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Booys in lilita
How does it make you feel?
Post some

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This would be the idea outfit I would dress him in, except his would be black and white. He would greet me at the door after I got home, he just cleaned the house and had been waiting for my arrival. I sit on the floor at the coffee table and he runs off to get tea. After he's got it and he's leaving the kitchen, he trips and spills it all over him (it doesn't burn him tho). He's shocked! All over his expensive dress! Now he's nervous because he knows he's going to be in big trouble with master. Those clothes were expensive, and now he has to earn back that money. I ask him to take off the dress so I can examine the damage. He tells me that he's uncomfortable with taking it off in front of me and I tell him too bad, that's part of his punishment. He's very uncomfortable with being seen naked, he can't even undress in front of the other guys in the locker room. He's a very scrawny, skinny young boy with some slight breast development from his HRP. And on top of that, his penis size is not so impressive. The idea of a woman seeing him brought up the insecurities that have hindered him all his life. But, he did it anyways, trembling and looking down. He handed me the clothes, still without making eye contact while his small, developing nipple stood on end from the breeze. I take the clothes from him, but pause to slowly look his body over for a long time. He can feel my eyes on him, but doesn't know what to do. He looks down in discomfort, fearing my judgment of his unmasculine figure and pretending not to notice.

"You're forgetting something"

I say, pointing to his bloomers.

"W-wha? Nothing spilled on them! They're clean!"

"This is a punishment, don't you remember?"

Mortified, he slowly begins to pull down his bloomers. As he let the bloomers drop down beneath his lacy socks, it became apparent that his little penis was hard. I stared at it in astonishment.

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I think it's super cute if they're not creepy. I don't even care if they wear it for fetish as long as they don't act obnoxious about it.

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Doesn't bother me as long as it's done right.

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I hope this is copy-pasta, jesus christ kill yourself

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Awesome, now I want chapter 2

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it's okay as long as they put in the effort, and not give of creeper vibes.

And none of that fucking beard lolita shit. No matter how good you think your beard looks, it looks retarded in such a feminine fashion.

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sage ples

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inexplicably turned on

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You act like it's disgusting but when people mention this guy and how annoying he is they flip their shit and call vendetta. He literally asks how to cordinate a dress he found in closet child that he wants to get. If you don't know how you want to cord it before you buy it then don't buy it. He dresses well but it's because lolitas in LA spoon feed him ideas.

He wore the mask like this because he wants to hide his nose. Now he just holds his camera over his face or makes a peace sign to cover his face.

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>He dresses well but it's because lolitas in LA spoon feed him ideas.

Isn't that the basis of the Coord Help Threads on here? A number of lolitas use that thread Anonymously. We spoon feed them ideas so they can coord well.

BTW, I enjoy talking to him on LA.

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because you do have a vendetta against him anon, do you see anybody else caring or having the energy to point these things out

are u ok

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t. bitch who is jealous of the attention he's getting
>why isn't anyone paying attention to ME?!

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I actually think he's a very friendly person. I just don't know why he needs constant assurance that his cordinate is okay. He's been in the fashion long enough to know how to cordinate himself. I can see why anon is annoyed with him because he does come off as someone who needs to know he's doing it right.

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>>If you don't know how you want to cord it before you buy it then don't buy it

I just found a dress on LM that I've wanted for ages, I don't know how I want to coord it, are you trying to tell me i'm not allowed to buy it? do you have any other rules you'd like us to live by?

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it gives me a special feeling in my bloomer area

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and that's fine, but it's all about how you present the argument. every time the guy is brought up >>9404439 flips their shit. it's really not something worth complaining about over and over imo. if it bothers them that much then they could just ask him about it in the chat.

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>tfw dude and wanting to just be cute as fuck

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Five years ago I didn't care
Then Tumblr happened

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>He literally asks how to cordinate a dress he found in closet child that he wants to get.
wtf i hate brolita now

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>I just don't know why he needs constant assurance that his cordinate is okay.
That wouldn't have anything to do with lolitas being a pack of piranhas prone to ripping each other's self-esteem over ludicrously petty minutae would it?

inb4 "u must be ita"

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As long as they're not sissies or using lolita as a fetish, then it's fine. Don't be creepy, have some social skills.Men better be well dressed. No fucking beards. Make an attempt to look feminine at least when you're wearing a dress.

>pic related, great brolita

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It's different when it's a single dress you're stuck with in comparison to asking for coords from scratch for dresses you don't even have.

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They are always sissies, some just hide their fetish better than others.

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>I just don't know why he needs constant assurance that his cordinate is okay.

I talk to my friends about coordinating stuff with a dress. Instead of LA, he needs to branch out and find friends of his own. Those convos w/friends are private. A great way to find friends is for him to join a Comm and actively participate in it.

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Doesn't this guy use lolita as part of his fetish? Some anons were mentioning stuff like this on a precious thread.

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...that's an entirely different brolita you're referring to, because the one anon posted is far from fetishy

just because he's an azn dude in lolita doesn't mean it's the same guy

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Yes. In pink is anaphrodisiacs
The fetish brololita is >>9404213 (sutiblr)

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He's so beautiful, honestly one of my most favorite lolitas.

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Does anyone have any favorite brolitas? I really like Spelendora. His coords are all very nice and he's good a good face for lolita. Him and his girlfriend are so cute when they wear lolita together.

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I don't mind them when they blend in/can at least remotely pass for girls. >>9405194 for example, looks good and doesn't give off any fetishy vibes. But if a guy is clearly recognisable as a guy then no matter if he's actually in it for fetishistic reasons or not, it's going to read like that to the general public. A group of girls in weird dresses looks strange, sure, but if it's a group of girls and crossdressing men then it suddenly becomes something quite questionable. This is why >>9400621 hides his face for pictures, and why I wouldn't want him in my comm.

tl;dr: If you can pull it off, go ahead. But if you're gonna look like a man, please just wear ouji/EGA/whatever other masculine fashion

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>This is why >>9400621 (OP) hides his face for pictures, and why I wouldn't want him in my comm.
>I wouldn't want him in my comm.
and boom, every retarded persecution complex that tumblr transtrenders have are now justified.

Holy fucking shit.

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>As long as they're not sissies or using lolita as a fetish
>As long as they're not sissies or using lolita as a fetish but are male and wearing a pointedly feminine dress and make an attempt to look feminine
>not sissies or fetish

What did she mean by this?

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>hides his face for pictures, and why I wouldn't want him in my comm.

Anaphrodisiacs covered he face in the coord picks until he felt more confident in his makeup routine to show his face. Tbh, lots of lolitas from Japan cover their faces as a privacy matter.

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>What did she mean by this?
Don't be this person

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>>9405194 here. You can wear lolita and other feminine clothing and not have it be a fetish. Just wear it like anyone else if you like it but don't wear it in public or share pictures of you in it if you're just in it for a boner.

Exactly this. Don't do this.

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nah, in general having brolitas in your comm opens you up for having to deal with sissies and fetishists hiding behind the 'oh well I'm a brolita and if you say other wise you're a (insert left buzzword here)!!' And you don't know if a brolita is a creep until something happens, so I think it's better just to not have them around in the first place

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I really can't imagine a situation wherein a male dresses in lolita and it doesn't fall into one of those two categories, except if it were a one-off joke thing.

>> No.9405296

>I really can't imagine a situation wherein a male dresses in lolita and it doesn't fall into one of those two categories
Probably because you're a bigot

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I know people have other reasons for hiding their face, but as you said, this guy felt uncomfortable showing his face because of how he looked. I'm guessing because he realised that his face looks too manly to really look good with lolita. Not saying that everyone who hides their face has this as their reason, or that there's anything wrong with hiding your face.
Sorry that I don't want to be associated with fetishists because of wearing a fashion I like? Nothing to do with trans people.

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mostly fetishism

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If you say so, sissy.

>> No.9405304

If you say so, ita

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i hate sissies as much as the next person but the whole "guilty until proven innocent" mindset that people are treating brolitas with is stupid

the lack of empathy that people show is a little disturbing

>> No.9405308

I mean it is sorta true...
It's also done with females too
The good... the bad... and the "dd/lg abdl fetish lolita"... it doesn't matter really sex, gender or whatever.

>> No.9405309

>Implying I wear the fashion and don't just drop by for amusing stories and to laugh at bad cosplay, and sissies pretending they aren't sissies


>> No.9405311

>the lack of empathy that people show is a little disturbing
I blame tumblr and the media of the last few years years parading around the worst possible representatives and playing up the bathroom law red herring.

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Your "good example" doesn't really pass among Asians. By Asian standards, his face is clearly masculine.

I don't have any feelings about brolitas, but I'm a man who appreciates the fashion and when I mention it to lolitas in real life they react like "why don't you wear it"... well, that's obvious, isn't it? If I loved other dresses, people would suggest I become a designer or a shop clerk, not a crossdresser.

>> No.9405322

>when I mention it to lolitas in real life they react like "why don't you wear it"... well, that's obvious, isn't it?
Woman up and put on the frilly dress.

>> No.9405324

Oh look, a buzzword

>> No.9405325

have you considered that lolitas are just used to brolitas and are generally a more accepting bunch

how is them asking you even an issue

>> No.9405328

yes please I'd love to see it

>> No.9405331

The pendulum has swung back and now crossdressing is a social crime again. Nice job assholes.

>> No.9405335

Good, maybe next time people can do it with some vague amount of taste and fashion sense instead of using LGBT rights as a shield against being criticism for dressing terribly.

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Sad, it really isn't a big deal as long as the person doesn't use it as a fetish in public, my personal opinion. This can even be said for ftm crossdressers too.
I love when people crossdress and look really nice doing it, whether normie fashion, lolita, or cosplay. As long as it looks good and the person is happy and not a jerk or creepy no harm done I say.

>> No.9405345

Why not attack on those grounds rather than pigeonholing any sort of MtF crossdressing as a predatory deviance
You're conflating the stefoknee rainbow thigh highs with everyone else

>> No.9405348

And not only that, but you're doing this as someone into a hobby/lifestyle/fashion/whatever that's already frowned upon by normalfags. Why throw brolitas under the boss when "polite society" thinks you're either an ageplay fetishist wearing their kink on their sleeve or mentally ill in some other way

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His coords are my fave. I love his creativity and the way he uses layering. Goals, for sure.

>> No.9405351

It's not really an "issue," I just find it odd that some lolitas are very enthusiastic about getting me into into brolita when as you see in this thread it's still not a commonly accepted thing. I've seen two guys in lolita IRL and each of them got negative attention.

Maybe for a fashion show or something. But you understand why a guy who doesn't normally wear women's clothes might not feel comfortable walking around town in an attention-grabbing dress, even if he thinks the dress itself is beautiful, right?

>> No.9405356

Because in my experience the bad outnumber the good to a point where it isn't "Not all guys who wear lolita are like that!" so much as it's "A couple guys who wear lolita aren't like that." Between the fetishists, the sissies and abhorrent fashion sense, good male lolita (or decent MtF crossdressing in general) seems to be in the very, very small minority.

So it's far easier to wave it away than try filtering through all the crap.

>> No.9405371

>So it's far easier to wave it away than try filtering through all the crap.
Well, alright then. Just don't get too upset when normalfags give you the cold shoulder.

>> No.9405380

they saw that you were interested and they were enthusiastic to share their hobby with you if you so pleased

that's literally all there is to it

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who gives a fuck if its part of a fetish?

>> No.9405388

Since we don't know if male lolitas are actually sissies in secret, do we know if female lolitas are DDLG kinksters in secret?

>> No.9405390

Most of them are, they're literally dressing like little girls.

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i apply the same sentiment that treating people as if they're guilty until proven innocent is totally silly. unless there's bonafide proof of somebody being a fetishist, there's no reason to point fingers

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Involving others in your fetish non-consensually is wrong. Wearing it in your own time, in your own space, privately is fine but still disrespectful to the fashion and its community.

>baits gonna bait but i hate when people try to shove their fetish into others lives
>walking with someone on a leash in public is just as nasty as a guy getting off wearing lolita in public

Have an open mind. If girls can like cute dresses without it involving a fetish, guys can too. Get that trolling shit out of here.

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Sweet lolitas are, for sure.

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>involving them in your fetish
unless theyre jerking off or fucking you, they aren't.
I get a sexual kick from crossdressing, but at the same time I simply enjoy looking cute.

>> No.9405448

A sissy is a man who wears female clothing as a fetish. Obviously any man who wears lolita dresses is effeminate. It means wear it because you enjoy the fashion's aesthetic in a way absent of sexual feelings. By saying no 'sissies', they are not wanting people who wear it just to feel humiliated, and are turned on by such a feeling.

>> No.9405452

what if it turns you on, but at the same time you just enjoy looking cute? Not from the humiliation type thing.

>> No.9405456

Well, that's okay. If you do wear it because you simply enjoy feeling cute then that's all people are asking. What you do or prefer in your bedroom is your own business even if it involves a frilly dress. I prefer wearing my thigh high socks in the bedroom, but that doesn't mean they are inherently fetish wear outside the bedroom.

There are some who only wear it for the purpose of fetish play, and that's what most have an issue with, They don't want someone like that showing up at meets.

>> No.9405460

oh ok, i can understand that.
Like desu, yea id love for a girl to get me frilly for her, but at the same time id just like to be able to go out in public together in the frilly dresses cause its qt.

>> No.9405467

When people do their sub/dom kink in public and expose it to everyone, or try to interact with others while exposing their fetish in order to try and get a kick out of it, that is involving people in their fetish non-consensually.

Sissies are honestly not much different.

>> No.9405481 [DELETED] 

I just don't understand people using sissy and fetish separately. Sissy play is fetish play.

>> No.9405484

I guess what I'm saying is a sissy and a crossdresser is not the same thing. It should not be used interchangeably.
This anon mentioned humiliation has nothing to do with his choices, therefore he is not a sissy. 'Sissy' is someone who feels humiliated by dressing in ultra-feminine clothes, and is turned on by that humiliation.

>> No.9405594

>good male lolita (or decent MtF crossdressing in general) seems to be in the very, very small minority.
Well, let's put it this way: female lolitas rightfully hate having to put up with sissies in their comm, so how do you thing male would-be lolitas feel about being associated with said sissies for their gender as well as the fashion? It's not surprising that it puts off most guys who like it for the fashion alone.

>> No.9405598

There is a fuckhuge difference between liking a female fashion and putting that fashion on yourself as a man. If not a sissy fetish it's likely a different fetish.

>> No.9405610

Following your logic, women who dress in ouji are sickfucks too, trying to look like young boys to get sexual gratification and accomplish their shota fantasies.

>> No.9405611

I'm pretty sure normalfags would agree that men wearing frilly dresses is creepy.

>> No.9405614

Also women.

>> No.9405616

this, if you think normies see lolita as normal you're wrong.

>> No.9405628

Yep, I get occasional glares for even wearing pastel sweatshirts or pendants in public, can't imagine how people react to brolita.

>> No.9405703

You really don't know anything about sissies. You just think that they are perverts; not thinking that there is another reason they want to wear frills. You also think that sissies wear it for a boner. A boner is a natural reaction. It's what is DONE with a boner that can be perverse. Also, can't a woman be aroused by the thrill of frills?

>> No.9405710

Aren't some hookers too?

>> No.9405714

Yes, is it such a surprise that a lot of lolitas prostitute themselves via sugardaddies?

>> No.9405724

I get what you're saying. I'm a chick, kind of more a tomboy in my day-to-day.

but when I put on lolita, I feel like a real femme woman and it's maaahvelous. I check out my reflection all the time and I just feel so giddy and happy.

lolita is a great outlet if you like to dress feminine and have extraordinary taste.
live that part of yourself breh

>> No.9405743

all these gulls in here thinking that gender is something you are born with.
like, a man can't possibly be legitimately interested in wearing a feminine fashion.

as humans, we all contain different ratios of feminine and masculine energy.
guys aren't 100% masc and females viceversa. what's a masculine/feminine display also varies greatly from culture to culture. it's all fabricated.

be skeptical of weird dudes to protect your comm but don't completely discriminate. you'd be depriving yourself of the company of genuine lovers of the fashion and good dressers.
I'd let in anyone who had a decent wardrobe and posted nice photos in our online communities.

>would you ban Mana from your comm?
>this thinly veiled misandry

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Anon I think you are mistaking this place as Tumblr. Shoo. Go away.

>> No.9405751

>>9405745 would shun Mana-sama

>> No.9405758

Mana is pretty ita so yeah probably. Love moitie but mana is ita. It's been a ongoing joke for years with the moitie fans. We just accept him because hes mana. Hes a god.

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>babbling nonsense

>> No.9405827

As a brolita this is rather representative of what i feel. But it does lead to so much self rejection. I feel like everything comes down to if i pass or not. And that's very hard to judge.

I dream of being able to join a comm and being "one of the girls". But due to this huge emphasis on passing, i dont even dare to try. I understand that many girls are skeptical though. I hate being into lolita, but i just cant leave it.

>> No.9405953

girls don't even pass man.
almost everyone has received the "is that a man???" comment.

just try to look your best for you. if your reflection makes you smile then you're doing it right.
coord well, do hair and make and you should be fine. don't stress.
I wish I could join a comm with you just to encourage you and geek out over pretty clothes and shit.

>> No.9405973 [DELETED] 

what about "the bearded lady?"

>> No.9405991

That's admitably a tough one. It's really quite rare for PCOS (at this that's the example I'm thinking of) to have that much of an effect on the growth of facial hair, isn't it? Anyway, I would like to say to "shave it off", as I still think it looks ugly and jarring in the fashion, but I did have to think about that one a little in that case, honestly, because at least other feminine features would stand out at the very least. Probably would work in her favor not to though if efame was the end goal. It's double the snowflake points.

>> No.9405998

I'm not trans or a crossdresser or a fetishist, but I love the lolita aesthetic. I'd consider wearing it if I thought I'd look good (but I'd look ridiculous) and if not for the fact that I'd feel weird being some guy trying to shoehorn himself into a girls' club.

I think the only way I'd actually do it is if I were dating a lolita and already knew her comm and they were supportive/wanted me to do it.

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23 But before faith came, wee were kept under the Law, shut up unto the faith, which should afterwards bee revealed.

24 Wherefore the Law was our Schoolemaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by Faith.

25 But after that Faith is come, we are no longer under a Schoolemaster.

26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Iesus.

27 For as many of you as have bene baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.

28 There is neither Jewe, nor Greeke, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Iesus.

>> No.9406003 [DELETED] 

do boystyle

>> No.9406010

Not my style. I like understated and feminine Gothic and Classic stuff. I might also actually look MORE ridiculous in boystyle than in drag, too - somehow a dude in a dress seems way less creepy to me than an adult man dressed like a child.

I've considered doing more "mature" historically-inspired Ouji kind of stuff, but I don't find it particularly exciting, and it also has the same issue of me being a dude trying to insert myself into a community of women, which is honestly the biggest hangup for me. I know that, no matter what anybody said, I'd never really believe that I was wanted there unless it was a group I already knew.

>> No.9406014 [DELETED] 

I think if you acclimate to the 'matter at hand' ....such as competing against the women at what they do and even showing them better ways to do it (at least try to) ....then I think the gender bias would dissipate

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>created the term EGL in the first place
>has own clothing line
>models EGL fashion
>look emulated by countless EGL females
>/cgl/ newbs question role of male
Haha, you owe your whole culture and board to a fucking crossdresser. Of course, Mana looks better than the average man in a dress.

>> No.9406059

Reminds me of RuPaul.

RuPaul is an aging pioneer, a literal tranny nigger faggot that survived and thrived past the fiercely homophobic and transphobic time of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Then in 201x tumblr kids call him a bigot and throw him under the bus for not using their terminology.

>> No.9406060

Maybe, maybe not.

A lot of it's internal too. The chance is too high that I'll get interested in somebody in the comm and make things weird. I'm just the kind of guy who can't totally turn that off, unless I'm already in a relationship, and I tend to either handle it in whatever is the most awkward way possible or just let it eat me from the inside.

That's a big part of why I'd only want to be involved in a comm through a GF. I'm fine when I'm not in 24/7 hungry like the wolf mode, but a goddamn embarrassment when I am.

>> No.9406065

And like mana rupaul don't give a fuck about tumblr politics. He keeps doing what he does with his middle fingers up high and looking fab while doing it.

>> No.9406083
File: 2.34 MB, 3000x3623, Rupaul_blackpink_final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We all need a little RuPaul in our life

>> No.9406110

Reality isn't exactly reflective of shitty internet opinion.

I'm a brolita and had this sentiment and poured so much time and energy on trying to pass and be on the top of my lolita game, then I realized there are so many women who wear lolita and look subpar or ita as fuck whereas I still have to live in constant fear of rejection and being labeled a fetishist or too manly. It turned out fine and most lolitas IRL are pretty cool and good.

Put in the hard work, don't be a fucking awkward creep, and don't be afraid to join the comm. You might actually enjoy not being in the closet, unless you look like Ladybeard or something...

>> No.9406122

Mana-sama is Mana-sama and acting like every man who wants to throw on a lolita dress is on his level is kind of stupid, fampai. Men make perfectly fine lolitas but there are also a lot of sissies we have to wade through.

>> No.9406127 [DELETED] 

i like sissies sometimes. they can be qt. I don't think most men would do this unless they had some form of dysphoria really, unless it was sexual fetish, or cosplay for fun. I would imagine most crossdressers either enjoy womens clothing, its a fetish or more likely it is a latent dysphoria.

>> No.9406130

sissies are fine, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and its consenting. brolitas are fine too, i look at it, like i look at lgbt or mlp or anything. it doesn't hurt anyone so it is fine by me.

>> No.9406135

>it doesn't hurt anyone

Involving other people in your fetishes without them consenting (or even knowing) is the opposite of this.

>> No.9406137

Being fine with it is not the same as being comfortable associating with it.

>> No.9406138

I don't like them because they're creepy and rapey. I want them to stay away and keep a distance from me. When they get too close I'm always terrified they're going to rape me because they act creepy.

>> No.9406146

Oh honey I don't thinks he's little. Maybe the catcher. But defiantly not little.

>> No.9406148

I don't get it.

>> No.9406152

They act like cock-hungry whores because it's a fetish to them --> other guys think all those who dress in lolita are cock-hungry whores --> cis girls who dress in lolita for the fashion, not for a fetish get harassed, insulted, and threatened because they don't conform to the false stereotype a bunch of men has created.

>How does it make you feel?


>> No.9406153
File: 35 KB, 236x211, IMG_6694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe its best you don't.

>> No.9406157

they tried to make a joke playing on "little" as in "a small amount" and "little" as in the infantilized version of a sub in a sexual relationship. "little" as in roleplaying a child sub as opposed to an average sub, a "catcher".
It was really dumb though and anon should never try it again.

>> No.9406158

I chuckled.

>> No.9406168

Shouldn't it have been 'a little' then?

>> No.9406172

I'm not a brolita but I'd like to do it, and I'll admit it, it's partially for fetish reasons.

I'm not a sissy or anything though, I just get off on roleplaying a dommy lesbian futa or something like that.

>> No.9406174

Would love to do proper brolita but I don't have the time, the money and I'm overweight to even begin to look good doing it at the moment. I'd not do it until I could pull it off on at least a reasonable level. I've managed it once, but my at the time partner helped me that time and I don't think I'd be good enough any more.

Also, absolutely petrified of how people would actually treat me. Don't think I'd ever get involved with the comm through sheer concern over being labelled a sissy faggot.

I just want to look cute AF damnit ;_;

>> No.9406177

Sissies are fine except they force people to participate unwillingly in their humiliation fetish. You say "if it's consenting" like every other lolita comm doesn't have to deal with at least one sissy taking advantage of their good graces and manners to get their rocks off by cavorting around publicly in ill-fitting dresses.

>> No.9406297

tfw iktf
im not brolita'd up yet, but i'd def want a gf into the same thing.

>> No.9406301

unless they have other people actively humilating them, they arent doing shit.

>> No.9406316

I hate sissies and guys who only do it for sexual reasons because I think it fucks up the fashions image.
Yet I have a male crossdressing fetish and would love to get a cute feminine boyfriend and dress him up nicely and tastefully and have him be all embarrassed about it.

>> No.9406364

No cares about an irrelevant middle aged man in a dress. Lolita should be a girls only fashion, men just need to stay away period.

>> No.9406394

and still surviving in our racist ass world
>*side-eyeing your terminology

>> No.9406395

yo, you're dumb.

catchers are bottoms, the receptive party in a penetrative act.
the little thing was likely an unfunny ref to bbc

>> No.9406397
File: 131 KB, 636x1019, 1446418088797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9406499

Fuck you

>> No.9406561

But… it isn't?

>> No.9406643

Can we just stop having these threads? Seriously when was the last time a male lolita thread actually had content instead of just endless rhetoric?

>> No.9406664

You are aware a lot of meet ups are in public places and sissies tend to be the loudest people who do what ever they can to draw attention to the group. (Which is already kind of out there to begin with)
The fetishists want the negative looks and attention and damn the other people in the group.
It's like having that really ""quirky"" friend with you who is getting off to all the whispers, glares, and nasty remarks.
I like going to meet ups usually because people are more accepting when they see a group of lolitas behaving like normal people.
When you have an obvious dude in there, doing what ever he can to attract attention, suddenly it's a million times worse than just going out on your own.

>> No.9406675

>Also, can't a woman be aroused by the thrill of frills?
We're not though. Stop trying to justify pushing your kink into our group by pretending like everyone's treating the fashion as pervertedly as you.

>> No.9406678

Even the best groomed beards look awful with feminine fashion of all kinds.

>> No.9406680

>honestly can't tell if this is bait or if anon just has poor reading comprehension

>> No.9406685

TMI bro

>> No.9406726

>on 4chan

>> No.9406927

lol this

>> No.9407113

Your male crossdressing fetish about dressing up a cute feminine boyfriend and having him embarrassed is what makes a sissy.

>> No.9407133

Is the brolita really a sissy if it's somebody else getting off on it and not himself?

>> No.9407154

You are talking about someone getting off. Are you trying to say that it's only creepy if it is about himself getting off and not you?

>> No.9407158

If I were a girl I'd rather wear nanchatte desu

>> No.9407162

hahahaha breh, clearly from the context you'd gather I'm hating on your slur. there is no reason for you to call someone that. anyway, if someone wants to self-identify as an n-word in an attempt to reclaim it, *you* can't refer to them with that term. the power is in *his* use.

you sounded like a fucking asshole rather than a joyful supporter.

>> No.9407163

*racial slur

>> No.9407197

You completely missed the point of that youtube or you didn't listen.

It's people like you talking over the actual minorities involved and disregarding what they have to say. That is the problem.

>> No.9407198

If you wear flipflops to the beach and some retard pops a boner when they see your foot and jerks off thinking about it that's their fault, not the person who put on flip flops.

>> No.9407207

Non trannies who wear the fashion are sissies or have a fetish for wearing womens clothes 100% of the time

>> No.9407422

Blanket statements are never true 100% of the time

>> No.9407430

Forfty percent of people know that.

>> No.9407446


75% of statistics are made up on the spot

>> No.9407470

no sexual feels about it, i just think it looks cute. it feels the same as me to regular lolita except most boys have to work very hard to get the right look. I'm not a fan of no makeup man face beard bros in lolita, at least try to dress like a lady :( Ouji is another story.

>> No.9407552

He dressed well even before he was active on LA, anon sorry to break your bubble

>> No.9407561

I know a couple reasons why he does this (ofc I'm his friend though so I'm really in no position to overshare)
However, I will say that 1. He's not ugly in the slightest, he doesn't pass but in regular public and harajuku fashion walks this isn't the case, in fact the picture OP posted is like his first actual coord that he fully photographed, and this isn't really a thing for him at all now.
Even in photos where he might cover his face with like idk a peace sign or his phone like 60% of girls in CoF are guilty of this too so I don't really see this as a decent argument desu

>> No.9407696

Pretty much this.

>> No.9407699

I'm a brolita and not a sissy at all. Does this defeat the entire thread or should I be accused of lying?

>> No.9407709

Just means you have to be that much better than everyone else at coordinating and keeping up on the news. No pressure or anything.

>> No.9407717
File: 200 KB, 640x917, IMG_6910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's because he's got a big nose and embarrassed by it anon. You don't have to sugar coat it. He may not be passing but let's be honest, some girls can't even pass as girls. he has very few images of himself uncovered and I really don't think he's that bad. At least not like some lolitas out there. Just a beak on his face. He does have some great coordinates and I follow him for inspo on Tumblr.

>> No.9407724

Is this P** on amino?

>> No.9407742

Yeah it is. Killingwithfish on tumblr

>> No.9407747
File: 335 KB, 2048x1536, -6b548f5b3ea4f8cb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Booys in lilita
what we should be worried about is lil itas in booys

>> No.9407771

>tfw nose fetish

>> No.9407818

Is this chris chan?

>> No.9407822

No. The hair looks like its been washed and they have better fashion taste than cwc

>> No.9407825

That's Stefonknee

>> No.9407911

Brolita here and I don't see it as a fetish. I don't even get how someone could be turned on by these kinds of clothes but hey, whatever floats your boat. Been wearing it for quite some years and never had a problem. I stopped using the mens room when I'm wearing lolita though because of too all the trouble it creates. I would say I'm passing since some people in my community still don't seem to know I'm a guy.

>> No.9407922
File: 105 KB, 600x800, 1248573470060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an old photo. I forget his name tho.

>> No.9408370

Oh god, he looks like a /pol/ merchant meme.

>> No.9408386

How do you pass with a male voice?

>> No.9408388


Tbh I never realized Pat was a he

>> No.9408503

>I know these feels

>> No.9408505
File: 275 KB, 1000x1334, 095_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9408532

I always play mute in public/unfamiliar company. Know a little bit of sign language so it's worked quite well for me.

>> No.9408569
File: 73 KB, 400x533, 1275758944484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss Mika

>> No.9408583

This describes so many ruined fandoms. They take it over and change everything. Even some jobs become the "gay place" because they run regular customees away.

>> No.9408606

I didnt have a problem with bros until they started having influence and getting paid. I just see it as men muscling in on women things. Its hard to get ahead. So the fact that a poor lolita can post a pic and get free stuff is nice. Men are naturally straighter than women so clothes fit them better. Men are taking everything back.

>> No.9408612

What brolitas have influence annon? What do you mean by influence?

>> No.9408621

>This describes so many ruined fandoms. They take it over and change everything. Even some jobs become the "gay place" because they run regular customees away.
You're thinking of SJWs, not garden variety homos.

>> No.9408625

Where he at now?

>> No.9408627

>/cgl/ is this hostile to guys in dresses
seriously man wtf? Like why do you guys hate them so much?

>> No.9408637

Lolitas are extremely judgmental, petty people with attitude problems.

>> No.9408638

But how am I supposed to make friends who have similar interests if they'll want to get the cross ready as soon as they meet me? Just lie? Or form a guys only ita group?

>> No.9408640

A guys only ita group will be just as drama and not even in all that much of a different way than the vagina-centric communities

>> No.9408642
File: 57 KB, 445x459, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9408644

You appear to be a guy so my advice to you would be to reach down and find your balls.

Then put on a dress to conceal said balls.

>> No.9408646

There was a guy who mentioned in a thread recently that he's managed to remain undetected in a brolita-hostile comm.

>> No.9408649

>reach down and find your balls.
explain further

>> No.9408653

I'm too cowardly/polite to do that though. I don't want to intrude where I'm not wanted. I also don't want to risk getting clocked by angry itas. Doesn't sound like a good time.

>> No.9408656

You know what? I'm not even a brolita... I'm a crossplayer and... :( I feel you. Condolences.

>> No.9408657

You might as well say that eating pie in public is forcing others to partake in your pie eating.

>> No.9408662
File: 75 KB, 799x435, nojokesplz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how defensive this board gets when someone calls lolita an age play fetish, but its suddenly ok to call lolita a fetish as long as it singles out men.

>> No.9408666
File: 63 KB, 300x444, Are_All_Men_Pedophiles_Correct_Poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9408673

youre not the first one actually

>> No.9408674

I'm telling you these reasons cause I know them for a fact. He's not scared of his nose anon.
He's a friend of mine who I've known well before LA

>> No.9408692

Now you know she's not a girl does this change your opinion of him?

>> No.9409560
File: 57 KB, 453x604, 95f182c4c9b205724f0547bd5b033f18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9409567


Not in the slightest

>> No.9409570


I've actually seen this documentary. It isn't half bad. No idea why they chose that cover image though.

>> No.9409840

No if too many homo guys start wotking in a place it will become the gay place in a few months. Fast food, clothing stores, anywhere.

>> No.9410844

anybrolitss up fir sone kikchat?

>> No.9410889
File: 195 KB, 400x648, 1-5264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this fucking dress kills me. It's a fucking black butler cosplay, NOT LOLITA.
I hate it when itas try to pass this as lolita.

>> No.9410892
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1478984653772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go home anon, you're drunk

>> No.9410895

It is crazy bad, there is no fact checking, most of the bs can be disputed easily through a fast google search. Guy just wanted to justify fapping to jail bait.

There is also a podcast where to talk about the poster and is just as dumb

>> No.9410906

Calm down gull. This was Mika cira. 2009. It's 2017 now.

>> No.9410987
File: 16 KB, 298x227, 17391981_10154846784770412_532024579_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every man who wears sweet I suspect of being a sissy.

Every woman who wears sweet I suspect of being a dd/lg fetishist.

sweet is god awful in general and tends to be obnoxious kawaii vomit and weeb bait. men don't look good in sweet and if they wear it i suspect a fetish.

men look much better in gothic and classic which better suit angular faces and a taller frame, i have no issues if they wear that.

that's a perfectly matching underskirt yeah? if a guy is too tall and showing too much leg and decides to put in that much effort to fix it, it's probably a passion and not a fetish. someone doing it to pop a hardon isn't going to show less leg and follow ~the rules~ so well. a genuine interest in the fashion usually isn't hard to distinguish from the ones who buy sets and replicas and put in no effort.

>> No.9411118

I wasn't speaking for myself actually, I had my suspicions when I saw his first coords but my opinion never really changed.

>> No.9411180
File: 500 KB, 207x257, 1444856785176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly I don't know of any that wear sweet outside of a certain person on CoF. All the ones I've seen usually wear Classic with like a small handful of Gothics popping up once in a blue moon.

>> No.9412161

tends to be hostile to girls in dresses too

>> No.9412968

at least gulls are consistently salty about everything

>> No.9413020

sure im game

>> No.9413026

well there are some dudes that look just like girls, short cute etc. They look nice in sweet and i dont think they are pervs

>> No.9413082

a lot of asian crossplayers look cute as fuck and just like doing it, do we have accuse them of being sissy faggots too or is brolita special because female lolitas get butthurt about muh fasshun

>> No.9413203

>being a perv is bad
>being a sissy is bad
>reee stop liking my fashion in an erotic sense

How about you stop judging people, and let them like what they like in peace? Did it ever occur to you that they might like the clothing in a fetishistic sense, but also simultanously respect the fashion and like just wearing it from time to time?

You people are being so petty and small minded.

>> No.9413214

Let people not like what they don't like in peace.

>> No.9413230

OMG, SO gorgeous! :3
I'm completely alright with male lolitas. I mean we're not even sure if some of them are even identifying as male. Maybe the lolita-space feels secure enough to try out something they would otherwise be judged/attacked/molested for.

>> No.9413233

I can understand not liking it, but don't shun and torment the people who do like it. It's not like they're trying to push it on you.

>> No.9413238

>we're not even sure if some of them are even identifying as male
What difference would this make?

>> No.9413240

Maybe if most men in the fashion weren't fetishistic fucking creeps we wouldn't judge brolitas so much. Men in hyper feminine dresses isn't normal, stop pretending it is.
>hurrdurr what is normal???

>> No.9413246

They trigger my anxiety, so I do whatever I can to get them excluded from my comm.

>> No.9413259

I totally agree that it isn't normal, but it shouldn't be judged by someone who'se life it doesn't concern. Besides, not being normal doesn't make them creeps, bad manners and poor social skills does. Not all people are social butterflies with perfect skills in everything they do.

Let the boys wear some hyper feminine dresses for once in their life, they might actually enjoy it, unlike some people here.

>> No.9413262

If they genuinely enjoy it more power to them, but you can't be surprised or wonder why they get judged so harshly when comms constantly have issues with sissies and people cross dressing for kinks. There are some great brolitas out there but it's hard not to think 'here we go again' when a new guy joins a comm.

>> No.9413266

that's completely understandable, and of course if the brolita in the comm starts to go on about how he wears it for a kink, naturally people should tell him that this isn't a kink for anyone else in the comm, and that he might not want to bring it up. By all means, do exclude people who are socially awkward and begin to push their values onto other people, but not everyone is like that.

Some people can get sexual excitement out of it, but just not bring it up and enjoy it on their own time, and behave all fine and proper in public. Having fetishistic desires doesn't exclude liking and/or appreciating the fashion as is. The problem lies in them proclaiming themselves to be kinksters, which is a problem because it brings bad name to other brolitas who do it for non-sexual fun.

>> No.9413286

Right, I think we're just about on the same page. If Lolita is a kink for people whatevs, just don't bring it into the comm and that's where the problem comes from, but the other issue is if there's a grown man in the comm getting off to being in a dress around underage comm members that's honestly pretty creepy, even if they aren't bringing it up in th comm who wants that around them? I totally agree this is a case of 'a few bad eggs ruin it for the group' deal, but the bad eggs are pretty bad. i want brolitas to have fun, and be included when they're in it like the girls are, but at the same time I don't think comms should let their guard down, if that makes sense. It sucks that the mentality is guilty until proven innocent, but I feel that's kind of the deal with any hobby where an unusual person shows up. Like a normie girl showing up at the local game shop, nobody will think she's actually into gaming until she proves she is. People assume that 'outsiders' in a hobby have ulterior motives for being there, especially if that kind of outsider has a stereotype attached to them.

>> No.9413306

I prefer not to associate with freaks, and a man in a dress is a freak.

>> No.9413315

I don't mind as long as I don't have to be seen with him in public. I'll make an excuse not to go rather than be seen with a crossdresser.

>> No.9413417

And so is a woman in pants.

>> No.9413498

No she isn't.

>> No.9413529

if a man in a dress is a freak, a woman in pants is one too. You can't have one or the other.

>> No.9413566

GTFO noob

>> No.9413591

I'm sorry but that is how society looks.
I'm glad you can't play out your sissy fantasies in public without getting harassed.

>> No.9413612

>almost everyone has received the "is that a man???" comment.
Omg I thought it was only me

>I'd feel weird being some guy trying to shoehorn himself into a girls' club.
What the fuck, anon. It's just dresses, not a feminist safespace

>> No.9413618

haha true that when I'm with my friend, a girl taller then me they always assume she is the brolita and not me

>> No.9413642

Isn't sissyfication about humiliation though? Embarrassment is a completely different thing and to me personally, and has more to do with dom/sub - but maybe that's because i'm a domme who has a pure/cute boy fetish so embarrassment sans humiliation is a major turn on.

>> No.9413685

Dif anon. They are pushing it on us. Its not just pictures but massive amounts and they are pushing themselves in the threads. The ones that just hangout and arent trying to compete is fine. The ones trying to be women irk me.
Begging for paetrons. Get bent, man.

>> No.9414240


>> No.9414392

He's a big girl.

>> No.9414457

A creepy dude in a dress for fetish reasons is not a real brolita. There's a massive difference between creeps and actual brolitas. What you have a problem with is creeps, and it's unfair to assume all men are.

>> No.9414472

It isn't, however, unfair to keep your distance until it's clear they're one of the minority.

>> No.9414899

I've always liked the aesthetic but I'm a tranny and I'm too self-conscious to attempt lolita. I barely worked up the nerve to do a crossplay (basically outing myself), lolita would be a whole other level of uncomfortable for me. (I know its supposed to be boys in lolita but i have the most masculine face ever so even after transition ill look like a brolita). Such is life.

Also college and meds are expensive as hell

>> No.9415012

What makes you think most brolitas are creeps?

>> No.9415109

As a sissy (or a guy with a feminization fetish) i can assure you that we're all harmless and very passive, so that while we do get off and objectify the entire fashion scene, we also are not likely to do anything about it. The fact is that we get off to being girly; being creepy is antithetical to that, meaning creepines is actually a turn off for the brolita wearer.

Oh well. I'm likely never gonna wear this out in public however. I'm too autistic to go out and meet huge group of people.

>> No.9415116

You don't seem to understand that simply wearing a dress as a male is creepy.

>> No.9415183

You don't seem to understand that nobody cares about your dumb opinion.

>> No.9415234

You seem to, for one.

>> No.9415434

men have done it for years tbqh
completely normal

>> No.9416105


>> No.9416109

people do care, that's why the majority of people think men in dresses is creepy and why brolitas get so much shit. and sorry but none of us want you freak fetishists around.

>> No.9416287

If the embarrassment is minor, then probably not a problem. The real problem is when embarrassment leads to a broken spirit.

>> No.9416294

We're not really into it as a sexual fetish. We just want to participate in the girlyness of it. The more we participate, the more we appreciate the fashion and the people we meet.

>> No.9416336

>As a sissy (or a guy with a feminization fetish) i can assure you that we're all harmless and very passive
Maybe you are, but unfortunately there's plenty of evidence from past comm dramas that a lot of these guys are actually pretty predatory, sometimes actively enjoy creeping people out as part of an exhibitionist kink rather than just being oblivious to their own creepiness, and some guys have harassed underage girls or even groped/assaulted people, sometimes while exploiting their position of power as an older, wealthier guy yet crying victimhood and claiming lolitas are transphobic (even when they're heterosexual fetishists and not actually trans) whenever they get called out. Same to >>9415012 - unfortunately most guys that join comms as "brolitas" eventually get outed as creeps or sissies and kicked, I'd say we get about 10x as many sissies trying to join as real brolitas.

>> No.9416373

cgl can have such weird ideas about kink shit sometimes. Like, mention femdom stuff, or sadism and they're all cool, but talk about crossdressing and its a hard limit lol

Guess that proves my theory this place is full of salty/thirsty lesbians.

On topic though, boys just wear it. Dont join your local comm if you dont wanna, and just find a friend who you can go for tea with or something. Lolita couples are cute, but aint nothing wrong with being a lone brolita.

>> No.9416383

How many brolitas have joined your comm and how many were kicked out because it was discovered it was a sexual thing for them?

>> No.9416598

I've gotten the impression that all fetishistic/kinky aspects of life are "wrong and sinful" like we're in some deep christian circle of sorts where pleasure means you're being an evil sinner and should be punished for wanting to feel good.

Even if a brolita would enjoy the clothing in a more fetishy aspect, I'd be fine with it as long as they wouldn't keep talking about it like it's a hot topic. Just let people do as people do, is what I think. As long as they don't try to get others involved in "shady" activities (being perverted isn't illegal by the way, lots of people do lewd things because it's healthy and feels good), they're fine.

It's hard to imagine all these stuck-up people even enjoy life, much less the EXTREMELY NOT NORMAL fashion/lifestyle they lead. Calling men in dresses as "not normal" and "creepy" is one thing, but you are dressing up in a way that not most people would. You're not that "normal" yourselves, people.

Normality is over appreciated anyway.

>> No.9416606

>mention femdom stuff, or sadism and they're all cool, but talk about crossdressing and its a hard limit lol
It's because they're doing it in public amongst people who don't want to be involved. There's no double standard.

>> No.9417225

Fucking this

>girly room
>girly clothes
>girly lifestyle
>100% acts feminine in every way possible
> heehee I'm a guy!

>> No.9417343

I prefer "man in dress" to transperson. A man isnt trying to compete and belittle the ladies of the com. They just want to see what we are up to and eat food.

>> No.9417375

They might not act feminine in areas of their life that they wouldn't discuss in polite company, like the bedroom.

>> No.9417389

any lolita chasity cages?

>> No.9417391

If someone was femdomming their slave boy at a tea party they'd be treated the same as the sissy there to get off on humiliation or the ageplayer wearing a diaper under their petticoat.

We don't want fetishes showing up and practicing their fetish around us or talking about their fetish to us. This is not unreasonable to not want to hear about/be tangentially involved in someone's sex life.

>> No.9417397

What's exactly acting like a man in bedroom? Especially if you have a vag.

>> No.9417399

Coming within ten seconds and immediately falling asleep.

>> No.9417452

seconding this

>> No.9417466

At least we don't steal the blankets, cunt.

>> No.9417472

One of the posters for the film shows a 14-year-old model who looks older with the tagline "Do you find me attractive?".[5] Breure stated that he chose a young model to "confront people with the issue", adding that "she is attractive" for an average man.[1] BuzzFeed reported a claim that the 14-year-old model was deceived because she was told that the photograph was to be used in relation to Japanese fashion rather than to promote a film about pedophilia.[1] Breure, however, has rejected this accusation, saying that the 14-year old model was shown the title of the film, which was written on the release form for the photogra

>> No.9417574

Nayrt, but even though our comm's been lucky enough to not have any sexual harassment drama like many other comms have (check the archives), that's mostly because the mods keep a really tight check on who's allowed in. We don't have any real brolitas but we get requests to join from guys that openly have sissy and fetish stuff on their Facebook profile on a regular basis.

>> No.9418027

I wouldn't say a comm is lucky not to have had any sexual harassment, I would say a comm that has had sexual harassment is unlucky

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