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Ok, since lately things have been quite stressful on /cgl/, I think it would be nice to have a comfy thread.
Share comfy feelings,images,vids,caps,stories,... about anything /cgl/ related. Could be your first con, a particularly nice day you had in cosplay or lolita, little things you like about lolita/cosplay,...

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Time to relax

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I am more of a tomboy, all my life. All my friends are guys who play video games/mobage and are into otaku culture. I got into gothic/kuro Lolita because black is my aesthetic anyway. I'm so happy I got the scene.

I can talk about bath bombs, hair problems, dream room goals, etc. With someone that can relate with me.

My two dearest frilly friends are sweet, pink-loving, sanrio worshipping Lolita, and I love both of them with all my heart. They're the first friends I've had that are girls since elementary school.

I can talk about it freely with the guys too, but it isn't the same when the person you're talking to can't relate.

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Today as I was going home I could feel the warmth of the spring sun on me and the soft wind made the hem of my skirt wave. There were petals falling down the blooming trees. It felt so magical, ever since I started wearing lolita many years ago I see the world in another way. Even if things aren't always good there's so much beauty in this world and it's worth living to see it.

Also I cleaned my room and spent some time admiring my dresses then laid on my bed listening to some Malice Mizer

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I'm really happy in life. Since I started working at Disney I've really had enough money to flesh out my wardrobe. I wear Lolita to Disney nonstop. There's something really therapeutic about wearing my dresses while I walk around and see all of the different animals at the park I work at. I also work right outside a wildlife sanctuary so I see all sorts of birds as a walk across the bridge with my parasol and it all feels very magical. I'm going to be one of the first people to set foot into Pandora for the cast only preview, and I'm really hyped to wear a nice dress to it. It's just really relaxing here. Even small things like decorating my side of the room how I want.

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I love all of this from start to finish.

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I've done a lot of hosting for different meets and most of the time its pretty stressful... This morning I went to meet with a venue and finish up some paper work and it really just feels like everything is falling into place.... which is so exciting for me.

Its not going to be a stressful meetup. Its just gonna be chill and everyones going to have a good time... <3

also been embroidering on a few things while watching kamikaze girls in the evening... its been relaxing until I get distracted and stab myself. :p

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Con season is coming up in a few months and the thought of them has been the only thing keeping me motivated through the winter. I'm so happy to do a tiny bit of travel with my boyfriend and see a bunch of cute cosplays. My little town is so boring and I'm so excited to see people who are into the same things as me

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I've been killing it in the gym and finally got my diet together, been seeing results like never before and can't wait to show my bod off next con

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Working on itabags and fandom jackets has made me so happy and also got me back to being involved with fandom in a healthy way. Instead of sitting in the sidelines consuming drama, I am actively creating and it has been so good for my mental health. Plus I get to try out a ton of new crafts since I am going for fandoms with no merch and it is feel fucking great! Making patches and pins (hell I am taking a break from latch hooking a rug right now) to feeling good enough to write is just really comfortable. I am actually truly thankful I found it.

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school has been bad to me this semester but con season is so close and i pulled my self through it all so far by sewing my cosplays and dreaming about how great this summer will be

feeling hopeful for the future, im so excited

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I found about 8 years of saved photos from old computers. I've spent the afternoon browsing through all the amazing pictures that have inspired me in lolita, it's all such a nostalgia bomb.

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OT, this picture is cute af. I love shoe/print pics or of Lolitas walking in a natural setting. Please post more!

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don't hold out on us, post more pls!

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Maybe I should take this to the sweet thread so it doesn't clog up the comfy feels.

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Ended up wearing lolita all day at home and re-read François Amoretti book about Gothic Lolitas. I honestly love this book so much, it's so dreamy. Also, it was so beautiful outside that I could leave my window open all day and feel the gentle spring sunlight on me while I was reading books.

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Black girls arent really welcomed in the fashion but i've decided to buy a coord. I dont know what look im going for but it will be fun to explore. There is a difference between watching and creating. I'm not going to attempt to look like another. My budget will be $800. I'm mid twenties so I should be able to spend. Plus I will buy brand or commission so it will last and I can sell or repurpose it. Once I have my first true coord I will diversify with cheapo and brand. If I was younger it would be bodyline all the way.

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You're welcomed into the fashion with open arms. We need new people, and we really don't care about skin color. Anyone who claims they do is banned from any comm and nobody likes them. Wear what you want with pride.

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Honestly, it kind of seems to me that on average the black girls in this fashion look way better. I just think they feel obligated to try harder, and it works I think you'll do great, you sound like you care about looking nice.

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Been feeling really terrible and uninspired lately so I did a huge clean, throwing out a lot of stuff, completely reorganising my crafting things and I'm already feeling much happier.

Also spent some spare time watching tutorials, I absolutely adore Zonbi, she's so happy in all her videos I love watching her work. And read some Kamui and Foamsmith books.

I'm ready and excited to start working again. Especially since I think the last time I made anything new was last summer. I can't wait.

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You are so welcome!! <3 We have so many amazing black lolitas in the MD/DC area --- I'd suggest finding their tumblrs for some inspiration. <3

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I just bought my best friend her first lolita dress, I'm so excited to give it to her in a few weeks. None of my other female friends are into lolita so I'm so happy to have someone to be frilly with!

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This thread is amazing and made my heart more warm. Thanks a lot, everyone!

/sage for offtopic

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This was too adorable

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From one black lolita to another we are welcome. Don't let anyone tell you or convince you otherwise.

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Good for you! Cleaning and throwing away stuff is really very freeing. I hope your new projects will turn out well!

Kind of related but boring feel:
Tomorrow is one of my rare days off when I don't have any plans yet so I hope I can get some more cleaning/organizing/throwing away done too. I recently bought drawers to organize my closet so now I finally managed to have a large part of my Lolita things in the same place, which makes getting ready so much easier.
Or maybe I'll just throw on some frills and go somewhere if the weather is nice.
I'm at work right now but feeling very comfy in looking forward to tomorrow.

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Last year I was at an all time high for my weight and all of my costumes were too small. I've been working my ass off to drop the pounds and now all my costumes are too big. My friend made them for me, so she can alter them to fit my current size. It's nice to have a figure again after almost 10 years.

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My brother asked me to put together a tiny lolita outfit for my 3 year old niece when they come visit us in the summer. I've been hard at work selecting lolita appropriate blouses and dresses and accessories, and I've finally gotten together two outfits for her to match with some of my coords. I'm gonna use one of the short petticoats I use for layering for her dresses. I might end up buying her something from the Bodyline kids section while I'm at it. I've had so much fun looking through kids clothes for cute prints and appropriate dress cuts. There are so many cute little sailor dresses and bunny coats on aliexpress! I can't wait to spoil her with new clothes.

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awww this is so cute <3

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.....must be a really large 3 year old to fit those things...

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Fit what things? Dresses for children? I mean, she generally wears clothes for 5 year olds, if the clothes are from China. She's tall for her age. And fortunately I have access to my mother's sewing machine, if they need to be taken in. The stuff I already ordered should fit her. Stuff from Bodyline's kid section might be a different story.

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I got my dream dress in the mail and it's so beautiful, it suits me so nicely, it compliments my skintone really well, and I just love everything about it. I spent at least 10 minutes gushing over the details and touching the fabric,lace,...before trying it on.

I'm as white as a cracker dipped in mayonnaise and I like how the fashion looks on pale girls but it can totally look good on black girls as well! Find what suits you best and I'm sure you'll look awesome!

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That is such a good feeling. It feels like you're complete. When even the fabric feels good under your hands. Heaven.

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Yesterday I got two dream dresses in the mail. I've searched for them so long and they were both found in the same weekend when I only looked at a secondhand store on a whim. Neither was worn: the socks and a headbow still have tags from its 2009 release, then built-in pettis are perfect, the cotton fabric has no wear of any kind. I feel like I opened a time capsule meant just for me.

Also, my dieting has been so successful. Dream dresss mentioned above? One is high waisted and it looks so good on me. Brand blouses without any sheering at beginning to fit without even a gap at my breasts.

Seeing these dresses, and all my others, on a clothing rack in my new bedroom is so comforting. I can wake up in the morning and see my lovely wardrobe at just a glance.

Each of these details just makes me feel more comfortable and at ease with myself.

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I bought replica fabric and made pj's out of it. #sorrynotsorry

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can you hook me up with a nice quality version of kamikaze girls? the one i have downloaded is potato

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walking to work listening to spin aqua in the lovely spring weather has been the best thing. even if i cant wear lolita most of the week i can still get those feels as if im the most beautiful girl, walking on a cloud. dumb uniform and all yet i still imagine the feeling of my hem swaying while i walk

>yikes that came out kinda fetish-y sounding, ive been reading too much novala lately

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Aww. There's a lolita who used to be in my area who's currently working in Disney World. She's never gone to local meets because she's quite shy and busy, so I was kind of worried that when she got the job, she wouldn't be able to make friends; maybe she's always been more of a lonelita, but I hope she's happy either way.

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Wore sweet for the first time in so long today. Forgot just how fun sweet is. Got all dressed up, with my hair all fluffy and nicely styled, hit the town, and on a fluke, managed to get an immediate walk-in spot at the cat cafe. Did some antiquing after and bought some beautiful porcelain plates, and bought a bunch of stuff I really wanted from a Japanese dollar store. I had an amazing day.

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I can relate to this so much, but in a slightly different way. I'm studying computer science, so almost all of my friends are guys. I love them all to death, but sometimes they forget I'm a girl and, for all my love of video games and manime, I still want to talk about cute shit too.

>hated the feeling tights all my life
>mother constantly trying to get me to wear the skin colored ones because it's proper and shit
>discover stockings with cute patterns and kitties on them
>my mother's face when she can't get me to stop wearing them, even in the Florida heat

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Today I wore a casual coord to my retail job, and with the warm Spring weather I wanted to bust out some of my dresses, but the amount of compliments I received was amazing; women would praise me in passing and I actually had a young girl follow me around until she broke down and begged me to give her the details of my outfit. It made me really appreciate being a woman, and how we freely most of us can walk up to a stranger and say a kind thing.

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It's my first time cosplaying in over 4 years in less than 3 weeks, and I'm so excited and nervous. It'll be my first time in a group (all my friends, thankfully), the dress fits amazing despite being a fatso and I know how to do makeup and general self-care now compared to last time I did. All thats left is staring at tracking for the wigs. I haven't been to a con in a long time either, so even if our cosplays don't turn out perfect day-of, I can't help but feel so happy and excited.

Though, does anyone know if you can cut a part of a tulle petticoat shorter/away and have the rest keep its shape? Our costumes look great except for the pettis we got show more than I'd want, especially in the front where the skirt is shorter.

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I received my dream dress in the mail yesterday. I had the toughest week of this year thus far, and my dress arrived on my first real day off in awhile with no prior obligations.

I felt so lovely wearing it out. Bought some bubble tea and went clothes shopping with my boyfriend, played video games with my brother and ate ramen, then got to chill at home. I feel like I can do anything. I love this fashion so much, dressing up just makes every day feel like a special occasion.

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I can relate to this too. Luckily I have sisters so I had someone to talk to about girly stuff, but none of us were really conventionally feminine until our late teens so we didn't bond over it as much as normal. My mom isn't either (think awkward stereotypical nerd from an 80s movie) so I never discussed fashion or make-up stuff with her, and I have mostly male friends. Lolita has given me so many good female friends and a lot more opportunities to discuss fashion and hairstyling, and I notice that I have an easier time making small talk to women at work because of it.

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I think one of the things I like about jfash, or non-normie fashion in general, are the people who are so hardcore into their aesthetic that they make it their lifestyle. The ones that don't just wear the clothes but they walk the walk, talk the talk, and just about everything they own is very "aesthetic" right down to even the smallest thing. Even if it's an aesthetic I don't personally share interest in, seeing someone so full-blown in their looks makes me feel happy. I guess It's cause you can just see how obvious it is that they're super passionate about what they like.

I try as much as I can to be that kind of person by translating it into my room, though I'm still pretty normie-tier in almost every other aspect. I guess I'll get there one day if I keep trying, since I've already gotten so far.

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...And though I'm pretty sure it's obvious, that's not my room lol. God I wish it were though.

>> No.9422744

Just looks like a kids' room desu.

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I can't wait til I move into my own place and can have more freedom with the decor, at the moment I'm moving from rented apartment to rented apartment like most other 20somethings and I'm stuck with whatever old furniture the landlord's provided. I try to do what I can though and I've got some vintage pieces I'm really happy with. A full classic/mori room is the dream.

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It might be (considering pic related is advertised as a kids chair, even if I shamelessly want the purple one), but it has the same kind of colorscheme that I like. My own room is kind of several things at once, more subdued but still cutesy with a touch of elegance so its not TOO childish.

Great taste, I seriously love mori girl's fairy tale look and some of it is incorporated into my room. I suppose when I get older and have to share a room with my s/o I may end up going for a mature classic/vintage look with deeper colors than the pastels I've surrounded myself with, so that he doesn't end up feeling out of his element. But whoever I marry better let me at least stick glow in the dark stars to the ceiling or he just isn't the one lol

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Today I ate an overly sweet breakfast in old school sweet lolita at my grandma's house. The lace curtain,the soft morning light filtering through it, the smell of the pie,... everything felt so nice.
My grandma is so rori.
I even saw hoes in her garden the other day.

>> No.9427263

Oh my god I meant to type does not hoes.

>> No.9427266

The typo somehow only made this post better. You're adorable, anon.

>> No.9427346

>hoes in the garden

>> No.9427903

Someone please draw a lolita looking at a garden with some typical "hoes" in it

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Long post incoming but I can't hold in the good feels to myself any longer.

After two years of wearing lolita (I had been admiring it from afar a few years prior to that too) from just bodyline and taobao brands and still feeling dissatisfied, I realised I had just impulse bought the majority of them because they were cute and low cost.
It started to depress me and I felt like I was falling out of love with the style because I had a lot of ok dresses but I didn't have the dresses I truly wanted.

My income increased a little recently and I also decided to sell all of the dresses that didn't make my heart go doki doki when I picked them up and looked at them. And so at the start of this month I bought my first couple of AP dresses-one of them a dream dress- some brand blouses, cardigans and a cute meta jsk and btssb op for the summer.

The first ap jsk came a few days ago and I'm in love again. I keep looking at it and holding it everyday, studying the print, the lace and the buttons, trying it on and seeing the way it moves. I've spent this whole weekend wearing lolita again, smiling and enjoying the little things in the world around me.

It feels good to feel this way again after so long, It's like the first time I remember seeing a lolita jsk in person. (It was a jewel tone cat print the seller had on display for nearly £300 several years ago now I think)

Tl;dr started out buying a lot of dresses just because they were ok, started falling out of love with the fashion. Finally bought brand and fell in love again, feeling many fluffy feels right now.

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or better yet lolita hoes having tea, like some lolita version of harlots or something.

>> No.9428624

I know that feel! It's so much more satisfying to only have pieces you really love.
When I got my Dreamy Dollhouse I would also hold it everyday just to look at the details of the print,lace,... it's amazing how detailed it is.
I especially love the little heart shaped pillows and,off course, the pockets.
When I find out a dress has pockets I feel 20% more excited honestly.

>> No.9428960

I do love the pockets, one pocket is good, but when there's two pockets that's when we're really talking.

>> No.9429054

I made a big taobao order for summer and as a "do your best!" gift from myself to myself for the finals. I feel kinda guilty but super excited

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i'm so excited for the warmer weather to begin. i've been a lone lolita for so long & last year discovered 2 lolitas that live nearby! recently i found a 3rd so there is 4 of us total! i want to plan a picnic meetup with everyone, maybe for ILD, maybe sooner. i've been thinking of all the cute things i want to pack & the vegan treats i want to bake to share with them! i found a recipe for vegan macarons that i want to try & of course we'll drink lots of tea from cute floral tea cups. spring & summer is when my soul comes alive and i'm really looking forward to it!

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i choked on my drink, holy shit

>> No.9429396

That's lovely, anon! Having a small group of friends sounds so much better than meeting up with a comm.

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That's great anon! I hope it goes well for you!

>> No.9429417

Spring and Summer really are the best times for lolita I think (so long as it isn't too terribly hot)

>> No.9429422

I laughed out loud. If this is ok I would love to show it to my friends lmao

>> No.9429506

I've only been a member of my local community for a very short amount of time, after having been reserved due to rumours of drama/cattiness/etc

Once I joined the comm I realized there's very little substance to those rumours, and everyone has been incredibly nice to me so far.

I got invited to a lowkey meetup on the weekend with some of the lolitas I've met in the past year or so. They are all sweethearts, and really well-dressed as a bonus. I feel like I've been missing out on some great friendships all along, but I'm grateful I have them now.

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High school drama scared me away from my local cosplay community, as well as my own struggle with mental illness. About 7 months ago, I started to be more active and have since been adopted into a friend group where I met my now boyfriend. I'm in love, I have a great network of supportive and nice friends, and I've never been happier. I'm also branching out to meet and talk to cosplayers I look up to at larger cons and online and I'm going to even be in a large group for my favorite series later this year! My sewing is getting better, my wigs are improving, and I'm losing weight and looking all together more clean and polished!

>> No.9429743

sounds like youre going to have a great time anon! theres only me and one other "lolita" (she really doesnt wear it and owns a single dress, but eh) where i live and two girls from a different city 3 hours away. were all meeting up sometime this month to have lunch and see an art gallery!

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this is making me feel things

lesbianic things

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>tfw i started drawing this when i saw it and then lost the thread

>> No.9429870


>> No.9430120

Thank you guys for this! I especially needed this comfy thread because there are no comms in my area but there are a ton of people who dress "lolita". If I want to have meet-ups i'm going to have to do it myself plus educate on what "real lolita" is.

>> No.9430122

>educate on what "real lolita" is
I suggest you do that only if the people you interact with are actually willing to learn, otherwise it's too much trouble than it's worth. Enjoy the fashion for yourself first and foremost, that's what matters.

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I love you Anon, I really do.

>> No.9430157

I've been tired for so long and finally the doctor says I should get a blood check up. I'm so happy T-T

>> No.9430789

OP of the post. This is golden. I'm going to print and frame it in my future house

>> No.9430796

My life is a stressful one most of the time even though I'm fairly young. Reading through these threads and cgl in general give me hope that the stress is worth it to feel the happiness felt when you wear something cute that you worked hard to buy. It's a beautiful thing, beyond belief. I love you gulls.

>> No.9430832

in my downtime i've been doing a lot of lolita-related embroidery. drawing out the patterns by myself is really comfy. i love having a finished project to display, because it's like two of my interests in one. maybe i'll make some as gifts for my friends

also i love maintaining my lolita clothes (minor mending, washing, steaming) because it makes me feel closer to them and i get to appreciate their minute details. i hate normie laundry, but lolita laundry is fun.

>> No.9431029

well gee i love you too
better be in a deco frame, gaudier the better

>> No.9433405

I've been cleaning out my room this week. I've taken out all the useless crap I don't need, and now I have a great storage space for my lolita accessories. I've also done a lot of shopping for little things on Aliexpress to make my room like nicer, things like string lights for my bed frame, storage things, hair accessories, and cute blouses. I also bought some really nice macrons today, and I'm experimenting with making different kinds of bonbons to give my friends.

>> No.9433427

Suddenly i want PJs with brand prints on.

>> No.9437635

I've only starting wearing lolita more often and trying to get better. Despite some harsh words I don't mind because I'm still learning. Feeling some sort of weird happiness

>> No.9437973

What are they doing- hiding waiting for others?
Its so many ways to interrupt this. Lol.
This one can be she planned a tea party, the hoes saw their chance, and decided to join a classy party.

>> No.9438108

I can't stop laughing omfg
>Hoes In The Garden
>(the new Kamikaze Girls?)

>> No.9441768

>ez day
>Biting nails
>That's not a nail that's skin
It hurts.

>> No.9441936

I treated myself to a biiiig taobao haul for summer and I'm feeling so excited. Also waiting on the shoes,socks and accessories for my first ever gothic coord. I'm always in sweet so I'm really excited about it as well.

>> No.9442550

This is the best feeling. I'm waiting on a huuuuge AliExpress haul myself. Full of goodies. Cannot wait. It's like getting presents from myself for two months.

>> No.9442704

I know right! Ordering cute stuff online makes my mood 20% better

>> No.9443051

oh wow, that's weird

My friend and I are both CS students and male, and all we do is watch mahou shoujo, and the like

I thought this was somewhat of a stereotype, but your post made me think otherwise

>> No.9443083

Another CS student, there are very few open weebs in the program I'm in. Maybe they're closeted or something but everyone I talk to is into more traditional nerd stuff like Star Trek and Warhammer.
>tfw lolita programmer in a place that is 90% male

>> No.9443364

>lolita programmer
sounds like the best thing ever

>> No.9445922

>hanging out with friends in lolita, couple of us bringing kids
>okay child, time to get dressed
>I find all sorts of vintage dresses at thrift stores for her
>Put her in what's basically a hilarious red velvet lacemonster
>She immediately cries and rolls on the floor
>"Okay, sorry, not that one! Want to pick a dress to wear?"
>she picks a lavender dress with smocking, goes over to the mirror, and says "Whoaaaaaa!"

not even two and already a diva. I'm so proud

>> No.9450053

I was wearing my dreamy horoscope jsk around the house and it was so comfy, the sack dress is basically a nightgown when it comes to comfort levels.

>> No.9450057
File: 16 KB, 205x274, beary.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like nice-looking girls in nice-looking costumes because they look nice and it feels nice to look at nice things.

>> No.9450637

>Go to TJ maxx to get a new bra
>See a girl in a weeby hairstyle (that was super cute)
>we talk about Vocaloid

It was super comfy. I actually really want to be her friend.
Any nerdy interaction with strangers I have, I treasure.

>> No.9453862
File: 13 KB, 240x240, rilakkuma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a late birthday gift to myself I bought my first lolita dress and I'm so excited gulls!! Oh jeez, I'm gonna be so emotional when it arrives!

>> No.9453866

Congrats!! What dress did you decide on??

>> No.9453877
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I took the basic newbie route and got the Candy sprinkle Lucky pack in pink, completely brand new!

>> No.9453889
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I'm so happy for you anon! I hope you love it!!

>> No.9453970

Recently I skipped going to a meet due to lack of funds and hung out with a couple of lolita friends in lolita in our local city. I think it was the most fun I've ever had in lolita, and the cheapest fun too. And then we went and played video games and watched movies, took some selfies and ate donuts.

I really want to do it again, because for once, it felt more like hanging out with friends and less like hanging out with a fashion club.

>> No.9454041

This. I always find hanging out with a few friends more fan than a meeting with the local comm

>> No.9454099

are Tomboys even talking about girly-stuff?

how can you programm a lolita?

>> No.9454151
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>> No.9454154

One of us, one of us!
Welcome to lolita, anon. You'll look super duper cute i'm sure

>> No.9454209
File: 198 KB, 400x303, tumblr_lyw922CNBU1qjj2ado1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you so much anons!!

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