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Last thread expired, here's a new one.

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Fashion Square employees from AM finally got paid but hours were not officially logged and some people's hours weren't right

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When's Third Strike?

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All the AM volunteers I think from their sections.

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>worked to achieve peak male perfection with the help of /fit/
>going to Akon to cosplay as Vega and Urien from SFV
Can't wait, what are y'all cosplaying?

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p-post pics sexy-chan

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>go to a-kon every year
>every year i have at least a sinch of a clue as to why i go
>this year i don't even care

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Same here. I'm going anyway just because I go every year, but that new venue is so annoying. I still don't know if I'm commuting or getting a hotel room. I don't want to pay an extra 300+ just because A-Kon decided to switch up the venue CITY with no warning.

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It's hard to warn ahead of time when they didn't know it was going to happen either

Shit happens bro

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Because the Anatole was tired of their shit. The Gaylord was too small for them. They can't move to the Dallas Convention Center. They didn't have any other choice.

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Is Oni-Con any good? I herd people say it's pretty alright.

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More like the Anatole was trying to get rid of all the cons. Quakecon had to move too.

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Exactly this. They have that waterpark now and just want to make money on. Cons are too much trouble to them

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I gotta wonder what the logic there is. They do realize that Dallas has Great Wolf Lodge AND Hurricane Harbor, right? The Anatole has such shitty service. The last thing I'd want to do is ruin my day at the waterpark with that.

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It's a smaller con, but it has all the basics and is really good for seeing friends and doing beach photoshoots, if that's your thing. Don't expect top-quality quests or anything, but it's fun and inexpensive. Last year was one of the best yet.

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>The Anatole has such shitty service.
I was there the first year Akon moved there and all the rooms had their hairdryers, extra blankets, extra towels and wash clothes, ice buckets, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, and kleenex boxes removed and that fucking bullshit room still cost $750 for 3 nights. I understand why all that was removed but when I needed a hairdryer (because you know, its the Anatole and its costing alot so hey I figure theres gonna be a hairdryer and I dont bring mine) and I went to the front desk to request one and they were rude to me and treated me like shit over it. They were unprofessional and douchebags to you even if you were polite and explained what was going on.
Fuck them I hope their waterpark fails.

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glitter princess entertainment girl is posting nudes on tumblr now

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Whats her tumblr, im morbidly curious

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I would of been out for blood if i didnt have an iron and ironing board, what the hell.

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ashleydarlingmodel.tumblr . com

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What is SillyLittleMissy's deal? Is she actually popular? How does she make money after paying for booth space at every con?

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This is sad.

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Poor thing got stung by two mosquitos

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>Is she actually popular?
No. There's a reason why she buys her booth space, instead of cons inviting her as a guest.

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Im uncomfortable.

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So haenuli is an official a kon guest, there's that

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She has purchased a massive chunk of her followers (6,000+ followers with only 200 or less likes per photo) and always pays for her own booths. Out of her 6K followers her patreon has only 12 supporters.

She is trying very hard to act like shes something when really shes nothing.

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You know what? I'll give A-Kon this. They're at least trying with the J-Fashion stuff. Last year we got Minori (I think that's her name anyway). This year we're getting Atelier Pierrot and now Haenuli. It's not like we just got ourselves the biggest names in burando and the entire staff of Larme to boot, but it's a good start.

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I appreciate their staff. Working with a-kon is a pain so I'm surprised they actually have managed a second year of good guests.

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Pretty frustrated with the Ft Worth switch. I'm in Garland/NE Dallas, 50 miles away from the FWCC. I am not commuting, nor do I want to uber back and forth from a hotel not in walking distance of the convention. I don't want to fight for a hotel reservation as people release their, to spend $240 a night and have nobody want to room up because the con is in a shit place. I don't room with randos, or a ton of people, and I can't afford a 1 or 2 person split for the weekend.

That said, my current cosplay plans are Viktor from Yuri on Ice for Friday and Warlock Gran from Granblue Fantasy on Saturday.

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>no discernible waist or hips
>A-cup boobs
>round stomach
>flat butt
Wow, she actually has the proportions of a 12 year old. If her legs were thinner and her head and hands were smaller, she'd probably get mistaken for a kid playing dress up.

Not hating on her since I don't even know her, but her prepubescent figure is a bit jarring. Ick, I need to delete my browser history now.

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This is my main issue, too. It wasn't a problem before because the con was IN the hotel, but none of the partner hotels look like they're in walking distance. Hotel shuttles always stop around midnight too, which sucks because the con doesn't end at midnight.

I wish the con would release more information about travel options for those of us in Dallas.

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A-kon is only a three-hour round trip for me, so I'll probably go on Friday and/or Saturday. I've been wanting to cosplay lately but I'll probably just go in normie clothes as usual. It's easier to move around without people stopping you for photos anyway. If I DID cosplay, it'd be Yuna from Final Fantasy 10.

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I'm also from Garland, but luckily I don't mind crowded rooms too much. We've already booked our hotel but I can't even remember what type of room it is and how many people are gonna be jammed in it. It's not the most ideal situation but that's what we're stuck with I guess.

Are you going to the Granblue meetup on Saturday? I'm not doing any cosplays from it but my sister is going. I was planning on cosplaying Yuri's Eros outfit for A-kon but I'm gonna put that on hold until Afest, probably.

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Yep doing the GBF meetup on Saturday, I'm in the group for it, friend is doing Djeeta in her Arcana Dueler outfit.

I'm doing the pink outfit for Viktor, but I'm doing the Shingeki No Bahamut game collaboration artwork version, and I'm doing it Friday since I don't want to split a day with two cosplays that are taking effort to make. I'm sad the YoI meetup got moved from Friday to Saturday, but GBF meetup sounds more promising anyhow, and I don't wanna be in a sea of the same 4-5 characters being cosplayed. lmao

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Saw this at Scarborough. Is it furry?

Am I a faggot for wanting to make something like it?

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It's furry for sure, but it's also pretty cool. As long as you do a good job and your craftsmanship is good no one is going to care if its furry or not.
Also just don't be a freak while you wear it.

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When's puyo pop Tetris?

>> No.9443970


The hotels are like across the street from the convention center. No idea why everyone things they are miles away or something.

Also lol at people bitching when they are in Garland. That's it far. Try driving from Houston or flying from out of state before you keep whining.

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Same thing with Akon
I'm forced to Volunteer because it's in Fort Worth
I'd bunk with other people but
A. None of my lads want to go
B. I doubt anyone here actually wants to bunk a room for it since a majority here are girls
C. Didn't get a fucking room

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So, if you're coming from Houston, obviously you're going to do a hotel. But there's this horrible middle ground when you're in fucking Garland of whether it's worth to book a hotel 5+ miles from a convention center if you're just gonna have to drive back and forth each day, regardless, and it's not convenient to get back to during the day without getting in a car or Uber. That's why we're irritated.

Also, THREE HOTELS are in walking distance, they were COMPLETELY BOOKED or on hold. So, yes, that's why we're bitching about them being MILES away.

On that note, Hilton's holds on hotels for hope cleared. I said fuck it and booked for the $199/night rate. Btw, I snagged that last Thursday opening, sorry dudes.

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Book early like people know to do at other major sized cons. You wait and you screw yourself over. No one to blame but yourself.

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Weebs can't plan for shit in advance.

>> No.9444797

Why do Akon ticket prices keep rising? They've been trying to push to comic con levels forever despite not having anything on that level.

>> No.9444929

The staff is delusional.

On the subject of hotels, it shouldn't be an issue for me getting a hotel that's a little far out if I don't even cosplay, right? I figured I'd find one of those cheapo ones with a shuttle and just room by my lonesome this year since some of the hotels aren't even $70 a night.

>> No.9444963

Hotwire is a good place to look.

>> No.9444972

You know they put up a Groupon right?

Or you could have pre-reg when it was $50.

>> No.9445103

Then go to A-Fest you dumb fuck and don't give your money to A-Kon.

>> No.9445105

I don't know why you're replying to me. I already have my pass. It's sort of why I'm asking about a hotel room, retard.

>> No.9445122

I think that's one of the actors at the faire because everytime I've gone they're always there and they have one of the scarborough people walking with them

>> No.9445317

Anything going on in or near Texarkana?

>> No.9445389

I feel this so hard. I hate rando rooming and room stuffing but I'm not about to front that kind of cash for a shit location.

Also a Viktor cosplayer here, anon. Do you know how to skate? No judgment if you dont, i just get excited to meet other YoI fags who also skate.

>> No.9445395

>paying for a badge when all i want to do is get drunk and party in cosplay


>> No.9445743

lmao a shuttle from the 10 mile away cheap hotels. Good luck man.

I've actually never ice skated in my life, which kinda saddens me, but I'm not very coordinated and can barely rollerblade without seriously injuring myself like a dumbass. However, I've always really loved ice skater's outfits since I was a kid, so it's kinda a childhood fantasy come true to cosplay an iceskater finally haha

>> No.9445764

The Twink on Manic Pixie is learning to skate and just did a pretty decent Vik desu

He working the con floor

>> No.9445826

I'm really disheartened that Fort Worth has no nearby rinks. I went back to live a childhood dream with this show but I'll be off ice during con weekend and that makes me sad.

>> No.9445921

You could look for hotels on the train line? They got Tre to run on Sunday and there is a stop a block from the guy Hilton.

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Anyone have thoughts on this whole sandbagging shitstorm?

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Anyone have thoughts on this whole sandbagging shitstorm?

>> No.9446251

Why did you block the names out? This is 4chan. I want to know who we're talking smack about.

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what has that guy made? sounds like his cosplays ought to be familiar but fuck if I know who he is

>> No.9446343

He was just on Cosplay Melee. The costume in question for the sandbagging was some Sniper from Titanfall?

>> No.9446359

ahh ok I have no fucking clue who he is, thanks for the info though

>> No.9446460

But they do have shuttles. No one would stay there otherwise. Did you even bother to look in to hotels or did you show up here to attentionwhore and bitch?

>> No.9446562

Oh this guy is a notorious douche. Very disliked in the Louisana and Texas community. I also hear he loves underage girls and can't live without cocaine. He sandbagged, he got caught, he got banned from competing at several cons because he broke the rules. He is a moron.

>> No.9446723


Yeah but because he was on TV he will gain fans regardless if he's a douche or a moron. Same thing happened with Carl Martin. Younger cosplayers just see stars in their eyes with people like this.

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>spend months and money working on a good costume
>win a con for it
>can never use it again or else you're banned and shunned for all eternity
What the fuck? These niggas serious?

>> No.9446732

This guy won at Anime Matsuri and took the same costume to a smaller convention in Louisiana and won there, too. Go the opposite route and no one cares. Sandbagging is in bad taste and shows poor sportsmanship and isn't to discredit someone's work. It's a rule at most major conventions that you cannot use a cosplay that has previously won a major award.

>> No.9446742

Nobody is saying you can't wear a cosplay again. Just don't sandbag contests.

>> No.9446749

oh seriously? i didnt even know this was a thing.
shouldnt it just motivate other people to suck less though, and make something that can beat that?

>> No.9446750


Basically you have to work your way up. Start at a small con, then try a mid sized ones, then go to a major one. Then retire that cosplay from competition.

Now if you go backwards, then yeah you deserve to be shunned.

>> No.9446754

so than what do you do with the costume than?
isn't the point of most people making good cosplay is to enter and win tournaments?

>> No.9446762

That is seriously taking advantage of Louisiana Comic Con. Sandbagging like this shows very poor ethics. Especially since he was warned not to sandbag after entering another costume into many competitions and collecting smaller awards here and there for the same piece.

>> No.9446766

you take photos, you try to guest and bring them, you sell them, you retire them. Once a costume has won a huge award it cannot be entered again or else it is considered sandbagging.

>> No.9446769

that's a stupid rule
if anything it should be known that he/she already entered with the same costume and deduct points

>> No.9446772

In most cases, judges will ask during prejudging if you or your costume have won any awards. It helps to determine your category in the contest but also tells them what awards you can qualify for.

>> No.9446788

He is a huge liar and probably withheld the information that he had already won at Matsuri

>> No.9446801

It is alright. Sometimes they have pannels that dont even make. but its a decent size, and the dealers room isnt bad. its a nice medium con

>> No.9446886

>It'll be 90 dollars at the door for all 4 days to the Kon.

Enjoy your shitty over-priced A-Kon with nothing to do but party. AFest is half the cost of A-Kon with 500x times better guest list.

>> No.9446909

>Not hosting a short panel for a free pass

>> No.9446910

Oh shit I didn't realize AFest was the same weekend as AKON this year.

>> No.9446952

If I wasn't ghosting A-Kon I wouldn't bother going. I'm giving my money to a con that takes the money given to them to pay for a good guest lineup.

>> No.9447311

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiss. A-Kon basically hands out free badges like candy.

>> No.9447351


That's if you're accepted though. I have seen more people get rejection than accepted.

>> No.9447570

What kind of stupid shit were they submitting? I always do a very basic J-fashion FOTM panel (for example- 30 minute panel on menhera)/some simple cosplay applicable workshop and I get in. I know another seagull in this thread does a BL panel. I know other people who do panels on things like Vocaloid (making MMD videos), lecture/tutorial panels (there was a kimono 101 panel last year that was really cool), and videogame related panels.

As long as A-Kon can tell that you actually do care about your panel and you can pitch a good reason for why you should get a spot, you're good to go. Sure, your main motivation might be a free pass, but at least try to act like you give a shit.

>> No.9447615

At least Carl is nice and a decent human being.

>> No.9447787


You don't actually know Carl then

>> No.9447797

No they're not you idiot

>> No.9447821

Wow, I didn't realize it was even possible to be this retarded. They were obviously being sarcastic because >>9446886 is under the impression that you have to pick between A-Kon and A Fest.

>> No.9447923

He's smarter than the other guy, apparently.

>> No.9448127

what's that supposed to mean?

>> No.9448312

>defended your shitty sarcasm

cry harder tripfag

>> No.9448317

I met her at a failing con about two years ago (omnicon) and oh boy.
She was pretty nice to me and took pics of my cosplay but honestly her cosplays aren't great. She was supposed to be a squid kid from splatoon but i didn't get it at all for the first 4 hours i was around her.

>> No.9448318


That's not me? I'm pretty sure anyone can use a plugin to see who is samefagging.

Also, so funny, years later since I was active on here and people are so bitter about people holding themselves accountable for what they say online and not hiding behind anonymous posts. lmao

>> No.9448321

kek omnicon is a shit show now so no worries there

>> No.9448388

>Only person in the thread autistic enough to not detect the sarcasm in that post
>Make a witty reply that only shows off how much of a dumbass you are
>Get called out for it
>Cry samefag

Really? REALLY? Everyone knows A-Kon and A Fest would never be on the same weekend. Everyone except you, apparently. Stay mad, anon.

>> No.9448391


It means Carl isnt that nice of a guy
The whole TV thing boosted his ego sky high and he turned into an asshole

>> No.9448785

He and his fiancee were really nice to me last year at AFest. I haven't seen any of this inflated ego.

>> No.9448951

It's /cgl/. Someone is always trying to start drama. That's life.

Find me a 20 something year old that ISN'T at least a little bit of an egotistical asshole, anon.

>> No.9448977

People love to assume that anyone who's ever been in the limelight is a snob. It's easy to pin someone as egotistical if you're already looking for an excuse to dislike them, and then you happen to catch them when they're in a hurry or having a bad day.

>> No.9448985

Adding to this, anon's story probably doesn't go any deeper than "I saw him in an elevator once and he didn't smile at me, WHAT AN ASSHOLE"
Carl's very down-to-earth, especially compared to other cosplayers who have way less of an excuse to be self-absorbed.

>> No.9449107

Carl and Kat have never been anything less than lovely and kind to me. I've never seen an overinflated ego from either of them.

Like you said, hater fag probably just didn't get a smile or caught them at a bad time

>> No.9449813

While Carl might have a bit of an ego he isn't malicious about it. On the other hand this Joshua guys knows what he is doing is wrong but thinks the rules shouldn't apply to him because he's just too talented. People deserve to see him and so the fact he won a BIC at one of the biggest cons in the state of TX won't stop him from entering the same costume in a tiny local comic con. He spent his entire episode of Cosplay Melee talking about how important the community was to him, then calls them all jealous fuckers when they complain he sandbagged.

>> No.9450136

I get horrendously embarrassed talking to other people, especially someone as well known as Carl, but he has always been very sweet and understanding to me and has always welcomed me to talk to him without feeling like I'm an odd one out. I really find it hard to believe someone thinks he's some egotistical ass.

>> No.9450269

What are the odds of finding a gf at Akon/Afest?
At least someone that's tolerable of going to the gym 3 times a week and plays fighting games (and actually good at it)

>> No.9450349

I agree. I think he can be cocky out of confidence, we all have an ego of some sort regarding what we know we can do. However, he's been a really cool guy to socialize with really anyone at cons, and even put up with me drunk hitting on him the very first time I met him 2 years ago. I've hung out with him and talked to him at a couple cons/and an out of con mutual friend thing. I think his problem is he's also friends with a lot of mid-high tier cosplayers that actually are complete ego shitbags. I've had some bad experiences with our mutuals in 2016 and it really made me step away heavily from social media/cosplay/conventions except for AKON over it. Wasn't Carl's fault though.

>> No.9450365

Probably not likely at Anime Fest. A-Kon is the party con, so it will be more likely but still not likely (if that makes sense). Most people don't go to cons to find their future waifu/husbando. They're there to enjoy the con.

>> No.9450396

Damn oh well

>> No.9450399

I've met several women at cons who'd later end up being my GF. I also don't mind fat chicks.

>> No.9451114

So to further this, since he posted he was unbanned, he is not. He cannot compete at the cons listed, plus Florida Super Con, AFest, San Japan, and we're working on more. The guy is just a smooth talker. He claimed, after being warned, that he didn't know what sandbagging was, and when it was explained to him, he said he was going to keep doing it anyway. He WANTS to be an asshole. So, oh well. We'll just be assholes back.

>> No.9451124

I found my SO at a con. There is hope... but its slim.

>> No.9451137

What's wrong with sandbagging anyway?

>> No.9451146

He's likely to never win a competition again.

>> No.9451184

It's a massive dick move. If one cosplay won every award in a region for a year then what would be the point of competing?

>> No.9451201

To be the best.

>> No.9451241

I hope he gets banned from A-Kon too. He is the worst person in every way.

>> No.9451244

No he won't since he already has such a bad reputation and is now more widely known as a sandbagger

>> No.9451268

Think of it this way. The moral argument about Sandbagging can be summed up like this:

If an athlete is good enough that they worked their way up from peewees all the way to the NFL, they should be commended and proud of their achievements.

By that same token, if an NFL player started bashing the shit out of peewees to prove a point, he's an utter fuckwad.

What he did was inexcusible. He wanted to push his limits on his new found cos-fame and didnt think about his actions. It serves him right. It's one thing to be a big fish in a small pond, its quite another to have to smear it in the small fishes faces for a quick $100 and a trophy at some piddly ass little con.

He's "cos-famous" and has the ego to match at this point. Step back from the little leagues and go fight in a real competition at a real con. Hope whatever prize they gave was worth the permanent public stain on his rep.

>> No.9451282

I hope the community forever shuns him for this. He took advantage of a smaller con and is proud of himself. His ego is way over the top and he needs to be humbled.

>> No.9451315


He was warned by a director or some offical at these cons that he was being a dick and still did it anyways? And then wants to bitch about them taking action? Go look at this douche's facebook profile, full of pervy posts and shittalking about his ego. This is what happens when shitty people get their undeserved 15 of fame.

>> No.9451371

I married someone i primarily met at a convention, so there is hope. Just screen your options, anon. No crazies.

>> No.9451377

oh wow his instagram has a ton of naked pics with crops or emojis censoring

>> No.9451398

I hate him and his dumb nudes, but holy shit his dog is adorable.

>> No.9451573 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 452x160, 46a5fd37f683094041a515729993ac63.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok but this doesnt seem right

if it isnt in the rules then he did nothing wrong

>> No.9451958

Honestly I don't have a good outlook for the guy already, but really wouldn't mind seeing the uncensored pics. lmao

>> No.9452111

Holy hell. So the list of conventions he is supposedly banned from competing at is
Louisianime, Anime Austin, Anime CTX, OmniCon, LAGFest, Ikkicon, AnimeFest, San Japan, and Florida Super Con.
He has been reported to A-Kon and Anime North Texas but has he been banned yet from competing at them as well?

>> No.9452163

I think he's twisting words around so this is where it gets confusing which cons he's banned from competing at and not that he's actually banned from attending. I'm almost certain he's banned from competing at A-KON at this point.... but then again, Luxe Dolls keep sandbagging between Afest & AKON every fucking year now.

>> No.9452215

He is also unable to win at Mechacon (he can be exhibition only), and IS banned from ANT. 90% sure he won't be able to participate at A-Kon as well at this point. I have zero chill for this dude anymore.

>> No.9452220
File: 95 KB, 300x173, Screen-Shot-2017-04-13-at-11.56.21-AM-300x173[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone from 806 going to this? I'm running a booth & selling merch.

>> No.9452294


Probably isn't in the main contest since that filled up months ago. But there's the hall contest which he could probably sneak in if he tried. The new head of cosplay probably wont notice anyway.

>> No.9452318

Uh, it's really obvious that new head of cosplay is on cgl.

>> No.9452347 [DELETED] 

Cat, keep your mouth closed in pictures, please.

>> No.9452497 [DELETED] 

Hey now, Cat is a nice lady who does a lot for this community. Move along, anon.

>> No.9452508

I'm going, don't know what to expect though it seems like people from last year had a ton of fun and they're promoting a lot around the local community

>> No.9452527 [DELETED] 


I cant tell if you're serious or sarcastic

I hope you're not serious CatChan breaks anything she touches

>> No.9452546 [DELETED] 


What are you even talking about? She has her shit on lockdown.

>> No.9452587 [DELETED] 

No, she doesn't. On top of that, she's super unfriendly and up her own ass.

>> No.9452608 [DELETED] 

I was being serious

>> No.9452616 [DELETED] 

Well if you are a bitch, expect bitchiness right back

>> No.9452655 [DELETED] 

Damn Cat don't try to be that obvious. Go back to bitching on Twitter.

>> No.9452679 [DELETED] 


I'm so sorry

>> No.9452700 [DELETED] 

I met her once out of cosplay and she was a supremely condescending bitch. Myabe it was an off day for her.
That said, I appreciate her for being a fellow gull and for anon posting truths about various conventions here so I'd rather we didn't drag her dirt out and burn that source. It's nice having good intel in some threads and not compete hearsay garbage, rumor mongering and Luxedolls drama.

>> No.9452726 [DELETED] 


Oh whiteknights. Didn't even know she had those.

Sorry you're getting a shitty show at Akon

>> No.9453145 [DELETED] 

Hi Joshua

>> No.9453157

Reynosafag here, going to South Texas Comic Con tomorrow.

>> No.9453161

>LouisiANIME & Omnicon

And nothing of value was lost...

>> No.9453421

I live in Lubbock like a block away from where this is held I didn't have a chance to go to last years
But I'm excited to go this year
What are you selling?

>> No.9454017

It's scaley
No but maybe

>> No.9454020

So book early or stfu

>> No.9454506

Dennis Rodman was such an ass at STCC.

>> No.9454519

Aw, I was planning on doing Yuri's Stay With Me/Duet outfit on Thursday & Saturday. I have 2 other meet ups on Friday and I don't want to change cosplays so often.

That being said, how far along is everyone on their cosplays?

>> No.9454672

Aw boo. Yeah, I have to be in Granblue Fantasy for pretty much all day Saturday, so I just don't want to attempt a costume change to make it to the meetup. I'm sure people will still know I'm Viktor on Friday so surely I'll be visible enough to bond with other random Yuri fans haha

How far? uhhh... Well I'm drafting tomorrow and sunday to get a mockup done, then rushing to get all my fabrics and such bought/ordered. I sent my wig back to Arda so I can get credit to exchange for Light Grey which is part of the May restock (damn backorders, fuck you other Viktor cosplayers). I'm sure once I get started I'll move along quickly. Gran is going to be the painful long drawn out costume haha

>> No.9454711

I got to meet charles martinet, he's such a nice guy

>> No.9455020
File: 134 KB, 960x720, patches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm a graphic designer, so I'm selling posters, t-shirts, hats, patches, stickers, etc. all with a bold, retro, corporate bent. pic related.

>> No.9455695

Comicpalooza two weeks.

>> No.9455708

Yeah, he is so nice! Too bad he was too pricey.

>> No.9455748

Also what was the deal at South Texas Comic Con today? They said that taking pictures and video was forbidden yet people were doing it left and right, but some people seemed puzzled about it even the guests like Sean Schmel,

>> No.9456170

Did anyone get to give the Sci Fi Speed dating a try at South Texas Comic Con? I wanted to try it but I dont want to drop 40 bucks and have nobody there like it was on friday with most of the events or panels.

>> No.9456187

Do not bother, it is crappy, not even the host bothers to explain things well. Plus it is nothing but bait, Rayden girl clearly works with them, she is used as lure bait but has no interest whatsoever which also makes you wonder if it is some kind of social experiment.

>> No.9456199

pls respond

>> No.9456246

Thanks for the heads up anon. I'll just use my day off to rest up and plan for the next con.

>> No.9457264

What next con? Also why $40?

>> No.9458001

A-Kon finally announcing more guests, I see.

>> No.9458219

They can get a gold star.

>> No.9458287

I recently joined a Facebook Texas cosplay group. Is the North Texas Cosplay group any good? Looking through recent posts, I'm seeing a lot of WIPs and finished cosplays that appear to have never been washed/ironed... a bad sign, honestly. Any other groups recommended?

>> No.9458394

It's annoying. The same ten people update it fifty times a day because they don't have friends.

>> No.9458756
File: 60 KB, 400x400, q0KB_2A3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll believe it. Last year, me and a guy who had enough hours to get paid (we got paid) and have full badge reimbursements didn't get it because Kate didn't put our names on a list. So there went $70 I worked extra for.

She offered no other compensation and me and my friend were pretty upset.

>> No.9461245
File: 1.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-05-03-13-56-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are we gonna pretend this didnt happen in the pet peeves thread?

>> No.9461339

Hey, so I was also there, and it wasn't because she didn't put the names on the list. The list was rejected because the girl in charge of registration is a salty cunt and denied the reimbursement.

but yea, it's shit. Kate was really upset by it too. Last year was a shit show

>> No.9461360

No one cares shitard.

>> No.9461391

I don't get it. Who is this/are they and why should I care?

Every year is a shit show!

>> No.9461447

A-kon's host for VKS meetup cancelled meet up because she told boys to wear dance belts and they ganged up on her and made her feel shitty enough to cancel meet up

this is why we can't have nice things

>> No.9461506

There are so many concerning things here. I was going to ask why you wouldn't just be wearing a dancer belt already in the first place, but we all know most cosplaying guys are just pervs.

>> No.9461508
File: 291 KB, 494x504, 1492089671018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Generalizations aren't nice anon...

>> No.9461526

>rated M meetup
>"dont forget to cover up its a family friendly con"

I don't feel sorry for her at all. Why have a rated M meetup at a "family friendly" con anyways? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of family friendly cons anyways? No sympathy for her.

>> No.9461540

Kawaii Bro made a huge stink out of it. why people like him is beyond me. just because he's good looking doesn't mean he isn't a gigantic asshole. wish cons would start banning him

>> No.9461653

I thought he was just some goofy guy at first but he's starting to stink of major snowflake cringe. If I saw him at a con I'd fuckin run

>> No.9461690

M rated doesn't literally mean dicks dangling, anon.

>> No.9461736

Yeah he seemed cool until i started seeing his posts. now he just seems like a big headed douche bag that goes to cons just to get womens attention

>> No.9461791
File: 945 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_2017-05-03-20-48-51-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is hanecosplay actually relevant or is she just another slmissy

>> No.9461799
File: 54 KB, 540x960, 18194878_10210307784149316_5467244135652877823_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've met her a few times IRL at cosplay events and she's very nice. Her cosplays are very good too; they hold up nicely in person. She won her division at the Dreamhack contest a few days ago with pic related.

>> No.9461823

She comes off kinda little weird online, very full of herself.

>> No.9461859

She seems pretty selfish and entitled. She's been a no show for photoshoots she scheduled herself only to go shoot with another photographer while completely ignoring the original one. She even sent the pictures to the photographer she ditched and acted like she'd never spoke to him before. He ranted about her quite a few times on facebook
needless to say she's probably a huge bitch lol

>> No.9461879

Stop selfposting.

There we go. Here's the truth.

>> No.9461934

Idk, I've only met her at events, maybe she's different elsewhere.

>> No.9462100

What's Delta H Con like? Is it any good?

>> No.9462165

Super tiny, like 3K attendees.
Also super casual and great for drinking.
Very little Jfash though

>> No.9462166

Is noone here going to comicpalooza?

>> No.9462181

Why would we?

>> No.9462221


>> No.9462284

I need some input on my travel plans from people who have actually taken the TRE before. I just want to make sure this is going to turn out as perfectly as it is in my head.

I live in Dallas. A-Kon is in Fort Worth. A-Kon's schedule and my friend who lives in Dallas and works in Fort Worth's work schedule happened to align almost perfectly. She offered to just drop me off at the convention center on the days she's working since it's about 5 minutes away from her job.

The one day she's not working is the day of my panel, though. The panel is at 11:00AM. If I leave the house at 7:00AM and take the TRE from Victory Station, will I make it to the con in time?

This is working out really well in my head. Too well. I thought I was going to have to pay for either a shitty hotel room or a cramped hotel room until one of my friends told me that she could take me to the con for 3 out of the 4 days. I just need someone to reassure me that everything is actually going to work out this well for me.

>> No.9462482

Yeah, uh, sorry but dance belts isn't the go to for everything. Because most likely if you're openly urging dudes to wear dancebelts, you have no idea what they actually do. Dudes will have a bulge, period. Dance belts don't fucking tuck your dick. You're not going to see vein details in a fucking VKS, it's not paper thin untextured spandex where supportive underwear matters to smooth shit out. This dance belt shit is getting out of control. I'm all for them/other proper supportive smoothing undergarments for men and women, but people are crying 'DANCE BELTS' when they can just tell someone has a penis because they're not Ken Doll flat. Also, Kawaii Bro is a low effort body-bait fad cosplayer anyhow, no need to discuss him here, he gets the attention he wants.

>> No.9462618

The departure and arrival times of the trains are reliable. If it puts you in ft. Worth with enough time to walk from the stop to your panel you are fine.

>> No.9462701

Just because it's rated M, doesn't mean people want to see your dick, you fucking idiot.

>> No.9462733

Her cosplays are good, but she's pretty cold in person. My friend and I in overwatch cosplays were trying to talk to her and get a picture together and she pretty much brushed us off.

>> No.9462813

Thank you!

>> No.9462823

Good, AM's VKS meetup was cringy enough

>> No.9463271

>Her cosplays are very good too; they hold up nicely in person.
I'm sorry but that's bullshit anon. I have seen her stuff up close and in-person and it's very mediocre. Her Devi Symmetra for example, that she's won with multiple times, is horrible up close. There were globs of glue-gun glue oozing out in various places on the armour, there were large areas of over spray on the jewels where you can tell she spray painting the pieces without properly masking them off, the jewels themselves had various problems with their resin- some were clear but many were clouded up strangely, the skulls all over were the dime-store halloween type that really needed to be altered or cleaned up because they were sloppy looking, and to top it all off she had wrapped christmas lights around the whole thing to make it light up but made no effort to incorporate them or at least hide them better.
She had done a great job on her makeup and bodypaint but holy fuck the rest was so bad.

>> No.9463281

Dude I give zero shits about guys having a bulge since hey, we all know you're a guy and you've got a dick and balls but for fucks sakes I was sitting on a couch at a con recently and some asshat wearing a zentaisuit was leaning on the end of it talking to someone so his junk was right in my face and I could fucking tell he wasn't circumcised. If the material is that thin and I can see that without even trying there's a problem. This shit needs to stop or you fucks need to figure out a better way to deal with that problem, dancebelt or not.
Also keep in mind I've seen a few guys do tight thin spandex costumes properly and they look amazing without the gross factor so this obviously isn't aimed at everyone. Maybe those of you who actually know what you're doing could tell those what they can improve upon?

>> No.9463312

I've only ever made 2 cosplays so I'm not too great with seeing problems I guess :/

>> No.9463569

Please show us what a good cosplay should look like, anon.

>> No.9463576

You have Google. Look good cosplays up for yourself. Next time, improve on your cosplays before you try to blatantly selfpost.

>> No.9463594

Not the OP

>> No.9463676

I know my post came off harsh but come on man, everything I mentioned is stuff someone entering their work into a cosplay competition should not be doing unless you're a complete novice, because those are amateur mistakes.
It's ok to do those things if you're just having fun and want to dress as the character but when other people say the costume is "very good" and that costume wins multiple awards with those flaws...it makes me wonder. Seriously, ask in the Con Crit thread if that stuff would fly and if it would be acceptable.

I do wonder why you seem to have taken offense though, I was only explaining what I saw and why the other person's statement wasn't correct.

>> No.9463694

I'm sorry anon, I'm a novice ;_;

No bully

>> No.9463711

I didn't mean any of that directly at you personally (especially since you explained previously you were only starting out). Just keep at it and lurk the criticism threads and construction threads, it'll really help you improve in your craftsmanship. I was horrible when I started out too but that really helped me, best of luck and all that.

>> No.9463839

You literally did not read anything I said based on your story as an example. Re-read or delete please.

>> No.9464185

Many guys wear spandex shorts under vks.

>> No.9464235

I'm going, not cosplaying or anything though.

>> No.9464312

A-Kon J-fash show deadline is coming up. May 10, 11:59PM.

>> No.9464394


Not what I said, at all. Nor was I saying don't wear dance belts ever or supportive garments. If you're not going to read past the first sentence before jumping to conclusions on context, don't bother.

>> No.9465070

Watch out, theres gonna be an ita fest at the Mini Mini Con fashion show.

>> No.9465092

>Con fashion shows
>Never not an ita fest

>> No.9465247

what? no dude, fuck off, Carl is easily the most approachable "con celeb" I've ever met. He and his fiancee are good people and they've never treated me with any disrespect every time I've stood around and talked to them, which is more than I can say for almost everyone I've ever met at a con, my old cosplay group included.

The guy gave me his phone number once so I could text him during a con and play Monster Hunter together. I had met him like twice prior to that and had no idea he was "con famous" or anything because he was always super humble and willing to chat.

>> No.9465273

Is anyone like actually excited for A-Kon? I'm pretty hyped. Obviously I'm not expecting the con to be AMAZING (let's be real- it's still A-Kon), but I'm excited for the new changes. Bigger venue, bigger artist alley, space to breathe, probably a bigger dealers' room too. The photoshoot locations look really nice as well.

The best part is not having to deal with the Anatole staff. God I hope I never have to step foot in that hotel ever again.

>> No.9465289
File: 913 KB, 400x585, excite.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty excited! Mostly because this year I'm finally planning cosplays that I'm excited about. Usually I just cosplay from series that my older sister wants to do cause I'm new to cons and it was easier and felt safer to just stick with her and her friends. But we have really different tastes in anime/shows and this year I decided to just do my own thing. I'm really excited about meeting other cosplayers that are into the same shit I'm into and I'm hoping to make some new cosplay buds. Really looking forward to the new venue, too!

>> No.9466148

Does anyone know if with the change in venue for A-kon, if you need to have a badge to enter it or if you're still free to enter but need a badge for certain places like panels and AA/Dealers room? A friend said they don't mind me piggybacking of their badge since at most all I wanted to do was browse the AA one day, but I also don't want to be standing outside the con center because I need to have a badge to enter.

>> No.9466231


In previous years you could do things without a badge, but that's because they can't stop people from just being at the hotel. A convention center might be different. I have seen cons check badges before you can too far past the front door

Since it's the first year I'm not sure what to expect

>> No.9466316

NAYRT but I'm inclined to think that you can still walk around just because some events have never required a pass in the first place (swap meet for example). Having people be able to walk around is also a good way to tempt ye olde normie into getting a one day pass to ~experience~ the con, too.

>> No.9466336

I know some friends flew out to AX last year and said that you needed to have your badge on you to enter the convention center so that's why I was wondering. At worst, I'd just wait and see what people say about Thursday/Friday if anything thanks.

>> No.9466363

Metroplex lolitas- Is the A-Kon lolita swap meet swaps only or can you sell stuff too? I'm leaving the hobby, so swaps don't do much for me. I figured I might be able to give someone a good deal (and not have to charge for shipping) if I could make a sale in person instead of on LM.

>> No.9466566


If you think that when there is an option to restrict access a con just wouldn't take it you're an idiot. Be ready to buy a badge to see anything in the convention center.

>> No.9466592


I wouldn't count on having access to any panels without a badge anon. That includes swap meets.

>> No.9467162

Hey, I'm new to cosplay and Austin in general. Cosplay is something I've always wanted to do but didn't have time or money for until now. I'm thinking of attending one before actually trying to cosplay. I don't have any friends who are into this, is it weird to go alone or does 4chan sometimes meet in groups or something. What are the good cons in Austin?

>> No.9467173

>What are the good cons in Austin?

None. Drive to San Antonio, Houston or Dallas.

>> No.9467277

>does 4chan sometimes meet in groups
We used to have /cgl/ meet ups but I haven't seen one in at least a few years.
I think all the people from other boards who didn't cosplay showing up and spouting shitty memes probably killed them.

>> No.9467302

Cons normally don't allow selling on the official word because of legality sake. Whatever is done under the table is your business. I watched Dave ban SJ from having one because of money so I guess if you're gonna sell a dress just don't advertise it.

>> No.9467318

Now I'm curious. Who is Dave?

Thanks for the info, by the way. I don't want to cause any issues, so I guess I'll sell on Lacemarket after all.

>> No.9467324

Post your info in the friend finder thread!

>> No.9467331

Dreamhack was pretty fun for cosplaying, I had a blast at it. There's a smaller anime con but I don't actually remember the name.

If you're looking for cosplay people in Austin, feel free to shoot me a friend request on discord: NA-45#3692

>> No.9467385

Dave is the chairman of the con

>> No.9467386

I don't think you'll cause any issues though, people sell at swap meets all the time. But you could always arrange local pickup too.

>> No.9467387

Open carry at convention

>> No.9467390

Oh, duh.

Yeah, at that point it's more difficult than Lacemarket though. I'd rather not be responsible for the swap meet getting fucked over. $5 for an old PS2 game is whatever. $300 for a dress isn't going to slide by with no issues.

It's Texas. I've seen worse. At least I have chunky human shields at a convention.

>> No.9467397

Have you never been to a swapmeet before? They always sell dresses. SJ was strict about it but I don't think Akon will be, especially since its not in the con center.

>> No.9467404

I've never been to the lolita one, just the normal swap meets for anime merch. I'll swing by then!

>> No.9467438

I've been to a-kon swap meet before.
You can just paypal people money for the dresses.

>> No.9467449

I talked to the J-fashion staff about this the other day. It's swap only at the meet.

>> No.9467562


Most of the swap meets will state no money exchange. However, they can't stop you from walking outside for a second and exchanging money or using paypal. Once you walk out the door they can't stop you and they aren't liable from any fallout between people.

>> No.9467605

Yeah, for example I bought a dress ahead of time and will be meeting someone at akon just to pick it up. It's just a physical exchange at the location, it really wouldn't be a big deal.

>> No.9467615

I believe thats three different people, and nobody cares.

>> No.9467619

Okay, I think I'm getting how to work around it now. Thank you guys for being so patient with me. I'm used to sticking to swapping during swap meets since that's where all the fun is for me. I'm just trying to find my lolita wardrobe a good home while making some of what I spent on it back (doubtful, but I can try right?).

>> No.9467662

I saw the fashion show at mini mini and I was genuinely suprised that most of the girls who modeled were very well put together

>> No.9467709

Why is James still trying to be relevant and comparing DragonCon to every little thing SJ does? He seriously needs to stfu considering the drama around him

htt ps : // face
book . c om /
st ory . php ?story_ fbid =
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0005 574810 12 (remove spaces)

>> No.9467734

Nobody cares about tumblr fakeboi nonsense.

>> No.9467739

On the contrary, I do, because it has turned every circle I've seen it pop up in go from "good friends" to "toxic cesspool of uwu please validate my "masculinity"" every time it's emerged.

As someone who has been personally burned by this shit, I enjoy seeing them mocked.

>> No.9467755

Was the Minicon worth going to btw? I wanted to go but ended up having to work.

>> No.9467901

It was good for a free con. You can't expect high quality especially considering the location as you usually avoid that mall. It was hot in parts of it but that is due to the way it is there with the number of people there. It was quite crowded at the beginning then tapered down as you'll be done in a couple hours.

>> No.9468007

Its a good con to just wear comfy cosplays and hang out with friends. There's barely anything to do so it gets boring quickly but since it's just a 1 day free con that's not much to complain about.

>> No.9468511

Story time?

>> No.9469259

I'm going, hoping to catch lolita for photos

>> No.9469360


to be 100% honest Im interested to hear whats going on there as well. Ive personally kept my distance for the sake of not being involved, but it gets brought up no matter what goes down in DFW/San Antonio.

>> No.9469361

Does anyone have the list of meetups that are going to be at A-Kon? Or at least know where to find it? The website doesn't have a search function.

>> No.9469564
File: 232 KB, 729x723, H5nv6ta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I could write a book about it at this point because I'm salty about the whole ordeal for many reasons, but I'll give a few examples. For context, I'm a cis male. I read up on gender expression for a while but determined I'm just kinda weird and that's fine; I have my own idea of what makes a man a man and none of that is really biological. These people knew this.

>person A comes out as trans, immediately starts joking about the ways I'm not traditionally masculine and regularly ribs me to "turn in my man card" (I told him at this point "dude whatever, I don't take my masculinity seriously and we all know it")
>same person is on FB constantly talking about how he "earns his manhood with every shot of T"
>person B comes out as NB, person A immediately goes "well I'll always see you as a woman"
>person B comes out as full trans this time, actually pulls me into the group chat because he feels he needs my validation against person A
>person A is supposed to visit person B and person C (also trans male), stands them up for an entire weekend to go chase other trans males with the excuse "i had a guy sitting on my lap, sorry"
>shit happens between me and person B due to me making a joke about not losing all my /k/ shit when Hillary lost (I voted 3rd party), immediately get pic related from person B on my tumblr

I also got a message from person A that said "Also this isn't a contest of masculinity. You've been intimidated by me since we met, and I was a GIRL back then," which I found curious since ever since he came out all he did was try to establish how manly he was by pointing out how "unmanly" I was, like I'm gonna sit there and have the definition of masculinity dictated to me by someone who wasn't even sure he wanted to identify as one until a couple of years ago.

I'm 27. These people are my age or *older.* I really know I shouldn't, but having seen all this shit, I reflexively roll my eyes whenever someone reminds me of them now.

>> No.9469939

What the fuck does that last message even say? "Extending his penis pew pew?" Sounds like something a 4 y. old would say??

Also they found this yesterday and all three of them went balls to the wall batshit/crytyping about how they got posted here.

>> No.9469963

It's referring to a gun. I didn't understand either until I read the post.

>> No.9469974

nigga wat?
i aint got a damn clue what the fuck i just read but lemme tell you somethin
them fools got self esteem issues
shits cray

>> No.9469982

LOL what a fucking cringe fest... can't blame anyone for having a grudge after experiencing that level of autism

>> No.9469999

Nice vendetta posting, faggot.

>> No.9470009
File: 30 KB, 270x180, IMG_1763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470010
File: 28 KB, 236x214, IMG_1764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470012

They started talking about how they only go on tumblr "like once a week".

It's just amusing to me how they went from:
I'll kick their asses I want them to come up to me fuck that anon! I know who it was!


Oh my god you guys idk what to do I'm so scared, what if I see them???? I'm afraid for my safety


Guys plz comfort me because this is making me paranoid, i have to do a friendsweep, because someone called my shit out on 4chan

>> No.9470013
File: 21 KB, 276x183, IMG_1765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470014

I am also friends with them, they are complaining and crying and being children about words on the internet and trying to start a lynch mob for the person they think did it. Get a hobby.

>> No.9470016
File: 23 KB, 259x194, IMG_1766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470019
File: 121 KB, 1024x682, IMG_1770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470021
File: 19 KB, 268x188, IMG_1769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470022
File: 477 KB, 1600x1195, IMG_1768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470027
File: 87 KB, 635x423, IMG_1771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470038

>not sourcing the ramen
Bitch where can I eat this? Post only Texas ramen.

>> No.9470040
File: 722 KB, 3696x2448, IMG_1772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470048
File: 211 KB, 736x736, IMG_1773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470057
File: 292 KB, 720x480, IMG_1778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470060
File: 252 KB, 610x458, IMG_1777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470061
File: 574 KB, 2000x1331, IMG_1776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470064

Come on guys, this is pointless drama.

>> No.9470068

Holy shit fucknugget we have no idea what baby shit that you're talking about. It sounds like rambling. Either post names/groups or stop clogging the dirty tampons you're smearing us with.

>> No.9470108

And you're a faggot trying to get us to care enough about your vendetta? Everything you've said isn't even worth anything, either provide something entertaining beyond he said she said or post some ramen.

>> No.9470111
File: 587 KB, 1920x1440, IMG_1774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9470135

Let's keep this thread on topic. What are some good ramen places around the A-Kon venue?

>> No.9470150

There's a Hanabi, but I'm not too sure about what else.

>> No.9470240

I'm so lost, are you even talking about those 3 people in the picture?

>> No.9470245

No, I wasn't, someone just asked how I've seen these sort of tumblrtrans things go sideways and I elaborated.

I've got no idea who the people in the picture are; they just remind me a lot of the people who put me through all the drama I went through recently.

>> No.9470265

Well atleast that's good. Just thought you should know though that I personally know these boys in the first post and there's absolutely no reason why they should be outed on here, or anywhere. Also transtrending doesnt fucking exist because every person is valid for what they identify as. Fuck all these nasty plebs calling them fake boys.

>> No.9470280

Fair enough, like I said, I don't know who they are nor is my beef with them. I agree wholeheartedly with you too, which is why I used he/him pronouns for all the people I'm currently at odds with. It's not their gender identity I have a problem with; it's that one of them proceeded to take stabs at my gender identity (and each other's at one point!) when they should fucking know better already by virtue of being trans at all. That's what I mean by tumblrtrans - it's that weird juxtaposition of "I'm a man, respect me as one" and "lol fragile masculinity" that only comes from places like that.

>> No.9470363

Dude, no one gives a shit. Make your own thread. This is the Texas thread not the baww fakeboi mean mean kiss my booboo thread. Ol' headass mothefucker shitting this thread up for no damn reason.

>> No.9470452



>> No.9470591

speaking of drama whatever happened to DJ Novak??

>> No.9470605

Anyone got picks of the Japanese Festival or what

>> No.9470628

Flew under the radar and then went back to making friends. His current whiteknight friends like to deny the cancer lie or dead brother things were truth and don't bother saying anything else.

>> No.9470631

Their facebooks sure care. If Lance makes one more fucking post I'm spreading caps just to scare him.

>> No.9470637
File: 301 KB, 979x810, Screenshot_20170509-185028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to stay on the DL these days. His "BFF" 's mother kicked him out of her apartment and then he started dating and shacking up with some fattie. For trying to convince others he's a a man, he should probably wear boxers instead of panties.

>> No.9470655

That looks delicious.

>> No.9470675

Seriously. Ramen-chan has been the best thing about this shitshow of a thread. I propose a new rule for the next Texas general: Don't bring in your drama unless it's Pixyteri levels of good.

>> No.9470790

He keeps trying to headline and guest at cons


>> No.9470812

Heres your (You)
Noone cares about your fucking vendetta
Hey guys im gonna go rant anonymously on /cgl/ bout some shit that doesnt even concern me ????
Anon Pls

>> No.9470832

Don't worry. It isn't happening except for shitcons who'll take anyone for free.

>> No.9471547


>Hey guys im gonna go rant anonymously on /cgl/ bout some shit that doesnt even concern me ????

That is literally what cgl basically is. Chill, anon.

>> No.9471551
File: 284 KB, 1003x690, SpaceCityCC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Space City Comic Con is renaming itself to run from debts and its bad rep

>> No.9471596

Is this the same guy who also ran Texas Comic Con in SA that didn't pay a bunch of it's guests in previous years?

>> No.9471616

No I think that was Kris Kidd

>> No.9471618


Or cons with money willing to pad their "guest" list with literally no bodies to claim they have a huge guest list but really don't want to spend money

>> No.9471646

Yeah you're right, I can't keep all these scammers straight.

>> No.9471786

wtf is it with Houston and awful people and scammers?

>> No.9471794

I'm glad people on Facebook are actually calling A-Kon out for this now. Some cosplay guests even got the "Who the fuck is this?" treatment. I guess raising the prices was all it took to finally make the loyal weebs see the light.

>> No.9471913

does he have a speech impediment?

>> No.9471921

You mean that Kieran Strange person? I have no idea who the fuck he is and I'm already annoyed with him. Nobody gives a shit about him coming out as trans and his non-existent music career.

Can we get some REAL industry guests, A-kon? What you're coughing up will never be worth $90.

>> No.9471968

Oh goody, another person. I actually hadn't logged on to Facebook until a few minutes ago so I didn't even see the announcement post for that dweeb until just now. I was talking about the many other no-names A-Kon has to offer.

>What you're coughing up will never be worth $90.
It hasn't even been worth the ~$70. It's not exactly a skippable con for a few reasons, but it is overpriced. I think anyone with half a mind knows to either submit a panel, apply for an industry badge, volunteer (in a not shitty station), buy a badge off of Craigslist (high risk, high reward), ghost, or mooch off of someone with an artist alley table.

>> No.9471983

>It's not exactly a skippable con for a few reasons
It's very skippable though? Nothing ever that important happens there unless your an artist that makes big sales?

>> No.9471988

I guess it depends on what you do at a con. Here are some of the reasons I always end up going to A-Kon even if the people running it are so, so out of touch:

>Huge con that brings a lot of people from out of state. For me, this is the only chance I have to see many of my friends who moved out of state in person.
>Doll A-Kon (BJD section of A-Kon) is actually better than a lot of actual BJD conventions
>AA brings in many artists from Texas cons, which is awesome for getting con exclusive prints/keychains/etc.
>You actually have all of the big industry panel names at the con instead of having only Aniplex attending for example
>Swap meet

>> No.9472668

wait so he's denying he ever said he had cancer? lmao

>> No.9472671

i kind of miss his bullshit facebook life but then he blocked me

>> No.9472677

your tumblr is showing

>> No.9472680

this is the freshest cringe ive seen in a while, bless you anon

>> No.9473166

I've heard good things about Doll A-Kon! I'm also excited for the J-Fashion programming.

>> No.9473472

It's surprisingly great. There's a separate dealers' area dedicated just to doll stuff, the no recasts rule is strictly enforced, the panels are fun, socials are great and there are a lot of prizes throughout the con (if you attend every social, you'll end up leaving with 1 or 2 things at least). It's run by staff separate from the main A-Kon staff, so it actually has its shit together.

>I'm also excited for the J-Fashion programming.
Me too! I didn't get to attend any of the panels last year, but I'm going to try to make it to a couple this year. Atelier Pierrot will be there this year, so that's really exciting.

>> No.9473554

it's fun having the loyal A-kon weebs go ape shit on you for voicing even the slightest complaint you have with their guest line up

>> No.9473599
File: 5 KB, 290x43, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's always annoying. We are getting more comments like this at least.

>> No.9473893

This guy is a huge dick too. Always acts like he's famous just because a bowling alley or some shit let him perform once on open mic night

>> No.9474234

He tries to give already successful performers advice like he is more successful than them too. I remember attending galaxy girl paida's performance at anime matsuri and he nickpicked tf out of her performance the whole time.

>> No.9474298

Anyone going to the YOI event on Saturday at kino?

>> No.9474346


She's not perfect as far as performance goes, but the girl herself is super sweet.

An actual professional would probably rip him apart and he wouldn't be able to handle the crit then proceed to cry like a bitch and whine online.

>> No.9474405

>tfw I was actually planning on going to Kinokuniya on Saturday and now I'll have to deal with an event for the biggest cringefest since Homestuck

I hate YOI fans.

>> No.9474409

Not the same anon, but she is a lot better than him by a mile and more. I was standing around waiting to talk to her after her show. He talked to her before me and told that she was good enough to open for him as if he has any talent in the first place.

I bet he thinks everyone who performs before him at open mics is his opening acts. He also has had history of harassing people to let him perform but people won't call him out because he kreps using the "i have austism" card.

>> No.9474415

I heard this dude is dating his cousin LOL

>> No.9474432

Any updates on this guy? Last I heard he's still planning to compete at A-Kon with that one girl from Coterie that got kicked out.

>> No.9474438

I might! I wanted to go earlier but I've been so busy. Finals are over so my friends and I were planning on going this weekend.

>> No.9474871

Go to the Plano location. They aren't doing the YOI bullshit there.

>> No.9475141

I think that's what I'm going to have to do. I just saw that the event is FOUR HOURS long. I have no intention of making my way around squealing piggies while I try to shop.

>> No.9475168
File: 65 KB, 466x589, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The weebs are angry. Some comments from the Kieran Strange A-Kon guest announcement.

>> No.9475249

God damn weebs. Why isn't anyone saying, "Fuck A-Kon. I'm going to Animefest. They have a lot of Japanese guests." Literally no one is when they do have a choice.

Ungrateful privileged weebs. There is such a thing as choice.

>> No.9475392

The Plano location is like a quarter of the size just fyi. Carrollton has way more, specifically if you are looking for animu shit

>> No.9475825

I kind of assumed most people went to both. There's enough time between the two to not feel burnt out by the time AF rolls around.

>> No.9476159

A lot of weebs can only afford one con a year. The ones who still suck on the parent wallet or save up lunch money.

>> No.9477157


I don't think they are ungrateful. Just stating their opinions and irritation. Think about it, if they bought a badge last year and waited for decent guests, but have been given shit, I would be pissed too.

Probably could have a bit more tact, but there were staff members replying to the trolls in a very unprofessional way, but once called out deleted.

>> No.9477481

That's most of the staff for you. They're all essentially babies.

>> No.9478642

Considering the dumbasses are taking their fights to the A-kon group while posting caps from cgl on there are validating how ungrateful they are. Go to another con if it bothers you. Are you now realizing that they have mostly shit industry guests? Welcome to the last 15 years. It won't get any better. You can expect that badges next year will be $100 too.

>> No.9478774

it's down to 11 now

>> No.9479653

>check his FB page
>he's scheduling a meetup at A-kon just to meet him in person?

God what a loser.

Does anyone have any details on A-kon not allowing unofficial meetups though? I heard they banned them this year which is really fucking bizarre.

>> No.9479743

>Does anyone have any details on A-kon not allowing unofficial meetups though? I heard they banned them this year which is really fucking bizarre.
I mean I get why they'd do that, but how are they going to enforce it? How can you tell the difference between an unofficial meetup and a group of friends? If your fandom has a huge number of people, it already has an official meetup anyway.

>> No.9479786


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