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>This luckypack contains 2 randomly selected B-Choice grade Lockshop wigs.
B-Choice grade wigs aren't the quality we would like to sell, and may have flaws compared to our regular wigs, however they come at a deeply discounted price! Some of the wigs may also be absolutely fine but are older, less popular or have damaged packaging.

I'm new to wigs and want to get some to try out. Do you think it's worth risking $35 on potentially unusable wigs?

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Lockshop Wigs are awful quality; I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. However, their B-choice wigs really don't have much of a difference from the regular wigs, very minor stuff that would generally show up in 1-3 wears off of a regular wig, so $35 for two isn't terrible, but again, their quality is garbage so you get what you pay for. Shame because a few look pretty nice when new.

I'd recommend going Arda if you're in the US or searching Taobao for something cheaper and either the same or nicer quality than Lockshop.

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I wouldn't do it. LS has a pretty poor reputation as is and chances are these b-choice wigs are unwearable leftovers.

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Thanks! i wasn't sure about the quality of their normal stock, so that's why I was so hesitant.

Do you have any Taobao shop recommendations?

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Can you make bangs with a lace front wig, or is that retarded?

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why would you tho?

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Off topic, but did you notice they still declare free shipping - in this e-mail about lucky pack and on every single page on their site? But when I tried to order two month ago, although I fullfiled the crietria, there was no choice of free shipping in order page. So I wrote them email, but they never answered. Only in delivery information in footer, they write that free shipping is unavailable. But why they still declare free shipping in current email and banners, when ther don't cover free shipping for long time? Screenshot is from today. (Sorry for my english.)

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Some styles are only available as lace front. But yeah I assumed it would be dumb to do, just making sure.

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I bought a b-grade LS wig from them at a con just over a year ago for £10 and it's pretty decent for that price. I think it was old stock they were trying to shift and I didn't notice any major flaws in it. I would not, however, pay $35 for even a perfect condition LS wig.

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Yeah, honestly the B-choice wigs hardly have any flaws and are fine compared to the normal wigs, but the normal wigs are shit quality to begin with.

>never again, LS

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Is the reason the quality is so bad now because she uses a different supplier? The first wig I ever bought from her (about two years ago) was really nice and thick - one of the Starlet series. Flash forward to last year, I bought another from that series and it was thin and tangled incredibly easy. Not at all worth the price tag.

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