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Last thread >>9330787

Wig cap too tight? Petticoat deflating? Share those cgl-related feels here!

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>get a date with a girl from my school
>realize that wearing lolita or jfash around her may make me seem like a massive weeaboo because she's japanese
God help me. I really hope I don't fuck this up, there are literally no lesbians at my school because they all ~~identify as queer~~ or some other fauxgressive bullshit

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> go from friend group to friend group at cons
> at first it feels like I have a lot of friends
> now realizing I have no real friends and at the end of the day I'm all alone and can't get past superficial talk with most of my "friends"
> want to stop going to cons because of this anxiety
> anxiety and depression meds I've been on for a decade don't seem to help with this
> hermits even more

I don't even have a best friend. They always find better best friends. I have a boyfriend but what'll I do once our relationship ends?

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Has she not seen you dressed in the fashion already?

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No, I only dress up about once every two weeks because my classes are messy and I'm a busy woman/the weather has not been cooperating and she's never seen me when I'm dressed up

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Here's how I always look at it: if jfash is a big hobby of yours, she's going to find out about it eventually. There's really no point in hiding it. You certainly don't have to dress in an OTT sweet coord on your first date, but if she really finds its weird you two were never going to work out anyway.

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I'd just tell her that you are into the fashion you appreciate by name. I maybe wouldn't call it "Japanese" fashion when you tell her you are into it simply because not all Japanese people dress like that. I'd just tell her at some point, hey, just wanted to let you know so it doesn't shock you if you see me one day dressed up, I wear lolita fashion *or insert name of what fashion you enjoy*.

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you sound like a gross weeb

i bet one of the reasons you're attracted to her in the first place is that she's japanese

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Do you know where you are?

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Alright anon it's time to get that sand out of your vagina

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You're right. We should pretend it's 1930 again and everyone should only date within their race

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>tfw japanese
>tfw i get a lot of losers like all of you who are attracted to me because of my ~kawaii exotic~ appearance and foreign tendencies

you're all freaks and you should be ashamed.

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Wow, this thread just started and I can already tell the mods are gonna nuke it due to race wank
Good job everyone

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Sucks 2bu

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not really because i'm pretty and wealthy

but it must suck to be a disgusting fetishistic weeb

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Don't flatter yourself lol, have fun only being attractive to fetishists and men who want you to be their docile kawaii maid ;^)

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My grandma had a seizure last night and broke an arm. Now she's crying because she can't finish my dress for tea.

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My feel is that my aunt is from Hong Kong, and everyone assumes my uncle is some dirty white man with a mail order bride. I have people who feel the right to actually ask me if she was mail-order, sometimes right in front of her. I'm like... no, they were actually missionaries working for the same mission group risking their lives to smuggle miniature bibles packaged with a magnifying glass into China in peanut butter jars back when that could mean imprisonment before they lifted the rules on such a thing. That's how they met.

It sucks that anytime an Asian person dates outside of their race, people instantly assume the person dating them has some weird fetish or they came from a website to order brides.

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>docile kawaii maid
Not even asian but it pisses me off to read this and know it's true.
>unattractive old white guys
>"w-what do you mean she won't cook my every meal and gussy herself up before she cleans my filthy pig home everyday :'(

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you sound so jealous anon

i have a nice husband who buys me everything i want, but i wear the pants. i wonder what it's like to be an ugly wretch like you seem to be

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Not really hard to understand why that is. It's insane how many people have their Japanese wife fantasy.

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>jealous of being fetishized by the entirety of the fucking internet
lol sure, keep telling yourself that

>> No.9338609

anything pretty will be fetishized

poor ugly anon

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HWC we've established long ago your husband porks a bunch of bitches when he's away on business. The gifts are so he doesn't feel guilt.

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Give her all the hugs anon, poor dear. So sad for both of you, but glad she is still with you. Life is very, very scary sometimes and am sure she knows you much prefer her to rest & heal than wear that particular dress

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not her, but nice scapegoating

mine doesn't go on business trips

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>whines about being nothing but a fetish
>I have a husband who buys me everything
oh so you mean you're a pretty Japanese girl that lets her big strong husband buy everything for you
golly I wonder where these ideas of Japanese girls being something to dote on comes from

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nope, because i work too

jealous that nobody buys things for you?

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I'm not saying that isn't a pretty prevalent problem, but it is best not to assume. When people assume, you find yourself being asked by the cashier if the lady buying your McDonald's is mail-order. The teachers ask about when you were picked up from school, "Is she mail-order?"

It's just kind of rude to instantly jump to that conclusion. The fetish thing on the internet being common place doesn't help, no...

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It's just a troll, probably doesn't even have a husband but got assblasted at you for just stating a true stereotype.

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>probably doesn't even have a husband

you gulls will make anything up to make yourselves feel a little better about your destitute situations, won't you?

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Who even said I was poor? Your insecure ass came in here guns ablaze telling us about what your husband buys you like any of us give a fuck.

You sound ugly, poor, and single.

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nice projection, anon

tell that to my bank account and my giant wardrobe

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In light of all the other conversation, my sympathy (or empathy?) goes out to your grandmother. I wish her a speedy recovery, that is a true feel.

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>I don't even have a best friend. They always find better best friends. I have a boyfriend but what'll I do once our relationship ends?

mfw im this
Although I do feel like my relationship is pretty sturdy for now.

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Okay so you were whining about being an object of Western fetish, someone agrees, and all of a sudden you're something that everyone is jealous of? Were you expecting everyone to be sympathetic of your terrible plight and got pissed when nobody really cared?

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Timestamp or gtfo.
Also wedding ring when, HWC?

>> No.9338638

i'm not pissed at all

the only people really bothered here are all of you because everyone responding to me is either a filthy fetishizing weeb or a sad poor little gremlin

never, it's too identifiable

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If you aren't going to post pics or back up your claims stfu

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You'll spend your nights posting on /cgl/, watching movies by yourself, and prancing around town alone in silly clothing (if you like strange fashion). That's what happened to me. It's not terrible. Don't worry too much. Life goes on. You'll also realize you can now change your life's direction to whatever your single heart desires.

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>n-nobody could be w-wealthy or have a bigger wardrobe than me!!~! proof!!!!

why would i do that because everybody would know who i am

/cgl/ is full of fucktards. to be expected of poorfags and fetishists

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Wait... how would HWC be a fetish object for her appearance and "foreign appeal" if she lives in Japan.

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Because it's a shitposter who doesn't even live in Japan and is clearly trying to ditch the HWC persona because the story couldn't be kept straight.
Yes, people are telling lies on the internet.

>> No.9338657

tell yourself whatever you need to to feel better about your subpar living situation

because i'm not HWC and i live in america

>e-everyone on the internet who disagrees with me is the s-s-s-s-same person!!!

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I only mentioned it because someone said, "Wedding ring when, HWC", and a response was given that said, "Never, it's too identifiable."

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>TFW can't control that I only like Japanese
>TFW I'm a gross weeb
>TFW my knowledge if jfash and lolita just comes off as creepy to actual Japanese women
>TFW this thread is making me cry

There's no hope for me. Why can't I like any other race?

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At this point I don't even know who is mocking who

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ok HWC you can stop roleplaying now.

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because nobody else in the world is a wealthy japanese

you all sound so insecure

you're disgusting

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So, how do we all feel about the next month? I'm buying things in 10 days, and I'm feeling pretty damn good. Anyone feeling highly disappointed by their lucky packs? What are you all feeling?

>> No.9338673

can you make a voice clip of you saying this?

>> No.9338676

Can you post a picture of your feet? That won't identify you.

>> No.9338678

My Katie accessory lucky pack was pretty meh to be honest. I'll post results in the lucky pack thread

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>Wedding ring when, HWC?
>Never, it's too identifiable
>Go away HWC

At least the truth finally seeps through. HWC is now officially confirmed for retarded poor American roleplaying as asian princessu in Nippon.

>> No.9338686

That's a real bummer because they are pretty pricey. I'll check it out either way when you post it.

>> No.9338693

i just ignored the HWC part

posting my wedding ring would still be way too identifiable

but go ahead and think that if it makes you feel less bad about not being an asian princessu

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>cries about being fetishized
>u just jealous cuz u aren't asian princess

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Omg how embarrassing. She even has the same muh identity excuse. Someone cap this so we can post it whenever she shows up again.

>> No.9338705

don't act like it's untrue

>> No.9338710

Still patiently waiting on Asian princess foot pic. <3

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>once our relationship ends
why do so many people have this mindset that every relationship is going to end eventually? Isn't the point of getting into relationships to find someone that you eventually want to marry and spend your life with?

>> No.9338724

You need to be 18+ to post on 4chan

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I'm sorry you're such a shit person that you can't keep a real relationship with anyone

>> No.9338737

Yeah, but I think it's more realistic to come to terms with a lot of the people you date 'aren't the one', or maybe you like the person a lot but deep down know they aren't someone you want to marry. Other people you might want to date because you both like each other but neither of you are ready for a serious relationship
The end goal for a lot of people is a soul mate of some kind, but it usually takes some looking around to find that person.

>> No.9338743

>getting into relationships to find someone that you eventually want to marry and spend your life with?
If you have these thoughts during the first year of dating you're kinda deluded. Sometimes people just want a simple short term relationship, not marriages and house partners.
>muh traditionalism

>> No.9338745

I'm just a pessimist
It's easier for me to have this tiny thought in the back of my head that as much as I love being together, it probably won't last forever than having my hopes up that it will. Granted I'll still do my best and try to make it last as long as possible, but like I said I'm a pessimist.

>> No.9338751

>when you desperately want to find someone like that but also scared shitless of being in a serious relationship
I cry every time

>> No.9338768

>a lot of the people you date 'aren't the one', or maybe you like the person a lot but deep down know they aren't someone you want to marry.

Why would you even be dating them then?

>> No.9338778

Because not everyone who wants to date someone wants to marry them..? It's not the 50s

>> No.9338787

Not that person but then would you stay with them or just leave them after a while? Why waste yours and that person's time with that kind of mindset?

>> No.9338788 [DELETED] 

Most relationships will inevitably end if you're under 30 years old. It's a realistic approach to relationships. It doesn't mean you have to look forward to the end or even not ever get serious until you're older.

The point of relationships is to learn more about yourself and what you want in a partner. It's not about the end with a relationship, it's the journey. You will grow, they will grow, and it won't be a waste, but the chances of being with your sweetheart are very slim.

When you're young, you don't know what you want. You may think you do, but you don't. Not every relationship has to be a fling, but even if you're the type to only get serious then you'll have to hit some failures before you stay with someone. Most people with little relationship experience have the "happily ever after" fallacy in their heads when they've only been a couple for like 1-3 years (yes, 3 years is a short amount of time and not enough to actually know a person).

I wish you the beat of luck. Maybe you're still looking for price charming, maybe you think you've found him, but just learn from whatever path your love life takes you.

>> No.9338792

I mean, you don't get into relationships with the intention of breaking up but the chances are it will happen even if you're certain it won't. You will never know what you truly want in a relationship if you've only experienced one. But naturally I'm sure you'll find that on your own someday.

>> No.9338796

Most relationships will inevitably end if you're under 30 years old. It's a realistic approach to relationships. It doesn't mean you have to look forward to the end or even not ever get serious until you're older.

The point of relationships is to learn more about yourself and what you want in a partner. It's not about the end with a relationship, it's the journey. You will grow, they will grow, and it won't be a waste, but the chances of being with your sweetheart are very slim.

When you're young, you don't know what you want. You may think you do, but you don't. Not every relationship has to be a fling, but even if you're the type to only get serious then you'll have to hit some failures before you stay with someone. Most people with little relationship experience have the "happily ever after" fallacy in their heads when they've only been a couple for like 1-3 years (yes, 3 years is a short amount of time and not enough to actually know a person).

I wish you the beat of luck. Maybe you're still looking for price charming, maybe you think you've found him, but just learn from whatever path your love life takes you.

>> No.9338805

This implies the only point of a relationship ship is yo marry and have a family.

Do you enjoy your time with them?
Do you challenge each other to learn more about yourselves?
Do you have fun in their company?

If so, then it isn't a waste of time even if it eventually ends. By the end of the relationship both of you would hopefully walk away with fond memories, unique experiences, and deeper understanding of yourselves. It isn't a waste just because you didn't marry, and it doesn't mean you can't have exclusively serious relationships just because you realistically expect them to end.

>> No.9338809

Try to remember the things you liked 5 years ago. Are you exactly the same? Time changes us so much, pur experiences make us almost into different people. It's naive to think that the person you like now is who you'll like for the rear of your life.

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>TFW still with prom date 4 years later

stay bitter, failed relationship-chans.

>> No.9338815

It's usually a mutual thing, bro. I dated a guy awhile back because we both just wanted to have a laid back fun dating relationship. We were both in a spot where we didn't want anything serious at the time but still enjoyed being together for the time we were. It's not always a bad thing to not want to marry the person you're with, and you're acting like that isn't the natural discourse of a lot of relationships.
'After dating you for awhile I've realized you're not what I'm looking for.' Are you young?

>> No.9338817

reminder that the brain doesnt finish development until mid 20's, so until then you're pretty much still too young to have a grasp on yourself. you're only slightly more informed on what you really want than when you were 13.

>> No.9338819

>thinking 4 years is long

oh boy, I wonder why divorce rates are over 50% and that statistic increases when you look at younger couples

>> No.9338820

This is what I honestly feel like these people are.

>> No.9338823

You can tell at a glance which boaters are above and below 25 in this thread.

>> No.9338824

maybe I'm a freak here but when I first start dating someone I never have the idea that I'm going to marry that person, that thought isn't cross my mind until I was in a long term relationship

>> No.9338826


>> No.9338830

>mfw on my third year with someone I met in college and I still don't feel like marriage or anything long term is guaranteed
He's been living with me the entire time even.
My best friend is with her high school sweetheart for almost a decade and they still haven't married or kids yet. Just because we don't commit to marriage or make sweeping generalizations about our futures doesn't mean we're bitter or failed.
We're just not starry-eyed early 20s who thinks any relationship past a year is a keeper 4 lyfe.

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Ty, anons.

I'll feel better tomorrow when my kitty keyhole lingerie arrives.

>> No.9338861

I almost bought a keyhole sweater. I talked myself out of it. It still tempts me.

>> No.9338862 [DELETED] 

Mine failed after 6 years.

>> No.9338867

I must correct that. My relationship failed after 6 years of living together. Don't speak to soon or you might eat your words. Relationships are too precious for such a thing to happen. I add that last part because I don't want it to happen to you.

>> No.9338887

> Wears US Size 2 Shoes
> A lot of burando shoes don't fit
> At least I can get girls shoes that are loliable?
>Cry forever

>> No.9338893

guys, play nice (yeah on 4chan lmao). Threads barely started

>> No.9338894

My friend had this issue. I never understood how feet could be that small. She still somehow managed to find hooker boots in the child sizes.

>> No.9338897

There's e-bay stores from china.
They're terribly uncomfortable a lot, though.

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File: 12 KB, 224x225, baitfish dont care.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this entire exchange(s)

>> No.9338906

Have you tried Taobao?
Shoes are near the bottom

>> No.9338908

I'll go through a lot of them later. I've gone through some and they're all about 22.5 cm at the smallest.
My feet are just under 20cm

>> No.9338911

The fundamental attribution error. My college used relationship to explain this very error. (The other example given was when a person cuts somebody off in traffic.) The majority believe that relationships are going to cultivate in a happy life that may include children while the reality is a break-up, divorce, death, or miscarriage is a more realistic option. While severely depressed people are known for a tendency toward catastrophic thinking, mild depression actually results in a mindset that is more realistic. They don't see through rose colored glasses. They worry because realistically their relationship is more likely to end then cultivate into something grand.

>> No.9338926

They did always complain their feet hurt by the end of the day.

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>loli meetup on Saturday
>fucking CONSTIPATED since Sunday

>> No.9338931

I come back to this thread and see all this shit. She was the one who approached me and asked me out, not the other way around. Fuck you for turning this thread into a whole racial debate

>> No.9338932

eat some fruit, you pig.

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>I was fat, then turned back to normal
>TFW Im fucking fat again and now I'm covered in stretchmarks everywhere
>tfw Ill be ugly all my life
>virgin at 26 and Ill stay this way

>> No.9338943

Same. Wanna have fat ugly sex with me?

>> No.9338948

get on a tread mill ffs anon you are still very young

>> No.9338949

I had a couple friends who were in a really good range for lolita shoes. One was a US size 4 and the other was 7. I'm a US 10 so shoes are a bit trickier for me. At least I'm not my grandma. She wore 13AA.

>> No.9338959

Is this the kind of girl that'll get kinky and enthusiastic in bed because she knows she'll never get another chance? Those are good...

>> No.9338964

I have to stuff my shoes for anything over size 3. (and sometimes size 3)

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I kinda know the feel anon.
>now 25
>three years ago
>start at 240
>get down to 160 by jogging three miles everyday and using college's gym for weights
>bf moves in, graduate, new stomach condition basically imitated binging/bulimia since I couldn't keep things down
>depression, anxiety, bf enabling, bring back bad eating habits, sedentary job
>slowly gain weight over a year but artificial bulimia keeps me from really exploding
>stomach gets fixed
>gain 60 pounds in less than half a year
>somewhere in the 250-260 range now
>try to see doc about it and prescribes anxiety pills that have side effect of weight loss
>can't afford them at $120 a month
>try to see therapist covered by employer
>it's a 400 pound bitch who ditched me once for Bojangles and avoided the subject when I brought up feelings about weight
>give up trying to get "professional" help
>fattest I've ever been
>embarassed to wear anything lolita
>bf sees my misery and promises to go to filthy apartment gym with me
>can't even jog on treadmill for more than five minutes straight
>hear something crack in my foot
>tendon pain in foot
>bf basically doesn't commit and I'm stuck doing everything by myself anyway

I'm struggling, badly. Food is my only comfort in my life. I'm considering gastric bypass and financing for a full body tuck. Every ~3 year cycle I rebound super hard.

>> No.9338970

I'm 28 and I feel ancient.

I'll be 30 in no time. That's so beyond Christmas cake.

>> No.9338972

>tried to kill myself this morning
>noose broke because I'm so fat

>> No.9338975

Maybe some laxatives? Definitely make sure you take them on a night that you don't have anything to do the next day, but worse comes to worse they will get things moving. I don't usually recommend such a thing unless it is a dire need.

>> No.9338980

A tummy tuck isn't worth it unless you can get your weight under control. It'll be wasting money. One of my friends had weight issues their whole life despite their best efforts and they were just recently told they have polycystic ovary syndrome and given metformin to try helping them lose weight. They previously could do hardcore cardio and wouldn't get down past the 180 range.

Look in those WebMD books and around doctor's offices for those prescription Rx cards. They can bring down the costs of medication immensely.

>> No.9338990

>A tummy tuck isn't worth it unless you can get your weight under control.

Tbh even at 160 I still had the obese "apron" like the picture. A tummy tuck really would make me feel better, make me feel like I'm worth anything. I feel like I had it under control until the stomach issue, and now I'm buried under a mountain and just...lost all drive to dig myself out. It doesn't feel fair.

Unfortunately the medication can't be brought down any lower. There's no generic available and my insurance already covers the bulk of the cost. I would have to do something crazy, like jump through loops to get put into some fellowship pool to pay for it. No coupons outside the one month free trial exists, and I used it. It really blows. Those pills gave me shit ton of energy to boot.

>> No.9338999

I'd fuck you, anon. Anything to get away from my ugly jap wife.

>> No.9339012


>I have a boyfriend but what'll I do once our relationship ends?

If you're thinking this why are you even dating>

>> No.9339017

>'After dating you for awhile I've realized you're not what I'm looking for.'

No, I am more asking why you would even bother dating someone you don't like in the first place.

>> No.9339018

Not them but gosh you think in such absolutes.
Just because they don't see a married future with a house and white picket fence with said person doesn't mean they don't like them.

>> No.9339019

>Tfw 90% of lolitas are sloots and are so fickle they can't maintain a serious relationship

>> No.9339026

Get hemorrhoid cream, it will make passing the blockage less painful.

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We like Christmas cake here.

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File: 93 KB, 746x720, 1463016887153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love is a lie

>> No.9339029

>honestly starting to enjoy conventions again after a couple years of general unhappiness
>but they're starting to fucking wreck me physically
>can't stand up for more than a few hours at a time, subluxed my shoulder during a photoshoot just by laying down on the ground, actually had to go to a goddamn chiropractor during con
>Want to go to Star Wars Celebration and have a great time with all the goddamn nerds I know
>Honestly thinking about skipping it because I'm pretty sure the injuries I'll sustain just by walking around won't be worth it

You know that one poor bastard that ends up being carted away in an ambulance on Saturday of con? There's always one at every convention. I don't want that to be me while I'm dressed up like a fucking Jedi.

>> No.9339032

Is switching insurance an option? Maybe call some different providers to question about the medication, perhaps one of them will offer more coverage. That's really tough.

>> No.9339037

I have a friend who broke it off with her high school sweetheart after eleven years. Nothing is certain, child.

>> No.9339056

You don't speak for me you degenerate chubby chaser

>> No.9339095

>lost 7lbs when I was only aiming to lose 2 or 3 this month
>order loads of clothes and costume stuff
>now just sitting here grinding my teeth waiting for everything to arrive so I can be kawaii desu

>> No.9339115

> went to the motherland
> gained 20 pounds from all the delicious food
Now I'm trying to get the excess weight off so I won't look like a stuffed sausage for con season, but my weight has just been yo-yoing ever since I came back.

>> No.9339134
File: 42 KB, 460x226, calle jesus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been flirting with guy online I met at a previous con for almost a year
>"Wow, a guy I have a crush on actually wants to fuck me!"
>We had hooked up before a couple times but never went all the way
>Guy really likes to party hard at cons. That's fine, so do I.
>Guy shows up to the con already fucked up
>He's a total mess tweeking all over the place, won't sit still for a minute
>Waste most of my con chasing him down (he was causing issues for his other friends too)
>Found out he was actively avoiding me
>I also saw his true colors and how the drugs have been wearing down his appearances
>I desperately want to reach out to help but can't help him unless he wants help and he also lives far away

Tl;dr, guy I had a crush on is a drug addict now and I'm worried that he is going to die. I don't even want to be in contact with him anymore because he's becoming toxic and it breaks my heart.

Captcha: Calle Jesus

>> No.9339138

Just keep trying. I'm sure you'll fix him and you'll both live happily ever after.

>> No.9339144

Don't listen to everyone else in this degenerate thread. Go into a relationship thinking that it'll last forever or don't go into one at all. You're wasting yourself otherwise.

>> No.9339147

Any drug addict is not worth your time and ought to be left to reap the rewards of his hedonistic lifestyle.

>> No.9339185

At the moment I'm just distancing myself from him because I feel like if I get anymore involved or keep poking at him it will only make things worse and I don't need that toxicity in my life.

Agreed. However if he ever does decide he wants to get clean and wants help I'll do my best to be there.

>> No.9339201

>Distant Worlds Final Fantasy FINALLY coming back to Australia
> I will be getting married to one of the songs played
> I want to cosplay the character related to that song
>Literally at the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life.
Needa get fit or kill myself.

>> No.9339204

You're not the only one anon

>Go to Japan for 2 months
>Walk between 20 - 40.000 steps a day
>Delicious small portions of food and snacks made me gain weight anyway

I have so many friends who dropped a few pounds just after a 1 - 2 week trip there, I don't get it.

>> No.9339245

>Taobao order
>Two cosplays for an upcoming con, one wig and one figure
>One of the cosplays is for a group that I organised
>Lose job while waiting for package to arrive
>Get hit with 50% custom fees on this $150~ package
>Intensive rage for one full week until I decide to just pay instead of having it sent back
>Received the package today
>The group cosplay is too small


>> No.9339253

>Completely stopped eating junk food and started eating healthy everyday
>Still somehow gained weight

What the fuck. I have thyroid issues and my meds for it were just changed, so hopefully I'll start losing weight soon, but how do you gain weight when you've only been eating healthy, low-calorie things? And I own a treadmill so I can exercise often too. I'm sick of being uncomfortable with and disgusted by my body every second of every day. I'm sick of not being able to fit in lolita, and knowing that I'll look horrible in it anyway because fat people always look horrible. I hate being fat.

>> No.9339254


You probably don't exercise enough?
Too many retards think they can eat "good" and do a minimal amount of exercise and still lose weight.

>> No.9339260

Melodies of Life?

>> No.9339263

Are you counting calories? If you're eating low calorie foods but still eating too much it won't do you any good. You need to track how much you eat and create a calorie deficit.
Burn more than you eat, and be honest with yourself. Cutting corners or not tracking something is only affecting you. If you're really sedentary cut your calorie intake to 1500 calories, if you get yourself exercising you can eat a little more. It's all about that balance, and if you have a treadmill start using it. Do an hour long brisk walk at an incline for an hour, but make sure your stretch property beforehand so you don't get shin splints.

>> No.9339284

Write down what you eat each day and don't eat anything that has sugar (or any substitute) as an ingredient, don't drink fruit juices, don't eat white bread and pasta, don't consume anything that contains "vegetable oil" or rapeseed oil. Eat two meals a day and do not snack at all in between. You'll be skinny.

>> No.9339296

Gotta break a sweat for at least 20 minutes every day to be healthy.
If only it was as easy as writing that.
Theme of Love. I'm basic. Don't care.

>> No.9339300

>only been eating healthy, low-calorie things?
You might be eating more of the low calorie things to compensate and not realize it if you're not tracking your intakes. Or you might be willfully ignoring extra intakes or drinks like frappuccinos or "treats" or "cheat days".

When you say low calorie, do you mean just regular food that's naturally low calorie or the special "fat-free", "low-cal" versions of packaged foods? The latter tends to include filler like gums and gelatins and leave you hungry sooner.

>> No.9339312
File: 78 KB, 686x722, 1451965754244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have a cosplay partner, love her to bits
>Agree and work together to get to our goal body for summer cons for a cosplay we've been working on together
>Start doing work outs everyday, eating healthy, going pretty well
>Tells me one day she bought a bunch of worbla for the cosplay
>Help her out with it no biggie
>She surprises me and tells me that she wants to do it for a spring con and told me to finish my cosplay by that con
>Was planning to just wearing my older cosplays and chill out the entire con
>I'm not sure if I'll be at my goal weight by then
>She's really excited
>Too beta to say no

Hope I don't look too bad gulls

>> No.9339321

The point of the whole argument is still flying over your head. You can very well get into a relationship hoping he'll be "the one" but it's naive to think that your relationship will last your entire lifetime.

Realistically, expect it to end at some point but welcome the experiences you'll have and hope it doesn't. Even if you get married in your 20's, chances are you'll be divorced before you hit 30. Treat relationships seriously, only get with people you're serious about, but don't fall for the trap of thinking Happily Ever After is something that happens often in real life.

>> No.9339331

Then i'll rephrase - don't go a relationship unless you, at that moment, think that you are capable of staying with this person forever.

>> No.9339332

>don't go a relationship
you know what i mean

>> No.9339333
File: 49 KB, 500x283, 5YTU11q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop buying new clothes so I can buy more weeb merchandise and special edition versions of games/BDs that come with prizes
>enough keychains and other paraphernalia for dozens of itabags
>worrying about missing preorders on figures instead of missing dresses

F-feels pretty good actually. Nerds still like you even if you don't dress up, and having normal people over and watching the dawning look of mixed horror and curiosity as they enter my house is great.

I love explaining my collecting habits to the older super-traditional types at my job, but I feel like a creepy old man in a young woman's body.

>> No.9339336

>My best friend is with her high school sweetheart for almost a decade and they still haven't married or kids yet
>tfw I know a couple just like this
They just got engaged like a month ago

>> No.9339337

You can do it, anon! She sounds super sweet and excited, and the fact that you guys are both still on the fitness wagon tells a lot about your relationship.

>> No.9339340

It might be less scary if you actually talk to your partner about long term things. Have both of you thought about/decided if they want kids, how many? Is there a chance of you/them having to move to another country/state/city for their job? Are you/they putting away money for retirement? Are you/they at risk for drug/alcohol addiction? Do they have a good relationship with their own parents? (huge litmus test for me) Is there a part of their lives about which they refuse to face reality or self-reflect(like itas or aggressive drivers)? Any unusual sexual fetishes that don't match yours or aren't tolerated by your criminal code or moral code? Do your friends have any concerns about how the partner treats you?

If the outlook for these types of questions is not good, better to part amicably sooner than in a screaming match later on. If the outlook is good, go in with the mentality that you're both going to put work into it to not let each other forget how much you like them and make the sacrifices necessary for the hardships that will naturally come down the line in any life.

Not that I'm advocating hunting down a mythical "the one" that shares every hobby and political opinion, just finding someone that is "enough" of a match to your own long term outlook on life and doesn't have a load of baggage.

Rather than expecting it to last from the start, I think the better mindset is of learning as much as possible about the other person to ensure they (and you) are worth staying with before you spend too much of your life in a dead end. I think a lot of the people here expecting inevitable breakups have a mindset of just letting the relationship float like a leaf in the wind. Having fun and enjoying the company without pushing too deep. "See where things go".

>> No.9339341
File: 32 KB, 236x662, 1474839135880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have meetup on saturday after long time
>Today I slipped down
>Right to my ass
>Now my ass is swollen and in pain
>I walk like a penguin
>tfw no meetup for me since it requires a lot of walking

I will go see the doctor if the pain won't go away in few days, but since I can sit normally I don't think anything's broken

>> No.9339349

Our psychology is more complex than that and susceptible to tricking ourselves into seeing certainly where there is none. There's a reason why the phrase "honeymoon phase" of a relationship exists. For a majority of an early portion of any good relationship, you will ALWAYS feel that they may be "the one" if you're the type to only dip into serious relations. This is why you often find teen couples with that starry eyed "we will be 2gether4ever" mindset and sweet but kinda cringy things like carving initials into a tree. "At the moment" is a really poor indicator of whether or not you should get into a relationship.

You can't truly know if you want to be with someone if you haven't dated them. Even if they're your best friend for years before going out, it's actually really hard to know another person. Most of us hardly even know ourselves (which is something dating others helps us with).

Sometimes you'll be certain someone is e everything you want and cant see yourself ever breaking up with them, and things rapidly come crashing down (especially true for when couples move in together).

The point isn't "just get with someone you dunno if you'll stay with" it's "just because you're certain you'll always be with them now doesn't mean you will, and in all probability you won't."

Relationships are more fickle than love stories portray, and you can't seriously hope to have a mature grasp on what you do and don't want from a lifetime partner without experiencing a couple of failed but fulfilling relationships. It isn't a waste to get with someone and eventually break up, and that doesn't imply you get into a relationship with the intention of breaking up either.

>> No.9339351

sorry about your literal butthurt, anon

>> No.9339356

A bit sad seeing people stay in miserable relationships just because they're on the mindset of "we can't ever break up" when there are better options out there for them. It's up to them to decide if they want those options or not thojgh. Just sucks as an outsider looking at friends stuck in this trap. It's like a more complex form of The Gambler's Fallacy.
>I've invested so much into THIS relationship, it's surely the only one that can work

>> No.9339362
File: 117 KB, 400x300, 1311779336600-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9339364
File: 809 KB, 816x638, 1306091222761-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9339372
File: 80 KB, 316x452, 2b7eda51-508a-4656-b746-b183cba28ace..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9339373

Posted, take a look if you want. I was pretty disappointed with the cherry clip because I already have two pretty similar ones I got from taobao for like 99¢

>> No.9339374

Over 25 doesn't mean fat.

>> No.9339433

Can relate, my boyfriend is asian and people constantly tell me I have yellow fever, even though he's the only asian person I have ever dated.

>> No.9339449

Can relate.
My boyfriend is black and I'm always called coal burner, chimney smoker, and bride if Harambe. I do date a lot of black guys though, but not like they're my preference.

>> No.9339454
File: 52 KB, 336x370, i seriously hope you're not this rustled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only 4 years

>> No.9339455

I just found out that my boyfriend had voted for Drumpf

we've had sex about a dozen of times since November, so can I accuse him of rape?

>> No.9339456


I bet your girlfriend is either a fat landwhale or you're her

>> No.9339517

I feel like a lunatic, but those are the things I want to know up front before getting into things. i also think I'm just unlikeable :/ I don't want kids, the only reason I would get married is if the tax breaks were significant (divorce is insanely expensive even when it's mutual and don't want to rick paying for it if I don't have to), I'm in uni now and I want nothing to do with dating, I'd be afraid that if I met someone I really liked I wouldn't pursue my academic goals, like if I got the chance to move to California for work I'd take it immediately. If I were in a good relationship I'd him and haw over the opportunity.
I guess I'm afraid to be tied down and not do what I want to do..I also like spending money on my frilly dresses and don't need someone else chirping in my ear about -my- finances

>> No.9339525
File: 8 KB, 184x184, 53545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw in a happy relationship with a handsome, kind, funny, and successful man
>tfw he supports my lolita endeavors
>tfw we laugh at fat itas together
>tfw he fucks me in my brand

>> No.9339542

>jizz stains on brand

why anon

>> No.9339556

it doesn't stain if you wash it, dummy. jizz isn't the color of cherry kool-aid. and all but a drop or two goes inside of me anyways

>> No.9339623

I lol'd, thank you. This is total pain in the ass

>> No.9339629


>> No.9339758

Because her fat balding man sugar daddy (aka "handsome, kindm, funny and successful man") won't give her money to buy new clothes until he gets to cover her clothes in his thicc slimy semen (naturally he cums inside her manko with no condom first).

>> No.9339771


Is he a habitual tweaker or is this a periodic thing?? I've definitely fucked up once or twice tweaking out of my mind when I misjudged early on, anon. It's basically the "get completely shitfaced and embarrass yourself" of college all over again. Doesn't mean it's even necessarily a problem!

If this is a common thing, he's not just a drug user, he's an abuser who is looking to get fucked up when he can.

>> No.9339779

30 is only old if you treat yourself like shit.
You can look vibrant and attractive well into your 50s and 60s if youbexcerside regularly and eat well

>> No.9339784

Literally the best advice.

>> No.9339803

>being this jealous that i have a hot rich 25 year old husband who buys me whatever i want

it must suck to not be me

>> No.9339810

Is it pedophilic if I get erect when I remember the first time I saw 11 year old cunny if it was when I fucced her as a 12 year old shota myself

thingken if i should get chemical castration or not so I decided to let /cgl/ decide this for me

>> No.9339811


This poster is a male (neckbeard) pretending to be a woman (landwhale) to get pity posts.

>> No.9339916
File: 18 KB, 236x416, IMG_2173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally came to the realization that I just don't look good in gothic lolita. My face is too round/babyish, and it doesn't look right. I should just stick to sweet. I put up almost all of my gothic dresses for sale over the last few months. (All but two.) And the last one just sold.

>tfw I'll never be a beautiful, elegant goth no matter how hard I try because of childish face
>tfw I have more money and room in my closet for some new sweet dresses that I will look good in

I guess you could say this realization has been.......... ~bittersweet~

>> No.9339921

Yeah you're right. You're ugly.

>> No.9339925

Have you tried caking makeup on to contour the hell out of your face to make yourself look more angular? And you can still wear gothic, you'd just be a cute goth

>> No.9339943

>I guess you could say this realization has been.......... ~bittersweet~
Okay I laughed at that.
It's too bad that you felt you had to sell all your dresses and settle for another style. I'm sure you can look good in gothic, you just need to find your own aesthetic to make it work. Have you considered old school? The doll-like take on gothic that was popular in the early days might suit you better.

>> No.9339975
File: 76 KB, 181x181, mikublush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>notice that my bf ordered a Miku costume from Aliexpress
>omg, is this a surprise for me??
>notice it's not my size
>wtf, who's this bitch he's buying cosplay for??
>go over to see him today
>notice a female mannequin in the kitchen, and diagrams of anime-girl faces on the desk

He's building a life-size Miku. Is this regular weeb behavior, or am I being replaced?

>> No.9339977

That is hilarious, personally I would see where it goes. Give it props and move it a little when he isn't around

>> No.9339981

I thought this would have lead to you finding out that he's into crossplay. That was not what I expected.

>> No.9339994

same poster

>> No.9339998
File: 406 KB, 512x512, mikukigu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He should just get one of those high-end fetish masks for his mannequin. Boom, done.

>> No.9340006
File: 317 KB, 580x433, heads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure he's not just doing one of those cosplays with the fake anime heads? Pic related.

>> No.9340024
File: 59 KB, 500x357, sadme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just started cross dressing and I'm really good at it but I can't tell my friends or show anyone pictures cause I'm worried they will think I'm a freak.

>> No.9340031
File: 5 KB, 368x108, okfaggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9340036

Your bf has realized that 2d is indeed superior to your smelly meaty flesh. It was inevitable.

>> No.9340038
File: 348 KB, 500x424, large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>love jfash but can't find a style that speaks directly to my soul
>only styles that get close are fairy kei, mori girl, and romagyaru

A small feel but a feel nonetheless. Maybe there isn't a "one style" for me. Maybe I like all of them but only when they're toned down a lot because I find that less is more. It's like I'm lost or something...

>> No.9340041

>Thinking about placing big wunderwelt order to jump start lolita wardrobe
>Pick out which items I like, calculate shipping, reasonable amount for dresses I really like
>Realize I'll be ugly no matter what I wear
>Close tab

>> No.9340052

Um, I don't do any "exercise" besides walking places when I need to go out and I've lost at least 5 kg from changing my diet to be more healthy and simply eating less. Don't spout shit, you can 100% lose weight even if you don't exercise.

>> No.9340054

Why limit yourself to a single style? You're allowed to enjoy different things and dress in different ways. If you don't feel there is a specific style you always want to wear, maybe that's a good indication that what you need is diversity in your wardrobe. And considering prefer the toned down version of each style, it makes it even easier, as more simple pieces can be interchageable and how you pair and accessorize them is what will make the most difference.

>> No.9340074

Fatty losing weight here:
You can absolutely lose weight by eating right and eating less of it, but you'll end up plateauing if you don't ramp it up at some point. The other anon is spouting shit, but you should def implement some more exercise. It also helps tone your muscles so when you hit your goal weight you look even better ob

>> No.9340086
File: 107 KB, 796x929, 1482618663322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you wear things that make you happy, you'll become cuter and more fulfilled. If you really like the things you picked out and have the money for them, go for it!

>> No.9340107

No, that's fucking retarded.

>> No.9340113

>implying we don't already know who you are
just leave

>> No.9340123
File: 140 KB, 379x440, IMG_0096.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you finally have another con friend
>they're a right winger

Goddammit why are everyone i become friends with end up being right wingers.

Also it ain't exactly /cgl/ but

>tfw catching feelings for a guy
>when im a guy myself and I already have trouble talking to women let alone cute guys

>> No.9340127

I agree with >>9340086. I'm an eternal potato but I've been able to make myself look and feel cute even if I'm still fugly.

Do it. It's worth it in the long run.

>> No.9340137

>Women's size 11
I am in hell. My friends can all buy cute shoes for their cosplays on Taobao and I can't. It's so awkward when we go to buy matching shoes for groups and I don't fit into the ones they like.

>> No.9340140

because everyone you become friends with is right

>> No.9340143

>get copy of Otome no Sewing
>don't understand any japanese
>entire book is japanese
>just start winging it trying to make a patter
>things going better than expected
>actually happy with how its turning out


>> No.9340155
File: 30 KB, 392x349, 1477168604137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the same Anon, this just reminded me.
Started dieting I told my room mates that I didn't want to go out to eat with them all the time anymore, and was going start keeping my calories low and eating healthier food.
>How many calories are you going to eat a day, anon?
>About 2,000 or less
>That's impossible, anon. You need AT LEAST 4,000 calories a day to survive.
Needless to say they were bigger people. After I actually started losing the weight and it was noticeable, they started making implications that I wasn't eating enough, and was becoming "skin and bones, there's nothing left to you, we need to fatten you up!"

>> No.9340170

>>tfw catching feelings for a guy
>>when im a guy myself and I already have trouble talking to women let alone cute guys
story time?

>> No.9340178

it's been a day you fucktard. why would you even respond? it's just going to bring her back. /cgl/ is full of idiots.

>> No.9340208

Yeah you will lose some weight that way but you will also hit a plateau eventually and probably still look like shit, you need to tone and muscle train to get definition.

>> No.9340210

>tfw I gain weight on 1400 calories and up
Fuck I hate being a short female. Shit sucks.

>> No.9340250


Enjoy taking 40 years to get skinny fat lmao

>> No.9340302

How short are you? I'm pretty short myself and I swear I'm so desperate to lose weight that sometimes I only have like one decent meal a day, still not seeing any progress.

>> No.9340323

At least do some squats and lunges. 15 minutes of that is worth something like an hour or two of walking.
More muscle mass is the only real answer.

>> No.9340325

My african american brothers. It's a struggle to balance getting in the proper nutrients and avoiding getting too many calories because I have so few free calories to work with.

>> No.9340428 [DELETED] 

>be me
>in lolita at disneyland
>see the same raging ita a few times throughout visit
>skater skirt with droopy petti peeking out, tangled and unstyled long white wig, those plastic clip-on ears that people use for My Little Pony cosplay, pieces of raschel lace wrapped around her wrist, blouse that doesn't fit and is buckling at nearly every button, no makeup, leggings and ballet flats, hatsune miku tote bag
>mfw every time i see her she gives me the nastiest look
>i smile at her every time like the gracious fucker i am

it's a very small thing, but does anyone else get the bitch stare from itas in the wild? at first i thought i was mistaken but i kept on seeing her around and her face was consistent. she looked like she wanted to steal the brand off of my body

>> No.9340430
File: 474 KB, 570x449, 452543535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reposting because i dropped my pic

>be me
>in lolita at disneyland
>see the same raging ita a few times throughout visit
>skater skirt with droopy petti peeking out, tangled and unstyled long white wig, those plastic clip-on ears that people use for My Little Pony cosplay, pieces of raschel lace wrapped around her wrist, blouse that doesn't fit and is buckling at nearly every button, no makeup, leggings and ballet flats, hatsune miku tote bag
>mfw every time i see her she gives me the nastiest look
>i smile at her every time like the gracious fucker i am

it's a very small thing, but does anyone else get the bitch stare from itas in the wild? at first i thought i was mistaken but i kept on seeing her around and her face was consistent. she looked like she wanted to steal the brand off of my body

>> No.9340447


There isnt much to tell other than hes a cute guy in my class and its always terrifying to make an attempt when you arent even sure if they're gay or bi. It feels like everything could go south in with one wrong move

>> No.9340455
File: 181 KB, 190x152, Here we go.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly was expecting him to be into crossdressing or something. Was not expecting this.

>> No.9340460
File: 81 KB, 618x618, IMG_0360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omg I know that feel. Once I was at a con that was unrelated to anime (it was like a general hobby convention?), and I was dressed in classic lolita. There was this group of young adult women who sew and do stuff like make costumes and "lolita dresses." The one main girl who makes these "dresses" (which were monstrosities) kept scowling at me whenever I walked past their booth. I was talking to some of the friendlier girls about their work and how to sew, but she didn't engage in any conversation. The friendlier girls were asking me about my outfit, and telling me how much scowling girl loves lolita and knows so much about it, and she wants to be a dress designer one day.

>> No.9340477

you're being replaced, 3d women btfo.

>> No.9340478

No it isn't faggorino, just work out a little. Light jogging / walking.

>> No.9340562
File: 22 KB, 312x186, sighpuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i want to make a youtube channel about anime
>tfw i've been wanting to do so for years

it takes courage to put yourself out there t bh, and i feel like most anime content is already being done and i dont want to seem like im copying anyone, or that im not OTAKUUU enough because im not a greasy basement dweller that watches every single anime out there

>> No.9340564

That's some of the worst advice I've ever seen. Cutting sugar and white bread/pasta is great, but two meals a day with no snacking is fucking stupid. You should have a small breakfast lunch and dinner, but light snacking is good so you don't end up overeating during your main meals. If you're hungry, eat something, but make sure you aren't just bored and looking for something to do. Munching on light crackers, veggie snack packs, fruit, and trail mix is good. I like unsalted sunflower seeds because it gives my jaw something to do with virtually zero calories. If you're feeling hungry when you start cutting calories drink more water, that helps make you realize when you're actually hungry vs just looking for something to eat for funsies.

>> No.9340565

I know your feel anon. I have a 500+ volume manga collection and have always wanted to start a manga review series like how Linkara does comics. But comics are so easy to jump around, and no one wants to go volume by volume through Boys Over Flowers, and to do only singles/first issues would be boring... Plus the production values I'd expect of myself and the consistency of uploads an audience would expect. Working full time and college... sigh

>> No.9340575

i also work full time and go to school which makes things that much more difficult. and with how the anime industry is now, i cant keep up. too much new anime way too quick.

i think if you really wanted to start a channel on manga, you could talk about series as a whole instead of by volumes, just as suggestions for other readers out there, its just not the same as episode reactions you know?

>> No.9340600

You could always do older stuff? I honestly don't watch anime as I'm much more of an manga person (if you couldn't guess) but I do watch a Youtuber named Sage who goes over old OVAs and series from the mid 90s and earlier - fantastic series. You could do the mid generational stuff from the 2000s that's starting to become nostalgic, or whatever you'd like! If you're wanting to do reactions you could also do it with older series too, I bet people would love to see someone going fresh into something older they liked.

Honestly imo, you don't have to be super timely in your stuff. Production values is what matters in my mind. If your humor is good, your video well paced, and your points novel it (should) do well. Though picking up traction these days is probably crazy hard.

I don't watch episode reactions so I don't get too much what you mean (and I'm basing most of my ideas off of Linkara so same in reverse). I need more terrible manga to be such a Youtuber, I only have a few as I of course don't buy stuff I'll hate unless I'm at a Half Price Books $1 clearance sale. God I have some stinkers though (Duck Prince, Arm of Kannon, Galaxy Express 999, Earthian pissed me off with how it went from fantastic to shit, Deltora Quest sodomized my childhood, etc)…actually, talking about this makes me realize I have quite a bit. Series overviews would bum me out for longer series that I adore, like Red River. Linkara does large scale summaries/reviews of an entire character's history in comics once a year though, maybe fans wouldn't mind that from me for a large series... hmm

Just typing this out is honestly filling me with excitement. I kinda hope I gave you ideas with my top bit!

>> No.9340602

A+ Comment.

>> No.9340619 [DELETED] 

The women of /cgl/ love themselves, and material possessions. Nothing else.

A relationship is nothing more than a way to string a guy along getting him to give you money and buy you things until he gets sick of being used, at which point his ass is immediate dumped and replaced.

>> No.9340621 [DELETED] 

<-----------------/r9k/ is that way.

>> No.9340623 [DELETED] 


I thought this for awhile because I just dealt with a lot of shitty people, then again I ignored my gut feelings and just went along with it so I'm sort of to blame for it as well.

Now I will say you're not wrong especially about /cgl/ girls BUT, not everyone is like that. Probably 70%.

>> No.9340625 [DELETED] 

Don't respond to trolls, faggot.

>> No.9340627 [DELETED] 

>Tfw not a female so you can't be a whore and live life on EZ mode
>Tfw not fucked in the head enough to turn myself into one

What do I do?

>> No.9340638 [DELETED] 

Oh please. We both know if your boyfriend suddenly told you he'd lost his job or wasn't going to buy you presents of take you on trips any more for whatever reason, he wouldn't even be able to finish the sentence he was saying before your new replacement boyfriend was walking through the door.

>> No.9340642 [DELETED] 


I am a girl and I agree with you. I used to be a dumb vapid airhead like the typical /cgl/ girl who rotates 1 boyfriend a year minimum but then I watched Stefan Molyneux's videos and embraced the fact that we women aren't perfect super-beings and that we also just lust after Alpha cock and Beta bucks.

Now I am happily married to a white guy, he's not very good looking but it's still a win for me because I am black.

>> No.9340644 [DELETED] 

Bruh. You're wrong, but you wouldn't believe me if I told you the half of it.
Everybody b differnt.

>> No.9340647 [DELETED] 

there is no such thing as EZ mode for women of any caliber. so I suggest starting at the basic "don't be a shitty human being" or maybe even lower considering...

>> No.9340650 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 421x515, 1312040827272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there is no such thing as EZ mode for women of any caliber

>> No.9340651 [DELETED] 

lol, this, being a women starts you off at HARDCORE DEATH MODE.

Why do men think they can handle being a women? They couldn't even survive the tutorial level.

>> No.9340654

Aaaaaand thread derailed. That didn't take much.

>> No.9340655 [DELETED] 


How would you know this? You're just a numale cuck whiteknight.

>> No.9340657 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 269x359, SimplotWAT2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


maybe it is time for you to go back to imgur friend, you uh, seem to be stuck in 2009.

>> No.9340661 [DELETED] 
File: 180 KB, 728x696, 124124151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9340677 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 500x491, itobait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being a women starts you off at HARDCORE DEATH MODE

>> No.9340680 [DELETED] 
File: 1.41 MB, 288x198, letmelaughharder.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9340683 [DELETED] 

glad you got banned for posting this misogystic shit
go back to >>>/r9k/

>women get paid 0.7 cents for every dollar makes
>women have to live under the rape culture
>women are less than 50% of CEOs and presidents worldwide
>in most countries men won't let us decide to do what we want with our bodies and abort their fucktrash
>women have to face constant death threats when their gender is revealed on line

the list just goes on and on

>> No.9340684 [DELETED] 

>there is no such thing as EZ mode for women of any caliber
Of course there is. They're called WHITE women, anon.

>> No.9340687 [DELETED] 

>their own fault, and most don't actually care to fix it if they could

>> No.9340690 [DELETED] 


>> No.9340691 [DELETED] 

Is that literally all you can do.

>> No.9340692 [DELETED] 

The spirit of r9k and cgl is essentially the same.

>> No.9340693
File: 32 KB, 400x300, 2277655_1324852098030.93res_400_300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trying to save money but wants some new clothes
>Ordering a bunch of cheap clothes at Yahoo Auctions in bundles
>Forgot how expensive shipping for stuff that is too heavy for small packet is
...I have just paid the shipping for one of those packages, I'm scared about the shipping cost of the others

>> No.9340694

Dumbass in my comm got drunk and left a shoe at the meet.

>> No.9340695 [DELETED] 

Except females are allowed to get away with it and not be judged by society because their lives are so much easier.

>> No.9340699 [DELETED] 

>molymeme has spread to /cgl/

>> No.9340700

We had a drunk-chan at our last tea. She complained loudly that the room "smells like ass."

>> No.9340701 [DELETED] 

jesus christ anon just be an above attractive woman and learn to not be a slob and you get a free house and a man who has a job

>> No.9340703 [DELETED] 
File: 350 KB, 536x3664, life as a woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9340704 [DELETED] 

>implying you need to be attractive
even a 5/10 gets a horde of beta providers orbiting around

>> No.9340705 [DELETED] 

is this bait or are you literally this insulated from the outside world and reality that you take any difference between the outcomes of the actions of men and women to be caused by rampant sexism

you need to be castrated

>> No.9340706 [DELETED] 

well i meant passable. i'll take it to be true that you need to be not obese and not deformed to get the free ride

>> No.9340712 [DELETED] 


I am happy in knowing that whoever drew this and anyone who posts this is a pathetic neckbeard permavirgin who will never procreate in his life

fucking disgusting misogynistic shit

>> No.9340714 [DELETED] 


>> No.9340716 [DELETED] 

yeah right can't believe he missed out the most fundamental part of female behaviour which is infidelity and lying he's really misrepresenting females there you're right
fucking white knight neckbeard permavirgins

>> No.9340717

Thank you for all your kind wishes. Finally pooped today.

>> No.9340718 [DELETED] 

by the way shave your head and put on two hundred pounds so you can make your internal long-term undesirability to men obvious externally, too. you'll be all the better for it, representing reality and not being deluded is good.

>> No.9340719 [DELETED] 

And? That does absolutely nothing to disprove womens lives are easy mode and require no effort to succeed in whatsoever.

If anything you're helping prove it true.

>> No.9340723
File: 1.49 MB, 357x296, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9340731
File: 238 KB, 755x744, 1303191233458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be tall & stocky-fat all my life
>never had that miraculous teen metabolism
>always hear how you lose your babyfat at age ~19
>was still stocky-fat at 19 so guess it ain't "babyfat"
>give up on ever looking unawkward in nice clothes
>out of nowhere the past few months, been losing weight and slimming down at age 24; diet and exercise haven't changed so it can't be from that
>what the fuck but ok
I have no idea what's going on but I'm happy that I don't feel as awkward and heavy as I did growing up. I've started experimenting with cute and pretty jfash clothes that I used to only save pictures and dream of looking nice in. I hope all you anons get a similar kind of confused happiness in your life!

>> No.9340735

an anon in help thread might have links to the translations of key terms used in OnS

>> No.9340739

wear a rainbow pin or some other identifier (if it will not get you killed where you live). or just ask to exchange social media and see if there are clues on his feed.

>> No.9340743 [DELETED] 

yet another thread on /cgl/ that provides proof that #KillAllMen is not hate speech

>> No.9340746 [DELETED] 

>when you get so far into the rabbit hole that you worry about whether or not your own meme hashtag can be branded your own free-speech-i-don't-like meme tag
don't worry, anon, we support your right to be wrong

>> No.9340747 [DELETED] 

you guys really wish you could be lazy kids without responsibilities, huh? this is the wrong board to idolize sloth on. few people here would sacrifice the independence and power of a hardworking lifestyle.

if you want to be jealous of women living in "easy mode" try /soc/.

>> No.9340749 [DELETED] 

being a stay-at-home mother isn't sloth.

>> No.9340750 [DELETED] 

Yet another way women have life much easier.

They can openly call for mass genocide of half the planet and face no consequence whatsoever.

So long as that half is men, because society does not care abut men and does nothing to help or protect them, which is why mens lives are actually difficult.

>> No.9340751 [DELETED] 

>few people here would sacrifice the independence and power of a hardworking lifestyle.

are you retarded? this is cosplay and LOLITA board, there's literally examples of the latter ITT desiring to be fucked by bald fat men sugar daddies so they never have to work

>> No.9340752 [DELETED] 

At least you have the choice. Men don't. You work and take care of yourself or you die and nobody gives a shit what happens to you.

Women have the freedom to do whatever they want and still be guaranteed safety comfort and everything they need to survive, and society will praise them no matter what they do.

>> No.9340754 [DELETED] 

nor is it easy. that shit will drive the weak insane.

but they aren't. it's fantasy. they could do it at any time; if they truly wanted to, they would be doing it now. there are only a few who claim to be living that life. it's not an attractive enough of a prospect to avtively pursue for most seagulls.

>> No.9340755 [DELETED] 

>Tfw everyone just wants to be "successful" and work their lives away

For what purpose

>> No.9340756 [DELETED] 

i think the point is not that they do it, but that they have the option to fall back on permanent support from a man, whereas men can't just have a pretty face and then expect a woman to take care of him forever
this is all fine, by the way. the sexes are different and always will be

>> No.9340757 [DELETED] 

material wealth is apparently the only variable that matters when pursuing well-being

>> No.9340758 [DELETED] 

>At least you have the choice. Men don't.
i'm a dude. i do have the choice, though, because old queers love young cock. i wouldn't go that route and most women in my comm wouldn't either.

>> No.9340759 [DELETED] 


because feminism taught women that there's nothing more pathetic that women who actually take care of their children instead of "pursuing the career of their dreams" aka slaving away for some soulless company and leaving their kids to grow up to the gubmint run propaganda schools

~t. Stefan Molymeme

>> No.9340760 [DELETED] 

>i'm a dude.





you don't even have to post a picture of yourself, we already know what you look like

>> No.9340763 [DELETED] 

capitalism encourages material wealth as the key to happiness, and wants to exploit your labor. carrot and stick.

>> No.9340764 [DELETED] 

Kek, of course the numale >>9340758 is also a "berniebro" to boot

it's funny because you won't ever procreate in your life just like >>9340712 said, even though you do everything you can to orbit around women

>> No.9340765 [DELETED] 

>a tiny number of rich old gay men looking to hire young male suguarboys is somehow equivalent to the society-defining structure of "men work themselves to death so they can give their money to women and women do nothing in return, and any man who questions or refuses to take part in this system is shamed and called a failure"

I don't know if you're actually a man, but if you are you're one hell of a brainwashed one.

>> No.9340767 [DELETED] 

>feminism taught women that there's nothing more pathetic that women who actually take care of their children
what episode of Black Mirror is this? women in this reality are treated like they are inhuman if they do not have children. their family and friends censure them for being childfree.

we have, on this board, had extended debates over whether or not it is okay to bring your kids to a meetup.

man, i want to believe you're just ignorant of board culture but i know you're just baiting. i can't roleplay this conversation if you keep alluding to shit that has no bearing on the average seagull. make an effort.

>> No.9340769 [DELETED] 

capitalism encourages liberty as the key to happiness, you moron. any other system destroys liberty of voluntary association in order to "distribute" material wealth in an outcome of higher equality, which fundamentally and necessarily places the value of material wealth (resources) over the value of spiritual and mental wealth (liberty)
if you don't know anything, don't say anything.

>> No.9340771 [DELETED] 

>what episode of Black Mirror is this? women in this reality are treated like they are inhuman if they do not have children. their family and friends censure them for being childfree.

What is this braindead cuck talking about? Total non sequitur

you can see that all the gender studies he had to take bleached his 100 IQ brain to about 60 IQ

>> No.9340772 [DELETED] 

>my comm
Eww, brolita. You guys are the bane of every tea I've been to.

>> No.9340788

Should I pay $48 for priority shipping and get it Saturday
Or pay $18 for ground and get it next week?

>> No.9340789 [DELETED] 

Just tell your boyfriend to pay for the priority shipping and threaten to dump his ass if he doesn't.

>> No.9340790

$18 for ground, you need that $30 for con food

>> No.9340791

I hate coming to these threads to see dramu.

Let's go back to telling funny stories about farting at tea.

When do you need it?

>> No.9340792


I'm just worried because it's fragile items....so I'd rather have it in transit for less time.

>> No.9340793

pay the cheaper one, anon. in two weeks you'll have the items regardless and in one scenario you'll have an extra $30

>> No.9340794


Doesn't really matter DESU I just like having things be shipped in less time because I feel like it = less of a chance for it to be squished

>> No.9340795

the trolls get dull when they get predictable.

>tfw no ticket to Omnia Vanitas
>tfw seagulls don't share stories and photos from major lolita events anymore

>> No.9340798

can i reward you with sex for whiteknighting me, sir anonymous

>> No.9340802
File: 78 KB, 271x502, 1481462660067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9340803

i knew it...! you're just like the rest of the misogynists!!!

>> No.9340811 [DELETED] 

>this pseudo-intellectual dribble

>> No.9340816 [DELETED] 

this, real intellectuals know that feminism and gommunism is the way to go

Bernie 2020

>> No.9340818 [DELETED] 

for real... every brolita is a huge creep.

>> No.9340820
File: 132 KB, 309x403, 1465687781397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're so fucking special

>> No.9340824 [DELETED] 



>> No.9340831 [DELETED] 

Tha's mean. Don't be a cranky-chan.

>> No.9340832 [DELETED] 

not an argument

>> No.9340834
File: 54 KB, 500x778, mana315-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I was special.

>> No.9340843

>61x [D]
wow that cuck got really triggered huh

better re-establish the safe space so we womyns can start posting about our 100% on topic that feel when no fat balding man to fuck me for money

>> No.9340845

what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this? "SJWs" are annoying and all, but just reply to them when they appear.

>> No.9340866

>tfw you wear a rainbow pin clearly visible on the lanyard around your neck with your school ID and guys still don't get it and hit on you anyways
I should just shave my head or something

>> No.9340868

>wear old-school sweet to class one day
>this girl in the same building that's always wearing the same ratty milanoo lolita coat gives me a dirty look

>> No.9340873

Okay let me get this a little bit back on track.. J-fash related for sure.

>Going to Japan in April with three friends and ex.
>Posted about this before; about how I was gonna wait until after Japan to break up with him. Haaaa.
>Anyway we're still friendly enough to go without it being weird so that's cool.
>One of the friends, a buddy of a few years and basically my boss at work, has been really friendly lately.
>Figure he's just a really nice guy and probably feels bad because I'm newly single and don't have a lot of friends. Encouraging me to go make friends and do stuff.
>Texts me with a link to $350 return tickets to Japan, this time in October.
>"Oh my god. It's ridiculous. If you're keen we can go again together!"
>Jump on that shit - bringing my teenage niece along because I promised to take her next year anyway. Just taking advantage of great price.
>The second the tickets are bought he drops a bit of an "I liiiike you~" hint bombshell

I just wanted to go buy more j-fashion and j-fashion-related things.

I never gave a second thought to his friendliness because he's always said I was "the little sister" and, to be desu, he's always seemed like a strictly "no non-asians" kinda dude.

>> No.9340933

That's tough. What do you plan to do Anon?

>> No.9340989

There's a girl in our comm with a side-cut and refuses to wear a wig, holy shit it's so un-lolita.

>> No.9340990

My boyfriend raped me.

>> No.9340991

Is it a sidecut that she can conceal? I had a sidecut years ago that I could hide just be flipping my hair to one side.

>> No.9340994


>> No.9340997
File: 37 KB, 601x598, snowscream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

O shit.

>> No.9341002

how is that cgl related?

>> No.9341007

>being this new
Girls get raped on /cgl/ literally every week

usually it's code for "my boyfriend dumped me".

>> No.9341008

>thinking I was being serious

>> No.9341020
File: 65 KB, 620x350, grand-mac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm good just drinking two bottles of Soylent a day
>that's 800 calories total
>I only drink water and tea
>My daily caloric intake is about one of these
>Im not eating disorder-chan but I'm just too depressed to ever get food and never feel hunger

>> No.9341022

Guess you'll just have to rape him back.

>> No.9341028

>implying girls can rape

>> No.9341046

>second the tickets are bought he drops a bit of an "I liiiike you~" hint bombshell
Since he didn't explicitly say so, maybe you misread him? Hopefully? Just keep telling him how much you liiiiiike your friendship~.

>> No.9341047
File: 99 KB, 500x281, 1481827901309.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started college last year, originally I planned to wear lolita often to college but ive only worn it once so far at the beginning of the year, and I was feeling kind of down about it. I was hoping maybe someone from my class would recognize that I was wearing lolita and strike up conversation, but that never happened.
But fast forward to now and

>I dress goth out of lolita
> its just me and one other j-fash/goth girl in my class who look 'different' in my college
>she saw one of my coords I posted to instagram and has since started bringing lolita up in conservation

I'm really happy she knows about lolita, even if she doesn't wear it, we get on really well and I can see a friendship blossoming! I'm starting to get kind of a crush on her but that's a secret for another time...

And this also happened
>Started befriending people from my college's fashion course
>Sitting together in class, one girl turns around and says 'Hey, anon, when are you going to wear one of your lolita dresses to college?'

Maybe I get over-hyped about stuff like this but I'm a lonelita so its nice to know people who I can talk about my hobbies, even if it's just casually!

>> No.9341049

tell us more! we need to know!

>> No.9341074

Some chicks can have clits that are like 5 inches long bro
That's long enough to cause disturbances in your pooper

>> No.9341094

shut the fuck up

girls cannot rape

rape = prejudice + power + penetration

>> No.9341095

But what if the girl has a prejudice against men, ties him down giving her the power, and penetrates his poor pooper with her giant red rocket clit?

>> No.9341100
File: 142 KB, 500x373, dtp3ak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend is determined to wear her virgin-killer sweater to the con, but I'm pretty sure Momocon doesn't allow bare ass.

>> No.9341104

>ties him down giving her the power,

fucking idiot, that's not power, that's fighting back against the patriarchy

>> No.9341106

it doesnt even have to be anal, imagine being tied down while some greasy ugly manwhale tries to part her belly folds to get your dick

no "men like any sex" the normal reverse rape argument there

>> No.9341115
File: 2.90 MB, 400x247, aznfaces.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got the kitty keyhole lingerie last night.

>mfw it's stretchy enough for my bf to wear it

>> No.9341127

Fucking CHRIST anon
That imagery alone is going to give me nightmares sweet Jesus fuck

>> No.9341129

I was working on a cosplay for my absolute favorite character when I realized that, a) my body type is nowhere NEAR close to his, and b) while the clothes were easy enough, the accessories were way outside of my skill level and time restraints if I wanted them to look good. I was freaking out until I realized that his companion (who I still like, just not as much) is more similar to my body type and face shape, plus the costume is much easier to make. Crisis averted, except the con's in 2 weeks and I still have other costumes I need to finish and I'm starting one completely from scratch now.

>> No.9341133

>mentions characters
>no specifics
Come on now, anon, don't leave us hanging like that.

>> No.9341134

If that's true I'm really sorry and you should get help immediately

>> No.9341137

You are confusing rape with racism friendo

>> No.9341145

>there's someone who actually believes this about racism on /cgl/

I'm actually not surprised at all to be honest

>> No.9341150

It's like soc 101 but okay

>> No.9341219

>friend is insistent that i'm incredibly unhealthy because I'm under what's considered a healthy bmi
>he keeps getting on my nerves about it
>day in day out "anon, you're underweight you should get weight but that'd be difficult for you for this and this reason"
>keeps making jokes about how flat i am

i'm so fucking done with him getting on my nerves about it. I appreciate his concern but for fucks sake it's my body and i feel completely fine. but hey, at least i can fit into cute dresses

>> No.9341221

so THAT'S why feminists don't care when those migrants have forced sex with those privileged white european women! because they're institutionally powerless and thus cannot rape!
i never knew that feminism was actually this logically sound, i guess #imwithher now

>> No.9341225
File: 64 KB, 579x900, 15826128_731489953672127_2287844356732920743_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it wasnt for tabling at cons, I would no longer attend conventions at all. I hate the kind of autists cons attract. The majority of attendees are annoying teenagers + the socially inept. The few 2% normal people are just not worth it.

>the feel when you loved cons when you were a teen
>now you are dead inside

>> No.9341228

so if a has power over b and b has power over c but a and c share the same race and b has prejudice over that race then b is simultaneously both a racist and a non-racist?

>> No.9341242

>so THAT'S why feminists don't care when those migrants have forced sex with those privileged white european women! because they're institutionally powerless and thus cannot rape!

Glad you finally learned something today, /r9k/

>> No.9341255

i can't tell if you mean that i am right or not

>> No.9341261
File: 348 KB, 540x400, we gona or what.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Texts me with a link to $350 return tickets to Japan, this time in October.
>"Oh my god. It's ridiculous. If you're keen we can go again together!"
>Jump on that shit - bringing my teenage niece along
Dam you are fucking ruthless aren't you.

>> No.9341269

Pretty much this. I'm going to talk in detail about all of the dates I'm totally having and what a great friend he is in the hopes that I can curb this before it gets too serious.

Hueh. I like you, anon.

>> No.9341347 [DELETED] 
File: 306 KB, 593x540, 798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>female virgin
>after the age of 16

Nice joke

>> No.9341353

sex is an act of bonding and a show of reciprocal trust and love between two people and this is why the only truthful women are those who claim to be virgins

>> No.9341360 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 150x175, 1443651337255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yeah I've been fucking entire football teams every weekend since highschool and continuing through college but I still haven't found my 6'8 billionaire super model body builder with a 9 inch dick that jizzes chocolate who thinks my curves are sexy and is unwaveringly in love with me because of my personality so I'm still a virgin

>> No.9341364

Sounds like someone who had some regretable fattie sex and wants to call it rape.

>> No.9341371


I gotta say I have to agree with /r9k/ here. I've been posting on /cgl/ since 2009 and the only virgins (female) who ever posted here were always underage posters who constantly lied about their age (i.e. Voldemort).

>> No.9341389
File: 52 KB, 1093x405, ok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, because it's possible to know every single person who frequents /cgl/, an anonymous board.

>> No.9341390

There are plenty of people who never see the light of day outside of there house on here though? Women can also be fatty autists?

I myself am 22 and for some reason have this irrational deep fear that if I have sex with a guy it will be used against me - they'll brag about it to others, try to drag me through the mud, somehow take pictures for revenge porn, I don't know. Never trusted a guy I've dated enough to get handsy. So there's also crazies like myself.

>> No.9341391
File: 5 KB, 200x200, lowqualitybait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong pic. I feel stupid now.

>> No.9341411
File: 418 KB, 1920x1280, 1446ec26cb09e289914c9fa505ee4a23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw been feeling like burning out at college
>getting grant refund at the end of the month
>getting a bigger paycheck than originally thought
>can actually afford dream trip to Wizarding World
>tempted to dress up as a student and everything
>willing to even cut back on my cosplay convention budget for this
>so happy I could cry

>> No.9341412 [DELETED] 

I suppose I should clarify, there is no such thing as an UNWILLING female virgin. If you choose not to have sex that's one thing. But if you're trying to complain that you want to have sex but cant then you are full of shit.

Getting laid as a woman is as easy as existing, which is exactly how I know unwilling female virgins don't exist.

>> No.9341426

hey robots can you stop shitting up the thread

>> No.9341436 [DELETED] 

See, therein lies the very distinct difference.
You're not a virgin because you're unwanted, nor are you even a virgin because you're keeping it for a serious relationship, you're just one because of a mental problem.

As a guy, you can be handsome, funny, confident, friendly, and a decent person but never get lucky with women because of how much effort guys need to put into trying to even make a relationship start while women can sit back and pick through choices. If they wanna go above and beyond, they certainly can try their hardest for chad, but chances are they'll have more than a handful of relationships they never had to personally even try for before they ever need to put effort their selves.

Sage for cynical 28 year old virgin rant.

>> No.9341450

have you told him to stop? he isn't a feels-thread troll, you don't need to ignore his bullshit.

>> No.9341453

what's stopping you from sitting back and picking through your choices of prostitutes
there is no such thing as an unwilling male virgin if you can shell out money for sex

>> No.9341456

lol, make sure you emphasize the point about how you're soooo glad he's not one of those fake "nice guys" that befriend women in hopes of guilt sex down the line.

Guilt sex... obligation sex? Giri-sex, like giri-choco?

>> No.9341460

I wouldn't call you crazy. I'd call you an island of sanity in a sea of debauchery and loose morals.

>> No.9341461 [DELETED] 

Women don't care. They possess literally no capacity for sympathy for men.

>> No.9341480 [DELETED] 

>she's sane for being paranoid over things that almost never happen and are of no consequence
>meanwhile if a man is worried about the very real threat that any random woman he has sex with will lie and say he raped her which happens to innocent men every day, and the very real consequences of getting arrested, sent to prison, getting his name and face plastered all over the entirety of mainstream media with "RAPIST" right next to it and losing his job all before any actual evidence is presented or he has a chance to defend himself, and you'll just call him a bitter sexist virgin

>> No.9341481

Then go to reddit and fucking cry about it, Jesus Christ

>> No.9341484

Go buy a prostitute and get over it

>> No.9341502

She's sane for not jumping in the sack for the first pretty face that comes along. She's sane for not putting herself at risk, getting blackout drunk or doing one night stands. If you compared modern hookup culture to smoking, today it would be on the level of prime time Flintstones commercials talking about how great open marriages are and how fun it is to have sex with a new stranger every month. Sooner or later society is going to have to admit how harmful these behaviors really are for males and females in the long term, like smoking.

>> No.9341505

Sex is more than just the physical act, and it's really shallow and superficial to assume that the emotional aspect of it doesn't matter. Being a 28 year old virgin is even more depressing if you just finally experience it with the human embodiment of In-N-Out.

>> No.9341507 [DELETED] 

>Men don't care. They possess literally no capacity for sympathy for women.
See. Flip the genders are you sound like a Tumblr dumbass.

>> No.9341509

This shit right here pisses me off so much. Every relationship I've ever been in, I've been the one going after the dude and confessing to them. And I've been rejected a ton of times too, it sucks either way. Who the fuck wants to be passively pursued? This is not something to long for, so why would you be jealous women can get some greasy neckbeard just for sitting arpund doing nothing? Getting someone worth beig with requires effort no matter your gender.

>> No.9341511

so you admit you're a virgin by choice then

>> No.9341517

I take pleasure in knowing that I have other people's dream dresses in my wardrobe, and sometimes I like to buy dresses that other people have their eye on.

>> No.9341519

Don't waste your time, none of these idiots are here to discuss anything, they just want to shit up the thread.

>> No.9341528
File: 60 KB, 640x640, VuuizWT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

H-how well does old school move on the second hand market? They added more stuff I want but everything is up to ~$400 now and there's a few things I don't want that I'd want to try to sell to recoup

>> No.9341534

Depends on how rare and sought after the piece is, and its condition of course. A unique release of the Elizabeth OP will be worth a lot more than some miscellaneous Cornet dress, etc.

>> No.9341547 [DELETED] 

>This is not something to long for, so why would you be jealous women can get some greasy neckbeard just for sitting arpund doing nothing
Nearly all men of all levels of attractiveness make the first move in nearly all relationships. To pretend like only the worst men approach women who are just sitting around is a blatant lie. Just sitting around is enough for a woman to attract multiple men within roughly one standard deviation above or below herself, and freely choose whichever one most appeals her. Even after that the woman has to do nothing but sit back and judge the quality of gifts and entertainment that the man provides to her, and the instant she's unsatisfied or bored for any reason she can walk away with all the free stuff she got to begin again with another guy, and the guy just has to cut his losses and mentally and physically prepare for the next round of desperately trying to impress a woman.

Sorry but you simply do not know what "work" in dating is and you never will.

>> No.9341548

my fucking god i feel u

>still has lots of belly fat but jawline, hands and arms look a bit bony
>since those are the parts that are showing pretty much always family assumes i have an ED
>thanks lord for this shitty fat distribution

>> No.9341551

>abloobloobloo I can't get my dick wet :(((

>> No.9341579 [DELETED] 

Again with this. You can't actually deny a single thing I said so you resort to the exact same tired insult.

And you still don't realize that not only are you not disproving anything I said, but actually helping prove it. You'd never insult a woman by calling her a virgin, because even you know that makes no sense because of how trivially easy it is for women.

The fact that you've skated through life despite lacking even one iota of self awareness or reasoning is even further proof of how easy being a woman is.

>> No.9341611 [DELETED] 

Reminder that smiling and "looking available" is not doing work.

>> No.9341613 [DELETED] 

Aren't you women yourselves the ones who hate prostitutes and think any man using one ever is a giant unforgivable red flag.

>> No.9341618

that pic begs to be cgl-ified

>> No.9341684

Just go away, keep victimizing yourself.

>> No.9341722

>Sage for cynical 28 year old virgin rant.
*28 year old male virgin rant

maybe stop having these threads instead
this is literally /cgl9k/

>> No.9341731

He already said he was a guy.

>> No.9341735


I really, really, really doubt that anyone is going to upload "revenge porn" pics of you

nobody wants to see porn with fat autistic landwhale

>> No.9341744

except men orbit around women non stop and cater to their every need

>take statement that is true
>flip it around and it's untrue
>"b-b-bb-but..." / pretend it's the same

>> No.9341831 [DELETED] 

Yea? It's apples and oranges though. Anyone can pay someone for sex, but you can't pay someone to genuinely want to have sex with you and mutually love you.

How old are you?

>> No.9341839 [DELETED] 

This I'd what's aggravating and truly shows women are incapable of empathizing with this issue. Sex obviously is more than just the physical act, and yet the advice given is always "just fuck a prostitute and problem is solved."

Because women are incapable of knowing what it's like to be unloved, not sought after by anyone, not once in your entire adult life. At some point, all women WILL receive longing attention from the opposite sex sometime before the age of 18 and even more so beyond. This is almost guaranteed unless they have some weird birth defect or absolutely rancid personality.

Fatty chan that I replied to that's too scared to have sex has people who want her, has people who want to be given a chance, and people who almost certainly would want to prove her fears wrong to her and go through the effort and patience it'd take to do that.

You won't find the same for most guys. There's a reason why nearly all homeless people are males. Someone will care about you enough to save you as a female, but it's less likely you'll have people who love you enough to keep you from the streets as a male.

>> No.9341848

Nice bait

>> No.9341855

>implying it's easy for women to have sex that is "more than just the physical act"


>> No.9341857

jfc i know right

>"i'm a virgin because i'm afraid of being used only for sex because of my body"
>reee you're not a true unwilling virgin!! if you open your legs, some random douche will stick it in!

>i want to stick it in a girl :( 4ever alone as an unwilling virgin
>"get a prostitute"
>b-b-b-but there's no love

>> No.9341871

>the truth is bait now

>> No.9341872

Losing your virginity to a prostitute doesn't count, you're still a virgin in the eyes of other men

and in the eyes of other women let's face it.

>> No.9341882
File: 171 KB, 374x347, 1479181346524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>women get offered all the attention and sex they want, accompanied with free drinks/meals/entertainment/etc, but none of that counts because "well the sex isn't always as nice as I want"
>this is somehow exactly the same as men never getting any offered any attention, sex or free stuff ever, having to instead always do all the work and spend all the money trying to impress women and even then sometimes not being able to succeed due to factors outside his own control but he can "just fuck a hooker" for hundreds of dollars and at the risk of getting arrested since prostitution is still illegal
>women somehow look at these 2 situations and think "yeah these are exactly the same, in fact I'd say women probably have it harder men need to check their privilege"

>> No.9341886

I wish my boyfriend killed you /r9k/ poster

>> No.9341889


>> No.9341891

Because I hate misogynist like you, spreading hate speech against women.

>> No.9341895

How was that hatespeech.

>> No.9341916

because she disagrees
you're a nazi now
and it's okay to kill nazis now
do you understand yet

>> No.9341925

>believing sociology is a science
it's a meme you fuck, get over it

>> No.9341930

if you say something is x 101 it's true now
trust me i took sophistry 101

>> No.9341941

Behead all misogynist!! /cgl/ is a board of peace!!!

>> No.9341956

>satire 101

>> No.9341980

>zoey 101

>> No.9341991

>is that a reference to something 101

>> No.9341998

>Tfw get lucky with lucky packs
>Tfw just sell everything for big dick profits

Feels good honestly

>> No.9342786

that's only the case for men who aim for women who are out of their league. Which most men don't notice.

>> No.9342834

>says the 5/10 /cgl/ arrogant whale when she has 8/10s orbiting around her

die you filthy cunt

.50 cal bullet to the brain of every /cgl/ female!!

jk i know you're the numale whiteknight

>> No.9342947

>that's only the case
You what. That doesn't apply to anything I said.

Most men, regardless of how attractive they are, their personalities or anything else will never have a girl approach and ask them out on a date where she takes care of and pays for everything the way guys are expected to. Who they "aim" for has absolutely no factor on this.

And regardless of how attractive or appealing a girl you approach is you still have to do everything. No matter how ugly a girl is you can never walk up to her and say "hey how would you like it if you bought me a drink and took me to dinner". Well you can I guess, but only if you want 0 chance of ever dating or fucking her. Again, totally irrelevant to what the guy "aims" for.

So what exactly was your point here.

>> No.9342990

This is funny, because I'm single for the first time in my adult life and sick as shit of needy losers pawing at me and trying to buy me shit.

There are only two guys I'm interested in (primarily because we bully each other and I'm into that) and both I've straight up said "Hey, I'll buy you a drink -whenever-." And that was that. Worked pretty well to be desu.

>> No.9343064

>I get so much free stuff and attention now I'm bored of it :(
Wow now that I think of it that way I realize just what hell being a woman must be I'm so sorry.

>> No.9343108

You're basically saying that all women should immediately jump on the slightest bit of attention they receive and suck every single dick, otherwise they're ungrateful and don't deserve any.

Fuck right off.

"Boohoo it's so hard to pick up women. Why would anybody prefer zero sex/attention over sex/attention from somebody they don't want? I'm so desperate, I'd never turn anything down! Why isn't everybody like me?"

It's fucking pathetic and there's a reason that women are rejecting YOU.

>> No.9343110

If someone says "I am not interested in you." don't keep fucking touching them and telling them they're pretty and offering to buy them shit like you're going to change their mind. Fucking accept it and move on.

The old "women are not vending machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out" analogy comes to mind.

Holy shit can somebody like you even function as a grown-ass adult human being? How can your perception of another living, thinking, feeling human being be so skewed?

>> No.9343138

Gee women sure get butthurt fast and easily when you point out how easy their lives are when their biggest complaints are having too much of a good thing.

Is this the first time anyones ever challenged your eternal victim mentality before?

>> No.9343307

>There are only two guys I'm interested in (primarily because they are far more attractive than me


You are probably less attractive than the "shit of needy losers" that buy you free stuff constantly.

>> No.9343535

And of course she'd never just decline the free stuff. Just take it, then get upset and angry if the guy has the nerve to keep talking to her after she accepts it, like he should just just be silent and grateful he was allowed to give her something and then walk away without a word.

Then she complains about it like being a woman is the hardest thing in the world. Like they cannot even comprehend what it's like on the other side. If you put a woman in a mans body and told her to go try dating their own gender from the other side they'd fail miserably and give up without one ounce of success.

>> No.9345504

Even the most generous estimates of miscarriage rates measure it as far below the likelihood your pregnancy will go forward just fine, though. Everything else might be common and realistic, but not really miscarriage if you live in the first world.

>> No.9345563

I don't think it's that our psychologies are all that complex. It's just that most people don't take the time to understand their psychologies. People don't try to find a reason why they feel about things the way they do. A lot of people have this attitude of, "I'm just who I am, I can't change that." When you literally decide everything about who you are. And if you can decide that, then you can decide who you want to be with. And then it's just a matter of finding out if your partner is that person. And once you know for certain they're not, there's no point in staying.

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