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Old one saged.

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That's not cringe. That's joke costuming for people with actual social lives.
That's cringe.

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Saw someone on tumblr coaplaying from the erotic visual novel Euphoria, which is contains gore, scat, rape etc
... like, why

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her name says it all

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Not a cosplay (yet) but this got posted to a con page I'm a part of

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Euphoria isn't even that bad. Why does everyone talk about Euphoria but noone talks about Bondage Game? It is way more fucked up
Also her cosplay is shit anyways. I couldn't even regognise her

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>all at once
Please tell me that exploded into something ugly

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Why did you blank out the bottle label?

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>not that bad
>cue wheel of diarrhea

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>Lol all at once?

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Probably the same reason people cosplay from Litchi Hikari Club, a manga that involves a shitton of gore and some loli rape. Fandoms.

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LHC is so.... aesthetic though. Very pretty art and characters.

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Because she likes it? I mean it's a shit cosplay but Euphoria is not just a porn game, there's enough substance to be an actual fan.

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Honestly, I think cosplaying from erotic materials overall is pretty cringe
Especially when its done that badly and with a cringy description like that

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And it's always fat/ugly girls with something to prove

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Is Litchi Light Club popular? That's one of my favorites, I didn't know if it was liked by anyone else at all!

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How is this cringe? It's people fucking around at a party. Ever been to one of those?

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It used to be pretty popular in my country some years ago, and I still see cosplays of it at local cons. And it was apparently popular enough in Japan to get a film adaptation, so yeah.
Still one of my favourite manga works, made me discover Furuya.

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Euphoria is pretty bad though. Especially when you get to the whole entire school is mating with girls thing and raping them, but this ONE GUY can change it all. Also when he goes and starts murdering them himself while having sex with them because he realizes that what he needs to get off keeps getting higher and higher. Bondage game? Please. You also have to realize that the two ARE different in certain aspects. One does inflation, the other doesn't. One plays around with murder as a get-off while the other just goes with gangbangs. You can't compare the two, but in my opinion, Euphoria is pretty bad.

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Not OP but it's still pretty cringe even for a joke

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Wrong. I'm assuming this was a costume party and their goal was to look as retarded as possible, since that's a pretty common thing to do at normie costume parties. In which case, they achieved their goal. The people at the party all laughed at how foolish their costumes were, and they had a good time. Probably went home afterwards and fucked each other. The only ones cringing are socially unaware people on an anonymous Tunisian metallurgy board.

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It's a pair of joke costumes for Halloween or a regular costume party though, it's not a cosplay.
You should already know normie standards are low as shit just by looking around during Halloween. As long as people can tell what you are supposed to be, that's the goal, not actually accurately reproducing your character's appearance as closely as possible. Context is important.

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>which is contains gore, scat, rape etc
You say it like it's a negative aspect. Someone faps to it.

Check out work from Dragon Quest VNs/doujins. Hope you like birth.

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>Euphoria is pretty bad.
>tfw you watched the entire series for the story
Electric chair-chan did nothing wrong.

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>>enters cosplay cringe thread
>>complains about pointless shit

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She wanted to get him off, so she agreed to do whatever it took because she lovuru'd him.

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Trump pls go

It's still cringe af even for normie standards, and you have no way of knowing if it is a 'joke' or not, unless you are one of the normies in the pic?

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>Using the "you must be the person in the picture" meme

Lel. You seem to not understand normie costume parties. That's ok, I'm sure you'll get invited to a party one day.

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Not sure if the face is photoshopped or not because it looks so clean. If her face is that perfect with it's complexion, fuck. I'm jelly, but if it IS photoshop or facepaint, DO THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING BODY and DONT opt for getting photos like this taken because you look fucking stupid with only your face done.

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I did this when I was in middle school for halloween. thought you guys might appreciate it

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I love your fat cat.

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Omg it's my friends.

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Seconding adoration of fat cat. Requesting more pictures.

(And don't worry anon, middle school you rocked middle school halloween. Halloween is the sacred night of be-just-shitty-enough-to-be-recognized. Props to tiny you's effort.)

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We don't care, we just want more pics of fat cats.

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Omg I'm sorry I don't have any more photos of the cat it's been awhile since I've been to my friends house.

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what the f***

it looks cheap, but it's ok

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Omg I tried my hardest with what I had. My cosplays are so much better now. But hey you gotta start somewhere. And it's not like I was a full grown adult.

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sorry, didn't wanna upset you

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>I don't have any more photos

why live

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Omg no you didn't sorry I came off as upset in new to 4chan

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Aww, I think this is cute. It's like the old days when people cosplayed characters because they liked them and not for instagram likes. Plus I like Monogatari.

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>loli rape
you wot m8

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Sounds like you're still in middle school

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Remember what happened to Tamako?
It's been a while since I've read it, but I'm pretty sure she got violated at the end of chapter four or so.

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Halloween costumes and baby's first cosplay aren't cringe.

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>You say it like it's a negative aspect
Pretty much most people consider poop, gore and death negative in a sexual content
>someone faps to it
People fap to everything. Someone fapped to floor tiles. Whats your point?

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This is the exact opposite of hot

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yes, because a 19-year-old Korean soldier would cover her naked body in doritos.

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Saved. Name:CUM MACHINE.

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lol skank my party days are over except for cons, I just have higher standards than you for cosplay.

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I have to agree, the girl's smile is just too cute. She's having fun and sometimes it's just refreshing to see that.

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File: 48 KB, 623x468, eJwVzMENwyAMAMBdGAA71ICcbRBBhCrECJxX1d2r3gD3Mc-8zG5O1bF2gKOtLPOwS2WmWmwVqVdJoy2bpUNSTfns5dYF7sXsIjlPgRkDE4Fj9EhEyNFvHLaI0Pq_eY9qvj_BnCHa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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looked up "male dva cosplay" and surely...

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>new to 4chan
>omg omg omg in every reply

I'm not saying this to be an elitist jerk, I actually am trying to be helpful and am offering advice: but you should really lurk more before you start adding to the discussions. A few weeks should be enough for you to get a feel for what is accepted and what will devolve a thread into shitting on you

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Nothing like getting spicy nacho seasoning in your cooter.

Also what is her tattoo supposed to be? It looks like someone just did the outline and then said fuck it

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I hate that everyone seems to ignore the fact that d.va is actually a war torn child who has probably seen a shit ton of death
Shit like >>9387795 is just... So out of character, and it makes it so obvious how little people care for her character

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Being a war torn child has nothing to do with it. No sane person would cover their naked body with goddamn doritos.

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I find this cringe not so much because of the costume itself, which is utterly mediocre but hardly the worst I've ever seen, but more because how fucking narcissistic do you have to be to think people would want to buy signed photo prints of you in cosplay when you look like this

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Except it's not a cosplay, it's a halloween costume which was the entire point of anon's post. A shitty halloween costume does not equal cosplay

>> No.9388737

desu as someone who went to PAX and finally saw the bought plugsuit in person:
Anyone using that plugsuit as a legitimate cosplay applies
This dude just gets special mention for being extra shitty

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>that file name

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This. Every board has its own culture and it takes a while to fully grasp it. The images I post and the way I type here isn't necessarily the same as I would on the other boards I frequent.

Thank you for your contribution but, as a general rule, baby's first cosplay and Halloween costumes shouldn't be posted because we all start somewhere. Now, if you were a college student with that costume and claimed to be a famous cosplayer and was serious, then perhaps we'd rip you apart.

Now I sound like an elitist but whatev.

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This Felicia Vox chick is the perfect example.
She posts her underwear "cosplays" all over Reddit and then bitches about cosplayers being elitist and uninclusive when they call her out on her attention seeking laziness.
Cosplaying is going down the same road as being a furry now. This probably makes me sound like a sperg but I feel we need to start separating these people from the rest by labeling them for what they are and who they're aiming at, cosplayser fetishists.

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Forgot to put >>9388696 in the reply.

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>Cosplaying is going down the same road as being a furry now.

this kills me

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>joke costuming for people with actual social lives
>purim costume

anon can you read

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>Cosplaying is going down the same road as being a furry now.
I've mentioned this a couple times and just got ridiculed.

Furry started the same way cosplay did. Just some people who like a certain thing, this thing being anthropomorphic animal designs. There was nothing sexual about it.

Then came the loud fetishists. They drew furry porn, had sex in mursuits, etc. These people were in the minority, but like I said, they were damn loud.

And so the public starts to hear their calls. The public hears all about these perverted "furry" people and all the sexually deviant things they do.

And just like that, regular people could no longer comfortably call themselves furries.

From people I've spoken to, I'd say probably a third of all normies think cosplay is some sort of fetish. This is partially because of the loud-mouthed lingerie (((cosplayers))). These people have normalized cosplay sexualization to the point where cosplay is a category on many popular pornography websites. Hell, fucking Kotaku has written articles on how empowering these lingerie (((cosplays))) are.

If this trend continues, cosplay will go the way of the furry. Laugh all you want, but search your feelings; you know it to be true.

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Furries are absolute degenerates that have whole cons with people walking around in diapers. It's not comparable to cosplay at all, even with the cosfamous Patreon girls. When you can show me cosplayers advertising sex acts on social media and walking around in fetish gear, then we'll have a conversation

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>I'am a actor, artist, comedian and cos player
No mention of fat any where..

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I see it in the form of the American flag

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Guys have to stop doing this. We can see literally what you are using to stuff your crouch area.

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>Furries are absolute degenerates that have whole cons with people walking around in diapers.
Thank you for proving my point. You don't notice the normal furries at cons, because they're not the ones walking around in fetish gear. You only notice the loud sexually deviant ones, who are in the minority.

And do you want me to post any of the thousands of pictures of lingerie (((cosplayers))) at a convention? Do you want me to link you to a certain 'cosplay deviants' website? Do you want me to post screen caps of (((cosplayers))) advertising sex on their patreon?

This stuff is all out there, and it's just a quick Google search away. I'm hesitant to post anything here since it's a blue board. Don't act like cosplay is some pure hobby incomparable with furry, when it's obviously not.

>> No.9389563

Sorry, but a furry in a fursuit is already walking around in their fetish gear.

>> No.9389568

Factually incorrect. Fursuits started as a way to show their appreciation for anthropomorphic animal design. It wasn't until years later that fetishists started making what furries now call "mursuits" to have sex in.

Your angst towards the hobby just further proves my point that people now see it as a sick fetish no matter what. Give it a few years time, and people will also see cosplay as a sick fetish.

>> No.9389571

>And do you want me to post any of the thousands of pictures of lingerie (((cosplayers))) at a convention? Do you want me to link you to a certain 'cosplay deviants' website? Do you want me to post screen caps of (((cosplayers))) advertising sex on their patreon?
You don't see cosplayers in literal collars/chains and DIAPERS on the con floor. Cosplay Deviants is a paid service as is Patreon. You want to do that in your own spare time, I'm not gonna say anything. The minute you're bringing that out in public is when it's a problem and, I'm sorry, but furries have a bad reputation because they crossed that line a long time ago. Furries have pretty much always had a negative connotation associated with them and it's because the way the community presents itself.

>> No.9389595

>Furries have pretty much always had a negative connotation associated with them and it's because the way the community presents itself.
Factually incorrect. Back in the 80s when the furry community was just starting to grow, literally nothing was about sex. You told someone you were a furry, they would ask what it was, you would tell them, and they would probably just think it was interesting. It wasn't until the mid-late nineties that a select handful of people began to fetishize the hobby/fursuits. These people got louder and louder until the public finally learned about them sometime during the new century. Of course, the public didn't recognize all the normal people who had been furries for years. They only saw the "freaks" who had sex in fursuits, or, like you said, walk around in diapers and chains.

Funny thing is, these furries who walk around in diapers and chains are no different from new age (((cosplayers))) who walk around wearing nothing but pasties and thongs with their labia half exposed. Look at all the Slave Leias wearing a chain around their neck while barely covering up their privates. That's just one example of thousands.

>B-b-but that doesn't count because they're just cosplaying a pre-existing character!

And? They're still walking around in public dressed like a sex slave. The fact that they're cosplaying doesn't change that.

Note that in this example, I'm specifically referring to the hundreds of hyper sexualized slave Leias. The regular ones in a bikini are nothing worse than what you would find at a beach. Could still do without the BDSM chain, though.

Fact of the matter is, public perception of cosplay is rapidly changing into something we don't want it to change into. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

Look at the most popular cosplayers in America. Notice something? They're all half naked. This is what the public sees. This is how the cosplay community is presenting itself.

I've accepted it. It's ok.But don't deny it.

>> No.9389607

Why not post both Furies cringe and cosplay cringe and we can decide which one will cause more upset. I'am curious to see which one cums off the worst to be in.

>> No.9389626

This shit is why lolitas are so damn paranoid about people mixing sex with the fashion.

Cosplay already has a slutty image, it's not that big of a jump to a full on fetish image. Cosplayers need to get loud about not accepting these people in the community. It's not like there won't be sexy cosplay without bikini shoots and patreon porn, lots of canon designs are already super scantily clad.

>> No.9389648

>Fact of the matter is, public perception of cosplay is rapidly changing into something we don't want it to change into. This is a fact that cannot be denied.
Honestly the community is going to go to shit because it's caving in on itself. Half of the community is constantly frothing at the mouth over 'sluts ruining our precious hobby!111!!!' when it's a little too late for that? Cosplay IS mainstream now and people kind of need to get over it. It's not a niche nerd community anymore and it hasn't been for a few years now. As soon as you had cosplay shows on TV, it was pretty much a wrap. I think it's stupid to think the whole community is suddenly going to turn into a bunch of half-naked girls screaming about Patreon. I can count the number of girls that are semi-famous from it; that's how insignificant that number is. The rest of the ones that are desperately trying are failing miserably and it's not going to be long before that stops.

>Cosplayers need to get loud about not accepting these people in the community
This is exactly what I mean.

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Why am I at all surprised that the cringe thread is so fucking cringy?

>> No.9389717

It's not "no sluts allowed" it's the nude/lingerie "cosplay" photo shoots and the pointlessly oversexed variant cosplays that are the problem.

>> No.9389793

He looks like in he's in so much pain

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I could be more upset about this, but I love G Gundam a lot so this makes me happy to see.

>> No.9390809

besides all the hate it gets, I can still see some kind of artistic "value"

>> No.9392021

why are some cringy cosplay here actually getting comments like "shes pretty" and "im jealous" and "aw thats actually cute"...

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Love Live cosplay from last month


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File: 1.30 MB, 970x671, currentyear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bonus pics

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File: 2.52 MB, 1378x878, kadfjsd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Because these anons came from tumblr, where it is forbidden to say anything negative ever, even (especially) if its true.

>> No.9392511

Thousands of years of human evolution has given us

>> No.9392521

Thousands of years of human evolution has given us

>> No.9392557

Holy shit that Nozomi

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>> No.9392610

I really don't like these kind of things being passed off as "cosplay".

But I'm really craving a bag of doritos right now.

TL;DR just call it what it is, PORN

>> No.9392833

All these people commenting negative shit about this doesn't get that its supposed to be comedic.
TL;DR You all are trash.

>> No.9392838

The community has gone to shit when all the superhero movies started coming out left and right. I don't really care for the show skin for likes cosplays. I never was one of those people. Once the trend moves to something else, those cosplays will move out somewhere. You just have to have patience and keep producing what cosplay really is. Before all this skimpy cosplay shit happened, the community wasn't all about likes and making money. It was about sharing your passion for what ever it was you enjoyed. Why change this because some fit bitch wore a yellow bikini and called herself pikachu? It's on yourself to continue doing what you enjoy. Only when you stop caring about the attention and likes that the problem will not bother you. The only thing that should bother you is how you may have to look harder for your materials since people are out there making half assed slave girl Disney princess and using all the worbla or Eva foam.

>> No.9392902

Except it isn't funny either so it's still just a dumb picture

>> No.9393006

Why am I not surprised...

>> No.9393216

is that Umi a guy

>> No.9393217


>> No.9393218

Is there actually anyone who finds that funny??

>> No.9393221

>Those two pieces of floating chip still in midair fall
Best part about this photo

>> No.9393298


>You don't see cosplayers in literal collars/chains and DIAPERS on the con floor.

Actually truth be told I seen tons of rave goth or punkish kids with collars chains etc around their kneck. They are those typical fucks that go around looking for a ''master'' and most of them wear neko ears or cowbell as well

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