her nose.

>> No.9267099
File: 113 KB, 587x689, blooood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people so grossed out about it? Tampons are just clean wads of cotton. You can pull them apart to make wound dressings in a pinch too.

>> No.9267140

I've known guys who wouldn't even touch a packet of tampons because it was icky. People can be really dumb.

>> No.9267142

1: there is a good reason a regular old tampon isn't good for bullet wounds: no clotting aid

Fair but the risk of during removal restarting the nose bleed or swallowing enough blood to be sick is higher

Or you could just carry a basic first aid kit?

Nose bleeds should be treated by tilting the head I bit forward and pinching the bridge of their nose as this mitigates vomiting risk, means blood misses the torso as it drips and allows the person treating to keep a better eye on how long/how much is lost

>> No.9267158

Yeah. Duh. Using a tampon for a wound dressing is at the stranded-on-a-desert-island level of desperation. I wasn't saying that everyone should totes whip out a tampon when someone nicks their finger in the kitchen. wtf

>> No.9267234

Oh shit, I meant to post this in the feels thread. Guess I really was distressed.

Welp! That's my embarrassing cgl moment.

>> No.9267262

Well _I_ have a spidey sense that detects waves of illness radiating out from very sick cold and flu patients from as far as 4 feet.

>> No.9267297

On the way to AX, I was getting a rental car and nearly got ran over by some cunt who was texting and driving. I think I was an Inazuma character.

>> No.9267313

Not anon, but I take the pill because I don't want something shoved up my cunt and the depo shot made my period worse than it already was.

>> No.9267444

Idk bro why don't you just suck it up and use condoms?

>> No.9267537

Which is fair but the amount of people who believe "jamming a tampon" in a bullet wound it helpful is... Alarmingly high given how no emergency HCP has ever endorsed the pratice

>> No.9267540


I want to hear your loli voice.

>> No.9267574

>I take the pill because I don't want something shoved up my cunt
not even a dick?

>> No.9267588

Especially not a dick.

>> No.9267660

Because he didn't notice and has no idea why this crazy bitch would run off like an autistic child and leave him for the rest of the day.

>> No.9267914

Maybe a dick but I like girls more than guys

>> No.9268506

Got crop-dusted by a Naruto. Hope noboby thought it was me.

>> No.9268561
File: 17 KB, 316x239, amygun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw cute grill asks for for a con-hug, but you have a boner

>> No.9268567
File: 9 KB, 342x342, 1456818716159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 19 year old dude at con
>run into fat spergy cousin who's in homestuck cosplay
>freaks out about how I'd make a great john
>produces full spare john cosplay, wig and everything from backpack
>think it will be harmless fun
>10 minutes in dressed as eggbert, drinking root bear sitting in beanbag chair in lounge
>"heeeeeeeeey john~ ;]", girl about my size dressed as karkat runs over and sits in my lap
>starts manhandling me and talking
>cousins thinks it's the funniest shit, I'm super uncomfortable / don't know wtf is happening
>notices that she looks super young
>"h-how old are you? who are you???"
>>"Oh 15, why"
>look at cousin, she just giggles and shrugs it off
>push cringy molester girl off and leave con
>get super stressed out and throw up
>refuse to go to any more cons / talk to cousin for the rest of the year

homestuck was a mistake. I didn't realize all the cosplayers were so fucked up.

>> No.9268596

you might have thought this was a funny story, but I assure you anon, it was garbage.

>> No.9268599

just fyi, being a party princess in costume after work hours 'shopping' is not a thing.

>> No.9268657

This sounds like something this girl from the glitter princess party group in texas would do, honestly.

>> No.9269115

Men can smell ovulation, maybe. They don't know it however
>It is a long held assumption that women have concealed ovulation, which means that men do not know when women's menstrual cycles are in their most fertile phase. Recent empirical results have provided evidence that ovulation may not be totally concealed from pair-bonded males, but the generality and the mechanisms of the finding demand further study. To examine the possible adaptive value of the phenomenon, it is necessary to study whether the ability to detect ovulation is confined to males.


>> No.9269305
File: 7 KB, 259x195, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>invited to out of country con
>there's also a porn con same place and friends wanted to check it out
>stopped by tsa
>"what's in your bags"
>"some armor"
>he now starts talking like chris hansen confronting a pedo
>"why do you have armor"
>the change of tone makes me panic
>"eeeeh I'm going to some festivals with some friends"
>"what festival"
>really embarrassed to say porn con in front of chris hansen
>"eeeeh it's eeeeh like a sex conference or something eeeeh I don't know"
>"Yeah I heard it all, come with me"

Thankfully the agent that checked my bag was nicer so I could contain my autism
But just thinking about it makes me wanna crawl in a hole and die

>> No.9269567
File: 24 KB, 300x300, now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>funny story

>> No.9269575

hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you did, and i'm honestly a little surprised you think you were weird giving her MOM pills.

you saw she was in pain, you had what she needed, you politely asked her guardian and she gave the OK on the pills. sounds like everyone wins in that situation to me!

and, if the mom wasn't there, then you could've asked a nearby staff member or something to 'supervise' the 'transaction', but i really feel like that isn't necessary since you weren't trying to rape her.

>> No.9269580

they don't bleed forever dumbass

>> No.9269583
File: 8 KB, 167x103, tumblr_inline_mlbuze3U0i1qz4rgp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wearing armor to a porn con
if it was just to the regular convention why would you just not say the name of the convention you were planning on going to instead of sex conference?

>> No.9269585

I meant funny in the "we'll look back on this and have a few laughs" kinda way

>> No.9269616

All of my lolita dreams involve me deciding to go out in a half-assed coord for the day, looking borderline ita, and running into a dream local comm full of immaculately dressed girls who snicker behind their hands when I try to talk to them.

>> No.9269642

>wearing spandex bodysuit /co/ cosplay
>walking to a photoshoot to meetup with friends
>suddenly period a week early with no warning
>blood immediately soaks through underwear and compression shorts
>larger and larger wet spot seeping out from my crotch
>bodysuit is dark colors, so it's not obviously period blood
>sprint five blocks in heels back to my hotel to deal with this mess
>miss photoshoot
>friends pissed that I ruined our cosplay group

To top it all off, I definitely saw people trying to snap my photo as I was running back to my room, so there are possibly photos of me in my period-stained (but kind of looked like I'd pissed myself) cosplay. Ugh.

>> No.9269659

nah, armor was for the anime con
I was in normal clothes at the porn one
but I sperged out because I'm an autist

>> No.9269693

I know it seemed weird at the time but I think she was trying to be nice lol

>> No.9269711


god bless that anon who gave the ziploc bag <3

>> No.9269716

Don't worry anon, your story was fine

>> No.9269731

>ok tho...

>> No.9269748
File: 116 KB, 816x587, laugh at you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are right you know

>> No.9270367
File: 43 KB, 376x410, 1477894485619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in line for panel
>dressed as Panty and Stocking with gf
>give her a kiss
>some dude screams "INCEST!!" at the top of his lungs

Everyone stared.

>> No.9270395

I hit a patch of black ice while driving home from a local con in a blizzard. I nearly swerved off the highway. I ended up being okay with no accident but it feels like an accident would be 10x worse since I was still in costume.
>muh fragile prop

>> No.9270404
File: 839 KB, 1024x768, IMG_2116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not everyone has a wide set vagina like you do, Mary.

>> No.9270423

lol wut con and when, did you check all the gallery sites

>> No.9270426

>wearing old school with rhs
>some guy: "can you walk in those"
>me: "yeah it's really easy!"
>walk away, but not before tripping and falling while still in his sight

>> No.9270705
File: 686 KB, 928x774, gfgals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some dude screams "INCEST!!" at the top of his lungs

>> No.9270754


>> No.9270786

She was wearing a dress, and just the poop out from under it.

>> No.9270825
File: 27 KB, 415x423, 1467347926075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not >>9259160 but I found this.


>> No.9270827


Man, I'd like to live wherever you do that you think it's sketch to give a teenager Tylenol when they're visibly in pain. The last time I mentioned having cramps and not bringing my painkillers with me, a girl in my comm straight up offered me Oxy out of her purse.

>> No.9270829
File: 139 KB, 320x320, ready to die.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9270885

>enjoying tea
>mention that I'm having my period
>obese chick screams "TOO MUCH INFORMATION"

Wow, fuck you too bitch.

>> No.9270905

had she never interacted with another girl before?

>> No.9270941

Was she 10? How can adults, especially adult women, still react like that when periods are mentioned? Embarrassing.

>> No.9270959

Story of my life

>> No.9270973

>first time going to con
>want to cosplay but never done it before, start with a genderbend of dave from homestuck
>comes out tolerably well for first time
>at con
>other homestuck cosplayers see me and run at me
>hugs are exchanged
>unsealed body paint all over me

>first time going to big con, too shy to wear a full cosplay but throw on my dave shirt
>see homestucks meeting, loud fuckers taking pictures and bothering people around them
>shrivel up on the inside from second hand embarassment, remember previous body paint nightmares
>wear hoodie for rest of day

I mean, I don't know how that would come up in regular conversation, but that's a ridiculous overreaction
I'd maybe expect something like that from one of my male friends, but they wouldn't be this ridiculous about it either

>> No.9270989

>I have a thing that when I ovulate it really, really fuckin' hurts
>Be out and about with nerdy friends and one nerdy friends husband.
>I get a seriously massive cramp that makes me double over in agony and try very hard not to cry.
>Explain between gasps that it's a "feminine problem"
>Passes in about a minute
>Friends husband does not shut up for the entire goddamn night about how totally gross it is that I'd tell anyone anything like that and that it's super unlady like.
>Stop inviting husband to anything ever

I have no idea what the hell I was meant to do? Just writhe silently in pain?

>> No.9270994

I hope they never complain how they are having stomach pain etc. Super gross to know he might have problems with pooping. It's gross enough to have to be aware that he poops.

>> No.9271021

I hope that if he ever gets gastro that someone tells him it's gross that he's telling everyone that he has to vomit and poop lots.

>> No.9271029

It's not you, it's him.
>Stop inviting husband
There's the solution. Good job.

>> No.9271042
File: 415 KB, 289x149, get (2) copy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve been trying to repress this one without success.
>at amusement park with husband, his sister and her girlfriend
>standing in line for ride, me in front and SIL & gf behind me (husband’s sitting this one out)
>wearing Chantilly cat tights and spacing out a bit
>vaguely hear SIL talk to her gf about my tights
> “The kitties are so cute. I love chubby kitties!”
>gf in a whiny voice: “My kitty isn’t that chubby though. Don’t you love my kitty?”
>SIL: “Oh but I love tiny cute flat kitties too!”
>gf giggles: “And hairy kitties and bald kitties!”
>SIL: “And especially wet kitties!”
>gf: “But your kitty is my favorite it tastes sooo good”
>snap out of daze and wonder what the everloving fuck is going on
>look behind me, SIL and her gf are making out and groping each other’s breasts
>PDA doesn’t usually bother me but they’re full on humping each other in a crowded line full of little children
>try to lose myself in my phone and pretend I don’t know them
>rest of day is super awkward

>can’t look at tights without being reminded of wet hairy kitties

>> No.9271169
File: 9 KB, 130x167, astounding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they just let her run around commando, shitting on everything? That's terrifying, anon.

>> No.9271454

If you're in a hospital, yes.. don't do it.
If you're in the military and in the middle of a desert, yes.. you can save lives.

>> No.9271571

I had something similar like that happen to me. One of my friends asked me what was wrong and I said the exact same thing because I didn't want to make the dudes whine that I said period. Nonetheless, one of them whined anyway about how gross I was for mentioning my period.

>> No.9271578

Guys can be so childish about even the concept of periods. Yeah it is kinda gross but so is poop and pee and dudes can go on all day about "taking a dump" ad the when, wheres and whys of it.

>> No.9271608
File: 106 KB, 512x384, 1370649716317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think ive witnessed this

>> No.9272034

Get on birth control if you haven't already, anon. Seriously. Mine were terrible, complete with heavy flow, cramps that incapacitated me in bed (couldn't move and made me cry. loudly. it was embarrassing), near-fainting spells, and vomiting the first day or two of each period. After I found the pill that was right for me, my flow lightened. I'm only off of it right now because I have no insurance, but it's considerably better than before.

>> No.9272129

Sounds like my dad when I started dating a Chinese girl.

>> No.9272232

When I was in the army my company used tampons as "standard" fire starters.

Imagine 80+ guys running in to the neighboring supermarket and each buy a package of tampons, baby wipes and snickers everytime a field operation was about to begin.

>waterproof individual packaging
>hi density energy
>easily ignites with fire starters
>cheap, small and light

Tampons are a god sent survival tool

>> No.9272236

>waterproof individual packaging
>hi density energy
>easily ignites with fire starters
>cheap, small and light
i never even thought about these aspects. will consider adding them to my /out/ gear

>> No.9272269

Yeah, the once a cycle bolt of agony _is_ the improved version on the pill for me. Much better than when it used to be a whole 3 day production of retching, not being able to stand up and bleeding a terrifying amount.

>> No.9272327 [DELETED] 

is this board filled with literal newfag retards

>> No.9272339

Wtf what comm are you in? (Or at least what general area?)

>> No.9272340 [DELETED] 

maybe because bitches like you want it raw all the time

>> No.9272357

>get super stressed out and throw up
Lmao relax idiot you're only 4 years older than her and you're both teens.

>> No.9272358

>walking home in toned down lolita after class at night (i take 5pm classes)
>my campus is urban and my dorm building is next to the city's civic center
>last year there were stories of a homeless man who lived in the parking lot who sometimes harassed students
>about halfway past the civic center when i hear someone saying "hey doll where are you going?"
>its the homeless man
>ignore him, keep walking
>he gets mad and keeps yelling at me
>hear footsteps behind me
>he's chasing me
>run as fast as i can to my dorm building
>security guard stops the man
From now on I don't walk past it on the way home

>> No.9272363

Not funny.

>> No.9272432

Again, there are methods that are wat more proven
Chest wound > plugging up is possible fatal, treat as sucking chest wound
Stomach wound > trauma dressing
Limb wound > trauma dressing or tourniquet

All of these are things a medic should have in abundance
In fact minus the tourniquet, they are all basic first aid kit must haves

>> No.9272569


West coast. It's honestly not that crazy, she was like the third unrelated person to offer me Oxy for pain that week. When I told her no the guy next to me offered me edibles.

>> No.9272590


>be at con with little brother, age 5-6 when Frozen came out
>see an Elsa walking by
>Oh look lil bro it's Elsa isn't she your favorite?
>he loudly yells That's not Elsa, that's Elsa after too many sandwiches!

>> No.9272597
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1478570518520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your brother is cold as fuck.

>> No.9272755

At least he didn't throw a Sprite at your nuts.

>> No.9272767

She had the prudence to leave them back at dorm, obvs

>> No.9272782

>have lolita meet at this cute little farmer's market thing
>people split up to grab food
>I'm in a group with two girls, one is a new-ish member
>she's really nice and sweet but she's pretty ita
>you know the type; early 30s, plus size, thin hair that's bubblegum pink, makes decent jewelry and good sewing construction but picks bad fabrics in garish colours...and she's a brony.
>we're stopped by some girls who runs a "Humans of [local city]" facebook or something
>she takes a photo and then asks questions about the fashion
>answer a couple but then new-chan starts sperging out
>"It's all about poofy skirts like a little girl or a doll. That's what the point of the fashion is. I loooove how bright and childlike everything is. It's so great! it reminds me of my childhood. I just love looking innocent and sweet and childlike! BRIGHT COLOURS BLAH BLAH"
>I try to mention different styles but she keeps talking over me
>every time I try to interject she just talks faster and gets louder
>at this point my only option would be to scream over her
>want to melt into the floor but I just slink away to get food after that

Honestly what really gets me is that she's trying to speak for everyone. Yes, some love bright colours and pastel vomit. I love feeling cute myself, just definitely not childlike, and I hated that she was misrepresenting everything while giving me little chance to correct it. Note to self: next time, I'll just rudely cut off whoever does it, cause clear that's the way to go.

>> No.9272834

>emergency emergency wound plug

We also used condoms as emergency water bottles, but that one I recommend practicing with (you put the water filled condom in a spare sock to keep it intact, you fill it up depending on sock size).

>> No.9272875
File: 56 KB, 1360x768, 13498009_10207117582405592_700814576874425984_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two fat chicks with thongs showing over their skirts keep crashing our teas. Gdi. How do we ban shit like this?

>> No.9273044


Find out how they're finding out about the tea parties and cut them off at the source. Close the comm group and make it private, make all the events private as well.

>> No.9274052

There's no law against the being fat and have thongs up high!!!

>> No.9274202


Don't overthink it. If it's specific people causing trouble, ask them to leave. Don't worry about a general formal solution unless it keeps happening.

>> No.9274228

No, but it's disgusting either way.

>> No.9274251

>Implying the only people willing to have sex with me aren't other men.

>Implying I'm the one penetrating

>> No.9277185
File: 150 KB, 929x1253, elsa really let it go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did she hear him?

Also kind of reminds me of this.

>> No.9277300

I laughed out loud, what a shady little kid.

>> No.9279371
File: 43 KB, 512x512, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost sat in dog shit during a photoshoot this weekend. Tragedy narrowly averted.

>> No.9280075

I might sound like some crazy lady but if I could, I'd prohibit the pill.
You might think it gets better but it messes with your hormones and cycle even more and it fucked up my whole entire body and liver. I'm 30 now and my cycle is all over the place. I took it for years and am now off it for years and I realize that there's girls who have no problems, or don't notice any problems at least, but I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.9280089

I agree with you partly. In my country you can get the pills easily and first free from your school's nurse. No one makes you think about it and consider if it's worth it. I wouldn't prohibit it but it should be made clear what it can cause and afterall it doesn't work for STD so giving it so carelessly to young girls isn't a must.

>> No.9280126

I don't really know how to describe it, but you can kind of smell it.

>> No.9280637

Tsukimisou no Akari by Inuboshi
>but you didn't hear it from me

>> No.9280898

oh man yes let me share my cringe period story

> be 2013 or 2014 (i dont remember)
> dressed up as The Rum Tum Tugger from CATS (which is embarassing enough) includes skin tight black spandex suit
> sitting at con table with friends chatting
> get stomach cramp
> must be something i ate
> doesnt notice im bleeding (bc black suit)
> ride comes to take me home
> stand up
> pool of blood in chair
> girl sitting next to me notices
i quickly scooted my chair under the table and dashed off asap. but i forgot about it literally the next day and didn't remember until just now

>> No.9281198

Why does every thread here devolve into period storys

>> No.9281304

>rained the morning of ILD
>walking downtown with comm in my best coord
>slip on a wet patch
>land on my ass
>fart loudly on impact

Now they call me The Whoopie

>> No.9281311
File: 15 KB, 413x395, cjsqk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now they call me The Whoopie

>> No.9281381

I semi-agree. I don't know that I'd prohibit it entirely, but I'd definitely make it much less easy to get, especially for teenagers. I know it genuinely helps some people, but it completely fucked up my health, and in many ways my life, for a couple years, and I know several women who can say the same.

Have you ever been checked for a medical problem with your uterus or tubes? If not, consider it. Rather than just having super bad periods, you might have a cyst or an infection or something that caused painful flare ups during menstruation. I know that's the case for a friend of mine who was put on pills for the same reason, terribly painful periods; the pills lessened that pain but also messed with her depression, so she sought another solution and found out she has a bunch of cysts. Apparently her mom and grandmom also had them and only told her about it when she asked after finding out from her doctor that what she has is largely hereditary.

>> No.9281385

Seconding this with the people thing. I've never done it, but every girl I've known whose gone on it turned totally crazy and bitchy. Now all my friends are guys.

>> No.9281386

Pill thing. Thanks, phone.

>> No.9281463

If the pill was prohibited I'd be bedridden for a couple days every month is mind numbing pain. I missed so much school as a tween because of my period, and there's no way in hell I'm missing that much work as an adult (I need food and brand).

Just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean it should be banned. People are allergic to penicillin, should penicillin be banned?

Young girls do need to be made aware of the side effects, because there are a lot. But I shouldn't be left in pain because it didn't work for one chick on the other side of the world one time.

>> No.9281471

agreed! I tried a ton of different BC pills and they all fucked my shit up but I'd never call for them to be banned, wtf. They help some people a lot.

>> No.9281763

thing is: I was the same as you. I took the pill for almost ten years because of the pain. And guess what? In the end, it's all so much worse. My liver is fucking ruined. So please, think about it, the pill is not the solution, it only makes you able to push the symptoms away for a certain amount of time.

The pill is also bad for all mankind in the long run because the hormones leave the body through urine and those remain in the water cycle.

>> No.9281781

what the fuck were you doing on the pill that your liver is now apparently ruined? My cousin was on the pill for 20 years, from 15 to 35, only reason she stopped was because her husband got snipped. She drinks (often) like a goddamn fish and has since forever. She has no liver problems at all.

GTFO with your "ban the pill" bullshit

>> No.9281814 [DELETED] 


You'd better explain, because having hemangiomas in your liver is very far from 'ruining' it but I'd imagine you could also be a very rare case of a DVT in the hepatic portal system.

You'd better also have a good citation for your second point.

Pills always have side effects and benefits and professionals should always lay it out to people. If you want to argue for 'banning' the pill you'd better argue for banning tylenol and advil too because I've had people come in the hospital with nasty, life threatening side effects from these over the counter drugs as well.

>> No.9281907

The iud is a good option too. Its somewhere along the lines of 99.6% effective and is cheaper than the pill in the long run. Plus theres nothing you need to do everyday and theres no risk of missing a dose due to vomiting or diarrhea

>> No.9283361

am I the only one, who thinks this anon is male?

>> No.9283369

did you at least fucked?

>> No.9283377

cause, most of the time girls do cosplay

>> No.9284239

what kind of fucking industrial tampons are you using

>> No.9284242


>> No.9284261

vaglet detected

>> No.9284262

I wouldn't prohibit, but I agree there's not nearly enough education about the side effects, long term and short. Sex ed has become a condom and pill factory, with society basically throwing up its hands and assuming kids will fuck like rabbits. I think the modern culture of promiscuity has become far too normalized to the point where abstinence isn't even seen as a real option. Not enough people are telling kids that it's ok to not have sex during high school.

>> No.9284271

Trust me, TSA people don't give a shit what weird convention you're going to. Just spill the beans and you'll be out of there faster.

>> No.9284304

Can't really agree do that, but I see your point.
Also, abstinence isn't often a free chose, it's often, cause noone wants to fuck with someone, at least in my case

>> No.9284325


In a perfect world, abstinence would greatly reduce unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and possibly even broken hearts, but man, we don't. Family planning and introducing contraceptives haven't caused people to fuck more like bunnies, but bring a screeching halt to at least the unwanted pregnancies.


And although the argument is that OCP can cause DVT, liver disease, and have other side effects (which I totally acknowledge and is causing my hesitation in getting the mirena coil), guess what can also cause all of these? Pregnancy, and to greater effect.

TL;DR Human are idiots who can't stop fucking, family planning does not really affect that.

>> No.9284329
File: 29 KB, 657x527, tfwabstinenceisntachoice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also, abstinence isn't often a free chose, it's often, cause noone wants to fuck with someone, at least in my case
poor guy

>> No.9284569


>> No.9284599

>Abstinence isnt a real option

Sounds like something a slut would say.

>> No.9284613
File: 352 KB, 1638x1740, anons sex ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9284625


Your waifu pillow is not a slut.

>> No.9284757

well I'm glad you and your kind take the pill and hopefully won't procreate.

>> No.9284776
File: 451 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9284785

You do realize everyone's body is different and YMMV. Just because your some kind of inbred mongoloid that gets liver damage form the pill doesn't mean everybody else is. Not to mention there's multiple types and dosages in order to help figure out what works for people. Why the hell would you continue to take something that causes you excruciating pain? You are supposed to stop if that happens, but instead you gave yourself liver damage. Good job

>> No.9284787

How uneducated are you? I HAVE to take the pill to balance out my hormones. Before I was on it my hormones were so messed up it was causing me health problems. You take to pill to regulate that shit, if it's throwing it out of balance then something is wrong, you stop taking it, and your doctor helps you find another pill or solution. Not everyone needs to go on the pill or wants to, but fuck off with this "the pill is evil" nonsense.

>> No.9284833

It must be nice being able to function without a pool of blood leaving you bedridden and bleeding all over yourself because it hurts too much to drag yourself to the bathroom! Just because the pill fucked you up doesn't mean it should be banned altogether you ignorant cunt

>> No.9284853

"Something ruined my body so it should be banned" Are you an idiot? The pill helps people with PCOS.

>> No.9284965

wow you are fucking retarded. Hormones are not that scary. Worry about something like the half-life of uranium for fucks sake

>> No.9284984

>"Something ruined my body so it should be banned"
>Are you an idiot?
Well, typically when something ruins your body through no fault of your own, then yes, it does get banned or pulled from the market.
.. except she fucked up her liver all on her own by continuing to take the pill when she should have obviously stopped and called her doctor, so yes, she is an idiot.

>> No.9285308
File: 26 KB, 500x324, 4_107175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good dad
race mixing is gross

>> No.9285322

"the pill didn't help me so it should be banned" The depo shot made my periods worse when I wanted them to stop altogether but I'm not calling for it to be banned because I'm not a retard like you

>> No.9285358

Go back to /pol/, Cody.

>> No.9288101

all those suppose you can get to the sodding medic, not always an option when people are shooting at you.

a tampon or 2 stuck in the sides of a pocket can help in the immediate short term

>> No.9288384

Actually all soldiers carry "major trauma" treatment methods for just such a reason

I believe it's traditionally tourniquet, large trauma dressing? (Might just be gauze?) And if I remember right morphine

Tampons has greater issues in that pushing stuff into a gunshot site risk dislodging the bullet or, as they fill with blood, expanding and making the site bigger

Seriously, people believe it because it feels reassuring but in reality, if it were a good idea, it would be used by medical professionals

>> No.9290192

Except it is in use by professionals. Pretty sure it was approved for use by US forces this or last quarter. Of course though it's not an actual tampon. But it works on the same principle.


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