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ITT: the dumbest ways you've ever managed to hurt yourself while cosplaying, crafting cosplay, or even just putting on your brand.

To date I have:
>whacked a freshly-used heat gun against my leg in a couple places
>went snowblind while cutting armor out of a piece of white sintra under bright sunlight, picked up a hot knife from the hot end because I thought it was a sharpie
>dislocated my shoulder by laying down on the ground during a photoshoot, promptly reached over and popped it into place again and continued shooting
>fell off a small cliff while scouting shoot locations
>dislocated a rib reaching behind my back to re-attach a JSK strap that came unbuttoned

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I don't ever want to be near you.

I sliced my knuckles open with an xacto knife.

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the cliff was only like eight feet.

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You need a plastic bubble

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I have one though not mine. I met a girl at a con with a fresh gauze eye patch. Ended up chatting to find out. She'd had problems with contacts leading up to the con. Ignored it and even bought some at the con. And of course she put them on. Ended up going to the hospital at request of her friends. She had some issue I can't for the life of remember. But I remember she was adamant her eye was fun. I just remember thinking what a fucking idiot she was.

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*fine thanks phone.

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Forgot my iron was on, I have a burn scar on my arm from it and never faded.. its been 5 years.

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I'm not sure if it's the sole cause, but I've been doing a lot of hand-sewing lately with fabric that's difficult to hold securely and now I've got a stupid cyst at the base of my left index finger. I'm going to hold off on surgery until after I finish the damn cosplay (doctor said it was ok) but holy shit why 1 month before the con?!

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Caught the pocket of my AP JSK on a doorknob, lost my footing, twisted my ankle + busted my elbow...AND ripped the side seam of the JSK all in one horrid fluid motion.

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I was sewing some fabric which was eventually going to be a bloodstained piece anyway and I pricked my finger and bled on it.

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> Carving Insulation foam
> Pulling blade towards me like an idiot
> Blade slips off foam and sliced open my arm
> Deep enough that I can see some yellow on the inside
> Get foam dust in the cut
> Try rinsing out the dust because I don't want it to stay inside
> Start getting really woozy and nauseous
I managed to get out the dust and put a bandage on it without puking, but it was pretty gross and freaky. I'm getting woozy again just typing it out.

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This injury is not cosplay related but it literally happened the day of a convention.

I was working at my job as a vet technician and after my shift I was going straight to a convention for the weekend. Literally hours away from getting into cosplay and walking around a con. Today of all days I'm running bloodwork and a glass tube decided to break in my hand. I got multiple lacerations from the glass and had to have my hand bandaged up for the rest of the day. It will forever be engrained in my cosplay history as I had a photo shoot scheduled that day.

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>testing armour attachments before i learned how to make armour well
>bracer is tied on with leather cord
>tied too tightly and is digging into my skin
>have to cut it off
>wiggle fabric scissors under the cord and cut
>accidentally cut straight into my forearm skin upwards
>have a cm deep v shape cut into my arm that catches and peels open on sleeves for weeks

I'm literally an idiot so have many cosplay related injuries but this was the first that came to mind. I've also lost all feeling in the end of two of my fingers due to embroidery, plus I once had to have contact lenses surgically removed from my eyes because i was really stupid and used shitty lenses which caused a vacuum against my eyes, (were cheap and super thick and didn't fit and i hadn't soaked them because I was noob), AND it turns out i'm allergic. Don't fuck with your eyes kids, having someone hold you down while another holds open your eye, while another removes the contact as you are uncontrollably spasming is not fun.

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Con crunched so bad I got some sort of stomach damage, making me incredibly sensitive to improper diet and throwing up pretty much every morning I went up before 08:00 for three years.

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>be at otakon 2014
>cosplaying dave from homestuck
>for some reason con staff blocked out one of the exits
>it just poured
>exit con with davesprite friend
> help her down the steps by carrying her tail
>see a puddle
>warn her of the puddle
>over step
>go down half a flight of stairs
>break my ankle
>be on crutches the rest of the con
> had 2 other cosplays planned but fuck it
>dave on crutches is hilarious
>Make everyone laugh when they ask how i got hurt
>accidentally appease incest shippers because friend cosplaying bro strider needs to carry me around during the photoshoot
>gets used in a PSA about people not hanging around the stairs
>people thought it was a joke until they saw i actually broke my ankle

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I lost both my big toenails after getting massive blisters under the nail from poorly fitting shoes. They grew back fine, mostly. One kinda grows a little slower and is a little shorter than it used to be. The worst part was actually getting the dropped nail off and thenot waiting for them to grow back.

The shoes matched the costume perfectly.. But I will never repeat that mistake.

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Straight up dropped my soldering iron onto my bare leg

That really sucked to say the least

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daily reminder that relocation should only be done by a doctor as there can be huge negative conciquinces doing otherwise

likely didnt bother getting ones designed for her eyes lel, astigmatism is no joke
also in general
daily reminder that burn damage is minimised by running uder a cold tap for 10 minutes or until burning has stopped is best pratice

any burn on hands or face should always considder a&e if it blisters or is full thickness

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Ow, ugh, ew, ow, omg ow. Cut my leg on my bike chain once and had to wash out the grease. Actually wincing at reading this.

I've got two:
>slide hand into unfinished garment with pins, pin stabs directly between middle finger and nail about one cm in.

>wiped hot wisk (mixing wax based pigments) against my arm. While it was still hot. Now I have what look lik self harm scars forever because I hyperpigment where I get burned.

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Stepped on my pincushion, got it stuck in my foot. Pic related.

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also can tell you're fucking fat

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you should use luke warm water. Cold water will create a greater thermal shock to the wound.

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might work better

the main thing is the time
almost nobody does it long enough

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I said "dislocate" because nobody outside of the people with my shitty rare collagen disorder know what a "subluxation" is. It wasn't a full dislocation, just partial. It snapped back into place on its own when I picked my arm up off the ground and brought it across my chest.

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ohh shit
desu as with all medical advice, processes are different for people who have conditions and know methods for managing them

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why tf would you want pics anon don't be nasty

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Can't tell you how many times I've reached across the ironing board to grab a pin and seared the shit out of my arm. Stabbed myself god knows how many times from hand sewing
One time I was making an OP and was free balling the pattern so I was constantly tweaking the pattern, I put the bodice on to see how it fit and became super engrossed in how I wanted it to fit. I pinned everything exactly how I wanted but realized I'd pinned myself into the bodice and couldn't get out or move too much or I'd start feeling the tingling of dozens of pins. I live alone so I was trapped for a good hour until I hulked out from anxiety ripping the bodice off and embedding a good 10 needles into my rib cage.

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Eh, I fucked up my shoulder so many times during rugby/falling out of trees as a kid/wrestling and running into cars I can pretty much re-locate and dis-locate my shoulders on a whim.

It's a neat parlour trick now.

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OP with the genetic thing here: don't do the party tricks. You think your joints are fucked up now, just wait until osteoarthritis sets in early because of the constant misuse and mistreatment.

Also, I remembered another injury! Sliced my leg open with a mat knife cutting insulation foam. Went right through my favorite pair of jeans. Butterfly sutured it shut with some Jurassic World bandaids and carried on. Several days later I learned that I was allergic to either the plastic of the bandaid or the adhesive holding it on because it did some painful shit to my leg in the exact shape of a bandaid.

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Yeah that's not a great thing you be doing as a trick. You end up with shoulders that slip out on a whim...

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> hot glue landed on my knuckle, instinctively ripped it off, also taking two layers of skin with it the night before the con
>huge toenail bruises from too small shoes that took a year and a half to grow out
>crescent shaped scar on my right thigh from dropping heat gun while i was sitting

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Was cutting sculpty clay on an ottoman with an exacting knife. Had the knife roll off the ottoman and land and stab me in the thigh. Had to hobble in underwear and a shirt across to my nurse neighbor. No stitches needed but I had to get a tetanus shot and it still aches when it's cold outside.

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Hi ehler danlos friend. Ever be walking and dislocate your hip and people look at you like youre a drunk?

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I've done that before
>because of the cross hatch have to pull each individual needle out one by one
>the literal worst

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I always fall when in costume, either wearing a dress of some sort walking up the stairs at mcdonalds or walking down the stairs and literally ripping my shoe in half. It saved me from falling down further so thats something

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I needed to iron something while very late at night in a marathon frantic sewing session, was exhausted and in PJ shorts, didn't have much floor space, stupidly put the mini ironing board on my lap and tried to iron the piece of fabric I was putting together. Burned the tops of my thighs. It wasn't a serious burn, but man did I feel fucking stupid.

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Wore ill-fitting heels for 16 hours walking to and from my hotel and my off-site photoshoot, ended up losing both big toenails and got blisters on my pinkie toes that doubled their size. Had to wear flip flops the next day, my feet were that sore.

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>working with heat gun
>accidentally heat a small piece of meta next to my work station without realizing it
>accidentally press my thumb right into the metal bit
>still no print on that thumb a year later

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Nah but I've done it with both ankles and my lumbar spine. Good shit. Very fun.

>> No.9407278

>lumbar spine

surely thats a medical emergency

>> No.9407282

The nature of the disorder is that the joints usually relocate instantly on their own.
Its not the same for other people their connective tissue is different. Its the same reason we can bend ways that would injure someone else.

>> No.9407285

but still
thats fucking horrifying
hope it isnt too bad for you

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you better be more careful, i've seen lots of needles embedded into people's heels that have to be surgically removed.

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The lumbar spine thing was actually pretty bad but I got over it pretty quickly. I was leaning over some sawhorses tracing out a series of sword blanks onto MDF to laminate together and sand into the proper shape and when I tried to straighten back up I couldn't. I did so much log rolling to get out of bed afterwards, oh my god.

>pic related, me when I do something my shitty dollar store anatomy class skeleton doesn't like

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second degree burn on my leg after hot-gluing some straps onto my pants because i needed them to stay in place :')

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Once I jumped across a 4 ft wide fountain in flip flops and crashed into a concrete staircase because I was trying to be in character for the jokes.

I learned my lesson quickly.

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>>huge toenail bruises from too small shoes that took a year and a half to grow out
me too, holy fuck
they got heaps thicker where the damage was (but didn't fall off, thank god)

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Tell that to my buddy that pops his shoulder out at least once a week. If he went and had a doc do it everytime he'd never be able to afford the surgery he needs more.

>> No.9407701

From the thumbnail I thought the red was a pool of blood.

>> No.9407703

Use vitamin E on it anon, christ.

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forgot that most people are 'murica

yee in UK its common because no extra cost so worth reducing risk
although if it frequently occurs surgery is probably needed to hold it in place better

>> No.9407725

To be fair anon, it is 3:43 am here, I understand where you thought I was a eurobro.

>> No.9407727

but yea in america its a whole new mindset

its fairly low chances things go wrong when relocating, its just being aware that if it does, shit goes bad

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I have more stories.
>sewing through insulation foam
>accidentally stab the base of my index finger with the eye of the needle
>nbd, continue working
>next day my index finger is swollen to the size of a hotdog

>have to tape my boobs up for a certain cosplay
>cosplay shoulder piece chafes against the boob tape all day
>left gash-like marks above my boobs that left a scar

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Yeah, I'm from a different country with that sweet sweet socialist healthcare and like 90% of the stuff in this thread I would have taken to the Emergency Room and maybe 20% of the stuff I would have taken a totally free ambulance to get there.

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same here, i've never worn shitty shoes at a con since

>> No.9408281

I went to my first con when I was 14 and it was also my first time wearing heels out. I took a spare pair of flat shoes with me but by the end of the day my feet hurt so much I didn't even bother changing shoes.

>> No.9408351

Savvy is that you? Cause seriously if you are not my friend that makes two people with the same story.

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And yet you people stopped being creators ages ago! If you can go to hospital for free why not blow s--t up! Lol.

>> No.9408486

There's words here but I have no idea what they're trying to say.

>> No.9408546

Hospitals are lame, and blowing shit up is cool, but blowing hospitals up is the best.

t. Russia

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Tried to pull on an underworks binder, didn't fold it properly, it didn't have zippers, and I forgot just how giant my shoulder joints are, got tangled and it sort of dislocated one of my shoulders with the constriction. Took me 15 minutes to escape its grip. Was so terrified of being suffocated by it the next time I put it on that it went back to the bottom of my drawers for a whole year.

The worst part is, I'm already flatchested. I guess I just wanted to smooth it out more.

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I lied facedown on the the floor in my Dark Souls armor for a picture and slipped a disk getting back up.

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>photo op
>getting spanked with a yaoi paddle
>take a hit right in the scrotum

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I had a bruise in the shape of a bat on my ass once because I had a batman wallet with a metal logo on it in my pocket and some bitch grabbed me and threw me into a paddle circle and I got whacked

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My god how did you fuck'up your finger when you where doing embroidery ? I'm doing a big embroidery project and 2 of my fingers start to feel hard and numb.

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Nope sorry, It was for my Ana Amari cosplay, her leg straps were a pain, and now I have another scar to add to my collection of glue and bike related leg injuries

>> No.9409345

I don't wear a thimble because my fingers are too small, and i'd been doing some pretty intense embroidery and beading through super thick fabric, so months of that and pushing the needle through has just made the tips of my right thumb and finger permanently numb. I don't mind though as it makes it easier now ha

>> No.9409346

so basically, yeah, moral is get a thimble or two

>> No.9409440

Put a dab of super glue on your fingertips to harden them for the though bits. Just like the sides so you have feeling on half and strength on the other.
Guitarist do it too apparently

>> No.9409457

Rolled my ankle in platform stripper boots. 4" platform, 4" heel, meant I was 8" taller than normal. Also walked into a doorframe in the same shoes.

>> No.9409458

Oh man i had never even heard of this trick, thanks friend!

>> No.9409482


O shit waddup

I was late for a movie the other day and my hip popped out while I was running up to the theater, stumbled, fell, the grumpy asshole in the booth just asked me if I was under the influence and barely let me in to see the movie.

Worst is when something wiggles out of place while you sleep and then it stays out of place all night so it's sore af and won't sit right in the morning tho.

>> No.9409545


oh my god, right though? I've dislocated cervical vertebrae in my sleep before just because my neck decided it wasn't gonna work anymore. Wake up with a pinched nerve and I can't turn to look in my blindspot when I drive for like a week. Couple that with getting dressed up for a meet and not being able to sit up straight in my car because I'm tall and I'm wearing a headbow and you have a recipe for grandma driving.

>> No.9414940

I've also done that. Fucking ow.

>> No.9421498

You're not alone anon! I work in a kitchen and everyone has those great scars all over their arms from the elbow down. I'm a chubby Tumblr style with colored hair and facial piercings, so whenever I show my arms people freak the fuck out. Now when anyone asks I just answer something like "Fucking souffle fought back"and endure the pity looks

>> No.9421621

One part of this can be solved easily.
Driving well and in comfort is more important than looking good- put your headbow on when you arrive!

>> No.9421625

Slipped and fell down a flight of stairs at a fucking Homestuck meetup in 2012.

At least some kids checked if I was okay before they started making jokes.

>> No.9421921

That is fucking hilarious, Anon.

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Nothing too terrible aside from burning myself with hot glue, heat guns, soldering irons, etc, but I stabbed right through my nail the other day while cutting out some EVA foam. It kept bleeding underneath the nail so I used some glue on the stab area once it clotted to prevent it from snagging and ripping off at work.

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>Working with fibreglass resin for a helmet for the first time
>Soent days beforehand researching safety precautions and what gear to wear while handling it etc.
>get all said gear, borrow Dad's respirator he uses for his industrial job, awesome, feel so safe man.
>spent a while mixing, measuring, prepping work area and making sure all the gear fit right, no issues so far
>About 45 minutes into application, I'm having increased difficilty with my breathing
>remember its one of the symptons of exposure
>freak out and have a panic attack.
>manage to get my neighbour to drive me to the hospital in the middle of the night to emerg.
>nurse on call with poison control, they ask me questions, etc.
>1 chest x-ray later they confirm there was minor chemical exposure
>overnight stay for observation, put on oxygen.
>find out later that the filters on the respirator I borrowed from my Dad weren't changed, he forgot.

>> No.9422878

Same. Second cosplay ever and I had a friend hot-glue craft foam panels directly onto my leggings... that I was wearing. We both got serious burns. But the foam stayed.

>> No.9422911

Wearing sandals for a cosplay walking up cement stairs misstep and knock my toe nail off.

>> No.9422921


>went to the hospital
>for minor fiberglass resin exposure

Either you're a sweet naïve summer child or I have fewer brain cells left than I thought I did. I've done fiberglassing for years now, usually in the dead of winter in a closed garage, and I'd never even heard the term 'NIOSH' until I'd been doing it for a very long time.

Guess that's a cosplay injury.

>> No.9423138

I'm crying for your JSK. Hopefully it was repairable.

>> No.9423167

I'm just a paranoid mofo, I thank my mother for that.

>> No.9423175

If you can smell it through your respirator, then your respirator isn't working. Next time use a fan, too.

Go to Smooth-On's website and learn about urethane resins. I dislike polyester resins because it makes my whole house stink, even if I work outside

>> No.9423180

I used a fan and worked in the garage with the door open, really shitty luck I guess.
(Thanks, I'll look into urethane resin)

>> No.9423181

Also anon please make sure your respirator is rated for organic vapor (OV) and not just particulate (P100, N100, N95). This is my respirator: http://m.homedepot.com/p/3M-Medium-House-Hold-Multi-Purpose-Respirator-65021HA1-C/202080143

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I'm a stupid ninny and was cutting EVA foam with a hot-knife, cutting towards my hand and sliced my finger open. It didn't bleed very much (I'm assuming because of the heat) but it hurt so so bad.

Also, was in costume and not paying attention to where I was going and busted my lip walking into a pillar.

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Thank you for the advice anon, I will resesrch further.

>> No.9423588

I once used a razorsharp combat dagger to cut threads instead of using scissors and cut myself into two fingers.

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