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/cgl/ how do you hook up with other congoers? Whats the best,worst or craziest hookup you've had. Have you ever been in the famed con orgy

Also how are dances/raves at the cons you go to?

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i would not hook up with someone at a con for any amount of money in the world to be honest

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No but it makes for great stories.

/r/ing orgy stories, I refuse to believe any of those (aside from the brony one) ever actually happen.

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Pretty sure there was an orgy at that furry con that got shut down

and a orgy at dashcon with minors

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Fat, ugly, and unhappy people tend to be desperate. I'd believe it, but less like an Eyes Wide Shut deal and more of that episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia with all the fat people in masks at a buffet table kind of way.

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one of the best episodes

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juust b urself

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stop being sooo desperate anon!

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Go the rave at the Saturday.
Dance with friends
Eye contact with girl
Move closer
See her moving closer
Dance together
Rave ends
Hotelroom which I never share because of this situation, or because sleeping alone is also very nice.

In short, it works the same way as in "regular" life. And if it stops in any of the steps, I still have an excellent night.

The only thing you need to do is have fun and not be socially awkward. And accept that sometimes you fail and sometimes you win.

The more interesting one was spread over two evenings: slept on the second night with the roommate I had with me the first night. We all did not find out until the Sunday morning at the breakfast. After a 10 second silence of puzzling pieces together for all of us, we were laughing out loud. And no, there was no follow up with both of them (wouldn't have minded though).

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can confirm, almost got a bj this way

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Cant help it man

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This is my plan for animenext

First night i dance with a girl
Go for the kiss
Shit goes well
Ask to go to her room

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That dashcon orgy never happened, people just spread rumors about it because it makes the con look even worse. There was a BDSM panel that strictly checked ages of anyone attending.

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The only time it ever happened it was at an after hours event and she just kinda latched on to me for the night. Clumsily made some moves and she reciprocated. Took an uber back to my airbnb afterwards and that was that.

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Never been to a con orgy. My self respect isn't that low.
>how do you hook up with other congoers?
I hit on girls that have similar tastes in vidya/anime. You can usually tell when they admire your cosplay or by what they're cosplaying.

>make an awesome cosplay
>chicks want photos
>chat them up see what happens
>go back next year
>do some other cosplays
>recycle the old cosplay for one of the days
>some chicks remember
>when they mention it strike up a conversation
>joke and talk about things we have in common
>make a connection
It's not rocket science. Have some booze first if you're really self conscious.

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Gold episode

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Atlanta orgy in a nutshell

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No hook up advice but I do have a story for ya..

>be me, not furry
>with furry boyfriend at furry convention,
>night time dance party/rave was awkward to watch with boring music so bf suggested we go to a room party he was invited to
>go get changed for it in normal, nice-looking party gear with minor furry accessories trying to get into the spirit of things
>not thinking much about boyfriend's change into fursuit with open-able crotch
>arrive at a random hotel room and follow boyfriend inside
>4 things hit me at once
>the smell
>the fact that I was very over-dressed
>the shouts of praise and confusion that a girl was finally there
>and the giant animal dildos hanging out of nearly every ass I was greeted with
>stood awkwardly near the door for a few seconds too long and mutter an apology whilst quickly walking away
>got to elevators and turned to my boyfriend to laugh about clearly walking into the wrong room
>bf was not there
>bf was back in the "wrong room" having sex with men and animal willies
>went back to my room to just sleep it off
>woke up at 3am to find boyfriend packing his shit telling me he'll be staying in the orgy room for the rest of the con

fucking furries man. never again

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Holy shit lol

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Is he still your bf? xd
And also....he should have told you beforehand what was this..."party" holy shit

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I've found being attractive and not socially awkward works.

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Nope, he just said "room party" - and fuck no, I dumped him as he was leaving to go to the orgy room, laughing and in disbelief.
Not sure if this is true but one of the few good, normal people I met at the con told me there were minors in the room and a bunch of people got STD's and con ops banned everyone involved. Not even sorry, I laughed. I laughed for days at the karma.

Moral of the story: be careful which room parties you go to, kiddies. There could be minors and STD's lurking. Do a me and walk the fuck out, go have an orgy with your friends instead of strangers - save yourself some trouble.

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dear god anon

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i said hi to a girl once

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How do hookups even work? This is really such an alien concept to me. You can find joy in fucking someone you've zero emotional attachment to?

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Realistically it doesn't feel emotionally great. It's just a bit of thrill and a rush. I would typically feel like shit about it later since they don't tend to go anywhere. Sometimes you have to take what you can get though.

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I was able to grab a number off a guy because he and I were from the same show and it was an easy to start a conversation!

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>The more interesting one was spread over two evenings: slept on the second night with the roommate I had with me the first night. We all did not find out until the Sunday morning at the breakfast. After a 10 second silence of puzzling pieces together for all of us, we were laughing out loud.

Storytime brah

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Stuff like this really reminds me just how much we really are just animals. You two literally just did a courtship ritual and banged, like fucking peacocks.

Nature is truly amazing.

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> slept on the second night with the roommate I had with me the first night.


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>like fucking peacocks.

You know, that's probably one of the aspects of why it's easier to get laid at cons.

Along with already knowing you have mutual interests, dressing up in good cosplay is like a peacock showing his feathers. It really does impress girls, especially ones into cosplay or into the character you're dressing as.

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Um, my one time was really bad of an experience.
I was underage and cosplaying as Reimu. It obviously isn't a skimply outfit but I wasn't used to showing so much skin and was really self conscious. Some dude cosplaying a Kamina (mai husbando at the time) clearly in his mid 20's ended up inviting me for some drinks. I was really young and stupid, but I felt like it was my first time getting noticed by a guy and it gave me butterflies.

Ended up shitface drunk, woke up with blue body paint in my bloody hotel mattress. Don't even remember my first time, never got to get in contact with him again, was super scared that he came inside me since I remembered absolutely nothing about the night. Tried asking /cgl/ for help but I had almost no information to go off on. Was hoping he would come out and get contact with me; not like I wanted to press charges on him or anything, I legitimately just wanted to at least know the person who took my virginity and ask how it happened and what happened.

Didn't even get to enjoy the rest of the con, obviously. Was my first con and I was scared to go to more for a few years after.

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>What not to do at a con.
Had you never drank before?

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I was 15 so no.

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I feel bad for you anon. =[
That's pretty shitty.
I know you're saying you don't want anything to happen but you can still likely find out who they were. Although you have to realize they were likely aware of your age and understood what would happen by letting you drink as much as you did. It's difficult for me to not see this as you being taken advantage of, in particular with the age disparity you've mentioned.

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I've had four con hookups, out of which three led to massive drama, one led to long term trauma, and one led to the best relationship I've ever had that I'm still in to this day. It's a very mixed bag.

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>be me at a con after party
>I notice this guy watching me
>he doesn't approach, but he's always close by even in the large crowd
>later in the evening I notice him chatting to my guy friend
>this happens a few times
>turns out he's trying to hit on me through my friend
>Lurker guy keeps telling my friend that he thinks I'm super pretty, etc, etc
>my friend is drunk and doesn't know what to say but also thinks the whole thing is pretty funny
>Lurker guy has no clue male friend and I are actually banging
>he eventually semi figures it out but just assumes that male friend and I are dating
>but this doesn't stop Lurker
>he keeps up the act and manages to say some of this stuff to my face when I'm waiting for drinks with my guy friend

It obviously didn't go anywhere with Lurker guy but I still don't know if he kept complementing me because he was super drunk, socially awkward, fishing for a threesome, or some combination.


>I have a few more drinks
>I start to give less shits about the people around me
>dancing with a gf
>our guy friends have all disappeared
>out of no where some random guy appears
>he tries to grind on us
>we both step back looking confused
>he sheepishly walks off

And lastly
>hanging outside the con party for fresh air
>I'm leaning on my side against a pole
>next minute my friend pulls me away
>I'm confused as shit but my mate is swearing and yelling at a group of guys
>turns out one of them was coming up to slap my butt

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I was definitely taken advantage if but I'm not bitter. This was almost 10 years ago. I just feel like "ah fuck, my dumb mistake" like the kind of feeling you'd get for leaving your wallet at the counter of a bar or something.

He probably wouldn't remember anyway, by now. Chances are I was just another little con fuck for him. "Reimu? Oh yeah, I've fucked a couple of those."

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THIS WHOLE THING gets me confuser about club culture. Like I'm not the SJW "everything is rape" type of person but isn't that highkey sexual harassment? Just clubbing and dudes rub their junk on you without your consent? How the fuck does that work? How do people get away with it???

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I go to a lot of clubs and it kinda comes with the territory, but it really, really depends on the situation. I'm a lesbian, so when I'm at straight clubs, I don't let dudes grind on me. If they try, I step back and tell them no. I'm usually dancing with some female friends anyway and its generally seen as bad form to go up to a group of women and start grinding on them. You just have to police your personal bubble and if a dude is hanging around it, be really obvious that you're not interested. Usually they can take hints.

If I'm at a gay club and a gay dude does it to me, I don't really care. We're having fun and there's no intent behind it. Very rarely have I run into a bi or straight guy there. That's why a lot of straight women tend to retreat to gay clubs now, which is annoying, but whatever, I'd rather them have fun than get harassed.

Honestly, it's not too much different than cons, I swear. People are people at the end of the day.

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Yeah, Its like cons are mating grounds for nerds

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Pretty fucked up he didn't warn you ahead of time, hopefully you dropped his ass.
I don't even care about furries having orgies as long as it's consensual, but to mislead someone into it is not only inconsiderate but potentially traumatizing for that person.

Not a story per se but a little description of a now ex friend who went full creep in the past year
>group chat with everyone I room with at my home con
>one friend says he might be doing his own room this year since he can afford it
>says he would like to have it available to bring potential lays back to
>fine fine whatever that's legit
>he then proceeds to talk about how his strategy is to fuck teenagers bc they're easy
>tfw this guy is early 30s
>"drug them, fuck them and dump them"
>his exact words to us in the group chat
>silence from everyone else
>one person tries to laugh it off but the rest of us are now super uncomfortable and wondering how tf we are supposed to deal with this
>decide to cut him loose from the friend group after this
desu it was the last straw in a string of super creepy things this guy has done over the past year to various memebers of our group so not really a loss.

I think it's fine to try and get laid at cons but it shouldn't be your only priority. For one, people can sense that and it just makes you seem pathetic and desperate. And two, getting laid at cons is semi rare even if you aren't a sperge. There are a lot of factors at play, especially since even if you do find a person who you want to fuck and who also wants to fuck you, trying to actually find somewhere to do it can be a big problem since most people room share.

Personally I prefer to flirt and play rather than going all the way, not because I'm a prude but because often times casual sex is a let down and the chase/build up is the truly fun part.

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I'm really sorry that happened to you anon.

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I think the point is that you never have to see that person again. It's not really supposed to be emotional; it's all based on looks

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Eh, it honestly depends on the club and situation.

Like i go to this edm club and most time you have to ask/dance enough with a girl to grind with her while other clubs you can just go up on one, i havent been to one of those yet however.

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I'll be honest: Cons are great for LGBT people. The population of queer to straight is probably higher than you realize. If you want to do an experiment next time you're at a large con, download grindr and peek at what's going on.

I've hooked up with several women at cons and usually it's a great time. Lesbians in particular get wet over crossplay-- which is also true at gay clubs, because drag kings pull a lot of ass. I don't have a solid reason as for why.

I have a ton of stories, but my best experience was the Otakon I got really drunk with this lesbian couple I met at a late night bar meet-up and had a great threesome. Sunday was a walk of shame all the way back to the airport because I didn't bring a scarf or anything to hide the amount of bruising I had and of course no one was selling them because summer.

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And this is why parents need to teach their kids how to drink, instead of thinking they'll never touch booze until they're 21 and then they'll magically know how to handle it straight off.

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You are right, but it often works and I regret nothing.
We are talking about lust, not about long term relationships.

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This, know your limits, stick to light stuff and work your way up

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Thank you. I know you may not realize, but this legitimately made me feel good more than I thought it would. I always feel like I should just get over it, that it was just one time and wasn't a big deal, but even typing out the story again I ended up crying a little. I feel stupid to be so affected by it. I didn't want things to lead to that, I just wanted to have fun and I had no friends or social experience so it was very invigorating to me.

Really, thanks. I wish I could give you a hug for showing me support.

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Same goes for sex (not teaching kids how to sex, mind you). Studies show time and time again than introduce children to the concept of sex when they're younger leads to safer sex practices, more sexual confidence, lower rates of teen pregnancy, and lower rates of STDs when they grow into adolescence and adulthood.

They're going to do it, like it or not, and keeping their "poor innocence" in check isn't helping them. You have to realize that innocence is really just a projection you're throwing onto them. They aren't any less childlike if they know how babies are made, or if they learn what their genitals can do aside from making yellow streams. Children are very naturally sexually curious by age 5 or so anyway, they just lack the understanding of what they're curious about because parents don't teach them.

Then parents get all shocked then they find little Billy and Suzy playing "doctor" and instead of properly explaining why they shouldn't engage is such play, they create a negative stigma towards sexual conduct all together that can leave lasting affects well into adult life.

I've had too many partners that are completely uneducated when it comes to sex, and have psychological anxieties that affect their performance and such.


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How do you find other lesbian women? Presumably not through Grindr? God I'd love it if we could have a lesbian Grindr without having it invaded by rapey straight men.

>> No.9443800

No, seriously.
Get on the discord server or something, if someone interests you them PM them and test the waters a little. Don't be a creep though.

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Get a load of this floozy.

>> No.9443814

NTAYRT, but seriously, don't feel like you ever need to be "over" it. Its a shitty thing and you're allowed to feel shitty about it. It sounds like you've got a great group of people around you now and I'm glad they've supported you.

>> No.9443876

Your feelings are valid anon and they aren't stupid at all. Sending hugs and solidarity <3

>> No.9443908

Lesbians are generally easier to spot for me. I have an incredible gaydar and tend to just end up with them. I'm sorry that's not very helpful, I wish I had a better answer for you.

I really wish we had a Grindr-like app tho. My life would improve a lot. But yeah, it'd probably get invaded by men.

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This as well, ill admit it im 19 living with my parents to go to community college but they're such prudes about sex to the point that hooking up at a con is my only "reliable" option since my car is broken at the moment.

For the love of god just tell your kids that sex is ok as long as its safe sex, you cant tell them not to do it because they're gonna do it and chances are they might not know how to do it safely and then you get shit like the south where the teen birth rate is through the roof and the only sex ed they get is abstinence only.

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I remember when you posted this, just after it happened, I think?

I'm guessing no new developments occurred.

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>Tfw 0 for 2
I don't even want to fuck at this point, I just want to rub tired congoer feet while drinking and bullshitting but I imagine a lot of people find that ten times creepier.

>> No.9444281

>but I imagine a lot of people find that ten times creepier.
Yeah, what the fuck? haha.

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Wasn't my hookup but the people in my crash space decided to M x MtF on the couch with a BJ.

I was like 6 1/2 feet from them and another guy also caught them doing it.

I knew I should have slept on the floor opposite of the couch, but seriously people need to ask before deciding to fuck in front of me I could have been someone that wasn't dead inside and indifferent.

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Did your friend happen to cosplay as Kamina, by any chance?

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Oh man I know I'm going to catch shit for this post but I'm doing it anyways.

So let's assume you're an attractive guy and not socially awkward.
If you're...
>have acne
>older than mid 20's
then you should assume you default to creep. You'll have to try something else or fix your shit.

Gulls like to rant and rave about "thirsty" dudes, but don't give themselves enough credit on how badly they want a cosplay husbando. They laugh at the /r9k/ types but talk about being lonely neet's in 4 year long LDR's with people they met online while not having any IRL friends. Female nerds are lonely faggots.

I hate to use >>9443475 as an example but this isn't even uncommon. Younger women have unrealistic/naive expectations of people's intentions, and if they're into you they'll trust you with anything (some innocuous drinks in my room). Although really you shouldn't be hitting on anyone younger than 18 you fucking creeps. You should be cosplaying, it's how you get easy attention and make excuses to strike up conversation.

This shit isn't even difficult, and practically common sense.

1) Women that go out of their way to talk to you or interact with you probably think you're attractive.
2) Women that ask to hug you probably think you're attractive.
3) If they start smiling or blushing as you walk up to them, they probably think you're attractive.
4) If they stand directly in front of you while talking to you, they probably think you're attractive. (look into proxemics, that shit is real)
5) Learn to "read the eyes", most people already can they just don't realize it or do it consciously. If you can't you're unironically likely autistic.
6) Get their number and text them. People get bolder (unintentionally) when not face to face.
7) If you catch them staring at you, stare back and make a hand gesture. They'll have to come up with an excuse for staring at you.
8) Don't tell them they're attractive, and don't sell after the close.

>> No.9444347


Also don't ever think that women will find you attractive just because you're "in their league" or they're not as attractive as you. Women don't work like that, it's completely hit or miss. While men have very similar ideas on what's attractive or not, women are all over the place with who/what they find attractive. You'll do much better solely picking up context than approaching random people.

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I've got a DSL camera and love taking photos of cosplayers. Cosplayers are more willing to pose and talk to you if they see you have a good camera. Be friendly and ask them if they'd like you to send it to their tumblr or instagram (this is key because if you ask to send it to their facebook it's too creepy)

though personally I wish I could ask if the girls would be willing to take artistic nudes. It would be amazing if I met some girls who were ok with nudity and would just let me film them, but I'm not a sperg and know that would probably creepy out the majority of women so I don't ask

>> No.9444361

Yes to all of this. Also, be a good fucking listener and bring your own barrier protection.

>> No.9444428

Younger people have problems with the protection thing, reality is you have to find something that fits you well to make it comfortable. Even if you're the slightest bit larger or smaller than average you're probably going to have a better experience ordering them online so they match your size and shape. There's a very thin line between feeling like you're draping a garbage bag over it and the sensation of wearing a cock ring. Don't expect your female partner to perfectly anticipate the exact size and shape of your penis, or to provide you a selection of options. It's your dick, take responsibility for it.

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Nigga what?
Condom sizes are pretty damn standard. You have to be super below or above average to not find one that fits you. Is this written by a girl? 8 inches here and any old condom I find from the local pharmacy fits just fine, and I'm uncut so my tip is sensitive enough that if it was too tight I'd know it.

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>furries like that guy can get a gf but I can't

>> No.9444441

No. Tried just picking things off the shelf, had bad experiences with it, looked into sizing and it was a dramatic improvement in comfort for me.

>> No.9444447

5'10'', you tell me.
>have acne
Beard, but it's well cared-for.
>older than mid 20's
Fuck, I'll be 25 next con I go to.
>You should be cosplaying
And there's the other 99 nails in the coffin.

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What a baller.

>> No.9444450

This. I genuinely don't understand how most relationships happen.

>> No.9444455

Not to be rude, but you guys probably aren't even trying and/or even putting yourselves out there.

>> No.9444457

This. People can't date you if they don't know you exist. Or they won't if you don't put effort into your appearance. Furry guy could have been hot, who knows.

>> No.9444458

People actually tend to overestimate height in real life. At 5' 10", as long as they're not staring at the number on a dating site your height will more than likely be an attraction point. 25 isn't terribly old since there's a lot of college aged people at cons. You'll be fine bro.

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how do i find the cgl discord?

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Some of my friends have made it their 'mission' to get me laid at a con. While personally since I began going to cons more often I've had the 'I just go with the flow and see what happens' kind of vibe where I go feeling that I'll have the most fun. I personally don't have problems talking to people but in terms of cons I'm very very nervous about hook-ups. Especially being a guy, it just seems like if you were to say the wrong thing, be terrible at it, etc. then you better hope the chick you're with isn't some petty type.

I know it's a 'risk if you do or don't' type of deal but the girls I've talked to at cons and befriended. The amount of gossip and drama that circulates between them makes me think it's just not worth it.

>> No.9444487

It's been my experience that going anywhere alone hacks several points off your game and I don't have any wingmen. Hell, this past weekend at SakuraCon I had a casual conversation with a girl for the first time in about two years. Needless to say it didn't go anywhere.

>> No.9444494

Not the same anon but condom sizes are essentially all the fucking same. The whole industry is a joke. Get an XL and it's the same fucking size as regular with maybe very small extra head room. Width being 2 inches length being 7 inches is pretty much the standard, and it's stupid but condoms are fucking retarded.

Every fucking condom guide is like
"LOL MAKE SURE IT FITS!" and then proceed to have a condom chart of sizes that fucking vary depending on the source you're reading. And why would one brand of condom have different sizes based on the fucking enhancers? Like why the fuck would Durex RIBBED be a different size from Durex HOT LUBE? Where the fuck on the packaging or marketing would someone even get that information?

Condoms are fucking ass, bro. I'm not saying don't use them, obviously I'm for sage sex, I just wish that manufacturers actually had a consistent size standard to adhere to instead of "THIS IS A MAGNUM XL, BUT DON'T MEASURE IT YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU'LL FIND IT'S THE SAME FUCKING SIZE AS THE REGULAR. TEHEHE, YOU FELL FOR IT AND GAVE US EXTRA MONEY FOR THE SAME PRODUCT WITH DIFFERENT PACKAGING!"

Pisses me off. Here's one guide to start off with:

Says a billion times "MAKE SURE IT FITS LOL" but then admits in the article "okay sizes are bullshit" so what the fuck ever. Every condom has been tight on me and I just deal with it. Grab a fucking 100 variety pack and they all have the same fit, but some smell like latex vomit which absolute kill the mood (looking at you, Trojan, how the fuck is this one of the most popular brands?) while others are bearable.

>> No.9444496
File: 79 KB, 799x1037, 6K4PHQT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If your goal is to get laid you not only have to recognize the signals that someone is into you that way, but you also need to select your attempts towards people that have patterns of "risk behavior". Here's how you can have unrelated conversations and actions dictate the likelihood of someone sucking your dick.

If they
>are a smoker
>talk about binge drinking, or drinking while underage
>talk about drug use (illicit obviously)
>approach you in a physical way (go from strangers to touching)
>are wearing a revealing outfit

They're more likely to be okay with a hook-up. Before anyone says "reeee cosplay is not consent" I'll let you know I agree that they aren't consenting by dressing like a slut. Just that they're more likely to engage in risky behavior because they're dressed in a revealing outfit. They know the type of attention they're attracting and have no anxiety about it, which is risk behavior.

Just a reminder though, physical attraction is completely subconscious, and very binary in nature. If it's not there, no expertly crafted pickup line will change their mind if they find you physically abhorrent. You can't draw water from rocks, and persisted attempts at getting someone to sleep with you when they've already said no once makes you a shitty person, even if they are into you that way.

>> No.9444499

>looking at you, Trojan, how the fuck is this one of the most popular brands?
Advertising, same reason Jack and Jim are the two most popular whiskeys. It certainly isn't because they're good.

>> No.9444500

Okay dude thanks for letting me know how my own dick feels while having sex with different types of condoms.

>> No.9444501

They're fucking terrible, man. My ex I first tried trojans with had a super sensitive nose and literally fucking gagged as I ripped the package open. Laughed it off with a joke, threw it out immediately, and opened a kimono. They're tight as fuck but at least don't smell like burning tires.

>> No.9444504

Placebo is one hell of an effect.

>> No.9444506

>at least don't smell like burning tires.
>Tfw the smell of burning rubber gives me an erection
/o/ has changed me in ways that cannot be undone.

>> No.9444568

Guys, if you make up your penis size, keep it a little in the believable range.
Here is a nice chart that give you some indication.

>> No.9444570

Everyone on 4chan has at least an 8" penis, and makes 6 figures as a line chef at Wendy's. How did you not know this?

>> No.9444573

I hunt post-cons for big tiddy girls.

Do you have mega-milk monstors in your area?

>> No.9444591

People like other people

That's literally how it works

>> No.9445089

Since we're on the topic, what do you anons think about using Vaginal Contraceptive Films as birthcontrol? (Obviously it's not good for preventing STDs, so not much use on a con hookup.)

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