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Last thread died. >>9398713

Share those cgl-related feels, my friends.

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wanna know everybody's feels now that wunderwelt just put this baby on LM. who's got 1k to burn?

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I wish I knew my gf's taste in Lolita, I'd get this for her if I knew she'd love it.

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You kidding, right?
Is Puppet Circus, no matter which style she's into she'll treasure this dress.

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I mean, it's not amazing? The print is cute but I really don't understand what all the fuss is about it. Same goes for Cats Tea Party and Gloria. Why do people like them so much?

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Puppet Circus is one of those iconic prints that is super rare and sought after, and because of the materials it was made is not so common to find one on Y!A, let alone on western sites.
Also it was a collab with Imai Kira made more than 10 years ago so there will never be a re-release. That's what makes this dress so special.

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Be me
>poor fag
>anti lolita family
>save up for ultimate dream dress
>get home from school late
>can't find package
>found pieces of my dress cut up by my mom.
>used as curtains and slutty skirt for younger sister.

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I'm so sorry for you, anon, but do you have pictures? sounds like lie.

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Reminds me of ironing board-chan.
My own feels:
>Been into lolita for over 6 years
>Only started buying things in the past 2
>Own a few brand pieces mixed with taobao
>Still too self conscious to wear some of it outside

I don't know how you guys do it, I just get so shy.

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Maybe it's because my mom is latina, so I just have this mindset in which I just don't care about other's opinion about me, I just know that I will never see again people on the streets and just do my thing. Also when I see someone taking photos of me I just take photos of them, it's quite obnoxious I know, but I really dislike strangers taking photos of me without permission.

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It's the ironing board all over again

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Why would you bring something like that into a resistant home? Get a friend to receive the package at least. Better yet, move out.

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Holy shit, what dress was it?

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did it sell? didn't see it.

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tl;dr a girl was planning to sell a jsk worth around $400 and put it in storage with some other stuff to sell and her stepmom took it and repurposed it into an ironing board cover

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>first joined comm about 4 years ago
>tried to make friends
>made a bad judgement call and hung out outside a meet with a crazy rude lolita
>lolita will not leave me alone
>constantly talks about how they're only friends with me to build their group and climb up the "lolita ranks"
>goes on rants that they're going to be the next comm leader
>like the deerstalker video about lolita cliques was real
>treats me like shit and is incredibly rude and embarassing to be around
>stole from me twice
>get sick of her shit and as politely as I can cut her out of my life
>you would have thought I murdered her pet
>sends daily pm's about how I am such a bitch etc.
>I ignore her and try to wait it out
>years later and she's still spreading crap about me any chance she gets
>luckily shes crazy and the things she says are completely unrealistic to any one who knows me
>keep having to explain myself to new members who think Im satan
>have to be careful because of my comms no tolerance for drama policy
>mods admit she's been a problem but haven't banned her
>so tired of this bullshit

If you're reading this, seriously it's been years! I don't want to be around you, deal with it.

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>comms no tolerance for drama policy
>mods admit she's been a problem but haven't banned her
Does not compute. If your mods have zero tolerance for drama and this chick is a crazy walking drama bomb wouldn't they want to get rid of her? Sounds like they're more nonconfrontational than anything and prefer to push drama to the back and let it simmer rather than addressing it.

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Lots of girls with your interests in the friend finder thread!

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Agreed, like she is still causing drama by talking massive shit about you to the newbies.

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Write your mom a bill complete with screencaps etc to show the price you paid for the dress + shipping.

Also maybe look up the criminal laws at your state, it may be the dream dress crosses the money amount from petty theft to grand theft, which is a felony, which is, again worth pointing out to your mom for, that she's essentially stolen and/or destroyed your property for a sum that'd essentially be a felony, if she'd have done that to a stranger.

She might not pay but at least you might ask her to explain why she feels it's okay for her to just destroy valuable stuff worth of x dollars of yours, and would she be all right if the situation was reversed and you just intentionally stole x amount from her.

Also ask her how she'd react if her in-laws would destroy something of hers of similar value just to spite her. Would she be upset?

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As long as she's living under her parents' house, she has to live by their rules. While I don't agree with what the mom did, she had every right to cut up the dress.

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is this my com

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>she had the right to do that
Are you actually a moron? Doesn't matter if she lives under their roof. Private property is private property.

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When dependence comes into play, that's no longer always true. So I'll reiterate: the mother did nothing legally wrong.

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I no longer want to go to cons in sweden to a certain group of people showing up to sexually harass the girls who dress up.

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>certain group of people sexually harassing the girls
Is this "group of people" who I think they are? Not trying to be /pol/, just curious.

Anyways, I've never been to a Swedish con but in America cons usually have security guards or cops at certain places around the venue. Maybe try speaking to them if you notice any harassment? Even telling con staff should help solve the problem, especially if a lot of people report it.

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Yes, it's exactly the group of people you are thinking of, security helps but there is not enough to deal with them all. Apparently them walking up and saying they want sex while trying to touch you isn't reason enough to kick them out either. Even then they'll just sneak back in. It's fucking terrible.

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shit it fucked up I meant to say if she was over 18 then it would be right?

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If anon is over 18 and contributing to the household. She'd be considered a tenant and would be protected under tenant laws.

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Not necessarily. Depends on the state or the country, but in some places when one's over 15 and it's money they've earned themselves, teenagers may have some ability to own stuff or at least exercise some command over their own finances, and parents don't always have this sort of "everything you own is actually mine" authority. "Living by their rules" doesn't automatically mean they can do whatever to stuff she's bought with money she's earned herself through a job, for example. Also def if she's over 18 it doesn't matter if she's living in their house, her stuff is her stuff.

In any case, the point is more in acting adult-like and driving it home to the mom that she destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise out of petty spite, and if she'd pulled that shit on a non-minor non-family person she'd have to reimburse it. Official-looking documents, even if they're just symbolic, just might drive it home more that even if she thinks it's just her daughter being dumb and having a silly hobby, she did just intentionally destroy someone else's property worth hundreds.

It's a good idea to try to (politely and calmly) make her realise how she'd feel if someone else destroyed HER personal property that she loved and was worth hundreds out of petty spite - she'd be fucking livid and would threaten to call the cops, is my guess.

At least I've found that when arguing with my parents, trying to be calm and sort of adult tends to work much better than just being angry.

And also, if the family is tight on money the mom should at least have an "oh shit" moment if it's pointed out to her that the dress was valuable property that could have been resold for x amount of money, that she's literally just cut up good money to little bits. It's quite likely she just doesn't get how expensive the dress was.

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You've complained to the organizers and pointed out the need to have more and stricter security, yes?

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>I'm 26
>It was my dad's birthday yesterday
>Decide to take him to dinner and out to see Logan
>Apple Bees is right next to the theater
>Walk inside
>Hostess asks if we need us children's menu.
>TFW this isn't an unusual occurrence.

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>been awake for 40 hours
>no gf in a year
>cosplay isn't coming out so hot
>just got rejected for a job
>back to filling out applications
>turning 28 in a few months

I need a con, NOW. Or a noose.

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Yes, among many others. It was also disgusting because some people were obviously disgruntled by it and anyone who voiced it was called ignorant. There was actually more security than previous years yet they couldn't stop sexual harassment from happening outside the con. After the first night there was a police on every street corner. Multiple sexual assaults.

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I'm 21 and get mistaken for a kid too even when not in lolita or fairy kei. I guess we're the baby face generation because my 11 year old cousin looks like she's fucking 25+ with a belly button piercing and stilettos!

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>is 21
>had one gf who was into lolita
>she was ita though
>she broke up with me because she didn't see it working out
>has been single since
>no cute girls around my area are gay or single...

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Who would know, that standing on a pedestal and virtue signaling for a group of people incompatible with western values would lead to a negative outcome. Enjoy providing for people who are only in your country for handouts and rape.

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that's so horrible. It's awful these sort of problems are legit starting to change how people live their lives and what events they feel safe attending.

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>anyone who voiced it was called ignorant
Also forgot but what the fuck, this I don't get at all.

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-> /pol/ tho

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Yes, I must be from /pol/ to have some common fucking sense.


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If this is my com it's more about staying off cgl then staying drama free. Everyone tip toes around these problem Lolita's because if they get their bloomers in a bunch and start posting then the mods start banning. So unless your batshit nuts you can't do anything.

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You must be from /pol/ to start spamming unrelated anti-immigration links and pics like that and gloating at gulls as if they'd been the ones making the political decisions leading to the current situation, yes.
------> /pol/, shoo

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Yes, it's sad but it's social suicide to criticize to talk badly about the refugees. Last year due to all the rapes happening the police handed out "do not rape" bracelets.

That being said, pepper spray is still illegal in sweden.

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Fair enough, I'm pretty angry right now because my little sister was in London near the terrorist attack that happened today. I'll delete the posts.

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>linking to an unrealiable source that has been caught falsifying and staging interviews
Back to /pol/ you go.
End of ot.

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Sweden anon here, it's not completely false. It's more like 5% that have jobs. His link shows less than 1%. Still a huge problem though

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Is she alright?

>> No.9403521

She was just a block away, and it's on the path she would take. She is fine though

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>tfw no cgl gf

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Well, that's good anon.

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>girl is ita cause she broke up with me
>wouldn't wanna be your kawaii lolita gf either.

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>it's social suicide to criticize to talk badly about the refugees. Last year due to all the rapes happening the police handed out "do not rape" bracelets.
Yeah, this is one part of it all I absolutely don't understand, the determined unwillingness to face or address bad stuff when it's done by people you don't want to believe would do bad stuff. It sounds absurd. Especially from the countries where women's rights have been so loudly supported and defended, till suddenly they're totally not when it's group x. Anyhow best of luck t. finland, I'm following with a sort of horrified fascination how things develop.

Are there any alternative cons in your country with an, uh, lower profile, or a harder-to reach location? Or could the entry be controlled stricter, entrance only with a ticket type of thing?

I'm honestly sorry about that anon, luckily your sister wasn't hurt (I gather) but I can see how that'd be especially upsetting.

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Agreed, but I wasn't referring to this article in particular, they've just been caught falsifying shit a lot.

>> No.9403570

You're a liar lmao unless your mum legit hates you

>> No.9403573


they haven't identified the attacker yet and for all we know it could be someone who was born here. wait until more reliable news comes out before accusing a group of people.

now get back to cgl shit and don't derail the thread anymore.

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Only one of the posts you linked implied the London thing was connected to "a group of people"

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>women view rape and sexual assault as the most severe crimes possible in the universe
>but as long as the rapist/assaulter is brown they'll defend them and even attack the people who criticize the rapists

Liberalism is a hell of a drug.

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Go back to /pol/ ffs nobody wants you here

>> No.9403597

im connecting everyone who is talking about this so we can all stop and not derail this feels thread into a shit pol brigade.

now shhhhhhhhhhh

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anon piss off with your preachy strawmanning bullshit for real

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You underestimate how vindictive/assholish a parent can be. Believe me, growing up in that kind of environment, you know there are parents fully capable of shit like that.

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It's because the media hides what is happening here, and people don't really see it unless they look for it. If I had to give an example it'd be like black on black crime in Chicago, where it happens every day but the news doesn't report on it. Most swedes are clueless about what is going on but I'm starting to see people be more wary. I dont think you'd see the same thing happen in Finland because you guys seem a bit more patriotic.

Yes, there are other cons in areas that have hardly any immigrants. This one was just in a bad town. I know in the future I wont be going to it, as well as many of my friends.

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What about you stop replying to obvious bait.

>> No.9403611

Back to the feels
I gained weight and feel like shit oh well heres to losing it again

>> No.9403614

Let's all just cool it down with the refugee talk. This thread will be deleted otherwise. Sorry for bringing up my frustration with my Sweden con experience.

>> No.9403615

Exactly. This really isn't all that far fetched. I've seen a friend's mom burn his clothes and destroy his guitar for NO REASON other than she's a bitch who hates her own son.

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I just want a future where there are more lolitas than burkas. Can't we all agree?

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>trying to get out of depression
>bought costume online from china and it arrived in bad condition
>parent going to bring up new sewing machine that hasn't been touched since bought
>mfw gonna try to become one of those cosplayers who can make things

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>> No.9403628

Oh of course, I'm sorry for being so intolerant.

I'll just leave you, Aabdul, and his 4 brothers alone. You kids play nice now.

>> No.9403637

You mean burquas? yes. Yes they are.

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You do understand this is exactly like using a Christian name like Luke, John, etc?? And then saying you'll "leave someone alone with Luke and his four brothers."
Like shit. I'm gonna be scared whether his name is Fred, Muhammad, or Shitface McGee. And it's definitely not because of their nationality, race, or religion, I can tell you that.
Now shoo, back to /pol/, we don't need this thread being deleted because people are replying to trolls.

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>friend calls who i havent spoken too in a long time
>talks about going to AX and getting a hotel
>wanted to go for all days but needed someone to split the hotel with
>perfect opportunity
>book hotel and buy badges
>says we should hang at my place
>looking forward to it
>day comes
>doesnt show up
>texts her
>doesnt reply
>its been 2 weeks
>check facebook
>has me blocked

...what did i do wrong?

>> No.9403656

Coming from a gull, we're crazy. Something you posted maybe? If she's sensitive?

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>got all of my parts together for my newest cosplay to take some quick photos
>have worn them all separately many times throughout the process
>the feeling of putting them on all at once caused me to start gagging with how uncomfortable it made me feel - too many layers

God damnit, I'm hoping it's just because I didn't get enough sleep or something because the con is super soon.

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are you a girl? do you have a bad past or something?

>> No.9403663

My friend's mom in high school threw out his Gamecube with my copy of MGS still inside it. Still makes me sad.

>> No.9403666

What's the cosplay? Sleep and take a xanax, Anon.

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who the fuck is out there defending rapists? Liberals are dumb anon but seriously

>> No.9403701 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure it's mainly liberals saying rape is bad, most conservatives are like "but it's god's will!" or "but she was dressed like a slut!" depending on whether they're alt-right or just right

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>tfw recently had surgery and sold the majority of my pain meds for money to buy brand.

>> No.9403715

we're both girls and we've never had any bad past experiences before

i just checked through all my social media and i dont think i posted anything to have offended her??

maybe she's just going through a rough time right now, but i dont know because she hasnt said ANYTHING

ughh this is driving me mad. time to cancel plans i guess

>> No.9403736


I bet you deserved it.

>> No.9403754

>everyone acting like this isn't fucking true

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>> No.9403758 [DELETED] 

>who the fuck is out there defending rapists?
Read the damn thread, it's everyone around you.
>statistical fact that muslim refugees commit rape and sexual assault at staggeringly high rates
>"Hey maybe muslim refugees are a problem"
>"Oh my God you fucking bigot how dare you say ANYTHING critical of those poor refugees fuck off to /pol/

You liberals are genuinely looney. I don't want you to be raped but if you're so deadset on blaming the people trying to protect you and welcoming the people raping you then go ahead I guess.

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I dont want the thread to be deleted anons

>> No.9403766

Not singling this post out at all, but why is it that gulls are so easily triggered? Anyone with the slightest bit of sense should know nothing good comes of it.

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idk what this is there's blood everywhere

>> No.9403775


i doubt gulls are getting into political shitfests here.

A few assholes from /pol/ or /r9k/ leak in and the conversation gets derailed, this happens on every board.

We need those thread ID things here so we can tune these losers out when they get started.

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File: 188 KB, 964x613, this thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even if everything you said is 100% true it's still extremely off topic, which is why people are yelling "go back to /pol/." and you can go ahead and believe that it's because they're liberal rape apologists, but mostly it's just people trying to have a fucking feels thread and tired of them constantly getting derailed and shitcanned. and you (or whoever else is posting) can try to pretend to make it relevant by going "tee hee muh frills not burkas" but nobody is buying it.

go outside or something.

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We are from /int/ actually. Get your facts straight fuckface.

>> No.9403788 [DELETED] 

>I want everyone from these places I don't like to not be allowed into my place. They don't fit in with my places culture so they shouldn't be allowed


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Quick lads the jannies are napping. Post Josie!

>> No.9403791

>seagulls unironically think /cgl/ isn't /r9k/'s female mirror image

Replace "all women are sluts" and "why do I keep getting put in the friendzone" with "dump his ass" and "so glad I have a sugar daddy who buys me burando" and we're like peas in a pod

>> No.9403794

>We need those thread ID things here so we can tune these losers out when they get started.
agreed. if nothing else, IDs make it easier to turn idiots into entertainment.

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>> No.9403799

So muslims shouldn't be allowed into western countries. Glad you've seen the light.

>> No.9403800

Rest in peace feels thread, gone but not forgotten

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>> No.9403802

>asks for Thread IDs to pickout the sameposters
>equates that to kicking them out

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well, we tried to have a thread. it was good while it lasted.

>> No.9403806

what I didn't say that you cuck
and what about Muslims that were already here? hmmm?

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>> No.9403813

Its off topic lady. As someone it almost total agreement with you on the topic at hand it doesn't belong in this thread or really on this board.

>> No.9403814

This is the feels thread alright... the feels of triggering ptsd anxiety

>> No.9403815

Maybe someone told her WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER

>> No.9403819

You can make new threads if one gets deleted you dumbasses. Quit acting like anythings being ruined forever.

>> No.9403821

>tfw I want to buy my lolita gf a dress as a gift but have no idea what she would like

It's a gift in order to get anal from her.

>> No.9403822

>tfw no right wing traditional value lolita gf

I know you're in this thread girls. I'm ready to woo you.

>> No.9403823

You could get in touch with one of her lolita friends and ask for ideas?
Or maybe she has a wishlist album (most lolitas do)

>> No.9403827

you sickening fucks have to ruin fucking everything. MUH ALEXANDER HAMILTON THIS MUH ALEXANDER HAMILTON THAT

literally fuck off, m'kay? fucking hell you guys are literal bum drillers

>> No.9403828

If you are dating you should at least know what themes she likes, does she like Cats? Strawberries? Gothic themes? Ocean themes... idk you seem too lost

>> No.9403829

Nothing, go anyway and take loads of pictures of you having fun. Tag mutual friends in the comments and discuss whatever about your cosplay/ coord. The point is: she'll see you having fun without her.

>> No.9403832

very good idea I second

>> No.9403837

lmao what

>> No.9403842

Da faq you going on about anon

>> No.9403856

Pics or gtfo

>> No.9403869

Holy lantern

>> No.9403873

your lil sis will be so goth loli

>> No.9403875

nah she was ita because no blouse, missmatching colors, unrelated accessories, too weebish.

>> No.9403889

Living with someone you're close with is the more surefire way to ruin your relationship with them. This goes with friendships, and DEFINITELY relationships. The thing is, you really don't get to TRULY know a person until you're legitimately sharing the same roof with them and have to somewhat mutually rely on one another.

This even goes for the "tehe, me and my boyfriend are on Skype 24/7 even when we sleep so we totally already live together <333" couples. I try telling people so many times to prepare their selves - living with someone is a really hard task and puts a really strong strain on connections.

Sorry if I seem a little jaded, just mad at so many of my dumb shit friends who move across the country to be with DREAM BOYFRIEND FOR LAIFU and preparing to get married when they've known them for like 3 years tops. You don't really know them by then, fuck, stop being so stupid. Of course within like 4 months of moving in they cry "waaaaaaaah, he CHANGED! Now what do I do that I've thrown my old life away to be with him :((((((("
and I have to try helping them get their lives back on track again. Fuck.

But yea, moving in with someone is always risky. I don't have trust issues, I just know it's in human nature to become more annoyed at someone you share living space with and be more observative of their faults when you need to deal with them on a daily basis instead of just occasionally when they decide to show them online/in friend outtings.

Sure, moving in with a friend sounds good because you feel it's someone you can trust and who's company you enjoy; but in the end it's much better to move with a stranger that you can just ditch any time and burn bridges without any regrets. And for the love of fuck don't move in with your boyfriend if you don't have an exit plan in case things go sour. Stop thinking real life is a fairy tale and you'll find your DREAM HUSBAND before you're even midway into your 20's. Tired of seeing friends hurt.

>> No.9403895

Doubtful, most of us are lesbians

>> No.9403898


>preparing to get married when they've known them for like 3 years tops

That's plenty, the issue is people have low quality shit relationships in 3 years OR if it's like 18-21, or some young age range before you settle on your values. Even 5 years is nothing if it's like 15-20, because you have a shit ton of personal growth ahead of you.

Once your values are settled you should be able to tell within a year if you can marry a person or not, if you can't then you're wasting your time not asking the right questions or pushing to understand if your values match. Or maybe you're the immature twat or the other person is.

Remote relationships are mostly bullshit though unless they started before it went long distance.

>> No.9403900

exactly lmao

>> No.9403904

If you don't do cosplay/Lolita then you shouldn't be here. Wanting people to stay in their own threads because they cause dramu for fun is nothing like actual people's lives and immigration.

>> No.9403906

>The thing is, you really don't get to TRULY know a person until you're legitimately sharing the same roof with them and have to somewhat mutually rely on one another.
>Living with someone you're close with is the more surefire way to ruin your relationship with them.

I've learned this just from rooming with people at cons. You have no idea what even your best friend is like until you have to share a room/bed with them.
I agreed to share a room at a con with my best friend from another state, but the con had sold all the normal two bed rooms so we have to take a room that only has the king bed, but no big deal, we'll just share it.
When we met at the hotel room she immediately starts putting all her cosplay crap on every single surface in the room, I have to put all my shit in the floor in the corner. She hogged the bathroom, but then had the gall to give me flack when I wasn't ready when she was. The icing on the cake was when the first night she was trimming her toenails IN THE BED WE'RE BOTH SHARING. I actually felt a nail on my leg that night.
Never again. Never fucking again. I have decided the entire cost of the hotel room is worth it.

Moral of the story is other anon is absolutely right: you never really know someone until you have to share living space with them.

>> No.9403907
File: 42 KB, 272x272, tomocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uuuggghhhh, I bought some new pink hiking boots while high, and now . I don't now how to get my coord to match.

>> No.9403930

>OR if it's like 18-21

Should have made this more obvious, I was getting at that with the "before you're even in your mid 20's" part. By the time you have a more firm grasp on life and start dating people who also have a firm grasp on their lives, it's easier to know someone within a few years. But that also comes from the experience of having relationships prior that give you a skeleton of what red flags to look out for and such; it doesn't come magically from age but moreso from experiences (and I guess cognitive development since the brain doesn't stop growing until maybe 26 or so).

>> No.9403937

thanks perfectly put anon

>> No.9403947

eep close to home. moved across the country to be with my bf of 3 years but I was just a stupid 19 year old who thought I knew it all. he was an abusive fuck and I saw all the signs for it before moving in with him but always thought they were just mild anger and jealousy issues. ditched my life to move across the country with him and thought i knew him caus we skyped even for sleeping.

>who are you talking to online?
>you can't hang out with your friends unless i'm around
>it's been an hour since you last texted me a status update, i bet you're sucking todd's dick right now you fucking slut don't even come back home
>all this money you spend on clothes, who are you trying to impress? you know i don't like that shit, i bet todd does.

i didn't think he would be like that and didn't expect it to be that bad. i had to leave him once his love taps became full beating and try my best to live alone while still going to school in his state. todd was gay btw.

>> No.9403972

>Hey mom, folk up that dolla, you just wrecked a hundred dollar dress

>> No.9403985

>tfw I know the exact tastes of my lolita friends and surprise them with dresses they cherish and coord with on a regular basis
>tfw their bfs just buy them Applebee's/steam games they don't even play/just straight up forget their birthdays
>tfw my attention and care for who they are as individuals will forever go unnoticed as they hook up with guys who just wanna use for sex them until the next pretty piece of candy comes along

beta cuck 4 life.

>> No.9403986
File: 1.59 MB, 325x235, laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>todd was gay btw

>> No.9403992

At least you know it anon.

>> No.9404003
File: 729 KB, 500x286, cryryuko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At my local con there's this couple, bot quadruple amputees. Their names are Pillow and Pez. They want me to do a Kill la Kill trio with them, but I want to be Zelda with friends. Should I agree, just because they have no arms or legs?

>> No.9404009
File: 2.98 MB, 740x416, 1394878883188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go with KLK

>> No.9404024

I went through her wishlist album and she doesn't have any dresses currently. I plan on asking her friends.

I know her themes, but i see you gulls go on about dream dresses and that is what I want to aim for. I'm confident I can get something she likes, but I want something she would love. That said, I realize I could've worded my post better.

Kek, you're a sugarboy. Like a sugardaddy but you don't get any of the sex or the fake affection.

At least I make sure my gf lets me be a complete degenerate with her in exchange for brand.

>> No.9404036

name and shame Anon, name and shame.

>> No.9404037

>At least I make sure my gf lets me be a complete degenerate with her in exchange for brand.

Not sure if bad wording or joke but using anything sexual as leverage in a relationship is not healthy.

>> No.9404043

But that's what all women do.

>> No.9404047

Mostly a joke. I do something nice for her and she's more open to trying new things. I dont make her, or even ask her to let me do something in exchange for something else.

>> No.9404048

Hiking in burando? For shame. Don't get it too dirty, desu.

>> No.9404049

that's good anon have some pats

>> No.9404050

Wow so edgy

>> No.9404051

>live at home
>want to buy plastic vagina to fuck
>cons here don't have a vendor that sells onahole
>can't risk package getting delivered to home

More cons need 18+ vendors outside of yaoi doujin. More and more people are living at home from housing costs and they can make a killing with onahole

>> No.9404059

If you want a plastic vagina you could get a korean gf. Your parents may be more accepting of her than an onahole.

>> No.9404061

>Turned 26 a couple weeks ago
>Constantly unaware of it
>Any time age or year comes up I go through the slow realisation of "Oh yeah I'm 26 now"
>I'm probably already getting weird looks at cons for being so old
>No one will want to take photos with me

Feels awful.

>> No.9404065

Do you plaster your age on your head or something?

>> No.9404068
File: 330 KB, 1800x1597, IMG_2533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OT incoming

>implying right-wingtards haven't threatened to kill Muslims and destroy mosques

Every race/religion/etc. has bad people, anon. Nobody's going to defend someone who's a rapist, whether they're brown, white, black, or whatever unless they're fucking retarded. You have to grow up and just accept that, yes, other people live in the world that just want to go about their day whether they're wearing a hijab or a bikini. You can't just be a special snowflake your whole life and cry to send people you don't like "back where they came from." That's not how life works.
Besides this, I doubt you care about women and girls being raped at all and are only doing this because you have a chance to place the blame on "those mean rufugees >:("

>> No.9404069

Essentially. Not all of us can be asian.

>> No.9404073
File: 5 KB, 225x234, 1490061170582s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude. You're 26, not 110. I really don't think anybody gives a shit. (And if they do, they're autistic.)

>> No.9404080

Why would women even want mosques around? You are aware of how females are treated in Islam, right? Do you like needing male witnesses (at least 4) to prove you were raped, and not cheating? Do you like female circumcision? Do you like daily beatings, absolutely no rights, and dressing from head to toe? I've met plenty of decent middle easterners, and none of them were muslim. For good reason.

>> No.9404083

I don't know if I can satisfy a Korean gf but with a plastic vagina I can imagine a 2d going ahegao over my weewee

>> No.9404087

Kek sounds like you've never had a theology or general religion class in your life

>> No.9404090

Sounds like you've never been in an area where you're a minority among muslims in your life.

>> No.9404099

what the fuck does this have to do with our board? can you please fuck right off and leave?

>> No.9404105

Why aren't you telling the anon that I was replying to, to fuck off? They brought back the topic, and you're getting pissed at me for responding. Fuck off, I'm here because I cosplay and wear lolita and that is why I am here.

>> No.9404107

>with a plastic vagina I can imagine a 2d going ahegao over my weewee
Wow, that's sad and pathetic anon.

>> No.9404111

I lived in Senegal, West Africa for a year, then Egypt for six months. Now, since you've been proven wrong, kindly take yourself back to /pol/. I'm tired of replying to bait now, it was fun while it lasted though.

>> No.9404122

>Do you like female circumcision
Yeah it looks better

>> No.9404125

why are you responding to more bait and not just ignoring it? autist. really though, go back to pol or where you belong.

>> No.9404146

Same, a friend of mine's mom will just go into her room and start bagging up her anime figures and clothes into trash bags for no real reason.

>> No.9404151
File: 84 KB, 419x238, IMG_2534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9404184

>I hate age play
>But I love sweet lolita
>outsiders and other lolitas say Sweet is like Age play

>> No.9404188

Hey anon, you're really and truly not old. My mother died unexpectedly at 27, because of circumstances. Life isn't forever. And I'm sure this sounds super fucking corny, but you really should treasure every day, even the shit ones.
No one's going to think you're a freak. No one's going to think you're weird.
You're DEFINITELY not the oldest cosplayer out there.
Go out and have fun anon. Quit thinking about your age. Just live for now. I promise you'll be happier.

>tfw I'm graduating this year, which is all my mom ever wanted me to do
>keep her photo and necklace in my closet beside my lolita dresses because it's all I have left of her
She would have been 43 years old this year. I still miss her every day.

>> No.9404194

It's obviously not age play, if you like sweet, wear sweet. Just do it tastefully. Ye Olde OTT Sweet is top tier if you do it right.

>> No.9404218
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>both quadruple amputees. Their names are Pillow and Pez.

>> No.9404223

I've been putting in a ton of "self work", and it feels really good. My life has been so awful for so long. I'm still struggling and probably always will, but so it goes.

I've never been to a con, let alone cosplayed, but have wanted to for probably a decade+. I think I'm there, now, in a place where I can actually push myself to do things right. I'm really stoked to develope costuming skills as part of that "self work", and I'm excited about that. I probably/definitely won't cosplay this year, but I'm looking at a couple cons to go to, and that's really cool for me.

>> No.9404263

You either aren't OP or lying, no mom would let their kid have gothic cross curtains... They would either freak out about it being blasphemous or rightly realize how tacky that would look

>> No.9404271
File: 28 KB, 387x244, IMG_2536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, fatty
>losing weight
>everyone said "your boobs will be the first thing to go!"
>twenty-five pounds lighter than I was three months ago
>have lost inches everywhere
>....except still have gigantic cowtits
I look better already and feel better, but god I want to have less titty already.

>> No.9404278
File: 776 KB, 514x667, 1450747589314.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't this dramatically expand your cosplay options? Just saying.

>> No.9404283

but it would suck if she's a lolita... DOWN WITH BOOBS

>> No.9404285

I don't cosplay though... Maybe I'll start once I lose some more! Still too chubs right now to be comfortable with cosplaying. I feel like the cosplay community is a bit more harsh than the lolita community about not being really fit.
Lolita is suffering, because usually, the smaller the bust, the better. I cry.

>> No.9404289

HAHA I AM!! I've been big busted ever since I was younger and always chubby.
A weight loss clinic near me does laser lipo. Maybe I'll look into that, desu. My waist can definitely fit my dream dress, but my bust has to lose a few more cms.

>> No.9404417

im happy to see this slowly dying

>> No.9404531
File: 439 KB, 300x163, 1479407591761.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be your friend, but I don't know how.
Maybe I don't understand what friendship means.
Maybe I'm too selfish to be a good friend.
It just... it feels like if you're anyone else's, then you're not mine.
I couldn't care less about being the center of the room's attention. But I want YOUR attention. I want to feel like...

Well, to quote a song I like "I want to mean enough to someone that they feel the need to tell me they feel the same".

I don't know... I almost feel like giving up at this point.

I don't know, just ignore me while I try to figure myself out, and keep being your beautiful, frilly self. A frill a day keeps the bad thoughts away...

>> No.9404540

>sage please let this infestation of cancer die please

>> No.9404543

dude just ask her what her dream dress is and then come back here and well help you find it. unless you make a big deal of it she probably wont think youll get it so it can still be a surprise

>> No.9404548
File: 666 KB, 705x960, GGGGGGGGGFDFG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9404573
File: 120 KB, 408x408, IMG_0049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just bought Baby for $40
Feels good

Sorry anon but I have a feel

>> No.9404657

I don't cosplay or any of that I just come here because I want to see autistic women being sad and upset with their lives in the same way I am except about dresses.

>> No.9404674

Idk I moved in with my gf after 5 months and it's great. You just shouldn't expect people not to have any faults.

>> No.9404676

Drawfig did a good job on this one.

>> No.9404684

Good for you anon!

Same. We moved in together after 7 months and have now been living together happily for almost 5 years and are planning on getting married this year. A friend of mine believed that since we were each other's first we would never last (she believes you need x+1 number of relationships before you can happily settle down, x being the number of relationships she's had) and kept haranguing me for moving in with him too soon and spewing doomsday shit about our relationship. Guess who's not invited to the wedding. This is the same person who told me I'd never find a man who'd love me as long as I wore "that gothic lolly shit". I don't really miss her.

>> No.9404696

Lol, it was worth like $80

>> No.9404703
File: 427 KB, 245x300, if what i think is happening.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I'm depressed

>no health insurance
>not available through work
>too expensive to kill myself
>too expensive to survive a suicide attempt
>still think about it
>no real way to see a therapist or psychiatrist afaik

I don't know how to tell anyone how i feel with out everyone just freaking the fuck out and calling the cops or some dumb shit. I'd love to see a doctor and I can't afford it

>> No.9404712

I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning, I break my legs, and every afternoon, I break my arms.
At night, I lay awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
Oh, no...

>> No.9404713
File: 313 KB, 1244x1403, 1683546327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you convince your bf that cons are not just a giant slutfest?
He is the jealous type and thinks pic related happens at cons so he always tags along and no one dares asking for pictures.
Any advice?

>> No.9404744

why are you like this

>> No.9404745

I'm not buying any of your damn chocolate.

>> No.9404748

i feel like this 100% of the time

>> No.9404750
File: 600 KB, 484x738, dddddddddsdsds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am I retarded I selected an image...

>> No.9404754

If he really is jealous there is nothing you can do. I don't mean like being sligthly worried but stubborn and a bit irrational kind of jealous. Unfortunately, it might get worse. Otherwise I would just do everything I can to make him feel more comfortable in the beginning like not wearing revealing costumes or drinking much. However, you don't have to sacrifice your hobbies in the long run if he doesn't stop being jealous. In my case it only got worse to the point he wouldn't let me go anywhere alone and tried to restrict who I talked to etc. We broke up a year ago and he still wants to see who I am with and similar stuff. If it's not bothering you or getting worse you are fine but just in case. Take care Anon.

>> No.9404757

I just post my feels in the next feels thread. This ones already a lost cause.

>> No.9404761

thank youuuuu I agree

>> No.9404763

>my feels are special and deserve their own thread
Yeah, whatever.

>> No.9404765

not really just I think this one is fucked desu and cringy

>> No.9404766

Ugh, this.

Honestly, I feel like I'd be a completely different person now if I'd never been through that shit between 17-21.

I'm successful, and happy for the most part, but I don't do LTRs now, and have been in therapy since I have not had a "crush" or felt non-platonic love for anyone since, five years on.

To keep this on topic, lolita really helped me to come out of my shell again after I got out. I felt like a husk of a person, but lolita was the first thing I did purely for me and with only my own taste in mind. It helped me reclaim my identity. Part of me dreads the day I give up my frills, part of me hopes that it will mean I've grown past the need for them and will be happy. idk

>> No.9404768

>hours after anyone has mentioned anything off topic
>thread still only 2/3 over
>bring up said hours old off topic arguments again and complain like the thread is ruined forever and not good enough for YOUR stupid feels

Get over yourself.

>> No.9404770

>OMG guys like this thread is so cringy right? I totally could never post MY feelings in a place like THIS
Well aren't you a special snowflake?

>> No.9404771

TFW I wanna make a zine about my original character, J fashion, gender equality (im not a tumblrina dont shut it down it's not cringe) I have amazing ideas and outline... but I have like.... 80 followers on twitter and 51 likes on FB no one will care lmao I still wanna do it... but idk if it'll be worth all the effort I wanna put into it.

>> No.9404776

Why a zine? It's not really that hard to become known in this community desu. I know all usernames of the people that are active on egl by heart, I know the names of people who post to CoF often even if I don't care about their style. You just have to have good coords, be active and talk to other efamous girls.

>> No.9404778

Well I gained weight so I haven't been able to dress in my wardrobe... I'm losing weight SUPER SLOWLY it's so hard when my sleep is messed up and shit... So basically no coords *Rip Princess Cat and Twinkle Sky in my closet* I'm more open about gaming and drawing than JFashion, but I draw a lot of J fashion and like and comment on posts about it and such...
I swear as soon as I get back to my original weight I will be more active again it just sucks when you get prescribed a medication, it makes you gain weight and can't lose it fast like it made you gain.

>> No.9404802

What crawled up your ass and died?

>> No.9404806

desu imagine if someone wanted to vent about a jfashion friend dying here or something and then above are cancer comments belonging in /pol/ it would totally be disgraceful desu it's mainly about what the problem is and the persons morals desu

>> No.9404808
File: 30 KB, 548x540, 514514BFDC1206807234492121088_316e2b5ed4b.3.1DGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hate my t b h habit how do I break it I use it on fb all the time and bring it here because it comes naturally..........

>> No.9404809

Yeah this thread is fucked. Best to let the trolls roll it into sage and or the Janis wake up and remove the thread. No point in posting in this thread when you have someone here throwing bait lines left and right at every one who try's to bring the thread back on topic.

My feels:
> come here to post my feels about a friend of mine that others may enjoy
>sees thread has been derailed and is nothing but trolls
>decides my feels is best kept to myself.

>> No.9404811

Not sure if people use it out side of my friends and me but we use tbfh (to be fucking honest).

>> No.9404812

There hasn't been an off-topic post in hours in this thread.
Seriously, get over yourself princess.

>> No.9404814

When you get that salt lick out of your ass maybe someone will. Princess.

>> No.9404819

just because it's been hours doesn't mean it won't happen again or that it's totally ignorable. lmao
>sage for life

>> No.9404822

>that since we were each other's first we would never last
Funny how an actual research study shows the exact opposite. Send her this link instead of an invitation.

>> No.9404826

Following that logic every thread from now is tainted because that one time one of them had something off-topic in it.
Instead of posting your on-topic feelings you opted to remind everyone that there was something icky further up in the thread therefore adding to the derailment.
Well done anon.

>> No.9404851

Seconding pretty much everything >>9404754 said. People/guys who are jealous often turn out to just be really controlling and it can ruin your life. He's trying to pass it off as paranoia about cons but he might just be so insecure that he thinks he can't trust you, or that he always has to be there to take care of you.

You need to tell him to step off and trust you otherwise your relationship probably won't work out, and if he can't change then leave him in the dust.

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