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Last thread:>>9443909

Previously in Lolita General:
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I currently fit in to shirred brand but I want to fit in to some smaller/unshirred items as well. I currently weigh around 148 pounds at 5"3. I am trying to get down to 120. I'm really struggling with dieting and every time I try to exercise I quickly get light headed. Do any anons have advice for me, maybe some easy exercises to build up my non existent stamina, or things you did while dieting?

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I get dizzy and almost faint if I exercise while dehydrated or if I haven't had anything to eat in a few hours. Have a healthy snack an hour beforehand for energy, and start off exercise slow, then build the intensity.

>> No.9449788

I used to be really weak due to muscle degradation a few years back but I've managed to build up my stamina from just walking around my town alone. The best thing to do is start small and work your way up

>> No.9449789

You may naturally have very low blood pressure, it's common among women. I could barely go up an incline carrying a few things without almost passing out so I was prescribed a medication that raises my blood pressure, big help.

>> No.9449800

Low iron?

>> No.9449807

I've been having really good luck with low carb.

>> No.9449808

I am vegetarian and get iron count/blood stuff checked regularly. It's low end of average but I'm physically healthy aside from just being out of shape.
I drink a lot of water so it probably isn't dehydration. Also with the amount I eat I doubt it's correlated to that.
This is good, I'll start walking to places near where I live instead of taking the bus

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am i the only one who really considers black female lolita's on the same tier as brolitas?

they're both masculine groups trying to wear an overtly feminine fashion

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Bait, ignore it.

>> No.9449965

Careful not to fall for it.

Probably a troll. Let it be.

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How many blouses/cardis/boleros/cutsews do you have gulls? Also how many main pieces?
I have about 4 blouses,a bolero,2 cardigans and a cutsew for 9 dresses. Really need to invest in one or two more blouses because my go-to blouse is starch white and it's uggo.

>> No.9449991

Try walking. I just take my dog up a hill every day for a brisk walk and I'm surprised at how healthy it keeps me.

>> No.9449999 [DELETED] 

Walking is not exercise you fat pos

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Anyone know max measurements for this dress? Can't find pics of larger gals wearing it.

>> No.9450013

as one "larger gal" to another, this is just one of those dresses you need to pass on if there's an uncertainty about the max. The cut is not a good one for anyone that has doubts or is a "larger gal"

>> No.9450024


Darn. Alright, thanks!

>> No.9450029

Im really busty and kinda chubby and I can put it on but it looks awful. The measurements can go big but that doesn't mean it'll fit. Sorry anon, it's cute af.

>> No.9450032


My bust is pretty small, about 90cm, but my waist is what I'm worried about.

>> No.9450034

just lose weight

>> No.9450036


In the process of that but it takes time anon

>> No.9450042 [DELETED] 

if you're as fat as you're saying can't you just like not eat for a week and lose 7lbs?

>> No.9450043

I've got nearly a 1:1 ratio of tops:main pieces but I think I'm quite unusual. I've got a jacket, a coat, a cape, 8 boleros, 5 cardigans, 3 cutsews and 25 blouses for 41 main pieces, in addition to another 3 cardigans, 3 main pieces, a bolero and a blouse in the mail. It's even stupider that you consider that 15 of my main pieces are OPs that don't even need a blouse.

I think it's very different when you have a small wardrobe like because it can either be very cohesive and one or two blouses and outerwear would match everything, or be all over the place and need different ones for every dress. Once you get more than 15 main pieces there's no way you can get away with just sharing one or two blouses between them IMO, and the bigger your wardrobe the more likely you are to have multiple different substyles and colours in there.

>> No.9450045

Walking is exercise and is a really great start to building stamina, especially for people with health issues. If you've not got much stamina you can probably only run for a few minutes anyway, and will burn more calories overall by walking for a couple of hours, with less risk of injuring yourself. I used to become noticeably unfit during the summer when I was in high school just because I wasn't walking 25 minutes each way to school.

>tfw 90cm bust and borderline underweight
why live

galacticbuttholeleakage-chan pls go

>> No.9450048

Don't do it. It's cut to be a looseish fit on a small bust, not for the entire bodice to be stretched to its max and awkwardly riding up. I prefer not wearing a push up bra with mine due to this, and my bust is only 82cm

>> No.9450049 [DELETED] 


it's seriously a valid question?

just eat like only a banana and an apple a day and you can lose weight super fast if you're honest to god fat

you aren't going to die or do major damage from only eating a bit of fruit for a week

>> No.9450050


Not saying I'm fat, just not tiny and have only seen tiny girls wear this dress

>> No.9450051

The waist is free size so maybe try it? Its popular so I'm sure you could resell out of it doesn't work out.

>> No.9450059

A good rule of thumb is that most OPs are meant for girls with a 75~cm waist at max. The reason you don't see bigger gals wearing this unless it's a replica is because the cut isn't meant for larger girls and doesn't fit. If you love it, buy it then use it as your thinspiration.

>> No.9450065


Sweet. I am slightly below that. I might get it. Thanks for the help.

>> No.9450066

sorry anon but i have an 81 cm bust and i feel like even that is borderline too much boob for this dress. it might fit but it's really unflattering on most women. i recommend finding something that will complement your body type. I mean that in the least bitchy way possible

>> No.9450070


Thanks for the honesty anon. Coming from someone that owns the dress I will take that advice to heart.

>> No.9450072

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe gets stuck in a rut where you have basics you don't actually like but never get around to trading up? Stuff like having a cardigan that's slightly the wrong shade or a blouse with a cut that pisses you off, but replacing it is never a priority because it kind of does its job?

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File: 36 KB, 360x504, garbagegown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to a "joke" tea party for my friend's birthday, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to be a "trash" lolita.

I figured I'd make the dress out of garbage bags, and have a newspaper bow and shit.

I hope this is an okay place to ask.

>> No.9450084

nah b, get yourself a horrendous bodyline dress, they're dirt cheap now, mismatched striped socks, converse, a white t shirt, arm warmers from hot topic, a party time tier twintail wig, and cat ears. bonus points if you add a shitty peignoir and circle framed glasses

>> No.9450092

Thanks for the reply, but I really wanted my stuff to look like literal garbage. Like I came out of a dumpster.

My bf is going to wear a trash can.

>> No.9450094

fucking this... i'm small framed and i've been passively losing weight, but my boobs have been growing. i think i've had some sort of random hormone surge even though i'm 20, though hopefully it subsides because some of my normie/otome dresses are getting tight on the bust and i dont want to have to become skelly just to lose some weight on my boobs.

>> No.9450124

Do you get your B12 checked too? I know you can take the vitamins even if you aren't deficient (I used to have a deficiency due to diet but I still take them now), it can probably help out with energy problems. Maybe ask your doctor about it.

>> No.9450168

43 main pieces(jsk/op/skirt), 20 blouses, 15 cardigans/boleros, blouses and outerwear all of various colors and styles and I still feel like its not enough for variation. But maybe it also doesn't help I dabble in every substyle depending on my mood, weather, and occasion.

>> No.9450171

>bodyline doesnt already look like literal garbage


>> No.9450176

Holy shit yes please post here afterwards! Trash bag skirt to act as a petticoat, newspaper layered on top for the "dress" or skirt

>> No.9450177

oh, lol, i thought you meant ita garbage
i like your idea, you should add like construction paper cutouts of banana peels, crushed up soda cans, various plastic bags, and you know the cartoony dead fish with the skeleton sticking out? add decorations like that, you could probably get a lot of ideas googling things like 'cartoon garbage'

>> No.9450180

If you lose weight super fast, you end up with excess skin. Not a good look.

>> No.9450182

This is not a problem, the skin will adjust with time. The reason slow dieters don't have this problem is because,well, the skin has more time.

>> No.9450183

Depends how fat you are. But it's obvious if you diet slow your skin will compensate. That's how you're supposed to do it.

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File: 399 KB, 720x1199, IMG_20170425_194215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone else see this? Its kind of ridiculous but I want it?

>> No.9450190 [DELETED] 

if you lose 7lbs super fast you really won't have excess skin? it's 7lbs not 27...

>> No.9450192 [DELETED] 

Obviously this doesn't count for extremely obese people, but slow weight loss cannot save this poor skin either.
Also, there are no proper studies that indicate slow weight loss is better, the opposite seems to be true. The earlier you get normal weight the better for your health. I recently read up some studies about it, but sadly can't link them.

>> No.9450196 [DELETED] 

it depends on genetics and age the weight was lost

but yeah it's better to lose it fast for health reasons

i know a guy who lost 30+ lbs when he was like 35 and he doesn't have any excess skin because genetics

>> No.9450204

how many times does this board have to have the talk about not replying to this person?

>> No.9450213


I'm not really that organized deciding what I want to buy. A fair number of my blouse, boleros purchases are because I like the lace, the cut, the way it looks or whatever. After a while I realise that I no longer wear those blouses that I originally bought for the sake of having a blouse under a jsk, because I have much prettier things that I like better.

I guess I'm trying to say, instead of being rather utilitarian about it, try to fall in love with a really nice blouse. Lolita isn't always about having a fancy dress and everything else is a supporting role, sometimes the blouse is what makes the look good, even with a plain dress.

>> No.9450228 [DELETED] 

wow okay first of all you are literally so rood

i was giving honest advice

like an apple and a banana will get you through the day and you will lose like 7lbs or so if you only eat that for a week if you're fat

during that week the fatty can work out a meal plan so they can stay not as fat

ffs i am super helpful and you give me nothing but hate like what do you even want from me

>> No.9450239

Get a bunch of tissue paper for ruffles

>> No.9450241

It's way more tasteful than I expected a pizza dress could be, but I still wouldn't want to wear it out because people would assume I was part of a restaurant promotion handing out free samples or something.

>> No.9450247

yeah but with people thinking you might be handing out free samples or something you get to meet people and maybe make new friends, that's like a win/win. and people who dig a cute pizza dress are probably super neato

>> No.9450268

<ffs i am super helpful
ah yes
telling people to starve themselves
so helpful

>> No.9450279

What are the typical measurements of a btssb cardigan?

>> No.9450286 [DELETED] 

please fuck off.
every time you show up lolita threads explode into endless OT weight and mental illness discussions.

Reddit is the place for you if you want to overshare and discuss more varied (unrelated/unnecessary) topics. you clearly cannot handle being anon. go make cyber friends somewhere

>> No.9450290 [DELETED] 

they ain't starvin if they're fat

but i like it here

>> No.9450293 [DELETED] 

Never mind about this

Can we just fucking ignore farthouse chan or whatever her name is?

>> No.9450298

do you have a job? i went from 130lb to 115 at 5'3" in the month i started my part time job (waiter, always on my feet) i literally do not exercise outside of that

>> No.9450309 [DELETED] 

queen empress Housewife-chan also known as GalacticButtholeLeakage-chan ruler of /cgl/ and bane of the mods*

or HWC for short

>> No.9450310

>I want the lilac op and host a fancy pizza party with glasses of wine and cups of tea. Want to make a fancy hat to wear with my fancy pizza dress to my fancy pizza party.

>> No.9450314
File: 19 KB, 420x418, Umaru+you+nerd+_2565f2c2ef9ef88ecf06efdad656a29a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't mind her, she's just retarded
Just ignore and carry on!

>> No.9450317 [DELETED] 

stop projecting your own retardation onto me

you couldn't even spell retarded

>> No.9450332

Where do y'all keep your lolita socks?
I'm trying to think of a better idea than just in a draw. It seems like they'll get damaged or lost that way.

Any creative ideas?

>> No.9450346

literally how stupid do you have to be to have your socks just sitting in one space and still lose them?

>> No.9450351

Everybody ready for the shitshow that the new Automatic Honey release is going to be?

>> No.9450369

You KonMari the drawer so you can see everything when you open it. Roll or fold each pair of socks and arrange them neatly instead of having them scattered around like you would in a normal sock drawer. You could also use one of those hanging tie racks that go on the inside of a wardrobe door.

>> No.9450388

you must not own many socks. I can easily overlook a pair I'm searching for with my current big-ass drawers

Thank you for being helpful, I was more thinking of a way to have them a little more on display. like, some sort of hanging apparatus but I might have to settle with the drawers

>> No.9450390

it's not that i don't own many sock it's that i'm not an absolute retard and know how to do something as simple as keep socks organized

>> No.9450398

>It SEEMS LIKE they'll get lost or damaged
>Any CREATIVE ideas?

why are you so insistent of me keeping my socks in a boring place, anon?

>> No.9450402

42 main pieces, 10 measly blouses (3 of which I hate), 2 boleros.

Yeah, it's a really sad ratio. I recently bought 3 more chiffon blouses, so can't wait until those come in. I have a hard as fuck time spending over $30 on a blouse because I rarely find myself liking a blouse that'll mostly be hidden by my dress. I've even spent more on accessories than blouses, ugh. I need more goddamn balance in my wardrobe.

>> No.9450406 [DELETED] 

youre a cheap HWC ripoff

>> No.9450436

It is entirely possible to lose weight without working out. The only way to do it is CICO (calories in, calories out). At your height, 1200 calories a day should be sufficient for weight loss, but if you're finding it hard to keep it that low, start at 1400 and work your way down. I use mfp to track my calories. It just takes some patience and self control. I find meal planning and intermittent fasting to really help with sticking to my diet.

Seconding. I am on keto/low carb right now and it's doing wonders for what once was my ridiculously large appetite and addiction to sweets. Once I reach my goal weight, I plan to stop keto and just continue maintaining my weight with calorie counting. I'm hoping it'll work out.

>> No.9450472

Yes because I won't bother buying any.

Aside from always being a hellish fight to get even a single piece, this design doesn't impress me. It seems really overly complicated and trend-bandwagon if. How does an eye, snake, heart and hands even work together except in some edgy hot topic way?

>> No.9450477

That one anon shouldn't have brought up weight loss in the lolita general in the first place.

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File: 10 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I really like hanging shoe organisers. You can fold them so that the cutest part of the sock faces outwards, then place them into the pockets, and hang that up. If you have like 8 pairs of pastel pony socks you’d be able to tell which ones they are without having to memorise which ones are solids, stripes, or shooting stars, which was my main issue with arranging them in a drawer — you can usually only see a narrow part of the sock’s print.

The downside is you mentioned have a lot of socks in drawers, whereas the shoe organisers need to be hung up. I have several shoe organisers hung up in their own wardrobe space like a giant sock folder. I love it, and it's quite cute being able to take out a whole "page" of 8-10 socks and hang it on the wall as deco. But the full set of socks does take more space than simply stuffing them in a drawer.

>> No.9450513

Is it really that bad to have circle frames now?

I've had my circle frame (prescription) glasses for a while now, and I don't really want to buy new glasses, but I'm starting to grow more concerned that I'm going to be seen as /that girl/ at meets.

I can't see shit without them.

>> No.9450549

anon you're a life saver. My mind was trying to think of something similar but I just couldn't get the right idea. Thank you!

>> No.9450630

Dude, they're your glasses. I'm pretty sure most people just wear shitty fashion ones, but glasses are a medical accessory. If someone doesn't take the time to get to know you beyond seeing you with glasses and thinking you're "/that girl/", who does that type of behaviour actually reflect poorly on?
You just keep wearing them, you shouldn't have to get new ones just because they became a trend.

>> No.9450632

Sorry, I couldn't think where else to ask. I'm mainly losing weight to be able to wear lolita better so I thought it might be kind of relevant.

>> No.9450657


Damn this made me feel nostalgic

>> No.9450773

Same here, I've had them for like 7 years now. It went from people telling me to replace them with plastic pastel frames (wtf I wear classic) to people complimenting me on how trendy they are and asking me where I bought them, then getting confused when I say I got them from my optician instead of AliExpress. I'm also dreading the moment when they're universally considered out of fashion and people will think I'm still desperately hanging onto some trend that's sooo last year.

>>9450630 is right though, fuck 'em. We need this shit to see, and I'm assuming you got those frames because they're flattering on you so why would you need to change to something different? People who don't know you might make flash judgements but people judge others over dumb shit all the time. You can't really do much about it.

>> No.9450795

They're cute and you actually use them to see so anyone who has a problem with it would be really shallow. I experienced a sort of similar thing where I wore thick glasses my whole life and used to be considered a dork for it then suddenly one year people were like "So trendy, what a hipster" Like... they're just my glasses. And thin circular frames do go better with lolita than many other styles of glasses that can seem out of place.

>> No.9450798

The main thing with prescription glasses is that you actualy need to wear them, they're not just a fashion accessory (something I think is actually quite tacky to do). Different frame styles suit different people, and you go for what you like, and suits you. Furthermore, presciption glasses aren't exactly cheap, especially if you have a complex prescription. I recently had to spend around $600 on my new pair, most of that being the cost of the lenses. I wear a thin metal supra frame, as full rim frames are too big and heavy for my face. don't care one bit whether it's what's 'in' or not.

>> No.9450808

Taking back the j-fashion magazine topic

I got a bunch from a second site, and now am terrified by the shipping costs in Tenso.
Is there any walk around to get cheaper shipping for magazines? The weight increased slot just because of paper

>> No.9450812

would it be cheaper to send them in smaller packages?

>> No.9450848

Baguette translator from the last thread, I'm super glad to see a lot of you liked it. I hope my english was good enough. If there's anything in french you wish to translate, just ask here.
There was another "documentary" on youtube (it talked about "rockers","bimbos",...and lolitas) but it was kinda cringe.
There also were two or three reality tv shows where a lolita appeared in the past but they're all gone from the internet.

>> No.9450866
File: 71 KB, 612x612, m907855499_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was scrolling through mercari listings and jesus how small is this girl? (it's an actual adult woman)

>> No.9450867
File: 290 KB, 1440x1878, 18055995_1426021007440862_5122409716713701174_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like AH is back with some new releases

>> No.9450888

Sadly I've only found media mail I'd cheapest, but domestic mail only. There doesn't seem to be anything for international.

>> No.9450896

it also doesn't help that she's bending forward. some asians are just really tiny, though the sleeves look creepy.

>> No.9450900

I recently took like, a year long break from the fashion and now that I've got my life sorted out I'm getting back into it. Last I heard, lockshop was going down the toilet, has that changed? Where does everyone get their wigs from nowadays?

>> No.9450902

Lockshop and its owner are still shit. Where to go varies, Dreamholic was having some quality issues but are still popular. I personally buy from Cyperous.

>> No.9450923

Stupid question but I have size US 8 feet, is it possible to get axes femme shoes?

>> No.9450934

I was wondering what their next release might be. To me it alwaays seemed like they picked the trendy themes for the next season after brands showed previews, which is part why they are so popular. This time, I was so curious to see what they come up with, cause I couldn't figure out the next trendy thing...guess they couldn't either, so they just stuck with the same stuff as last time. Still cute, though.

>> No.9450948

Cute but I'd rather have the VooDooDolly Lover's Eye series if I'm going to get an eye-themed piece.

>> No.9450963

>Shoes sold in cm

Anon you could very easily answer this question yourself.

>> No.9450978

Size LL.

>> No.9451013

Is it frowned upon to copy magazine and street snap coords? Obviously not the exact same items, but similar ones in the same colors.

>> No.9451033

I sold a dress, paid the shipping through PayPal and sent it out priority, tracking says it was delivered a few days ago. Buyer, however, says she never got the dress. Her feedback is good so I'm not getting scammer vibes and tried to advise her about what she could do on her end to investigate.
Not sure what else I can do at this point, should I be worried at all about PayPal dispute/chargeback? I've checked PayPal seller protection and I should be ok but I was wondering if any of you have experience on situations like this

>> No.9451036

Ask her to check with the local post office. Might have been left with them. Also ask her to check with other people she lives with. You're in the right here.

>> No.9451037

I don't think so. Fine to use as inspo.

>> No.9451038

Most people probably won't even notice unless it's an extremely well known picture and you replicate it very closely.

>> No.9451039

Nobody's going to care, really. I doubt people even remember which exact coord was in every single magazine/street snap. Do what you want anon

>> No.9451052
File: 44 KB, 500x500, 61RInTPJ+JL._SY500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone else seen what Amazon just put out? The Echo Look will be able to take full length photos. Coord pics just became a helluva a lot easier. You can even store photos of your wardrobe with the app. Kinda pricey but still not as expensive as a DSLR, or even a brand new dress for that matter.

>> No.9451076

You can do this with any high-end phone.

>> No.9451082

Yeah lemme just take a full length coord pic with my phone using my extendo-arms. Even if I used the timer and propped up my phone, I'd still have to run back and forth to make sure it came out alright. I'd rather just stand in place and have the voice command take photos and check their quality on my phone while standing in place. Streamlines the process.

>> No.9451097

so u've got an iphone huh
newer androids have a voice command function for photos

>> No.9451100

I have an older android. I'd still have to run back and check if the photo came out ok.

>> No.9451207

if a seller doesn't have the "make me an offer" option on LM but their item has been relisted 4-5 times already, is it rude to message them an offer?

i know some people don't mind it, but i don't want to step on any toes if the general consensus thinks negatively of it.

>> No.9451232

As long as you had signature confirmation, you're good with PayPal's end. If it's an apartment complex, she should check with the front office as well as USPS.

>> No.9451242

the worst they're going to do is tell you no, so i'd say go for it.

>> No.9451258

I'm feeling really sad lately and I'm wondering, what do you gulls do to cheer yourself up? I used to read old EGL and. DL entries but ive been through all of them
>tfw so many lost pics because of dead image hosting websites

>> No.9451263

>The Echo Look
It says this will take photos for you and "judge your best outfits"? What does it mean by that? Is there going to be ita spotting built into the programming?

>> No.9451312
File: 11 KB, 233x233, bluetooth-camera-remote-shutter-for-apple-and-android-black-3483-6129647-f0a05b09f3a82982d9a616f80b65f3b7-catalog_233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Assuming it's not so old it's not bluetooth compatible, get yourself one of these babies for about $2-4. You can take a bunch of pictures without having to run back and forth and check them once you've got a good lot to pick from.
I use one of these and a cheap Amazon tripod that I screwed the camera-holding part of a dollar store selfie stick onto and it's what I use to take my coord pictures. Far from fancy but it gets the job done.

>> No.9451314

That's her kid. Lots of people on Mercari sell their clothes by putting them on their kids. I don't get it but whatever

>> No.9451337

Tbh most people wouldn't notice even if you used the exact same items, it's only with certain brand ads/full sets that people would be bothered. I'm probably going to do this for ILD because I just happen to own the same shoes and bag used with the full set.

>> No.9451346

I'm not buying a new device so that I can take pictures.

>> No.9451357

about 50 main pieces, 20 blouses, 16 cutsews, 2 boleros, 2 cardigans
(it still doesn't feel like enough blouses, though...)

>> No.9451563
File: 93 KB, 300x400, IMG_6270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what this dress is called (or is it a jacket/underdress combo?) It looks like
Mary Magdalene, but I can't tell. I couldn't find anything on lolibrary. I love it so much!

>> No.9451575


Reverse image search is your friend.

>> No.9451608
File: 303 KB, 500x377, pleased cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to rewatch deerstalker vids or random unboxing videos. people look so happy touching new pieces for the first time!

I also like to open up good ole MS paint and make some coord plans. other than that, dressing up and taking a nice walk with my ipod cheers me up. or, if it's raining, watching ridiculous shows like Tim & Eric or The Eric Andre Show.

>> No.9451613

It's so generic, but Kamikaze Girls always cheers me up.

>> No.9451651
File: 94 KB, 595x842, FancyHospital.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Saturday, gulls!

>> No.9451655

Predicting a non bloodbath except for the tights and headdresses. The print had some real potential as bloodbath bait but the end result is rather disappointing... When the preview came out it looked like it was going to be the it dress of the year.

>> No.9451656

I feel like I've heard this info somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. How long are the skirts on various brands dresses? I know AP runs shorter, as a rule but that's all I've got.

>> No.9451660

All the dress cuts look really cheap for some reason, especially the cutsew OP.

>> No.9451664

IW's are usually about 50-55cm for regular length dresses, 65cm for long lengths.

>> No.9451667

Both OP cuts literally look like toddler's dresses, especially the cutsew OP because kids clothes are often made in stretch jersey like that.

Most are 45-55cm.

>> No.9451698

May try to go for the tights but otherwise, meh. Of course it's unlikely the tights are actually going to be out at the same time as the rest of the series, knowing AP.

>> No.9451710

Wow, you've been through everything on EGL? I'm impressed at your dedication, you must have got some good knowledge of lolita history.

I read G&LB scans but you've probably read all those too...have you tried getting into any more recent magazines, like Larme or Eternita? I find cooking relaxing but if you don't cook often it might be more stressful than anything. Trying on new lolita coords cheers me up - I worry about sweating on my clothes, so I have a warm bath with some favourite products first, and then wear an old favourite and go for a walk. I really like being in nature and trying to take extra care to notice beautiful details around me, even if it's just a nice texture of moss on a wall or the sound of birds in the park. I started reading physical books again lately after not bothering for years - it's easier for me to get fully immersed in them, since you don't have the opportunity to tab over to social media. I also watch a lot of comedy programmes just to try to make myself laugh, since when I'm depressed I can't face dramas with emotional plotlines. Trying new or difficult video games is good because when you're in that intense learning curve you have to give all your focus to the game instead of your thoughts, but they're a bit of a time sink.

>> No.9451773 [DELETED] 

Am i the only one who thinks black lolita's are on the same tier as brolitas?

both are masculine groups of ""humans"" dressing in an overly feminine fashion

>> No.9451781

I know several fatties in my comm who are going for the cutsew OP and they're going to look so awful in it, it's a trainwreck waiting to happen.

>> No.9451785



>> No.9451804
File: 18 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9451826

Already put my SS order in, I'm pretty stoked!

>> No.9451827

I got romantic cat from AP USA on sunday and it says that my order status is "Sourcing from JP Warehouse". How long would that take to get to me if I live in socal?

>> No.9451847

so much potential but then they had to put the stuffed animals on it...looks too childish

>> No.9451853

Not that anon but thanks for that! Just bought one myself!

>> No.9451855

Not cheaper. Each one is 750 g,
4 magazines in total. I wonder if they are trying to scam me

>> No.9451856
File: 2 KB, 76x91, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I actually think the cutsew OP looks the best because of this -- cutsew dresses were always meant to look several degrees less fancy, less stiff and far more casual than regular lolita dresses. So while the regular dresses look somewhat cheapened by the all-over print and strange dress cuts, the cutsew OP seems right at home since it's always meant to be simple and comfy.

Will agree that it doesn't really look worth the hefty price tag, though. Magic Amulet cutsew OP was about the same price, but it had long sleeves and way more interesting detailing than this.

>> No.9451880


around two weeks

>> No.9451929

This looks so washed out, the preview was prettier.

>> No.9451933
File: 20 KB, 314x480, 18118990_1286573081460898_8308027135138874484_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen this new Lief release and i'm in love with it! The thing is, they don't give shoulder lenght in their measurements. I've looked up older sailor op releases on lolibrary, and no shoulder lenght either.
Does anybody know how it usually goes? I have 37 cm lenght, wondering if i should get the M or XL size because of that

>> No.9451942

It looks like a litteral ageplay dress. The cut is similar to what a toddler would wear.
I hate menhera already, please don't mix that shit with lolita. Lolita is supposed to be elegant

>> No.9451948

>lolita is supposed to be pretty and elegant baaaaw

Look at literally any of the popular sweet releases from major brands, they all incorporate cutesy shit and motifs like this. There's a fucking kid's playroom dress

You sound new or not even a lolita

>> No.9451959

Or just not into the toddler subset of sweet lolita. Not all lolita, and not even all sweet lolita, looks like this.

>> No.9451963

I've been into lolita since 2006 anon.
I thought OTT sweet was cancer when it happened. Most sweet release are babyish and makes anyone who wears it look like an overgrown toddler. I do have some (tastefully done) sweet coords but god.

I know, I've been there since 11 years now. But the direction sweet lolita took is questionable imo

>> No.9452022

Your shoulders are small enough to fit any size

>> No.9452024

Ask them in an email or send them a message on Facebook. They are pretty responsive.

>> No.9452026

Citing only recent popular sweet releases as what the lolita aesthetic is makes YOU sound incredibly new to the fashion.

>> No.9452106

I h a t e this fucking high waist bullshit that AP is constantly putting out. It looks tragic on 90% of the people who wear them.

>> No.9452121

This is embarrassing. I hope you are lying and haven't been into the fashion for 11 years and are still this clueless.

>> No.9452175 [DELETED] 

Can anyone still upload on imgur without having to download the app?

>> No.9452177

Can anyone still upload on imgur without having to download the app? I have secrets to submit

>> No.9452178

Who knows, that one chick in the vice video said she's been into lolita for 9 years or so and still looked like shit.

>> No.9452179

only looks bad if you're fat kek

>> No.9452219

What is with French lolitas and overpricing Moitie to all hell.

>going through Mmm shit on LM
>girl is selling jacket for 600+ dollars
>bitch I just saw Iron Gate sell for like 600

>> No.9452224


Well, IW and AP shoulder lenght measurements don't seem to go above 35 cm...

The cutsew would make perfect pjs

>> No.9452243

Thank you for this anon, I was just going to ask about good wig stores when I saw your post.

>> No.9452252


>> No.9452256

So when is lolibrary going to be back to its normal state again? Have the devs finally given it up?

>> No.9452284

Use your computer or try desktop mode.

>> No.9452325

good, that means 1 less person looking to buy it and i'll have a better chance

why are there so many bitter anti-sweet-chans lately? you realize you're just making yourself look like a dumbass by fetishizing an innocent part of your own fashion, right?

>> No.9452351

People have been saying that about sweet since day one. I like sweet a lot but this dress really does look like a baby's dress, it's this stupid super high waist cut they keep doing, along with the pattern on the dress just being an all over print versus something that was actually designed for a lolita dress.

>> No.9452359

Like >>9452351, I don't have a problem with sweet and I wear sweet, but the material, cut and all-over print literally does just look exactly like a toddler's dress in a way something like Milky Planet or Sugary Carnival don't, even though they feature childish motifs.

>> No.9452401

IG sold for $800, and it was the JSK which is less popular and thus goes for a lot less than the OP. It's not a jacket, it's a coat and while it is a bit overpriced, it is understandable as it would have retailed for about $700. And then you have to account for customs. A lot of classic and gothic brands have pricey coats. You sound new.

>> No.9452406

Never. It was all a ruse to get them sweet donation dollars.

>> No.9452414

I've got those glasses too, anon. I feel you there in that anytime I post pictures of myself I start wondering if anyone's going to assume that I'm wearing fakes. Lately I've been taking off my glasses for pictures but my comm's been super understanding and supportive. I hope your comm is the same!

>> No.9452421

while I miss the delicate white/lav site design the search function is more convenient and I like having the results all on one page.

they'll probably spruce it up eventually, aesthetic-wise

>> No.9452423

Nurse-lita here. Student, technically, studying to be an RN. I love medical themes to death and seeing an AP dress with the theme made my heart sing. I've already put in an order with Tenshi but seeing all the spoonie snowflakes after this dress are making me rethink my tastes.

>> No.9452430

I'd see your doctor for the dizziness - symptoms that consistent could be any number of things. After medical is ruled out/you're treated, see a licensed dietitian. If you're in the USA, their title is registered dietitian. Good luck - life doesn't have to be this way.

>> No.9452448

Thihihi I knew that someones are going to play "ageplay waaaa not elegant, sweet is trash"-cards, but that's so cute, and trying to get that jsk. Somehow it is stupidly so cute, that if I'm not getting it, it will be haunting me.

>> No.9452459

It looks bad on thin people too, no one looks good wearing a lacy potato sack with ruffles.

>> No.9452461

>implying i'm clueless
Alright sure, I just told you I knew about sweet releases incorporating loads of cutesy bullshit and such, I'm just saying I think it looks like shit.

>> No.9452462

Why get so triggered about a style you don't even wear?

>> No.9452463

the colors are cute but the pattern is wayyy too menhera for me. the shapes are tragic they make anyone even a thin azn look like they're wearing a lacy sack

this is a +18 board anon

>> No.9452467

Except I wear it? Just not into super sweet things. How do I even sound "triggered" to you? Sorry i insulted your precious dream dress I guess~

>> No.9452469

>just not into super sweet things
I don't get the point of getting triggered about a style you don't even wear. Sorry you're too old and haggard to pull it off?

>> No.9452470
File: 60 KB, 600x620, 409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now you sound like the triggered one but whatever I guess.

>> No.9452472

Alright, would "hahahaha" or "hehehehe" be better? Just asking for a friend who is old enough.

>> No.9452473
File: 201 KB, 540x533, 1472594583112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have fun being a bitter hag.

>> No.9452477
File: 316 KB, 501x584, meta sailor garbage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone in this thread is complaining about the shape of the Ageplay Hospital like Meta didn't just release a white sack. (also comes in tossed-to-the-sea navy, bodybag black, and standard green)

>> No.9452478 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 256x256, 14454732_325327247819297_226250629_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>y-you're a bitter HAG!!!
i'm not even 20 but whatever helps you sleep at night anony

>> No.9452479

I just think that the promo pics didn't do it any justice. It was styled so shittily on the model. But I'm biased because I'm a thin azn girl who likes to wear lacy sacks.

>> No.9452480

replying to other people's bait isn't helping you prove any point you're trying to make

>> No.9452481

this A-line shape is worse than AP's

>> No.9452482

Everyone is just "naah it is Meta, everything is accepted because of that". But f*ck the AP for being such Ageplayer's wet dream >:(

Maybe for pregnant lolita that dress would be.. nice.

>> No.9452485

Just get a room already.

>> No.9452486

Yeah because people don't expect AP to release $300 garbage bags. This shit isn't even worth raising an eyebrow over by Meta standards.

>> No.9452489

Why are you accounting for customs. It's your own fault for living there. That doesn't increase the coats value.

>> No.9452493

It sort of makes sense if they're primarily selling to other French lolitas.

>> No.9452549

Yes! Good to know there's another RN student lolita out there getting it. I'm getting it for the same reason!

>> No.9452552

That girl has had her stuff on lacemarket for ages. If she was trying to sell to French lolitas she post it in her own comm. Not to mention you're better off buying from Japan with those upcharges and paying your own custom fees/avoiding them.

>> No.9452554
File: 7 KB, 150x137, 23414234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cute anon! don't let other people hinder you from getting it. the main reason i want it is because i had cancer so it's a cute way of celebrating the fact that i don't have to go to hospitals much anymore

>> No.9452573

You guys are too cute.

>> No.9452602

Kek, this anon is so bitter.

>> No.9452687
File: 270 KB, 526x846, euros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ahhh currency conversion is finally on LM..

>> No.9452692

Why is she wearing lolita?

>> No.9452694

it's not allowed to sell in my comm.. anyway you're talking about someone who's selling nearly her entire wardrobe for the same she paid for or a bit less, she's just really patient. she didn't mark it up.

>> No.9452701


Are you the girl with the overpriced jacket? It's not the buyer's fault that your customs are ridiculous, nor can you expect people to want to pay nearly retail price for a used item.

>you sound new
Can we stop saying this every time we disagree with someone? Apparently we're all fucking new.

>> No.9452705

I have 40cm shoulders and AP fits me. Just stay away from short sleeved puff blouses because you'll look ridiculous.

>> No.9452707

>have broad shoulders
>bought three dresses with puffy sleeves at once
>tried them on
>look fucking ridiculous
>sob into teddy bear bag


>> No.9452711


iawtc. That jacket is overpriced at this point. moitie doesn't sell for that much anymore. used brand don't sell for much in general anymore. it's just a fact that ppl need to come to terms with.

>> No.9452715


her shit is pretty ugly and has no shirring lol it ain't gonna sell. wump wump

>> No.9452737


I saw the FB, but it doesn't seem to work when I save the change

>> No.9452748

Do you perhaps mean "teeheehee"?

>> No.9452789

Does PayPal usually side with the buyer? I'm in a case against a replica item and just escalated it, but I'm not sure how hard they study between stock and knock-off photos. It's obvious to me or anyone who buys lolita, but I've never had to win a case regarding a lolita piece before.

>> No.9452790

Maybe stick links to examples in?

>> No.9452794

Any pictures? How obvious of a replica is it?
You can also find links to bad shops like my-lolita-dress and milanoo that sell the replicas to show that they're out there and they exist :o

>> No.9452797

actually she has already sold a lot. she's been wearing moitie before you knew what lolita was so.

>> No.9452805

Kek, are you mad no one wants to buy your overpriced, boring shit?

>> No.9452808

there's no spoon feed thread so i'll ask here. Does anyone have the picture from when a girl got a bodyline luck pack that was just detachable sleeves

>> No.9452815

Where's the currency option on mobile?

>> No.9452818
File: 171 KB, 1280x720, IMG_4183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally googled 'bodyline lucky pack sleeves.'

>> No.9452819

Google it, anon. It's literally the first result.

>> No.9452823

I just wish I was her and I wish people would stop acting so entitled when it comes to how others price their stuff

>> No.9452829

No one is messaging her and telling her that her shit is overpriced, though, so it's hardly entitlement. She can price it as high as she wants, and we'll be here to laugh at her for it.

>I just wish I was her

>> No.9452831

It's under Edit Profile. I finally got it to save, guess it was just a bug ;o

>> No.9452834

on side menu under your username/avatar. where you pull up selling and all that other shit.

>> No.9452835

I think sometimes people overprice their stuff on purpose because deep down they don't want to sell it.

>> No.9452838

Thanks, anons!

>> No.9452843

Eh, kinda? It's like-- if you want it that buy I'll sell it, but I want it enough that I'm not going to part with it for less than X. I think that makes sense

>> No.9452873

this is pretty much how i price anything i'm not committed to selling.

>> No.9452875

>and has no shirring lol
different person here but you act as if none of us aren't overweight, which is far from truth.
moitie's audience is usually on the thinner side anyway lol
>being this mad anyway
girl, it's moitie. moitie isn't over-produced AP.

>> No.9452880

>Year: 2013
>Price: 69300 yen
>condition of her coat: "very good"
just admit you're a poorfag already and look for a different moitie coat.

>> No.9452890

do you seriously think I am her? anyway this is a tired subject

>> No.9452898

Anon, thanks for the translation for the French lolita documentary! I did the subtitles and uploaded it on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gem3SxIV9ig

>> No.9452908

I died laughing

>> No.9452952
File: 432 KB, 537x645, luckypacksbtssb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTSSB NYC is doing luckypacks and I have a question. What does A/P mean? Assorted? AATP?

>> No.9452955


>> No.9452957

I'm an idiot. I was literally googling 17 left detachable sleeves. Thank you anon

>> No.9452958

....I'm confused

>> No.9452960


>> No.9452998

This is great! Thanks so much anon.

>> No.9453058


I liked AH's earlier AP-inspired things. Not so much of a fan nowadays...

>> No.9453060


I thought size L was US 8? Guess some brands vary?

>> No.9453067


lol ugly shit is still ugly shit. Your merde ain't gonna sell,,, girl.

>> No.9453071


Are you also HWC? god you're hopeless af.

>> No.9453112

>assuming everyone is HWC
weak bait anon

>> No.9453115

No, I don't even live in Europe. She does include postage in the price though and as it's super heavy I would say that $100 of it would be shipping costs. I already agreed that it is overpriced, but it is still significantly under what she would have paid. Heavy wool winter coats from Moitie, Mary Magdalene, VM, etc are much more expensive than those from Meta, AP and Baby.

>> No.9453120

Good for her. She can continue to be patient then. I'll continue buying from Japan.

>> No.9453129

Good, and now we won't have to listen to your salty bitching anymore lel

>> No.9453132

I'm kind of torn on AP's move away from skirts. I actually like there's more options, like how they're often having two types of JSKs, but it feels like a move away from casual coords.

I'm glad AP is having a good spring, though. I got worried last year when next to nothing was selling out and looking taobao. Call it ageplay wrongly all you want, it's a move back to classic pastel AP. I think it'll be a hit because of that and them using creativity again.

>> No.9453138
File: 20 KB, 300x300, coupon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heads up for those who don't normally check wunderwelt! This will be valid soon.

>> No.9453146

Anyone have suggestions for posture exercises?

>> No.9453259

I've just started an alexander technique class and so far I would thoroughly recommend it as a way of becoming more aware of and improving your posture

>> No.9453282

Who keeps posting this dumb shit? No, it looks bad on skinny girls too. Why would anyone want to hide their slender shape in a shapeless bag and end up looking pregnant? The only people these high waisted cuts benefit are actual pregnant women and apple-shaped fatties.

>> No.9453285

>not constantly shit on
do we live in opposite realities

>> No.9453287

nayrt but they're cute imo, it's a matter of personal taste. if i'm skinny and want to look cute in my plastic garbage bag, let me wear my pastel garbage bag. i just don't really care about showing off my "slender shape"--lolita already hides most of my body anyway, and sack dresses are a thing, so it's nbd

>> No.9453288

W-what? That means i could fit brand OPs? So much new perspectives... thanks anon.

>> No.9453290

Thoracic mobilizers are good for awareness of where you're tight around your upper back, but the ones I generally do are:
- standing against a wall
- twists and standing up + stretching out my chest when I'm doing a lot of sitting
- lots of core work with attention to spinal alignment

I'm not sure how much this helps you as I have always been pretty sporty so have reasonable overall core/back strength, but have a job that is mostly sitting and I like to slouch - so for me it was about retraining my proprioception and sense of what good posture should be, rather than increasing strength or stretching. If it's for standing posture, books on the head is actually a really good one.

>> No.9453292

I'm just sick of the idea that if you don't like it, it's only because you're fat. Sure sack dresses look even worse on fat girls but so does pretty much everything so that's not much of an argument.

>> No.9453307


AP's sizing is all over the place, anon. The bust alone range from 82cm to over 100cm. Consider yourself warned, check sizing before you buy.

>> No.9453311

>hospital motifs

I don't care about the cuts, I love AP's sack dresses and high waisted stuff. I don't care if it looks like "ageplay" because I love prints like Dreamy Baby Room and Toy Parade.

But UGGGH I just wish they'd not mix menhera with lolita. I knda knew it was inevitable but just... bleechh. Medical motifs give me the heebie jeebies. I just don't think pills and bandages are cute, I find them unsettling.

>> No.9453322
File: 56 KB, 720x720, m38798005133_4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone explain me what they are saying on the 4rd picture?

>> No.9453343

Does AP ever give sizing info before releases? I'd like the OP, but they've been making them much bigger lately.

>> No.9453609

they hand-sewed those seams so it's sloppy/imperfect.

>> No.9453611

How bad of a bloodbath this would be? I really like the cutsew OP but man, it's been a while since I bought anything AP

>> No.9453621

I'll never take the AP pill.

>> No.9453655

Considering that recent AP releases sold out quite fast and the popularity of menhera, I'd say it'll be a massive bloodbath.

>> No.9453675

I have a skinny friend who hates those type of loose dresses and is constantly talking about how they're only for fat people. No they look way worse if you're big!

>> No.9453676

That can be said about anything though.

>> No.9453861

Are these buttons hearts or circles? They looked like hearts originally to me, but these look different here.

>> No.9453863
File: 93 KB, 400x225, vlcsnap-243119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she is trying to seduce a host in ryusei no kizuna

>> No.9453892

I feel like they reduced their stock again.

It seems like they had a period where every release was requested an mto, so they upped their stock but nobody wanted their newer releases thus reduced their stock.

AP needs to generate hype more often like what they did with the medical print preview. At least that way they can kind of guess how popular a print will be and whether they should produce more stock to restock later on.

the bed print has been restocked, the OPs at least.

>> No.9454120

Is this a history of lolita ?

>> No.9454294

Question about asian/burando jewelry here, trying to expand how much jewelry I have for coords but I have small wrists at about 5.4" around (about 13 cm) and finding bracelets that don't practically fall off my hands has been a struggle. I've actually found a lot of success with asian rings fitting my size 5 fingers and getting easy adjustable ones for my even smaller fingers. Are bracelets the same in that they run smaller? Or do I probably need to stick soley to adjustable link bracelets like with western ones?

>> No.9454378

Don't buy it then. It's really cute.

>> No.9454381

If you want to layer 2 petticoats and one is shorter than the other, what order do you put them on? Or will it look wonky due to the length difference?

>> No.9454394

I usually do longer over shorter if I want to add volume. For shaping it really depends on what you're going for, but if the shorter one is on top I wear a short underskirt over it to smooth out the shape.

>> No.9454423

I have small wrists, Asian bangles are better than American ones but not always a good fit. I wouldn't get anything expensive without trying it on but yippy should try like chocomint.

>> No.9454610

Re: Fancy Hospital

>mfw instantly loved print, work in medical field and love OTT sweet, bunnies and bears, not big on menhera but adore this print, first print in a long time I actually wanted to buy from ap
>mfw got stuck working late/ot as usual, and it has been a very long, hard week too
>mfw I got home 5 mins before release, just in time! and was prepared for release, refreshing like mad
>mfw jsk I wanted sold out while I was checking out

I am so sad.

>> No.9454620

It took forever to sell out (well, longer than some other releases), how slow is your internet? I had enough time to check out the sax JSK, tights and hat and it was still in stock for about two minutes afterwards.

>> No.9454624

40cm shoulders anon here. I have a fair amount of long sleeved (non-shirred) AP OPs and they all fit me mine. Shirred OPs fit me even better.

the only OP I have that is a bit tight on the back is Whip Lady OP which is weirdly a really similar cut to my Misty Sky OP which fits me fine.

As >>9453307 says, please check. I've never had an issue with AP blouses being too tight for my upper back though and I own quite a lot. Both old and new.

>> No.9454633

I'm so sorry anon! Can you at least go for it with AP USA?

>all these medical field lolitas cropping up
I love this. I need more people in my field talking here

>> No.9454639

I am not sure what happened, I went for the jsk and the hat as soon as it went up, got both in my cart, checked out, then hat was out and got booted back to cart, checked out again, and it was gone. I wanted the white one, took 3 minutes max maybe? I'm so mad I didn't try for a SS, in the past I was always fast enough but I don't do this often, maybe I just got lucky the few times before.

Please post pics when you get yours so I can live vicariously through you?

Thank you kind anon. I am definitely going to try, I just hope they get it. (Didn't see a confirmation yet?) Also I am dreading if they do a release while I am at work since now I am definitely on my own if they do, and iirc their releases can be a struggle.

Also much love to you, fellow medical field lolita!

>> No.9454648

Tried for Fancy Hospital, had pink OP in my cart and it disappeared within one minute of release, by two minutes I had the white op ready to check out and by the time I could pay it was sold out. All OPs but the trash black were gone within two minutes.

>> No.9454651

Well here's hoping that you don't have to worry about a release at work! May your patients have patent IVs and your labs be run on time!

>> No.9454658

Thanks again kind anon. Sadly I will just be at the mercy of whenever they want to do the release. I can't in good faith stop what I am doing to just make a purchase so I would either need to be on lunch or off for the day. I just hope they do the release on a Saturday or Sunday since I miraculously have them off for the next month.

>> No.9454662

Do you have a lolita friend that could act as your SS and be ready to pounce on the release date for you?

>> No.9454671

Sadly no, I'm a lone lolita. (Little social life due to the medical field.) But thank you for the suggestion, you are very sweet!

>> No.9454673

Crossing my fingers for you then! Also if you ever want to talk medical life and lolita things feel free to drop a throwaway! I'm >>9454633
and >>9454651

>> No.9454879

Why is fancy hospital considered menhera inspired instead of nurse lolita? Especially considering the hat

>> No.9454884

I honestly don't and am disappointed because everyone was claiming it was going to be menhera and I was excited. It /is/ them cashing into the trend though

>> No.9454887

Can anyone translate this because this is actually interesting?

>> No.9454913

got everything i wanted for fancy hospital except for those damn hats! 2 main pieces and tights hallelujah

godspeed, anon-chan. i hope all of the cute gulls who work in the medical field and want this print are able to get it!

>> No.9454921
File: 286 KB, 500x600, 04270149_5900cf976807f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did not know I needed this release until I saw this cut in this colorway. I don't even want the nurse hat, as cute as it is, but the little cross headband would he cute to look for in the future if this dress ever makes it's way to my closet

>> No.9454926

Yeah to me it's just a nurse lolita release because they noticed menhera. I don't know if AP has done nurse lolita before.

>> No.9454935
File: 200 KB, 710x356, 04271514_59018c4eb3fa4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Usually the uniformxlolita looks (nurse, nun, stewardess, military, etc) tends to focus more on the shape and form of the uniform itself. AP makes enough maid, waitress and military -themed outfits that you can see they also usually follow this norm.

It’s true that you can put together a nurse-like outfit, the jsk + blouse + nurse cap + striped OTKs would do it. However, everything else is a pretty mixed bag — the two OPs don’t look very nurse-like on their own, there is another Fancy Hospital headwear that’s a hospital symbol for your head, and the tights have a bandage on them, which is more patient-like than nurse-like.

The rest comes down to AP’s styling for their banner. They could have pushed nurse lolita, but even here it looks like they wanted to show how the jsk and cap can be worn casually in a non-nurse-like way as well. I’d say they were trying for both, they chose to stress the compatibility of this release with menhera style to increase their potential market.

>> No.9455147
File: 143 KB, 657x876, 18010301_572515456273889_8035106649685714270_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's one of the worst replica you've seen?
Saw pic related today, had a laugh (added the real one in the top corner for comparison)

>> No.9455149
File: 41 KB, 300x451, laughingkawaiibitches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's so sad - like in a knock-off toy in a crane machine kind of way.

>> No.9455153
File: 418 KB, 579x435, usakumamafia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The bunnies cracked me up. This is Usakumya knock-off level of bad

>> No.9455160
File: 13 KB, 238x290, IMG_4218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9455163

>"only the dead can know peace from this evil"

>> No.9455164

oh my god this is so bad i have no words

>> No.9455203

>just being an all over print
>Not realising that allover prints have been in lolita for years

>> No.9455212

Does anyone here have experience of buying from 'bad' sellers on japanese sites?
There's a JSK on mbok from a seller with only two rating, both of which are bad.
Would it be even worth trying?

>> No.9455238

>Manage to get a really cute jsk in the IW Golden Week Sale
>Accidentally use disabled card to pay with PayPal
>Paypal takes like three days to e-mail me saying that the card was declined
>Instead of letting me pick the right card, it charges another card that's disabled

I know it's my fault but I'm annoyed, I have to pay by May 2 and there's no way for me to re-pay the invoice.

>> No.9455289

I bought a dream dress for an incredible price on y!j and the seller accepted the payment but never shipped. Can't remember if it was cosmic, dream sky, or dreamy horoscope, just that it was some sky print for like $150. I don't remember if japonica or Zenmarket was my SS for that order but they refunded me after we waited for the shipment to arrive a couple weeks

I also had a couple sellers refuse to sell to my SS for no reason, there was nothing in their terms about no ss

>> No.9455297

How much did you spend? I was pissed at those prices after buying some of the dresses for full price and getting others in a very overpriced lp compared to what their sale prices are now

Also does anyone know what happened to the Annette re-release?? I was in class and couldn't check it until lunch, but it appeared to be completely sold out

>> No.9455318

Thanks for uploading this, anon!

Seconding this request

Jesus this is insane

>> No.9455321

I know which seller you are talking about. They also blacklisted some SS without any reason (and they didn't even buy anything from him). And considering his prices, it's scatchy as fuck.

>> No.9455348


It was 3,000 yen. Sorry anon, that is actually super annoying that they dropped the price that much. Which dresses did you buy for the higher price?

>> No.9455402

Does someone know what's paypals algorythm for withholding payments or is it completely random? I'm asking because it just happened the second time to me with the same buyer. I never have issues with payments coming from other buyers.

I really hope to find some answers to avoid this in the future. I just placed an order with an SS and I'm at a negative balance thanks to this fuckery...

>> No.9455414

Baguette translator here. You're welcome, I'm really glad you liked it. Will translate anything french, you guys can ask me. I'm a NEET for a year anyway so I'm always free!

Thank you for uploading this for future use.

>> No.9455418

Got an incredibly stained and faded Baby dress from Mercari that had no stains whatsoever listed.

>> No.9455421

Why is it that some japanese sellers on fril/y!j/mercari/... don't accept to sell to SS?
Do they hate the idea of foreigners wearing it or...?

>> No.9455429

Yeah basically. Plus sometimes foreigner-run SS don't know proper keigo, which can leave a negative impression of them on the seller's end.

>> No.9455433

I think the Annette series was already sold out because of the VIP presale.

>> No.9455442

I know who you're talking about and japonica wouldn't place a bid due to the negative feedback. Originally that seller had -1, but now has -2 feedback so beware. I've noticed the seller continuously reduce/remove auctions as well.

>> No.9455473

That's weird. Why do they care THAT much about a gaijin piggu wearing it? Money is still money.

>> No.9455479

Well, when the clothes get sold overseas they go out of circulation in Japan. They don't want their market to become more scarce, since they generally don't participate in Western secondhand channels (Lacemarket, FB sales, etc.)

>> No.9455494

It's probably something to do with that buyer...

>> No.9455513

Damn I saw that after the 21st but was hoping they would make it available again for the general reserve yesterday. I guess I'll never have this dress, I've wanted it for so long, too. It's ridiculous they sold out both re-releases so fast

>> No.9455517

Oooh I see. I thought they just hated us or something. That's understandable.

>> No.9455604

they took four minutes to sell out.

I didn't buy anything, but I timed it.

>> No.9455614
File: 58 KB, 345x542, 1470081619949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Put in order to Chibi Tenshi for Baby's newest preorder
>Been a few days, still hasn't quoted a price or gotten back to me or anything

Please, I need that navy JSK...

>> No.9455624

>what do you gulls do to cheer yourself up?
masturbate lol

>> No.9455626

Requested tenshi to get a something from fril and the seller never responded to her. She got a refund . I really wanted it ;-;

>> No.9455632


You can still send in an email anyway.

Actually if you've done that on the first release (despite its sold-out status) you would probably have ended up on the waiting list this time around and gotten something. Since you're emailing on the re-release I can't say whether they see fit to do a third release, but if enough girls email them orders they actually might. It's what happened with Fantasy Night Sky.

>> No.9455660

She's probably busy with Fancy Hospital's release, so be patient, anon

>> No.9455682

That buyer is probably using a different way to pay than everyone else.

>> No.9456124

Is shipping from South East Asia really High? Anyone knows why?
There is a dress in Lacemarket I want but the shipping without tracking is very high! 50 USD. I don't know if believing it or not

>> No.9456154

Oh shoot I didn't even think to do that. I'll email them. Thanks

>> No.9456311

Where can i see which websites are blocked on zenmarket?

>> No.9456339

it usually costs me 20-25$ to ship a jsk from Singapore with tracking. But this is airmail. Maybe they're quoting you EMS?
Malaysia should be the same rate. I know Vietnam seems to be higher than the rest though.

>> No.9456448

Why is Atelier Boz's website full of broken images?

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