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Previous thread. >>9410165

Who has some feels to share? Specifically, cosplay and lolita-related feels??

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Current gf was way into cosplay and was pretty keen on lolita, she borrowed her friends coord for a con and I thought she looked great.
but I can tell now that she's losing a lot of her energy and she seems really unhappy, the happiest I remember her was when she was cosplaying and talking about lolita and stuff. I really want her to be happier so I've been trying to talk to her about doing cosplay together or something and she'll start off really positive about the idea then shoot it down later. I think this stems from her lacking self confidence because shes gained some weight in the two years she hasn't done any cosplay.

I just hope she gets back into some of her hobbies so she feels better about herself, because I hate seeing her bummed out all the time

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tfw no /cgl/ gf

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Gathered all the materials for my latest cosplays but get panic attacks whenever I try to start making things, and I'm not smart so I keep trying. Lost count of how many times I've thrown up today.

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Aw, I'm rooting for the two of you.

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Why do you freak out? Is it the anxiety is messing up a big project or people seeing your work or something?

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I have this issue too. Not as severe but I still get panic attacks when trying to work on somthing. Idk I think it's a combination of things.

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I'm so conflicted.

>buy dress I really like
>bodice makes me look horrible
>decide to sell it and get other cut of same print
>no one buys it despite several price reductions
>decide fuck it, might as well keep it and just exclusively wear it with cardigans/boleros to hide the tube-ness of it
>finally get around to wearing it at all
>it's also just really uncomfortable in addition to looking like crap on me

What do I dooo... I really like the print and I don't want to let it go for super cheap but wearing it is a pain.

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I'm so conflicted.

>buy dress I really like
>bodice makes me look horrible
>decide to sell it and get other cut of same print
>no one buys it despite several price reductions
>decide fuck it, might as well keep it and just exclusively wear it with cardigans/boleros to hide the tube-ness of it
>finally get around to wearing it again
>it's also just really uncomfortable in addition to looking like crap on me

What do I dooo... I really like the print and I don't want to let it go for super cheap but wearing it is a pain.

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Keep posting trade posts for it or eventually give up and sell it for cheap.

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Thanks anon

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Sort of the same boat, except I have more than one dress like this, and most of them are still up on my sales page.

If no one buys them, I modify them when I have the time. So far it’s only been small fixes, like adding pockets and/or lining, shortening the sleeves on an OP (I live in the tropics, long sleeves was too warm), making ribbons removable (easier to wear), fixing up wonky bows. Have a couple of projects planned where I’m going to try and turn high-waisted dresses into normal-waisted ones, but I have to wait until I have some weekends free to do all the ripping and resewing.

I figure if no one’s buying them, then there’s no real harm for me to modify these dresses anyway, it certainly beats shoving them to the back of the cupboard if I can’t wear them as-is and no one wants to pay to own them.

I don’t recommend doing this if you don’t already sew, though. But if you really like the dress and still want it in another cut, it’s at least worth your time to take it to a tailor’s and see if there’s any way to make it fit better. Even things like the lace being itchy can be fixed by adding a ruffle so the lace doesn’t directly sit on your skin, or removing the lace entirely, or whatever the problem is.

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I have had literally flawless brand dress with bid starting from 15$ for few weeks, before that with 30$ bin for ages. I almost cried when somebody bid on that motherfucker yesterday.

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>tfw no lolita gf to help me become her brolita gf
I just want to be cute and have someone to be cute with.

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Is there any worse feeling than when your morning espresso high is gone?

I want to fucking die, but also work on my cosplay. I've been putting it off for ages due to depression.

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I hope you were wearing your glasses when you posted that.

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Is it IW? Because I have this problem with almost all their dresses. Maybe try lowering the straps? I did that with my grazia crown, and it has since transformed into the most flattering IW piece I own.

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>Bf Gets in a argument with his pregnant and extremely insane mother
>She grabs him and leaves some really nasty bruises and and claw marks in his forearm
>Tells some of the family that he hit her
>Her husband knows shes just nuts because of all problems shes had with literally everyone they've lived with, but we're still being forced to move of his parents place with only 2 weeks notice

>Decide I shouldn't let this get me down, still go out and and enjoy cafe meet up anyway even thought really stressed out
>Bad with directions and spend forever trying to find this cafe
>iPhone dies without warning because battery is shot
>Some how manage to rip off some of sliver ric rac trim from Etoile Sailor JSK walking by a fence
>Friction blister on back of heel from walking around in tea party shoes for over an hour
>It fucking rains
>Give up and go home
>Crawl into bed and die

Went to look at a place today, but got a phone call soon after telling me someone else already signed the lease. I kind regret moving here and I honesty feel like such an idiot for not being to locate this cafe. But on the bright side hopefully it wont too hard replace my missing patch of trim.

>Accidentally posted to the dead feels thread, But I still wanted to share.

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I got in GLB for the first time a few months ago and now it's shutting down. I'm so sorry everyone looks like I cursed it.

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why do you post this in every single feels thread?

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>recently graduated with STEM degree
>burnt out really hard so doctors told me to take a month or two off after graduation
>two months are now over
>trying to apply for a job
>it’s giving me anxiety so intense I have chest pains and I’m writing my motivational letter in 5-minute bursts while sobbing like crazy
>letter is full of typos because I can’t see what I’m typing through the tears
>take breaks to calm down
>whenever I try to go back to it, the crying and shaking starts again
>don’t even really want the job, feel like I’m not good enough and I’ll just mess up and burn out again
>also don’t even really need the money because fiancé makes enough to support us both and my parents are happy to help out too
>still feel pressured into it by everyone around me
>have been avoiding friends and family because all they do is ask whether I’ve found a job yet
>only thing that makes me feel happy is lolita and I’m just starting to make friends in my comm
>take another break, check FB to calm myself down
>thread currently happening on the comm page is “how do you afford lolita?”
>full of replies suggesting everyone should have a job and unemployed people should gtfo and find another hobby because leeching is bad
I thought I was over this but I just had my first suicidal impulse in months. The deadline for the vacancy is today but between trying to calm down my breathing, worrying how everyone will think I’m a useless leech and staving off the impulse to jump off my balcony I hardly managed to type out this post, much less a coherent letter detailing why anyone should hire me. I just want to sit at home and sew and not hate myself. Why is that so hard?

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Anon believe me, if you can push through and land a job you'll be much happier when you have another source of income, even if it feels like you have far less time to enjoy it (which is true but not as bad as it sounds since you've graduated already and aren't trying to finish school while working full time like me).

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What kind of field in STEM?

>> No.9413511

you got this anon.
I'm about to graduate myself.
100+ job apps and no job, i want to slam my head through a wall.

you'll be alright.

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>tfw 29

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Reminder life basically ends at 30.
Make it count.

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I was always told that life doesn't start until you're 30.

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I hope you aren't stupid enough to believe that anon.

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Forgot to mention that whenever I try to apply for a regular, less intense part time job they look at my CV, ask me what I'm doing here when I have a degree, and reject me for being overqualified. It's not even like I don't want to work at all, but my field is so competitive and high pressure that it scares me. It feels like I only barely made it out alive with my degree but I'm too ashamed to admit it. College is supposed to be easier and more forgiving that the actual job part...

I can't even imagine working full time while going to school, anon. That's really impressive.

Biotech with a focus on regenerative medicine.

Thanks anon, and good luck to you.

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>working full time while going to school
I started this year with a lot of vacation time, nearly a year's worth. I don't ever take vacations so I'm burning it all on classes so I don't go insane. One more semester after this, and I probably won't have that luxury.

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I just want to point out...
>talk about anxiety issues
>admit you chose a competitive, high pressure job

I'd recommend getting some type of medicine to help, or at least try to take something because you can't be turning into a complete mess once you start working. You need help anon.

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Yeah, but how old are you?

I'm 27, well past the point where I should have my life together.

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>you should have your life together by 27

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Nayrt but my mother's a graphic designer and only landed her first steady job when she was 29. She's 60 now and doing really well. There's hope for you, anon.

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I've been considering selling off my lolita wardrobe. I only collected a small number of pieces in high school, but I'm a sophomore in college now and haven't worn any of it in years. I still really love the aesthetic and the dresses themselves, but I don't know if I'll ever get to wear them. I'm trying to save money and haven't bought anything in a long time. The idea of giving up on lolita and selling all the pieces I love so much makes me sad, but so does the idea of all that clothing just hanging in a closet at my parents' house forever. After college comes med school, and I figure I'll probably be too stressed out and busy to get more into the hobby. Plus, I'm way too self-conscious to wear the fashion outside of meetups and cons. Should I just give it up?

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Why people mean to Yaya Han?

Is it because she black?

>> No.9413607

Yes, we hate niggers on /cgl/

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It's only numbers Anon. Don't listen to nobody talking shit, especially on this salty board.
I'm cheering for you

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That's what I'm afraid of. I didn't realise that this was such a competitive field until I was too far in to turn back. Now that I've graduated it feels like I have to stay in it or else I'm a failure who wasted five years, but I'm worried my mental health can't take it. I went to therapy when I was in the middle of my first burnout and was prescribed medication, but everything we tried had side effects that made it worse than not taking anything at all.
Sometimes I envy my friend who studied Japanese and is now in vocational school. She's not using her degree at all, but at least she had fun, made a lot of friends and good memories and nobody blames her for going back to school for something different. My strongest memories are of crying in a bathroom stall from all the stress in between experiments. I don't want to go back to that. But I don't want to waste my education, either.
>a-at least I've got my Mrs degree amirite
>sage for shit

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I use a couple prescriptions and self medicate with a few things to help me keep on top of work depending on what I need. I found mitragynine to be pretty useful for anxiety issues. I'm not sure if it'd be able to keep you as focused as you'd like, but it has little downsides for me, and is readily available.

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It is indeed IW. I assume you mean moving the buttons to lengthen the straps, which I already did. I'm actually considering moving them up again . There's this stupid row of lace right across the boobs and I'm just not sure where I want it to sit. I have other IW dresses with similarly simple bodices but they don't look as bad for some reason.
This is really putting me off IW altogether, thankfully my favorite print of theirs looks fine on me.

>> No.9413688

Maybe trade it for the cut you like?

>> No.9413689

That sounds very reasonable, anon! I used to sew cosplay but I don't have a machine anymore and I'm not committed enough for hand sewing... Also the only thing I could imagine would be to turn it into a skirt and I don't have the skills for that I think.

I've never actually traded, international trading seems like a hassle and quite risky to me.

Wow anon, that's rough. I'm glad someone finally bid on that dress. I'm not prepared to let mine go for that low, might as well turn it into pillowcases or something instead...

>> No.9413697

I would, but what are the odds of actually finding someone who has one of the other cuts and would want to trade... It's a print that I'd say is neither particularly popular nor particularly unpopular.

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Sorry, I didn't realize the last one was an old thread. There's about 3 feel treads open on the bored right now...

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anyone actually went to a con in normal clothes (outside of their first time)?

that has to be the most depressing shit ever, wearing normie clothing is like a -1000 to your charisma and ability to interact with people and you never get approached.

just went to a con and got lazy and didnt bring my costume and wow, that was miserable, felt so out of place, just went home 4 hours later.

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>mfw day 4 of period and I'm suddenly cramping and bleeding like day 1 all over again

Why, gulls? I wanted to go out this weekend and have fun since I have a break from my sports this week (last break before a solid month and a half of competitions) but I just feel like shit now. I'm going to the doc on the 10th, pretty sure I have endometreosis or some shit, but god damn, why does it have to flare up at the worst possible time?

>maybe I'll just get really high to dull the pain and go out anyway

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>okay, need to save money so no Lolita purchases in March!
>end up buying five main pieces
>a-at least they were all good secondhand deals, right?

I wish to know where I can obtain some self-control.

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Honestly I've never understood people who only wear lolita to meetups/cons. Not even like I look down on them or anything, I just don't get why you would spend a considerable amount of money on a wardrobe that you will then only dress in maybe 15 times a year. Either you have a ton of cash to blow or no other hobbies, I guess?

If I'm honest with you, you're probably better off selling it if you haven't worn it in so long and see no real way to wear it in the future. Maybe keep one dress you really love in case you ever want to come back to it in the future, some casual pieces you might be able to wear in a non-lolita way too.

>> No.9413727

Yeah, I understand how you feel. I get this even when I wear lolita or other jfashion to cons. Even having a shitty taobao cosplay is better than that.

>> No.9413728

You need a man to balance your budget.

>> No.9413737

>just like get a bf lol
Where do i find one?

>> No.9413739

yea, cool dude

>> No.9413740

You could try going on the pill to regulate your periods. I used to have disabling sharp cramps that left me on the bathroom floor for hours and literally bled for 3-4 months STRAIGHT and heavily. The told me they didn't find any endometriosis after they finally did a laparoscopy but I just started taking the pill every single day to avoid bleeding. If I bleed, I ever know when it will fucking stop, and I get caught with cramps trying to walk around so bad that I have fallen down the stairs and nearly in front of a moving train because of them...

>> No.9413741

just b urself

>> No.9413745

I'll sell you some.

>> No.9413755

Unfortunately BC isn't an option for me because of a history of heart disease and stroke in my family. I can only use the type like the Depp shot, and that type royally fucked me up last time I was on it.

>hoping it's endometriosis so they can at least do the surgery to temporarily fix it
>if not I guess I'll just die

I've always had really bad periods notice been getting extremely physically ill and passing out from when I ovulate until my period ends for almost a year now. Hopefully they can do something for me.

>> No.9413758

r u fat?
if no i'll be ur bf

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You should have been around during the Heroes of Cosplay days.

>> No.9413816

A friend and I started cosplaying around the same time and she's gotten much better than I have. She's been unemployed off and on while since we started, so she has more time to go to conventions and work on costumes, although she has less money to do so.

I'm doing two cosplays with her at an upcoming con and I'm scared I'm going to be outshined by her.

I know that she's gotten good because she's spent time and effort getting good, but its really hard for me to not get jealous of how good she looks and the attention she gets.

How do you deal with your friends who are better than you?

>> No.9413825

>Pay her to work on your difficult shit.
>Make sure to throw in a bunch of "oh you know im so busy that i cant spend my time on it like you do"
>give her deadlines you expect things by, and move them up a week out of nowhere
>use this as a chance in casual conversation to bring up your boss making you finish things early and then say "oh right girl, i guess you do know what thats like teehee."
>when you do pay her, make sure to give her a little extra because "i know you could use some help with money"
>assert your dominance
>look as good or better than her at the con because she spent so much time on your costume since you were an overbearing asshole about the process

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I like your style anon

>> No.9413835

>local con is coming up
>pretty decent fashion related content
>quite a few guests this year
>actually thinking of going even though cons aren't really my thing anymore
>only live an hour from the location
>plan on driving up for the con one day and then again for the tea party
>tea party tickets go on sale
>$50 which is what I expected
>go through the process to buy one
>"please enter you badge confirmation number"
>turns out you have to be pre-reged in order to get a tea ticket
>can only pre-reg for the whole weekend, which is normal
>pre-reg is another $50
>tfw I would have to shell out $100 just to get in the door and then be able to go to the tea party

Like I get it, the tea is only happening because of the con, and the guests are only there because of the con, and it's not an independent event being hosted by my comm. Still sucks.

>ok, I'll only go up on the day most of the fashion stuff is happening and not go to the tea
>still be able to check out the guests and panels and shit
>no big deal
>Look at the reg page again
>find out they don't do ANY single day passes

Is this common now? I haven't been to any cons in almost 2 years, but single day passes were always a thing.
Like I'm ok with a $30 at the door rate for one day, but if I'm going to be forced to pay $50 (or more, lets be real) at the door, that's some hot bs.

>> No.9413839

right here

>> No.9413842

Where do I find one whose company would be preferable to poverty?

>> No.9413848

In the outside world, but I don't think you need one for budgeting. It's not healthy to depend on someone in that way.

>> No.9413849

I don't fully understand what you mean.
Do you mean a sugar daddy or a rich bf or one you don't have to pay for dates for or...?

What do you mean "preferable to poverty"

>> No.9413861

Did you follow the conversation?

>> No.9413862

Right here

>> No.9413876

The way it's worded makes no sense.
"Where can I find a boyfriend who I'd rather be in the company of than be poor?"

That makes no sense. The appropriate question would be "Where can I find a financially savvy boyfriend?" Because having a bf and his being financially savvy aren't mutually inclusive.

>> No.9413880

I'll take that as a no.

>> No.9413907

Go to kmart and buy the oddest assortment of things
Boys size 2 clogs/loafers
Mens tshirt pack in small
White biki set (large top small bottom)
Birthday Card
I got strange looks.

>> No.9413938

>being poor sucks
>having a boyfriend can help with being poor
>having a boyfriend sucks
>where 2 find bf that sucks less than being poor?
Makes sense to me.

>> No.9413954

I'm humbled to know that somebody saved this.

>> No.9413979

I DID IT I submitted it on time ugh yay me!

>look in the mirror for the first time since this morning
>crying like a crazy person has caused a bunch of blood vessels under my eyes to burst
>it looks like I have dark red freckles
...please don't be permanent

>> No.9414003

Why the fudge can my bf just go extended times without eating and he still has the energy to do all sorts of stuff?
If i don't eat something for like half a day i get all dizzy.

>> No.9414020

>convention this weekend
>one friend and I have been planning on trip for months, booked hotel rooms, bought badges, etc.
>1 month before the convention
>Friend 2: "Hey anon, are you guys going to the con?"
>Yeah, fine, we've got room in our hotel.
>2 weeks before the convention
>Friend 3: "Hey anon, are you guys going to the con?"
>Ugh, yes, but you're the last one who can stay in the hotel.
>Friend 3: "lol I'm flying in on Saturday, so I'll just buy a ticket for Sunday."
>MFW our plans for Saturday night were the masquerade, which she can't attend because she won't have a Saturday badge.

Guess I won't be going to the masquerade again this year...

>> No.9414030

My bf can drink two liters of water and not have to piss all day, whereas I drink one glass and have to pee 30 minutes later. Maybe we're dating androids.

>> No.9414042
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>mfw I get my period right before the con

>> No.9414045

I need to eat every 2 hours, while my bf only needs lunch and dinner. I get grumpy when not fed properly

>> No.9414046

My period is starting the day I'm planning on wearing an all white costume. Pray me for anon.

>> No.9414054

get a grip hippo-chan

>> No.9414116

does anyone here have costochrondritis? Isn't it the fucking worst?

>> No.9414147

"having a boyfriend sucks" was never posted or implied.

Checkmate, atheist.

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I wish I could be productive without being a manic fuck on drugs.

I finished my cosplay jacket, but also I can't stop masturbating.

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When you see a guy in sailor fuku

>> No.9414177


>tfw costochondritis acts up when I'm super stressed
>this coincides during work
>I'll be leaning over and suddenly bam dagger right on that 6th rib in the centre of my chest
>mfw my gyn tells me to lay off the coffee and get a good sleep schedule and decrease stress but I have 16 hour shifts and no way to decrease stress
>mfw coffee is the only thing that reins in the last vestiges of my concentration during said 16 hour shifts
>literally cannot manage my own pain

Suffering, anon. Suffering.

>> No.9414183
File: 256 KB, 500x350, 1450414347651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty shit.
Ironically when I was diagnosed I thought I was having a heart attack, but when when I was having a heart attack I dismissed it as costochondritis

>> No.9414186

does any here have vaginismus? Isn't it the fucking worst?

>> No.9414200

how do i fix this feel

>> No.9414220

I wish I new

>> No.9414224
File: 756 KB, 720x480, nosechan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really self conscious about my nose. I feel like it's huge. Too huge to be any kind of decent lolita.
I honestly can't tell if it's just me hyper focusing or if it's truly that big.
Because I really know it might just be me making a big deal out of it when it's nothing.
Pic related- me and my nose.

>> No.9414227

anon ur fine

>> No.9414228

>making a big deal out of it
ah ha ha

>> No.9414229

Are you all just fat, out of shape and have no willpower?

>> No.9414231

I'd be more worried about my hands if I were you tbqh.

>> No.9414235

It's a bad pic regardig hands.
What do you think is wrong with them, tho?

>> No.9414248

Your fingers look fat. Everyone knows guys prefer slim fingers.

>> No.9414251

youve a cute nose that i want to suckle.

>> No.9414260

Ah. Yes, I have fat knuckles due to a collagen/joint tissue disorder.
The rest of my fingers are slim, though. And I can make up for my man knuckles bybeing hella flexible though.
A-anon-san please...

>> No.9414263

s-sorry, i have thing for nice noses....

>> No.9414266

Ugh I feel you. I was thinking about to Sakura Con this year just for a day, and I went to look at badges and they don't offer single day passes anymore. ><

>> No.9414268

Pls be my lolita gf

>> No.9414269

I claim you

>> No.9414273

I'm 28, and half of the people I know my age don't "have their lives together", as in they're still questioning what they're doing and switching jobs or doing shit that won't last forever like stripping and sugaring. There's still time, and if not, well, at least we aren't alone?

Anon, life is too short to run yourself ragged because you think that's what other people expect of you. If something else would make you happier, please consider pursuing that instead. There's nothing wrong with changing direction. Better to do it while you're still young and have financial support to fall back on if necessary.

>> No.9414274

>tfw use to model
>get hit on all the time
>have men lining up to try to date me
>tfw get nexplanon implant
>think its going to be great
>have only been ballooning in weight ever since
>now a ham beast even thought actively trying to lose weight

It doesnt seem to matter how much I cut or how hard I work out, the best I can do is keep myself from gaining MORE weight. I want to kill myself. I want to look hot again before im too old. I want to look good in my dresses/

Ive always felt stupid for thinking my weight gain might relate to my birth control but im starting to really think it might be, and im starting to contemplate the theory that maybe something is going on with my thyroid too. I never wanted to be "MUH THYROID" fattychan though, but ive put in legit effort and im getting no where fast.

>> No.9414281

As someone who has a polish nose like actually fuck off lol

>> No.9414283

What? Why? Just go to the masq without her, it's her own fault she's missing out.

>> No.9414285

>15 times a year
You're being generous

>> No.9414288

Er, I'm sorry? Am I not allowed to be self conscious about a self perceived flaw?
It's okay, anon.

>> No.9414289
File: 320 KB, 581x878, Snapchat-245828452-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same anon, same. But I think your nose is cute. I have a very large nose and I've seriously considered surgery.
>it's babys first wig cutting experience and no makeup, sorry

>> No.9414291

I know it's not the birth control literally causing weight gain in most cases, it's a combination of other effects like increased appetite and whatnot, but it definitely can fuck with you. I stopped taking birth control recently and lost fifteen pounds without doing anything differently or actively trying to.

>> No.9414292

Use birth control with as little hormones as possible, that shit can fuck with you in ways you don't even notice

>> No.9414294

I'm new to a comm and also a newer lolita and I'm so self conscious that all my comm is laughing at me. We have a handful of itas, and I can recognize them, but I can't tell if I'm one of them. I *feel* like I'm well-dressed, and nobody gives me concrit, but I feel like they secretly think I'm some loser ita who always looks like garbage. I also don't leave the house often, and I interact with roughly 2 people per day being my boyfriend and usually a friend will stop by or call. I'm even inbetween jobs so I don't talk to many people, at all. So I think maybe I take the fashion too seriously and forget how to make friends with people in my comm. I just feel like I'm being judged constantly, but I'm sure spending 2 hours a day on /cgl/ doesn't help much.

>> No.9414298

Self post in one of the coord help thread and get concrit there.
If the gulls say you're fine, you're probably superb by non gull standards

>> No.9414299

When I was just taking the pill everything was cool, after getting my implant I kept my usual routine, didnt change how much I eat or anything, and just BAM 30+ pounds in less than a year.

I love that this implant has kept me from ever having a period again, but its not worth being fat.
Yeah I already scheduled an appointment to finally talk to my doctor about it. Being fat is just depressing on all levels.

>> No.9414303

>I interact with roughly 2 people per day being my boyfriend and
I'm curious how you managed to get the boyfriend

>> No.9414305

Not her but Im the same way.

I met my fiancee online, and I met my only friend also online.

>> No.9414306
File: 87 KB, 500x484, 1489532049403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>interact with 0 people per day
>closest thing i've had to a gf was some mormon girl wanting to talk about religion

>> No.9414313 [DELETED] 

Different anon, but I met my boyfriend while we were in uni, we moved to a new city where I've struggled to find work, and I've only managed to make like one or two friends here that i see very occasionally, so I also only really interact with my boyfriend regularly. It sucks and has messed with my social skills.

>> No.9414316

Me and my boyfriend both pretty much only interact with each other. If you can't guess where we met... it was 4chan.

>> No.9414324


I gained 30 since I got the implant and no mattet how hard I try I can't seem to lose it. I've been on BC for 11 years now and it has messed up my body so bad.

>> No.9414329
File: 355 KB, 133x242, 1485033364871.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>started at the beginning of the month, on a re-do of a costume
>worked on it little at a time over the month
>finished it last night, thrilled about it
>getting it ready till I realize something-I messed it up because of the placement, and because of the improper placement, the sewing was messed up
>the con is one day away
FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-why do it suck? why do I suck?

>> No.9414363

She's a woman. It requires 0 effort or ability for a woman to get a boyfriend.

>> No.9414370

Unless she's ugly. Then she'll have to settle.

>> No.9414389

Nothing I said was mutually exclusive to that.

The fact that women's idea of a worst case scenario is "settling", and the possibility of just not being able to get a boyfriend doesn't even occur to them just goes to show the truth of what I said.

>> No.9414491

>very large nose
Both of you should shut the fuck up
Sincerely, someone with a nose people constantly comment on

>> No.9414509


>> No.9414522
File: 242 KB, 559x460, most embarassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relax. As I said before
>Er, I'm sorry? Am I not allowed to be self conscious about a self perceived flaw?
I'm jewish, so I'm going to worry about how my nose looks.
You sound like such an empathetic friend to have.
Like this
>Wow, you should shut the fuck up. Sincerly someone who turns everything into a competition.

>> No.9414530

She's just going to get angrier at you by defending yourself anon. That being said you're both cute and I see nothing wrong with either of your noses.

>> No.9414538
File: 520 KB, 1046x1080, sudoku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mom has brand new sewing machine
>won't let me use it because I'm on pills again

>> No.9414544


>> No.9414571

She wants me to get clean for some reason.

Ffs, I just slept for the first time in days and then made myself a delicious dinner. But I can't sew any pillowcases until I give up drugs.

>> No.9414573


>> No.9414575

what kind of drugs are we talking?
psychiatric or recreational bullshit?

>> No.9414579 [DELETED] 

You are going to school for the same field I am pursuing. I'm trying to major in genetics with a minor in computational biology to work in the field of regenerative medicine.

>> No.9414580

sounds reasonable to me

>> No.9414583

ADD meds. Aka baby meth.

>> No.9414588

>not the anon you replied to but
so are you taking them recreationally? you used the word "clean" so I presume you're not taking them as prescribed.

>> No.9414589

You went to school for the same field I am pursuing. I'm trying to major in genetics with a minor in computational biology to work in the field of regenerative medicine. If it helps, New Hampshire just got 300 million dollars in funding to build a 'organ manufacturing plant' so there will be more jobs in the future if you need a break. You may not be American, it will not help in that case.

>> No.9414594

It's not about getting them, it's about keeping them.

>> No.9414596 [DELETED] 

Did you weight above 130 before getting the implant?

>> No.9414600
File: 133 KB, 444x453, 1485679759782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you actually have ADD?
if its just adderall you could ween yourself off with vyvanse, since it releases the drug periodically throughout the day in low doses.
but seriously senpai dont fuck yourself up like that. the thing with pills is that build a tolerance pretty quickly and stop getting the jolt you want so you venture into even more horrible things.
pls be safe im sure you can beat this.

>> No.9414603

I do have ADD, but I want to be free of this shit.

I've gotten better about functioning without them, but every week or so, I find myself taking a Vyvanse and being nervous all day.

Today is one of those days.

>> No.9414610

I am >>9414588 and you answered my question too. have been on adderall before and yeah it sucks getting off of it. I miss the mental clarity and ability to focus (and shift focus), but it was making me paranoid and other shit so I had to quit.

any chance you could save up and get your own sewing machine? she's probably just protective of hers because it's new.

>> No.9414613

I hear you.

Nah, mom'll let me use hers, probably this weekend.

I just need to find a substitute for the highs I got.

>> No.9414616

That picture describes my feelings about it perfectly.

>> No.9414639

With those forms of birth control (implant and shot) people tend to either gain weight or not gain weight. It seems common with forms that can halt a period. You will likely lose the weight with removal. You'll likely never lose the weight if you continue. It seems some blow up, others don't gain a pound. I'm actually thinner now then before I started the depo-provera shot while I've had friends gain 50 pounds in a month of starting.

>> No.9414671

Just get another one.

>> No.9414684

do you happen to have some sort of anxiety related disorder as well?
I have ADD and GAD and i was prescribed adderall since my insurance doesnt cover vyvanse, and my anxiety was through the roof. i was too nervous and paranoid too even see the benefits for it so i quit. my psych wanted to find something to deal with the anxiety before putting me on ADD meds again

>> No.9414724

Does anyone on /cgl/ not have something medically wrong with them

>> No.9414728

Anyone who posts on 4chan in general has something medically wrong them. Period.
Why else would they be on 4chan?

>> No.9414797

Sorry for the repost gulls.

To the Jogging anon who met lolitas at the park in the previous threads. If you drop some kind of contact info I can get you in touch with the lolita who knocked over your water bottle.

>> No.9414847

I've been out of lolita for about a year, like no buying or wearing anything, and I happened to check the Lolita Updates FB tonight. And fuck, I want this Daydream Bed print so bad but it seems like all the shopping services are booked. The ivory is so gorgeous alsdjaksdlkajsd

Gonna try for it on AP I guess.

>> No.9414867

>Looking at plans to make cosplay for the 100th time
>Because it's not like I've been looking at these plans for four years now
>Said I'd do it when I graduated
>Got kicked out of school for suicidal depression
>That only worsened the depression
>Family thinks depression is a meme, spend past few years managing to get it from wanting to kill myself every day to just wanting to cry every day
>Gained a lot of weight since the inception of this cosplay to now
>I'm never going to stop being a fat sack of shit in time to do this.
>Friend insists weed will help me get back to my old self
>Try weed for the first time
>Tastes kinda like raw coffee grounds
>Don't really feel any different
>Go home and lurk /cgl/

I still want to either cry or kill myself every day, which means I never get anything done. I need to get a good job and just pay for my own therapy. I miss college. I didn't talk to anyone and stayed in my dorm for weeks at a time until my 3.0 was in jeopardy, but I felt like my life was progressing at least. Now I just feel like I don't deserve to live for not finishing. I genuinely hate myself.

Oh, well.

>> No.9414878
File: 85 KB, 600x857, 1489120711877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you know what date its coming out on anon? idk how to read AP's yaplogs and how to computer

>> No.9414907

Lots. Most, probably.

But in the era of snowflakes people like to wear mental disorders like badges of honor and have bragging contests over who has the most problems and can get the most sympathy. And anywhere there's competition, there's people willing to cheat and lie to win.

>> No.9414915
File: 545 KB, 605x453, 1488154025555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New comm member posts all excited she finally got lolita pieces
>First picture is in that one really shitty CDC replica

I really wish my comm's stance on replicas was harsher. Our sister comm would never allow this.

>> No.9414926

to be honest, I'm on the low end of the BMI scale, but I'm also short so yeah (41 kg, 152cm height). I don't eat big portions like you americans do, but I just need to eat regularly to function properly.

>> No.9414929

For how much?

I think you mean pad my budget. Otherwise no thank you.

>> No.9414938
File: 28 KB, 479x421, howmany.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>run into Steven Jewniverse cosplayer at con
>talk for a moment
>he finds me on Fb later (somehow!) and sends a request
>this is his profile picture

NSFW, I guess

>> No.9414939
File: 356 KB, 1024x1325, tumblr_ofewqummwy1vgcbgjo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This sounds stupid and it's probably no one's fault but my own but I feel alone in the comm. I keep everyone at arm's length. No one really knows who I am. I'm not unlikeable but I keep everyone far away from me because I'm afraid they won't like me. OR I won't like them. Yet I see everyone's getting along and becoming real friends and I wish I could as well...

TL;DL I'm living the mimikyu life. And I feel the sads.

>> No.9414942

Well do you?

>> No.9414948
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1487198827992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Really like character from manga
>No official colours exist for the character's manga design
>Anime design for the character is very different from manga design, obviously isn't meant to be the same colours, and is hideous
>Guess I won't be cosplaying as her

>> No.9414950

Im going to go to my first convention not in cosplay for the first time in 10 years. Im nervous. In a way I feel like I'm going to be missing out, but at the same times it's like.. I feel like Im falling so far out of love for cosplay and the scene is so garbage now, that it just doesn't seem worth it.

Okay to just wear wigs with normal clothes to feel like I belong at least?

>> No.9414956
File: 50 KB, 556x556, 869d7bdc7ea626ea716b3935f7c8129987b48c14d6ade862d0850655815f84a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take no birth control
>accidentally get pregnant
yeah, no thanks

>> No.9414959

They didnt say to not take any at all, just that one lost weight when she stopped and the other advised bc that wasnt so hormonal.

Honestly im thinking of just getting my tubes tied if theyll let me.

>> No.9414964

Why would you give up on having children? There is no greater joy in life.

>> No.9414968

Thanks Grandma, I will keep that in mind.

I plan on adopting if I ever want a child of my own, and im not even a child hating person, I teach them for a living and love them to death.

I hate babies though, and the whole idea of pregnancy makes me sick, and I have shit genetics when it comes to health.

>> No.9414971

>Thanks Grandma
That hurt a bit. I'm not that old yet...
In all seriousness though I was never happier than when I had my child.

>> No.9414973

>love children
>hate babies
Everyone thinks I'm a weirdo when I say this.

>> No.9414978

I didnt mean to be so rude honestly but thats typically the speech you get from any older woman the minute you mention you may not ever want a child.

It freaks everyone out too "But youre so good with kids!" and "But youd be a great mom!" Im thankful for the compliments but even as a child when my cousin would play with baby dolls I wouldnt even touch them. Told my mom as a kid I didnt want any and the only thing that has changed now is that I may want a kid someday, but I absolutely never want to give birth.

And if I do adopt I plan to adopt an older child even, no babies.

I get this a lot too, but I dont see whats so hard to get? Kids are fun! Babies are ugly and not fun at all.

>> No.9414980

Out of curiosity, how old are you? Your outlook may very well change in the future even you don't think it's possible rn.

>> No.9414981
File: 260 KB, 358x310, bf8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah no.

>> No.9414982

I'm so happy I am a man. Hearing you girls talk about all the shit you have to do makes me feel bad. The only thing I'm worrying about right now is how I'm going to scratch my nutts without taking my hands off the keyboard and mouse. Think shuffling around will do it though.

>> No.9414983

Im 26 and yes I get that statement all the time and honestly I find it slightly offensive. I know myself pretty well, have thought about it my whole life and even if I get my tubes tied there is literally no reason I couldnt have a child.

I have never believed that you have to birth a child to love it or that a child you birth is inherently more special than one you adopt. Lots of children get born into the world, but not every child gets adopted.

If I wanted to go extra crazy someday you can actually get surgery to reverse a tube tyine sometimes or just go straight to in vitro fertilization. The options dont end with tube tying!

>> No.9414984

I have multiple cats, and enjoy playing with them all.

I also love flicking the bean.

>> No.9414985


I mean, that's good for you, but it's really annoying to project like that onto other people. Some peoples' priorities are not kids, and it should be their choice to get things like tubal ligations without the preachy input of someone with a kid.

I respect your choice to have a kid and I'm very glad it has made a positive difference in your life, but you shouldn't let this try to dictate other peoples' decisions. Anon even said she is considering adoption rather than having a biological kid, which is a perfectly respectable decision and one that many people make, especially with the number of children in foster homes who would benefit from stable families.

>> No.9414986

He's the same way. I actually want to go out sometimes and he doesn't, or I'll want to have people over and he won't. That aside, we met in a band I used to be in. I've been with him for a year and a half.

>> No.9414987

I want to as well. Im 28, since I was little I never wanted kids, but, unfortunately, doctors are so hell bent on women not having them tied because "You will definitely regret it because you will want some later when you find the right person."

Hell. even my mom supports me getting them tied because she knows how much I don't want fucking kids. I'd rather spend my money on traveling and on things for me.

>> No.9414988

Trade up. You clearly evolved into a stacy so you need a fitting bf.
Dump his ass!

>> No.9414990

I want to add that my father told me I am selfish for not wanting children if my significant other might want one. Also because he wants grandkids. Funny thing, dad, you won't get grandkids. Sorry not sorry. I have also talked to my boyfriend of 10 years about the fact that I do not want children and while he does, he respects that I don't want them and he doesn't see it as a problem. I do not want to give birth. The idea of giving birth gives me the greatest anxiety ever. I don't want a fucking parasite sitting inside of me for 9 months, ruining my body and my vagina, and then feeding off of me and mooching off of me for 18 years. I will adopt if I ever feel the need to be 'more fulfilled' as one of my preachy fucking coworkers put it with her Jesus is holy talk, but other than that, no kids for me.

>> No.9414991

Update for you gulls: shuffling worked.

>> No.9414996

I also had doctors try to talk me away from long term birth control! The first one I talked to didnt want to give me the IUD because "well its really for women that already has had a kid"

Like what?

Im very thankful that my dad totally understands and no one in my family expects me to have kids to fulfill any grandkid quota.

And my fiance doesnt really want children either and is totally ok with adoption or just owning a lot of pets.

>> No.9414997


There are doctors who would be willing to do them on nulliparous women.

I'm not terribly familiar with these, but reddit (I know, I know) even has a child free resource. https://www.reddit.com/r/childfree/wiki/doctors

However, keep in mind tubal ligations are not as effective as IUDs or other long term contraception statistically. It may be wise to have a backup method even after a tubal ligation. Ideally, the best way would be to have your long term partner get a vasectomy, but if you're single, IUD statistically has a better chance of preventing pregnancy than tubal ligation. Also keep in mind the chance of a reversal of tubal ligation is quite low, which from what I presume is why you want it in the first place.

>> No.9414999

wow you sound like an edgly little kid, i am sorry for your bf

>> No.9415000


That's a really outdated mode of thought. Think of changing doctors because that means they're not keeping up with their literature. The thought process was that the cervix is not as favorable for women who didn't have kids so it's a harder procedure with a greater chance of complications, but that's been way long disproven. It's definitely doable and tons of women with no children get it every year.

>> No.9415001

Do any of you who don't want children worry about being lonely in your old age?

>> No.9415004

>All you girls talking about adopting
I feel sorry for your cuckold boyfriends. Going to have to raise some crackheads kids while the genes that have been passed down for thousands of years go to waste.

>> No.9415006

>cuckold boyfriends
Only if they stay.

>> No.9415008

My fiance said he would get a vasectomy (after he becomes a sperm donator), but im the only one with health insurance that may cover my surgery so I thought id take one for the team.

However a quick search says its 99.5% effective, which is pretty darn good, and if you do get pregnant with the surgery then its very likely the pregnancy is going to work out right.

I dont know about others but I certainly dont plan on ever trying to get it reversed, I just brought it up that it CAN happen sometimes, so it is an "option" if I ever just hated myself for it.

Oh yeah a few years later I got a new doctor and when I told her what the other one had said, which by the way, was exactly that about the cervix and such! She was like "Thats wrong!! You can totally get that if its what you really want!"

I love her

>> No.9415009
File: 48 KB, 829x460, shemiscarried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet a nice Yugi cosplayer
>hit it off
>look her up on Fb
>this was her cover photo

>> No.9415010

I'll have a husband (implying he wont divorce me for a younger woman) and I will always have pets, so no.

I also have a younger brother who will hopefully out live me and we get along fantastically.

If im really lonely I guess I will call my cousins child (my second cousin?) and force her to talk to me.

And like I said, I may just adopt

>> No.9415013

Despite what men say most of them are NOT okay with adopting. I've seen it happen firsthand where a friends bf ditched her because she didn't want kids.
>inb4 MY bf is DIFFERENT
uh huh sure thing gull

>> No.9415017

>Despite what men say most of them are NOT okay with adopting
Most are open about not being okay with it in my experience.

>> No.9415019

The ones that are okay with it are not okay with it either. They just lack the spine to say so. It's probably better that they dont reproduce anyway.

>> No.9415020

Believe it or not, men change their opinions over time. Young guys tend not to want kids but as they get older they want to pass on their legacy and suddenly want children.
Just a fair warning.

>> No.9415023

No I agree with you, every single bf I have ever had has pulled this shit on me, pretending it was ok until they realized that adoption was the only option I wanted. Then it was "BUT MUH LINEAGE". Convos were always

>How do you feel about adoption?
>Oh I think its great! More people should really consider it!
>Yeah I was thinking of adoption later in life myself!
>Oh well I want my own kids, I could never adopt!

In which case I would say that maybe I would have one child and adopt another, but that was also out of the question apparently.

My fiance though just offered to get a vasectomy when I told him about the side effects im getting from my bc, so I think hes pretty cool with the no children idea at the very least.

I dont think any man is totally ok with adoption though, and I definitely understand why, I have similar fears, like my child running off to find their birth parents and leaving me or them never truly loving me no matter what I do for them.


>> No.9415026

Harsh truth.
If you can't stand up for wanting kids against your own wife then you deserve to be cucked.

>> No.9415028

I mean its not really cucking if both the wife and husband are adopting the kid of some stranger.

At the very least both the wife and husband are the cucks in this situation

At least its not a child from another marriage and one of those "WELL IF YOU DATE ME YOU GOTTA BE A DADDY TO MY KID TOO"

Adopting is deciding together and picking a kid, not being stuck with one your whore wife spit out of her vagoo from another man.

>> No.9415029

Adoption should only be considered if one of the partners cannot physically have children imo.
The point of a woman and a man getting together has always been kids (from a biological point of view).

>> No.9415030

I wish Eugenics wasn't such a taboo science.

>> No.9415031

Well its a good thing I dont live in medieval times or in a small tribe that needs babys being born to keep us going.

Im also not religious so no qualms there either.

What a sad life we would all live if we lived it purely for "biology"

I mean with your way people really shouldnt get married either, woman should just go back to fucking the strongest man to produce as many offspring as possible because well, thats biology! (im aware though that you may actually think that would be best though)

>> No.9415034

>woman should just go back to fucking the strongest man

At least most women still stay true to their purpose. They just don't procreate with them anymore.

>> No.9415035

Nope. Besides, plenty of children want nothing to do with their parents after they leave, so imo this is a pretty stupid thing to bank on.

>> No.9415039

I'm a guy and don't particularly want kids, but if I were to have one, I'd much rather adopt. My lineage means nothing to me and I'd feel like a selfish bastard for insisting on making a new kid of my own when there are so many out there who need families.

We're not in the middle ages. We don't need to breed like damn rabbits because infant mortality is barely a thing anymore and most adults live past 35. We need to get society over this reproduction-focused way of thinking or our countries are going to become overcrowded starving hellholes.

>> No.9415040

>woman should just go back to fucking the strongest man
I know you are shitposting but considering how most of my friends manage to keep picking up really shitty guys this might actually be a good idea.
Like everytime they date someone i can already see it not working out and surprise surprise it never does.

>> No.9415041

I sound edgy for not wanting kids and not giving a fuck about my father wanting grandkids? Yeah, sure. My boyfriend is 100% on board with me not having kids. Get a boyfriend before talking about mine.

>> No.9415044
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1447043109399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guy on female oriented board
>is also a huge cuck

>> No.9415045

Wow lmao you do sound kind of cuckish
too much empathy my man

>> No.9415046

I dont want it reversed and regardless I would probably have my boyfriend and I use condoms still. I'm very paranoid about getting pregnant that even with tubes tied or an IUD [which I would never get] I would still use some kind of protection against it.

>> No.9415047

Alright then bitch, how about i get your bf by offering him something you won't, his own kids.

>> No.9415049

My boyfriend has said shit about "my legacy' before. Bitch, you're poorer than me, you have shitty genes, and I have a fucking disease that runs in my family. I don't want no fucking offspring and you sure as hell have nothing 'legacy' worthy.

I'm mean, but he got the point.

>> No.9415051

>i am a noble and understanding man
>i don't want to force my wife to do anything
>i also don't mind if she sleeps with other guys
grow some backbone dude

>> No.9415052

Honestly though, why does anon sound edgy? They sound pretty normal to me for someone not wanting kids and giving no fucks about anyone who says they should. There isn't anything edgy about it. She's the one who would have to carry it and if a bf or parent wants them to have kids, its not their call. If anything, its more selfish on the male side to tell a woman they want kids as if she doesn't get a say.

>> No.9415053

And the women are happy that you're happy, because it means you're focusing on meaningless bullshit instead of any real issues, and thus will not question or object to having all the financial, emotional, dangerous, etc of relationships and society lie exclusively on you while they enjoy carefree lives of leisure where they get everything handed to them and aren't expected to do anything.

>> No.9415054

Did you really expect to get a cgl gf with that line? Pretty cringy desu

>> No.9415056

Agreed, gull. It's the new atheism.

>> No.9415060
File: 28 KB, 250x240, 1489460349667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cuck tries agreeing with women who say they want to adopt
>gets shut down by everyone

>> No.9415064

Nasty. NAYRT, but guess what? My SO doesn't want kids just as much as I don't want kids. Kids are fucking disgusting little life ruiners.

Sorry we're not all primal idiots who want to ruin our lives. Oh and let's not forgot the dampened sex life. Kids are a boring waste of resources

>> No.9415065

I'm looking at this post wondering if it's trying to mock me or not.

>> No.9415067

Nayrt but that anon definitely dinged my edge radar for the
>Parasite! Leech!

I am 100% for people not giving birth or having kids if they don't want to. Like people were saying, it's not like humanity's going extinct. But I wish child free people would stop with the "rrreeee crotchfruit parasite" shit because it's tacky as hell. They were a kid too, once. Do they think they themselves were a parasite and a leech? Most parents feel joy and fulfilment in providing for their children. I'm sorry if yours did not, but that's far from the norm. There's no need to insult literally everyone who was ever born just because they didn't instantly materialise as a fully formed adult.

>> No.9415070
File: 45 KB, 512x512, 1450383646383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like to try out a little experiment, and I hope everyone will cooperate and be honest.

How old are you?
Man or woman?
Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.

>> No.9415071

You guys sound insecure as fuck. What, are you worried that your woman will leave you if you don't have kids to keep her there? Are you worried you won't be a good enough dad to make a kid love you without a biological attachment?

Also >>9415051 what the fuck are you even projecting here? I'm talking about adopting an orphan or something with a childless woman. How the hell does that equate to anything you said?

The only girl who's ever cheated on me was living on her friends' couch within 12 hours of me finding out, so I'm pretty damn bad at being a cuck too.

>> No.9415073

Well, goodbye thread. I'm sorry I contributed to this. I only wanted to help.

>> No.9415074

Could you sound any more underage?
>kids are disgusting and ruin MY fun life
>once i have kids i can't fuck around the house anymore like a skank

Call me once you are 40 and feel the clock ticking LMAO

>> No.9415075

My boyfriend and I are in agreement that we absolutely cannot pass on our genes. We are both bipolar mixed with tons of other bs, and he thinks it's selfish to do that to a kid while I kind of agree with him, but at the same time it hurts I can't make our baby.

I was pregnant and had an abortion in the last six months and I've been "baby crazy" to say the least, despite never before wanting children.

>> No.9415076


>> No.9415077

You're a whiny little bitch lmao

>They were a kid too, once. Do they think they themselves were a parasite and a leech?
Most of us hated most other kids when we were kids. If you don't know that feel, you're confirmed for having been a little turd people like us hated

>"I'm sorry if yours did not, but that's far from the norm."
you're implying us not wanting kids automatically means we had a bad childhood/bad parents which is really stupid

>There's no need to insult literally everyone who was ever born just because they didn't instantly materialise as a fully formed adult.
this whiny ass shit. buddy, you're not a fully formed adult, either. Get over yourself.

>> No.9415078

Most people who do not want kids come from broken households or never knew one of their parents. It's why 80% of blacks are/have grown up in a single parent household.

>> No.9415079

Well I'm not that Anon, but I'm honestly yes I do think I was parasite leech as a kid, how could you not? I cost them thousands of dollars, almost died on them hundreds of times throughout my life, I cost them their time, and even though my dad loves me very much he's always told me he never actually wanted kids and couldn't stand us as babies. He was still an amazing dad though, took me on vacation all the time, to Disney twice, help me get my car, go to school, eat. But he won't lie to me, he hates kids

>> No.9415081

Oh i get it now. You are actually an entitled spoilt little princess.
Everything makes sense now.

>> No.9415082

sorry not everyone feels the need to seek validation by creating worthless fuck trophies.

>> No.9415083

I'm sorry your dad didn't love you? My dad's action are all very normal?

>> No.9415084

As i said, it is painfully obvious you are too young to understand.

>> No.9415085

You should add in your survey if they grew up in a two parent household.

>> No.9415088

Yes, biological ones
I grew up in a two parent household.

>> No.9415089

>Do they think they themselves were a parasite and a leech?

Yes, absolutely. Being aware of the shit I put my parents through is a one of the main reasons I don't want kids of my own.

Looking at my 26 year old little brother, a high school dropout who's never had a job, never had his own place, and relies on my parents and their twice a week cleaning lady to keep his room from becoming a toxic waste dump makes me want them even less.

>> No.9415090

What's funny is the fact that there's a damn good chance I'm older than you. What are you, some overweight fucking 26 year old? Sorry nobody wants to raise kids with your sorry ass. bby

>> No.9415091

You know the main reason why kids turn out shitty?
Because of shitty parents lol.

>> No.9415095

>resulting to personal insults
Oh wow i really must've hit a nerve hmm?

>> No.9415096

>this totally explains why there's always a bad apple in the fucking family
>all parents are shitty even if only one of their kids is a shit


>> No.9415100

This, shitty parents lead to shitty children. We also live in a society where most parents think they are good parents, while they let the tv, computer and games raise them.

>> No.9415101

Sounds like you're shit as well. Just in a different way. Who would know that a shitty male kid and a shitty female kid would end up differently.

>> No.9415103

You admitted that your parents thought both of you were shit as kids. Which means your parents failed to be proper parents.
Deal with it.

>> No.9415104


>Grew up in a 2 parent household
>Good stable childhood

Silence, money, and bunnies. SO is snipped. Life is very good.

>> No.9415106

go home grandpa

>> No.9415108
File: 225 KB, 1066x1600, bf725e8d1de5c9a30080352be99da20fe394ca4001cabc381b225b946bfa9f1e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think Anzu wants children?

>> No.9415110

Why does it concern people if a woman says she doesn't want children? There's plenty of women in the world who want children. I don't get why it's an issue in almost every feels thread.

>> No.9415112

So then what makes you think that those of us raised by shitty parents won't also be shitty parents? My parents worked their asses off trying to be good parents for us and it still didn't work out (especially for my brother), so am I supposed to pop out a kid and just hope it somehow goes better?

Hell, if you're talking about basic biological and historical things, kids raised by parents like mine would die before having kids of their own. Isn't it actually unnatural for us to continue a failed line?

>> No.9415114

Boys cant be impregnated anon.

>> No.9415118

Letting media raise your children is the sign of a shitty parent. Sorry, you're raising a failure.

>> No.9415119

Ha ha you are so funny anon.

>> No.9415120

She's saying she cost them a ton of money in medical bills as well as the stress of fearing their child would die multiple times throughout life.

>> No.9415121

What a load of bs.
> stress of fearing their child would die multiple times throughout life.
Do you live in africa where your children might get killed by animals any day?
And maybe she wouldn't have caused so many medical bills if the parents actually watched over their kid. You know how good parents are supposed to?

>> No.9415122

Aren't you an edgy little snowflake.

>> No.9415124

It's called congenital illness. She's not saying she just happened to get in weird accidents because her parents weren't watching her. She was born with innate disease.

>> No.9415125

I'd like to try out a little experiment, and I hope everyone will cooperate and be honest.

>How old are you?
>Man or woman?
>Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.
Absolutely not

>> No.9415126

maybe her mom should not have smoked weed during pregnancy then lmao

>> No.9415127

Im rich, my family was always around, nothing bad ever happened to me. I don't want kids because I don't want fucking kids.

>> No.9415129
File: 40 KB, 853x480, 163641053946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>knowing if you want children when you are like 35+
It's really funny how all these young gulls think they have life all figured out
>i am barely an adult but i already know how i want to spend the rest of my life!
Yeah sure you do, sure you do...

>> No.9415130

>yes, possibly starting this year after we're married
>raised in two-parent household and never made to feel like a burden by either parent

>> No.9415132

You can do better then that. That was weak.

>> No.9415135


Yes, this year will be my parents' 35th anniversary.

>> No.9415136

Since we are on this topic
Female gulls, those of you who want kids and even those who don't want them. How would you react if your SO said to you that if you had a kid, that he would want a DNA test to make sure it is his?

>> No.9415137

Mid-twenties. F. I'm sterile, I have no opinion in this shit storm. I don't think any answer applies if one cannot.

>> No.9415138

>How old are you?
28 in July
>Man or woman?
>Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.
Nope. 100% not. I've been saying it since I knew where kids came from. I've been saying it ever since my father and mother have talked about kids even when my siblings were born after me. I have said no through my teens, high school, college, work. I do not want children. I came from an extremely stable 2 person household, never spoiled [thats all my siblings except me - middle child woes]. I want to spend my money on myself. Be independent. Travel, buy things I want. I don't want to spend money on a fucking child and have to buy their plane ticket, their medical, their fucking cars after they crash the first one. I want my money to myself, to my boyfriend, and to my life. I don't even plan on changing this idea of mine and my SO is very on board with this as he wants to spend his money his way as well. Maybe, some day, I will adopt, but I highly doubt it.

>> No.9415139

But it's okay to know whether you do want kids immediately amirite

Some people just know

>> No.9415143

If you want kids then the sooner the better.
However many women (wrongly) put their career first and then later realize they actually do want kids.

>> No.9415145

Yes, but only if I'm in a marriage that I've been in for 5+ years. With a prenup ;)
I come from a broken household, and I saw firsthand how my father got fucked over by my mother.

>> No.9415147

how can people be this selfish? you should thank your parents for not being as awful as you are.

>> No.9415150
File: 167 KB, 1325x1190, 90d4415a4b6668c0e36d57dc1bf8bec3ff46c3c4a7c516487ed1a1c468dbd178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi ladies,
any of you want to have kids with me? I'm a very caring guy!

>> No.9415152

>some women (wrongly) put their career first
Tells me everything I need to know about you and your worthless opinion right there.

Children are disgusting, by the way. Also by the way, grew up in a two parent household with a sibling.

>> No.9415154

Excuse me? Just because i decided not to ruin my health in a stressful job and instead opted to be a housewife means my opinions are worthless?
You need to grow up and stop being so entitled.

>> No.9415157

Many women pursue careers with the intention of laying down a foundation to start a family, not because they want cash money for solely themselves. They want to provide their future children a roof over their heads, transportation, and everything else a career can pay for. Please remember not every woman seeks a career for purely personal gain.

>> No.9415158

They have 3 other kids. Boohoo I dont want kids.

>> No.9415159

>How old are you?
>Man or woman?
>Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.
Unsure. I know that I would not want to adopt though.

Grew up in a two parent household.

>> No.9415160

Most housewives already know how future catladies think of them.

>> No.9415163

You should consider yourself blessed to be in the position to be a housewife, but you should consider not every woman will be afforded that situation. Not every man is rich enough to provide for a wife and children on their income alone.

>> No.9415165

Not at all. It's fine to be a housewife if that's your choice. Your opinion is worthless because you're telling a stranger that they can't possibly have an opinion that contradicts with your own because they're too young to possibly have come to that decision rationally.

You should do the growing up.

>> No.9415167
File: 2.87 MB, 320x240, 1488155900164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gulls think that when they are in their 30's their boyfriends wont leave them for younger women

Guys go up in value as they get older, women go down. Enjoy it while it lasts. You better have your claws in deep(a child) before they do.

>> No.9415169

This does worry me, I must admit.

>> No.9415172

Im not worried. Hes more concerned id leave him. My claws already deep.

>> No.9415173

This is why it's better to have a career and not depend on a man for your livelihood.

>> No.9415174

If that were the case, every older man beyond their thirties in existence would have a trophy wife or girlfriend. Yet, there are a plethora of older men who do not have such an asset. There's got to be a reason for that. An older man for many young women pales in comparison to the virility and physique of a young man.

>> No.9415175

This. While you are still young everyone thinks this will last forever. But most women age poorly and men are notorious for ditching them for a younger woman (who can still have his children)

>> No.9415177
File: 9 KB, 189x267, 1490706917266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you date pic related when you're young and then what? You both get old and he picks up a new girl while you do what exactly?

>> No.9415178

literally though it's selfish to want children when the world is so overpopulated and we're on the path to an environmental apocalypse in the next few generations

>> No.9415180

At the moment, sure.

>> No.9415181

>this is what girls actually believe

>> No.9415186

Nah, they just go on cam sites and spend all their extra money on young girls. Or strip clubs, meet up with hookers, whatever sex work floats their boat

>> No.9415187

It's supply and demand. Older men do demand young women, but there's not enough supply of young women into older men. Too many are busy looking for the picture you posted. Some old men win, many old men lose.

>> No.9415190

How old are you?
Man or woman?

Do you want kids at some point?
No. (also a lesbian, which makes things more difficult anyway)

Grew up in a two parent household. Dad died suddenly when I was 14, other than that, happy childhood/family life.

>> No.9415192

I think they are talking about trophy wives and girlfriends, not hookers and strippers.

>> No.9415193

Men are considered disgusting for going for younger women, but older women are called cougars and are encouraged. Double standards flipped, bitch.

>> No.9415194

Older men are financially secure and are more stable. That is attractive to most women. That and the fact that shittons of girls have daddy issues to boot. A guy in his 30's can easily date 10 years under, whereas a woman in her 30's can generally only date above her age, and even then she'll have to settle most likely.

You've made your bed, now lie in it

>> No.9415196

Where do you think these old men are picking up the young girls? Most of them are/were sex workers of some sort.

>> No.9415197

Only old, ugly women "consider" that disgusting, and nobody cares what they think.

>> No.9415200

Cougars aren't looked nicely upon. They are laughed at behind their backs. At worst, they are turned into the subject of reality television for the same reason the phrase, "it's like watching a train wreck," exists.

>> No.9415203

>anon stopping the preggo talk by prodding their insecurities

>> No.9415208

>implying any man would have any of you bear his kids even if you begged him
Stay delusional gulls

>> No.9415209

I wish you luck competing with the other older men who are trying to snag a younger woman. You seem determined in your goal, therefore I say godspeed. I'm not saying you can't.

>> No.9415210

just here to say that most older guys who like young girls tend to not be super interested in kids - they want a trophy girl to fuck and parade around on yachts and shit

>> No.9415211

This guy could easily be in his 30's. Give him some chest hair and he'd fit the number easily.

>> No.9415212


Best answer, underrated post.

>> No.9415213
File: 43 KB, 784x601, 1398032551711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you are an expert at identifying age, how old is she?

>> No.9415216

>That and the fact that shittons of girls have daddy issues to boot.

This shit sucks. I hit my 30s and found myself suddenly attracting hot young girls, but they all turned out to be batshit crazy. (And huge masochists, which isn't my thing.)

I may be one of the only guys who feel this way, but I'm happier sticking to 30-ish girls.

>> No.9415217

Choke me daddy!

>> No.9415218

Most men won't be touting yachts. The immeasurably wealthy do not count. If you own a yacht, you are likely immeasurably wealthy. A boat is not a yacht.

>> No.9415219

It's harder with women, because of makeup and they are masters of angle shots. I'd want to say underage just because the lack of self awareness of the classless preggo pic in undies. Won't be surprised if she's one of those girls who age decently well though.

>> No.9415221

I'm currently struggling with this. I want to at least get my foot in the door with a career so I can continue building on it later and save up for their future without depending entirely on my husband, but many jobs won't hire a woman my age who's said she wants children. It's against the law to discriminate like that, but they all do it. The fact that I might go on maternity leave after a year or two is making it really difficult for me to get a decent job. I'm currently looking for vacancies posted by other women in the hope that they might be more understanding than middle aged and older men.

>> No.9415223

My friend who is alone, just got a divorce for cheating, got pregnant, lives with her mom, and doesn't make a lot of money is going to keep her kid.

#blessed #kidsareagoodidea

>> No.9415225

>more understanding towards other women
That is not how it works sadly. I'm sure you've seen the countless evidence but women in the workplace will do anything to deter other women.

>> No.9415226

Who cheated on who?

>> No.9415228

It's a pretty reasonable thing to do from a business' perspective. I find it hard to criticize them for acting in self-interest.

>> No.9415229

I'd hope they'd be more understanding because they've been in the exact same boat I am in now. I google them to see if they have kids and most do. Someone gave them a chance, so hopefully they'll pass it on. Crossing fingers.

>> No.9415231

Thats a lie.

All the women at work, when they heard that Im not interested in kids, fucking preached to me to fucking hell and back. Especially the divorce with 3 kids and is super religious. I didn't feel bad at all. I merely told them I just don't care about having children and while they can't go on vacations and stuff, I'm on a fucking cruise next week and then in 7 months, Disneyland. Where are they? Oh yeah. At work and fending for their greedy children because they didn't plan their lives.

>> No.9415233

You don't have to tell them you want children. Worse come to worse, get a job, mention nothing about maternity leave in the future. They'll either give you maternity leave when you do get pregnant or fire you. Even if the latter happens, you can pick up a job once your child is older. If they are asking if you want children in interviews, say that you don't. That's personal, you don't need to answer that.

>> No.9415237

Shouldn't only do females. The people who gave those women a chance were likely men. They are more sympathetic than you realize. Just don't bring up wanting to have children at some point. DO they even ask this or do you bring it up?

>> No.9415238

She did, but they have been talking about getting a divorce for a while. They both are pretty neutral about the divorce, but the dude is mad about the pregnancy thing. Its not his kid. He's in the army. Or was. He quit after 6 years of service and from the sounds of it, the dude she had the baby with isn't interested in staying around. I told her not to get married in the first place. Thats what happens when you marry someone in the army just so you can get away from your hometown only to realize 2 years later it was a mistake, but its too late now so you drag it out 4 more years and then youre pregnant with someone else's kid.

I swear, its like she's living a Lifetime story.

>> No.9415242

Some people want kids.

Some people don't want kids.

Can we fucking not ruin this thread.

>> No.9415244

Anyone in the military is an idiot if they have a wife/gf back home.

T. bitter military anon

>> No.9415245
File: 15 KB, 299x300, 1395539177273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a little late don't you think doll?

>> No.9415246

It's likely to be deleted in the morning.

>> No.9415247

since the thread is in autosage it's better to let it all out now.

>> No.9415251

>she cheated
>got pregnant with someone else's child
>the father isn't interested in hanging around
>it's the marriage's fault

>> No.9415252

I didn't say that. Where the hell did you get that from?

>> No.9415253

Maybe I should lie, but it feels wrong to lie during a job interview.

They ask, especially the men. My name is pretty androgynous so when I make it to an interview the first question is "Oh, so you're a woman?" and it's downhill from there.

>> No.9415255

It's wrong for them to ask during an interview.

>> No.9415256

What are you gonna do about it? Call the feels police?
Women are always a liability because of possible pregnancy.

>> No.9415257

its technically against the law.

>> No.9415258

>Women are always a liability.

>> No.9415259

If you're going to get pregnant, you better not do it with a black person anons

>> No.9415260 [DELETED] 

>I told her not to get married in the first place.
>Thats what happens when you marry someone in the army just so you can get away from your hometown only to realize 2 years later it was a mistake, but its too late now so you drag it out 4 more years and then youre pregnant with someone else's kid.

>> No.9415261

That is SO racist wtf?!

>> No.9415262

mixed babies are usually the most beautiful babies though.

>> No.9415265

Lie about wanting children when they ask.

>> No.9415266

How old are you?
Man or woman?
Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.
When I was younger, thought ah hell no, never gonna do that shit. Mostly because I had a really rough relationship with my father, since he always expected too much from me. Really soured the idea of being a father myself. Now that I'm older and grew up to not be a failure, I realized why he always pushed me to succeed. Everything has turned out pretty well in life for me, and I'm now really good friends with both my parents rather than hating my Dad with a passion. I would like to be in the same position as my father in the future, where not only are my children close friends, but also people I can rely upon when I become older. I would want my children to look exactly like my SO and me, because I think that's a bond you can't get any other way. Plus, it would make me happy having my SO getting to dress up a daughter so they can be cute together, or sharing my interests and hobbies with a son if that's what happens.

Stable household?
Very stable. My entire extended family is stable households, and twice a year about all ~40 of us gather at my grandfather's house to spend holidays together all day and catch up with everyone. It's an enjoyable experience and has really let me appreciate having a large stable family.

>> No.9415267

Except that when white women mate with blacks the baby is not mixed at all but just black lmao.

>> No.9415268

>I told her not to get married in the first place.
>Thats what happens when you marry someone in the army just so you can get away from your hometown only to realize 2 years later it was a mistake, but its too late now so you drag it out 4 more years and then youre pregnant with someone else's kid.

>> No.9415269

Most army wives feel neglected when their husbands on are tour.

>> No.9415271

White/Asian are.

>> No.9415272

Yes, she's saying the woman should not have gotten married for the wrong reasons. Marrying for the wrong reasons generally leads to a failed marriage. She's not blaming the man. The man likely married for the right reasons. Both have to go into a marriage for the right reasons though, not just one.

>> No.9415273

And feeling neglected means you can go around getting knocked up by another guy?
Get fucking real.

>> No.9415274

Yeah, Im not mad at people who cheat for being neglected.

>> No.9415275

Having kids with a black person is just going to give you a slightly less black kid. If you think that's cute though, then I'm not going to judge. Just be prepared to be a single mother. It's about a 70-80% chance.

>> No.9415276

That's not why she cheated. She cheated because she was never really attracted to the man. She just married him for a place to stay.

>> No.9415277
File: 28 KB, 550x633, 115213519413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>husband at work to provide for you
>i feel neglected time to cheat
>this is okay

>> No.9415278

He agreed before she even cheated that they didn't want to be together. Anon, I don't think you're reading everything. Its basically a mutual separation before filing papers which in turn is pretty much cheating.

>> No.9415279

You divorce the person first, and then you are free to do what you will. Don't cheat then divorce. Divorce, and then find someone else.

>> No.9415280

If you're a man in the military you will come back to your gf/wife the same way you left them. Well fucked.

>> No.9415281

I understand what she's saying, but the marriage could simply have ended in divorce. The marriage isn't to blame for her friend choosing to cheat and ending up a single mother.

>> No.9415283

Him being mad the child wasn't his implies some degree of actual cheating, not a mutual agreement.

>> No.9415284

The kid will grow up to be a salty gull and spill her salt in feels threads on /cgl/, calling it now

>> No.9415287
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1471299343561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please make sure to bite my bait in the next thread as well, thank you~

>> No.9415288

easily. Kid will also have an IQ above room temperature.

>> No.9415290

There's not much going on at 4:30 in the morning... Other then feels threads on auto sage.

>> No.9415292


>> No.9415309
File: 286 KB, 364x480, gayouterplanet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying all gulls are into men
h a

>> No.9415330
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you see a buttplug on the floor of the con
>you know it fell out of someone's ass without them noticing
>mfw somebody unwittingly picks it up and inspects it

>> No.9415379

> divorces can be prolonged, costly and involve a shitload of bureaucracy
> couple agrees to no longer be intimately involved thus both parties are likely to be yearning for comfort/intimacy/support

Do you even adult, anon? Or are you just one of those people that still thinks marriage is a holy and sacred institution, rather than a convenient legal arrangement for a couple that plan to live and possibly raise children together?

>> No.9415397

calm down, Satan

>> No.9415799

>How old are you?
>Man or woman?
>Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.
absolutely not, never have. I don't hate children they simply aren't for me.
And yes, I was raised in a two parent household fwiw.

>> No.9415816

>>9411727 is me
and holy shit the package went through with no issue, thank god.
I feel a little bad that USPS lost out on the postage but I'm also glad because my cat is suddenly very ill and I have an abrupt $2500 dental bill to pay off.

Sorry USPS. I need that money more than you do.

>> No.9415830
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$2500 for a cat's dental bill

>> No.9415841


I absolutely hate it. It pains me all through the night to where I get shit sleep or no sleep which makes me even more stressed and it's just a vicious cycle like the other anon and coffee.

I'm lucky in that I have some hydrocodone from getting my teeth taken out a few weeks ago so as shitty as it sounds, I can pop a pill and power through my day.

>> No.9415846

Oh god I wrote that wrong, it's $2500 for my dental bill, they thought she had bladder cancer but turned out to be a bad infection that's getting worse even after 3 weeks of antibiotics. My storytelling is as fucked as my life right now lmao

>> No.9415868

>How old are you?
>Man or woman?
>Do you want kids at some point: yes, no, unsure.

>> No.9415879


I know that they can be a pain and a burden, but I want them anyways. I feel like humans are miracles of life, and creating more is a part of that miracle.

I know that I want to have any YET. I want to be able to take care of myself, my kids, and my wife very comfortably first (with several months spare in case of no work), whether or not my SO wants to work.

I don't know if I'd adopt or not. I think I would, if and only if my significant other is incapable of having children. I'd be able to love an adopted child, but I think it'd feel different than if they were my own flesh and blood, regardless of how hard I'd try to feel differently.

Considering my track record with women, I don't think I'll have to be worried about any of this, though... hah...

To make it cgl related, I think I'd introduce my kids to different fashion styles (including lolita) early on and give them the capability to try each to find their own groove. I hated the fact that as a kid I'd always been too poor or (later, when not poor) guilted into never exploring my fashion interests.

>> No.9416048

22, Female, and nope. My family has a lot of health problems, mental or otherwise, and giving my child that is a bad idea. I had a condom fall off inside me which resulted in me getting pregnant when I was 18, and I no-hesitation got an abortion

>tfw you remember if you hadn't done that you'd have a 4 year old right now
Absolutely disgusting. I don't want to think about how even more shitty my life would be if there was a child involved.

>> No.9416509

nah cuz, I got a life to live.

>> No.9416515

There's a difference between someone losing their family member than someone being self concious about their nose that isn't even fucking large. I'm not even jewish, just unfortunate.
I wear lolita out and people call me "sir" because they think I'm a man in drag.

>> No.9416523

and jesus I'm salty af about myself but you're a pretty person.
love yourself.
It just takes such a toll on you when you're called "sir" everywhere, and whenever someone posts you on cgl everyone asks if you're trans. To me, I think I look fine as a girl but evidently others don't think so since Im confused for a boy like everyday of my life
Like I apologize for being so damn salty and for taking it out on you but I'm tired of people asking me if I'm a man.

>> No.9419137


>> No.9419140

Why must black people be brought up every thread in a bad light. Why are you thinking aboit blackpeople so much.

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