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Does anyone else just end up feeling sad at cons?

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Eh that looks like a wheelchair you'd use only for a short amount of time, most likely she's not actually stuck in a wheelchair for her most of her life.

>.t a dude who knows nothing

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Greetings, fellow /v/irgin.

I saw that thread too.

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Yeah. The last con I ever went to was otakon 2013 and I just felt so bored and over it. I spent most of it sitting on the floor and wishing I could go back to my hotel room. I don't know where the magic went

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I feel sad all the time

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There's not even a giant wheel for her to wheel herself around in.

On the other hand, she's so skinny it looks like her muscles have atrophied, so who knows?

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This. The magic is gone. I want to try so hard to revive it but I can't. It hurts.
The best con I ever had was my first one when I was a 14yo weeb running around with a tangled ebay wig and a shitty ebay cosplay lolita dress. I had so many friends and we were all so cringy but we had an amazing time and I was all sparkly eyed at the end.
>tfw yelling "the game" and hear people groan
>tfw singing together at the karaoke and feeling like true supah idorus
>tfw taking pics for my livejournal
>tfw making tons of anime jokes,singing,spouting random eks dee tier bullshit,...while walking around
Also i was super excited by all the overpriced kawaii stuff,lolitas,... since it was my first time seeing kawaii shit for real.
It's been 8 years man...

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I wanna eat her ass

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I've been finding that my con experiences only get better with time. More expendable income, more friends...there are certain people I only know through conventions and it's a good chance for the "convention circles" to all see each other. I've also been pushing myself to participate actively in conventions, running panels, getting into Artists Alleys, and volunteering, so I think that's definitely helping me enjoy them more. They feel very alive to me compared to just showing up in a cheaply made cosplay and watching, like I did when I first started going to cons.

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>sees "It's been 8 years man"
>thinks "wow that anon must be old"
>does mental math
>realizes you and I are the same age

We both had the same con experiences, fellow seagull. I know it may not make it better, but just know I feel the same way.

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Wanna know the worst part? I was 16 that year. And I felt so jaded even then. And now at 19 I know it's just gotten worse.
I've sort of moved on to lolita and other jfashions

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>go to con
>feel out of place
>go to cosplay meetup
>still feel out of place
>go to /cgl/ meetup
>really feel out of place

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Save your money and stop going. Cons lost their shine for me a long time ago. Maybe someday I'll be able to rekindle it but I just feel old and out of place when I go to one

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sad? why would I be sad surrounded by thousands of happy people having a great time while I sit in a corner and do nothing, alone?

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>do anything
>feel out of place

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I think the reason she looks sad is just that her face is tired. I think it would be really easy to get a picture of any cosplayer looking like this because when you rest your face after smiling for a lot of pictures you're bound to look pretty sad.

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I feel sad at the end because i often come out of it making no new lasting connections..

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100% me. I go to the cons to make friends, but I end up not doing so. It use to be super easy when I first started going to cons when I was 14 to 15, but now I'm 21 and its nearly impossible.

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I'm older now, and even though I have more money to spend on cons, I hardly have any friends. I try to make new friends at cons but I just come off as cripplingly shy and awkward. I'm really starting to think cons are just incompatible with my personality type but I still like cosplaying. I just can't make any friends with other cosplayers.

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I've stopped going to anime cons because they've lost some of the magic. I still really enjoy gaming cons/ other generally nerdy cons where you can dress up.

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pretty much me too. I go to panels to be active, but I always go alone and never make any friends.
I get jealous of weebs; they are cringy but they usually have friends to act goofy with

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Are you me?

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>but now I'm 21 and its nearly impossible.

Know that feel bro. I'm 30+ now and I made nearly all my friends when I was in my teens and very early 20s.
I've picked up a couple new people due to cosplay groups and photography but making buddies on the fly is just hard.
Kiddos do not like to talk outside of their age or friend group. I'm a chick and it's hard so I don't even want to know what guys have to deal with due to everyone thinking they might be a creeper.

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I do go with a few people but they all have their own friends and it isn't always easy to invite myself to their groups. But I think I don't have the social fortitude to just go up to strangers and create a friendship. It's not that I have trouble talking to strangers, I'm alright at starting conversations. But I'd feel awkward inviting people to hang out after that conversation or asking to go to wherever they're headed next. Only have been able to do so once so far, and it helped that we happened to be cosplaying a popular pair.

Would you all feel strange about a stranger coming up to you like that?

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This. I think the con experience is what you make it. If you're finding yourself bored, it makes sense to try and get more involved with other aspects besides just cosplaying.

I've had my down moments but I've started to spend more time making friends. I've met a lot of people that have been really helpful and are fun to be around so that makes my con experience better even if the con itself isn't so great

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My strategy for meeting people at cons (with pretty okay success): At events, shoots, whatever, strike up conversation with people, chat, don't overstay the welcome, all that, but at the end of the convo ask for their FB/Instagram info. Everybody's got one and it feels less intrusive than asking to firmly hang out. After con, comment / chat with them, then next con you're going to that they are too, see if they want to meet up / hang out. Set time limits to things and don't make yourself awkward.

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At one of the most recent cons I went to, these three people around my age (2 girls and a guy) came up to my friends and me and just said "You guys look like you're having fun, do you want to hang out tonight?" We ended up having a blast and I'm about to meet up with them at another con in a few weeks after keeping in touch in the interim...So personally I wouldn't find it weird at all and it had good results for me!

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If someone did that to me after I had been drinking and I thought they were ok people, I wouldn't give two fucks.

As for my own personal experience, I used to be a no drinking kind of person. Once I kicked that at cons it made it a lot easier to meet and talk to people. I still have a hard time meeting new people because my entire group of friends at home is always uo for a con and I know that a lot of people get scared off by big groups and that's usually how we travel. I think I realized how easy it was to jusy talk to people after getting liquored up and going to a few cons by myself. I haven't made any real lasting friendships or anything yet, but come February I hope to hit up a few people to hang out that I've met in the last 6ish months at cons. I think it'll also lead me to have small room parties which is something I've always wanted to do.

The only thing that scares me is that I slowly am getting too old for the scene. Just turned 26, but I have been able to scope out some 'older' people at cons here and there. Me and my friends were watching some stupid con review thing and noticed that when dragon con came up, there were a lot of 30+ aged people poping up. Is that because the implications of crazy kink shit at that con or is it just a generally older crowed?

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are you me? i love cosplaying but i'm thinking of stopping cause it's not any fun to do alone but i don't know how to make friends or join a group that won't fall apart

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I've never been to a con in my life and the only reasons I ever come here are to read horror stories.

Can someone explain what even happens at cons any why they like them?

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Sorry to hear that. I hope you have better luck.

People go for different reasons. I personally go to try and make friends that like anime. It's much better than being at home and shit posting about anime.

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>go to con
>feel out of place
>go to cosplay meetup
>still feel out of place
>go to /cgl/ meetup
>Feel so damn at home, fuck

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I like cons because seeing cool cosplays is great, being able to buy overpriced weeb shit, seeing all the art everyone has for sale in AA, and sometimes there are panels that are interesting. But, by far, getting to see friends that I only see a few times a year makes even shitty cons with not much happening still really fun.

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I love being able to cosplay and seeing the great work that other people put in but cons are really the one time a year that I get to see all my friends at once since we all live so far away from each other now. There's also just something about being around people that are equally as dorky that never gets old

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The only thing I don't miss is the glomping

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now I'm sad because my first con was at 18. I have 3 cons planned for 2017 so I still have hope. I will be of legal drinking age and I'm relying on my social boyfriend to initiate conversation about anime/vidya and make some friends. Of course I'd like to suck it up and maybe ask for some girls instagrams if I like their cosplay and want to try to make friends but I am so painfully shy.
I feel like shit though because when I was 14-16 I was heavily into anime and had no friends to share it with. It's the only thing that helped my spiralling depression at the time and I would have really loved to be able to do "cringey XD" stuff with some friends. My cosplay would have been some shitty home stuck or naruto but I feel like it would have been a blast.

Oh well, better late than never right ?

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For me, it'seems a vacation. I eat out at nice places, drink all weekend with friends (or make new ones while drinking), spend money on trinkets and trash in the dealer hall and art/commisions in the dealer hall, and go to panels that interest me. The atmosphere is pretty crazy and there's usually always something to do up until 4am at medium sized cons. It's just a time to let loose and gush about hot garbage animated shows with others.

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18 isn't really late unless you're talking about the whole past issues thing. 18 is almost prime time unless your legal drinking age in your county is 21 (which it sounds like it isn't). Booze can provide a lot of help in the social anxiety and shyness corner of communication though so it may help you be more out of your shell on your own.

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>mfw I only hit cons to troll for fuzzy-wuzzy.

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Wtf is that mean?

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>tfw start going to cons to try to make likeminded friends
>been going to multiple cons are a year for the past six years
>still zero friends
I guess some people just weren't meant to be happy in this life

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The best thing I could really say is that it's essentially a small society you can temporarily spend days around where everybody is in some way associated with gaming, anime, comics, cartoons, etc. Not just a few randos, everybody. Assuming you really, REALLY love a specific series, and you find some random person dressed up as a character from it, you and that person can talk, coordinate future pair cosplay, talk about your favorite things in it, and possibly find even more people and a small group can form out of nowhere based on simply someone being dressed up. They don't even need to be fully dressed, they can be wearing an obscure T-Shirt that a hardcore fan would identify with haste, and you are not only entirely justified in walking up to some stranger and excitedly sperging out about what you two both clearly love, but you're encouraged to do so.

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Are you feeling old around the young kids too?
I tried cosplaying to be more social and strike up conversations. getting better at cosplay and I get my photo taken some. but don't really make friends.

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I was similar to you for a while. But here are the main reasons
>play fightan games
>Show fruits of labor in the form of cosplay
>Take pics of qts
>Buy art
>Witness really cringy people to make myself seem less hopeless

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How to make friends at cons:

Join staff.

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>want to make friends
>remember con horror story threads about clingy weirdos
>don't want to look like a clingy weirdo
>make it a habit to never talk to anyone for more than a minute so that they don't mistaken me for clingy weirdo
T-thanks /cgl/

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How can I spot sad con-goers and help them be happy?

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Surprise beatings.

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You're not on /v/ my friend, no spoilers here

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What the fuck is up with the foot of the dude strolling her? Looks like HE needs a fucking wheel chair.

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I want to tell this girl her Sheik is awesome.

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Yes! I'm also trying cosplay to be more social.

Hmmm I guess you must be future me.

I really do hope you make some friends though!

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> 25
> never been to a con, parents would not let me as a teenager, never bothered as an adult
> spend the last 13 years being into EGL etc. vicariously through others photos.
> alone Christmas eve and most of Christmas.
> this is my third post on here.

at least you guys are my friends, right? :'D

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I feel like anime lost a bit of its magic when you could binge watch series after series on crunchyroll and Hot Topic reaching out for the anime market
Aside from that, its like either casual normies that come to cons acting like 'lel we're total nerds,' or really shy folk (the ones I prefer) that feel really hard to approach.
and the ones you do wind up chatting up, I get the no lasting connections feel like this anon said >>9295971

I mostly just go to interactive panels, like I went to a Jojo posing panel at afo and it was actually fun. Metro con had a plush fruit food fight one year.
also the arcades are okay, but for the most part it feels hard to make friends and Idk how much of a personal problem it is.

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how's 25?
i'm terrified of itr.

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Y'all are just getting older. Shit loses its magic as you age. You get sick of shit, you move on to other stuff. That's just growth. Stop being pussies and let go

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S....sorry to hear that. Go to a con please! It's not to late. Gambatte!

Also it's also okay im also alone on christmas eve


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turning 25 next year. feel like this is the age where you're truly too old for things

>> No.9298691

Nah you can do it don't worry about it.

Just do it this year you're still fine!

>> No.9298697

You sure are kind and enthusiastic
be sure to tend to yourself and keep your happiness in check as well.

>> No.9298760

Thank you!. But I think you should really go, you might end up regretting it if you don't do it. It just takes a weekend or a single day. (I think the weekend con trip is the best)

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Generally I try looking out for people who seem to be by themselves and maybe look a little down. Try asking them for a photo and maybe chat them up a little and go from there.

Also, if you're at a photoshoot I'd suggest watching out for stragglers. Twice now I've seen someone cosplaying from a series for a photoshoot going on a few feet away who looks unsure about joining because they're shy/late to the shoot. Both times the other person really appreciated me making them feel welcome to join in. Cons can be really scary for people who are new or are just shy.

>> No.9298807


She has something where her heart spazzes out if she stands up for too long.

>> No.9298835

It's weird, not going to lie. When i was a few years younger, I felt like 25 was going to start being the age where I would feel like an adult and start feeling too old for cons and stuff...but it hasn't happened yet. But I'm acutely aware of feeling out of place compared to most people (especially during dance meetups and stuff, most odorites are like 16-20). I have to be careful not to get too excited about things in fear of seeming like a creepy adult. I think I get tired too early at cons? By like 10 pm I'm crashing while the high school kids stay up screaming all night.

But ultimately, I think I'm probably the only one worried about seeming out of place and old. Everyone else is still as accepting as ever and since my friends are around my same age, I still have people my age to hang out with. Our tastes are changing in terms of anime and what we want to attend but it's not cheapening the con experience or making me feel out of place yet.

>> No.9299117

>I think I get tired too early at cons? By like 10 pm I'm crashing while the high school kids stay up screaming all night.
I've been getting this way too, but also just in everyday life when I have a bit to drink

>> No.9299661

>I've stopped going to anime cons because they've lost some of the magic

Ugh, this so much.

I think that, after 17 straight years of cons, 2017 will be the first year that I don't go to any. They're just not like the cons of my youth anymore. Most of my friends have either moved on or drifted away, and it's almost impossible to meet new con friends in your 30s.

It also really doesn't help that there's a lot of people that I have awkward shit with thanks to a lifetime of dating within the community, and it's even worse because my last ex is "cosfamous" and so even people that are still my friends get torn between hanging out with me or hanging out with her and furthering their cosplay "careers."

There's just not much left for me at cons, and I end up spending a lot of time sadly wandering around by myself, reminiscing as I walk past locations where I once did great photoshoots or met old friends or whatever. I haven't had a life without the scene since I was like 14 though, and cons have always been the big things in my year that I look forward to. I basically have no social life outside the scene and everything feels so empty without it.

>> No.9299762

> always had trouble making friends
> feel like no one is really a true friend
> think going to cons might be fun dune people will be more likely to have similar interests and might be outgoing to a fellow silly nerd
>nothing of the sort happens everyone seems to have their own clique and even when I manage till somehow meet new people no one seems to care pass passing interest. Feel I have to really hamfist and force people into sharing phone numbers or other details but no one ever has asked for mine
> realise cons are exactly the same as every other part of my life
> go home do some pushups and scream myself to sleep

I've even tried professional help. I suppose I'm simply destined to be alone forever.

>> No.9299767

No. Just you.

>> No.9299782

I'm 29 now, turning 30 next year. And I'm more active in the conscene with every year.

I just moved more to the background of it, organising conventions and keeping shit together. I have less time cosplaying myself, whcih is a shame, but I also feel slowly that I don't have the looks for it anymore. I'm getting more and more insecure regarding to this.

However, I enjoy a lot working behind the scenes, especially working together with the japanese people. Be it anime production studios, artists, organisations, sponsors, exhibitors or whatever. Also I enjoy a lot working with the fanscene, like Doujinshika or Odoritte.

Besides international component, I of course love supporting local fan structures and communities as well. Such as artists or projects like that itasha community that we included this year.

It feels like I can now give back what the scene gave to me in my younger days. And it's a really nice feeling seeing people smile at your event(s) and just having a good time.

>> No.9299803

This is what I did. Free badges, club of jaded older people there to bitch about the kids pulling stupid stunts? Feels like I'm in a fucking mom club while the kids are at chuck e cheese's except the alcohol is more socially acceptable. I've actually been enjoying my cons more being able to gripe.

>> No.9299811

You are doing gods work anon <3


>> No.9299828

I love cosplay as a hobby but parts of it just really hurt my fucking soul. And as time goes on the good parts are getting drowned out by all the bad parts no matter how hard I try to ignore it. I wish we could all just have fun and be happy.

>> No.9299829

You really think i ever leave my house faggot?

>> No.9299869

what are the bad parts to you?

>> No.9299937

dating in the con world sounds iffy
Like online dating iffy

>> No.9299948

how do you meet people outside of cons?

>> No.9299961

Actually haven't dated in a long time
Last relationship was a friend of a friend and before that My last relationship was an old school sweet heart kind of thing.

>> No.9299992

Where the fuck do you find people to be friends with if not a social gathering like a con?

>> No.9300015

Same. The "beauty pageant" parts of the hobby really start on wear on me after a while. People being more concerned with Instagram followers than the actual series they cosplay from.

I just wish I could goof around with people who like the same anime I do.

>> No.9300150

Work, friends of friends, game launches etc
Never really meet people in cons
From my original statement I'm asking is it actually an okay dating scene, because with the way it feels at a cons, Even like game launch and other nerdy get togethers, it feels like the the people you meet don't really stick with you, even as friends

>> No.9300161

> work
You wot very few of the people I have ever worked with are interested in seeing me outside work.
>Friends of friends
See above
> game launches
What am I fucking 15? No one ever goes to game launches given that you can download it preload in steam and barely anyone has physical copies of anything anymore. Besides the vast majority of people who do do that are like 12 year olds with their mother.

>> No.9300175


Yeah this. I'm the only guy at work that is into cosplay, videogames, anime, etc.. Everyone else is into barhopping and sports.

Cons are the only place where I can find people with similar interests, but jeez you have to sift through a lot of juvenile people.

>> No.9300284

>so skinny it looks like her muscles have atrophied
No. Her thighs are considerably thick on par with anyone healthy.

>> No.9300297

Coworkers, online cosplay friends, mutual friends

>> No.9300323

i'm self employed, working at home
>friends of friends
but I don't have many friends in the first place.. already tried that anyways
>game launches

>> No.9300329

i see riven i see lux, i still think league sucks,

also girls only play support.

>> No.9303078

whale alert

>> No.9304082

>go to con
>walk around outside
>feel out of place
>go home

>> No.9304126


Not sad, more... unmitigated rage.

I see hot girls in shitty costumes getting a lot of attention, while folks in amazing costumes get passed by. And the people photographing them cover it with "I just love cosplay". Look, I understand why - some of these girls are extremely attractive - but at least be honest about it. If it was really about the cosplay, you wouldn't give it a second glance.

*Sigh* I know this is just how it is.

>> No.9304140

Kek. Classic Anon.

>> No.9304154

too many normies now, the group of friends i used to hang out with just go to cons to have a room to get drunk in now

>> No.9308229

If you get sad at cons just stop fucking going. 5 years and going without attending one myself.

>> No.9308275

Not usually, as long as I can keep myself occupied with something. But if I'm sitting around during a lull, and I'm just looking at the people with their friends, people who actually have friends to go to a convention with, then the loneliness and envy starts creeping in.

Then again, it's probably not that great, though. I'm probably avoiding a lot of retarded drama and bullshit by doing cons solo. If I could only shut down my herd instinct, life would be perfect.

>> No.9308381
File: 38 KB, 600x423, ape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheer up, there's hope. I'm older than you and I'm a dude, but I go to cons and still make friends when I cosplay. (I got a baby face). Just be trustworthy and invest in people. Carry confidence in who you are and treat everyone with honor & respect. Sure I get some age shaming when some new friends discover my age, but almost all of the time they come to consider me a solid friend after awhile.

I have a lot of guy and gal friends that are younger than me, anime junkies and lolitas- No one judges me as a creeper because I intentionally try to help everyone have a good time, and I don't have any ulterior motives (except maybe to form a huge friend amoeba around me). If you're genuine, people will pick up on that.

I'll go to a con, see someone alone sitting off to themselves looking kind of sad or whatever so I'll bring a friend over to them and complement them on something awesome about their cosplay. I'll strike up a conversation about their favorite anime, and try to draw them into a game of Ninja Slap or something. Sometimes that's all that's needed to help a person relax and start to add to the fun. It might help if you have a couple younger friends to go with you to start with, but just show people that you care about them. It makes my heart happy to see people around me having a good time, so I feed into that and bring that vibe with me.

>> No.9309104

I think that's happening for a lot of us.

I can't believe how many "I'm done with cons" posts I've seen on my FB in the last couple of weeks.

Come to think of it, I wonder how many were inspired by this thread. We all know that everybody in the scene claims not to come here but actually lurks constantly.

>> No.9309109

DESU I think it's mostly just going to too many that does it. I went to 3 or 4 in one year and felt so over it, so I stopped going for a little while. I'm going to one in April this year and i actually feel excited about it. I think a break can do a lot of good for some people.

It's also better when you can get a bunch of friends together and make a fun trip out of it. Going by yourself is a pretty good way to not have fun. I've already talked to seagulls and met up with them at cons, had really good times with them and made friends that way. Though, I've also had some shitty experiences with seagulls, you gotta take chances I guess.

>> No.9309113

That's great, I'm glad you do those things. Ninja slap idea is great I'll be sure to do the same next con.

>> No.9309479

For the record I have came in here the last few days to see what's new and it's the same ol' shit, different faces. I notice ALA still exists.

Facebook is for attention whores. Cosfags who own a Facebook just drag their balls on the keyboard to get the attention they never got at a convention. But I understand that at that age you will be a dramatic little bitch. You'll eventually grow out of it and realize how much time you've wasted.

Thank god those days are over for me and that I don't have a Facebook anymore. I cannot imagine just how fucking bad things are compared to the early 2010's when I went. One thing I heard that happen last year at a con was that they started adding safe spaces at conventions. That shit would never ever ever happen in my days. How fucking pussy have children become now?

>> No.9309650

Yeah, things have changed.

FWIW though the "safe spaces" aren't really a big deal, the only one I've seen was at AX and it was just an area where people could go to ditch creepers/stalkers.

People have become more sensitive, but there's also been a real rise in legitimate fucked up dudes (and probably chicks too) at cons. I'm a former cosplay photographer and dude after dude that I used to think was a cool guy, a colleague, even sort of a friend, has been exposed as a total scumbag. I've also seen plenty of dudes being creepy shitlords at cons in person, too, and in ways I NEVER would have expected back in the day. I can't go a day at a con without seeing a girl get groped by a stranger, some old dude sticking a DSLR lens up a cosplayer's skirt, some chick red in the face with discomfort as some greasy dude keeps following her around, etc.

My own GF and my friend's GF got roofied at a party, an INDUSTRY PARTY of all things, at a con a few years back, and god knows what would've happened if we hadn't been there.

So yeah, people may have become sensitive, but there's a good reason, and I blame all the fucked up shitlords who've started coming to cons just to exploit the friendliness and camaraderie we once had.

As for FB posts, I'm talking about the personal posts of my friends, not cosplayer page shit. A lot of those people posting are guys, and fellow (ex?) photogs too.

>> No.9309669

>That shit would never ever ever happen in my days. How fucking pussy have children become now?

lol stupid kids getting molested. just buck up.

>> No.9309670

This. So damn much it hurts.

This is advice. It is neither good nor bad. Most staff will be separated by cliques as well and you will likely go unpaid and overworked. Some cons just mistreat staff and volunteers as well, so do look into any con before joining up. For me the drama was too much. Better to fuck off and leave for a while.

>> No.9309837

>Be a 27 year old weeb
>Been a weeb since I was 10, been going to cons since I was 15
>Cons after 2013
>The amount of cosplay has been reducing and the only cosplays are western characters you don't even recognize
>Try talking to cosplayers about their characters, they don't know the characters they cosplay
>Ask someone about their prop and it's always "oh, it's made of worbla black!"
>Start feeling really uncomfortable in your cosplay, the wig is itchy, the clothes get in your way, carrying the prop is annoying
>Your friends don't even go to conventions anymore, they have their adult lives to take care of so you're there with just a few old pals getting bored
>You leave for the hotel room at 4 PM after 5 hours at the convention venue
>You realize you lost the magic
>You realize conventions are a waste of money now

And now I don't go to conventions anymore. It was a lot more fun when I was 18 and had a shitty costume, a huge group of friends and I was into all the popular shows.

>> No.9309937
File: 1019 KB, 500x373, 1456338672735.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>went to my first con when I was 19
>am 22, will be 23 this year
> only go to the local con because either I'm poor or the con outside my city take place when I don't have enough free time to go
>bored to death with local con, shitty youtubers guests, shittier and small artist alley, bootleg everywhere and what's not bootleg is overpriced
>usually go with friends but the one that have the same taste and fandoms as me don't come anymore (we're both fujos)
>stuck with tryhard "geek" who only care about DBZ and lord of the ring and hate anything gay (whether it's fujoshit or real gay people) and a friend who won't stop bringing her own friends I don't know or relatives so it gets awkward really fast
>can't make new friends because others come with their own group of friends or they're going with their family
>mfw the only time I was on the verge of making a new friend was with a guy who had to take care of his booth and I thought I was bothering him so I felt awkward and feld even though we talked a lot at first and it was fun
I really need to go to cons in the capital city. I'm still mad the yaoi con that always took place in my city started taking place in Paris instead because it's bigger, so it'll attract more people and guests. I'll try to go to japan expo with some of my friends, let's hope it'll actually happen.

>> No.9309938
File: 75 KB, 600x450, inuyasha_cosplay_group_2006_by_lamisere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First convention was in 2006-7
>RIght when Naruto/Full Metal Alchemist/Bleach/Death Note were all getting HUGE state-side
>Pretty much the dawn of the weaboo craze and the last few years of a Pre-Facebook/Twitter/Nu-YouTube internet
>My mom drops a few friends and I off there for the Saturday
>wearing a shitty Naruto cosplay I half-assed in a few weeks
>Was the most fun I'd ever had
>Genuinely felt thrilled and excited talking to people (I was like 15)
>Go back the next year, actually stay all weekend, best time of my life
>Saturday night dance was a masquerade/rave and filled with all sorts of trahsy 2000s techno, girls loaded with candi and glowsticks
>had a blast, so much fun, vow to never stop going
>Enter High school
>Con changes venues/show-runner to a more upscale hotel downtown
>keep going back, miss a year or two
>Keep this up for the past several years
>Go back Summer 2016
>The nostalgic joy I've attached these conventions and that era of my life to doesn't seem to be there
>cosplay still, but only recognize 20-30% of costumes I see
>walk around the convention floor for a few hours at a time, bored, going through the motions
>We end up drinking all weekend
>Saturday night "dance" is a shitty local DJ, 20 or so people, and some bad remixes to Disney songs and the Pokemon theme
>Will never experience the glory days of being a chubby fresh-faced tween carrying around my mom's digital camera and watching the seas of State Alchemist blue coats, shitty Inuyashas, half-assed Edward Elrics, Akatsuki members, etc walking by eating pocky and drinking ramune, glomping eachother
>Now half-assedly take pics on my camera of a few video-game characters while everyone walks around talking about YouTube celebs, Attack on Titans, and Deadpool.

Fuck bros...just take me back...please.

>> No.9309946

>go 5-6 cons per year
>doing with friend shit-tier CMV
>see all these ppl cosplaying
>"why I can't? Oh right, I'm too fat and too lazy"
>crush says "You can do this Anon"
But it's not enough motivation....

>> No.9309959

>start going to cons three years ago
>have good size crew, but most have their own interests and obligations
>always have stretches of melancholy and depression during
>accept this, drink and smoke heavily all weekend to compensate somewhat, hang out in degenerate corner whenever I can find it, carry liquor to share with literally anyone I can find
>good/seasoned taste, can't identify with a lot of pedestrian anime fans that are into popular Shonen or isekai, usually a lack of actual weaboos or anyone in an uncommon cosplay from a niche series, or even Gundam
>ikkicon 2017
>buddy gets super screwed over by maid cafe and quits, other one only goes for the pit but it's gone, end up rolling around with the whole squad all weekend
>end up having a total blast even though it was the worst Ikkicon yet, no stretches of melancholy even when alone for short periods because I was usually resting at such times, end up getting a ton of people together to order a shit ton of hot wings
Don't let your crew disperse. Stay together, coordinate interests, crash panels most of you would like, and stay turnt. Always try to engage other groups, propose activities, and ALWAYS have enough money to cover other people for shit you want to do with them. I have a penniless NEET friend that I want to drag with me to AM, I haven't informed him that he is going yet. I'll pay his whole weekend, including food if I have to.

To be honest I visit maybe two panels each con I attend. I go because that's the only place shut in weebs and nerds leave their house to socialize at, and it's the only time I ever drink.

>> No.9309972

I've only been to the local con that's right next to uni and work, so it's little effort to go. I go to kill time, have fun playing games, try to make friends, maybe buy some crap I don't need, and occasionally go to a panel (although they all suck here). I only watch one or two shows a year these days so I'm not going for that, although I play a lot more VNs than I used to.

>> No.9309984

I live in a third world country and conventions are still like this. Imho I'd prefer the higher end cons as opposed to the tiny tiny ones we get, but I get where you're coming from with the """spirit""" of it.

>> No.9310002


Yeah don't get me wrong, I love that the environment is growing and I'm more than happy that children growing up nowadays get to experience all this in hopefully the same way I did.

But yeah the nostalgia and the memories are almost too much. It's crazy how much has changed in damn near a decade.

>> No.9310052

I have a similar feeling about conventions. It seems like they've become a lot more family friendly and mainstream recently. I'm not saying family friendly is bad, but it seems like cons go out of their way to make it nice for little children.

>> No.9310062

I wonder if teenagers are having as much fun now, as you were then. Sometimes I think it's just a part of getting older.

>> No.9310074

>go to cons with medium size groups with good friends everytime
>always have a blast hanging out with them
>still end up feeling sad because I always see another group of friends who seem to be having more fun than me and stuff

i know this sounds stupid but this always happens to me. maybe its because im usually hanging out with the same people every year and i just feel sad because on the inside, i want to meet new people.
but the only way I meet new people is if I get introduced from another friend and that rarely happens these days since they tend to stick with the same friends as well.
im terrible at meeting new people myself.

>> No.9310082

I've done this 3 times, then I stopped going to cons.

>> No.9310083
File: 44 KB, 1280x720, 1453995745639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dude, I'm 23. Just don't give a fuck. Who cares. What are you worried about? Even if they think you are weird when you introduce yourself, fuck them, just go talk to someone else. Don't care so much about what other people think and you'll be much happier.

This doesn't mean abandon all social norms, just chill out. I believe in you

>> No.9310091

Went to my first con when i was 14. Last one when i was 16. Back then it was an untapped goldmine before cosplaying became mainstream. Just a bunch of weebs back then.

I'm not the best looking guy but i look okay and i'm pretty confident, meaning i stood out among most of the guys there. For me, cons were all about hooking up with hot cosplay chicks who for some reason didn't have many friends at school and therefore had low self-esteem even though they were knock-out hotties.

Lost my virginity at my first con and for me, cons are all about sex. No idea if it's still the same but i doubt it.

>> No.9310445

Uh, that's been happening for years....as early as 2008. It wasn't until last year that I heard of a safe space at a convention. So from 08-16 that's a 8 years. It's the children now a days. There has always been fucked up people. In fact I know someone who was in his mid 20's who went to cons and dated girls as young as 14 and 16 and them girls he messed with never said anything or went to a safe space. C'mon now these fucking kids hear things and they have heard how bad things can get if you cosplay and party. If that's fucked up why would you even go? And where the hell are the parents to begin with? How the hell do parents give the okay to let their kids go to cons?

>> No.9310470

The idea of a safe space literally just means that you don't treat people like shit there for being different. How that concept shocks and appalls people, I'll never quite understand...

>> No.9310572

I didn't know other people feel the same way I do.. I have such a hard time fitting in with other cosplayers and making friends I even cosplay and like the same stuff like everyone else.. it's just every time I try to talk to someone they end up being snoopy or not interested.

>> No.9310683

reading this made me want to cry desu... sometimes i go to old websites just to get that 00's con vibe again.

>> No.9310685

im glad this thread exists cause i thought i was the only one. i think i have kinda weird tastes, and yet i can't really pinpoint what exactly is my favorite drama. but the stuff i like never tends to have as much merch or cosplay as other things and I have a hard time meeting new people. Or I meet someone and I'm too shy to talk to them.

Not to mention, and I want to know if this happens to anyone else. Do your friends ever end up joining a bunch of cosplay groups and leaving their other friends behind? It seems to happen so often now.

>> No.9310802

Cons are bigger and more mainstream now, which means there's more incidents and more awareness. Standards are just different now too.

I'm no SJW, and I mean I'm a red-blooded dude who'd love to have con hookups and all of that like how it was in the old days, but I understand why things have changed.

I know what you mean about tastes. I find it really hard to care about popular stuff these days. I only find one new series every 2-3 years that I care about, and they're almost always pretty obscure.

>> No.9310816

Make friends in event lines. Stopping folks on the con floor or when they're resting is awkward and impolite.
If you're in a queue, you share the same interest and you'll be waiting around for a few minutes anyway.

Even if you don't exchange details or talk after the con, at least you socialized.

>> No.9310820

>Had a great group of con friends.
>Bro gets lolita gf.
>Nobody wants to hang around because of her. Group disperses over the next year because of drama centered around bro and gf.
>Watch bro lose his entire personality since he's been with this chick.
>No one will talk to the other because damage has been done.
>I just want my old con family back.

>> No.9310824

"You're never alone when you're in line."

>> No.9310840

Not sure about cons (since I haven't been to that many yet) but man this goes for anything. I've hit up people, scored dates, bought and sold shit and even met one of my best friends in lines for tickets, festivals, events anything.

Esp. if you're going with a small group, or have to wait up for your friends just being sociable in a line can score you groups to scour cons or events with. Just make a half-funny joke just a little too loud, or wait for a good moment in somebody else's conversation to make a funny remark that doesn't intrude too much and if they think you're nice you're golden.

Worst case scenario you spent your whole time in queue silently staring ahead, and that was your plan A anyway. So ya lost nothing!

>> No.9311014


I'm sorry, I wanted to cry typing it! And same. If I get that nostalgia bug i'll go through old forums or websites and just kind of soak it in.

>> No.9311016


Hah...I dunno....this one??

>> No.9311027

I'm Dutch and the cosplay community here feels small enough that everyone already knows each other.
I really want to make a nice group of friends or something but people seem so childish. I'm not even that old yet..

>> No.9311118

For me I found that making friends is A LOT easier if you're doing more than just being a regular participant. Sure you'll make friends through random chance and cosplaying but I find that if you give people an excuse to come to you then your odds will be much higher.

Not only does putting on a panel, hosting a gathering not only get people to come to you, they also take care of any awkward "first impressions" and icebreaking. You don't have to worry about navigating a person's individual likes and dislikes or subconsciously worry about making things awkward. 9 times out of 10 if your event comes off as organized and well ran then people will have a great first impression of you.

>> No.9311123

Anon, are you me? I'm 20 but I already feel out of place and old at Dutch cons. I can't make friends with screaming 14-year-old weebs, I can't look past the cringe but it feels like everyone who's around my age/seems my age already has a solid friend group that's impossible to break into. I wish I could go to cons in the US or somewhere.

>> No.9311124

*seems nice

Too focused on age haha

>> No.9311152
File: 18 KB, 377x377, pepita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spent adolescene being a closet weeb and being your typical popular girl in public
>Fashion, drama, boys, parties, etc. You know the type.
>Go to first con sophomore year of high school with a girl I knew who was going with her sister and her friends
>Girl only sticks around for half a day
>I have the time of my life
>Continue tradition up until present pretty much
>Want to cosplay, have never cosplayed, will never cosplay out of fear for not being perfect enough
>Have hundreds of kinda friends, but not a single close friend
>Always see weebs who aren't as pretty or as cool as me being so happy at cons
>Meanwhile I'm just over here buying stuff and trying to form a friendship that goes past partying
>Intense feelings of jealousy and sadness at the realization that I spent so much time trying to be this cool and popular girl when all I wanted was to be the girl having fun without caring about what others thought

For me, it's not that the magic is gone. The magic is still there. It's always been there. I just wish I had someone to share it with.

>> No.9311154

Anon I'm 36. I've been going since I was 18. I'm not going to stop just because I'm old. And I'm not into kink shit, wtf is that supposed to mean. Older people have the same fun at these things as you.

>> No.9311162
File: 36 KB, 500x216, kiddo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as cool as me

You can't even find friends to have fun with at a con, you don't sound that cool to me.

>> No.9311163

I do think you are me, Anon. I'm 20 too..
Want to be friends?

>> No.9311267

>First convention was in 2006-7
>Con changes venues/show-runner to a more upscale hotel downtown
Anime Milwaukee?

>> No.9311417
File: 48 KB, 300x220, 1483084372252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Always see weebs who aren't as pretty or as cool as me being so happy at cons

Life is suffering anon.

>> No.9311478

All you tiny babies fearing age.

I'may nearing 30. I am pretty content with myself for the most part. I have flaws, but I am comfortable in my own skin, am unafraid to let people know who I am, and am still learning how to give fewer and fewer fucking.

You kids will be fine. Relax, learn, and enjoy your lives. I see this wierd obsession with getting 'too old' to enjoy things you love all over this board. Horseshit- you just have more income to enjoy it with.

>> No.9311480


Kansas, not Milwaukee. Similar experience there I assume?

>> No.9311591

I get this feeling very often when I look forward to something during a con. Things like old friends standing me up after saying multiple times to meet up. But if I do things more on a whim solo, I tend to fair better and get more bolder to attempt to not feel out of place. Drinking helps but it's risking crashing and have an emotional breakdown or having the best con yet.

>> No.9311648

I'm 30 and decently content with the direction my life is going, but cons aren't much fun for me anymore. I'm just bored of hanging out with the same few sad people year after year and meeting new people is really damn hard.

>> No.9311680
File: 870 KB, 720x960, 1475549222651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only fucking privileged American white girls will complain about being sad because they spent hundreds to thousands of dollars playing dress-up and getting drunk and not having enough "fun". Jesus, you fuckers should be fucking lucky to even have the opportunity, time, and means to go to a con in the first place.

>> No.9311711

*genre. wow, fuck i don't know why i wrote 'drama'.

>> No.9311717
File: 596 KB, 739x561, 1483549455899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always, at least in some ways. I've been cosplaying and going to cons for 12 years. I've always felt like I'm on the outside looking in at all these happy people who enjoy spending time together. I've made lots of casual con acquaintances, but no serious friends. I always dreamed I'd make more friends with similar interests, but I'm just as bad at it in a con setting as I am in regular life.

I'm lucky though to have one good friend and a boyfriend to go to cons with and generally have an OK time, even if we feel a bit melancholic about getting older and feeling out of place.

>> No.9311724

Sure, anon. You can email my throwaway for contact!

>> No.9311726

Biggest reason for me is feeling out of place. Talking with others falls flat, I don't really care about anything even though it seems like I would have fun, my legs and body hurt a lot due to arthritis and in general I just feel tired. I don't have the energy for that much noise and that many people.

>> No.9311794

Cosplay doesn't have to be perfect. You can do a jokey maymay cosplay and be even more the life of the party.

Are you maybe turning away the weeby girls who might want to be friends? Or do people blow you off? Are you "pretty" enough that the ugly girls around you get catty or find you intimidating to approach?

>> No.9312340

Yeah, it was at a local college, but then moved to the downtown hotel

>> No.9312377

>American white
>American white girls

This here is the main reason not to attend an "Anime" convention outside of Japan.

>> No.9313121

I feel a lot of this thread honestly, last convention I went to was in 2014 and all I did was spend $200 on pointless shit to fill the void in my soul. I had spent a lot time making a wig for my cosplay (it was a yugioh character btw) and wore her casual outfit bc I wanted to have some rewearability to her clothes outside of cosplay (even though I never wore and part of that outfit outside of cosplay except for maybe the white shorts once) I went into the con wanting to make new friends but the only Yugioh cosplayer I met was a Dark Magician girl at the end of the day when I looked like fucking horse shit (not saying I looked good at all that day. I honestly want to make cosplay friends again, but it's just so difficult if you're not into a show with a big fanbase. Even then it's infested with tween weeaboos or cosplayers who need to get their head surgically removed from their ass. Maybe next year I might try and get into cons, when I have a bit more money and time

>> No.9313143
File: 303 KB, 960x1280, 1443358539357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is with all this whining? Go work 60 hours a week doing roofing in the middle of July to feed your kids if you want something to bitch about. Otherwise, take the time to enjoy the fact that you have the ability to spend hundreds of dollars and spend countless non-earning hours making costumes so that you can get attention, make new friends, and get wasted.

>> No.9313208

I know this feel completely. I went to my first con (AX 2008) after becoming an adult and it was the greatest thing ever. Such a sensory shock and feeling connected with everyone there. The next few years were great too. I started feeling weird and left out around 2012-2014, and even by that last year, I felt as if I was really stretching my patience (and money thin). Didn't go the last two years. The feeling and money weren't there.

I think what happened during those earlier years was that I made some casual and close friends there, so it was something to look forward together with them. As I kept going, it slowly became something I went to out of habit, less so to participate. Making friends was difficult. My biggest goal now is to overcome that by focusing more on myself in general and not overthinking how I approach people. Some of the posters in this thread gave some good advice.

Lastly, I would like to go again this year with my sis-in-law and niece or perhaps volunteer. Something new, ya know? That would change the perspective and experience for me. For someone whose first time was earth-shattering, I know I can never rekindle that exact feeling, but earnest strides will surely make my day.

>> No.9313312

Jesus, Kotori really let herself go after the final concert.

>> No.9313342
File: 215 KB, 600x472, IMG_3232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Trying to devalue someone's problems with the rhetoric of "other people have it worse, so suck it up" is never valid and undermines people as individuals with their own unique sets of challenges to overcome.

>> No.9313349

I wish I had kids to feed

>> No.9313351

why kids when you can adopt cats, dogs, and/or rabbits?

>> No.9313354

I was thinking it would be nice to have a family, too.

>> No.9313367
File: 205 KB, 1280x720, my_life_sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That vid is hitting too close home.

>> No.9313375

School of life tends to be good at doing that.

>> No.9313426

Isn't the entirety of privilege theory based on the fact that the non-privileged have it worse so whatever problems the privileged have aren't as relevant or real?

>> No.9313439

The actual theory only says to be mindful if the fact that things may be easier for you than for others due to circumstance, and to understand the starting point before judging others.

An immigrant working as a janitor isn't a failure, as they are starting with a lot less support than somebody raised natively in a home with enough money to let you pursue more than just a labor job without worrying about starving.

The original theory is just "think before you judge", but Tumblr uses it as "you are a bad person for not having it as bad as other people"

>> No.9313467

I can help with that

>> No.9313654

>pic posted is canada's worst

>> No.9313658

just another example of how americans always get marginalized because "we all look the same"

>> No.9313683

>remember going to this lgbt meetup thing
>33 year old girl admitted her age embarassedly, like she shouldnt have been there
>was 20, thought she was cool and being silly, wanted to be friends
>never asked for her number
Oops. Sorry oldfag

>> No.9316807

back in the day cons were the shit. like i never felt like i ran out of things to do, cosplays to wear, etc etc and i was always surrounded by friends new and old to enjoy it with. now i'm older and have more money but also more priorities and responsibilities than i did in my teens/early college and despite having healthy savings i feel guilty spending it -- one of those "couldn't i be doing something more productive with this?" type deals. especially now i go to grad school far away from where my usual cons are and flying is a whole can of worms and usually conflicts with classes and work (and despite what I'm about to say next i'm actually very sad about missing katsucon this year, related to that).

but re: feelings of sadness in the last couple years i've been trying to go to cons as an artist in the alleys which is great because it always gives me somewhere i need to be/something i need to be doing. for me i make money and get complimented all weekend and who wouldn't love that? the extra money helps me justify things more but if i've gone to a con as an attendee in the last maybe three years or so i've without fail ALWAYS felt that terrible sadness and i think it's just because i've grown out of a lot of the community and frankly so have many of my old friends. just feels damn weird heading a cosplay meetup and interacting with folks who could be a younger sibling to me.

>> No.9317279

>went to cons every year with my girlfriend
>we break up after ten years
>32 now and feel like the creepiest dude on Earth if I go to a con now stag
>tfw no con group

>> No.9317287

You sound like an awesome person. I hope you continue to make the friend amoeba for years to come.

>> No.9317749

>Everyone reminiscing about being an obnoxious teen with bad cosplays because it was a lot of fun and an enviable life

Ironic how were all posting on a board notorious for tearing them apart.

>> No.9317804

We all got jaded and mean.

>> No.9317837


I would totally fugg that wheelchair girl.......as long as he keeps the wig on

>> No.9317844

>Be obnoxious teen with shitty cosplay
>Get ripped apart on forums, /cgl/, etc.
>Live in bliss until you come across the hate one day
>Realize what a fool you've made of yourself
>git gud, act mature
>Become bitter, become cruel
>Now that you're so much better than what you used to be, it's so funny to see people acting the way you used to and dressing in shitty costumes like you used to
>Tear them apart online
>The cycle repeats itself

>> No.9317853

>I've also seen plenty of dudes being creepy shitlords at cons in person, too, and in ways I NEVER would have expected back in the day

Elaborate plox, got some stories?

>> No.9317857

My next con is gonna be a sad one, in fact idk what I'm gonna do for cons now

my closest and best friend who I've gone to every con I've been at with since I started in middle school is very ill and as its a progressive disease she already can't walk. I don't know if she'll be able to breath without support by next con season. The thought is really depressing .

>> No.9317862


Whats her illness?

>> No.9317871

ALS ;_; and it's familial ALS which progresses a lot faster then the other type.

>> No.9318498
File: 456 KB, 800x976, tumblr_mls2pn2odE1qc6uooo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should have gone as Johnny.

>> No.9318726
File: 504 KB, 1500x1200, stock-photo-a-young-girl-is-making-a-funny-disgusting-face-at-a-fork-with-a-healthy-piece-of-broccoli-on-a-138962219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9318984

Unrelated, but I would have babies with both of them. Their faces would look like that 24 hours a day.

>> No.9323232

>Lux gets carried.

>> No.9324020


>be me
>be blessed with technical expertise
>build cosplay with all my knowledge
>put it on first time on convention parking lot
>its better than I could've imagined
>everyone loves me

>> No.9324049

Yeah i do, because im sad, depressed and my friend group is also sad and depressed. I dont have a creative ounce in my body so i couldnt wear a decent cosplay or jfash if i tried. I also am disconnected from life in general and an ugly mannish girl with add and having a personality is tiresome, hard work

>> No.9324204

>im sad, depressed and my friend group is also sad and depressed.

What happens when sad people congregate? Do they get sadder or happier?

>> No.9324240

Once you've been to so many cons, you end up pretty much seeing all there is to see. After your tenth or eleventh, you realize that all you're doing is throwing too much money down a hole to do the same shit you've done already multiple times before.

Last con I went to, I didn't go to any panels, scoffed at the overpriced dealer room and artist alley, and didn't really bother interacting with anyone new. I basically paid over $200 (including room, gas, food, etc.) to walk around in a circle and people watch for three days.

>> No.9324287

if you're lucky you kind of complement each other than encourage each other to be happy, but mostly just nothing changes or it gets worse. theyre also all quiet so you never gain any social skills or learn to have fun

>> No.9324302


>> No.9324363

I'm 25 and started cosplaying 5 years ago, but if it weren't for friends I might have given up on cons. But hey I have no other hobbies to throw money at so that also made it easier to continue wearing cosplay costumes.

>> No.9324366

Drama ensues. Usually the last day when people are worn out people become bitchy. At least over here :/

>> No.9324375

Yeah, I wish real life were an animu and shy quiet people are integrated seamlessly into a more boisterous, larger group who accepts them. But this is hardly the case ever

>> No.9326209


My first con was the first Wizard World Philly, which was back in like 2002. I went in 2016, and it was seriously depressing. I didn't realize that with the death of the print magazine, that Wizard World had pretty much just become a way to sell autographs, and that there wasn't a whole lot to do with comics in general.

Also, I was volunteering for it at the time, and it mostly felt disorganized, and just kinda bummed me out in general.

>> No.9326247

>Get wasted

But I've never been drunk nor had the desire to be drunk in my entire life.
Why do so many people need substances to get by? You aren't actually dealing with your problems you're just making them not go anywhere.

>> No.9326254

I don't love you, kill yourself

>> No.9326259

honestly this is what happened to me. Years ago I got ripped on online for my shitty babby stage costumes so I decided to become really good. Which I did, my costumes are pretty superb now and I have a ton of admirers but boy did that online hate leave its marks. I became a bitter, cruel bitch hating on other people at the drop of a hat and making Simon Cowell type comments about their construction. Especially about those who doubted me before. I guess the lesson here is that don't fuck with the newbs too much, you'll just create monsters you'll have to face later.

>> No.9326582

I've been attending cons for a good while now but never really did a cosplay I was proud of. All of them were somewhat rushed and not in the way I wanted them. A lot of things are changing and I'm getting a bit tired of those cons so I made a promise this year I'll just cosplay one character but it'll be perfect. I'm losing weight and doing my best to get circle lenses (never worn then before but I'll try), a good quality costume, wig and accessories. I'm pretty pumped even if the character isn't that popular nowadays. I want to leave those cons knowing that I did what I truly wanted. A cosplay I can be proud of.

>> No.9331796


I feel annoyed because at a glance the crowd is so much more "casual"/"normie" than it has been in prior years. I was okay with Comic con/more western focused cons falling to the normie scourge, but reeee stay away from my animeeeeeeeee

>> No.9331860
File: 1.28 MB, 1140x921, 1416466933688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>Are you "pretty" enough that the ugly girls around you get catty or find you intimidating to approach?

After years of thinking I just came off as bitchy, it is at least 90% this.

It sucks being a pretty girl at these things, all of the girls you'd kill to get to know better automatically assume you're a fake bitch. I even passed this one girl's shit test (spoke with her in-depth about Warcraft lore) and the group she was with still iced me out. I get that there are a TON of pretty girls who are absolutely there for the attention/money but I swear some of us are just huge fucking autists in Stacy's clothes.

>tfw you are a personal trainer and would love to solely work with young NEET/weeb girls to show them you can be beautiful AND autistic

>> No.9331973

Used to be security/medic at scandinavia's largest anime convention. To me, the joy in everyone's faces always made my day, even if I had been working my ass off for 14 hours and only getting 3-4 hours of sleep. The feeling that you're part of something that brings joy and happiness to so many people who can finally live out their interests among equal minded really made me happy. And to me, it's more fun to work at a con, than going there as a guest. I really looked forwards to it every year. Too bad my studies put an end to it.

>> No.9331999

I know this is an old post, but I'm really sorry to hear that. I went through a very similar situation with one of my best and oldest friends in the community a couple of years ago, and know how much it sucks.

>> No.9333745

wish i could
all my vital parts are armored

>> No.9333821

I hate this. I hate movies that make the pretty girls the bad ones. I hate TV shows and songs and everything else that makes it seem like I'm a horrible person just because I have the audacity to care about my appearance. I'm a weeb too! Give me a chance!

>> No.9335862
File: 116 KB, 1024x763, 1485081935984-k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's honestly a misunderstanding. I don't think anyone has a problem with a space for people to avoid creeps, but that's not what people see. They see people afraid of being 'bullied' who are in their early 20s.

I think safe spaces are fantastic for people who need them, even for little things. But it's not normal, so expect people to make fun of it. My problem with safe spaces is when people demand a larger area around them or their immediate vicinity is to be a safe space, and not some designated zone like an office or something like that.

>> No.9335874

>started adding safe spaces at conventions
>an area where people could go to ditch creepers/stalkers.
long walk just to ditch creepers. I haven't gone to look but I just assume it'll just be abused as an unofficial break area to go to for some, since those that really need it (the autist) just set up camp any dark corner of the con they find.

Is it really a catch 22 to pass on the responsibility back on to the attendees if they are being harassed or stalked and are unable to communicate their issues or even find a staff/volunteer to help that they go and use a safe space? Just more and more unwatched kids attending the cons nowadays and creepers that liability issues taken care of by issuing safe space and policies, but srsly once the con hits the fan it's always been watch ur back.

>> No.9335899

At least part of the reason we feel this way is that regardless of when you started going to conventions, everything was new. Presumably you were young, so your exposure to different people was limited to your social circles at the time (family, neighborhood friends, school, maybe work if you had a job at McDicks). A convention would spit you in to a paradise of weebdom... or so you though anyway, as chances are you hadn't been exposed to autism in the wild yet.

I started going to cons in ~2005 and I remember back then the greybeards would talk about how anime was much more personal and community driven. "Back in my day you had to walk uphill both ways to Chinatown and get your bootleg VHS tape, then get your one friend who knew Japanese to translate the episode while you watched it." It's not untrue by any means, that was the reality of consuming anime in the US (and probably everywhere else) at the time.

To them, anime started going mainstream because you could get DVDs with dubs and subs at Suncoast, or turn on Toonami and catch DBZ/Tenchi Muyo/Gundam/Big O/Outlaw Star/etc.

To me that was my era though, and getting DVDs were still special. Shit wasn't cheap, at least for a teenager. My weeb friends and I would have watch parties for shows when we managed to grab the next disk in a series, and everyone would be "responsible" for collecting a a particular show. The selection on disk was still limited though, and that's where IRC shares with fandubs came in.

I think a big reason why cons from the early-mid 2000's is that the second generation of anime fans began to discover this medium and all sort of fell in line at once. There was a lot of overlap with 4chan culture at the time as well, so a fair amount of people were "XD so randum" and carefree at the time as well.

Anime has gone more mainstream via its accessibility though, so in turn the kind of people who pursued the hobby have required less and less obsession/determination to consume product.

>> No.9335910

>>9335899 (cont.)

Now I'm not saying anyone from that era is a better fan, but I think it was a different crowd then versus now. I think cosplay plays a part in this too. There are people drawn to cons just for this aspect of things now (without necessarily being fans of the medium), whereas back in the "good old days" it was just something you did to augment your experience as an anime fan. You would dress up as a character you really liked, and doing it even semi-okay was difficult as there weren't a thousand tutorials on how to do things.

I don't look down on "normies" who come in and cosplay, it is still entertaining, and arguably they aren't really normies since they have a nerdy hobby, but it further contributes to the convention scene changing by nature of the folks who attend it. There are still plenty of people who like the shows and cosplay characters they like though, so I don't want to make a generalization and say everyone is like this.

That all said, I am getting older (27 this year), and honestly I have stopped going to most of the cons I used to frequent. Part of it is that I've fallen out of touch with my weeb friends of old (lots have moved out of the rust belt or turned into normies who disavow anything to do with animated shows), part of it is I just don't have the time to dedicate to multiple cons. I pretty much just hit up Colossalcon and a few free one day cons in Ohio and leave it at that. To me, Colossal still gives me some vibes of the good old days, but it is retardedly crowded. Thankfully I've won the room lottery for the past couple years.

It would be nice to get a social circle together of folks in a similar situation, but I feel like we are rare and/or hide our power levels well, especially in my state. I have a feeling it will pretty much just be my SO and I watching this stuff until we die, but that's alright with me.

>> No.9336218

"Stay positive"

>> No.9336228

Try a /k/ meetup, we're fun.

>> No.9336246
File: 155 KB, 683x797, 1414925655807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to con with friends
>Me and one of my other friends are busy with doing a fuckton of free shoots
>Other friends are doing whatever
>In the end none of us know of any room parties and we end up getting schwifty in our room with shitty screwdrivers
>Friends run into other friends that I don't know
>End up being feeling a mix of being awkward and depressed
>Hear after the con that the room parties were the best they've been and the pool party was crazy

>> No.9336253
File: 499 KB, 1862x1536, fun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9336254

That's not real.

>> No.9336327

I'm nearing 30. Been going to cons for about 15 years which is a pretty long time in the Australian scene. Most people from around that time are still big in the scene but I never got too involved in the community myself. I've seen a lot of drama, watched cons rise and fall, feel bad over how the community has gotten so bitchy... Whenever I go to cons now it's mostly to help my cos photog friend and carry her equipment. I watch as people I once knew ignore me and treat me like dirt simply because I do the lighting.

I'm pretty miserable at cons now. I barely talk to anyone because nobody notices me. They only talk to my friend so they can either suck up to her or put down other cosplayers. I think I've only ever had one pair of people really talk to me... Julie and Hannah (pretty sure those were your names), where ever you are, thanks.

>> No.9336391
File: 43 KB, 336x250, keine stoned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The idea of a safe space literally just means that you don't treat people like shit there for being different.

This is ALREADY how people are supposed to act. What makes people think that shitbags are going to stop being shitbags because you post a "NO SHITBAGS ALLOWED" sign on the door? A "safe space" equates physical separation from the public. Which anyone can get by going back to their hotel room or ducking into a bathroom, for fucks sake. I don't see the point of what is basically a cry room for 20+ year olds. You may as well set up a pillow fort in the front room and tack a NO GIRLZ ALLOWED sign on it.

Yes, the entire concept confuses me. I have no idea what people think it's going to accomplish. It doesn't hurt anyone so w/e I guess, but it does baffle me.

>> No.9337007

>first time on a con at 23
>still love anime, but mostly the old ones I used to watch
>think most new anime are garbage
>just go there for merchandise, lost spark long ago
>feel like if nerd cons existed in my country when I was younger I'd be overthrown with joy
>try to take pictures of people but just feels awkward in general
>don't stay for any events
>go home feeling lonely
>thinking next time it will be better

I know it wont be better

>> No.9337011

The current political climate has made socializing utterly miserable. I'm picking out hotel and flight for Anime Expo and I'm just dreading everyone being on edge over Trump.

>> No.9337083

>the only con I've ever cosplayed in was in around 2006 I think
>went as the undertaker from kuroshitsuji
>mom helped me sew (okay she sewed almost all of it because I was like 15 and had no attention span) a homemade costume that looked really good
>bought this really expensive super long wig I had no idea how to care for and it was completely and utterly tangled after 5 minutes at the convention
>finished the rest of the costume with the cheapest props I could find at party city
>other friends cosplayed some equally terrible vocaloid and fma weeb shit
>I felt like such a awesome badass and that was probably the best convention of my life

I can't convince my friends to go with me anymore because they're all "done with anime." I will probably just try to volunteer or staff the next big convention by me so I have an excuse to walk around there by myself.

>> No.9337152

>My problem with safe spaces is when people demand a larger area around them or their immediate vicinity is to be a safe space, and not some designated zone like an office or something like that.

This is the end goal - it won't be long before people will be calling for the entire con, every con, to be a "safe space". And if you object to cons being turned into the equivalent of padded playgrounds for 3-year olds, they'll call you an insensitive asshole, if not outright try to smear you as a sexist or racist.

>> No.9337171

Only con I ever felt sad at was a lolita one.

People kept to themselves or acted really rude, unintentional or not. Wanted to take pictures of people/things like I did at cosplay cons, but it was obvious from expressions that nobody wanted their picture taken by 'non-official' rubes for fear of taking bad pics. Friends expected me to be their photog, but when I asked for pictures in return many were unusable and blurry. Didn't make new friends because people were really apprehensive about talking outside circles of people they knew. When I did start a convo, friends coincidentally dragged me away to fulfill some need (ie. drive them to dinner). Missed some panels due to poor schedule overlapping. Missed group photos bc they weren't announced well or taken mid afternoon when people were changing/taking a rest. One friend accidentally popped my air mattress and crushed a ring I had in the confusion. Was exhausted from getting up early, getting ready, and then going to bed late.

This was the only con I ever cried at. If I didn't have to drive home 9+ hours with friends in my car I would have been bawwing the whole way back too. This con made cosplay conventions seem like vacation time.

>> No.9337195

I feel sad mainly because I don't have friends and almost always go to cons alone. Whenever I do make friends I always lose them afterwards.

Cons haven't lost the magic for me, I'm still a cringey weeb and I've never gone against that, but I do feel as though people aren't as 'loose' as they were before.

I love tumblr, so this isn't anything against tumblr specifically, but tumblr culture has made people a lot more standoffish and akward rather than old weeb culture where everyone was just batshit insane.

>> No.9337221

>I love tumblr, so this isn't anything against tumblr specifically, but tumblr culture has made people a lot more standoffish and akward rather than old weeb culture where everyone was just batshit insane.

It's not tumblr culture, it's SJW offense culture. Tumblr is just a vector.

>> No.9337232


From my perspective, the main thing that has ruined conventions is the overlap of marvel/superhero shit. It will die, but while it's here it's really annoying.

The fact is, conventions know that superhero shit will get them money, so they pander to that, and the people who visit are normies. Not just normie normies but families with kids and stuff.

I'm not harking back to the old days when everything was so much better, because I'm not really old enough for that but it's harder to relax and sperg out being yourself when the person next to you will look down on you for being into anime. Cons used to be a place everyone could go crazy because you were surrounded by other crazy people.

I think the anime community played itself:

>First there were weeaboos
>Then people got elitist and desperately didn't want to be seen as weaboos
>Then superhero shit came in and invited normies
>Then TV shit came in and invited more normies
>Now people are older they realize it was a mistake to be elitist because they desperately want to have fun again
>Too hard to unify because conventions are diluted and weebs are in the minority.

>> No.9337234

>it's SJW offense culture

I don't think so. SJWs doesn't really have anything to do with it. I know loads of people who are on tumblr who aren't SJW.

Tumblr's culture as a whole is one that glorifies social awkwardness and memes about not going outside, being a loser etc.

>> No.9337598

Huh. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right.

Wouldn't /r9k/ and any other group or forum that not only hates normies but celebrates NEETness be part of that culture?

>> No.9337638


I think they are but in a more masculine way.

/r9k/ is more confrontational and inevitably more sexual. It's less "I can't get a boyfriend because I'm a potato, at least I have pizza" and more "I can't fuck a girl because they're all bitches and I'm a manlet (Under 6' 6"), at least misogynist rhetoric will keep me feeling good about myself"

>> No.9337684

I save up tons of money I should be using on other stuff to go to cons and end up not having a good time so I get hammered and walk around drinking until I'm too drunk to care. Then I spend weeks feeling like an idiot for wasting all that money.

>> No.9337719

>I will probably just try to volunteer or staff the next big convention by me so I have an excuse to walk around there by myself

Not trying to tell you to not volunteer or staff (cons usually need all the help they can get), but you don't have to have that as an excuse to attend a con colo. Yeah, sure, you might get a bit lonely when you see other people with their friends, but the upside is the sheer freedom of going by your own schedule (and a complete lack of stupid drama).

>> No.9338790


This is so true. Normies are the harbinger of shitty conventions. I wish they'd get the fuck out of Magfest in particular.

>> No.9338900

>First world privileged kids getting angry about people saying their dumb problems are first world.
Some people need to be undermined as individuals. telling a person who is being mentally weak and whiney to suck it up other people have it worse is perfectly valid.

>> No.9343081

The resurgence of superhero movies was a mistake.

>> No.9343112

>They only talk to my friend so they can either suck up to her or put down other cosplayers.

Ugh, now that pisses me off.

>> No.9343119

I tried drinking as well for a while and all it did was make me violent so I stopped.

>> No.9343268

>The fact is, conventions know that superhero shit will get them money

Simple fact: Convention organizers are for profit (even if they say otherwise - someone's pocket is being lined up). It'd make no financial sense to muster up funds for a convention today and exclude other forms of media brands regardless of country of origin - anime didn't stop homestuck from infestation what more of a hollywood juggernaut?

>Now bend over n spread ur cheeks wide and lube up for the future and take it all in.

>> No.9343300

>The resurgence of superhero movies was a mistake.

It brought Marvel out of bankruptcy and gave Disney a 3rd chance after Pixar's properties began to flail a bit after Disney lobotomized it's own animation studio after their own movies question whether animation is still profitable.

We'd be watching the x# reboot of DC superman and batman if Marvel hadn't figured out it needed to grow past the comic book stands in the mid 90's. Warner Bro's is affiliated with DC and does what corporate does which is why they stayed mediocre for as long as the original superman from the '80's followed by batman (both of which kept normies at bay).

Anime/Manga cons would still be a curious attraction today or simply plateaued for a few more years, and queen nigri may have been found working at retail store like nordstroms, and yaya may have gone ballsdeep into the "adult-entertainment" route imho. Marvels movie heroes/alongside gaming genre *blizzard etc* undoubtedly enabled the increased rise of attendees to both the anime cons/comic cons.

>> No.9343637


I go to people watch, watch any shows or panels, and that's about it. Seeing other people having fun and enjoying themselves is the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

>> No.9343892

For me it's the foolish idea that I might meet a dating candidate at a con. I'm only met with disappointment when it sinks in once again that the majority of people there are either underage, in a relationship, or lesbians.

Hell even making a friend or two would be nice, but chatting people up doesn't go very far.

The worst part is I met a couple last year that does a couple cosplay of 18 and krillan and they met at a convention dressed in those costumes.

>> No.9344317 [DELETED] 

Ooh, this is me. It would seem like they'd be the best places to meet with other people that have actually matching interests instead of trying my luck on someone else by pulling them in and hoping for the best if I know for a fact the stuff I like isn't stuff they like (right now) or if I have no clue about interests from the get-go. It'd take out a lot of the guesswork. But, as you point out, chances are good they'll already be taken or are gay. Sucks and hits home hard for me since I had a crush some time back that even though in hindsight interests would barely have aligned at all, they wound up being gay (it gets better: they're in a straight relationship because bi).
Let the process of measuring billions of times then shooting (hopefully just) once work.

>> No.9344322

Ooh, this is me. It would seem like they'd be the best places to meet with other people that have actually matching interests instead of trying my luck on someone else by pulling them in and hoping for the best if I know for a fact the stuff I like isn't stuff they like (right now) or if I have no clue about interests from the get-go. It'd take out a lot of the guesswork. But, as you point out, chances are good they'll already be taken or are gay. Sucks and hits home hard for me since I had a crush some time back that even though in hindsight interests would barely have aligned at all, they wound up being gay (it gets better: they're in a straight relationship because bi).
Let the process of measuring billions of times then shooting (hopefully just) once continue for you and me, I guess.

>> No.9344428

>I'm a horrible person just because I have the audacity to care about my appearance.

This is exactly why you are not a weeb and no one views you as one.

Your unstated point is that no one else around you cares about their appearance and you view yourself as better than them because of it.
This is clear in your "audacity" complex

>> No.9344456

I keep coming back to cons because it's my only thing left that I can look forward to that is not my shitty life or political bullshit I have to put up in real life. I still come back for the atmosphere of people like me. I'm the only one who documents and videotapes anime cons these days while in costume.

But I can notice a lot of shit has changed. Thank god I started attending cons in 2007, before anime cons became "cool" to normies.

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