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Calling all con ladies. Got your period before a con, lingerie tape failed, eyelashes clutching for dear life during a shoot? Tell your horror stories here.

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Fairly boring, but have some boobs:
>getting ready for the con in the morning
>boob window costume which required copious fashion tape to stay in place
>after about half an hour and with some help from another cosplaying friend, get the boob window into a satisfactory position
>tasteful cleavage and pretty well centered
>go out of room to meet up with the rest of my (non-cosplaying) friends
>one of said friends takes a look at my costume, reaches over without asking and yanks on it to readjust it
>briefly flash entire friend group
>"Sorry, I didn't realize you'd taped it! It was kind of low."

Pro tip, con goers: never touch a cosplayer's outfit unless they ask you. It looks that way for a reason and if you touch it, you will fuck it up.

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Not the most interesting but definitely the most painful thing to happen to me at a con
>get cheap boots off of taobao
>they are like half a size small but the con is a week away and im too cheap to replace them
>im planning on spending all Friday in this cosplay
>halfway through the day my feet start to hurt really bad but if I walk on my toes I can handle it
>by the evening I cant walk without limping
>at this point I want to leave but my friend and i have a photoshoot at 8
>the location is a 10min walk from the hotel but it takes me closer to 20
>the photographer pretty much just wanted to take pictures of my friend so I spend most of it sitting down
>at the very end, he decides he wants to take running shots of both of us
>my friend really wants some pictures of us together so I try to rally
>my feet hurt too much to really run so the photographer keeps making us try again until he gets a good shot
>it hurts so much im tearing up at but i want this over so I mange to actually run for a few minutes
> I limp to the sidewalk to get to my ride and im in so much pain I have to sit on the curd
>when I get in the car I take my shoes off
>my socks are bloody
>I peel them off
>my feet are covered in blisters some that burst and my entire right toenail and the tip of the left one have turned totally black
>I missed the next day of the con and I couldn't wear real shoes for a week
>it to almost 7 months for my nail to grow out
>we never got the pictures back

I always make sure I wear shoes that fit and are comfortable now even if they are a bit more expensive or less accurate

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Holy shit

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>running to photoshoot
>trip going up stairs
>land on my boobs
>"HOOMF!" loud enough for the whole floor to hear it
>get my picture taken with smashed boobs

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not sure if counts but

>waiting in line for a panel with 2 other girls from my room
>it's at night, I've been wearing j fashion all day
>fake lashes have been irritating me for 2+ hours
>finally can't take it anymore
>rip my left falsies off with a triumphant cry
>room mate shrieks
>she thought I randomly tore my real lashes off
>dear god

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Sage for off topic, but I worked at Sally's, and the fake eyelash section was located smack dab next to the front door. I cannot tell you how many men walked into that store, looked to the right, and screamed either incoherently or straight out blurted, 'What the fuck?' I've also had them walk up to me at the register, look around, and ask quietly with much hesitation, "So, about the girls with the big eyelashes. Are those not... real?" It amazes me how many people think those lashes are real. It never failed to amaze me.

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Should have slapped them.

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FUCK DUDE that fucking sucks ;~; ive had the same shit happen to me

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did your boobs cushion you from injury?

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Jesus Christ, anon! That sounds horrible.

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Yeah the first time my boyfriend saw me take false lashes off he actually blurted out a weird noise of protest/shock and grabbed my arm to stop me because he thought i was calmly sitting there ripping out my actual eyelashes. They were fairly subtle ones that time but i had worn more clearly false (or so i though) ones around him before

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Period story incoming.

>be me: Suffer extremely heavy and irregular periods
>decide: Hey, I'll do Cosmos from FF Dissidia
>fitted/mermaid white dress
>make it cosplay accurate and spend a fortune on it
>fast forward to 2 weeks before con
>"thank fuck period has come so won't hit at con"
>period is quite light but gave it no thought
>fast forward to day of the cosplay
>The Period Returns
>period is heavier than it has ever been before
>sanitary items put up a fight
>eventually lose battle
>cosplay ruined

I've now managed to get my periods regular at least...

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> nycc 2k13
> commuting on the lirr
> stayed late for eva 3.0
> screening runs later than planned
> 15 min until next train, then an hour after that
> sprint like a madwoman to penn
> somehow manage to get on the train in time
> look down
> shoes literally broke in half

They were cheap flats from F21 that looked like they were made out of cardboard post-demolition, but they were surprisingly comfy and versatile for cosplay use.

I've had guys freak the fuck out when they saw me use an eyelash curler, like I was using some horrifying medieval torture device.

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I just winced omg I'm so sorry about your Cosmos. I'd love to see a pic of it though, I bet it was beautiful.

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This was totally my fault but-
>At a small con
>Cosplay involves a simple white dress that has a built in bra
>Dress was unfortunately a little too big in the bust for me but decide "hey, I can just tie it back"
>No, you can't just tie it back
>Sitting in a draw circle with some new friends later on
>Notice that my skin is colder where it shouldn't be, finally glance down
>One of my boobs had escaped its captor, enjoying its freedom
>Either no one told me on purpose or what but I was quick to tug it up and just leave to change
>Came back, business as usual

Moral of the story; make sure your shit fits and if not, have the skills to alter it. I was so embarrassed but I learned a serious lesson in not taking shortcuts where a shortcut is not.

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*taking shortcuts where there weren't any.

That's better

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>few years ago
>working on a cosplay with a full face helmet
>working on it right up to the day of the con
>fans I had ordered to put inside the mask didn't arrive in time
>it's still winter time and pretty cold outside so there shouldn't be too much sweating going on
>day 1 of con
>wearing cosplay
>within 5 minutes of putting it on everything is already fogging up
>can't see shit
>sweating like it's a 100 degree summer day
>air circulation is bad
>every time I take off the mask to get some fresh air there's always someone 3 feet away from me looking at my ugly sweating face
>can't take much more
>walk back to hotel room to take cosplay off and shower
>try to wash as much of the cosplay as I can in the sink
>even the day after it still smells of sweat
>can't go out wearing something that smelly
>put it away and wish I had ordered the fans sooner

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whats her name?

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Didn't really last long enough to get photos. It was a total waste of money (except my shawl)

It was also one the first costumes I had made, so it wasn't great and the hormonal imbalance I suffered made me balloon at puberty, so I was just starting to sort out my weight at that point.

Might redo her though, now that I know what I'm doing in cosplay.

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That's Nico from Love Live

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Yikes, this would give me nightmares if I were doing crossplays with heels.

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>go to con where I have some friends working with the guest
>don't go to cons very often or see this set of friends because I live so far away
>have a nice day at the con with some other friends, don't really get to see my other friends until the end of the day where one of them finds me and pressures me into coming back the next day by myself so we can all have dinner after and I would stay the night at their place
>stupidly agree even though this person is almost solely responsible for why I have such problems going out in public by myself (in hindsight I should have found the others from that group and asked them if it was okay too, but I figured she'd tell them and they're quite reliable)
>come back the next day after gathering the courage to travel by myself and then proceed to spend the entire day at the con by myself feeling extremely lonely
>end of the con comes so go and wait by the green room
>friend that begged me earlier comes out and tells me to wait a bit longer
>wait and wait, get harassed by security since everyone is packing up
>friends suddenly rush out with the guest, they don't even notice me
>run after them and only barely get their attention
>get told they wanted to stay with the guest and take her to the airport to say goodbye so I'm on my own
>get left alone and have to walk myself to the train station where I find out I've missed the train by a minute
>train station is well-known for sexual assaults and robberies
>sit there in the dark for ages crying my eyes out over how stupid I am for falling for friend's lies again
>takes me hours to get back home having to navigate train system I'm not familiar with and being a weeknight requires a few transfers and lots of waiting

Guess it's not really a horror story... but it was basically a worst case horror scenario for me.

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>Either no one told me on purpose or what

Isn't that decency? If someone called you out, not only would it made you lose face, but also attracts everyone's attention to you.
Everybody was simply thinking "let's just act as if we didn't see that".

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>offered floor or bed space by guy, friend of a friend
>only way I can go to the con, so agree
>get there, the room is not big, not enough floor space
>whatever, bed is king size, we didn't have to touch each other
>he came in piss-drunk after partying late, curled up to me and cuddled on the bed
>whatever, too tired to make a scene, try to sleep
>he starts groping me and touching my crotch
>"no dude"
>apologized profusely, rolled over, promised to not even look in my direction
>lasted all of 10 minutes before he was groping me again, I assume because he thought I was asleep
>pushed his hands away pretty much all night while I prayed desperately for sleep
>gave up eventually, got up and waited for breakfast to start at 6 AM
>he started begging me to come back to bed, said he wouldn't touch me again
>"We already tried that," I reminded him
>he started blowing up my phone with texts apologizing and begging me to come back, calling me adorable
>this lasted until I left at 2 PM
>find him online boohooing about how I hate him, but not telling his friends that it's because he sexually assaulted me
>he's begging to make it up to me somehow

And that's the story of why I left the con early. I was so tired when I got home I ended up going to bed at 4:30 pm. Never rooming with a friend of a friend again.

Probably should've reported him to con security, but I was too tired to make a big fuss. Now it's a bit too late, unless I want to make a HUGE fuss and go to the police, which I don't.

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>isn't that human decency?
no??? in my experience people would prefer you say something quietly so you can fucking fix it and not obliviously walk around with your titty out.

of course, I'm american. do non americans think that way??

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I understand where you're coming from, I just personally wouldn't have minded if the person next to me leaned a bit to whisper or something haha. Even a nudge would probably tell me.

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I hope you cut off all contact with your "friends"

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This really reminds me of when I was a child and saw this scene from The Rescuers, took me about 10 years to realise fake lashes were a thing. Still think it's uneasy to look at. sage for OT

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god i loved disney's sketchier 2d style

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I avoid her where I can but there's still times where I can't due to our mutual friendship with others. I see her maybe once a year now but I still fear being near her because I associate her so closely with being abandoned in the middle of nowhere now. And every time I see her something is bound to go wrong.

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i'm so sorry

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Not sure I even want to go back to this particular con after what happened

>friends want to go to con
>had surgery a month or so prior but my skin has healed over enough to the point I feel I'll be alright
>go to con and find it's crowded as fuck
>main hall is a traffic nightmare and even though I'm well trained for slipping through crowds I get battered around, elbowed, and my foot run over by poor wheelchair users who can't see shit and are trying to escape
>friend decide she's had enough of navigating herself and grabs onto my backpack so I can do it for her
>she pushes from behind most of the time, forcing me to misstep and ram into people
>basically become her personal meat shield but I'm too tired to get angry
>finally get out and go back to the hotel because I feel exhausted as fuck and sick
>change out of clothes
>blood on my shirt
>holy shit my incisions have popped open and I have no idea how long I've been bleeding
>thank fuck I put some band-aids on just in case or else it could have been way worse
>bruises show up later and I look like I was used as a crash test dummy
>find out after con deliberately oversold on tickets and didn't give a fuck about how unsafe it would be

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Fan Expo?

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>in cosplay masquerade
>cosplaying songstress yuna from ffx-2
>performance is quickchange from summoner yuna and do the dance
>boots were made from cutting up a pair of cheap boots then cutting out leather and a lot of hot glue
>i don't know what i expected
>pretty stable to begin with, masquerade was the last event of the day and they hadn't come apart all day yet
>performance went p well, all was as planned
>exit stage right
>feet areas are feeling incredibly loose
>look down
>my boots have split in half and are falling apart
>I literally danced my boots off
>damaged to the point they couldn't even be salvaged when I got home, had to scrap them
>rip booties

Still won judges choice award and I'd like to thank my boots' sacrifice.

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They exploded on impact, sadly.

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Birmingham MCM? You were fantastic, I never even noticed about your boots.

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>>I literally danced my boots off


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>Get invited to a con by a girl I'm really into, lets call her X.
>It's one of those "let's get a huge overpriced dealer room and nothing else" cons which I dislike, but I decide to go anyway because emotions and it would be just me and her.
>Had good contact with her until the con, actually felt like this could go somewhere for the first time after coming out of 5 year relationship that turned sour.
>I'm at the con, she never showed up.
>Doesn't answer my call so I leave her a text and head in alone. After all she might just be late and I really don't feel like wasting an overpriced ticket.
>Bore my ass off as I mindlessly browse the stands, all of them seem to mostly sell those awful Pop Vinyl figures.
>Eventually bump into a mutual friend.
>"Yeah X wasn't feeling well so she stayed home. Didn't she let you know?"
>Shrug it off, but felt bitter about her not telling me and left after having seen most of the stands.
>Later that night I get a text message from X.
>"Sorry Anon, I had a migraine so I couldn't go. I'm soooooo bumped out that I had to miss that con! I already missed out on the last one and now this one too, I really feel like crying!"
>Tell her I understand as a fellow migraine sufferer, but that I'm really not amused by how she didn't bother to let me know yet managed to tell someone else.
>She just continues on about how much she hates these migraines and how she really wanted to go to the con. Not a single sorry or mention of me in there.
>Don't bother contacting her because I don't take kindly to people treating me like trash. She doesn't contact me either which says it all.
>The next weekend I get to listen to a rant from a mutual friend about how I have been a whiny inconsiderate little bitch to X
>I let her read the conversation between me and X and immediately get an apology.
Well, at least this time I found out a person's true colours before moving in together.

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>be cosplay sonia from dangan ronpa
>one of my first cons, was naive as hell
>dude films my upskirt
>vid posted to xhamster
>someone from dangan ronpa photoshoot tells me vid is posted here

mfw that's how i found cgl

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Supanova Gold Coast a few years back. Heard they still oversell but they make people wait outside now, which is a whole other problem because it's incredible hot that time of year, there's very little shade, and any water being sold is a total ripoff. Also means a lot more people miss out on what they bought tokens for.

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ugh sorry that happened to you anon, unrelated to the con scene but someone at my school had the balls to take upskirt pictures of a girl while her boyfriend was next to her and when they noticed he got the beating of a lifetime. i hope the creep in your story gets his justice one day.

>> No.9319803

Thanks, anon. Same. My bf went thru so many photos from the shoot and shit but we never found the culprit. In a way I am happy someone from the shoot was here bc I was able to get the vids taken down from xhamster. Wish the dude from my story would get the same consequence as the guy from yours.

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Paper mache kill la kill boobs?

>> No.9319891

Everyone was probably too afraid to comment lest you were the type to scream COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT while you and your white knights wailed on the poor guy for trying to be helpful.

>> No.9319943

I have a similar story

>offered to work at a con for my friend with my boyfriend for a pass
>we didn't have enough money to get a hotel room, but we were already staying at our friend's place which was only a 30 minute train/10 minute walk away so that wasn't too big of an issue
>Thursday of con, a really good friend of both my boyfriend and I said we could stay at his room, no cost
>he got a really fancy room and we could even sleep on the king bed
>since I had to wake up at 9-10 am for the booth/was going to be staying up til 4-5am for raves/room parties, I was like "bless"
>Friday: work was fine, nightlife was great (dont remember if it was a party or the rave that night but both were fun)
>going to bed
>friend was going to sleep on the floor and let us have the bed
>my boyfriend and I are not large people, we only took up 1/3 of the bed
>"just sleep with us on the other side of the bed, we don't mind" we offer
>friend declines at first, he says he has night terrors and he didn't want to wake us up in the middle of the night with thrashing or sleep yelling
>we assure him it's fine, we are pretty heavy sleepers
>so we're all on the bed and I'm drifting off to sleep
>friend starts groping me
>he's asleep, but he's grabbing at me
>push his hands away
>5 minutes later, he starts again
>this pretty much goes on throughout my precious 4 hours I had to sleep
>at one point he starts putting his hand down my pants
>at that point I shove him off and just get up out of bed and start getting ready since I have to go work the booth
>I told other people what happened during the night and they relayed it onto the friend while I was gone
>friend freaks out, sends me 2 pages of texts apologizing

apparently it's a side effect of his medication, he's done the same thing to other people (both men and women) that he's shared a bed with at a con.
I wanted to be more mad but eh, not his fault, can't really be upset...

>> No.9319947

I've never heard of a medication that has "molests people" as a side effect. I think he's bullshitting you.

>> No.9319953

Maybe not specifically that, but if a medicine messes with your brain anything is possible.

>> No.9319968

Well, my room just had this situation, as in everything is still currently being resolved. This isn't going to be well written since I need to get back to sleep.

>Overfill on hotel room because that is cheap and I am cheap
>People who paid first also paid most, they get beds
>I get a chair next to the bed
>Bed next to me has two guys (we will call Bob and Creeper) and a girl (we will call her Joy)
>Middle of the night, Bob goes to the bathroom
>Wakes me the fuck up in the process and stinks the bathroom up so hard that it comes into the actual room, but that is nothing compared to what happened next
>Creeper decides to cop a feel on Joy
>This is non-consensual and Joy quietly tells him to stop
>Just imagine me curled up trying to pretend to be asleep but kind of just staring into the darkness, in pure fear, confusion, and anger because oh my god this guy is going to rape her oh my god why won't my body move to stop this
>Tune out the conversation and try to pretend like it's not happening
>Hear the word "gun"
>Hear screaming coming from Creeper (what a twist!)
>Can't pretend to sleep through that one
>Joy had a fucking gun, AN ACTUAL GUN, somewhere and pulled it out on Creeper when he wouldn't stop creeping
>Now everyone is screaming because an angry girl has a gun and we don't know if it's real or fake or loaded or not but let's not find out
>Bless our neighbors, who must either be very patient and understanding or just deaf
>Creeper got kicked out of room, Joy is currently being yelled at by the room organizer
>What happens in Vegas...

I guess we'll see what happens next tomorrow morning.

>> No.9320006

>find out after con deliberately oversold on tickets and didn't give a fuck about how unsafe it would be
The word you're looking for is DANGEROUS. The con didn't give a fuck about how dangerous it would be to overcrowd. Unsafe is a reductive word that subtly takes away from their responsibility.

>> No.9320015

Well, he did warn you not to let him on the bed.

>> No.9320020

Since he's done it to multiple people of both genders every time he's shared a bed, it's either a side effect or something he just does. Also, he has night terrors, and sometimes punches and screams in his sleep, so....
never heard of the ambien walrus? anything is possible.

I was expecting him to scream or punch me, not shove his hand down my pants lol

>> No.9320028

> bullshit desu

>> No.9320030

And your boyfriend wasn't fucking furious why? This seems super suspicious, anon.

>> No.9320031

True. Had a fire or panic broken out there would surely been a crowd crush. And Supanova is pretty notorious for locking and blocking off a lot of access points

>> No.9320034

No, he was, just didn't really include him in the story. I think he found out the same way our friend found out, when I told someone that just happened to be awake when I was leaving to go work a booth.

>> No.9320037

A longer one, involving a creeper. 1/2

>2008, first con, very excited
>16 year old me wearing my first crappy self made cosplay
>Nobody recognizes my cosplay except for one dude
>Dude is around 28 at that time, obese and extremely sweaty/smelly
>I'm too happy and enthusiastic he recognizes my cosplay
>New to cons so I don't know a thing about concreepers and red flags
>After con he found my DeviantArt, he commented on all my pics
>It gives me a strange vibe, but he isn't saying mean/weird things, just comments like 'cute', 'sweet', 'it was nice meeting you', 'hope to see you again next year'

>Wear same cosplay again b/c I was poor as fuck
>Same dude sees me at con, walks up to me and tries to make awkward conversation
>Asks me if I'm Anon from dA, which I reply to with yes since I know he's been following me there for over a year
>'O-oh... I thought so... Y-You know, I'm really shy and I never dare to talk to you… Can I have a hug?'
>I don't know what to do/say so smile and politely decline
>I start talking to my friends (who are also creeped out) and we walk away
>Keep seeing him hiding in the crowd, following me and looking at me
>Once again I discard this b/c he isn't being harmful

Stuff like this keeps going on for about 3 years at different conventions.
Meanwhile he also added me on Skype without me knowing who he was, trying to keep track of which cons I'm attending. It was more annoying than creepy and I always ignored his messages. But now that I look at back at it, realize he is 12 years older than I am, and started 'stalking' me when I was 16 it does gives me chills. He'd always ask for hugs and photo's of me in ~kawaii~ poses too, which I usually declined since he'd post them on his dA without permission.

>> No.9320038

>>9320037 2/2 Cont'd

>2013, be 21
>Cosplay something wearing zettai ryokai
>Meet people I haven't seen in 2 years
>The three of us get all hyped and make conversation about what we've been up to
>Suddenly, same fucking dude again
>'A-are you Anon f-from DeviantArt...? C-Can I t-take a picture o-of you...?'
>Try to be polite; 'Yes I am, and no not now, I'm having a conversation'
>Dude just keeps standing behind me, staring at me, poking me because ‘hurhur lemme take your pic Anon'
>The other girls and I are getting so pissed at this point
>Tell him politely 'I'm having a conversation and you're being really rude by standing here, listening to us.'
>’But it's just taking soooo looooonnggg!!! I only want a pic and a hug!'
>Imagine a now 33 year old, huge, sweaty dude acting as if he’s 5
>Ask him to please leave, since me and my friends are absolutely not happy with him keeping track of our convo.
>Rest of the con see him hiding in the crowd, following me and looking at me like he always does

>Come home from con
>Check dA
>Received a PM from him, complaining about how rude I was
>Scold him because I don't give a fuck anymore and he's the one being rude and annoying
>Receive PM back: 'But I thought we were good friends. We've been friends for 5 years now and I don't understand why you're suddenly so rude to me.'
>I am so pissed at this point since I barely spoke the guy, never spend any time with him at cons and he claims to be 'good friends for 5 years'.
>Ignore the shit out of him, block him on Skype and dA.
>Receive one last message saying he's so upset he will delete me from his Skype and unwatch me at dA.
>No regrets

Fun-fact: Later on I learned he did this to a lot of other (underaged) girls too. He claims to be socially awkward due to his autism, and not being able to interpret someone's age. That’s why he’s hanging around girls half his age apparently.

>> No.9320055

>I was expecting him to scream or punch me, not shove his hand down my pants lol
You're not okay with being groped but you're fine with getting punched and possibly a bruise/broken tooth/nose? lol takes all kinds I guess.

>> No.9320079


Hey, aint you that girl from da?

Seriously tho, thats fucked up

>> No.9320103

Serves you right for going as a shit, should have done Ibuki or Mikan

>> No.9320107

>buying a literal autist
Wew lad

>> No.9320112

>not participating in the emerging autist-exclusive slave trade
Wew lad

>> No.9320123

Poor guy

>> No.9320154

Anon, it's one thing to talk shit about normal, fully functional people behaving like spergs. It's a completely different thing to talk shit about actual spergs. You're fishing for sympathy like you're the victim in this situation and not the mentally handicapped guy who you probably emotionally destroyed because you're incapable of dealing with a delicate situation delicately.

>> No.9320173

fuck this stupid autist defence league bullshit she was nice to the fat fuck for five whole years and he was probably using his meme autism as some excuse not to take the clear verbal and bodily hints that she didn't want his god-awfully gigantic figure lurking in her shadow for every second of every cosplay for half a whole decade, and, on top of that, thinking that he had earned some sort of autist sympathy fat fuck hug points so that he could get hugs from underage girls that he fapped to the memory of when he got home

>> No.9320179

You do know that not being able to read people in social situations and not being able to interpret verbal cues is literally the definition of autism, right? Not like the autism meme that gets thrown around here, but like the real DSM-5 definition of autism. While the OP can be forgiven for not knowing how to handle that kind of person in that situation, posting this shit on here and trying to paint the guy out to be a monster so she can justify to herself how poorly she handled the situation is really fucking low.

>> No.9320181

autistic people don't understand "i would like you to go away please"? then they shouldn't be allowed in public, they're clearly too disabled to attempt any form of communication and are a hazard to the wider population

>> No.9320182


>This just in, most women are stupid vapid whores that have no idea to talk how to be social.
>More at 11.

>> No.9320196

>autistic people don't understand "i would like you to go away please"?
Yes, more or less. They have trouble empathizing with how other people feel. You're telling them to 'go away' because you're making them feel uncomfortable and all they're thinking is 'I really want to get a picture and a hug from her.' They can't comprehend that other people in the world could think or feel things that are different from what they think and feel.

>then they shouldn't be allowed in public
Fucking write your congressman about it then.

>> No.9320199

how can someone be mean to an autistic person without physically hurting them if they have no conception that other people might think something different about themselves than they do?

>> No.9320204

Because their perception of reality and actual reality aren't going to match up. This guy has been following her online for years. In his mind, they really are very good friends. He meets her again in real life and she acts really cold towards him. That's going to fuck with him emotionally. Imagine being good friends with someone and just one day they decided to do a 180 and be a total dick to you without warning or explanation. That's basically what she put the guy through.

>> No.9320236
File: 14 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't something that happened to me but happened to my best friend

>Best friend struggles with depression pretty badly
>ends up meeting this girl who lives in the same town as him on an online game
>They hit it off instantly and you can really see him becoming happier
>They're constantly together online
>he forces himself to like things she likes such as anime
>She invites him to a con during the summer
>He's super excited and gushes about it to me because this is the first time they've met face to face
>I'm happy for him even though I dislike her
> She's one of those XD weeb types
>Day of con arrives and I don't go because I didn't want to third wheel
>It's raining pretty heavily anyhow
>Get a call from from friend and he's in tears
>can barely hear him over con noises
>find out the girl stood him up on their first date because the cold rain made her feet hurt
>She told him after he called her saying he had been waiting in line in the rain for two hours so she could join him
> ' If you find any LOL merch could you buy them for me please baby? I'm too frail teehee'

>> No.9320238

What I'm getting from this is that, after three years of you apparently being harassed and annoyed, you didn't block this guy from any of your social media pages and then suddenly blew up on him because you thought he was being rude...which you already knew?

I've had similar things happen to me. I don't hesitate to block the person, after I let them know that I'm uncomfortable with the behavior. You let this go on for years and you're surprised that he was upset? I'm sure he really thought you were friends since you never said otherwise.

I hate to agree here too. It sounds like he had some sort of issue. I can't say for certain since it's just based on what you said but I can't see any other reason why you wouldn't have told him off earlier. If he had malicious intentions, you would've said so.

>> No.9320240

>apparently it's a side effect of his medication
...you don't really believe that do you? Once is a mistake, repeatedly is a problem

>> No.9320263

I had something similar happen when I cosplayed Stocking from PSWG. Her bangs have those little defined triangles of pink and blue which I painstakingly styled before heading to a shoot with a photog who, in the first minute of meeting me, reached over to muss my bangs from their styling. Should've excused myself to fix it but I was young and dumb and felt bad so in all of the photos my wig looked ratchet. Really wish people would just point stuff out like that and wait for your approval to help you fix it instead of just fuckin doing it.

And a story related to >>9316769 but from horror to actually okay in the end.
> be me cosplaying Euphemia from Code Geass
> Otakon 2011, first big deal cosplay
> bought adorable heels to wear with the cosplay
> didn't anticipate the heat/walking around a lot/sweating/etc
> wore the cosplay literally all day, felt blisters
> annoying but no big deal, will just bandage them up later
> walking back to the hotel
> wow this really hurts more than usual
> lift up hem of gown
> blood all over my ankles and heels thru my tights
> can't possibly keep these on for the rest of the walk back
> get a little woozy as we keep walking, holding my shoes, too much is happening
> stumble in the street
> scrapes toes, tights ripped, more blood
> from Euphie to Euphinator
> friends with me start freaking out
> "do you guys need help?"
> turn to see a Kamina cosplayer with his friends
> had extra bandages from his wraps for Kamina
> gave them to me so I could wrap my foot and make the walk back
> "here, take these too"
> gives me the shoes he's wearing in his cosplay
> muh emotions
> promised I would find him the next day to give the shoes back
> never saw him again

Kamina if you're reading this and remember it, you saved my con and my foot from a nasty infection, thank you so much.

>> No.9320270

Yeah calling bs as well. If it's a legit side effect and you are aware of it, why would you still agree to share a bed with people unless you wanted to grope them

>> No.9320274

She first ignored the guy's advances at the previous cons, and then tried multiple times at varying stages of politeness to directly tell him she wasn't interested. Seriously, what else do you guys expect her to do? This isn't a case of not being direct enough with an awkward guy who can't take social clues - she straight up told him she was busy and unwilling to take a photo, and then told him several more times, gradually becoming curter with him when he refused to listen. It sounds as though you're saying that you're obligated to give guys like this a hug or stop everything you're doing to do what he asks, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

>> No.9320279

DESU I get soo annoyed by all the autistic people who "have to be excused" for their horrible behavior just because they have autism. I know a lot of autistic people who knew about their condition and worked really hard to fix it. Meanwhile there are these whiney guys at cons who think they can be rude, creepy, are always right and never even consider that they are the ones who are causing a problem. It is also really annoying that you aren't even allowed to be mean to them, because that is bullying. How would you make someone understand that what they are doing is wrong if: A. they don't listen. B. They honest to god believe they are not the problem. C. The moment you point it out to them you are the mean one.

Same with all those anxiety problemcases.. If you know you can't handle crowded rooms, why are you going to a crowded con?

>> No.9320328

Being autistic isn't an excuse to be a creep. I'm autistic, and while I was horrible when I was a kid, I learned and improved a lot. I'm still socially awkward, but I'm getting better each year. As someone who actually tries to improve, it's kind of insulting to hear people say that being autistic excuses someone from learning empathy and social skills.

>> No.9320349

I know how you feel, anon. I too was stuck in an abusive relationship for years. I'm sorry people are being tough on you. There are many intricacies that come with being abused that most people can't understand. I'm sure you know what you /need/ to do, as you've attempted to leave. My ex was the same way, with promising better and crying and manipulating. I'm a hopeful, loving soul. I gave him everything I could to make his life perfect.
The only thing that made me leave was that, after he had already cheated on me twice, I found emails for hookups while I was with family. In the emails he had said he wouldn't use a condom during sex, and the threat of an STD is what finally made me go.

I thought I was stuck to spend the rest of my life miserable, that I would commit suicide, or that he would murder me. I'm so happy I'm finally free. I found the one true love of my life, and I still do my best to work through every day. PTSD from my ex is still strong, but I'm happy that further abuse is in the past. I hope you can find the ability to leave soon.
In my opinion- if you have the ability to- don't mention that you're leaving. Save up some money and go back to friends or family. Please open up to somebody that you can trust. They will help you. They want you to be happy.
Your current SO is a demon. They are not a person. They will not change. They exist solely to manipulate and lie. I'm sure you want to think things will work out. I'm sure he does okay every now and then. I'm sure he makes promises that it'll be better. I'm sure that he makes excuses for his actions- perhaps even blaming it on mental issues (he wants you to relate, because I'm sure you're depressed and anxious, so that you feel bad for not being able to deal with it).
If you want to leave an email or any other form of communication, I'll message you. I want you to be safe.
From one abuse victim to another, I love you. I want the best for you. You deserve happiness. You have done enough.

>> No.9320393

She didn't do anything. She never told him to go away or leave her alone. She wasn't direct at all, she was trying to be polite about it which is why there was confusion. She should've told him straight up when he was commenting on all of her photos and making her uncomfortable.

I say this as someone that's dealt with a guy that couldn't take the hint. I didn't get him to back off until I got other people involved. If she was really feeling that uncomfortable or threatened, she could've easily had a friend step in. He never made any sexual advances towards her or touched her inappropriately. The entire story sounds like she was really just embarrassed that some neckbeard was bothering her which is fine but not as horrifying as it's being made out to be.

>> No.9320465


I'm sorry, but if you are not socially clued enough to know the line between stalking and friends, then you shouldn't be alone in public. Even if he is half as bad as she made him out to be, he is still a risk to others and himself, so he should have a carer.

These are young girls he's approaching. If he could get confused about friendship with barely talking to anon, he could easily get confused about it being closer than that.

>> No.9320476

Exactly. There's a reason we keep autists apart from the normal kids in schools. They're just not fit to be around others. At best, they're uncomfortable to be around. At worst, they're a danger.

>> No.9320482

>friend starts groping me
>he's asleep, but he's grabbing at me
>push his hands away
>5 minutes later, he starts again
>this pretty much goes on throughout my precious 4 hours I had to sleep
>at one point he starts putting his hand down my pants
>at that point I shove him off
>apparently it's a side effect of his medication

>> No.9320486

>>Joy had a fucking gun
sounds like my type of girl.

>> No.9320490

I'm autistic and I agree with you. At least I know not to talk to most people so I won't bother anyone, but I really wish I could be normal. It's really depressing seeing normal people talking to each other and knowing that I'll never be like them.

>> No.9320491

Good on her

>> No.9320506

OP made the mistake of saying "not right now", implying she would finish the conversation and then take the picture. Then she mentioned telling him "he's being rude", which is again not directly telling the guy to fuck off. Only towards the end did OP directly tell him to leave her alone, which I'm going to assume finally worked because she didn't write about him sticking around in her immediate vicinity after that.

OP also made the mistake of continuing to have the conversation around him instead of excusing herself and going somewhere else with her friends. She could have also tried to Jedi mind trick the guy and just straight up tell him that she's not the girl from the internet. Or fuck, I dunno, just suck it up and take the damn picture hoping he goes away afterwards. I find it hilariously ironic that OP is mad at this fucking autist when she herself is a bit autisitc for not being able to handle herself in that situation.

>> No.9320532
File: 50 KB, 640x360, IMG_1259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we really stick up for autists now? The degenerates of the fucking social norm? Fuck them man, realize you're retarded and just fuck off with hanging out with non-autists. When your special "muh problems" become more important than the commonplace population and making them feel incredibly uncomfortable, that's when you know you should probably just stick to your own kind.

>> No.9320543

Dumb phone poster

>> No.9320555

To be blunt, it's not her problem. If she hadn't said she thought he was autistic we wouldn't be having this and it would just be a creeper.

Get off your high horse.

>> No.9320558
File: 1.36 MB, 500x282, 1478473033379.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9320559

Con Rave Creepers: Close Call edition

>me, age 15, shitty cosplay at a shitty local con
>stayed with my damn-close-to-professional cosplay friend with parents in hotel room
>we'll call her "meg"
>beg parents to go to rave
>"as long as you go with meg"
>meg doesn't want to go
>plotting how to escape without meg
>offered a ride from a friend to go, behind parents' back
>disguises it as going to the pool somehow
>friend pulls up to hotel in car
>we'll call her "bee"
>0.5 seconds before getting in
>chicken-shit 15-year-old me bursts into tears, goes back to hotel room
>"didn't feel like swimming mom"
>bee proceeds to rave
>next day, last day of con, con ends 4 hours early
>police cars everywhere
>scared shitless, gets picked up with meg by parents, leaves to go back home
>found out later on news serious sexual assault happened at con, led to arrest, convention staff "closed due to unforeseen circumstances"
>message from bee
>bee freaking the hell out
>bee was the victim

mfw my young chicken-shittiness saved my ass

>> No.9320576

Is this bait? Of course it's not creepy when I don't mind that someone I'm attracted to is hitting on me. It's creepy when someone I'm not attracted to is hitting on me, and doubly so when they won't take the hint (and sometimes a flat out NO). 2/10 for getting me to reply.

>> No.9320579

>too incompetent to deal with an autist
>post about being too incompetent to deal with an autist on the internet
>get called out for being incompetent
Lol nah her incompetence is totally not a problem here at all.

>> No.9320580

Why do you assume it would have automatically happened to you instead if you had merely been in the general vicinity or traveled there with the person it happened to? It's not a fucking bomb. And you're not the center of the universe.

>> No.9320582

he warned me of screaming/punching so I was at least expecting it, but if he did end up slugging me in the face yeah I of course would have been pissed, duh

i'd think bullshit too but since it's happened with other people multiple times and not just with me?
at a con a couple weeks ago he ended up kicking so violently in his sleep that people that were supposed to be in the bed just took the floor/couch

>> No.9320589

Then just say "ugly" or "attractive". Using "creep" implies it's the fault of their behavior when their behavior actually never mattered and they were doomed to be scorned by you from the moment they were born due to conditions entirely out of their control

Is it that hard to just admit to yourself how shallow you are?

>> No.9320593

So are you saying people should accept advances from people they aren't attracted to? What's your point here?

>> No.9320596

I find cons in general very stressfull, and stress gives me stomach cramps, headaces and the shits, so you can imagine what going to a convention is like for me.

>> No.9320598 [DELETED] 

I literally just said
>Then just say "ugly" or "attractive"

Like for fucks sake are you genuinely retarded? Can you really not retain information that long? Have you already forgotten the first part of this post by the time you're reading the end of it too?

>> No.9320601

>Isn't that decency?
no. Decency is to call it out before more people notice.

>> No.9320611

Dude, I woukd have reacted in the same way as her. I find it hard to tell people straigh up 'no' or 'go away' and me trying to give hints just doesn't work on autists: I've been in too many awkward situations because of that. It's a small comm and it takes little to create drama

>> No.9320612

anon i hate to be that guy but please bring it up to your other friends
stuff like that hurts and they should know it

>> No.9320669


i was 15

>> No.9320672

No, looks play into it, but it's not the whole thing. You can be handsome and be a creep. Being unattractive (as in your general vibe, because I think we all have a friend who isn't conventionally attractive but is still a 8/10 just because of their personality) and coming up to a girl is not creepy. Being unattractive, coming up to a girl, being given hints that the girl is not into you, and still trying to pursue a girl- THAT is creepy.

>> No.9320673

Kek, they're jealous cus they're such a shit person even a pedo wouldn't want to be with them

>> No.9320674

>can't tell any horror stories because they're recent events from recent cons and the people involved confirmed browse /cgl/

>> No.9320675

>came back to the hotel room drunk
>knew he had to share it with someone else that night
>what should have been an ok if slightly awkward night turns into groping instead
excuse me while i hold back my inner white knighting tendencies
this is why us guys can't have nice things
my sides are in orbit this is how above should have ended

Enough replies, here's my sister's con horror story because I've yet to have one
>first con ever, volunteered to get in with less financial pressure
>has to do badge check at the artist alley
>this is also where guests are going to be doing signings
>small con so congoers are also being douchey and trying to sneak in and stuff so high alert high stress mode
>guest comes to door, she doesn't recognize them despite them being a big name because firstcon.jpg
>"i need to see your badge"
>guest plays it cool, sort of, but is obviously irked
>walks over sits down at signing table
>a while later the con staff is having the line go in one direction because guests are being a bit rowdy
>guest gets mad and has one of their lackeys yell at sister to move the line to another direction despite what she was told by con staff
>obviously con staff is now angry too so they start talking about guest after hours while cleaning the artist alley and stuff
>guest somehow figured it out
>next year rolls around, con now has a rule that no one on staff can talk about guests at all until after the con
bonus points if you figured out guest

>> No.9320676

this guy
this guy is the real kamina

>> No.9320677

>this convinced the entire universe revolves around you

>> No.9320679

My friends started boob grabbing, just for shits and giggles (we are all consenting adults) but then this one dude took it too far and just randomly grabbed me quite hard while I was getting ready to go to bed. I added him earlier that day to friends to see his future cosplays on facebook plus he always hung out with a cool group of people. After that he messaged me every day going from just nice to creepy (wanting to know to which cons I go so he can grope me) and I kept him on my facebook so I wouldn't start drama. I once told my friend and she said he only hung around with the group and wasn't part of it. I finally removed him from my facebook after seeing him send creepy messages to a fetish model about how much he loves her. Then he went to whine about it to a friend, that I removed him for no reason. Still in doubt whether I should let it go or tell him the truth, while it has been a while since then.

>> No.9320680


>> No.9320682 [DELETED] 

No, it's just the attractiveness. You'd never find the actions of a guy born with good looks "creepy" because you automatically give him a free pass and see his behavior as "confidant and assertive".

>> No.9320689

What you're trying to say is 'Girls are shallow'

>> No.9320694

Yeah but they don't seem to want to admit it. The question is whether it's just a matter of ego and thinking they're somehow any different or better than men, or if it's also for the practical purpose of maintaining the false public idea that only women are objectified or judge by appearance and that it's all mens fault.

>> No.9320697

That only works with ugly girls. I'm cute. I'm immune to cute guys. A hot creep is still a creep. Conversation over, let's stop derailing.

>> No.9320700


You should only let girls grab your boobs

>> No.9320706

>I'm cute
Yeah, sure whatever.
>I'm immune to cute guys
Geez this is like trying to explain sight to the blind, or water to a fish.

>> No.9320714

>It's not a fucking bomb
Rape-bombs are totally a thing tho

>> No.9320715

>it's happened with other people multiple times and not just with me
that doesn't mean it's a side effect. it just means he's a pervert who'll grope just about anybody.

>> No.9320723

>I'm cute
yea right

>> No.9320735

omg that happened to my friend and I had to carry her back to the hotel

>> No.9320737

Pics or gtfo

>> No.9320772



>> No.9320776

> debut of new costume
> get period right after putting it on
> white pants
> gathering in 10 minutes
> it was not fun

>> No.9320777

Got it taken down, sry m8.

>> No.9320787

Maybe in your fanfic.

>> No.9320813

THIS. As a diagnosed autist, and even before my diagnosis, without the people telling me to shape up or they weren't going to deal with my shit, it literally changed my life. No amount of tears over mishandled relationships with other people will change the fact that I had to hear those things in order to learn how to deal with it. Autism doesn't mean stupid or incapable. It means the brain works different. We can still learn. Decent people will put in the effort to change.

>> No.9320832

>in the feels thread
>"NEVER change anything about yourself for any reason ever you don't owe the world anything the world owes YOU everything!"
>in this thread
>"mental disorders are no excuse for any kind of behavior you don't approve of those people need to shape up and do things your way or get out"

Fucking hypocrites much?

>> No.9320833

Also this. More autism here and didnt want to say this because i thought maybe I was the only one. Thanks, I've learned since then but seeing others went through the same thing makes me feel a bit better.

>> No.9320860

Implying the weaklings in feels threads come for horror stories threads.

War never changes, anon.

>> No.9320892

It's only hypocrisy if both statements are being made by the same person, anon.

>> No.9320924

The story has a Vic Mangina smell about it.

>> No.9320984

Okay but you're forgetting that whatever mental shit someone's going through isn't anyone else's problem and they shouldn't have to deal with it.

>> No.9320987

Thanks for the laugh, anon

>> No.9321077

Point stands, if she left out the autistic part he'd just be some creep. Most these stories have happened due to incompetence on the tellers behalf.

>> No.9321085

There was a guy at my work who was a 10/10 in terms of looks, but was extremely touchy feely. I was somewhat interested in him at first, but quickly realised he knew he was attractive and was a dick so quickly wasn't interested in him.

Anyway, he kept making advances on me, I kept saying no, don't want to. He refused to get the hint and it ended up with him cornering me and not letting me go til I agreed to go on a date with him.

Which I did so then went and told HR.

Sorry, you can be attractive af. But if someone says no for whatever reason and you still pursue them, you're a creep.

>> No.9321093

you said it not me

>> No.9321117

>They can't comprehend that other people in the world could think or feel things that are different from what they think and feel.

>> No.9321123

And why do you think he learned to do that.

Because most women happily went along with it.

>> No.9321175

Lol same thing happened to a friend at her highschool prom. Dancing with her date, having a good time, only later notice one titty is hanging out. Can't figure out if it just happened or if date was 'mirin all night and never said anything.

>> No.9321179

Why didn't you put your boyfriend in between yourself and the other guy on the bed?
Strangest thing-guys never seem to 'accidentally' sleep grope when its a dude next to them. They somehow to manage to keep three feet or room between them at all times.

>> No.9321182

Don't listen to the people saying you were being rude, if the creep knew he had problems figuring out someones age, all he had to do was ask. I know people say you should let it slide because of his autism, but as someone with experience working with mentally handicapped people, they won't learn what they are doing wrong if no one ever explains it to them. And most of them want to learn to act as normally as possible.

>> No.9321235

Yeah! Thankfully i know it happened while I was in the draw circle because I was already making sure it was staying on while I walked; so it wasn't out for too long. I can't imagine it being out all night oh lord

>> No.9321237

> I know a lot of autistic people who knew about their condition and worked really hard to fix it.
> I'm autistic, and while I was horrible when I was a kid, I learned and improved a lot.

>ITT: Neurotypicals and autists alike forget that autism exists on a spectrum and not everyone has it as bad

>> No.9321244

Are we still talking about this crap? I want to hear about con disasters not about autists.

Never had one myself though unless you count missing costume pieces so I can't contribute at this point.

>> No.9321263

I got you.
m.imgur com/gallery/RYash

>> No.9321282


>> No.9321286

>be me
>go to con

>> No.9321306

To put is simply, if someone is too far gone on the spectrum to the point where they cannot learn and cannot operate around others without becoming a nuisance (to put it lightly), then they really shouldn't be around others without some kind of competent handler.

>> No.9321311

H-How did you survive, fampai?

>> No.9321343

>Justifying why you go to a stranger guy's house alone
>Justifying why you bed with him
>Justifying why he is a creep
>Justifying why you didn't stop him from spooning at first
>Suddenly you realize you didn't want to fuck him in exchange of sleeping in his house and you stop his advances
>You didn't inmediately run away from his house after the first and second attempt
>You didn't left his house until fucking 2 PM
>"Boohooo He assaulted meeeee!!"
You're not expecting us to believe you didn't know he wanted your ass before you go to the con, right? How much are you enjoying all of these "you"? You're a slut of the worst kind.

>> No.9321347

>The sexless innkeeper: the post

>> No.9321348

It's a con. It's a hotel. Are you just here from /pol/ to cry?

>> No.9321361

>Implying that doesn't make it even worse
>Implying some people doesn't live in the cities where cons are held and it's impossible for someone to offer his own house
Are you just here from tumblr to play the victim card?

>> No.9321396
File: 49 KB, 500x375, IMG_2198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9321401

Kekk sup aimee

>> No.9321414

What happened sucks but jesus fuck, how sheltered are you?

Are you honestly 18+ and can't look after yourself?

>> No.9321415

>talk to a girl about some anime
>told her how I disliked this said anime because of the characters
>accidentally and unknowingly triggered her
>she began to cry
>spent a few hours trying to comfort her and apologies
>felt bad for the rest of con
>want to die every time I remember this story

>> No.9321429

What the fuck are you on about. Is this bait or are you just fucking retarded

>> No.9321435

Doesn't sound like its your fault. I wouldn't feel bad just because she's too sensitive to hear non-malicious opinions.

>> No.9321436

Don't feel bad about that, there is no way that could have been prevented if she could get triggered that easily about something so stupid.

>> No.9321442

What don't you understand? Do you have some kind of mental disability?

>> No.9321447

>Go to con
>Expect local affair
>Nobody is there, and i mean NOBODY. Probably 15-20
>Guests were some local cosplayer who was actually pretty talented, one of the original writers/producers for the DiC version of Sailor Moon, someone who worked at Dark Horse with their manga publications (specifically Super Manga Blast) and is now with Yen Press, and some others i can't remember
>Organizers apparently listed the wrong dates on the website
>I was invited by a friend who had the right dates due to knowing organizers
>Despite the low attendance they actually went ahead with the costume contest and guest panels
>It was a slow day, but the guests were neat
>Costume contest awards "Best Couple Costume"
>Since turnout was low best couple went to a guy dressed as Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue and his girlfriend who was Rina from Mermaid Melody

Could have been worse

>> No.9321468

We were talking about her favorite anime
Later that month, I happened to bump into her and said that it wasn't my fault. She said she was on some medication (I forgot which) and gave her mood changes.
I still feel bad because it made me look bad in front of so bystander

>> No.9321476

>Same with all those anxiety problemcases.. If you know you can't handle crowded rooms, why are you going to a crowded con?

Because that's how you get over the anxiety and learn to cope and function and have a good time you dipshit.

>> No.9321480
File: 81 KB, 750x1334, 4d213a73-3db5-44b6-9093-22bbf5f81aab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This happened about a year ago

>full time undergrad
>had bf of one year (very strong relationship) he was 19
>the wednesday before a con
>I had been nauseous, and my boobs were sore and hurt for about a week
>on BC, period should have been here by Monday
>take a test
>take another test
>take a third test
>f u c k
>tell bf
>him: f u c k
>agreed together that if this happened I would get an abortion
>having feels that go against our plan
>call psychiatrist and tell her
"Fetal development may be affected by the mediations you're on, Anon. If you plan to keep it, then you should reduce the dosage (I have bipolar II, I can't quit cold turkey)
>cry for hours
>bf comforts me
>Thursday I make an appointment with an abortion clinic for the Thursday after the con
>feeling feels I have never felt before
>friends I'm rooming with at con are best friends
>tell them
>Anon, come to the con! We want to be with you to support you through this.
>Bf agrees, it'd be better than staying at home and isolating myself
>We go!
>on friday, the only times the feels waved in were when I saw babies, and when we were trying to sleep
>Saturday gets here, I suddenly have cramps
>Fuck am I miscarrying?
>Ignore it, it's time for brunch in cosplay
>cramps come and go
>saturday evening
>get back to the hotel room to order pizza
>sit down, cramps have been getting pretty bad
>tell everyone, bf shows concern
>take a shower
>suddenly blood
>lots and lots of blood
>running down my legs
>yell for bf: "I think I'm miscarrying!"
>rest of the night I stay in the hotel room, in pajamas
>Still cramping

I went to my appointment at the abortion clinic and yep- I had a miscarriage. My bf and I are still together. I still have feels about it, I know that I would have gotten an abortion, but there's something about miscarrying that I can't really label a particular emotion. It's different.

>> No.9321489

I got the bloody kind.

>be at a big con in summer
>wearing light beige cargo pants for crossplay and long sleeveless sweater
>cool day with partner cosplay, having fun
>suddenly around noon
>hm, feels kinda wet and sticky around my crotch...
>it's hot outside but I'm not sweating that much...
>don't tell me...
>excuse myself to the toilet and go back to the hotel room
>take pants off
>crotch is a bloody ocean and it all runs down my legs
>fuck this shit why am i a girl
>proceed to shower and fix myself
>wash crotch part of the pants trying to salvage as much as possible
>blood washes out surprisingly well because it's fresh
>dry crotch area with hotel blow dryer while watching TV
>go back to con once decent again

Had to explain to my partner cosplay why the bathroom break took me an hour, but she was thankfully alright with it.

I'm also glad the mess wasn't really visible to other con goers (due to the long sweater and the baggy pants) and that I noticed early on. Had I waited any longer I would've looked like a lamb at the slaughterhouse.

>> No.9321491

All these "I was wearing white and my period started" stories make glad I'm a guy. Holy fuck I can't even imagine how embarrassed I would feel if that shit happened to me.

>> No.9321517

Jesus christ anon thats horrible im so sorry

>> No.9321531

I'm so sorry anon, I can't even imagine. I hope things get better and even though I know you were planning on the abortion, I am still sorry for the feeling of loss you probably have.

>> No.9321536

I'm really sorry you went through that. I'm glad you have good friends and a strong relationship to help support you. Even a year later, it wouldn't be out of place to see a grief counselor to help process the feelings if such a thing is available to you.

>> No.9321539

Do it anyway

>> No.9321541

>ITT: Neurotypicals and autists alike forget that autism exists on a spectrum and not everyone has it as bad

Yea that's why I said I wasn't sure if anyone else was on my specific level of autism. that it made me feel better that there were and that some people even were able to improve them selves

>> No.9321547
File: 512 KB, 245x138, emmcream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, I wish. Sadly it was my real funbags that got smashed that day.

>> No.9321550

Wow, someone reeks of omega neckbeard

>> No.9321554

Sorry to hear that, anon. On the other hand, it was probably for the best.
Also, I seriously laughed at that pic for hours.

>> No.9321556

Can't use mental illness as an excuse, anon. If you're acting like a twat, dodging out of it by claiming you're excused because you're different makes you look like an even bigger twat.

>> No.9321558

What's your secret to not getting no-reason boners? I'm 23 and it's been happening for 10 years, help me.

>> No.9321564

It's pretty embarrassing but sometimes there's just no way to avoiding it, specially if you're irregular. This has never happened to me but if I saw someone going through this at a con I wouldn't go all "ewww gross" and laugh at them, the best thing to do is let them know quietly and remember that it's a natural body process.

>> No.9321566

You sound like a salty ugly fuck.

>> No.9321572
File: 141 KB, 543x405, man looking at noose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man have I been there.

>> No.9321591

I'm 27 and still get them occasionally, but the secret to getting rid of a boner fast is flexing your thighs. I don't know why, but it just works.

>This has never happened to me but if I saw someone going through this at a con I wouldn't go all "ewww gross" and laugh at them, the best thing to do is let them know quietly and remember that it's a natural body process.
I'm definitely with you on this, even if it's a bit weird coming from a stranger. Same goes with people who ripped their costume or left their fly open, I'd rather have someone tell me I think happened to me than having to find out at the end of the day.

>> No.9321619

Mental illness is a hell of a lot better of an excuse than "I'm just super full of myself and think I can do whatever I want because I think the universe revolves around me"

>> No.9321633

birth control honey, do it

>> No.9321659

I'm really confused at what you're trying to accomplishing here. You are simultaneously denying that any kind of double standard exists, but also implying I'm upset over the double standard not working in my favor.

So which is it? The two states cannot simultaneously be true.

>> No.9321696

I agree, but unfortunately you're never gonna get the gov to fund that sort of thing for autists or anyone with serious mental health issues. And most autists are poorfags so it's not like their families can afford it

>> No.9321701

For the longest time they would just chuck them in an asylum and maybe shock them once or twice a day. Hell it's probably still like that in parts of Eastern Europe.

>> No.9321763
File: 61 KB, 568x640, 1448235483336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>from Euphie to Euphinator

>> No.9321823

>tfw handsome weirdo
Feels bad

>> No.9321841

This was one of my favorite movie scenes ever when I was a kid!
When I was getting into my lolita and took off fake lashes for the first time, I got flashbacks to that scene and found it oddly satisfying to be "grown up enough" to be able to do that.

>> No.9321889

I'm trying to say you're an ugly creeepy cunt and every time you get rejected by a girl you blame it on your looks because girls are so "superficial" but it's actually your creepy personality what drives people off you.

>> No.9321949

It can be a reason, yeah, but you gotta own up to your actions

>> No.9321985

Was it at least a decent Ragna?

>> No.9322113

>be me
>Fucking loser
>Go to con
>Act like a fucking loser and embarrass myself

>> No.9322151 [DELETED] 

I guess I should have known better than to think I could actually inform anyone.

Whatever, it ultimately doesn't affect me. Enjoy the next time you're getting felt up by some hot guy who just walked up and started doing it without a word and you're getting wet at how "bold and confidant" he is (as if I need to tell you)

>> No.9322210

>22 and have had this problem literally my entire life
>flexing thighs might make it go away
i'll have to remember that

>> No.9322221

Go back to your containment board.

>> No.9322243
File: 88 KB, 1024x1024, EC04E776-64A8-4D64-A7BF-4C9598DAB5EA-5177-000009ECD92A6536_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>....almost had pents

>> No.9322253

Is the truth that uncomfortable to admit

>> No.9322265


>> No.9322279

>cosplaying kylo ren
>not TOO long after TFA came out, I was basically one in a million
>whatever, I'm proud of the costume
>had a couple cramps the day before despite skipping period on BC, figure 'whatever, I'll take some midol and drink lots of water'
>get all four and a half layers of wannabe sith on
>"this isn't so bad"
>walking the con floor for an hour or so
>"still not so bad, this is actually a really comfy costume!!"
>the force was not with me, I was not one with the force
>head out to private photoshoot
>suddenly the white hot pain of a thousand suns takes over everything south of my ribcage
>pain medication is doing nothing, hydration is doing nothing
>pain is bad enough that I alternate between crouching in a corner in the fetal position while the photog takes shots of my Rey, and basically trying anything I can to think about something other than my uterus literally trying to murder me
>get through the shoot with only minor snappy/bitchy outbursts (somehow)
>pain is still getting worse?????
>praying the entire time that I'm not bleeding all over everything I hold dear
>can't check because going to the bathroom in the costume involves disrobing entirely
>headed back to con center
>friends keep stopping us to compliment our costumes, apparently my pain-induced scowl is "flawless" and I'm "super in-character"
>my dumb ass gets the fleeting idea "lol I wonder if punching myself in the side will distract me from my uterus doing its best impression of a burst appendix"
>it works
>I power walk all the way back to the hotel for a lay-down while punching myself violently in the side
>by the time I'm back in the room I don't actually have cramps anymore
>people STILL compliment me on how "flawless" and "in-character" I was a year later
>next morning I have deep tissue bruises all down the right side of my lower torso

not too much of a horror story in the end, but apparently kylo ren has endometriosis, gulls. tell your friends.

>> No.9322286


>> No.9322383

Dude you're gross, anybody groping someone without consent is not-done. Why are you so salty, got rejected by somebody because you weren't attractive enough, or are you just annoyed fuckboys can get away with things.

>> No.9322385

>Enjoy the next time you're getting felt up by some hot guy

Thats the plan!

>> No.9322407

The anon seemed to imply they were from far away, so I'm guessing rural. Makes sense it's be scary if you're not from the city to begin with. Don't be mean.

>> No.9322417

People with autism tend to have an overload when it comes up feeling emotions. So they do feel empathy, but its so intense have trouble dealing with it. Also, they're not so good at understanding and interpreting social cues. You can't dance around things with them, you have to straight up tell them to go away because they're invading on your space. Unless they're severely autistic they should understand. If they don't go, then you get security just like you would for any other person.

There was an incident last year in the Australian community where an autistic fan was trying to hang out with a cosplayer he admired. He hung around their group thinking it was okay because nobody said anything directly to him. Instead, the girl's boyfriend tried standing over him puffing his chest out and being aggressive. The guy with autism didn't understand though and got upset. Later on, the girl complained on her FB and ended up sending a hate mob after him.

>> No.9322444 [DELETED] 

>anybody groping someone without consent is not-done
Good thing you give hot guys consent automatically then.

>got rejected by somebody because you weren't attractive enough, or are you just annoyed fuckboys can get away with things.
Also again with this "the double standard doesn't exist but also you're just mad the double standard isn't working in your favor". Like can you seriously not look past your hurt feelings long enough to realize how this just fundamentally not make sense?

>> No.9322459

If you didn't already: do something about the endometriosis as soon as possible. It can really fuck you up further. I have it as well, had the same stinging pain and got surgery and wow, live is beautiful now. I never thought that you can have your period without pain. They actually needed to remove a part of my colon because my utuers and colon were growing together with my belly. They couldn't see it neither with ultra sound nor MRT. So please anon do something about it before it gets worse and organs get further damaged.

>> No.9322547

Fun time I had once when I forgot my anxiety meds, have never had a problem with crowds EVER, and lo and behold it triggered a crowd-induced anxiety attack. I was scared and didn't know why. :( It only lasted about 2 minutes. Con was a blast otherwise.

>> No.9322559

OMG I'm sorry for laughing at your pain, but that's hilarious. Hope you get some treatment for it soon. :(

>> No.9322576


My GP etc. don't seem to think there's any cause for worry and they're hesitant to do anything because the only way to ACTUALLY find it is laproscopy. Everything medical about me is apparently a goddamn mystery that nobody wants to do anything about regardless of how hard I push. Maybe I have endo, maybe the extreme pain is yet another bizarre manifestation of EDS. Ooooooh, it's a ~mystery~. A painful mystery.

>> No.9322614

what bad con stories? share?

>> No.9322620

Ha ha ha. Nice try you sad little shit but I'm not a hoebag.
Also double standards do exist but the truth is everybody is different and everybody judges eachother. You just have to accept that and move on. Instead of your ' u hoes only want handsome men feeling u up boo hoo my feelings' because it doesn't apply to everyone.

>> No.9322622

2 girls with mental ilnesses fight for their sempai at a con, both got a panic attack and one ends up in the ambulance because she nearly passes out from hyperventilation.

>> No.9322645

Try to resist giving the desperate robot the attention he wants. That's why they come here; cgl is the only place feeemales will talk to them. Ignore them and they'll leave.

>> No.9322696

Being handsome doesn't get you a free gf either

>> No.9322731

>one ends up in the ambulance because she nearly passes out from hyperventilation.

Does that mean she won?

>> No.9322736
File: 10 KB, 350x350, MAGCHQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not exactly HORROR story but still weird as fuck.

>at a local smallish con with my boyfriend
>i'm cosplaying, he is just keeping me company and helping me with my costume, poor dude
>talking to a couple friends
>Deadpool cosplayer literally jumps in and interrupts our conv squeezing rubber chicken
>we all look in awe
>he continues to squeeze it, saying "she" is very special since "she" has prime lips for blowjobs (pic related)
>puts the chicken on my bf's dick and makes blowjob motions and moans while making eye contact
>bfs decides to stare at him straight faced till he stops
>deadpool gets embarassed and after 5min of this he walks off
>boyfriend wins

>> No.9322751

Deadpool cosplayers need to be gassed.

>> No.9322768

>2 years ago
>go to con with my then-boyfriend
>didn't want to pay too much for hotel room because I was saving up for brand so we room up with some friends of friends
>of course not enough beds
>some have to sleep on the floor
>have back problems so I ask if I can sleep in the bed
>no prob
>go to con, have an alright day, cosplayers are ok
>get back to hotel room
>we play some drinking games to get more comfortable with each other
>all a bit tipsy
>we want to go to sleep
>turns out I'm sharing the bed with the guy who organized it
>wouldn't let my bf sleep in the bed
>whatever, won't let that spoil the con, too tired to make a scene and the room was cheap
>get into bed, lean out and give bf a good night peck
>slowly drift off into sleep
>feel a hand on my thigh
>oh god
>that creep I'm sharing the bed with starts touching me
>shove his hand away
>a minute later, it's back
>grab his wrist and move his hand off me
>a minute later, guess what
>don't want to make a scene, I'm just too tired to tell him to stop touching me
>he moves his hands all over my body
>let it happen
>don't catch any sleep that night
>continues for two more days

Worst. Con. Ever. But I really didn't want to cause a scene with that con creep

>> No.9322779

alright, I really have to wonder why none of you say anything? It would be different if you were in a room with a dude by yourself but you were in a room full of people INCLUDING your boyfriend. And you slept in the bed for two more nights after that, without telling someone in confidence at the con away from said dude? I just don't get it.

>> No.9322782
File: 1.97 MB, 318x239, 1453623709493.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't want to make a scene, I'm just too tired to tell him to stop touching me
>let it happen
>continues for two more days

>> No.9322787
File: 17 KB, 500x449, tampoons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wash crotch part of the pants trying to salvage as much as possible
>blood washes out surprisingly well because it's fresh

But why not a new pair of jeans?

>> No.9322789

They were cargo pants and part of a cosplay.
I couldn't just put something else on or go buy new ones at the con.

>> No.9322791

I had a similar friend-of-friend-con-creep-feeling-me-up-in-bed story that I didn't post it on here, but I audibly panic attacked due to previous experiences so several people in the room were aware of it. I talked about it privately after the con to the people in the room and the friends that had recommended me to the room. I blocked him but from what I heard they were giving him an earful so I'm glad they took me seriously.

Honestly though, part of it was not wanting to create a negative atmosphere for everyone else in the room for the next two days, but I have to admit, I do wish I made a bigger deal about it at the time. He's mostly a normie and not a big name guy that people would recognize and stay away from, but it's still important that people know who to avoid.

>> No.9322792

>Truth hurts

>> No.9322797

Seriously push for that laproscopy. If you only have that horrible pain when on your period than thats a big indicator. They really should do something you are in pain and maybe you may suffer some irrvesible damage.
Sorry if I'm a bit pushy, I just learnt the hard way what endometrioses can do to you if you don't act in time. This left me with a scar and few cm less of my colon and this was me being lucky.

>> No.9322799

He must have been pretty hot

>> No.9322804

Nice job perpetuating and reinforcing rape culture you slut. He probably went on to brag to his friends how he totally groped on this weeb girl and how they're all fine with it.
You, and every other person here that's too weak to stand up is the issue, because you reinforce that men can do whatever they want and get away with it.

>> No.9322812
File: 72 KB, 601x384, 1408900965574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's /k/ as fuck. good on her.

>> No.9322815

Go back to tumblr you pink-haired silly nilly

>> No.9322829

>Victim blaming molested girls
On a scale of one to ten, how India are you right now?

>> No.9322857

Fuck you, man, Milky Holmes is one of the best anime and Hercule Burton has incredible character depth.

>> No.9322860

>it's your fault for getting assaulted because other people of your sex were okay with it

Sorry what? Not even that anon, but what?

>> No.9322882

Cringed into a coma

>> No.9322893

I'm not going to victim blame, but... Seriously? That's the sort of thing you DO cause a scene about. The dude probably thinks he can get away with it easy now.

>> No.9322914
File: 975 KB, 245x169, Deadpool wiggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I blame this dude. Ever since he got popular on social media, and with the release of the Deadpool movie, you get a bunch of people acting like total cringey idiots and they get away with it because "DUDE I'M JUST BEING IN CHARACTER LMAO".
Back at AFO we were walking back to the con from our hotel and we saw some police lights in the distance, and we kept joking about what if it was a Deadpool that got arrested for groping a bunch of people, or general obscenities.

>> No.9322937

Just you wait, Team Skull is all set to be the new Deadpool.

>> No.9322942

God, I fucking hate dead pool, 100% of the time it's "lol so random I'm a real nerd" retards.

>> No.9322945

I think it's the idea of making a scene is disturbing for people, and then also shame. Even though you've done nothing wrong, it's still your fault.

and actually, people like >>9322804
and >>9321123 perpetuate the fact it's the victims fault and why no-one reports it or wants to make a scene. Because you do say something, and it gets turned on you.

>> No.9322980

Fucking hell these roommate groping stories.

I don't even understand how a guy can do shit like that. What kind of bizarre-ass life experiences must they have had where they have enough balls to feel up a girl but not enough to get a girl to let them do it willingly.

>> No.9322992

Maybe they get off on taking it and overpowering their victims. They want control and they get it from complicit and dead girls.

>> No.9323016

Women just can't resist their instincts and go along with such an amazing alphamale.

>> No.9323021

>What kind of bizarre-ass life experiences must they have had where they have enough balls to feel up a girl but not enough to get a girl to let them do it willingly
It's being alpha af, you loser neckbeard.

>> No.9323028

I'm more curious on why some people here seem to let this happen in the first place. One has to be on a whole new level of stupid to just let a guy sexually assault you and not do a thing about it.

>> No.9323038
File: 210 KB, 620x412, 1454002675-guy-fieri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9323047

kek, go back to /r9k/. That shit's not alpha at all, an alpha can get a girl to have sex with him the normal way instead of trying to cop feels on a sleeping girl.

>> No.9323056

I mean I get wanting to make an advance but can't you do it the normal fucking way like trying to get a kiss first

>> No.9323070

I almost want to believe him because I myself took Ambien. I would get up to cook entire meals while holding conversation according to my family. I don't remember cooking those meals, but it would explain me falling asleep in the bed, and waking up in the chair. So I mean, Ambien can totally cause people to have bizarre sleepwalking sessions where they appear conscious to others. However, if you are sleepwalking on Ambien, you are suppose to discontinue the medication since you can get hurt. So, if he's being honest, he needs to switch to a different medication.

It sounds like he's using the fact some medicines cause sleepwalking as an excuse to feel people up at conventions. That's wrong. If he's being honest, he needs a new psychiatrist.

>> No.9323084

And by the way, thank you for informing me of the existence of 'ambien walrus'. My evening is now thoroughly entertaining.
>come with me on an adventure you'll never remember.

>> No.9323112

Shut the fuck up anon, have you ever actually had someone try and touch you up????

It's something you're simply not expecting, you freeze up from the shock.

>> No.9323128

Ok might as well post my creeper story

>Be at con
>First time at con alone, end up making friends with a group of cosplayers from same show
>We hang out
>One guy in particular is quite obviously trying to get some action, constantly flirting with the female majority group
>I ignore, have a boyfriend, giving zero signals
>He starts trying to put his arms around me
>Keeps trying to pull me into a hug, acting as if he's joking around in character. Eventually get triggered and yell at him
>Entire group weren't really paying attention, assumed I was being a bit of a bitch by snapping. Don't want to embarass myself in front of group
>He takes advantage
>I'm wearing a tight outfit
>He grabs my ass in a group photoshoot we were having
>Can't really react because I'm in front of a large gathering of people + photographer etc.
>He's still acting as if he's joking around
>We decide to take a big group photo together to commemorate
>He grabs my fucking tit.
>Just full on grabs my boob and squeezes.
>Still can't react suddenly since still being watched by con-goers
>Try to ignore what happened
>Still feeling shitty going home, pissed off that I didn't fucking kick his ass
>Still in shock and confusion and ended up accepting everyone's friend requests online including his

I deleted him now but holy shit it was such a shitty thing to do, what a beta fuckhead. Thankfully I'm not the type to be especially bothered or affected by shit like that happening to me, but I'm still pissed off I didn't put him in his place.

>> No.9323138

>"I don't like how consent works!"
>"also, what is a convention?"
>"also, what is reading comprehension?"

Let me break this down for you, in a way that even a brain-dead drooling moron can understand, in hopes that you're at least on that level.
1) Spending time with someone who likes you isn't consent to being groped.
2) Even if it were, saying "no" and pushing hands away removes any question of "well maybe it's implied consent lol"
3) Post specifies that they got up and went out for breakfast
4) Why the fuck would he blow up her phone if she were in his house? He could just go find someone in his house.

Hope that helps.

>> No.9323144

I'm guessing "fucking retarded"

You had no way of knowing. Unless you started graphically describing a character's rape scene or something. Don't beat yourself up about it.

Surprise periods are the worst.


>> No.9323151

'Triggered'. No, you shouldn't feel bad at all. People have gone on for centuries without 'trigger warnings'. Veterans with PTSD don't get to put the world's traffic on hold just because a loud truck driving by triggers an episode so she doesn't get to put the world's conversations about anime on hold.

I mean, I understand feeling bad, I would too if someone started crying because of something I mentioned. On the other hand, they are going to have to eventually come to the realization they must confront their fears. No real therapist would ever endorse 'safe spaces' or 'trigger warnings' because such things are detrimental. Other people are not responsible for your peace of mind...

>> No.9323174
File: 7 KB, 306x273, 1470963505542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meeting up with friend from online at a con
>Have been planning to fucc for months
>All trimmed, groomed, best shape of my life
>Period randomly starts a week early, first day of con

>> No.9323177
File: 29 KB, 500x375, mistywtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>adjusting Miku skirt
>accidentally unfasten it entirely

And that, gulls, is how 20+ people saw my panties.

>> No.9323181

>you freeze up from the shock

For 2 more days?

>> No.9323188

Mediocre at best, if only because the hair was sloppy and he was wearing tennis shoes. His girlfriend was a great Rina though. Hard to get that frilly stuff right sometimes

>> No.9323193

just like my chinese cartoons

>> No.9323198


>> No.9323203
File: 1.56 MB, 1600x900, ohshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay. I was wearing some fun fashion when the wind caught my pleated skirt about a month ago. It was the busiest intersection in town, and everybody got to see my business that day. I wearing a pair of hot pink panties that said 'Little Monster' in big black letters too.

I wear shorts under skirts from that day forth. My friend was laughing at me for saying, 'Hold on, let me put my shorts on real quick,' since I was already wearing a skirt.

>> No.9323255

Not a female but I went to a Con this summer and got busted trying to take pictures of girls in the washroom. One girl saw me peeking in the stall and screamed. Bolted out of that building like I was the Flash. Didn't come back until the next day and lost my posters I had left in the washroom.

>> No.9323305

I had my skirt fly up when I walked over a grate that blasted me with hot air. I was walking back to the con with a friend and it was mid-afternoon/fairly busy. I know a few people saw it but I had to just laugh at it.

>> No.9323320

Marilyn? Is that you?

>> No.9323326

>Shut the fuck up anon, have you ever actually had someone try and touch you up????
Yes, and I immediately gave out a loud "What the fuck, keep your hands off me!" and left the room. I can understand initially freezing from shock, but you should NEVER put your safety anywhere else but first place. I mean people here are actually trying to justify staying in bed while letting some bloke who doesn't take no for answer feel them up. Hell, one femanon even allowed this to continue for two more nights while her bloody boyfriend was staying in the same room as her. I can't even imagine how little self-esteem one must have to allow this to happen just for the sake of "not making a scene".
Look, none of you had it coming, none of you deserved it, but you did let it happen while at any point you could had taken control over a situation that lasted a night. You could had left, you could had called or screamed for help, you could had tried fighting him as he ignores your no's, or just anything really. But no, instead you decided to stay and allowed it to happen, and for that I simply can't show you any respect.

>> No.9323332

Kill yourself for the rancid bait

>> No.9323334

>Not a female but I went to a Con this summer and got busted trying to take pictures of girls in the washroom
>Bolted out of that building like I was the Flash.
Yeah sorry Anon, but that just doesn't add up. The Flash is not interested in girls, he is only interested in fucking the timeline.

>> No.9323341
File: 25 KB, 468x314, 14192050_1179631685393241_4693577892691855433_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I climbed onto a wall for cosplay pics while dressed as Sailor Moon, and I'm pretty sure everyone saw my underwears. That's life!

>> No.9323386

>boob thread
>everyone posts pantsu stories

>> No.9323393
File: 274 KB, 500x612, nanitobesore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They got sailor mooned.

>> No.9323409

>Brought a dakimakura of my waifu to a convention,
>Brought it as a joke since boyfriend believes couple cosplay is more embarrassing than following me around with a dakimakura in his arms.
>Left it alone in the hotel room on Sunday so we wouldn't have to drag it out to dinner.
>Came back and found boyfriend's asshole friend in our bed, fucking the dakimakura
>Lose it on him.
>He starts crying.
>"S-She seduced me, anon!"
>Excuse me, what?
>"You brought her knowing I couldn't resist her. You used her to seduce me!"
>Twenty minute long rant about how I secretly want him more than my boyfriend. Also, I've been telepathically sending "lewd images" to his mind over the weekend and giving him "slutty" looks.
>Boyfriend and I decide to nope out of there.

>> No.9323425
File: 75 KB, 585x629, 1478879941438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Came back and found boyfriend's asshole friend in our bed, fucking the dakimakura
Are we talking like spooning, or full on dick on daki action.

This is important.

>> No.9323443

virgin detected.

>> No.9323445


Pants off, ass out. He was able to pull up his boxers as soon as we walked in but not quick enough to hide what he'd been doing.

>> No.9323446

And you ruined his romantic evening. Way to go asshole.

>> No.9323464

I wish it was bait but deep down you know I'm telling the truth.

>> No.9323465

That's true, my bad. I'm interested in doing both then.

>> No.9323469

I like that he went full nuclear.

That's a man with gumption.

Gumption and a hard on.

>> No.9323625


>> No.9323636

>Yes, and I immediately gave out a loud "What the fuck, keep your hands off me!" and left the room.

This. I would do the exact same thing if some guy tried to feel me up in the hotel room. Letting them grope you like that is unacceptable and you should let them know it's not ok and you will not put up with it. Hell if it gets too bad I'd call the cops on the bastard. I don't care if I ruin his weekend, he has no right to touch me like that. I hope the women here who let it happen don't let it happen again... EVER. Your saftey and comfort is worth more than the cost of the con itself imo

>> No.9323648
File: 405 KB, 359x371, 1477948055963-his.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry that happened to you, something similar happened to my girlfriend, she only waited to tell me until after the con because she "didn't want to embarrass us"

Nah, flip the fuck out people have no right to violate your space like that, degenerates.

>> No.9323673
File: 46 KB, 600x316, titanscare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cosplaying Anarchy Stocking
>feel some loose fabric in my jacket
>reach down sleeve and pull it out
>mfw it's my thong

>> No.9323774

>of course, I'm american. do non americans think that way??

Well, I'm European. Losing face in company is worse than having your titties out. Because unless called upon, everybody will do their best to ignore the titties.

>> No.9323814

Strangely enough she did win

>> No.9323864

The story was just a little compilation of what people post in these threads. Didn't happen, I'm a dude and I never even went to a con. I was just too baffled by the sheer stupidity of some girls here.

>> No.9323924


and risk being called out on for being inaccurate?!

>> No.9324449

Nope, politely catch their eye and gesture to your chest. They will get the clue and no one will hear.

>> No.9324591

>Iris west

>> No.9324593

Why are so many con goers so fucking autistic
Why does anime draw so many fucking autists like more than any other nerdy hobbies
Do none of these people have any self awareness

>> No.9324598

>Why does anime draw so many fucking autists like more than any other nerdy hobbies
You've obviously never been to smaller comic conventions, or Trekkie cons.
You only think that cons that are strictly anime related have more autists because large cons like say ComicCon have a large amount of bazinga normies to drown out the gran autismos.

If you look hard enough at NYCC, you will probably find a dude jerking off to a Twi'lek poster in the bathroom or something.

>> No.9324601

>Finally get the chance to bang Iris
>Decides to fuck the timeline instead

>> No.9324602

I actually haven't been to smaller comic book cons and I don't like star trek so idk about trekkies
But I've been to free comic books days at pretty large comic shops with a bunch of people and Ive never encountered the type of cringe you see at anime cons, sure some people look like a stereotypical loser but nobody has ever sperged out

>> No.9324669

>at high school awards ceremony
>wearing a black dress with the arm holes *slightly* larger than normal dresses
>be sitting at a table by myself, waiting for parents to arrive
>parents come and ask what the hell im doing
>look down
>both titties hanging out the arm holes
No wonder it was cold. I'm a dumbass

>> No.9324678

Just from my experience going to different types of cons (anime, comic, sci-fi), I definitely see more cringey autism at anime cons BY FAR

>> No.9324694

Was his character some half-assed Deadpool trash?

>> No.9324697
File: 55 KB, 210x210, ryukodisgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck did your panties fall down, THEN move into your sleeve? And without you even noticing??

>> No.9324704

Back in middle school I had my udnerwear fall out of one of the legs of my pants. They were from the previous day and I just took my underwear and pants at once, so they fell into the leg when I put them on with a new pair the next day.
Super glad no one ever noticed that; I honestly would have probably killed myself if that got around.

>> No.9324720
File: 30 KB, 306x425, 1388187193825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dressed as Yoko from TTGL
>feel something slapping my ankles
>mfw my boobs are hanging out the bottom of my pantsleg

>> No.9324730

God I hate it when that happens.

>> No.9324743
File: 5 KB, 232x217, esla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I was in 6th grade, a girl in my class used to "accidentally" walk around with her thong on display. She was fucking 11.

>> No.9324750


hey, whale tails were in back in 2005

>> No.9324786

I have a friend who's had to deal with a creepy Deadpool, so it more than likely was. Seems like a common trait among those dudes.

>> No.9324789
File: 844 KB, 341x240, deadpool ass.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gas the Deadpools.

>> No.9324887

Should have taken her to a con for some pomf.

>> No.9324908

Similar thing happened to me.

>cosplaying Miku
>looking for a friend that should be coming up the escalators
>eventually head into the game room and another friend of mine finds me
>tells me that some guy's been showing around a picture of pale ass thighs and the bottom of a Miku skirt because he couldn't get a good angle
>also lets me know that when the guy showed him my friend deleted it for me

They didn't even get a panty shot and I was wearing a bikini bottom that happened to have shimapan colored stripes so it wouldn't have been too bad. But I'm glad it was erased anyway. My friend is still great too, saw him this past year at the same con.

>> No.9325010

>go to con with my boyfriend
>hotel room for two people is in my name
>accidentally lend my boyfriend's spot out in our room to this fucking literally autistic creep, he ends up sleeping outside in the rain
>accidentally let the fucking creep sleep in the same bed as me
>try to sleep
>the creep ends up groping my boobs
>don't say anything because i don't want to cause a scene
>puts his hands down my panties
>continue not to say anything, hoping he'll eventually stop
>he doesn't
>attempt to make him stop by backing my entire body into him. accidentally start spooning this fucking creep
>he takes off my panties and gets on top of me
>accidentally tell him to fuck me so that we don't make a scene
>continues groping me all night afterwards
>get zero sleep
>this continues for three days
>nobody ever finds out, don't want to ruin this creep's life because his autism made him rape me
>never tell my boyfriend because he'd just make a scene and would have probably hurt the creep too much

>> No.9325016
File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1480659890128.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accidentally tell him to fuck me so that we don't make a scene

>> No.9325024

Aww that's so sweet

>> No.9325026

>lol i wonder if punching myself in the side will distract me from my uterus doing its best impression of a burst appendix
>it works
Not gonna lie. If I get cut on my body I do this exact stupid thing. Been doing it for years.
I'm sort of butthurt that it's a Kylo Ren thing now.
Glad it worked for you for a while though, that's worse than anything I've ever had to deal with

>> No.9325029
File: 41 KB, 500x500, worse than ghetsis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i am not for sexual
>tfw stories like this are why I can't ask girls to cuddle for fear of being perceived as one of these douchebags
>tfw falling asleep cuddling girl who is just friend i trust will probably never happen

>> No.9325034

you should break up with your boyfriend before you hurt him any more

>> No.9325035
File: 31 KB, 500x459, gardevoir WHY NO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are no words for some of the horror stories in this thread :<

>> No.9325039
File: 26 KB, 502x333, final-fantasy-xv-car-meme-road-trip-godzilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw felt same pain
don't worry everyone is sweaty during a con it's like a pheromone explosion don't think anyone smelled you. The worst smell I ever smelled was.
>be me at con with buds
>suddenly the smell of a 1000 fishing boats hit me and my friend
>our face when 6 foot land whale in skirt on period

>> No.9325270
File: 102 KB, 267x199, homerleaves.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to get cosplay pics on top of a wall
>friend offers to give me a boost
>puts her hands out for me to step on
>partly blinded by the sun
>lift my foot up and unwittingly give her a hard knee, right in the secret garden
>she drops to the pavement while I grab my own vagina in sympathy

At least I got some cute pics.

>> No.9325497

I don't know if this counts but, I spammed Anzu's tumblr ask box with marriage proposals and now she doesn't take anon asks anymore

>> No.9325600
File: 232 KB, 1029x801, IMG_5369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9326048

>see homeless guy sleeping outside the con
>he's still there when I leave
>mention to con organizers
>turns out he dead

>> No.9326066

fucking wew anon

>> No.9326068
File: 872 KB, 316x198, tennatwut.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9326072
File: 84 KB, 243x255, what a shame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was a good man.

What a rotten way to die.

>> No.9326109

>tfw someone finally acknowledges your presence
>but you already passed on

>> No.9326110

But did he grope you while he was dead?

>> No.9326220

getting a bj from a friend in the next bathroom is usually helping

>> No.9326228

Anzu, is that you? What kind of ring do you want?

>> No.9326382
File: 561 KB, 625x626, bait.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gr8 b8 m8

>> No.9326408
File: 247 KB, 565x600, guysingin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>going to Touhou panel
>sit in front because I forgot my contact lenses
>the host tips his hat to my Reimu costume
>in the middle of a video, he suddenly looks horrified
>he runs out the back door
>notice a horrible smell

I'm 99.9% sure that dude shat himself.

>> No.9326645

I was in the middle of drinking something and almost spat it on someone while reading this.

>> No.9327191
File: 78 KB, 600x960, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On one hand this is really sad if it's real, because no one cared enough to notice him; on the other hand though I feel bad about chuckling because it reminded me of this.
It's like a brick joke.

>> No.9327269

You handled the situation so well. Just imagine how awkward it would have been had you said something. Sure, the rape might have been a bit uncomfortable but causing a scene is really anti social.
I bet you were also really tired

>> No.9328080

It'll be worse, pokemon players have more autism than comic book fans.

>> No.9328469
File: 28 KB, 700x375, eli-reaction-vine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already posted one but I just remembered another one.

>Otakon 2015
>meeting friend's fiance for the first time
>seems okay, likes good stuff, funny
>notice some disagreement between friend and fiance but apparently this is normal according to other friends, no big deal
>con is good but fighting gets progressively worse and more irrational over the weekend
>friend avoids fiance as much as possible
>fiance meanwhile complains to anybody in the room who will listen
>awkward awkward awkward
>everybody just tries to have a good time
>get back from some parties saturday night
>"oh anon, friend and fiance have been in the bathroom for a long time now"
>shower has been running the whole time
>friend emerges after abt 3 hours in there, says nothing, goes immediately to bed
>we're worried but nobody knows how to ask about it, it's not our business, etc
>months later they suddenly break up
>fiance dropped off the map, stopped talking to all of us
>find out fiance was cutting themselves in the bathroom and forced friend to witness
>threatened to hurt friend and all of us if they didn't witness it
>shower was to drown out noise and clean mess
>mfw fiance has always been like this, friend didn't know how to ask for help, suffering for a long time

I still feel bad about this but none of us had any idea. Just glad our friend is doing so much better now and feels more open talking to us about it...

>> No.9329159

People think yanderes are real cute until they see one in real life.

>> No.9329256

Last time someone tried to feel me up I bit his finger off. You are weak.

>> No.9329386
File: 109 KB, 1271x675, exhibitionist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds pretty in character

>> No.9330183
File: 12 KB, 356x240, Male_Restroom_Etiquette_no_adjacent_urinals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a horror story, but a funny one if not cringeworthy story.
One of the unwritten rules on gentlemen bathroom etiquette: you do use the urinal next to someone (the only exception are when there are a lot of people)
>be me
>going to take a leak
>bathroom is empty so I am going all the way back and use the furthest urinal so that I would not mess up the spacing if more people comes in
>someone walks in and uses the urinal next to me
>turn my head to give a "wtf man" look (I know, I shouldn't have done that)
>turns out it is a japanese guest of honor
>he caught my look
>we both finish our business and leave without a word
Maybe it's a cultural thing?

>> No.9330194

I think he was more concerned with peeing than you

>> No.9330477

When i was a kid my aunt changed her coloured contact lenses in front of me and she told me that she changed her eyeballs.
I believed it till I was ten.

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