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We have these threads every once in a while, and they're good for a quick laugh, and since everyone is spending time with family for the holidays, now is a great time
I'll start:
Last three girls I dated (in order):
>didn't care
>didn't care
>dressed up with me but didn't know anything about lolita
>"when will you grow out of this, anon?"
>sends me articles about cosplay competitions (i don't correct him)
>one doesn't care, other said something about "kawaii"
>grandfather who barely speaks english
>"doll dresses"
And for stories
>little girl once asked me how i made my skirt "so fat"
>another asked to feel the feathers on my bonnet

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My mother keeps commenting on how all the girl cosplayers I take pictures with are cute.

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> Friends of friends
> Relatives
> Strangers
> "Wow, you could make money off of this! Have you ever thought about selling this stuff/teaching people how to make this stuff/becoming a costume designer for movies?!"

Flattering and encouraging, but they don't understand that it's not that easy and my craftsmanship is not yet top tier.

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>On the train in lolita
>Standing next to a mother with a little girl in a pram
>Little girl suddenly blurts out "You're so pretty"
>Smile and say thank you
>Little girl hides her face in embarrassment until I get off the train

Kids are so cute.

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>Waiting for uber in rain while wearing otome
>Random lady comes up to me
>"I wanted to tell you, you look like the nurse that took care of me when I was sick in the hospital as a child"
>"I called her my angel. You look like an angel"
>Try not to tear up while thanking her

It's the little kindnesses that get me.

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>Wearing lolita to a con
>Old lady walks by, "She's like a Chinese doll... A Japanese doll."

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Stories from Corntown, USA
General Public: staring, laughing, whispering shit
Boys in cars driving by: honking and... well not catcalling but strange comments
Old people: disappointed looks, occasionally they'll tell me I should grow up
Children: laughing, insults, pointing
Mom: "I wish you would just grow out of this already"
Dad: drunk
Old Austrian lady who owns the antique mall in town: "I LOVE it. What a show!"
Old man who hangs out at my favorite restaurant in town: "I wish more young ladies would dress like that. I remember when girls used to respect themselves and you had to really work to get the to show you a bra strap, and that bra strap /meant/ something to you. Boy, I'll never forget the first time I got to second base with a girl etc etc etc etc"

The old lady and the old man are my best friends.

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Were you wearing white or medical motifs? Otherwise that's a really bizarre comment

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This is the one thing that always makes me anxious about wearing j-fashion in public, my family and friends are super supportive but I'm just an anxious mess.
>Wearing nanchatte in london, some young japanese girls come up to me and say "sugoi"
That gave me such a confidence boost

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> "Wow, you could make money off of this! Have you ever thought about selling this stuff/teaching people how to make this stuff/becoming a costume designer for movies?!"

I swear that is every relative that finds out you remotely know how to sew/paint/craft/etc....

You do something halfway decent, and suddenly they're up your butt to try to make shit to sell or make them stuff.

It's like. Dude, yes I made a skirt, it looks nice on the outside but the construction on the inside of completely shit.

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>Walking near a con wearing my Bulleta cosplay with knife and uzi on one hand. Pic related
>little approaches me with her mom
>Red hood, can I take a pic with you?
>She was like 5-6, couldnt say no
>Hide quickly all weapons
>With a little voice she says "thank you" and returns to her mom
Feels good

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I had a similiar situation

>one of the rare times I'm in lolita on train
>last time in lolita on train was a shit exprience, had a grown man laughing uncontrollably at me and trying to sneak a photo of me in a train full of people
>this time only a few people on the train
>mother and daughter, daughter spots me
>she starts talk to her mother in a excited, happy tone
>can't understand what she's saying as she's speaking another language I only knew a few words of
>hear her saying the word for beautiful
>smile at her
>she has the biggest possible grin on her face until they get out

after that a random woman told me how nice it was to see someone dress so nicely after she made me aware that my waistties got lose and helped me fixing it.
These people made my day and boosted my confidence in wearing lolita out a lot.

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>back at home
>"mommy, her gun's not in the picture!"

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I make it apparent to only wear lolita to (1) punk/diy music shows (2) to a friend's house (3) going to art events (4) conventions. Its hard to wear lolita in suburban nebraska without feeling a little absurd.

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Normies don't usually confront me about it, but I thought I saw someone taking a video of me once. I asked them if they got a good video and they blushed then walked away. Nosy pricks.

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desu guys trying to pull of lolita in the west non convention seems unreal

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It's just clothes in the end. The majority of Japanese think it is ridiculous as well, it's not like going over there makes it suddenly "safe" to wear.

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not that anon, but if she's an old woman refereeing to a nurse from a her childhood, I could see where she could draw the connection.

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I mean, we know it's weird and out of the ordinary, it's just people's reactions can be entertaining, like that one story (can't find it rn) of a gull saying a guy said to her "yo little red riding hood where are your sheep"

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>work as a florist
>wear toned down coords at work often
>explain the fashion when coworkers ask
>coworkers start calling me 'The Japanese Princess'
>kinda cringy
>but so long as it doesn't leave the shop
>start calling me the 'Japanese Princess' in front of customers
>the absolute confusion on their faces at seeing a girl who plainly neither of those things when all they want is a bouquet
>stop wearing lolita to work

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No one really says or does anything to me while in Lolita where I live , it did get pretty bad during Halloween tho some lady tried to selfie herself next to me when I wasn't looking. Got out of the way in time and said are you serious YOU STUPID DUMB CUNT to her face all she did was laugh but I wish I had grabbed her cell an thrown it in the street while the cars were passing.

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XD haaa so is your existence

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Oh, god, that's too bad since a lolita working as a florist sounds like a great image.
But being called the Japanese Princess would be way too embarassing. lol

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>get gawked out

>get called a pervert/weirdo

>people saying I'm pretty or cute
>guys asking for number

>girls asking for number
>old guys asking if I need a 'daddy'

Weirdest thing
>middle aged woman asks what's with the outfit, is respectful but inquisitive
>have conversation with her, explain lolita fashion
>she says she wants to read about it online, asks for my number in case she has questions
>not expecting anything weird, give it to her because I've always wanted to talk to someone about lolita
>later texts me asking if I want to be in a mother/daughter thing with her and asks if I want a spanking

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Ohhhh nooooo XD you had me at mother daughter spankings.

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>wear toned down coords at work often
This is cringeworthy

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>On my way downtown to a small meet
>Incredibly anxious about taking the bus since I'm next to a college, but I had no choice
>Accidentally take the bus at a peak time and it is full of student
>No one sits beside me and they just stare
>Become super paranoid because people kept taking photos of me while trying to be sneaky about it

Later that day:

>Walking around with two other lolitas around the park
>It starts raining, so we decide to hide from the rain under the canopy at a cafe
>We get the usual responses from people passing by asking us if we are in a play, or one of the animes
>Except one old man comes up from the riverside, shirtless, and stops to look at us
>He smiles and says, "Didn't you know it's illegal for mermaids to be out in the daytime?"
>We talk a bit about the fashion and he thanked us for being something pleasant in a world full of Wal-Marts

To me that was the nicest thing I've been told for someone completely unexpected. I've also had a woman rush out of her car to tell me I made her day better, which was cute. I'm definitely thankful for how open-minded the older generation in my city are.

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I've worn my Big Boss outfit to an outdoor meetup, a few airsoft games, and Halloween at work.

I've had a bunch of old people thank me for my service, and I quickly corrected them. One woman got offended to the point where she left my store and bitched about me to the Gamestop next door. One meathead not-so-subtly accused me of stealing valor.

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Normies usually adore my outfits. The worst I experience is angry glares from basic bitches, but I get those even when I'm not wearing lolita.

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One of my friends offered me $20 to sew a jumpsuit for her (had a full time job at that point where I was making $15 an hour). She genuinely just had no idea how long things take to sew and was going off the costume store pricing for shitty zentai suits...

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Hey, why not have a sugar mommy

>> No.9267396

At least she was kind of subtle, right? Still weird.

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lolita from the southern USA here! i'm lucky to have received no negative reactions besides attitude from smug and scantily dressed preteens. i was thrift shopping and i saw them snap some pictures of me without my permission. i turned around and posed for them. it freaked them out a little!

boyfriend, friends, and family are all 100% supportive of my lifestyle and even pitch in to buy me pieces. they are all willing to actively learn about lolita and know that it makes me happy.

as for strangers, i'm mostly approached by happy old ladies. every one who's commented on my coord has something nice to say, and usually say how they wish their grandbabies dressed in a similar way. (not if they knew the price!) also approached by nice boys a lot, but not in a creepy way and more in an "excuse me miss, just wanted to say you look absolutely beautiful today" way. very polite.

i feel really glad that people have been so kind to me when i'm in frills. being a lolita in the conservative bible belt isn't as bad as i thought it would be!

>> No.9267431

Another Bible belt/deep south lolita here, my town has a lot of history and tourist-y stuff so I've been mistaken for a tour guide before, and I think some people here see the parasol (hot as fuck here) and assume "Southend Belle"

>> No.9267433

this is SEVERELY underrated

>> No.9267450

I appreciate it, thanks anon.

>> No.9267485

I'm in Texas, and the most negative thing I've ever gotten was a double take. Old ladies down here are the sweetest!

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>Small local con
>2km away so me and my friend decide to walk
>I'm cosplaying sheep-looking character
>Fursuitlike costume
>My friend isn't in costume but has bunny eared hat
>On our way to con
>At the traffic lights we pass and hear some little girl talking to her mom
>"Look mom, a sheep and a wolf"
>As they cross the street they continue to talk about sheeps and wolfs
>It really made the con day even though we weren't even there yet
>Still don't get how my friend was a wolf when she had bunny hat

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I had a ~vintage phase~ in my teens and my senile grandma would often mistake me for the nurses she served with, since otome draws on vintage quite a bit, i think it's more of an overall styling thing than a uniform/medical look, but i'm not op so just speculation

>> No.9267502

>Getting accused of stealing valor in a Big Boss outfit

Goddamn that's funny on so many fucking levels.

>> No.9267579

Same here. I guess it's better than them not being supportive at all, but it gets annoying when I can't go to a family gathering without being asked over and over again if I made my dress/blouse/coat/tights/hat/shoes/bag/umbrella and told I'm wasting my time studying chemistry when I could just become a famous fashion designer and get rich that way. I try to take it as a compliment but there's something really condescending about it, too.

>> No.9267580

Yeah you should only wear it to conventions!

>> No.9267585

>in bus wearing old school
>there's a woman with two adorable babies that appear to be identical twins
>babies are staring at me with big eyes and their mouths wide open
>I love babies so I smile at them
>they smile back
>I make a silly face
>babies burst out in giggles
>mother finally looks up from her phone
>"stop looking at my children you FREAK"
>several people in the bus turn their heads to see what's going on
>I stare at my hands for the rest of the ride while the babies cry
>feels bad man

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i never thought of it that way! that's actually really cute. and reminds me i need to get a new parasol. i'm not sure if i fit the image of a southern belle though because pastel vomit sweet lolita. (and super asian lol)

do you wear classic? it sounds fun to live in a historical place!

they really are! i don't think anybody has been more happy about my style than random old folks. seeing them fawn over lolita is super cute! i don't know how many times i've twirled around for friendly old ladies who made the request. we're really lucky!

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Another southern lolita here
I think because the coords, while outlandish are very conservative in modesty that are acceptable with the older generation. My grandma wore very classic very fancy, as in contruction details, handsewn country floral dresses and had a formal tea room we kids weren't allowed to wear our shoes in.

>> No.9267625

I always feel so bad for Americans. I live in Northern Europe and the only people who come and talk to me are positive. Sometimes older women can give weird looks and teenagers are generally annoying but other than that it's not usual for someone to take a pic etc. Also, occasional pervs.
>Walking down the street to see friend
>An old man is fixing a sign of a sex shop
>"Hey little red ridinghood...!"
>I wasn't even wearing red or hood.

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last girl i dated:
>found it pretty at first then grew upset that she couldnt wear it because overweight and made me feel bad about wearing it
>"anon why don't you spend your money on REAL clothes?" but let me do my thing because i'm adult anyway, still sighs about it every now and then
>is kind of an asshole about it just to piss me off on purpose, ignore him because he's always been like that,he calls it a costume,say i'll get harassed and it'll be my fault whenever i go outside
>don't give a shit about it
>all love it, think i look amazing in it, don't mind at all when i'm out with them like that they're all either lolitas,cosplayers or artistic in some way,...
I'm so lucky to have such friends.

Most recent story:
>going into primark to get slippers for my mom last week (she lost hers and i wanted to surprise her)
>suddenly some random girl comes up to me
>snickering with her friend
>"uh, you know that jeans are like 10 bucks here, right?" pointing at her jeans and laughing
>usually ignore to avoid trouble but for some reason not this time
>"My dress costs more than your entire outfit i don't need that, thank you :-)"
>she went apeshit on me
>her friend told her to calm down and how i was just a stupid bitch blablabla
>they went away
That was kind of immature but it was nice.

>> No.9267645

Also my sweetest experiences are always with old ladies, they're so cute, man.

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>wearing sweet lolita
>wearing gothic lolita

>> No.9267650

>>He smiles and says, "Didn't you know it's illegal for mermaids to be out in the daytime?"
that made me smile

sorry you're not confident enough to wear it out, conlita chan

wow what a cunt, i'm sorry for you anon

>> No.9267656

>likes it very much, loves goth loli but he's ok with sweet
>both like it, they say lolita suits me very much
>loves it to the core (she was a seamstress so she gets amazed at the dresses' construction), she always asks me for meetup pics and that I stop by her home when I'm all dressed up to see me
>hated it, told me he wouldn't go on the streets with me dressed like that. Interestingly his new gf likes lolita and he seems to be ok with that now ?????
Another stories:
>a random passerby asked very loudly: "IS THIS 1997 OR WHAT??" lol
>terrible con itas telling me they love my outfit and being like uh thanks uhm *awkward smile*

And so.

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>later texts me asking if I want to be in a mother/daughter thing with her and asks if I want a spanking

>> No.9267665

>out late at night in a country town, Victoria, Australia
>walking with male friend who is never caught dead in anything short of full aristo
>some wanker rolls down the window on their Ford and shouts "Hey! Neo! Go back to the Matrix!"
>group chortles heartily and friend fumes about yobbos not being up on the nuances between his floor length black coat and Neo's floor length black coat

>> No.9267694

>Is an antique collector and since I wear gothic/classic she lets me borrow a lot of her vintage jewelry which I'm super grateful for, however she often harps about me using lolita to 'hid myself' or some bs.
>Often helps me with outfit shots and is encouraging enough
>She worked at a tailors during the 60s, so she gets really excited to see nicely made clothing and gets excited seeing me wear petticoats bc they remind her of her teen years, she also worked at hairdressers and gives my advice on wig style and stuff. Out of everyone I know she likes lolita most its really cute
Most of my friends cosplay or dress weirdly so ofc they don't care. My best friend is super normie but likes it/doesn't mind. I wouldn't be friends with someone who is that bothered by my style in the first place

>> No.9267706

>male friend who is never caught dead in anything short of full aristo
Kudos to your friend.

>> No.9267710

My previous boyfriend's reaction upon seeing a girl in lolita;

"She's gonna get raped, and if I were there I'd just join in cause she's asking for it dressed like that"

I was pretty disgusted.

>> No.9267713

i hope you broke up with him non

>> No.9267714

*anon, mobile sucks

>> No.9267715

I feel sorry for your friend, but I have to laugh.

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My father said something similar once "you're just asking to get raped like that" and my mother sent me a text about how i was screaming "rape me" in that outfit when i wore frilly bloomer shorts with thigh high outside.
Why can't men just control their dicks? I just want to wear cute shit without having my parents being cunts to me or some guys looking at me with "these looks".
Thankfully all men aren't the same but jeez...

>> No.9267720

Anon did say
>previous boyfriend
Though honestly I don't know when or why anon broke up with this guy but if my boyfriend said something like that I'd break up with him on the spot. What a terrible thing to say.

>> No.9267724

i'm going to sound edgy and cringe but
whenever some guy is being annoying (not just saying hi/saying he likes what i wear/.. but insisting when i clearly showed no interest in a conversation/flirting/... and/or following me) i make a face similar to kyary's face in >>9267719. Works every time.
Once I was alone and that one guy wouldn't stop following me saying things along the lines of "hey i talked to you, you stupid cunt, answer me" and I played the crazy card by turning around,making the weirdest face i could with a dinosaur screech.
He got scared, called me a crazy cunt and left.

>> No.9267726

That's pretty amazing actually.

>> No.9267729

Current s/o:
>Loves it, is too tall to wear anything ouji but supports me nonetheless; knows it helps with my self-confidence
>Thinks the price is ridiculous, but says she saw something like this coming since I was little, always kind of dressed myself how I wanted to be dressed/not caring about normal clothes
>"You look nice!" Tries really hard to support it, bought paper-thin ebay dress too at one point, took outfit shots of me wearing it just to make him happy.
>Likes it, always wants me to do JoJo poses?? Thinks its "better that way"
>Loves the modesty, thinks the price is ridiculous
Ex s/o:
>Said I was a freak some days then would try to have sex with me while wearing it on others; after breakup said I wore it to turn on old men when I went out in public, is now dating an underage girl who wears tumblr daddy fashion

Other Stories:
>I got my bestfriend into the fashion, really helps with her self confidence as well and it makes me really happy to see her all dolled up; in the past she used to enjoy fashion from afar, was too depressed to think she'd look good in any of it

>Walking around with friends,country-sweet coord
>Mom surrounded by children: "My husband would love to see me in THAT on our honeymoon"
>please no

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My dad asked me if I was selling myself for sex on the internet because of lolita.

I have no idea where it came from, and don't really want to know.

>> No.9267751

Your brother sounds alright

>> No.9267753

Is it because of the price?

>> No.9267756

It's because I'm a boy

>> No.9267769 [DELETED] 

well he's not completely irrational in thinking that

I'm a Lolita and I don't have anything against brolitas who actually like the fashion and don't make it a fetish, but for the average person if you see some guy dressing up in frills and they make no claim they are trans it's sort of a red flag

>> No.9267771

> Think it's pretty, and always says I look like an antique doll.
> Doesn't give any open opinion about it, but usually agree with my mom that I look pretty. Always tell me that I should leave my job and keep on sewing and selling my dresses because that seems to make me happier.
> Likes the fashion and my friends on it. Also likes to see my dresses' prints and likes to hear about the dramu.
> Really supports me on fashion and always help me shoving weirdos away when I'm on streets. Doesn't like sweet lolitas, and usually try to keep distance from them because they are "too flashy" and hard to deal with (most of them are weeaboos in my comm...)
Rest of the family:
They tend to like my pictures and ask about my sewing projects.

I guess no one in my family is judgemental about dresses prices or whatever, since I'm the one paying for them. But keep in mind that I wear mostly goth and classical, so it's usually better accepted than sweet or OTT things around here.

>> No.9267779

I mean he's not wrong

>> No.9267780

>At train station in Lolita looking for my friends because we were having a small meet
>Fb messaging them were they're at, station is big and we haven't exactly set a meeting point.
>Don't notice pretty big group of people creeping up on me
>Suddenly flashes going off and there's phones in my face
>Please leave me alone I'm kinda lost and looking for my friends
>Hurr durr when ur dressed like this your asking for attention, now take pictures with us while we make fun of you
>getting more and more upset by the minute, become a swirling mess of sadness and rage
>Nothing I do makes them stop
>About to go off and curse and shout until someone helps me
>There she is, my guardian angel. Swoops in tells group of people to fuck off and stop harassing people.
>Still haven't heard from friends and she offers me a cup of tea.
>Calm down finally find out where friends are and we part ways

Thank you kind woman for helping me out when no one else did

>> No.9267785

Dude I hope you didn't ruin your precious burando. I was a florist for 9 years and my outfits would have been trashed.

I don't know where in the world you are but where i am florist shops are freezing all year round, not mention its hard work that's also often smelly and dirty.

Your co-workers sound like dicks though.

>> No.9267786


>> No.9267789

My younger brother (21 y/o) is indifferent to lolita, but he also likes hearing about the drama.

>> No.9267790
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holy fuck i'm gonna start doing that

>> No.9267792

>guy thinks he knows how to talk to girls
>doesn't even know how to respond to dino-lolitas
When will these silly boys learn?

>> No.9267796

>>Hurr durr when ur dressed like this your asking for attention, now take pictures with us while we make fun of you
Oh my god, nothing makes me more angry than this shit.
If someone ever tells me that i usually (kindly) tell them to fuck off.
Once my ex gf broke someone's phone and nearly got in a fist fight with him (he wouldnt stop taking pics even though we nicely told him we want to be left alone, we were having lunch for fuck's sake)
it was scary but that will teach him not to act like an entitled piece of shit
>b-but i DESERVE to take muh pictures since you are CLEARLY dressed for attention

>> No.9267840

Kinda unrelated and definitely OT but I had a ex once tell me that the girl in Taken deserved what happened to her because she was being a whore. He followed that up by saying I also needed to be "taken down a notch" like said girl from Taken. I was 14. He was 17. That was the end of that.

>> No.9267844

Are you me? I've been doing this in almost every threatening/off-putting situation since I was a middle schooler. It literally works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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>"My dress costs more than your entire outfit i don't need that, thank you :-)"
>she went apeshit on me

>> No.9267851

Most recently, a child shrieked at me and pointed making everyone within earshot turn to look. It sounded like fear at first, until she said "MOM I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, A REAL PRINCESS IN REAL LIFE!" Several people laughed, I flushed a little but she was very cute.

>> No.9267852

I wouldn't say it's an American thing. I'm from North/Western Europe and while most responses are positive, I've gotten plenty of rude comments too. Usually people who come up to me want to give me a compliment, whereas people who want to insult me do so by yelling from a distance.
I think it depends more on your outfit. Around here people are pretty used to goth and while some people think it's weird or ugly, they tend to keep it to themselves. With classic it depends on how outrageous it is, like if it's more toned down it can pass for vintage but if you're rocking Fleur Antoinette at the grocery store then people will more likely think you're wearing some kind of costume. Sweet tends to bring out the worst in people in my experience because it's so different from what they're used to seeing adult women wearing, especially sweet in bright pastels. 99% of the time when someone is openly rude to me, it's when I'm wearing (old school) sweet.

>> No.9267854
File: 77 KB, 500x483, 1479937653007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope he gets his dick chopped off for the greater good. Men like that should be kept in cages. Fucking degenerates

>> No.9267856

>"My dress costs more than your entire outfit i don't need that, thank you :-)"
Oh buddy, that's my go-to line
Nothing pisses off normie women like letting them tell you how much their purse cost, then telling them your coord cost $1200 if you include the jewelry

>> No.9267865
File: 419 KB, 853x480, 795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the dress I wore that day was super cheap (50$ BTSSB old school dress i got on mercari) i don't even care about having something expensive as long as i like the thing but these women are so superficial they get mad about it.
I roll my eyes when i hear girls bragging about how much their stuff cost it's typical of girls wishing they were rich so they try hard to do as if they were.

>> No.9267866

One of the sweetest reactions ive had to lolita came from a family friends 8 year old monster high obessesed daughter. I wear gothic and one time she came to visit she brought her little girl because she wanted to see my "draculaura dresses" that her mother had told her about. it was so cute!

>> No.9267870

I guess I have been lucky then. I wear a lot of old school sweet and even went to school (combined middle and high school) in lolita and never got anything negative. The only negative ones have been really people who try to peek under my skirt in stairs and few times I have been photographed. These tend to happen in bigger cities though. I have also noticed how much my own attitude matters. If I'm a bit anxious what other people think of me I get a lots of nasty looks. I understand if you don't want to answer but are you located in Sweden perhaps?

>> No.9267871

It's cultural and varies by area, people are more direct and rude in some parts of the country, while in others they're more polite or will just ignore you/act like everything is normal

>> No.9267873

>in a bookstore in gothic lolita
>older man walks by, does a double take
>"Well you look so lovely!"
>thank him
>he goes on to explain that he admires me for expressing myself with my clothes, that too many people wear generic boring clothes but it's nice to see a young lady wearing what she wants

>going with a friend to an art exhibit centered around flowers
>we agree to both wear florals for the occasion
>"you dressed up to match the exhibit, how nice!" x1000

>attend meetup around Christmas at the botanical gardens
>small group, all standing by the entrance chatting, waiting for the last stragglers to arrive
>small family walks up, smiles but doesn't say anything, just stares at us in anticipation
>"... um, hello?"
>they all look confused
>"Well are you guys going to sing, or... ?"
>they apparently thought we were carolers hired by the park, despite us all wearing a wide variety of styles and colors and not looking cohesive at all
>they still wanted pictures and were very nice

>tfw you've never actually gotten a bad reaction in lolita

>> No.9267875

This is the second story I've heard about a group getting mistaken for carolers, are costumed carolers common? I haven't see any where I live (deep south)

My own story:
>have bleached hair
>wear solid sax op
>it was a bad idea
>endless alice in wonderland comments

>> No.9267877

Cosplayer but:

> always buying random clothing articles because they look "anime"
> most of these are so gaudy I wouldn't even wear them in regular clothes.
> once bought me a Milano walolita trash dress.
> constantly compares it to the days he'd dress up for a KISS concert.
> cosplay too so it's easy

For stories:

> was cosplaying rosalina from Mario.
> Taking photos at a nearby park.
> group of kids see us
> parents are really cool take pictures of their kids and us
> one little boy who is 5 at the most climbs under my hoop skirt
> remain calm but panick a bit.
> mom is overly appologetic
> internally freaking out that someone will think I'm a pedo

>> No.9267880

Yeah kids are fucking fascinated by voluminous skirts, lots of young ones have tried to get under mine (lolita here)

>> No.9267886

I've noticed it too, but why does it happen?

>guy who wears sweet lolita
>kids asks if I'm a candy princess and then tries to climb under my skirt
>fucking panic attack activated
>kid gets even more fascinated when they see all the poof and layers
>trying to explain that 'you're not supposed to do that' and gently pushing kid away, afraid to be too agressive
>expecting fbi/clint eastwood dad to murder me at any second

>> No.9267895

Maybe because petticoats aren't really worn anymore so voluminous skirts aren't a common sight in real life unless something special is going on (a wedding, some costume event, etc.). Pair that with the frilly wonder that is lolita (especially sweet lolita) and kids lose their shit.

>> No.9267904

I usually see my family on the holidays.

>Father: Why are you wearing a silly dress?
>Me: Dad, it's not like I wear tutus to work.

>Father: Don't wear a syringe. You look like a dope head.
>Brother: But Dad, it's fashion!
>Me: But look, my socks match.
>Father peers around counter to look at socks.
>Dad in sudden serious tone: Well, I hadn't looked at your socks yet.

Apparently syringe necklaces are okay if they match my socks.

>> No.9267910

i wear classic lolita to disney world a lot (i live in orlando so i go on the weekends) and people there are way more vocal about how much they love my outfits than people in any other public place, generally. cons included

most friendly comments come from either groups of young black women, or gay black dudes

there's also a fair bit of "my daughter is shy but she wants me to tell you she likes your dress!"

i've never gotten any negative remarks thankfully, but sometimes relatives like to complain on my behalf, like "that must get uncomfortable after a while! you should change into some sweatpants" or "your feet must hurt! i could never wear heels all day" even though i've literally never expressed any kind of discomfort

>> No.9267918

Yeah I don't wear anything with medical motifs around my parents because they think it's weird but I really really really like fashion with a medical twist (menhera included but i'm also even talking about how sometimes cult party kei has medical motifs and just medical inspired fashion in general)
The only thing I can get away with around them is a real candy striper uniform I have (the skirt/apron type thing) that my mom thinks is cool because she was a candy striper when she was young

>> No.9267950

I think it's like the clothes rack at stores. Just naturally fun to hide in?

>> No.9267965
File: 489 KB, 897x647, 1335355994073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry anon, that was horrible of her. I'm always happy when people on the bus help me keep my stir-crazy child amused.

>> No.9268066

That will forever be the image in my mind when I wear a hoop skirt.

>> No.9268068

>work at grocery chain as a manager
>frequent customer adds me on fb, I accept
>she's kinda cool so whatev
>goes on a liking spree of all of my pictures of my Lolita coordinates
>comes up behind me at work one day at my register
>busy AF
>"hey anon I realllllly love your style!!! Tell me about the Japanese stuff sometime!!!"
>customers erupt in confused laughter

>> No.9268075

>Move on from lolita to larme
>Nothing but compliments since the line between larme and normie fashion is thin and blurry
I miss the dresses sometimes, but I had been a lolita for over ten years. Ten fucking years. It was high time for a change.

>> No.9268080

I live in the Midwest, and when I wear Lolita there I always get people catcalling and yelling things at me. I'm on vacation in California and I've noticed people here stare, but are 1000% more polite than people from my home state. I chalk it up to people not having exciting lives in the Midwest

>> No.9268081

desu if i ever visited japan i wouldnt want to wear it there.
>just a small town girl
>livin in a frilly world

>> No.9268085

talk about over reaction. if its halloween or the day before, hell even a week before is the only time of year i ever get stupid comments. no reason to get mad at someone celebrating a costume holiday for thinking youre in a costume.

>> No.9268093

Nope. I think the other anons probably nailed it, it was an Indian lady so depending on where she was hospitalized the nurses in question may have looked more "vintage".

>> No.9268101


I want cute nurse uniforms back but at the same time scrubs are just so much more practical.

>> No.9268107

>out and about in lolita with bf and brother
>just waiting for the train like normal people
>family next to me has a mom that is not very good at being subtle
>she takes her camera out and is trying to "stealthily" take pictures in my direction without looking
>she left the fucking flash on even
>whispers to her husband "I got her but its kinda blurry"

I wanted so bad to say something but I really wanted to believe that JUST MAYBE she was actually doing something else.

But it was pretty clear she was trying to photograph me in secret..... with the flash on...

>> No.9268122

eh I only ever wore bodyline to work and had an apron on, I ain't putting my burando anywhere near sap or pollen.

>> No.9268128

I mostly get really nice reactions from older people, they love to talk about how nice it is to see someone dressing so nice and reminisce about how they used to get all dressed up in the 50's. One woman told me how she used to soak her petticoats in starch in the bathtub all day Friday in preparation of going dancing Saturday .

One of the weirdest things that's happened to me in lolita was a woman lifting my skirt up from behind to see what was making it so fluffy. She told me it was okay because she was getting ~Married~ so needed to know about petticoats. She was super pissed off at me that I was offended at being touched without permission but and this was the weird bit, she was even more pissed off that I didn't immediately begin gushing congratulations...

>> No.9268129

>am veterinary technician
>get pooped on, puked on, bitten, etc. on a daily basis
>still long for adorable 50s era nurse uniforms

I feel that, Anon

>> No.9268148
File: 53 KB, 604x550, sad blini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>old guys asking if I need a 'daddy'

>> No.9268153

If anyone else has experienced this id love to hear your stories, this is my attempt as a late thanksgiving post.

>always flew under the radar in highschool, very few friends, wear lolita every day
>conventionally pretty so no one made fun of me, but lolita is weird so no one really talked to me either
>almost a year later, start getting friend requests from people i barely remember going to school with - mostly the outgoing popular girls, club leaders, extroverts
>every time i post an outfit it gets tonnes of likes, comments "love your style!!!"
>these are people who saw me every day in these clothes, for 4 years, suddenly interested in them?
>even have these girls liking my instagram posts, tagging me in events, giving their input on my statuses

i dont know why this is happening over a year out of school, but their kindness has been so uplifting and really makes me wish i had been more outgoing in school and had put the effort in to try and make friends back then.

>> No.9268155

>lots of young ones have tried to get under mine
Jesus Christ, every time
It's like they have an instinct that they can hide from predators in there

>> No.9268156

Touching without asking is probably the worst reaction I've had, no one's tried to see under my skirt or anything (not like they're gonna see anything with bloomers), but sometimes grown ass adults can't keep their hands to themselves and want to touch your skirt or some interesting trim or texture you're wearing.
It's just rude not to ask, and I don't know if your hands are dirty or you'll be rough
I don't know if anyone's taken stealth photos of me (if they have they did a good job), but once my comm and I went to a Claire's and one of the employees asked if she could take a photo to put on the branch's local Instagram. We said yes and posed for her outside the store but it was a trap because suddenly everyone in the mall decided they were going to take a photo as well

>> No.9268220
File: 502 KB, 942x770, 1475957698719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>I want to be in a mother/daughter thing
If only spanking wasn't involved.

>> No.9268246

to be fair, it's a lot easier to click "like" or praise a photo of an outfit online than it is to randomly approach someone you don't really know and give them a compliment IRL, especially in high school when social tensions are high

>> No.9268281

My dad called me up to tell me the coord I posted on Facebook was so beautiful he showed it to everyone in the office saying "This is my daughter, look!" So there is that.

Bf doesn't care, friends are cool, even my workplace thinks it's cool (work in an office with almost no clothing guides).

The creepiest thing that has happened to me is probably when I was waiting at the LA train station for my bf later at night, a presumably drunk older guy was hitting on all the girls outside looking for a date, and he came up to ask me if I was in a parade, I told him no it's just my style and was being very brief with him, however he asked what I was doing, and "not to tell him i was having lunch with my boyfriend tomorrow" - well thank god my boyfriend pulled up right then, just said "yeah actually he's here right now" and scrammed.

Actually, on the train back from San Diego to LA, there was a train... stewardess? Was fawning over my dress and it was pretty adorable.

Most people actually just ask if I make my dresses myself, I by far get the best reception so far in Princess Cat then I have in any other dress (compared to Gothic or pastel sweet). I always get triggered when people just touch my dress for no reason, however.

>> No.9268283

I have bad stories mainly. sorry anons

>coming home from meet and had to quickly get on train
>had to go past a group of teenagers who looked at each other and laughed
>went further down the train and sat down
>teenagers had followed me to the carriage I was in and sat a few seats back.
>tried to ignore them
>start asking me if they could hire me,pay me off, am I a sex worker?
>tell them to piss off
>bratty teens say no
>keep harassing, shouting slut and whore until Ive had it and scream at them to leave me the fuck alone and leg it further down the train
>teens follow me still and creep on me, shout again.
>ring friend in tears asking wtf to do.
>tells me to get off train.
>ring off and sat there crying and trying to hide from them
>train announces its terminating early and its dumping everyone off a station early.
>shits self and quickly rings grandparents to pick me up.
>train terminates as I jump off and try to leg it fast
>teens are in pursuit
>make it outside and waiting for my grandparents
>leery teens meanwhile keep shouting slut and whore at me, asking if my puff daddys picking me up
>finally grandparents arrive and get in car as one teen shouts "yeah get in your slag car"
>try not to cry as my grandparents ask me how my day was

not one person attempted to help me on the train which was half full. Ruined a fun day and good meet.

>> No.9268296

something we learned in emergency course is that because of bystander effect, the best way to get help from someone is to single them out "hey, you in the red shirt!" getting a single persons attention hopefully in the future will keep you safe
>desu i wouldve gotten in a scrap with them, because i have no self control

>> No.9268340
File: 513 KB, 632x712, 1471239702794.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I accidentally made a thread with this post so that's cool.

>get to cafe for small casual meet in lolita
>server immediately stops me and asks if I'm wearing Angelic Pretty (I am)
>oh cool she knows about lolita
>start talking to her about the fashion and local community
>"yeah I love the doll look, but I want to add a more sexy twist to it. I'm modifying my body to be like a Bratz doll's so I feel like lolita fits that."

>> No.9268350
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, whythough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't really count as a "normie reaction" but it's a reaction

>be on vacation in lolita
>approached by what looks like a fakeboi
"hey omg what dress is that?"
>"i-it's... by angelic pretty...?"
"oh wow yeah my whole wardrobe is angelic pretty, i'm usually like totally loli all the time but hahaha you know today i just dressed down, but otherwise i'm a lifestyle lolita yknow"
>"that's so cool! what's your favorite print?"
>they look confused and give no response as they stumble around and pull out their phone
>shows me a pic of them in a wrinkly JSK (no blouse underneath) that i immediately recognize as bodyline
"this one"

>> No.9268355
File: 742 KB, 1178x886, tvgjennamarbleshowtoavoid02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Jenna Marbles browses /cgl/

>> No.9268360
File: 95 KB, 1280x720, 1473028178457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9268371

yeah, there's a lot of underage girls who claim to be "lolita at heart", guess she was one of them
when i see any girl that looks remotely tumblr even look in my direction when i'm wearing lolita, i try my best to get the fuck out of there

>> No.9268509

My friend wore cosplay to my high school Halloween event.

>> No.9268511

>doesn't really care about the fashion
>tries to make me send photos to her so she can show the rest of the family
>doesn't care but pretty sure he thinks it's a little weird

but the main thing is that my boyfriend lets me dress him up and is fairly passable as a girl, so we twin in lolita sometimes

>> No.9268562

>at local library "comic con" dressed pretty casually because it's hot as balls
>little 12 year old girl comes up to me and shyly asks where I got my skirt
>it's meta so I tell her and let her know about less expensive shops if she decides to try out the fashion
>she asks how I got my skirt to poof out so I show her the bottom edge of my petticoat and direct her to local shops that sell them

I don't know why but out of all the people that have ever come out and talked to me about my clothes she made me the happiest. I hope five years from now she joins the local comm and has a blast.

>> No.9268575

Loves lolita. Buys me dresses for my Birthday/Christmas, helps me coord, and helps me pick out new stuff. He even loves to hear about the dramu.
Pretty much hates anything to do with sweet lolita unless it's extremely simple or is influenced by classic. Hates wigs with a passion. Also hates circle lenses and thinks they look awful. Luckily I'm not into OTT sweet and I love my hair and I just love styling it in general so there's nothing for her to gripe about, haha. I do wear circles sometimes and she always avoids eye contact with me when I do, which is funny. If stuff is expensive I never mention the price, but anytime I get a good deal on stuff from LM I tell her about it and it makes her and my dad Jewishly happy (I always point out the high quality and say how much x item would have cost originally). In general my mom is pretty supportive of it.
He's the normiest normie and hates anything out of the ordinary so he hated it with a passion when I started wearing it back years ago as a teen. He said old dudes might creep on me and also that wearing it made me a douchebag. Would whine anytime I wore it out in public with the family and ask me to change. If I wore it with friends he'd be like "Are you seriously wearing THAT? Ugh, oh god, I'm surprised your friends will hang out with you in that." etc etc but I never gave a shit. Also, every friend I've ever had has pretty much adored my lolita dresses.

My mom actually told me that while on vacation with my dad a few months ago he asked her earnestly if he did something wrong as a father for me to feel the need to dress up like I do. Thank god my mom was able to eloquently explain to him that no, she doesn't do it for attention (even if I did who gives a fuck, but she's right, I don't) I just do it because I've loved historical fashion since I was a little girl obsessed with American Girl doll clothes. (cont)

>> No.9268579 [DELETED] 

She also mentioned that I just do it to express my uniqueness and to set myself apart from other people, which is also true I suppose. Apparently that finally made it click for my dad and he's been way less shitty about the fashion lately (it's only been 5+ years). But he'd slowly gotten less antagnostic towards the fashion so at least there was that.
They love it. Most of my friends are huge nerds and/or cosplayers so that might be a reason.
>Ex bfs
Pretty much all of them loved it. Had one normie motherfucker ex who thought it was weird and said old guys would think it was a fetish. He didn't last long. 100% of them thought it was ridiculously expensive, though, and thought Bodyline was just as good as brand and shit. I'm glad my husbando knows what's up in that regard and doesn't shy away from the pricetags.
He's dead now and has been for a few years but he my outfits when he was alive. I think my outfits may have been one of the few things he genuinely liked about me. He never told me he loved me and once I was older would often compare me to his communist father who he hated lmao. so there's that
Died a long ass time ago when I was in primary school. My mom and I always talk about how much she'd have loved it, though. We think she may have tried to wear it, even.

>> No.9268581 [DELETED] 

She also mentioned that I just do it to express my uniqueness and to set myself apart from other people, which is also true I suppose. Apparently that finally made it click for my dad and he's been way less shitty about the fashion lately (it's only been 5+ years). But he'd slowly gotten less antagnostic towards the fashion so at least there was that.
They love it. Most of my friends are huge nerds and/or cosplayers so that might be a reason.
>Ex bfs
Pretty much all of them loved it. Had one normie motherfucker ex who thought it was weird and said old guys would think it was a fetish. He didn't last long. 100% of them thought it was ridiculously expensive, though, and thought Bodyline was just as good as brand and shit. I'm glad my husbando knows what's up in that regard and doesn't shy away from the pricetags.
He's dead now and has been for a few years but he liked my outfits quite a lot when he was alive. I think my outfits may have been one of the few things he genuinely liked about me. He never told me he loved me and once I was older would often compare me to his communist father who he hated lmao. so there's that
Died a long ass time ago when I was in primary school. My mom and I always talk about how much she'd have loved it, though. We think she may have tried to wear it, even.

>> No.9268582

She also mentioned that I just do it to express my uniqueness and to set myself apart from other people, which is also true I suppose. Apparently that finally made it click for my dad and he's been way less shitty about the fashion lately (it's only been 5+ years). But he'd slowly gotten less antagnostic towards the fashion so at least there was that.
They love it. Most of my friends are huge nerds and/or cosplayers so that might be a reason.
>Ex bfs
Pretty much all of them loved it. Had one normie motherfucker ex who thought it was weird and said old guys would think it was a fetish. He didn't last long. 100% of them thought it was ridiculously expensive, though, and thought Bodyline was just as good as brand and shit. I'm glad my husbando knows what's up in that regard and doesn't shy away from the pricetags.
He's dead now and has been for a few years but he liked my outfits quite a lot when he was alive. I think my outfits may have been one of the few things he genuinely liked about me. He never told me he loved me and once I was older would often compare me to his communist father who he hated lmao. so there's that
Died a long ass time ago when I was in primary school. My mom and I always talk about how much she'd have loved it, though. We think she may have tried to wear it, even.

>> No.9268587

Oh, I forgot the in-laws. I'm just gonna group them together.

"Oh, Anon and her fancy dresses! She is so odd - in a good way!"
That's pretty much what all of them think across the board. They think my husband is super odd, too, and he certainly is the oddball nerd of the family. Everyone else is nice but extremely basic. I don't wear lolita to family gatherings because there are little ones and always a few easily excitable pups so it'd be impractical, but they've seen photos of my outfits.

>> No.9268598

Oh man, my mother is Jewish and doesn't really like lolita but when I get a good deal I tell her. If I say "this was $150" she'd get mad, but if I say "I got this $350 dress from a Japanese brand for less than half price" then she's happy.

>> No.9268603
File: 371 KB, 500x281, c07c28b2f57bc12ec07d947c8877bfe7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, she sure is Jewish

>> No.9268608

Out of curiosity, which state do you live in? I live in the Midwest too (Indiana) but I generally get flooded with nice comments, and I've only been yelled at by dumb teenagers. It'd be interesting to see how much that would vary state by state.

How did you even react to that? thats such a disappointing turn in conversation. I'd probably start laughing awkwardly in the same situation.

>> No.9268625
File: 953 KB, 500x281, 1479011466048.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lifestyle lolita here

>Supports my fashion choices, encourages me to wear Lolita
>Makes a point to match my coordinates when we go on dates
>He buys me pieces sometimes
>Think he kind of wishes he could wear lolita (he wouldn't be passable as a grill) and vicariously does it through me

>is also supportive
>buys little things some times to go with coords
>some things she picks would be ita af but its nice anyway

>fawns over me any time I wear it
>Want to get her into the fashion so we can twin

>was confused on what it was at first
>probably thinks its silly to spend so much on clothes
>he accepts it though, doesnt say much but he smiles when I get new stuff

Rest of the family is pretty neutral on it. I've always worn odd clothes so they're pretty used to it. Probably prefer the frills to anything close to western Goth that I have.

Recent story:
>at subway drive through
>husbando is giving girl at window the money
>girl stops
>stares for a minute
>talk briefly about local comm that ive not joined
>she added me on facebook

Most of my Lolita stories are like this actually. I rarely get bad comments, and people stop to try and talk to me about it a lot.


>> No.9269009

Sounds like my ex.

>> No.9269026

>My mom actually told me that while on vacation with my dad a few months ago he asked her earnestly if he did something wrong as a father for me to feel the need to dress up like I do. Thank god my mom was able to eloquently explain to him that no, she doesn't do it for attention (even if I did who gives a fuck, but she's right, I don't) I just do it because I've loved historical fashion since I was a little girl obsessed with American Girl doll clothes.

If he ever asks, tell him his mistake was buying you girly dolls and not G.I. Joe and Transformer action figures.

>> No.9269136
File: 2.07 MB, 294x210, 1460118011430.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's so cute

>> No.9269222

>modifying my body to be like a Bratz doll
what was she planning to do? cut off her feet??

>> No.9269241

Be a bimbo probably

>> No.9269249
File: 120 KB, 800x800, IMG_0435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I usually wear normie clothes when's I see my psychiatrist, but during my last appointment I wore pic related. The psychiatrist seemed surprised and thought I was dressed like that because Halloween happened not long ago, and I had to explain that I just like to dress like that. She has a thing that she speaks into that types for her (sorry, I don't know what it's called), and she started saying "patient is dressed like a bear." I don't know why it was important to type that, maybe she thinks I'm going insane or something. Also, on my way out, a woman stopped me to tell me how cute I looked and asked me if I was in a dance.

>> No.9269256

Some therapists diagnose literally anything you do and god forbid you do anything out of the ordinary simply because it makes you happy, that's not possible as far as they're concerned, it's just your mental health deteriorating. Alternative fashion? No such thing, just a patient dressing "bizarrely" because mental illness. I hate assholes like that.

>> No.9269257

>"patient is dressed like a bear."
But seriously, hopefully your psychiatrist has some perspective and realizes alternative fashion exists.

>> No.9269345

>it looks nice on the outside but the construction on the inside is completely shit
Which is why I don't make clothes for others. I've become much better with finishing my seams and all but sometimes the inside just looks bad and I feel someone would get mad about that.

I was studying to be a veterinarian at first and my sister always said I should sew clothes for dogs and cats on the side while I run my own clinic. She's completely oblivious to how much time goes into sewing, being a vet, and running your own clinic.

>> No.9269351
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>be in Barnes and Noble
>looking at manga section
>older woman approaches me
>"Excuse me. What exactly is a manga?"
>"W-well essentially they're just comic books made in Japan"
>"Oh neat! I've always passed this section and had no idea what they were"
>mfw I didn't sperg out

I don't have any stories about cons or anything but I usually like to dress up as anime characters for Halloween. Sometimes people know who I am but when they don't I usually just tell them I'm a character from a cartoon.

>> No.9269400

>patient is dressed like a bear
Fucking awesome

>> No.9269425

>Why go into STEM and make money when you can be a starving artist instead?

Your families are like the exact opposite of mine.

>> No.9269446

I'm in Indiana too, small world!

>> No.9269517

Are you a starving artist with a family encouraging you to go into STEM?

I always enjoyed crafting but my family started taking me seriously when I began doing really well in school and flat out told them I have no time to do anything except study. My aunt and uncle unfortunately are very "college is the only way to succeed in life" so when I told them I was focusing on school I could tell they were very proud. I think you can succeed in life regardless of education: it's more about who you know and how you use your talents.

>> No.9269526

>wearing lolita to diy/punk shows
what the fuck? all the diy venues where I live are dusty nasty venues
plus the moshing?
why, anon?

>> No.9269527

Yeah I didn't ask for the specifics but I'm assuming she means getting bigger boobs and hips and maybe facial surgery.

>> No.9269529

Wouldn't that be more along the lines of making yourself look like a Barbie doll? Bratz dolls look like little children.

>> No.9269530

>was hanging out downtown the Saturday of a con, not too far from con center
>too lazy to change out of cosplay so just say whatever
>friend and I kinda walking around, thinking about getting drinks
>walk past outside seating area, most of the tables full
>walk a few feet, we hear some dudes yelling at us
>turn around, they all have drinks and look pretty drunk
>already anticipating the worst
>"HEY, are you Daria?"
>"oh my god, we knew it! that's awesome!"
>they proceed to freak out and ask for my photo

I didn't expect it at all and I was amused for the rest of the night.

>> No.9269538
File: 49 KB, 648x708, 051ac636932043e415275eefb53a82f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think this is supposed to look like a child anon...

>> No.9269543

Post the body too.

We all have fond memories of that show.

Maybe you ran into Bevis and Butthead.

>> No.9269602

This was from before I started going to cons and stuff, but cosplay related
>seeing Carrie with my dad on Halloween, dressed up as Ginny Weasley
>Theatre worker says they like my costume and give me a free small popcorm
>goes into theatre and sits down, before previews so its still light
>two girls my age in the same row as us, maybe six seats away
>they're laughing and looking at their phones, think nothing of it
>next thing i see is a flash going off out of the corner of my eye
>they were taking photos of me, with the flash on
It just baffles me, it was Halloween and I was in a pretty normal costume, I have red hair. Little freshman me was holding back tears for a good 10 minutes

>> No.9269623
File: 45 KB, 300x400, bratz doll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dif anon, Bratz dolls never looked like children to me, they always appeared to be caricatures of adult women. they do have a small chest that would imply a teenager, but some of the widest hips i have ever seen on a doll.
so idk really.

>> No.9269658

I always thought Bratz were chola middle schoolers.

>> No.9269849
File: 408 KB, 250x250, YoIPy1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my case my family is very blue collar with a dollop of uneducated white trash and I'm the first person in our family to go to university. Anything that they don't understand and doesn't involve physical labour is not "real". Why waste my time on science hocus pocus when I can do real honest work like sewing? They consider my cousin who dropped out of cosmetology school to be more successful than I am because unlike me and my graduate degree, she has "real skills". It's pretty depressing.
And yet they still don't understand how much work sewing can be. The only person who appreciates that is my grandmother, who used to be a seamstress before she married, but she thinks my lolita hobby is stupid and I should get into babby-makin' before it's too late (I'm 26).

>> No.9269975

Suddenly glad for my family and their no expectations of me.

>turned 27, just getting to community college
>slightly younger brother and mother both going to comm college
>they're going for Accounting
>I'm going for Office Management
>there's no actual office buildings or companies here
>closest I'll get is a receptionist, secretary, or hotel worker
>really wanted to be a cleaning lady at a hotel
>family expects nothing of me, would just be happy if I got a job
>I'm basically only around to caretake for elderly relatives because everyone else has a life
>already know not to expect any grandchildren or even see me get married, not that half the family would go since I got the gays
>at least they brag on my cosplaying

Out of everything, it's the cosplay that baffles me. They brag on it endlessly and always want me to show off my photos. I don't even make my own costumes but they act like I'm the greatest thing ever to their friends.

>> No.9269990

Sounds like you're lucky enough to grow up on an island/resort paradise.

Hotels need accountants and managers too.

And if you ever move to the big city to get a real job with your degree, you get to go home to paradise when you take vacation.

>> No.9269996

Me? Yeah no, I'm in Hicktown, Southern USA. Just oddly enough we have five hotels here for some reason and they're building another. The only people that stay at them are state construction workers and people going else where.

>> No.9270001
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, 1391904193722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"patient is dressed like a bear"

>> No.9270009

More like it's because kids love princesses and they equate big skirts with it.

>> No.9270012

The only expectation they have of me is that I pop out some babies. No need to get married or anything, although it would help to snag a guy with a job so I have more time to raise all the babies.
Thing is that my fiancé and I do want to start a family at some point, but we want to have our financial shit in order first. That's such an alien concept to my family that I might as well say I despise children and would rather become an elderly spinster with fifty cats. Because if I truly want kids, why aren't I currently pregnant??!?!?!?

anyway sage for ranting

>build hotels to house the construction workers building the newest hotel

>> No.9270150


I have split up with him. That wasn't the only thing he said/did that was disturbing - basically a really crappy human being.

Personally, haven't had a huge amount of reactions to myself (cosplay wise). Best I've had is an old lady come running up to me incredibly excited when I was dressed as Fai, Jade Country from TRC, asked lots questions about it. Worst I've had was when dressed as Zelda, TP - had a guy corner me and ask me a lot of inappropriate questions. Got saved by a member of staff at the hotel. Not much else has happened to me.

>> No.9270174
File: 83 KB, 720x540, 56b6d866a8e608f3ded7f56dac414627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9270192

Exactly what I was thinking.

>> No.9270240

>TImes you have acted like the joker

>I wore a bear suit to the psychiatrist


>> No.9270864

Hey me too

>> No.9270903
File: 2.82 MB, 195x170, 1469508204744.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I caught a bus home from college last week and a woman blurted out "You have more than one of those dresses!" at me from her seat.

>> No.9270918

>be on DC metro
>Bunch of TSA guys get on the train getting of from work at National Airport
>TSA guys stare at me then one of them says "Whats good gothic lolita?" You hittin up Otakon?
>I reply "Whats good TSA people?" "And yes I am"

Who knew TSA people were that chill?

Captcha is trolling
>Select all images with airplanes

>> No.9270939

Was he at all amused by your response?

>> No.9270948

I only have one story that kinda sucks.

>Go to visit friend who lives 6 hours away from me, who I met through conventions and talked to pretty frequently
>He lives in a beautiful city, so I bring a few coords to take some nice photos in
>I get dressed to go out after arriving there and my friend gets all judgemental, even though I wasn't going anywhere with him
>"anon you're not really wearing that are you? that's so embarrassing, you look ridiculous"
>I'm all embarrassed and mad. I tell him that's how I dress and he knew that
>"I thought you just wore it to cons and stuff"
>He makes fun of me for like 10 minutes and then makes me take off my blouse and petti and just wear the dress like a sundress
>I'm disappointed and really really sad that my friend would have that kind of reaction and left wandering the city alone for like 6 hours
>I'm super aware of people staring at me, and it's really bothering me so I go and buy a cheapo forever21 dress and change into it
>I avoid him for the rest of the weekend and stopped talking to him after I got home

My parents kinda joke about lolita and my little brother's a bit of an asshole about it as brothers are, but I've never experienced a good friend act embarrassed by me.

>> No.9270956

That's messed up, you should've egged that assholes house when you left.

>> No.9271024

That friend is not a friend.

>> No.9272076

I get this all the time. My mother would complain about buying brand jewelry BC "why can't you just make it?" And my therapist thinks she can find brand fabric close enough for me to make my own dress.

>> No.9272099

I can see how he would be embrassed though. I would be pretty embarrassed too if someone I knew met with me in a normalfag setting wearing full OTT lolita. Wouldn't make them change out of it, but a heads-up would have been appreciated. Plus, depending on the city, wearing such attention-grabbing attire solo might not be the safest thing.

>> No.9272112

They weren't going out together. She was going somewhere without him and he still made her appearance his business.

>> No.9272131

Sorry we're not all conlitas like you, anon.

>> No.9272176
File: 47 KB, 522x472, 1480188754892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So do most of you not have cars or something?
just wondering, because you all seem to take the trains and buses.
Or is dressing in Lolita fashion that expensive?

>> No.9272194

Not that anon, but you've gotta be considerate of others too. If you're walking around with someone, maybe they don't want the attention that lolita brings. It's not hard to make a good, casual co-ord. I understand that anon wasn't going anywhere with her friend at the time, but when you are going out with a non-lolita, a heads up should be a minimum.

Might be Eurofags and anons up in NE USA. I can't imagine taking the public transportation anywhere in the south/midwest, though. You can't be without a car here.

>> No.9272200

Eurofag here, from a country with great public transport. Most young people don't have a car unless they live in the middle of nowhere or have children. My parents have never owned a car because they've never needed one. Practically everyone takes public transport regularly.

>> No.9272230

Also eurofag.

Can vouch for public transport. Who needs cars?

I say that, I've gone from large town/small city to rural countryside. I need a car...

>> No.9272233

I wear what I want. If a person wants to be my friend they need to accept that, if they can't they don't have to hang out with me. Simple as that.

>> No.9272259

>"I LOVE it. What a show!"
Fucking south germans

>> No.9272265

In Brazil I mostly take public transportation. My city is all covered by it, so you won't need a car, unless you're ready for traffic jam.

>> No.9272268

Yeah I get angry every time he comments on something on fb or whatever cause it reminds me of that.

I wasn't wearing OTT, I was wearing very toned down classic. Also he wasn't going with me, and it's a very safe city.

>> No.9272326

I'm in college and don't have my car here with me so I walk and rely on the college's bus system (urban campus) to go anywhere

>> No.9272352

Wait so what you are saying here is that anon was inconsiderate because their friend didn't want them to wear something they already knew anon liked to wear; and because they unknowingly didn't allow for their friends tremendous lack self confidence....

All of these problems, are anons "friends" problems.

>> No.9272401

Mostly good experiences so far. The usual being amazed kids and random compliments.

This happened, however:
>wearing a skirt+blouse+bonnet for a family dinner. Toned down, natural colours, one relatively flat petti. Nothing OTT at all.
>people on the street tell me me and my husband have "nice costumes" when he's just wearing a suit top with a collared shirt, he proceeds to feel very self conscious about it
>husband's mum asks me what I'm cosplaying, even though I explained to her before that it's street fashion
>husband insists that I take off my bonnet, because that's what makes it a costume. And I'm too tall for it.
>Take it off. Feel like I'm going to cry.

He's usually very supportive, even bought one of my coords for me. But I can tell he's scared of second hand embarrassment when we're out in public, which kind of hurts.

>> No.9272404

I tend to avoid bonnets when I dress down because people always assume it's a costume thing. There's just no recent history equivalent in women's fashion so the idea that you might be wearing it as a fashion accessory doesn't even occur to most people. It sucks, because imo bonnets are adorable.

>> No.9272506

Aw anon it happens, i understand how it can hurt you; my ex gf was the same. I'm sure you were adorable and bonnets are really classy but not the best option when you try to dress down because as >>9272404 said people will ALWAYS assume it's a costume thing.
To "normies" we're like from a different dimension, so they don't know about it and don't understand. Well, not always, but we have to keep in mind that they're ignorant (not wanting to sound arrogant here) about lolita and similar shenanigans

>> No.9272509

Thankfully, I've only ever had good reactions while wearing lolita in public. Mostly it's been older ladies telling me how cute or nice I look. One time, I was wearing Musee du Chocolat at a con and an older man tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around, he was looking at the print and details on my dress with a really awed expression on his face and told me how beautiful it was and asked me about where the dress was from and if he could take a photo of me. I thought that was nice.

Most recently, I was wearing my Holy Lantern jsk as I passed out candy to kids on Halloween and a lot of the parents and older kids complimented my dress. One mom told me "that dress looks great to twirl in" which made me smile and I told her it was.

Yeah, I don't understand why people think it's okay to just touch your clothes. Once, I was waiting in front of a hotel for my ride while wearing a Liz Lisa dress when I felt the back of my skirt being lifted up. I quickly turned to find some Hispanic woman feeling my skirt between her fingers and she told me in broken English, "Is beautiful". I said thank you but it was a bit unnerving to have someone just grab my skirt like that from behind.

>> No.9272519


But she wasn't going to even be walking with him. He made fun of her for something he wasn't even going to be involved in.

Also, being a doormat because someone else is so self conscious that you'll bring attention to them is a great way to make yourself miserable in friendships.

He sounds like a dick to be quite honest.

>> No.9272545

I get the "I love your crinoline!" line from older ladies. It's cute.8

>> No.9272593
File: 87 KB, 737x441, tumblr_nlppawI9a81qmsqedo4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Brother is into Jane Austen and dresses up in regency outfits to attend meets and dances
>I dress in otome or vintage stuff everyday but dress up in lolita sometimes
>Dress up to go to my first lolita meet
>Dad chuckles
>"You and your brother really like those costumes"

>> No.9272640

>wearing pastel vomit sweet in a southern town
>get asked if i'm a civil war reenactor
literally what the fuck

>> No.9272652

The pixies vs fairies civil war of course!

>> No.9272663
File: 610 KB, 2081x1263, 1462304644188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have given up on it all
Just tired of all the grief I've gotten over the years
Every single time I've gone out, be it to a con, in a group, or by myself there is always one asshole who has something to say to me.
Even if it was every other time I wouldn't have given up, but EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TIME...it is just too much.
'crossplay' and altfash is just too much for normies
Couldn't stand the vile nature of people anymore so I got rid of all my clothes and bought a pair of fucking blue jeans and a pack of t shirts and that is all I wear now.
Fuck it yo, fuck normies I hope the people who talked shit to me get dick cancer and have their cocks chopped off and spend the rest of their shitty lives as uniks

>> No.9272694
File: 38 KB, 268x237, tumblr_oaouniflsX1v3vvzzo1_400[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly get good reactions in lolita. I think the worst my comm ever got was from a rando normie when we went apple picking at the orchard. He asked "Is this normal?" in this incredulous tone so we just said it's normal for us. I think he was trying to ask if it was a special occasion and it came out super rude instead lmao. The rest of the time we get the usual: "cute costume, are you in a play, are you a princess" but it's very positive and people are excited much of the time.

Interestingly enough, for me himekaji got worse reactions than lolita. Might be light colours and short skirts I guess? Husband's friend invited us out drinking one summer night, so on the way to the bar we get off the bus and as we're walking down the street some random fat chick gave me the most disgusted look, shook her head, audibly scoffed, and started whispering something to her friend. I just raised my eyebrow at her, no idea wtf her problem was.

>mfw dancing that night and receive compliments left and right from girls drunk and sober
suck on that, ya rude fatty.

>> No.9272705

It happened to us too

Group all stood together outside of a restaurant for a photo, and all the foot traffic grinds to a halt and just watches like :D

>> No.9272706

I never got this. Honestly the only time I brag about the price of clothes is if I got it for cheap, since things like finding $40 boots for $7, or a cute floral pullover for $6 instead of the listed $60 is something that makes my damn day.

>> No.9272711

Fuck fat people. I'm sure she was just jealous.

>> No.9272728

I wasn't explicitly taught but remember from being one myself (medical situation)
Often you don't know what to do/if you would just get in the way (your situation was different but should work the same)

>> No.9272743
File: 29 KB, 400x590, IMG_0382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure this was her nurse XD

>> No.9272817

You sound like an uptight faggot tbdesu.
>apple picking in a getup
>someone simply asks is this normal (protip, its not)
>probably said to his face "y-yeah heheh..."
>goes home and opens 11th bookmark to 4chan
>"ugh are you serious right now? you guys won't believe the scoundrel I ran into today"

>> No.9272825

hey guys, I'm board hopping right now and this is so confusing. Can I ask a few questions?

>lolita means wearing japanese 'kawaii' dresses and accessories, correct?
>is it for both genders, or mainly guys, or mainly girls? Because a lot of people are referring to 'gf' or 'husband'
>if guys are wearing lolita, are they harassed?
>does lolita involve any roleplay, or only the fashion?

>> No.9272835
File: 1016 KB, 758x625, comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi new anon! let me try to clarify for you

1) lolita doesn't encompass the entire "kawaii" category of clothing. lolita is a very specific fashion with some hard and fast rules. i recommend looking up lolita fashion yourself to get more details on what makes lolita, lolita.

2) it's for both genders, but i'm pretty sure more girls are open about wearing frilly dresses. there are a whole lot of "brolitas" though--guys who dress in lolita.

3) i mean, that really varies. i would say a lot of female lolitas are cool with guys in lolita as long as they're not creepy or treat the clothes as a fetish thing. unfortunately normies probably aren't as willing to be understanding. there are definitely people out there who would not agree with a guy in a dress.

4) lolita is only a fashion. it's just clothes. some people think that there has to be a certain lifestyle that comes along with wearing lolita, but the people who assume that are wrong and usually don't even wear lolita themselves.

>> No.9272838

To add to what >>9272835 said,
>a lot of people are referring to 'gf' or 'husband'
Keep in mind that some girls do in fact date other girls.

>> No.9272839

cool, thanks.

Enjoy your pretty dresses :)

>> No.9272840

will do anon! i'm happy when people ask good questions!

>> No.9272877

Lol I think you're misreading me to be totally bothered when I wasn't anon. this is a thread for normie reactions, all reactions, not just negative ones. That one stands out because it was the least positive one (hence "the worst") we ever got, and even that was 90% his tone.

He probably spaghetti'd around so many pretty girls, so it's k.

>> No.9272904

>very specific fashion with some hard and fast rules
Mind sharing those rules?

>> No.9272909

There's a lolita/jfash stupid questions thread, ask there.

>> No.9273049

I don't have any stories about actually wearing lolita, but I do have a story to share.
>In small high school (less than 1000 students)
>Have one group of friends, most of them are entry-level weebs
>It's lunch time, and gf decided to eat with me & friends
>We keep to more normie topics for a while since she's normie as can be
>She's obviously not participating in talking anymore, so we move back to anime topics.
>lower-level weebs are asking me for mystery anime recommendations
>suggest Gosick, mostly because I want to discuss it with people
>It turns out that Joe had already watched it, while everyone else says they'll look into it
>people start leaving for class
>Me and Joe have free period next
>we start talking about Gosick as we walk my gf to her locker
>"What did you think of all of Victorique's outfits?"
>"uhh yeah, I like how modest they are,"
>"it's called loli, anon,"
>I choose to not correct him. This is my first mistake
>I drop off my gf, and spend spare with Joe, watching anime and junk
>fast forward a day or two
>it's lunch again and Joe is showing me some lolita coords
>"man anon, you really like lolis,"
>I ignore it again, this is mistake # 2
>that night I get text from gf "do you really like lolis?"
>She heard Joe talk about it, so she must be talking about the fashion.
>"Yea, it looks good"
>I fall asleep before getting another response
>And I wake up to "So would you be happier if I was younger, and smaller?"
>what did I start?
>I try explaining that I was talking about the fashion, with no luck
>"But Joe told me that lolis are young girls!"
>goddamnit Joe!
>During free period I force Joe to help me make a powerpoint explaining the difference between lolis and lolita.
>Show the powerpoint to gf, and lesser weeb friends to prevent this misconception from spreading
>gf breaks up with me a week later because liking little girls is creepy
>I now cringe whenever I see, or hear someone call lolita loli

>> No.9273057

California lolita here. Folks in california are super chill, I live in a touristy beach town so a lot of locals and tourist just accept it. I'll maybe get an older lady who is super stoked by it but usually my outings go withot a hitch and are uneventful.

>> No.9273104


>> No.9273113

I'm still pretty new to wearing anything that even remotely looks Lolita fashion and have been to two local meet-ups so far, so I'm not used to reactions at all yet.

The first meet-up I went to took place at this local hipstery creative artsy something place where they have self-service for drinks. When I went to get a new drink, a man approached me asking "what universe" I was from. When I said I didn't know what he meant, he replied along the lines of "Aren't all these things from some special kind of universe like Star Trek and such?"
At least he was content when I explained it wasn't a costume but a clothing style. Tbh, I don't think I could have properly explained the whole deal of Lolita fashion to him in my outfit which I think looked more like nice try, but not quite there yet.
During the same meet-up, several people tried to take photos of other attendants and seemed really taken aback when being told that they could at least ask.

>> No.9273148

They won't
Giving up means they win

>> No.9273281
File: 486 KB, 420x312, ff.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a tall, thin, pale manly looking ginger woman with short hair and I usually dress in ouji/EGA when out. I got a funny reaction from a kid the other day.

>Be in department store looking for socks
>dressed in black and ivory EGA coord with top hat, slightly more OTT than I usually do.
>Small boy child turns corner and sees me
>"sis! Theres a ghost over here!"

That was the best I got in a while, he seems more happy than scared at least.

>> No.9273322

you brought that on yourself

>> No.9273626

>In weeb shop with friends having a laugh, celebrating my birthday.
>As were leaving, in walks tumblr chub girl and boyfriend.
>looks at us and scoffs
>"ugh so many weaboos about today"
>give her the most confused and bemused look
>bitch look where you are
>leaves whilst me and friends laugh about how up herself she probably sounded

I probably have other stories that I cant remember, however I've had the usual stuff from kids when wearing jfashion/cosplay. Normies look as if youve stepped in dog shit when you see them and older people can love it or hate it.

>> No.9273785

Very much this, if you travel enough in lolita you will notice what a huge difference area makes. UK here and every city/area has a different vibe - some places people will only stare/whisper, other places it's common for people to shout at you openly on the street, other places people just don't give a fuck.

>> No.9273787

One of my professors said I had "such energy" and wanted me to "continue having so much energy" regarding me wearing lolita to class. She was a sort of bizarre woman but I think it was a compliment

>> No.9273789

I don't have a car because I have a phobia of driving. I live in an area of the US with shit public transport though, so it's an inconvenient fear.

>> No.9273790

Spat out my tea at that, thanks anon.

>> No.9273792

Anon, even as a fellow lolita I dislike even the loveliest of bonnets because I think it's impossible to wear them without making your coord look like a costume.

>> No.9273820

Most young people can't afford a car in the UK, as petrol is taxed so highly that tax is over 60% of what you pay for fuel and the yearly insurance for under-30s costs more than a second-hand car would as they're considered a high-risk group. It used to be okay if you were a girl and about 10x the normal cost if you were a young guy, since 17-21-year-old guys have the worst accident record of all age groups by miles, but some court decided that was sexist so now young women have to pay through the nose too. The public transport here is crappy compared to a lot of Europe but universities and schools etc were never built with parking for students in mind, so even if you have a license and can afford it it's really impractical to have a car at university in most places.

Only a handful of people have a car in most comms I've been in, and most meets start with the group meeting at a train station because it's how most people arrive.

>> No.9274148

I was participating in a themed group cosplay photoshoot at a local park where there were some ruins that fit our theme.

There was a road that goes right past the ruins and as photos were being taken people were constantly slowing down or stopping completely. The road was pretty busy so I was afraid we were going to cause some fender benders.

>> No.9274169

Lolita is also a subculture though.

>> No.9274342

guy I dated in high school while closeted
>had only just started getting into it lolita and never wore it around him, he was okay with it but thought it was kind of weird and not revealing or casual enough
Getting involved with lesbian dating now but never know at what point it's safe to bring it up when chatting to girls in apps, since I don't want people to run a mile when they hear the word "lolita" but I also think it looks weirder to hide it.

male best friend
>thinks lolita is hideous
>generally a downer and complains whenever I bring it up
>occasionally interested in the drama
I was a tomboy when we met and I think he definitely prefers that look but he tolerates lolita since it's none of his business what I wear.

female best friend
>thinks it's cute but doesn't really know anything about it beyond that

other male friends
>think it's a weeb thing

old classmates from high school
>like my pics on FB but 99% sure some of them think it's a kink thing

male flatmate
>thinks lolita is cute but I waste too much money on it, will chat about the fashion sometimes

female flatmate
>thought it must be a kink thing when she first met me, which freaked me out a lot
>thinks a lot of the fashion is weird but loves some dresses and sometimes asks me to dress her up or tries to get me to show my wardrobe to house guests
>bought a cheap dress once but too busy with work to become more involved in the fashion
>sometimes wonder if I should have discouraged her from starting because she complains lolita isn't sexy enough and thinks JSKs look better blouseless

>> No.9274348

>history buff; occasionally slightly weirded out by the Victorian child vibe but thinks the dresses are beautiful

>think it's really cute but think I'm too obsessed with lolita and should diversify to other styles
>one of them wears jfash too

>loves it, thinks it's really cute
>always proudly forwards my photos to other relatives all like "that's my granddaughter!"
>still thinks I spend too much money on it even when I lie about the true cost

other relatives
>okay with it I guess, I suppose they think it's cute but slightly weird

elderly family friend
>loves it, talks about the sewing she did in the 50s
>thinks it's still a bit immodest but tells me about stuff she's seen in charity/vintage shops that she thinks would work for the look

work colleagues, people on my course at uni
>don't know about it
>post coords on my Facebook occasionally which they must see, but nobody's ever brought it up

>> No.9274362

Happened to me just now
>at the airport about to go home for winter
>wearing very casual cute, simple brand blouse with long suspender skirt, simple tights, and oxfords
>get a dirty, long, look from the couple i sit across from at the gate

>> No.9274368

Another lesbian lolita here, when I'm not in lolita/other j-fashion, I'm a total tomboy (men's clothes, no makeup) and would definitely be considered butch it I had short hair like I did 4 years ago.
People are always really surprised when one day I'm dressed like a man and the next I'm in lolita or a another girly jfash

>> No.9274380

I had shorter hair towards the end of high school too, I keep it between a short and long bob now because I wear lolita often enough that the convenience of being able to wear my natural hair with it is worth the extra maintenance of long hair. My daily style is a bit girlier than it was a few years ago, but it's still 60-80% jeans and tees, albeit with fitted tees these days.

>tfw you kind of want to get short hair again and the only thing stopping you from doing it is how useful having a girly cut is with jfash
>also too poor for monthly hairdresser visits and not butch enough to just get it cut at a barbershop

>> No.9274417
File: 59 KB, 500x462, tumblr_obi387FmnS1tjyeywo8_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you kind of want to get short hair again
Different anon but don't do it. I'm stuck in tomboy flannel hell and desperately want to be cute but once you go pixie it's almost impossible to suffer through that ugly in-between stage to grow it out.

>tfw going Ouji and living through the cute lolitas on my arm because I can't be cute daily

>> No.9274420

Why not wear a wig?

>> No.9274426

Wigs for daily use to me is just.. well, I'm a cosplayer as well so wigs to me = costume and every time I get one I try it on and it never looks natural. I wore a wig to my classes one time and got questions who I was dressed up as despite it being just a regular brown fashion wig.

>> No.9274433

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll notice that a lot of popular figures in the community no longer wear wigs, or they wear natural coloured wigs with less styling.

It's a bit far-fetched to say that wigs are out of style, but it's clear that a lot of people are beginning to opt for their natural hair.

>> No.9274435

>at a nice picnic meet w/ my comm
>cargo shorts dad comes up to us without a word
>starts kneeling close by and taking a bunch of pictures
>comm mod ain't having it, esp with minors among us
>she politely explains how it's rude to take pictures without asking first
>shorts dad gets real huffy about it
>going on about NSA surveillance and security cameras taking our pictures so he can too
>ok dude, it's still rude
>later on, we spot ANOTHER photographer
>he's got a long lens, slowly strafing around our group from a distance taking pics
>way to be creepy AS FUCK
>we have get out our parasols and basically form a wall

>> No.9274439

Cry more.

>> No.9274444

Fair enough.

I didn't say they had to wear a wig. OP was complaining about not feeling cute enough with their current hair so I suggested a wig. Reading comprehension plz.

>> No.9274446

If I had thought that, I woulda mentioned it. It was his weird conspiracy vibe that was off-putting.

>> No.9274448

Taking pictures of someone without asking is rude no matter what they're wearing. We're weirdly dressed nerds, not zoo animals.

>> No.9274622

Don't feel bad, anon. I understood what you meant and I would wear a little short-ish wig if I could find one that looked natural that didn't cost an arm and a leg. It's just that everyone I go to class with has only seen me with a boyish cut so the moment I wear a wig of any kind I get immediate "Are you wearing a costume?" comments.

>> No.9274760

Tha's what you get for picking normie gfs

>> No.9275097

It was enough to spoonfeed the newfriend. Feel free to elaborate if you want to, but they specifically asked if lolita involved roleplay. Which it doesn't. Anything less succinct besides "lolita is just clothes" will open up a whole new can of worms that should belong in SQT or Lolita General.

>going on about NSA surveillance and security cameras taking our pictures so he can too

What the actual hell? Even if surveillance is a thing it doesn't mean he gets to be creepy. Cargo shorts should have been your first warning sign.

Normies aren't used to seeing well-dressed people I guess.

>> No.9276494
File: 151 KB, 426x546, 1470298930541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9276519

I agree; if you're going somewhere WITH the other person.
I live in a kinda seedy place and seriously don't need the hassle of getting into a fight with someone because you're wearing creep-bait.
On the other hand, I can't make you NOT wear it, even if we're going someplace together. I can just opt out of going.

>> No.9276680

Careful, she might be in scientology or some other crazy cult.

>> No.9276768

Doing this. Omg

>> No.9276782

Also, I know this is the most annoying advice, but ignore it, or act like what they're doing is super weird and socially unacceptable.

They are IRL trolling you, they want to see you get upset or react in some way, the best thing you can do it not visibly react. You're very probably not in any real danger.

>Bitter oldfag time
Kids these days have it easy, I remember being a goth in secondary school and having teachers yell "Mish mosh get a wash!" at me in corridors. I'm english so we had uniforms too, it's not as if I was mallgothing it up every day.

>Translator note: Mosher means person dressed in alternative fashion who may listen to alternative heavy music

>> No.9276787

>Translator's note

Dear god I don't think I'm too old but I assumed everyone knew that.

>> No.9276831

It's super regional, are you up north by any chance? All the people I've met from the south have never heard it before.

>> No.9276857

Just put a picture of yourself wearing lolita in your profile and if someone asks about it you can always call it egl or gothloli/gosurori

>> No.9276929

I don't want to be mean, but you honestly handled that situation in the worst possible way. Screaming, crying and running away only makes them want to harass you more, like dangling red fabric in front of a bull.

If this ever happens again just put in your earbuds and crank up your music, pretend they aren't there. They'll get bored and fuck off on their own.

>> No.9276944

>once you go pixie it's almost impossible to suffer through that ugly in-between stage to grow it out.

This. I had short back and sides for the longest time and was only able to grow my hair after shaving it all off. And even then you have at least six months of burst couch hair. I ended up just buying a load of cute hats and hair bands.

>> No.9277073
File: 13 KB, 200x200, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sometimes wear fairy kei out. Sometimes people smile at me and I smile back or people go about their day.

Today, two people my age snickered at me. The confusing thing is that both had dyed hair in unnatural colors (pink and blue respectively). I don't really think they're in any position to judge when they look straight out of an alternative fashion photobucket album.

>> No.9277078

I'm from the Southeast United States and we don't have the term 'mosher'. However we have the term 'mosh' and everyone knows moshing is what you do at metal and punk shows.

>> No.9277082

Some teens in altfash hate pastels because they think they're girly and childish and preppy or what the fuck ever, as opposed to superior black.

>> No.9277099

My dad's pretty cool. His only contention with the necklace was it reminded him of a dope addict. My dad's always been really supportive of weird alternative fashion. (He grew up with and still listens to the Ramones, Joan Jett, and the Descendants.) He's always provided off the wall commentary on the strangest things. Three things in fact.

>Syringe necklaces remind people of dope heads apparently.
>Blue is a terrible color for hair. The rest are great, just not blue. Purple is the best color.
>Combat boots with skirts make you look like a tiny lumberjack and should not be worn.

>> No.9278208

>Fucking south germans
This triggered my Schnitzel.

>> No.9278211

I support tiny lumberjack kei

>> No.9278225

>wearing toned down dusty pink coord for a day out
>male friend is a prep, happens to be wearing a waistcoat in a similar-ish dusty blue
>get ice cream
>lady with a huge camera shows up
>"oh goodness you look so amazing, can I take a picture of you?"
>we say sure
>"great, can you cuddle?"
>"um...we're not dating"
>"but you're matching, you MUST be dating!!!"
>"it kinda happened on accident"
>"noooooo nononon that can't be, you're dating"

>dressed nanchatte
>oh boy
>.....what now?
>"I can't believe I finally found a fellow fan, I've never met anyone who knew it!!!! I'm so excited!!! Your cosplay is so on point too!"
>"can I please please take a picture???"
>go along with it, hope he doesn't start talking about the show

never found out which character I apparently resembled.

>> No.9278287

calling it gothloli or anything with the word loli is 100x worse than calling it lolita fashion

>> No.9278293

>wearing fairly simple country coord - white IW blouse, blue IW annette skirt, straw boater, red tps, white frilly ankle socks cause heat
>mom calls and needs me to stop by Walmart on the way home
>people in my city usually don't make too big a deal about lolita but the people in walmart always stare with open mouths like a bunch of surprised cows for some reason
>cue the cow stares
>this one adorable little girl points to me though
>tells her dad that she wants my outfit for christmas
>I hear her dad nervously tell her that he doesn't think they sell that here

That was pretty cute and made the trip to Walmart worth it

>> No.9278297

i just say otome, its way easier and if someone really is interested and wants to look it up then they will find info on lolita anyway

>> No.9278301

is this aristo victor?

>> No.9278567

>she took the midnight train being photographed

>> No.9278788

>Wearing a simple black sack dress coord
>At Starbucks
>Orders peppermint hot chocolate
>Cashier can't stop looking at my outfit and smiling
>"I don't know why but your outfit makes me super happy"
>Cue smile and say "Thank you"
>Get drink
>Peppermint was forgotten

It was super sweet but I was super disappointed for not having my holiday cheer in my cup of cocoa

>> No.9278798

Im sorry to hear that, anon.
I feel you.
Its much, much worse being a male that wants to be pretty.

They'll never understand.

>> No.9278838

what about candid photography? Not trolling, and I agree NSA guy is a fucking jackass but other guy just sounds like a regular photography who wanted to take a picture of people doing something interesting.

Once people start posing, it's no longer candid.

>> No.9278848

I feel like in that scenario, it's still much better to ask. You can still get candid shots if you tell people you are a photographer and would like them to act candid and give out a business card or something. It's much more legitimate that way.

>> No.9279016

>wear ouji in random public sometimes
>get called gay
>bros bully me still
>mom still thinks I'm gay

I wish I never got into this

>> No.9279022

It's happened to me twice that someone took a picture of me while I was at the busstop playing on my phone in lolita and they told me afterwards. The pictures were actually pretty cool. But I'm sure 99% of the people who do that don't tell me afterwards and just send the picture to their friends to laugh at.

>> No.9279041

>get simple velveteen jsk/bonnet set in the mail
>sister asks to see it because she's mildly fascinated by the weird shit i wear
>try it on with a blouse/tights/shoes and show it to her
>"anon you look like a caroler!"
Maybe it was a bad idea to make this my Christmas coord?

>> No.9279045

If what they are saying about you is not true, why let it bother you?
Sorry you have a family of asshats anon.
Laugh shake your head and tell them you pity them when they say that shit. Must be boring to live in their world.

>> No.9279060

Bonnets and velvet make it worse, but it can't be avoided at Christmas. People would think you were there to sing carols in costume anyway so just enjoy your coord.

>> No.9279137

>>sends me articles about cosplay competitions
Bro dad

>> No.9279169

Not in my experience. As soon as you make someone aware, they change their body language. They suddenly want to look good as opposed to casual and relaxed.

>> No.9279193

Yeah, I figured. It's a low poof dress though so from a distance it might look more normal. I've decided to replace the bonnet with a nice beret I just paid the shipping for, it won't cover my ears that way too (I noticed sound gets muffled when wearing the bonnet)

>> No.9279269

get a hot gf with big tittie and everyone will clap

>> No.9279297

But if she has big tittie she won't fit brand, anon.

>> No.9279299


IDK how ;;

>> No.9279396

Sure, candid lolita photos usually look really great. But at least tell us afterwards? Give us a business card/a website address where we can find the photos? Treat us like people and not zoo animals.

Otherwise we'll think you're rude and assume you're taking photos for an unsavory reason.

>> No.9279416

Why is the UK such a fucking shithole? I'm from mainland Europe and I always thought the UK was just kinda like here but after spending some time with my current boyfriend who lives there it's actually the worst place on Earth? It continues to confuse the fuck out of me.

>> No.9279437

UK doesn't have a car culture like America because it was too poor and small post-war to develop one, so cities aren't designed for cars. Governments tax fuel highly and don't fund public transport as much Europe so transport is crap-all round.. I'd say blame austerity but this has been an issue for like 30 years.

Getting the train in lolita is usually okay, actually, as long as there isn't a football match or something on. Not even that many people staring, moreso people deliberately avoiding eye contact.

>> No.9279721

cant have loli girlfriend, anon is already a weird faggot doesnt need a weird faggot gf too

>> No.9279732

UK lolita train stories
>in gothic, getting the train back from a meet with a sweet lolita and a gothic lolita
>get off at gothic lolita's stop, sweet lolita still on train
>elderly woman comes up to us with her granddaughter who is too shy to say anything
>"Are you going to a party? I like your party dresses!"
>"No, we just dress like this! But we were going out to meet friends."
>"Oh, tell the girl you were with she looked like a Disney princess!"

>getting on train
>old guy comes running across the fucking platform to stop me getting on the train
>turn around to see what he has to say
>super confused because I was in gothic with a straight wig

>getting train to convention, wearing a twintail wig because that was the trend
>old jobsworth won't accept my railcard or ID because I "look different"
>won't believe I'm under-18 either because I have coloured hair???
>keep trying to explain that it's a wig but he's not having it
>argue with him for 10 minutes, eventually get let through by another staff member
With hindsight, I should have just taken the wig off.

worst train experience
>wearing a full-price brand set with a couple of second-hand/offbrand pieces
>feeling smug about nabbing a table window seat on a crowded train
>middle-aged guy puts their bag on the shelf above me then sits next to me, nbd
>feel a drip, smell something weird
>look up
>a can of beer has cracked in his bag
>can't move because he's blocked me in so it keeps dripping on me
>trying not to freak out and politely ask him to move because his stuff is spilling
>he spills more when he moves the bag out
>guy is really apologetic and helps me clean up but I had wet hair and smelled like beer until I got home
>was lucky that nearly all of it fell on my hair and offbrand cardigan, not my expensive-ass dress and headpiece

90% of my other stories are just people avoiding eye contact and trying to take sneaky photos, or "I like your costume!" sort of stuff.

>> No.9279734


Hey, it could be worse, like Ireland for instance, which is a smaller shittier place than the UK and everyone tries to make up for it by being nice and drinking a lot.

>> No.9279794

You forget some people are also just terribly photogenic. I make a really retarded face when I know I'm on camera. I don't mean intentionally, I just get 'tense'? Anyhow, looks like the face of constipation.

Most dressed up would like to be told not just out of politeness, but if you are going to be taking fancy photos of their dresses, offer them copies? I mean they spent hours for the appearance a photographer is interested in. Afterward, he can at least offer them copies of the photos so they can have them.

>> No.9279796


>> No.9279886

I mean if it was me, I'd offer copies after. I can't make other people do the right thing obviously but I also hate that I can't whip out a dslr to take a candid shot of someone who looks beautiful without realizing and I know if I told them, they'd tense up like you said. That changes everything. It kills the moment. It's the reason why there is no such thing as reality TV because they're aware the cameras are rolling so they are behaving a certain way.

>> No.9279909


Ireland is such a shitstorm

>> No.9279922

That kids gonna tell that story to everyone.

>> No.9279936

Not normies but anyone else get those subtle nods from other 'weirdly' dressed people? I love them they're like a non spoken mutual "You do you"

>> No.9280022

Yes! Oh my god I love those.
I especially love being the one who initiates it, particularly with non-lolita goth type girls. They tend to be super competitive against other weirdly dressed girls, so it feels like sisterhood when they stop side-eyeing me and smile or nod back.

Ireland is a wind-storm, it's like the earthly equivalent of the eye of fucking Jupiter.
Always wear bloomers, never leave the house without a hairbrush, and forget about bonnets.

>> No.9280038

Unfortunately no. Some of the nastiest looks I've gotten were from emo/goth girls with unnaturally coloured hair and the only person who ever screamed "bo peep where are your sheep" at me was some weebcore/metalhead hybrid looking guy. Steampunks are nice until I (politely!) insist my outfit isn't a costume, then they turn catty. I don't understand why but for some reason normies tend to be much friendlier to me than other alt people.

>> No.9280048

im a huge fucking lesbian so when i see another alternatively dressed girl i flirt way too much its a curse

>> No.9280143

>Pick up a guy from a convention
>we go on a couple dates, I wear lolita each time
>One day, he tells me he wants to suprise me, has me meet him at the mall
>He's their in full goddamn Finn The Human Cosplay
>oh god why
>"I didn't want you feeling weird dressing up alone, so I got dressed to match!"
>entire day people call me princess bubblegum, while I'm trying to explain to him it isn't a costume and he should take the Finn hat off and he didn't get it

It didn't work out

>> No.9280148

That's strangely endearing, though to be honest I was hoping to read that he'd dressed up in ouji or dandy or some other fancy boy style to surprise you. I understand why you were uncomfortable with it but seems like he had good intentions at least.

>> No.9280155


You know, I'd think that if you were even a halfway decent ouji and not an idiot or a jerk, you'd be at least relatively popular with local comms. Do you have anybody else nearby or are you solo?

>> No.9280157


I think I'm pretty nice, and I'm not a complete retard....it's just that I have a hard time really getting the confidence to actually go to things with other people. Doesn't help I kinda jumped into this without any friends into it.

>> No.9280161

Join your local comm if you haven't. Obviously it's not 100% guaranteed that you'll make friends but it's a start. You don't have to get into the fashion with friends, you can make new friends through your love of the fashion. It's okay to be wary and shy but if you want this then you should try stepping out of your comfort zone.

>> No.9280172


I'm already in the comm and I get invited to swap meets to "Meet" people but I'm really shy & I have nothing to offer for the meet & I don't think there will be anything I could use their either.

It'd be nice if there was at least 1 other guy in my comm...

>> No.9280175

Do you only get invited to swap meets? Does your comm not hold "casual" meets in cafes etc.? Also, have you ever actually been to a meet up before?

>> No.9280536

I was wearing some j-fashion dress with that bear coat from plumprimo out shopping and a sweet little old woman asked me if I was model.

>> No.9280541


Well there's meetups as well but I don't really go to those either. I'm just the spooked guy that doesn't show up.

>> No.9280550

How do you expect to make friends, then? Just go to one meet and don't worry so much about being shy, it's really not a big deal. As long as you're polite and friendly, actually try to make conversation and don't stare at your phone during the entire meet and expect people to approach you, you'll do fine.

>> No.9280601

I didn't know fatties could be models.

>> No.9280621

Yes! Unless they're goths. I'm not even a sweet lolita but goths tend to be major cunts to me.

>> No.9280820


I guess, it's still that I'm relatively new and not very confident? It's more so I'm really really out of my element and I don't mind meeting new people at all but, with this I get particularity nervous.

>> No.9280884

well you either try or you give up

>dont give up, pussy

>> No.9281207

Was that really necessary, anon?

Let me answer that for you. No. It wasn't.

>> No.9281208


Okay. Why do you consider this to be out of your element and what about it exactly makes you nervous?

>> No.9281442

Is it really necessary to be so fat?

No. no it isn't. Lose some weight, whale.

>> No.9282698


>am only guy in comm of a few 100

>> No.9282762


Okay, that's fair. But why exactly does that make you nervous?

>> No.9284583

well, at least your dad supports you, somehow
also, are you a lesbian op?

>> No.9284588

you don't can imagine, how strong was I laughing, when I read your weirdest things

>> No.9284604

wow, since when is modest clothing asking for rape?

>> No.9284617


>> No.9284627

well, you are jewish after all

>> No.9285427
File: 28 KB, 200x348, 200px-Fatan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>visit my Gram's little southern church
>wearing Christmas-y Jfashion and lolita necklace
>shake hands with your neighbors time
>obese woman toddles up to the pew in front of me
>"Oh I love your dress where'd you get it?"
>tell her online, my go to easy excuse
>"Your necklace is pretty too!"
>reaches over the pew for my chest area
>grabs my necklace and tugs it towards her to get a better view
>too stunned to say anything
>she lets it go and toddles off again
>later ends up fumbling with her ringing phone in the middle of prayer
>answers her phone in the middle of the service
>want to ring her neck and I'm not even religious

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