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Old thread is kill >>9302591

Share those cgl-related feels, gull friends.

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There's this local lolita who died last year, and her mom still posts pics of her to the Fb group. It's really heart-breaking.

"Our girl would have been 19 today..."

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I wish I were dead.

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I die but nobody misses me.

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I would die but there are like 2 people who would would miss me and I don't want to hurt them even if living is suffering.

tfw you wear bloomers in the shower

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I'd miss you guys.

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>tfw a girl in the Fb group likes your picture with a heart
>... then comments "he was the best" with three heart emojis

What do I do??

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She means Chad was the best. She just fucked Chad and he told her
>"like that faggot's post while I'm fucking you"

So her legs were spread wide open, she's moaning hard, holding her cell and listening to his commands. The hearts were how she was feeling while posting, but it wasn't because of you that she was feeling that way.

Sorry. Happy New Year.

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M... Me too...

I don't even do anything /cgl/ related, I just come here because I don't have any friends, and you guys are good company.

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>no time to do anything
>super motivated to sew, knit, crochet, browse the internet for inspiration, make new coords, hunt for good deals

>finally free time
>no motivation, just wanna sleep and play vidya

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i can't hold all these feels

1. liz lisa lucky pack is still not at tenso, despite getting a shipping email (???). pls hurry up because i want the rest of my tenso packages.

2. >boyfriend is a huge selfish faggot, and there's really no other way to describe this
>in a open relationship (degeneracy, imo)
>he starts talking to someone i was casually discussing jfash with
>seems okay but sketch, knowing my bf
>turns out he's ALSO talking shit about me to her (a bit sad because this person is getting zero context about the relationship, making me look like a giant cunt)
>LATER find out he's divulged a personal sexual thing about himself to her, which was supposed to be something between us, so that's, you know, cool

i hope those nudes were soooo worth it!

same but i'd feel bad about my dad.

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Doesn't sound like you're enjoying the open relationship much.

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Why would you be in an open relationship if you don't want it? He's taking advantage of how much you care about him and doesn't deserve you. Move on

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i pretty much have no desire to fuck other people or talk to other guys/girls, though i try to talk to them. he's mostly interested in talking to other girls for fun (sexually), and more if it goes that way.

his sexual interests pretty much leads to having an open relationship, in a way.

i've considered moving on and breaking up. we've been together for about two years now and i made a relatively big life change for him, so i want to try making it work for a bit longer before making another drastic change.

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You should marry(open marriage) him and stay alive for dad.

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good feels:
>tfw built up a nice and cohesive lolita wardrobe within the span of about 3 months

started wearing lolita like 3 years ago but then life swept me away and i couldn't immerse myself fully. now that things are happy and i have the support of my loved ones i condensed a lot of wardrobe growth within a short time. it's nice!

>tfw making more and more friendships and connections with lolitas

i'm a big introvert but the people who have stuck with me have all been really nice about it. i hope that i can stay in touch for a long time.

kind of bad feel:
>tfw have to grow up and figure my life out quickly

i was really sick on and off for ~5 years so now that i'm semi-recovered i have to figure my life out all at once. now i'm scoping out career options and locations that will continue to allow me burando money.

everyone goes through something similar, so i can't complain too much. i just have kind of a late start in terms of adult-ing thanks to my bad constitution

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Two years is a long ass time to waste on a relationship that sounds toxic as fuck. You sound like you feel disrespected and your previous post sounds full of contempt for him, and the fact that you're saying you made a life change for him and not yourself kinda screams that this whole affair's gonna end in flames.

Get out while you still can.

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>he's divulged a personal sexual thing about himself to her

not asking for deets but i really wonder what the hell that could be. anyway, he sounds like an asshole and you sound like a major pushover. you should probably stop enabling each others' behavior and move right along

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Dump his ass. I know it's a maymay but in this case it's the only solution. Why are you with him in the first place? He better at least be buying you burando.

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Found out last year that an ex-friend of mine had been talking shit about me online years after our falling out. I wouldn't have given a shit except she was telling people to avoid me at cons and my income primarily comes from Artist Alleys so it was kind of shitty. Say whatever you want about me but don't actively hamper my business. I ended up spiraling and sort of hate-reading her blog after a long period of having forgotten about her. She's actually made pseudo-death threats aimed toward me on her blog before so the fact that she was trying to tell people to boycott me at cons shouldn't have been surprising. Apparently I'm the one ruining conventions for her because the very fact that I might be at the same con as her is triggering.

New Year's resolution is to ignore her completely and stop checking on her. My initial thought was "I want to know what this bitch is saying about me behind my back so I can do damage control" but at this point I know that knowing whatever she says won't change anything. I ended up doing better than ever at cons last year and I made a ton of convention friends. I just gotta do me. Wish me luck gulls so I won't cave again.

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"anon I love your work you are so detail oriented and your stuff is amazing"
then why won't you fucking support me

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>See pictures from con in hometown this past weekend
>Friends looked adorable and their coords were fantastic
>Meanwhile live 8 million light years away and haven't worn lolita in months and too busy to make friends with relevant interests
>Try not to cry
>Cry, a lot

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Although there are probably factors keeping you together, please understand that the reader has no context for your post apart from what you specifically choose to share. If you don't share any positives all you're going to get is replies telling you to break up.

If you're not into /cuckquean/ you're probably not going to deal with his degeneracy long term.

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>friends have lots of money for brand
>tfw they don't buy from your handmade store unless they see you tabling at a con

I need to git gud

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>making cosplans with friends
>one of them is a crossdressing character
>i'm fine with it, it's just clothes
>scared of what gf is gonna think since she hasn't seen this side of me yet

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You stop that right now. You know what happens when you die? People don't just forget about you, you don't just cease to exist. You live on in the hearts and minds of dozens of people, if not more. Friends, loved ones, social acquaintances, hell even people online you've never met. Its a painful thing to carry in your heart the memory of deceased friend or even just a light acquaintance. Add in suicide and that pain is even worse. Knowing that someone was so unhappy, so upset with the world and you didn't or couldn't do anything to help them really fucks with people after a suicide.

Killing yourself is the most selfish and cruel thing anyone can do. You aren't getting rid of your burdens, you're putting them on every single person that ever gave a shit about you. I know, I've lost quite a few friends over the years, some to suicide. I even watched a guy jump off the building we lived in and I'll carry that moment with me till the day I die.

People care about every single one of you, no matter how many assholes or salty bitches you meet, there are people that care. Half the reason I even keep my Facebook is to check in on the family and friends of those that have died in the time I've known them. I assure you, killing yourself will completely destroy anyone that's ever loved you. And whether you know it or not there are always people that love you. So do what you need to, cry sometimes, be sad, get depressed, that's all part of life. Even the happiest people aren't happy all the time. But don't ever be a selfish cunt and kill yourself. You will be missed.

If you feel alone or lost or just need someone to talk to, you can email me.

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>Killing yourself is the most selfish and cruel thing anyone can do.
hyperbole much?

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LMAO get a fucking life bro

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Wow you sure convinced me with your hot opinions.

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You are so confused and warped about suicide and wanting to die, the only thing you will ever really own in this world is yourself, if you wish to escape the pain of yourself and the torment of your mind, no one has the moral power to stop you. You are confused, everyone who has ever ended themselves known the pain they leave behind they know very well what they are doing, and it isn't to be a hero, it isn't for the glory or anything related to good feelings. Its just to make the screaming of your own body stop. You speak of cruelty you know little of the cruelty of oneself to oneself!

No one speaks to you more then you do to yourself in your head and when those voices shout loathing and hatred its difficult to find reasons why suffering seems to be the only path. Things get better but they never get good for people who feel this way.

Pessimistically what does it matter? look at graves unattended for centuries those people are long forgotten and so will we and so will our children's children. Watch some ted talks on suicide and death for this lashing out at people wanting to die seems to come from being afraid to die yourself. Could be wrong but whatever man.

TLDR: You're not my mum I'll hang myself if I want.

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>thinking about rewearing an old costume this year
>it's a character I love and it really suits me, but nobody ever recognises the character (Smith from Monster Musume) so it doesn't seem worth it
>google the character to see if anyone else has done a good cosplay of her yet
>find a tumblr post of my costume with hundreds of notes saying it's spot-on for the character
>die of happiness

They found the picture somewhere and uploaded it rather than getting it from my tumblr, so I didn't get credited in the post until later, hence not getting any notifications or anything. Still, it was such a nice surprise, I'll definitely have to rewear that one this year now.

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>/cgl/ - suicide hotline

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kek. if any one of you is OP, no wonder nobody likes you

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>know someone big in the cosplay scene
>known him since age 5
>hes a bully SJW
>can never cosplay because he'd know about it and make my life hell there too
>don't even have money or friends to cosplay with anyway
I wish I could cosplay. I think this is one of my greatest life regrets in never doing so

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Hey I don't know why all the replies are hellbent on shitting on you, but you go. Your comment is appreciated, buddy.

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Making huge life changes for someone and being with them for 2 years is really a hard situation to break from. Please think of breaking up seriously. I went through something similar.

>Be with boyfriend for 3 years
>Already have really serious relationship arguments and issues with huge red flags all the time
>Feel like nobody else can share the bond we have because of our time together so try to stick with it
>Feel like we ironed out issues
>Move in across the country with him
>Turns out living with someone only increases your issues with them tenfold
>Can't just sweep under the rug anymore
>Issues I thought were long behind us spring their ugly head again
>Can't even make new friends in my new home state because he gets hyperjealous
>I'm bi so that means even female friends are off limits
>Feel like shit every day but feel anchored into the relationship because I invested so much of my future with him
>Feel too scared to drop it all for other options I have
>Haven't worn lolita in over a year because I never go out anymore

I hope you're not in the same situation as I am. Please stop investing in a relationship you feel isn't working. The red flags stick out for a reason, they will come up hard down the line. I wanna break up but I feel trapped.

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>Killing yourself is the most selfish and cruel thing anyone can do.

Wanting someone who's suffering and living ever day of their lives as a torturing experience is the most selfish thing you could do. I'm sure you wouldn't find it selfish if someone terminally ill requested the plug be pulled on them to take them out of their pain, right? In that situation it -feels- more moral because they are on their way to die anyway with no hope of recovery and their pain is physical. Emotional pain can be just as severe, and for a lot of hyper depressed people it's a pain that won't go away.

>Just go to therapy
>Just take meds
>Get more into your hobbies

Many depressed people already try all of these for years on end with no positive outcome. It can help some, but not all. You will be able to continue living your life with happiness, it's your life after all. You may have dips in sadness thinking of a lost loved one who took their own life, but it will almost certainly not be as excruciating as the pain they experience every single day.

While you're alive, enjoying your life, having the happy moments with the sad, they're living every day with only sad. Intense sadness that you feel physically dig a pit into your chest, with the inability to even cry anymore in most cases. Cynical to the point of not even trying for happiness anymore after years of failure. Is it right for you to force them to stay alive with your naive "everyone can be happy if they try" attitude? They're in pain, all the time, with absolutely no hope of escape. You still have the capacity to live happy moments to balance out the sadness you'll feel from their departure. They don't have that luxury.

So who's selfish? The one not in pain wanting to keep someone in pain alive for their own sake? Or the one in pain wanting to end their own suffering since their life ultimately affects THEM more than anyone else?

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You realize real depression is a mental illness, right? There's no "that's all a part of life" if we're talking about actual depression and not normal sadness. People with depression aren't "the happiest people" by any stretch of the imagination. Depending on the severity, they may never feel happiness at all. At 29 years old the only feelings I can say I have in my arsenal are apathy, sadness, content, anxiety, hopelessness, and anger (which is actually rare, most things make me apathetic). Things that should make me happy are just met with apathy or content, which in turn means people stop trying to make me happy because it's a fruitless effort.

I've never been in a relationship so I have no exes to grieve over me. My parents live in another country and I'm so off the grid of contact that they may very well never learn of my death. My con acquaintances aren't close to me and probably wouldn't learn of my death either if I just signed off and never came back online one day.

In the end, the only thing keeping me alive is my dog. She's 12 and gettin there in age, so honestly her death may put me over the edge when it happens.

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What's to lose if leave him? Really think about it. Yes, you did a lot for this relationship but it makes you feel shit. Things won't change if you waiting for things to get better. They most likely won't get better no matter what you tell him if I get right what you wrote.

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I don't know. Probably the same thing keeping abused wives in relations with their husbands. Humans have shitty psychology. A large part of me wants out but a larger part of me just accepts it for what it is.

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Honestly, the world would be better off without some of you whiny fucks.

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I agree.

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I feel like I'm drifting apart from my old cosplay friends and a lot of the local community I know in general. Conventions aren't as fun anymore and I barely have any desire to go. There's too much drinking and partying going on around here and I'm just not into that. There are too many self-proclaimed models looking for e-fame or thirsty neckbeard cash and I just can't relate.

I don't think that wanting to party or looking for e-fame or anything is wrong but I feel like it's hard to talk to people when we're focusing on different things.

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I have no idea why people are getting so buttblasted over your reply because as a person who has had depression for pretty much all of their life, I found it really sweet.

Illnesses are treatable. I've been on a heavy dose of medication for years and I'm slowly working my way towards feeling good about myself and life.

Getting out of bed is still one of the hardest things to do. It's even harder to convince myself to brush my teeth, shower and take care of myself even after years of therapy and medication. It's not an easy road but recovery is possible.

Get therapy. Take medication. Keep trying. I promise you that you life will change.

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I think in a lot of aspects in life people get stuck with garbage just because they're too afraid of leaving the status quo, like getting stuck with a shitty job but being too cowardly to look for a new one. Nice dubs btw.
I'm sure bf has some nice points, too, but in the end its up to you if its worth it.

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i'm the anon you replied to, and my situation is eeriely similar. i moved a few states away and made some other changes so we could be together and every day it's always something. i do a lot of stuff for him like cook and clean and act as his assistant for rent when i already have a full time career and it's like the relationship is just being shit on all the time.

we live in an awful, boring place and i barely do anything anymore besides buying lolita or gyaru online. he complains that i'm depressed but i hate this place so much.

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Suicide is legitimate in certain cases. However, the reason it's perceived as a "cry for help" is because some people leave notes or generally lack the grace to go in a manner that isn't attention seeking. It's a complete load of bullshit to say the rest of the world is selfish for wanting you to live and then turn around and do it in any sort of manner that makes it clear to the rest of the world that you wanted to commit suicide. If you genuinely believed that no one gives a fuck, why would you ever make it remotely obvious that it was a suicide? The people who wander off into Aokigahara have a clearer idea about this sort of thing, and even then the cops and rangers have to deal with the remains if they're found.

>sage for completely useless

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29 year old here - I've been on many meds my whole life and none do anything for me other than enhance apathy and making my sex drive null. The sex drive thing is actually a positive since I don't have any partners but the apathy thing makes it so that all I wanna do is lay in bed all day. At least when I'm off meds I can come onto 4chan to shitpost and shower.

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i understand and mostly agree with everything you're saying, but at the end of the mourning process you've hopefully come to some form of closure and understanding of the person you lost, even if that's just knowing that you'll never understand. A lot of people who commit suicide seem to do it out of the blue, and while yeah, it does hurt knowing that someone you love suffered and you didn't know it, you shouldn't blame or resent them for feeling that pain. You just didn't understand, and that's not a crime for either of you. It's just a sad thing that happens in this world. A lot of people are lonely and sad and to get mad about people for being unable to cope is a dick move.

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I'm the guy in the relationship w/ the girl you're replying to

she's the one that gets hyperjealous

pls save me

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Got enough money saved up this Christmas to buy pic related, one of my biggest dream dresses. Had enough money left over to buy a matching necklace. So happy right now, it can't get here fast enough.

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well fair enough, i mostly wanted to complain. obviously we have good stretches of our relationship (or i wouldn't have moved in), where i feel like we are both trying, but both of us are antagonist and selfish and don't want to give into the other (I think he's being a an asshole, he doesn't get where i'm coming from, etc.). i don't anyone cares, but the positives:

>sex is usually good, nice dick
>passionate about things that actually matter
>extremely intelligent
>smells nice
>pays the rent and utilities
>good times together
>i like his mom
so on

cuckquean is disgusting and degenerate. i'd be okay with a threesome but the girl has to be fatter and/or uglier than me.

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I came to post a happy feel. Two of my packages are arriving tomorrow in the morning, and the package from Japan is in Jamaica, NY right now.

Depression after a traumatic event or loss is normal. This depression may persist for a good year or more, and will heal with good luck. There are forms of depression that either are mental illness on its own, or a persistent symptom of another mental illness. Many may find regular dbt/cbt most effective. It is important to find a skilled therapist familiar with suicide. It's important to find a program that offers both group and individual sessions based on personal comfort. People suffering from juvenile onset may prove resistant to medication the whole of their lives.

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>reposted bc typos, kill me

well fair enough, i mostly wanted to complain. obviously we have good stretches of our relationship (or i wouldn't have moved in), where i feel like we are both trying, but both of us are antagonistic and selfish and don't want to give in to the other (I think he's being an asshole, he doesn't get where i'm coming from, etc.). i don't anyone cares, but the positives:

>sex is usually good, nice dick
>passionate about things that actually matter
>extremely intelligent
>smells nice
>pays the rent and utilities
>good times together
>i like his mom
so on

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>Not one, but two EMS parcels got lost in the mail during holiday season
>One was 11.11. Taobao order and the other a itabag/christmas present/brand order from tenso

I'm gonna get some of my money back but it still hurts

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I appreciate what you're trying to do anon, but you realise you catch more flies with honey than vinegar right?

Guilt tripping people who already feel like shit enough to contemplate suicide is not helpful. Making them feel more shit than they already did is not going to lift them above such thinking.

I've had (diagnosed) depression since I was 14-15 years old. I remember people calling me stupid for admitting I wanted to die, or selfish, or that I was overacting to a temporary problem. And all that ever did was make me block them and ignore what they had to say because it made me feel even worse about myself. Like "not only do I feel bad but apparently I am a bad person too".

I didn't start improving until I met my best friend, who actually came at the issue from a place of understanding and without judgement. When I was having a suicidal episode she'd just tell me she understands, and she loves me, and everything will be okay. She wouldn't tell me I'm cruel, or a cunt, or stupid, or selfish for hurting the people around me. And because of her help I only suffer from depressive episodes every few months, and with no suicidal thoughts.

I'm not medicated and I don't go to therapy anymore because neither worked for me. Instead I found my own way, and I couldn't have done that without her gentle support and kindness.

>sage for blog post

>> No.9306625

Please take care of yourself. I do understand that's easy for me to talk not being driectly involved, but just know you can end it if you decide to. I've seen so much shitty relationships and people being stuck in it the last years that this stuff really gets me.

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Life is suffering, I'm not going to disagree with any of you on that. Depression can be a medically diagnosed ailment as well, not everything has a solution as simple as "you'll get better over time" or "take some pills and you'll perk up." You actually have to want to get better. If you are so utterly lost and desperate to end your existence nothing short of forcefully committing you to an Asylum will stop you. People who truly want to die will take measures to make it happen. I know, I've seen it.

But if even a shred of you has any minute desire to carry on, to make it to a day when things are better, to feel happy and fulfilled again, seek help. A 10 minute chat with a friend, a loved one, or even a therapist isn't going to provide all of life's solutions or right chemical imbalances, or erase traumatic experiences. But it's a step in the right direction and urge anyone that even contemplates suicide to find someone willing to listen. There are a vast number of suicide and crisis hotlines available for free with people that legitimately care about you. Most of this board is under 30 years, how can anyone here say with complete certainty that the first 1/4 to /13 of your life will be anything remotely similar to the next 66-75 percent?

The argument that some people should be allowed to commit suicide is valid, but I sincerely doubt anyone in this thread is suffering from an immensely debilitating disorder or terminal illness so severe that an assisted suicide would even be remotely considered by anyone on a professional level.

Depression fucking hurts. It's like a void that eats away at you from the inside, it distances you from the ones you love, sucks the joy out of hobbies and daily activities and leaves you like a hollowed out shell consumed by the misery of feeling as though everyday until your last will be nothing more than continued suffering. But life can get better, if you're willing to try.

>> No.9306667

ITT: i have depreshun and want 2 kill myself don't try 2 make me feel better!!! :(

Seriously, save it for your suicide note. Take your hurt feefees to /r9k/ because none of this is remotely /cgl/ related.

>> No.9306700

>I don't know why all the replies are hellbent on shitting on you
4chan is a place where people come to be contrarian. Regardless of the subject or how others have felt in the past about a certain subject. One person posts something - someone else has to disagree with them.

>> No.9306710

Sounds like it's time to go. I know it sounds scary but it might be necessary.

I lived with someone for four years before I finally got my head together as it were, and realized the person was being abusive to me and that I shouldn't be living with them. I moved across country away from my family, and they weren't happy that I had chosen to live with this retard so I couldn't just go to them.

I saved up a bunch of money, broke up with him, and moved to a city because I wasn't going to just move out in the small city where I was already.

I've lived in a big city for five years now and my life has never been better than it is now.

Seriously. Just pay your rent for this month, pick a place, save and go.

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What do?
>cool girl from comm makes meeting for her birthday
>best friend is the only one i am reassured with and doesnt come because work
>anxious without someone i really.know well
>insufferable cunt will come
>she is an.unstable girl into ddlg but everyone likes her because her life is sooo hard
>she was my friend at some point but told me i was a leech/fake friend just because i said i didnt have time to go to see her at an hospital 3h away from my house because she tried to kill herself again.
>was hitting on me despite having a bf and was vocal about her threesomes first time meeting her
>the meetup place will cost me a train ticket to get there and we wont go to the location we first decided (cute little bakery) and maybe go to a game bar,juice bar, or something similar i don't especially like personally
>but i know that if i dont come, this bitch might say shit about me to cool popular girl and the rest
>and i could meet new girls and make new friends but is it really worth it?

>> No.9306736

Go for it. I'm sure they're friendly enough, and it could mean you make some new friends so next time won't be so worrying.

>> No.9306741

>Selling cosplay I'm fond of but haven't worn for a long time.
>Talking with buyer about it. Two weeks later he says he's ready to buy
>Great. Gives paypal.
>"So I'm going to send you 'amount $10 less than listing price, minus free shipping.'
>Never discussed selling for 75% of asking + shipping price. Tell him no, that I'll be instead pursuing one of the other people who asked about buying.
>Guy turns a 180, immediately offers to pay 100% of listing price and send it within minutes.
>Nope. Tell him to have a nice day.
>Didn't even have someone who was committed to buy, just inquiries. Costume still hasn't been sold but I've decided to have fun wearing it to one last con instead of letting some shmuck have it. Feels good.
>Bonus: Guy desperately messaging me weeks later before xmas, asking if it's still available. Since it's a very unforgiving feminine costume I'm guessing it was for a gift.

>> No.9306767


You're probably a sloot, I'd be worried as well.

>> No.9306817
File: 409 KB, 495x600, 59559493_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to cosplay cute characters that I actually like. But I'm too fucking ugly. Even when I get my body in perfect shape I'll still be too fucking ugly to pull off the characters I want. Pic related is canonically 24 yrs old but at 22 I'm clearly too fucking old to cosplay her and too fucking ugly as well. Fuck this universe.

>> No.9306832

Maybe cosplay isn't the right hobby for you.

>> No.9306861

If it's not working for you, break it off.
Life is too short to be miserable.

>> No.9306866
File: 20 KB, 500x313, 1476533543529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay. I'll fucking bite. I'm a bit late to this party, but I've got a story:
>Be me, 14
>best friend is 15, and gay
>Parents find out
>He's been hiding this shit since he was a kid because his parents are hyper religious.
>He gets pulled out of school, stops responding to anyone
>I was bootyblasted, because I thought he just stopped being my friend
>See his funeral on the news
>mfw he hung himself in his bedroom because his parents were making him go to a pray away the gay camp
>mfw I wasn't even fucking invited to my best friends funeral

You want to know how I got over it? he was going to suffer for the rest of his life because of this. It was his only option out. I'm happy he no longer has to suffer, and he's probably in a better place. So I don't need you telling me that he just needed meds!!1!! because his parents wouldn't let him.

sage for you needed to grow the fuck up

>> No.9306869

It's unrealistic to think you will look like a drawing. That only works with a lot of shoop.
Unless you go to cons to fuck, or are trying to become cos-famous, you should just be having fun with it.

>> No.9306870
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, plsnobully.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>legitimate sperglord
>When I was younger it was so bad that I couldn't pick up any social cues unless someone was blunt
>didn't have internet growing up (honestly was a sheltered kid so I wasn't allowed it), somehow joined a lolita community through word of mouth
>since no internet only knowledge of lolita was through manga and conventions
>I looked Ita as hell
>first meetup went horribly, everyone was passive aggressive as fuck, avoided me, made snide remarks and didn't tell me why
>when I finally was allowed internet first thing I did was whine about how the local lolitas were MEAN BULLIES
>internet, everyone is blunt as fuck, I learned what I did wrong really fast, and over some time improved
>get 40+ lolita dresses, become a lifestyler, clean up my act
>attempt to join a different lolita community
>Join a community, attend a meetup
>everyone already formed cliques but then a couple girls approach me
>make some friends, exchange some numbers, happy things are finally going well
>find myself in the secrets the next week
>something across the lines of wishing I got banned from the community since I'm such a cringy autist
>tried contacting my lolita friends a couple days later
>all of them blocked me but one
>contact the one that didn't block me
>she admits to harrassing me on the internet 4-6 years ago when my coords look like shit and said I deserved it, then asked me to buy her dinner
>fuck talking to her again
>go onto facebook
>find myself banned from all local communities
>tried being a lone lolita
>every time I put on a dress I just remembered what happened
>legitimately can't enjoy the fashion anymore, it just makes me sad

I cleaned up, I dressed myself better, I even took classes on how to recognize social cues.. but it seems like I can't escape this reputation that I built for myself. It makes me so sad that I can't find enjoyment in a hobby that used to bring me such joy.

>> No.9306873
File: 206 KB, 321x347, 076243254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S... so now I'm a "selfish cunt" too? Gee, I'm a real winner, aren't I?

>> No.9306877

The only reason someone sees suicide as selfish, is because they got something from that person.

they literally cry because they can't do it anymore. Don't respond to the sperglord, he's the selfish one

>> No.9306878
File: 91 KB, 1024x576, 1451027110369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Draw a child
>Call it an adult

They can't keep getting away with this.

>> No.9306884

If you'd invested a really long time in cutting off your own hand, and then found out you didn't have to and could save and repair your arm, would you carry on cutting it off?

what you're saying is
>I've invested a lot of time in hurting myself so I'm going to carry on doing it instead of helping myself

>> No.9306890

Wow anon. I'm so sorry. I'm also a legit sperglord and if it wasn't for my swarm of autistic sad boys for friends I would probably be in a similar situation.

Neurotypical girls are any autist's worst nightmare. I've never even tried to join a comm after multiple years in the fashion. Your post solidifies my distaste for comms.

>> No.9306892

Screw that, anon. What did you do that was so bad that warranted you being banned by all local comms? Surely you couldn't have been that bad. Fuck those lolitas you can join my comm anyday. As long as you're not a blatant asshole who tells people their coords are shit we talk about pretty much anything...

>> No.9306913
File: 228 KB, 600x337, 248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bf and I talking about our tax returns
>Last year my whole tax return went to paying for our first con of the season, hotel, tickets, cosplays, ect
>I ended up paying for all con hotels, tickets, and most cosplays last year bc he's irresponsible
>Say I'm afraid I might not get much this year due to one job failing to take out taxes half the time
>He mentions he's expecting his tax return to be over $1000
>Excitedly reply that he could pay for the first con this year
>He gets angry and asks why I can't just be happy for him

>> No.9306924

I'm curious about your community but i cant send my contact info for obvious reasons

>> No.9306935


THen how come you haven't killed yourself yet?

>> No.9306937

So you spent $20,000 on dresses and items you never wear? At least you're rich. Go travel or do something else with your life.

>> No.9306939
File: 61 KB, 676x973, t1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder if you're thinking about killing yourself chowing down on a bottle of sleeping pills is probably the easiest and least painful way to go through with it. Just think of it as taking a really comfy nap that you'll never wake up from.

>> No.9306949

There's a big tea party coming up next month and I can't figure out what to wear. I'm debating if I want to wear something comfortable because it's at a con a few hours away, and I don't want to get a hotel room. Or do I go OTT because it's a big party and I know many of the other attendees will also be dressed to the nines? Problem is, I don't do OTT very well because I dislike clutter. I don't want to be too simple and fade into the background, but I don't want to look like an idiot from outer space either.
I wish my comm were more involved with one another and would make a thread for outfit discussions. But everyone wants to secretly outdo each other so their coords are top secret. It's stupid really. I would make one but I doubt it would be well recieved.
>"there goes so and so again, trying to start a discussion in the fb group. She's such a tryhard, efame hungry bitch"
I can hear it already. I'd participate in the coord help thread but the last time I did and wore the coord out, girls were talking shit about me being on /cgl/. Can't win I guess!

>> No.9306950

My ex is thinking of moving in with me. I think it might be fun since they like lolita and my comm is pretty dead. On the other hand I think it might be awkward. What should I do?

>> No.9306951

Sounds like he needs to start paying his own way, anon.

>> No.9306952

So? A lot of people would get better after these sorts of things. Going to that kind of situation wouldn't have been the end of the world for him. He could have been fine 10 years later. Lots of grown gay people have had similar experiences. Then they move to the city or whatever. Most of them don't realize they were dead. Your friend was probably more impulsive than normal and it cost him his life. Oh well people make bad decisions all the time.

>> No.9306954

tfw you find a post made by your gf

>> No.9306955

How could you join someone else's community if you don't live near that area?

>> No.9306963

I can totally relate because my best friend shot himself because his parents were going to make him go to a fat kid camp. Why can't parents just accept their kids for who they are.

>> No.9306965

That just seems like a bad idea.

>> No.9306979
File: 66 KB, 376x245, 1236857110105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dying is hard.

>> No.9306981
File: 14 KB, 313x313, butthurtazn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lose 80 pounds for lolita
>bf cheats on me with a morbidly obese chick

>> No.9306988

Yeah maybe but we dated like 4 years ago, and I've been hanging around them a lot since I've been too lazy to socialize and make new friends properly. Oh well. I wish I could make friends with people in my area interested in lolita another way too.

>> No.9306990

Actually, this is probably the worst and possibly really painful away of dying. You know your body has this thing, right? It's called vomiting. You tend to do it when it knows it's ingesting too much of a bad thing. Sometimes even a stinky piece of fish is enough to trigger it.

I know first hand from attempting it; you feel really woosy and sick, and then you vomit. It's possible you cause organ failure in the process and end up in pain. It's one of the least effective ways to kill yourself.

Don't try to give someone who's researched suicide seriously advice on how to commit suicide. They most likely know a lot more than what you think you've learned from Hollywood.

(A good way to die is an exit bag, by the way. Look it up if you don't know what that is. I have one in my closet and just need to wait until I finish trying up my loose ends so my debt doesn't get inherited by anyone)

>> No.9306991
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1437307034825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fuckin' feel.
My ex used to fuck around behind my back with the most disgusting, morbidly obese lumps while constantly commenting on 'pro-plus-size' posts on Facebook saying how disgusting they were and how they should be ashamed? Never mind his fat ass horfing down McDonald's twice a day.

My feel:
>5'7", only 26" waist.
>Somehow always look like a brick fucking house in meet photos.

Why? Are all of the girls in my area uncannily smol? Do women on the internet lie about their size? I feel like I shouldn't be so much larger than the average.
This is so conflicting.

>> No.9306992
File: 57 KB, 271x249, 1267166664641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf, she's my gf

>> No.9306996
File: 116 KB, 342x324, makomess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these suicide posts

I don't want ANY of you beautiful girls to kill la kill yourselves.

>> No.9307001

If you put as much effort in killing yourself as you do responding to shitposts on the internet maybe you'd actually be dead by now.

>> No.9307002


Did you just assume their gender?

>> No.9307007

Women are 100% more likely to commit suicide than men. It's just basic mathematics.

>> No.9307025

>letting one person who would probably ignore you stop you from your passions
bud that's your problem right there
do you honestly think that literally every single cosplayer in existence would side with someone who proves themselves to be a jerk just because of fame? Why stop yourself from enjoying life because of one fucking person who probably doesn't even care you exist any more (I'm assuming you didn't let them treat you like garbage/free entertainment and continue your entire goddamn life)

>> No.9307032

If they were beautiful they wouldn't live such a miserable existence. It's just uggoz and fatties so nothing of value is lost.

>> No.9307035

I didn't vomit. Got really fucking numb and dizzy and my stomach hurt but I didn't throw it up
had a seizure and someone found me but if they hadn't I would be gone

>> No.9307037

women are more likely to attempt it. Men are more likely to succeed since they don't want to live with the shame of failing blah blah toxic masculinity please talk to a therapist guys anon isn't gonna give a shit

>> No.9307039 [DELETED] 


>> No.9307040


>> No.9307042

this. everybody here who's whining about wanting to kill themselves is a pathetic waste of space.

talk is cheap, you gulls should either do it or shut the fuck up. nobody cares about the feelings of uggos, fatties, and idiots.

>> No.9307052

You might feel better once you handle that debt.

>> No.9307070
File: 497 KB, 1079x1920, toneitdown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps I jumped the gun and assumed OTT sweet. You could use statement pieces. Use sweet in a toned down look if that's permissible (otome?). It would be comfier without you fading into the background. I don't wear lolita, I've just lurked in the threads for years so don't take my suggestion too seriously.

>> No.9307076

Thread needs to kill itself.

>> No.9307125

>lose 80 pounds
>80 fucking pounds

uh, sweetheart, your boyfriend was clearly a chubbychaser. You're no longer chubby, so you can go score with the other 99% of the male population while he pursues his odd fetish.

>> No.9307129

what is this dress

>> No.9307130

Can I have sauce for this macro?

>> No.9307135

Can't guilt someone that doesn't owe anyone anything.

>> No.9307137

holy shit just do it if you're so inclined to instead of whining about it on an anonymous image board where nobody cares about you either

>> No.9307155
File: 41 KB, 480x312, 1468546159207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9307167
File: 19 KB, 475x346, brahams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I had a 10/10 con, despite being 15 pounds overweight, but I pooped myself on the five-hour drive home.

Best weekend of my life desu. Happy new year.

>> No.9307169

What does a room ripe with the stench of bitches smell like? Asking for a friend.

>> No.9307171

The notorious VAG.

>> No.9307189

>tfw been here for years
>never got into lolita
>never got into jfashion enough to wear it
>never got into anime desu
>hang around reading about gull's time at the con
>critique like a mofo so gulls can step up their game
>bought a cheap sewing machine
>never used it
>no talents, never bothered with hobbies
>finally moving out, getting a fulltime job
>tfw shitposter extraordinare isnt a real thing irl
I just cant believe I spent so many years here with nothing to show
2017 will be my year right?

>> No.9307191
File: 30 KB, 500x329, 785285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of TLA is that?

>> No.9307194

No, you'll always be a useless troll supplying no original content and leaching vicariously off of the lives of other, much more accomplished people.

>> No.9307195

I think there's more to this story than what we get from your side.

>> No.9307199

do you play video games or something? I don't understand how you ended up here.

>> No.9307226

whined an annoying about other nearby lolitas being MEAN BULLIES to the point everyone who knew of me had enough of my shit, then people added rumors, and it just went on from there... in old /cgl/ you didn't really have to do much to get an army of people against you.

>> No.9307229

>in old /cgl/
i don't know where you've been but that's still the case today unfortunately

>> No.9307235

>still the case today unfortunately
an extremely toned down version, sure. old /cgl/ was so bad Moot had to step in and make some rules just for us. Those who miss the drama moved onto other sites, and even then those sites aren't as bad as what /cgl/ used to be.

>> No.9307240

And now you're whining about how mean they are again.

>> No.9307242

This kinda sounds like Nia, and if it is, people probably don't like you because you're rude and you act like you think you're god's gift to beauty and jfash.

>> No.9307260

For starters, your comm sounds shit. Wear something you will really enjoy and feel pretty in and stop thinking about those bitches. As you said you can't win, whining anonymously is cowardly and pointless. I'm an old school fag so I'm always the one in plain outfit but guess what: I enjoy the events and people compliment me. If you aren't like a total ita or violating the rules of an event and people still complain I'm pretty sure the problem is not in your outfit.

>> No.9307271

lol your bf sounds like a cock

>> No.9307281

Dude, if the 'big' change is moving in, just end it. I understand why people dont like listening to this advice but none of what you posted is a good enough reason to deal with the guy basically treating you like a trashbin. Good sex and pays the bills aint good enough. Good times aint good enough. Even in an open relationship, it isnt a free for all. He shit talks you because that is how he feels about you.

>> No.9307286

dump him

>> No.9307288

This morning on fb I saw a pic of someone I cut off years ago for being a messy bitch and they are fat as fuck. I am in such a good mood.

>> No.9307292

I'm really considering taking drugs to lose weight. I've been in love with lolita for almost 13 years. But I've always been too fat. I've tried losing weight the normal way but I always ended up yoyoing into a weight that was even higher than what I started with. I just want to wear a coord from my favorite brands before I get too old. Maybe drugs will help.

>> No.9307308

i have a feeling you have no clue what you're getting into if you're just loosely referring to "drugs"

if you're talking about abusing the illegal kind, you're a dumbass. if you're referring to some kind of weight loss gimmick pill, you're a little bit less of a dumbass. what counts as "trying to lose weight the normal way" to you? how hard did you try?

>> No.9307319

Adderall will definitely help you lose weight. But it also might make you look old if you abuse it a lot or have bad genes. your call

it is pretty fun though

>> No.9307323

Using weight loss pills will only make you dehidrated, the weight you lose is water weight. Don't do it. Run/ do more cardio in general

>> No.9307327

>but I always ended up yoyoing into a weight that was even higher than what I started with

Then you're not trying to lose weight in the normal way, you're dieting and then turning back to your shitty original lifestyle. Weight loss almost always needs to mean a permanent lifestyle change. There is something wrong with the way you live and it's making you fat, you need to change that forever. Not just for the duration of your "Diet"

Adderall is neurotoxic. It will also make you stupid.

>> No.9307332

This entire thread is whining, bitching, and shitposting. Your post included.

>> No.9307341

Weight lost pills are a fucking meme made to suck your money from skinny Jews who don't care that they're selling you snake oil.

They don't work for actual weight loss. Eat less. Look at the amount of calories going in your body and look up how many should be going into your body. It's math. Your body has it cravings, you just need to condition them out.

>> No.9307344

Considering you're thinking of pills, you almost certainly yoyo'd because you tried ineffective methods marketed to people with no actual results to back them up.

I'll give you a hint - if you're eating lowfat you're doing it wrong. Your body needs fat, and without it you'll just over eat other foods to compensate. You just need to balance it.

>> No.9307369

I've struggled with ADHD symptoms for most of my life and I've been meaning to get tested but can't afford a psychiatric visit or the medication (I've had therapists refer me but haven't followed up). It's starting to affect me more and more and I'm straight up just thinking about finding a drug dealer that sells Adderall just so I can focus on my sewing.

>> No.9307401


Adderall, and all medications to manage adhd are addictive amphetamines. You will become physically addicted to them, and eventually your tolerance will raise and you'll have to start buying more and more for it to work.

Even people who are prescribed them by doctors become physically addicted and end up abusing them, the only thing keeping them from seriously damaging themselves is the fact their doctor knows they're prescribing them with a damaging, addictive substance and controls the supply as best they can. Drug dealers do not take the hippocratic oath.

Also worth noting that adhd symptoms don't = adhd. You could have a ton of other conditions. Don't self diagnose and don't' self treat.

>> No.9307414

You know that people can't legally inherit debt right...? Like, you know that's just a myth, yeah?

>> No.9307449

You can inherit an estate, which can carry with it debt.

>> No.9307485

There are many types of medications approved for adhd on the market. Strattera is non stimulant being pushed as a good alternative to the more recognized stimulants, like Ritalin and Adderall. Ritalin and it's extended release brother, Concerta are not amphetamines, they're in the phenylethlamine/piperidine class. Just because someone is prescribed a potentially addictive substance does not mean they will become an addict. That's why the doctor prescribes it, because the pros outweigh the cons and they counsel the patient to adhere to proper use. Believe me, most doctors won't prescribe cns stimulants if they think the patient is a junkie. I've seen more college kids come in from Molly(and whatever was actually in it) than abusing Adderall. And the ones I dealt with who were abusing it, got it from a friend of a friend.

OP if you feel desperate enough to obtain illegal street drugs, you should really do more research to find a Dr that may allow you to pay on a sliding scale. Some communities have discount Healthcare for the uninsured.

>> No.9307490
File: 37 KB, 269x270, 1477941201160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please don't commit seppuku gals.
Beautiful or not i'm sure someone will find you beautiful/special, people care about you out there.

>> No.9307551

moving in across several states and taking care of him, yeah. he still continues to shit on me and talk to other girls. he says he's "trolling" them but i don't believe it. why would he divulge his fetish to another girl if not to get off or have her do it? he's a dog.

i basically just hold on because i care about him and i live rent-free but i feel like i'm being played. he's of the mind that if i "love" him, i'd be okay with him fucking other girls, doing whatever he says, being submisivve 24/7, drop whatever i'm doing in the middle of work to do a favor for him, and other mundane shit.

i'll just save up money like an adult and leave.

>tfw you wake up in the morning thinking about the girl and how she's not even cuter than you and it makes you mad

>> No.9307568
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took ADD meds from 1997 to 2016, and focusing on anything is impossible now.

I miss being able to draw, so much.

>> No.9307632
File: 61 KB, 848x960, tfwnobf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when a super pretty buoy has a con crush on you

Do you think he'd do a cosplay duo with me in May??

>> No.9307647

If they cosigned your college loans, yea they can. They're responsible for paying it back if you can't.

>> No.9307651

What's his fetish? Diapers?

>> No.9307664

Nah actually It's because women are more likely to use less effective methods such as overdosing on pills. Whereas men are more likely to just shoot themselves in the head or by other violent, more guaranteed fatal manners.

>> No.9307673

Cunt punts.

>> No.9307699


>> No.9307724

I want to make plans to go to an out of state convention for the first time.

But I know if I go I'm gonna end up covering my boyfriends badge, travel expenses and room portion because he works part time and is a student and I'm graduated and working full time. What a bummer and a drag ugh.

>> No.9307735
File: 110 KB, 1920x1080, 14489500_328043664214322_2063942758_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>super unstable toxic girl gets out of my life
>thank god
>event arrives and she'll be there
>o fuck
>pm me this morning saying sorry,how when she threw a tantrum at me 3 months ago she was feeling soooo bad blablabla
>i don't want her back in my life,she's toxic af
>but don't want conflicts or her bitching/spreading rumors about me to the girls in the comm
>just say "let's forget about it for this time i guess..."
I just pray to god she doesn't see me as a her supah friend anymore, she's honestly toxic but i hate conflicts and i hated the idea of her being at that event.
What do I do now?

>> No.9307740

Where do I meet girls on the internet?
Surely there must be some sites where you can chat with girls, right?

>> No.9307764

Best bet I found is streaming and social media. But be VERY carefull. Some of the peeps I´ve met have been the most self centric assholes.

I browse /cgl/ so I guess im not THAT much better but I´ve met decent people that I still talk to so I cant be that much of a fembot can I?

>> No.9307766

Go without him, you're not his mommy.
Or are you? ;)

>> No.9307768

>Go without him
relationship was dead whithin a day.

>> No.9307773

Just discovered that a fairly e-famous lolita used to be in my comm, but left not long before I joined as she moved. She's friends with someone I used know as well, that's some 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon shit. Not really too much feels, just a weird coincidence-type feeling!

>> No.9307775

Yeah but my whining has never gotten me into trouble, OPs has. Maybe OP should stop doing the thing that got them banned in the first place?

>> No.9307777

Just keep her at a distance and make it clear that things won't be the same as they used to be.

I didn't take my own advice and it ruined some good moments of my life last year. Best would be to just tell her to fuck off altogether, but for the sake of being mature and avoiding drama, just go with it.

>> No.9307785


>> No.9307795


Weight is a reflection of lifestyle. Don't worry about changing your weight. Just spend time finding and participating in physical activities you enjoy. Do research on what you're eating. Your weight will change when your lifestyle does.

Also -- if you're serious about losing weight, write goals down and delete your facebook.

>> No.9307808
File: 108 KB, 409x289, Finn,_the_person_with_the_face's_other_epic_scream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>costest whore on Instagram with decently sizable following
>also stealth MTF
>proper angles + good makeup make me pass as a skinny cis girl in photos
>none of my followers know I'm trans except close friends and (apparently) family members

>fast forward to yesterday
>post wig/makeup test of male character for the first time
>had no idea my fucking aunt was following my cosplay account
>she comments something along the lines of "so you're back to being a boy huh? you're too handsome to be a girl"
>cue "anon's a boy?" comment
>aunt says something like "yes! i changed his diapers so I would know!'
>delete her comments as fast as possible, instablock, and send her angry text message

Hopefully no one else saw that. I hate my family so goddamn much.

>> No.9307824
File: 29 KB, 450x450, c43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"so you're back to being a boy huh? you're too handsome to be a girl"

>> No.9307828

Thanks anon. I got super stressed in the past hours because of it.

>> No.9307834

I was thinking of doing an ott hime coord, pulling from hime gyaru inspiration with big hair and flowers. But I really enjoy looking at simple outfits because it focuses on the dress more than the accessories. I'll consider wearing otome though, didn't think about that!
You're right, I shouldn't care what they say. I usually get the most shit because I look nice though? It's a really strange dynamic here.

>> No.9307836

You sound wishy washy as fuck, no wonder you're in this situation. Either grow the balls to end it or stfu and deal with it

>> No.9307839

It was something along those lines, probably not that exact statement. I read them really quickly before deleting them.

>> No.9307843

Y'all need to grow the fuck up and get out of all these bad relationships holy shit. Dump them and move on, good fucking god

>> No.9307845

Will there be a lot of people attending? I would suggest just saying hi to her if she's near you, but go about your buisness and enjoy the event. If she makes you feel uncomfortable at the event, whether it be she's following you around or giving you dirty looks you could either ice it out and ignore. Focus on the friends you do have that are there. Or you pull her to the side and tell her that this is not the place to discuss what went down between you two, but you'd like for both of you to have a good time.

This sucks anon, I'm sorry. I've been there before and told my close friends about it so they'd have my back at the event in case shit got out of hand. It was really awkward but I still had fun! I hope you can too

>> No.9307856

you're a degenerate catmouth

>> No.9307863

Aw thank you anon i feel better already reading that.
Well, we had a small talk and agreed we could take the same train to go there (i am such an idiot i even used a fucking smile emoticon why do i do this to myself) but i'll tell her something to take the train alone/say i'll take it by myself .don't know what i can say but i'll find...

There ill be about 15 people there.
I just want to tell her "look, it's not that i hate you but you make me feel uneasy, please.leave me be"

>> No.9307885

>having a bad time, feeling like my friends are never really there for me, vent on facebook
>con friend messages me asking if I'd like to hang out sometime soon, I don't even know her very well so I was really surprised that she messaged
>talk more and more and hang out a few times
>went over to her place today to watch movies and book badges for an upcoming con together
>stayed wayyy after we'd booked our badges and ended up having a huge heart to heart about stuff, finding out she has a lot of the same issues I've been struggling with, and make plans to cosplay together from a series I love

I don't wanna get too invested because con friends usually turn out to be flaky as hell, but I really like this girl and I hope our plans work out. It's really nice to get support from an unexpected direction.

>> No.9307919

see >>9306210
this is "bitch about life" central

>> No.9307921

I feel like con friends are usually flaky because you only see them at cons/online, but the fact that they reached out to you and you guys are able to hang out makes it a more likely stable friendship. I know I have "con friends" that I've talked to maybe twice or three times in my life, but I also have friendships with people I've met at conventions (I just celebrated New Year's with my group of friends who I all met at a con 5+ years ago!)

Super glad you're able to have a heart to heart with someone, and congrats on your budding friendship!!!

>> No.9307929
File: 924 KB, 320x229, seent.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same, except my excuse is that I can draw. But yeah, lurked/sorta contributed to cgl for years while not being at all involved in 3D. I wonder how many more there are like us...

>> No.9307932


>> No.9307934

>I just cant believe I spent so many years here with nothing to show
i lurked the EGL comm since the early 2000s and shitposted on /cgl/ since 2009 or 2010 and wore my first coord in 2015. some of us are just slow as fuck.

you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to join the fun IRL. time to make some mistakes and memories on your way to being an inspiration for others.

>> No.9307940 [DELETED] 

am i being selfish?

>closest friends live at least a day's worth of travel away, some on the other side of the country
>have a better job than all of them, more money and a flexible schedule
>as a result, always the one to visit them and go to cons near them
>in the five years i've lived in my city, one of them has visited me once
>don't really mind, but any time i suggest an interesting-looking con in another part of the country, get shot down
>it always has to be cons near them
>not even cons, they're always inviting me to random shit in their cities (come to this concert! come to this event!) and then pouting when i decline
>remind them they're free to come to visit me literally any time
>"but you're so far away!" / "but money!" / "but time off work!"
>plan to go to another con with casual friends this year instead of one i usually go to with closer friends
>have been wanting to attend this con for years
>closer friends act passive aggressive about it, clearly upset but won't say so
>closer friends find out they can't afford to attend the con we usually go to anyway
>"well, whatever, anon, guess you get to have all the fun without us"

am i wrong to ask that it be even a little more reciprocal rather than me ALWAYS being the one to go to them because it's easier on them? i do make more money and can take off more easily and don't mind accommodating them most of the time, but it sucks to always have them shoot me down and then act kind of shitty to me when i choose to do something i'd rather do or when i can't just randomly spend an entire day travelling to their cities for some minor event. i plan time off every year specifically to come see them and even try to make the trip for birthdays when possible, but next to none of them have ever come to see me and can't be fucked to plan their expenses and time to make the same effort i do, and while i don't mind most of the time, it doesn't seem fair that it's 100% of the time. sorry, i just needed to vent a little.

>> No.9307943

Aww, that's so nice! I'm glad for you, anon, and hope your friendship can flourish!

>tfw try to reach out to con friends/comm members and end up spilling spaghetti
I-I'll get there someday...

>> No.9307980

>Need to suddenly move to a different city for work reasons
>Rent in this city is super expensive (Work is worth it though)
>Been apartment hunting for ages
>Finally find somewhere reasonable and go meet the roommate
>Chat with her a bit, mention that I'm into lolita fashion
>"I am too anon!"
>Proceeds to tell me about her tastes
>Shows me pictures of things she made
>Its either classic ita or the other type of lolita
So it's either pay more money for a different place or live with a ita who doesn't seem to even understand why what she calls lolita is terrible (Didn't say that outright obviously, just tried to explain about fabric/lace choices and the difference between the fashion and the book.)

>> No.9307990

You could teach her about the fashion. Sometimes people who suck just haven't had anyone honestly tell them they suck.

Lock up your brand.

>> No.9308032

If you do decide to live with her be very careful. This sounds like a horror story waiting to happen.

>> No.9308072

I've lurked on /cgl/ since the days that /b/ would regularly raid the boards. It's a bit embarrassing. I just started wearing actual Japanese fashion since Fall. 2017 might be your year if 2016 was my year.

Congrats on moving out! Bills suck, but living on your own is so worth it.

>> No.9308074

Bitch about life all you want, but if you're doing it to yourself nobody really gives a shit
'Boo boo my bf is meeaaannn :cccc but if I leave him then I'll be lonely :cccc wat dooooooo???'
Jesus fucking christ

>> No.9308076

It could be, but many unfashionable people are perfectly fine people. Just because she cannot dress well does not mean that she will disrespect. She could be a very respectful roommate. Maybe it could turn into something great. Since anon's seen the apartment, I assume it is not a pig sty. I'd still lock up anything valuable just to avoid rummaging at the least. They might try to rummage.

>> No.9308078

When you grow up, you actually do things like live with your partners. It makes things a bit tricky compared to fleeting relationship where two people live apart from one another.

>> No.9308079

m8 don't quote me that was my only post this thread
I'm just saying folks either make it out worse than it is or it's worse than they make it out

>> No.9308101

>35 main pieces
>feel like I've filled the main gaps in my wardrobe according to my own taste and style
>still feel like I've got nothing to wear most times a meetup comes up because I haven't planned enough for practical and logistical issues
Next week I need a coord that is long-sleeved and warm, toned-down enough for me to spend several hours on public transport in (AKA dark-coloured and probably gothic or classic), something I haven't worn multiple timesbefore (AKA not classic), and something that works with my natural hair (AKA not gothic). Nothing I own works. I feel like I'm constantly trying to square a circle when I try to find something that fulfils multiple conflicting requirements at once.

Up until now I've fixed this by buying more stuff, but I don't even know how to do that this time, unless I keep adding new simple coords to my wardrobe that fit my lifestyle but not my personal taste. The only big gap I think I still have is needing to buy two more coats, since a recurring issue for me is that my main coat doesn't work gothic or with high-waisted sweet dresses.

>> No.9308108

I'd go with gothic. What's your natural hair? Gothic works with many styles and colors. Do you have enough overcoats/jackets in your wardrobe?

>> No.9308115

If you do, don't take more than 10-20 mg at once and only take it twice a week tops.

>> No.9308126

Ask your doc about Nuvagil/Modaphinil, it's fucking awesome. It's not laser focus, so I have more control over what I spend my life saturated in. Makes me drink a ton of water, and I don't need/shouldn't drink as much caffiene, but otherwise no major issues. Not addictive like Adderal was, so that's good I guess?
I'm sorry, you weren't asking for suggestions, but if you don't like Adderal, you have alternatives.

>> No.9308131

My natural hair is fairly light brown and doesn't work with gothic at all, it okay when correctly styled but still much worse than wearing a wig, and I don't think any amount of hairspray can maintain it through four hours on public transport. It seems like I should just wear a wig, but in my experience of my country, pastel sweet with natural hair gets less negative reactions than gothic or classic with an obvious wig (I guess because when you're sat down on public transport people only usually see your head and shoulders).

I only have one lolita coat, and it's a coloured coat that's classic/sweet and doesn't work with gothic at all. Most of my gothic blouses and OPs have low/square necklines that you can't conceal thermal underlayers under either.

I suppose checking the weather forecast closer to the time should help as well, if it's going to be terrible I'll have to wear my coloured coat even if it'll catch more attention, if it's cold but dry I might be able to get away with a bolero and layering. I always feel like I'm overthinking it, but I get really anxious when I'm going to meets with a lot of people I don't know as I don't have much online presence so they're judging me entirely on what I look and act like that day.

>> No.9308139
File: 28 KB, 505x537, 1483485429826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't stop thinking about con crush
>boy is out of my league, probably socializes with pretty cosplayers all the time
>daydreams about seducing crush in a well-constructed cosplay that also shows off my body

We know each other through a mutual friend, so I could see myself talking to him more at a hotel room party. God, I hate having crushes and getting all delusional and worked up like this.

>> No.9308145
File: 183 KB, 943x647, Donald Clown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9308150
File: 78 KB, 567x564, f18c77b0-16e1-4479-9702-1f447f788070..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW you only ever like people out of your league and so never get in a relationship
>TFW always approached by thirstmeisters at cons but none of them interest you

>> No.9308155

>Get hair cut and dyed for the first time.
>Feel great but it's expensive to keep that up
>Friend recommended her stylist who is cheaper since she works out of her house.
>I go and the woman seems nice but terribly distracted.
>Leave loving the cut and I leave a huge tip.
>Get home hours later to find huge blonde chunks she just didn't dye.
>In some areas that were dyed you can still see the blonde through it.

I got what I paid for I suppose. Semi cgl related since I got this done for jfash.

Bonus: I told my friend about the horrible dye job and she seems to be ignoring me.

Other cgl feels:
I find myself becoming less and less interested in Lolita. I just don't feel as comfortable and happy in it anymore and I'm trying to purge what I feel comfortable getting rid of.
It's too complicated and impractical for me right now.

>> No.9308167

FUCK, I know that feel. That's why I'm scared of coming off as a cringey thirstmeister or con slut towards my crush. The thirst cycle continues.

>> No.9308170

Listen to this. I used to eat things like fat free flavored yogurt, and used low fat salted margarine on toast. Switched to unsalted real butter and plain 2% and 3% yogurt with fruit or honey.

I haven't lost or gained weight, but I feel less lethargic overall and I rarely feel late night snack cravings now.

>> No.9308174

I would consider taking the time on the train to talk it out IF you're interested. If not, I would take the train at a different time if possible, or try to politely ignore her and keep it casual. Bring a book, headphones, and just say "sorry, I don't like talking on the train. I want to save my energy for the event!"

I'll be cheering for you anon! I hope you'll come back and let us know how it went

>> No.9308176

>stayed in bed when door bell rang
>missed a frilly package
>they left a slip

>> No.9308208

>Not sick
>Not in bed
>No doorbell rings
>Somehow missed a frilly package
>They left a slip
>Schedule it for redeliver next day online
>2 days pass and it doesn't deliver
>Go to post office and explain I scheduled it for redelivery so that I didn't need to go there in person to pick the package up
>"It's out for delivery right now then."
>No it's fucking not
>"Yea, if you put it for redelivery it should be out."
>That was two days ago, it was supposed to have already been delivered
>"Can't help you."
>Let me speak to your supervisor
>Explain situation and give them my slip of paper
>They go in the back
>Package magically appears in her hand

Fuck USPS.

>> No.9308211
File: 479 KB, 803x1204, a_happening_during_practice_by_jomatakeru-d79unjk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god, my ex had this fetish.

He never asked to try it with me, but he filled my computer with stuff like this.

>> No.9308358
File: 184 KB, 586x577, hanklolisad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it. I just hit it off with this Asian girl, and she needs cosplay suggestions.

If I suggest Gogo Yubari, she's going to think I'm just another weeb with yellow fever.

>> No.9308363

kek what the fuck

I thought I was a weird dude but I don't even understand being into that.

If Gogo is all you can think of, you probably are one.

>> No.9308393

>just seeing her as an asian girl
>just suggesting an asian character
fuckin hate people like you

>> No.9308395

Jesus, dog.

I suggested non-Asian characters. I was just kind of afraid to bring up Gogo, for fear she'd assume it was a fetish thing.

>> No.9308402

Most fetishes are based on pain. It's not that weird.

Don't worry. Maybe she's a westaboo with burger fever.

>> No.9308405

this might sound easier said than done, but I was sick of crushing on people who I considered 'out of my league', so I made myself out of theirs. It's surprising how much exercise, a decent hair cut and a bit of make up does for you.
Essentially, confidence is key! At the end of the day, confidence is just a facade anyway. We all just fakers gulls. Do something to make yourselves in or above their 'league'. I'm not very pretty but I've not had problems with finding a boyfriend since I changed my way of thinking. The best thing about faking confidence is that you actually end up confident. I know it's hard to love yourself, but that's the key. Before anyone can truly love you, you have to love yourself.
I mean yeah there's gonna be a lot of thirsty fuckers too, probably moreso than before, so what?
I mean, the side effect of this is that people won't approach you because you're 'out of their league', but honestly when you drop your pants for them they're so 'omg i cant believe how lucky i am' it's painful. And funny.
Go out there and pretend you're confident and screw your con crushes gulls!

>> No.9308420


Yeah listen to her, make it even easier to screw sloots. Thanks.

>> No.9308424


Why do you people take so long to get shit together? I've been around since December and have shit together

>> No.9308427


>Implying it's hard to live with someone you really get along with

Maybe people should stop jumping into shit? I've dated my current GF for 5 years now and we've lived together for 3 and it's all been sunshine and rainbows.

>> No.9308439

In the end I decided to do some digging with common friends we have and turns out she was involved in some drama a few years ago so I'm going to keep on looking.
>Bullet missed

>> No.9308458

Part of me is a little disappointed, that could have been a juicy tale for the horror stories thread.

>> No.9308483

>Be me
>Be treated as a side piece by a girl I like
>'Anon-chan I can't wait to cuddle with you next con!'
>Have been frustrated for weeks
>Find out she's no longer talking to the other person because of ships
>You think I'd be happy with no competition
>Just feel hollow inside

>> No.9308540

Go and get there an hour early to get in good with cool girl. There was a similar story not too long ago where the cunt friend got to the host first and used it to badmouth the gull. If you can get them to be nice to her because she's "a little bipolar" or "not always completely stable" you might have some defense once she pulls out the gossip about you so they smile and nod instead of turning on you.

>> No.9308542

Thats literally what i said you sperg but way to help

>> No.9308545

>tfw I probably lived his fantasy.
>Knee'd a girl in the groin hard enough to lay her out for at least an hour or so, bitch fucking flew.

>> No.9308667
File: 426 KB, 830x670, animeyee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did she try to steal your man?

>> No.9308887

Why do you people have so little imagination that you cannot think of valid reasons for others to live their lives differently than you do? I've been around for years and am still surprised at the interesting and often tragic lives other anons report.

>> No.9308929

>tfw trying to find someone who can ice skate for a cosplay photoshoot idea

I'll teach you, friends, pls don't be afraid to try

>> No.9308947

Nope, Krav Maga Grading, she wasn't wearing a groin guard for some reason.
Her own fault.

>> No.9308970
File: 26 KB, 200x200, JUST kim MY SHIT UP.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been friends with this guy since forever
>we talk and see each other every day
>sorta develop a crush on him
>one day he starts telling me how cute I am
> s-senpai?!!
>tells me he has feelings for me
> "Ahh, I feel so awful'
>"My gf wouldn't like this...so can we just pretend it never happened? I'm sorry"
> tell him we can be friends
> get over him
> two weeks later he starts cuddling me and hugging me every chance he gets
>"You are so cute, anon!"
> b-but senpai...what about gf?
> "Oh yeah...shit I'm sorry. I'm such a terrible person"
>get angry and tell myself I won't let him do it again, as much as he makes my kokoro doki
>at party one night, everyone's drinking and watching horrible netflix anime
>he sits next to me, snuggling up next to me
>in mental battle, because I secretly love it, but I can't let him hurt his gf
>party is over, we shared the same car ride
>he puts his arm around me as we drive, me
>go home and cry

I hate myself so much. I need to stop enabling him, but I can't bring myself to. I don't know what to do. I asked him to knock it off, but we just keep doing it. I know he's gross for even thinking of cheating on his 4 year gf, but I can't stop thinking about us together. Idk what to do.

>> No.9308975

It's really not that hard to tell him to back off. Have some respect for yourself and the other girl.

>> No.9308982

>Have some respect for yourself and the other girl.
This. It's one thing if he was open about it, but he specifically says he doesn't want his gf to know. Don't let him use you to manage his own conflicting emotions. Make him grow up, do not enable

>> No.9308984

Have some female solidarity and tell the damn girlfriend. You don't need a 'friend' like that.

>> No.9308992

He'll cheat on her with you. He may even leave her for you. Or... he'll cheat with you until it becomes a threat to his current relationship, then he'll run your name through the mud and turn it on you. You may take him, and you may have a great relationship until he does to you what he's done to his old girlfriend.

Some guys don't truly go single, they kind jump from one girl to the next without seeking closure. Can of worms.

>> No.9309036 [DELETED] 

I think a lot of local lolitas and my friends in the fashion look down on me a little because I'm not all that involved. I rarely attend meets or events, I don't use apps like amino or try to socialize online, etc. I just don't care to try to force friendships or spend time and money with people I don't really care about just because we like the same clothes. I'm happy with two or three close friends to talk about releases with and being a lonelita otherwise.

And it's sort of frustrating because I wear lolita often in my daily life whereas a lot of the girls who act superior pretty much only wear it to meets/cons or if they have a buddy to dress up with. But I'm less of a lolita because I prefer to keep to myself and don't need a community to wear a fashion.

It's dumb, and I'm both annoyed by that attitude when I do attend a meet and annoyed with myself for letting it get to me. This venting brought to you by attending a con and having local girls acting superior for putting on shitty programming and making a comment about how they were surprised I even bothered showing up.

>> No.9309048

Go for it, and keep us updated in these feels threads.

>> No.9309049

>I'm starting to be turned on like Momoko
Should I be worried?

>> No.9309055
File: 21 KB, 460x440, FB_IMG_1480333063583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's an esl-chan in our comm. Do you think, if I offered to Skype with her a lot, she'd learn english faster? And maybe become my gay gf?

>> No.9309056
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 89f6ca5a-a53e-49bc-b55f-22e45e6177b4..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Some guys are never truly single, just jump from one girl to the next
>I'm 27 and have been truly single my entire life while chad breaks hearts left and right
>I just ordered a pair of boomers even though I'm not a brolita just so this post was relevant
>Will probably give them to my crush and she'll thank me and then proceed to take pics of herself wearing them for her boyfriend
>So I'm just being a fuck and providing fetish material for him
>He cheated on her 3 times already but always "will never do it again"
>I'm going to be a creep tonight and fap imagining her wearing bloomers and lifting her petti for me to see
>Then cry after

>> No.9309058

I mean I feel if she isn't gay at all she won't turn on to you but go for it as long as your own English isnt shit

>> No.9309064

u sound like a loser.lol

>> No.9309067

I keep gaining weight, I thought it was from my body being thrown off by my ED but I have been eating perfectly and exercising for 3 months and gained 7 pounds over the last two weeks. Im basically in remission from ed but I think it's my medication that's causing the gain. Now I'm 5'8 165 lbs and dangerously close to getting too fat for my Lolita. I just want a little solidarity from girls who are or were once a little on the chubby side. I'm not a whale or anything (teetering on the edge of overweight technically) but I want to believe in myself and wear Lolita, cosplay, otome...

I'm not stupid and I'm not gonna run around in bikini cosplay. I continue to treat my body as correctly as possible. I just can't control this. Fuckity fuck. I want to appreciate cute fashion now instead of waiting for my body to become worthy.

>at this point I doubt it ever will be

>> No.9309078

What a sad little creep

>> No.9309080

This replace bloomers wth anything else and you almsot have a /r9k/ post.

>> No.9309087

I hate admitting this, but as someone who has done similar shit as this guy (dirtbaggy no matter how you slice it and I admit it fully)


Sometimes we get crushes on other people even though we're committed to someone else and those feelings can get overwhelming and cloud our judgement. If you keep letting him do this it's just going to wind up hurting EVERYONE involved. You, the gf, and him.

I promise there are plenty of other guys out there who can give you the doki-dokis without you having to get yanked around.

>> No.9309092

I mean... it's a feels thread. 90% of feels that people are willingly talking on the internet about are shit. That is the point. There's only so much QC worth doing.

>> No.9309097

You do NOT want anything that is "chat with girls" in the name or description. Try something's that's a hobby you enjoy but not too intensely like video game stuff and find a chill place online such as decent forums, where you can transition to one on one.

>> No.9309101

Asians can cosplay pretty much any generic whiteish character and make it work unless they are super dark skinned

>> No.9309112 [DELETED] 
File: 309 KB, 841x720, 6bc58c7e-8203-4852-9066-517820cd53f4..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T-thanks. She's a gull so hopefully she won't read this and get suspicious when I hand her a pair of bloomers next time we meet.

K-knew you guys would have my back.

>> No.9309152

well, how is Momoko turned on?

love yourself. next time you want to buy a gift for your crush, buy something for you. next time you want to talk to her, do situps, pushups, or meditate instead. you are worth more and it is never too late to learn self-respect.

>> No.9309160
File: 71 KB, 570x851, il_570xN.820569249_tirv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I posted this in the wig thread but figured I would post it here too since I'm pretty feelsy about it.
>back in November
>see Fairytale Wigs having a pretty decent sale
>$100 off Cinderella desu
>buys it right away
>good thing I did cause everything sold out within hours
>ship date is January 6th. Fine by me.
>wake up today to see order cancelled
>reason is "shop owner declines sale"
>hrm. goes on party princess facebook groups to see what the deal is
>after some reading discover that Fairytale Wigs had 2 unhappy customers who posted their experiences, threw a hissy fit, and cancelled orders of all their Black Friday sales in fear of others damaging their reputation.
>no wig for Katsucon and now have to cancel about four shoots and change my lineup
U-unless anyone knows of a decent Cinderella wig that will get to me in time?

>> No.9309161

Literally same here.

After many years of being a lone lolita I was finally able to find a good clique and go to a lot of meets, made good friends.
>moved far away to a much quieter place
>bored out of my skull, no events, I don't even know any good places to go on my own and wear lolita
>see old comm meet photos and wish I was back.

>> No.9309270

People like that will never change anon.
I know the attention feels good, and you can dream all you want about it working out, but it won't. You'll end up being the hurt gf someday if you let him do that shit to you.
>sage for off topic

>> No.9309287
File: 64 KB, 750x659, FB_IMG_1480314010973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bf has been distant since he find out his sister has aides, but the con is in a week. How do i cheer him up faster?

>> No.9309302

Blowjobs and anal.

>> No.9309305

It's okay anon. Remember that life for a Chad becomes terrible once they are too old and ugly to Chad. Then they end up with a terrible lady from Brazil who treats them like a dog.

>> No.9309315

Er, I don't buy her presents much at all actually. I do love myself, I just have bad luck with women. I appreciate the advice though.

>> No.9309316

The metabolic effects from a prior eating disorder can sometimes be life long. There is a chance your body will never 'heal'. This is something anyone with an ED must accept, the possibility they may permanently struggle with a body trying to process calories at a reduced rate. Are you on any mental medication? Also, how is your thyroid? Has it been checked at all since recovering?

>> No.9309319

But life is already terrible for me and in getting old!

>> No.9309325

To elaborate on the ED, metabolic problems are rife with recovering patients. Let's say you limited yourself to 500 calories per day for years. What's happened, and the reason you survived, is because your body adapted it's metabolism to live off 500 calories per day. This means the body can easily begin to see an extra 1000 calories as 'excess', and will process it as excess. This is really what a low thyroid from ED is all about. Alternatively, people with bulimia may experience issues where their body tries digesting certain foods super fast, such as sugars and fats, and will attempt to hold onto that extra weight/substance. There's a ton of weight issues and metabolic unbalances that can arise from ED. Even a year of eating again won't fix it.

>> No.9309329

that's not what i read.

life for a chad is always great because men's attractiveness isn't based on looks but rather intelligence, charm, and money. besides, men can still be handsome up into their 50s.

>> No.9309330

And the last thing, please be careful healing yourself from an ED. Going from eating 500 calories one day to suddenly eating 1500 a month later can really fuck with the body because it suddenly gets all these calories and sugar and it just doesn't know what to do. In treatment programs, they often gradually introduce higher calorie portions into people's diets to avoid issues resulting from taking a person on an extremely low calorie intake and suddenly stuffing a bunch of calories into the mix. That alone can cause problems. I'm done.

>> No.9309333

If that were the case, then every 50 year old man with a considerable income would have 18 year old wives. Think about it... it doesn't happen that often. Even if it did, how great is it having a wife that'll leave you if a job is lost? Those aren't 'lovers', they are mistresses.

>> No.9309339

do you have anything to support this? is this for anorexia as well? i'm googling and i'm seeing a lot of things like EAT 3000 CALORIES TO RECOVER.

>> No.9309343

well, there's a trifecta of "attributes." notice i didn't mention just money. in fact, i'd say money is the least important.

>> No.9309346

It'd be a lot to look up on the fly. It's mostly snippets of information I remember from when I recovered. Um, google has definately gone downhill in the past several years. Later tonight if I get the time, I'll try and find some more informative site. Oh god no, please don't eat 300 calories. It's okay to say... go to 800, and a couple weeks later increase to 1000, and go from there until you are at a comfortable intake.

>> No.9309350

The intelligence and charm of an older man comes off like a fish out of water. I'm sure they'd like to convince themselves of their charm while ignoring the pretty paycheck that actually got the goods.

>> No.9309355

In less fancy words, money is actually the most important in a trifecta of attributes if looks aren't an option anymore. Even with looks, a rich ugly man is better to most then an attractive pauper.

>> No.9309357

3000* oops. Don't eat 3000.

>> No.9309373

Is your exercise mostly cardio? Try weight training. More muscle is supposed to equal more metabolism.

>> No.9309374

Here's a page that somewhat goes into the catabolic state and what happens when a patient immediately starts eating, mentioning that nutritional deficiencies often do not manifest until after refeeding begins. (This has to do with the unique metabolic state of an anorexic patient.) It's going to be a bit hard, but you are looking for articles written more by professionals and medical doctors, not from recovering ED patients.

It's not the greatest article being a blog, but it does go into the fact that the metabolism of an ED patient is fucked. Metabolic problems are wrongly associated with only bulimia.

>> No.9309378

This is also a good point. Many patients experience depletion of muscle mass since the body has been munching on itself for energy. A lot of patients have very poorly defined muscles including a weakened heart. Exercise, including strength training, is critical. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the weight is simply from overloading your body, especially if you are ingesting thousands more calories then your body is accustomed to. You may want to seek an expert.

>> No.9309386


Another one... look into re-feeding syndrome. It's not quite what I'm talking about but it shows exactly how dangerous just picking up and eating on one's own accord can be. It also makes mention at the end about how some underlying damage from ED, metabolic and organ damage, can only show up once the patient begins refeeding. If something really weird is happening to your weight, it might be time to admit to a therapist what has happened and seek an expert and nutritionist.

>> No.9309405

Seconding this, muscle tissue burns alot more calories than fat tissue per day. I think it's around 70 cals to 5 cals. So effectively having more muscle increases your metabolic rate.

>> No.9309411

>tfw jealous middle-aged women get passive-aggressive and catty whenever they are reminded about their age compared to yours

This is so juvenile, most of my significant geek and con-going friends are older than me and their snarky "subtle" put-downs are so transparent. I'm going to have to think of comebacks because I'm tired of being disrespected for something I can't control (my age). Being nice just isn't cutting it.

>> No.9309413

Unless you're marching 20km every day and digging a trench every night.

>> No.9309414

Why are they being reminded about their age compared to yours? If they aren't being reminded, the snark attitudes might stop.

>> No.9309416

Concentration camps aside...

>> No.9309417

There's not a lot of room to march inside a concentration camp, anon.

>> No.9309419

thank you for the sources. this seems a lot more legitimate than the "eat a lot of calories at once to gain weight" method.

>> No.9309421

Then WWI soldiers? (Some concentration camps involved a lot of walking and miscellaneous work... unless you are thinking of the death camps.)

>> No.9309424

No problem. The advice you had was like suggesting someone go from intense calorie restriction to binge eating. (As you know, both are bad!) I wish you luck recovering! Don't feel any shame in telling a doctor, I promise they won't take you away.

>> No.9309431

Tonight, it was over the age of an actress on a TV show. I corrected someone who thought one actress was significantly older than another (they are near the same age) and the eyerolling and putdowns began. First, treating my contributions as nitpicky and silly. Layer, picking at my taste in movies during a subject change ("Well, I guess when you're that age that kind of thing interests you") and generally downplaying anything I might add to the conversation as if I were too silly and ignorant to matter.

If it was direct it would be one thing but so much of it is about body language and tone, and how they generally complain about "getting too old" for things, or about "Millennials," or about how they used to be thin/pretty/whatever, outside of these moments. It's like whenever I happen to bring up anything remotely related to age, all their middle-aged angst transfers onto me.

>> No.9309434

Oh, that is shitty. You may need new friends if they supposedly cannot accept your tastes due to supposedly vast age differences. These ladies ought to be like 20 years older then you. If not, then they are sad women who must believe the world implodes at 30. I've never gotten when people bitch about the youth. Don't hang out with younger people if it is that much of an issue.

>> No.9309435

If it makes you feel better, I've had women (and men) talk down to me in the same way only to be completely embarrassed once they found out I was their age or older. I truly don't understand talking down to people based on age difference when we are all adults.

>> No.9309436

I am on mental meds, weight change isn't a listed side effect but people report it. My thyroid comes up clean and I sleep excessively but sleep tests came back clean too. By excessive I mean 14 hours a day most days

>> No.9309440

I really appreciate the help. I gradually got to the way I am healthy eating wise with the treatment

I am seeing a lot of professionals and stuff and my heart could be the problem. My heart is absolute shit and I pass out constantly even at "good" bmi.

Thanks anons. Most of all I gotta remember it's a slow process and it's ok to feel shitty about it. In the meantime I'm gonna rock some kawaii shit>>9309436

>> No.9309445

Same. I don't do it to younger adults and hope I never do!

Thanks for the tips

>> No.9309457

I've got a good feel coming up in February. My brother had all his Pokemon cards thrown out in the move. It's been 6 years, and he's still upset about the Pokemon cards. He mentioned it over Christmas. I've been secretly collecting cards for two years now. (I collect the holographic cards, he collected all of them.) By god, my brother is getting his Pokemon cards back. I'm buying a binder to put all the cards in including any holos I have extra of and giving him a book filled with all the reverse holos. I'm going to package it all up with some brand new box sets for his birthday. I hope he enjoys the gift.

>> No.9309511

Not quite cgl related. But as a fellow Pokemon dork it is nice to hear. Does your brother cosplay?

>> No.9309524
File: 55 KB, 210x210, ryukodisgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What thef uck? Let him mourn his sister's immune system.

>> No.9309533

No, he does not. It's not the most /cgl/ related feel, but it's a feel nonetheless.

>> No.9309537

I have so many confused feels. For one, I really want this job that I'm being considered for. I need to get out of my current job so badly, I have no free time and the atmosphere here is shit. Also, if I cant get this job it pretty much means I need to change my whole career direction and maybe go back to school which I really can't afford right now.

On the other hand, if I get the new job I'll be leaving my friends in my local comm and moving to an area with a dead and crappy comm.

On the other other hand, I applied to JET and will find out this month if I'll be given an interview and if I make it if go to Japan in the summer. I really want to live in Japan...but If I get this new job it would be a really dick move to quit after working there for just a few months, and would not really look good on my resume.

Buuutt even if I did get to do JET, that would almost 100% mean breaking up with my boyfriend as he has no interest in living in Japan or doing a long distance relationship.

Also the new job is not much of a pay increase at all.

Everything is so up in the air and I can't enjoy anything. Idk if the next meetup I go to will be my last with these girls...

>> No.9309545

I know there are worse problems, but I was really looking forward to going overseas. I worked really hard this semester to be able to go. I wanted to wear lolita, and meet foreign lolitas. I was supposed to leave today.

I've been undergoing a lot of medical crap at the same time I've been studying. My symptoms have been the same forever, but nobody could identify the cause. Had an MRI around Christmas time and they found something freaky going on in my brain. Had to tell my insurer, and the university. University demanded a letter of fitness to travel. Doctor wouldn't write one - understandable. Travel insurance won't insure me until I have a solid diagnosis - understandable.

I guess I'll get some wear out of my summer stuff this year. I also have a preorder from Angelic Pretty being shipped out this month. And there are some cool events coming up. Still sucks though. RIP cute snow-day coords.

>> No.9309621

Assuming this is the same poster.

I don't want to deter you from JET, but is it really smart to move overseas if you have a serious medical issue? Also, JET pay is not great, despite subsidized housing (where you're unsure of what apartment you'll get). Plus, Japan is just another country in the world -- it's nothing to idealize. It's not kawaii 100% of the time. Have you been there? You may be placed in the inaka or you may be placed elsewhere.

Not trying to deter you. But I think a lot of people try for JET might have glorious Nippon dreams and then get burnt out on Japan and teaching after throwing away other opportunities when anyone with a college degree can apply.

>> No.9309631
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 1482363458198.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this still a feels thread because I am currently packing for my first "big" con that I plan on actually trying out my cosplays for the first time ever and I'm nervous as fuuuck.
What to do with these pre-con jitters?
Also, planning on meeting my soulmate on Saturday at the con and kinda nervous about that too.

>> No.9309658

I'm JET poster but not sick poster. I've been to Japan twice and loved it. I studied Japanese for 4+ years and I want a chance for immersion so i can become more fluent and use Japanese for future jobs. if I could become fluent I'd also love to continue the program as a CIR instead of a teacher as having some experience in a foreign local government would be good for my career goals. Also I want a way to be there for more than a few weeks without having to take off work.

So yeah I mean im not just trying to live out a kawaii dream, I do have somewhat of a plan with it. But at the same time I know my life could still go on without it. It's just one of those things that if I don't do it now before I start my career I'll never get to do it.

>> No.9309659

What con?

>> No.9309695
File: 316 KB, 1200x1200, 1372823012346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you do it and how long did it take loosing all that weight ?

>> No.9309697

Izumicon in OKC

>> No.9309704

>Recently get super cute pixie cut.
>Back is getting a little long, mention getting it trimmed.
>Mum offers to do it, saves me like $30.
>She breaks out the clippers and instead of just doing the nape of my neck..
>She buzzes right up to behind my bangs.
>Somehow the back is 1.5" and the top of my head is barely a centimetre long.
>Borderline bald spot on the right side.

I'm trying to comb what little bangs I have left over the side to blend it in.. But jesus christ, I cried for days. I look like a fucking clown and there's nothing I can do to fix or hide it. I just have to wait for it to grow out.
She took like 4 inches off at the very top which shouldn't have been touched. That's FOUR MONTHS to grow that shit out, minimum.

>> No.9309708

What the hell did you do to your mother to deserve this? This sounds deliberate.

>> No.9309709

>Four months
Bruh, my hair grows so fucking fast, I fucking hate it.
I get at least four haircuts a month.

>> No.9309710

I have no idea. I really don't think she meant to fuck it up so badly, but god..

My hair used to grow stupidly fast, but I've noticed that more recent growth has been a bit iffy. I bought some iron and protein supplements today to try to help it along.

>> No.9309712

Try some niacin and zinc.

Be careful with zinc though, as a dude it really increases our cum load, no idea what affects it would have on women (though I suspect it wouldn't be to pleasant for those that already produce unwanted amounts of mucus).

>> No.9309715

Going to a doctor in a few hours to get some help with therapy and meds. I've been there 4 years ago and it sucks that nothing really improved.

Think of me and all the other poor sad girls today ;(

>> No.9309717

I guess living is the easiest way of dying. Though slow, it's pretty effective 8-)

>> No.9309736

Depends. How/why did you break up? Did you deal with it in an adult way, like talking about it and explaining? Did the one who was broken up with accept and understand and respect it, or did they become angry/bitter?
If you are still on good terms and didn't have a big argument or sth I'd give it a shot

>> No.9309762

Not same poster, no. I admire those who do JET programs, but it's not for me. I was studying on exchange at a university in Europe. :c

>> No.9309764

Its literally just eat less

>> No.9309795
File: 709 KB, 1080x1440, 17-01-05-22-58-42-671_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

m8 it'd be fucking worth it. I'll grab some in the morning.

Do you like my bald spot, /cgl/? My mother says it looks 'nice.'

>> No.9309803


What the fuck did you do to piss her off?

Honestly, I'd say go to a hairdresser and have them do their best to sort it out, they could cut it in a way to hide it, or show you how to style your hair to hide it.

In regards to the whole "secretion" thing, I take Super Lecithin to improve my volume, I honestly want to know what it would do for a woman.
Now to crawl through the bowels of fetish blogs to find out if someone is abusing this.

>> No.9309891

oh god you are so wrong, every statistic local and world wide points to men both attempting more and succeeding more, also the statistics then double for second time attempts in men. The only higher ratio is in the elderly but even then its a minute difference.

Fuck a quick google told me this.

damn your mum fucked you up good. GL! just gotta wait till it grows out and restyle, but hey an opportunity for a new hairstyle in a couple of weeks.

>> No.9309892

same anon here, I forgot to add that it isn't a competition its still horrible to consider suicide as a way out regardless of age or gender. But still no one has the moral right to stop you if thats the only way out you want to go.

>> No.9309939

semen is not even nearly analogous to vaginal discharge. Zinc does not affect women in that way.

>> No.9309945

That's neat to know.
Is it analogous to anything women have?

Note, I'm not talking about sperm, but semen.

>> No.9309955

Not really. Semen evolved to facilitate the movement of sperm through the vagina and into the cervix. Most of the time vaginal mucus is working in the opposite way - preventing sperm from moving - except for in the fertile window.

I mean, maybe if there's a fluid that helps eggs move along fallopian tubes. That's the nearest thing I can think of.

>> No.9309958

Looks like I'm going to be spending a while reading medical journals.

>> No.9310000

Color it in with a washable marker.

>> No.9310024


Serves you right for being a cheap ass.
If you're going to drop money on something, this should be one of those things so you don't end up looking like a tit.

>> No.9310134
File: 993 KB, 3264x2448, IMG_1632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Find dream accessories for $150 to go with dream dress I got for xmas
>Get laid off next day
>Muh j-fashion
>Cry at home for a couple days
>Get phone call today that my old job (before the one I was laid off from) wants me back with a promotion and a pay raise

>> No.9310697

>ordered cosplay accessories
>got called a failure by parents


>> No.9310741

>tfw love bf
>tfw probably shouldn't have gotten into a relationship
>tfw flirting and doing things with other guys
>tfw too scared to break it off with bf

am I wrong to want to keep him around while I decide what I want?

>> No.9310743
File: 25 KB, 540x540, 1483645274134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes break it off, be an adult anon.

people in long term relationships may get crushes on other people but going beyond flirting when the other person isn't okay with it is just bad

how would you feel if someone you loved was doing that to you? don't be scared, it's insanely childish and selfish. obviously you have people interested in you/a safety net.

>> No.9310750

>Doing things

>> No.9310754


But I'm worried if I leave I won't find as anyone as good as him....but I wanna be sure. I honestly would feel terrible but he'd never do it to me so I'm not worried...

Like going on dates and things past that

>> No.9310757

Yeah, break it up.
Dude doesn't deserve to be fucked with like that.

>> No.9310759


But I'm conflicted because he's really great but I'm unsure at this point...

>> No.9310760

You've already betrayed him.
You're already looking elsewhere.

Leave him, both if you will be better off.

>> No.9310761


Yeah but he doesn't know that and if I can keep looking around and decide if I wanna stay won't he be happier? He'd never find out so it's ok then.

>> No.9310763

It doesn't matter that he doesn't know that.
Any relationship without trust is worthless.

Leave him, go ride the cock carousel, sort yourself out and then search for a relationship.

>> No.9310768


Well he trusts me and he's too good of a guy so I trust him trust really isn't broke at this point

>> No.9310774

Yes it is.
Trust is directly tied to truthfulness.

I know you're probably a troll, but this is entirely scum behaviour.

Just leave him, be honest, go ride the cock carousel and only get into a relationship when you can go without window shopping.

>> No.9310878

>cock carousel
do you have experience with that?

>> No.9311533

Thankfully, no.

But if you're going to be doing it, you need to be in a relationship where that is entirely okay, or not in one at all.

>> No.9311778

If it helps, the cells do secrete fluids that moves from the uterus up through the tubes into the pelvic cavity in an unblocked, healthy tube. I can't find a name so I assume it's interstitial fluid.

>> No.9311780

Yeah, from what I read, a steady dose of SL might increase such fluid production.
But I can't find anyone who's tried it.

>> No.9312099


I got kneed in the cunt during a gymnastics routine, I cannot imagine it being pleasurable in any form

>> No.9312179

>best friends with this girl back in college
>talk about anime, cosplay, p much everything everyting else
>both go to different universities and drift apart
>mainly my fault we drift desu
>really miss her and want to message her but she's unfollowed me on twitter and idk if she even wants to get back in touch

help me gulls, I miss her

>> No.9313701

That sounded like a cute comment, stop being a cunt to your aunt.

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