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Let's have a cgl nostalgia / where are they now thread. Not all about trips, but other popular older stuff that happened on cgl

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what is piplup wearing?
it has so many layers of irony that I cant keep up.

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She was cosplaying cgl-tan

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Put your trips on, losers.

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>Including Voldemort, Maryjane and Piplup anywhere else but the "consolation prizes" category
fuck off anon

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Does anyone know where Cunt Wizard aka Spoony is?

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who are the missing people behind /co/

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Lmao she was caught making thousands of posts over on lolcow and was permanently banned

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Last I saw of Charm was that she was a fat, gross camgirl. Kinda ironic because she started out as a fatty hater.

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>fatty hater
Because deep down they're all self-loathing fucks who will one day become as old, ugly, and overweight and only then do the rules suddenly change.

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my nostalgia is for memorable greentext stories that had 0% to do with circlejerk gossip

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I always hated her personality, but her outfits was pretty nice I think. She probably turned out to be the biggest mess of all the old tripfags.

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as well as community-based OC like games, mascots (spiderburger, derpychan), and prints for fabric. if /cgl/ had the energy and commitment of some of this site's other boards, Lovely Horse Derpy Chan would still be alive and probably featured in a GLB because we all would have encouraged a gull to attend one of the events GLB photogs attend wearing a cgl-designed print in a suitably kawaii coord. every event until we made it into the mag.

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PT grew up and lost weight. Looking pretty good.

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Yeah, that was pretty nice. What happened to the girl that held the /cgl/ contests? I loved following those threads.

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my download folder needs to get organized, searching for /cgl/-related OC is a hassle

here is the Utena print that never came to fruition

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OP stopped delivering on the "cards" and i don't think anyone stepped in to make more or better ones

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and i mean the cards with everyone's points, coord/costume, backstory, etc. one of these days i'll go to the archives and save the ones that were made to repost to these threads but right now i cbf

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entire threads just for tripfag circlejerks

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What the fuck, really? Also, whatever happened to kipi? She used to be all over /cgl/

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Meth is a hell of a drug

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Who the fuck would keep a screenshot of that thread for so long?

>dat tripfag regret from looking at my posts in a thread where I hadn't even started tripping yet

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Meth? More like a cocktail of personality meds and a disturbing amount of fast food. It's a shame because she was incredibly cute--cute enough to be an ass? Yeah, sure, why not. And now she's just gross. And not just because she's fat but because she boards animals and laughs about how terrible her hygiene is.

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she hasn't made a new cosplay like in a year now
I guess kipi was a thing back in the day

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Back before /cgl/ was taken over by femanons, and it was just a copay image dump, she was queen of this place until pictures showed up with her fucked up teeth.

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>/fit/ lifting his shirt
>showing shirt underneath
>no abs.

For what purpose?

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>no one is ballsy enough to do /pol/

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I know that, but where is she now?

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>/fit/ actually being fit


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welp maybe not

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>implying /fit/ lifts
>implying fit would have any confidence to be mired

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She looks like a normal mom-mode now

aaaaaand nevermind

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Where the fuck wad this taken? This house looks old enough to have asbestos

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>it was just a copay image dump,
it has always been /cgl/, not /cos/

as for femanons, do you not see how many women were selfposting in the screenshots?

it's one thing to be nostalgic, it's another to be blind

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I've gotta say, I do miss Johnny Bravo a lot. I know someone tried to revive him a few years back, but they only lasted a couple days.

Other than that, all I know is Souviet is now a he and married a someone fatter and uglier than themselves, which was interesting. Their wife's super nice, though. Met her in passing not too long ago.

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I'm pretty sure this was on cgl, it was a while ago though, that weeb girl who wanted to be a kawaii anime guy, her username was Neko-something. she got infamous for saying she stuck a pen up her butt with shampoo for lube and she ran away from home with her boyfriend, her blog posts got weird and I think an anon tried to contact her school? was this real or some cringe feverdream

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>tfw greentext culture is dead

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>tfw no more drawanons making comics out of greentext

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I'm going to start a kickstarter to get Shindol to draw this.

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i love greentext stories

To this day I wonder if that's a real story or just made up.

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Same, weirder shit has happened but how long does someone like that lay low before springing their bloody snatch on someone? Like how many red flags must you miss/get away with?

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I actually love Venus Angelic now after she ran away from crazy Margs. She is cute af and her youtube videos are pretty entertaining as well. I remember I found her hideous during her "living doll" period.

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>tfw ywn exchange cunt punches in the ladies' room

thanks Obama

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same, shit was crazy to watch unfold

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these stories are so violent

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Probably one of my favorites

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the sad thing is, this is an old photo and she still looks decent here. she looks one hundred times worse now.

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don't read this one

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It's seriously creepy looking back at her old videos when knowing that Margs is standing behind the camera.

She is so much more lively and cute now, like a totally different person.

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Wait, doxiequeen used to post on cgl?

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She is still doing awful videos.

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Actually that photo is only a year old. Her decline her been rapid.
This is what she looks like as of most recently. The transformation is pretty unbelievable if you remember what she used to be like back in the day.


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but free from the emotional incest directing from her mom

they're just dumb cute weeb shit now

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Not the same anon, but this is the newest picture I found.

Well, that's your opinion I guess. I personally like her videos when she does stuff in Japan and the style ones.

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Holy shit is she losing her hair? She seriously looks like an addict.

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I miss Tenleid and Maryjane.. what happened to them they were the hottest trips to shitpost

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Vid is stuck on converting so here you go instead.

https://media dot 8ch fot net/file_store/7f33f97bc9a5a2a54d9ffe071e135a0036e0038782e7322cd6301bc77c1662d3.webm

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She does look like an addict really.. I saw somewhere that she was homeless. Really strange seeing people change so much.

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Nah she's not homeless. Her mom kicked her out for bringing home animals back to her place (because she had to moved back home after she got fat and stopped making money on MFC), because her mom has allergies. She was "homeless" for like a week and then her mom just went and outright bought her a house where she now lives with her abusive, dyke-looking boyfriend that is 100% cheating on her.

What's actually kind of sad is that I remember when they both got together, back when Charms was hot, he used to post pictures of them together all over social media. After she let herself go she kept posting pictures of him but he stopped completely. Now he only posts pictures of himself or other girls, and has openly stated that he doesn't find her attractive anymore.

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I feel really bad for her, what a shitty life to live

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You still feel bad for her even after she let her cat get pregnant, pissed off to a convention as soon as they worn born, allowing them to die, and then pickled their remains when she returned to find their corpses?

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>Wet preservation of three of the kittens, the forth is so small it looks almost sick. So we're going to clean the bones instead.
Grim, Boo, and Pumpkin are their names.
>They're so cute

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why do you think so many people on cgl dislike her

>> No.9320510

wwwoooooow fuck that. People who don't take care of their animals disgust me. It's almost like that's what she wanted to happen to them.

>> No.9320512

Jesus, that's fucked up.

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I remember finding Venus from that Pinku Project Dreaming Youth project that also featured Tempest Paige and Yuka as their first generation. Crazy to think how much has happened since then.

>> No.9320520

The more things change the more they stay the same. So what's PT up to these days?

>> No.9320521

Well she was selling bits and pieces of preserved animals on her Etsy at the time so that really wouldn't surprise me.

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Fucking pushbot

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??? I've only seen her mentioned a few times here and it has been positive

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Pretty sure choke is the only senpai that's actually done anything with her life. I've seen shit about angeslut but I think her parents still buy all her fabric. And she still doesn't have a chin
Whatever happened to Miyu?

>> No.9320711

she made it private, I wonder if she lurks

>> No.9320717


Unsure but it would not surprise me if she had more run-ins with the law for threatening more people with knives/violence. But who knows, she may have just had a Britney-style breakdown and is actually being successful at something in life now?

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Well spoony went over to /r9k/ for attention, and now appears and shits up any thread that talks about her. she feels its her duty to talk and clear things up, but this just makes her look crazy.

She's an even bigger cunt than I remember her to be, and strangely everyone that talked to her one on one said she was very nice and the cuntiness was just a persona.

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fuck her I hope she dies in a fire

>> No.9320725

Her life and physical form going to shit could be some form of cosmic justice. I hope she has some shit karma heading her way if this is true.

>> No.9320740

Links? I just checked the archive and I can't see any of this shit.

>> No.9320752

Has a possible STI, wrecked her ass from too much anal, and thinks she's becoming a futanari and growing a dick from her vag. Also has gone full shota cosplay mode.

I wish I was joking, I really do.

>> No.9320788

Ohhh, was it NeoClassicNeko? I remember when her entries were posted, and no one was sure whether she was an elaborate troll.

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an oldie but a goodie

>> No.9320795

I wasn't the one who contacted her school to report her threats against other students but I was able to figure out where she supposedly lived with her boyfriend after she ran away from home going off what college she said he attended and where she was working. I never used the information or posted any specifics but that spooked her into laying low until people lost interest.

Anyone remember the crazy DeviantArt Zelda cosplayer who was obsessed with photoshopping her pictures badly and overly-powdering her face because of some weird thing she had with her looks? She also jaggedly cut her costumes out of satin and never sewed them but still thought she was THE Zelda cosplayer.

>> No.9320796

Yeah she did. She was 16 and bratty as hell. She literally had no clue that other people didn't have parents that would pay for everything and was confused as to why people couldn't just take a week off and work on a costume.

>> No.9320797

Oh yeah I remember that dumbass lol

>> No.9320802

did you miss the entire thread about her when people shat on her sewing skills (valid) and her personality/lifestyle (less objectively valid)

>> No.9320806

I remember her as well. I think I have the picture of her saved somewhere, with all the frayed magenta dress and the horrible paint job. The reason why I don't think I forgot her was that someone found her openly bashing other decent cosplayers in the DA comments.

I also remember Zeldurr...one of my favorites. She had a Craigslist up looking for Link and I admittedly spent one AX wondering if was going to run into her scary-looking Princess Ruto.

>> No.9320810

Yeah it was weird how she'd look at better Zelda's and openly hate on them when hers looked so shit. Do you remember what her hang-up was about her face? I just remember she wore so much powder and then shooped her nose off every time.

>> No.9320812

I don't remember if she ever explained why; I think a few anons here though that she was mentally impaired. I don't remember it being shooped but it was a really overexposed picture, so her nose wasn't visible and you could see all the micropowder.

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I just dug through the archives to sate my curiosity. It's even worse than I remember.

>> No.9320821

I remember the NCN days. I think her name was Lin, and that she was only in Highschool at the time. Didn't she run away to live with Andrew, I think.

I remember someone found her Facebook, and she had a blog with an audio complaining about the "fucking bullies," before being inactive and disappearing.

Didn't she overly powder her nose because she wanted to be so white? All I remember was that she had a big nose.

And then there was Asherbee with her poop clay and commissions.

2012 was a time for lolcows.

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File: 137 KB, 640x960, princess_of_arendelle_by_auress-d8kb9ju.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And she's still alive and well... and shooping/doodling on her face.

>> No.9320831

Holy hell, anon, you did god's work by finding it. It really is worse than I remember. The fraying always gets me.

Glad to see though that she seems okay for the most part. I can only hope that her personality isn't as horrid as when she had the balls to say that she had the best cosplay lol.

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Asherbee is still going strong through Lolcow's /snow/. Still shit, still paranoid, says she has dragon-alters and hears voices and most recently trying to bail on a room she's hosting and taking the money for herself.

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File: 113 KB, 1024x683, lapis_lazuli_by_auress-d93mqlw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>okay for the most part
Hate to break it to you but that's store bought. Here's her own work.

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File: 103 KB, 606x960, chained_by_auress-da70u1v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9320843

I figured it was store bought, but I thought that she just accepted to the point where she could buy her stuff and look somewhat more decent than trying to make it.

Still horrifying lol.

>> No.9320846

Souviet follows me on Tumblr, and holy shit she fucking chugged the Tumblr Kool-Aid. Massive SJW now.

>> No.9320854

Still fucking the icecream man, still an attention whore

>> No.9320855

the /r9k/ stuff was little over a year ago. there was ALWAYS a picture of her on the front page


>> No.9320863

Someone posted a more recent photo of her. She's not ugly, but she is older. I didn't think about the fact she is near or at 30 now until I saw the photo.

>> No.9320866

Holy shit, I can't believe you uncovered this. Wow, it IS worse than I remembered too.

Love the shooped makeup etc. The costume is probably purchased, but she looks slightly more mellow in that photo I'd like to think she calmed down a bit about being the best.

>> No.9320871


I'll never forget Asherbee's delightfully horrible makeup pics/tutorials. Like gluing fake nails to her face for "dragon scales" or something. They just looked like weird beetle shells or poops on her face.

>> No.9320880

damn her eyebrows are fierce. pretty hot desu.

>> No.9320900

Yes, NeoClassicNeko! thanks for reminding me of the username. that was a wild time, I wonder if she calmed down or is still just as crazy

>> No.9320903


Does anyone remember the story or perhaps comic someone made about NCN running away with PT and becoming somewhat of a power team in Japan?

>> No.9320909

What ever happened to maryjane? All I ever remember of her was how mean and awful she seemed, oh and the terrible dancing video.

>> No.9320911


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File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1484343445023.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9320953

Angela makes some pretty impressive historical costumes right now but >>9320692 is right, her parents still buy all her fabrics because she said something about wanting to be able to make costumes for stage or something but she didn't want to go to an actual university to learn because she didn't like some of the stuff she would have to learn on the course so she's teaching herself? Her parents apparently view the cost of fabric as being instead of paying for her to go to uni which I thought was pretty weird.

I follow her on youtube and I like her stuff but she's kind of weird about showing how she makes stuff, like she seems really reluctant to show how she drafts her patterns and how she makes her historical costumes like she thinks its some big secret? I don't know, but its weird.
I didn't realize she used to post here, any drama?

>> No.9320954

The way she convulses isn't attractive at all, and she keeps grabbing her boobs in an attempt to be sexy but she just looks like there's a demon inside of her that's about to burst through her skin, a la Alien

>> No.9320956

Does anyone know what became of ShayNii? We were about the same age and I was always fond of her. I hope she's doing okay out there.

>> No.9320960

>those eyebrows
>that front lobe idubbbz buzzcut

>> No.9320971

Troll tan/Annie supposedly got kicked from her comm for being batshit.
She took up photography and started shitting up /p/ until she was bullied off the board.
She also made some strange videos on YouTube. She used a name that was something like phox de la box I think

>> No.9320975

>Pretty sure choke is the only senpai that's actually done anything with her life

Scamming people with shitty wigs and tights and being pretentious as fuck about it, what a legacy.

>> No.9320982

I vaguely remember this. I wish I had saved it. I remember someone some of her art here too.

Pretty much what anon said earlier. For more details, you can read them on Lolcow.

I don't recall so much drama as much as she used to post her stuff on the progress board and wasn't always given the critique that she was looking for and made sheltered comments that weren't necessarily bitchy, but might've come off as pretentious/sheltered.

I do like her stuff, but I noticed more recently that she's admitting that her work is more historically inspired than recreation work. I think I noticed it more after a recent thread on historical costumes here blasted the inaccuracy of her work.

I do wonder though, she might be good at sewing and doing her own projects, but she would have to put forth the work to do stage or other jobs in the industry, and she seems to show no sign atm of becoming part of something. But she also doesn't seem like she's the type to do commissions or make a business out of her work. I know that she's shy, but I feel a little weird that it's starting to sound like she'll be stuck there forever always sewing and having her parents just pay to make her hobby her entire life.

Someone said a few years ago that she was trying to model professionally or do something with fashion. I think this was shortly after she broke away from that really bitchy girl, Meepy. I also remember Meepy's whining and ugly EVA suits shitting up this board.

>> No.9320989

She did her first commission piece recently, I remember her posting about it somewhere. I totally agree though, she might only be 19 (20?) now but eventually she'll have to make something of her life and really it'll have to be pretty soon.

I also think that there's less and less call for historical costumes? Aren't most stage productions these days modern plays with just normal modern clothes? I'm pretty sure historical costumes are used time and time again for loads of different stage shows or at the very least used season after season for the same show.

>> No.9320990

Miyu is like literally the only one who became a normal functional adult. Not crazy at all anymore. I guess quitting cosplay worked out really well for her because she seems happy and totally normal now and has a family and everything.

>> No.9320992

>that video name

Kek. Probably the grossest dance I've ever seen. She looks like Rehina George's lil sis 20 years later

>> No.9320993

Yeah, I think that she's learned a lot of interesting techniques and has taken the time to put effort on details and crafting, so I do think that if she does decide on going into stage work or something else, there's a place for her and can do a variety of stuff for modern clothes if she gets creative and applies what she's learned.

I just hope that she's not holding herself back or going to hold herself in the future from being part of the industry for something like, "having to learn things at the uni that you don't like". That's really part of the process, and she'd be lucky to have decent crafting skills on her side.

>> No.9320998

She does seem to be limiting herself somewhat to only really working on historical garments these days, she did a few cute things a long time ago which weren't historical but since then nothing else really. I suppose what I'm trying to say is a potential employer might look at that and think she can't do other things? Maybe won't want to take the time for her to learn? I don't know.

I think she seems like a nice person though, I just wish she would show how she makes more of her stuff because I would really like to learn.

>> No.9321003

If that isn't karma to be nice, I don't know what is. Charms was a real bitch and I don't sympathize.

>> No.9321007

I agree. It's like, she can show that she's great at crafting, but in terms of designing, it might not be her thing. She can make clothes though, so if she goes out to learn something more modern, she might not have so much trouble. I think where may have problems is it seems like she has a lot of time and works at her own pace. Jobs like that may not be able to afford as much time and she's probably avoiding it because it can therefore be stressful and put pressure on her.

>> No.9321012

I have noticed in a lot of her video's she will be like oh I just wasn't feeling this so I started something new. No an employer isn't going to accept I just wasn't feeling it that day/week/month they're going to need it to a deadline.

and she doesn't really have a lot of career options with this being her only education, I mean she could make costumes for stage or maybe historical reenactments or she could work to commission but that's about it, isn't it?

>> No.9321017
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Who would've guessed idubbz would be a trendsetter

>> No.9321018

Yeah, as far as what I see. It would depend probably on whether her parents will keep on supporting her and whether she might ever bored and want a challenge in being part of something more than just her own projects.

Her posts are always nice to look at what she's doing, but I never really see anything else that she does other than sew and do her own thing. So pretty much the same as when she used to trip here, except that she does cleaner work now but has the same schedule as when she was homeschooled.

>> No.9321022

Okay, her being home schooled explains so much, like I always wondered why she didn't hang out with friends or anything, I guess she doesn't have any? She absolutely never mentions spending time with anyone.. That seems kind of sad really. I follow her on a few social media platforms and really all she seems to do is sew or go out buying way too much fabric.

Seriously, she did a tour of her sewing room and she has just SO much fabric but she's always buying tones more.

>> No.9321023


desu I am super happy for Miyu. Maybe more costhots should quit.

>> No.9321024

I saw all those already but it's just dudes posting about her. What makes her a psycho?

>> No.9321029

Yeah, she was homeschooled and then mentioned like maybe two or three years ago that she was going to college or planning on it, then I don't really know but it sounds like she might either be doing something online or taking a break.

She was underage when she posted, and her schedule because of homeschooling and her generally being shy gave her a lot of time to herself. She mentioned quitting going to cons because they were too stressful for her and she seems to like the whole sewing process more than cosplaying. And yeah, I can imagine that she must have a lot of fabrics over the years.

Idk about psycho but she's one of the people who kept on the whole Dakota Koti crusade when it broke out here. I'm pretty sure even Moot called her out once, if I remember the thread correctly.

>> No.9321031

Annie got banned from lolcow after making rape threats to herself and then reporting to the admin that he needed to delete her thread because people were making rape threats. The result was exposure and permenant archival.

>> No.9321033

Laura don't kid yourself, I know you still browse here.

>> No.9321035

I don't think she ever actually went to college, it seems she looked into it and then decided she didn't like what the course would make her learn, if I'm remembering right she didn't want to learn the theory side of it all.. Anyway she decided to just go straight into self education with her costuming.

I can't imagine many parents being cool with that, are her parents like those weird people who want to keep their kid at home with them forever?

>> No.9321038

Nah I'm not her. I have her on fb though.

>> No.9321042

Given that Laura told me herself that she used to regularly samefag here and and watched her so it countless times, I'm skeptical.
At any rate I'm happy she's well.

>> No.9321044

Lol maybe. She got media exposure with her Elsa cosplay and probably gets inquiries here and there from people and jobs, so I assume that her parents must also be trusting that she's doing good work and find her way on her own, not that I'm sure that guarantees that she'll have that chance on her lap for forever.

I also remember got blasted on her too because the media was freaking about her setting all the rhinestones on the whole dress but she didn't match the blues on her costume properly.

>> No.9321048

Wow, I had no idea that she got blasted here that often. I guess maybe that's part of why she dropped cosplay as a whole? Maybe she didn't like how high standards are? Rightly so, I don't think people should expect praise for subpar work.

>> No.9321049

I know I had a similar conversation with her. She was really honest about it with me. That was probably 6 years ago now.

>> No.9321050

Man i'm glad i have never gone to one of these contest things at cons.

>> No.9321052

No one threatened her or anything here, but people pointed out inaccuracies or issues with the way she did something and as I recall n
othing disturbingly bad. Maybe she did leave because people didn't like it, and people just generally get tired of the same gimmick or formula. People got like that when Kamui was doing decent armor but getting repetitive about her projects.

From what she said about cosplay, she liked more of doing her own designs than recreating stuff. Even her recent work, she can pick her own textiles, etc, or take parts of silhouettes she likes versus creating a costume to be accurate.

She also has hinted at having a lot of social anxiety, so she seemed less excited about cosplay because of the obligation to socialize at a con.

>> No.9321059

I didn't mean to insinuate that anyone here had been particularly nasty to her or anything just that if she was completely home schooled and wasn't really exposed to people her age she could be pretty sensitive because she's never been around people who say or do mean things? If you never go through that high school experience you're likely to be way more sensitive than someone who has learnt to take criticism and either roll with it or ignore it.

>> No.9321060

she went sober became christian and is a figure skating coach or something

>> No.9321062


Ai honey got giant implants and became another Jnig clone.

Anyone know what happened to tenlied and Voldie?

>> No.9321078
File: 116 KB, 600x934, Apollo Smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, the good ol Apollo Smile route.

Though Apollo was actually a decent person, and left to train kids dance classes.

Also, girls in the cosplay community really need to lay off the goddamned meth. It's like they hit 27 and then either land a husband and disappear, or hit a wall and destroy themselves.

>tfw 31, male, non smoking, drugs never, alcohol rarely, still look 25,

There are better ways to expand your mind without drugs. Read a book, niggas.

>> No.9321086

Damn, I had forgotten all about Apollo Smile

>> No.9321091

afaik it was just lots of weed not meth

>> No.9321092


*tips fedora*

>> No.9321094

>tfw I'm a femanon who was a part of the kipi spamming

>> No.9321100

PT looks better than Charms now, times sure have changed

Wasn't she always self-posting and then replying to her own posts how brilliant she was?

>> No.9321101
File: 118 KB, 680x1209, mlady pillow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not destroying my internals with poisons makes me a fedora tipper.

You can still turn back now, ya know? Start eating healthier too. Clean living is bomb.

No one said you had to be a complete square and abstain from sex or anything.

>> No.9321111

Haha that pic the best I need that wallscroll in my life

and yeah I was just giving you shit drugs are for degenerates

>> No.9321112

>I need that wallscroll in my life

One better. It's a dakimakura pillow cover.

>> No.9321113
File: 467 KB, 1200x859, PhotoFunia-1475714140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl f frankie

at least i'll always remember me

>> No.9321114

word I used to post/collect FranDan and Miyu and Kipi pics back in '06 and '07 back when cgl was a red board

>> No.9321115
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Rofllll I died

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