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Newcon aka AnimePDX is an anime convention in Portland, Oregon with a history of scamming guests, stealing money, and making half assed apologies when they start feeling the pressure. This con is entering its 6th year and they just can't stop fucking up.

A few years ago, they hosted a WCS, and when the winners arrived at the airport, none of the flights were booked and an outside individual had to step in to pay. WCS had to sue Newcon in order to get the money.

Last year, they overbooked artist alley, had to overflow artists into the halls, and nobody made money because of the tiny con attendance.

This year, Newcon breached their contract and stole money from Lolita guest Wunderwelt. They issued a hasty "oops we are working on it" statement after people started getting mad, 3 months after they were supposed to pay up.

With a history of scamming cosplay guests, vendors, artists, and more, it's time we boycott this shitty con. The con head doesn't need any more of our money, so let's not give it to him.

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>> winners stranded at the airport

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did Mulberry Chronicles get paid?

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Copied from >>9394441 because it should also be here


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Almost $7k pledged on Kickstarter, maybe they could use some of that to pay back WW.

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They SHOULD do that but I doubt they actually will.

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I am not the person who started this thread but I can confirm and will try to look for caps I have (It's been a long time) that WCS winners were stranded at the airport. The wrong bit of info there though is WCS didn't sue, the outside individual did (It was about $3K). The head of the con (Mike Anderson) avoided payment and gave false addresses for about a year until we provided his new address to the police to deliver his court summons. The case is available on public record in Multnomah County and was settled outside of court after a year.

Other things that have happened at the con:

-Mike Anderson lied to a friend that he needed o put a $5k deposit down to secure the hotel for Newcon 3 I believe? After he did a big blowout happened where Mike burned bridges with his friend group including this guy. The individual went back to the hotel to try to get his money back, since Mike had severed connections with him and the hotel informed him that this wasn't a deposit for the next con, the $5k was for outstanding balances from the previous convention and so he couldn't get his money back. Legal processes are still underway for this.

-I know the majority of people don't like her here, but MeepyGal as well as the voice actress Kira Buckland were not paid for guest fee for the con they were at. Newcon ignored multiple messages from both and refused to pay them until both went public with their experiences. Suddenly there were apologies and proper payment to them.

(My comment is too long so 1/?)

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Newcon's reply 1/3

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>the hotel informed him that this wasn't a deposit for the next con, the $5k was for outstanding balances from the previous convention and so he couldn't get his money back.

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And my personal favorite cap from yesterday, the desktop cap from the con head himself with open tabs

>unpaid Wunderwelt email
>executive chat
>square transactions
Totally not scrambling to make a reply, definitely have been working on this also

>Zelda Google doc
Totally our first priority, definitely not playing Breath of the Wild instead

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-I wish I had capped it, but the WWE Guest, Rikishi apparently didn't receive his payment for guesting as well. His booking company Black Cat Events (@Blackcat_events) started tweeting at Newcons twitter, anyone who had Newcon tagged in their tweets, and other guests (including Megaran) about how Rikishi received a bad check. Newcon apparently had been ignoring the booking companies emails as well. After the booking company started reaching out to local news teams like KATU about how he had a great story for them about a juicy news story. The next morning I woke up and the tweets were all deleted, I'm assuming Newcon finally paid him.

-Mike Anderson has been committing fraud for a few years on his personal banking after he tripped in a hole, fell, and broke his arm at Kumoricon '14 (not sure if that year is right.) He couldn't afford his hospital bill so he claimed bankruptcy and hasn't had a real bank account or real job since then. He does all of his banking through paypal to avoid the IRS coming after him. That paypal is where all of the Newcon money goes to.


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remind me how this con still exists please

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This is so fucked

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How about instead of excuses Newcon, you know, pays the bill? And they have the gall to make a Kickstarter for another convention? Disgusting.

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They're not mentioned after the first paragraph so I'm assuming it's just Wunderwelt who got shafted.

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I think they were paid before the con.

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I commented on the other post but again,

>Due to a misunderstanding on the executive end

>we handed an envelope of cash (with witnesses) to the con head

So the head of con literally pocketed cash and tried to play it off as a "misunderstanding" that he didn't know he was supposed to pay Wunderwelt himself. H ow am I supposed to believe that?

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(I need to reread what I'm typing. Sorry about some stupid repetitions on the last post. THERE'S A LOT OF STORY BEHIND THIS CONVENTION)

-Mike is so intent on avoiding the IRS, in the past I know his name was not on any of the Newcon accounts. There was a bank account for the convention at a local credit union, but because of his bankruptcy issues he couldn't even go in to withdraw money from the account. I was with him multiple times when he had to go pick up the previous treasurer to take to the bank so he could withdraw funds.

-The first treasurer of Newcon was "fired" after the whole MeepyGal/Kira Buckland fiasco. He had noticed a lot of issues in the books of money going weird places and that the con had never filed taxes. After he brought that up, Mike put all the blame on him for not paying the guests and fired him. I know he went through a few treasurers after that which all had a really high turnover time. The position now is in the hands of Mikes girlfriend and as far as I've heard, no one else gets to look at the books.

-It is pretty much known that Mike and his girlfriend don't have real jobs and live off Newcon profits, toting it as a non-profit organization. He has said in groups of people that "People don't know that you can make money off a non-profit without getting in trouble" and the people he lived with prior to moving in alone with his girlfriend in Beaverton said that he said he had a "Freelance Events Company" (It had the word Pingu in it but I can't remember the full name) they never saw him work unless it was Newcon related. He stayed at home most of the time and played video games.


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Pingu Tyrone was his company and the name he was going by for a while.

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Aren't they also operating under an expired business license?

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-I know at the end of 2015, Mike's girlfriend/Treasurer (Jordan) quit her job suddenly. When asked why she said "We're getting about $5k from Newcon so I'll have a lot to live on for awhile."

-Mike and Jordan, are known to go to many west coast cons and bring all of their friends with them using Newcon profits. Mike hasn't been seen manning the Newcon booth and has the people he brought with him do it while he goes around and enjoys the convention.

-At a past ALA he made up a lie and said that the convention paid for Newcon's presence there, paying for 5 peoples plane tickets from Portland, their booth, their hotels, and for all their badges. It was strange since he had been complaining about money for awhile and he could suddenly afford to go to the con with all his friends. While conventions trade booths with each other a lot they would never pay for flight and hotel. I confirmed with two different department heads at ALA that wasn't true.


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Jesus, christ. At least dashcon learned it's lesson the first time around...

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Go anon. Wreak justice and furious anger

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>mfw this is where the $2k ww is owed is going
Fuck these people, they literally stole money from a Japanese shop and expected to not get caught. How do I get these assholes in jail?

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They were operating under an expired business license for a few months. After it was brought to their attention by a lot of people trying to "get Mike" after a big friend group blow out they reinstated it.

After the whole "friend group blowout" I brought up before, Mike lost a lot of panels and content from his convention. Mostly being the Swimsuit Contest, but there were a few other smaller panels that also left since they didn't want to be associated with the con. Mike solved this by taking the panels his ex-friends were running and told new people to submit and run them instead. They all apparently aren't very good now and the last Newcon Swimsuit Panel had a contestant making Sandy Hook jokes on stage while the appointed hosts laughed and didn't do anything about it.

-Newcon also implemented their own Cosplay Wrestling this last year to bring a WWE element into the con along with Rikishi. If you do Southern California conventions at all you know WCF is a big thing down there. Mike asked the person who ran it if they could partner up to do it at their convention about 3 years ago and the WCF head said they could talk about it and he was interested. Fast forward to this year and suddenly it's at Newcon and apparently they didn't discuss anything with WCF. They just took the panel, copied everything including their panel description word for word and didn't invite them to the con.

I know the last two are kinda low key drama, but when you cultivate a creative panel and have it just stolen from you, people get really salty.

That's all I have for actual con drama though. I have even more about Mike stealing about $10k from his old roommates to fund his cocaine habits and covering his living expenses but I figure that doesn't really fit with ~Newcon Drama~

I'll see if I can dig up any screenshots of proof of the claims I've made but I'll have to go through a couple years worth of messages to grab them.

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Make that 2 inactive business licenses

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When do we get into the shit he's done to people outside of the con scene?

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Please get into it

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His thievery outside of the con I think is relevant to this, since it's more thievery, and a whole lot of emotional and (if the rumors are true) physical abuse.

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I've heard a rumor that Mike was the one that bought Aki Con. Does anyone with more inside information know if that's true or not?

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I'd be happy to post what I know (Long detailed poster here) I just didn't want to get into it.

Also found caps of the court summons from the WCS case. Some names and addresses blocked out

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Please post all you know for record sake. I personally believe it does belong since seemingly the main issues with the con stem from Mike himself.

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Good thing I decided to cancel moving to oregon. Sounds like you're all just a bunch of Vendetta-chans that refuse to understand how a real business is run

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ok mike

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I'll post some of the real life stuff after I eat lunch.

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>real business

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If by "running a real business" you mean "constantly stealing money and embezzling" then we're better off without you here lol

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Mike Anderson sock puppeting, ladies and gentlemen.

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Hi Jordan

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BlackCat Events, LLC, who represents Rikishi, made multiple attempts to recover a dishonored check for Rikishi's travel and appearance at Newcon 5. Their twitter is here: https://twitter.com/blackcat_events

Rikishi's appearance/travel fee is in the neck of $3.5k.

>> No.9395119

Oh also I know the court case the Plaintiff filed in Oregon is #15CV31871 in Multonomah County. It's on public record but you have to go into the court house to get a copy for a fee and I'm a little busy to do that for a CGL thread. But if anyone else wants to that's the info you need.

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Does anyone really believe this is all Mike's fault? At least some of the blame has to fall on the shoulders of that neckbeard fagoot that used to be his second in command. They worked together for 3 years just fine before this shit went down, I would bet money that the reason Mike "fired" him was because he was the one doing the embezzling, and that's the only reason their money issues popped up AFTER he left

>> No.9395127

This literally makes no sense. There were money issues before and after he was there, it's clearly Mike's doing.

>> No.9395129

It's worth reporting as well that under Oregon law taking more than $1000 from a business account (not that that money is absolutely in Jordan's personal account) is considered embezzlement and is criminally punishable.

Claiming that it a business expense by sending 5 people to a convention to promote the con without paying past dues and debts first is a payroll TAX infringement and is STILL criminally punishable.

It's tax season and they can't pay their guests. So how are they paying their taxes? (Jk we know they're not paying taxes let's be real)

Reporting them to the IRS tho, might be fun.

(Also, in regards to an above post, by law a business chair cannot access business funds without the presence of a second party, ei. A treasurer or lawyer. That credit union was just following the law. But if they DO by some miracle still have a business account for NewCon funds, i'd say that makes dating and living with your treasurer aweful convent.)

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Bruh I was wondering how they could afford to go to these other cons!

>> No.9395132

Now this sounds like some vendetta

>> No.9395133

Holy shit my sides

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1 - Mike (the con chair) has not been able to open his own bank account in several years due to outstanding debt collectors chasing him. He does all of his banking through Paypal, the very same account that is Newcon's official Paypal. He took a Paypal loan out against Newcon earnings for personal expenses in 2016.
2 - Mike intentionally utilizes verbal or FB contracts rather than signed, legal documentation with guest and artists to create a lack of clarity around the agreement, and even though enforceable by Oregon law, these cases are much harder to follow through than ones where an official contract was in place, making it easier for him to dodge, deflect, or drag out payments owed.

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The former treasurer didn't get fired, he resigned.

>> No.9395139

People like you are the reason he quit going to cons and tried to kill himself

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Clearly you don't, Jordan. How's that gold digging going for you?

>> No.9395143

SEE? that's what I'm saying. Everyone else in this thread doesn't know any of the details to prove it wasn't him. How fucking suspicious is it that all this money goes missing and then the TREASURER, literally the person who handles the money, RESIGNED. That's even more sketchy than if he was fired. People are claiming it's only mike, but that kid took the money and ran

>> No.9395146

I was present at the Newcon executive meeting where former Newcon staffers resigned en-masse. Most staff members that left would not remain unless Mike stepped down, which he did not. Sending off the treasurer was scapegoating. Mike has always been linked to Newcon's money directly.

>> No.9395147

He was fired. He told me firsthand that he saw what Mike was doing with con funds, called him out on it, was suddenly stripped of the cons Gmail access, and fired by Mike soon after. The former treasurer is a good friend and not at all at fault.

>> No.9395148

No one mentioned the insurance fraud? Shame. He went to sak with close to 5K and giving different sources to different people. His old roommates then found a letter from his insurance explaining that since he can't provide payment records they would only issue him half of the 10k policy and it came out to pretty damn close to the amount that he got as a bonus/tax break/ect whatever else he told people.

>> No.9395149

Sounds like you're both biased

>> No.9395150

They why did they fail to pay not one, but two guests this year? Shouldn't everyone have been paid in full with no issues if it was this previous treasurer's fault? You gotta look at the common denominator here.

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Ok, Details-chan here. Onto Mike fucking people over in his personal life. I'll try to keep this condensed.

-The big thing that happened was he fucked over a ton of people in this big house he was living in. He was in charge of all of the bills and was basically charging all of his roommates more money for rent and bills so that could cover his living expenses.

-It came down to a point where he was taking money for bills and just not paying them entirely. There was a water bill fiasco with the house where it was shut off for about 2 weeks because he didn't pay the bill and lied to everyone that it was just the water department out to get them.

-Mike left the house after that in a hurry. His roommates went into his living room which was kind of a public area and found a letter on the ground with two of their names on it. Mike had committed insurance fraud with their renters insurance, lying and saying that someone had broken into the house and stolen his stuff. I have the front of the letter attached here and can post more? It just shows he said a bunch of stuff that wasn't stolen and still in his room was and he got a big fat check from it.


>> No.9395153

I thought he quit. Friends at that meeting told me that he walked in with the money, set it on the table at the front then quit. A few other board members quit that day too.

>> No.9395154

I heard he was flashing a stack of cash the whole con.

>> No.9395155

Seriously, Jordan its not a damn secret. This is what happens when you burn all your bridges and then take up residency under your girlfriend's bridges (like a troll) and burn those too. The conflicts of interest alone are astounding. On top of there being little to no business paper trail for NewCon itself. Its not hard to piece together that this is largely Mike's fault. We all share information and talk to each other. You of all people would know how that goes.

>> No.9395159

I'm not Jordan, just an Anon who's clearly a better logical thinker than you

>> No.9395160

Let's also mention that when Mike was the head of household at a previous rental house, all the roommates paid to him their shares of rent/bills to deliver to the appropriate channels which he had over-calculated and pocketed the skim off the top. AND defaulted on utility payments causing exorbitant fines. Much of which he probably still owes DESU. Someone has scans of these bills (hopefully that someone is watching and can post them). I also heard that he routinely skipped paying rent on time to the person he moved in with after that and did not take a job the entire time he lived there -- so how was he paying to live??? Hmm, maybe that Paypal Newcon account?

>> No.9395161

Yup, he took home a massive stash of figures and crap, bought friends expensive dinners, probably had a shit ton of coke too.

>> No.9395163

Except there are tons of anon watching this thread that were actually there, are victims to Mike, and many whom know what actually happened. So sit down because you are so incredibly wrong it's embarrassing.

>> No.9395166

Maybe you haven't considered (or logic-ed) that many of us aren't speculating. You don't have to speculate when you were there.

>> No.9395169

If you were all "there" as you so claim, and didn't do anything about it, then you're all just as guilty and at fault as anyone else involved

>> No.9395171

It's completely logical that they would continue to not pay guests after the previous treasurer that they blamed left

>> No.9395172

Anyone stop to think that MAYBE this is real when these types of issues have come up before: https://4archive.org/board/cgl/thread/8705008

And now there are two documented cases of Newcon 5 (2017) not paying guests/vendors? How many victims coming forward does it take for you to believe them?

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-After that a lot of things just started coming to light. His ex girlfriend was pretty pissed at him too since he was on her phone plan and he just never paid her for it. She gave the phone records to the roommates spoken of before who traced his calls and found that he was making many calls to churches who offered financial relief to the community, food banks (his kitchen was full of a lot of weird non perishable foods like boxes of instant potatoes, beans, etc), and loan shark companies. They figured he was taking from charitable organizations in the community.

-Other things came forward with their renting company, like he had taken deposits from everyone for their pets, etc. and that never went to their renting company. They had to pay it again after he left.

-He basically severed a lot of his connections with that friend group after, made up a lot of lies to put the blame on others (It's never his fault) and moved on to a new group which I will go into next.

An anon somewhere above asked for the water bill? It's convoluted and I wasn't gonna post it but here you go.


>> No.9395180

Did anyone ever figure out what happened to the con books that got printed? This entire thread really makes me question the bullshit story he kept giving Staff about them being "misplaced" by the hotel

>> No.9395183

I thought you just said you were logical, kiddo?

Just because you're watching someone crash and burn doesn't mean you have the power to stop them. Mike made the choice to fuck people over and his girlfriend has made the choice to be complicit.

As someone who trusted these people and now have GREAT REASON NOT TO we made the choice to give them the benefit of the doubt. And now here we all are. There are consequences for everything.

If you're not Jordan (or Mike) then consider your sources and who they might be. I guarantee you that we have a lot more.

The fact of the matter is that in all of this there is ONE (Or in this case two, saccharinely joined at the hip) common denominator, which is the subject of this thread.

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-AFTER THAT HE WENT ON TO A NEW GROUP that was mostly Jordans friends and moved into where she was living. As soon as that happened Jordan just suddenly stopped paying rent. I don't think her and Mike paid rent for about a year while they lived there and the home owner was pissed.

-They didn't get kicked out because they are both gaslighting pieces of shit and when it got brought up they kinda made it seem like "Oh poor us we are going to be dying on the street". They apparently would pit people against each other in their new friend group whenever anyone started suspecting them of shady crap.

-I know Mike and Jordan just started taking one of their roommates cars without asking to drive to LARP meetups at their new place and pulled a sob story when they got confronted about it.

I'm gonna make one more post with little odds and ends that I kind of remember that I thought wasn't important.


>> No.9395188

Why the fuck does OR have to be such a barren wasteland for anime cons? It sucks that all we get is Kumoricon and everything else is garbage like this.

>> No.9395192

Did they just never print them?

>> No.9395195

There is a difference between being complicit in something, and being swept into something. There was no crime in the people who chose to give Mike the benefit of the doubt continuing to believe what he was telling him and that he was not involved in illegal or sketchy shit. Those people were taken advantage of by him for offering them his trust. And it seems very few of those people are left.... but here you are standing up for Mike and blaming others.

>> No.9395199

this makes me so mad to see. I lived there when that happened. I paid Mike so much extra money to "pay" for the huge water bill from the leak...and right there, I see the leak credit. That he said the water company wasn't covering.

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A Newcon thing I did forget is the holders of the VIP badges did not get the extras they were promised this last one. I know some pins and other memorable items were promised and not made. Also the year of the MeepyGal/Kira stuff I know a bunch of the cosplay contest winners didn't get their prizes and had to bring it up publicly before Newcon finally gave it to them.

Onto little dribbles of things I kinda remember

-Mike may not be any longer, but was in the past a very heavy cocaine user, which is reasoning why some folks thought he was stealing. I heard a story from someone about how he offered some to someone at one time and when they said no he proceeded to do a whole bag of cocaine in front of him. I don't know how much that amounted to though.

-I heard that he had kicked someone out of the old place he was living in to turn her room into his own personal office.

-He kept people off his tracks in the house with all the shady things by playing into pitting people against each other, so everyone was pissed at each other and didn't realize this stuff.

-Mike has been evicted from two past apartments for partying and noise complaints

I guess that's it. Details-chan out. I'll come back later tonight if anyone has questions? I hope this all doesn't get deleted.

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While most of the original tweets are gone, not ALL of them are....

>> No.9395217

He incited a witch hunt against a roommate who was forced to move back to her mother's and seek therapy for the emotional abuse he subjected her to.

Another previous, longtime friend was so caught in his trap that she felt like she couldn't abandon him. He destroyed her credit and when she was unable to work due to injuries, and so unable to pay her rent, he evicted her from her room to the couch, and then proceeded to chase her out of the house after spreading lies and rumors about the validity of her injuries.

>> No.9395219

I sincerely hope that the cosplayer guests he has enlisted bail soon. Uptown is too cute and funny to be messed up in all this.

>> No.9395240


idk if you got back to this with caps about the WCS debacle, since I'm still reading through the thread, but I was personally involved in it and I can provide more info.

tl;dr the tickets for the prelim winners were never even bought in the first place. When questioned about it directly, Mike threw a half dozen different flight confirmation codes at his "WCS Liaison" (a do-nothing job that was probably designed so Mike could have a fall guy, desu) and asked them to forward those to WCS, to "see if any of those are the right one" because "the treasurer must have booked it without telling me".

By the time the WCS team had come to the decision to pay out of pocket, the flight had long since left and they also had to pay to put the prelim team up in an airport hotel for the night.

At this point, Mike had begun outright blaming the Treasurer for the problem, stating that he "had never bought the tickets" because of a "miscommunication" and that the funds were re-appropriated into other parts of the convention because they "weren't earmarked for the plane tickets". Meanwhile, the Treasurer disappeared off the face of the planet for a day or so because of how much shit was being flung at him by Mike and his entourage. Keep in mind that this is around the same time that the Beast House debacle was coming to light, and the promised-but-never-delivered costume contest prizes issue as well.

When the WCS prelim team finally made it to Metrocon or Megacon or whatever the hell convention was hosting the WCS finals that year, they were informed that the hotel was refusing to charge rooms to third-party credit cards without a signed/dated consent form. The card had to belong to someone in the room and they had to have it with them, which is totally reasonable.

1/2 since this is getting a lil long

>> No.9395252

>>9395240 cont'd

WCS had to then get the Newcon WCS liaison to call the hotel, to have the form scanned and emailed to them, so they could forward it to Mike, because Mike was refusing to give any of his personal info to the WCS team because (I imagine) they would have started contacting him directly and then he would have actually had to deal with it.

The card authorization form went through fine, but when the hotel tried to run Newcon's card to put the room on it the card was immediately declined due to insufficient funds. So the WCS staffer that paid for the plane tickets also ended up being responsible for the hotel room, which is how Mike (Newcon PDX) ended up getting sued in NYS for the better part of $4K ($1300 each for two round trip tickets bought the day before takeoff, and the rest was various hotel expenses) and, I imagine, having a default judgement levied against him for not showing up to his court date or hiring an attorney to represent him.

Exactly one week after this shitshow he was flashing $4K in cash to anyone that would stand still and called it his fun money for the weekend (at Sakuracon). He and his girlfriend at the time spent so much money in the dealer's hall that it made my skin crawl.

I just feel for the girl that was "WCS Liaison", apparently the dude that paid for the plane tickets and hotel rooms was calling her for a while for his money because hers was the only number WCS was ever given.


>> No.9395261
File: 15 KB, 157x223, ew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New anon who also lived in the house with Mike (baked bean teeth) Anderson.

- I was there when he claimed that he got a big 'bonus' (fun money) and I was one of the people who found the fraudulent claim to the insurance company. The dates and amount match up down to the penny. He then blew all of it at Sakura con that year. (I personally saw the piles of action figures he had bought and heard all of his boasting about the money he spent. It was gross.)

- The bill fiasco was finally brought to light after 2 weeks without water when two of my roommates had to literally hunt his ass down and drag him to the utility billing center. (none of us were legally allowed to see it because he was the only person on the bill) After the big confrontation he ducked and ran.

- I don't have photo proof but some of the documents we went through after the big insurance fraud thing linked his personal paypal to the newcon paypal. (They were one in the same at the time.)

- He'd spend 300$ a month on cocaine for the better part of a year.

- Hes a dead beat in his 30's who took advantage of a bunch of 19/20-somethings who trusted him as a friend (many of whom where on their own for the first time and didn't know any better) And he's continuing to do this shit at his convention.

>> No.9395264
File: 1.90 MB, 810x4887, Screenshot_20170317-162109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So....this shitshow post trying to distract people from the fact that wcs us just got disowned completely from the main body caused by this or you just trying to drum up more of a personal army the everyone already knows about newcon.

>> No.9395265

Man, those "miscommunications" just keep piling up. Along with lawsuits and all sorts of other shit. It's fun to see this all all making its way around again.

I'd bet money that the people who donated to the AnimePDX kickstarters don't see their prizes or incentives. They're offering LIFETIME VIP STATUS FOR 50 BUCKS HAHA!

I can't wait for that to come back and bite them in the ass.

>> No.9395267

how the fuck did you even get these images?

>> No.9395268

Even not considering the early-20s/late teens folks he took major advantage of, there were people he was friends with for YEARS that he put through trust tests, one after another, absolute wringers. He measured people as friends by how well they could handle his "anxiety attacks"... withdrawals, anyone? If you didn't have the time or the energy to deal with his paranoid crashes, he'd have a great time trashing you to people at his next house party. Where he gave booze to minors he had pre-approved. Hm.

>> No.9395272

>> card got declined
I heard there were issues with payments this year

>> No.9395273

He left open mail in the house when he bailed and the utility company gave a copy of the water bill after he got dragged there for answers.

>> No.9395277

At this point I am honestly wondering why anyone is doubting these claims. There are SO MANY OF THEM. With documented evidence. How long do you stand to the side and pretend it isn't happening? How long do you continue to support a convention that is led by a criminal who is actively harming the very guests, vendors, and content holders that you have paid money to spend a weekend with? Let alone support someone who is manipulative and abusive in his personal life (which, that's a value-system judgment for each of us to make, and certainly can be taken separately from the convention issues, but I urge you to reconsider YOUR value system if you take no issue with lining the pockets of a thieving narcissist who acts only for himself and at the emotional and financial distress of others).

>> No.9395278

This is an absolutely incoherent sentence. Please clarify.

>> No.9395279
File: 301 KB, 1920x1080, himitsu-desu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, but I was just involved in the whole debacle pretty deeply in one way and all the people who have been screwed over by Mike over the years kind of willingly give out anything they can in hopes someone would finally fucking post the shit around.

I didn't before since I wasn't deliberately apart of it and figured they should be the ones to post it, but they didn't wanna and gave me the clear to do so and here we are now.

>> No.9395289


Oh, so you guys actually lived with him/know people who lived with him. I thought you were rando cgl people who'd magic'd upon the mail or something.

>> No.9395291
File: 183 KB, 715x960, plr4AdP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None of you lying bitches have anything on me. Wunderwelt was paid. Like typical cunts, they wanted more. Suck my dick Lolitas. This picture should shut your vag up because you know exactly what it means.

Good luck proving this is me.

>> No.9395293
File: 10 KB, 252x256, a30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9395296

It's you, isn't it?

>> No.9395298

This doesn't mean anything and you're trying to defend your shitty con on cgl. How about you get a job and pay people back instead.

>> No.9395299

>hello the shop we represented is months due to be paid and Newcon admitted they took the money

>> No.9395302

this picture is from Pintrest

>> No.9395305
File: 342 KB, 668x999, shittycashbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nice try anon

>> No.9395306

>Implying Mike is tidy enough to bundle his money and not leave it lying around in piles on his nightstand like the horrendous slob he is

>> No.9395317

Considering that post only talks about the Lolita comm not getting paid this year, I'd say they're trying to call out Michael for fucking them over? We can't be mad about more than one thing at a time?

>> No.9395319

I'm trying to decide if you're pants-on-head crazy or you're so desperate to defend Newcon you're reaching for anything you can lol

>> No.9395327

Why not both?

>> No.9395328

Please, I'm going to die from the secondhand embarrassment I can't take it

>> No.9395352

I donated to the Kickstarter but I'm going to cancel it now that I've seen all this. Everyone should try to get their money back.

>> No.9395360

You won't get your money back. I am nearly 100% sure you won't get your money back. But trying could throw another brick in the drier so do it.

>> No.9395364

I tried running some panels at this con and their tech staff was terrible. They were unprepared, seemed to not know what they were doing, and kept making snide comments. I guess that's what happens when your whole staff is just friends of friends and not actually qualified or experienced.

>> No.9395370

You have to consider what the staff are working with, how much information they're given and how much they're actually prepped (they're not).

I feel like the staff does a pretty good job of holding up the con while its underway, given the situation. They're not paid. They're not trained and I'll bet they were just as frustrated as you were. Because its fucking embarrassing working for Mike and he COUNTS on people blaming things that go wrong on his inexperienced staff so that they don't cast scrutiny on HIM.

>> No.9395385

Staff here. Frustrated is an understatement. A lot of the departments were running by the seats of their pants because there was such a lack of communication, enormous lies and lack of promised equipment.

>> No.9395386

I witnessed Mike buy drugs from someone in a friend's hotel room at Kumoricon a few years ago. I also saw the wad of cash he flashed around at Sakuracon and used to buy a ton of expensive anime figures with.

>> No.9395407

I've seen or heard Mike firsthand do the following things:

-Steal move in fees from roommates from the first Beast House, and then do the same on a much larger scale at the second beast house (or whatever fucking thing they called it)

-Get 18-20yr olds drunk as shit and lure them into his room. He seemed insistent on making their drinks, too, which raises up all new suspicions.

-Steal alcohol and weed from roommates

-Immediately make moves on women who just got out of relationships with people

-Spread lies about people. Oh, and he hoped a person who had to get a kidney transplant in the community died. Fucking class act.

-I also hear he pissed a few people enough off at con that they had to be talked down from kicking his ass.

-I've also never see him take responsibility on anything, ever. All he does is blame and gaslight.

Mike's been a cancer on the community for half a decade. I've seen him use and use people until they are no longer useful or know they're onto his shit. I'm glad to see him burn

>> No.9395422

Mike and his current girlfriend Jordan are the EXACT same person and they deserve the fuck out of each other and whatever comes to them. Nothing was more satisfying than seeing all of their friends dumped them on their asses.

>> No.9395429

This was posted to RC, was anyone else invoved too?

>> No.9395434

Is there something crazy about their FB profiles?

>> No.9395441

The douchey quote the Treasurer's has? I don't know. Think it was just an info share

>> No.9395449

OH! That's just Jordan's weird complex. She thinks everyone is out to get her and can't be held accountable for being a two-faced bitch.

Yeah, that's normal.

>> No.9395464

The only time people like Mike & Jordan will "admit" fault in something is when it serves a mean to an end (i.e. if I apologize to this person, they won't hold me accountable for the fact that I did X awful thing to them).

>> No.9395470

Oooh trust me, we are kin on that subject my friend. That's how they got by so long on their friends' good graces. They prey on charitable, young or naive people. They cultivate very long, parasitic relationships or very short exploitative ones.

They gaslight their way through and their apologies are only partial or round-about.

If you're a "friend" of either of these two people and you're reading this thread and feeling bad for them, you're just a past version of all of us.

>> No.9395492

It'd be a shame if someone bought it out from under them.

>> No.9395499

Can you do that?

>> No.9395503

If anyone wants to, you can file a 13909 form to the IRS. It's a way to report a complaint against non-profits, which Newcon is. All of their addresses are available via the Oregon Secretary of State business name search.

>> No.9395517

>"We're getting about $5k from Newcon so I'll have a lot to live on for awhile."
>a lot to live on
no seriously though, I have way more than $5k in savings and I still get terrified that I won't have enough to live on. how do these people even live like this while blowing through all their money and savings just to attend shitty cons while scamming their guests?

>> No.9395521

So they're no longer non-profit. They switched to a for-profit organization a year or so ago.

However! They are still committing pay-roll tax fraud as well as tax evasion on both the state and federal level. So you can report them for that.

>> No.9395523

They steal it from guests and attendees. That was the subject when this thread started out. They pocket it. They don't even skim off the top. They just straight up spend that shit.

>> No.9395530

That's probably a few months if they spend it right

Which they clearly aren't so maybe one month

>> No.9395565

funny little bit of embarassing info on mike from a drunk girl he tried to sleep with. he can't get it up and tries to blame his anxiety meds. lol

>> No.9395571

>tries to blame his anxiety meds
to be fair, that does cause an issue at times. I get that he's kind of a scummy guy with regards to the con scams but this post just seems petty

>> No.9395574
File: 60 KB, 500x500, 1488852592589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why even post this screenshot?
What the fuck?
I can' even fucking fathom why they would screenshot this and make it public. Like holy shit, man. This is worse than my ex-coworker using print screen to send everyone in corporate a screencap of a very important invoice without realizing his second monitor with porn was also in the print screen. Hazard a guess at why he's an ex coworker.

>> No.9395575

They did? I guess it's hard to tell considering their business license expired (again) just before the con.

>> No.9395597

Yeah like $5k? After taxes that'll cover like 6 weeks. Though I guess they don't pay taxes.

>> No.9395599
File: 1.65 MB, 1214x1109, 1488849927501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally what the fuck kind of logical fallacy are you running here?

Let's break it into simple formatting.

>Company has money issues
>Person in charge of finances leaves
>Company gets even MORE money issues after the new person in charge of finances is the SO of the company head
>Company caught red handed embezzling money after the previous treasurer steps down
>"Gee, it must be the previous treasurer's faul! :-OOOO Another mystery solved!"

Wonderfully deductive work, Professor Layton. You going to tell me about how the hostage tied up in the back of a bank robber's truck is responsible next?

>> No.9395616

The hostage had silk rope on them, they were asking for it

>> No.9395638

Obviously Wunderwelt, a Japanese company that many of us on this board actually have had very wonderful transactions with that has documented evidence of providing clothes at the con, is lying so they can get $2k from an innocent man wrapped in a complicated web of scandals that all somehow lead back to him! :^)

>> No.9395654

I wonder if it's worth a try to report their Kickstarter?

>> No.9395656

These screencaps are gonna be hilarious when I send them to the IRS, FBI, and Board of Equalization. Also; I'll make sure you don't get any more venues in the area.

Tell Cuckboi he better enjoy his time in the Pen.

>> No.9395657

How did you get far enough with him to know this? Did you actually touch it?

>> No.9395658

Report the funding while you're at it, ks will take it down if they know mike is committing known criminal fraud.

>> No.9395660
File: 582 KB, 588x482, 1488792726456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw this guy can get action at cons by cosplayers and I never can

>> No.9395662

Should anyone in Portland wish to send an anonymous tip against Mike and his lead weight, here you go;


>> No.9395663

This is literally how Mike's mind works.

>> No.9395666

Idiots keep going.

>> No.9395668 [DELETED] 

>tfw he got a /cgl/ to touch his dingledoodad and is competent enough to get a gf despite being such scum
>tfw it says a lot about you when you know that people like this can but you can't
>tfw 29 years old, never been with anyone, always selfless to the point of constantly putting others before me, not overweight, take care of hygiene, have a good job, dress with designer clothes, get haircut weekly, wear colognes, but never found love
>tfw browsing /cgl/ on a Friday night alone on St.Patty's, and crying

fug wrong thread but I know that feel.

>> No.9395671

This is probably the biggest Newcon shitstorm I've seen, and really it just goes to show you don't fuck with lolitas.

>> No.9395678

Hey Jordan, I found your Perfectly Posh contact info, gonna keep digging :^)

>> No.9395679

This dude does all of this for years on end, and the straw that breaks the camel's back is when he fucks with Wunderwelt. I like this. When do we form a lolita biker gang names Kamikaze Girls and go around serving justice?

>> No.9395680

>Professor Layton
Layton would out these guys in an instant.

>> No.9395681

Oh don't worry anon, I'm doing my best. I'll make sure they get pinned to the wall. I hate scumbags like this, hell, I'm not even a lolita.

>> No.9395682

I know, right? They literally have +751 positive feedbacks on LM, which is also probably the most positives anyone on the entire site has. But OBVIOUSLY they're just lying theives!

>> No.9395683

I get the impression that Mike didn't know how big Wunderwelt is and how wide their reach of customers. WW themselves haven't even put out a statement and this has already spread to almost every con/cosplay/lolita group I'm in on Facebook.

>> No.9395685 [DELETED] 

Jordan, you have to have some really flattering angles, you need to lay off the snacks girl.


Also, Wakan Tanka would be fucking disgusted with your behavior. You've shamed your family, the spirit, and the land you walk on.

>> No.9395687

Yeah, this. Also, those +751 positives don't even count all of the transactions they've probably made through their website and other venues. Haven't they attended other cons before, too? Like, they're a small business, not an independant seller like most of us are.

>> No.9395689

Stop with this blatant vendetta or this thread will get deleted and all this info will be gone. Keep it focused on Newcon.

>> No.9395690 [DELETED] 

Her Papi
http://brucemuseum.pastperfectonline com/bycreator?keyword=Molnar%2C+James

>> No.9395692

Fine, but I'll make sure folks who want it have it. As a Blackfoot Lakota this white girl playing up Cherokee is touching a nerve.

>> No.9395703

So I used to live with Mike with a big group of friends in Beaverton. When I was in a pretty bad accident, he stole all my pain meds and stole another roommates medications and blamed it on another girl and he manipulated people to think she really did. He's a lying, thieving scum who deserves to rot in jail. Him not having a bank account goes back as far as I know to '12. Who knows how long he's manipulated people into thinking they were best friends and then scamming them all the while. Because he's the best at pretending to be your best friend for the sole purpose of using you. I pity the current group he has his cracked out claws in.

>> No.9395710

Wait, there's another group now? Because the group he'd infiltrated when Jordan just moved him into the house she was living in after leaving the beast house dropped him in less than a year because they were both deadbeat pieces of shit.

>> No.9395713

are you retarded? himitsu means secret, they weren't saying "hi, mitsu"

>> No.9395715

Not sure now scoop-chan not knowing that bit of weebspeak makes them retarded, anon.

>> No.9395724

I recently heard that Jordan's friend group dropped her for being toxic.

Also, Jordan was telling the Wunderwelt staff all con about how great the lolita presence was and how they wanted to do more with the community. So of course next step is take all the profits from the vendor and ignore their emails!

>> No.9395753

This. How dare you insult the good professor like that?

>> No.9395757

I know, right? Unlike these Mike and Jordan people, Layton is actually smart. And he's just a video game character.

>> No.9395801

ok you must actually be retarded, because i wasn't replying to scoop-chan, scoop was the one who originally said hi~mi~tsu

sage for dumb shit

>> No.9395824

They really know how to burn bridges

>> No.9395826
File: 64 KB, 750x333, IMG_7849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Newcon thread from 2015
>this post
>holy shit

>> No.9395830

It was sarcasm. Like when you say "Good going, genius" to someone who just did something stupid.

>> No.9395831

Or, even closer, "no shit, Sherlock."

>> No.9395835

He probably thought
>"lol, they're just some obscure Japanese company that sells secondhand lolita. Good luck getting your money back from Japan, suckers! Nobody here probably even knows who you are aside from the fucking tea society."

Then he snorted coke off his girlfriend's toenails while getting his prostate massaged by her nose.

>> No.9395836

It's St.Patricks day and I'm drunk so ask a former highish level newcon staffer and I'll answer as honestly as I can

>> No.9395838

we all know its you mike

>> No.9395840

This is true. In fact, Mike moved in with one of Jordan's friends without asking. Needed a place to "get back on his feet" and stayed for months.

>> No.9395846

This guy isn't Mike, he's someone that used to blow Mike.

>> No.9395850

Not Mike. Mike would be high on cocaine, not drunk

>> No.9395851

how much money do you estimate mike embezzled from newcon accounts when you were staff?

>> No.9395853

He definitely still drinks. Which is a bad idea given how many people have pissed in his alcohol before (and probably still)

>> No.9395854

I don't know an actual amount, but I do know that the treasurer complained that he had no access to any of the money from any of the artist alley or vendor hall table payments because they all went to a different paypal than he had access to.
As far as I know, all actual badge sales went to paying the hotel, contractors, refunds and other legitimate expenses

>> No.9395857

Regarding pay, it seems Mike (and Jordan) took funds as a paycheck for the con. Was anyone else paid or is it entirely volunteer?

>> No.9395860

So does Mike keep all the high level staff in the dark, or does he lie to everyone? Or is he just plain delusional and doesn't think he's doing anything wrong?

>> No.9395861

Oops, meant to say does he keep them in the dark and lie to them or are they in on it?

>> No.9395864

Hello! Another former roommate of Mike's here, I got conned into helping him cash that fraudulent insurance check :) He claimed that the insurance company messed up and put our names on a check from his business insurance because he "used the same company for his business insurance and our renters insurance". So he and I and the other roommate whose name was on the check (the same roommate who loaned him to $3k+ for the newcon "hotel deposit") went to the bank. The whole time he's telling our roommate "now I can finally pay you back for the hotel deposit" but he didn't hand over any cash, he said he would put it back into his business account (for a business that never existed, aka his pocket) to cover whatever fictional loss his business had suffered to get him the check, and then funnel it to the Newcon account so he could reimburse the hotel deposit through Newcon and be "official" about it. Sakuracon is the next week and he spends around $3000 cash in the dealer's hall claiming that he got a bonus from his work...right after getting all that cash from the bank. He's that sloppy if you just look for it. After con Mike starts dating Jordan and almost immediately decides it's time for him to move out which brings us to the whole water shutoff fiasco! We start to catch him in a bunch of lies because he's been telling different people different stories and even contradicting himself in our house facebook chat (which we can easily check but he'd still get defensive when we asked him to clarify things), meanwhile he's hiding at Jordan's avoiding the hell out of us so we get to talking. I find out that my roommate still hasn't been paid back for the hotel deposit and mention the amount of cash Mike spent at Sak, we decide we need to all sit down with him and straighten things out.

I'm going too long, gonna split this up

>> No.9395867


Cue a string of angry messages from Mike saying that we're plotting against him, he hasn't paid our roommate back because of "a hold up on the bank's end", and he's going through a lot right now and we're being bad friends for suspecting him. Then when we actually sit down and talk (just the two of us because his tantrum derailed the group talk that should have happened) he apologizes for "miscommunications" and "not wording things more clearly" but not for anything he actually did, and he manages to guilt ME into apologizing for not being more supportive of him. The charade finally ends when other roommates manage to drag him in to the utility company and the lady there isn't having his bullshit and tells them everything (he set up a payment plan so he could keep spending the money we were giving him to pay the bills and it defaulted when he tried to transfer it to someone else's name before moving out and our water got shut off). After that he unfriended all of us in the house without a word and then told others that WE cut him off and wouldn't listen to him and were now spreading vicious lies about him. This is how he operates. Whether it's running a con or in personal life it's all the same tactics, textbook NPD. Don't associate with this piece of shit. Take your money and friendship to better places.

>> No.9395868

Nobody was ever paid when I was a part of it. I was told we were operating as a 501c7 nonprofit, and that nobody was receiving compensation of any sort, with the exception of reimbursement for con-relates expenses

Nobody except Mike and maybe the treasurer and ops director knew the truth behind a majority of the happenings. Year 3 they almost got shut down for not paying the hotel, but between mike bullying the hotel staff and the treasurer taking all the cash they had on hand (yes, thousands in cash) on foot to a nearby bank to get a cashiers check,they managed to keep things going

>> No.9395869

This sounds fake but I also know people involved so I know it's true. What the fuck. Why does he live life like a soap opera?

>> No.9395871
File: 31 KB, 556x105, Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.49.13 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

:3c Open mail that you left out on the floor that proved your massive fraud?

>> No.9395873


>> No.9395884

"They cultivate very long, parasitic relationships or very short exploitative ones."

THIS. You hit the nail on the head. I was in one of those long parasitic friendships unfortunately :( Mike told me we were best friends for about three years while basically using me as a taxi and then an income source while we were roommates. And meanwhile he was telling other people they were his best friend, and those would last a month or two before they weren't useful to him anymore and he would figure out which personality flaw of theirs he could use to make up a semi-plausible story about them and spread rumors, or he'd bait them into a confrontation and then twist their legit reason to be mad into "acting crazy".

But damn, parasitic is such a good word for that. It literally sucked all the joy out of me.

>> No.9395892

YUUUUP. I think that was also about the court summons for the WCS stuff that wasn't even mail?? He posted this after they had to track him down at PDXlan to deliver the summons.

Also turns out it's NOT illegal to open someone's mail if you have the same address ;) Can confirm he has massive student loan debt that he hasn't been making payments on LOL

>> No.9395895

Yeah the house stuff and mass unfriending all went down in 2015, people have known he's crooked for a long time but he still gets away with shit

>> No.9395904

Ooooh, yep. You're right. The court summons that was hand-delivered to the front door. I remember his tantrum about snooping being all the more funny because there wasn't any snooping to start with.

>> No.9396033

Anxiety meds = cocaine, anon.

>> No.9396091

I'm so glad people are actually talking about this openly. I'd really love for this to become a movement to actually boycott newcon. I've watched them as a fellow con-runner for years now, and it's infuriating to have to promise guests and other vendors that your event isn't as fucked up as Newcon.

They screw over other conventions as well. They promise half page ads to Sakura-con, and don't deliver. Sak gives them exhibitor space, and get a nook in the hallway in return. I hear they also fucked over Kumoricon multiple times and didn't give them what they promised.

They were a state non-profit, but as far as I understand, they aren't non-profit anymore, but people think they are.

What sucks is that the attendees don't always see this, so they just keep coming back for morale.

>> No.9396118

It's not, I remember the hotel starring to get pissed like the first real day of con that year, and I remember the guy leaving with money in hand to go to the bank.

>> No.9396162

Wasn't there also a party where he had a huge meltdown and would switch between being pissed, throwing things and taking too many shots, and sobbing uncontrollably like a toddler?

>> No.9396164

Anime PDX was Mike's way of trying to compete with Kumoricon.

Also, for the money they make those cons sure feel super low-budget.

>> No.9396203

I volunteered at the con this past year and was told that the con was a non-profit. Multiple at the con said they were told that as well.

>> No.9396257

I watched a documentary on Charles Manson and it was explaining how he manipulated those women and it sounded EXACTLY like Mike. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually studied Manson. The guy is a step away from getting others to kill for him.

>> No.9396302

The original post on Facebook is public and has over 100 shares. It's also going around twitter and people publicly tweeting at Newcon telling them to give Wunderwelt the money.

To keep this going I'd say keep sharing the posts on facebook and twitter and keep commenting on them to bump them. This is the biggest public blowup I've seen happen for Newcon, so let's keep the ball rolling.

Additionally, I'm filing a complaint again Newcon with the IRS today. I encourage others to do the same.

>> No.9396355

A manipulative narcissist sounds like the right description of him.

>> No.9396358

And Jordan or Michael so kindly made a screenshot of the entire original post for easy sharing here >>9395264

Share the post, retweet caps, repost the original post on your blogs and Tumblr. Keep this going so everyone can know that Newcon is a scam and shit will stop being swept under the rug.

>> No.9396381

That was all of them.

>> No.9396435

Why was the hotel mad? Because they hadn't been paid?

>> No.9396436

That's correct.

>> No.9396468

can you cite the law that makes it not illegal?

>> No.9396500

>AnimePDX kickstarters don't see their prizes or incentives

>mfw didn't know about any of this and was part of the kickstarter

>> No.9396527

At Newcon 4, there was another "miscommunication" about how the celebrity guests would be compensated for their autographs. Mike told the guest liaisons that autographs had to be for a fee and all proceeds of the autographs were to go to Newcon, when in fact that was NOT in their contract. After the guests' handler found out, of course, it was quickly reversed. Mike literally was trying to steal from Troy Baker and Steve Blum.

>> No.9396534

What I am confused about is why all the higher up staff are staying on board. I know a lot of them know people who lived with Micheal and got screwed over directly by him. Are they getting something out of this too? Do they not care about their other friends? Why are they putting their reputations on the line by working directly with him? This whole thing makes all of them look very bad for enabling him.

>> No.9396540

If it wasn't obvious to them before, now is definitely the time to get off this sinking ship before they go down with it.

>> No.9396558

Report it and get your money back

>> No.9396567

Because they're spineless fucks who are scared of Mike cutting them off if they say even one bad word.

>> No.9396568

But did you know that at Newcon 5 the paid autograph sessions went to Newcon and not the guests? The more you know.

>> No.9396574

One of the friends that still hangsty out with him said Mike didn't screw him over personally so he was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. It made me sick. I now will never trust that person.

>> No.9396578

Who was it?

>> No.9396583

People like Mike operate with impunity at least in part because they know a lot of people think like your friend. Your friend is a good "mark" and this thread proves he'll get used and throw away by Mike sometime in the next two years at the latest. Hopefully he wakes up and smells the roses soon.

>> No.9396589

Here to offer more insight to Mike's character:

Met him in late 2012/early 2013 through a meet up group in portland. He apparently started stalking me online (unsure if this is true, but he did know way too much about me). He would send me explicit anon messages on tumblr about wanting to fuck me, and I found out he was the one doing it. At this time I was around 19/20 and he was 30ish, I believe. I also had just escaped a super abusive relationship and was dealing with really horrible PTSD. I confronted him when I found out he was the anon on tumblr (i was desperate for attention & didn't quite know who he was at first), and this began a slow build up of manipulative conversations from him, mostly him trying to coerce me into sex. I expressed multiple times that I wasn't sure if I wanted to hook up with him (i was too scared to outright reject bc I didn't know what he was capable of) and he would say all sorts of manipulative bullshit to try to guilt me into having sex with him, and even said a couple times he was "willing to get [me] so drunk wouldn't care". Turns out, this entire time he was saying these things to me, he was telling his roommates in Beast house that I kept harassing him for sex and he wasn't sure if he wanted to sleep with me because he didn't want to "stick his dick in crazy" (in reference to my PTSD from being ABUSED AND ASSAULTED). The only time I directly started a conversation with him was when I did the initial confrontation over the explicit anons, mind you. Thankfully he eventually stopped talking to me and then began to outright ignore & avoid me at cons because he was mad I 'friendzoned' him.

>> No.9396622

I remember that party. He was such an ass and saying anything he could about you to get attention and laughs.

>> No.9396642

Ya got any more deets on what else he may have said? I may or may not be confronting him soon :^)

>> No.9396686

If you look at the Kickstarter and all the incentives they're offering basically nothing to the supporters. On top of that, the incentives make no sense. .The most expensive thing to produce, the pin, is sporadically offered throughout the incentives. So SOME people who paid more money than others get the pins and some don't. Its just random what you get the more you spend.

And then they have bullshit tiers like lifetime VIP/memberships. Free badges for life and other crap that notoriously do not honor.

AND THEN! The whole mission statement get money for good guests. Look at the stretch goals. Its not until they reach 6000 bucks (the original goal was 3000) where they even mention pursuing other guests. All the other stretch goals are just like "We'll announce all this shit you already know."

Look at the Kickstarter. The whole thing. They were asking for money for BASICALLY nothing. The incentives alone would cost less than 500 bucks to produce for 47 people. And we already know those people aren't going to get what they paid for.

>> No.9396734

I remember Mike stayed at my house for a couple weeks. When he left, I came home to all my dishes broken, a hole in my TV, and about twenty craft beers stolen from my fridge. Real classy guy, what with how I didn't charge him rent and just gave him a place to stay.

Hey Mike, did you ever double-cross Taimie yet?

>> No.9396772

Feels weird trying to play the guessing game of "Which one of my friends made that post?"

Almost the entire Newcon staff were made up of his friends early on, but after the drama the vast majority of them stepped down.
Most of the remaining staff weren't really close to Mike to begin with, and weren't there during the drama, so didn't see it firsthand.

>Tfw this might be about me.
Have only hung out with him once or twice since the water shutoff incident a couple years ago, though.
He's changed a ton, but after everything I'm always wary and cautious around him whenever we bump into each other at a con.

>> No.9396782

Did anyone mention how Mike accepted a PayPal loan that was being offered to BUSINESS ACCOUNTS ONLY and rather that use it to reinvest in some part of Newcon or pay off its debts, he kept the money to pay off: 1. An outstanding fine to the DMV which he could not renew his drivers license without paying, and 2. living expenses. I'm pretty sure using a business loan for personal expenses is another one of those... what are they called... CRIMES?

>> No.9396830

Can confirm he did this. He was using it to pay rent (when he saw fit to pay rent) and go on LARP trips.

>> No.9396841

How did he get the loan?

>> No.9396877

Because Mike uses the Newcon business PayPal as his personal account, it has high levels of capital and sales going through it. Which qualified the account for a loan like this one: https://www.paypal.com/workingcapital/ (idk if this is the exact type of loan he took out).

>> No.9396880

I'm guessing it was offered to him (probably computer generated, like when you get credit card offers in the mail) online through PayPal's business stuff, and he just accepted it right away because "Hey look! More money that I'm never going to pay back!"

>> No.9396890 [DELETED] 

He did. I think it was 10 or 15k

>> No.9396949

I was not only a staff member for 2 years but a friend, a fling, and an ex-partner of one of the other roommates, and I am still friends with many of the people from the Beaverton house. Mike is a skeeze, and a jerk. He took money for a stupid beach house we were gonna renton but I backed out because I'd just broken up with someone else who was going. What do you know he'd already used all the money people sent him. I received a lot of emotional abuse, and had to help my friend find a new house because of all the bs he put them through. He liked to get girls drunk and feel them up, and never took responsibility for his actions. The next day, he'd pretend like nothing happened. Either way, he couldn't get it up ;)

>> No.9396952

That does seem to be a common problem with him, huh?

>> No.9396982

Mike "limp dick" Anderson

>> No.9397008
File: 3.81 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mailing this out tomorrow, RIP Newcon.

>> No.9397014

This is not the current Newcon address. Update to 11875 SW Center St
Beaverton, OR 97005

>> No.9397017

Hi Wally

>> No.9397019

The address I got is from the Oregon business registry, is that the address of the hotel or something?

>> No.9397024

That was the address of the previous people he was taking advantage of, because rather than have a business address he of course uses other people's addresses so that he can dodge bills, etc.

>> No.9397026

Right there with you...now, how might I go about canceling a successful-campaign pledge?

>> No.9397030

Everyone in the Portland scene needs to start calling him this immediately.

>> No.9397032

He's "changed a ton" huh? In what way? I'll believe that when he admits he spread false rumors about people and decides to pay me back the $1500 he skimmed from my bill and rent payments over the course of a year.

>> No.9397035

that zaxel zach guy is still friends with mike and is still hosting events at both newcon and animepdx. the guy should really distance himself from mike or it's probably going to bite him in the ass sooner or later

>> No.9397059

Mike constantly talked shit about Zach 24/7 when I lived with him at Dai Gurren in Tigard. This disappoints me greatly, cuz Zach isn't an idiot and KNOWS this.

>> No.9397064

18 USC Section 1702
Once mail has been delivered to the address of the intended recipient there is no crime in opening it. If they were to take it from a post office and open it without delivering it to him that would be a crime.

>> No.9397065

Yeah don't use that address. The person who owns that house is regularly turning away Mike's bill collectors and still trying to get mail for NewCon to stop coming to their house.

>> No.9397073

I think he meant he's changed a ton since he's know him, not changed recently

>> No.9397076

That includes people trying to serve Mike. If you want to get the IRS to nail him, use his Beaverton address.

>> No.9397077

Gotcha, I'll update the address. Thanks guys!

>> No.9397085

I've known Mike for several years now. We had met through a mutual friend who is to this day still one of my best friends. I had met him about a year after moving to Portland (2011 I believe) and shortly after getting out of a messy and abusive relationship. I was heavily relying on my best friend to get me through that rough time. I would sometimes stay over at the apartment he was living at (even though he was staying in the living room and there was legit no room for me to sleep. xD Good times)

My memory is admittedly a little foggy here on when certain things happened, but if i remember correctly, shortly after i moved out of the apartment I had with my abusive ex, I would still go over to my best friend's place to hang with him and Mike would be there. I started going to college and study Japanese, Mike offered to study with me since he was also studying japanese.

I thought we were friends. Somewhere down the road, I found out he was shit talking me to people. And i couldn't figure out why. Me being me, i thought i had wronged him somehow and tried to make amends. Guess since I was a broke college girl working shit hours for shit pay at a retail store he didn’t have a way to use me.

Moving on when him and my best friend (and his at the time gf who also happens to be one of my best friends) were living together at beast house. Whenever I was struggling with depression or having problems, my BFFs would ALWAYS invite me over to stay with them to help me out and get me out of my depression. It was one such day that guy BFF invited me over in the evening after a stressful and depressing day. I was in his room and we were talking when Mike comes in, sees me there and FLIPS. He goes from smiling to being a fucking fire storm of rage that I dared to be in his house.

I was already struggling and now i had to leave the one person who was helping me because of Mike.

Too long will continue into next post. (1/3)

>> No.9397087

(Continued 3/3)
For someone who was not even a year out of an abusive relationship and was struggling with depression and self worth… that was a massive blow since it was my FRIENDS he had spread this lie to and it was my FRIENDS who were laughing at me for not being attractive enough to spend a night with.

So yea, after he tried to rape me, i would have absolutely nothing at all to do with his sorry ass. And as things were coming to light about him, I was honestly never surprised at the shit he pulled due to how long he had been poorly treating me. I drew the line at him attempting to rape me.

So yea. fuck this man. Whatever it takes. Take him the fuck down.

>> No.9397090

Whoops the posts got mixed up. Oh well. Continued (2/3)

Mike would continue this thing where one day it was okay for me to be at Beast House. Other days I better not show my face. He would purposefully invite me over and then ignore me in favor of the other girls at the house (who i later found out disliked me because of lies he would tell them about me. That got cleared up real quick when the three of us ended up in a class together at PCC. xD) I didn’t mind the whole ignoring me when HE was the one that invited me over. I’d just go hang out in my BFFs room and spend time with them. It was at the parties when things would get bad.

There was one night that I had gotten pretty drunk. I suddenly ended up feeling very tired so I went to my BFFs’ room to lay down. (They both remember this very clearly). I started watching Doctor Who with one of my BFFs and ended up falling asleep. Next thing I know, I’m awake and Mike is holding me and kissing me. He takes me back to his room and tries to sleep with me. I put up a MAJOR fight. Wasn’t having it. At this point I knew he had been spreading lies about me and i wasn’t gonna deal with it. I do distinctly remember he couldn’t get it up and perhaps that was my saving grace. I probably would have been raped if he hadn’t been able to get it up. I actually thought it was because I was putting up a fight, but after seeing this post, I’m thinking it was because of his limp dick. So he eventually gets off of me and puts his clothes back on and storms out of the room. I eventually come out and next thing I know, people are teasing me that Mike had drunkenly tried to sleep with me then realized WHO he was trying to sleep with and dodged that bullet.

Too long again. Continue to next post. (2/3)

>> No.9397100

Don't forget about the time he invited a girl over to beast house as a low key nice guy date and got super pissed off when she spent most of the night talking to one of the other girls that lived there. And by pissed off, I mean the girls were hiding in her room hoping he couldn't get in because he was throwing shit, screaming, and punching walls.

>> No.9397109

Shit like this makes me wonder how Jordan lives with herself. She had a friend group of something like...15 years who just fucking dropped her one day after they were kicked out of where she was living. And while I'm pretty sure that had enough to do with her being exactly like him, a drama mongering bitch, I think she probably has Mike to thank them finally wising up.

And this is what she's stuck with. An unstable, scheming criminal who from the looks of this thread is about to burn. And because she's complicit, she'll probably go down too.

>> No.9397112

>An unstable, scheming criminal who from the looks of this thread is about to burn
you forgot attempted rapist. probably actual rapist though that just hasn't gotten caught.

>> No.9397114

This sounds a little too forgiving of Jordan to be honest. She's right beside Mike - not just complicit, but actively engaging in the thievery and deception - not to mention the horrible abuse and manipulation she perpetrated on her friend group (I'll leave that up to them to go into).

>> No.9397120

You're exactly right. She was an abusive, gaslighting, judgmental, rumor fabricating insane piece of shit who was nothing but the source of misery for that friend group. This on top of inflicting Mike upon them.

They're going to find whatever money he has hiding in her bank account and whatever they're hiding from the people trying to serve them lawsuits. I hope as much justice is coming her way there is for Mike.

>> No.9397123

I guarantee you Mike is figuring out how to completely disappear than handle any legal proceedings, because his insurance fraud will land him in jail.

>> No.9397127

That would cost him money. And if he was smart, he wouldn't spend another fucking dime. But he's not smart or there wouldn't be this much dirt on him.

But he's not going to disappear (because that would also be smart). He's going to pretend this isn't happening.

>> No.9397139

Is he going to Sakuracon? If he is, I'll confront him. Manipulation doesn't work on me, and I was never his friend so he has no shit on me.

>> No.9397142
File: 118 KB, 719x504, Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.31.45 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go!

>> No.9397147

I don't even know. Usually, yes. But if I know Mike, this whole 4chan thread has him crying in a corner somewhere, pulling his hair out while Jordan assures him he's done nothing wrong and the world is out to get him.

That and people are already asking for their money back and pulling out of AnimePDX sooo something tells me he probably won't be there for the exact reason you would like him to be. ;)

>> No.9397150

Unfortunately it's not a live campaign anymore. I hate to break to anyone who donated but your money has probably already been spent.

>> No.9397195

Yeah, unfortunately you guys are kinda screwed. Since he has no real bank account, he'll just do what he's been doing for years, dodge the bills.

>> No.9397250

People are dropping like flies. Next Newcon is just going to be Jordan and Mike awkwardly making out in panel rooms for three days

>> No.9397255

Zach just posted on Facebook that he won't be attending or helping with Newcon or Anime PDX.

>> No.9397273

What's left of Ninja of the Night is also out

>> No.9397326

Then there's Arrison Warner, the try-hard Newcon director of programming. He runs the crappy swimsuit contest knockoff that Newcon copied from the guy that used to run it (who also left because of Mike's bullshit) and made it suck harder than he does for attention while trying to be funny. That guy needs to step away from Mike and Newcon also before he goes down with them in flames.

>> No.9397332

He's not that bad, he just needs to stand up for himself. I don't think he knows how fucked he will end up being when Mike bails and leaves the flaming bag of dog shit in his hands.

>> No.9397334 [DELETED] 
File: 961 KB, 2446x3188, IMG_4958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Newcon's statement on Thursday, with regard to the Wunderwelt scandal (still up on their FB page, and screen capped above): "For the record all other vendors, guests, etc. were paid in full and this is the only one that is outstanding and, again, our priority."

Were they really? See attachment.

>> No.9397338

addressed to MR molnar. lol further proof he has everything in jordan's name
top kek

>> No.9397344

Jordan is now attacking people on facebook, so she's already unraveling.

She's asking people to pm her. Someone please do and post all her lies.

>> No.9397351

Care to explain how you got the physical copy?

>> No.9397363

Let's see this bitch go crazy!

>> No.9397364

omg please post caps lolllll

>> No.9397374

Question: Is Mike or Jordan running the social media for Newcon? If so how soon are they going to try to delete comments on posts to their Facebook page?

>> No.9397376

Mike does. And probably quickly, so be sure to screen cap and save your receipts, friends!

>> No.9397381


>> No.9397400

Given Mike is probably extremely paranoid, he's watching social media like a hawk. We already know Jordan is.

>> No.9397401
File: 955 KB, 464x2948, newconpost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oof okay. In that case, I screen capped their half assed """apology""" and how many people aren't buying it. I forgot to expand Mikolai's first comment (sorry) and when I returned to the page it was gone, but they said they had screencapped their post so hopefully they can put it up here too?

>> No.9397415

Fun fact, I was sitting with mike at a cafeteria table when he first brought up the idea of making his own con. This was way way back in the day when he was still kind of 'new' to the con scene in Portland, like, 2010, 2011 I thinK? Beast house parties were still in full swing.

I'm friends with so many people involved, thankfully never got close to Mike but I got to see this shit go down HARD from afar. Sad part is I knew he was an asshole, he had tried to take advantage of three of my friends at said parties, and ex communicated one when she told him "look I'm sorry I'm just not into you that way"

Portland was a pretty cool group before he came to town, hell even for a little while after words. Beast parties were wild but they were kind of fun for a bit. I left the scene before Newcon properly happened as I moved away, and ever since I've been watching the melt down.

Seeing him and one of the other high ranking staff members at ALA this year made my skin crawl

>> No.9397419

I don't know why people are like this. There is so much hate and drama in this convention and I just wish people would stop trying to blow things out of what they are. Know all the details then speak your mind. Don't just listen to one side and ignore the rest. It's really sad how easily people believe everything they read online without knowing each parties side.

>> No.9397420


What is the other side then? Please tell us how everyone is out to get Mike and he's done nothing wrong. The people posting here HAVE the details. Nothing ever comes out of the other side but vague half ass non explanations, claiming "miscommunication", and saying that everyone who calls Mike out is lying. I'd like to hear YOUR details.

>> No.9397425

Hi Jordan

>> No.9397434

This isn't a story with two sides, this is a story with hundreds of sides. Everyone has their own experiences with Mike and with Newcon, and they are sharing them all here. Surprisingly (or maybe not), almost all of those sides are incredibly similar in their feelings on these matters. Even if there IS another side (Mike's side), it would be one among hundreds. Numbers rarely lie.

>> No.9397437

The fact that you guys think that it's Jordan just shows how paranoid everyone is being. In the end if what Jordan and Mike did are true or not true it will show with time. Aside of just screenshots and he said/ she said. It's easy posting on here as anon, since this way no one will come to anyone else accusing them or anything but it also shows how easy it is to treat humans like shit to make yourself's feel better.

>> No.9397445

that and he runs like away.

Im not personally on his shit list (wasnt super close with him to begin with honestly) but my friends are. Was priceless seeing him start to walk in my direction once when I was talking with some of said friends, and seem him 180 it right out of there as fast as he could speed walk.

>> No.9397452

He never payed me back either, the cunt. Im suprised that theres so many people with negative experiences with this guy, but not really...

>> No.9397460

Oh honey this isn't "treating people like shit to make ourselves feel better" this is justice against someone who has been treating people like shit for years and karma is a bitch

>> No.9397462

"You're listening to just one side!"
This is classic narcissist behavior. They can't understand that people have opinions other than their own. This isn't one side, this is many sides. Check out the stories people are posting on Facebook along with the shared post, those all have names attached and many mirror this thread.

>> No.9397464

You've got dozens and dozens of people who have dealt with Mike and Jordan, some of us for YEARS, straight up giving account. A lot of us were directly hurt or fucked over by these assholes and you're asking why people are like this?

"There's so much hate and drama at the convention," they cried to a thread full of people who escaped the hate and drama in their lives, brought on by the people who RUN THE CONVENTION.

"Know all the details and then speak your mind," they said to everyone accounting for all the details that were regularly distorted or hidden from us when we trusted the liars who told them to us. (Aka those two people who run the convention)

"It's really sad how people believe everything they read online without knowing each parties side," touted the pawn to the subjects personally victimized by the guilty party in question.

You know what? It might be sad for YOU to see Mike and Jordan's relationships with other people rawly layed out for the world to see. But it's a FUCKING TRAGEDY to see defenses like this from someone who will BE one of us once your usefulness has been exhausted. If you're lucky. If you can even get out. That's assuming you're not Mike or Jordan, yourself.

It took some of us several years to escape this abusive bullshit. Someone people here are still processing over a decade of lies, gaslighting and abuse and are slowly relearning what the lines of being a good friend and being taken advantage of are.

So go find someone who gives a shit what you think and fuck right off, thanks. You're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.9397467

Lolol it's eating you up inside that you can tell who's saying what. Its REALLY hard to tell who's who when they're all telling the same story isn't it? It's hard to tell who you've pissed off when there are so many of us.

>> No.9397470

Seriously, been telling others for a long time that Newcon as not a good place. I explained numerous times the multiple reasons it was not a good place, or the people running it were shitty people. Everyone assumed it was because "He made the Con I helped create go away" - but no, it's because he was a horrible person that was known for preying on minors.

Fun fact, I was one of those minors he tried to get drunk and fuck. I was 20 at the time and working a job at a con. He attempted to lure me into his room multiple times, and when I explained I was not interested... he asked me what it would take to get me interested.

He proceeded to list of substances he had in his hotel room, and asked me what it would take. I promptly turned to the staff higher-ups I worked with and reported him.

>> No.9397473
File: 26 KB, 400x313, information-technology-services-mission-is-to-acquire-implement-EmRTSG-clipart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9397483

Taimie died

>> No.9397528
File: 456 KB, 367x2400, thread2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screencapped off my friend's Facebook. Edited out names except for Jordan's.

>> No.9397608

Nevermind the overwhelming amount of evidence against them, tight? Fuck off.

>> No.9397623

I'm sorry, the other side's story? You're actually defending someone who multiple women have come forward to state that he attempted to drug them into having sex with him, tried to rape them at beast house parties when they were intoxicated, and you're defending him?

That is victim shaming and the community as a whole shouldn't stand for it and you should be ashamed of yourself. And if this is Jordan, you need to look real hard at your boyfriend who has a history of sexual assault and attempted rape (and possibly actual rape). All these women can't be repeating the same story out of coincidence.

I'm one of the women who came forward and I had no idea about this thread until two friends messaged me saying they were so glad I shared my story of what Mike did to me. And I hadn't posted my story yet. And I was very much not aware there were other girls with similar stories to mine.

>> No.9397629

He can't get it up enough to rape anyone

>> No.9397638

But I want to see caps from Jordan's facebook! Where are those? Who's got receipts?

>> No.9397639

There's already other people looking to start up a con to replace it.

>> No.9397640

Heads up, this thread is going to hit the post limit soon. When it does I'll make a part 2 of this thread so we can continue. As the thread is pushed off the board it will eventually be deleted, so if you want to share a link outside, share the archived thread:


>> No.9397641

Ex here. Where do I even begin. So I started dating him shortly after kuno one year. Right at that time I was going through some serious issues he helped me get through. We were happy, and having a great time. At this point we were equally paying for things, despite me not having a job at the time.

Around November was the first blowup party I remember. A friend started dating a girl that had a bad fall out with someone in the last big house. He brought that girl along and it caused tension. Mike claimed that he was starting to get anxious while trying to deal with this. He was worried I wasn't having a good time despite reassuring him I was. Things went smooth, around midnight the party was still raging, and I wanted to go to bed. Originally I said I would stay there, it would have been my first time staying the night, that it's a whole nother story though. So I told him I was going to go home. He threw a huge fit and started crying. I got him settled down and in bed, at this time he was plastered and who knows how much coke he did. I was trying to leave and got stopped by friends asking what was going on, he stumbles out and glares at me then goes into the kitchen and throws back at least two shots with the old treasurer. I get him back into the room and calmed down several times. Almost every time he would be in a ball sobbing thend sit up suddenly dead face and look around like he had no idea what was going on. He said he was fine and I would get up and he would sob again. Finally the night ended when a friend literally laid on top of him in bed keeping him there while I got out. He held him down until he fell asleep.

I should have left then but I didnt. The next day he apologized, and since I have a habit of leaving relationships the second they look bad, he knew this about me too, I decided I would try to stick it out.

Looking back, it might have been paranoia and roommates may have started to suspect monet issues.


>> No.9397642

Yeah never mind the mental trauma the victim might feel, penetration or not.

>> No.9397646

Fast forward to Christmas. We spent the day at his family's house. His parents are so nice and amazing but I will say it was a huge eye opener to see just what his bothers were like. While there, Mike got money for a playstation so the next day we went to the mall to get it. When I picked him up we had an argument, we managed to get over it and had a decent day. After we got the Playstation and were leaving he asked if I wanted to go get a drink and I told him I am still a little on edge and wanted tone go home to prevent any fights. He made a comment about me running away again, a insecurities I told him about, and I blew up on him. We argued the whole way to his house then I left.

Newcon (3rd one I think).
Con is going great, there is an issue the first day where the hotel was saying they needed their money right away or they would be kicked out, old treasurer takes care of that part. The rest of the day goes smoothly. That night, after lots of drinking and drugs, Mike has another breakdown. I went to bed with an upset stomach. He was still out. Later he comes to bed and is snoring so loud I can't sleep. I feel like crap so I go to sleep on the couch. Next thing he is standing over my starting to yell "how can we live together if you can't stand to be in the same bed as me" again, another fight. He ended up on the couch and me on the bed. I left con the first thing the next morning.

He apologized after. A few weeks later he went to ALA and said he was able to clear his mind. Things were going pretty smooth. At this time, he is almost exclusively paying for everything.


>> No.9397647


lol get fucked

>> No.9397648

It's just mob mentality. Got to feel for anyone on the receiving end of this sort of behaviour, even if they are asses.

>> No.9397655

Around Valentines day, we go out to dinner, have a great time. That night he talks to me about a split in his "career" he could keep doing shows for these east coast dentists he was supposedly doing, or he could turn down this huge contract and do parties like he wanted. I don't believe he ever told me what he decided, but again, looking back, that was probably him deciding if he should commit insurance fraud or not. Later that night he also tried to guilt me into sex, I didn't budge.

Fast forward to sak. He had close to 5K which he told me it was an insurance break, other people in the house it was a bonus from a customer and I even think he told a different person it was a deposit or something.

Anyway, he goes ape shit at con. Which is nice and not at the same time. I even told him with friends around that it felt like we were going overboard and we should use it for other things. He blew it off and said he wanted to treat me. I stopped buying things but he would still show up and give me things. He also told me that a friend saw how much we were spending and called me a gold digger, again playing on an insecurity I just told him. At that point I avoided that person. I didn't no them well and as far as I was concerned Mike wouldn't lie to me.

On the train home, Jordan and here friends are there. Mike is hanging out with them quite a bit while I watch a movie.


>> No.9397657

Shortly after sak, maybe a week or so, he calls and says he think we should break up. I agree, sak it felt like we were just friends and nothing else. Both of us on the same page, we go out to lunch with friends that day. The next day I ask if I can swing by his place to pick up a game. He says it's fine. I also mention that I am looking forward to the small gathering the following weekend. He tells me he was going theo have to cancel it, i knew the answered before I even asked but I figured I would anyway, he said he had a date. The day after we broke up, been together several months, and he is already planning a date, with Jordan of course. Again we fight, he says I have no right to be upset, that we were hardly boyfriend and girlfriend the last few months and tries to spin it around on me. I am not buying it.

We argued and became friends over and over the next few days. I had some stuff at his place so I made a comment about picking it up, and he would make some sort of snide comment about how it's not a boyfriend perk anymore.

At this point I am just about done with his shit. I am trying to get stuff picked up from his place and each time he tells me he will be home, when I get there, he has left. I finally cut ties after the whole cell phone crap, and then everything else starts to come to light.

As shitty of a person that he is. I am happy I went through that manipulative hell. I am so much more confident and know what I deserve. I am way better off without him, but I couldn't have gotten here if it were for him. Thanks for treating me like crap so I can learn self worth you POS.

>> No.9397659

I know it doesnt matter now, but I don't think I ever think old you all the shit hr talked about you before you two started dating. He went hard all think old he way up until it was official. What a psycho. Was he trying to make his roommates hate his future gf? Wtf

>> No.9397661

These are just the big points too. Not the multiple friends he pitted me against, the guilt trips for not sleeping with him and the constant need for reassurance.

>> No.9397662

WOW my phone autocorrect ed the fuck outta that sorry

>> No.9397712

Newcon's first 300 post thread. Couldn't have done it without you Mike

>> No.9397736

If I remember correctly that girl who had a beef with one of the roommmates was actually Jordan.

>> No.9397743

Oh my God it was jordan. And she did the same thing to a roommate at Dai gurren that Mike does to everyone but Mike kept discrediting her story over jordan. Wow. I forgot that. They really deserve each other. Wow

>> No.9397750

I was there for most of the parties going on that the ex mentioned, and I can confirm each of the blowouts of Mr. Newcon. He usually did them in a closed room but like hell was no one going to hear or chat about it afterwards.

>> No.9397755

I don't know if this goes here, but it might as well.
I worked for NewCon last year after a really good run volunteering at Kumoricon. Worked in the Guest Relations department. That year we had Steve Blum and Troy Baker (both of whom I would have liked to have met).
During the Con, all I did was send messages to others. At one point, I volunteered to help take photos at autograph sessions. After doing one session, the Guest Director started doing that and I was back to sending messages once every 15 min.
The only other thing I was called on to do was go get water because i had a car and a license.
I was brought in at a coordinator level staff.
Also at one point some creepy old guy started wandering the halls and leering at girls. I wasn't in security, but I was the first staff member to respond so I ran interference until security arrived. When I told the Guest Director, his response was that I didn't know protocol. There wasn't a "You did the best you could" or even a "Thank you."
In my experience, NewCon is run by people who lack professionalism and view the event as a big party, which shafts people who actually try to put in good effort to make the event enjoyable for more than themselves.
By the second of three days, I was so demoralized by the whole experience, that I didn't want to meet the guests under those circumstances, which means I'll probably never meet them.

>> No.9397764

Another executive just quit

>> No.9397771


>> No.9397773

We should really archive this thread

>> No.9397787

One of the warners

>> No.9397800

It's being archived here:


>> No.9397832

He worked at the call center I was at. He was there for maybe a year I think? Maybe 2013ish? We had such high turnover that it's hard to remember folks.

Anyway, at that time he used to brag about his wages being garnished to pay for a vehicle registered in his name that had been abandoned on the side of the highway. He fed me a story about it, but now I assume it was a straight up lie.

>> No.9397842

His wages were garnished because he had outstanding debts.

>> No.9397868

Certainly explains why he doesn't get a job

>> No.9397873

I figured. He was always incredibly weird with me. He would be smiling and laughing and talking up a storm but if I entered the conversation he would switch gears super fast and be all blank looking. I honestly think he could tell I didn't buy his constant bullshit, so he didn't bother to put in the effort. Still pretty confused as to how he had so many "friends."

>> No.9397876

Why was he bragging about his wages being garnished lmao?

For those not aware, wage garnishment is when your job withholds your paycheck and sends it to the person who you owe money.

>> No.9397880

Bragging might not be the right word, but he certainly talked about it more than once. Honestly, if that was happening to me I would be ashamed to admit it, but he would laugh about it.

I think it might have been part of a kinda fishing expedition on his part:Does this person seem sympathetic to my BS and can I take advantage of them. I basically told him it was a really stupid reason to end up with garnished wages and I think that is when he knew I was a lost cause.

>> No.9397888

Dude this. He was SUPER fucking buddy buddy with me for all of a week when he was fishing for a new group to latch on to. Once he was in, he treated me like garbage, straight up ignoring, interrupting or talking over me anything I had to say to my own damn friends. Doing a doctor Jekel/Mr. Hyde routine whenever I would enter a conversation. I basically decided within a week of meeting him that he was trash and acted accordingly.

Now and again he would sulk and complain that no one wanted him around and its like..."Why are you surprised, mother fucker?"

>> No.9397889

Because it sounds like Mike is a sociopath.

>> No.9397900

where did you see this? i'm not seeing anything from either of them

>> No.9397913

Via their twitter

>> No.9397958

Thread is in autosage, I've made a new thread, please continue the conversation there


>> No.9397988

I know some of you pointed out the irony in this story, but here's a bit more detail on "a friend started dating a girl that had a bad fallout with someone in the last big house" and brought her to Mike's house party. That girl was Jordan, and the beef she had was over a household member having slept with an exboyfriend of Jordan's 5+ years prior. The person she was dating, who brought her to the party, was someone she was only dating out of pity and to prove a point to one of her friends (a LONGTIME victim of abuse and manipulation from Jordan) who had been dating said guy a few weeks prior: a "I can do anything/anyone you can do, so don't feel special" jab. Jordan would shit talk this guy constantly and wanted to break up with him the entire time but was going to "wait until after Newcon [that year] so he could have a good time."

She was eventually kicked out of the party due to the household being so uncomfortable with her being there. BUT before she and her friends left, they asked MIKE if they could stay and he said YES. The reason they ultimately left was the guy Jordan was dating was too uncomfortable with the situation and begged to go. But little ol Mike apparently had no problem with her being around ;)

>> No.9398034

Good to know mike stole that too, since I had that idea and talked about it with chip when MEW died, then a few months later mike shows up and claims he's had this amazing 'new' idea

>> No.9398101

This is getting ridiculous. Kumoricon is so much better in my opinion.

>> No.9398325

Wow. I've spent the last five years criticizing myself for getting into shitty situations at the fucking "Beast House" when I was 17-19. Mike would ply me with alcohol and get me so drunk I would throw up, only be able to crawl around on the floor, etc. I remember being passed around on people's laps, having my breasts groped (isn't it funny how drunk she is?) and Mike trying to have sex but not being able to get it up and crying and being frustrated and leaving poor underage drunk me in his room where I would pass out from the alcohol. Not surprised how many women have come forward with their stories. Thank god I left the con community years ago (ironically before newcon, back when Mike and his buddies were talking about how to make money off of running a convention and living the weeb dream).

>> No.9398417

Thread is in autosage, meaning it's getting pushed off the board due to the post limit. Please continue the conversation in the new thread:

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>> No.9398499
File: 336 KB, 1751x766, tyrone email.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

o give people another example of the character of Michael "tyrone' Anderson. Here is a screen cap of an email he sent me 2 years ago about the money i loaned him to save newcon when it was about to default and go under. This was after knowing him for about 6 years and him often referring to me as brother and close friend I still have not gotten any of the money back.
Also his room was never ransacked or stolen from. He faked a theft to do an insurance scam to get money to pay for cons, toys and the rent/ bill money he stole to spend on drugs.We also got our water turned off because he did not pay the bills and blamed the water company for losing his payments, it had not been paid for months. His dad had to be called to pay the bills because he spent all the bill money he stole.
This was all 2 years ago and apparently he has not changed how he acts, probably never will, hes purely a con man who takes advantage of anyone he can.

>> No.9398518

This thread has hit the post limit so it's being pushed off the page. We've continued the conversation in a new thread here >>9397954

Do you mind reposting your cap in the new thread? I want to keep the conversation going but this thread is getting buried now.

>> No.9399863
File: 44 KB, 229x231, 1488803577240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy may have legitimate antisocial personality disorder. I don't mean in the colloquial sense of being shy, but literal antisocial personality disorder - the inability to empathize with other people and therefore view them as tools to manipulate and throw under the bus for self gain with no emotional consequence because they may as well be NPCs in a game to you. Just a thought. These are the kinds of people that typically raise to CEO positions and such, because they exploit others for their own gain left and right in a way that no person with a sane conscious could ever do.

>> No.9399911
File: 1.18 MB, 1200x675, C5sTu6VVUAAVMGO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit like this makes me wonder how I've never had any relations aside from friendships with women. I know I'm a good person and at the very least average looking. I definitely don't fall to the "REEEEEE WOMEN HAVE SHIT TASTES!!!" /r9k/ cynicism but god damn is it a stab to my pride and confidence and pride to know this guy despite being a total average looking dude with the personality of a dickbag has success in his romantic endeavors. Then again, I guess manipulation goes a long way and I certainly would never stoop to shit like that.

>> No.9402975

We also hate people moving here so I'm glad too.

>> No.9403071

All of this just makes me really sad; as someone that has personally staffed cons under Mike, I know for every crappy staff member, there's a dozen more that worked their asses off the whole year round to just make this con happen even through shitty direction from the con head:( I'm hoping someone more qualified will be able to take over soon and do justice to all the genuine hard work some of us have done to get the con noticed! I know there are lots of nice faces behind the scenes and lord am I hoping that next year's "resentment/boycott" won't be taken out on them:/

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