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share those cosplay and lolita related feels
last thread is in autosage

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>need a custom zentai made
>was told to go to zentai-zentai
>send them a picture of the character I'm cosplaying from
>they ask for a reference sheet
>send them a reference sheet done by a friend (pic related)
>they ask for MORE REFERENCE (a picture of a cosplayer to be exact)

I'm having second thoughts on zentai-zentai

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>wake up
>check phone
>see a message from someone on my lolita tumblr where i post coords
>message is written in moonrunes
>it basically says "hello i am a japanese mega-otaku i have fallen in love with you and i very much want to become friends"

i hope it's a troll or something. no big deal really, just blocked them but what a weirdo

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>want to bulk up my wardrobe with some lavender accessories so I can finally live my 2010 OTT Sweet dreams
>Buy four new items, all described as "Lavender"
>All different fucking shades
>The shoes are "true" lavender, the bag is a little darker, the cardigan is more pinky, and the wristcuffs are bluer.
>I should have just stuck with pink
>mfw i realise this shit

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sometimes i see that someone i know (who isn't my friend) is bidding on something and i just want to buy it and wear it in front of them. i'm actually more tempted to use the BIN option when someone else is bidding, even if they're a complete stranger.

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Had my worst con experience at Katsucon. I stepped in dog poopies and had to ask Naruto to wash it. It still got on my sock though. I had to wear that shit all day.

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My worst con experience was the "prom" at Momocon (I think?) 2015.

First the guy couldn't make his music play, so they hooked up some dude's phone. We had to slow-dance to the Lucky Star theme.

My bf tried to show off a sick dance move he learned online and accidentally kicked me super hard, right in the bush.

He took me to Chik-Fila afterward and got me nuggets, so I guess it worked out.

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>dress listing has been up for three months
>seller deletes it the day I want to buy it

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>My bf tried to show off a sick dance move he learned online and accidentally kicked me super hard, right in the bush.
>He took me to Chik-Fila afterward and got me nuggets, so I guess it worked out.


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At least you got tendies.

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>We had to slow-dance to the Lucky Star theme

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If they listed it on another site it might be sold already but you can try messaging them and ask.

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My crush was photographing me in a somewhat lewd position and I ended up farting loudly and now whenever he sees me he makes sure to mention it

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Sounds like he likes you. Ask him out.

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>cute girl from the con tells me I was her con crush
>thank her, but don't give her my dox or anything
>driving home
>realize I'm 26 and have never put my penis in a girl

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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>We had to slow-dance to the Lucky Star theme
I... I don't even
How does that even work

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At least you realised it on the same day, it took me 3 months and a friend telling me.

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>sew together second mockup for Tiz
>didn't take into account that I was going off of older pre-lifting measurements
>literally have to rip it off myself
>need to buy even more fabric for another mock up
This costume is killing me. It's his default outfit from Second and I thought it'd be easier since it's just a front piece back piece.
It's not.

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I had this issue with them too, it took me a number of emails and spreadsheets but when I got the suit it was down to EXACT specifications.

Double edged sword though, I over estimated how part of it was supposed to look and it looked terrible when brought from paper to life, BUT like I said it was made exactly as I designed so, I can only be mad at myself.

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one fart can leave to another fart.

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>husband and I have been living in a tiny apartment room that's really only meant for one person so it gets messy really fast
>has been a completely and utter disaster for at least the past month
>couldn't find one of my cosplay props (a kinda pricy airsoft gun)
>get really pissed and clean the whole room and organized shit
>found airsoft and now our room is spotless
Feels so good. Now I can walk through it without stepping on shit. Hopefully it won't get that bad again for a good while.

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>27 and never had sex

I just find it really hard to trust strangers, especially women.

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You're just fucking, you're not giving them your house keys. Stop being such a faggot and get laid already.

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I agree. That's why I don't have sex with strangers, that's what a SO is for.

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>Tfw you've spent eight hours playing and drop your 3DS
>Tfw the cartridge pops out
> Tfw you turn it back on and realize your numbskull ass didn't bother saving... at all and you were almost done with the game
> Tfw aerodactyl screeching is the only sound that conveys your feelings

On a more /cgl/ related note, I'm almost ready to cosplay as the female grunt, but I couldn't find her defeated face

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Funny, I feel the same thing about guys.

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You should take into account pregnancy and diseases. Condoms are not 100% save when it comes to pregnancy. And if you do it with someone you don't really know at a place they've had access to before you were there, they could be filming you.

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cmon mate, that's pretty much paranoia and not even simple distrust

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You have to be dumb to trust anyone in all honesty. Male or Female

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>tfw you realize you've fallen for your friend who is a 25-year-old turbovirgin.
>He's terrified of women and has developed some weird views towards relationships, like "being in the same room with the door closed has implications."

I just want to get stoned and watch movies with him. ;~;

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It has happened to me when we were using a condom. I was off the pill because I was going to start a new one in a different country. I nearly died from hyperemesis and since then I've been too paranoid to have sex (it's possible I'll have the same disease with a second pregnancy).

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I meant more towards the second half of what was said. Condoms ofc aren't 100%

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who calls their own pussy a bush jesus christ

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I have no friends despite having been to countless cons, I always go alone. I wish I had some cosplay friends to do things with outside cons, or at cons. Or just some regular friends to watch anime with.
And that person I was the closest to in cosplay has been away from Facebook for a really long time, I'm getting worried that something happened to them.

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If you're talking about doing it with a stranger tough, it's possible, porn sites are full of it

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>I just want to get stoned and watch movies with him. ;~;
High there how are you and what's your fave genre?

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I had the same problem anon, I'm very glad your flat is spotless now! I recommend working your own cleaning routine, it will save you lot of stress and time.
I always feel like pinks in my outfits don't match. Eh.

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>boyfriend is still good friends with his ex and offers advice from time to time to help her be a better person
>recently started dating a guy who is shady in the comm and he warned her but she doesn't care because the guy couple displayed with her
>bitches to bf that he never wanted to couple cosplay that's why they broke up
>bf has been open to it while we've been dating. He just has trouble picking characters since he's a bodybuilder type and I'm smol and brown.
>her bitching inspires him to ask me to be the Casca to his Guts (once I read the manga) and were doing Sombra and Reaper this year
> tfw bf makes couple cosplans with you
> tfw once you teach him about wigs and sewing he start nitpicking his ex and says youre better.

Even if he's just trying to amp up my self esteem with saying I'm better, these good feels are some of my fave feels.
But man I can't wait to cosplay with him again. He was so well liked for his last cosplay and it was his first.

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>offers advice from time to time to help her be a better person
I feel like there is a lot left unsaid here

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Every potential "SO" is a stranger.

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Girls who don't shave I guess.

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Oh thank god. I was just super worried since they asked for a cosplayer for reference.. and the cosplayers for that specific outfit looked like trash.

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>rarely date
>asked out by stranger
>wth, ok you don't seem crazy
>realize I've never been on a date in which I didn't plan it
>this guy wants to plan for me

It's been a long time since I've dated and I'm not sure what to expect besides dinner. He met me wearing larme, but lolita is a huge part of my life. I think I'll tell him about it during the first date if I feel like we'll see each other again, but I'm not sure.

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So fucking mad
>at con
>friend and her new bf tells me to stay at their home near to con
>ever since she met him she wont go any fucking where without him
>new bf spilled (i kid you not) mountain dew on my white MmM dress
>he smells of BO, they dont want to aerate because "so coooold out" and cat could go out
>just put deodorant and didnt shower
>now it's 4am
>room is too hot,smells weird
>this piece of shit is snoring super loud
>too shy to wake him up or say anything
Please help me to stay calm and not strangle him

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>sharing hotel room with ex and friends
>ex and I end up sharing the same bed
>when we were together, whenever he gets disturbed in sleep he'd squeeze me close to himself
>shuffle around closer to him and put his arm over me
>he ends up doing it
>I start crying like a little girl
>he wakes up and apologizes, thinking he did something wrong
>others wake up and shun him for it
>I don't have the heart to say what I did

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>be me
>comm mod, don't get involved with drama, try to be fair and balanced in all incidents
>comm trusts me, usually the one people go to when they have problems
>resolve just about everything peaceably
>comm is pretty big and very clucky, so always have people talking with me
>friendly to everyone and nice to newbies
>fairly well liked for having a level head and being cordial with everyone
>desperately wish I had a lolita friend to be catty and gossip with

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Aw. Well, you always have us anon.

I'm in near the opposite situation. I don't expect lolitas to be ~lovilies owo~, but I sometimes feel like an asshole for sharing my real thoughts/frustrations about my comm with some of my more gossipy lolita friends.

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>date normie for several years
>during time together, he's gone to one con
>he was clearly bored the entire time
>never tried to convince him to go to another but left the door open
>this year suddenly eagerly asking about going with me to multile cons
>agrees to cosplay pretty much whatever if I make the outfit for him

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited as hell, I'm just perplexed by the sudden interest after so many years together and so many other opportunities brushed off with a "meh, not my thing, anon, but you go have fun!" Time to look through all my potential cosplay plans and make the most of this opportunity.

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Bitch, you'd better set your friends straight so he isn't treated poorly by them for YOUR actions. That's so fucking selfish and fucked up, and I'm speaking as someone who has more than once had to sleep in the same bed at cons with an ex I still have feelings for and managed to keep my fucking hands to myself. Own up to your actions, don't make his life harder because you're a selfish cunt.

>10/10 I'm mad as fuck

>> No.9369287

Maybe he found out who Yaya or JNig is and wants in on cons thinking they're all that

Normie behaviour, basically

>> No.9369297

being nerdy is cool now.
normies only seem to care about cons when im like "oh like comic cons"
they want in on these "new trends"
ask him what piqued his interest. if he doesnt say why assume its >>9369287

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>be me
>have pretty obscure dream dress, only pops up every once and a while and in both the wrong cut and color every time
>see listing on LM
>right colorway but different cut
>super duper cheap
>buy it anyway because it's the closest thing i've seen to it being sold

it's an abstract feeling, but dang it was super cheap and i'm happy to have it in the right colorway! i hope i find the combo of right cut and color one day, but i feel a lot of satisfaction for right now. especially because i've tried getting this dream dress twice and been snubbed both times (like the listing was already sold but it was still up for some reason)

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Don't kill him or else your brand money will become bail money

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>crushing on 22yo turbovirgin friend
>try to pull the "ahaha but your parents must totally be pressuring you to find a gf!" card because I'm pretty much the only girl he ever talks to
>"no my parents don't care"
>"ahaha but what about grandkids!"
>"no my parents don't care"

Bless his dense little heart, but also, fugg

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Hot ones are taken, b-but you can go out with me

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Don't cry anon we have lots of single fatty chans who would more than happy to touch your penis

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>> No.9369428

>working off of outdated measurements that you knew were outdated
Yeah I don't feel bad for you

>> No.9369442

Fucking liar.
The only ones on this site interested in penis is the seemingly multiplying army of st-st-stuttering homos, many of whom are just prison gay.

Not that I blame any of the women; I'd feel the same.

>tfw have to choose between con life and coords or getting a new car.

The agony...

>> No.9369451

Some people genuinely want others to emerge as better people.

I still check up on my ex even though she was abusive in our relationship, checking if she's going to therapy and all that.

Bleeding hearts, I guess.

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>Katsucon was fun
>Realize my Strawberry Bell prop from my Ichigo costume didn't make it back with me
>Good chance it was knocked under a bed or something in our hotel room
>Ok, i can just make another one no big deal
>Not only that but one of my friends may or may not have taken my Angel wig by accident
>To top it all off bf claims to have forgotten 2-3 DS games of mine at the Motel 6 we stayed in on the way back from Katsu

I can replace this stuff, i just have a sudden bout of anxiety that other stuff might be lost too and i just don't know. I've unpacked everything since, but I can never be certain

>> No.9369525

Anyone who likes Madoka is dateable.

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Same here. I lost a lava lamp at Katsu. No idea where it went.

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>girl in my comm is a bitch
>having tea
>she blurts out of nowhere, "Honestly, I hate brolitas more than fat itas."
>handful of brolitas and fatty-chans at the table

>> No.9369569

I like her already.

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>boyfriend gets lolita fashion enough to tease me about wearing bodyline items to large events
>boyfriend gets lolita fashion enough to not say things like "where's the cleavage?" yet still finds small waist (especially in comparison with poofy skirt, or when laced with grommets) or peek of leg between sock and skirt attractive.
>boyfriend gets it enough to buy me items that actually work with my style.
>boyfriend is quick to retrieve packages he knows contain precious frills while I'm at work (he works nights) and stacks them up for me like Christmas

He'll never want to dress up with me and will forever be in cotton t-shirts and jeans (nice ones though), it's definitey "my thing" and draws more attention than he is usually comfortable with so I solo a lot of events, but I think I can live with this.

>> No.9369577

>finally get answers for all my weird health questions
>but now that I know what to avoid to stay healthy, finding lolita shit is even worse
>trying to stick to chiffon blouses w/ easily removed jackets because dysautonomy overheats me in 40F weather and freezes me in warm rooms
>finding chiffon blouses that fit me that I don't already own is true suffering
>forever trapped in the fashion faux pas of wearing the same three blouses to meets

This shit sucks bro

>> No.9369592

Have some pictures on your phone of toned-down coords so he doesn't have to google it

>> No.9369604

I wear the same 3 dresses to meets because they're OTT and I don't have any other occasion to wear them

>> No.9369605

Depends. Personally, if I was looking for a long-term relationship, I'd share my passions early on because I wouldn't want to waste time with someone who was judgmental about them. I don't want to hear complaining when I dedicate a lot of time/money to those passions later on. I wouldn't feel compelled to mention it on the first date, but definitely before our dates enter the double digits.

On the other hand, if non-judgemental-ness is not one of your top priority traits in a partner (it's fine if it's not), you can always ease them into your hobby later. It is easier for normies to tolerate ~*weird hobbies*~ when they know you're a cool person in the first place.

For non-serious relationships it's whatever the fuck. One of my best friends was embarrassed by me when I wore a menhera outfit to a haunted house. Does she still love me and I her? Yes. Would I ever accept her on her offer to move in with her and her equally judgy husband? Hell no.

>> No.9369611

I c wut u did there

>> No.9369612

>I don't want to hear complaining when I dedicate a lot of time/money to those passions later on.
No matter how much you tell them about it, I don't think anyone is going to grasp just how much you can spend on this hobby until they've seen it for themselves.

>> No.9369618

Good idea. I think he knows what it is since he's a salary man, but I hope he understands it's just clothes.

Thanks. I'll wait until the third date if it even gets that far to bring it up.

>> No.9369644

Sounds great, honestly. I'm happy for you, anon!

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im selling all my brand to fuel my drug addiction

>> No.9369871

what u selling

>> No.9369898

What a coincidence. I sell drugs to fuel my brand addiction.

>> No.9369958

Sometimes I'm just struck with the reminder of how happy I am that when I first got into lolita, I didn't take any pictures of my terrible, failed attempts to coord.
>solid color Bodyline JSK with brown heels, no blouse, cheap looking wide brown belt
>BL skull jsk, black normie blouse, black and purple wig, normie black boots and non-matching purple tights
It exists only in my memory, and I am so so glad

>> No.9369991

Assuming this isn't a joke... Get help, anon.Drug addiction sucks, trust me. Burando is better.


>> No.9370024

>haven't worn Lolita for 3 years
>finally got job in city with robust comm
>never been to a non convention meet
>burando doesn't fit anymore
>not sure if I want to push myself to drop the weight in hopes of joining or give up and sell it

>> No.9370065

Drop the weight either way, fat is gross.

>> No.9370071

What happened next? Assuming this isn't bait

>> No.9370081

So your main reason so wear lolita is to join a comm?

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Struggling with food addiction resulting in gaining a lot of weight and stretchmarks everywhere.
I'm out of my house because of work 13hrs. I dont even have time foir myself, since I have to be ready for tomorrow's work.

>> No.9370195

Drop the weight so I find you super qt and be your bf and buy you burando~

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One of the brolitas had a gf, who immediately started telling off the girl. They argued for a bit as everyone else sat awkwardly. Then one girl changed the topic to mochi.

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In 2012 I tried to help a Gumi who was having a seizure and got seizure-kicked in the left nut.

>> No.9370393

>Tfw wonder what it's like to strangle a lolita

>> No.9370414

>Be me, have a disease that not only causes me excruciating back pain, but also major depression and anxiety, can't get out of bed some days
>Can't do anything for the mental side of stuff because my family won't allow me to take psych meds
>Physical side can't fully be cured, most hope I have is a surgery that my insurance won't cover
>Turn to smoking pot (never in my lolita clothes) to get some kind of pain relief because family won't pay for my pain meds either, believe in "prayer healing"
>Have a beautiful closet that I never touch
>Don't sell it because lolita is my only hobby
>Went out for the first time in awhile yesterday, in lolita, but went home after 2 hours
>Didn't really talk to anyone the whole time
>Only felt comfortable when I was back home in my room

What the fuck's the point in dressing up when I don't like people and run out of battery after two hours? I hate the fact that I'm becoming a recluse. Any advice, gulls? I feel hopeless at the moment. Sorry for being a sadfag, everything just sucks right now.

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how about this face

>> No.9370426

Sounds like you could use a bf, anon!

>> No.9370429

>got seizure-kicked in the left nut.

>> No.9370439

Idc I'm taking the bait. Sounds like you're both hiki bitches who are probably ita themselves.

>> No.9370503

>hating brolitas and fatty itas makes you a hiki and an ita

Xd I love this new meme!
Did you by any chance get it off of Tumblr? You should go back!

>> No.9370506


>> No.9370511

Tumblr's for fags like you, hiki ita anon.

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File: 150 KB, 878x570, AASDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9370526


How fucking new are you

>> No.9370527

I fell for a turbovirgin (only 19 at the time though) After a four hour date of watching Jojo, I jokingly asked him why he hadn't tried to kiss me yet. Wrong move. He curled up and let out a probably more serious than joking high pitched yell. I did manage to get a kiss out of him at the end of the first date.

Now we're in a serious relationship and he is like a different person with how comfortable he is around me.

I recommend just being direct, they're too dumb to pick up on things either because they're either bad at cues or they think that no one could ever be interested in them ever.

>> No.9370530

What cons do you go to?

>> No.9370536

honeymoon phase, bear with it for six weeks.

:( Can you calorie count? Or do you need to see a professional nutritionist? I'm seeing one in two days for my eating disorder

You could set up an online presence, maybe?

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>mfw I got the laxatives I wanted

I'm gonna be so clean for tea on Saturday

>> No.9370563

I had one, we broke up about eight months ago because of differences. :( I'll admit things haven't been as easy, he was the only one who supported me emotionally.
>Tfw to add to it, he got into boystyle/ega AFTER we broke up.

I'm attempting to with my blog and maybe starting YouTubing. I don't want to seem like someone "vying for attention" though if I use my cane while filming or photographing. That's my main worry. I don't want pity, I just want to have fun in lolita again.

>> No.9370565

i'm obsessed with photoshopping myself to the point i think i might be developing body dysmorphic disorder or something. ive suddenly become obsessed with my appearance and wanting to improve it. id get plastic surgery if i could. im trying to loose weight. i dont often recognize myself. ive been editing pictures since i was a teeanager

>> No.9370566


Probably mostly your fault you guys broke up DESU

>> No.9370570

OP of chronic illness post. You sound like you need access to a psychologist or psychiatrist if your family will allow. Please don't develop an eating disorder. I promise that being tiny is not worth the toll it takes on your internal organs.

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In the left nut, yeah.

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>going to visit boyfriends grandpa
>his grandpa is a war vet who owns a gunshop
>my boyfriend tells him about me loving lolita, sends him a couple pictures
>he loves it, says it reminds him how his wife loved to dress.
>decide i'll take a few dresses with me
>he is at the airport all dressed up, looked like some old sheriff.
>tells me that he is going to take us shooting
>I've never done it before, and I'm scared. Boyfriend says he'll show me how and his grandpa keeps saying I'll love it
>End up shooting 15 different kinds of guns, a lot of them being antiques while in classic
>He ends up gifting me a Snake slayer pistol (which my boyfriend is holding onto) while I get my gun permit.
>tfw I now love the idea of matching my coords with guns.
>Can't wait to conceal carry in my purse (with a purse holster ofc)

I just know my friends will be freaked out, so I can't really show it.

>> No.9370580

I just suddenly feel very emotional and sad. I went to a lolita's fb account to see if she had more pictures of her coords and then remembered that she was dead. Her wall was filled with tributes from friends and family saying things like that she's now with the stars, rest in peace, etc. I've always thought that there is no heaven and been okay with thinking that when I die, my brain will stop working and I'll decompose. But I want to believe in a heaven for other people. Maybe I'm just emotional because of hormones.

American health system sucks so much. In other developed countries those meds would be subsidised and maybe that surgery would be subsidised too.
Anyway, seconding the online presence suggestion. I got into it and even though my following is small, it motivates me to dress up a little more (in casual lolita, or smart casual wear) on a daily basis. I think 'I'm a fashion blogger, I should wear something nice today' and that's enough to make me put in some effort. I also have a friend with a chronic disability that stops her from working and she runs a lifestyle lolita aesthetic instagram and enjoys it. She says it helps her to get up in the mornings when she thinks about doing cute stuff and then photographing it? So do whatever makes you feel good anon.

>> No.9370587

Actually, we still talk every day, we're on good terms. He bought me some lolita items before we broke up. Ever heard of just not being right for each other? Sorry anon-chan, try again, desu.

>> No.9370591

agree completely

>> No.9370592

i had a strong feeling this is what'd id have to do.

i spend all my time and money into clothing and appearance stuff. i've ruined my hair. i watch beauty tutorials and look at pictures of my "goals" and "inspiration" like i'm obsessed. i do whatever i can to afford more makeup.

ive had eating issues on and off my whole life. id go through binge purge things. i kept food diaries. i only seriously dropped weight when i was chronically depressed.

i'm terrified i can't be any more beautiful. its not like i dont have anything fucking going for me either which is the sad/confusing thing

>> No.9370595

Thanks anon. I'm thinking I will mostly do the online thing for now. Lolita makes me happy, I spend hospital days looking up clothes/buying on my laptop and such so I feel like it could definitely work.

>> No.9370600

Accepting mental help is never a bad thing. The best thing you can do to help yourself be beautiful is practice healthy habits. Drink a lot of water, eat vegetables, take vitamins. Wash all of your makeup off every night and stick to a strict facial cleansing routine. Your skin needs to breathe sometimes.
You may have OCD. Medication can help, as can a therapist. You should definitely try to see what you can do before things get worse. I'm sorry that you feel so terrible about yourself, anon. I hope you can get some good help. <3

>> No.9370610
File: 395 KB, 605x600, oniichanfuckedup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>current year
>everyloli still bitching about brolitas, fatty-chans, and DDLGs

>> No.9370611

i kind of did this for a while but then people called me on it and made me realize i don't need to do that anymore. sometimes it takes other people to make you realize how unhealthy your behavior is. especially because i started going places in person and i realized how embarrassing it would be for people to think how different i look from my pictures. now i just post myself with only some light filtering and i'm more happy and get more positive feedback than ever.

this is more of an anecdote than anything but idk i feel like it's relevant. you will never be what you're morphing your face into. you are how you are so work with what you got. when you own your face and realize your own assets, life gets a whole lot easier

>> No.9370615

tsk tsk

>> No.9370630

you're 100% right. i'm definitely trying harder to make those changes.

i sadly can't afford to see anybody. and im getting OCD-like tendencies. its all a bunch of comorbid crap. have nobody to talk about it with. thank you <3

its very embarrassing.
yeah i spend so much time hating and criticizing myself. but then i see that so many other girls do it and get attention for it if im plain honest

im trying to ease out of it. doing it less and less

>> No.9370639
File: 257 KB, 540x398, cabbagefriend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop whining. You have two for a reason.

>> No.9370640

ask them if they have a scale template you need to colour in, they just want to know the size and placement in a non-cartoon reference

>> No.9370643

im having this problem with pinks. everything online comes either peachy or greyish, no matter how true bubblegum-baby-pink they look in photo

>> No.9370651

sorry you got fat

>> No.9370668

i got my dream dress, wrong colour, wrong cut. it didnt fill the hole in my heart but the one i want is so hard to get

>> No.9370671

We'll stop bitching when they stop existing

>> No.9370673


>being friends with your ex
>not being sure of someone before dating them

Also why does it matter if he bought you shit??? Relevance???

>> No.9370676
File: 222 KB, 874x720, angerytomoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when bitches way prettier than you can also make way better shit

>> No.9370678

She's just kind of a messy person. We've met but she's not someone I'd befriend unless I had to. When I met her she just kinda seemed to brush of my bf and make nice with me.
"Haha my new bf is into xyz anime. But EX wouldn't give it the time of day. He's NEVER listen to my recomendations. He said he thought cosplaying was stupid. "
He's always confused to hear her say this because she's misquoting him based on what she thought. When he confronted her about this she kinda just shrugged and told him he never made an effort to clarify.

I trust him over her cause to be honest : she dated him for about 6 months, were engaged going on 5 years.

>> No.9370686
File: 30 KB, 801x720, stockannoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>little sister asks to use my computer for cosplay research
>excitedly agree
>get laptop back hours later
>that little bitch spent HOURS looking at pictures of dongs

>> No.9370695

>not being sure of someone before dating them
(I'm not even that anon but) Yes, because before you go out with someone it is possible 100% predict what it'll be like to date them, thus allowing you to predict the success of your relationship.... not. Being in a relationship clearly changes the way you interact with someone, and also people and life circumstances change. How old are you?

Also, not everyone has a relationship which ends in a messy fireball of an emotional clusterfuck. It's possible to still be friends afterwards.

>> No.9370699

Good on her, she's already learning how to be a manipulative cunt. She'll break many hearts

>> No.9370701

I laughed way too hard. You're sister is an OG.

>> No.9370704
File: 130 KB, 600x620, 1486866780183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9370705

be a good big sister and teach her how to delete the history

>> No.9370720
File: 28 KB, 552x581, wontneedpantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9370736
File: 34 KB, 606x688, mousegar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>drawing in livestream
>0 viewers
>1 viewer
>guy with Spanish username
>"Greetings from Mexico, otaku."
>say hi
>dude starts talking about farts, and begging me to fart on cam

>> No.9370763

Maybe he found that one anime that speaks to him. My mom hated nerd shit like that till she watch Fullmetal Alchemist

>> No.9370771

Seeing the thread about "wtf is cosplay anymore" got me thinking. Didn't wanna post feels there, so I'm posting here instead.

I'm at this point in my life where I'm reevaluating my entire perspective on cosplay and why I'm even cosplaying. It started out as this thing I was doing because I loved costumes and I wanted to do certain characters I truly loved (weeby now looking back, but my deepest darkest waifus at the time), but then I got swept up with the big wave of "cosfame is EVERYTHING" when that first started happening and that basically became my life. I'm glad I only got so far up in the shit as I did because it would make what's going on now even harder if I'd gotten further up.

I've realized how petty that entire lifestyle is and how little it matters in the long run. It fucked with my self esteem. It fucked with my perceptions of other people. It made me a shittier person than I otherwise was and cost me friendships. And at the time, that was whatever, because who cares who you gotta step on as long as it helps you in the end, right? Wrong, because that's a terrible way to live.

So I'm out of that and just not caring about cosfame anymore, but that's a really hard thing to do for a lot of reasons. I've stopped going to cons as often, which I feel guilty for doing because I have friends I've made through cosplay who I genuinely do care about and care about beyond cosplay. But not cosplaying as often means I don't get to see them as often. I'm giving up my community connections by lack of upkeep (photographers, etc) and that's hard to handle. It's a weird feeling not shooting so much anymore too because now I really don't know what to occupy my time with at cons. I have never gone to a panel in my life and don't imagine I'll start going to them now. I don't play games at cons because I'm not into that either. So what is there even to do at cons except wander aimlessly around the exhibit halls?


>> No.9370782

>I had one
I know you said something else after that, but what's important is, want to be my gf?

>> No.9370788
File: 519 KB, 2560x1920, IoZbphA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The cherry on the cake is really the massive disenchantment I have with cosplay in general right now too. Everyone is either a massive autist, an actual child who shouldn't be out alone, a slut who doesn't care about what they're wearing as long as people tag pics, a liberated new age weeb, or an elitist fake face cosfame grabber (I know who you are: I used to be you). I don't really like any new animes and find a lot of current fandoms either uninteresting or massively cringeworthy. The things I do care about are obscure and get very limited, if any at all, representation or recognition. There's so little that's attractive about the scene anymore.

I don't really want to leave cosplay and the con scene though. It's been such a major part of my life for so long that I really don't know what I'd do without it. I like to think I would leave if I could, but the things preventing me are 1) the years of time and effort I've put into it all going to waste 2) the money I've put into it all going to waste 3) the massive unfillable hole it might leave in my life. It's stockholm syndrome type shit at this point.

There are things about cosplay I still really do love. I love making costumes, no matter how stressful and expensive that might get. I love seeing the fruits of my labor and making things that I'm actually proud of (pretty recent shift, I used to just do trendy cosplays on the cheap and on the fly for the likes, which was dumb). I love going to conventions and seeing all my friends and catching up with them. I love meeting that occasional person who is into the same things as me and connecting with them (as rare as that is). My path right now is basically trying to focus on those things and improving my relationship with cosplay. Going back to cosfame grabbing and that shallow life isn't an option. I just can't live like that anymore. I suppose I'll just see what happens from here and hope it doesn't kill me.


>> No.9370792

this is a minor pet peeve but i really hate it when someone calls their own coordinate "OTT" and it's not OTT at all

>> No.9370795
File: 655 KB, 748x834, [unimpressed chewing].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is more related to communities as a whole rather than just simply cosplay or lolita, but I am sick of seeing the word problematic

>jokes normalize problematic thoughts!!
>policing other peoples' content for not being SJW friendly, triggering, some form of -ist

Fuck off with this running to every single corner of the internet bitching about how a joke in poor taste is normalizing fascism or whatever the fuck. It's leaked into almost everywhere, in everything. Showing respect when on someone else's page or approaching them regarding their personal issues or whatever is one thing, but barging into everything you can just to scream autistically is really activating my almonds.

>> No.9370797
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>show mom a Zaxby's commercial with some local cosplayers in it
>MOM: "I don't understand. They pretend to be little girls? Is it some kind of... sex thing? Like on SVU?"

>> No.9370827

How do you lose DS games when you're staying at some sleazy motel to bang?

>> No.9370828 [DELETED] 

How cruel.

>> No.9370861

>Motel 6
How many cockroaches fucked your life up?

>> No.9370915

I know that feel. Never put my penis in a girl but not like I never get offers. After a certain point you kinda reject it out of feeling undeserving and the thought of it becomes unnerving.

Like the very thought of sex is very alien, like "that's something people actually do?" and by a certain point you're so accustomed to masturbation that you almost certainly develop death grip syndrome and bust a nut within 2 minutes.

>tfw girl calls you cute but you can't believe them

>> No.9370923

Just be forward with him. By his age, his confidence is probably shattered to the point where even if you straight up said "I wanna fuck you" he wouldn't believe it.

>> No.9370946

Well, fuck. This hit me hard.

>> No.9371019

I can feel myself becoming like this as well. I'm hyper critical of my friends who are doing group cosplay with me for not making shit (but in my defense, they are straight up buying Halloween costumes and trying to call it cosplay).

I don't want to lose real life friends for being super critical, but I feel like what they are doing warrants that reaction

>> No.9371152
File: 17 KB, 400x400, tipsboater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>boyfriend's friend posts Feminist frequency video about how video game women are unrealistically fit
>respond with group photo of toned Cammy White cosplayers
>blocked immediately

Stay mad, fatty-chan

>> No.9371156

She got you there

>> No.9371165
File: 29 KB, 480x360, dicks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is your sister Tomoko?

>> No.9371170

I recently burst the bubbles of an entire group of fatty-chans who eat that bs right up and it was pretty great.

>go to my bf's coworker's birthday party
>wear super normie clothes
>coworker-chan is a giant weeb, has two friends who are giant weebs
>all eat what must have been 3k-5k Cal dinners at the hibachi place we went to
>conversation turns to cosplay plans
>"I'm planning Catwoman"
>planning a superhero suit myself
>ask what techniques/patterns she was gonna use
>the three wa shock
>catch them staring at my legs the rest of the night
>added them on fb
>one of them starts posting about consultations about lap band surgery

Ngl, it was a pretty nice ego boost.

>> No.9371209

>Motels are only for having sex, lol!
For one, we were also driving some friends back to Milwaukee with us so it wasn't just my boyfriend and me. Secondly, we got a late start leaving the Bay Area because we went to visit one of the aforementioned friend's family for a bit. Plus we didn't get a whole lot of sleep at the con, so instead of going the full 11.5 hours at once we stopped for the night.

Also as for the roach thing, none. Looks like they've been renovating and everything looked pretty new. Obviously a step down from the Gaylord, but an improvement over what they used to be.

>> No.9371212
File: 50 KB, 170x162, 34635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A seller is selling a skirt I want with all good reputation, but recently her feedback shows she sent a couple of things very late and one was 'never sent'.
I feel jittery about buying it now, should I buy it and send a sort of suspicious email asking if she'll be able to post it on time? Maybe that's way too awkward lol

>> No.9371215

If you're worried, you can ask what the time frame for her sending it is. If she doesn't send it within that time, then you have a reason to either contact her again or open a dispute.

>> No.9371226

Yeah, it's on ebay so I'll have protection. i just dont want to spend money and not receive it for ages.

>> No.9371273

>at pictures of DONGS
I laughed so hard I had to go pee, laughed the entire time, and was still laughing so hard I almost missed the level and dunked myself in the toilet.
Because dongs.

>> No.9371281

I was like this until I got a little older and grabbed, by chance, a suit from a thrift shop that was the perfect color, cut and size for me.
Drossed it up, looked good, damn good, and it made me realize for the first time in years that I was actually fairly handsome, and maybe I ought to work more on presenting that side of myself, rather than scorning the world.
If they are having fun, then you would be the shitty person ruining your "friends" fun because you can't restrain your particular brand of autism.
Stop that.

>> No.9371288

I'm worried my group is showing the signs of fracturing over some honestly sad and typical boy/girl drama, and it annoying at the least, and infuriating at most.

>> No.9371328

OMG have you heard that Jessica and Andrew broke up?
Hahahaha, I heard that it's because he's totally gay
OMG no way! LMAO! Do you think it's true?
I don't know, but I heard she's sleeping with that Jeff guy now.
What a total slut!
I know, right!

>> No.9371409

Returning to lolita and seeing how much my currency has died since I last bought a dress is just utterly painful. I wish I had never stopped, I don't know how I could catch up

>> No.9371419

>I don't know how I could catch up
Catch up to what, exactly? Lolita isn't some kind of contest, fucking christ.

>> No.9371463

I feel like all the dresses I missed out on are so amazing and now they're all reselling for so much more than they cost when they came out because of the exchange rate change. I can never own so many dresses now. My wardrobe size will never increase as much as it could have.

>> No.9371466

Because he had no qualms about spending money on my hobby because it made me happy? That's why it's relevant?
We just pursued different goals is all, really and found out we didn't want the same things in life. I'm not that old yet so it's not like I'm in a huge hurry to settle down for the rest of my life. Sorry that you're too bitter to have a boyfriend, anon-chan.

>> No.9371472

Will you buy me burando

>> No.9371579

>Lolita isn't some kind of contest
I beg to differ very much. Very Very much so.

>> No.9371584
File: 112 KB, 634x740, cunt..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What a total slut!
I thought cos players accepted there were or are alot of sluts especially in cosplay.

>> No.9371597
File: 1.82 MB, 355x360, lolz.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9371606

Most of us are aware of it, but not all of us have come to terms with it yet.

>> No.9371615

ah i see is there even cosplay based condoms and lube for people at coms or is it bring your own stuff?

>> No.9371630

My SO is like this! It's the best, and honestly I much prefer it over a boyfriend with an actual interest in lolita. There's a lot of weird dudes out there who fetishize lolita and I do not want to deal with that.

>> No.9371653

>My SO is like this! It's the best, and honestly I much prefer it over a boyfriend
Cos players are weird sometimes.

>> No.9371709

why do you write the word like that bro

>> No.9371714

Don't worry, sounds like she will start getting excluded soon enough

>> No.9371724

>wearing fashion is a contest
Please stick to cosplay.

>> No.9371732

Lolita isn't a contest, that's just your insecurities leaking out

>> No.9371748

Well... if I think it's cute, too.
I guess that depends on the quality of your taste.

>> No.9371761

Please explain your fucked up logic to us more anon

>> No.9371865
File: 30 KB, 1000x1000, 1415506244322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finish labor intensive and expensive cosplay
>Super proud
>Realize I don't have any cons to go to until next year

Welp. At least it's ready, I guess. Kinda wish I could walk around in it without being one of those cringy "walk around in public" cosplayers.

>> No.9371869

It's more like female logic
have to be better than the others

>> No.9371899
File: 903 KB, 500x277, tumblr_mr73b34AS21qbd52ro4_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend who I had falling out with isn't going to upcoming convention
>feels pretty good, to be honest
>kinda miss her and I don't regret ever being her friend and I cherish our memories
>but its good we aren't friends anymore

>> No.9372010

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9372024

It's so annoying when ita threads are getting trolled with non-ita pics!!

>> No.9372096 [DELETED] 

>finished cosplay without staying up all nice the day of con

What sorcery is this?

>> No.9372098

>finished cosplay without staying up all night the day of con

What sorcery is this?

>> No.9372109

>>9369286 yikes man take a walk

seems like you just need to get over the grieving phase and probably wasnt good to still be hanging out with your ex like that. now that you know, clear the air with your friends so there's not bad blood and take time for yourself. you dont need to keep hanging out with him if you're not over it yet. he seems pretty understanding.

>> No.9372118

>august catch ldr bf has been cheating on me when he was visiting me
>we were dating for two years and just went one year ldr and i was so heartbroken about it
>last year of uni so on top of break up depression super senioritis
>i trash the couple cos we were going to do for katsu, refund for badges and hotel
>end up being lazy and sad until i go home for chistmas
>see all the family photos and i look like a cow from all the binge eating and how my wardrobe became 99% yoga pants from forever 21
>new years resolution was to get back in shape to where i was pre-break up
>now down 17 pounds with 10 more to go!

Feeling a lot better now that I have a goal and have some spring cons to look forward to!

>> No.9372131
File: 93 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>family is forcing me to go to a normie retreat with a motivational speaker
>because of this event I have to miss classes at college and spend $600+ on airfare/hotel/etc
>on top of already having to buy the event ticket
>super stressed because I can barely juggle work and full-time school as is while paying for everything myself, and now I need to do a week's worth of schoolwork in two days' time
>family doesn't understand that I genuinely enjoy being in school because I'm surrounded by people with the same career path and hobbies, and not pyramid scheme obsessed stay at home moms that think college is evil

I'm really upset about this but they think it's a once-in-a-lifetime event that's more important than being at school. I don't want to sound like a jerk but it's aggravating that they're making me waste so much money on something I have no interest in. I've never even spent this kind of money on anime conventions or cosplay.

>> No.9372134

Sorry for second english... My friend in that commerchy. (The Zaxbies)

>> No.9372154

does anyone else here suffer from trichotillomania?

I've been dealing with it now for 4.5 years, and my hair has become so thin on one side it's impossible to hide. I'm trying to wear wigs less for lolita because I like my natural hair, but I'm scared someone will bring it up casually and I'll just start crying. there's hardly any resources out there, and I'm scared that even if I cut my hair shorter it'll only look worse/more obvious. I don't know what to do anymore.

>> No.9372160
File: 21 KB, 170x254, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9372164

Say no, thats retarded.
You're paying to go to something you don't want to see?
600 bucks is a lot of money. Don't skip class for stupid garbage.

>> No.9372168

I have been dealing with it for about 14 years, anon. I used to regularly have bald spots around my cowlick or in my bangs - styling my hair in a way that didn't tickle or remind me that it's there helped a lot but the biggest thing was working to manage my anxiety. Xanax helps but making an active effort to recognize what may trigger you to start pulling and resisting the urge when you feel it will probably be the best thing for you. Sorry I'm not more help, I'm a little drunk and very tired but if you're still around in the next couple of days I may be able to write up something more cohesive for you

>> No.9372169

I feel you anon, I used to have a bald spot on the side of my head when I was younger.

What helped me was "redirecting" the urges. I got myself an epilator so if I felt urges at home, I'd pluck out my body hair with the epilator instead, and it keeps my arms and legs smooth so that's an extra bonus. Playing around with one of those stress balls or whatever helps too so you have something else to occupy your hands.

>> No.9372171

Men have pubic hair too (a lot more of them in all likely hood) but they never refer to their dick as bush.

>> No.9372188

tell them theres a surprise test or some shit fuck that

>> No.9372191

i do. started as a kid, permanent damage to my hairline but thank god hime fringe hides it. highschool was rough and lost most of my hair. it took shaving my head a few times to redirect the pulling to body hair, which is a lot less intrusive. i have practically no peach hairs on my arms, knuckles, etc but at least i have hair on my head
>tfw no eyelashes but at least falsies exist
im sorry youre going through this too anon, i know how hard it is on self esteem to have huge bald patches and have people look at you like youre on the short bus

>> No.9372202

I've been pulling my hair since I was nine, anon. I'm eighteen now. It usually correlates with my anxiety spikes. I'm trying to grow my hair out though. Luckily for me, my hair grows pretty fast. I have some bald spots but I choose not to hide them or be embarrassed. If someone asks, I usually try to explain it to them simply without sounding crazy. I also have dermatillomania, where I pick at my skin. It's comforting to know I'm not alone though. I hope it's comforting for you too.

>> No.9372209

Good work, Anon! Keep it up. You've got it.

>> No.9372212

I'm pretty old by now and already present my handsome side pretty well. I tend to get lots of compliments from girls without even asking but not like it particularly changes much.

>> No.9372218

Sorry you were posted.

>> No.9372222
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw three weeks drug-free

About to finish my first drug-free cosplay

>> No.9372223

Nice work, I'm happy for you.

>> No.9372226

I've got money to spend on lolita, but nothing worth buying atm. I've got enough to make dreams reality, but omg there's so many little things I could get. Low key being pressured to get normie clothing stuff I need, but god no I do not want it. Gimme lace pls, gimme yotsuke boots and lumiebre parasols and more blouses, gimme dat Meta Hospitality doll, gimme dat Die walkure, oh tacky fucking gods I worship.

>> No.9372232

Enjoy your dress anon! Several times I have gotten my second choice cut or colorway and ended up liking it a lot more than I thought, and it becomes my favorite after all

>> No.9372242
File: 50 KB, 216x250, trumptriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you see your con crush out of costume, and realize he's just a regular person

>> No.9372245

He even poops.

>> No.9372284
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone else hear about Dashcon 2017 being cancelled?

>> No.9372288

Stop, you're ruining him.

>> No.9372289

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, anon.

>> No.9372311

Tell them to fuck off and your studies are more important.

Not to mention it's a waste of $600 in something you're not even interested in.

If they really wanted you to go, they'd be paying for you to go.

>> No.9372324
File: 34 KB, 651x481, constipatedrage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit talk Jessica Niggri with the grills in my comm for years
>end up meeting her
>she's so nice

>> No.9372326

Sorry, wrong picture.

>> No.9372342

>Want to wear a cute cheongsam or yakata occasionally because I genuinely love the clothes and the colors/patterns available to them
>Can't because I'll get bitched out by my normie friends for being white and appropriating shit
Son of a bitch

>> No.9372348

Are there any events you can wear it do? Sounds cute but also like uncomfortable to wear on the daily imo, besides just sticking out and looking like a weeb.

I live in the city with a huge asian cultural community so we get a lot of cultural festivals and events year round that are open to the public and dressing for the event appropriately is supported.

>> No.9372350

Nope, no events. I live in a fairly large city, but nothing happens here and there isn't a very large Asian community. Also, I like anime, and while that has nothing to do with why I want to try wearing these, I know that's what anyone who looks at me is going to think about.

I might just get one for my own at-home enjoyment.

>> No.9372353

But why.

>> No.9372355

But normies don't care about that. It's only the SJWs.

>> No.9372357

Fair enough. But I do go to college at the moment, and my only female friends are all about that SJW shit. And there aren't many of those because I fell for the STEM meme.

>> No.9372369

>implying the other anons who responded aren't girls
Reminder that people are dumb regardless of gender.

>> No.9372370
File: 46 KB, 540x748, itsmegoku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dreamed last night that I went to an anime con in an abandoned shopping mall. I went to the abandoned Hollywood Video, where the con guests (Vic Mignogna and Ronald McDonald) were having a panel. Vic was trying to tell the audience how to fix a tractor, but Ronald kept interrupting him by coughing really loudly.

I woke up, and my whole room smelled like farts.

>> No.9372374

No shit she's nice to your face, it's all part of the hustle.

>> No.9372387

>implying brolitas aren't among the most cut-throat
competitiveness is a general human trait

why do you think the world is so obsessed with sports

>> No.9372390

delete that misuse of an iconic 4chan meme

>> No.9372402

The meanest bitch in my comm is a brolita. He's literally told newbies to their face that they're ita and he doesn't want to talk to them until they get some brand, then backpedalled and started acting nicey-nice when he was told one of them was actually wearing oldschool Baby. He also starts shit talking someone as soon as they get up to use the toilet. I thought he was joking the first few times but he's 100% serious. He gets away with it because he's relatively well-dressed and azn.

>> No.9372407

>get dream dress today
>have to work all day before i pick it up
>think about it all day
>try it on when i get home
>fits perfectly
>take pictures and show to crush
>"wow you look absolutely adorable"

words cant describe this feeling

>> No.9372409
File: 36 KB, 570x713, c3d070e691271cd44fcf61266a7190e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keep working on my art
>even though it's static and boring atm I keep chugging along.
>Every time I get disheartened by something, I kerp reminding myself I need to keep progressing to improve.

I won't improve if I don't keep working at it.

>> No.9372417

I call it topiary around the oak, personally.

>> No.9372438
File: 290 KB, 830x527, 1449340475614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>manager granted me some surprise days off this week
>can finally dedicate a day to work on my cosplays

>> No.9372442

I know this feel, plus I sort of need a new desk chair

>> No.9372473

God I know this feel anon. Anything really nerdy, especially that has a lot of girls in it, always has an asston of people like you this. Thankfully my other hobbies are generally full of people who either don't give a shit about politics, are on the other side of the spectrum, or at least know how to take a damn joke so I can have a break from all the annoyingly over the top sjw pc crap every once in a while.

>> No.9372482

And who the hell you think you are?! I bet you're an ugly bitch yourself :^)
>posted to ita thread = automatically ita, how matter how good
God, cunts like you are the cancer

>> No.9372483
File: 602 KB, 1024x1487, 4ff5a836-5dbb-4727-9dbc-d02c4b313fbf..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of permavirgins aren't even bad looking or have bad personalities. A lot are genuinely fun to be around and really caring, just have zero game and no confidence. Their lack if relationships ends up being the result of poorly presenting their good sides and being too scared to pursue their own happiness out of the belief that they are undeserving of love.

They non-robots that are genuinely nice guys are the epitome of Nice Guys Finish Last; the quite literal beta males who fail only because they come off as creepy for their genuinely kind gestures. As a side note, I find most of them tend to be raised by single mothers and so have had no father figure for a majority if their lives - I'm no psychologist or anything so not sure if that's a legit correlation.

Signed - someone who likes a permavirgin but will never initiate with him because I'm a coward. I suspect that's the feeling he had had, but all his life and without any positive feedback to at least give him the sense of self worth required to try again and again. if I were a guy I'd probably be in the same boat.

>> No.9372493

The by far best con just got canceled, and I don't know anymore. It was the con I planned towards the whole year, and almost all my cosplay dreams involve that con in some way. I just feel like I want to quit cosplay now. No other cons come close, and I'm too poor to travel to out of country. What do I have to cosplay for now? I don't have any friends in the cosplay community either, so i have no one to work with and plan group cosplays with. Every dream was that in some distant future, I'd get good and participate in their cosplay competition.
My fandoms are dying too, so soon there'll be no point in cosplaying for them either.

>> No.9372496

Don't forget to donate to her patreon

>> No.9372502
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, nw9b8 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel anon. When I first got together with my husband he worked as a gunsmith and guns are one of his biggest hobbies so he took me shooting and I fell in love with it! I now own five of my own guns and have started getting interested in doing shooting competitions for fun. Oh and if you're going to carry I'd suggest taking some kind of concealed carry class! They're really helpful especially if you just got into firearms and aren't 100% comfortable with handling them yet. Also I probably wouldn't carry in a purse. Carrying on your body is the safest option because there's always the possibility of someone snatching your purse or you forgetting it somewhere or something. There's all sorts of holsters made now so that you can carry in dresses! There's garter holsters and one that I recently saw that looked petty cool was a holster that was a pair of tight shorts that had a pocket on them meant to carry pistols. There was a video of some girl wearing a tight skirt and pulling out a pistol and pepper spray and stuff out of it that has been circulating my facebook recently haha. I personally haven't used any of these because I'm still a year too young to legally carry in my state but you should look into them!

>> No.9372505

I notice you didn't deny it.

>> No.9372523
File: 222 KB, 600x811, 1399763098673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me, /cgl/, I've been depressed for years and am just starting to come out of it but I realise that I don't have any hobbies anymore? The only thing that kept bringing me enjoyment when I was depressed was lolita and while I'm still enthusiastic about that, I can't for the life of me think of anything else I can do with my time. All I do now is endlessly refresh /cgl/, talk to my boyfriend and watch let's plays.

How do I find hobbies? I used to like drawing but I've tried recently and it's just not fun, especially because I'm not skilled. I don't even like video games anymore!

>> No.9372536

Can you read?
>automatically labelled as ita no matter how good
The pic's submitter admitted it was an accident, for fuck's sake!! And do you even see anything remotely ita in that pic? :^) Of course you don't..

>> No.9372554

You're taking it too personally. Everyone was a beginner once, just try to learn from it.

>> No.9372560
File: 19 KB, 480x360, IMG_2584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is who you sound like.
Your coord was mediocre at best, get over it.

>> No.9372564

Well that clearly struck a nerve.

>> No.9372565

oh look, it's the same one who was defending herself in the ita thread

sorry you got posted, still going to make fun of you every time i see your coordinates now because you're not only a mediocre dresser but a pathetic crybaby. please continue to throw a shitfit, it's hilarious

>> No.9372568

Yeah, I do. Your wig and makeup are fucking awful, the eye makeup being incredibly bad. Learn how to actually style a wig and don't do that stupid anime makeup shit, that should be a given not to do that in lolita. The rest of your coord is extremely unimaginative and boring, we've seen that exact coord anytime someone buys that dress. You and the fat chick over in the COF thread need to learn how not to react like autists when you posted to CGL.

>> No.9372608

I agree with op considering the vast amount of dudes who post their girlfriends nudes on 4chan... So I've never sent a nude. Not even to my bf of 3 years.

>> No.9372640

Same here Anon, I've had it for 15 years now. I just started wearing extentions with lolita and while it looks good it makes me feel even worse about the actual state of my hair...
>Doesn't help that I have a great natural haircolour
>My sister has the same hair without the trich
>Grandmother is a hairdresser and keeps comparing her hair to mine
>"Your hair could be like that Anon! Why don't you just stop pulling?"
>Parents already spent a ton of money sending me to therapy when I was younger
>I know they care, but they just don't understand it.
>I know people think I'm crazy
>Some times are better then others, but it never truely stops.
I thought about shaving it but I couldn't handle that kind of attention.

>> No.9372676

I've had trichotillomania since I was 8, I'm 19 now. I have no eyelashes or eyebrows but I don't have any bald spots on my head anymore. I used to wear hoodies and hats so that people don't notice my bald spots. Now I just have longish bangs that cover where my eyebrows would be. When I wear makeup for lolita I do my normal eyeliner with liquid eyeliner, and then take a pencil eyeliner of the same shade and color in underneath my eyelid where my eyelashes should be so there isn't a gap. I don't bother with eyebrows since I usually cover them with bangs anyway.

>> No.9372683


>be me, be /fit/izen
>gonna cosplay a shirtless muscly character in a few months
>I have huge body dismorphia, I look at the mirror and see myself as auschwitz mode even tho people always tell me Im shredded
>can't stop thinking that I'll look ridiculous and small and people will laugh at me

>> No.9372685

>saying current year
>acting like those aren't the cancer of lolita
You're one of them, aren't you? Never call yourself a lolita again

>> No.9372694
File: 1.34 MB, 800x533, huehuehue.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>auctioning a dress that has a BIN option
>someone bids, yay
>'hey the auction is going to end in 4 days can I just buy it now for the price it's going at on auction and pay you immediately it's an emergency'
>politely decline, offer a lower BIN
>'lol can't afford it nvm it's not that much of an emergency'
>then gets outbid

That felt good.

>> No.9372711

>can't afford it
There usually isn't a massive difference in auction price versus BIN, that potential buyer sounds like a moron

>> No.9372712


The BIN I offered her was a $30 price difference and I was only doing it because I'm a dumb seller. She still cheaped out. Her loss.

>> No.9372716

These threads make me flash back to the super-weeaboo ita I knew in high school

You know the type... Always makes cat noises and tries to be genki moe.

Always grabbing my boobs because IT'S OKAY WE'RE BOTH GIRLS LOL

I actually went home with a bruised left boob one day because of her groping. Can't even imagine what she must be doing now.

>> No.9372721

>grabbing my boobs because IT'S OKAY WE'RE BOTH GIRLS LOL
I-it isn't?

>> No.9372722

>Always grabbing my boobs because IT'S OKAY WE'RE BOTH GIRLS LOL
>I actually went home with a bruised left boob one day because of her groping. Can't even imagine what she must be doing now.

As someone who did this cringy shit when I was a young teen, there's a good chance she's doing perfectly fine and hates her past self today.
There's also a good chance that she never grew up and may even be cringier today than she used to be. You'll never know.

>> No.9372750

>grabs your boob
>"it's okay, I'm a girl on the inside"
>whispers into your ear
>"Where's your Hillary now?"

>> No.9372756

Doesn't sound worth it to me.

>> No.9372809

>as someone who did this


>> No.9372814

Mental maturity doesn't hit its peak until mid 20's. People do plenty of things when they are teenagers that they regret deeply.

>> No.9372821

you could try some beginner tutorials for drawing to get you going? or try an other form of art, like painting, crafting or sewing. you don't have to be good at drawing to be creative.

>> No.9372836

I guess it's really hard for me to be bad at something. I just get incredibly demotivated when I get a result that no one can be proud of.

>> No.9372840

This gave me a huge justiceboner.

>> No.9372846
File: 50 KB, 305x683, 1487645926680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me at 16
>Have a friend who does this
>I really don't care
>We're at a sleepover
>Shaving bed caus ~we're both girls~ so no reason to sleep on the hard floor
>Feel her groping me under my shirt when she thinks I'm asleep
>Pretend to be asleep because nervous and uncomfortable
>It goes on for about 10 minutes before I feel a tear roll down my face and squirm my legs to scare her off me
>Let out a yelp
>Call my dad to take me home at 4 in the morning
>She acts like nothing happened the next week
>Still to this day feel uneasy sleeping with anyone
>tfw now 20 years old, dating a really nice guy, but can't sleep in the same bed as him
>tfw I logically feel it's stupid to be so affected by just some light molestation but can't control it
>thankfully he understands

>> No.9372850
File: 110 KB, 600x597, 1487564666575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A boss at a job I worked at used to grab my boob regularly at work, and say "HONk', then laugh it off as a joke. I was 16 at the time, and I never told anyone. I still haven't, I only think of it late at night when I am trying to sleep. I haven't had a real job since because I am terrified someone is going to do something similar and I fuggin panic.

Just because you think it was 'light' doesn't mean it can't haunt you, anon.

>> No.9372855

>just some light molestation
anon, you were sexually assaulted and it traumatized you, don't brush it off as something that wasn't a big deal.

>> No.9372861

Guy I know through Instagram called Idiot engine does the zentai template things you can take to zentai-zentai.

>> No.9372863

>I haven't had a real job since because I am terrified someone is going to do something similar and I fuggin panic.

Christ you fuckers take any excuse

>> No.9372865

Not the original anon, but desu fuck off. PTSD is real, people deal with things differently. Yeah, some people have no desire to help themselves recover and use their past experiences as an excuse, but others are genuinely doing their best. It's not your place to determine which is which unless you know the full situation. Given that this board is anonymous, you don't.

>> No.9372867

oh shut the fuck up

>> No.9372871

>making a decent living online
>Pay my own rent and don't have to leave
>Not on wellfare or anything

He was a 40 year old man who wanted to fuck a sixteen year old, and used his job to try and get some. He used to call me at 2 in the morning on school nights, drunk, to ask me what I was wearing. I simply avoid relationships and I'm happy, for the most part. so kindly, fuck off.

>> No.9372873
File: 18 KB, 480x294, 1486144127877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AnimeExpo 2013?
>Take 6 Hydrocodones pills before driving to pick up my friends
>When they're all in the car one of them takes out some weed chocolate bars and shares it around with all of us
>Gives me a piece and I eat it in one go
>One of them eats half of it like a retard
>By the time we get to the convention center everyone is already super high except for me
>Get out of the car, my blood circulates and it instantly hits me
>I start laughing like a retard as we all walk from the parking lot to the con
>the friend that ate half the bar is quiet
>We stand in line to get out badges which feels like hours
>Suddenly half bar friend starts shouting that he's having a heart attack
>All the people gather around
>We try to carry him back to the car
>Ambulance shows up and takes him, my friends go with him
>left alone
>walk around baking in the sun
>see some cosplayers
>eventually just sit by the line watching everyone go in
>I ask a JoJo group to help me, but they ignore me
>I end up walking to the hospital
>find me friends in the waiting room, just start giggling and laughing with them
>friend comes out of the emergency room after getting his stomach pumped
>we all walk to the car
>I drive us back home
>I keep sleeping in between the red lights so one of my friends keeps slapping me to wake up
>I park in a supermarket parking lot
>We all go to sleep
>Wake up not knowing where I am so I drive everyone home
>Go home and sleep in shame

>> No.9372874

>He was a 40 year old man who wanted to fuck a sixteen year old, and used his job to try and get some. He used to call me at 2 in the morning on school nights, drunk, to ask me what I was wearing.

How fucking sad does somebody's life have to be to hit that point? I feel for what happened to you, but thank you for making me feel better about where I'm at in life at least.

>> No.9372877

He wanted to be a pharmacist, but got tattoos up to his neck and behind his ears, it was fucking gross. No one would hire him. It's why he was working at edgy teen clothing store™ (you know the one)

He also talked about how smart he was, and how he could get out of any trouble because I was a stupid teenager. And I believed him. I was a fucking idiot then. It's why I carry a pocket knife now.
Thanks. I appreciate it.

>> No.9372914

Funny, I've been watching a (non-/cgl/) auction where the seller explicitly stated "we won't end the auction early sorry." But then they also set a BIN, but the same price as the starting bid.

>> No.9372968


You'll be back, once a junkie always a junkie, I know how it feels

>> No.9372974
File: 312 KB, 441x426, 6d2c296abc307d954b67bca03648d235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My Nigga

>> No.9373014

Literally was pulling out strands as I read this thread.

>> No.9373022

>What helped me was "redirecting" the urges
I started doing it when I quit biting my nails

>> No.9373024

>PTSD is real
Wow, all those fucking war vets who went through battles, watched their friends die, came inches away from death themselves, lost limbs or senses and still have regular nightmares over it need to just get the fuck over it because they will never know the REAL horror of having someone grab their chest and say "honk".

>> No.9373030

Post to /fit/ in one of their show off threads.

>> No.9373031

>implying /fit/ won't laugh at him regardless
Don't try to find any information or strike up any meaningful conversation on /fit/, just go for the memes.

>> No.9373035
File: 96 KB, 679x675, ADVENTURE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel bad for laughing but fuck

>> No.9373036

This is so real. I was 14 and a baby weeb and thought I was so cool to have a older high school weeb gf who was 17. For the year we were friends she pulled this kind of shit on me and I was too nervous to lose the one friend I had and also like weirdly manipulated into thinking this was what all mature people did anyways.

21 now and my current gf is really understanding how I have a difficult time with any sort of skinship but it's taken a while with multiple therapists due to a lot of dismissal on my part/professionals' parts.

Take care of yourself anon, it'll take time but you've got people in your corner!

>> No.9373037
File: 20 KB, 617x149, 532b92dd651e4f72cafdb2bfd957d4ee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being so retarded you think PTSD is restricted to soldiers
>being so retarded you think that acknowledging PTSD affects a wide variety of people and experiences somehow invalidates the PTSD experienced by our military service members

Don't be a retard, anon.

>> No.9373041

do try getting into video games again, or replaying old ones that you did like!

otherwise check maybe your local community center? i live in kind of a suburb so there's always tons of old people hobby classes happening there and desu even if the average age of those classes are like 60+ everyone's really kind and ive learned how to knit, crochet, and cook ethiopian food lol

>> No.9373043

Hey, dick socket, ever consider closing of your shit port? It's a laughable claim of PTSD when you claim the Internet gave it to you. It's fit a good chance of legitimacy if it's because your boss kept molesting you.

>> No.9373046

Honestly like all self esteem issues, like they just need to get out of it and work at it.

Sounds like they've just given up which is more of a 'them' problem than anyone else's. I've seen friends be the first gf of permavirgins and the relationships falls apart really fast because their self deprecating and self consciousness just comes up so much. It's like, get out there, learn how to hygine and fashion. Literally not that hard to get trendy faux hawk or learn that being too lazy to not shave/too lazy to take care of a beard looks bad or buy mannequin coords off forever 21 men's section.

Yeah, you'll look normie as hell but that's a solid foundation to start at before you decide to wear your 50 million PAX freebie t-shirts and baggy boot cuts lmao

>> No.9373047

You're not alone, anon. My hair is also thinner on one side of my head. I wear a side part daily and extensions when in lolita clothes. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety, which was/is contributing to hair pulling. Nowadays I wear a spinner ring to distract myself.

>> No.9373050

My favorite non-art, non-vidya hobby is currently Magic the Gathering. If you have a card/hobby shop locally they probably host game nights every Thurs-Sat and most places like that are eager to teach newbies how to play. It's a fun way to fill time and be social. If the game piques your interest, I would recommend joining a draft night, it's where you get to open booster packs with a bunch of other players and build a deck from what you get, then play it against each other on the spot.

If you'd like a more productive hobby, though, maybe try stuff like embroidery, crochet, or needle felting?

>> No.9373055

A wide variety of people are fucking pussies who don't know how easy they have it but still want to self diagnose themselves with the scariest sounding word they can find to fuel their victim complex and avoid admitting they're pussies.

>> No.9373064

anon, you can't always assume that people are self-diagnosing. even though i agree that it's garbage when they do, PTSD as a result of molestation/a bunch of other things is very much a thing and living with it can be very damaging

but you're probably just trying to be edgy so i don't really know why i'm trying to explain

>> No.9373082
File: 1.41 MB, 288x198, 1487018481561.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All my partners left me because of vehement drug addiction

>> No.9373083

Hey, you know, I used to play a lot of Magic and still have a ton of cards stashed away somewhere. I stopped playing because I no longer had people to play against but maybe I should look up if there's a local scene. Thanks anon, I appreciate it.

>> No.9373090

No problem! That's actually exactly what happened with me, I was into it ages ago and my roomie recently got me to play again and I incorporated some of my old cards into my current modern deck. I hope you have a local shop!

>> No.9373092

>what is the DSM-5?

>> No.9373100

>from said DSM-5
"Diagnostic criteria for PTSD include a history of exposure to a traumatic event that meets specific stipulations and symptoms from each of four symptom clusters: intrusion, avoidance, negative alterations in cognitions and mood, and alterations in arousal and reactivity."
Take it or leave it -- some events traumatic for some might not be for others. Last I'm saying on the topic, though, because off-topic af.

>> No.9373103

(meant to include >>9373024 my bad)

>> No.9373117

>even if you straight up said "I wanna fuck you" he wouldn't believe it
I can't imagine that as anything but a trick.

>> No.9373122

IMO mismatched pinks look better than mismatched lavenders, I actually like the effect of multiple different pinks in a coord (even warm and cool pink as long as it looks deliberate) but blue lavender and pink lavender together is not something I am a fan of.

>> No.9373167

Good job anon!

Stop being a coward and initiate first anon.

I know this feel. I'm a massive autist so I tend to focus on one hobby to exclusion of all others, and since I got into lolita a few years ago it's gradually taken over my life. I'm aware that I'm a pretty boring person, since I'm a level of obsessed with jfash that I'm pretty sure alienates even other lolitas, and would completely bore normies if I didn't hide my power level.

Now the depression's gone I enjoy new experiences again, so I just try to be really open-minded and try as much new stuff as possible - going for walks and taking different routes home, trying out new movies (even if I'm just picking stuff that looks cool from lists of iconic movies), and trying new places to eat. I used to spend literally all my disposable income on lolita but now I try to force myself to spend a small amount a week on other stuff, even if it's just visiting a museum or travelling to another city. If all you care about is lolita, maybe try some lifestyle things? I learnt about photography and photo editing because I wanted to take better coord shots, and I learnt a lot about sewing as well. I watch a lot of documentaries about history, art and fashion because I find them inspirational, but I try to keep up with flavour-of-the-month TV/anime stuff as well so that I have common ground to talk about at work/meets - stuff like Game of Thrones for the normies and YOI for the weebs. With vidya, I got bored of a lot of old games and don't trust my self-control around time-sink open world games, so I try new games that are short (under 10 hours to completion) instead.

Building hobbies around stuff you *have* to do for everyday so it's not just a chore is great IMO - I started cooking more to save money and got pretty into watching cooking programmes, learning new recipes, and visiting Asian/African grocers to browse and try new things. Also maybe take a break from cgl.

>> No.9373170

>DSM-5 quoted on cgl
Is this a sign that I should get back to my grad homework?

>related feels
I'm going to be helping to host some lolita related events at an upcoming con in my city. What had started as excitement is now spinning into Extreme Nitpicking Home Edition . I'm starting to worry that I'm sucking the fun out of all this in my attempt to be a good example...

>> No.9373210

>largely a downgrade to the DSM-IV

>> No.9373218

I snorted into my med school homework
too accurate

>> No.9373236

Lots of bold assumptions going on here. None of the permavirgins I've ever met have been unfasionable, unhygenic, or whiny about their loneliness.They just kinda accept it. The only reason I even know is from being nosy and always asking if they have a girlfriend. A lot of them were actually pretty cute and at the very least wore normie casual stuff and styled their hair.

Maybe I'm whiteknighting them too much since I tend to make close friends with a lot of them. The stereotypical "stinky neckbeard who only talks about sex all day" dude is far from an accurate representation of them from my experience. Self esteem issues like this stem from already putting a significant investment into trying to improve and still meeting failure every step of the way. At some point, it's just too psychologically painful to try anymore. You can give that advice maybe to an 18-22 year old but if someone's been trying up until like 25 and still fail then you can't seriously expect them to easily just chin up and keep on.

It's actually a little insulting and shows a lack of understanding towards their circumstances if you tell them to just get out and work on it, as if they haven't already. They're not looking for skanky club or con hookups most of the time, they want meaningful relationships and those aren't what they'd get from a lot of the "advice" they're offered. Of course they shouldn't give up - but starting with the assumption that they haven't tried to work on it or is lazy is fallacious.

I should. This thread is actually giving me motivation to just because it's making me empathize more with him.

>> No.9373245
File: 29 KB, 300x200, Frogman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cosplaying Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service
>Run into ~5 year old dressed as Arriety
>Turn to nearby adults, wanting to get permission before taking a photo of their child
>All that comes out is "Does this belong to you?"

>> No.9373280

>It's actually a little insulting and shows a lack of understanding towards their circumstances
Welcome to/cgl/, enjoy your stay.

>> No.9373283

I'm not saying that they're neckbeards. I'm saying that their low self esteem permeates ever part of their life and into depression. It doesn't hurt to be more hygenic than the daily shower and a bar of soap, especially if you want to boost your self esteem and confidence. Same with taking care of your beard if you so choose or taking care of your skin and face if you decide not to have facial hair.

A big part of getting out of that self esteem rut is literally up to the person themselves. Giving up is their problem. It happens and sucks for them, but literally its going to take A LOT of effort...... and a drastic change to how you live your life normally to get out of that kind of low self esteem. It's not up to an SO or someone to come along and pick up the pieces for them.

It doesn't matter if they are normie-ish or looks pretty decent if they keeping putting themselves through the same cycle. At a certain point, you, yourself, have to get up and decide you don't want to deal with this shit anymore. Go splurge on a new wardrobe, a new haircut, change it up and learn to be comfortable with that change. Like dude, come on.

>> No.9373288

25's not even that old, c'mon. I know plenty of men and women who are forever single at 25 and I just shrug and assume it's due to circumstance. I wouldn't start to get worried until you're pushing 30.

>> No.9373312

do you have a tangle anon??? i bought a tonne of different textured ones and they help so so much

>> No.9373318

>see two fatty-chans get engaged at con
>start clapping
>noone join me

>> No.9373322

Boyfriend had diarroeah whole con.

>> No.9373323

>tfw forever single who's pushing 30

Oh well, I am one of those who kind of accepted it, just a little sad that I will probably never have what I consider one fairly meaningful part of the human experience.

>> No.9373338


Are you mad because nobody cares about your problems, anon? Is that why you're lashing out at someone who endured sexual assault from their boss?

>> No.9373342

>turning 28 next month

I'm gonna puke.

>> No.9373345
File: 117 KB, 550x437, 550px-Ask-a-Girl-Out-Step-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone order a tall glass of bf?

>> No.9373352

I didn't mean that pushing 30 meant you'd never find love or anything, just that it's definitely unusual to have never had a partner that late, whereas I think having never had a partner at 25 is still pretty common. If anything, the 30s seems to be when people start seriously dating and looking to settle down with some permanently.

>> No.9373356

>I think having never had a partner at 25 is still pretty common
Why does three years make so much difference?

>> No.9373364

Well fuck, nayrt but that describes my symptoms pretty damn well over something that absolutely should not be major enough to leave somebody with lasting trauma but has fucked me up proper. Guess I need to get back on that waiting list for therapy.

>> No.9373371
File: 1.92 MB, 3513x3513, Dollarphotoclub_64083617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you hear that, anon?

That's the sound of your biological clock ticking.

I sure hope you like cats!

>> No.9373387

I'm male.

>> No.9373395

I do understand what you're getting at, but you're still missing the point. They HAVE splurged on wardrobes, haircuts, get pricey colognes, etc. They put a lot of effort into their selves, but they have very little external validation. Even if THEY think they look handsome, it's hard to fully believe that if they never get any girls they're going after. If it constantly ends in failure, the logical point is that it's them. You're still working from the pretense that they never tried - they have. It isn't up to an SO to come pick up the pieces, but that's not the issue either. Just having someone - anyone outside of their selves to truly validate that they are worthy of love would do a lot more for them than anything they can do for their selves.

At the end of the day, you can believe yourself to be the most beautiful person in the universe, but it'd be foolish to believe so seriously if not a single person other than you shows signs of sharing the same opinion. There's only so much you can do for yourself.

>> No.9373403

This is true, 25 isn't that old, but think of it from this perspective;
Let's say you start getting interested in the opposite sex at what, 15? So obviously at 15 a lot of people are awkward, they have lots of stumbles, learn from mistakes, but normally get some kind of connection at some point somewhere along the line to continue compounding experience. But imagine never being loved, or at least having it known that you were loved, for those 10 years. 10 years of never feeling what it's like to experience love. Your entire youthfully mature life, you've never experienced love. There are people who fall into depression after just a year of being single, I myself haven't been single for more than a span of 5 months - can you imagine having absolutely NOBODY to share intimacy with for TEN full years?

We're social creatures. Rejection from social intimacy digs a lot deeper than people seem to realize. I can't say I fully understand the feeling myself, but it hurts trying to empathize with it.

It probably really is a feeling that you truly can't grasp fully unless you experience it yourself. Of course there's plenty of time to still get a lucky shot somewhere, of course they're not old and busted, of course they have a lot of life ahead of them, but that's undermining the fact that by 25 you've already experienced over a quarter of your life, a significant amount of time, and yet have never felt mutual love with another. It isn't simple to recover confidence from that. If we were so simple, we wouldn't need a therapist to help us in our 40's to resolve daddy issues from a man who's been out of our lives since we were 12.

>> No.9373423

>edgy teen clothing store™

Maybe that's a quality they look for in their employees? When I was 14 one of the older employees who worked at that clothing chain kept asking for my number and to hang out with me. Mind you, I looked pre-pubescent at the time. He ended up dating my friend who was 15 for a while.

>> No.9373443

Not that anon, but I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 10 after witnessing the death of a family member.
PTSD is classified as a critical disorder that occurs when the individual feels threatened for life.
As in, witnessing death, robberies, car accidents, war, rape, fire and so forth.

I'm not going to call bullshit on every PTSD claim as we all react differently to things, but there is such a thing as ordinary trauma which can totally become a thing after molestation. Not everything has to be PTSD.

>> No.9373487

You seem to be assuming that I'm a serial monogamist. I'm not. I'm in my twenties and my last "relationship" was my high school beard. It's still not the end of the world.

>> No.9373529

Good damn, you fuckers are desperate.

>> No.9373568

God damn, that's even worse.
I hope you like nooses.

>> No.9373620
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>Plan on working on cosplays and doing well in the university semester
>Can barely motivate myself to go out, let alone work on anything
>Struggle with schoolwork that shouldn't be hard, have to force myself out of bed to go to classes
>Constantly tired even though I'm getting enough sleep
>Can't even work on cosplay because I feel like such human trash

I have no reason to feel this way but I do. It's so pathetic.

>> No.9374035

Off with you, go do your homework.

>> No.9374151
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"perma-virgin" here. I'll be 25 in July, and have never been in any sort of intimate relationship. I lift every other day, and try to run at least 2-3 miles each day. I shower, am clean-shaven, and do not own a fedora or trenchcoat.

After 5 failed attempts at striking up a meaningful relationship over most of my college years i more or less gave up, and instead focused on my hobbies and my career path. I still talk to women, and have several female friends. It's not a huge deal at the end of the day. Yeah rejection sucks, but hey nothing is better than landing a job and being able to afford to cons and other fun things with friends and family.

inb4 "nu-male", pussy, cuck, or whatever the buzzword of the month is.

>> No.9374167

Beta r9k woman apologist detected.
You... you...
blue pill
bull prepper!

>> No.9374333
File: 31 KB, 704x396, nhk_ni_youkoso-2118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Misaki to break into my life and save me from perma-virginity

>> No.9376303

Meh I call mine a bonsai tree

>> No.9378736

I'm working on my shopping addiction and managed to not buy anything I didn't need for a month and ending up caving in today buying lolita shit. I'm really disappointed and I'm not sure what to do. I do the "do I need it? What is the worst case scenario if I don't buy this?" shit in my head. It worked until today and I feel like I let everyone down.

>> No.9378761

I don't even cosplay anymore, why am I always on this board?

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