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New feels thread.

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What happened to the other one?

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That last thread sure was fun.

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Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't encourage them.

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OP probably deleted it.

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>been friends with this girl for three years
>asks me to help her out and I do
>asks me for even MORE help, and I say 'sorry having a bad day; I've got a migraine"
>Receive paragraph that boils down to 'holy fucking shit I can't stand you taking out your anger and shitty life on me. I never want to fucking talk to you again, all you do is complain'
>Ask what I said wrong so I can fix it
>accept partial blame, say "maybe I used the wrong word, and you assumed I was going to vent?"
>I had just told her I was getting my life together
>that I got a new job I love
>and that I got over my fear of driving
>"I never want to speak to you again you retarded piece of fucking shit."
>mfw I had just leant her $100 ten minutes before
>mfw I have no idea
>mfw this is my only friend

what do I do? I honestly have no idea what I did. I saved this conversation and I've been going over it a hundred times in my head, but a mutual friend says she flew off the fucking handle. And she really hurt me. Should I cut ties and let her life crash and burn?

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Tell her to fuck off, and if she ever tries to crawl back that she has to suck your dick to be friends again.

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I forgot to add: I said "hey, if you're having a bad day, that's alright. But I feel like you're taking it out on me" and she responded "LIKE YOU TAKE IT OUT ON ME"

that was when I stopped replying and asked her to get off my netflix

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Do you complain a lot to her? She makes it sound like you do.

Other than that, if things have been going well for you, it has probably made her feel bad about her own situation. That being said, she sounds like a little shit, and an emotional drain who has no problem using you.

If she just sees you as a means to use, and complain literall minutes after you help her with money she probably is only friends with you to use you. Just say that you don't want to be friends with her anymore. She'll probably try to crawl back at some point.

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I made sure every single time to ask if I could vent. I told her about shitty friends who gaslighted me like this before, and she told me it was shitty. And then she pulls this.

I've been trying to be more positive and a few days ago she said "you're getting a lot better." I thought I was. holy shit.

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>having a good day off
>almost done with my cosplay sword
>parents call me
>somebody we met last year, who we'd come to accept as one of the family, betrayed us in a big way
>basically, she's trying to take advantage of my disabled sister - too personal for cgl

I feel so fucking sick. I was so stoked on my cosplay, ready to see my friends, and now my spirit is just broken. Why is the world so full of shitty people?

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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If a third party said that she was off the deep end, it's most likely true. I wouldn't put yourself down because of it. She just wants to bring you down to her level. Find other friends asap, and ditch her as soon as you can. Not a good friend.

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going to momo-con to do AA, but have no one to go with. Idk what to do. I don't want to go alone and be surrounded by thousands of happy people while I sit there alone, miserable, for 4 days.
I do have 2 friends that want to go with me, but they just want a free trip to the con and hotel so they can run off and do stuff on their own, leaving me alone, making me feel even more lonely.
I don't know what to do...

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To be fair, I feel like OP's post got taken a little out of proportion. Four years apart in age can be quite a bit of a difference for people in their late teens to early twenties. I'm 22 and I wouldn't date an 18 year old. Also, the tumblr pedophilia thing is a small number of tumblr users.

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Did slaves wear anime-style maid costumes??

I really don't think anyone would make that connection.

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i really hate that people can be so mean when they're jealous

like, if i see a lolita that i really admire, i might get a little jealous but i also want to be friends with them and get to know them because i'm super impressed. but people who take that jealousy of other lolitas and turn it into hatred and passive aggression are just absolute scum to me. why would you want to make someone feel bad that they're doing something right?

it's always really obvious when something like that is happening, and i wish that people could put aside their pettiness because it doesn't make them look good at all.

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>new hoodie comes in the mail
>ordered big for yukekawaii oversized look
>it's a knee-length tent
>roommate gets makeup on it and I can't return it

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Make the bitch buy you a new one (in the right size)
It's a win-win

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My cos-pal died last summer, and I'm finally getting into cosplay again. It sucks, but I know I'll enjoy it again soon enough.

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I swear you people don't know how to wash your damn clothing, at least that way it's not a total loss

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You would wash it and then return it? This is uncool.

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I feel this shit so hard. Part of the reason I come to cgl anymore is to just blow up at people who do just that here. I always get the same responses but I don't care. It's cathartic as fuck to yell at people online about their dumb behavior.

>but you keep coming back you'd think you'd of figured this out by now hurrrr
yeah cause it's feels fucking good to be right about assholes.

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No, just keep it. Even if it's too big it's always possible to clean it and try to shrink it

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I don't know the whole situation but I would just work on being civil till you get your money back and just let it go. It sounds to me like she's using you. Good job taking your life and your netflix back

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I've never really had to return things before, but are you not supposed to wash it before you send things back? I'd think it'd be a courtesy thing that after trying something on and getting it a little dirty that'd you clean it before sending it back.

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I found out that two local girls had con-crushes on me, and I don't know which one to pursue.

One is con-popular, and could help me make loads of cool friends.

The other is Mexican, and could potentially help me find more Mexicans.

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Why do you want to find more Mexicans?

>> No.9383389

Anyone else remember the Mexican invasion at Momocon 2016?

They just came out of a nearby soccer game, and they were so damn happy. It was a blast.

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Cut her out asap. Don't even tell her, just do it.

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I dunno, milky angel's brand looks more on the vintage side. I get where her friend is coming from. But you can't control what people think, so might as well do what you like to do. People at con see weirder things and a black girl in a maid dress won't be remembered at the end of the day.

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basically. and it's tough because sometimes when you call someone out on their bad behavior towards someone who looks good, they'll whine about selfposting and samefagging.

like, sorry i don't agree with you and your weird vendetta. it's totally insane.

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>they'll whine about selfposting and samefagging.
anon, where have you been all my life.

I am so fucking done with the "OH IT MUST BE YOU IN THE PICTURE"
and no matter how many times I mention how fucking deluded people are, it's always met with some stupid "b-but board cultures!"

I really love that I take breaks from cgl, only to come back and be told I should take a break again because I clearly can't handle being here.

Lord knows if you write out a reply to someone, you must be upset. It's never stopped being 4chan circa 2004 apparently.

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Because he's working undercover for Mr Trump

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>Lord knows if you write out a reply to someone, you must be upset

this. so many times im just asking a question or politely disagreeing with someone in the form of discussion and i get hit with "lol U MAD?" or "stfu __ stan".
most of the time though i do enjoy the cgl salt because it's usually deserved when it comes to awful cos people. vendettas need to chill though. idk how it is for lolitas since im not in that com but i personally don't think there's anything wrong with giving criticism or shit talking someone like jnig wannabes.

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basically how it works in the lolita comm is

>pretty/well-dressed girl's coordinate (outfit) gets posted
>somebody compliments it
>a massive shitfest ensues
>"stop samefagging!! we all know its you!!!"
>"she totally shoops!!! look at the pixels!!"
>"just a brandwhore!!"

and that's like, with normal people who aren't particularly fame hungry or anything. However there are people like Hello Batty and she is kind of like our Jnig that everyone collectively shits on

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I love how it's never anything realistic. Like oh shit, well, it's not her posting guys, it must be her close friends who constantly lurk here, just waiting to defend!

pic related, I'm totes claire

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But at the same time, some people may just have really high standards when it comes to cosplay. (I know I do) and I've submitted something that I legitimately thought was terrible and many people accused me of being a vendetta-chan.

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Hey, anon, I'm sorry shitty things are happening in your life. Don't abandon your hobbies though. You're still allowed to be excited about your cosplay and be upset about your shitty not-friend. I hope you have fun with your sword.

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>some people may just have really high standards
I don't think it's just that. It's not only that they have high standards but that if you don't meet their high standards, they have to let you know how badly you fucked up in their eyes.
Plus if you have managed to fuck up in their opinion, you need to be like burned alive for it via text roasting. Then, if you disagree with the roasting, you're now defending/white knighting.

>> No.9383481

I mean, I will agree when it might just be my high standards. But I will argue with it being vendetta. (because most cosplays I post I get from google)

>> No.9383484

Having high standards is fine. It's when you apply them to other people that it becomes some kind of weird expectation. And 9 times out of 10 the person isn't aware of the "cgl" expectation as it were. That's why it's mind boggling to think that people are showing up here and going "oh shit, uhhh, well I didn't mean to dress poorly/not put enough effort into my hobby, sorry master, next time I'll try harder"

Like good lord, what? I can't believe people are actually thinking this way outside of this board because you would just go around being disappointed by everyone who didn't meet your weird unwarranted standards.

And obviously I don't mean you, I mean people who post like this.

The only real vendetta I know of on this board is in the instagram threads. I don't even think it's a legit vendetta either. I think that person just hates instagram threads and knows they can pick on someone to derail.

>> No.9383489

>tfw can't find any good aristo pieces


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I've been having slowly creeping depression for quite a while now. First it was just a disinterest in cosplay and cos meetups but it's blown up today and left me feeling horrible overall. I don't know what to do when I can't enjoy myself anymore. I have a con coming up in a month and I hope I feel better soon since I'm hosting two cosplay gatherings.

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Just grab them by the pussy.
They let you.

>> No.9383499

I would advise that you go see a doctor about all that.
Depression like that isn't something that should be ignored.

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>Be me
>Be an adult
>Have adult bills
>Adult bills are more important than lolita
>Already have a full coord on hold with a payment plan with somone on LM
>Torment myself by browsing LM, WW, and CC
>So many things that I want
>Cry myself to sleep

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If you need someone to vent to, I don't mind listening anon!

>> No.9383506

>this is my only friend
>a mutual friend says she flew off the fucking handle

>> No.9383507

>finally find the perfect job
>have fun every day
>kind of a management position but everyone I'm managing loves me to death and treats me like a goddess
>not even kidding a guy brought me doughnuts once and they were only for me!
>company goes under
>holy fuck I'm unemployed
>have small lolita wardrobe that I was building still
>have to put lolita on hold for the upteenth time since I started

so fucking sick of this shit. how come when everything is going good it has to just go to shit?

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They probably meant it as someone they aren't super close to but knows the shittyfriend.

>> No.9383510

that's some fancy af embroidery jesus

>> No.9383511

Same anon- that happened to me. I was making ~1k a week. And then the job layed me off. I was literally about to buy the full brick house coord from meta, too.

>> No.9383513

Dude... I was gonna buy a full Holy Lantern set because I was also getting my tax return... and then my tax return went to paying rent until I can get my unemployment. I didn't get my last check and had to file a wage claim too. And there's no guarantee that I will get the money I'm owed.

Now all my time is spent looking for jobs until I'm exhausted and pretending to be happy on the phone even though I still miss everyone I worked with.

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Thanks, anon.

I'm gonna cheer myself up by going to Starbucks at 5am and listening to the old man who's always screaming on his cellphone, about how he can't get a wife because he's Jewish. I'll update my resume and eat a sausage biscuit.

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I would but I'm dependent on my mom (I'm only 18 and I can't drive) and she refuses to believe anything's mentally wrong with me so I'm here on a Chinese cartoon messageboard to whine about it in the meantime.

>> No.9383525

There's uber, if you have the funds. There's also certain doctors who will drive to you. (or meet you in a safe spot).
Is there any friends or other family who would drive you?

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It's okay I'll be ur grilfriend

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The idea that dating anyone with a significant difference in age is wrong is just a trick perpetuated by single middle aged women who who desperately want to marry a successful older guy, but successful older guys would rather date hot young girls than dried up old leather bags. How do they try to fix this problem? Do they work on improving themselves to somehow try and be more appealing than younger hotter girls by offering something else? Hell no, this is women we're talking about. They just try to shame men into doing what they want by pushing the idea that it's wrong to date girls younger than himself.

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>tfw some girls in your comm take "International women's day" seriously

>> No.9383556

>hi Clair

But yeah it gets soooo tiring, like we get it you don't have any other response than to accuse the other person of being in the target of vendetta. Vendetta-chans need milk

>> No.9383558

Uh, who let the robot in?

>> No.9383562

Oh jesus, I'm scared to know what they did.
Please tell me in minute detail what they did.

>> No.9383565

try one of those online messaging therapy, run by volunteers (normally psychology students buffing their resume)

>> No.9383567

Ashley Katchadorian

>> No.9383568

I'm sorry, it wasn't too exciting. They just made weepy, dramatic posts on Facebook. Shared dumbass tribute videos. That kind of thing.

Do these pampered, white bitches really think this "holiday" is for them??

>> No.9383572 [DELETED] 

You'll understand a few years from now when your sugar daddy replaces you with a newer model.

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Damn, I was seriously expecting something like "vagina themed coords!"
I mostly ignored that today was a shitty, pandering, """holiday""" and spent the day in bed playing the new Zelda game.
Better than watching stupid bitches try to act like they're the biggest victims in the world because they have a vagina.

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Don't reply to the bait guys. They just want the thread to get deleted because they don't like feels threads.

>> No.9383589 [DELETED] 

I please, I didn't even post in that thread that got deleted.

You try and blame everything bad on me like the boogeyman but you ruin your own threads harder than I ever could.

>> No.9383595 [DELETED] 

>I didn't even post in that thread that got deleted.

If you're not new here, you'd know that if a thread isn't liked by someone on cgl, they will likely try and bait and derail to get it deleted.

>> No.9383639 [DELETED] 

I don't even want the threads deleted to begin with so you've got no point.

>> No.9383663 [DELETED] 

Then post cgl related feels, stupid.

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When's the best time in a relationship to suggest to your significant other to cosplay one half of your favorite gay pairing?

>> No.9383682

>walking around con wearing one semi-complex piece of a characters costume I made just for fun and to show my love for the series
>run into cosplayer who is semi-famous in the fandom this character is from
>they come up to me and are nice at first
>slowly they become more and more condescending about how I only made part of the costume
>"dont feel bad you couldn't make the whole thing anon, it's a difficult cosplay especially people not used to making costumes"
>bitch Ive been making my own cosplays for 6 years now and regularly win in masquerades
>"...I don't...this was just for fun..."
>"Oh wow, that's really cute, you have fun then!"
>this person then goes right fucking then to put on their characters costume from the same damn series
>now killing myself making the rest my characters costume because fuck this arrogant shit

Has anyone else every made a costume out of pure spite? I feel like I'm being super petty.

>> No.9383712

Depends. Are you in a gay relationship?

>> No.9383713

You are.

>> No.9383734

Funny thing is, it's likely the person who makes the thread that deletes them. Jannies and mods delete posts. Not threads.

>> No.9383738

I was slightly worried I was overreacting. Fuck.

>> No.9383749

Nope. I'm a girl, he's a dude.

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>boyfriend left me for girl in my comm
>feel too awkward going to meets anymore because don't wanna see her and everyone in the comm knows
>this was 5 years ago and I still am not over it nor have gotten into any new relationships since
>the thought of suicide is actually comforting to me because I feel it's a safety net
>kinda like "well if life REALLY pushes too hard I can end the struggle, so I don't need to worry too much."
>tfw thoughts of suicide are the only things keeping me from suicide

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Wait till you're married with children and a mortgage.

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Searching for gf in Germany

Please respond

>> No.9383771

I want to go to a anime con but honestly I've never been to one and feel a little out of place.

>> No.9383802

There is such thing as public transport, you know.

>> No.9383935

Please respond

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>live in GA
>only ever able to make it to one con a year (always make it AWA) because they're all in Atlanta which is a kinda far drive from me
>only make it to AWA for Friday this year thanks to job conflicts that I couldn't change
>recently got married and husband has had several job interviews in Atlanta recently
>most of these jobs will have him start in may sometime
>momocon is in May
>thinking about going to Momocon if we move in time for it
>remember that I'm going to be 7 months pregnant then
>momocon will probably not be a good idea
A-Any of you gulls ever go to a con 7 months pregnant? Is it a bad idea? It's probably a bad idea.

>> No.9384037

she looks so terrified.

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dam son. that almost sounds like me.

>pretty much live life as a NEET all through out high school
>start coming out of my shell around 17ish
>get into cars, and building stuff, welding, etc
>get into cosplay aswell, but more into making swords and mini versions of vehicles out of scrap metal
>my next door neighbor finds out somehow
>shes into cosplay aswell,
>has not once in 5 years of living next door to each other ever spoken to me for over a minute or when our parents weren't there
>generally avoided me when we saw each other at school

>one day she sees me in my garage working on something
>she comes over and we chat a little, mostly about cosplay , and some CAD stuff on my computer.
>"wow anon, i didnt know you could do all this stuff. maybe you can teach me CAD sometime UwU"
>complimenting me pretty heavy at this point and honestly blushing a little
>think shes honestly trying to be my friend

>"oh anon, do you think you could build THIS for me?" (shows me a picture of 3D maneuver gear from attack on titan)
>"i made mine out of foam, but i think a real metal one with real wire and stuff would look soo cool."
>explain to her how heavy it would be and that i would need to make most of it out of aluminium, and how tricky it is to weld aluminum
>also that i haven't worked with leather before,etct etc
>"uhhh, i could probably make all the metal parts., but you would need to make the leather straps"
>"good! can i count on it being done before AX?"
>"yeah, just give me the money for the aluminum and then... 120$ when its done" (would have charged 200~ for anyone else)

>starts saying that she thought we were friends, i shouldn't charge her etc etc etc
>"ive known you for like 10 minutes"

women are such cunts. WHY WONT YOU LET ME USE YOU, I TALKED TO YOU.

this wasn't the last girl either.

>> No.9384089

>I just gave her $100 ten minutes prior
Yeah, this type of person is called a mooch and will find any reason to fly off the handle with you so as not to honor any prior obligations, such as paying you back the $100 or compensating you for your time.
You're "awful" for now because that's the convenient excuse to keep you in place, until she decides to "forgive" you so you can perform the old song and dance of giving her what she wants again.

Take it from someone who tried to appeal narcissistic user 'friends' before: don't.

>> No.9384093

Get away and never look back or you'll end up like Coloringchan's friend.

>> No.9384097



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>be male
>feel a bit down at times
>decide to lurk cgl bc pictures of cosplayers and lolitas cheer me up
>life is too busy for a relationship
>slowly realize the concentration of girl on girl spite, shit talking, and drama was at least half of all conversations with gf's
>schadenfreude from reading cgl is worth at least half of a gf without any of the effort
>watching r9k crossposting, obvious bait, and trolling succeed so easily brings me keks
may you forever be both catty and salty, gulls

>> No.9384152

Go back to /pol/

>> No.9384162

You mean r9k? /pol/ would think cosplaying is degenerate, and the women who do it are attentionwhores.

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>> No.9384179


>> No.9384183

>being pregnant in between jobs
>going to conventions while being pregnant while being in between jobs

So many levels of disgusting

>> No.9384200

My best friend went to a con pregnant, that was only a few months in and it was a very laid back small con where she knows almost everyone. I wouldn't recommend it, she didn't have a great time and her situation was easier than yours would be. Also what the other anon said, don't be retarded with money if you've got a baby on the way.

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>dressed as Spider-Gwen in the dealer room
>another Spider-Gwen rushes over to greet me
>so happy
>suddenly, she walks WAY to close to me and presses her crotch against mine
>she squeals "Pussy kiss! Mwah!" and walks away laughing
>just stand there, feeling so damn violated

>> No.9384289

>Not finding a spider man to pussy kiss her back
>with his dick

>> No.9384297

I'll be your bf

>> No.9384302

Misinformation. Of course mods can delete threads.

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Somewhat feels good story.
>did Saber with full armor at Katsu Saturday morning
>wasn't absolute best armor but still pretty damn proud
>the boyfriend and best friend did Shirou and Rin so we had an entire Fate group
>goes downstairs to the fountain area, because best friend was meeting someone
>while waiting for the best friend a young high schooler dressed in a yukata and wearing a Saber wig recognizes my Saber and the boyfriend's Shirou
>Comes up to us and asks for picture
>after the picture she asks for a hug from me
>I give her the hug
>she looks so cheerful afterwards when we wave her good-bye
Although usually I'm uncomfortable with things like that, I couldn't help but be happy too just because she looked so god damn happy.

>> No.9384313

>cosplayer is a megabitch for over a decade
>cosplayer has screwed over and caused tons of drama multiple times in the community
>cosplayer keeps burning people and returning to the community with a new cosplay name to dupe new people into being her "friends" that she can control and force to compete in contests with her as their "leader"
>cosplayer is always the helpless victim even though she is the real snake behind all of the issues
>cosplayer takes and alters other peoples' patterns then sells them on Etsy and patreon and commissions costumes with them. Patterns are widely available for free.
>commissions are always late and lots of cut corners/laziness/cheaper materials than advertised
>cosplayer is certainly a sociopathic narcissist

When the hell is this bitch going to disappear from the community?! When will she finally mess with the wrong person/people who will put her on full blast for being a horrible human?

>> No.9384320


>disabled sister

kek what a retard

>> No.9384351

I went to a con 7 months pregnant and it was fine. Every pregnancy is different. I was/am pretty active in my free time and I have a pretty physically active job so my mobility wasn't an issue. They also happened to have a tai chi/yoga panel first thing in the morning run by avatar cosplayers, so it was a nice relaxing way to stretch out and prepare myself for the day. Though honestly I reccomend stretching first thing in the morning when you get up and before you go to bed while pregnant. It really helped me out then, and even now I wish I was as devoted to stretching as I was then because it really helps me through the day.
Also, avoid con junk food and drink lots of water. It will be easier on your body, AND your wallet.

>> No.9384359

>gonna break up with boyfriend
>been together for like a little over two years
>had planned to go to convention on other side of country
>cost is like $1500
>past year I had been trying to save but shit would come up and would have to pay rent and jobs weren't going well, etc
>was consistently told "don't worry about it" when I talked about paying him back
>con is next month
>deathly afraid he's gonna try to say I owe him that money even though I'm not going now
>gonna be fucking homeless and owe my ex 1500

man fml.

>> No.9384388

It's never nice to owe anybody, especially not an ex. Even if he says it's ok, you should pay him back no matter what.

>> No.9384389

From the tone of your post I think you know what's fair.

>> No.9384395

Offtopic threads, yes. Feels threads aren't off topic and mods/jannies can delete offtopic posts and ban the posters. It was the OP who deleted the thread.

>> No.9384403
File: 377 KB, 495x373, 39674_900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lazy low life boyfriend never seems to have money.
>terrible at money management. Either drinks or smokes it all away
>try to help him keep track of money every month for bills, somehow is always short, if he has anything to contribute at all.
>Past due bills. Going to loose power if we don't pay fast, if we don't get evicted first. I can't pay this shit 100% myself.
>Had to sell my absolute dream dress to get enough to cover his half of 3 months rent and 3 months electric bill.
>Had a bit extra after bills to buy myself a new dress off my wish list to fill the void.
>Eventually tire of his shit and gtfo
>Fast forward a year later
>Now dating a really great guy! Money is never an issue, knows how to budget, etc
>Felt major resentment for my ex forcing me to sell my favorite dress to cover his half of bills (and then making me feel bad about being upset that he never had any money despite making more money at his job then I did at mine.)
>Tax season comes, pay off the remainder of my rent for this lease so I can start putting my next few months paychecks to moving out with my amazing boyfriend.
>Dream dress reappears out of nowhere for less then half of what I sold it for.
>Have a bit of money left from taxes.
>Bought that shit
>So fucking happy to have it back and for so cheap too.

Can't wait to wear it out this weekend! I thought I wouldn't be able to buy it back again so soon or for so cheap!

>> No.9384414

Do you mean that one Sailor Saturn bitch in Texas?

>> No.9384415

That's a great feel! I'm happy for you, anon!

>> No.9384418
File: 64 KB, 653x486, 1445739692501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you get into a living arrangement with someone who's terrible with money...drinker and smoker on top of it? You gulls need to have more respect for yourselves.

>> No.9384426

Love makes people temporarily retarded, anon.

>> No.9384437

>Move (yet again) 5-8 hours away, back to old highschool town
>Block everyone from work and family because drama llama
>Including the cute manager that cosplays and reads comics and shit (I was also a manager, so no weird underling deals)
>Try to talk with old friends that used to be into all that jazz
>I guess everyone "grew up" and are even wary about doing a table top anime school girl rpg
>The only friends that still enjoy that stuff are the mouth breather boys that think that girls only cosplay for attention, there's no such thing as gamer girls, ect
>Sure as shit not going to hang out with guys that patronize and condescend to me all day long ("Oh honey, I think you're confused. There's no way that ANY used video game store will sell for less than Amazon")
>Fuckers, I bought some of those games. Want to see the price tag?
>Realize I fucked over a friendship that could have been really rad, had I not been a bitch and blocked her. She blocked me back/unfriended me on stuff, not that I blame her.

Aaaand now I'm back to asking random people if they like table top rpgs, cosplay, anime. But I now live in the armpit of nowhere, so most just look at me like I'm nuts.

God damn, even the guys at the comic/board game store are shits to me. Every time I go in there I get the same 2 clerks explaining how comics work to me. You don't remember who I am assholes? I'm LITERALLY the only special snowflake in town with blue hair and piercings. Both the assholes even set up different subscriptions for me. GAH I WISH I HAD BEEN LESS OF A BITCH

>> No.9384439

Worst part is that I'm getting into all of the fandoms that she was super into, which makes it even worse because instead of wishing that I had someone to geek out with, I KNOW that there was someone there, I just was a bitch and can't have friends apparently

>> No.9384442

Tried apologising? Surely you can get around the block somehow.

>> No.9384446

>Be a huge bitch
>Pay the consequences
>"Waaah why are people acting like bitches to me"


>> No.9384451
File: 1.57 MB, 1650x1175, 1450912817326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie anon, you seem to have set yourself up for with this one. Sucks though.

Are the guys legit mouth breathers or just ugly? Maybe they have decent friends.

>> No.9384453

Congratulations anon! Good on you for at least dumping that dude.

I remember going through financial problems with my bf and having to put my foot down after he had the audacity to suggest I sell my dresses for fucking rent money. He has his shit together nowadays, but it's been made clear those dresses don't go until my say so!

>> No.9384460
File: 1.62 MB, 786x490, 1473994349425.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>had friend who was trash
>was only local friend
>never really supported cosplay habit
>thought I was wasting my money
>she was the 'successful' friend between us
>she went to college, had jobs, traveled abroad
>she bought tons of kpop merch and electronics with parent's money
>meanwhile I'm jobless, no college education, just scraping by to fund cosplay/conventions
>move away from friend
>get a fresh start living with a family member
>get into college
>try to coax friend into going back to college (she never graduated)
>friend resists, makes excuses
>we get into fights and eventually split as friends
>trigger for split was Mystic Messenger of all things
>didn't even realize I'd been unfriended on social media over it until a week later
>unfriended her back on everything else
>never looked back
>now have a 3.4GPA and a part time job
>haven't been broke in months
>freely shopping for cosplays and planning both a convention and a lifelong dream trip to Disney World
>decide to check up on ex-friend out of curiosity since it's been months
>find her Twitter
>it's all tweets about living in her room and still leeching off her fed-up parents
>only mildly interesting news was adopting a puppy
>then tweets about parents making her give puppy back
>timestamps are about 2 weeks apart
>tfw suddenly you're the successful friend after 10+ year and you get to see them at the local convention soon after a year

>> No.9384474

>few years ago
>stop cosplaying
>drop out of college
>get job as a manager at a sub shop chain
>money never an issue, but job was killing me
>franchise owners were shit, was working doubles on a salaried pay, little to no staff
>had no friends, no motivation other than to wake up and go to work
>start therapy
>decide to go back to school
>decide to start cosplaying and going to cons again
>start making friends
>left management job, now work part time at a grocery store
>sometimes I work at my old job to do closing shifts
>paying for school out of pocket
>all my savings are gone
>money is now a HUGE issue
>have two more cons this year, I have enough for them but barely
>applying for technically third jobs
>I should be happier but holy fuck where is all my money going

>> No.9384509

They look decent, know hygiene and such. Just overall are condescending craps.

Waaaah, yeah. I know. Thought this was a feels thread. Am I not allowed to feel shitty for being a bitch? Also, blocked ex coworkers and family because getting super harassed for coming out. Realized I made a mistake, but kinda went into ABORT EVERYTHING mode.

>> No.9384510

No because it he said several times to not worry about it. Like what does that even mean? And the fact that I can't get him to answer that properly is part of the reason I have to go but like... I shouldn't have to dump someone to get them to make a financial decision.

>> No.9384517

Well shit. Go through to their other friends. You don't have to be a lonely faggot forever and can just use their connections to hopefully find some not shit people. Yeah it's sort of using people but you're a self-described bitch. You can take it gull.

>> No.9384533

You're right, it's a feels thread.
And I feel like you got what was coming to you.

Now is when you go back and make amends for what you did, and salvage whatever you can from the remains of your own disaster.

>> No.9384540

>doing pretty good by all measures
>money saved up from working part time while doing college and old jobs
>been able to travel Asia, upcoming trip to Europe
>finally winning cosplay contests after years of struggling to sew
>running a lot of different groups in my area, responsible for things I'm passionate about
>have an absolute dream job lined up after I get my degree
>no s/o, but okay with that because I'm a fatty who is still trying to make progress
>feel like I should be enjoying life and costuming... but I'm not
>mother died very terribly a few years back
>she was the one who got me into sewing, interested in travel, love of medicine and helping others
>just want to share all this with her
>sometimes I'll start writing texts to her, but delete them because I know it's silly
>have other family, friends, but sometimes think she was the only one who ever really shared all this with me

>> No.9384542

No, but it IS someone who got kicked out of that same group for being a crazy psycho

>> No.9384543

Why does everyone hate this Saturn so much?

>> No.9384545

Sorry about your mom, anon. I'm sure she'd be proud of how far you've come.

>> No.9384552
File: 621 KB, 440x247, korili.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a not super close friend but a friend regardless of mine asks me out TWICE last november
>okay okay i'll just turn him down
>turn him down
>he asks me out twice again
>tell him i'm not interested
>"anon, anything i can do to change your mind?"
>tell him no i'm not interested
>lose my shit and tell him again i'm not interested

I'm really sorry to hear that. I used to do that with a relative of mine who died quite young, but eventually I stopped feeling the need to. Wish all the best for you anon <3

>> No.9384559

I saw her resurface again and cringed when she changed her cosplay name for the third or fourth time to hide her shame. All of Texas should avoid her at all costs. She is batshit.

>> No.9384582

I dont know who she is, or care, but what is this dress and where do I get it?

>> No.9384592

It's called Tokimeki Girl, by Angelic Pretty: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/tokimeki-%E2%98%85-girl-jsk You'll have to find it secondhand if you want it, and it's a JSK so if it's the embroidered sailor collar that caught your attention you'll have to look for that blouse somewhere else.

>> No.9384605
File: 35 KB, 397x428, 1486836635145-pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favorite story in this whole thread desu

>> No.9384681

hence her getting out of it

>> No.9384683 [DELETED] 

I don't want to live anymore

I'm making a list of reasons not to die, it's not going well

>> No.9384685

>been into lolita since 2012, tried to get into it once but was complete ita and quit
>i'm an aspie-chan, always have a really hard time knowing what to say or how to act, never really had any friends
>only a couple months ago got back into lolita
>get cheap secondhand burando, go on CoF threads and ita threads to learn what to do and what not to do
>meet some really nice older lolitas online who take me under their wing, are really sweet and kind
>join local comm, go to a meetup
>a lot of the members i initially met are quite younger than me so i was worried, felt out of place but the mod is super sweet and understanding
>i'm organizing my first meet this sunday, gonna be a high tea party at a local b&b
>finally feel like i might have a chance at making friends but also super nervous, don't wanna mess this up like i always do by being an autistic sperglord

>> No.9384687

If I remember correctly, it's just a collar? like it's not a part of the blouse.

>> No.9384712

We were together for some time. He didn't start out that bad, just slowly got worse and worse. By the time I got to the point where I was over it where it was this bad I still had 6 months left in my lease so I had to bite my lip and just go with it. I mean having like $100 out of the $500 of his half each month for bills was better then kicking him out earlier and getting nothing at all. The last 6 months he basically lived on the couch because I was too disgusted to look at him and obviously didn't want to share my King-sized bed with him. Only sad thing now is I couldn't keep me bed. My current bedroom is a lot smaller then my last so having the King didn't give me much spare room for anything else.
Plus side is I don't mind cuddling extra close to my new boyfriend in the tiny ass bed, he thinks I look cute in Lolita, and showered me in gifts of Sailor Moon merch for Christmas and hinted at burando for my birthday. I definitely upgraded in every way possible with this one, but I don't think we would of ever met if I had ended it sooner or if things had been different. I appreciate my experiences and I think that I value what I have even more now because I've had the absolute worse.
>Sage for blog post

>> No.9384762
File: 158 KB, 713x738, 1488656702984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you guys thinks it's worth trying to maintain a once close but rapidly dying friendship with a childhood friend, or should i accept the idea that they no longer care and move on?

>> No.9384774

I don't know your situation at all so I'll just say that, generally speaking, it's better to not force things that are clearly not working out. People grow apart sometimes, it's sad but it happens, and it's better to let go and move on than to hold on to a relationship that makes neither of you happy.

>> No.9384778

Would you be sad if said friend dropped dead? If the answer is yes then try as hard as you can to rekindle the friendship.

Sorry for the bluntness, bff died last Monday and I'm a bit salty about your indecisive bs.

>> No.9384815

Don't focus on how you'll mess up. Instead, try and focus on the event and busy yourself with the people and what's going on. The less you focus on spilling your spaghetti the better you'll be.

Also bear in mind some people don't mind sperglords despite what cgl may imply. Myself included. Good luck anon, just try and enjoy yourself! Fret later!

>> No.9384838
File: 253 KB, 479x359, Rainbow girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>Financially responsible dude
>Very good at budgeting
>Don't drink or smoke
>very supportive, friendly, and nice
>Work out
>Know how to dress and style hair
>Just shy
>But exclusively a handful of female friends mostly from college who are almost all married by now
>Forever alone
>"You'll find someone someday, Anon. I'd date you but I'm too afraid of losing you as a friend."
>"I actually wanted to date you but you never made the first move"
>"Anyone who gets you would be lucky"
>Always hear this, not even bitter about it, it's still nice to be told that
>Start buying dresses off Lacemarket to hang in my closet and cheer me up when I get dressed because it feels like I've gotten them for someone I care for and feels as if they're living with me
>Grow so used to this that I have more lolita in my closet than my own clothes
>Forfeit trying to even find a girlfriend because I'm already 29 with the relationship experience of a gradeschoolder (first kiss only)
>Just accept I have an imaginary girlfriend living with me who just works a schedule opposite to mine so we never get to see each other
>Friends have started humoring this and playing along, asking how "Gwen" is doing every now and then
>I play along too
>Started as a joke but I sometimes think of it as real
>Friend with key to my house actually comes in every now and then when I'm at work to take an outfit out the closet so I can feel like Gwen's wearing that outfit on that day
>Realize this pathetic made up girlfriend actually feels unhealthily real and my friends are all encouraging this unhealthy fabrication

Don't even know where I was going with this feel. Just never think too hard on it. I guess it's a coping mechanism or something. I legit feel like Gwen is real sometimes. It's just weird that I have a wardrobe larger than some of you gulls, bu I do feel happy when I buy new clothes because I feel like I've made Gwen happy and that's all I strive for anymore.

Thanks for reading my story.

>> No.9384843


>> No.9384847

It's good you realized that this isn't healthy. I know it's difficult to let go of this habit, especially if it makes you feel good, but you should probably at least try. I hope things turn for the better for you soon.

>> No.9384851

How far along was she? Was it the morning sickness that made it bad? I definitely wouldn't have considered it while I was still having morning sickness but since I've gotten past that stage I've felt perfectly fine and have been able to be really active with no issues but I know once you hit the third trimester there's a bunch of other side effects that can make things like cons not fun so that's really what I was wondering about. And yea I'm only considering going if we do move there so I wouldn't have to drop a bunch of money on hotel and stuff. My husband is still employed he's just been looking for better opportunities so I'm not too worried about the cost of a con ticket as long as we're careful and have everything budgeted accordingly.
Thanks for the tips anon! I guess I'll just have to wait and see how I'm feeling then. I currently feel pretty great now that my morning sickness has passed and I've been trying to be as active as I can be. Hopefully I'll feel up to it if I can go but I guess I won't really know until closer to it.

>> No.9384854

>Financially responsible
>buys expensive dresses for imaginary people

>> No.9384863 [DELETED] 

Yea, and yet I still have a net increase in my savings account at the end of every month. I don't have many things to spend money on so it's essentially the same as if I spent money on a hobby. It isn't as if I empty my whole paycheck on clothes; I just make more than I really know what to do with. I even have the max percentage set for my 401k.

Being financially responsible doesn't mean never ever spending your money or having tons of stock investments. It means knowing how much you can spend and allocating your funds meaningfully. To me, buying clothes for Gwen directly affects my mood positively, so it's a worthy purchase. Though it does sound silly, I'm far from endangering my fiscal health with my purchases.


>> No.9384865

As long as it doesn't cut into his necessities, it's financially responsible.

I like how you have no idea what being "financially responsible" means. But you should be very afraid for your future.

>> No.9384866 [DELETED] 

>always been tall
>always been considered strong, and somewhat masculine despite being female
>just want to feel cute.
>find sweet lolita in 2006
>holy shit cutest shit ever
>start collecting dresses, feel cute, move onto brand
>start attending some meetups, I'm several heads taller than everyone else
>everyones wearing classic, I'm always wearing sweet
>see photos from various meetups
>stick out in photos like a gaint in a fucking adult baby costume
>try my lolita clothes on that i never felt bad about wearing before
>skirts too short, sleeves too short, blouses dont fit, neither do tights or OTKs

I ended up feeling like shit about it. still do. I quit the fashion, but I just want to feel cute again.. in clothes that fit me.
I've changed up my fashion to only wear mens clothing now, since its the only thing that fits.

>> No.9384867

Yea, and yet I still have a net increase in my savings account at the end of every month. I don't have many things to spend money on so it's essentially the same as if I spent money on a hobby. It isn't as if I empty my whole paycheck on clothes; I just make more than I really know what to do with. I even have the max percentage set for my 401k.

Being financially responsible doesn't mean never ever spending your money or having tons of stock investments. It means knowing how much you can spend and allocating your funds meaningfully. To me, buying clothes for Gwen directly affects my mood positively, so it's a worthy purchase. Though it does sound silly, I'm far from endangering my fiscal health with my purchases. I can see how it came off sounding as if I have a frivolous shopping addiction or something, though.


>> No.9384868

ok Im sorry if youre really dealing with this but pls post a pic of your wardrobe, Im having a really hard time believing this is true

>> No.9384869
File: 170 KB, 600x600, 1418753596901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always been tall
>always been considered strong, and somewhat masculine despite being female
>just want to feel cute.
>find sweet lolita in 2006
>holy shit cutest shit ever
>start collecting dresses, feel cute, move onto brand
>start attending some meetups, I'm several heads taller than everyone else
>everyones wearing classic, I'm always wearing sweet
>see photos from various meetups
>stick out in photos like a gaint in a fucking adult baby costume
>try my lolita clothes on that i never felt bad about wearing before
>skirts too short, sleeves too short, blouses dont fit, neither do tights or OTKs

I ended up feeling like shit about it. still do. I quit the fashion, but I just want to feel cute again.. in clothes that fit me.
I've changed up my fashion to only wear mens clothing now, since its the only thing that fits.

you short girls might not have long legs, or be able to reach the top shelf, but at least clothes fit you. I feel like a monster.

>> No.9384870

Alright, when I get home from work.

>> No.9384877

Custom Blouses and underskirts exist. It's harder, but you can still look good.

>> No.9384884

underskirts dont always make everything better. while they work with classic, they look like garbage most of the time with sweet. especially super sugary angelic pretty that comes with a built in petticoat. the layering just looks atrocious. I really wish I was interested in classic, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

>> No.9384889

Like anon said, underskirts. If things really fit you poorly to where they're making you look ita, there's always taobao brands that do custom sizing for long torsos and tall people. I think gulls forget that custom sizing isn't just for fatties.

>> No.9384894
File: 44 KB, 229x231, 1488803577240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. You're really kind and sweet, and you're a really great person. Your friends all love you and go out of their way to help you feel better because they care so much about you. That alone is proof that you're very dear to them, and I'm sure you're an irreplaceable part of their lives.

I'm sorry your work schedule sucks, but know that you'll always have someone rooting for you and pushing you forward. I'll always be here for you if you need me, even if you don't think I am. Please put more faith in me and believe in your ability to be a wonderful person. Missing you always.


>> No.9384899

I wish there was more tall people advice, because I have no idea what kind of stores are alright for this. last time I made a custom order from taobao for my height I got a monstrosity that was 20in bust measured flat (how!??)

>> No.9384900

Wear the dresses. Become the girlfriend.

>> No.9384903

This. Do it, anon. Do it for Gwen.

>> No.9384922

I got my first paycheck! I can finally say I'm no longer a NEET!

>Switch or brand? OTL

>> No.9384927

I've always wanted to date guys like you just to help you gain some experience and confidence - just enough so that you'd be able to look at yourself with a bit more self-respect.

At least you're aware that all of this is unhealthy, best of luck to you.

>> No.9384928

You're not going to find a Switch unless it's scalped - and there aren't even really games for it aside from Zelda right now so just get brand now and wait for a couple more paychecks before getting a Switch.

>> No.9384929

This is sweet in a bizarre way.

>> No.9384975
File: 85 KB, 600x857, 1488846533823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally had the courage to tell my best friend about how my boss sexually assaulted me for a year while I was too afraid to tell anyone. I still haven't told anyone else and I am terrified to tell anyone. And she just told me I 'could have had it worse' and that I 'need to get over it'

I've been having nightmares about it and I'm terrified to even think about getting a job that was similar to that one (I have one now, but it's online. I make enough to make ends meet, but not comfortably) but I'm terrified to. I talked to a shrink, but it did nothing for me.

what do I do in this situation?

>> No.9384981

First off, your best friend is an ass and you need better friends.
Secondly, your boss needs to be reported for sexual assault. This is NOT something you keep to yourself
Thirdly, you need to get better judgement. Choosing friends like this is a problem.
Fourth, you need to find a new shrink. That one was totally ass.
Fifth, you need a new job.

>> No.9384990

If you don't relate anymore, you don't relate. Maybe it would be better to gently let go. I know it'll hurt, but it may just be better. If you want to get ballsy, confrontation. But I wouldn't fully recommend that.

>> No.9384992

Get a lolita sugar baby anon.
You buy her dresses, she hangs out with you.

>> No.9384993

I wish I could offer more advice, but I'm sadly short and slightly chubs. I have the opposite problem with taobao dresses
>ordered dress, made sure to measure one inch above the knee because that's where I like my dresses
>get dress, excitedly try it on
>dress reaches my calves
I'll just have to layer my pettis to make it floof more, I guess.

>> No.9385007

It's okay anon I'll always be with you.

>> No.9385008

My problem with telling anyone is that he's convinced everyone I was this crazy bitch, and I told HR that he touched my hips and they said "you're exaggerating". And I couldnt go through a trial, and that scares me.

>> No.9385040

>tfw u find out you were gwen all along and the person you thought u were is just another personality ala DID

>> No.9385043
File: 215 KB, 640x480, aU5deP1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yasu, is that you?

>> No.9385046

no spoilers anon I'm not that far yet lol

>> No.9385050
File: 173 KB, 482x431, 1485247124483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh nice, an Umineko virgin. Enjoy the ride.

>> No.9385051

Anyone who truly cares about you will believe you

>> No.9385061

Man I love the way whenever a guy comes here and complains "woe is me tfw no gf forever alone" everyone usually calls him a loser and tells him to go away
He also says "oh and I have lots of money and am very willing to spend it on dresses"
Which suddenly gets everyone saying
>Wow you sound so nice I wish I could date you

>> No.9385070

>sounds fake but okay

also if by some miniscule chance this isn't fake, stop hoarding dresses you aren't wearing. Actual lolitas want those.

>> No.9385078
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got careless with eating last year
>now 15 pounds overweight
>really like how my new cosplay is coming, but my fucking gut ruins it

>> No.9385089

Alright so this happened today.
>Expecting a dream dress
>Come home, put my bag down, eagerly wait by the door for the mailman
>Knock on the door
>Must be Mailman
>I open it and see my paternal great grandmother who proceeds to stand there and tell me that my father has cancer
>Also tells me she's sick and may not live much longer.
>Mailman pulls up not long after she leaves and I'm a sobbing mess.
>It's extremely awkward but I can't stop crying.

Now I feel like I'll associate this event with that dress forever... Every time I move one step forward, I get knocked back five.
I'm pretty fucking devastated, desu.

>> No.9385099

The assholes get called losers and told to fuck off, nothing in anon's post made him sound particularly assholeish.

>> No.9385100

It's really not even only girls like this though, it's everyone. My ex got excommunicated by her parents, and they tried crawling back into her life once she was really successful in her career. She wanted to show off to them how well she was doing simply because she was finally proud of herself. After thinking everything was going well with them a while, they more or less revealed they just wanted to have her put her name on a mortgage for a house. We both saw through it at exactly the same time, and watching her react to it was absolutely heartbreaking. She obviously got the worst of the feels, but even I felt like complete shit just by knowing how painful it was for her, given that there was nothing I could do to help her get over it.

>> No.9385108
File: 1.34 MB, 1280x1326, 1394070568540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anon you should be saving your money!!! You're so young, you have no idea how much you need to prepare!
>A new car, your own house
>Anon you need to get out more.
And do what?
>Anon have you gotten a boyfriend yet?
I'm not really interested.
>You should dress and act more mature to attract a man. How else will you pop out three kids?
I don't want any kids. I like to do my own thing, you know... and I like my clothes, and my hobbies.
>You'll change your mind when you get married!
>Anon you've just never had good sex
>Anon you're just always in denial about everything!
>You don't know what's best for you, I do!
>You never listen to anything we say, you just run from your problems instead of fixing them.
I didn't know they were problems.

I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE PROBLEMS, thanks everyone in my life except my parents who will support me literally if I murder

>> No.9385111

Holy shit anon, that's rough. I'm sorry.

>> No.9385117

>except my parents who will support me literally if I murder

>> No.9385138
File: 56 KB, 540x424, tumblr_inline_ojkbrcAHp21qhe8s7_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My grandma's husband molested my sisters and I when we were kids. Not only that, but he took pictures of us and I'm pretty sure he didn't delete them off his computer before he died so I'm not entirely sure if they're still there or not (I'm actually very scared that he uploaded them online). The good news is that I'm able to make jokes about "grandpa touching me!!!!" and stuff like that, but seeing that stuff in fictional works really weirds me out. Like, I can't even watch certain episodes of Law and Order without getting nauseous.

I have friends that I cosplay with that I'm slowly finding out ship characters that are minors with adults, as well as ship incest pairings and it makes me VERY uncomfortable. For example, my one friend recently confided in me that they were sexually abused by a family member and in the same day mentioned how they shipped brothers together in an anime they watch. Like, I'm trying to have an open mind about how clearly my friends aren't pedophiles and obviously not into incest in real life but I can't help but feel like Tumblr and think "Gee, this person is #problematic!1"

I dunno, I'm trying to get a thick skin, but even seeing fictional stuff online reminds me of the abuse.

>this year marks the 5 year anniversary of him dying
>I'm celebrating the fuck out of it

>> No.9385144

>Not only that, but he took pictures of us
oh anon... can we please connect? This happened to me when I was 16. My dad forced me to have a website and I had to drop out of high school... not only that but he made me look at pictures of other little kids it was happening to, that were younger than me.

Its really hard for me to find people who have been through something similar. The subject is so taboo that you can't even research it without getting in trouble and I can't tell people without them freaking out.

I tried therapy but even they didn't get it. I feel like the only people who would are the ones it's happened to.

Also, I can joke about it but yeah, it does still bother me. I was able to watch SVU, but I know what you mean. Sometimes I joke about stuff like that but in my mind I'm like, "holy fucking shit that's so dark..."

I don't even know if my dad is dead or not. I stopped talking to my family all together because of that shit. I had to runaway from them. I don't care if they are alive or not, as long as I don't have to be around them.

>> No.9385195


>> No.9385199

tell him it will make other chicks dig him more.

because it will.

you better trust this man if you suggest going gay with him.

>> No.9385202

the thread went mega offtopic bro, check the archive

>> No.9385205

get a police report on file, even if it goes nowhere.

>> No.9385207
File: 33 KB, 600x315, fc6c9ca4bd5233ae1833d2ffc919746a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw boyfriend tries to grab my butt
>tfw im in lolita so he's just grabbing my petticoat

I laughed so hard, I'll never let it go haha he hates me now

>> No.9385230

Sounds like a good concept for a lolita arthouse film or some shit.

>> No.9385251

>A new car
My parents, on repeat. I live a short walk from where I work and shop, any cons/airports/family are on public transport lines, why does everyone act like a car is a necessity?

>> No.9385253

>why does everyone act like a car is a necessity?
Depending on where you live it most certainly is.
Keyword: Depending

>> No.9385258
File: 33 KB, 917x1186, gondola suicide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'll never find love
>tfw I'll never feel the warmth of genuine intimacy
Someone murder the living shit out if me already

>> No.9385259

>how tricky it is to weld aluminum
Scrub detected. I bet you suck at doing pipes and open root too

>> No.9385322

>Anon when are you going to start driving?
I have bad anxiety attacks behind the wheel.

>If you just had a car and tried...
I had a car. I took drivers ed. I took the license test four times. Nothing helped.

>Yeah but you're going to college, when will you drive?
I pay a bus company to pick me up and it's cheaper than a monthly gas bill.

>Yeah but when you get a job?
...they do that too. 7 days a week if I want.


Seriously, what is it about cars? I take a bus company to school, I can call them or a cab/Uber if I need to go somewhere. I travel public transit for vacations/conventions. Yet some how me not driving is like a completely foreign concept.

>Your stepsister is taking drivers ed and will drive soon though?
...good for her?? I'll channel my money that's not all spent in car insurance into cosplay and Jfashion and trips.

>> No.9385480
File: 53 KB, 736x534, 04c65e8bf8b07cb6df82d89a953bcc8f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get someone with a fast car to drive really fast on the mountain roads with you in the passenger seat..

Shock therapy the fug out of you

>> No.9385509

I ride with a little old lady who spends more time looking at stuff passing by than the road. I've also been in five car accidents. I don't think I'm going to drive or be cured into driving, ever.

>> No.9385511
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel so bad. I got my little sister a pair of pants for cosplay and she ended up shitting them.

They still have the tag, and I covered the shit stains with white paint. Should I return them to Tesco?

>> No.9385518
File: 676 KB, 667x763, 678768476578567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jesus christ i'm so sorry that happened and especially about the online aspect, that's fucked and i hope that there's a hell because i want everyone who sexually abuses kids to go to it

i was raped over and over by a number of different people as a child but there was no online aspect or picture taking for me, just rape rape rape. at least as far as i know. so i can kind of relate but i obviously don't know what some of that is like

to bring it back to /cgl/ i think the reason why i love lolita so much is that i used princesses and fantasy stuff as an escape when i was a kid and now i'm able to be the person i wanted to be so badly.

>inb4 ageplayer gtfo my fashion
there's no sexual aspect of it to me, just redemption and feeling like i finally have power again. i was never able to feel pretty until this point because all i felt was dirty and now i'm able to forget about it for a little while

>> No.9385530
File: 740 KB, 427x240, burning anger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No you disgusting cow. Why the fuck do you think that's acceptable you sickening diseased rodent.

>> No.9385540

No, it's fine. She used white paint.

>> No.9385593
File: 578 KB, 600x600, hypnotize10.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.9385605

Pretty sure that only works on /d/'s sissy fetishists.

>> No.9385620

Yes, and I was in it. I was one of the people adding to the fire. The mods didn't ban me. Deleting the thread doesn't do shit. That's why it wasn't a mod or a janny who deleted it. It's an anon. It's not really that hard to understand.

>> No.9385624

At Wamlart they do not give a shit. Is Tesco the same?

>> No.9385629


Have you tried playing an arcade driving game? Or maybe VR racing games.

>> No.9385674
File: 95 KB, 512x908, Snapchat-1947843007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dream dress's tracking status has been in transit for over a week. Should I be worried? I'll die if I finally found it, paid all that money, and it never shows up.

>> No.9385706

Oh no good luck anon I hope it comes in soon! Which dress was it?

>> No.9385719

I went through this right after finishing high school few years ago. I tried really hard, always messaging my friend and asking how her uni was since we've gone to different ones obviously. Gradually she's been losing interest in me, stopped replying etc. Turned into huge koreaboo and wasn't interested in my japtrash anymore. So I feel you, anon, but sometimes the worst is inevitable.

>> No.9385723

>The mods didn't ban me. Deleting the thread doesn't do shit. That's why it wasn't a mod or a janny who deleted it.
do you believe that, when a mod deletes a thread, it somehow bans people who were using it? what is even your logic here?

i've begun, and been in, threads that were deleted without ever being banned. also, there is a limit to how long a thread is deletable by its OP. haven't you ever seen someone get told they made a stupid thread, only for OP to apologize and say it's too late to delete it now?

>> No.9385727

>also, there is a limit to how long a thread is deletable by its OP
This you dumb newfag cunts. OP cant delete a thread after too long, it won't let you.

>> No.9385753

Thanks anon. It'll be hard, but I'll make it.

>> No.9385767

I'm a victim of csa too, anon. My father's friend molested me when I was three. I was raped by a different person at twelve as well.
Non-con content makes me freeze up and feel sick and dizzy. I feel like psychologically we have the very definition of a trigger before everybody bastardized it.

>> No.9385817

My search for my perfect man is seeming more and more futile with how many 30+ year old men are such fucking creeps when it comes to liking cosplay. I hate having to choose between a normie dude to just settle on and the freaky dude who likes anime but also collects vintage GI Joes or some other shit. Why do men who cosplay/like anime/go to conventions have to be such fucking weirdos?

>> No.9385819

>vintage GI Joes or some other shit.

Don't you think that's a weird standard, considering you're into dress up though? It's a hobby, if you act like that, you'll never find someone

>> No.9385821

If there's anything I learned from /cgl/ it's that lolitas take themselves and their hobby/lifestyle WAY too fucking seriously. Just because you dress like a princess doesn't mean you can act like one.

>> No.9385824

>Why do men who cosplay/like anime/go to conventions have to be such fucking weirdos?

Sounds like you have impossible standards of what a relationship is. Love is accepting someone else for their weird thing. Yours is cosplay, and his is collecting things. Am I a fucking weirdo because I have a shelf of star wars figurines?

My boyfriend thinks it's a waste of money, but so long as I pay my half of everything and have savings, it's not his place to judge.

>> No.9385826

It's a hobby, but cosplaying is a social hobby. Fuck, cosplaying is almost the new cool thing to do, take JNig and all the "boudoir" people for example. They're generally well-adjusted people who just like to dress up in lingerie half the time. GI Joe collecting and the like is more of a reclusive hobby and I just can't understand it.

I guess it comes down to that I'm incompatible with the loner types that are generally associated with obsessive and niche collecting.

>> No.9385834

My search for my perfect woman is seeming more and more futile with how many 30+ year old women are such fucking psychos when it comes to liking cosplay. I hate having to choose between a normie chic to just settle on and the crazy chic who likes anime but also collects japanese dresses or some other shit. Why do women who cosplay/like anime/go to conventions have to be such fucking psychos?

>> No.9385836

>generally well-adjusted people

Fucking pick one. this has to be bait, no one is this retarded

>> No.9385838

JNig at a con
>Wow, this nerd stuff is really cool... but who let all these nerds in?

>> No.9385840

So he's automatically a creep because he collects figurines? You sound like a fucking cunt. Are you admitting that you do this for the attention? Because you want to dress up in lingerie? because that's just attention-whoring.

anon, I think you're an attention-whore.

>> No.9385866

So you prefer a social guy. Not sure why you're attaching the rest of that baggage, it's not as if normie guys don't do shit like collect guns or motorcycles or whatever else.

>> No.9385885


What the fuck bitch.
they sell figures and video games at stores everywhere.

Lolitas have to buy from a store in a different language to get a dress in 2 months. Or go on ebay/ Taiwanese finger puppet forum and find a sweat stained one worn by a 200 pound land whale.

How dare this bitch.

>> No.9385900

y'all are taking the bait like you like it. you do, don't you? you like that bait. take it like the bait-muncher you are. take it hook, line, and sinker.

>> No.9385905

be the gwen you wish to see in the world

>> No.9385919
File: 29 KB, 250x333, 18526_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's this one. To be honest I haven't worn Lolita in a long time and I wasn't going to buy this until a few seagulls convinced me to. The anticipation has gotten me excited to wear Lolita again and I'm feeling a lot of the same love that I used to. Really hoping it isn't lost!

>> No.9385933

Those pants were $9 and now they been pood

>> No.9385946

so you want to subject some over poor little girl to that shit? and over 1 hours min wage work?

>> No.9385949

It's lovely, anon! I hope everything works out for the best and you get it soon.

>> No.9385966

Thank you for the well wishes!

>> No.9385969

OP is a cosplayer not a lolita though?

>> No.9385972

>Am I a fucking weirdo because I have a shelf of star wars figurines?
Of course not. Unless you leave them in the original packaging. Then yes.

>> No.9385978

Nope. I make them do stupid shit, and post pictures to the Star Wars general to make people smile

>> No.9385980

I have been extremely stressed because the VA fucked up their paperwork and didn't pay me when they said they would so I was out over $1000 for this month, but I finally got a letter saying they're paying me back. Probably going to buy a dress or some nice lolita stuff to celebrate that. Also a preorder shipped yesterday so I'm so relieved and happy. Just waiting for my direct deposit to hit now.

>> No.9385992
File: 47 KB, 298x323, 1462573279764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I was a woman just to wear all the ridiculous cute dresses I see here.
I'm looking to get a gf that likes this fashion just so a I can dress (and undress) her like a doll.

>> No.9385997
File: 116 KB, 1096x731, midgetdate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just yanking you. I will give the pants to a friend.

>> No.9386001

Cry harder, stupid. You're so pissed over a post on 4chan you can't even form full sentences.

>> No.9386003

>cosplaying is a social hobby
Either you buy all your cosplays, or you're forgetting that cosplays are typically worn for a fraction of the time it takes to make them, so no, cosplaying isn't that social.

Also, collecting full stop is a socially acceptable hobby, even weird shit. To most people the 60s figuring collector has eccentric tastes, the person who dresses up as asian cartoon characters is childish/unhinged/socially retarded (pre-Big Bang Theory, anyway).

You people are pretty cool, and I don't even particularly like Star Wars.

>> No.9386020

I kinda think this is sweet but having a significant other just to keep them as your personal doll you can play dress up with is a bit fetishy and I dont think it would be good for you or her anon. But then again weirder relationships have worked so what do I know.

>> No.9386028

Lets be honest, "play dress up" in reality just means that the so helps fund her clothes shopping and sometimes has input into what she wears. Pretty normal imo.

>> No.9386040



>> No.9386041

I wasnt sure it was "just that", it sounded a bit more like wanting to own your own human doll. But like you say if they both benefit from it and neither is completely controlling the other I guess its ok.

>> No.9386042

I've been trying to sell this dress for years for like... 70 dollars. hope you didn't pay too much for it anon.

>> No.9386061
File: 174 KB, 496x691, 1466356755100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She would be my doll and my idol. I would play with her and worship her every day and night.
Mine mine mine mine mine.

>> No.9386062
File: 112 KB, 1589x960, FB_IMG_1489192787083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it shouldn't matter but shit like this still gets to me from time to time. One look at her fb page shows a blonde girl with the same makeup and pose in every picture. She apparently has a large youtube following and the attached picture is of her "Naruto Uzumaki-Girl version!" On the post she made in the huge cosplay fb group, she has fanboys saying ridiculous things like "you're one of the best cosplayers in this giant group!!"

>Bruh. No. Please. Stop.

Can't understand why boobs and a made up face are so much more attractive than a nice set of armor or some clean seams.

>> No.9386077

I paid 130 after international shipping. Where have you been trying to sell it? I haven't been looking around for the past 2 years, but before then I always kept an eye out. Feels bad!

>> No.9386080

Because boys want sex.
Girls no give boy sex, boys encourage female sex symbols.
Then girls mad boys worship sex symbol.


>> No.9386081

You can't masturbate to armor and nice seams.

>> No.9386084 [DELETED] 

>Girls no give boy sex
What world are you living in?

>> No.9386090

I've had it on LM for years, just stopped putting the listing up since no one ever bit.

>> No.9386092

Maybe you can't.

>> No.9386097

>For example, my one friend recently confided in me that they were sexually abused by a family member and in the same day mentioned how they shipped brothers together in an anime they watch.

Well, it seems there's a correlation between those sexually abused in childhood and predatory action in adulthood. Not that it's certain that they're really problematic, but it may be somewhat of a red flag.

This really sickens me. There needs to me more effort put into pedophilia research. The problem is, it's such a taboo subject that absolutely nobody wants to do it, and even if they do they have absolutely zero financial support for conducting research.

The US justice system is focused way too hard on punishment. That sounds weird to advocate less emphasis on punishment; but that's only if you don't take into account that judgement is only something that can be handed down AFTER a crime has been committed. The threat of imprisonment is the only preventative measure we have in place, and it's certainly not enough when we're talking about repressed sexual urges that will undoubtedly manifest in extremely unhealthy ways because of the taboo aspect.

It sounds weird, but the preventative measure is to look at the model Germany has. Pedophiles are actually able to seek help from professionals who focus solely on pedophilia and so are much more equipped to help.

This of course leads to more professionals being able to actually help victims comfortably too. It's ironic, but our current justice system just leads to more abuse. Nip the problem at the butt before it gets out of control. I hate that whenever I try discussing this, because of how taboo the topic is, I somehow come off as a villain for not just nodding my head and agreeing that everything is fine with how we handle this subject. Anyone who hurts children truly deserves no pity though, but you can stop them from acting on urges with the proper therapy.

I'm sorry, Anons.

>> No.9386101
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1466952424764.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Getting complimented and recognized as wearing Lolita in public

>> No.9386106

Always a good feel!

>> No.9386113

I know someone who has pedophilia and uses loli hentai to cope. It was hell on Earth to find him a therapist and he only found one because he hadn't ever watched or owned CP.

Still wouldn't trust him around any kids I may have in the future, which I feel guilty about. But I was molested by my babysitters son, so, it can't be helped lol

>> No.9386121

>he has pedophilia
somehow that sounds less accusatory than "he's a pedophile." i have a difficult time believing pedophilia is a subconscious perversion that people can't help but have. you shouldn't feel bad that you wouldn't trust him around kids, all pedophiles are potential dangers and you can never be too careful. they are sick and the ones who actually act upon their desires deserve death sentences imo.

cgl related feel:
>tfw hit on by pedos/hebes when in lolita
absolutely fucking disgusting

>> No.9386123

It helped me quit smoking, so it's not all bad

>> No.9386129

What did you list it under? I can't believe I didn't see it before.

>> No.9386132

wtf I love driving now

>> No.9386135

just under the dress' name.

but hey at the end of the day you got the dress you wanted so! Guess mine will just keep rotting.

>> No.9386142

the anon you replied to

Well, not all pedophiles are child molesters and not all child molesters. Scientific studies indicate that it is something that people cannot help (genetics playing a role) but the problem is that no one wants to study the field more to help these people because of stigma attached to it. I really recommend looking into it! It's complex and eye-opening imo.

The DSM-5 has it listed as pedophiliac disorder, categorized as a paraphilic disorder.

I really recommend reading this;

and then an article that criticized the DSM-5 diagnosis, which is very important because the DSM-5 is not perfect

Personally, I do not want the man who molested me (he was a teenager at the time) to be put to death, or to be punished really, I want him to receive therapy and go on medications for his condition.

>> No.9386160

I sure as fuck can.

>> No.9386163

>tfw you start seeing pedo activists propping up out of the woodwork

Can't believe I ever said that the slippery slope was a horrible argument.

>> No.9386166

Ah that's such a pretty dress anon! I've actually been looking for this print too, but I really want the sax short jsk. I missed the long jsk about a month ago. It came with the headbow and socks. If I had the money I would of settled on the longer legnth. Maybe one day.

>> No.9386169
File: 9 KB, 240x250, 1487881700141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talk about a dress that I want, and am going to get
>girl says how it's not even that good
>same girl in our comm who was there listening snags it
>posts about it on facebook
>her family is illegal
>call up ICE
>she and her leeching family get deported

Fucking bitch. Hope she gets beheaded

>> No.9386171

Yeah lol this happened

>> No.9386172

I probably pop in once every three months to say this but I'm starting to become so tired that even lolita is tiring. I work 13-16 hour shifts and afterwards I barely find the energy to make food, never mind get myself into a coordinate. But lolita is the only thing that makes me happy at this point and it's the only thing I have energy for. I don't craft, I don't write, I don't do anything but think of lolita and makeup to go with lolita. I disgust myself sometimes, I indulge in this hobby and make nothing of value in my free time. But even dressing up in princess clothes apparently is too tiring now. I'm fucking pathetic.

>> No.9386185

No it sounds more like you're suffering from severe burnout from your work and the depression that comes with it.

>> No.9386192

I'll take "Shit that never happened" for 200, Alex.

>> No.9386201

yes anon better not let critical thinking get in the way of your crusade against degeneracy

>> No.9386203

Pedophilia is one thing.
Child molestation is another.

>Personally, I do not want the man who molested me (he was a teenager at the time) to be put to death, or to be punished really

Then you're delusional. The line is crossed when child molestation happens. Pedophiles should know to limit themselves to thoughts, not action.

>> No.9386207
File: 604 KB, 500x278, tumblr_my08ibX14j1r8tyjfo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Work fairly hard on my recent cosplays
>Looking through tag for upcoming con I plan to wear them to
>There's 1000 people doing the same pretty basic cosplay that I poured my heart into and really love
>Gained a lot of weight recently, feel terrible about myself, all these people look better than me
>Wonder why I bother

>> No.9386209
File: 70 KB, 347x347, 12668013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has been wanting to go to japan for the past 5 years
>managed to save enough money for it
>never gone before cause the boyfriend always says he doesn't have the money for it
>boyfriend and group of friends want to go to hawaii instead
>no way I'm spending the money I've saved up to go somewhere we've already went to
>boyfriend offers to pay the plane tickets and hotel just so I'll go
>friends insist that it'll be the best vacation 5evar
>already bought plane tickets and hotel so it's now official

I don't want to sound ungrateful but with the amount of money they're putting into this hawaii trip, it could've paid off more then 3/4 of the Japan trip already. I'm so bitter that I have to put the japan trip off another year and that boyfriend keeps saying he doesn't have the money for it but he apparently does for hawaii

And to make things worst
>10, YES FUCKEN TEN, different groups of friends has already gone or are planning on going to japan this year.
>posts snaps of their time there
>mad fucken jelly that they're living the weeb life

Im half tempted to just go by myself and fuck anyone else

>> No.9386222

>working out, eating healthy, overall being productive for awhile
>almost done with cosplay, really happy with prop
>con is almost here
>realize i still hate the way my body looks

gonna hide forever

>> No.9386252

Don't feel down, anon, I know you'll look great!

>> No.9386265

>10 ten different groups of friends

...why didn't you go with any of them?

>> No.9386297

I usually don't find out until the week before or they're already on the plane snapchatting their flight. Not much I can do unless I'm willing to throw down 1.2k for last minute plane tickets

>> No.9386298

>implying pedophilia isn't something worth crusading against

are you fucking dense

>> No.9386306

I sent 3 scientific articles, it isn't my fault if you don't give science a chance.

I don't think the behavior itself is excused either.
I also have not said that child molesters shouldn't face sentencing, I don't have strong negative feelings towards the person who molested me so if I was the only person he ever molested, I'd prefer only therapy and medications. (He was found w CP later.) He crossed a line but only legally labeling people as sex offenders and not taking any sort of a therapeutic approach to try and work on the disorder, to me it sounds like a ticking time bomb. I later found out that he confided in his mom about liking little girls and she told him to pray it away. If he had been able to have medical treatment, theres a good chance he wouldn't have done what he did to me.
I know I have a very unpopular opinion in general on this topic. I'll stop so we don't go super off topic.

>> No.9386321
File: 144 KB, 180x180, ryukochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found the perfect skirt for my cosplay at Goodwill
>mfw there's poo inside

>> No.9386331

Congrats anon, you've just now made me swore off thrifting forever.

>> No.9386335

Anon, just go on your own. My ex was a colossal piece of shit but at the bare fucking minimum we let each other go on the trips we wanted to. Life's too fucking short otherwise and it seriously sounds like your bf doesn't want to go if he's remotely known that you've wanted to go for five fucking years and have been saving up for it.

>> No.9386341 [DELETED] 

Every girl who has ever said that they loved me has also told me that during their childhood they were sexually abused. I feel as if though something is wrong with me

>> No.9386344 [DELETED] 

No, it's just extremely common for girls to have experienced sexual abuse. Better question is why are you making their trauma about you?

>> No.9386347 [DELETED] 

If you only attracted guys who've been raped wouldn't you feel that something may be a bit off about yourself?

>> No.9386349 [DELETED] 

>capable of being raped

>> No.9386355

i keked. thanks anon.

>> No.9386375
File: 3 KB, 124x125, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9386378

Good God, I come here to fake drunk pay and listen to gulls play the "my life sucks more" game, and instead I get social-ethical commentary on the treatment and punishment of pedophiles in the US. Fuck y'all, my night's officially worthless.

>> No.9386383 [DELETED] 

You're not "only attracting girls who have been raped", like I said, it's just very common. 18% of women in the US have been raped at least once in their lifetime, and that's 20 million women. The odds of having a few girlfriends that have been raped aren't exactly small.

>> No.9386386 [DELETED] 

It might help to stop constantly expanding the definition of rape.

>> No.9386388

Normie 100%

Convention people are short-sighted and out of the touch with reality.

>> No.9386391 [DELETED] 

Non-consensual penetration is a pretty cut and dry definition, anon, but I see you might find more sympathy on /r9k/ so I am going to recommend you kindly fuck off back to there.

>> No.9386394 [DELETED] 

Oh jeez I hurt her feelings, she's probably off to the police to report being raped as we speak.

>> No.9386404 [DELETED] 

Your feelings are apparently the hurt ones, though, since you're boo-hooing about them here. Maybe you're the one getting raped!

>> No.9386406

>make prop for cosplay
>Leave it at parents house while I'm at college
>Siblings break it while I'm gone
>It's okay I'll just rebuild it in foam using the old one as a template
>Get home
>"What did you do with old wooden prop"
> Sorry Anon we burnt it
>Burnt it.....

I just.... Figuring out the dimensions for my gigantor size and making the templates that have since been thrown away was like a third of that prop.....

>> No.9386427 [DELETED] 

But men can't be raped by women, you said so yourself a post ago.

>> No.9386429 [DELETED] 

That wasn't me, dingdong.

>> No.9386431 [DELETED] 

>non-consensual penetration

Gee what a nifty definition for women. Here I thought it was just non-consensual sex but it turns out the definition conveniently makes it impossible for women to be considered rapists.

>> No.9386433 [DELETED] 

Wow, I really triggered you didn't I? Non-consensual penetration or sex. There you go, cupcake. Men can be raped.

>> No.9386435 [DELETED] 

I'm still not sure. I'll think about it for a while, possibly for entire years, and retroactively decide whether or not I was raped by then.

>> No.9386436 [DELETED] 

In New Zealand it was impossible legally for a woman to rape a man.
It's still not quite that way. Since the legal definition of rape is incapable, short of anal penetration with fingers, for a woman to rape a man. A woman can sexually assault a man, but that's about it.

>> No.9386442

is it gyjo? just make them read the manga and you're set, there's no way they could possibly decline

>> No.9386474
File: 1.32 MB, 480x270, IMG_2925.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never felt more anger towards someone who I met who's "favourite guilty pleasure" was Lolita. The book and movie.

Pedophilia is not okay. You are not okay. You're a crazy psycho bitch who thinks it's fine to like it and shit like it because you had a rough past.
Fuck you. Go get fucked in a prison you age playing prostitute cancerous slut.

>> No.9386497

I'm confused anon, is your main beef the fact that she loves the story? Because it does not glorify pedophilia in the slightest. Have you never read it?

That said, it's a little scary that you wish death on a real person for enjoying things in the context of fiction. Get help.

>> No.9386505

>you've been wanting to take the Weeb pilgrimage to Nippon
>Your boyfriend decides hawaii instead

I'm mad for you! I also sort of know those feels. I've been wanting to take the journey as well, and have been saving up forever for "the perfect trip" I want to do it next year, but I'm waiting on my bf's friends to freaking contact me so I can plan the trip around their wants as well as mine. Its hard watching my friends go to and from Japan multiple times as I'm just.. waiting on my bfs friends. My friends already know what they want to do and are also waiting on my bfs friends.

I would totally invite you to my travel group (provided we become friends if you're interested). its 6+ people and i'm going to try for those group discounts making it easier on everyone's wallet.

>> No.9386515

i felt for you until your later posts revealed you're a massive dick. honestly you shouldn't be around rape victims if you're this much of a selfish autist.

but here's a tip, never try to make their rape about you, never make them feel unwanted or unclean, and never try to relate to them because there is no way in hell you will understand what they feel.

honestly though take a look at how many young people digest 'Lolita' and ACTUALLY understand it for what it is. everyone i've run across who's claimed that they read it and loved it totally took it as a kawaii nymphet story and it's fucking disgusting

>> No.9386518

Well, whatever, that's their interpretation of it I guess. It's unfortunate and kind of gross, but I don't think it's enough to alter their perception of what's acceptable IRL and what isn't.

>> No.9386521

i get where you're coming from but i'm just not willing to accept that it's ~their interpretation~ and that that's okay, y'know

i've seen young girls (both irl and online) read lolita and completely misunderstand it and then attempt to chase after their own humbert humbert. there's a whole online community of underage girls who consider themselves ~irl lolita nymphets~ and openly chase older guys. check out the tumblr cesspool if you want to. young and impressionable people are fucking stupid and that kind of stupid doesn't always just go away once they've made up their decision about something

rant not aimed at you but just in general, i'm so tired of seeing people get hurt just because they're idiots

>> No.9386529

Same here. I've read the book too and that's the reason I judge people who romanticize it even harder. I actually found some 13-year-old girls from Instagram who tried to find themselves ~daddies~ and posted porn there. The lack of moderation in Tumblr makes ddlg spread even more, and more girls will find about it and think that having sex with old men is something to aim at.

>> No.9386573

I think you have a really twisted understanding of what collecting is like.

It seems like you're imagining the guy who absolutely has to complete sets of things, who spends all of his time trying to track down ultra-rare things, stuff like that. Yeah, guys like that are a bit weird. However, you won't run into many of them in our community, because it's not a hobby that people our age often get into. (IMO that's because those hobbies were time-killers for a pre-internet age.)

The kinds of collectors you're likely to find in our age bracket, and at cons, are people like me. I have something that could only be described as a collection of anime figurines, but there's no master plan or rhyme or reason. I simply see a new one I like every once in a while and buy it. Keep that up for a few years and eventually you have a collection. I have collections of other things, too - cameras, video games, and especially books, for example - and they were gathered in exactly the same way.

Now, there are certainly plenty of people at cons who are total weirdos, but I think you're judging people on entirely the wrong reasons.

I totally know this feeling. I'm not trans or anything like that but I wish I could shapeshift into a girl once in a while just so I could wear lolita and cosplay and stuff.

Being a guy sucks when it comes to clothes, we have so few options to begin with and even fewer if you need to dress appropriately for a certain social group or lifestyle. The best thing about cosplay is that it's the one time us guys get to wear anything interesting without being perceived as freaks by everybody around us.

>> No.9386575
File: 965 KB, 245x150, tumblr_nvpd8iluxh1uwcb5bo2_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at age 19-21 thats all I wanted
>searched high and low for someone like this
>now engaged

we probably wouldn't have gotten along anyway.

but nah, if you want that just get a desperate tumblr newbie lolita gf the ones that use 100s of tags trying to get noticed. She'll think you're a bad man for posting on 4chan, but you'll have one.

>> No.9386591

>tfw hit on by pedos/hebes when in lolita

I'm extremely attracted to certain types of lolitas, but it's a non-sexual attraction and I'm always afraid to act on it for fear that they'll think I'm a pedo or a fetishist or something. It sucks.

Being the devoted boyfriend of a full-time "lifestyle" lolita who wears the style I like would make me so damn happy that I don't even have the vocabulary to express how happy I'd be, but I can't exactly go up to some girl and tell her that.

>> No.9386600

First thing's first, you should keep in mind that you can't help what people think about you; it sucks, especially when you mean no harm, but it's true. Some people are uncomfortable when being approached in public by a stranger regardless of your intention, for whatever reason. That's just the way it is.
That said, if you see a lolita in public and want to approach her without coming off as creepy, just don't be creepy about it; tell her you like her coord, namedrop the brand she's wearing if you recognize it (that's always impressive), say you think she looks great etc.
You might not get a girlfriend out of a single interaction but it's honestly not hard to not be creepy when talking to girls.

>> No.9386612

Double dubs confirm good advice.

Seriously though, it's pretty much stuff I already know. Really, the issue is just being somebody who's already awkward about cold approaching women, combined with knowing how much of a creep I'll be perceived as if somebody gets the wrong idea, and on top of that the fact that the Lolita community is so gossipy and there's a risk of becoming a "known creeper" after one bad interaction. It's a really high risk gamble and knowing that makes it even harder to not go into it with a pile of anxiety and seem even creepier because of it.

Also, when I see lolitas around, they're almost always in groups, and that makes it even harder, not just because approaching a group as a lone guy is weird but also because I know that it'd be easy for me to cause drama within somebody's group by doing it.

Also also, on a different note, I just want to mention how much I fucking hate the fact that this fashion is called "lolita." I feel so damn creepy every time I type it or say it out loud and it makes everything involved seem fetishy and pedophilic and any guy who likes it seem like a sex offender. (And for what it's worth, I'm into natural Gothic and more mature Classic, so on the opposite end of the spectrum from the pedos and ageplayers, which makes getting lumped in them even more aggravating.)

>> No.9386619

How to meet lolitas:

> locate one lolita in the periphery of your social circle and run into her
> bond over common interests, you are on /cgl/ so I bet you have a common interest with her
> next time you meet on a lolita, you can say "That's an awesome look, are you so-and-so's friend?"
> odds are they know each other
> now you're a friend of a friend, not a random stranger

Cold approaches are awkward, fuck em. The best way to meet any kind of people is to build a real social network.

>> No.9386626
File: 1.99 MB, 400x300, 1459980973096.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this hobby is full of degenerates, and i love it.

>> No.9386629

It is, he has read the manga and enjoys it, I'm just worried that if I suggest to him "Hey, please cosplay Gyro with me when I cosplay Johnny again," he'll immediately go "Wow, I can't believe I'm dating a fujoshit."

>> No.9386634

That would be great advice for a lot of other people.

Unfortunately it's not so great for me, a 30 year old guy who's been in the con scene since before /cgl/ even existed and therefore has been dragged through many cycles of wide-reaching drama, including relationship dramas, which has resulted in a small social circle and difficulty getting to know new people because things are already tainted by gossip my psycho ex spread after I dumped her or because one of their best friends hates one of my best friends or because I said something vaguely inappropriate while drunk several years ago and I'm still feeling aftershocks or... well, you get it.

Also, I've learned the hard way that dating within one's social circle is a really really bad idea and never ends well. I'd much rather meet somebody with no connection to my circle, sidestep any existing drama, and create any future drama from ruining my circle if we go out and then break up or whatever.

I had a really awkward falling out with my only active lolita friend a while back, too, where she took an offhand comment to mean something way more than it did etc. etc., and so I also have to worry about her making things awkward if I try to get involved in the local scene through other people.

Ugh, I hate this scene and its drama and the fact that I let drama around me reach a totally unnecessary point when I could've easily stopped it just by talking to people.

>> No.9386635

I wish i was more confident at cons (well, in general really) and didn't suffer social anxiety.

As much effort as i put in to put on a brave face within a couple of hours it's cracking and i become a sweaty nervous wreck.

>> No.9386636

>Also, when I see lolitas around, they're almost always in groups, and that makes it even harder, not just because approaching a group as a lone guy is weird

It's actually better to approach a group of people. They don't know exactly what everyone else is thinking in the group and generally that makes starting conversation easier. Also they'll usually feel more comfortable about being approached because they have their friends around them. Approaching someone when they're alone is usually more awkward.

>> No.9386639
File: 52 KB, 481x459, 2016-10-31 02.03.09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Change the password to your netflix and it automatically boots her out and asks her for the new password

>inb4 she does it before you

>> No.9386645

I know this feel so goddamn well.

I'm >>9386634 and most of the drama I've been involved in has been the direct result of my anxiety and of the absolutely appalling way I handle myself when I try to push through it.

I hate knowing that there are people out there who think I'm some kind of creep, when the reality is that I'm one of the more normal and well-adjusted people in the scene and just have the glaring flaw of getting "stage fright" in certain kinds of social situations.

>> No.9386655

That's a good point. I know the other anon had a good point in that I've sort of got a leg up because I'm genuinely into the fashion and not because of a fetish, too.

I also have an advantage in that I can say I used to date a girl who was into lolita if there are questions about WHY I'm into the fashion, as well. (Which is only sort of half-true; I was the one who introduced her to it, she was a cosplayer who only wore lolita at cons and had no involvement with the community, and her taste was completely different from mine so I it's not an excuse for my interest in the stuff I actually have a thing for.)

Were I an assertive confident cool guy the whole thing would be a piece of cake, I could go to Little Tokyo today and at least come home with a bunch of new FB friends, if not more. Unfortunately I'm an awkward anxiety-filled wreck instead.

>> No.9386664

I know that feeling. I'm getting better, but when I get overwhelmed I just excuse myself and grab dinner/a drink/visit the vendors to sort of be by myself and clear my head.

Photoshoots and meetups are generally the best place to talk to people, everyone is clearly into the same stuff, you can talk about "Oh hey, your cosplay went well! How did you make x?" and it really sets the groundwork for establishing friendships for future conventions. Also, something really mundane I've noticed for making friends at cons is taking selfies together? Last con I went to, I was really shy about asking people for pictures/selfies with them but then I got home and checked instagram and everyone was tagging each other and talking and it's a HUGE icebreaker.

>Friday of Katsu
>Group of cosplayers from the same story arc as me see me and say hi
>One of them is a cosplayer I follow on Tumblr/Insta and is a huge inspo for me
>They all take a selfie with me
>Want to also take one with them but anxiety
>Don't see them the rest of the con
>Haven't seen the picture on any sites
>Can't do the "it was great seeing you guys!!!" post if I don't have a picture

>> No.9386674

I know this isn't supposed to be an advice thread but oh well. This generally has worked for me.

I would say you have a friend instead of an ex that was into it. Were I you, I'd want to play it so that you come off as interested mainly in the group, and saying "oh my ex was into lolita" could easily be interpreted that you're looking to date one of them. It's difficult but if you can steer the conversation to be among themselves and you rather than a back and forth you'll immediately seem to be "part of the group" to them. After that happens you're pretty much set and can safely imply you made friends and ask for a way to get back in touch with them or the group, and by that point nobody should think you came off as a creep. I wish these things weren't so difficult, but that's life.

>> No.9386691

Ah yeah, that seems legit.

It's all academic at the moment because I've got way more things to worry about than trying to get a lolita GF (not to mention that what I'm looking for is pretty damn specific) but the advice may be useful someday.

>> No.9386697
File: 18 KB, 460x461, 1488297656668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jfc, just move.
Or just get over it. The more you ponder about an ex the deeper the hole gets and end in a vicious cycle of self pity and loathing. Use the pain for something good and not self destruction. Anon, you can do it.

>> No.9386805

>tfw no yandere bf

>> No.9386873

Wow, I'm sorry. Wish I could have bought yours! If mine ends up being lost, I'll look for you and buy yours. Feel free to drop your e-mail.

I'm the OP, I actually have this dress in the long sax version that I bought because I thought I'd never find the short black one. If I ever decide to sell, I'll keep you in mind and maybe our brainwaves will find each other.

>> No.9387064 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 383x370, unlove-s-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dolls don't talk, my love. Now come sit on my lap.

>> No.9387634

Thanks! If you ever do decide to sell I usually chill in the DD threads!

>> No.9390281

How terrifying are scars on wiener for you?
Feel like it's time to an hero for real

>> No.9391019
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Please elaborate

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