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Old one with the arsenic OP photo seems to have vanished?
Anyways, my dermatologist said my extremely stubborn acne is being caused by friction due to me side sleeping (even when I wash my sheets frequently I break out everywhere my face touches the pillow, mostly my cheeks), so I bought a special anti-aging pillow (Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear) to keep my cheek from touching anything. We'll see how well it works, have any gulls had a similar problem?

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I haven't had that problem, but I reckon a silk or satin pillowcase would create less friction than a cotton one (and doesn't leave any wrinkles on the face, either). I would also recommend wrapping your hair or wearing a sleeping bonnet so you don't transfer product/oil onto your pillowcase.

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Hey how do you guys deal with strech marks I hydrate my skin regularly and im not overweight but since I was 14 I had strech marks in my waist zone, I dont know what to do im currently trying sugar exfoliatives but they dont seem to work help please

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Raw shea butter is good, too. Exfoliate, then slather that shit on. If you can get the bright yellow stuff straight from the nut, that's best. It's greasy as hell, but it really worked for my stretch marks, you just have to be consistent.

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Thanks! Do i have to let It sit on my skin or do i have to rinse It with water ?

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I think have this too, I try to change my pillow case like every 3-4 days (flipping it over once every 2 days). I can usually keep it at bay by doing this.

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>change my pillow case like every 3-4 days

....I change mine every, like, 6 months.

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I'm disgusted by you.

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anon please love yourself

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Anon, put a goddamn towel on your pillow at least.

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Is it really that bad!? They don't even smell, since I shower twice a day, every day. Ok, maybe 6 months is a lot, but certainly not before I hit the 3/4 month mark. I just forget when I do my laundry.

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Ok, it's been months of using all sorts of "deep cleaning" creams, strips, oils, clay masks and whatever else, but my blackheads aren't even remotely clearing up. They might be less "out" (ugh, so gross, I know), but they aren't going away. They are all over my nose, cheeks, and now going into my T-shape of my forehead.

Any suggestions?

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you can also look into scar creams at ur local pharmacy like mederma if shea or cocoa butter doesnt fade them enough for you.

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I just picked up this product from Ciracle called "Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet" which is supposed to help blackheads loosen out. I've also found that using products that encourage moisture help me, but I get blackheads on the sides of my face. I think the moisture helps them rise to the surface so I can gently remove them without damaging my pores.

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I'll check that out! Thanks. It's so annoying cause I don't have any other acne on me, it's just the blackheads. They are impossible to get rid of.

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Has anyone tried shark sauce? I'm desperate I've got really stubborn hormonal acne, I suspect from my IUD, I just break out over and over in the same area no matter what I do for months. Dermatologist is out, I had to cancel my health insurance bc too expensive.

Night routine
>alba acnedote face wash
>thayers witch hazel
>acure argan oil
>Vitamin C serum
>murad spot treatment
>aztec clay mask once a week

different anon but I would let it sit

whew I try to do at least once a week and I feel bad about that being too long.

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Same. I'm not even fat nor tall. How the fuck did I get stretch marks???

Like, I haven't grown at all since I was 14, clocking in at 5'1" and my weight has consistently been 95-105 pounds. What fucking room was there for my skin to get stretch marks? I'm just venting because it pissed me off so much I hate it. It's bad enough I have to shave my butt cheeks because my shitty mother's genetics has. At least I don't have sideburns going down to my fucking jawline like she does. I wish I was never born.

I have confidence in every part of my body above the waist. Cute looking, good figure, nice skin, nice hair, naturally vibrant hazel eyes, etc. Then when you get to the waist fucking thicket of curly ass hairs, stretch marks galore, and meat curtains from the deli counter's premium Boar's Head rack.

Sorry for off topic rant, I'm just crying at 3 AM because I'm a stupid little bitch. You would think I'd get over this by 25 but fucking no. Genetics suck.

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Even if they don't smell, your body sheds dead skin cells and oils throughout the night. Those all just kinds fester around on your pillow until you clean it.

It certainly isn't THAT bad but you're in a skin care thread and this is most certainly like skin care gore right here. Same with showering two times a day, please don't kill your skin like this. I shower every other day unless I'm sweating, and even then I sometimes just do a mostly eater shower with soap on priority bits (pulse points, groin, anus). You're stropping your skin's natural oils, killing off the good bacteria that live on your body, and speeding your aging process. Dermatologists recommend not showering daily. Learning to balance depends entirely on your unique body chemistry, but definitely clean your pillow more and cut down on the bathing.

Please love yourself. Please love the bacteria that live on and in you. They ate your buddies.

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you are beautiful exactly the way you are, anon. <3

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Even if they don't smell, your body sheds dead skin cells and oils throughout the night. Those all just kinds fester around on your pillow until you clean it.
It certainly isn't THAT bad but you're in a skin care thread and this is most certainly like skin care gore right here. Same with showering two times a day, please don't kill your skin like this. I shower every other day unless I'm sweating, and even then I sometimes just do a mostly water shower with soap on priority bits (pulse points, groin, anus). You're stripping your skin's natural oils, killing off the good bacteria that live on your body, and speeding your aging process. Dermatologists recommend not showering daily. Learning to balance depends entirely on your unique body chemistry, but definitely clean your pillow more and cut down on the bathing.
Please love yourself. Please love the bacteria that live on and in you. They are your buddies.

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Don't give up anon! I have to shave my asshole among a million other things, upkeep sucks! Dont cry, trust that someone wants what you have, show off what you feel confident about!

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Thanks anon. Going to sleep on my freshly washed pillow case now.

No homo.

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Thanks anon. Going to sleep on my freshly washed pillow case now.
No homo.

Y-you too. Let's shave each other's asses.

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Dyou gulls have any tips for pimples appearing ONLY on my neck? My face is super smooth and clear, but my neck has lots of small pimples and it's super embarrassing

Stretch marks can come from straight up just growing, like from the ages of pre puberty and puberty, the amount of growing your body does is enough to cause stretch marks. Regardless of your height or weight.
On top of that, women are documented to have thinner skin, so we get stretch marks easier. Don't take it too personally. Most stretch marks look like lightning or glitter as long as they aren't fresh (red) so accept your glitter stripes and know that pretty much EVERYONE h

Also my gf is kinda hairy but don't think that's ever stopped me from putting my face down there.

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It's a deal

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>Has anyone tried shark sauce?
Yes. It leaves a kind of funny residue on my (dry) skin. Liked the oils from the holy snails shop and will cop again, just not the shark sauce. Considering trying the snowbang/snowboom/whatever mist when I get the oils again

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Yup and it didn't do anything for me,would not repurchase. I love bravura london's bha/aha gel and their glycolic acid night cream

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If you're a dude it could be because of how you're shaving, ingrown hairs can cause acne. Do you wear anything that's high collared a lot, have long hair, or otherwise have something frequently touching your neck? Do you rest your hands on your neck a lot? It could be any of those

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I would like to thank you gulls.

I've been looking after my skin since I was 12 but I lurk here for good new stuff and have been using Korean products that you recommend to each other.

My bff smokes, drinks, never washes her heavy make up off.

We were out shopping this past weekend and ran into someone she works with. He said to her "I assumed your daughter was younger than this" and we started laughing and explained I'm her friend and that's the second time that's happened.

He tells me "no offense, but you have a really young face" and I replied that's a compliment because I'm 30. He didn't believe me. My bff is 32.

Sunscreen, vitamins, moisturizer and TLC really works. Its worth it.

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I'm a gull, I have super long hair but it's usually tied up, even when I sleep coz i don't like it touching my shoulders, I hate high collars coz I get warm easy and I dont touch my neck at all, really.
That's why I'm so confused, I can't think of anything that's causing so I don't know what to do to fix it.
I do pluck one or two hairs on my neck that are thick and black but the lil pumples are never in those spots, they're all over the place.

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How do anons deal with whiny SO's who don't appreciate skin/hair care? I want to start using a sleeping bonnet, as well as expand my skincare routine, but I live with my fiancé who complains when I take too long in the bathroom (our toilet is separate, that's not the problem) and makes fun/whines whenever I go to sleep with curlers in because it's not sexy. He's not one of those guys who demands sexiness 24/7 or anything like that but apparently curlers and face masks is where he draws the line because they supposedly make me look like an old woman. I haven't breached the idea of a sleeping bonnet yet but I already know he'll hate it.

My current plan is to tell him to suck it up and deal with it but I was wondering if maybe there are clever ways to compromise that I'm not aware of.

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Dump him, and find someone who actually cares about you

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Hugs for you anon, I can sympathise with the sadness below the waist situation but remember all the great things you listed about yourself. You're still a babe even with a yeti body from the belly button down. If it's ever an option, really consider lazer hair removal

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Are they whiteheads or CC?

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My husband was like that at first then I said to him "this stuff is why I look like I do. Its also something I enjoy. If you don't like it, you don't have to be here." and he stopped.

Now he doesn't bat an eye.

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Anyone interested in tropical vegan skincare, drop us your email :) i am not a Jew i just have to work for them to keep me alive... product is alright desu haha.

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Is there some kind of resource for absolute beginners to skin care? I'm pretty lost.

I think I remember reading somewhere that you should start with a moisturizer first, which sounds good to me since I have dry skin anyway. I was also maybe thinking about getting into BBCream? Especially since I hate how red my face is. Any suggestions on where to start?

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Does anyone have any solutions to clearing up acne scars on your shoulders/back? I had a hell of a time with hormones during puberty, acne isn't a problem now but the scars don't seem to be fading at all.

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What is your primary skin concern? If you're at all worried about wrinkles or ageing, you'll probably want to start with sunscreen and cleanser. BBcream is makeup. More 'caring' than most western foundations, but still makeup. If you start using BBcream you'll definitely need a good cleanser, too.
Why is your face red? Is it just a natural flush (more noticeable if you're pale) or an actual skin concern like acne, scarring or irritation? If so, you might want to look into that first.

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I suppose my main concern is ageing. I get the occasional breakout around my chin, but that's it. Pretty sure my redness is natural from blood vessels. If I blush even a tiny bit I turn into a neon tomato and everyone goes bug-eyed over it. It's really embarrassing. I think my dry skin sometimes gets irritated and makes it worse, though.

I really am clueless, thank you for helping me, anon.

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Any suggestions for decent drugstore face creams? (I'm in Canada.) I'm looking for one for dry skin right now, but I'll also need one for oily skin once summer hits. I'm willing to spend a bit more if necessary.

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I use clean and clear exfoliating scrub in the shower. I use proactive green tea moisturizer when i feel dry. When I wake up I use the brand simple exfoliating wipes. That's pretty much what I use for my face. It totally cleared my up.
As for my skin. I ONLY use cocoa butter or eucerins ultra repairing lotion. I also use gold bond bump rough and bumpy for my keratosis Pilaris for my upper arms. I feel that my skin is pretty nice.

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I'm going to go into korean skin care, getting a routine going. I know to start with moisturizer first.

My question is; is it better to have all your steps coming from the same brand? How will having different brands, affect your skin?

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Help, my hands over the past couple months have been steadily losing the buttery-soft feel I had for my whole life. They're just starting to get noticeably rougher, and I'm already seeing a slight lack of sensation when I just lightly graze my fingertips over something.

How do I reverse this slight change and stop it from going to crustfingers mode? On top of that, how do I prevent it from happening to the rest of my body too? I moved and have really dry air now, do I need a humidifier? Should I wear as much clothing as possible or as little?

All the memes on my searches have been middle aged women trying to reverse more than I have since I'm only mid-20s, but I'm trying to prevent further wrecking of my skin, not undo decades of mistakes.

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To be fair, I shower every other day (sensitive and dry skin) and I have long hair so I basically flip/change the pillow case on the day I shower. It's a slight OCD thing for me? I can't stand putting clean hair on a "dirty" pillow.

I find that using those strips/peel masks AFTER a shower will make them a lot more effective.

I get hormonal acne too but only 1 or 2 so I spot treat with tea tree oil or one of those nexcare patches.

You done good anon.

idk about you but taking care of my skin brings me joy and relaxes me. You are doing this for you and not for him. Tell him all that stuff makes you happy and that he shouldn't fuck with your happiness.

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Slather lotion on as much as you can stand, use sunscreen. I'm the autist that's always harping on about wearing sunscreen on your hands, but your hands and your neck are the two areas that show your age the quickest, because people tend to overlook them during their skincare routines.

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>extremely stubborn acne is being caused by friction due to me side sleeping
I know this feel op, i get sebum filled bumps all along my cheeks and temples...

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are you sure they're even blackheads? if they're that persistent, they might be sebaceous filaments, which are permanent

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I'm not sure what a CC is but I'm fairly sure they're all whiteheads.

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Closed comedones.

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>tfw no time to use face wash int he morning
>tfw wipes leave my face smelling funky/overwhelming
>tfw usually resort to using a slightly damn and bought towel to basically physically scrape off my face grease in the morning
h-help anons

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>sebaceous filaments, which are permanent
A casual search reveals that this is a lie. They're not permanent.

>> No.9414925

*damp and rough

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>casual search
there's your problem.
nearly every site talking about sebaceous filaments mentions that they're permanent, and can only be managed.

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Depends if you want a western routine or an Asian routine. Both basics aren't really that different from each other to start. For you:

Message back when you found these two products that you and your face really like so that we can build up on this.

Not sure what is available on Canada but CeravePM is really good even though its for dry skin.

Nope. It really doesn't matter. It's all marketing on their end if anything but really, it's all YMMV. As long as the product works for your face, it doesn't matter where it comes

>> No.9415611

>tfw permaoily face
surprised my country hasn't invaded it
Also why the fuck do i keep getting zits around my mouth? (yes zits, not herpes) I think it might happen more since I don't shave as much anymore.

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>skin both peeling and breaking out
>everyone: "you're over drying your skin and that's why it's breaking out"
>reduce application of acne treatment, especially aha, bha, and vitamin a derivatives
>skin is no longer peeling but is breaking out even more

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Acne stuff is always drying, so are you moisturizing that area? I also suggest not using the very harsh acne stuff much on sensitive areas to give it s break.

>> No.9415631

what does AHA/BHA even do?

>> No.9415638

Jfc start with one active. From the sounds of it you fucked up your skins acid mantle. Do your retinoid every other night and look into products with hyaluronic acid and ceramides

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Woah, learn something new erryday.
I don't THINK mine are CC's, they look more like "Open" comedones as in this picture.

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Thanks anon, it's available on amazon so I'll check it out!

>> No.9415729

Actually, now that i think about it, its more closed. Weird. The ones currently on my neck look closer to the CCs, but i do recall accidentally scratching some and it leaking which. just. gross.

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Can anyone link me to some blog describing all sorts of skincare products? It used to be posted a lot, but I lost my bookmark and can't find it now.

>> No.9415786

Was it fifty shades of snail? I don't really use social media at all anymore so she's the only blog I can think of who posts about skincare frequently

>> No.9415800

Do you not use moisturizers or hydrating toners? You're kind of an idiot if you don't coz you're suppose to pamper your skin after using those harsh chemicals

>> No.9415806

Fifty shades of snail, fanserviced-b, Snow White and the Pear

>> No.9415814

I am moisturizing. I use a facial moisturizer twice a day and a sleeping pack at night. I've suffered from bad acne for a while due to hormonal issues and am on 3 prescription medications (two are vitamin a derivatives) that have it mostly under control

>> No.9415844

Sorry, was not one of those. Still thanks.
Now, when I think of it, the site was more of an information library describing the active components and product types rather than a blog with regular posts.
Maybe this sort of description could help.

>> No.9415848

http://www.cosdna.com/ ?

>> No.9415864

Wow, this one is huge, thanks.
Still, the site I've been looking for provided more details on most compounds, and was not peer-reviewed.

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First of all, I'm sorry in advance. I've just started to realize I need to take care of my skin, I've got uneven coloring I'd like to fix (eye bags, redness, freckles), but I know little to nothing about skin care.
So, after some research I've come up with a list to start a daily regimen and want to ask if I'm going the right direction.
>already have a gentle lotion with SPF
>gentle skin cleanser from Cetaphil
>Cosrx Aha/bha Clarifying Treatment Toner
>some kind of vitamin C serum?
I'm 26, male, combination skin (I think?), only skin thing I do right now is charcoal soap for acne
Any help would be great, I just spent the last hour on Amazon comparing products that I didn't understand at all

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K so bas C routine is cleanse, tone, moisturizer. If you have serums and other products, you do those steps after toning and before moisturizing. Let the vitamin c serum absorb into your skin for about 20 minutes. Then moisturize. If you're concerned about the redness, I'd suggest investing in an AHA, which is a chemical exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells. Since you've already invested in one Cosrx product I'd suggest getting their AHA whitehead power liquid. Something to keep in mind about AHAs is that they make your son very photosensitive. Even if your moisturizer has SPF, definitely invest in a sunscreen and apply that every day. Sun damage is generally the cause of skin discoloration and freckles. Figure out what works best ina routine for you, for example, I use my vitamin c serum in the morning, and I use my AHA at night. Always let AHA and BHAs set for about 30 minutes before applying another product. This is because they mess with the pH of your skin so to get maximum benefits you need to let it sit for a bit.

>> No.9416359

Jeez sorry for crappy spelling, I'm on mobile

>> No.9416472

I don't use it but they sell this at Shoppers Drug Mart for Canadian anons.

>> No.9416514

I use a facial wipe/pad then I rinse my face, since I don't like the feeling they leave otherwise

>> No.9416647

>I know to start with moisturizer first.
Korean skincare usually starts with toner after a double cleanse. Or did you mean buying moisturizer first?

>> No.9416691

You can remove them, but they'll refill in about a month. You can learn about proper extraction.

>> No.9416798

Honestly, your first step should be to determine what your skin needs or what you want to improve, and then work from there. Do you feel it's dull? Acne concerns? Rough? Dry? Clogged pores? etc. Find a product that is supposed to work for each need, read reviews, determine what's the best product in your budget range, etc. Mine are all different brands, because no one brand really does everything I want. COSRX is a good brand to start with though.

>> No.9416808 [DELETED] 

WHo here /pol/ addicted.

Fml. I cant keep of it

>> No.9416957

Nazi on Ambien, pls go.

>> No.9417026

Thanks man, I wasn't really expecting anyone to respond, honestly.I'll look into the AHA and more sunscreen, and maybe buy that too. Like I said, I don't know what I'm doing, but I gotta start somewhere. Even just knowing the order I apply stuff in is good info

>> No.9417880

I too am someone who's just getting into skincare and could use assistance.

For awhile now I've been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Neutrogena oil-free moisture and Benzac 2.5%.

I tried the Benzoyl Peroxide face wash, but it gave me irritation so I stopped, and moved down from 5%. The weird thing is that now my skin seems to be super sensitive. Benzac and my cleanser are fine, but now even my moisturiser is giving me irritation.

The acne's only around my mouth, and just when I think it's about to leave it pops up again, I think it might be a hormonal thing since my serum testosterone levels have increased.

Why is my skin so sensitive and what can I do about it? Should I drop everything but the cleanser for awhile?

>> No.9418975

I'm going to be starting a skin care routine and I was wondering if when any of you gulls started if your pimples started to clear up? Before I've tried various different kind of acne treatments, but none has never work. Then I gave up all skin stuff in general for reasons. I had some what bad acne in like one or two areas. Recently I just started using a cleanser and putting on moisturizer (all I got atm) and I feel like my acne is already clearing up and it's pretty light now. So, I'm not sure if I should other with any acne treatments or not.

>> No.9419012

Mine have, I've been doing my routine for just a few months and my skin has cleared up really well. I've never had a very serious acne problem though, to be fair.

>> No.9419198

Does anyone have any advise on how to reduce the appearance of old scar tissue? I have scars on my back, from scratching my back in my sleep as a teenager.

I'm aware it'd be best to visit a dermatologist. However I don't have the necessary funds to do so. Would shea butter help at all? Or would I be wasting my time?

>> No.9419257

So. My current routine is

>dhc deep cleansing oil
Love this shit, liquid gold. I probably use it too long, but I have really deep pore canals that collect gunk
>st Ives green tea scrub
Not to be confused with the apricot scrub. I love this stuff, my skin gets worse every time I walk away from it. But I worry that the physical exfoliation (although gentle) is harmful in the long term.
>cosrx bha
Only every other day at most. Skin gets pretty unhappy if I do it more.
>lotion from TFS
It's not bad, big jar, love the dispenser. Love how faint the smell is.

At some point I'm going to rebuy cosrx snail esscence and the ferment esscence. Especially as it gets more humid and the lotion gets to be too much.

Any suggestions? My main concerns are general upkeep and blackheads/SFs and clogged pores. I'm not overly sensitive, skin leans dry/dehydrated. AHAs are off limits due to the photosensitizing they do, even though I wear sunscreen I really can't handle being any more sensitive to the sun than I am.

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File: 185 KB, 890x1286, 7f92cc0e-07ab-4614-910c-b30c5fed4c3a..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a guy into skincare
>I"m 28
>I'm also a manlett
>Combo of skincare and
genetics makes me babyface
>Can't grow any facial hair because of genetics
>Get asked all the time if I'm in college or high school
>You'd think I would this to be a good thing but it isn't when you're a guy
>Girls don't want young looking guys
>So I haven't had a girlfriend since I was 14
>My lack of experience with girls makes it nerve wrecking to even try
>Recently hit it off well with a gull I met from local con
>She's 17 though
>Asks what college I go to
>Gradually lessens contact with me upon learning my age
Just two more years and it'll pay off!!!

I'm so sad I'm just going to smear snail mucus all over my face now. Well, all the money I save from not having a girlfriend just gets dumped into skin products and Uniqlo (the only brand that has sizes that fit manletts, thank you Uniqlo).

At I have super bouncy soft blemish free skin and hands! T-that's something...

On another note, anyone have experience with bee venom? I always wondered if it stings if you have any wounds on your face. I shave the peach fuzz that I do get every other day, so naturally I'd have some invisible knicks for the venom to smear into during my morning care.

>> No.9419483

>the only brand that has sizes that fit manletts, thank you Uniqlo
you serious or from outside North America? Uniqlo here sizes huge, it's frustrating. They make XS but stock almost no item...

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Has anyone tried the Drops Of Youth series from The Body Shop?
They're pretty expensive, but I've been considering getting at least some of the products from that series
My skin is wrinkling a bit in some areas, not too bad, it's not really noticable, but I've noticed around my cheeks that the skin isn't really as "tight" as it used to be
Also I have really bad dark circles so I look sick and tired all of the time (which I kinda am to be fair)

The products I thought of investing in is the Smoothing Mask, Youth Concentrate and Eye Concentrate. Possibly the lotion, but you know, I'm not made of money

I would really appreciate if someone who has used the products could just say if they're worth it or not? Are they overpriced for what they actually do? Could I get some other product that does the same shit?

Thanks in advance!

>> No.9420021
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x849, download_20170218_210715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They always have XS in every single item in my local Uniqlo and they also have a service desk that hems your pants for free if they're too long (which they ALWAYS are for me).

So yea, I'm serious. XS is the way to go, and then I grab the smallest pair of pants and have them pinned in the changing room for the in-store tailor to shorten up. Usually just drop off and pick up pants the next day.

>> No.9420050

What is your favorite daily sunscreen? I just went from the night shift to going out in the hot sunshine every day, plus i wanna start putting on the vitamin c serum I recently got. My skin is slightly acne prone (mostly hormonal afaik) and has redness around the nose. Also it's kind of dull and slightly oily.

Tried checking the archive but just got a bunch of posts of people saying "USE SUNSCREEN", not any specific recs besides biore watery essence which is my main focus rn cuz i've heard it from more than one person.

Up until now i've just been using Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Faces Lotion SPF 30 on the rare occasion I was out in the sun, but it breaks me out pretty consistently.

>> No.9420070

Japanese sunscreen is usually pretty solid. Biore has a variety of sunscreens with different consistencies, one of them might work for you. There's also Kose Suncut (which is what I use). Look for both SPF ratings and PA ratings (for both UVA and UVB protection). Fair warning though Japanese sunscreen is usually high in alcohol, so it might dry you out or cause breakouts.

Finding out what in the sunscreen is breaking you out could be really important. If you keep breaking out from sunscreen you might be reactive to either chemical sun blockers or physical ones.

Reddit's asianbeauty sub has a ton of info on sunscreens, you should check that out for more info.

>> No.9420084

I'm using the secret key snail sunscreen at the moment, was recommended it by an anon in these threads actually, and it's pretty nice.
>absorbs fast, no greasy residue at all
>smells a bit like candy
>doesn't interfere with makeup wear
>slightly moisturising
Idk how it'd behave on oily skin but I pretty much forget that I'm wearing it after a minute. Would really recommend it if you don't like the feeling and smell of normal sunscreen.

I've tried the biore watery essence as well and also has little residue, the main difference is that it's more, well, watery. And it has alcohol in it so it was a bit more drying to my dry skin.

I've also heard good things about missha and innisfree sunscreens. Maybe look up some reviews on them too.

>> No.9420099

I think alcohol is okay with my skin, it dries me out a bit but doesn't really cause break outs.
Good point about the sunscreens ingredients. it is marketed as a very sensitive and hydrating sunscreen but my instinct is that the hydration aspect is what's breaking me out. Only ingredients are Ingredients
Avobenzone (2.0%), Oxybenzone (3.0%), Octocrylene (5.0%), so i'll have to research them a bit more...thanks for all the resources!!!

Unfortunately I've tried snail gel for moisturizing and that broke me out too :( so I don't think I'd try any other snail product.

Thanks both of you, all very good info!

>> No.9420104


>> No.9420117

Hopefully you find one that works for you. My Suncut is almost gone so I'm debating what I should get next. I hear really good things about the Shiseido Annesea (sp) line, but it's stupidly expensive. I used the Biore watery gel for a long time but it started clogging my pores I think.

Another tip is try and get waterproof or at least water resistant. Sweat can really wear sunscreen away.


>> No.9420927

Is there a pastebin or something with recommendations?

>> No.9421065

I've been curious about this line too but sorry no experience! My tip would be to wait until they do one of their bigger sales to at least save some money. I feel like they always have some sort of sale going on so it's only a matter of time before it goes back to skincare.

>> No.9421761

How to sunscreen?
I tried Biore watery essence, Sunbum, and countless other brands
They all make my eyes feel super dry and irritated, and my skin really itchy.
I've just started putting as little on my face as possible by mixing it with other lotions, but it's still the same problem (only less obnoxious). It's probably not even effective this way, though.

So, any suggestions, recommendations?

>> No.9421769

What kind of BS extreme solution is this?

>> No.9421836

I'd start by figuring out if they all have any common ingredient(s) between all of them you might be allergic to. Cross-check their ingredient lists against each other and see if anything is common between them. Any other sunscreen you try might just go the same way if you don't know what's causing the issue.

>> No.9421841

I want to try removing blackhead/white heads for the first time. Do you guys have any recommendations for products? I prefer asian brands but if you know any good "starter" (?) type of treatments/masks I'm willing to try them out.

As for skin types, I'm not acne prone and I do get oily, if it matters? Thanks for any help.

>> No.9421876

A bit of a dumb question; where did you get the Secret Key sunscreen?

>> No.9422133

I've read a lot of good reviews about it, so I'm really tempted to buy it, and I usually don't have the patience to wait for sales
I showed it to my mom because it's my bday soon, and she kinda freaked out over how expensive they were haha, but I can hope!

>> No.9422165

Not that dumb a question, I bought mine from f2plus1 on eBay but a quick search shows that it's sold out/discontinued everywhere! Sorry, I wouldn't have recommended it if I'd known. Secret key seems to be selling a different sun cream now with some similar ingredients so maybe I'll have to switch to that.

>> No.9422712
File: 60 KB, 300x300, i fucked up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been on a basic Western skincare routine for a while
>Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser
>Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Toner
>St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin
>recently added the occassional use of Gonyak Soft Jelly Scrub that a friend gave to me
>already had pretty good skin, still thought skincare routine would be good
>skin has gotten better, except for stubborn milia underneath my eyes and some CC on my forehead and the apples of my cheeks and a little bit of redness (judging by how my dad had rosacea so bad his cheeks were dark red/brown, I assume I may have a lighter case of it.)

Anybody have any advice? I only do my skincare once a day (twice depending on if I got sweaty from activity and showered). Should I do it more often, or just add something more to my routine? I barely leave my house, but I've been thinking that I should also consider some kind of sunscreen.

Are you me? I've been using Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy too. To lurkers wondering if it's any good, I definitely would recommend it, I usually scrub my arms and knees before I apply it after a shower. It's definitely cleared up the keratosis pilaris that I've had my whole life. I had it bad on my elbows especially but it's pretty much gone now.

>> No.9422998

Add sunscreen and maybe chemical exfoliant. I like my glycolic acid but others prefer salicylic acid or other BHAs

Look up chemical exfoliation. Cosrx BHA and AHA liquids are generally considered good.

Biore is my favorite but there's Kanebo Allie spf50 mineral gel that is cheaper (to get shipped here anyway), doesn't break me out and is still reasonable with regards to texture

>> No.9423128

Drop everything but the moisturizer

>> No.9423143
File: 14 KB, 400x400, 41RXBoG6twL._SY400_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have these two red spots on both cheeks. I used to have a lot more issues with redness when I was a teen, but now it's settled to these two spots and I can't get rid of them. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph well. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

I'm also about to purchase The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil and Foam. It looks like it has good reviews and it's on Prime. Has anyone used it before?

>> No.9423511

I get zits around my mouth after eating greasy shit sometimes
Maybe you're getting like little particles of food around your mouth?

>> No.9423513

Any Asian sunscreen recs with SPF 50+ and PA++++ that come in a decent sized bottle? I love Biore, but everything besides the Watery Gel is so darn tiny, and I'm getting kind of bored of the Gel.

>> No.9423610
File: 68 KB, 500x500, IMG_5478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugh, just wasted $20 guys. I bought Hada Labo's Gokujyun cream yesterday at a local Asian mart. I tried it out last night and I'm super disappointed. It's sticky as glue, heavy on my face, and broke me out horribly after just one night.

I don't think I can even return it because the exchange policies at the market are so terrible. So there goes $20 down the heckin drain.

Just a warning in case anyone else was looking to buy this.

>> No.9423974

I use it and like it except I run out of the oil way before I run out of the foam. I use the oil to take off my make up and the foam to clean it all away. I have no complaints about it but I can't say it's done anything amazing for me.

>> No.9423984

That's so weird/disappointing... I love their toner but I guess their other products don't hold up as well

>> No.9423992

Has any done allergy testing for cosmetic products? I'm not sure how to explain this to my dermatologist, but she's told me flat out that that's not her specialty and just avoid it all together if it's causing me an issue.

I basically started getting headaches whenever I wore makeup, whether or not it was applied near my eyes or not. I thought it initially was because of my oily skin, where my eyeliner would seep into my eyes (nothing on my waterline). I've switched to hypoallergenic to no avail and have yet to check out any ingredients Clinique and MAC have in common.

>> No.9424018

Kanebo Allie - they do a face + body one which I quite like

>> No.9424182

I'm disappointed too, anon. I think I may go back and get the toner because I hear that works miracles. I feel stupid for not looking at the reviews before I bought the cream, though.

>> No.9424477

I tried a bee venom sheet mask, worked perfectly fine for me. No stinging, to tingling, nothing. I let my bf try one too and only afterwards, when the mask came off and he was scarlet red everywhere the mask touched his skin, he told me he is slightly allergic to bees. Such a dork. (It went away after half an hour and did not hurt, but he really shocked me there.)

>> No.9424501

could be

>> No.9424854

Some BB creams and concealers give me a headache that lasts as long as I wear the makeup, especially when applied near my eyes. I now use ELF foundation (best value I could find?) and some drug-store concealer. BB creams tend to give me a headache.

>> No.9424980

>admitting this in the skincare thread

>> No.9424982

i've heard that r/skincareaddiction is good!

>> No.9424985
File: 329 KB, 498x561, 1480979920176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe i'm fat but last time i went to uniqlo they didn't carry my size in pants

>> No.9424989
File: 27 KB, 350x346, 1414030332815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do any gulls have dermatillomania? If so, how do you deal with it? and what do you reccomend in terms of skincare?

>> No.9425012

i like witch hazel for clearing up picking scabs quickly and try to keep my skin soft as possible so theres nothing to pick at but other then that idk how to deal with it :(

>> No.9425268

aw anon i love you. that sounds really helpful, thanks. :-)

>> No.9425281

Seconding keeping skin soft. I have to balance keeping my skin acne free and flake-free (since it's dry) and finding the right moisturising products really helped.

Also, I like to choose skincare that has a fruity or delicious scent because it gives me something else about my to focus on instead of texture. Like skinfood's peach sake range (especially the serum) and tonymoly appletox honey cream. This can backfire if fragrance irritates your skin though...

>> No.9425654

Op here, can say that my overpriced pillow is definitely working and my skin is the clearest it's been in a long time.

>> No.9425661

here to also recommend witch hazel. my skin is dry, I pick at the flakes, or at scabs, but I started using witch hazel this week and have barely picked my face at all. Also benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid on acne helps me not pick at problem areas. If I want to pick, I put cream on it instead. Then I won't want to pick at it because there's stuff on it.

going to go wash my face now~

>> No.9425863
File: 60 KB, 665x1184, 17820145_10212528172580067_2086716137_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've had terrible skin all my life, when I was in 5th grade I got my first cyst. I got bullied a lot and developed low self-esteem, I tried to cover my face with makeup but I got bullied even more because of my cake face. It turns out I had polycystic ovary syndrome (still do) so I need to take contraceptives. I still have lots of breakouts and have terrible skin marks. I've always considered myself super ugly.

I used to wear sunscreen but stopped around 2 years ago, I was heavily depressed after my bf at that time dumped me. He was Japanese so he wanted someone with clear skin...
Now I'm in a healthy relationship with someone that tells me I'm beautiful everyday, the thing is... I'm turning 25 this month, I want to change the way I see myself because even if my bf tells me I'm beautiful I don't believe it. I think taking care of my skin is the first step.
I really don't know where to start, I hate having so many scars, I already went to the dermatologist, but he gave me a tube of Adapalene and that's it. If I go to Sephora they just want me to buy everything they offer.
I need SkinCare 101 advise, moisturizing, cleansing, sunscreen (really? 150 SPF, is that real?) also I'm really afraid of aging and wrinkles (I have very oily skin, but still...)

Yep that's me... redness around the nose, black spots, acne scars, the thing I hate the most is my chin and forehead.

any help? I just want to cry and kill myself...

>> No.9425885
File: 4 KB, 363x132, tumblr_ocvp6iu0v21velke0o1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realise the photo isn't super high quality, but you actually look far better than you think anon. Your skin is actually pretty decent considering your condition- I've seen far, FAR worse.
Frankly your first bf sounds like a dick, and your current bf sounds lovely. Also, they always offer everything to everyone at Sephora, so don't feel targeted by that.

In all honesty I won't offer you skincare advice as i'm not really knowledgable- I just want to let you know that you look far better than you think, and to stay positive! (easier said than done, trust me, i know)
Acne happens to millions if not billions of people everyday, it isn't the be all and end all.

>> No.9425913

you can try carboxytherapy which was originally developed to minimize skin irregularity caused by post-liposuction residual fat deposits. Very effective for strechmarks

>> No.9425921



You'll get more help here to be honest. Goodluck. Atleast you've got a cute face, so youve got that going.

>> No.9425924

Haven't tried it myself but I've heard a lot of good things about evening primrose oil for hormonal cystic acne! My friend also had great luck using spironolactone but you'd likely need insurance for that.

This may be a stupid question, but if dermatologists recommend not showering daily or twice a day to keep from stripping oils, why is facecleansing twice a day always recommended? Is this just to help product absorb better?

>> No.9425929

Do you gulls know of any overnight face masks or some such that's very thick/covering?

When my boyfriend sleeps over ive taken the nasty habbit of sleeping with coverup on because I'm incredibly insecure about 5'oclock shadow from previous hormonal issues. I'm working on getting rid of that itself, but its an expensive process, and I assume even if it's not the best solution a mask would be better than make up.

>> No.9425932

Similar to what >>9415638 said, you probably over-exfoliated. Your skin is peeling but also over-producing oil because it's in crisis mode. Even though you reduced your actives that's not enough - stop them all together and keep using moisturizers or hydrating products, and be very gentle when applying (pat them on instead of rub). That kind of damage can take weeks to correct because you have basically burned your skin, so be vigilant until you can start using actives again.

>> No.9426160

Guessing at this - maybe it's because your face is the most exposed part of your body and has to be taken care of differently as a result of sun/dirt/element exposure?

Or maybe it's one gigantic marketing gimmick and we've all fallen for it.

>> No.9426168

I'm sorry to not be of any real help, but I hope you realize that in the long term, getting him used to (and not care about!) your bodily imperfections is a must for a healthy relationship. While makeup might work for now, but is, as you guessed, pretty unhealthy to wear all the time, and I think that heavy face masks are just as big of an offturn as 5 o'clock shadow. Better let him see your real face and be like "if you like me, deal with it".

>> No.9426192

My skin's been pretty clear with the monthly hormonal 1 or 2 spots that pop up. Some close comedones (I think? small bumps under the skin, nothing to really "pop") appeared ~3weeks ago and I can't get rid of them with my usual blemish targeting treatments. I've used tea tree oil, nexcare patches, and even cosrx patches but maybe it's too small and under the skin that they can't suck up or dry out anything?

How to get rid of them?

>> No.9426514

It is thier wiki is pretty well kempt.

>> No.9426755

Just start with a cleanser and moisturizer (and maybe sunscreen) for a couple weeks.

Cerave, Cetaphil, and the Yes To brands have gentle cleansers and moisturizers for low prices. I personally have oily and acne prone skin, and use the Cerave Foaming Cleanser and the TonyMoly Bamboo Gel. I used to use Cetaphil lotion but the new reformulation with avocado oil breaks me out.

For sunscreen you want something that has broad spectrum protection that's at least SPF 30. Something like Neutrogena sheer-zinc dry touch for face is low cost and found easily at drug stores. But a physical sunscreen like that might need a separate cleanser (like a makeup remover) before you use your regular cleanser because they're often made to stubbornly stick to the skin.

>> No.9427033
File: 213 KB, 470x539, cold-cream-jar-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on cold cream? I've always used it to remove stubborn costume makeup and I'm wondering if it's a viable, every-day remover for sunscreen and/or makeup.

>> No.9427560

I tried BB cream once and it still gave a reaction. But I've stopped putting anything around my eyes, including concealer and the issue still persists

>> No.9427603


I wouldn't use this. They changed the formula to add parabens and it's really damaging to your face

>> No.9427983

I had no idea, thanks for the heads up. Is there any good alternative anyone here might know of for sensitive/oily skin?

>> No.9428146

Hmm, I have PCOS too and find that spearmint supplements helps me quite a bit with those stubborn hormonal spots.. Found it on Amazon, not pricey either

>> No.9428235

People who have dry skin shouldn't need to double cleanse but honestly, if your current cleanser is making you feel like it's stripping away the oils then you need to change your current one

>> No.9428237

I would look into a Cleanser and moisturizer and also start researching on BHA and honestly, look into curology too

>> No.9429916

I got this Korean Sulwhasoo snow-something stuff that kinda lightened up my forehead scars. I had a terrible breakout months ago that left scars but it seems like it helps. Expensive af tho

>> No.9430020

what are the best western sunscreens? I can't order anyhting korean right now, so I'm looking for something more accessible.

>> No.9430273

It's wierd.

Out of all their products, only the foam-pump cleanser doesn't break me out. Everything else from them gives me cystic acne that takes months to clear up.
I can't even find anything too different with the ingredients, shit's weird.

>> No.9430291

Not sure if this available in stores anywhere but I recommend any EltaMD sunscreen. They're not greasy, leave minimal whitecast, and great for sensitive skin.

>> No.9431578

I used to have no problem with wearing Biore Watery Essence sunscreen daily but it's been breaking me out for the past several months? I tried a different bottle too just in case I got a bad batch. I think it's shifting hormones, I was diagnosed with endometriosis a while ago but didn't like the psychological effects of birth control so I think my hormones have just been all over the place. I have oily type skin and don't wear makeup on a daily basis, so sunscreen recs based on that would be nice

>> No.9431915

Guys, is it fine to layer moisturizer and sunscreen? I know there are moisturizers with SPF, but the ones I like do not have SPF.

>> No.9431988

This is what you should be doing, moisturizers with spf are not adequate anyway usually, it's better to use both moisturizer and a separate spf.

>> No.9432751

Yea, they change our their formulation yearly. Have you checked out Ratzillacosme.com? They have an extensive list of sunscreens

>> No.9433024
File: 28 KB, 400x229, Septoplastysmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm on my second day of recovering from an open septorhinoplasty and my face is currently seven shades of fucked up, swollen, bruised and throbbing like a motherfucker.

I'm allowed to wash my body but I can't get my face wet because I have a large plaster going over and up my nose and across my forehead, which means that I can't clean my face properly for approx. 2 weeks. Has anybody on here have any experiences with facial surgery that can recommend anything to help me maintain my face/hygiene in the meantime?

>> No.9433746

Surely the hospital will issue you instructions about proper care? I wouldn't trust anything someone on the Internet said when it comes to something so important.

>> No.9433798

Shit, Anon. Feeling sorry for you. I'm kind of confused about their instructions though: You're not allowed to get your face WET? Not just the affected areas and the wounds?
My suggestion would have been to gently "clean" with some toner on a cotton pad on the areas that can stand it, and then follow with your usual essence/ampoule/cream routine, but does cream etc also count as "wet" too?
Anyways, I would focus on moisturizing my skin more than maybe "cleaning" since it would be gentler and easier on your face. But now I'm confused... Never heard an instruction like that before. I'm a nurse but works in psychiatry, but I still thought you were allowed to at least gently wash any wound with water every other day or so. Any other nurses or doctors around?

>> No.9433822
File: 341 KB, 1080x1920, _20170411_173145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sorry, I probably should have said cast, not plaster. I'm not allowed to get the cast wet.
I've just woken up though and most of my swelling seems to have subsided, so I guess it won't be as hard as I anticipated. Yesterday my eyes had swollen up so much I could barely see and so was panicking about how about was going to keep anything clean lol

Thanks for the advice though. I've been gently wiping and dabbing with cotton pads and toner and it seems to be doing the trick.

>> No.9434069

Same Anon you replied to before.
Ouchies. Poor Anon, that looks horrible!
Considering how much gear you have on your face right now, I think I'd stick by my earlier suggestion. There's just no way to get to properly clean the little skin you can really get to...
Are you into Korean/Asian skincare?
Cosrx has a aha/bha clarifying treatment toner which can actually do pretty well for cleansing. You can use that with a cotton ball for the spots you can reach. But you should probably follow it with a moisturising toner before following with your usual steps...

>> No.9434082

Kind of unrelated but has anyone in Canada ordered Japanese skincare products through Amazon? I ordered 6 of em with regular shipping though different sellers and it's been a month, is that normal? The most i've waited on amazon has been about 2-3 weeks, i'm getting worried.

>> No.9434448

What was the procedure like? I have a somewhat deviated septum but not bad enough to require surgery. After seeing >>9433822 it looks pretty invasive!

To keep the thread on topic though, I'd recommend getting some solid ground rules from your surgeon or nurse first. Personally I'd stick to some water-soaked cotton pads and gently clean the exposed areas but they may let you use some actual products.

>> No.9434459

Are derma rollers really that bad for your skin? I bought a 1mm one last week.

>> No.9434706

>what was the procedure like?

Well I mean I was unconscious so I don't really remember, but open septoplasty/rhinoplasty is pretty invasive because they literally cut your nose open from the base and then use a hook to pull the now singular hole backwards. In my case though I had a congenital breathing defect that made it so that every time I inhaled my nostrils would clamp shut. The cartilage was really, really thin and flexible, so what my surgeon did was remove cartilage from a bump I had in the center of my nose and grafted it onto the walls of my nostrils + shortened the tip of my nose to make the nostrils wider. Mine was about as invasive as it got. Obviously I haven't been able to see the results yet, I won't be able to properly for months, but my surgeon said the result looked fantastic so I'm optimistic.

If you're talking about how difficult recovery has been I'm not going to lie, it's pretty difficult. Funny thing I've learned about nosejobs is that there actually really isn't any pain. Your actual 'nose' doesn't really hurt, but you do get so unbelievably swollen and congested to the point that it's almost like you are in pain, even though you're not. I honestly think the worst thing about this has been the leaking. I have a cast on to minimise swelling but obviously my entire face has puffed up any way, but because my nose can only swell so much, where does the rest of the fluid go? Well, it all comes out your nose and down the back of your throat. Your nose is constantly streaming hot, sticky, liquid mucus and it dries and it hardens and it never fucking stops, even when you're lying down.

The only thing I can say is that, if you really, REALLY want your nose corrected/a nicer nose then the suffering of recovery is something that won't even enter your mind. I have to say though, having had it done it now, if the surgery didn't work and I still couldn't breathe afterwards I wouldn't have this done again. It's pretty miserable.

>> No.9434784

Wow! Thank you for the descriptive response. It's so fascinating how surgeons can work and take parts of your body to fix others. It sounds like you actually needed it though to not breathe through your mouth so I hope everything comes out successful in the end!

>> No.9434989

Does anyone use skincare products from lush or are they a waste of money? They smell fantastic but I'm weary of if they actually work

>> No.9435076

Disclaimer: I worked at Lush as a seasonal hire a while back, so grain of salt et al. I'd say out of all their skincare products their clay masks are probably the best things they put out, and after that would be their facial cleansers (kinda). Can't say they're the best idea though, given how rough they can get vs AB product. When I was using Dark Angels I would import the version from Japan because the formula used a much finer exfoliant.

Ocean Salt is pretty effective for making your hands nice and soft though.

>> No.9435996

How do I use cleansing oil properly if I am not wearing any makeup? Am I supposed to emulsify it or wipe water off my skin first?

>> No.9436513

I swear by Lush skin care. I use Let The Good Times Roll for an exfoliating cleanser for my super dry skin. I like that I can adjust how gritty I want it to be by how much water I mix into the paste. I also really like the moisturizers. I use Skin's Shangri La.

>> No.9436558

I use a mattifying moisturiser in the morning which tends to dry my face out a bit, so I just bought La Neige's water sleeping mask to see if it'll help. Is there anything else I can add to my skincare regime to help with moisture?

For reference I cleanse with Eucerin Dermopurifyer cleanser, moisturise with Eucerin Dermopurifyer Hydrating care, and sunscreen is Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector. Sometimes I use the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads at night when I remember.

>> No.9436663

It really varies. The Dark Angels scrub was recommended to me, but it's so rough that it just eviscerated my skin. But the Angels on Bare Skin version of the scrub is just lovely. So don't assume that any of their products are good for your face just because they say they're for your face.

>> No.9436680

Why does my skin feel perfect in the morning (soft and smooth, no bumps, not dry or oily but perfectly moist) but any other part of the day it's gross?

If he doesn't understand the plus sides for yourself, then I'd bring up what the plus sides are for him - you'll look younger for longer.

>> No.9436693

I get those pimples too, and I notice I haven't got them in a while now that I carry a lipbalm with me and moisturise right down to the edges of my mouth. I noticed I got a lot of dried skin cells around there which I never exfoliated or kept moisturised.

I recommend you get a scrub brush that can reach your back to exfoliate it. Eventually the top layers of skin will flake away, and your scar should fade. I've had scars from years ago go away like this, including a burn from a jaffle maker. Hasn't ridden me of a couple of deeper scars though. If your scars are deeper, than consider the derm. Also scars get worse when exposed to UVs, so keep suncreen'd.

>> No.9436698

I'm thinking of getting a nosejob. You got any before and afters?

>> No.9436702

It works amazingly to remove makeup, but the other anon mentioning the issue with parabens has me concerned now.
I'll use miceller water if that's not full of crap. Otherwise, it's back to oil cleansing.

>> No.9436716

When traveling by plane, how do you gulls deal with limits on creams and liquids? I won't be able to bring my usual moisturizing, cleanser and toner on a trip I'm taking next month and I have no idea what I'm going to do for the week I'm out of the country without my usual products.

>> No.9436768

I decant into travel bottles or jars. You can fill a lot of shit into the limited liquid bag allowance, I've traveled plenty out of country with no issue. Also obviously if I can put the shit in my suitcase instead, I will. But I'm assuming you're doing it with just a carry-on?

>> No.9436774

>just a carry-on
That's the idea, but I might bring my very small suitcase instead just so I don't have to get travel bottles/jars and fill them for this one trip. Thanks for the suggestions!

>> No.9437531
File: 35 KB, 453x680, 1490762244021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you deal with dark buttocks?
My skin is pale (pic somewhat related) but my butt isn't.

I tried exfoliating daily with a random body scrub I bought in a drugstore and that helped a little but it's still dark for my skintone. I was reading that maybe lemon or aloe vera gel could help, but I'm not sure.

Help, I don't want to be one of those overly photoshopped cosplayers.

>> No.9437540

pls don't use lemon on your skin!

>> No.9437546

Don't have the issue myself so no personal suggestions here, but I've heard that Kojie-san whitening soap works for some. Problem is it really needs to sit for a minute, or so I've heard, so if you'd use it in the shower I guess you'd need to find a way to not wash it off or turn off the water for a bit. There are whitening creams but those are largely temporary.

>> No.9437808

I do cleansing oil straight on to my face, then water/emulsify and wash it off

I find the cleansers too scented and expensive for what they are. My skin doesn't react or change that much based on my cleanser, it's what I put on after that seems to make the difference. Haven't tried facial masks and moisturisers because I already have some that work well for me. Others love them; it's all a your mileage may vary thing/everyone's skin reacts differently.

>> No.9437814

What if you shower twice a day but only use soap and abrasives every other day? Does it still strip the oil away as badly? I've been taking two showers a day, sometimes... up to 5 showers a day for many years and my skin is very soft. I get compliments all the time about how soft my skin is.

>> No.9438011
File: 184 KB, 642x1188, Snapchat-1300692669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT apply lemon to your skin ever. The PH is way too acidic.
What you're describing however is just a consequence of particular skintone. I take it in your case you have a warm/olive skintone? This is caused as a result of the skin producing a melanin called eumelanin, whereas people who has the reverse pinkish discolouration are affected by pheomelanins.

There isn't really any way to 'cure' it per-say because it's not really a condition, but if it bothers you that then exfoliation to remove a build-up of skin cells is good and you should continue that. Barring that the only other option is bleaching.


Kind of. You can't really see the full shape yet because I'm all bound up in a cast that isn't coming off until the 24th, but from what I can see so far it's a definite improvement imo.

>> No.9438288

>:3 well well well

>> No.9438317
File: 411 KB, 500x271, 1410200439438.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even though you keep saying it's miserable and you wouldn't do it again, seeing this process from day zero to now makes me think if i ever had/ elected to get work done on my nose that the recovery would be extremely fast.
i would much rather be moderately uncomfortable for a few days than have something slightly uncomfortable long-term, personally.

>> No.9438354


Thank you gulls.
I guess I'll stick to exfoliation then. It's kinda depressing tho, I don't like my butt at all.

>> No.9438469

While on the topic of lemon, what do you guys think of that honey and lemon juice face mask? Is it okay or is no amount of honey enough to accompany lemon?

>> No.9438502

That is so many fucking showers anon.

>> No.9438581

I see you still haven't kicked your internet addiction.

I used the Kojie-san whitening soap before, and I believe it had a whitening effect on my skin (I'm already pretty pale to begin with.) Just make sure to use sunscreen with it as well. And yes, it does need to "set" to take effect. Careful, it's not meant for sensitive skin.

I'd also like to know. I saw Taylor R's skincare secrets video (or whatever it's called) and she said to use a coconut sugar and lemon exfoliating scrub/mask in it. Has anyone tried this before?

>> No.9438619

jfc seek help man

>> No.9438627

I had mine done (aesthetics only, my breathing was fine) and it really wasn't that bad aside from slight nausea when I woke up.
I believe it has a lot to do with the type of surgery, they also removed my cast after the third day and I didn't have my entire face wrapped in bandages like you.
Just commenting so those who asked can see, wish you the best of luck on your recovery!

>> No.9438731

Well I mean we're both posting in the same thread. I just want to talk about skincare, give and hopefully receive some advice though, I really don't want to start shit please.

Also Taylor was using a lemon scrub concoction as a result of bad advice no doubt. Please don't use it because the Ph is way too acidic for the skin and would require an immediate alkaline neutraliser to not result in gradual, long-term damage. If you're looking for a good exfoliator then anything with charcoal is generally a good investment. LUSH do a really nice scrub called Coalface that I couldn't recommend enough.

>> No.9438743

You need to get into dermarolling/dermaneedling. Dermarolling + Vitamin C serum = no more stretch marks!

>> No.9438755

Would this be an appropriate thread to ask about antiperspirants?

>> No.9438771

Lemon juice and sugar breaks me out big time, would not recommend for face or body. I stupidly thought a lemon/sugar scrub would help with the acne scars on my back and face because vitamin c + exfoliation. Instead I had irritated skin and a bad breakout. I think it strips things too much - I only had it on my skin for like 30-60 seconds in the shower but I was kinda scrubbing my back with it

>> No.9438789


Jesus, I didn't know that nosejobs could even have such a fast recovery time. I think maybe mine has probably been worse just because it was medical. They broke my entire nose, took the cartilage from my bump and used it as batten grafts to strengthen my nostrils and then reset the whole thing. On the second day my eyes swelled up much I could barely see and I'm only just getting the feeling back in my front teeth and upper palate because apparently the nerve connected to those runs past your nose.

I'm actually kind of bummed out because I thought my cast was coming off today, but it turns out I just needed my stitches out and my nose vacuumed (did they vacuum your nose?). I have to keep the cast on for another week which ofc means I still can't wash my face for another week.

How was your result though? What did they do they and are you happy with it?

>> No.9438806

Yeah, I mean I guess it's easy to make frivolous statements like that after I've actually been lucky enough to have a rhino. Even though I'm a lot better now though, all I remember during the first 4 days is "This is hell. This is actual hell". The sheer level of discomfort and feeling like your face is going to explode at all hours of the day can really not be understated, but I think I must have had one hell of a heavy-duty nosejob so you'd probably have an easier experience.

>> No.9439180

I decant anything creamy or lotion-y into (new, unused, and sanitized) contact lens cases. I have travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I refill with my preferred ones that I use at home. The contact cases are so tiny that there's plenty of space left over for other stuff like my full sized hand cream, sunscreen, and santizer.

Sometimes I forget stuff like my bb cream tube and lip gloss in my makeup bag instead of my ziplock of liquids but they've never stopped me for it.

>> No.9439437

Throughout all my trials and tribulations over the years the one solid thing I've learned about skincare is that everybody is different, something that works great for one person is not necessarily going to work for you, and to just keep trying everything until you find what it is that does.

But yes, avoid lemon. Always avoid lemon.

>> No.9439721

thanks for reminding me to buy a roller, anon. not who you were responding to but i've been meaning to get one for months now. i went ahead with the 1mm size; hoping it's suited to my needs (sensitive, dry skin. no acne scarring, just trying to prevent premature aging). i read this might also help with stretch marks?

>> No.9439728
File: 42 KB, 266x253, ケーキ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeaaah but as formentioned, this was a much more invasive surgery than you'd probably read about online. i know you probably researched a lot in the months before. just curious, what's your pain tolerance for things like headaches, sprained joints, etc?

>> No.9440009

My pain tolerance is actually reasonably high, but I have to reiterate that it wasn't really a pain issue so I much as an intense discomfort one.
You ever had a cold so bad that your entire nose was complete blocked and hit could only breathe by gasping through your mouth? For me it was like that x 5, coupled with enormous feeling of pressure in my skull that I could only escape through sleeping, which I couldn't do because A. I had to sleep upright for the first 3 nights, B. I kept waking up every 20 mins with dry, cracking tongue through breathing through my mouth, and C., the continuous stream of warm, sticky, liquid mucus that is flowing out of both nostrils 24/7, which turns ice cold as soon as it exits your nose and quickly begins to harden and build up. It was hellish, extreme mental and physical exhaustion without any opportunity for real rest.
That been said though, I obviously had work done that was a bit more than a basic nosejob, so if somebody wanted a nosejob bad enough I would always encourage them to get it, preferably as early as possible. We only get a brief opportunity to experience youth so we might as well spend it looking pretty.

>> No.9440469

I use Palmer's lotion. I started using it because of my anemia. I developed splotches everywhere and ive been using it since. it will leave your skin feeling greasy for about 30 minutes or so, but it blends stretch marks, scars, and imperfections pretty well.

>> No.9440614

Hey came here from /g/ someone said you guys have the know how. Is there a wiki or something I can read to fix my face?

>> No.9440625
File: 16 KB, 320x320, FB_IMG_1461999527511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, if you're looking for comprehensive, well-written guides, I would start with Reddit's /r/SkincareAddiction and go from there. Good luck!

>> No.9440737

Start slowly. I'm going to assume you have nothing. Start with a moisturizer, then add a cleanser. If you care about wrinkles (which you should) add sunscreen. If you have acne, add an American toner or an active. If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask, but I agree with the above anon that SCA is an excellent resource for skincare that's actually based in science.

>> No.9440826
File: 1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-19-12-13-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anons, I've been wanting to clear my skin up lately and I'm wondering if anyone here could reccommend me what to do with pic related (sorry for the lighting)

I drink 2 litres of water a day, rub a bit of coconut oil into my face after my shower and lightly wipe it off after 5 mins

My skin is pale and sensitive, and it has a few tiny flesh coloured bumps on it that are mostly unnoticeable unless up close. There's also some very light redness. If somebody could tell me what it is then I'll look into what I could do about it and post back

Thanks anons!

>> No.9440833

Could be closed comedones caused by the coconut oil. Have you tried any other kind of moisturizer?

>> No.9440840

Those do look like closed comedones, and if that's the case then it's probably that coconut oil just isn't right for you and you should probably stop using it. I don't know if you know but coconut oil actually has quite a high comedogenic rating which means it's notorious for causing blackheads and acne. There's not that many people who are suitable for regular usage with it.

My advice would be to suspend usage of the coconut oil, get yourself some 5% benzoyl peroxide and use that for a while to open up all those clogged pores, and once clear find another moisturising alternative. I personally recommend sweet almond oil (it has to be sweet almond oil, not bitter, bitter is toxic).

>> No.9440853
File: 1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-19-12-47-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another picture in different lighting

I actually have some at home already. I forgot about it. Thanks!

What would you anons reccommend for clear, pale smooth looking skin? And what about Korean skincare, would it be too harsh? My skin is very sensitive

>> No.9440854

oh, and no I haven't tried any other moisturizer. my bad

>> No.9440862

To be honest Anon not every routine works for every individual. You need to experiment with different products and find out what you feel works best for you over time.

>> No.9441234
File: 29 KB, 326x238, IMG_1578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been battling with my skin forever, but lately my biggest concern are these giant enlarged pores on my cheeks on either side of my nose. They're inevitably from my acne filled days, but literally any makeup I put on looks like the lunar surface on my face. I want to actually fix my skin as opposed to just covering it up for the rest of my life. What should I do, gulls? Not me but pic related.

>> No.9441270


Hi anon, dermatology student here. I wouldn't recommend using coconut oil!! It is comedogenic which means that even if you wipe it off it stays in your pores and can cause your acne! I would recommend a drug store moisturizer that is oil free and specifically says non-comedogenic. I think you might also benefit from using an antihistamine regularly, and try to change your pillow case every other day

>> No.9441506

I've found, surprisingly, that N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (aka NAC) as a supplement helps me out. I find I don't "scan" nearly as much and even when I do, my picking sessions are much shorter. You can find it at GNC if you're looking for an in-store location rather than online.

My question for the thread, though, is what to do about god awful cystic spots on my butt and back of my thighs? When they flare up they hurt like a bitch and I end up picking at them to try to get them to stop hurting, and now I have a bunch of awful hyperpigmented scars.

>> No.9441540

I have huge enlarged pores too. With makeup, I will go for mattes. Avoid highlighters and bronzers in areas where you've got the larger pores. Normally the large pores come with oily skin which add to the shine. I find that spraying on a finishing spray first before your other layers and again after using a powder at the end really helps as well as oil blotting sheets and bringing pressed powder with me. I swear by Urban Decay's all night matte setting spray.

>> No.9442199

Your skin is dehydrated. I would use a hydrating toner or a moisturizer. My skin looked like this pic and not anymore

>> No.9442228
File: 11 KB, 355x355, 51v810H+cUL._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what to do about god awful cystic spots on my butt and back of my thighs?
I've got the exact same problem as you, anon. I still haven't gotten around to picking this stuff up, but from all the reviews I've read it does wonders

>> No.9442281

Honestly, if you have pores, you cannot "shrink" them or get rid of them. I say this as someone with similar pores. However, what you can do is make sure you are using a good chemical exfoliant to get rid of the build-up in them, and you can try following this routine: https://fiftyshadesofsnail.com/2015/03/28/how-to-shrink-pores-temporarily-plus-3-pore-myths/

I have found good chemical exfoliation plus a good hydrating routine helps mine be less noticeable. Oil cleansing can also do wonders. I would also recommend avoiding full-coverage or heavy foundations myself, and I personally avoid mattes because I feel they sit in my pores. However, it really depends on the look you enjoy, so experimentation is key.

>> No.9442426

3 things helps me:
1) Inositol supplements! It especially takes the edge of my "unconscious" picking, where I pick without knowing and don't realize until I feel blood under my nails
2) Limiting things that makes me stressed (I know, such a lame answer but it works)
3) Keeping my nails SUPER short, it makes picking harder

>> No.9444524

is it a bad idea to mix to creams into one? I want to mix a moisturizer and a sunscreen, I don't have much time in the morning so I want to be able to put them both on at the same time.

>> No.9444726

Yes, it's generally a bad idea. The components could clash if you are applying everything at the same time instead of layering them.
You still have the option of moisturizer with some built-in uv protection.

>> No.9444758

true, but I've heard that moisturizers with built-in sunscreen are usually not as good as two separate products.

>> No.9445091
File: 85 KB, 1000x1000, 1475881018882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have to use sunscreen every time I go out? Even when it's not summer?

>> No.9445114

The sun still exists even when it's not shining brightly Anon. You don't HAVE to use sunscreen everyday, but if you do you'll be very grateful that you did when you're older.

>> No.9445120

Yes! At least on your face and neck to prevent obvious signs of aging. And don't be fooled by the clouds! The sun's rays still shine through even if it feels cool outside. *Technically* a full bottle of sunscreen should barely last more than a week but as long as you apply some on your face/body 15-30 minutes before heading out and again every 2 hours then you should be fine.

I'm a redhead who burns easily and while I always put sunscreen on my face and neck, I don't put any on my body unless I plan on actually being outside for long periods of time. Such is the life of spending most of my time studying indoors with minimal access to windows even.

>> No.9445141

I see, thanks. Sounds like a bit of a hassle but I guess I should start doing that. I had pretty much only been using sunscreen whenever I went at the beach during summer till now.

>> No.9445241

There are plenty of moisturizers and makeup with SPF in them, so that makes it a little easier. Apparently there's some import ban on Japanese sunscreen containing alcohol (maybe someone else can expand on that because I'm still a little unclear about it) but most American, European, and Korean products should ship to your country just fine.

If you have access to a Sephora, they have this kit with various sun-safe skin products to try. I bought one in hopes of finding a new moisturizer or foundation with SPF as my current ones aren't doing much for me.


>> No.9446207
File: 698 KB, 2300x1541, IMG_20170423_143557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any tips on breaking the habit of picking? It's probably my worst habit of all. Pic related is how my arm skin looks when it's relatively "clear". Its sort of a vicious cycle. I pick at a bump, bump turns into scab, scab itches and I feel more bumps to pick at.

>> No.9446238

Agreeing with your other replies: It's the coconut oil. It's know for being comedogenic, and despite what tumblr says, not everyone will tolerate it. If you absolutely want to go with oils instead of a mainstream routine, try argan or hemp for sensitive skin.

>> No.9446276

I was doing really well wearing proper and safe sunscreen for over a year, until I started getting allergic reations from any kind I tried, including the ones that never gave me allergies before. So I've had to stop using them altogether, and now I'm really worried on how I can continue to protect my skin from the sun without sunscreen. Does anyone have suggestions? I do wear a sun hat but the rays can still reach my face through reflections, etc. I just don't want to age any more :(

>> No.9446290

What are some ways of resurfacing skin that don't involve acids? (My skin dislikes AHAs in concentrations high enough to matter.) Am I just stuck with manual exfoliation or papaya/pineapple extracts? Has anyone used NIOD's Non Acid Precursor?

>> No.9446341

I do the same. I've been picking at my skin (my face) for at least ten years now. I recently tried something called "urge surfing" and it seems promising so far. I think, "okay, just wait ten seconds. if you still want to pick your skin, you can." I count out ten seconds. Then I move it to fifteen and twenty second waiting periods while I breathe and focus on not giving in to the urge for that amount of seconds. I keep lengthening the time until I am able to walk away from the mirror, or switch activities, take a break, whatever to stop picking. This method seems promising so far. Try it out, see if it works for you.

>> No.9446352

I can't give you a sunscreen rec, but I just bought a roll of UV film to cover the windows of my house after reading great reviews about it's effectiveness of blocking UV rays. I got mine from Amazon. Check the AsianBeauty subreddit for in-depth sunscreen reviews, there are bound to be others with similar skin concerns. A general rule of thumb is to go for ones without alcohol/fragrance as they are common irritants. You might need a physical one instead of chemical based.

>> No.9446677
File: 105 KB, 960x952, 1490063931239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys use any "natural" skin remedies? Apparently lemon is a no-no, but what about things like apple cider vinegar, egg, baking soda, honey, sugar scrub, essential oils, olive oil, etc. Obviously all should be real raw/organic stuff. I'm just wondering which of these things are /cgl/ skincare approved.

>> No.9446985

baking soda is horrid for skin, especially the face, bad pH. essential oils can be really irritating when undiluted and some even diluted are bad idea. people are morons when it comes to "natural" stuff, they think if the word is long it's bad and can't possibly occur in nature, but if you can eat it then it goes on your face fine. guess i'll rub jalapeno on my eyes then. def be source-critical of the recipes you are looking at, anything that talks of "toxins" or "chemicals" is not a wise source.

>> No.9447012

It's a little hard to give recommendations when you don't share what brand or ingredient/ingredients caused the problem to begin with....

>> No.9447052

I'm not super into them, I went through a phase of trying DIY face and hair masks and basically all the 'rich' ingredients like honey and oils would break me out, and I'm not even acne prone. But I think some like sugar scrubs and certain oils are great to use on the body where your skin is generally less sensitive. Just do some proper research and try to find scientific perspectives rather than home mom health blogs before you put anything all over your face.

>> No.9447121

I'd be interested in follow ups, especially how your skin is after the cast is removed and how you take care of it after. If I had a nosejob it would probably have to be a horribly invasive septorhinoplasty too, but I still really want it.

Long-term lurker here. I normally leave my skin alone as I get tiny spots when I do anything much with it, but I'm trying to make more of an effort. I'm going to try a cosrx essence and SPF, and some LUSH stuff. It shouldn't hurt, right?

>> No.9447220

I actually had my cast removed a few hours ago! Unfortunately I hadn't showered that morning specifically because I was so looking forward to being able to get home and finally rinse my face down in the shower, so I didn't take any pics before.... they went and put another cast on my face. I had no idea I was getting another one, but this time it's just some medical tape and a little cushioned shield/guard type thing and the whole setup is 'only' covering my nose this time and not my forehead/cheeks.
I did get to see my face briefly after my first cast was removed and it was shocking looking in the mirror. The difference is pretty immense, the woman in the reflection didn't look like me at all, but actually there was still so much swelling it was too early to make a judgement on how good it looked. My skin itself was covered in sticky residue from the tape and 14 day old blood so I can't comment on that too much, but actually the condition of it is looking pretty bad, I've noticed my acne coming back since I haven't been able to do any of my routine for 2 weeks.

They also removed the large internal splints I had sewn on the inside of my nostrils, and that experience actually managed to trump all of the difficulty of the initial recovery. Having those taken out was hands down the worst physical experience of my life. They were pushed all the way up to my eyeballs and when they removed them it was like vomiting an elephant out of my nose. I actually yelled "OH GOD" really loudly when they did it, it was so embarrassing, but apparently everybody reacts that way, even the men.

I'm getting this cast removed on May the 2nd in a week so I can do a proper followup with pictures then if you'd like. Just out of curiosity, what makes you think you'd require the more invasive version of the procedure?

Also maybe it'd be good to have a cosmetic surgery/surgery general thread? idk, I'm assuming there are anons in here who've had procedures.

>> No.9447241

Don't be lazy and just use them separately. Put your moisturizer, let it sink then your sunscreen

>> No.9447242

UV rays are still there even without the sun out

>> No.9447409

Congrats on surviving the splints, I've heard they're the worst part! I can imagine the swelling is pretty bad - it normally is even for "simple" nose jobs. I'd definitely be really interested in more follow up pictures and I'd be up for a surgery thread. And I have a pretty deviated septum, so any procedure I had definitely wouldn't just be cosmetic.

>> No.9447440

Ah I saw, yeah a deviated septum would require them to break your nose and re-set it and you'd probably have the internal packing and splint ordeal too.

But yeah, damn girl, those fucking splints. Everybody told me they were bad and while I believed them, I kind of thought that maybe they were exaggerating a bit. They really weren't. They really, really weren't. I'm not gonna say it hurt, because it didn't really, the sensation was so far out of anything I've experience it has legit traumatised me a bit aha

>> No.9447477

>perfected skin regime
>suddenly start developing comodones everywhere
>stopped washing face religiously twice a day
>comodones go away

I don't know what to do with my skin, though. I try to keep it hydrated, but it doesn't have a smooth texture and when I raise my brows, my forehead wrinkles (which is new for me).

>> No.9447791

Noob question.

I always exfoliate my nose but I decided to use a black-head removal mask that I had but never used.
When I took it off, there were several little white hard hairs? Were those hairs or some kind of weid oil?

>> No.9447795

Start using retinoids

Sebaceous filaments

>> No.9447902

Nope. Don't use baking soda, it's awful for your skin. Essential oils are dangerous if you don't dilute them enough and some are comodogenic. Honey or sugar scrub, maybe. Though I wouldn't use sugar on my face, seems a bit rough to me. But it could be okay on the rest of your body. I also personally wouldn't buy anything 'organic' as it's basically a scam and organically farmed stuff is often a lot worse for the environment than standard stuff due to the pesticides used in organic farming being untested, and more of them needing to be used because they're less effective. I've heard egg can be good for your hair. Idk be careful where you get your 'natural'/diy skincare ideas. The way I see it is, skincare companies actually know what they're doing, whereas throwing random shit on your face that you saw on someone's blog is likely to end badly.

But, it is your skin, and experiment with it if you want to. Use caution. If in doubt about the safety of something don't use it, or at least ask on here or on the skincareaddiction or asianbeauty subreddits. Cosdna can also be helpful. Sorry for rant.

>> No.9448113

I use actives already (azeliac acid and CORX's BHA). But I guess I can try that Neutrogena cream with some retinol, because it seems gentle enough. Thanks for the recc!

>> No.9448222

Have any of you tried products with donkey milk? I picked up a sheet mask and overnight mask, I'm pretty stoked to try them.

>> No.9448638

It's a complete meme. Milk is comprised of little more than lactase, fat, water and pregnancy hormones, and applying to your skin does absolutely nothing, regardless of what animal it comes from.

>> No.9448850

Do you think it could be hormonal, maybe?

>> No.9449158

these are all a no
>baking soda
>sugar scrub
>olive oil

under the I guess if you really want to category

Diluted is okay
>essential oils (depends on which one)

natural does not mean better when it comes to skin care, this is a fucking myth

>> No.9449842
File: 98 KB, 709x765, 608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be eurofag
> want korean cosmetics
> discover koreacosmetics.eu
> their prices are actually normal
> look at shipping info
> shipping cost is kind of divided to eastern countries and "rest of the EU"
> assume that my country counts as "rest of the EU"
> make order, want to add address
> they only ship to like 10 countries, excluding mine

jfc why is it so hard for us to get korean cosmetics and not pay triple the price?

>> No.9450500

Okay, so I'm interested in anal bleaching. Any recommendations, seagulls?

I'm having a hard time finding a place that does the service, but I bought a cream and I'm using that.

Have any of you had success with this stuff? Any tips?

>> No.9450648

suggestions for lightening cream/bleaching cream for bikini area and armpits?

>> No.9450667

why not just order from a korean shop w free shipping? you can just wait a day between orders and break up ur orders to escape customs.

>> No.9450701

Can you recommend a korean shop? Whenever I google anything, just overpriced western stuff, ads or sponsored reviews appear.

I'd have to make orders under 22€ to not pay customs and even then I have to pay a 10€ handling fee, but I guess I'll see how everything adds up desu

>> No.9450931

Jolse offers shipping in the cost. RoseRoseShop and Testerkorea pay by the weight

>> No.9451002 [DELETED] 

>I see you still haven't kicked your internet addiction
I know who you are now, and I have to say after everything I read last night I don't hate you, but I do feel extremely sorry for you. All this abuse and consistent spamming about me, it was you all along wasn't it? And after I reached out to you on Skype after your incident and tried to be kind because I thought you were going through a difficult time and would appreciate support from somebody that understood your situation. What a sad affair. You need help.

>> No.9451043

My skin becomes horrible the week before my period, and my insomnia during that time doesn't help. Oily, whiteheads and those obnoxiously large flat pimples that can't be popped.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there anything you do differently to combat it, and how do you deal with those huge pimples (that can't really be hidden)? I do change my pillowcase and drink lots of water.

>> No.9451094
File: 143 KB, 500x708, 1439591664731.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use olive and other "natural" oils as the first step of my facial cleansing routine - I'll wet my face, rub it down with oil, rinse off, then use my cleanser. Also sugar + oil makes a great scrub, just not on your face! I've used raw honey in my hair treatments a few times; I'll just heat it a few seconds in the microwave to let the hydrogen peroxide evaporate. Otherwise, I've heard it can lighten your hair!
Baking soda fucked my hair and face up, big time. A drop of essential oil in a hair treatment is great; essential oils on my face fucking sucked. I've swiped ACV on my face before, which was pretty harsh; I've stuck to salycylic acid pads since then. Egg in a hair treatment is fucking awesome; you just have to make sure you rinse it out with cold water, otherwise you'll have scrambled egg in your hair!

>> No.9451115

I don't think this thread is the right place to post your drama, anon.

>> No.9451183

I've got one month until the con, just got my dose of Accutane bumped up, it's my last hope, if I can't drink I'd at least like to look pretty!

>> No.9451196

I'm not Mystery.jpg. Just a random anon. I have never spoken to you on Skype and have no idea what you're on about. More than one person thinks you're an attention seeking whore, jsyk.

Speaking of sebaceous fillaments, does anyone know any super strong blackhead pulling masks that work better than the biore pore strips? Mine refuse to budge with the drugstore strips, and I want to know if you all have any better luck with something stronger.

>> No.9451220

Whatever dude, I actually don't even care who you are, just stop exporting drama to places where it's unnecessary.

Just FYI though it's not a good idea to excise your sebaceous filaments mechanically. I know it can be unsightly and frustrating when they start to accumulate around your nose, but try to avoid squeezing them if possible because you're only going to cause more harm than good. You're not going to be able to find a strip that can remove them that doesn't simultaneously damage your skin. You're best just sticking to gentle exfoliation, light massages in the shower and chemical exfoliators such as retinoids benzoyl peroxide. Never together though.

>> No.9451223 [DELETED] 

>I actually don't even care who you are

lol sure

>> No.9451251 [DELETED] 

I don't think you'd blame me for being paranoid after waking up to somebody linking you to a lolcow page with a shitload of some legitimately crazy, BPD bitch's posts tagged, spamming about how she's hallucinating seeing me in places I don't even visit and how she wants to kill me because she keeps having dreams that I stole her greasy, hook-nosed cuck of a boyfriend. Look at this shit, it's fucking nuts.


>> No.9451279 [DELETED] 

It's pretty well-established that Mystery.jpg is absolutely insane and everything she posts is just a reflection of her own deep, deep insecurities and she has really big issues with women because she sees them not as humans but only as competition. I know it's difficult for you, but try to be less self-absorbed for one second and realize that you are not the only person she has done this to. Yeah, those posts are fucking weird. But have you seen the rest of what she posted on that other imageboard? You are one of a thousand women that she despises for no reason than her own insecurity. There is nothing you can do but pity that foul beast.

Why would you even reach out to her if you knew she was obsessed over you for some stupid reason?

You're going to get this thread nuked if you keep bringing this up, Spoony. Better to just let it go and realize that your past actions have annoyed more than one person.

>> No.9451291
File: 905 KB, 750x5140, 90Day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I reached out to her it was when her nudes got leaked. I just felt so bad for her, I thought maybe she could have used somebody to talk to. I had no idea she was pulling all this shit on the side. Man what a slap to the face.
You're completely right though, and ofc I always act before I think. It's just like, fuck it was her all a long. Fucking creepy.

>> No.9451294
File: 727 KB, 696x1166, 1452202233705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting another guide, but I would recommend ignoring the pig collagen one. Collagen molecules are too far too large to be absorbed via the skin or the gut. Take bother taking collagen tablets, you'll just end up with very expensive urine.
As a general rule collagen can only be created yourself or injected.

>> No.9451326

Sorry for being a dick, you're really being mature about this now. I'm sorry for you that you're one of her victims, but you should probably try to let her go as much as you can. Living your whole life being paranoid is exhausting as fuck.

These charts are great btw.

>> No.9451339
File: 78 KB, 700x743, sub-buzz-21694-1487176855-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not being a dick at all. I'm all hindsight and no foresight and I know it makes me do and say things that make me look a total knob. I'm trying to learn to stop and take a deep breath before I act.
>living your whole life being paranoid is exhausting as fuck
I'll drink some green tea to that.

>> No.9451344
File: 179 KB, 750x1540, skinchart-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9452355

Is oil cleansing a good idea for me? I have pretty dry skin but I also used to have very bad acne (mostly gone now thanks to accutane and other treatments). I'm afraid putting oil on my face will make me break out. Also what moisturisers do you recommend for dry skin?

>> No.9452667

Do any of you have any opinions on the new PHA moisturising cream from Cosrx, or PHAs in general?

>> No.9452672

I've found oil cleansing before using my normal cleanser prevented my face from being as dry as usual, without any breakouts, so it works for me! I really love CeraVe's classic moisturizing lotion - even the generic Walmart version seems to absorb fast and keep my skin happy and moist. Have you tried moisturizing from the inside out by taking virgin coconut/olive/flaxseed oil? Eating avocado every day will do the same thing!

>> No.9452695

Whether or not it breaks you out will depend on the cleanser and on your skin. I got an awful breakout from a cheap oil cleanser (I think because it had derivatives of coconut oil in it) but I use the Rice Water Bright Light cleansing oil from The Face Shop and it hasn't broken me out. It does a good job of taking off makeup and sunblock. My sister borrows it to remove her fake tan as well. We both have combination/oily skin prone to acne.

>> No.9452924

Thanks I might try CeraVe's lotion!
>taking virgin coconut/olive/flaxseed oil
Do you mean taking oil supplements/tablets? I've never tried that lol.

>Whether or not it breaks you out will depend on the cleanser and on your skin
So what kind of chemicals should I avoid? I heard coconut oil causes breakouts, is there anything else I need to look out for when buying an oil cleanser?

>> No.9452938

Bumping my question since it got buried by the drama.

>> No.9453298

I change up my routine - I get pimples the week of my period all over my chin and around my mouth and my forehead gets oily. My changes are: use benzoyl peroxide on my whole forehead as well as spot treatment, use thinner moisturizers, and use my retin-A less often (for some reason it freaks my skin out during that time but is amazing used daily the rest of the month). Depending on whether it's your skin wanting more moisture (dehydrated oily) or just being more oily you could look at things that are more drying or more moisturizing.

>> No.9453313

Talk to your doctor. It sounds like you're describing cystic acne, which is more to do with hormone imbalance than cleanliness when your period is involved.

>> No.9453440


I recently changed my pillow head aswell as the bed sheets

They were here for 2.5 years before I changed them

>> No.9453606

If you wear makeup and/or sunscreen, I would recommend oil cleansing coz it helps break those down. If you dont wear them, I would recommend micellar water or a cleansing water if you are that worried about it. Personally, it's all YMMV.

As for moisturizers, I would find a hydrating toner too and some good ones are like Mizos Recovery Gel, CosRx Honey Ceramide or Rice and if you can afford it, Banila ms honey and mr flower honey cream

>> No.9453668

Well it honestly depends on your own skin. Like for me personally, derivatives of coconut oil give me breakouts. Unfortunately it's hard to know what your skin will react to until it does. I've heard lavender oil can also cause breakouts, as can olive oil, but for some people these are fine. The Rice Water Bright cleansing oil and some of Innisfree's cleansing oils are popular. If you go on Cosdna you can find lists of things that are known to cause breakouts.

>> No.9454352

Never ever ever use lemon juice on your skin! It will make you very sensitive to the sun and you will get burned. Google 'margarita burns'. (or don't, it's pretty gross)

>> No.9454375

Anyone know of ways to treat/prevent nasolabial tfolds? I'm 25 and take really good care of my skin but I'm starting to see them become more prominent :( I'm definitely getting botox once I hit 35 but what can I do about them now?

>> No.9455038
File: 1.82 MB, 2592x1944, 20170429_121525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me /cgl/ I have oily, congested spot prone skin and the past month has been HELL. I feel like the picture doesn't actually show how bad it is. I'm not sure why it has gotten so bad over the past few weeks but it's gotten to the point where iv'e stopped going out and just barricaded myself in my room. I did stop birth control in November last year but i would of thought if BC was the culprit for my acne it would have show up sooner and not 4-5 months after? I did have the odd spot here and there before and while on birth control but nothing like this.

Basically my forehead and temples are covered in tiny bumps (closed comedones?) and my chin is just gross. I haven't really ever had a solid skin routine just using whatever face wash we had in the house and a simple moisturizer. About a month ago i stated using Paulas Choice clear face wash, BHA and sunscreen (which i think makes me more oily but so does every other moisturizer). I used the BHA every 3 days for about 2 weeks then every 2 days for 1 week and now i'm using it every day. During the first 2 weeks I did purge with white heads and pimples. I'm still purging but i seem to be getting less red pimples on my forehead. I'm still getting white heads and red pimples on my chin. In the last week I have also started to use PCs AHA. So i use AHA in the morning and BHA at night, I don't seem to get any dry skin, flakey-ness or irritation using both of these. I'm hoping using the BHA and AHA is just purging my skin and bringing everything to the surface, what do you think? I'm looking for some reassurance or guidance that this will end and that it will eventually get better if i stick to my routine. Iv'e also ordered Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel to use at night because I currently use Dr Organic Skin Clear Moisturizer and i think it just makes me more oily. Urgh this is seriously getting me down and affecting my social life and my relationship :(

>> No.9455039
File: 1.67 MB, 2592x1944, 20170429_121518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to try Nizoral on my forehead today as iv'e heard it can help. Pray for me.

>> No.9455043

I'm so sick of my acne. I'm pretty sure it's hormonal so I ordered some DIM supplements to see if they work. My other options are to go back on the pill (hell no) or to look for androgen inhibitors

>> No.9455078

I'm in the middle of the same problem, anon. The issue is that it's being caused by the muscles under your skin sagging/changing shape, so creams or even fillers are only going to do so much. I've been starting retinoids to try to help the underlying problem, but for a quicker fix see if a facial massage routine works for you. I was really surprised how much this helped me - it's not a permanent fix obviously but it really helped tighten up my skin which made the folks less pronounced.

>> No.9455246
File: 214 KB, 1073x1500, pillow cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just get an anti-allergy zip-up pillowcase. You can throw it in the laundry every few days with a drop of bleach, rinse it well, and it'll be good to go.

>> No.9455278
File: 1.44 MB, 1373x903, yesss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Y'all niggas need to get into facial exercises. I'm 28 and everyone thinks I'm 21. My nasiolabial folds made me so self-conscious they were killing me, and now they're all but gone when I'm not smiling real wide. It's fixed my jawline, the hollowness under my eyes, my sagging cheeks, and my forehead lines (I was a hot fucking mess after college!). I swear by Carolyn's Facial Fitness. It actually raises and fills out the muscles under the skin of your face, which makes facial creams seem way more effective than they already are!

Here's the site:

I bought the full kit, but I didn't need it (the flash cards were super-helpful though!). The value kit is $39.95, which is less than a 1.7oz jar of Shiseido Ibuki Moisturizer Cream. It's way more effective than anything I've ever put on my face. Once you learn the moves, you can do them in less than 15 minutes. You'll have the most powerful tool for looking young the rest of your entire life. It breaks my heart to know that people my age and younger are looking at fillers when there's such a better solution. It's my true Holy Grail, even above Mizon Snail Recovery Gel! At least check it out; you have nothing to lose! I gain no money or compensation from talking about it, I just love it so fucking much I wanna tell the whole world about it! I can't believe it exists!

>> No.9455281

It looks like fungal acne. So the nizoral should help. You can also add in an anti fugal cream to speed up clearing. If it is all fungal you should see results within the week with washing twice a day with nizoral or any anti dandruff shampoo and keeping your skin lightly hydrated. Fungal acne loves wet skin so don't use any sheet masks or heavy creams while it is healing.

>> No.9455621
File: 937 KB, 2400x2400, miconazole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it is fungal, a cheap, easy solution would be to go to your local big-box store and pick up a tube of 7-day miconazole cream. Yes, it says vaginal, but it works anywhere you have fungus or yeast. If i get too hot or sweaty in the summer, I'll get places in the cracks of my legs/under my boobs that just won't go away. This stuff does the trick perfectly! I'll also squirt a dollop of this stuff into a hair treatment if my scalp begins to have that weird, wet, flaky dandruff-like buildup that happens every once in a while. Basically, this stuff perfect for all those weird, sore rashes that just won't go away!

>> No.9455634
File: 90 KB, 640x480, IMG_2923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PSA for anyone interested or in the same boat of having a local Krogers grocery store and liking Cerave - just went shopping and for some reason they have these incorrect tags up (printed out correctly and looking legit too) pricing most Cerave products as $5.99. Bought all the Cerave PM and decided to try out the SA Lotion for this price. Even the workers have no idea why the tags came in wrong.

Might only affect stores in my area though, the Cincinnati-Dayton division. But it wouldn't hurt to look if you're already going out.

>> No.9455636

You sound like a bot, anon. It's all the exclamation points.

>> No.9455655
File: 232 KB, 904x1227, too damn clampy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fug, didn't mean to sound bot-like at all! I'm just really excited and happy I found something that could help everyone, and I wish facial exercises were more popular. They sent my confidence through the roof like nothing else and really changed the game for me. You don't have to use the site I posted; that's just the one I decided to go with after weeks of research on my part. I've seen a lot of other facial exercise techniques and kits, including some from a group called the Ageless Sisters. The first book I ever acquired (pirated off TPB) was an old book called Face Lifting by Exercise, by a lady named Senta Maria Runge. Though the forehead exercise was fucking great (I'll post it if I can find it), the rest of the exercises required clamping parts of your face (the sides of the mouth, for example) as hard as you can between your fingertips while you pulled, which ended up crushing the skin and making it worse. I even found rubber clamps to go with the book on eBay! It was way too harsh for me. A lot of facial exercise techniques are basically little resistance workouts, but none of them I've seen requires clamping and pulling like that.

>> No.9455740

Is Mizon Snail Recovery Gel that godlike?
I'm looking for something to heal acne scars and it looks like it fits the bill. Have only used NA drugstore stuff before.

>> No.9456038
File: 367 KB, 659x427, oh noo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Body wash recommendations, anyone?

>> No.9456051

If it works for you that's great, but it broke me out terribly..

>> No.9456172

Do you have any before/after pics? All of these types of sites have examples of middle aged women, so I'm curious as to the results for someone my age.

>> No.9456643

I used it and it's nice but I didn't find it godlike. It didn't break me out. It's a nice moisturiser. It didn't get ride of scars, but it might help as part of your routine.

>> No.9457788

It's cheap enough to try. At least on Amazon, it's 5 bucks on prime

>> No.9457850

>go on pill for painful periods
>stubborn acne clears up
>mental health in the shitter
>go off the pill
>low self esteem due to acne, vomiting on period, prescription acne medications are $300
Sometimes I think I should go back on the pill and suck it up and suffer through the side effects because it was only like $20 a month and actually worked on my acne

>> No.9458044

You know there are multiple different types of pill, right? The hormone content and different oestrogen/progesterone combos often mean you can find one to give you the desired side effect of less acne without so much mental health effect.

>> No.9459172
File: 657 KB, 2448x1836, pxBsRU1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone has 'chicken skin' or Keratosis pilaris I recommend AmLactin lotion, my doctor recommended it to me after I got some white bumps on my arms, and she told me it's also common on thighs, hips, and butt.
I had no idea that the red bumps I got all over my legs/hips/butt were a skin condition, but after using it once a day for a week over half of them were gone and I was so mad I thought it was normal or there was nothing I could do
Also I've been using a milk/honey/tea tree oil/ lavender oil/asprin mix to reduce the acne scaring on my face, i've only been using it a few days but my skin is super soft now, and a few budding acne spots disappeared.
I have successfully used asprin and tea tree oil before to get rid of keloid scarring on my piercings, bumps that used to be the size of my jewelry are now gone.

>> No.9459191

>topical asprin
I didn't even know you could do that. Do you know if it works on non-keloid scars? I have this big, long, scar on my ankle from a waterslide accident when I was 12 and it never went away. Also various scars on my legs from scratching at bug bites

>> No.9459241

I'm not sure, but my scar was a few months old before I did something about it. I only have studies for use on new scars/wounds, but maybe one of these could help, or at the least help in case of future wounds/scars.
>After 2 to 3 months of treatment, there were statistically significant improvements in color and pliability of the scar, sensation of pain, tension, and pruritus compared with visit 1. By the end of the study, further statistically significant improvements compared with visit 1 were observed for all parameters. Only about 1% of scars were rated as markedly red or markedly hardened at the final visit.
>3% DMAE facial gel applied daily for 16 weeks has been shown to be safe and efficacious in the mitigation of forehead lines and periorbital fine wrinkles.
>typical manganese and copper line spectrum emission emitted by hollow cathode lamp stimulates innate immunity, accelerates restoration of derma, skin epithelium and other skin derivates, and stimulates wound healing in general.
>Wounds treated with the EVA topical gel were significantly smaller by postoperative day 6.
>After treatment, improvement was noted in the scars. Sixty percent scars were graded as normal (Grade I), while 20% were graded as mildly hypertrophic (Grade II). Twenty percent of scars were of Grade III and IV at the end of study

>> No.9459253

Does anyone have any recommendations for moisturizer with added sunscreen?

>> No.9459262


Does the AmLactin smell bad? it is particularly greasy or oily? I've wanted to try it, because i've had keratosis pilaris all my life, and as i get older, they're spreading. Honestly the main reason i haven't bought any is cuz it supposedly makes you super sensitive to sunlight

>> No.9459265

It doesn't' smell /bad/, but it does have an interesting scent to it, kind of like laundry soap. No one has commented on the smell, not even my bf, so it can't be that bad.
It makes you sensitive to sun because it has aha in it, so if you wear sunscreen you'll be peachy, and once you stop using it the sensitivity goes away.
But seriously if it made me burn the second sun touched me and smelled like raw fish i'd still use it, it's so fucking liberating to not look like I walked through stinging nettle or have a hundred ingrown hairs on my legs.

>> No.9459278

Oh and it's not too greasy, but it does take like 10 minutes to fully absorb. I have to problem putting on clothes after applying it, no chaffing or sticking.

>> No.9459573

So I just got my shield cast and the last of the tape removed and wow, my nose is completely different, I look like a totally different person.
I was expecting when the cast to come off for it to be like a transformation sequence from a move like The Devil Wears Prada or The Princess Diaries, but as it turns out a consequence of having your nose taped up for 3 weeks is massive amounts of fluid-filled pustules and blackheads. I can't even remember the last time I had a blackhead, and now my nose is covered in them. Even so, my nose is still very swollen and I have mega-dark circles under my eyes from blood leaking from my capillaries during surgery, and apparently it takes 6 months for that to dissipate fully. That and I actually can't go outside without my nose covered in dollops of SPF and/or a hat with a brim, because I can't expose the skin to UV for a few months.

For the anon that said she was interested in followups, I can post some before and after pictures if you want? So far my skincare has been limited, but my nose itself is super sensitive and rock hard, so I can't be too rough with it

>> No.9460771

Liah Yoo just did a video on sunscreen for acne prone skin, I really like her videos because she's honest and used to work in the cosmetic industry. I know her titles can sound click-baity but I've found her videos so helpful
Speaking of which, if anyone knows of other youtubers who post about skincare frequently (not really interested in makeup, only skincare), I'd love to hear your recommendations

>> No.9462167
File: 196 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in need of a new PM lotion. Any input on these products? I get 5x more points from Ulta if I buy a Tony Moly product and I have a $3.50 off $15 coupon so I figured why not.

I currently use the Avocado Rich Cream and like it but I don't feel its thickness is suitable for every night (especially since on days I don't wear makeup I just use micellar water then moisturize) so I was thinking of trying something new. My skin is dry and I use a moisturizer with SPF in the AM and I use sheet or overnight masks once or twice a week for moisture or pores.

>> No.9462174
File: 49 KB, 750x387, IMG_2272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, here's the coupon with all the brands that give me extra points in case anyone has any recommendations for them.

>> No.9463418
File: 70 KB, 249x699, 1457039591079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a routine that's kept my oily, sensitive skin crystal clear for ages even though I'm sure I could be using better products:

>Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++ 50g Sunscreen
Generously, every morning regardless of the weather
>Clean and Clear Advantage Oil Absorbing Cream Cleanser
At night in the shower
>Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera
Before bed and before moisturizing
>Clean and Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer
Right before bed and no later than half an hour after showering

I only wear makeup for special occasions, rarely go out in the sun, shower once a day every day, change my pillowcase every day, use a very mild soap on my laundry, don't take birth control or anything hormonal...

But for the last few months, a week or two before I get my period, I break out like crazy. Whiteheads, blackheads, all huge, some of them painful, and it takes them ages to clear up. It happens like clockwork, and has only gotten worse as I've gotten older. I'm 25 now and hate that I'm still dealing with acne. I would really, really appreciate any advice or suggestions anyone could give.

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