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New one and don't fuck it up.


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Anyone else falling out of love for cosplay? Its like, Ive been in the scene since 1998 and its like so shitty now. There isn't a point.

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white/asian mixed kids always end up as elliot rodgers DON'T DO IT GULLS

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Fuck people who start dance groups and then refuse to dance. It happens so often in love live groups. Some girl just told the group 'she can't practice at any moment the next two months because her school is sooo busy'. Why did she join then? Why is no one speaking up? Ugh.

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Its happens. Ive noticed so many people just not caring about cosplaying anymore. Especially the ones who put in tons of detail in their work.

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Why aren't you?

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Question, does OP count in the 'posters' count?

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You can't practice for, like, an hour each day at least? Sounds like a copout for realizing you really didn't want to join in the first place.

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>you will never be this good


why even live?

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Turns out OP counts in 'poster' count.
This person is the person responsible for shit posting the comment about Elliot Rodgers. Shit poster shitting up threads is an older person disgruntled with cosplay scene. I doubt OP would shit in their own thread. Everyone laugh at salty old cosplayer.

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I dont even know what you are talking about. Who is Elliot Rodgers? All I asked was if anyone else feels like they fall out of love for cosplay. Your assumption is funny though.

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You are not fooling anyone, shitposter!

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The poster count stayed at only 2 posters with the first three posts. That means the person who posted the comment about Rodgers was either OP or you.

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What if OP was also the first response?

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Let /cgl/ decide.

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One of the gulls in this thread is not like the others

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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wanna be my bf?

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i don't want kids

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post dick then

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Me neither

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the poster count hasn't moved since you've posted all these
now go away shit poster

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Look at the post times.

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Maybe because it's late as heck in the US and this is a slow board anyways? Stop accusing me of fabricating my /cgl/ gf.

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>those porn star nails
and you claim cosplaying is not fetish?

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pls stop embarrassing yourself

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Same, but I'm a self-hating minority that grew up in a racist shithole and was ostracized by my own racial community growing up, so I have no friends on either side of the fence. I made a lot of friends online as a result, but was always afraid to meet them since it always resulted in "Oh, you're black," followed by a slow decline in contact before they poofed on me.

Now I have a hard time making friends because I subconsciously assume nobody is sincere when they're nice to me. It's even worse at cons where there aren't many black people because I become a novelty. I essentially have a core of maybe 5 friends that I rarely see and I get too anxious to bother with making new ones, because I get crap for not being black enough from black people I know and being a loser that'll never actually be white from the assholes in the area.

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not cgl related.

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You're right. Speaking of CGL related
Anybody seen any good Lucio cosplays?

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I found out my boyfriend is still fapping to other cosplay girls. Early in our relationship he asked what my boundaries are, and I said I didn't care about any non-cosplay porn or hentai, but that I viewed other cosplayers as peers or friends and it weirded me out. Since we specifically talked about this and he's still doing it, feels bad man

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>followed by a slow decline in contact before they poofed on me.
Maybe because people can tell you're self-hating and it makes them uncomfortable? I find it hard to believe people that have otherwise liked you suddenly drop all contact when they realise you're black. Do you make weird racial comments around them?

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Cut my bangs for a con this weekend and I'm not happy with them. They don't look bad, they just don't look exactly like the character. I think I just need to take a step back and remember that I will never look like a 2D character because I exist in 3 dimensions.

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WHAT THE EFF? Who wears their damn butt-plug to the anime convention??!

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Can't speak for them, but mine is part of a chastity belt, so it's up to Daddy whether I wear it. Which means I'm literally guaranteed to wear it.

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Sorry for the repost gulls.

To the Jogging anon who met lolitas at the park in the previous threads. If you drop some kind of contact info I can get you in touch with the lolita who knocked over your water bottle.

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>daddy issues
you girls are fucked in the head

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idc if this is even real, I just laughed until I cried. That's so fuckin gross

source: someone who is disgusted by buttplugs

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I'm so tired of salty jealous girls whose entire lives revolve around bitching about other women. Like, get over it. A little cattiness is understandable but when your entire life revolves around obsessing over what other people are doing... you're crazy.

Also when girls obsess over guys so much, especially when they treat them like shit. Love yourselves...

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Please reunite jogging anon

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I miss the livejournal days.

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Me too. Sometimes I go back to reread and look at my favorite posts for the nostalgia and inspiration. Things weren't perfect back then but I still miss those days.

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>see lolita get on train
>stare at her dress
>she catches me looking
>I feel ashamed being caught the rest of the way
>She continuously looks back at me, to see if I'm staring again

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I posted this in the last thread but then the shitposting began.

>Really like character from manga
>No official colours exist for the character's manga design
>Anime design for the character is very different from manga design, obviously isn't meant to be the same colours, and is hideous
>Guess I won't be cosplaying as her

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I really wished I started getting into lolita earlier. I've lurked for years but never had the money or time. Now I'm thinking of trying it out but I'm getting overwhelmed by the amount of dresses there are out there and can't decide which one I would want as baby's first dress.

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Have you tried getting the fuck over yourself?

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Hey anon, just take the plunge. Find something you like and get it. Dresses tend to hold their value, so if you get something and realize its not for you, you can always sell. Do it anon! I'm sure you'll look adorable, whatever you decide.

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ten bucks says he's going to cheat on you with the girls he's fantasizing about.

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Thanks anon! I'll still browse egl and closet child until something catches my eye. Fingers cross that I can make a decent coord with whatever I go with.

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>havent gotten period all month
>con is tomorrow
>face starts to break out + cramps +bloating

goddammit, out of all that time my body decides now? time to pack all the midol and tampons.

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alright, so this isn't *exactly* cgl related, so I'm gonna frame it in a related way...but I'm struggling for real.

>be me: lolita, currently single af, 1.5 yrs out of very serious relationship, celebate
>can't do anything with anyone unless in serious relationship or maaaybe if we've known each other for a really long time
>lolita is love/life, always browsing LM, fril, CC, etc. during work
>boss catches me often and says I have an addiction and "disease"
>"at least I'm not a meth addict"
>he says he's not sure if hard drugs are worse than dresses
>we joke around with each other like this a lot
>once said he's always avail to help me measure my bust for a dress
>he's just generally unprofessional and is a perpetual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen
>lately, he's been getting a little handsy
>hitting my ass with envelopes, leaning over me at the computer and blowing on my neck
>known boss for over 4 years now and feel real comfortable around him
>plan to work OT this weekend to prepare/submit tax payments for his businesses
>we're supposed to go to breakfast this weekend, like he usually does once in a while in appreciation of his fav employee
>we've done this a few times before, no issues
>unfortunately, his wife and kid are going out of town this weekend
>yes, he's fucking married
>I think he may have some unsavory things in mind for the trip to breakfast
>like, I think he may try to use a vibe on me in the car
>or try to get me to stay at his house
>why do I think this?
>because earlier in the week, when I was dressed up, he said:
>"Anon, you know what I'll do...I think I'll get my favorite vibrator and teach you a lesson"
>and yesterday, "We could get some wine and get naked in the hot tub."
>most times he is just prattling off and joking
>I can usually count on my morals
>but...I think I may be more trash than treasure
>I'm hoping so hard that this just stays as overboard flirting
>if he really tries anything I may be done for as a decent human being

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Anon don't do it. You know he's married with kids for fuck's sake.

>> No.9416211

you need to back the fuck up right fucking now because trust me, if you fuck him, no matter what happens after, you will end up with the short end of the stick.
The wife WILL find out and you WILL be politely fired, likely for some made up reason but you will know the truth.
Your boss sounds like a prick desu. He will use you and dispose of you in a heart beat, don't doubt it.

>> No.9416217

Eh, nah, you sound stupid. This won't happen.

Anon will feel guilty, and rightfully so, but that's about it.

>> No.9416221

Why do you think she won't get fired? Depending on how it goes down he has all the power here. The wife can bitch at him until anon is unemployed and she can't do anything since she said it was ok.

>> No.9416227

You honestly think when (and I say WHEN because it's only a matter of time) his wife finds out, she won't throw a shit fit and demand anon be let go? Do you think her boss is going to chose anon over his wife? The mother of his child? Hell fucking no.
Sleeping with your boss is already stupid enough but if he's married with kids? That is a recipe to loose your job.

>> No.9416236

Just don't, anon.

t. one of those kids

>> No.9416243

Wait so...
you're into him?

I guess it's not harassment if he's hot, aye? :^)

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I really needed to hear these replies in my head.
Thank you anons.
I've been pretty out of sorts since my fiance and I broke up and it's made me so fucking needy. life is testing the fuck out of me and I really can't afford to fail this one.

thank you.

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You can do better than your married fucking boss, anon!!! If you just want a mental health fuck, pick any of the 99.9% of people who won't leave you regretting it.

>> No.9416253

it's only harassment if he continues to make comments after I make it clear that he needs to stop. I've never really put the heavy on him about sexual comments.
he's not exactly "hot" but he's kind of my type: round, kinked up, and nerdy looking.

I'm gathering all your offered strength and hopefully this weekend will fly by with no terrible mistakes. I might have to actually talk to him about this because I don't think he realizes that it isn't one-sided anymore

>> No.9416256

truth. thanks!!

>> No.9416258

Anon, if you're feeling needy, you only needed to say so! There's no need to chase married men at all!

Look no further for your complementary bf. That's right! All you need to do to claim your free bf is reply to this post with an email address and voila!

No more being forced to carry your own heavy lolita-laden or cosplay-laden bags!
No more issues feeling needy and being tempted by men!
No more wishing you had someone to take you on dates and make you feel like a princess!

No confidence?
No patience?
No problem!
Boyfriends are standing by!

Reply today!

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Anon you can get him strung up for harassment & sue the bollox off him, never have to work again.

I think you have been lead, groomed into this even. He waited til you were single & alone, now trying to corner you. If you are seriously considering it, think again-he is just flirting for titilation, getting off on thinking about using a cute bit of stuff in his power, he isn't thinking about you, or even respects you by the nature of his interactions with you. Men who cheat will always cheat, he may of course have done this before. I was in your situation once. It was very uncomfortable. I shut him down & 7 years later consider it a lucky escape, met my oh a year later. You are just lonely rn. Wouldn't consider it otherwise.

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I finally feel normal in my own body. I've made peace with it.
I'm not fat. I'm actually slightly underweight due to height. But I feel like I've finally accepted my body after 10 years of body image issues starting at puberty. As the weather gets warmer I no longer feel bad about wearing more revealing clothing outside of jfash, and even in jfash I feel okay wearing things I wouldn't wear before like short skirts and more fitted tops. This will be the first summer that I'll feel like that. I feel so much more confident when I dress up for meets now. I felt ugly before. I feel fine now.

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Looking at these two posts, I feel some original content could be born from this.
>boyfriends are standing by!
I lost it.

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I could probably carry you.
I'm not smol

I was also almost married.
bfs are certainly not standing by for a mature thwomplita in her mid-twenties.

>but thx, made me lol

>> No.9416314

I want a thwomplita bodyguard now.

>> No.9416321

>bfs are certainly not standing by for a mature thwomplita in her mid-twenties.
Uhhh yes I am- I mean we are.

>> No.9416327

Mine did that with friends of his that were girls. It was a weird obsession compulsive thing that he needed intense therapy to get over. I still feel bad for lowkey resenting all of the girls when it isn't their fault. He's a completely different person now, but still.

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>major in computer science
>get great, well-paying internship for the summer
>Anxiety setting in
>Do I actually know what the fuck I'm doing?
>Buy ita accessories to cope with my panic
>And drink heavily

Doesn't help my professor keeps on about his paper for the upcoming conference. Everyone around me keeps nodding their heads, and while I know for a fact they don't know any more than me, I can't shake the feeling like I'm headed for disaster.

On the plus side, my unicorn hair clips are just around the corner.

>> No.9416357

ita accessories?

>> No.9416363

Parroting what the other anons are saying, it's a bad idea. But this sounds similar to something that happened last night and had me freaking out.

>co-taught a class with a more experienced teacher I really respected, well loved by our students
>I move and keep in contact with him over FB
>we joke a lot, his stories are hilarious and part of why everyone likes him
>he starts joking about how small his penis is and how he was made fun of it in college
>it's funny the first time
>buuuut then it is seriously at least part of the conversation every time we talk after that
>yesterday happens, he messages me unusually late
>"haha do you think i beat a whiteboard marker in terms of size"
>humor him, whatever
>"I just took a picture lol about to send it to you
>fucking NOPE, try to defuse it with humor "I'm not ready to know you like that"
>"you've already heard all about it, what's different about seeing it lol"
>spend about 40 minutes going back and forth, me giving reasons why I don't want to see it and him pushing back each time
>every time he pushes back I'm dying more and more inside, I can't believe someone I respected so much is doing this
>this guy is recently married too, I'm NOT about to have his wife blowing up my phone calling me a homewrecker
>I can't tell if he's seriously trying to be funny or if this is some weird sexual harassment going on, but either way, I'd rather not see
>finally I tell him flat out I don't want to see it because I don't think I could look him in the eye afterward
>"naaah. you'll be fine. here I'm about to send it lmao"
>oh god. "no wait i'm not mentally prepared for it lol. i don't like dick pics solicitied or unsolicited h-haha. maybe another day. I gotta go"
>I frantically call my friend and spill how I don't feel like I can talk to someone I saw as a mentor until then

I want to believe he just didn't realize what he was doing was inappropriate, but he pushed so hard, gulls. So hard.

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You're free to do whatever of course, but remember, basic colors like black, white/off white, pink, brown are going to be easier to coord than more uncommon colors. EX: Sax, green, yellow, etc. Might be something to keep in mind while shopping.

>> No.9416380

I'm not gonna lie, half the reason I'm on the combo pill is that I have it set up so I skip three period weeks, and I use that to make sure I'm not bleeding during important events.

>> No.9416395

I think many have to wait to get into a hobby due to finances. It's a good thing so many dresses are now for purchase second hand. You get more bang for your buck. The other person makes a good point about colors. You likely could go for a rarer color, but maybe first think about what color you want to start focusing your wardrobe on. Once you get started, you can eventually branch out to other colors. Sticking to 1 or 2 colors at first means you'll be able to mix and match more for variety when it comes to wearing the clothing.

>> No.9416401

>that fucking chin

>> No.9416416

you seem to be suffering from a bout of like, imposter syndrome. a lot of people doubt themselves but this sounds a bit deeper for you.

are you a gril? validation of skills in pretty much any STEM area is especially scarce for females because everyone assumes you just aren't as capable. it sucks. maybe you can talk it out real good with a favorite professor, or your advisor!

>> No.9416418

If you're hired in the stem field as a female, you shouldn't worry too much about how good you are. You're very likely a diversity hire in the first place.

>> No.9416423


yeah, he was trying to push your correspondence to the next level. he wants to sext with you on the regular.

pulling out of that conversation was a good idea. good going, anon. I know it's hard to be firm because ladies just aren't primed to be forthright and blunt, but make sure he knows the day you'll want his dick pic won't actually ever come.

>> No.9416427

Always dicklets with the humiliation fetish. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a thing for feet as well.

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Just got back from having an ultrasound on my ovaries, going to GP to hear results and stuff in a couple of hours.
Doesn't look good, /ceeg/. Might really turn into 'no kids allowed.'

>> No.9416473

Is that a good or bad thing to you?

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What is with all the ovary problem anecdotes in the several threads? Are gulls statistically at higher risk for reproductive maladies?

>> No.9416484

Same thing that's up with all these gulls complaining about being in terrible relationships in a feels thread.

It's a feels thread (usually a collection of people having a shitty time). This is our venting place, so problems seem much more common than really are.

Well... how do you feel about adoption?

>> No.9416502

Same anon, I can't have children with my partner and it hurts. But, we are going to adopt a baby and love it, and it will still be a product of our love- even though we won't be biologically related.
Hoping for the best.

>> No.9416516

My issue doesn't have anything to do with my ovaries. It's more the question of if I want to be a martyr in the name of childbearing.

>> No.9416519

I'd determine if it's the girl herself he's jerking it to, or if it's the character. That would make a difference. If you start to notice that the costumes happen to be the same characters he picks for his hentai, the girl behind it likely has little to do with it. So, make sure he's not jerking it to 'Rebecca', but to the appearance of Hatsune Miku which 'Rebecca' happens to be dressed as. That would make a considerable difference in that it's not the girl herself he has on his mind.

>> No.9416526

congrats anon!

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I got invited to my first loli party, but it sounds really shitty.

They want us all to dress in loli and watch all of Fuller House.

But I hate that show.

>> No.9416529

>I got invited to my first loli party
underage b&

>> No.9416539

record your breakfast with him with the ole phone in pocket. sue him, money is better than getting fucked and fired

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>Working on BotW Link cosplay
>Little sister: "Every girl I know loves the new Link! You're gonna ruin soooo many panties at the con."

Um... Thanks, sis.

>> No.9416572

Give her the D

>> No.9416587

The feels thread is pretty good this time around.

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>friend invites a random to our room
>random ends up stealing something

every single time

>> No.9416601

Sorry, life isn't like one of your mangoes. Little sisters are for hug, not fug.

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You think that's crazy?

When I was a furry, I got invited to a "cuddle muddle." Basically, some dude covers his living room floor with blankets and pillows, turns off the light, and has a bunch of furries cuddle on the floor. It's an orgy with no sex.

>> No.9416643
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Holy shit people please invest in proper lighting or look at your shit outside in sunlight before selling. Just got an ivory item that was listed as white and it's also stained to hell and back.

>> No.9416646 [DELETED] 

No, I avoid those sorts of topics with friends. Clearly here as an Anon is an exception.

>> No.9416659 [DELETED] 

Only if the dad is white.

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File: 24 KB, 400x400, lYvnA3XZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

furries don't make any sense

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My bf is starting to get into my love for Lolita and helping me hunt dresses out since he knows my tastes now.

But he told me today he wants to be a brolita. I want to support him but it was out of nowhere. He isn't feminine at all, he's super muscly and tall, and he always wears like blacks and skulls and stuff. No, we aren't talking gothic Lolita, he wants to wear sweet. It's weird to me and I feel bad for judging him mentally. Still love him though.

He broke it to me out of nowhere during cuddling afterglow of post sex this morning as well. What the hell is with that timing? Was he thinking if being in Lolita the whole time he was spooging in me or something?

>> No.9416864

What's her name?

>> No.9416869

I'd ask about it later to see if they were being serious or if they were just a little bit out of it. At least don't worry about it until you know for sure.

>> No.9416872
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Fake and gay. This is like when dudes post sexual encounters that are really out there but give it away with stuff no girl would say. In your case
>"I'll take out my favorite vibrator"

Like nigga what? No dude would say this. Why does he have a fave? Does he massage his own prostate with it?

>> No.9416879

>have no bf
>make up stories about imaginary bf
>post them on /cgl/ for internet cred
>salty gull busts your ovaries for lying
no fun allowed

>> No.9416881

>sexual encounters that are really out there
I mean, some real strange shit does go down at cons you know.

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If you said yes, he was just going to send s pic of a whiteboard market. You were so strong in rejecting his offer that you made his joke awkward and he had to commit to it.

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>cut my own bangs and they're looking really good
>lots of fun mail on the way
>have every dress i've wanted so far
>going to a con with my mom tomorrow

but all of these good feels are cancelled out because i have to make a massive decision within the next month that decides the next 3-4 years of my life, and both options have shitty consequences. nobody i know can help me choose because they have pretty biased opinions. i want to bury myself underneath my pile of burando and never come out.

>> No.9417017

What decision do you have to make

>> No.9417021

I have to decide if i move in with my bf who wants kids down the line.
I am not happy about the idea of being a breeding machine but he really wants kids.

>> No.9417034

Girly that's not going to be a decision that is going to affect just 3-4 years of your life.
Also, if he wants kids when you guys haven't even lived together is kind of dumb. A lot of relationships fail when they start living together, because they can't hide their negative traits when their SO is around them all the time.
You don't truly know if you love your SO until you live with them for 1-2 years.

>> No.9417039

I get what you're saying, but it's this attitude that lends itself to the poisonous attitude against women in the STEM hiring field. I want to tell you to kys, since you sound like a fucking asshole.

>> No.9417040

>anon doesn't understand the concept of "down the line"

>> No.9417044

Did i hit too close to home?

>> No.9417046

I didn't have my daily injection of coffee yet. Whoops

>> No.9417047

Why do you post things and not expect people to respond? Are you retarded? Want me to agree with you and give you a brojob?

>> No.9417048

A what?

>> No.9417050

Ah, so you are retarded.

>> No.9417051

Ah, so you are mad.

>> No.9417054

> someone responded to my mildly ignorant post with their feelings in a feels thread, they must be le mad XD

>> No.9417055

>it's this attitude

No. It's the simple fact that under qualified people are being hired over people who are actually qualified. Simply because they need "diversity in the workforce". That is the only poisonous mindset I see.

As for my previous post, I was just being a smartass. If the woman is actually qualified for the job, then good for them.

>> No.9417057

> I was only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.9417060

>diversity hires in STEM don't exist
I think it is YOU who is retarded

>> No.9417062

Automatically assuming any woman is a diversity hire is retarded, yes. That's what you were saying. Women can be hired on their own merit, not just diversity hires, and implying otherwise is sexist.

>> No.9417063

I don't think feels threads should ever get deleted.

This is the space where gulls vent out all of their frustrations and and depression.
The venting helps cgl be a better place because there's less anger to distribute everywhere else. These are the containment threads.

>> No.9417065

Yeah but mostly they aren't. When was the last time you saw a department full of female software engineers?
That's what I thought...

>> No.9417067

Just because you pull a random anecdote out of your ass doesn't mean you can just trail off like a drooling idiot.

>> No.9417068

So correct me if i am wrong but all you do is insult people while not bringing forth any arguments to support your case.

>> No.9417069

If you're a woman with a stem degree, you'll be hired no matter how much better yours peers are. You'll even be hired over them. Stating this is not sexist, it's pointing out a simple truth. They are only being hired because of their gender, not because of their merit.

>> No.9417072

Is this is idiot still talking to himself?

>> No.9417075

It IS actually sexist against men but of course you can't be sexist against men so it's all good.

>> No.9417078

How can it be sexist againat men when they are hired outside of diversity boundaries? Minority men (not white or Asian) are included in diversity hires btw.

>> No.9417080

Why are diversity hires even a thing? Only qualified people should be hired.

>> No.9417084
File: 57 KB, 593x362, notme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi anon, >>9417021 is not me at all please disregard them

my decision is
1) go to a college in the same state (i'm automatically accepted to all of them), have my education paid for, but the condition is that i'd have to stay with my parents who beat the shit out of me

at least i'd have no debt

2) get the fuck out of here and go to a better college in another state, where i have friends who are willing to help me out. all of the colleges i've been accepted to outside the state will leave me 20k+ in debt after scholarships though

i've never been on my own and i would literally have to learn how to adult from square one but the freedom might be worth it?

i don't know whether or not to grit my teeth and score a free education or make a completely irresponsible but liberating decision to leave.
>inb4 report parents to poliss
i'm financially dependent on them and they pay for my medical bills and stuff, if they were in the slammer i'd be totally on my own

>> No.9417089

Because with that logic the white/asian men will just hire unqualified white/asian men simply on the basis they're white/asian. No diversity hires =/= everyone being hired for merit. Diversity hires give chances for those with just as much merit who would notmally be overlooked due to sexism/racism to be given a chance.

>> No.9417093

>Diversity hires give chances for those with just as much merit who would notmally be overlooked due to sexism/racism to be given a chance.
Do you ACTUALLY believe that?
Because if you do you need to go back to tumblr right fucking now.

>> No.9417095

Would your parents not give you help if you move?

>> No.9417097

If you don't understand that people with merit are overlooked on a daily basis in many areas of life because of their outwardly appearance, you might be retarded and relying too much on demonizing Tumblr.

>> No.9417103

Anon, companies want to make money. That's their highest interest and they will always hire the person they think will be most productive/make them the most money, aka yes, people are hired based on merit. If it really is as you say and all those super qualified black women are just not being hired because of racism/sexism then why doesn't someone who isn't racist/sexist just start a company and hire all of them at a lower wage and make tons of money?

>> No.9417105

Because minorities are typically disenfranchised by the same establishment. I never said there were tons of super amazing coders just waiting to be hired, but there is probably a fantastic black female coder out there, and to imply she was simply hired as diversity would be insulting, no? Don't you see how this works?

>> No.9417106

Because the patriarchy is preventing this happening.

>> No.9417107

See, you're both right and both wrong. Companies want to optimize productivity, money, etc., but the hiring is done by individuals in the company using non-objective evaluation. Those individuals will do whatever is in their best interest as an employee of the company (their own convenience, hiring people they like, etc.), not necessarily what is in the best interests of the company.

>> No.9417111

Exactly, which is why versity hires exist in the first place. Not because those within it are of any less merit, necessarily. Without them in place there would be as many hires on subjective, non-merit-based qualities.

>> No.9417113

White guy who got his stem degree passing through his classes with high marks

Black woman who got her stem degree passing through her classes with mediocre marks

Both are applying for the same job
The black woman will be hired over the man. Simply because the company has too many white guys.

>> No.9417114

Nice argument.

Hiring in STEM is done via interviews that test your technical aptitude for a given job. You can still get hired even if HR doesn't like your face.

Diversity hires (for example for women) make all women in STEM look bad because everyone assumes she is a diversity hire.
If there were no diversity hires then it would be clear that everyone is here because of their merit. (or because of sucking dick lmao)

>> No.9417115

Care to explain how that is fair?

>> No.9417116

moving would basically be me cutting ties with them, so i'd say no. they can definitely afford my education here, but elsewhere would be too much money and my leaving in the first place is kind of a betrayal? at least in their world it is

there's so much context to this and i can't tell if i'm explaining it well but it's hard to explain abuse logic

>> No.9417117

> (or because of sucking dick lmao)
Nice arguement.

>> No.9417118

>all these people cant fathom why diversity hires are a thing
>probably going to uni where affirmative action is a taking place

>> No.9417119

I'm not saying people who are racist or sexist don't exist. But corporations aren't big, evil bogeymen. Also, while yes, there will always be some bias in the person hiring I still think it is 100% better to let the company decide who to hire based on whatever they value than to force in arbitrary diversity hires that are literally based on nothing except "not enough of x marginalised group"

>> No.9417120

Way to go. You ignored everything i said and latched onto the sarcastic remark added for fun.
Why don't you try to refute my actual argument instead of cherry picking?

>> No.9417121

You sure, because it sounds like you're just making this shit up on the spot as a samefag strawman. That is a diversity hire, yes. Doesn't mean all diversity hires are the same case though.

>> No.9417125

Nice arguement

>> No.9417126

are you a woman in STEM?

>> No.9417127

White guys also get their jobs because
>boss can easily pronounce his name
>knows the boss
>is a friend of the boss' son
>IS the boss' son
>went to the same college as the boss
Source: I've worked HR for a couple labs and literally heard these things being discussed. I feel like if you can find anyone else who has worked in similar positions will have similar stories.

>> No.9417129

Not an argument.

>> No.9417132

Don't act like you are me, the fact that they had to put words into what I said is reason enough to laugh at how assblistered they must be

I'll also say that STEM field isn't the only thing that has lowered it's standards for women. The military is also the same. Woman are held to a far far far lower standard than their male counterparts, and while you may not like the military that is going to cost people their lives at some point.

>> No.9417134

Never said it was, stick dick. Are you mad?

>> No.9417137

Uh, literally all of those except the first one can just be attributed to connections? Of course if someone knows you they are more likely to give you a job, networking exists for this reason.

There's literally nothing wrong with people hiring based on that anyway. No one can force a business to hire someone they don't want to hire.

>> No.9417138

> Pay attention to ME, I'm the original idiot

>> No.9417140

You sound assravaged and are probably a fat landwhale.

>> No.9417142

AD hom, not an argument. Stay pissy, It's funny

>> No.9417143

I am okay with that as long as those lost lives are white males.

>> No.9417144

So hiring people on merit is essentually worthless then if businesses can just hire whatever boi knows McBoss?
Stick dick confirmed.

>> No.9417145

I feel really bad for you but it sounds like a really complex issue. I'd say if you choose to stay, hope that your parents aren't the type that would fuck you over during school. Best option is probably to stay for as long as possible, with the intent of moving on campus later.

>> No.9417148

Why are you so defensive?

>> No.9417149

Stay dumb, it's funny

>> No.9417150

Connections aren't really valid for most STEM jobs though, and doesn't mean someone is more qualified. The whole argument was about "more qualified" people being passed over for a theoretical diversity hire. Also getting a job based on your relation to the person doing the hiring is called nepotism, not "having connections."

>> No.9417152

>all the white guys working in mega corporations are only hired because they knew somebody and not because of work ethic.

Sounds kinda like something some BLM idiot would spout.

>> No.9417153


STEM hasn't lowered their standards to hire women, speaking as someone who has worked in the STEM field for longer than 4chan has been around, men are moderate coders who have huge egos.

I've hired many men and women, and because women suffer from imposter syndrome more often, they are often better coders with less ego because they strive to match their male counterparts.

Men are mostly posturing, women are mostly results.

You sound mad because you think programming is a boys club, but that's only been a recent development, before the 90s dot com era, the field was 50/50

>> No.9417155

Anon didn't say that at all, if you don't want to look like a defensive pissbaby just respond to what's actually being said.

>> No.9417158
File: 11 KB, 224x225, 1377777435802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is some extra spicy bait.
>women are often better coders
>the field was 50/50

Oh man you sure are going all out now.

>> No.9417159

If you had to have an operation to save your life

Would you prefer the white male doctor or the black female doctor

Keep in mind, one was a diversity hire.

>> No.9417160

>hey I wonder what's going on in this feels thread hopefully it's better than the last one

>> No.9417161

> being this deep in your asshole
The female since female doctors have a lower rate of patient mortality.

>> No.9417162

They're both doctors, they don't hand out PhDs for being non-white.

>> No.9417165
File: 211 KB, 869x1776, karlie1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay here are some hard facts to back up that women are better programmers.

>> No.9417169
File: 1.49 MB, 1357x1281, karlie2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9417171

Look, the fact is that corporations, if left alone, will largely hire people to their own benefit. If that guy who knows the boss's son underperforms he will get fired.
If you enforce diversity hires, then yes, more qualified people will get passed over. Otherwise why didn't those diverse people get hired in the first place?

>> No.9417173

Did you know that Bill Gates stole all of his original microsoft code from a woman?
He can't even program.

>> No.9417175
File: 200 KB, 728x251, affirmative-action-sat-score-by-race-financial-samurai[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you gulls feel about Affirmative action?

>> No.9417177

My feelings tell me you are wrong and i am right.

>> No.9417178

Because the other guy had an easier to pronounce name, because he knows the boss/is related to a current employee/is from the boss's alma mater. Again: these are reasons for hiring someone I have actually overheard being discussed. These aren't hypotheticals, and they have nothing to do with that person's qualifications. Some of the biggest fucking goobers to ever look through a microscope were hired for stupid, bad reasons.

>> No.9417180


gb2 /pol/

>> No.9417181

>anecdotal evidence
I will just ignore whatever you say from now on because you are clearly retarded.

>> No.9417183

>Look, the fact is that corporations, if left alone, will largely hire people to their own benefit. If that guy who knows the boss's son underperforms he will get fired.
You are almost painfully naive. Have you only had like one corporate job or something?

>> No.9417184

How is that pol? Those are tweets from Karlie herself.

>> No.9417185

Meanwhile, everything else in this thread has been...? Anecdotes and cherry-picked images?

>> No.9417186

smack anyone who comments like that

i hate women

>> No.9417187

If they were actually as stupid as you say they are they would get fucking fired. You think businesses exist just to enforce your patriarchy? You think they have no goal other than to prevent those poor minorities from getting jobs? No, they want to make money, and they will do the things that will make them the most money.

>> No.9417188

>zero evidence, not even anecdotal
Does this make you retarded AND autistic?

>> No.9417190


how is a model representative of all women, some of which have Masters and PhDs in STEM? please explain.

>> No.9417191

Oh you sweet, sweet naive child. The world is not the well oiled machine you seem to think it is.

>> No.9417192

The women that get into coding professionally are more passionate/driven about it than the average coder. Yet, there are far more highly talented male programmers, just the women are generally above the average. All the other bullshit you're talking about with "imposter syndrome" making people better is garbage. The women who have the motivation to turn it into a career and stick with it are good, but their numbers are too small for them to have much presence at the very top. So, the majority of the best programmers are still male considering there's more than 9 of them for every 1 woman.

>> No.9417193

And you think diversity hires will improve that?

>> No.9417196

Just waiting for the thread to be deleted at this point…

>> No.9417197

White women are the most privileged people that exist.

>> No.9417198

Same. I wouldn't even blame the janitors for banning feels threads at this point. It's happened before.

>> No.9417200
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some fatty-chan in our comm got busted for DWI and the gossip is through the roof.

From the thumbnail, I thought this was Thing 1 and Thing 2 cosplay.

>> No.9417202

I have never said they would! However, I am all for resumes not including names and genders. An ID number and a text/phone preliminary interview will suffice to sift out any initial biases.

>> No.9417203

Feels threads are the most active threads on this board.

This one will be deleted, two more will crop up. That's why these threads should not be deleted, but left alone. Maybe even stickied. Used as containment threads.

>> No.9417204

Well I'm getting tired of you all complaining about women getting jobs over men. That's what needs to happen, especially in higher paying fields like STEM. It will help with the wage gap

>> No.9417206

They only work as containment threads if the only posters in it are /cgl/ regulars. It's been shown in the past that our out of control feels threads get linked to other boards like /r9k/, /fit/ and /pol/ and that leads to shitposting all over the board.

>tfw once got a two-day ban for posting about sunburn in a feels thread but this shit is allowed to go on

>> No.9417211

>It's been shown in the past that our out of control feels threads get linked to other boards like /r9k/, /fit/ and /pol/ and that leads to shitposting all over the board.
Yup. This is why we can't have nice things, /pol/tards - proven to be some of the most sensitive children on this earth - always come in crying about feefees on anything that even vaguely seems against their personal mantras.

>> No.9417214

If you think /pol/ comes in here to complain and not bait then you're sadly mistaken. It's r9k who comes in to complain, /pol/ seems to have come to accept how women are.

>> No.9417217

I don't even care what they like to shitpost about as long as they keep to their own board. You don't see us going over to their house to rip up their offbrand and spam rare Manas.

>> No.9417218

It's probably /r9k/ pretending to be /pol/ honestly.

>> No.9417220

I'm not /pol/, I'm a /cgl/ regular and I've been on /pol/ maybe once. I just strongly believe diversity hires are an awful thing.

>> No.9417224

Okay but what do they have to do with cosplay or Jfashion? Fucking nothing, so stop shitting up /cgl/ threads about it.

>> No.9417227

I didn't start this argument, plus, feels threads are shit anyway. If I didn't shit this one up, someone else would. Don't even try to pretend most of the things posted in feels threads are related.

>> No.9417237

Funnily enough I think I might know you from a /cgl/ meet, and if I do then you are definitely a nearly-/pol/ tier neckbeard.

>> No.9417238
File: 19 KB, 313x260, rudeguycame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw gulls just can't stop swallowing the bait

>> No.9417242
File: 70 KB, 1039x559, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting a craft store and I want to include an anthropomorphized animal in my logo but I don't want people to think I'm a furry, especially since I want to sell some crafts aimed at the lolita market and lolita and furries go together like toothpaste and orange juice. I mean like Disney levels of anthropomophism where they have human-like expressions, wear clothes, and might walk on two legs but otherwise look exactly like a normal animal. Not fursuit levels of anthro

>> No.9417244

>Easier to pronounce name
And this is the white guy's fault how?
It seems sort of presumptuous to say the standard black person has a difficult to pronounce name in the first place. The black people I know have perfectly normal names. Richard, Andrew, Peter, etc.

And you can network regardless of race. It might be more difficult, yes, if you're trying to fraternize with groups that you don't look anything like, but it certainly isn't impossible, and not every white person applying for a job is the boss' nephew.

Your whole post kinda sounds like you're extrapolating anecdotal evidence.

I've seen totally underqualified women get hired because their mother was a regional manager and hiring her daughter as the GM of a store at 18 meant the company would pay for her college. Sure the store got ran into the ground, but it's an amazing start for someone 18 to make 50k a year working part time through university. Does that mean every woman that gets hired is a bitch that just happens to know the right people? Of course not.

>> No.9417245

>implying any poltard would fall for the shit that passes for bait on cgl
This board could not bait another board if its life depended on it

>> No.9417246

thanks for your sympathy anon, as much as i would love to pick up and leave i'm starting to realize how difficult it'll be

if i'm lucky it'll only be a year or two at home and then i can move on campus and gtfo. i have an otherwise cushy lifestyle here, it's just tainted by crazy people

>> No.9417247

Neckbeard? B-but I'm a girl, anon! I also don't think you've ever met me, I'm Dutch.

>> No.9417250

This so much.

>> No.9417252

No. You are a disgusting neckbeard virgin loser nerd from /r9k/
Everyone who disagrees with me is /r9k/ pr /pol/
God i fucking hate men so much

>> No.9417254

If you do well, it's possible you can frame it to your parents as wanting to have more time to do work or having the convenience of attending study groups more easily. I don't know if they're crazy or just overbearing but if they're going to provide for your college they have to at least care about your success. So you've got that going for you.

>> No.9417260

without diversity hires the entire world would be run by whire males
do YOU want that?

>> No.9417262


>> No.9417264
File: 1.83 MB, 720x1280, white privilege.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to fight the white

>> No.9417265

Oh okay whew. I was honestly afraid for a moment.

>> No.9417266

I'm actually curious about this.
Set aside your virtue signaling for once in your life gulls. Would you seriously want to live in a world run by any other ethnic group?

>> No.9417267

Wait, what is DWI?

Entirely agree. I'm so tired of /pol/,/r9k/ and the like shitting up our board. Just stay in your lane, you braindead incels.

>> No.9417268

You know that whenever people claim r9k or pol or whatever are raiding us it's always some cgl regular right?
Then someone claims it's a raid and all of cgl goes on a witchhunt when there is no witch to be found-
Stop being paranoid.

>> No.9417269

if the men are more qualified and work harder yes
i dont even deserve minimum wage desu senpai

>> No.9417271

Board rollcall
Which boards do you browse?

/ck/ /k/ /an/ /pol/ /cgl/ /int/ /v/ /vg/ /lit/ /tv/ /tg/

>> No.9417278

/cgl/ /a/ /vp/ /vg/ /mu/

>> No.9417283

Start back posting and include lj when you talk about the fashion. It nay comeback.

>> No.9417316

>boss is a pleasure-dom and loves using hitachis on women
>I know all of this because he is super inappropriate and has no filter (honestly, he's probably on the Spectrum)

I mean, it's not important that some underage nub doesn't believe me.
I got the support I needed from some fellow gulls and I really appreciate it.

I hope you have a nice day tho

>> No.9417321

saving this

>> No.9417323

guuurrl, I'd fight you for that alt masc, budding sweetlita bf

but I know diff strokes for diff folks. don't break his heart though. you could try dressing up together at home to see if he really likes it.

>> No.9417334

20,000 is not bad anon.
that's exactly what I'm paying off right now because I lived on campus away from my parents who were also very abusive and controlling.

do you have a close friend or black sheep family member that can help you move?
get away. 20,000 is way manageable over a 10 year period of having a normal FT job. you may even pay it off early.

it's your time to escape. apply for as many scholarships as possible, get your ass into some sort of honor society, work-study, do whatever you can towards your financial future but the best possible thing is getting out.

break it to them like you really, really want to go to [insert out of state school] and you don't mind filing as an independent and trying to pay your way through. you still "love" them and will "really miss" them and all that stuff.

also, let the reply deadlines for the local colleges pass the fuck on.

for your health and your future as an adult, get out. the way your parents have treated you is going to follow you for a bit.

the sooner you can start processing what has happened and working toward a healthier view of yourself and relationships, the better.

I'm still slightly struggling with self-value and creating healthy relationships in which I'm not a soggy doormat but I'm way better off than I was at 18. My parents have even dealt with some of their shit in my absence so I have begun to have much better relationships with them 8 years later.

I wish you all the best but I really urge you to be sneakily smart in this and make your way out. you are a strong person anon. get away from the physical and financial control of your ill parents.

>> No.9417337

p.s. first year of college is basically sleep-away camp. the resources and help available for you will likely almost be overwhelming. the RA in your dorm, your advisor, even some of your professors will help you out. you won't be totally on your own. your school will probably also have it's own health insurance policy that you can use part of your loans to pay for.

>> No.9417341

hahaha many kinds of people apply for positions. the people who may qualify for the diversity hire have to compete with each other to get that spot. the mediocrity is more prevalent within the white male pool. the women, the ethnic people, they have to be the best in order to get the spot.

>> No.9417347

Driving While Intoxicated

>> No.9417349

The issue I was seeing is that if leaving means being completely cut off from financial help, they are risking being in a situation where they have nothing to fall back on. If something unfortunate happened to anon that interrupted school they could end up trapped there even longer, or simply have nothing. Leaving financial safety is dangerous when you have nothing to go back to, so you'd want it to be as short as possible. You can't rely on just friends to help you out long term anyways.

>> No.9417357

she can do it.
I ended up having to take a short leave of absence because some of my trauma was affecting me so badly that I couldn't be consistent in my classes.
so...I switched my pt jobs on campus for a ft job and lived in an apartment for a little bit until I could come back.

she won't be stranded, she'll rise to all the small challenges. if she doesn't dive into freedom she might not make it to a healthy life.

as she gets older her ability to take her parents's shit will be strained. if she starts fighting back her life may be in danger.

>> No.9417359

If that happens again ever just tell her you're sorry for staring and that you like her coord. If you say coord, she'll know that you're actually familiar with lolita and just admiring it rather than being a perv.

>> No.9417362

I'm just saying because I ended up getting in severe health complications right in the middle of my college and would have never finished or be dead without support. Really depends on the severity of the abuse, but I'm assuming it's not life threatening.

>> No.9417373

I got pregnant halfway through college and had to drop out.
Lots of things can happen that you never expect.

>> No.9417453
File: 1.52 MB, 245x245, tumblr_ohl5rqfodC1qj73soo1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When was the last time you saw a department full of female software engineers?
Making mass effect Andromeda, and look how that turned out.

>> No.9417460

The sad thing is, they just hired what the fuck ever female dev for the progression points.
I'm sure if they actually tried they could find talented ones but...
Considering they only hired based on genitalia, I don't think talent was what they wanted for their game.

>> No.9417462

Bioware is a perfect example of a once good company that went straight to shit when they started doing diversity hires.

>> No.9417521
File: 54 KB, 699x502, Bioware+s+diversity+hire+this+is+getting+more+funnier+by+the_391606_6210719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ayy lmao

So which one of you gulls was it? It's no wonder you're denying the prevalence and impact of diversity hires so hardly.

>> No.9417539

Depends on the severity of the abuse. If anything, anon milking their family for all they're worth may be the final "fuck you" they need before bouncing. If they're in constant danger and waking up to a knuckle sandwich every morning then definitely get the fuck out of there. If they're like my dad and just come home drunk every 4 months with hatred over me looking like my mother (who cheated on him, took me with her at the age of 5, and then died about a year after leaving him to raise me alone) so wants to beat you until you don't look like her anymore...actually maybe I should have left earlier. I kinda feel like if I left before getting college paid then my beatings would have been for nothing. At least I feel I got something out of it.

>> No.9417560

>He broke it to me out of nowhere during cuddling afterglow of post sex this morning as well. What the hell is with that timing?
What, you mean that time when you feel that everything's right with the world and your partner would accept you no matter what you say to them? Yeah, weird timing.

>> No.9417591

It's because we have better things to worry about then what happens to your game. Most here don't concern themselves with 'diversity' hires, appropriation, or any of the first-world social issues being pushed in America today.

>> No.9417612
File: 83 KB, 890x582, 1490803639657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have not talked to another woman IRL (or online unless you count 4chan) for months
>10% of uni classes are women
>of the few (two) friends I have, all (both) are men
>not that interested in cosplaying, but I think it's neat when others do it
>lurk high female population boards like ck, cgl, and adv to try to learn about women
>and also to try to quell tfw no gf
>going into higher level engineering courses next semester where it's rumored to be 100% male

>> No.9417627
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to fat-shame, but a meetup with fatty-chans is rough because you just KNOW one of them is going to let loose a stinky smelly fart.

It never fails.

>> No.9417650

you must have interests/hobbies outside of academics.
join a club on campus but you have to work on your self worth and confidence.
it'll backfire big time if you treat an irl woman you happen to get to see regularly like a starvation island mirage sandwich.

being around more women will not compare to having an intimate loving relationship with one. if you have friends, enjoy their company. please try to make at least one female friend who gets to the same level as your other 2 friends.
view us like another species and you'll estrange every single one.

many of my best friends are girls but most of my friends are guys. we met talking about anime, mario kart: double dash, ddr, dorky card games like Dominion...you just need to put yourself in larger circles so you can find people with common interests.

you sound shy and a tad sheltered, anon. best of luck! put yourself in the light a little more. chances are you've procured 2 friends who are exactly like you.

>> No.9417653

surpass that comfort zone

>> No.9417667
File: 347 KB, 1444x1080, 1485453423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you must have interests/hobbies outside of academics.
My only interests are Netflix, working out, anime, occasional vidya, and getting good grades.

>join a club on campus but you have to work on your self worth and confidence.
Haven't made a new friend in years; not sure how to anymore. Too much anxiety to try to insert myself into a preformed group and try to make friends with a bunch of people.
I have confidence in some things, like my schoolwork, because I'm consistently good at it. There's no justification for me to feel confident in my social skills and deals with women because I've never even been on a date before.

>chances are you've procured 2 friends who are exactly like you
Nope, I met them both in high school (2 years ago) and the only reason I still talk to them is because they go to the same college as me. They're both fratboys who party hardy and I'm a pseudo-teetotaler. We're roommates this year but next year I'll be totally on my own.

I appreciate the advice anon but I've dug my own grave.

>> No.9417674
File: 73 KB, 512x268, yy5_88_copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get into lolita in 8th grade
>never buy it because expensive
>fast forward to me being 20 years old
>can afford it if I get a job
>too fat to fit in it now

Honestly I want to fucking kill myself. I used to be 135 lbs at 5'0 which isn't /thin/ but easier to fit into burando than the 185 at 5'0 which I am now.

If I got down to 140 lbs I would be so fucking happy. I don't even eat that much but I have severe depression which makes it hard for me to function let alone lose weight.

>> No.9417682
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 1468292145525 (2016_09_08 22_03_31 UTC).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a soy sauce stain on my dress the first day I wore it. I was with friends, so I remained stoic, but I was dying inside the whole time.

>> No.9417698

This is why you own a Tide pen.

Can it be saved?

>> No.9417713

anon chan i spilled soy sauce on a white dress and a tide pen saved my dress(after it had been sitting on the dress for like....a year) and you cant even tell there was a stain there
tide pens are actual magic... theres still hope

>> No.9417720

When I was 16, I pooed on my mom's favorite chair and tried to save it with a Tide pen. It didn't do shit, just turned the pen brown!! I blamed it on the dog and mom bleached it out.

>> No.9417723

>see dream dress set on Fril for a good price
>it sells before I can even contact an SS
>see the same exact set on Yahoo Auctions a few days later
I can't even tell if they bought the set because they actually wanted it, or if they wanted to scalp it.

>> No.9417726

Help me break up with my boyfriend or become loyal. I've cheated on him several times in the past. He found out and forgave me. I've been loyal for a year but I'm obsessed with one of the guys I cheated on him with. I know that as soon as I get the chance I will cheat again. I don't wanna break up with my bf because I like being with him. I want more than I can have. Yell at me so I stop being horrible. Guilt kind of helps. He has bought me a lolita dress for my birthday once so I'm using that to make this on topic. Maybe I should pay him back for the dress. It's really easy to say what I should do but doing it is the hard part.

>> No.9417727


>> No.9417730
File: 860 KB, 500x282, no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good story anon

>> No.9417752

I wasn't actually implying someone here was the facial animator for andromeda you know, it was just funny that while the general female /cgl/ userbase was denying women get any kind of special treatment over better qualified men when it came to getting hired for STEM jobs because of diversity, I found an article proving exactly that which was also coincidentally about a female cosplayer, while arguing on a board about cosplay full of female cosplayers.

And of course you aren't concerned about diversity hires, so long as you're benefiting from them they're working exactly as intended and you feel no concern whatsoever.

>> No.9417788
File: 147 KB, 854x859, 3213424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you for your input and support kind anons, i'll take all of your opinions into consideration for sure

>>9417539 kind of has it right that leeching off of my parents would be ideal, at least as some kind of tangible form of payment for all of the shit they've put me through? if i do stay, i plan to bail the moment i get my degree. for more context, the last time it happened was maybe a week ago when my father punched me in the stomach a couple times and pushed me into the corner of a table because he lost something. i also have a laundry list of physical maladies so i'm just in a horrible horrible horrible place in regards to taking care of myself

i'm in a really precarious position with no extended family who cares about me and i just feel really lost. whatever happens, i have to be "sneakily smart" and try to get as much out of them as i can while facing the consequences as little as possible... but anyway i'll stop blogposting, thanks for offering up new perspectives! either way, i'm kind of fucked, so i'm just trying to think about what will fuck me up the least in the future.

>> No.9417794
File: 335 KB, 400x400, ayyyyou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9417802

why not....just break up with him
>but i like being with him
if that was true you wouldn't want to cheat on him. you wouldn't have ALREADY cheated on him, multiple times. he deserves better, anon. let him go.

>> No.9417803

I saved it with a Tide pen! Thank you~

>> No.9417808
File: 92 KB, 609x548, blythe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of a paranoid feel, but I think some gulls are on a campaign to smear my name and get free stuff with sale scamming.

>> No.9417828

He's the best boyfriend I've ever had so it's hard to let him go. I broke up with him once during a fight but we got back together a few days later. I know he deserves loyalty... I just don't want to be alone.

>> No.9417832

>mfw I have to drive my brother to his STD test on the day of the meet

I love hearing these happy stories. Enjoy that dress.

>> No.9417837

You are a terrible person and don't deserve him at all.

>> No.9417844

It isn't fair to hold him back from finding someone who can give him better just because your confidence is so razor thin that you need not only a love-drunk devoted boyfriend who lets you do whatever you want without consequence, and every single penis that looks at you twice just to feel okay.

You should honestly pay him back, explain in clear English about how someone as nice as him doesn't need to take your shit, break up with him and get your shit together. If you're lucky you might end up a decent human being and he'll take you back.

>> No.9417850
File: 261 KB, 900x900, 1429844796066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop replying to bait

>> No.9417853
File: 9 KB, 307x212, lolismirk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new girl in comm
>"My name's Giselle, but you can call me 'Zellie, or Jizz."

>> No.9417858
File: 39 KB, 181x234, 1488895959664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry for the paragraphs ive just been feeling really detached from my comm and im thinking about leaving. ive been in it a few years and im not really friends with any of the comm members.(theyre not a bad comm though theyre good company) its also over an hours drive away from where i am and i just dont think its worth it anymore
the city i actually live in also has a comm but theyre super small and inactive(it seems like theres about 4 active members and one of the active members is a drama llama who got kicked out of the farther away active comm) im not really active in online comms either since im a pretty mediocre lolita and my coords are rarely worth sharing....i really love the feeling of community going to meetups and stuff like that but i really just dont feel like i belong here.... does anyone have any lonelita tips?

>> No.9417861

>Jizz is a form of music in the star wars universe

>> No.9417868

It's also a form of semen in our universe.

>> No.9417876

Sweetheart learn to cook. It's a fun hobby that will make you feel good about yourself, you'll be getting those mad validation feels when others compliment your cooking, and you'll be able to enjoy tasty food that fits into your diet. /ck/ is only one board over! I've lost 15lbs this year just through cooking new stuff and being on my feet at work, it doesn't even feel like dieting really.

>> No.9417878

Shut the fuck up.

You're right. I never thought about it that way but I'm doing this because of my incredibly low self esteem. He does deserve better. I will talk to him soon. At the very least take a long break, not just a few days, so he has time and space to decide if he really wants to get back together. I think he's tolerated so much because he has no friends and he's very attached to me. We are both needy people. I just don't treat him right.

>> No.9417881

Here's a tip for you.
Women don't like spineless cowards like you. Man up and women will not instinctively run away from you.

>> No.9417891

Would he not be okay with an open relationship? Have you even asked? Still I don't think you should date a person that you're constantly lying too.

>> No.9417893

I've spoken to him about it but he's against it. Me being with other people deeply hurts him. My only option is to break up. Or continue to lie and possibly hurt him again, which I don't want to do. But I will end up doing it if I don't break up with him.

>> No.9417897
File: 74 KB, 720x656, 1467721920024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Asian men not diverse
Wtf do you have agents Asian men mang?

>> No.9417901

I wouldn't worry about that, depending on your aesthetic. Some anthropomorphised animal designs like that are popular with lolitas e.g. Peppermint Fox

>> No.9417903
File: 115 KB, 1024x1024, 1480411759780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mai facu wenu
>Asians have superior intellect

>> No.9417913

Get out anon.

My mum and me had a complicated relationship, which still effects my self- esteem and mental health to this day. She undermined me, was emotionally manipulative and occasionally violent.

I left at 18, got my student loans and started building my own life.

The issue is that here in the UK the amount of loan you qualify for is means tested, so because of my mum's low income I qualified for the full amount.
When we were looking at unis my dad apologised to me for leaving me with my mum, I thought he didn't want me to live with him, turns out he just wanted me to be able to afford uni... and although on paper his income was too high for me to get the full loan, he had a massive mortgage because of the divorce. I effectively suffered years of extra abuse to pay for uni, and I can tell you that it wasn't worth it, even though I loved my course.

Don't suffer for longer than you need. Get away from your parents now. It might save you a few extra years of therapy.

>> No.9417922

Yes because companies ACTIVELY try to not make money and so they hire only retards. They are okay with that though AS LONG as the retards are white/asian.
Losing money is for as long as you are keeping the patriarchy alive!

>> No.9417935

They're not actually smarter, just better at cheating.

>> No.9417986

the issues is he's not even around women for them to be able to react to his presence.
spines are irrelevant, don't be an asshole anon. your masculinity ideals are fucking toxic.

>> No.9417991

would you date a wimpy guy anon?

>> No.9417992

>order a bunch of crafting supplies
>realize i have nowhere in my dorm to store it

>> No.9417993

leave him. but don't be a piece of shit, and bail without explanation.
sit down, own your shit, and talk everything out and confess to him. he needs to understand why you specifically can't meet his needs. don't lead him to think he's the problem or that he'll always be cheated on by girls.
there is nothing wrong with your polyamorous habit. the problem is you are lying to your monogamous partner and destroying his trust. he probably feels like such shit but would rather lose self-confidence than be apart from you.
step your pussy up, be an adult, and break things off. tell him that you want to be with him but the only way you can do it is if you are open sexually. geeze, he's not even your number one affection-wise. there's no reason for you to stay with him. you are being a selfish prick

>> No.9417995
File: 88 KB, 200x250, 13472623746738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I think /cgl/ is the female /r9k/

>> No.9417997

>can't stop the sexist negative judgments

I'd date a guy who had no issues being vulnerable and honest with me, who wore his emotions on his sleeve. who wasn't too fucked up and guarded to accept love and affection, in addition to giving it.
but hey, I'm just really into deep spiritual/emotional unions. I don't fuck around with ego/don't have to be abused and manipulated in order to develop feelings for someone.

>> No.9418000

Not really comparable considering the number of lesbians we have here.

>> No.9418001

Sign me up. Are you single?

>> No.9418005

Have you seen the amount of gay guys on /r9k/?

>> No.9418009
File: 16 KB, 593x341, 15442165_1180698271965657_2210410148795352919_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've dreamed of going to a weebcon in murrica for a long time and i'd have the chance to go to AX this year but my bf is coming to visit me (im europoor) in june and we'd go back to LA together in july but AX is 1-4.7 so i guess ill just wait for other cons

Don't want to rush back and ruin the trip to Eurolandia for him

>> No.9418010

haha yeah. been taking it slow after a long serious relationship because people who are fully developed and know what they want have been few and far between.

>everyone who has approached me in the last year has been married
>wtf is my luck
>my hope never dies tho

>> No.9418012

>my hope never dies tho

That's the important part, because when you give up hope is when things start not looking so good. I mean, there's always a silver lining somewhere (I like to think "hey, this means I'll have more money and time to spend on cosplay and aristo/ouji"), but it feels like a cop out.

Also, wait, are you telling me that every one who have expressed interest in you were all married? How many times has this happened?

Can't say everyone anymore, considering I'm not married. Heh.

>> No.9418014

Only 7% according to a survey

>> No.9418016

>lesbians can't be catty
>lesbians can't produce drama
>lesbians aren't thirsty af
Are you underage?

>> No.9418018

And most importantly
>lesbians can't hate the opposite sex
If anything I'd say there's even more lesbians like that, who see it like some kind of bold social statement against the opposite sex.

>> No.9418024

yeah, every person.
one guy would come by my job and was really into me. we exchanged numbers and set up a lunch date. I was texting him at like all hours because I work nights sometimes. in all transparency I texted him that I liked him and was looking forward to lunch. he then proceeds to reply that he's also looking forward to our date, and that he thinks I'm awesome, but I should know that he's married and he's sorry it apparently didn't come up in the weeks we'd been talking -_-

next guy was super sweet and hit on me at the post office, remembered all the times we'd run into each other before (I couldn't remember him at all and felt so embarrassed). tells me about his business and how he'd love for me to come down and get involved, then asked for a hug
>thinly veiled "please put your boobs on me"
>but I wasn't mad
>go home all happy and flustered
>look up business website
>man is married with two children

then there's my married boss trying to steer me into a life of sin and shame but I'm holding strong. I kinda miss my ex-fiance and all this nonsense has added insult to injury, but I have hope and a lot of love reserved for somebody out there, whoever they are.

>sorry for lj post

>> No.9418035

>every man wants me
What's the point in posting shit like this?

>> No.9418036

Damn, anon, that's screwed up. There are certainly a lot of scum in the world and you wish they'd only fuck around with other scum instead of trying to bring down others, but I guess the world doesn't work that way. It's good on you that you stuck to your guns and didn't give in to temptation.

Hopefully you'll find someone soon, and someone that's interested or at least doesn't hate your hobbies. I know feel threads tend to have a lot of gulls talking about SOs that are disinterested or embarrassed by the gulls' lolita interests.

>> No.9418039

>2 guys + gross employer
>"every man"

>> No.9418041

let's be penpals?

>> No.9418046

>tfw no cowtit gf

Why even live?

>> No.9418048

>tfw no horsecock bf
Why even live?

>> No.9418049

Why are we here, just to suffer?

>> No.9418059


Don't know much about pen pal.. ing? I've heard of em but never had one, even in school.

>> No.9418062


>> No.9418082

I feel you anon.

>> No.9418119
File: 8 KB, 268x188, 12436732478324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can be romantically isolated, reserved, and nearly friendless without being spineless and wimpy. If you talked to me IRL you might be surprised to find out that I am the way I am.

>> No.9418126

You sound like a creep desu

>> No.9418129

>had to drop out

No you are just a loser who didn't get an abortion

>> No.9418134

>it's an bitter old women attack young fertile girls episode
You missed your chance, just move on and stop harping on women with kids.

>> No.9418138


Someone didn't use protection.

>inb4 I used birth control!1111

Sure anon. Didn't miss a day either.

>> No.9418139

>be at con with an AA table
>super cute lolita with a gorgeous coord comes over to my table to look at my stuff
>get immediately flustered because oh gosh she's super cute
>'Hey, I remember seeing you posting on cgl about your art looking for crit, it came out really nice!'
>say thanks, give her a cute button
>she says bye and leaves
>I have to at least say something that doesn't make me look like a total idiot
>how does a normie compliment a loli?
>'I really love your coord! It looks great!'
>she turns and gives me the most derisive, sarcastic laugh I've ever heard in my life
>feel exactly one inch tall for the rest of the afternoon

WTF guys I just tried to give her a compliment and this happened ages ago and I'm still torn up about it. I mean, I guess I didn't have my nicest clothes on that day, but seriously I'm manning an AA table all day in Australian summer weather, I'm not going to wear my nice dresses or blouses in that heatwave. Any lolis tell me if I said something rude by accident? Like... are normies allowed to compliment a loli, or is that ~~~taboo~~~?

>> No.9418150
File: 390 KB, 660x400, ca0b86df8b7b0a799321c9ee5a7b47ba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9418151
File: 31 KB, 400x515, C7NW_WGUwAAqPEx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like a bitch. Whenever someone recognizes me as wearing Lolita in public instead of "are you in a play?" I love it, doesn't matter what they're wearing. I wouldn't lose sleep over a cunt like that

>> No.9418154

If they'd been born men they'd be the worst, most stereotypical "/r9k/ers" ever.

>> No.9418155

maybe she just rabidly hates herself.
notice how she gave you a nice compliment about your art with no issues, but the minute you complimented her she had a psychotic break.
sounds like she hates herself something fierce

>> No.9418161

step 1 stop referring to lolitas as lolis

>> No.9418162

Nah, this board is pretty much filled with the most normies on 4chan. Mostly because it's about hobbies where you interact with others, and have friends. I think cgl is the polar opposite of r9k, with the only correlation being crossposters.

>> No.9418169

Then why is everyone here so super bitchy all the time?

>> No.9418171

Part of being around large groups of females.

>> No.9418172

The difference is women are born into easy mode and can get away with all the same behaviors that men are judged and ridiculed for.

>> No.9418174

Yes yes, anon. We have had this conversation already. Men have a tough life, boohoo. You almost sound like a woman with how much bitter bitching you do in these threads. Man up

>> No.9418176

>implying you have to interact with people to wear clothes
Not all of us are in a comm, anon.

>> No.9418177

They do.

>> No.9418179

You lonelitas are like those animals on the discovery channel, who try finding mates by dancing around but fail. Then you get eaten by a baboon.

>> No.9418183

But that's literally not possible.

>> No.9418187

>I'm better than you for being in a comm with a bunch of people i hate
Yeah, no.

>> No.9418189

I am better than you, no doubt.

>> No.9418234

Go ahead and prove it, oh wait you won't because you're just a sad lonely virgin from /r9k/

>> No.9418236
File: 928 KB, 695x5000, 1405368283237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9418269
File: 83 KB, 379x387, lulucoworry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly bait, but that was clearly made from the perspective of someone that doesn't see women as regular human beings. You're part of the problem.

>> No.9418276

Well of course they're human beings. What manner of scientifically illiterate fool would ever deny that.

They're just one of 2 types of human beings. The type that is born with an easy mode solution to near every possible problem life can throw at them, and also doesn't get as many problems throw at them to begin with.

>> No.9418278

What kind of problem is that?

>> No.9418295

so mad sat in sodiepop at the con

>> No.9418296

The problem I've noticed the most is people from "both sides" separate themselves so far from the other that they don't realize we all have to deal with the same bullshit. Grass is always greener, etc. etc. That's the point I'd like people with views like >>9418276 to try to understand.

>> No.9418316

>we all have to deal with the same bullshit.
Except we don't. Maybe on the broadest level we all need to eat, sleep, etc. The most basic needs of life. But take even one step above that and it quickly becomes different. Societal standards and expectations of men are for the most part drastically harsher and more difficult for men. Try and dance around all the things listed in that image all you want, you know it's almost all true.

And of course, one of the biggest double standards in how society treats men vs women, is how men, in spite of being treated harsher, and told they have it easier and thus aren't allowed to complain ever. While women, despite having it easier, are told they have it harder and are encouraged to complain all they want, and society will listen and give them what they cry for. This one in particular is so deeply internalized by most people that it's nigh impossible to show anyone the truth of it, especially women.

>> No.9418325

Oh and one more thing I forgot to include, even on that most basic level women have it easier. Nobodies going out of their way to give random men free meals or housing or anything. A woman could get through her entire life without ever providing for herself and instead just mooching off a man, and society will consider her perfectly normal and successful.

>> No.9418326

>make new lolita friends
>send them text/email
>agonize for hours waiting for a response.

Why do I do this

>> No.9418378

>be me
>fall for my one professor
>can't let him see me in lolita bc he'll think it's childish
>miss lolita terribly

>> No.9418501

thanks for the cancer

>> No.9418561

>fall for my one professor
>actually want to be with him
What part of you thinks this is a good idea? Also, put yourself first.

>> No.9418664

No problem babe.

>> No.9418702

Or, you know, there is the option of you not being a cunt and a slut

>> No.9420122

I only have anecdotal evidence, so I know I can't apply it to women as a whole, but some of the awful people I have personal experience with definitely would not be treated the way they are if they weren't women.

I'm talking about /r9k/ tier individuals, perhaps a bit more interactive (though toxic) than that at times.

But as women, their lack of social graces is seen as demure. They've gotten pursued, had plenty of opportunities (granted squandered ones) thrown at them.

A guy acting in every way the same (and looking about equivalent as a male) would still be on /r9k/ today.

>> No.9424004

That sounds stinky

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