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Feels thread because other one is sagging and i have to vent

>feeling like i'm confused about what i like lately
>don't love lolita,anime,vidya...as much as i do when i was 14
>just can't feel as excited, even barely
>but i still want to love it!!!
>can't think of an anime i love, the ones i liked at 14 were "bad" and i don't like them or not as much anymore
>try new things but so far it's all boring
>decide to play some animal crossing but then tell myself it's meaningless in the end, a new game will come and it'll become obsolete
>watch Re:Zero, go on /a/ to see what people think about it and then feel like it's not even worth continuing
>don't know what kind of animu i like, don't have a fave anymore
>i don't even wanna go to cons anymore because there, they are always the same and after two hours i feel bored already
I feel so empty and weird, I just want to be an excited weeb like i was as a teenager (without the cringe), everything was so much more exciting. I had so much to look forward to. And now that I am 21 and actually have the money to buy real lolita,go to cons,buy anime merch,... i don't really feel like it anymore. I used to have depression but i'm mainly over it, don't know what could be causing that.

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That'll happen. take a break, eventually something will come along and the spark will reignite.

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>browsing closetchild, find a yellow shy bear ring I've been trying to find for months
>buy ring, along with 3 other rings and some accessories
>pay for my order, get confirmation e-mail
>2 days later, check PayPal and random refund is in my summary
>click on the refund, and it says that I've been refunded because the ring was never actually in stock

It's not really a huge deal, since I can eventually find another one, but it really bummed me out.

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Are you sure you're over it? Because thinking everything is pointless and no longer taking pleasure in things you used to sounds like text book depression to me. Maybe talk to a therapist.

>decide to play some animal crossing but then tell myself it's meaningless in the end, a new game will come and it'll become obsolete

And stop thinking like this. First of all it doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people replay their old games. It's not like buying a new game makes the old one stop working?

Secondly you're never, ever going to be happy if you don't make an effort to put yourself in a frame of mind where happiness can be had. Happiness starts with you.

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There's a new girl in my comm I totally HATE, but everyone loves her.

She's super sweet, nice, BUT she is into lolita because that ddlg shit.
Her "daddy" buys her all lolita stuff for her, not because she wants or she likes lolita, because HE want to have a baby lolita. It's fucking disgusting. I suspect she even wears a diaper to the meets
(anon)- Damn, sometimes is hard to go to bathroom because the petticoat haha
(ddlg girl)- Haha, glad I don't need to use bath haha

But everyone like her because the fake high pitch voice, her nyans, her kawaii desu and shit. What the actual fuck. Also everyone says "we have to respect her choices, also she's so brave for not hiding it, for do what she wants to do... she's a real feminist blahblahblah".... Feminist? Really?

I'm tired of this shit

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I'm so sick of my eating disorder and how it makes everything I love not fun for me. I can't be 100% happy in lolita or jfash because there are brands my waist is a few inches too big for and even thinking about those brands makes me so depressed. I can't lift weights because it means my legs and arms won't be thin like a models. I can't run because I ran too much and with bad form over the years as a form of purging and now my joints are fucked. I can't enjoy food, I can't enjoy anything because I'm always thinking about food....I hate caring so much about such a shallow thing as like 3 inches on my waist. I hate how a few pounds are ruining my life. Im trying so hard not to care but in a hobby like fashion it's impossible not to think of your body.

I woke up early today to try to do some cardio and just had a fucking meltdown about all this shit instead. Now I have to go to work and survive on barely any food because I ate 90% of my calories last night and didn't get to burn it off

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You need to do the following
1. Get a fitness tracker because it sounds like you're not very good at managing your calories like at all

2. Get some form of therapy

3. Get out of here because it's only going to make things worse.

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I never had an eating disorder, but I think I'm developing one. I'm not even a few inches too big for certain brands, I'm fat as fuck and mostly wear oversized clothes to hide how fat I am. All I can think about is food and how I shouldn't eat it, and thinking about food just makes me want to eat more, so I eat and then I feel horrible shame and regret afterwards. And then I can't think about anything other than how fat I am. I hate my body so much, the thought of having an eating disorder excites me. I want to be skinny. I purged for the first time today, and I feel great.

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Both of you need to get off of this board, step away from lolita fashion, and see a therapist as soon as possible. Those are not healthy ways to think, and you will just damage yourselves in the long run. Hell, first anon fucked up her joints from purging too much. Please, for the love of god, get help. Destroying yourself over an overpriced fashion is not worth it.

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And stay fat? Fuck off.

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Hospital bills for ED damage will eat into your brand money if you don't take care of yourself :^)

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Thanks anons that helped me a lttle bit.
And yes I am over it but I still feel blue sometimes and then it goes away. Sorry if I made it sound worse than it was.

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I'm literally overweight. At least I'm doing something to lose weight. That's what I'd really call taking care of myself. And what's the point of even having brand money if I can't get anything that fits and don't look good in anything anyway?

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There's non destructive ways to lose weight

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Holy fuck I knew a girl similar to that and everyone liked her because "but she is so cuuuute and her life isnt easy and she is hiding it well!1! She tried to commit suicide and has bpd anonnnn!!" ffs.
dd/lg disgusts me and every girl i've seen in it so far is disgusting (as well as the so-called daddies which are 99% of the time shady neckbeards). It makes me cringe. They're so fake. And they're always somehow mentally ill (not that i am surprised kek).

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back to r9k with you faggot

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Man, I cannot imagine having so little self control that I couldn't just eat some fucking salads and go for a run, that I instead decided to just start vomitting it all up because it sounded easier. Sad.

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Purging is not taking care of yourself. It's pretending you're solving your problems while adding on new ones.
Get a fitness tracker, exercise regularly and say no to yourself. Reward yourself with new brand for your new bod.

All purging is going to do is wreck your teeth, throw your fluids out of wack, erode your esophagus, among other things.

>inb4 I don't know what i'm talking about. I was a fat fuck, lost weight and rewarded myself with brand. It works if you actually do it properly

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I've permanently fucked up a muscle in my chest from purging. If I vomit at all, even when sick as a dog, it causes this muscle to cramp, and I'm stuck with intense pain until it finally relaxes.

First anon (>>9273533), please see someone. Food and calories and losing weight used to be my entire world, and it was horrible. I had pretty severe body dysmorphia that still isn't totally gone even ten years later. But I'm telling you from experience that it's so much better being able to appreciate the food you put into your body and being able to actually do things with your body. I'm a healthy weight, I can run for miles without getting tired or sick, and I still fit in all but the smallest brand clothes. Please see someone. You are worth more than some dress size.

Second anon (>>9273561), stop this before you get started. A dear friend of mine found out about my ED and started down this path you're on, she glamorized it and was clearly excited to talk to me about how many times she'd thrown up that week. She never learned how to cope with this kind of thing, rebounded, and is much heavier than she ever was before. Please, instead of taking a destructive path, learn to eat well and exercise. Take the time to care for yourself and actually deal with whatever it is that is making you feel bad about yourself.

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I use a fitness tracker obsessively. I've just gotten into thr bad habit of restricting during the day and eating most of my calories at night. I'm seeing a therapist but she doesn't quite get eating disorders and is focusing more on general depression. I've seen many therapists over the years and just can never shake this stupid way of thinking. I've been disordered for over 10 years and dont think ill ever be happy with my body and eating habits. I should probably try to come here less but I really don't want to stop lolita or jfash, I finally found a hobby I love anr without this I'll just be empty.

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Switch therapists, if possible. Find someone who knows how to deal with eating disorders. And quitting cgl doesn't mean quitting lolita. This board isn't the only place to find information on or engage in these fashions.

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Like >>9273608 I don't mean leaving lolita I mean finding a better place that doesn't have such extremely unrealistic expectations on weight when you're in such a bad position. I recommend joining the cgl discord that was posted in the friend finder thread or joining the actually decent amino group (the 18+ one)

You deserve actually reasonable company rather than here.

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>At least I'm doing something to lose weight

You're being a little bitch and not actually working at it. Grow the fuck up, get a healthy diet, and get a workout routine aside from "muh cardio." Or just stay a misreable fat fuck since you don't seem to have the ability to actually work for something.

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>tfw just began a new bulk SS mbok/ y!J order
>Two weeks later, win an auction for a dream dress
>Cosmic OP for only 14800¥
>Waiting forever to hear that my item arrived

Over 2 weeks later...
>Get message from SS that seller will not respond and hasn't shipped
>Decide to buy somewhat overpriced dreamy horoscope with the refund since the SS wouldn't disburse it back to my PayPal (zenmarket)
>Get an email saying my items are getting close to the 45 day limit for holding items before there is a fee

Hopefully the dreamy horoscope seller ships fast! I just want a nice dress to wear while I get back to my usual weight, I'm too big for most of my 30+ main pieces right now. I have been stress eating a lot, RIP health

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>Doesn't want to lift weights because you won't be thin

You are literally fucking retarded. I lost inches off my waist when I was lifting heavy and still had arms small enough for OPs. Now that all I do is run every day since I can't afford my gym atm, I gained 6cm on my waist. No change in diet

Instead of seeing a therapist for your eating disorder, join a good gym and learn to lift. It's so much easier than dieting

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I think you meant to quote my response above that one. Id been lifting for about a year or two before I stopped. I was barely getting any stronger, not any thinner, and my legs started to look weird and chunky. I couldn't make myself eat enough to really reap any of the positive effects. Plus I had gotten to the point where if I couldn't work out for an hour and a half at a time I started sprialing into guilt, and it was starting to consume my life. With cardio I'm okay just doing 30-45 min at least. I'm trying to stay consistent with that and then maybe work back to lifting if I can get myself into a healthier mindset.

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Also I'm not fat lol nor am I retarded. I know all about lifting and it's benefits and how it's "better" than cardio but if I was going insane trying to fit it in my schedule and wasn't getting any slimmer or stronger it seemed even stupider to keep doing it

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>girl in my drawing class who's actually into jfash and recognizes the brands i wear
>today's the last day of class so i'm planning on giving her some contact info so we can be friends or something because i have no j-fash friends
>during final project presentations, she says the phrase "as someone who looks like a woman"
>change my mind about giving her my number because i don't do that tumblr shit anymore
Why is it so hard to find people into jfash other than lolita who aren't tumblrinas?

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You don't need to eat more if you're lifting to get lean. Jesus, anon, you have an excuse for everything. Sounds like you don't even want to get in shape, you just want people to feel bad for you

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My post was not about wanting to get in shape it was about being sick of my eating disorder so excuse me for not bowing down to your superior fitness advice when that isn't what I asked for at all. Im not fat, i just have literally 3 inches on my waist that I obsess over. I'm relatively in shape and I know about fitness shit. Im just tired of thinking about food and exercise all the time and upset that lolita triggers it.

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Got a random HUGE zit on my ass-cheek and a tea on Saturday. Wtf do I do??

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Are you going to show off your ass cheeks at the meet?

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Make sure it matches your coord.

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Lol no. But it's going to make it hard to sit down on a wooden chair.

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If you wear a big enough petticoat, it won't be a problem

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Stuff your bloomers with quilt batting or cotton balls

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Today I impulse-cut almost 17 inches of hair into a pixie cut.

Kawaii as fuck.

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I wish I was e-famous, I wish I could get hundreds of likes on my selfies and outfit pics...

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I wish I had the berries to ask this one con girl to do a long-distance relationship with me.

But it's so emotionally draining, having a gf...

But I can't stop fantasizing about the amazing cosplays we could do together!

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Why? I'd rather not be e-famous. Comes with too much hate. Plus I see some e-famous lolitas like Batty and that to me proves most people have shit taste anyway, so if I was e-famous I'd probably start worrying I must be an uggo cause it seems like most of the truly e-famous lolitas are uggos. The only non-uggo popular (not sure if you could say e-famous) lolita I know of is Fanny Rosie

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If that's your only defining quality of being "e-famous" then I fall in that category, but getting lots of likes on stuff really doesn't amount to much in the end unless your fans are super engaged (which means you also need to be super engaged with them too). Likes are cheap these days though, and the novelty wears off quickly once you realize how easy it is to fake that sort of thing.

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hundreds of likes isn't really anything, anon. it doesn't fix anything either. i deleted my insta that would get upwards of ~700 likes on everything because it felt like such a chore. i was hustling to put out new cute content every day. it worked, and i was certainly growing, but it wasn't fun.

people don't like your photos because they care about you. they don't like them because they like you. they like them because they like the photo.

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>people don't like your photos because they care about you. they don't like them because they like you. they like them because they like the photo.
THIS. Unless you work your ass off to create a persona that people give a shit about and then bust it to maintain that persona day in and day out, you and your content will be disposable and ultimately forgettable to the majority of people who come across you.

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>flying home for winter break today
>trying to fit enough lolita stuff in my suitcase
>don't have enough room

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I've finally found a group of friends in my comm who I really like and who are just so funny and nice and I'm terrified. I'm so scared that I'm just going to fuck up and annoy them just like last time and then they'll be gone too. I can't stop crying because I love my friends SO MUCH and I'm so scared of losing them just by being my shitty autistic self. It makes me terrified to go to meets because like, what if this is the one where they finally get sick of me...
Being autistic is the worst. I'd never wish it upon anybody in the world. It's a curse that nobody understands and that you can't control no matter how badly you want to. No amount of therapy in this world will ever make me normal and it SUCKS. I just want to be a lolita and have fun. I'm tired of being a loner in every single thing I do...

>> No.9274606

Im not autistic but I really feel this. I have been getting closer with girls in my comm lately and i feel like I don't want to screw it up by interacting with them too much and saying something dumb or having them get sick of me...at the same time I worry if i don't keep in touch they'll be mad at me or forget about me. I guess it kind of helps to think that if they can't handle my weirdness then I don't need to be around them anyway but damn does it suck being friendless for years on end lol

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Purging anon here, sorry for being such a bitch before. I was just really frustrated with my weight. But thanks for waking me up and making me realize that purging isn't the right way to lose weight. I already work out, which is easy for me because I own a treadmill, but starting today I'm going on a diet.

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I'm going to an event and I'm going to see an ex friend who basically dumped me, for lack of a better word. I'm kinda sad, she's bringing her own friends and I'm going alone. If i knew she'd be there i probably wouldn't have bought a ticket. I just really hopw i can meet some other peoplw there and have a good time.

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There's this girl I've been seeing who is into cosplay and light J-fashion, and she roped me into doing a cosplay with her at an upcoming con. So far when we're hanging out with people I know she has a tendency to monopolize my time, this typically isn't a problem cause I can just spend time with the other people I know later, but my best friend who I never get to see is going to be in town for the con and even paid for my hotel. I like the attention from her but my friend is going to be pissed the fuck off if I'm not hanging out with them, and rightfully so. I don't know how to bring this up to her because I don't even know what the fuck we are right now (if anything for that matter) and I don't want to make her feel like she's being too clingy, cause she isn't, but for that weekend only she might need to lighten up.

I miss being in a straight forward long-term relationship with someone who I know I can be 100% honest with.

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Bring dresses that don't require much poof like new baby/ AatP or oldschool

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My life has been a mess but now everything is okay. I look nice since I've lost weight, I'm in a good relationship, I have some friends, I have cute apartment and I got into university that I wanted to go. I feel happy most of the time but at some times this really empty feeling hits me and I start to think that this is not enough. I cosplay but I'm not popular. I look okay but I don't get a lot of attention. I live in a small country and in a small town. I draw and cosplay but I'm not that talented in either of those hobbies. I'm not a attention seeker and I've never really gotten attention so I'm used to be quiet person who lives quiet life and usually i'm okay with it. Why is it that sometimes I still feel so lame and it feels like this isn't life worth living for? At the times I feel that I'm lame and worthless if I'm not the most popular, rich, the most beautiful, live in big city etc..

>> No.9274693

This sort of feel is what keeps me from engaging with my local comm(s), though mine is from years of anxiety and depression rather than autism. I want to be social and make friends so badly, but I'm terrified they'll think I'm an annoying loser or something, so I barely attend meets and avoid group chats. My New Year's resolution is to try to overcome that and be more involved with local groups and potential friends.

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You don't need to be brutal or anything. Try if you can to plan some stuff I'm advance with each of them (a panel with the girlfriend here, an event with the best friend there) and let them both know your schedule so you have guaranteed time with each and they both know in advance not to expect to be attached to you 24/7. Also, is there a reason all three of you couldn't hang out together? If someone's feeling left out, all it takes is a simple "hey, I'm worried we're making x a third wheel, let's try to include them more" without pointing any fingers.

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Sorry, I somehow missed the entire part of the original post that mentioned her behavior with your other friends. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with saying even in advance that this is someone who's important to you and bought your room and you really want to make an effort to see them. If she can't handle that, she might not be a good fit.

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Oh shit, I'll bet it was cute!

Ass update: I can sit without much discomfort and I look forward to a nice tea tomorrow!

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Entirely accurate on the last part there. She seems reasonable enough, I just haven't known her long enough to know if she'll be obnoxious about that sort of thing. Because of that I don't want her to think that she's bothering me by making me think I have to talk to her about that sort of thing.

I'm just started dating again after a very long relationship and it's all so confusing to me.

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I wish you guys lived near me. I actually don't mind people's autism or spagetti spilling. I'm sure there are other people like that too. You'll all find your group and >>9274453 I think you found them already so try to enjoy it instead of making yourself a self fulfilling prophecy.

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>i was hustling to put out new cute content every day. it worked, and i was certainly growing, but it wasn't fun.
Came on here to share a similar feel and your post was what I needed to hear. I feel so much irrational stress and pressure to perform and constantly put out new content, even as someone who's nowhere near properly efamous. I feel like I'm constantly need to spend more to bring new stuff to the table and find it hard to know when to stop buying even when spending hundreds of dollars a month.

The sad part is that I actually have a cohesive wardrobe (used to wear lolita regularly and built it with that in mind), but I've realised that you're less popular if you wear the same thing twice so I have dozens of outfits that that never get worn because I feel like "average" isn't good enough. Having a match-everything bag and shoes is a waste of time if people are going to complain online that all your coords are essentially the same, and my novelty pieces feel like they have to be paired with cohesive yet quirky and matching outfits so the bag doesn't seem out of place, which leaves me on a perpetual hunt for more accessories and new items to make perfect, unique coords.

I know it's pathetic and irrational but it really gets to me. I also fear being accused of copying one or two other efamous girls who have a similar style, and I'm going long stretches of time without wearing lolita at all because I feel too ugly to photograph, like if I get a coldsore or a breakout. I'd be happier about stepping away from the community with my average coords if everything I owned was average, but actually I have a lot of rare pieces I've never/rarely seen worn pics of before that I'd like to share.

>> No.9274957

The obvious solution is to become a lifestyler. Wearing lolita daily prevent me from feeling like I'm wasting money on a huge wardrobe that isn't getting worn, and I could just post the select best coords online, it's not possible with my current living situation and being a meetlita has just given me something else to beat myself up over. My comm is small and rarely has meets, so I only get to wear lolita out once every couple of months. I used to fight the lack of events by hosting meets myself, but I've got a new job with really irregular shifts and can't commit to hosting anything because I might get called in to work last-minute, despite having a lot of free days in the month.

None of it is actually fun any more with the pressure (feeling like I'm too ugly, my camera's too bad, this coord is nice but it's the same wig as last time and people are sick of it), but without much opportunity to wear lolita in daily life posting pics online and shitposting on cgl is my only interaction with the community. I pretend online to have a more exciting life than I really do, but in reality most of my coords these days are things I changed into in my room in a spare hour or so, photographed then changed back out of again because I'm too busy for anything more. I've even gone into the street to take photos before so it looked like I went out, then straight away gone back inside.

Sage for pathetic blogpost but it's eating me up inside. Sounds like I need to go on a hiatus from the online community but lolita is my main hobby and without the online side I'm spending hundreds of dollars a month for nothing.

>> No.9274997

I'm another person and I also suffer so much from that. I never make any friends. For years I've been in the cosplay community, but I'm still an outsider, I've never done a group cosplay or anything like that.
And I'm way worse than everyone else, finding other people with aurism doesn't help. The local Homestuck community has almost like 40% autistic people but yet I'm the only person who ends up alone. The others have each other and also an active social life besides that while I'm too unlikeable for anyone to want to spend time with me.

Besides cosplay I also haven't made any friends in countless other social settings. There's just no point trying, I'll remain alone. Forced to go to even the smallest conventions to meet any people so something can happen in my life. Do I even like cosplay?

>> No.9275139

W-where do you live, anon?

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9275151

If it makes you feel any better, I really like seeing repeated outfits occasionally. It makes things more personal, I guess, being able to see that, hey, this person really likes this coord. Trying to come up with a totally unique new thing every time makes lolita feel less like a fashion to me, at least in the sense of every day wearability that a lot of people insist exists while still cycling through 200$+ dresses in a blink. Idk, reading your posts made me sad, and I hope you can find the time to wear lolita for yourself and get joy out of it for the clothing that it is rather than the hollow internet presence you've gathered. And even if you want to continue being active online and enjoying some small amount if efame, know that there are people like me out there who will appreciate a good coord reworn or worn in ways that aren't perfectly matchy matchy but show the real "this is clothing" aspect of lolita.

>> No.9275154

Would you be willing to be any more specific than that? Or have you by any chance posted in the friend finder threads?

>> No.9275168

I did post in the friend finder but I didn't really get more specific than east coast. I'm in the discord so come join that if you're not there already!

>> No.9275202

Oh man..
Have you actually talked to her though? Are you sure she isn't really into lolita fashion at all? She could be a typical weeb who is interested in all sorts of Japanese stuff. I would like to know more about this girl

>> No.9275207

It seems like to want some action in your life, or so to speak. I totally reccomend to take a semester abroad. Depending on what you study, where you study and what your interests are, you could have a great stay wherever you go.

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>tfw some hippie bitches in my comm are talking about holding a nude tea party in the woods

Lolita is all about the fashion. YOU CAN'T BE NAKED AND LOLITA.

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>decide to study computer science for nice comfy office job
>be only girl there
i made a terrible mistake...

>> No.9275258

But if I join that everyone will find out I am not as female as they thought.

>> No.9275259

me irl, anon

the moment you ask for help you will have all of those sweaty nerds at your beck and call. a blessing and a curse.

>> No.9275263

I avoid the nerd looking types and go for the normal looking ones. However they are not very interested in helping me.

>> No.9275272

At my school it's like 40% female in the cs program. Your school sounds like a mistake.

>> No.9275331
File: 28 KB, 400x470, 014856515513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried to dye my hair for ILD but the dye ended up looking like a faded mess. I'm so disappointed, I was saving dying my hair for a special occasion and it turned out awful. I haven't even been able to put a coord together for tomorrow's tea party yet and it's almost 3 in the morning.

>> No.9275428

The normal-looking ones can be worse as they may just be nerds that have discovered /fit/ and have /fit/'s attitude to women.

>> No.9275430

My uni's about 40% female in first-year CS but a lot of those are taking it as a minor, so the percentage drops off every year as people switch out.

>> No.9275437
File: 13 KB, 388x261, 120943082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/fit/'s attitude to women.

>> No.9275456

When I asked if she likes lolita, she answered
"I dunno..., I wear these clothes because my daddy loves them :3"

>> No.9275483

>Haha, glad I don't need to use bath haha

>not calling her out on it in as roundabout way as possible so she will out her diaper usage herself and maybe everyone else will realize it's not ok to enable this stuff in public mixed company

>> No.9275509

time to kms

>> No.9275511

Is everyone around you drooling over you? "Subtly" jockeying with each other for position? Are they on the other side of the spectrum, where they tiptoe around you to not invite harassment accusations? Does the office banter fade out when you walk in the room?

>> No.9275512


basically like r9k's views towards women desu, except they sometimes actually get to sleep with women (Except their fat and ugly which is everything they strive to avoid lmao)

>> No.9275513

not them, but might be referring to the red pill

>> No.9275525

>Does the office banter fade out when you walk in the room?
this is the worst desu, a daily reminder you will never be really part of the team

>> No.9275564
File: 154 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 05 [1080p].mkv-00_19_42.057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why was lovelive sunshine so bad?

>> No.9275576

Thank you...I was honestly so disappointed. also baka at the people saying that it was better than the original...not even close imo

At least the art is nice?

>> No.9275585
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 1474836420600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Had a dream last night
>I was getting married
>Be the groom, wearing ouji
>My bride was beautiful lolita
>It was perfect lolita wedding
>I'm a girl
>I'm straight
>Been thinking the whole day am I lesbian deep down

>> No.9275590
File: 462 KB, 795x598, 1479798567.9466F61F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this you anon?

>> No.9275592

Don't feel too bad about it:

>> No.9275722

Yeah, that's me righ now

>> No.9275732

>they asked 345 women


>> No.9275740

Thanks. I wish I could quit my job and move to another area where I could wear lolita daily, but I can't quit this job for a few months or I'll make myself look like I move through jobs too fast (other than the fact the schedule interferes with my ability to date or get to meets, it's actually a decent job so it feels petty to quit), and I can't move out of this area for another two years. I feel really trapped. I've got a couple of weeks off to see family over the holidays so maybe I can wear lolita then, but I don't think I can fit much in my case.

I like seeing items repeated too, when they match. It makes the person's wardrobe seem more real. Sometimes I think about stepping back from posting coords and switching to making "one dress five ways" sort of posts, but blogging doesn't seem as big as it used to be so I don't know what would be the best platform for it.

Maybe I should take up another hobby that'd fit better into an irregular schedule, like anime or sewing or something. I dropped a lot of my old hobbies after high school and sometimes wish I hadn't, as it's left me with nothing except lolita and watching TV.

>> No.9275749

My comm sort of dropped the ball on ILD, so now my day is just playing video games at home alone in my favorite dress. Lots if local girls who are friends are posting photos together, and it's making me miss my comm back in my home state and my lolita bff.

>> No.9275765 [DELETED] 
File: 139 KB, 671x913, vcLwTA1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no big benis bf

>> No.9275770

>nude tea parties in the wood
Why are bitches so fucking crazy?

>> No.9275772

What's wrong with a loyal husband that's fit?

>> No.9275779

I'm working over ILD so I still haven't worn lolita once. Maybe I'll get a coord shot before midnight.

>> No.9275833
File: 28 KB, 459x375, FB_IMG_1478923076693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nude lolita tea

Double loled at the pic because my name is Emma.

>> No.9275837
File: 471 KB, 890x809, 1415035865472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would you do if you were to wake up in a guys body tomorrow?

>> No.9275851

Initially be happy/think I was dreaming, then freak out realising I have a closet full of lolita dresses I can no longer wear.

>> No.9275862

I worked during ILD during nights and was pretty miserable yesterday. Not only that, but I was going to wear an excentrique dress to my work party, but while I was searching for my bag, my heel got caught in the dress and ripped it. The dress itself was cheap, but I'm still so freaking mad right now.

>> No.9275864

why would you be happy..?

>> No.9275882

Until I got into lolita, I would have said without a doubt that my life would have been easier if I'd been born a guy, for various reasons I won't go into. Sometimes when I was younger I used to pray I'd have my gender switched overnight. Nowdays I'm basically okay with being a woman, but I'd still be kind of excited.

>> No.9275916

Waddle everywhere afraid that my peener would touch my leg.

>> No.9275919

lmao guys don't actually do that do they?

>> No.9275942

I'm so miffed.
There is this newbie girl in my comm, really weird, about 24, she just got into lolita this year.
tried to be friends with her but she is so weird, in a "not quite there" way if you catch what i mean.
And I see her commenting on so many FB sales posts and buying SO MUCH BRAND when she cannot coord for shit. She got really pretty pieces so it just makes me even more salty.
She buys so many pretty shit yet she makes it look like crap. Idek how she afford all that she works in a fucking snack bar.
I mean come on, she bought two dresses considered not so common,a shit ton of accessories and then she messaged me to ask me to lend her my petticoat and answered with a "-_-" face when i told her i didnt have time to meet her this week. (Nor do i want to actually.) What is she? 14?

>tfw learned she has a crush on me apparently
She kinda grosses me out even though she isn't super ugly or anything. I can't explain.
I kinda consider being friendly just for the benefits of maybe getting something as petty as it sounds.

>> No.9275947

I-I'll be your lolita gf.
If you're a girl.
If you're a boy i'm still ok to hug you,pat your back and tell you everything will be daijoubu.

>> No.9275951

But anon, they fucking love science, why bother using the scientific method when they already said they love it

On another note though
>Tfw no cute gay lolita wife
I just want someone to be cute with me

>> No.9275953


>> No.9275954
File: 708 KB, 500x281, 5mYEvNc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw learns that several lolitas apparently like me in general, talked about how i was cute at a tea party and how nice and funny i am
I feel like such a fraud, i am really not so nice i can be really bitchy and salty and even not honest! I stole stuff and stuff like that! I might not be too bad looking but i really am not that cute. And funny? I am just being an idiot memeing.
I feel happy to know i am appreciated somehow but i feel like i don't deserve that.

>> No.9275957

I want a gay rori wife so bad as well anon...
But I am too nervous for any relationship and would probably fuck everything up and make her feel nervous as well.

I am from Europe famalam
Sending you a hug and a daijoubu pat from there buddy.

>> No.9275958
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1447043109399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9275961

B-but we're both girls. Girls can be gay too, you know

>> No.9275977

If she's got the money for rare dresses, why can't she buy her own petticoat?

>> No.9275983

Work to improve your shitty personality until you can feel more deserving of praise.

To be honest you may well be cute and funny even if you're a total sociopath, so they're probably not lying, but try to become a more honest person.

I wish I had either a lolita girlfriend or just a local platonic friend to twin with. I feel so on edge at the moment because I'm dipping my toe in the LGBT dating pool but I don't know how to find other people that are into jfash without putting lolita in my profile, which I don't want to do for obvious reasons.

>> No.9276017

Yeah that logic makes no sence, if she can afford so much why can't she afford even just a simple pettie for starters?
Maybe it's because it doesn't show so it's not important? Like does she own bloomers OP, or has she asked you to borrow that too?

>> No.9276124

>not fat, 5'7" and 112lbs
>get a pair of enchantlic enchantilly today, excited, try them on
>the print looks weird because i have to stretch them so much to fit on my legs
>the crotch sits several inches lower than my actual crotch
Why me? I guess I could lose some weight before I need to wear the coord but that won't fix the crotch problem

>> No.9276125

If you don't care about the resale you can cut the top off and turn them into OTKs.

>> No.9276145
File: 3.91 MB, 270x263, 1473354359527.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing will ever be daijoubu.

>> No.9276148

Go camping. I fucking love camping but I'm so sick of having to use a weird funnel to piss without having to take off my pants. I just wanna be able to easily piss in the woods like boys do.

>> No.9276151
File: 109 KB, 414x414, bobhuehue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I ask a girl I've only met once (who I know has a crush on me) to do a cosplay duo? I was thinking of starting off with "Do you cosplay?"

Why would you be afraid of that?

>> No.9276157
File: 27 KB, 540x960, 2eZ6zTW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic not related. Or is it

I would fuck my BF, I would be the seme cause he got a nice uke bod. I know he would turn gay just for me

>> No.9276160
File: 1.74 MB, 400x225, 1474299912883.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I know he would turn gay just for me

>> No.9276161

That guy kinda looks like the Game Grumps merged together.

>> No.9276206
File: 440 KB, 500x667, 1473905810416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eyy thats because it is..!
/Cgl needs more Game Grumps memes

Also, would agree to be Darins uke for sure

>> No.9276259
File: 171 KB, 500x280, d42891fe428976f4b3eac6fbfaaeccdb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be relatively new lonelita
>decide to celebrate ILD anyway
>dress up cute to go to fair nearby with a friend
>pull together totally adorable classic coord
>see another lolita there
>I'm way better dressed than her
>get lots of compliments on my coord

I think I'm hooked, gulls.

>> No.9276285

Same, anon, same.

>tfw have dated mostly bisexual guys in the past
>just want to be able to fuck them and actually feel pleasurable sensations from it

related: https://web.archive.org/web/20080917025750/http://www.curiosityvalentine.com/novala10.html
"Young ladies love homosexuals."

Even Novala acknowledges that it's natural for pure lolita maiden are fujoshi.

>> No.9276305

1. try to suck my own dick
2. be happy that I have curated a plus-sized lolita wardrobe and can probably still wear all my stuff.
3. try on all my stuff
4. get sad and wonder when I was going to turn back because I'm actually very attached to my body.

>> No.9276329

I would stick the peen in a taco

>> No.9276389

You don't lol.

>> No.9276391

>feel warm and fuzzy whenever I see that picture of derpy-chan being used for feel threads because I'm the artist and I really love derpy-chan

Thanks guys

>> No.9276402

You get over it for the most part.

>> No.9276445 [DELETED] 

Has anyone here ever been really close with their brother to the point where it basically feels like love?
I'm asking for a friend.

>> No.9276453

I can't, I need them to be tights so I can wear them over another pair for a winter coord and not freeze to death

>> No.9276456

Aw I love Derpy Chan and she is saved in my images

>> No.9276464 [DELETED] 

You should love your brother? Family members are supposed to have that low-key unconditional love.

>> No.9276581

A literal taco or...?

>> No.9276631

Make them thigh-highs so you can wear them over tights and nobody will see far up enough your leg to notice?

>> No.9276636

It's the paganism. It makes people into kooky hippies.

>> No.9276655


They actually look terrible as OTKs anyway because it's hard to get the top looking even and there's usually not enough stretch for it to hug knees.

So turning them into thigh-highs and wearing them with a garter belt is actually the way to go; you can certainly wear warmer tights under that combo. Provided you don't care about the resale value and don't mind doing the work/paying a tailor for the alterations, that is.

>> No.9276703
File: 126 KB, 1920x1080, 15013556333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too shy to really talk with guys
>everyone thinks i'm a cold bitch
i just want a nice boyfriend to cuddle with

>> No.9276710
File: 109 KB, 783x377, myfacewhen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think a guy in the next state over's cosplay scene likes me!

I mean a real guy! I'll bet he has a penis and everything!

>> No.9276713

Is this your first time getting attention from guys?

>> No.9276754

good luck with that

I had to start to be the one initiating with guys at cons because theyre all so timid with this politically correct culture we live in now where everything is sexual assault

>> No.9276758

>this politically correct culture we live in now where everything is sexual assault
I hate this desu

>> No.9276763

One of my lolita friends is turning into a sjw tard. Help.
>lives in Netherlands
>talk to her about the Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet tradition
>"omg zwarte Piet is so racist!!"
>"Um yes it is it's blackface and it IS offensive :)))"
>"Look i celebrated this tradition my whole childhood and never heard anyone offended by-"
>"You have white privilege you can't understand, white people always decide of what's racist and what's not. Loads of people are offended by that"
>"That's being kinda sensitive you guys should grow thicker skin it's just a-"
I had to try and calm her down and say i understood but i still think this is fucking bullshit and that they should stop victimizing themselves so much. Grow thicker skin ffs.

>> No.9276766
File: 174 KB, 400x300, tumblr_o6gl4drMXy1u77698o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Derpy-chan is an adorable and blessed creature.

>start drawing again
>actually getting into the grove again
>some of it is even starting to be pretty cute.
>mfw it feels good to be creating again.

Also I finally bought a new laptop so I can work on stuff while my s/o is gaming.

>> No.9276770

Either this is bait or you're very unattractive

>> No.9276781

aw anon it's nice to hear.
I wanna draw but i have no motivation. I want to git gud because i have a newbie/basic level but i can't find the motivation even if i wish to.

>> No.9276784

I bet you live in a village with maybe 1-3 black families who are too afraid to become social outcasts if they point out racism

>> No.9276790

I actually stopped drawing for a long time(just different factors) but it feels good getting into the flow of things. My skills are still rusty but I'm getting there.

>> No.9276795
File: 88 KB, 250x239, tumblr_inline_o1paeyjroE1s9143w_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>needed a white BTSSB headbow so badly
>finally find one for cheap
>in my country so shipping fees are going to be really minimal
>"ah sorry anon this girl has beaten you to it"
>check the post
>this girl commented like 3 minutes ago
>get a message today
>seller tells me girl would pay today but it's been 24h so i can get it if i pay her right away
i'm so glad.
But i wonder if that's ok for that one girl i feel kiiiinda bad about it. But whatever, I got my goddamn headbow and i'm happy

>> No.9276801


Everytime some libtard whines about how the euro countries are so much more progressive than us I like to point out small things like this to them.

>> No.9276814

libtards are such cancer.
extreme right isn't any better though but god...

>> No.9276833

The traditional look of it is basically blackface though, >>9276784 is probs right.

>> No.9276836

Wtf kind of school do you go to? There were usually less than 5 girls in 30-40 people classes at my school

>> No.9276838

>for cheap
Tf are those things so expensive anyway? Wunderwlt sells goddamn dresses for 3000 yen sometimes yet headbows are consistently 2500 or so, their value barely depreciates no matter how expensive they are. I know they're versatile but brands have been releasing them for years, you'd think there'd be enough on the market to support lower prices.

>> No.9276851
File: 242 KB, 559x460, 1437881301050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when 4ch has to point out to you that you support something racist

>> No.9276881

/pol/ would agree with her. So not all 4chan. Just a board turning into tumblr.

>> No.9276884

It's a tradition and it has nothing to do with blackfacee in the first place. Niggers are just trying to find another reason to feel oppressed.

>> No.9276895

a fellow gull saved my life last night by being there for me

do i let them know that or is that too big a burden to place on someone

im in too much a feels place right now to think straight

>> No.9276905

how did she save your life? deets?
i'm glad you're safe and sound though.

>> No.9276914

>mfw i got accepted as a model for the AP tea party
>mfw this will be my first lolita event or meet ever and i have no clue how to model
it's exciting but scary! i guess i'll just have to practice a lot. i have no clue how it's going to go but i'm going to stay optimistic, because AP is my favorite brand and i want to do well for them!

(also if anyone else who got accepted to model/has modeled for lolita wants to talk i'd really appreciate it, because i could really use help from somebody who knows what they're doing)

>> No.9276915

>It's a tradition and it has nothing to do with blackfacee in the first place
> Zwarte Piet is said to be black because he is a Moor from Spain


>> No.9276943

>It's not racist!
>racial slur


>> No.9276958
File: 57 KB, 606x563, 6cf54f31fa316ef9f28f94c0fbd29c504c9916ffd4699a7a9f5d2d19e4837f7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off tumblr.

>> No.9276970

Don't bother trying to understand this tradition, there is a lot of fake information about it. The blackface part is changing, just a minority hasn't accepted it yet. And >>9276884 is probably a troll. Now let's stop going off topic.

>> No.9276988

she talked and listened to me to help distract me through the worst of my breakdown, i was a mess too because i was crying so hard i was at that point where your teeth are chattering and you can barely catch your breath anymore between sobbing

just knowing someone cared a little, even if it might have been a bother for them, ,compared to being abjectly alone and having no one to turn to and that she knew what its like to have been here so long and feel the community but also know how i can feel isolated too

i love my fellow gulls and any time i am able to meet them at cons even though most dont love me

>> No.9276989

Aw man.
I don't know you and you probably don't know me either but I hope things will get better for you. I've been through there before.
And someone,somewhere, do care. You're never truly alone.
I mean you could even talk about toenails clippings and someone in the world would care so you know.

>> No.9277008
File: 16 KB, 640x360, 14642297_1751984085052742_5728355989064560844_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it. I was eating some shit at Sunday lolita lunch and I accidentally bit the tip off my plastic fork.

I hope it doesn't destroy my intestines. I don't want to die from lolita.

Also, I just posted a selfie on Hipstagram and if my con crush doesn't like it I'll die anyway.

>> No.9277076

fucking christ childhood nostalgia goggles go past blackface

>> No.9277079

you should respect others lifestyles anon
Is she forcing to you to do ddlg? jfc

>> No.9277093

I'm Dutch as well.
Without going into the "are European countries more progressive than the US" thing, which I don't think anyone who hasn't lived in both places for at least a couple of years can answer, there is no way both places can even be compared when it comes to racism issues, especially racism agains black people.
This is an issue that has a huge history in the US. Black people not having the same rights as white people is not a very distant memory to many Americans. However, this issue is much more nuanced in most of Europe.
European countries didn't have the class difference between blacks and whites in the same scale the US did, and they really aren't as ingrained in society here.
I'm not saying Zwarte Piet is not racist, I'm just trying to say that people from different parts of the world with different histories have way different perspectives on things like these.
I find the people who don't want to budge and adapt to society as it is today and the more "Americanized" worldview that includes morons, but so are the people who take one look at this tradition and decide it's racist, without considering different points of view and cultures.

>> No.9277100

She's forcing her kinks onto unwilling participants which is disgusting and unacceptable.

>> No.9277109

i'm into that kind of kink shit and even i think its weird

nobody besides the people you're fucking (and i guess your best friends, if they ask) should know what you're doing in the bedroom. acting "little" and talking about your "daddy" in public to people who don't want to be a part of a weird sex fantasy is just not okay

nobody has to know that i call my boyfriend daddy but me. i wish more ~kinksters~ understood that nobody gives a fuck about their ~alternative lifestyle~

>> No.9277125

>have a friend who is a beginner lolita
>some outfits are hit or miss
>she was from the cosplay scene
>tends to reuse bright color cosplay wigs or not style hair properly
>give links to hair tutorials/trim bangs etc.
>friend gets butthurt

I don't even know why I bother helping someone who doesn't want to learn. I want her to look good and not ita.

>> No.9277237
File: 153 KB, 640x960, ripbri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still alive after the fork incident, but the guy still hasn't liked my selfie. How do I not cry?

>> No.9277241
File: 42 KB, 640x472, PicsArt_03-25-07.07.28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep posting the same selfie until he likes it.

>> No.9277249

Ayy gurl i bet u sexy af. Lemme get dem digits rite quik ;)

>> No.9277470

I went to an adult anime club last night and the house reeked of shit. I was the only one who seemed to notice.

I never wanna do cosplay or weeb shit again.

>> No.9277472

Is it racist to tell an Asian stranger that she should cosplay Gogo from Kill Bill?

Yes, I only think so because she's Asian. I wanna be Beatrix with her.

>> No.9277506
File: 184 KB, 586x577, 1472046868445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My parents and I spend Christmas in SoCal every year. We drive down and stop at hotels on the way. Last year, we stopped in San Francisco so I could go to the brand stores, which they said would be a one time thing because hotels in the area are expensive. They later changed their minds, and we'll be going again this year, which I'm very excited about.

I. You know. I don't even know how to broach this gently. Today they went out and bought a camper. I hate it, but it's none of my business since, outside the week or so it takes to get to SoCal, I don't have to live in the thing. But man, do I ever hate the idea of living in a camper in the winter.

On the other hand it also means 2 things: One, we can stay in San Francisco longer, so I can visit some other stores. And two, it also means I can probably make trips to LA, and even join the LA comm.

C-campers are kawaii, right?

>> No.9277642

you should meetup with sf comm when you pass thru

>> No.9277671
File: 64 KB, 192x386, 1480883960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dress up nice for a certain guy to notice me
>he doesn't notice

>> No.9277672

Oh well. Sounds like he has shit taste anyway.

>> No.9277677

Yes. Are there ways you can ask or suggest to make it seem less racists? Yeah, and I won't stop you from trying, but the answer to "is it racist" is still yes.

>> No.9277678

How is it racist? Stop being so sensitive.

>> No.9277681
File: 31 KB, 795x544, SadPreKidGohan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wasn't invited to my family's Christmas party.

I just fucking give up with them.

>> No.9277682

convert to Islam, that will surely show them!

>> No.9277686

Haha. If anyhthing I'd be catholic for my in-laws. But I have a fucked up family dynamic and I already figured my bro doesn't want me around and this just adds to that. It's not the first time they ignored me on the holidays either.

>> No.9277687
File: 25 KB, 278x249, vcPwTdG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow that's really fucking shitty of them.
But you do you, you don't need these imbeciles in your life if they're not willing to invite you to a goddamn family party.
I hope you have a significant other or something like that though, you don't deserve to be alone.

>> No.9277698

Guys ususally don't pick up on subtle clues. Gotta hit them over the head with a break if you want them to notice you.

>> No.9277701

hit them with a brick*

>> No.9277710


Winter in Cali though?

It doesn't even get cold

>> No.9277715

>Try everything in skincare and haircare threads
>feelin really confident in my skin and hair
>always feel confident in my slim fisique
>go out to meet cute /cgl/ dude I started talking with recently
>come back home and stare intently at my hair and face
>feel disgusted and eye every single imperfection
>he hasn't texted me back other than "we should do this again sometime!!" like an hour after the meet
>but he said he will be busy for like 3 weeks
>Feel like he found me ugly and we will never see each other again

Well, 27th birthday next week. Guess thats just 27 years of being single in a row!

>> No.9277732
File: 164 KB, 500x461, 1471830688947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you never had a boyfriend?

>> No.9277761

No. I've been asked out but never by guys I like.

>> No.9277764

>but never by guys I like.
Said every girl ever.

>> No.9277773

>after the meet
So was this a date? Or a meet with other people?

>> No.9277781
File: 81 KB, 280x453, 1424824983737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Me and the homies finally have a chance to meet up and hang out for the first time in ages (usually everyone's too preoccupied with work, school, life in general to meet irl but we still keep in touch through social media/texting/etc.)
>We decide, hey, why not get some sushi
>This is the first time your's truly has ever eaten sushi, so I'm pretty hyped at the prospect alone
>Place we eat at isn't particularly fancy, but the friend who picked it out swears "it got good reviews on Yelp, you guys!"
>Naturally, having never tried raw fish in my life (or me simply being a dense fucking cunt), I can't tell the good stuff from bad
>I'm eating this tuna roll type thing and notice that it's a bit slimely feeling in my mouth?
>It didn't smell off, and didn't look rancid or anything but I couldn't help but notice an ever so slight film on it as I was eating
>Play it off as, "eh, it's raw fish, of course its gonna feel a bit strange, whatever"
>Finish off tuna and notice that I'm feeling a little queasy

>> No.9277793

you probably have AIDS now

>> No.9277797

There's a second half, but I have class in literally two minutes. So to be continued!

>> No.9277812

fish aids, the worst strand of it

>> No.9277827

is that even a thing? sounds pretty fishy to me desu

>> No.9277862
File: 263 KB, 550x789, 115701-yukiko_amagi_100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does it suck being a 20yr old dude who just wants to cosplay as cute female characters?

I go to local cons and try to get the nerve to wear my costumes out, but I keep them to myself in private.
I work to keep myself in the 130lb range through exercise, to keep myself feeling good.
I look and feel great, but just no nerve.
I just want to go out and slip between the cracks with other cali cosplayers.

Other than that I live a normal life with a job, school, hobbies and friends.

>> No.9277865


>> No.9277866

I hope you've got another 30 years of being single ahead ;)

>> No.9277884

Cosplay friend group went through some drama. The result is that although they probably didn't do it maliciously, I can tell for a fact that I care about one of my friends a lot more than they care about me, and that hurts. They weren't out to hurt me, but they certainly weren't looking out for me. If I had been in the same position, I wouldn't have done that to them. I feel really used.

We'd hit it off so well years ago. Our personalities meshed really well, we had so much in common and always so much to talk about. Now I look at pictures of us and just get sad. I didn't have a blow up fight as much as distanced myself so I feel like I don't have proper closure either. We were planning to do cosplays together, photoshoots, so many things. I know it'll resolve and I'll get over myself real soon, but for now I wanted to share.

The good news is that I have an excuse to throw myself at personal projects and into workouts to distract myself, and it feels damn good to be productive! To anyone in a rut right now, I hope you can hop behind your sewing machine, make some stuff, and feel better!

>> No.9277891 [DELETED] 

Have you ever poached another girls boyfriend? Did it feel good?

>> No.9277893

It totally depends on whether this is about a lolita or a cosplayer

>> No.9277901

Poached? What is this hip teen lingo

>> No.9277902

Get with the times grandma.

>> No.9277943 [DELETED] 

>just got rejected by a guy for the first time in my life
this feels like shit, how do normal girls deal with this?

>> No.9277946 [DELETED] 

Are you the same gull who tried to poach a girl's bf?

>> No.9277955 [DELETED] 

>normal girls
What does that mean?!

>> No.9277958 [DELETED] 

>getting rejected

lol you think you aren't normal? I've never been rejected in my life

actually gorgeous girls don't hear "no"

>> No.9277961

I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong at this point. I can't even count the number of times my cosplay groups/duos have fallen through last minute because of my friends. I get everything done on time and keep them updated and give them tutorials and even materials. But something always happens and I end up going it alone. I've come to terms with it at this point. I've long since stopped making costumes for any reason except myself.

But this time I planned a group of three with my two absolute best friends. I need to stop cosplaying after this con because my doctors want me home bound. And I just wanted to do something with the three of us. But both girls dropped on me and I can't pretend I'm not hurt anymore. Of course we're still going to spend the con together regardless of what we wear but I'm hurt.

I've been trying to see it as my friends just focusing on themselves to chase their own dreams, which helps. But it sucks knowing they aren't invested as you.

Does anyone else have Chronic Group Dropping Syndrome? Am I being silly? How do you guys approach it?

>> No.9277970 [DELETED] 

>I've never been rejected in my life
Sure thing wondergirl.

>> No.9277973 [DELETED] 

I haven't

I know it's hard to fathom for average people

but with a combination of my looks + being picky as fuck with who I like it has worked out for me

I've also never paid for alcohol in a bar

>> No.9277974

Campers are only trashy if you live in them all year round. They're not bad at all to travel in. My grandparents had one when I was a kid and used to take me and my siblings on trips in it. It was kinda nice!

>> No.9277976 [DELETED] 

Oh should have just said you're a barslut. Would have explained a lot.

>> No.9277980

Emotional recovery from friends ditching you/plans in 3 simple steps!

Curl up
Try not to cry
Cry a lot

Post >tfw no gf (optional, but recommended)

>> No.9277988 [DELETED] 

>said I'm picky
>mention the fact that I don't pay for alcohol

anon you're really reaching

I'm not a "bar slut" or any kind of slut

I am sorry my attractiveness is triggering for you

>> No.9277989 [DELETED] 

>hwc acting like a catch when the only guy she's ever landed is Grandpa Husbando

>> No.9277993 [DELETED] 

>I'm not a great catch
>just because I wasn't a whore doesn't mean people weren't interested

I think you mean he's the only one who got me

I know the idea of someone who doesn't sell themselves short and act like a slut is impossible for you to wrap your head around



he's not even 40 fampai

>> No.9277995 [DELETED] 

I dunno, she has to be pretty cute if she's this big of a bitch and still is a trophy wife.

>> No.9277996 [DELETED] 

nice projecting there

are you feeling guilty for fucking somebody before Grandpa Husbando? or did nobody else besides that old man want you?

>> No.9277997 [DELETED] 



I am cute tho

>> No.9277999 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 817x894, 1470783084530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw all you want in life is to creampie HWC while her husband watches

>> No.9278002 [DELETED] 


nice copy pasta of the same shit I spam

I'm not projecting

I've only ever been intimate with him and I'm happy for it

other people tried to get with me before him but I didn't love them

I can honestly say I would have regretted anyone before him and I'm glad I had it in me to turn down everyone else because my first time got to be with my soul mate

>> No.9278004 [DELETED] 

who is hwc?
t. not hwc

>> No.9278006 [DELETED] 

you're probably gross so no thanks

husband is the only one who gets to do lewd with me

I can understand why you'd want me tho

it's only natural

>> No.9278010 [DELETED] 

Annoying shitposting housewife who married a rich dude 14 years her senior.

>> No.9278011 [DELETED] 

>soul mate
More like sugar daddy amirite?

>> No.9278012 [DELETED] 

>mfw i live the life that HWC portrays online, except it's actually real and not an elaborate lie

feels good :^)

>> No.9278013 [DELETED] 

I want to show your husband what it is to be a real man. I'm also black and probably have a much larger penis than him.

>> No.9278014 [DELETED] 

Are there pics of her somewhere so we can judge if she's really as cute as she claims?

>> No.9278015 [DELETED] 


you need an attitude adjustment


nah I'd marry him if he was poor

those dimples make me melt senpai

>it's a lie

if thinking that makes you feel better then k

but it's not

>real man


I think this is like the go to thing insecure men say

>bigger dick

even his sometimes is uncomfortable so no thanks

I don't want a wrecked vagina

>> No.9278016 [DELETED] 

She says there aren't but I'm almost certain she's posted pics before and just says she hasn't so we won't find out it's her.

>> No.9278018 [DELETED] 

Yeah I remember that one insta thread that had a girl that matched her description she gives pretty well.

>> No.9278021 [DELETED] 

don't forget the suspicious otasa no hime thread

>> No.9278023 [DELETED] 

You need a wrecked vagina and some of my kids for your husband to look after

>> No.9278024 [DELETED] 

She shat all over that. Stop making shit up.

>> No.9278027 [DELETED] 

>implying she wouldn't do that as a cover-up

>> No.9278028 [DELETED] 

>unironically thinking I liked that garbage


no thanks

>> No.9278029 [DELETED] 

anon you need to take your meds

I don't even own any clothing that would work for that and I trolled the fuck out of one of those threads

>> No.9278032 [DELETED] 

It got the same treatment she gives menhera, she probably really dislikes it. With the styles she likes she openly admits it, like with how she shat up the Larme threads.

>> No.9278033 [DELETED] 

by that same principle she wouldn't have posted in the insta thread or whatever, because she threw an autismfit all over the last one

>> No.9278035 [DELETED] 

the only reason I started shitting that thread up is because anon started giving me hilarious reactions

>> No.9278058 [DELETED] 

I get off to the thought of forcing HWC to eat me out.

>> No.9278061

>tfw you have a feel but HWC is shitting up the thread so you know nobody will see it or reply to it if you post it

>> No.9278062 [DELETED] 

what does hwc stand for?
housewife cunt?

>> No.9278066 [DELETED] 

>lesbian being creepy

I'm not surprised

lesbians are the worst

kek you sound edgier than I am

it's housewife-chan

I didn't pick the name tho

if I picked it it would be the same as my trip "galactic buttholeleakage-chan"

it's all about me


I feel sorry for the rest of you

>> No.9278075

My husband's grandma just died. Not of old age, she was on her way to work and someone tboned her car. I've been processing feelings of sadness, guilt, and worry the past few days.

I feel guilty because we only saw her once a year, on Christmas eve. And she could sometimes be frustrating, and I know at least to my husband it was kind of a chore to visit. And I wasn't as good about responding to her texts as I should have been. But I am sad because I really do think of her as a grandma, and I'm going to miss her. I'm not at all close with my own biological grandma and never felt the kind of warmth with my grandma as I felt with her. Even before we got married she considered me a grandchild and loved me. She even gave me her sewing machine and a custom built table for it because she wasn't good at it and wanted me to have it. Even though she knew I was only going to be using it for cosplay and silly nerd stuff. She would ask me every time she saw me if I was working on any costumes lately.

And I'm mostly worried for my mother in law. She just lost her mother, suddenly, violently, and with no preparation. She's destroyed. And there's nothing comforting I can say or do to make it hurt less for her. As sad as I am about my grandma-in-law's death, she feels a thousand times worse and I'm helpless, living at a distance from her with no car, no way to come over and help her with housework or cooking or just hold her while she cries.

>> No.9278085

>why don't the girls want a REAL nice guy like me :((( waa waa friendzoned

>> No.9278090

girls don't usually complain about being friend zoned... at least not ones that aren't ass ugly

>> No.9278102

I'm Dutch too, and I think you gotta be a dense mother fucker not to see that it's blackface make-up. I'm still shocked at myself for not seeing it earlier. Anyway, Roetveeg Piet = problem solved.

I've been here since 2005, before /cgl/ and /pol/, and let me tell you: nope, not the whole of 4chan. 4chan is anonymous, but it was never alt-right. And /pol/ is just a stormfront board basically.

>> No.9278113

It may be a bit cruel to say this now but you really should have visited much more often, however you can learn from this and make sure you visit your other older relatives more often from now on, and when your parents are old also visit them regularly so you never have to regret not spending enough time with them, as you do now. I don't get along with the grandparents of my bf either but I would hate it if the person they have most social contact with is their cleaner.

>> No.9278122

Meet with other people. It was a group thing. Had sushi with him a group of friends.

>> No.9278124

>that feel when you used to weigh 290lbs and no one would look twice at you
>that feel when you weigh 158 now and people turn their heads to get a second look, stare, smile, and flirt with you regularly
life is good famo

>> No.9278127

No, I completely agree with what you said. It's harsh but true, that i should have visited and been involved more often. I haven't really experienced the death of a family member so I guess the lesson of "treasure the people you have while they're here" didn't sink in. I definitely will make more of an effort to let the important people in my life know i care about them.

>> No.9278128 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 665x154, easy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's your excuse for not fleecing retards by "playing" video games.

>> No.9278130 [DELETED] 

Yeah but your saggy skin is still flopping underneath your clothes

>> No.9278134

Way to go, anon! How long did it take you, and what kind of strategies have you been using?

I've been counting calories for the last year and a half, and at last check, I've dropped about 10-15 pounds. I'm down to about high school weight, but all the clothes I've bought since university are kind of baggy and unflattering now. On top of that, I have to double-check the sizing on all my patterns before using them and half my cosplays don't fit well anymore, haha. Still feels good though.

>> No.9278151

No saggy skin either! I'm half white half black, so it's probably them black don't crack genes at work

It took me roughly ~10 months, and honestly all I did was eat A LOT less(no more than 1200 calories/day, and I never went over that during those 10 months. Not once! Often was under), completely cut out soda(I actually ONLY drank water for those 10 months, and only drank alcohol every once in a while). Its been about 9 months since I lost all that weight, and its stayed off! Being a guy, I don't want to drop below where I'm at, so I've been lifting for the past couple weeks trying to get fit.

If you cut your calories to a low amount like that, you need to make sure you're taking supplements to stay healthy. Like a multi vitamin, magnesium, etc. I got my blood work done a couple times during that 10 month span, and it was surprisingly flawless.

Yeah, the worst thing about losing weight is having to buy all new clothes. Like I had to replace so many clothes over those 10 months, and it just ended up costing me a fuckton, but it's 100% worth it.

>> No.9278153 [DELETED] 

>half black


you're garbage either way then

>> No.9278154

>tfw found mom trying in my Lolita and there are makeup stains inside the dress now

>> No.9278156 [DELETED] 

Damn thanks famalamadingdong

>> No.9278161 [DELETED] 

any day Jemima

>> No.9278176

did she look good in it at least?

>> No.9278179 [DELETED] 

>this guy i just met on platonic terms on a friendly outing with other people doesn't want me and i'm sad about it
are you serious right now

>> No.9278184 [DELETED] 

are you calling me a slut?

>> No.9278186 [DELETED] 

no, i'm calling you pathetic for needing the attention of somebody you just met that badly in order to redeem your self-worth

>> No.9278187 [DELETED] 

if the shoe fits

>> No.9278189 [DELETED] 

stay salty whale-chans

>> No.9278190 [DELETED] 



I'm HWC but nice try

have some fucking standards

>> No.9278193 [DELETED] 

>90 lbs

nice desu ne. why would i be salty over a girl who can't even get a guy to like her? you're getting old, honey.

>> No.9278207

That's not a bad idea, either.
You're right about that, but this isn't an intra state trip. We'll be stopping in plenty of cold places before we get there.
You know, I'm sure you're right. I'm going to try and make the best of it. I'll be packing plenty of hot cocoa!

>> No.9278270

I accidentally did when I was 14. I don't think it counts if it's an accident, though.

>> No.9278277 [DELETED] 

>doesn't want a wrecked vagina
>has said she wants kids

lmao okay

>> No.9278281

black Peter is blackface tho... i mean the bright red lips on black skin is classic blackface, sorry anon

>> No.9278282 [DELETED] 

I don't want kids this very second

it's like your hatred of me clouds your ability for critical thinking


>> No.9278289 [DELETED] 
File: 354 KB, 1280x720, 1480963727158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn mating press HWC, and raise autistic delusional narcissistic kids together

why live

>> No.9278295 [DELETED] 


you should prob just end it all now while you have my (you) to think fondly on fresh in your mind

>> No.9278304 [DELETED] 

>falling for some gull pretending to be an angry guy
come on now

>> No.9278305 [DELETED] 

>I won't respond to anyone who shitposts with an amount of shitposting greater than or equal to the amount of shitposting they put out


do you not know who I am

do you not know what I do

>> No.9278319 [DELETED] 

i actually don't know who you are since i am rather new to this board.

>> No.9278328 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 193x167, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am the biggest, baddest, ban evading, fatty-triggering shitposter on this here board


>> No.9278372 [DELETED] 
File: 641 KB, 600x826, 98f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol the amount of salt is amazing

as for >>9278124 anon, good job

>> No.9278375 [DELETED] 

>congratulating a fat ass for now being normal

why do we congratulate them for finally being able to stop shoveling down cake? it's something any normal person can do

>> No.9278387 [DELETED] 

I shovel down cakes and never gain weight. Gotta love the genetics of being an ectomorph. But for endomorphs, it's hard man. I think it's good when they can beat the fat, and be healthy. This girl is probably also a lot healthier than me, because I'm lazy as fuck, and eat sweets all the time. I'd be obese if I was an endomorph desu. The whole discipline of being healthy is hard, so I respect that.

>> No.9278421 [DELETED] 

Yeah but it was her own fault she got so gross and fat to begin with

it's not like she had cancer where it wasn't her fault

>> No.9278441 [DELETED] 

Because when people are complimented for taking care of themselves, they're more likely to continue to do so. We congratulate ex-smokers, ex-alcoholics, and recovering drug addicts for making a continual choice to stop putting bad things in their body, there's no reason we can't congratulate a newly-healthy person for their choice to stop putting bad foods in their body. If you need a pat on the back for being normal, I'm sure someone out there will congratulate you too.

>> No.9278443 [DELETED] 

but if they took care of themselves like a normal person to begin with they never would have been fat saggy and gross?

>> No.9278462 [DELETED] 

>The whole discipline of being healthy is hard, so I respect that.
Did I fucking stutter?

>> No.9278468 [DELETED] 

but if the majority of the world can do it why do we praise those who dug themselves into a hole

like its nothing special, people literally live their whole lives without being fat as fuck so why congratulate the jiggling lard balls for sweating off their grossness?

"congrats! you're no longer disgusting"

>> No.9278469

>wake up with weird pain in the back of my mouth on the lower left side
>it seems like that part of my gums is swollen
>assume its my invsialign pinching it or something (even though this has never happened before)
>have orthodontist appointment today
>tell her about weird painful swollen spot
>she looks at it
>"anon that's not just swelling, that's your first wisdom tooth erupting"
>wtf she told me i had a year before that was supposed to happen at my last x-ray (july)
>earliest i can schedule surgery for is the 12th, need to do it soon because i'm working the later part of this month and will be out for a week after surgery
>realize i'm leaving for NYC with family on the 17th
>going to be visiting the baby store, have been planning coord and everything
>worried about showing up with bruised/swollen face
Fuck. This was going to be the highlight of my year. I've never been to a brand store and I was so excited.

>> No.9278472 [DELETED] 

Right but once you're already fat, you can't change the past, so what's your point?

>> No.9278475 [DELETED] 

so we need to stop congratulating them so they can be reminded they have it inside of them to be fucking disgusting and broken enough to balloon up

>> No.9278476 [DELETED] 

Thanks for the congrats and >>9278421 .... I guess thanks for the honesty? idk

But I'm a guy. Just throwing that out there. Also, I got fat af when I was 9 due to ignorance and no parents, so this is really my first time being at a healthy weight and not on the overweight/obese side of the chart. I've just never felt this before so it makes me happy to finally be here.

>> No.9278477 [DELETED] 

So they're more likely to do it again? Yeah that's a good plan

While we're at it, let's also make sure to remind alcoholics that their recovery is a farce and they'll always be worthless garbage, you know, just to make sure they don't start drinking again

>> No.9278481 [DELETED] 

you're still gross and a garbage person and the health impact that had on you will never go away

your parents didn't love you enough to prevent you from permanently damaging your body

must feel lovely

>> No.9278484 [DELETED] 

someone is jealous ahaha

>how dare you get praise fuck you

>> No.9278485 [DELETED] 

hwc you said yourself that your mom was abusive as fuck

why are we pulling the "your parents don't care about you" card offensively here

>> No.9278486 [DELETED] 


being harsh on them will encourage them to prove they aren't the sack of shit everyone thinks they are

>> No.9278487 [DELETED] 

No parents as in dead famy.

But yeah it does feel good to be at a healthy weight and having people turning their heads/flirting with me all the time. I had no idea that under all that fat I was so damn good looking.

>> No.9278488 [DELETED] 

because it seemed like something that would work


>someone letting their kid be fat is the same as a mom putting out cigarettes on her kid and locking her kid in a room for ages


I don't see the two on the same level so it's easy to joke about

>> No.9278491 [DELETED] 

lmao you had it easy

>> No.9278492 [DELETED] 

you could have been batman and instead you got fat

way to ruin the opportunity

>someone who was severely abused had it easy

I mean

you drunk or?

>> No.9278494 [DELETED] 

easier than me

don't use your abuse as a crutch to shit on other people

>> No.9278495 [DELETED] 

okay but there are actually several studies that show positive encouragement causes people to be healthier and love themselves more than bullying

I don't mind if you just want to be a petty bitch, but at least be honest and say it's that. don't pretend like it's out of motivation to keep the former fatties healthy.

>> No.9278498 [DELETED] 

>easier than me

senpai I dropped my mom like a hot sack of shit the instant I could

would much rather have been in a foster care system than put up with her shit

strangers putting out cigarettes on you is understandable to a weird degree

ones own mother trying to kill you is not

>don't use your abuse as a crutch to shit on other people

try and stop me you fat cunt

Tbh they should have had shock collars installed the moment they started to get pudgy

>> No.9278500 [DELETED] 

>fat cunt
>mfw i'm 90 lbs with a heart problem as a result of malnutrition and abuse as a child


>> No.9278503 [DELETED] 

ah well sorry

you aren't fat

you're still gross tho

>> No.9278504 [DELETED] 

and so are you

i hope those ciggy burns scarred up real nicely :)

>> No.9278506 [DELETED] 

>Tbh they should have had shock collars installed the moment they started to get pudgy

I mean child abuse clearly didn't make you a better person so why do you think it would help a little fat kid

>> No.9278507 [DELETED] 

>I'm gross



you know they didn't but for one which isn't very visible

I was diligent with healing them

I guess I was luckier than you after all huh?

>didn't make me a better person
>unironically judging me by my shitposting in which I say outrageous things to get the most visceral reaction possible


>> No.9278510 [DELETED] 

>you could have been batman and instead you got fat
>way to ruin the opportunity
Well shit, I never thought of it that way.


But I do remember being in a depression at 15 when I had one of those moments of clarity that I'd never know my parents, and I think that heavily contributed to me just being like fuck it lets stay fat because dieting and losing weight is effort I don't feel like doing.

Obviously that's a shitty mentality to have and keep for years, but hey at least I finally broke out of it at 22 and lost all the weight. I'm not going to sit here and lie, and say that people saying nice things about the change I made makes me feel good, because it does, and it's important to me. To be even more honest, if I didn't have a few people in my life being supportive and encouraging as I lost the weight, I probably would've just been lost to the depression and stayed fat forever given what I know about my mental state at the time.

But weight loss from being fat to healthy is a beautiful thing in more than just physical ways. It has totally snapped me out of any depression I had, and gave me a much brighter and positive outlook on life and my future.

I think positivity and encouragement is important for those trying to make a significant life change like that, and that negativity and all that shit should be mostly directed at fatties who refuse to change and claim they're perfect as they are.

>> No.9278511 [DELETED] 

>judging me by my shitposting in which I say outrageous things to get the most visceral reaction possible

"it was only trolling guys, haha you're so stupid to fall for it"

>> No.9278513 [DELETED] 

if that makes you feel better about your gross burn scar, sure

but i'd rather be on the skinnier side and be carried like a princess when i'm tired than be a gross burn victim like you

>> No.9278515 [DELETED] 

maybe you wouldn't have been so depressed for so long if you weren't fat and gross?

think of all the time you wasted waddling about

>> No.9278518 [DELETED] 

you must be new if you aren't familiar with me and my antics

senpai I'm skinny...?

like I'm underweight on the BMI scale

I'm not 90lbs but I'm within 10 pounds of that and at my height if I lost any more I wouldn't have any tits

and my tits are like super cute at this weight and still big enough for my husband to fuck them so I'm good

I'm sure the one scar I have isn't a big deal to anyone

it's not a big deal to me and it's not like strangers are going to intently stare at my back for long enough to see it

>> No.9278520 [DELETED] 

my bad I just weighed myself and it's 103lbs

so 13 lbs more

gotta be accurate in my shitposting uwu

>> No.9278525 [DELETED] 

>you aren't familiar with me and my antics

implying you're any different from any of the internet trolls that have existed since the beginning of time

>> No.9278526 [DELETED] 

Well yeah, I mean obviously that's the case. Like I said in that post once I lost all the weight, things completely and drastically changed for me. But when you're in a mental state like that and there's literally nothing for you out there, it's hard to imagine that as even being a realistic possibility. Not an excuse for staying fat, just tossing out what I remember feeling at the time. I was pretty alone for a while.

I have thought about all the time wasted and it really doesn't bother me anymore desu, because what's done is done and I just have to accept the fact that I fucked up and gave in instead of fighting. What's important to me now is that I'm happy, have so much going for me that I never would've dreamed of, and am getting to a very comfortable and bright place in my life and future.

It would be nice to go back and smack myself out of it to be in this position earlier in life, but the reality is I'll have to settle for a happy future from this point on instead.

>> No.9278535 [DELETED] 

clearly I am the best

I have honed it into an art

I should be featured in the louver

like an entire wall of screen caps of my shitposting

nothing less will do

you know you still have an increased risk for heart disease and beetus because of all those years of shit eating right

>> No.9278542 [DELETED] 

>you know you still have an increased risk for heart disease and beetus because of all those years of shit eating right
Ye that was one of the things I've been worried about, especially early on, and I've gone through a lot of tests to check my heart and shit over the months I've been at this weight due to that worry. Thankfully so far every test has come back surprisingly great, so optimism is alive.

>> No.9278550 [DELETED] 


so can you like fly just by flapping your arms

do the folds propell you through the air?

>> No.9278556 [DELETED] 

Lmao maaaaaaaaan like I said, no loose skin!!! I honestly was surprised too, especially considering how fast I lost that much weight, but just chalking it up to the half black part of me and dat black dont crack life

>> No.9278560 [DELETED] 
File: 85 KB, 575x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a serious question

why do black people do stuff like this?

please give your insight

>> No.9278563 [DELETED] 


>> No.9278568 [DELETED] 

No idea the context behind this disturbing shit, or if it's shooped or not, but if it's him posting a gross ass pic he found on the internet like that...

Basically, niggas always trying to be funny and doing weird/stupid/looking for weird ass shit to do it. Even though they're not funny at all, and I avoid these types. I suggest everyone else do the same.

Annoying ass fuckniggas.

>> No.9278569 [DELETED] 

I feel sorry for you, being unable to understand obvious jokes :'(

>> No.9278570 [DELETED] 


it's just a dead dog

not gonna lie tho I almost piss myself laughing at the absurdity of someone thinking this is a turkey

I was just confused if this was like a common thing among blacks or what because I've never actually been around black people enough to talk to them and gather information about their habits of eating long dead dogs

>obvious jokes

black people are dumb enough to really do stuff like that tho so that's where the confusion comes from

>> No.9278581 [DELETED] 

Because everyone keeps dethawed dead dogs just lying for jokes.

>> No.9278582 [DELETED] 
File: 891 KB, 325x252, 1443375079899.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calling black people dumb after falling for a black person's joke

>> No.9278585 [DELETED] 

I mean I didn't "fall for" anything

I don't know the cultural context

not like I'm from the west?

plus black people are generally known as the dumbest race so it wouldn't be so crazy to think they'd seriously do this

>> No.9278586 [DELETED] 

Oh shit it is a dog. Damn this screen is small.

I mean this is just a personal rant of mine, but some of these niggas A L W A Y S use the same tired 4-5 old&beat to death comedic sentences to make ANYTHING try to seem funny.

You can tell if they're that type within 10 minutes of getting to know them, and they're just annoying as fuck. Most black people you meet nowadays at any kind of event tend to, thankfully, not be that type. It's just so old and annoying to me, like shit has been played to death, forcefully brought back to life, then killed again.

I straight up wanna smack some of the ones I've known.

>I was just confused if this was like a common thing among blacks or what because I've never actually been around black people enough to talk to them and gather information about their habits of eating long dead dogs
Damn you actually made me laugh, nice.

>> No.9278620
File: 253 KB, 500x500, 1430875432279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my Taobao order from two months ago in from my aunt and it's missing the three blouses I ordered, which were what I needed the most. Might just try out Bhiner next time.

>> No.9278710
File: 102 KB, 600x900, TK-2013-07-015-007-008-Harajuku-600x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could always go full weeb and wear a face mask.

>> No.9279392
File: 13 KB, 224x225, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been mixing between casual western goth stuff for daily wear and lolita for nice events and outings the last few years
>deicide from next year onwards I want to wear lolita daily, it feels the most 'me' out of every style I've tried
>Start working on a wishlist, figuring exactly what I want for my wardrobe
>Taking it super serious, sorting out how many blouses, headdresses etc i need to have a good foundation for a nice casual wardrobe
>Sold off stuff I no longer wear, also getting finally getting a better part time job in the new year to support my growing brand addiction

Sounds like a great plan but ofc there's always a catch...

>I only go out about three times a week
>All of these times is to go to college
>I go to an art college
>Mainly doing 3D sculpture and print work
>lolita is the most impractical thing I could ever wear for those classes
>tfw my daily lolita dreams will never come true

>> No.9280186

Most wisdom teeth surgeries are not that big a deal. It varies from person to person and along with which anesthetic you use but you aren't going to be walking around like the Elephant man a few days after the extraction. Everyone I know was completely fine within 1-4 days, and even though your gums may be tender, odds are that nobody will even realize you had the surgery in the first place.

>> No.9280277

I'm going to have to disagree. I was out for nearly a month because of how bad my bruising and swelling were after my wisdoms were removed. If you can maybe go weeb and wear the mask. Otherwise there's probably not much you can do.

>> No.9280291

>getting your wisdom teeth removed
Do people just do this as a matter of course these days? I had a bit of discomfort in my late teens when mine came in, and they point slightly outwards, but other than that I haven't had any issues. Did I just get lucky?

>> No.9280299

I was totally fine within like two days after my surgery. Everyone reacts so differently that it's hard to predict, but just be sure to follow instructions and take good care of yourself and you'll probably be just fine. Ice can be your friend

>> No.9280317

Yeah, in the US particularly wisdom teeth are removed routinely even if there's nothing wrong with them and you have enough space etc. People get convinced to do it "preventatively" to stop potential future issues. It's kind of mental considering how many complications you can have from having them taken out though. I guess that's what you get when you run healthcare like a business though.

>> No.9280376
File: 390 KB, 2097x1905, I drew this btw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no lolita gf to softly dominate me

>> No.9280395

just had mine out a few days ago, anon

minimal swelling - plenty of ibuprofen, ice, and sleeping with your head in an elevated position, you'll be fine

>> No.9280397

The US is also all about cosmetic dentistry, and teeth coming in unexpected after you've had braces can fuck up your perfect teeth.

>> No.9280429 [DELETED] 

Why not just get normal gf?

>> No.9280432
File: 7 KB, 231x218, 1467839201760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's so much estrogen on this board

>> No.9280463 [DELETED] 

I have soft fetishes with stocking, ballet shoes, bows, skirts and cute uniforms in general. Also, normal grills are boring

>> No.9280476

I'm >>9280277 and my mouth was too small to have space for them. It runs in my family, my aunt had to get even more teeth removed because her mouth was simply too small for them.

>> No.9280486 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry I asked.

>> No.9280491 [DELETED] 

Are you though?

I thought most women were excited about the idea of getting dolled up in a cutesy little outfit, and then plundered like a ripe fruit by a needy man

>> No.9280506 [DELETED] 

you thought...
>most of us here are queer as the blazes.

diff anon here. this may be a good opportunity for you to learn. there are universal human needs we share (like love, acceptance, loyalty etc.). anything beyond that is gonna be a case-by-case thing.

you're gonna have to search for your weird other half just like the rest of us. don't make assumptions about what women like. you'll sabotage your own mission and abruptly fail.

make friends with some jfash appreciators and take it from there. if you wouldn't thrust your fetishes on your dude friends you sure as hell shouldn't suddenly reveal them to your female friends.

If you're socially under developed & impatient:

>> No.9280515 [DELETED] 
File: 671 KB, 1625x2905, fffffff-01-dd0ee1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9280523 [DELETED] 

Why are you dispensing relationship advice?

All I said was that women love getting their pretty makeup smeared by a man who takes what he wants

>> No.9280529 [DELETED] 

That's just your fantasy.

>> No.9280539

the problem is you are too tall for the tights.
buy a pair of high-waisted shapewear panties.
I'm suuuper tall and putting the briefs over tights keeps them up for me. before you put the tights on, give 'em a good stretch by holding both ends and pulling them around your foot or back while standing.

>> No.9280560
File: 11 KB, 321x157, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welcome to /cgl/, one of the few 4chan boards where us females are the majority, enjoy your stay

>> No.9280563

I know that's why I'm here

It's so damn cute to see women sperg out over fashion

>> No.9280570

It's me, OP. Thanks for all the support everyone. Yeah I've had braces, almost 2 years of invisalign (on the revision set now) and wisdom teeth coming in would fuck up all the progress I made. The orthodontic work I've had done has really contributed positively to my feeling about me wearing lolita, I felt so ugly before and wouldn't take photos of my coords and avoided photos with my comm
Polite sage for ot

>> No.9280661

>tfw no /fit bf

>> No.9280689

>finally having a nice day today
>phone gets stolen
>some dudes yell at me "hey ugly"
>dressed normally
>all my hardly saved burando money will go to a new phone instead
>have to let go of that JSK i was planning on buying as a christmas gift for myself
i feel like crying

>> No.9280939

I get hundreds of likes on my pics and my apartment is infested with cockroaches that love to crawl on my brand, my boyfried doesn't love me, and I constantly think about killing myself. Likes don't mean shit anon.

>> No.9280946
File: 943 KB, 1076x1192, 2016-12-07 19.58.17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's so damn cute to see women sperg out over fashion
>bunch of girls with low self esteem calling each other hamplanets

>> No.9280964

make a patreon to make money off your followers
dump bf and pic cutest guy follower that lives near you to be new bf
live with new bf

>> No.9281720
File: 807 KB, 215x285, 1455678050669.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happened a little while back, but still
>Need one more class to fulfill credit requirements
>Taking all science/math shit so decide to look for an elective
>Struggle to find anything that works with the classes I already chose
>Eventually find a class about costuming/patterning
>Its completely full and teacher isn't flexible
>Can't get in
Dammit I really want to improve my skills in time for summer cons

>> No.9281735

we literally are just a bunch of bored cunts who like to pick at each other but okay

>> No.9281755

Bloomers do the same thing, but from what anon was saying it sounds like that would stretch the pattern vertically.

>> No.9281758

>my apartment is infested with cockroaches
Horrifying. I feel better about myself now, thanks anon.

>> No.9282959


Im guessing the guys that are here are more autistic than some of us.

>> No.9283034

How new are you? Saying nigger is a tradition on the site despite what you are, blackfacing should be the least worrying thing on here.

>> No.9283039

Same. I can't stand filth.

>> No.9283654
File: 25 KB, 281x255, analinsertion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feeling borderline suicidal this week
>make a thinly-veiled cry-for-help post on Fb yesterday
>no replies

My non-cosplay friends are fucking assholes. Thank god for cons.

>> No.9283667


If you need help, for your health, please don't rely on FB. It's a horrible place to get anything but superficial replies. Talk to your friends or to a trusted third party. And I hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

>> No.9283669
File: 44 KB, 500x434, waltvomit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see cutest bracelet on auction
>plan to snipe at last second
>miss out because I had to take a dump

>> No.9283673

fuck those faggots with a hairbrush 2bh

>> No.9283684

>Tfw no gf
>Tfw too scared to talk to girls cuz they are mean
>Tfw no gf

>> No.9283692 [DELETED] 

Dear Ironically Flirtatious Boystylers,

Fuck kabedon. Your silly shoujo manga bad-boy impersonations are cute, but unconvincing. You're as dangerous as a newborn puppy and, to be honest, just as sweetly sexless--more neuter than androgyne.

Save the seduction games for the grown-ups. Just be your cute selves.

Your disappointed lolita admirer

>> No.9283709

I am on edge because melty sky is coming to me in the mail finally but I leave for christmas vacation sooner than it might arrive ugh.

>> No.9283712

pol is the safe space for the alt-right.

they do have dem threads sometimes, but that's because every board has to thrive off being contrarian.

why the fuck were there two feels threads with near the same amount of replies going at the same god damn time?

>> No.9283727

this one auto-saged because of trolls, so the other was created.

when the janitor cleaned this thread, it was no longer in autosage.

so people bumped it.

>> No.9283732
File: 45 KB, 413x270, me on cgl erry day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohhhhh. so that happened. again.

>> No.9283738

Take it as a gentle hint that your friends don't appreciate that kind of bullshit emotional manipulation. If you have a serious problem and want comfort, open your mouth and say something directly to a living person. Self-deprecating "cries for help" on social media are rampant because it's an easy button for attention and superficial asspats. I have a FB acquaintance who every few days posts thinly veiled suicide threats or "I'm so ugly" posts or even occasionally gory makeup tests that she implies aren't fake because the comments will always flood in. Even though your post is real, it's probably getting lost in the noise.

>> No.9283742

All I did was make a post wanting life advice, jfc.

>> No.9283788

>tfw know I'm not interesting

What sort of other hobbies and interests should I pick up if I want people to want to be my friend outside of meet ups?

Is it as simple as just being friendly chill and cool with everyone?

>> No.9283804

Not that anon, but FB isn't the place to ask for that. Honestly, your FB friends don't care that much and/or don't have the emotional energy and resources to take care of you. Find a therapist or call one of those hotlines. Or talk to an actual friend, not a facebook one.

>> No.9283815

>And they're always somehow mentally ill (not that i am surprised kek).

Like everyone here?

>> No.9283832
File: 23 KB, 450x594, CzBuS2gXEAA_99c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>decide to play some animal crossing but then tell myself it's meaningless in the end, a new game will come and it'll become obsolete

I actually laughed out loud. I didn't know people could feel this way playing animal crossing.

>> No.9283858
File: 960 KB, 200x200, now here's what ya gotta do.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

times are a-changin'

>> No.9283861

We're not mean dude. stop just trying to approach randos just because they're female.

if you have standards and hobbies try approaching only the ones who share your interests and have nice personalities.
don't you have any friends that are girls? you need to break up the sausage party that is your life and stop viewing women only as potential sexual partners. they are people too.

>> No.9283862

>mfw when the weird anon from the other day
>went out with roommate for his birthday
>crush emails me back
>realize you are all right and I'm not fucking worthy.
>still may fix that costume, though
>if only to make myself feel better.

>> No.9283869
File: 188 KB, 768x768, 1479009982999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you date a girl, if they're mean? Why not date a nice guy instead?

>> No.9283918
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot-00192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't even try to approach them because they're mean. I don't only view them as sexual partners either, I just happen to relate to guys better (There's none in my comm) so I have to deal with it. Also if someone gets flirty I dunno what to do and I don't wanna make things awkward or stir up shit.


.....G-Go on...?

>> No.9283933

A week later and I'm still alive. Hashtag blessed.

I really want a new cosplay buddy.

>> No.9284048

>tfw no big benis bf

>> No.9284049

> stop viewing women only as potential sexual partners. they are people too.
every single straight woman is a potential sexual partner

doesn't mean they can't be friends, but you're allowed to fuck friends

>> No.9284079

Anything creative, anything outdoorsy are good choices. Crafting, drawing, weeb dancing, a sport, a martial art, singing animu covers, cooking, baking, a musical instrument, lots of stuff to choose from. Basically anything that will give you something not directly related to the meetup to talk about.

>> No.9284080

>grow up in rural Alaska
>no cons
>no real contact with community
>find lolita online
>no money for it, parents think it's weird
>never much good with fashion/makeup anyway
>now 23, still in college because depression
>missed out on 17-22 years because depression
>finally making a little money
>not a lot
>enough to buy some nice things
>feel waaaay to old to know so little
>never buy nice things
>spend all day looking
>too old, too ignorant

>> No.9284082

You really are ignorant and new if you think 23 is too old for lolita

>> No.9284084

I know it isn't technically, but it seems like so many people who are very active about it are very young, or already very good in their early 20's. It's also a location thing. There are crazy weeb kids in the slightly bigger alaskan city/town I live in now, but by 23 most of them have burned those photos and moved on.

>> No.9284086

Afaik if your teeth are bad enough for you to need orthodontics then wisdom teeth are likely to need to be removed if you don't want that money to be wasted. When I say 'need' I mean fairly screwed up teeth not just a little bit of an overbite or one slightly crooked tooth. The majority of people who need orthodontics for really crooked teeth don't have enough space for their wisdom teeth as well, usually they don't even have enough space for their permanent dentition.

Mine were impacted and nowhere near the surface/erupting because they decided to push forwards on my back molars, so I had them all out under general anaesthetic (not my choice - I wanted local with sedation, but due to the complexity/depth none of the local surgeons would do it without GA)
My face was pretty swollen for a full week and I was sore despite ice/ibuprofen/paracetamol/elevation, but two of the teeth had to come out in pieces so I suspect there was a bit of yanking and things on my jaw. I didn't have any of the complications like dry socket, but my dissolvable stitches in one site came loose a bit early so I had a gum flap on one area that took about 4 weeks to disappear.
Recovery really depends on how much local trauma there is to the area, the complexity of the removal (an erupted tooth without deep roots will come out a lot more easily than an impacted tooth with deep roots) whether you have them all done at once, your own general reaction to stuff (e.g. if you bruise/swell easily chances are it'll happen with this) and also how good your surgeon is.

>> No.9284087

I'm 26 and have been wearing the fashion for 7 years with no intention of giving up. To be honest I think most of the older lolitas just don't see the point in being super active online and are happy wearing it for themselves, or are too busy for ongoing social media presence.

>> No.9284092

I wish that I lived near you so we could wear lolita together (fellow 23 year old still in college because depression). If you want, we could exchange emails and talk about what a good first piece for you would be!

A big part about the fashion is not giving a fuck about what other people think, but that's really hard to do in the beginning. It was easy for me, since I live near one of the US'a biggest comms, but I don't think I'd have been able to do it by myself.

>> No.9284166


>mfw also a 23 year old who's still in college because depression.
I-I'm so happy I'm not alone.

>> No.9284172

Yeah, my dad still has his, but his dentist keeps trying to pressure him even though there's been no complications. Mine, annoyingly, while they were supposed to have room on each side, one decided to change directions and came at an angle, causing a major infection in just a couple days. Shit wasn't fun.

I think you're the exception, not the rule. Everyone I knew was swollen for just a couple days. I didn't even visibly swell, though I could feel it.

>> No.9284183

Idk if this helps at all but in my country we finish high school at 19 and it can easily take a year or more to get into college. College takes 4 years so pretty much everyone is still in college at 23. I'm turning 20 and trying to get into uni next spring. I know our society's are probably structured super differently but still.

>> No.9284203
File: 321 KB, 1820x1210, 1452545640453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, very insecure and non-assertive
>want to change
>friend suggest to join some fighting sport because I'm also very out of shape
>get into boxing
>Bit scary at first but I love it now
>Trainers say I'm doing very well for a beginner so I really get into it
> I'm having 2 rough trainings a week now and I'm getting a bit buff.
> I just wanted a bit more confidence and a fitter body
> I can't cosplay my uguu kawaii characters anymore

>> No.9284206


I'm 24 and still only have a year of college done because of depression

>> No.9284275

Cuz everyone is an asshat

>> No.9284277

Can't wait to show off my kawaii ass cheeks!

>> No.9284280

Sounds so cute! why don't you ask her to go into an open or casual relationship with you?

>> No.9284284

dear anon,
which weird anon?
love, anon

>> No.9284333

There's time, anon! If I've learnt one thing from the 2006/2016 posts it's that a surprising amount of my cute lolita friends couldn't dress for shit even in their early 20s. You can learn.

>> No.9284334

Do you like Alaska? Maybe you should move.

>> No.9284341

>tfw i was in fourth fucking grade in 2006 and therefore can't do the 2006/2016 posts

>> No.9284342

I always knew that technically people were "supposed" to finish college in 4 years (so by 22) but I've only known like four people who ever actually did? And half of them had shit GPAs when they finally did graduate, the other two were the super smart, hardworking, diligent, always-studying types. In fact when I was in college and university, a really big chunk of students were in their mid or even late 20s.

Most of my friends graduate or will be graduating around 24/25 or older. I'll be graduating in a year and will have just turned 23 and I don't feel behind at all. Perspective matters a lot. I'm from the USA for the record, and not some podunk town either

>> No.9284381

About to get rained out for the meet.

>> No.9284399

Same issue, anon. was in year four and year five in 2006, which I think has third and fourth grade as it's US equivalent. I've seen a lot of people even younger than me doing the challenge, but my family didn't put dates on any of their old photos so I can't find anything I'm sure is from 2006.

>> No.9284431

You sit on your petti? Please tell me you also post in threads wondering how to repoof them..

>> No.9284434

You don't have a good enough petti to survive being sat on for an hour or two? You literally stand up, shake out your poof and you're good to go.

>> No.9284437

>not knowing how to sit with a skirt

>> No.9284454
File: 894 KB, 480x360, 4015f901-8459-41b7-9940-08a1a5fa97fe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lucky pack for one of my favorite brands announced
>Just blew all my money on secret Santa gifts
>Oh well, if it's still available when I get my next paycheck I'll grab it
>Sells out within a week
>Resign myself to no LP
>Still have to wait a few more days to get my $$$
>With money finally in hand I journey to the website to see the "add to cart option" still available, but with the "few items left" red text looming
>quickly do some budgeting to ensure i have enough to pay bills and buy LP
>Add item to Zenmarket cart
>Takes a few minutes for them to confirm the item, holding my breath and clenching my teeth
>Finally pay for order and let myself breathe
>Tfw it's been 45 min and it still says "awaiting buying"
>Tfw if this shit sells out before Zenmarket buys it I'm gonna sob

>> No.9284506

I'm so tired of my comm being flaky. I've been sitting alone in a cafe waiting for people for people to show up to the meet that started 20 minutes ago. My local comm had a problem with people RSVPing and then not showing up, so they're not just avoiding me.

If no one shows up in the next 40 minutes I'm going home.

>> No.9284510

damn, anon. make a post about it.

>> No.9284517

I was pretty blunt on the meet page that I was going home because nobody showed up.

>> No.9284521

you can also not just squish your petti with your body weight. I don't have this problem.

>> No.9284526

Do you just not sit down for the entire meet or something?

>> No.9284529

i would specifically make a post asking for solutions or explanations to the absentee problem. even be dramatic and ask if the comm is dying.

>> No.9284535

Post in the group as well, not just the meet page.

>> No.9284544

I just don't sit on my skirt. Why is this mind boggling for you?

>> No.9284545

Because if you're sitting in a chair with a solid back there's no way not to sit on your skirt.

>> No.9284547
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I was a huge weeb some years ago when I was 12 or so, and I took a long break. I got into other things. Now that i'm 20, anime is exciting again. I feel you, OP. Sometimes, you might just need to shift gears and maybe the spark will return when you come back to it.

>> No.9284548

Stalker anon. I'm not really a stalker, but a lot of people didn't read the tl;dr post so they think I am.
>would link but I'm mobile.

>> No.9284576
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Degenerate weed smoking anon here from the other thread.
I just got an email from the other job I am going to. I start Monday. I was right, they are having a hell of a time because of the weather.

I can go back to smoking my precious killer drug. Yay!

>> No.9284641

Class-dropping anon who likes email? What do you mean you're not worthy?

>> No.9284664


I sent him an email the other day, he replied and was super sweet. Made me realize I'm a grudge holding salt mine who lurks on cgl go fun. You know, the usual existential crisis stuff.

>> No.9287558

you have blessed this board and your art will live on.

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