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Last one maxed out.
Commence with the feels.

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>See girl in lolita walking on opposite side of street
>want to go up and compliment her on her wardrobe
>can't be bothered and feel too awkward to cross the road and say something
>awkwardly stare from across the road instead

I wonder if she though i was weird for staring or knew i was secretly jealous of her outfit?

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If it wasn't her first time out in lolita, she's probably used to the stares.

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>have to briefly leave meetup to pick up medicine from nearby pharmacy before it closes
>ask if anyone needs anything from the store before i go, apologize to meetup organizer and say i will be gone just a couple minutes, say "be right back!" to everyone, etc.
>get my meds and some tissues for a girl with allergies (outdoor meetup)
>come back seven minutes later
>nobody is there

Not sure if ditched on purpose or just bad at communicating.

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>selfpost thread a while back
>like a dumbass post a picture some random at a con took where I look like shit since it was near the end of the con
>seagulls give me shit telling me how crap my eye makeup looks
>instead of getting overly defensive just say "give me advice then"
>some anons just stop completely and others say "teehee you're beyond advice"
>anon drops an email and attempts to become a makeup tutor
>anon's goes in high and mighty using pictures of herself to show examples of how good makeup looks
>I tell her i have hooded lids
>tries giving me tips on how to work with it but even she has no fucking clue
>conversation ends with "good luck with that"

I'm alright with being given shit if I look like shit, but if no one gives me (usable) advice on how to improve there's no point.

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the point is that there's no point

/cgl/ just loves to point and laugh and anons don't really owe you anything

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How can I cut my own boobs? This is a serious question.
Some years ago there was this gull who got a breast reduction and she went from saggy big tits to an A cup. She said that her insurance covered the procedure.
Ever since, I've been wanting to get rid of my boobs very badly. My chest is fucking big and it really affects the way I wear lolita. I look really stupid. I hate myself.
In my country, there's no way my insurance would cover that, unless I had cancer or something. At this point, I don't care if I get a masectomy. I really, really want my boobs gone even if I stop having nipples (no use for them).
I'm probably crazy as fuck. But I'm long gone past that.

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If you can get a physiotherapist to back up that your boobs are prohibitively affecting your back or is causing you discomfort and pain regularly (you could easily bullshit this) then generally you can get a breast reduction paid for by government or insurance for that reason.
Just make sure that you go on and on about how it gives you back and hip pain and how it is always there and never goes away and they will buy it most of the time

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>wanting to get rid of your boobs for clothes
this is beyond stupid

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I think I may be the one you're talking about, I posted a few years about it and even posted a before/after photo. There was no way I was fitting into lolita with a 150cm+ chest. Most people getting reductions don't go 100% flat like I did.

If you live in America, they'll cover 100%, even if you don't have super large tits. For other countries, I don't know. I know I was fully prepared to save or get a loan out to get mine gone, it was affecting everything in my life so much. Don't give up, I suggest what >>9263292
said, start now and get things documented and maybe you can get it covered. I hope things get better for you.

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unless your boobs makes fitting into clothes that look flattering nearly impossible.

>G cup boobs
>68cm waist

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Sudden christmas meet, all main pieces I have are pastel and sweet... I want to go to christmas meets and look thematic, but probably wont be able to get any dress before the meet...

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I just want YOI dakimakura and 3D mousepads...

>tfw 86 cm bust, 56cm waist, but no boobs
>also turbo womanlet and plain ugly

life is suffering, honestly.

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Sugar plum fairy, and the rest of the nutcracker candy kingdom parts.

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Anon pls do this and post. A nutcracker coord would be adorable.

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>planning with gf and friend to do trio cosplay
>its both of their main ot3
>long story short my ridiculous libido starts chanting threesome at me
>plans dont go through but me and friend still do duo cosplay
>do shippy photos anyway because it's still an otp of theirs
>at con and drama happens
>i end up comforting friend
>also roommates all squished up to share beds so spooning also happens to some extent
>keeps an eye on friends social media when we get home in case drama flares back up
>talk w/ him about it when it does, try and be comforting, feel proud and a lil' fuzzy inside, especially as the photoshoot is uploaded
>talk to gf about this all
>gf gets all excited about my "new crush"
>what no
>"and here i thought you only wanted a threesome, anon"
>mfw so did i

friend has had a lot of struggles with relationships in the past so even if my gf is supportive im pretty much on the fence. i know friend has been interested in me before (as well as my gf), but im not sure hes emotionally stable enough for no-strings-attached sex, and even if he was i certainly am not anymore.
im trying to just wait it out and see if its a fluke or if its legit stuff im feeling, but every time i can help him and be a good and supportive friend i get the fuzzies. hes been opening up to me a lot and also weve been talking about some more shippy cosplays we want to do, and even if we did before too its more of a concrete making plans thing now. especially the ot3 we were gonna do with my gf is something im ridiculously excited about, just because it would be super cute and a good excuse to be kinda touchy with both of them.

i guess im good with being his friend for now, but id be lying if i said i havent fantasised about him, or him and my gf both. oh well.

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>If you live in America, they'll cover 100%,
No they won't.

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Speaking from experience that I had it done 100% for free then yes, they will. Under both insurances while I was looking that I had they offered to cover the entire cost. It just takes a little extra work if you have smaller sized tits to go to a doctor to complain about back pain.

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Not /cgl/ but I had something similar happen years ago
>work late
>plans to hang out with friends after at [friend]'s house
>text friends, they say to come over
>arrive 20 minutes later
>friend comes to the front door
>he was in bed
>everyone else went home
I mean it was clearly not my fault but it was still embarrassing.

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i started college this year, im doing an art course that mixes with fashion students so i figured i would find atleast someone who shared an interest in j-fash but alas
>80% of the girls in my course are massive weebs, the type of weebs who luv anime XD but have only watched shit like attack on titan
> the rest are an even spilt between rad feminists who most likely think j-fashion is oppressive or something and girls who are just here because they need to stay in education
> all the guys in my course are /fa/ types (which desu i cant complain about bc they do dress well) or very campy guys from the fashion course

dont get me wrong everyone is nice enough for the most part but i guess in my head i had a sort of dumb fantasy that i would be with 'my people', ive never had friends who i share interests with and i got my hopes up. Ive only made 1 real friend so far and ive been talking to this one girl alot who is a bit weeby, but she knows j-fash and has been japan multiple times, we have alot in common but i get slight elitist vibes from her even tho she dosnt wear j-fashion as such, just cyber/nu-goth type stuff. Some people im my class get on my absoulute tits but hey thats art school i guess

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>i guess in my head i had a sort of dumb fantasy that i would be with 'my people'

I had the same stupid idea. I thought that when I went to uni I'd meet more like minded people. But I'm super retarded, and decided to study physics. I love art, music, etc. but all I have in common with my classmates is "yep....math is pretty cool...." Before I started school I had 3 friends, and now in my senior year I have zero.

Since you just started, maybe you'll get more comfortable with those around and make lots of friends, Anon. Good luck!

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>Dream dress goes up for sale
>somehow win a nice cash bonus at work
>I can finally afford the dress!
>come home from work and read the news
>donate all of the bonus to Standing Rock for medical supplies


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>rad feminists who most likely think j-fashion is oppressive or something

Making assumptions about people like that is exactly what is preventing you from making friends. You know who wound up having similar interest as me in college? All of the people who seemed normie or who I would not assume they had any interest in weeb or video games. Try actually having a conversation with these people instead of just writing them off because you're bitter. Friends don't instantly flock to you, you need to go out of your way to get to know people. Stop being shallow

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you did a good thing anon don't feel bad. Be happy you have disposable income at all!

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I have to agree anon, not everyone talks about their hobbies and interests in the first conversation you have with them, especially non-mainstream ones. . And even if NO ONE likes j-fash, if you can find common ground with people and make friends, they'll be excited about what you're excited about. I got into all kinds of stuff in college that I wouldn't have otherwise found out about if I'd just written everyone off the first few months.

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oh god this reminds me of a long-ago shame

>be youngest, awkwardest, poorest, least educated member of friend group
>love visual kei and EGA
>dear friend is planning his brother's bachelor party
>says it will be dandy themed and to wear something gentlemanly
>his bro is also a good friend so i fully commit to the concept
>cobble together a thrift store ensemble complete with not-cheap top hat and cane
>channeling motherfucking Cain Hargreaves up in this bitch
>maximum hype levels achieved
>arrive to hotel suite for fancy-ass bachelor party
>dear friend opens the door in shorts and a t shirt
>"Wow, anon, you look... really dressy"
>the theme was scrapped
>dear friend never told me
>everyone is just chilling in t-shirts, playing videogames and drinking
>dear friend announces my arrival to everyone
>mfw de-dandyifying hastily in the bathroom and making a beeline for the liquor

Also the groom was marrying my ex

good times

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anon im doing the same thing as an engineering major with no one to connect to in my classes, lets be friends :(

>> No.9265004

>the groom was marrying my ex
>the theme was scrapped without telling me
fugg anon

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9265031

I'll be your cosplay gf anon! Where are you from?

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What the fuck how do you even get those proportions? D-Do you have a pic? Like I'm legit curious about how this looks like Jesus Christ that doesn't sound natural. If you're not just trolling then yea get a damn boob reduction anon that shits gotta suck.

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are you a girl or a guy?

>> No.9265062

Same waist size and F cup here, it's entirely possible and sucks for fitting in clothes, though I will also say it's probably not as large as you think because of the small band size.

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>I'm living alone for the first time in almost 7 years.

I feel loneliness, but not sadness. I'm not sad because I'm happy I can partake in my stupid hobbies again. It's been years since I felt comfortable watching an anime for my evening entertainment. I'm watching Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei currently. I'm happy I can spend my evenings painting my nails, online window shopping, watching anime and eating snacks, blaring industrial music, and being the recluse I normally am. Without someone making me feel terrible for it, expressing their disinterest in anything I do, and without making me feel terrible I don't enjoy a rousing social life at the local dives.

I'm very lonely, but it's not worth the unhappiness I felt constantly being put down for what I enjoy. People aren't worth losing what makes us happy.

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>Wanna dress up today because I'm sad little lonelita
>Can't find my Dreamy Baby Room
>Digging through whole closet and about to cry
>Running through worst case scenarios
>"Did I pick it up last time I dry cleaned it?"
>"Did my ex throw it out as party of childish rage fit post breakup?"
>Go to sister's room
>She's SLEEPING IN IT cuddled up with her dirty ass nigger boyfriend who smells like fucking smegma all the time
>He's completely sleeping in the nude spooning her in MY dress
>Close the door and go back to my room trying to process what the hell I just saw
>My sister lives rent free with me because I'm a fucking door mat
>Seriously thinking of kicking her out
>Go to her room, shake her awake, and ask her what the fuck she's doing with my dress
>"I wanted to be a little girl for the night"
>Her boyfriend wakes and just silently stares me in the eyes
>Neither of them seem to even fucking mind or realize how angry I am
>She just gives me this dumb innocent look like she has no clue why I'm mad
>Just run out crying to lock myself in my room

Crying my fucking eyes out as I type this, I do so fucking much for her and she constantly shits on me. I can't take this anymore. I just can't say no to people and constantly get take advantage of. I hate it.

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Stop being a fucking doormat and tell her to get the fuck out.

Rent out your room to someone who isn't a total piece of shit so that you're getting the money to buy yourself more brand.

This is YOUR life for YOU to take control of. The entire situation was brought about on your own terms, and unless you get a damn grip and take control of the situation, it'll just keep coming back. Stop running away from situations just because they're "scary" or "overwhelming". You're an adult, not a child. Wipe the snot from your nose and dry your tears. Crying your eyes out won't help one bit.

It's time to take action.

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I'd quite literally throw her and her boyfriend out of the house if I were you. While you're at it, make her pay for dry cleaning, or the value of the dress, maybe even both. Disgusting.

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I'll never forget this one tea I went to in 2014. The toilets in the next room broke, and we had to smell rancid, WET poo-poo for the entire meet.

Several girls cried.

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Guy. Not that I see how it matters.

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take your degeneracy back to tumblr, faggot

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Tell her to either pay for your dress or immediately GTFO so you can get a roommate and recoup your losses. Then tell her if anything like this shit happens ever again she's out immediately.

>> No.9265140

i am jealous and also want a roommate like you

>> No.9265149

Pls let me be ur bf

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dump them

>> No.9265168

Wow, why would you even put up with that for 7 years?
I'm living just like you described all my life because I can choose who I live with, never thought of it that it can be such a big deal for someone.

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>buy item on LM
>pay quickly
>keep communication but not annoying
>promptly leave positive feedback
>let seller know item arrived

but here's the kicker

>seller responds
>"Thanks also left you feedback!"

It happened twice, from two different sellers. I'm not kidding. Does LM ever just eat feedback or were they both lying? It just seems super weird because it's SO EASY to leave feedback...

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The McRib is back.

Help me, gulls. I don't wanna get fat.

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anon, pls love yourself. do not eat literal garbage.

>> No.9265204

Everybody has one food they love even though it's disgusting, and mine is the McRib.

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if you cannot love yourself, at least respect the livestock. have a real rib sandwich made with love and nutritions.

>> No.9265225

>tfw near Standing Rock and know a ton of people there through my job

I've been honestly living under a rock. Even my native friend didn't realize. I'll probably donate with my next paycheck.... You did a good thing anon. They need help down there.

>> No.9265228

but it's all gristly and disgusting?? like I can understand craving ribs or sausages but the McRib is going too far

>> No.9265234

I'm sorry I've disappointed you, cosfam.

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>tfw you can eat whole loafs of french bread and feel happy

>> No.9265238

Let her enjoy some of her favourite filth you killjoy faggots, Jesus Christ.

>> No.9265242

she called for help, friend

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>feel guilty about AliExpress orders arriving today, but also happy because good stuff
>see pic related
>feel guilty again

Kudos for donating, anon upthread. I hope to adjust my spending habits so that I can donate to different causes instead of (or let's be real, in addition to) buying more kawaii for my cuteness hoard.

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It's harder to eat one then it is to eat none.

>> No.9265259

Seriously anon your own sister is taking advantage of you. Shes obviously got her own issues sleeping in a dress like a little girl, she got her bf to piss on her in not her clothes btw but she didnt ask to borrow it she lives rent free and shes ruining your clothes. People who give a shit about you dont do that. Either shes gonna continue to ruin your clothes and end up changing your life negatively or you need to kick her out. She can stay at her bfs or your parents or maybe she saved enough money to get her own place idk but seriously kick her out asap legally so nobody can say shit about it. Also make her buy you a new dress. Then the next time she wants to ruin a dress she knows where to buy them. If you continue to be a doormat your life will be hell. Whats stopping her from doing it again and slowly ruining everything you have

>> No.9265421

>rent small bedroom in house
>housemates have fuckhuge bedrooms
>each bedroom is the size of 2-3 of mine
>get a good deal on rent because of my closet-sized bedroom
>unfortunately, it has no space for me to craft for side business
>but there are two large living spaces for recreational use, with couches and TVs and such
>one of the two public rooms should be good to conduct my side business activities in, if i clean up when done and store supplies and stock in my bedroom
>all agree this is fine
>periodically lug supplies up and down stairs to do business
>but have to do it overnight
>because housemates spend all day in both public rooms
>cannot leave me alone while i work
>watch over my shoulder although i say it makes me nervous
>offer tips and observations on whatever i am doing
>play videogames with full volume
>read a book...but not quietly: while coughing nonstop and audibly wincing at my craft light
>mention to housemates that i am trying to work and they are distracting
>one housemate offers her giant bedroom to me if i want to lug all my equipment and WIPs back upstairs to it until she's "done reading"
>mfw she can't just read a fucking book in her gigantic bedroom that is she is paying for

this is a stupid and petty feel

>> No.9265441

Have you thought about noise cancelling headphones?

>> No.9265449

Have you thought about seeking a boyfriend?

One could offer you space at a place he's staying at to work on your side business, hobbies, and store some of your extraneous items.

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holy shit anon is your sister my sister

my older fucking sister always stole my cute jfash shit and posted it to her disgusting fetish blog. thank god she didn't think to take my dreamy baby room. it wasn't till i threatened to expose her for the wretch she is that she stopped. i really hated to do that but she was like vicariously living through me and it was fucking with my head.

you've gotta tell her off, lock up your stuff if you have to, sit her down and tell it like it is. absolutely disgusting. i'm so sorry you have a shitty sister too.

>> No.9265505

I can't even begin to think how disgusting someone is that they go to sleep with piss on them. Sounds like a crackhouse.
Be strong, Anon, tell them off.

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>find out half of my work colleagues are secret weeaboos after going out drinking with them

>> No.9265524

Your dress got BLACKED anon, I'm so sorry for your loss.

>> No.9265525

Nice. Only interaction I've had with co-workers on the subject was some random girl asking for recommendations and if I ever heard of Sword Art Online.

>> No.9265530

Anon, what the actual fuck am I reading? I swear to god, if you don't kick them out IMMEDIATELY.... This is seriously disgusting. Have some self-respect since your sister obviously doesn't respect you at all and get them the fuck out of your home.

>> No.9265720

>never drink for any reason
>think the idea of "going out for drinks is pointless and counter intuitive (if you want to have fun just have fun, you don't need to be fucking drunk)
>will never ever have this feel

For all people know about me and all that i know about others we could be the biggest weebs in the world and all love the same shit and never know.

>> No.9265728

>there's a girl at work who i'm certain is some flavor of weeb or cartoon nerd by subtle stuff I see on her desk
>she has a boyfriend so I'm not getting any ideas about that, but:
>my normal policy is to keep all coworkers at professional arm's length to avoid any and all drama
>really want to break that rule to see if I can finally find a social group in RL where I don't have to put up a front
>we work in different departments so there's little opportunity to ask about her fandoms and friends she might have in them without someone else overhearing
>all other coworkers are super normie or recent immigrants
>I'm already seen as a little wierd by people for not making much small talk and I'm terrified of the animu bombshell getting dropped on people's perception of me

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File: 242 KB, 500x648, downrightoffensive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to cut back on the racism. But yeah, kick your sister in the cookie and have a serious conversation because that is beyond fucked up. I'd be livid.

>> No.9265747

Just ask her about the stuff on her desk the next time you walk by, autismo.

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File: 2.15 MB, 461x288, nanisore.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet really nice girl at con
>find out I'm her con crush
>she lives a state away
>five hour drive

Plz kill me. All I can think about is the kickass cosplays we'd do together.

>> No.9265810

Alcohol can turn a relationship upside down. They were a very nice person originally. They got involved in alcohol within the last 3 years of our relationship because of a job at a dive bar. Everything began to change about a year into them working at the bar. It's almost like they became a different person.

>> No.9265847


jesus i was once in a 4 year long relationship with someone who was a 30 hour flight and literally half the world away. Don't be little bitch.
Distance means almost nothing these days. Hell most people barely fucking see their SO that often anyway and just communicate online.

>> No.9265903
File: 1.63 MB, 500x263, 1479541880098.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tbf two of us weren't drinking alcohol, since I was driving

Now I have to introduce them to my superior taste

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I've considered it. My only other romantic option is a.... non-weeaboo.

>> No.9266011

>also has hooded eyes
I feel your pain, anon. I found that Nyx's liquid felt tip eyeliner stays in place really well and doesn't smudge very much up on your lid.

>> No.9266012

I know with my insurance at least they'd cover the surgery if you can prove that its for the betterment of your health.

>> No.9266015

Same, but with Geosciences
>painful loneliness

>> No.9266021

I hope to christ you made this up, if not you need to get your shit straight and kick you disgusting, cunt of a sister out asap.

>> No.9266028

>someone in friend group is obsessed with hating a girl she thinks posted her on cgl
>said girl doesn't know her in the slightest
>person in friend group still salty the girl didn't accept her friend request
Do you ever feel embarrassed?

>> No.9266038

Fuck you

I don't have any romantic options here. A five hour drive to get some weeb loving sounds like a miracle. Fuck you.

>> No.9266042

>You need to cut back on the racism

It's my right to to dislike disgusting black people.

>> No.9266050

similar story
>invited to birthday party of girl I don't know very well
>dresscode is Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes
>wear otome with Alice print dress, mary jane shoes etc. not mega costumey but clearly inspired
>show up to party
>nobody is dressed up
>one guy has a deck of cards, that's all
>theme wasn't scrapped or anything, 99% of people there just didn't put in any effort
>including girl whose birthday it was
>she spent the entire time glaring daggers at me as people complimented me instead of her
Sorry for following your instructions I guess?

>> No.9266063

Pretty weak bait ya got there, anon

>> No.9266064

Biophysics here. I'd be happy with some unfashionable weebs even but nope, everyone here is extremely normie and thinks anime = Chinese kiddie porn. I dread the day one of them finds my lolita IG because they WILL misunderstand.
Are all the nerds confined to IT or something?

>> No.9266065

>mystery illness chan again
>gained 30 pounds in the last year
>still gaining
>was working out five days a week
>both doctor and personal trainer say that my calorie input is low
> ruled out diabetes, thyroid, and cushing syndrome
>doctor says it's not PCOS because my periods are normal
> have other symptoms like random numbness on parts of my body, peeing all the time, random pain in vagina
> feel fat and disgusting but nothing i do is helping to lose weight
>doctor suggests trying a low carb diet
> gain 6 more pounds
> don't want to work on cosplay because part of me still hopes they will find out what's wrong with me and i'll eventually lose the weight
> part of me feels like i'll never lose it
> used to have an ED, worried about relapsing
> going to an endocrinologist next month for more tests
>worried i will just be fat and gross forever

>> No.9266073

Are you the girl from the last thread, who bitched about her old comm having too many "dindus" at a tea?

>> No.9266078
File: 259 KB, 500x375, QVP2rqM.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you're not black.

>> No.9266082
File: 62 KB, 426x640, 16_11_24_241_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>need extra cash so post a spare table and chairs set to local fb for sale
>two people interested
>ask first person to pm me
>she doesn't, just continues to ask questions in the comments
>makes a plan for date and time to come pick it up
>still doesn't pm for address
>date and time passes, still nothing
>next day
>ultimate dream dress goes up on cc in preferred colourway
>tfw don't have the money bc didn't sell table

it's pretty rare that i deal with timewasters in lolita sales but every single time i post something locally i get no-shows and people that can't be bothered to commit. pic related it's the dress that will probably sell within the hour

>> No.9266084

>Zetsubou Sensei
Approve, such a nice series.

I know how you feel, Anon. I like being alone. It is lonely but you can just be you. It'd be nice to find someone to like being around you for who you see and giving you personal space, but the only guys that are like that are ugly. Maybe I can someday find a gull roommate and just never get into another relationship again. Guys are the worst. Wait, this wasn't a feel lost about it being hard to find guys who care about your hobbies and you as a person ;;

>> No.9266086

>all normies
For fucking real, I thought going into the sciences I'd be surrounded by other geeky fucks, everyone in my program is so normal and well adjusted its crazy
I feel like such an outsider it sucks

>> No.9266087

>gained 30 lbs
>have random numbness, pee a lot, random lady-bit pain

Holy shit are you me

>> No.9266100

i'm not the only one?? that's comforting actually, although i'm sorry you're going through it. do you have any idea what's causing it or are you also in medical mystery land?

>> No.9266115

>dream dress get
>start daydreaming about the dress, what to coord it with, what kind of accessories it will have
>Imma gonna wear it this weekend
>get super excited for five minutes about this awesome coord I'm going to wear
>wait a moment it hasn't even reached the warehouse yet

I should just stop thinking when I'm doing night shift. This is the second time I've thought of something really stupid and ran with it for ten minutes.

>> No.9266120

To be honest I just assumed I lost the genetic lottery and got stuck with annoying body stuff, but if you're dealing with the same exact symptoms I'm probably gonna go see my doc after the holidays. I'd have to assume it's some hormonal bs right?

>> No.9266121

You're not alone, I know that feel well. I have the dress now at least but I'm still waiting on the other pieces and like you said, they're not even at the warehouse yet.

>> No.9266122
File: 2.80 MB, 1024x576, photostock.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more SZS fans
I'm so glad

>> No.9266130

that's what my doctor thinks. she's pretty frustrated with it. i'm seeing an endocrinologist at the end of december unless there is a cancellation before then, hopefully they can give me some answers.

>> No.9266135

Someone's upset.

>> No.9266136

Jeez, well I wish you the best of luck, anon! Hopefully you get it sorted out as quickly as possible,

>> No.9266240

>as quickly as possible,




>> No.9266246

>put up wtb
>girl I don't know pms me saying she has a replica of the dress for sale, links me to it
>"N-no thank you, I don't buy replicas"
>she then links me to a lacemarket listing where she's selling (non-replica) the least popular colorway of the dress for over the going rate, plus shipping from outside the US
>"Thanks but I'm only looking for the colorway I posted a wtb for"
>girl continues trying to talk to me about how she's trying to phase out replicas in her wardrobe, tries to show me another dress she bought
>I just stop responding

Why do people do this? If I owned replicas I wouldn't be trying to sell them to peopl who are after the real dress...

>> No.9266259

Racism is terrible. However, I do crack up at the prospect of women in frilly pink dresses and petticoats browsing /pol/.

>> No.9266277

Tfw you're a hamplanet because medical stuff and someone from your comm asks you (in front of a ton of other lolitas at a con) if your HL zipper jsk is a replica. I wanted to sink into the floor and die.
>mfw she's like that and I'm a US size 10 and wear lolita that fits my shape and body type
>mfw I can finally stop treatment and lose all this weight

>> No.9266291

US Size 10 isn't hamplanet status unless you're 5'nothing...

>> No.9266316 [DELETED] 

you sound like a whale desu

>> No.9266480

Have you considered a fecal transplant? (it's a real thing)

>> No.9266510

I'm 5'7"... hamplanet compared to my normal size.

>> No.9266512


>> No.9266517

It's okay, anon, I forgive you.
Next time you may not be so lucky, though.

>> No.9266518
File: 64 KB, 640x480, 913473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to go to a con at least once
>tfw too old and no friends

>> No.9266520

How goddamn rude of that other Lolita holy shit

>> No.9266525

I can't wait for you to lose weight and come back with a story of how you transformed into a kawaii, thin butterfly.

>> No.9266526 [DELETED] 


why do fat fucks think it's okay to go out in public honestly

like you deserve any shit you get

>> No.9266529

This is that awkward feel i feel every day. But i've been TOLD that you are never to old and from what i've heard you can make friends at cons. Though i speak not from experience and the number of stories i hear of everyone being so antisocial in that they refuse to believe that you can make friends at a con make me get doubts

>> No.9266531

>recently got back into anime
>watched all of love live in a few weeks, totally hooked again on jfashion and cosplay
>Taking the bus to visit family for Thanksgiving
>dressed very normie, power level has been hidden for years
>By complete chance sit by a girl wearing a simple classic lolita coord
>Didn't notice until I saw her tea parties
>Had a Madoka magica charm on her DS
>tfw too afraid to start a convo because I feel like I look too normal and I don't want her to think I'm insulting her
>Just compliment her dress before leaving, she seemed really sweet
>Why brain why can't I make friends with my interests

>> No.9266548


>> No.9266566
File: 13 KB, 225x225, IMG_7965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been pretty excited about a con coming up. I'm in a new area so I wanted to take the opportunity to maybe make some friends. I took a look at the schedule they released and I'm so disappointed. It's the classic "as a beta troll" homestuck sperg shit. "How to survive your first con!" Did you guys not get any good offers for panels? I usuallly frown upon ghosting cons. But do I really want to pay for a badge to stand around and maybe go to the dealers room?
I'll probably go and decide if I want to buy a badge or not while I'm there. If it's total shit I'll just leave.

>> No.9266603
File: 153 KB, 422x527, blackimouto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my sister's favorite con is coming up
>want to take her, like always
>she'd rather go with her new boyfriend

>mfw single and no sister

>> No.9266606

Are you a cosplayer or lolita?

>> No.9266607


>> No.9266609

So my girlfriend bought a dress via buyee from yahoo auctions for my birthday, but the mailman didn't come to her place and the package was sent back.
How fucked am I? Will I loose the dress forever? She tried to contact them but no response. Has anyone had this problem before?

>> No.9266614

NA East Coast?

Also, why not try meeting people at cons? You might not find a boyfriend on your first try, but surely you will make some friends, at least. All of the cons I've gone to had some really energetic and nice people, that were accepting, too. That's how I've made several friends!

>> No.9266625

I've met some nice grills at cons, but the only cons I attend are out-of-state, so they live miles away.

>> No.9266644

I've read stories on here about gulls with super awesome boyfriends who do things like stop them from eating pizza and getting fat to helping them make costumes to buying them stuff and i can't be more envious

>Been dating guy for 4 years
>Is two years older than me, met at a con
>Things were awesome
>He finishes school ahead of me since he's older
>Decides to spend 6 months after graduation volunteering/networking working part time jobs
>Eventually stopped after 4 months
>No longer even trying to get a job in his field
>Stopped watching anime months ago
>Doesn't really cosplay anymore
>Just sits at home all day playing video games after requesting reduced hours at his lone part time job left.
>Can't afford rent by myself. If he doesn't get some income going our landlord will be pissed.
>Demands I just sell my costumes
>Tell him that wouldn't be enough even if i sold every last one, and that i could never do that

Now he's asking me to ask my parents for a small loan, but i know he isn't going to change his ways. He's like a completely different person now and i want to dump him, but i'm scared

>> No.9266663

Been to two cons. Made no friends. But that's because I don't really make friends anywhere so I'm an outlier. lol

>> No.9266667

Scared of what? Improving your standard of living? Tell him to get his shit together or you'll have to consider what's good for your life. It'd be different if he was trying and your location just sucks and/or he's going through some perosnal issues, but he's just playing video games.

>> No.9266671

Those other gulls didn't get super awesome boyfriends by settling for dudes who treat them like crap.

>> No.9266708

>Tell boyfriend about an anon over in /trv/ who thinks that referring to your favourite escort as your girlfriend is normal and 'you should pick at least one just to see what love hotels are all about."
>"Haha look boyfriend, I found the loneliest anon!"
>He doesn't understand how it's funny and thinks that this is entirely normal behaviour. Says "Which one? They all seem to have experience." as though paying for whores enough to have a favourite makes them a hot shit stud gettin' bitches left and right.

Aaaaahahaha I can't wait to buy a car and leave him.

>> No.9266732

Let him go. Either he changes or you go off without him. Can't have someone dragging you down like that.

>> No.9266733

You're just mad you're not anyone's favourite.

>> No.9266744


It's because we have to realize that our first boyfriends or current or whatever are shitty.

It's so hard in that situation to realize how shitty it actually is until you come out of the relationship and realize how bad it is only in hindsight.

It takes a while to realize it, but it seems you're there already. Best of luck with leaving him anon.

>> No.9266748

In a similar situation except my boyfriend went from having "aspirations to get a college degree" to working retail part time jobs to not working at all. His parents were supposed to pitch in for our living expenses but they only do so every once in a while. The only way for me to get him to even apply for some shitty part time jobs was for me to get drunk and go off on him about how I can't afford my own hobbies and comfort because i'm paying for his rent and living expenses while he siphons money from his parents for drugs and fun. He cried and told me he would "try" (the tired excuse) but drunk me understood that was all just manipulation and I just laughed in his face. He finally saw my point (after countless other sober arguments about this just saying) and said he wanted to get himself together and that all the points i made were 100% correct. I'm still in the process of seeing how serious he is about getting a job; he hasn't had any call backs yet so I need him to apply more and stay on the places that hes applied to's asses or he's fucking out.

tl;dr You have to either break up with him or make him understand how goddamn serious you are. He either needs to be woken up from his shit slumber or he needs to go.

>> No.9266777


Just remember that generally speaking men take a long fucking time to get over women. And women whilst they initially feel worse will get over it sooner. So you have not much to worry about thing will be shit for a short while then you'll get back on the bandwagon.
Your ex however will probably be stuck in a rut for months or even years.
Just something to think about. Also that is no reason to stick around "helping" them cause all you will likely do is differ your own emotional closure.

>> No.9266824

As someone who's been on the other side of this (I was unemployed for about 2 years while now-ex supported me) I cannot overemphasize that I wish he had ditched me at the beginning of that period. While I'll always be grateful for his support of that time it was shit city to be dumped as soon as I got a job because he finally felt he could and the amount of resentment that had built up on his side. Don't do that to yourself.

I dunno if I would've/could've gotten work had he dumped me way the fuck back when but it was a waste of time for both parties for him to stick it out just because he felt bad about "kicking me while I was down" (his words). Either way it wouldn't have been his responsibility and I would've shaped up sooner.

>> No.9266833

>caught my boyfriend cheating at a con
>cry so hard I rub my eyes
>fuck up my tear duct at the outter corner
>edge of my eye droops now and eyes aren't perfectly even anymore

to my ex, fuck you

>> No.9266929

>order from AP Japan yesterday
>see calendar fair starts today

This will have me rolling in my grave.

>> No.9266943
File: 3.89 MB, 8000x8000, 1480090491880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9266977

one time I thought about getting a cgl girlfriend/sugar baby and then I looked at these threads and realized they're all lunatics, jesus christ

t. wealthy and successful fit white man

>> No.9266983

What's a calendar fair?

>> No.9267017

I mean he's still supportive of me, and we still cuddle and spend time together but him seemingly not wanting to grow up is taking its toll. If all he wants to do is play League and go drinking with friends fine, but he can do that on his own time and money

>> No.9267020

Define supportive.

>> No.9267027

I know everyone is telling you to dump him, and while that's certainly a good option, maybe he needs to talk to a professional?
I don't know, it sounds like he might need it if he suddenly doesn't want to do anything anymore.

>> No.9267035

Yaaaay! Good job getting the promotion at work, anon! I made you a bag of popcorn!

Guess what happened today? I demoted from silver 5 to bronze :(

Might have something to do with being a fotm fag that has no idea how to play Sion support but I had to play it because "XD LE KOREAN META" and take the fucking pick away from our top laner who WASN'T EVEN IN OUR DIVISION and then Ward like I'm fucking mentally retarded and never buy sightstones. And oh yeah, you bet your ass we fed hard as fuck. Especially me! I made sure to feed extra hard to tilt the shit out of our top laner who was already struggling in his matchup due to being forced to pick something he was unfamiliar with due to my faggot ass.

Oh, by the way, I made sure to report him after the game for calling me an "uneducated, down-syndromed nigger" when he went 10/2/15 but we lost the game because I refused to ward baron or go to any other lane XD

I think he said he was on his promos, too! Lmaooooooo

By the way, you can be certain that I won't get banned for being a total jackass cocksucker, because being bad isn't a reportable offense, but being reasonably mad at half retarded, illiterate teammates is totally toxic! Lolololol!

>> No.9267045

He still encourages me to do what i want (aside from him wanting me to sell costumes) but he just says he's "finding himself" when i ask why he won't call up some of his contacts he's made. My brother works for Chase and he can probably help him out too (bf was a Finance major with a business minor) but he just won't take the extra step.

I called his parents last night and they tell me they're fed up with this shit too and that it's time for him to grow up (apparently his dad had been giving him money for utilities and food the past two months, but he never told me.)

I just think he's scared of the outside world, but at the same time tonight i'm going to tell him he has until New Years to get his shit together. One of my friends has a roomie who is moving out, and i can have dibs if i need to leave his sorry ass

>> No.9267046

Whoa, whoa, if you're serious, he's beyond help. Who spends all their time playing LoL and gets stuck at Silver 5? I didn't do shit and got Silver 3 back when I played. Does he even try?!

On a more serious note, trying is the key here. There has to be an attempt. The part about him telling you to sell your stuff to make rent is the human garbage part. What happens when the rent is paid? You're not gonna spawn more stuff like a cosplay Broodmama. Your rent still needs to be paid and now your shit is gone.

If you want, you can be supportive of him and help him apply for jobs or at the minimum, volunteer somewhere. Do paid work or free work, but it's completely unfair to do jackshit while other people are footing the bill. Failing to get into gold isn't going to help progress him in any way. Shape up or ship out.

Even if he is depressed, all the pills and the professionals in the world aren't going to do anything if he doesn't at least try. I say this as someone's who's depressed as shit.

>> No.9267047

lol. You got me, Anon.

>> No.9267053

I agree. It sounds a bit odd, almost like depression. On one hand, we unfortunately have to pay our rent, boyfriend or not. On the other hand, no one gets a free ride. Has anon demanded half the rent? I think demands must be made and the source of his joblessness explored.

>> No.9267077

Again, maybe suggest that he finds professional help? When I dropped out I just saw no point. I did the absolute bare minimum to stay alive basically and other then that just gamed.
It's easy even when you're in that position to tell yourself you're just 'finding yourself' when he might be depressed. At least try giving that a chance.

I agree with you too, but I just felt like everyone overlooked the possibility he might have something else going on. That doesn't excuse everything but someone doesn't suddenly change into a manchild if before that everything seemed well.

>> No.9267107
File: 177 KB, 1000x1000, porter_robinson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


guy that I've known for 4 years and I JUST spent 3 days with this last weekend at a con dropped me because his gf of 2 weeks said I was a bad influence

got an extra ticket to the Porter Robinson show tonight in SF if anyone is down

>> No.9267112

This is also true. No matter how depressed we are, nobody is responsible for our actions but ourselves. The only person responsible for his unemployment is himself, and he is equally responsible for the consequences of his actions. (Which very well could be losing a place to live and a loved one.) He should remember gaming is an expensive hobby. As far as selling your costume, remind him that the bill will still be due long after the costumes are sold. Remind him that is only a short solution and you need a long-term resolution.

In the end, I understand feeling bad for him if the worse has to happen, but he is responsible, not you. We reap what we sow.

>> No.9267114

Shit like this is exactly why the world would be a better place without romantic love.

>> No.9267116

I've been there and am still there. However, just because you're in some shit doesn't obligate other people to trade away their happiness and financial well-being for your sake. It's one thing to know you're shit, but keep trying. It's another thing to tell others who are already putting in effort to put in additional effort because you won't. Depression can help explain, but it doesn't justify. If he wants help, he has to try to get help.

>> No.9267117

Other dudes will also be supportive of you, other dudes will cuddle and spend time together. But other dudes will also get off their asses and get jobs, and not expect you to sacrifice everything so they can play league all day.

>apparently his dad had been giving him money for utilities and food the past two months, but he never told me.

So was he actually using this money for food and utilities or was he lying to you both and spending the money on himself (while demanding that you sacrifice your own hobbies to keep yourselves afloat)?

If the latter he went from potentially salvageable to literal human garbage that you should not be giving another chance.

>> No.9267121

Hey, you use "human garbage" too. We should date!

>> No.9267145

I mean he's been giving me some money for utilities, so it's not like he's been wasting it on himself. I just need to put out my ultimatum and give him one more chance

He didn't drop out though. He finished his degree with no issue. I don't know what might be the problem, but i guess i'll ask.

>> No.9267150
File: 3 KB, 200x132, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy something off LM this morning
>seller invoices me within an hour
>try to pay invoice
>paypal keeps saying "internal server error"
Anyone else having problems with PayPal? Is it because of Black Friday?

>> No.9267152
File: 33 KB, 500x308, tired.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, this might be a bit longer story.

I'm the wallflower of our friend group. People tend to like me and never have anything bad to say about me but in the group I'm always left behind. I had really good friend, we did pair cosplays together and went to cons together but after she got us two into bigger friend group. Me and my friend live in another town than the rest of our friends but she always gets invited to sleepovers/etc and I'm not. I've tried to ask if I'm not liked but I'll always get "you're so pretty and kind, of course we like you!" but I'm still rarely invited to anything. And if I am I'm left alone since everyone else got their besties in the group and I'm just a kinda a friend. So now there's going to be con next month and me and my friend were supposed to stay at the same hotel but she's not sure if she can come because she's been feeling ill. It's nothing serious but she's been feeling down and tired. Everyone in our friend group loves her and they're asking her all the time if she's okay, if she needs anything, etc. They even went there to cook for her. I've helped her too, but at the same time I've been really jealous that everyone else is so worried about her and when I was really sick last summer, no one cared. Con is soon and I don't want to pay the hotel alone but I'm starting to feel that I don't want hang out with my friend either. If she comes I' going to be left behind again and I'm going to be bitter. Maybe going alone would be better...

>> No.9267156

You're gonna be bitter regardless. At least be bitter with friends on the off chance that they cheer you up. That's what friends are for.

>> No.9267175

A seller here, good to know people might be having issues with Paypal and aren't deliberately ignoring me or my invoices.

>> No.9267176

As a wallflower to a wallflower, please don't take it to heart. Often times interpret the very qualities that make us wallflowers as independence. They don't see us when we are sick because, 'I figured you would call if you needed anything.' They don't invite you because they don't want to bother you. Alternatively, they don't invite you because they are hanging out with their close friends that you have not made. There's not much to solve that other then seek out closer friends.

>> No.9267268

Please help...?

>> No.9267270

what country?
what postal/package service?
when did this all occur?

be specific and give us more details

>> No.9267424

Anyone here ever tried bumble?

>> No.9267426

>want to cosplay so badly
>want to wear lolita so badly
>male, tall
>just know I'll be pathetic and gross and end up in a cringe thread or bad crossplay thread
>girlfriend gets to wear cute/pretty/beautiful lolita coords all the time
>every time she shows off to me the secret envy burns inside me and I want to die
At least I have alcohol and video games

>> No.9267442

Is ouji not good enough for you, faggot?

>> No.9267446

Ouji doesn't appeal to me at all. Don't more girls than guys wear it anyway?

>> No.9267487

>browsing through sale blouses
>every time I find a cute one the measurements disappoint
>curse you, 15in shoulders

>> No.9267488
File: 158 KB, 421x506, bewareofdoug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no motivation to work on cosplay.

Or art.

Or anything.

All I want to do is sleep. Let me sleep forever.

>> No.9267492
File: 26 KB, 611x460, i know that feel, anon, same.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9267509

>Live on a shitty convoluted train line, live an hour away from work but can't drive right now.
>Working Santa photo gig today.
>Manage to leave early, will JUST make meet if I immediately get a $40 uber to the train station, catch a 2 hour train home, get ready in ten minutes and then another hour train to the meet.
>Missed the last train by literally seconds.
>Sitting at a super bogan train station in the rain, wearing a full 2-petti coord.

I just wanted to be cute and watch a movie. ;~;

Oh, also
>Going back down to work right after meet.
>Didn't want to bring a big bag to carry uniform around in.
>Have uniform shirt shoved between petticoat waistbands so I can carry it.

>> No.9267668

like a month ago.

>> No.9267670
File: 204 KB, 372x349, UFfhcNN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you have a lolita wearing gf. Im not sure how to even meet one? I don't think it's something girls put on their dating profiles

>> No.9267693

There's this girl who is my friend. I mentioned her last thread. She's not a lolita, but the "always wanted to try it, but it's so costly!!!!!" kind of girl. Wich for me is bullshit because it's not like I have that much money either.

So I was talking with my actual lolita friend again and she came near us, again. I was talking with her about buying brand from lm and y! for cheap. Then this massive ita starts talking and interrupting me.
I'll greentext it
>ANON! BUT I KNOW WHERE TO BUY CHEAP DRESSES! It's very easy and cheap!!!!!!!!!!
>I don't care about replicas!!!! they are so cheap and they're the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just forgot the name okay??? I'll give you the name of the website later anon!!!! it's the best!!!!! but I haven't bought anything yet!!!!!
>I KNOW SOOOO MUCH ABOUT LOLITA TEEHEEE I just want to avoid being an ita!!!
then, this happened yesterday
>eadgerly comes to me

I'm just tired of this. I fucking hate replicas. I fucking hate someone suggesting to me to buy replicas because they're cheaper. Of course they are, they're shit.
For god's sake. Sometimes I don't even have money to buy food but I still manage to get some brand.

We have some classes toghether and she keeps correcting me about every single thing. I try to do an assigment in a certain way, and she comes and says NO ANON THIS WAY, HAVE YOU TRIED THIS. I swear she also talks by yelling. I'm a quiet non comfrontative person and I really don't know how to tell her to shut the fuck off. Oh, and everytime I try to correct her she insists she's right.

I just can't. Good thing I'm tolerant and still respect her because if she suggested buying replicas instead of brand to any other lolita (interrupting and trying to correct them) they would had bullied her to no end.

>> No.9267722

>I don't think it's something girls put on their dating profiles
Mostly because it's unfortunately a creep magnet. Mention the name of the fashion and/or post a pic of yourself wearing anything remotely cute and you get messages from degenerate sleazeballs asking if you're "looking for a daddy".

>> No.9267728

She sounds overeager but I can understand your frustration. Have you ever talked to her about this? Like honestly sat down with her and told her that you know and wear the fashion, you know where to buy the clothes, etc. and don't need her "guidance". Assuming she's actually your friend like you said she was (unless I misunderstood), that is, otherwise just let her spout her clueless bs and ignore her.

>> No.9267758
File: 114 KB, 1252x1252, I8QlqUVh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go do some fabric shopping since it's -20% this weekend
>Find the ones I need
>Still go through everything since there's new fabrics
>Find green fabrics
>Perfect texture for one of my cosplay which I never found good fabrics and moved on
>Reach for my phone to search the right shade
>Realize I forgot my phone home
>There I am with two greens and in my memory the right one is the middle of the two
>Just leave them there
>Go home
>Look up the character
>The darker green was right
>It's too late to get there before the shop closes
>I will have to buy it without the discount

Well, at least now I know there's fabrics for the cosplay I wanted to do in the past

>> No.9267764

>not just getting both and using the other at another time

>> No.9267765

buy me burando, and i'll be your girlfriend, anon

>> No.9267772

So you're saying you'll be his brand new girlfriend?

>> No.9267781

US 10 (UK 14) bwh is approximately 98-78-103 (CM) or 38-30-40 (IN), so not really hamplanet unless you're under 5 ft 6 or 168cm.
I'm that exact size and length and I'm definitely not shaped like a planet lmao. Still a bit on the thick side though, and trying to lose some. If you're shorter, then oh boy you do have quite a bit of gravy in your pockets... I wish you luck and success in getting the medical stuff in check, whatever it may be.

>> No.9267788

Correction, to bust size. I wrote 98 instead of 96, not much difference though. But sorry!

>> No.9267814

>30 hr flight
Bullshit. You can get from the US to Thailand in 14 hours. Even London to Sydney is only 21 hours. Unless you had to circumnavigate the whole earth in a now -retired Concorde, your flight was not that long

>> No.9267841

Probably considering layovers.

>> No.9267941


Everything went acoording to plan

>> No.9267946

Try flying from somewhere like Fiji to Portugal (and not Lisbon but somewhere that doesn't have quite as many international flights, like Porto). There are no such things as direct flights, 30 hrs flight time including layovers is pretty reasonable.

>> No.9267948

>want to wear lolita
>skinny, feminine face, know I could pull it off better than most
>have plenty of money to spare
>not at all a sexual thing, just want to dress pretty and escape the mundane

Why do I feel this immense guilt about wanting to do this

>> No.9267951

Gender role bullshit? Who knows? Do your research and wear what you like.

>> No.9267953

I leave it off because I'm trying not to scare off normies.

>> No.9267955

Don't let that 5hr get you. I was in a LDR for 4 years and we live together since 3 years now. It can work if you both really want that. Skype is your friend an 5hr are dobale for a weekend.

>> No.9268002

>wanting to date a normie

Honestly while normies are fine to date for a bit they always vex and bore me longterm. I can only stand so much football and "bros" nights from a guy.

>> No.9268010

I've cosplayed over 7 years and I've only done anime cosplays. Now I'd like to do my first cosplay from western tv show, but I feel really awkward about trying to make myself to look like some other real person??? When you cosplay from anime you can't look just the same as the character anyways, but how important is it to have similar face as the actor of the character you're cosplaying? I know that there's plenty of opinions about this but what do you guys think? This is new to me and I'm lost, should I just stuck to anime characters..?

>> No.9268089

That's fair. I've never remotely attracted the sports/bro types so I figure I'd probably end up with someone in between anyway. Leaving off the fashions just screens out the extreme weebs.

>> No.9268160

>accidentally fall asleep
>wake up now (~7pm), panicked, confused, don't know what time it is
>not only did i miss my dining hall's dinner period, but i also missed the end of the auction i was trying to snipe bid on

>> No.9268169


#notallnormies, but my bf isn't like that and he's pretty normie. He's more of the HBO show and movies and business type news type of normie if we're defining people by interest.

The only annoying thing about him is that lolita isn't his aesthetic and he starts to whine and pout when I start wearing too much lolita.

>> No.9268226

Getting the look down is more important than looking exactly like the actor. For Buffy Summers you probably can't make your face turn into Sarah Michelle Gellers, but you can use makeup to put focus on traits the two of you share. For example her eyes are something you can relatively imitate with clever make up. If you cosplay Edward from Twilight you don't need to spackle yourself with contouring, just focus on getting stuff like eyebrow shape and the way stage makeup is used right. In that case, Robert Pattinson has a very flat skintone. No blush whatsoever. Maybe use eyeshadow to pronounce your brows. Stuff like that. Also look at how the actors/characters makeup is actually done on set. Is it obvious? Is it a no-makeup makeup? Signature style?

This was a bit scrambly, sorry! Hopefully it still made sense.

There's no need in trying to imitate an ideal you can't possibly reach; I'll never have Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones, no matter how much makeup i spackle on my face. And that will still only look good in photos with the right light and certain angles.

>> No.9268497


I feel bad because some hot bitches invited me to play Pokemon Go with them tonight.

>> No.9268518
File: 148 KB, 768x1024, 1455592051454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i feel like i'm complaining as a little spoiled but idk...

>have fucking amazing bf, 10/10, girls constantly crushing, family-oriented, great in bed, very trustworthy & sincere, etc.
>been together 8 months, no plan on ending any time soon
>easy to talk to about interests (him, cars - me, my vidye) we both support each other 100%, no judgement
>he never really grew up with vidye or anime >asked if he would watch one anime with me and if he didn't like it, i wouldn't try again (totally fine with me btw)
>can tell he just isn't too interested

i love my boyfriend so much and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, but most of my life i've dreamed about a bf who shares my interests and gets what i'm talking ab, inside memes, etc. i wish there was something i could show him to get him interested and actually have a genuine consideration for it!

but, his friends are total nerds and i'm always talking with them about vidye and i can tell he sometimes gets jealous/left out cause he doesn't know what we're talking about and it makes me feel fuzzy eheheh.

again, feel like i'm a little spoiled because most in this thread are lonely/no gf (been there, i promise... he's my first actual relationship) but i just wish i could find a way to get him into some deeper stuff besides GTA and call of duty.

>> No.9268521

fucked up my greentext a bit but you guys get my point

>> No.9268526

You'll find something that he's into. Anime is pretty varied. I think if you want to get him into it, you should try with manga since manga is much easier to consume in a smaller amount of time; it also has wider appeal. And if he gets hooked into something through manga, you might know a better starting point into anime.

>> No.9268637


Just do it! You won't stay young forever and if you're gonna do it and not look like a freak you gotta start NOW.

You'll regret what you don't do more than what you at least try once. With something as harmless as jfashion I don't see why you feel guilty about it.

>> No.9268644

Try to find something he's into, but to do that you should first have a handle of what kind of stuff he likes in other mediums to begin with.

>> No.9268666
File: 41 KB, 500x376, theinitiald.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if hes into cars show him initial d, or that wangan anime. thats what got me into cars in the first place. the first season is alo wackily 90s anime but gets more serious as the series progresses

>> No.9268700

You totally made sense, thanks!! I'm gonna do some cos test makeups and try to use your tips!

>> No.9268743
File: 100 KB, 471x314, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend and i make plans to go to a con together
>con is local for them but is like a 12 hour train ride away for me
>get hella hyped to go to con and try to plan out as much as i can
>ask friend a couple months later what they plan on cosplaying to see if we can do anything matching
>"oh sorry anon-kun everyone decided they're too busy with work/school not able to go"
>disappointed but accept that plans fall through because of those all the time
>friend stops talking to me regularly due to them being kinda busy
>see them posting on twitter later about preparing for a con
>ask them about it
>"oh we decided we're going to the con after all!"
>it's too late for me to go because i stopped preparing for it
>mfw i don't know if i just have unreliable friends or i'm just hated

>> No.9268793


>> No.9268831
File: 24 KB, 457x395, 5e9d461f7dbd006f58e5385e69976121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Like sewing
>There's always something pushing me away from it
>Decide to finally sew something after few months
>Start patterning
>Half an hour passes
>Then I remember why I sew so little
>Have shitty back
>Always starts to hurt if I do anything on the floor
>No table space to do things on table

Hate my life, next hour goes to laying on bed to get this pain away

>> No.9268849
File: 138 KB, 500x701, tumblr_lzxel6Zsbp1r8savto1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not him but post skype
I'll buy you brando if you dress me up since I can't get outfits right

>> No.9268934

A local male cosplayer basically posted about being into DD/lg on facebook, and I don't think I'm going to be able to look at him the same way whenever I see him at cons. I think he has children, too, and that fetish is gross enough without having to think about that aspect of a person's life.

>> No.9268944

My boyfriend is normie as fuck, his main interests are sports and working out, but I've managed to find at least a couple "nerdy" things he likes. It won't always be obvious what he might like, but don't totally lose hope. For example, I would have thought more mature, "realistic" anime and shooter type games would have been my guy's thing, but it turns out he loves Studio Ghibli and has gotten pretty into Dragon Age. Try a number of genres, preferably the various "classic" that are known to be generally well-reviewed, and see what sticks, if he's down.

Additionally, maybe try to show a more active interest in his shit that you don't care about, too. Part of what made my boyfriend more receptive to trying anime was that I started watching basketball with him and did my best to enjoy it. I still don't give a shit about it, it's not like I've changed my interests to suit him, but it was kind of fun to learn a little about something new and sharing something he likes. If you make an effort, he will probably appreciate it and want to do the same.

>> No.9269083

Victor is the new Levi

>> No.9269112

to be honest though, he's not a very big reader, and i'm not either, even though i do have some choice mangas. but thank you for answering!

i think i've got a pretty good handle on what he's into and what he isn't, but i feel like with anime/vidye it's more of what keeps his ADD-ass hooked haha. that's why i wanted to try and get him interested my first try around yknow?

thank you guys!! i will definitely be watching these to see if it's something he would like

yes! it isn't obvious what he'll like even though i know a lot of his interests. haha your boyfriend sounds just like mine! i've actually been talking about overwatch a lot too and he has decided to get it, so i think it's a start!

and yeah definitely, sometimes if i'm over and he's working on his truck i'll patiently sit and watch and he's always checking to see if i'm bored or apologizing that it's taking a while, but it's really nice to just sit and watch him do his thing sometimes. he's always asking questions, 'do you like what i did to my truck?' and i'm always super excited haha. thanks for answering, your boyfriend is pretty much on par with mine it sounds like!

>> No.9269132

I'm horrifically ugly and I'm 23 and I honestly haven't ever had a friend since early high school.

I've been browsing /cgl/ on and off since I was 16-17 and I've always really been interested in cosplay and j fash and lolita, but because of how anti-social I am, I've never seen the point in buying lolita or cosplaying.

I've always wanted to go to a con and cosplay as a character I like but I've never had anyone to go with. Well, I got a bf last year who is also into anime and he would be willing to go with me for sure.

But I'm going to feel like a fucking loser. I'm old, short (5'2), fat (115 lbs), ugly (like retardedly ugly) and all of the characters I'm capable of cosplaying and excited about cosplaying are super cute (pic related). I wish I had female friends to do a group cosplay with at the very least, I feel like I'm going to look like a total loser going with my bf who doesn't even want to cosplay. I've managed to talk myself out of it already desu.

I'll probably never end up going to a fucking convention or wearing lolita (I almost made the jump in 2012 and almost blew like $700 on a cute BTSSB coord) so I really need to stop browsing this board.

>> No.9269137

What are your measurements?

>> No.9269145

This is embarrassing but probably somewhere around...

My chest is a saggy 32D, so it looks relatively flat in most clothes. I've aged really badly. When I first was interested in this stuff I was reasonably avg-looking and slim, at least. I feel so fucking stupid letting time pass me by.

>> No.9269164

You really should seek help about your self-perception issues as you have some troubling perceptions about what "fat" is.

Tbh I don't think here is going to make you feel much better either.

>> No.9269168

I'm definitely overweight tho, even if my measurements seem small, they're not really. I have a really low muscle mass. Most people look great at my measurements because they don't have a dangerously high fat:muscle ratio like me.

>> No.9269181

This is asking a lot, but do you have a picture of yourself? That shows your body type at least.

>> No.9269188

I don't feel comfortable posting them online and I don't take them anymore.

>> No.9269193

>tfw I was 115 pounds at my best and am now 30 pounds heavier and still shorter than you

I really need to lose 50 pounds or kill myself.

>> No.9269201

115 at 5' 2" isn't bad but if you don't exercise a lot it would seem fat/skinnyfat.

I know how you feel though. My face is awful so I've never bothered cosplaying and now I have a bunch of brand I almost never wear out because I can't stand how jarring my face looks when I put the clothes on. After high school I also became very antisocial and it's been years since I've made a friend. It's a lot easier to just be alone than to try going out or befriending anyone.

>> No.9269223


>because I'm ugly
is a horrible excuse to not enjoy life. As hard as it is, you guys should really try to make some friends or something to boost your self esteem. Locking yourselves up inside alone is only going to make you feel worse.

>> No.9269227
File: 2.20 MB, 357x238, absamus.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's always a nice Sunday tea until someloli brings up politics.

>> No.9269280


Please don't.

>> No.9269284


>> No.9269302

>Looking forward to ILD
>Remember SHE will be there
>SHE has no indoor voice
>SHE thinks online dramu is an appropriate topic of conversation
>SHE won't see a therapist for her self-esteem issues, and puts herself down constantly
>SHE has no idea how obnoxious it is to make us all sit around and fake-compliment her appearance
>SHE is the nicest person you will never want to meet again

It's one thing to look like a potato that everyone has been mean to, but quite another to act like a potato everyone has been mean to. I use her as a 0-1 scale of how little I want to hang out with someone.

>> No.9269308

is this forreal because i will most definitely give you coord advice in exchange for burando

tsk tsk

>> No.9269368

I got a pretty darn good feel

>Meet /CGL/ Girl
>Best Girl I've ever met
>Invest self emotionally
>More than anytime before
>Everything is great for awhile
>Go to lots of cons
>Everything goes downhill
>Absolutely horrible
>Stick around because think it's special
>Triggers something in my mind and brings my BPD tendencies front and center
>Melt down
>Still alone thinking about her
>afraid to go to cons because seeing her

I sometimes wonder why I still care so much? I wish I could move on but I can't seem to replicate what I had.

M-Maybe one day s-soon I'll find someone special again, and this time I hope they won't make me develope a mental disorder.

>> No.9269371
File: 54 KB, 386x386, letmetellyousomething.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and this time i hope they won't make me develop a mental disorder

just hopping in to say that it's all you, dude. there were already some issues there. don't blame somebody else for your chemical imbalances.

>> No.9269373

You can't reason with them, I would just block him and anyone agreeing with him

>> No.9269380

>M-Maybe one day s-soon I'll find someone special again, and this time I hope they won't make me develope a mental disorder.
that's not how BPD works

that's not how any personality disorder works

you need to take care of yourself. stay single. work on your mental health. if you want someone who will let you maintain a fantasy of being healthy, consider a Real Doll.

>> No.9269404

Everyloli who's anyloli says it!

>> No.9269435
File: 37 KB, 305x265, 1438882734765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Friend and I are walking together and people come up to me on campus
>"Would you like to donate to blahblah"
>"Oh sure-"
>"Nah, anon doesn't want to haha"

>Text him about assignment due tomorrow
>"Oh it's not due tomorrow lol"
>Ask him to answer my goddamn question
>Keeps joking about me having the date wrong

I hate how my friend can never be serious and it's a hassle to get a straight "yes/no" answer from him. It's always jokes and trying to be funny which gets on my nerves. I'm not sure
whether this is a pathetic attempt at flirting or being friendly or whatever. Fucking sucks since I was looking forward to hanging out with him since we have similar tastes in anime/games.

>tfw no cute male friends to chill with
>tfw can only trust fujofriends

>> No.9269436

I'm not looking to reason with him or anything. He can do what he wants, I guess. I just think it's a gross fetish and a weird thing to bring up on facebook out of nowhere, and I am afraid I'm going to be unable to stop myself from either laughing or making a disgusted face the next time I see him at a con.

>> No.9269443

>need to get rid of some stuff
>listed books on eBay for months with no buyers
>give them automatic best offers for half their BIN prices
>decide to remove the listings and sell them to a used book store
>the day after I tell myself this someone buys the listings at full price

Turns out it was a Japanese middleman company of all things.

>> No.9269447
File: 13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>tfw can only trust fujofriends
>tfw fujoshi make my skin crawl

>> No.9269451

>got spare cash
>browsing auctions
>three of my top five wishlist pieces are up for sale right now
>two of them are overpriced by about 30% compared to what they usually sell for
>third is just rare and expensive generally, and doesn't match anything else in my wardrobe
>have to force myself not to buy at scalped rates but disappointed because I know it'll be a few months before any of these pop up again
>sadbuy basics and household things instead

>> No.9269464

>Sometimes I don't even have money to buy food but I still manage to get some brand.
Then you're mismanaging your finances and probably shouldn't be in this hobby. Replica girl sounds like an idiot, but jfc, food should come before luxury dresses.

>> No.9269472
File: 158 KB, 513x572, hanako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have condition called dysesthesia, basically messed up sense of touch all over my body
>certain fabrics feel like they're wet or slippery on my skin, others feel like they burn me or prick me. One of the biggest issues is clothing, pretty much naked in my room whenever I'm by myself
>always wanted to put together a lolita coord despite having this condition and despite being a man, probably because I watch too much anime and I want to feel kawaii
>buy pieces here and there over the last few months
>finally try everything on today
>headdress irritates my scalp
>knee-highs feel like spiders crawling on me and I have to take them off immediately
>bloomers feel like slippery goo where they meet my skin (thighs and bit of stomach), and when I walk around in them it gives me an uncomfortable boner which won't calm down until I stand still
>dress feels like a warm blanket on my chest and is really comfy (positive)
>tried putting on makeup but foundation was tickling my face too much
>basically flailed around like an inflatable tube guy because of all the weird sensations I was feeling and probably would look retarded in public
I know I set myself up for disappointment, but I still feel sad. I don't know if I should spend more money trying different items and fabrics trying to make it work or just sell what I've already got.

>> No.9269488

You might be wearing the wrong bra size. Check out measuring guide on r/abrathatfits and invest in some well fitting bras. It makes a world of difference to your figure and how clothes fit (I personally went from wearing a 32B to a 28GG and I look so much better it's unbelievable)

>> No.9269500

Exactly this. Try to find some socially-acceptable interests you can test the waters with too. Like, I like fashion history and period costume, and sometimes I'll talk about stuff like period dramas or vintage clothes with people and discover through that that they know/like lolita.

>> No.9269501

My people. Biosciences here and it's all normies and crusty hippies, I've met people with weeb interests through clubs but they're all doing humanities or computer science stuff.

>> No.9269508

Is this your first year in a comm? In my experience in several different comms most people don't necessarily follow a Christmas theme anyway, and pastel sweet dominates just because it's so damn popular.

>> No.9269588

It's fucking awesome to be with my fujofriends, they have good tastes and don't sperg out like the horrible Western fangirls. It's fun to get drunk and talk about ships and fun doujins we've read. Plus, they're nice enough to help me with translations and finding guides for stuff.

And yet I can't find any guys who aren't either crippling anti-social or embarrassingly weeb. Thinking about joining a friend's D&D group at this rate, I need to find more rl nerdy friends.

I'm in biology and you'd think all these pre-med kids would watch anime or something. Nope, the only weebs I've met are engineers or CS.

>> No.9270126
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1457040721573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>check closetchild update yesterday
>see top tier dream dress for a really great price
>mfw it's already been sold

Maybe I can hold out hope that one of my secret santas bought it for me, r-right?

>> No.9270177

>be 19 and a way at college but bank account is still connected to my parents (our money is separate but it's like a child account)
>parents hate the fact i'm into lolita
>sell something to a girl in my comm for $500 cash
>dad asks why there was a $500 cash deposit into my savings
>lie and say it's money from work study but they paid me in cash this time because direct deposit didn't work
>seems suspicious but leaves me alone
I don't know how to explain this to him. He probably thinks I'm either a hooker or drug dealer

>> No.9270185

Close that account and get a new one. Your parents have no right to be spying on your money.

>> No.9270199


Get a paypal.

>> No.9270517
File: 14 KB, 200x300, 9624139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9270518

If that'd make her parents suspicious, she doesn't even have to close the account. As an adult, she can open a new account in her name without their permission, but continue using the other account for everyday stuff.

>> No.9270524

Seconding this. I know some anons will say "you're an adult, tell your parents to fuck off", but if you're financially dependent and can't afford to piss them off, having two accounts is the best option.

>> No.9270554

>dream dress arrives
>it's too big
>the type of cut it has means it can't be taken in without ruining the silhouette
>can't gain weight to fit it without becoming too big for a third of the rest of my wardrobe
>why this

>> No.9271008
File: 676 KB, 667x763, relevant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mild but noticeable self-harm scars on wrist
>tfw they make me feel ugly no matter how pretty my coord is

Wristcuffs are a thing, but even then I'm constantly pulling them down because I'm afraid the marks will be noticeable. I feel like they immediately take me from "normal girl wearing pretty clothes" to "mentally disturbed freak dressing up to cope with her deep-set issues." I'm afraid that people notice them on a day-to-day basis and it leads them to make judgments. Especially since they're from a while ago and I don't actively seek to hurt myself anymore.

Would cover with makeup but then I risk staining longsleeved OPs and stuff. Time to look into scar lightning creme I guess. This whole movement to be proud of your scars has me feeling awful confused.

>> No.9271010

Is it weird dating someone older than yourself?
I'm 22 and my bf is 35 but he is really supportive and even helps out financially.

>> No.9271012

gull is that even a real question? a lot of people date others older than them. it's not a new concept. i guess you might get some flack for it from people who automatically knee-jerk at the thought of age gaps but c'mon. my bf is 10 years older than me and my folks have a 10 year age gap too. nothing really special,

>> No.9271013

late ass reply but there's no damn point in insulting me whilst "helping" me if you don't know how to do it yourself

>> No.9271014

girl u don't have a boyfriend u got a sugar daddy lmfao

>> No.9271015

The other way around is worse imo. I threw up when i found out my mom was dating someone my age

>> No.9271016

don't get the wrong idea, i'm not defending them, i'm just saying that you shouldn't expect any better

there doesn't need to be a reason to insult somebody here. just let it roll off of your back because, like i said before, nobody owes you anything

>> No.9271019

Not a lolita but I know how you feel. I have mild keloid scars on my legs from self harm (plus some on my arm but thankfull they faded and aren't noticeable unless you REALLY look for them).

A lot of people tell me I shouldn't be ashamed of them since I've since recovered but I don't understand how I'm supposed to feel cute when I can feel the bumps under my pants, y'know?

>> No.9271020

what are you talking about? he gives her money and i'm sure she makes it worth his while, sounds like a healthy relationship to me lmao.

>> No.9271028

I'm 35 and my fiance is 27
Lucky bitch I am

>> No.9271030

You must have some great "qualities" for him to stick around.

>> No.9271037

Apparently I don't look or act my age, and all my ex boyfriends always been younger than me. I guess you don't choose who you fall in love with, and when you do and then find out their age it's too late hehe

>> No.9271044
File: 37 KB, 322x363, 1469061533812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this you?

>> No.9271046

Lolita is basically ageplay so it's fine!

>> No.9271126

Anon I wish!

>> No.9271138

>Tried to sell excess jsks on LM
>days after I list the site crashes for me
>cannot log into my account to see if anyone was interested
>just gives me infinite loading screen, even on different computers
>will never know if someone thinks I'm a shit seller now for ignoring them
>afraid to repost the sale elsewhere in case someone was interested on LM

Why is it such a terrible site

>> No.9271161

I have been using LM for years and haven't had any problems since the migration (although I can't log in with username, just email, it's no problem at all)

>> No.9271162

>break up with fiance
>kick fiance out of apartment
>he moves back home with parents
>I start dating girl
>EX still thinks we can kindle our relationship
> tell him it's not happening
>Don't tell him about my new girlfriend because he became a cow in labor when I told him I was more interested in women
>hes delusional and keeps sending me dick pics
>I tell him to stop
>he thinks its because im getting " aroused"
>I stop answering his text
>he bugs my friends why I haven't messaged him back
>they say I'm busy with work and holidays
> he continues to spam all my friends and phone with messages and tells people we are still dating when we are not

what the fuck do I do with this guy like seriously. Dick pics are not what a girl wants to get in the mood. I tell him over and over that its over and he wont listen. he delusional. I honestly dont want to have to change my number because I use it for work and it's much more trouble then its worth. I just want to be with my girlfriend in peace.

>> No.9271166

Send his dick pics to his mom and family, tell them about the harassment. Make a public facebook post about it and post blurred screencaps of when he sent you the pics with you telling him to stop.

>> No.9271172

Just block his number...

>> No.9271175

I second capping the messages and sending them to his mom, he'll hate you forever but it'll be an effective way to get him to fuck off

>> No.9271176

that's not the only part of the problem. hes harassing my friends.

His mom knows about it. shes just as delusional as he is. thinking we will get together again. constantly telling me that I did soo much for him. Yeah I fucking babied his ass and paid his bills becauase she failed to teach him what responsibility was.

>> No.9271185

In that case give him one final warning, collect evidence and report him to police for sexual harassment.

>> No.9271187

What is so bad about your mom dating someone?

>> No.9271206

>Dick pics are not what a girl wants to get in the mood
Speak for yourself maybe? Not everyone is gay you know?

>> No.9271210

Sorry to break it to ya, kid, but being in your early-20's and dating a girl in her mid-30's owns. The ones I've dated have their shit together and are just looking for someone warm and nice to come home from work to. I pull up, eat some leftover takeout off her marble countertops, clean the apartment a little bit, give her a hug when she comes home, make conversation, make love, snuggle, and dip. Plus those subtle little laugh lines are hot as hell.

I've never dated one who had a son my age though, that'd be hilarious.

>> No.9271212

You get dick picks randomly throughout the day and just got "mmm yeah put it in me baby"? I'm not the anon you're replying to but if a guy took out the garbage and put away laundry without me asking then that right there is a turn on. The other anon sounds like she's dealing with a manchild who spends his free time watching porn.

>> No.9271216

I'm not into women at all but dicks are really weird looking. The one time my boyfriend sent me a dick pic I felt so uncomfortable, especially because he was sitting right there on Skype waiting for me to respond in kind. No. Nope.

>> No.9271217

What if he was really slutty amd showed you some collarbone? Would that turn you on?

>> No.9271301
File: 311 KB, 500x278, tumblr_myqt4u9nr01qbvovho1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm definitely overweight tho
Dumbass. Check yourself from a BMI calculator and you'll see you're right in the middle of ideal. Shutthefuckup about being overweight or fat and start working out if skinnyfat bothers you so. You're probably a gull with a nice enough figure but with a lil bit thigh. There are plenty girls who weigh more than you in normal/ideal range, so if you're fat, what are they then huh? Your standards are absurd, get help.

>> No.9271303


Every time I see a dick I'm just reminded of the gigantic full color pages of my medical textbook of STDs. So sexy.

>> No.9271304

ITT: virgin gulls discussing dicks

>> No.9271305

I wish I had your problem. I'm a disgusting fatty who has the opposite problem.

>> No.9271310

Way to point out your virginity there anon.

>> No.9271317

For some reason I imagined you as the bearded dude from ladybaby (ladybeard?) when I read this.
Im sure you were kawaii, anon-kun.

>> No.9271319
File: 108 KB, 800x702, ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>His mom knows about it.

>How's things with your fiance, son?
>She has a girlfriend now, but I'll win her back, mom, I'm sending her pictures of my dick.

That shit was almost your family.

>> No.9271360

I'm sure I lost it before you

>> No.9271368
File: 126 KB, 347x336, HOdSCiN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Needing to tell a stranger on the internet that you aren't a virgin
>Actually boast about losing your virginity before her

>> No.9271369

Every single time I sell an item online, I become a ball of anxiety about negative feedback for some bullshit reason. Or that I've somehow missed a defect like a stain or wear or something and the buyer will be pissed (which they'd be right to be if that did happen).

>> No.9271493

You're just jealous that guys don't want to do you.

>> No.9271496

In the slutfest we call /cgl/, we find the purest of pure, virgins.

>> No.9271502

i remember this one girl talking about giving bjs at cons for 50$ a pop like it was nothing

>> No.9271533

You uhh...didn't happen to read what cons she goes to, did you?

>> No.9271538
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1447043109399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9271540

I'd pay $70!

>> No.9271585
File: 16 KB, 306x298, 1438383579066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm 22 and my bf is 35 but he is really supportive and even helps out financially.
That's a sugar daddy anon-kun

>> No.9271637

>You're just jealous that guys don't want to do you.
Considering I'm straight I'm actually somewhat happy guys don't want me.

>> No.9271881

>raised in Christian cult-like environment by a paranoid schizophrenic
>hide enjoyment of animus and mangos
>earn freedoms by being a model Christian, go crossplaying to cons
>get money, get free, work as family-less wage slave for YEARS AND YEARS with no extra $$ to cosplay
>finally at a point where i can do lowkey closet cosplays
>finally able to buy it if i want
>everyone my age is getting married, starting careers, settling down
>i'm ordering cheap Chinese shit and learning to style wigs
>also watching the weebs around me embrace conservatism and actually convert to Christianity
>meanwhile i'm playing Pokemon for the first time in my life since it was "literally demonic" in my childhood

watching a good chunk of the geek community ("alt right") swerve towards the hell i survived is fucking weird, these concepts used to be mutually exclusive.

>> No.9271908

I'm glad you have a control of your life now! I think it's cool your indulging in hobbies/interests instead of getting drunk/doing drugs/sleeping around like a sterotypical sheltered kid.

>i'm playing Pokemon for the first time in my life since it was "literally demonic" in my childhood
This is great. lol.

>> No.9272006

I was in a very dark place as a young adult. Trying soo hard to be normal when really I just wanted to put my face between another girls legs again. I'm in my mid 20s now and just came out to my family. They have a hard time believing it till they start to add the pieces together from Highschool that my BFF was actually my secret lover.

>> No.9272135

>ILD meetup this weekend
>constant headaches and outright migraines

I need to do my coursework, nevermind get a coord ready.

Even my tinnitus is pulsing.

>> No.9272139
File: 27 KB, 300x300, 1464568898775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go from having a comfortable-sized group to go to cons with to zero con friends when everyone found out I voted third party instead of being #ReadyForShillary
>in fucking Texas because my vote totally mattered here
cool, thanks

>> No.9272182

they weren't your friends to begin with if they shun you for something like this

>> No.9272204

They've stuck by me through worse shit, which is why I'm both shocked and really pissed at this. I've talked to a LOT of people who've all told me to drop them like a bad habit, and as far as I can tell the only thing I've done wrong is say "I think my concerns are as valid as your concerns" and not run around acting like Trump is all four horsemen of the apocalypse combined.

Honesty the longer this goes on the more worried I get that there's something actually wrong beyond this and that's part of why I'm stubbornly refusing to give up on them even as I get called "toxic" and shit. I can't see where I did anything wrong and I want to believe they're better people than this. I'd honestly rather be given proof I'm in the wrong because I could at least try to solve the issue with an apology and work to better myself.

>> No.9272217

>I've talked to a LOT of people who've all told me to drop them like a bad habit

which you should, if they're the kinds of people who go into paroxysms of terror because man endorsed by kkk won vs. woman whose political mentor was grand wizard of kkk then you better believe they've bought a whole host of us vs them partisani political viewpoints that will just cause the same problems later on.

>> No.9272245

>cosplay character from popular video game
>get my picture taken a lot at convention
>never have gotten so much attention while cosplaying, because I usally cosplay more obscure characters
>look like shit in all the pics because I don't know how to pose/smile
>pictures starting to pop up on fb and I look so awkward
>tfw I just want to cosplay and not have my picture taken because I'm so self conscious

>> No.9272252
File: 37 KB, 366x360, 1301559929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you not know how to look cute?

>> No.9272258

this is why politics shouldn't be talked about. if these people where first time voters its very common for them to behave this way. The time out age is now voting and we are getting a full wave of their tantrums when you tell them no. Just take your things and walk out the door with your middle fingers in the air. let them scream and cry all they want. your opinion is yours and they cant make you change it.

>> No.9272308
File: 14 KB, 320x320, 12002888_10206752079102770_3461851321227610997_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy dress for almost retail price as a babby with more money than sense
>realise lolita is not the style for me
>now selling dress
>realising it was grossly overpriced and I'll be lucky to get 1/3 of what I paid

you live and learn

>> No.9272323

Sometimes LM doesn't process feedback and you have to do it again, I've had to redo feedbacks before.

>> No.9272348

It's the same thing that's going on in female-dominated fandom spaces as well. When I got into fandom it was a free haven where you could embrace your sexuality without (or with relatively little) judgement, and now I have people yelling at me for shipping large age gaps and writing fic of questionable morality.

One of my fave artists took all their stuff down because she was harassed by these new-puritans ):

>> No.9272349

how dare people have different political opinions than you!!! all geek culture has changed, people are growing up.

>> No.9272353


>> No.9272555

I don't talk politics with them because I know they generally oppose mine. The whole thing started because I made a joke about "well at least I get to keep my guns" because I didn't expect Trump to win. It's all spiraled out of control from there since they took that as me saying "I care more about my guns than LGBT people," which couldn't have been further from the truth or I'd have just voted Trump to start with.

Like I said, I can't figure out what I did wrong, their "explanations" of what I did wrong are weak and demonstrably untrue at best, so I'm worried this is something bigger going on in their lives and I'm just taking the heat for it because it's convenient and easy to take it out on me. That's not fair to me in the slightest but I want to help them anyway if that's what's going on because that's how friends should be with one another.

>> No.9272562

>I'm worried this is something bigger going on in their lives and I'm just taking the heat for it because it's convenient and easy to take it out on me

That's probably it. This election in particular left a lot of people on both sides super salty, and if they're still worked up about it they might be taking out their frustrations on you.
Have you confronted them and told them how this makes you feel yet?

>> No.9272570

I've tried to. I got mocked ruthlessly for talking about "my feewings" by one person (which is fucking rich because he's FTM and posts that "men should be allowed to cry" and male body positivity bullshit all the time, but fuck that guy anyway). The other, who I actually care about, basically got in a huff about how we've both said things that could be seen as defensive and mean and that it meant we couldn't be friends right now as a result. He told me "good luck, enjoy your guns," and then went on a full-on social media slash-and-burn wherever we were previously connected (deleted me on FB, remade his tumblr, even unfriended me on a fucking calorie counting app).

It's the second person I'm worried most about. The former is a hypocritical piece of shit who treats the latter horribly too, but the latter has told me "well if he just admits he did things wrong and tries to be a better person I can forgive him." Apparently I don't get that leniency, despite never once questioning his stated gender identity like that other piece of shit did.

>> No.9272580

Why do you need these fucking friends? At least the second one seems half-reasonable but by god, that first dude is such a douchebag. Neither of them seem worth your time.

If you really are going to try and fix things with the second guy, sit him down at a table and explain to him how much being friends with him means to you, and how you'd don't want something as shitty as politics to ruin that. Swallow your pride and admit you were wrong to say those things, even though you weren't. And bring up that double standard if you feel forced to.

I've been in a similar situation myself, and that's what I did to try and fix it. I really hope this works out for you.

>> No.9272623

I still have that reflex to protect myself with my arms/hands whenever my father gets angry and close to me. He had (still has now but less) control issues and used to beat us whenever we talked back/had sibling fights/did something that got on his nerves... and especially when my mom was not there. Today I realized I also have that reflex when someone put their hand on my head (to "pat" me or whatever). Sad memories. He isn't that bad really, he's not an awful father either but it'll forever hurt me a bit inside.

>> No.9272626

The first one gave up on cons, which is great because I hate him. I don't need to be lectured about my "fragile masculinity" *and* lack of masculinity by a fucking trans man.

The other one I owe a huge debt of gratitude to because he was there for me when I was in a really dark place and he personally had every reason to just shove me further into the hole for the things I had done to him, but he didn't, and I've strived to be a loyal, helpful friend ever since. He's also how I met basically every local friend I have, so if I lose him, I basically end up completely socially isolated. There is something at stake for me here personally as a result of that, but more than anything I feel like if I gave up on him it would eat at me for the rest of my days, so I'm going to try and keep trying until I can't try anymore to fix this and help him if I can.

I really wish I could just sit him down and try to talk this out with him, but he and everyone who knows both of us are now ignoring me and I get the feeling he's gonna try to avoid me at cons too. I don't even know what to apologize for, since nobody will fucking tell me what exactly I'm doing that's so incredibly, unforgivably wrong.

>> No.9272632

yeah the racist remark was uncalled for.

>> No.9272727 [DELETED] 
File: 3 KB, 250x200, 1480501485576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no it wasn't

>> No.9272734

No, he is a bad father who needs to keep his hands to himself. Just because he has "control issues" doesn't mean you should accept his shitty behaviour.

>> No.9273214

Am i really a prude for not wanting anal? Boyfriend is really pushy about it but i'm afraid it will hurt.

>> No.9273301

You're not a prude; it's a common concern.

However, as long as he's painstakingly slow about the prep beforehand, it SHOULD be fine. Question is if you think he's patient.

Either way, every relationship is (no pun intended) give and take. So if you're willing to do this for him, he should be willing to make some sacrifice for you, whatever you decide that may be.

Just don't let him guilt you into it. There's nothing wrong with you not wanting to or deciding not to.

>> No.9273421

You're not and he's being shit by pushing you.
Fucking entitled guys, man.

>> No.9273896

it 100% does without lube
and with lube it feels like pooping in reverse, unpleasant.
Only plus i see is making your boyfriend happy.
and its gross but cum works like enema so it isn't exactly pleasant afterwards either.

>> No.9274109

Dump his ass
Sexual coercion is not part of a normal relationship

>> No.9274189
File: 13 KB, 252x255, 908cd8d507b459d2ae9322d40244a8ca16f11a457b135bc7ac7b3704a4298835.gif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanted to discuss cute cosplay feels and suddenly there's mean anal sluts everywhere.

>> No.9274207

You did something wrong, but since you can't pinpoint what it was it you're going to have a hard time fixing it. Maybe you might have some growing up to do and later on you can reflect on what it was. Next time you see your friend at a convention you can discuss it if it feels like a good time.

Maybe it was politically related, I'm not sure. The past American election was very controversial in that most voters had really unfortunate options. It was a lose-lose situation. If you went with the republican party I could see why they'd avoid you, but you didn't; you chose third party. Perhaps they feel that your vote could have had a stronger impact with the democratic candidate. If that's the case, they could be jumping to conclusions that you don't care about basic human rights. Sorry if that's upsetting, but the recent election really was about that, especially from an outsider's perspective. Gun control is also a controversial subject. If your friend has any connection to the LGBTQ community they could be still devastated by the mass shooting. There are many potential components, but it's up to you to figure it out. Good luck.

>> No.9274360
File: 246 KB, 414x485, these fucking homos I swear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I hate myself.
Christ bitch make some friends, a good bra and learn how to self esteem

>> No.9274415
File: 13 KB, 295x354, 1430421093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless you're also a fattie there is nothing bad about big boobs.

>> No.9274438
File: 281 KB, 1200x1520, 1480398084441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dumping someone because they want to try anal

>> No.9274447

easy to say when it's not your ass on the line bitch

>> No.9274680

she probably has aspergers. i wouldn't hold it against her, she's clueless as to what she's doing. just try to ignore it and not take it as a personal attack. or be real with her and tell her she's being an insufferable aspie

>> No.9275220
File: 1.24 MB, 321x388, 1480329517334.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>deciding to throw everything in the garbage instead of making this clear to your loved one
Are you just pretending to be retarded? What's he gonna do, force his penis into a hole full of shit? Yeah he'll surely enjoy that

>> No.9275632

Shouldn't have cut you dumb bitch

>> No.9275978

My country's coscom is petty as fuck. These two girls have beef with each other for some reason, one of them just spends her life "vague" posting about the other. Meanwhile the other one copies her cosplays as a "haha I look so much better than her". It was funny at first but it's been going on for so long now, I really wish they'd keep their bitching offline.

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