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Last thread >>9460929

Discuss things about your Comm in general.

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Story behind this pic?

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My comm doesn't seem to have anything planned for ILD, but at least we have a fancy cross-comm high tea meet for the 10th.

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My comm's ILD event was cancelled because the venue was having issues.

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twinning meet.

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my comm actually has a twinning meet for ild. I don't know if I should go because I've never been to a meet before and don't have any really well-known dresses

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Post your wardrobe, see if anyone owns anything you do. Or just go without a twin, it should be nbd if it's your first meet.

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I have been abroad for a while and my comm's ILD meet will be my first time seeing them again after all that time. I'm really looking forward to it. The program's not that thrilling, but seeing them all will be great nevertheless.

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There's nothing super wrong about their coords or anything but for some reason they all feel like they're wearing costumes? Maybe it's the flash picture combined with the sort of Halloween-y prints that's giving me those vibes.

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>the sort of Halloween-y prints
that's Vampire Requiem and Vampire Prelude, they used to be really sought-after and expensive in the early 2010s. Agree that those colourways look tacky though.

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Does your comm try and do something different for ILD or just a regular meet? I'm trying to think of more fun and interactive things to do rather than just eat. What's a pull for you? Games? Prizes?

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I just found out that quite a few girls in my comm have these secret weed meets together (this isn't as scandalous as it sounds, it's legal in my state) and I'm feeling irrationally left out. I don't smoke, but I'm friends with most of the girls attending and most of the best lolitas in the comm go, so I keep seeing it as being left out of the popular lolitas even though that's not what's happening. I almost want to ask if I can come, but since I wouldn't be partaking I feel like that would be really weird.

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We have games, goody bags, fancy tea, and it's always a draw knowing it'll be a bigger meet than normal and everyone will be there. Plus just the fact that it's a more expensive meet usually puts most of the itas off coming (it's about $35, so established lolitas on a tight budget plan for the expense in advance, but the teenage weebs don't).

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I searched for a private room in a cafe space(not too big not, too expensive since I'd be fronting the payment) and I'm worried people won't show because the ticket price doesn't include food. I'm really trying to hype it up with goodie bags and games. I had another cute cafe want $300 just for one side of the place not including food. And another want $100 an hour just for the small couch area. Still no food. I'm all for putting down money if it's worth it but predicting turnout is tough.

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That sounds really stressful, it's a lot easier to give an upfront price here since you usually pay per person for high tea and hotels book you into a private room if you're a large enough party.

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I ended up finding a decent sized room that fits 14 but I'm already getting people who think $10 per person should include food and drinks...

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you literally answered your own question. It would be like organizing a meetup around wine tasting and inviting a 16 year old who is just going to sit and watch.

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That sucks, but like >>9489760 said, try to see poorfags whining as a positive, since it reduces the chance that any of them will turn up.

Feel you on booking rooms though, our comm has wanted to hire a cinema to do a private screening of Kamikaze Girls for years but even bars with cinema rooms upstairs charge crazy upfront prices for it so even if like 20 people turned up (unlikely) it'd cost £20 per person.

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haven't been to a meet in quite literally months, and don't really know a lot of the members now. a lot of my friends from the community have moved on or just don't go to meets, so i'm hesitant to just show up. the last meet was apparently a bit of a disaster with creepy fucking newbies, so i'm probably just going to stay away indefinitely and enjoy my frills alone.

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my comm never dose anything the first thing weir doing this year is a birthday tea party and the bitch has to charge $30 cause so few people can come

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Worst case scenario you make up an excuse and bail halfway through, you might as well go.

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ya im going any way cause its a tea buffet and i have nothing better to do

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had something similr when i hosted a tea party elitist bitch paraded everyone around only 2 nice girls out of 6

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There's a girl in my comm who makes all her own outfits and she's a good seamstress but she has the absolute WORST taste. She's so proud of her awful creations and she's really sweet but she's been at this for years and I wonder if anyone has ever told her. I wonder if she just does not know.

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I feel like there's one in every comm

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We have one of those too, except she also has her own ~indie brand~ and regularly gets passive aggressive about people buying from Japanese brand, Taobao, basically anyone but her. Nobody really has the heart to tell her that her poorly designed quilting cotton creations aren't worth $300 a pop.


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I see this complaint so often.
>my comm never does anything for x
>we never have meets
The only reason my comm does anything is because a handful of the members have initiative to host things. If you want a meet to happen, host one.

>not specifically targeted at you but like damn this complaint is dumb
>just host meets gaiz it is not that hard

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I feel like our comm is approached like this at least once a year.
How is it for other communities?

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Put comm recently got the generous offer by a museum of the wonderful opportunity to showcase one of our dresses in their exhibition. No mention of compensation, insurance, guarantees of how it will be handled, anything. But a bunch of strangers will be able to see your dress! ...Yay?

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*our comm
thank u autocorrect

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Was it an accredited (i.e. legit) museum? Because if so all of the insurance, security and conservation information would be included in the loan agreement. People who loan things to museums do so because they are generous and have philanthropic urges- museums don't make money and so they wouldn't pay for a loan. In fact even museums which charge admission have to be subsidised by external funding, donations etc because they are so expensive to run.
Source: I work in a museum.

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Same for our comm, but it's NYC so it is to be expected. Large comms are the ones who suffer the most.

A couple of years ago many members of our comm were also hounded to be part of some shitty show where they give you a makeover into a "normal" person. So glad no one took the bait.

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Nayrt, but I'd love to host if it didn't require talking in front of a large group. I'm way too shy for that and just get anxious standing in front of them. I don't mind helping someone else host though, if they do all the talking.

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Paradiso plans and I realize

>consignment shop items must be dropped off 8:00-10:00 am
>general entry is at 11:30 am

Cool I get to drive an hour and a half and then wait an hour and a half.

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If this is SF Comm, no one's gonna care if you aren't twinning, esp. if it's your first time.

I know there's a spreadsheet with everyone's wardrobes on it, but honestly, just post introducing yourself and list a couple of dresses you wanna wear for the meet and see if anyone bites. We're pretty friendly!

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I mean, you can always offer to do some baking while they all get baked. How good are you at cookies and brownies? You don't have to partake, just hang with your stoned friends and make sweets.

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Never been to a US con but where I am people usually start queuing a couple of hours before anyway, or you end up taking even longer to get in.

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My comm decided they all wanted to go to this arcade that they all just had a meet at last month and they all go to all the time on their own. I was really hoping for a nice brunch or something. My one friend I do lolita stuff separate from the comm with is working that weekend too so I'm just going to stay home and hop my comm starts doing nice things again.

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My comm never does anything as there's always a convention that weekend. I'd like to do something, but I'm not sure who even would be able to go.

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NTAYRT, but if a comm is really far gone it can be impossible. If somebody that isn't known in the community hosts few people will turn up and nobody will trust them with money for a pre-paid event, but if the mods aren't stepping up to host there's no opportunity for new people to meet people and gain trust. My comm was like that when I first moved there - I had to wait 6 months until I'd built up some reputation before I could do anything.

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How're the comms in NC? I got into college in Wilmington and Charlotte, obviously the local lolita community won't affect my decision but it's nice to daydream about.

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My comm is having a cat cafe meetup that I'm real excited for. The only bummer is that it's on a weekend and I literally always work weekends. I hope that someone will swap shifts with me because I don't want to miss out.

>tfw I miss out on every social occasion because no one ever does shit during the week and I also go to school full time

sucks to suck for me

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If you're in my comm (unlikely because a lot of comms seem to be doing cat café meets right now), don't worry too much. If you host something cheap midweek there's sure to be a turnout, since it's summer and all the students and high schoolers will be free soon.

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It's a legit museum and the items will be insured for the ammount of money you mention, but they don't give money for the fact you lend it to them and girls seem to be bothered by that. (Since you loose that dress for half a year, so you can't wear it and thee is of course the risk it gets damaged.) They do pay the shipping costs or travel cotst for the dress.
Only the thing that bothers me the most is that they made a popularity contest of it. So the girls who's dress gets the most likes will be choosen. I think that's a bit unprofessional. If a popular cosplayer with 1000+ friends sends in her milanoo lacemonster and wins, the dress that will be hanging in the museum would be even worse than the one they had now...

>> No.9495308

You could email them to point this out.

>> No.9495408

My comm is doing karaoke, a trip to the revolving sushi bar and Daiso~

>> No.9495428

Pretty active. At least 1 meet up a month.

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Museums never give money for items on loan as I said. I guess girls with larger wardrobes feel more able to have one dress on loan for 6 months. Honestly the chance of it getting damaged is really low- it will be handled and displayed as carefully as if it was any other textile in their collection, placed on the mannequin by someone wearing gloves, kept in stable temp and humidity conditions where UV light is kept to a minimum. And it will be in a museum with security guards, alarms etc. Probably safer than most people's wardrobes.

The contest to chose the dress is a seperate issue. The other anon is right that you should email the curator and raise your concerns about the risk of the fashion being poorly represented by a bad dress.

>> No.9495651

I know, but most girls fall over that. I understand they don't give money for it. But I do agree with some that a little gift would be nice, like an item from the museum shop, free visit or such. Doesn't have to be much, just a little thing to show graditude. (The whole your name will be placed near the item is not something most girls want or see as a great honor. Especially since the last description board wasn't that good and nobody is waiting for it to be looked up on fb or get in trouble with their professional lives.)
I have visited the collection quite a few times now and it's not that hard to touch the dresses, since there aren't that much guards. And with the events they had before, you could easily get in with drinks and bags, etc. Saw a lot of people touching the items. (But they won't have another one for the moment, but on a busy day this problem would arrive fast.)

The contest thing has already been told to the museum. I believe they are now in contact with someone, but thus far only one person has send something in and it's still a popularity contest. The others still don't apear willing to do it, so I am curious to the outcome. I would be willing to send something in, but I barely have enough items to make a good coord myself.

>> No.9495883

Not that friendly!

>> No.9495992

A teaparty but only 8 people are going. I think it might be nice to be with a small group and actually get to know the comm a little better.

>> No.9496014

>there's a spreadsheet with everyone's wardrobes on it
large comms do this? one comm in my state is pretty large and even they don't have that

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New girl in comm is planning a meet at a location that I know is not going to work out (due to not being able to make reservations, seats are really difficult to find for more than one person, etc) how do I inform her of this? I want to attend and support, but I know it's not a good location and I don't think...she knows but I don't want to overstep.

>> No.9496023

We have one but it's mostly for twinning purposes. I don't think it's actually ever been used for twinning.

>> No.9496041

She should know this if she wants her meetup to be a success. Contact her privately if you're worried and explain, and suggest another location that will be better.

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Out of curiosity, what is the climate like in the SF Comm? I've been to San Francisco but not to any events.

>> No.9496152

The dark street, dark make-up the tall one is too tall for dress, the poises. They look like pros. Lol.

>> No.9496162

What is the exhibition about that they would want a lolita dress for it?

>> No.9496165

My comm is doing a big tea party, with guest shops. So I am excited. Its $40 and includes food and drinks, drives away the itas because tickets must be bought in advance.

>> No.9496388

For when you want to go out on the town, but also pick up some cheap stationery.

Ngl I would

>> No.9496428

Bay area covers a pretty wide range of areas and temperatures. San Francisco proper is generally pretty cool because it's near the Bay, although apparently it's going to be warmer ild weekend (75-80 degrees is considered warm in the area). Down south around San Carlos to San Jose is on the warmer and drier side.

>> No.9496699

**social climate, sorry
good to know though

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Been going to colossalcon the past few years which has always been at the same time as ILD...it's been either "go to a fun waterpark/hot tub bar with my friends" or "dress in lolita, alone", guess what I always choose. Maybe this year I'll do a half day in lolita or something...

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My comm had a lunch and Daiso meet this year. It was fun to browse around

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>tfw neither your local comm nor your country comm planned anything for ILD so you post in the local comm to see if anyone wants to grab a coffee or lunch that day
>days go by; seen by 30+ people
>no likes or comments

O-okay. I'll just sit in a cafe by myself, then.

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Cool Japan

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Oh anon, please tell me this isn't me, I went to a meet yesterday with a handmade blouse and I was so worried I would be THAT handmade lolita. I Liked my blouse but I am irrationally self conscious about it because I don't want my "completed project hype" to give me rose tinted glasses about how it looks..

seconding what>>9495051 said. This is definitely true if a noob wants to host anything other that putting a event with time and place for a movie meet.

Anon could you send us a link for this "popularity contest" some seagulls may be able to weigh in some votes on the one we think is worth while.
To be honest if I new my items would be safe I would send them a whole coord in a heartbeat, maybe even two and write the didactic myself completely free. Anything to combat the recent spate of cringe tier 'lolita documentaries' floating around at the moment, we need some decent representation for once.

>> No.9496882

Oh wow, those spelling errors. Sorry anons, I am crazy tired.

>> No.9497140

Maybe message any of the members you're closest to and ask them privately?

>> No.9497172

>thinking $30 is too much for a tea party

cheapfags gtfo

>> No.9497189

Anon didn't give any details? If it were at a tea house venue I personally rarely rack up a $30 tab myself, if it's at a house I woudn't pay it. Depends on the situation

>> No.9497381

Even if you're not a noob, people can be really hesitant about meeting strangers IRL when they know it'll be a small meet because it could be really awkward if they turned out to be weird. If you've been in lolita a few years and have an online presence confirming you dress well, people still might not want to come to meets you host when you're new to an area because unless they have mutual friends they don't know if you've actually got a horrible personality or no indoor voice.

Also, mods that are half-assed about hosting are also usually half-assed about other mod duties, like keeping the group clear of creeps/cosplay itas/randoms, so sometimes people are already meeting privately with friends and don't really get excited at the idea of more public meets anyone could turn up to, or get salty because they think whoever actually starts hosting shit is trying to "take over".

>> No.9497388

My comms ILD meet is at a tea lounge and is about 30 bucks, but thats covering tax and gratuity and includes food and drink so I think thats rather fair when you have reserved the whole place for a private party.

>> No.9497436

LA comm?

>> No.9497470

Feel you anon, my comm doesn't seem to be planning anything and I'm not close enough with any of the girls to invite them myself.

>> No.9497612

The one dress sent in is fine. As long no second lace monster is posted there is no problem. No idea why that person wants to lose the dress for a half a year, though. I believe multiple girls were a bit interested of lending something for good representation, but I really think the idea of a popularity contest and no compensation has put people off, because they try to pretend they are doing you a favor when you win, when you actually lose something.

>> No.9498254

Since of us are terrible at interpreting communication/cues (I e me--sorry for the confusion haha)

I think it's pretty chill! There are definitely closes but it's mostly people who have been in the comm for a while and are close friends out of Lolita as well. Still, they aren't like stuck up or whatever. People are friendly and while a lot of members are at or introverted, most people respond positively if you initiate and are just generally friendly and engaging.

I'm sure there might be some shit lurking under the surface, like the salty comment earlier, but most comm members don't wear that shit on their sleeve or air out their dirty laundry. It's overall a relaxed con with the benefit of lots of events and members

>> No.9498283

Found out a girl in our comm got stood up at a meet she didn't host (host got sick or something and left way early and no one else was there apparently).

>literally my worst fear about meets besides creepy dudes and clingy itas
>tfw the secondhand embarrassment is real

>> No.9498286

How do I distance myself from someone I'm friends with in and outside the comm? Without going into too much detail, I used to like her as a person, but now I see she's bratty and extremely judgmental. Her "holier-than-thou" attitude is so big that she openly shit talked about other comm members during the last meet up and constantly bragged about how much better she is than them, even though her coord wasn't that spectacular. I used to tolerate it to an extent, but now, after what happened, I don't want to associate with her anymore.

>> No.9498369

Just blatantly tell her her shit-talking is making you uncomfortable; if she cares enough she'll make efforts to stop, and if not you have perfect reason to just ignore the fuck out of her

>> No.9498388

Definitely feeling this. One girl in the comm here is driving me crazy with her indie brand stuff, not because it's particularly shit (solid construction, a little tacky but no moreso than most of meta's sweet prints) but because she uses literally everything as an opportunity for ~networking!~ and advertising her brand. Constantly redirecting conversations and handing out business cards at meetups to comm members is one thing, but to random normie strangers whenever they take a picture/say something/vaguely look her direction is another entirely. Like I get that you've gotta do that to a certain extent, but you don't need to make literally everything you do, in and out of the comm, a sales pitch.
I don't want to be rude by unfollowing her on the various social media I have but I'm getting so tired of seeing her constant unflattering selfies with uncomfortable efamous lolitas and videos of completely fashion-unrelated events getting used to promote her brand all the time

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When I was new to my comm and didn’t know anyone, there was one girl who went out of her way to chat with me and invite me to things. I really appreciate this because I’m pretty quiet and socially awkward so it’s difficult for me to initiate conversations. I’ve since met many different people and even made some friends in the comm, but I’m still grateful to that girl for being the first person to involve me in stuff when I was an awkward newbie.

Thing is, our personalities don’t work together at all. As I got to know her better I became less and less able to stand being around her for longer periods of time. IMO she’s very obnoxious and melodramatic, and the itch to call her out when she’s saying stupid shit (like how she’ll “literally die, like literally kill myself” if her mother doesn’t buy her a certain brand dress) is growing stronger. Now that I’ve made new friends I’m spending more time with them and less time with her. She seems to resent this, and has made comments in my general direction about how fake friends are always using her and then leaving her. I’ve also noticed her getting friendly with new newbies and overheard her complaining to them about how toxic our community supposedly is. She’s also been vagueposting on FB about ‘lolita bitches’ and how much better she is than them/us.

I thought that slowly distancing myself from her would let our ‘friendship’ (we were never more than friendly acquaintances imo) fizzle out naturally with minimal drama, but now it seems like she’s constantly seething about something and a drama bomb may go off any moment. Am I going about everything the wrong way? Do I owe it to her to try to be her friend, even if I don’t enjoy her company at all? I can’t think of a way to explain to her why I don’t want to be her bff without it being hurtful. I haven’t had to deal with this sort of thing since middle school.

>> No.9498458

Yikes anon I definitely feel your pain, how old is this girl anyways?

Either way, yeah you're going about things just fine, unfortunately people like that will pitch a shit fit no matter what. Don't waste your energy trying to find a way to satisfy her if she obviously only cares about you in regards to what you can do for her. I'd say keep just slowly slinking away and if she calls you out specifically say that people naturally grow apart (and if neccessary, that her passive-aggressive negativity about everything made you uncomfortable enough for it to happen faster). Otherwise just ignore it and enjoy your new friends. There's nothing worse than being guilted into a relationship/friendship; just watch out that she doesnt try to pull the 'melodramatic fake suicide threat unless you keep being her friend' trick, in which case seriously just get in contact with her mom or whatever saying you're concerned (if she's young enough for her mom to be buying her brand dresses, she's young enough for her mom to help handle her mental crises) and let her deal with it, then run like the wind.

Unfortunately there's gonna be drama either way, but hopefully she finds something else unrelated to complain about before anything gets too ridiculous. Hopefully your comm is used to her pulling this kind of thing anyways so even if it does blow up it won't affect/reflect too badly on you too

>> No.9498487

I hate to be that one to ask but wtf is up with the one on the far right in the photo?

>> No.9498530

sounds like she just befriends newbies because nobody else likes her. the noobs probably realize she's a bitch after a while and distance themselves. then she moves on to befriend even newer comm members.

>> No.9498585

>Doesn't smoke weed
>Mad about not being invited to smoke weed

As long as your friends have other events where they invite you too I wouldn't worry. You probably won't have fun being the only sober around a bunch of stoners anyway

>> No.9498667

Air her laundry so she experiences how it feels to be shit talked. Cause even if you cut ties, she will still be a shit person.

>> No.9498678

litterally pinch yourself hard (pain inducing) everytime you start to react or give a fuck. It will condition yourself to have no shits to give. Eventually her words and drama will just float over your head and you will have no reaction positive or negative. Trust me when I say, when you still have fucks to give, you may potentially say something at some stage that could be used against you if drama pops up. also, it will help you distance yourself further as you will legitimately not even be interested in what is going on in her life.

>> No.9498948

So id like to hold a little raffle for my comms ILD but im not sure what would be good prizes for it or how many prizes I should bring, So far it looks like itll be a small meet, maybe like a little over 10 girls.

As for prizes I have got like never worn OTK's, some faux pearl jewelry, one of those angelic pretty novelty plates. Not sure what else I could try to add.

>> No.9499094

Check out the replies to the anon asking about goody bags in the ILD threads, there should be some nice ideas there:

>> No.9499100

I might just have a virtual tea party with some friends from my old comm/some online friends to fill the void and will ask my SO if he could take some bad ass coord shots in front of some gothic churches or something to make me feel better lol.

You could try posting a casual post on your comm page? I tried that but my new comm is just sort of weird and reserved. Oh well!

>> No.9499101

Thanks! These are helpful :) Now I just have to decide exactly how to do the raffle, like 1-3rd get prizes and how many prizes each place should get,1 for each? 1 big and 1 small prize for 1st place? I just dont want anyone to feel gypped.

>> No.9499194

nah I feel like this chick would just play the victim card way more with something like that
sone people just never grow up past middle school

>> No.9499421

>nothing super wrong with thier coords
>missing giant Andrea there

sure Anon..

>> No.9499433

Is this the same girl who told a seasoned member of the comm to sew a replica of her dream dress instead of buying it when it popped up in auctions?

>> No.9499454

Just tell her straight. It sucks but you gotta do it. We had one of those too. I really liked her and cared for her but I couldn't take it. I stopped driving her to meets (I was her only way to get to them) and left extra early to drive to them or I'd turn my phone off so I wouldn't get her texts so it would be "too late" by the time I saw that she wanted to go. It was so stressful so I'm glad the "friendship" is over now and I don't have to worry about it. Besides, I found out she shit talked about me a whole ton even though I was her "Lolita bff"...so if your "friend" is anything similar I suggest you jump ship now.

>> No.9499469

>missing giant Andrea there
Holy shit is that who it is? When was this, 30 years ago or did she just age like jug of milk left out on the counter for a week.

>> No.9499493


Isn't that Melissa?

>> No.9499582

There's a new brolita in my comm who is very socially awkward, but seemed pretty harmless. I scrolled through his facebook profile and found a lolita selfie he took in a Victoria's Secret and I'm not sure if I should feel justified in feeling uncomfortable about it.

>> No.9499617

If he coords well in lolita, there's nothing wrong Anon. Just suggest he shops at Aerie in the future.

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File: 1.55 MB, 500x281, 1352353431559.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's neither Andrea nor Melissa, it's Gwen. Gwen was actually born female but is no less of a cow.

>> No.9500980

There's a lolita tea party on saturday, and a fashion show on friday, you won't be the only one wearing lolita.

>> No.9500991

Er...Alice's kitty is Dinah, the Cheshire Cat belonged to either Red Queen or Duchess I think? She looks bad here and in OP's photo. Nothing wrong with older or tall lolitas but they need to sometimes work twice as hard to not stand out in a not-so-great way, I think. If some of us are gonna be '80 years old dying in a Baby dress', we need better examples of older lolitas.

>> No.9501036

Would it be horribly psychotic to plan a vacation around all the comms I'd like to visit? I've always dreamed of meeting the Portland lolitas from their old "orca" lj days. I'd also love to visit the Seattle comm, and maybe the LA comm?

>> No.9501042

Have you checked with these comms about visitors? I think planning a trip that's just visiting comms is a little odd, events maybe with a couple of comm meets on the way seems better. What do your local comm members think of the idea. Mine would find it odd unless it was a foreign lolita on a US vacation.

>> No.9501417

Apparently there was some big fall out at a meet up within the Central Florida comm

>> No.9501432

Deets? Did it have anything to do with B-chan?

>> No.9501437

There's a bunch of talk about how the hostess of the Cakes and Couture ticketed event was harassing and bullying members of the comm and it's sparked a long pinned post on the comm's facebook page. It seems pretty uninteresting but I'll post caps if anyone wants to know or wants to chime in on the event/dramu. I didn't attend so I can't say anything about it.

>> No.9501443

Id like to know just for the fact that I joined the comm for like 4 months once and it was awful.

>> No.9501488

Caps pls.

>> No.9501494

We have our own thread for that. Don't post this stuff here.


>> No.9501613

No actual woman looks like that. That person DOESN'T look anything like a lady.

>> No.9501787

Portland lolitas are very welcoming to visitors, it wouldn't be weird at all! However, don't expect to meet anyone from the old LJ days, they have all quit lolita.

>> No.9502030

maybe not but like the chances of each comm doing a meetup/event you can go to at the time you're there are pretty slim

>> No.9502494
File: 59 KB, 600x600, 17634574_1168931939899087_1955289876665060141_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I almost thought this was me, until you mentioned selfies and seamstress stuff.

>Unrelated, but does anyone have the comm list? I'm going to Indiana in July and wanted to see if I could visit them.

>> No.9502519

All the more reason to make it fun for yourself anon. If no one makes a move to air her behavior, she is just going to stay shit, and no one will wise up.

I don't think it is weird if you have lolita friends in those comms. I have a lolita friend who lives in a different country and was thinking about planning a visit around their christmas tea party next year so I could meet up with her for the trip and then go together too the meet.

>> No.9503797

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I do have a few friends in each city! I had one friend tell me she'd host a meet if I visited, but I don't want to make it seem like my presence is a big thing...I'd much rather slip in to a meet up by chance..

I'm sad to hear this....they looked like such a fun group

>> No.9503818

Gwen's actually very level-headed as a person to talk to during tea parties. She doesn't have the emotional baggage that other people have.

>> No.9503827

She sure as hell didn't seem level-headed when she went on that rampage on BtB.

>> No.9504240

Heads up, NYC Bryant Park meetup is canceled.

>> No.9504317

comms only ILD even is 21+ I understand why 21+ meetups are hosted and I'm not saying it's unfair. But as a 20 year it definitely makes me a little sad that there's no meetup to attend on ILD.
Maybe i'll do something alone I guess

>> No.9504325

That's a really shitty thing to do. Isn't the point of ILD to have an occasion for all of the comm to celibrate? I'm over 21 but even I don't like that idea.

>> No.9504344
File: 998 KB, 480x268, 1496234866637.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw someone who's not even going to the meetup tries to get you to radically shift your dinner plans to somewhere less nice

I don't understand why people do this. Don't comment if you're not intending to come, why bother?

>> No.9504345

Presumably they're going somewhere that serves alcohol and under 21s aren't allowed. Is it an absinthe meetup or something?

>> No.9504392

Nothing wrong with 21+ meetups but it's pretty shitty of your comm to host one on ILD, which is supposed to be a day for all lolitas.

>> No.9504394

Offtopic, but Dinah had kittens in the books.

>> No.9504434

My comm's mods/core members pull this kind of shit on ILD too. I guess they forget that there are other members outside their circle of friends. I get wanting to have 21+ meets to get a break from teenaged attendees, but ILD is typically an introductory meet for newer members, a lot of them underage.

>> No.9504448

it's 21+ because it is a karaoke meetup with alcohol being served which is fine but it makes me sad it's being hosted on ILD when this type of meet is hosted so frequently.

>> No.9504467
File: 621 KB, 440x247, angrycute.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last year a fucking burlesque dancer ita showed up and kept trying to show everyone the tattoos on her inner thighs. Hoping nothing like that happens again this year.

>> No.9504484

Don't you mean Andre?

>> No.9504486
File: 1.01 MB, 526x378, 1491453329560.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9504774
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 074a7906259e84cfed0925bed4bf5b02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they looked like such a fun group

>> No.9504796

I was looking forward to our cons ILD meet because I actually had the time to go...... then family decided to stay at my house for the next two weeks and I had to cancel my reservation. Thankfully we didn't have to pay till the Friday before but I'm still bummed because it feels I'm always having to dodge due to stupid shit like work or surprise parents dropping into town. I'd much rather not have to listen to my mother whine about how we don't spend time togethwer if I went to the ILD meet and go to the casino with her to make her happy. Guess I'll wait till bed next meetup and save the outfit I built for another time.

>> No.9505385

How do you deal with comm members who never improve? Most of our comm look great but there are a few girls who are either straight up itas or fatty-chans who don't actually get dresses to fit them properly. It ruins group photos. Recently a girl had so much cleavage out that I honestly thought a nipple was going to spring up at any minute.

>in b4 baww you sound awful

trust me you'd be thinking the same thing if you saw them

>> No.9505404
File: 92 KB, 690x460, 1476238602005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our comm has the same. Not a bad seamstress but always chooses awful fabrics or terrible lace. You can't politely suggest she buy some trims from Taobao either, she gets all offended about not supporting local business. Which is nice and would be a valid point but the fabric stores here only stock horrible cheap lace.

>> No.9505454

I just noticed that an ILD event that was supposed to happen was canceled. I remember when it was announced it called for all "dancers, actors, poets, painters, etc." to contribute some form of entertainment for the event. I can appreciate the good intentions, but this was way too ambitious to ever turn out well.

Seriously, just imagine- people bringing in fan art, idol dance routines, more belly dancers (lol), angsty poems... I assume the organizer was going to sift through applications to find genuine talent, but even then, how would it have turned out? No matter how well dressed someone is, the average person can have an inflated idea of how talented they actually are, not to mention differing tastes of attendees.

Was anyone here planning on attending this event? Were you going to contribute? Sorry beforehand if this was already talked about. I'm out of the loop.

>> No.9505470

I can't help you anon, but I want to let you know that I know that feel. There are a few girls in my community who've been wearing the fashion for years and still can't put an outfit together. It's not just a matter of taste, they're actually wearing Milanoo-tier handmade (and in some cases I suspect actual Milanoo) with rainbow striped socks, greasy hair that sticks to their face, petticoats hanging like 10cm under the hem of their skirts... Most of these perma-itas have autism so it's not socially acceptable to be too harsh on them and they don't take well to criticism at all. I have ASD too, but I'm not sure if that gives me the authority to say or do anything.
Mostly people at meets just avoid them and try to herd them to the back of group pictures where they're not as visible.

>> No.9505511

Pretty sure they weren't pink/black kittens. This is clearly meant to be spawn of Cheshire.
Sage for Alice nonsense.

>> No.9505561

I was gonna go but it was a little disappointing that it was cancelled. I wasn't going to contribute anything talent-wise.
Since the tickets were like $40 bucks (and you had to purchase one even if you were performing) I figured that they would (hopefully) take this seriously and we would see some quality talent.
I have no idea what I'm really going to do for ILD now. Maybe get some tea with friends?

>> No.9505655

>Since the tickets were like $40 bucks, I figured that they would (hopefully) take this seriously and we would see some quality talent.
After all that shit with Cakes & Couture I've developed trust issues.

>> No.9505679

I'm beginning to think that ticketed events of $20+ are a good screening tactic for planning anything nice. If comm members want free or cheap meets, let someone else plan those and NOT for ILD, please! ILDs are not for welcoming noobs, I think people should at least wear a full coord to attend.

I'm tired of some comm members showing up in crappy cheap weeb clothes and cosplay wigs and ordering an appetizer, water and under-tipping. That's embarrassing when I'm hosting.
It's an elegant fashion, let's plan elegant outings.

>> No.9505832

I wish there was a way to bring this up tactfully, leading by example will only get you so far. I think having great plus-sized lolitas in your comm really helps as otherwise some girls just assume that the nice outfits they see on slim lolitas aren't for them and stick to Milanoo forever.

>> No.9505922

I had this same problem in the last comm I was in. Luckily, the perma-itas either were exclusively con-itas or only went to maybe one meetup a year.

>> No.9505934

With my experience with plus sized lolitas I have noticed that many of them are in financial straits and can't take care of themselves very well. Now I'm not saying this is what it is with all plus sized lolitas but the general mass majority. They are often then not unemployed or doing crappy babysitting jobs because they are too unmotivated to look for actual work. They also tend to not know how to budget themselves to buy into their hobby AND still have money for food and rent. This is why many of them buy cheap dresses they found on Amazon for 20dollars rather then saving up to buy a taobao dress made to their measurments. They want to be in the group without working up to it. Instant gratification. It's why they are larger because they eat instant food that is easy to make or get ahold of.

Another thing I have noticed is they buy dresses as " incentive" dresses to lose weight but still shove them selves into them when they are like two inches above the max and use body shapers to "fit". I wear body shapers because I'm not perfect and have a pudge but it's not for losing inches to fit, it's to make sure the dress sits better on my body without having to deal with the dress sticking to parts of my body I don't want it to sit on.

>> No.9505935

Find an excuse to take themed smaller group photos that mean people get a photo without them in it, ex. all the goths here, everyone in pink here, everyone in an ocean-themed print here. It should work as long as you don't have many itas spanning many substyles and, as a bonus, it looks aesthetic.

I've never actually done this to exclude itas but our comm does this all the time and I think it makes for really cute photos.

>> No.9505948

This isn't the issue with comms I've been in. One of the fat itas owns a lot of AP but has horrible make-up and wigs and doesn't fit her stuff well, the others mostly go for Bodyline/Taobao but just don't seem to coord well. The comm that had a plus-sized girl who got a lot of nice stuff custom-made and then recommended it to others seemed to have a good knock-on effect and the others gradually got better, whereas the comm I'm in now where all the decently-dressed girls are slim has plus-sized girls that literally never improve.

>> No.9505969

We have done this with brands. All ap photos, all moitie photos and all taobao photos. Usually the all other brands one is just the itas. They then come here and cry about elitism and not being inclusive to the poor lolitas. But we literally just took photos of the brands for aesthetic reasons. They simply knew they looked like shit and didn't want to admit they looked like shit.

>> No.9507259

Super salty about ILD this year. I visited the first comm I joined of when I started getting into lolita fashion, and it was disappointing. I should have stayed with my current comm for ILD this year.

>> No.9507269

It really is an awful picture all around.

>> No.9507275

I think this would be a good opportunity to talk to a mod about having a second event hosted on ILD. Like maybe an all ages brunch or dinner with the 21+ meet following.

>> No.9507287

That wouldn't wouldn't fly in my comm, unfortunately. My comm has a pretty bad reputation of elitism and bitchiness amongst the weebs and cosplayers of our country because of weebs who join the comm, wear meido/cosplay ita shit, are given polite concrit instead of being hailed as the kawaiiest loli-chan to ever grace our comm, then get frustrated and flounce back to their original circle to cry about how lolitas aren't lovelies. I personally couldn't care less about a bunch of cosplayers thinking I'm elitist but for whatever reason our mods do care, a lot. We have to be accepting and inclusive and non-elitist at all times, even if that means letting weebs in eBay 'lolita' costumes and cosplay wigs run around screaming and ruin the meetup. Even the slightest hint of brandwhoreism might trigger some insecure weeb to cry about lolita meanies and therefore isn't allowed. Those of us who don't feel like babysitting often end up just going out in smaller groups with people who actually appreciate the fashion, aka 'secret elitist meetups'. We can't win.

>> No.9507291

SF comm is a lot of smaller comms bunched up in a comparatively small space. Everyone keeps to their own, even at events that bring them together, like OTT. Little get togethers, informal meets, friends going for coffee or a museum trip- all things that might be thrown up on a smaller comm's page, aren't shared in that same way for SF. Big meets get posted, stuff 'randos' are welcome to are often expensive and show the flashiest side of SF. Meets 10 or less aren't really outsider friendly unless you have already made friends with members.
If you hang out with the same people 'too much' you might not be as welcome in other groups. Grudges and judgement, falsified or not, get held onto pretty damn long.
Most importantly, there's so many replacements for what you might bring into the comm, that no body will really care about you if you leave. It's why grudges stay, because there's little to no impetus to change your opinions once you've made them. Those people you had a bad experience with or have 'reason' to avoid will just go away, or you can go to so many other meets that they won't be attending that their lack of presence in your life will just completely not effect you. It's also why everyone is 'just so nice' because no one likes being excluded just because they said something out of turn.

Hope that helps.

>> No.9507293

All the big girls I know are well off. In a fairly diverse place here.

>> No.9507296

How many comms did twin meets thid year for ILD? I'm seeing a flux of twin shots on IG and I'm not sure if they're all from the same comm or not because no one posted a group photo

>> No.9507317

Same! I was so surprised to see so many twinning meets this year. LA had a twinning meet as well :)

>> No.9507345

NYC comm, do you think the lolita picnic that is happening is worth checking out if I'm in the area that weekend? The going list looks a bit worrisome but I'm not too familiar with the comm as I'm only around Occasionally.

>> No.9507391
File: 72 KB, 960x518, 18951149_1921556824791404_235898299876196180_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No ILD day meet, but there was this.

>> No.9507395

good grief, is that the bris harajuku walk?

>> No.9507397


Melbourne, sadly.

>> No.9507417

This is how it is with most comms I have noticed. You will always have those who feel that any meet that is Lolita should be inclusive of all the comm. you will never win. All you can do is let them throw the fit and move on. Most mods will ignore it because they know that friends can go out in Lolita without including the whole comm. If your mods don't see it this way then it's time to make your own comm and leave the one with the cry babies.

>> No.9507429

Oh anon I'm so sorry.

>> No.9507436

It was a horrible choice. Saturday's are crowded and they host children's birthday parties at the arcade. I heard they ate in the food court for dinner which is all crap. I'm always looking at other comms for a nice meet because I'm so over decisions like this.

>> No.9507438
File: 147 KB, 573x322, 1496093800611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9507449

Harajuku walks always attract the cringiest most weaboo muthafuckas. There are always 0 good lolitas, a few basic bodyline bitches, and 1 visual-kei/street-kei person who looks good. I happened to be on vacation in Singapore and chanced upon their street fashion walk on Orchard road and guuurrrl that was so embarrassing.

>> No.9507497

The Harajuku walks in my area are pretty much ita gatherings. Sometimes there's a gyaru or mori or someone into another Jfash that's not popular enough to have a comm, but 90% of the participants are itas, cosplayers and furries. Not even good cosplayers either, basically their ita equivalent. They're the only people who seem to enjoy putting on a weirdo parade for passerby's to ogle while they aimlessly wander around. No thanks...

>> No.9507505

Open meets are pretty rare for the comm so it wouldn't hurt to check out the picnic and ditch after an hour. I would do that myself if I didn't have other plans.

I recognize about half of the people listed as going--most know how to dress themselves. None of them are the efamous lolitas though, if you were looking to make connections. But overall they're friendly and sociable. Avoid political topics. I've never met the genderqueer kid but they look like trouble imo...

>> No.9507509

Have stricter dress codes for events, you basically have to find ways to exclude them. 'For this high tea you MUST be in a full coord/the theme is Spring Morning (or some other shit).' When they show up in rainbow socks and whatever tell them they aren't in proper dress and have to find something else to wear. If it's really that bad and you want them out (and I'm assuming everyone else wants them gone, too) that's how you have to do it. Your other option is to be super blunt and tell them what they're wearing isn't lolita, if they don't start wearing lolita to events say you'll kick them from the comm. you can do the whole thing where you say that lolita events aren't just J-fashion meets or alt fashion meets, they're specifically for lolita.
I was a comm mod in the northeast for awhile and that's what we did. Events had stricter dress codes, we started hosting 18+ only events, and even bumping up the price tickets a bit/having the event further away from the main comm area did wonders for weeding away the perma-itas.

>> No.9507810

Then host your own meet? It's no one's responsibility to host meets that you can attend.

>> No.9507813

No, the point of ILD is to wear lolita, to a city if you can

>> No.9507815

Why did you just lie and say you had already paid to go to the meet and weren't going to miss it. Not your fault they decided to visit before asking if you had plans. But ay.

>> No.9507818

>the outfit I built

>> No.9507915


Sure, but it's still pretty rude. A lot of comms have unspoken rules about not hosting two separate meets on the same day and not being able to celebrate ILD with the rest of your comm just because of your age sucks. Any other time and I would agree, but on ILD? That's in poor taste.

>> No.9508091

It's not really rude at all. ILD is celebrated twice a year, and I'd say that a lot of comms don't have a large event for all members. Larger cities tend to have another big event that is for all ages on another day of the year. It seems like you're personally putting more stock into ILD than maybe your comm does.

My comm had a 21+ meet that just happened to work best for ILD, and it was at night. The host should not have had to work around younger members just so that they didn't have their feelings hurt for ILD. It would be perfectly acceptable to host another meetup that day, and an "unspoken rule" is probably just an assumption you're making without actually talking to people in your comm about it.

>> No.9508093

Just fucking wait then, not everyone wants to have to sacrifice having a fun time to accommodate some minor

>> No.9508095

At one of the first twinning meets, Gwen wore a yellow dress with cherries on it with a cardigan over it that wasn't completely opaque. She got posted on BTB with a comment like "I thought one of those cherries was her nipple". Pretty harmless by BTB standards. She found out on it and proceeded to wreck havoc in the comments, calling everyone else anorexic sluts and saying she used to be a fashion model. I think she also made a FB post about how she hated the comm and that we were responsible for the secret. She blocked the person who took the photo because she thought they had made the secret even though the photos were posted publicly. When she was called out on it, she immediately backtracked and started posting on FB about how she had been hacked.

She's crazy.

>> No.9508129
File: 207 KB, 580x326, 1848756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can have your opinions, but I'm really not sure where you're getting your assumptions? ILDs are the two biggest events of the year where I live and the "unspoken rule" about not creating two different events on the same day is pretty blatant. Different cultures, I suppose.

Acting like you know more about some random anons comm than they do makes you like maybe you should lay off the drinking.

>> No.9508143

I'm pretty sure this is actually about my comm and anon's outrage is ridiculous. She could have easily voiced concerns and worked with a mod to get something set up for everyone to participate in, but she didn't (or just made a meet herself, or asked someone else to plan something small). The meet was late at night, if at any point she spoke up and said, "This is a little unfair, could we also do something during the day?" then it would have been no issue and a lot of people would have jumped in to have another meet.

Also, unspoken rules are a joke. If it's an issue, then make it into an actual rule and don't expect people to uphold you're arbitrary and unspoken standards.

>> No.9508151

lol "lay off the drinking". anon someone ruffled your petti and now you're throwing a toddler tantrum. maybe you should host your next ild at a playground.

>> No.9508162

I wore a coord for the very first time in public on ILD (went to the mall) and 3 normie girls said my dress was beautiful...I used to think lifestylers who wear it all the time were attention whore types but now I understand. It feels REALLY good when you get compliments from girls, whereas normie fashion only gives you attention from guys. I was so nervous at first but that it ended up being great.

>> No.9508163

Fair enough.

... I'm not? There was some super mild criticism about excluding minors on a day some comms find significant and then criticism of weird gas-lighting tactics. Your projecting your own rage is pretty embarrassing. No one is mad here but you. I really don't have any stock in this other than "it would be considered rude in my comm".

>> No.9508167
File: 117 KB, 540x540, 1493583716374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you!

>> No.9508172

Indiana EGL on Facebook, the comm seems pretty active. I went to one of their meetups, they're fun but a bit younger than my friends and I. Most of the meets are Indianapolis or Bloomington

>> No.9508176

>Mfw I'd have to sit in the corner wearing Meta alone

I have a couple AP dresses but I can't stand the way they fit me (short and high waisted)

>> No.9508177

If this is the event I think it is come on. That's legit the price they charge at that venue and there is always a minimum for something like this.
Regardless if you don't like shit fucking do something yourself. Kick the comms ass into gear by planning something yourself instead of whining like a poorfag.

>> No.9508186

Which part of Indiana are you going to? The north Indiana lolitas are a part of the Chicago comm so you may be able to visit both.

>> No.9508248

>thinks daily lolitas are attention whores
>wears lolita casually for attention
>"now I understand"
Please stop projecting.

>> No.9508369


The point was that I'd much rather have attention from girls than guys. Not sure what you're upset about but I'm into it.

>> No.9508375

I just wrote a three page report to prove a bitch wrong about what she thinks her comm wants for their fashion show next month.
She insisted that her comm doesn't mind having replicas on stage and told me that my disdain was 'just one opinion'. A survey and detailed report claim otherwise.

>> No.9508376

Not upset, just asking you to stop making assumptions about other people's motives.

>> No.9508382

Damn, I'd love to read this essay!

>> No.9508394

Not sure if you're acting stupid on purpose but that was the entire point of my post. I was making assumptions about others that were then fixed.

>> No.9508402

It's a stupidly simple report, so don't expect a stellar saltfest, but here you go: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hSZHmo0GZGKrH6OjOkcPZm3L-kVvkBrkyUJZJblaBzg/edit?usp=sharing

>> No.9508447

I love you, Quantitative Lolita Anon

>> No.9508526

>I got positive attention from girls
>I now understand why people bother wearing lolita daily
>implying everyone wears it for attention like you

>> No.9508539

Holy shit anon
That level of effort looks pretty salty to me
You're a legend

>> No.9508555

Some people wear it for attention, sorry to blow your fucking mind that this place is full of 100% purists

>> No.9508558 [DELETED] 


...It seems like depending on the circumstance, 30-40% of your comm is in favor of replicas? That's a pretty large amount imo.

>> No.9508561

I read it really fast so I might be wrong but it seems like 30-40% of your comm is in favor of replicas depending on the circumstance? That seems like a lot, how big is the comm?

>> No.9508636

Don't forget that we were all clearly jealous of her amazing tits!

>> No.9508806

Both comms who responded have 100 members on Facebook each, with quite a bit of crossover because we're close. I'd guess there are about 25 members of Comm A in Comm B, and vice versa, so each comm may only have about 75-80 unique people.

>> No.9508897

Most people don't. I know cosplay is at a point where people make money off of attention, and do cosplays of things they don't like so they can get more facebook likes, and there are a lot of cosplayers here.. but lolita is not like that. Most lolitas complain about getting attention. Like sorry to burst your bubble lifestylers don't do it for attention?

>> No.9508961

Late, but thanks. I'll be around Valparaiso, and we're going to be visiting Chicago a few times.

>> No.9509055
File: 187 KB, 1365x2048, sadcracker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope she can be convinced not to let replicas end up on the runway. But sadly, it looks like her friends who aren't even lolitas are "defending" her from us "bullies". It's just a bad idea all around to expose newbies to the concept of replicas, and giving a really poor impression of our city's comm.

>> No.9509221

Woah, that's like, 10 minutes from where I live. Most of the Indiana comm is about 3 hours south of Valpo, and Chicago is of course about an hour away, so if you'd want to meet up/have something set up for the few north Indiana lolitas there are, then feel free to message me! Chicago comm is going to be your best bet, but if you can visit both then that's great.

>> No.9509259

Sent you an e-mail!

>> No.9509403

Oh, you saw the vague post about me?
I'm very surprised that she's gone and started shit outside of our private conversation, since she knows I have some pretty damning evidence against her and could get her kicked out of the comm...
Ageplayers who can't hide their fetish profiles are so dumb, for real.

>> No.9509412

So she's an ageplayer AND a replica chan?

>> No.9509438 [DELETED] 
File: 486 KB, 1156x634, Screenshot 2017-04-05 00.29.10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9509451
File: 590 KB, 1506x1284, Screenshot 2017-06-05 19.54.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9509460

>reliving my childhood
So this nasty ita wishes they were molested or what? I will never understand ageplayers.

>> No.9509521

I sent a request to join a comm on FB around a week ago because I'll be in the area for vacation this summer. I hadn't heard back from them, so a couple days later, I sent a message to the group admin explaining my situation and asking to join the comm. I still haven't heard back from anyone since. Should I be concerned? There's not a lot of people in the comm, and I don't know anyone in it, either.

>> No.9509529

Someday I aspire to be as catty an autist as you, report-anon.

>> No.9509701

>There's not a lot of people in the comm, and I don't know anyone in it, either.
There's your answer. Small comms usuallu have a stricter screening process from what I've gathered

>> No.9509707

Not in this comm but
>her friends who aren't even lolitas are "defending" her from us "bullies"
This is my biggest fucking pet peeve. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with it.


>> No.9509715
File: 75 KB, 451x599, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm sorry you guys have to deal with it.
It's unfortunate. I actually had no idea about any of this drama or ageplay stuff, and was trying to come from a place of logic when explaining why replicas were a bad idea, but she wouldn't acknowledge anything except the emotional whiteknighting from someone who didn't wear lolita at all. Constructive advice falling on deaf ears. Apparently she's running 9 panels. NINE. It would not hurt to leave this one in the hands of your capable comm, who clearly have a more genuine interest in the fashion beyond an ageplay costume.

>> No.9509751

You would have had to have a profile to find that though.

>> No.9509813

Stop bullying her with logic anon don't you know you're supposed to be a lovly???

>> No.9510082

I don't believe a con would let 1 person run 9 panels. Even 3 is too much for 1 person to handle.

>> No.9510106

The person is friends with the heads of the con and has been running that many panels for years.

>> No.9510107
File: 82 KB, 569x466, 1494545618682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Different anon, sadly our comm usually can't be assed to make meets, much less an actual fashion show, so if this person wasn't doing it there's no way it would get done.

>> No.9510117
File: 108 KB, 600x808, sigh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

>> No.9510118

Why not work together to host things like events and fashion shows rather than put it onto one person? It's easier and you're more likely to get stuff done.

>> No.9510129

The same girl hosted the event last year, and she's determined to do it again. She brings up the progress of the fashion show at least once a meet, and none of us would want to take away from her or step on her toes, because they're probably as fragile as eggshells. Last year wasn't so great, but it was mostly an issue with the venue. (Small room, not enough seats, no proper changeroom) I am afraid to ask, but I'm worried in the year of planning and constantly discussing this event hasn't she bothered to get a projector or anything to make it a step up from a basic panel.

>> No.9510187

its 9 panels between 2 conventions, it what it sounded like

>> No.9510260

That doesn't make sense. I've been accepted into visiting comms before. This particular one, however, doesn't have any sort of information publicly available when it comes to joining guidelines, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I also have public photos of me in lolita on my Facebook account as well, so it's not like I'm going to get rejected for lack of proof.

>> No.9510390

Are you sure the comm is active? Is it definitely the only one in the area? Where are you going?

>> No.9510555

It's definitely 9 panels between 2 conventions. She brings it up all the time. She thinks these panels are super loved, but I know a lot of people who specifically avoid them and wish she would stop running them so they could run something better.

>> No.9510564

Her panels are always cringefests. I really wish she'd stop or just stick to one panel a con.

>> No.9510621

I'm pretty sure one of the conventions allows for panel feedback, doesn't it? Maybe it's time to start leaving some? Still can't believe the kind of monopoly she has though

>> No.9510687

Does anyone record any of these panels?

>> No.9510693

I've been leaving feedback for the past couple years. Maybe it's time to start rallying more people to do so. I know she got a ton of it last year from her god awful crossplay pageant. It was the most cringey thing I've ever experienced.

>> No.9510713

Presenter in black is the host.

>> No.9510733

I'm trying to join the Hawaii comm, and from the looks of things, it seems that I'm not the only person asking to join as a visiting lolita.

>> No.9510802

holy fuck I'm so glad I decided not to dress up with a few friends and have a fancy ILD in the city, don't want people to assume I'm one of these cringy fucks. Cute aristo/goth in the far left, I will rescue youuuu

>> No.9510857

So ILD's over... how was yours?

My comm had a giant tea party, it was nice although kind of warm and crowded. Great venue and a giant raffle. Overall a nice way to spend my afternoon.

>> No.9510858

It was nice. My coord got a good reception and I met some new people. Wish I could have caught up with old friends more but they were busy. We had a huge raffle too with some good shit instead of a hundred lame buttons someone made with pseudo kawaii art.

>> No.9510873

I ended up just hanging with the in-laws in very toned down classic. My comm didn't do anything official, but there's pictures floating around of a 10+ "just friends hanging out" non-meetup that I clearly wasn't invited to. Kinda hurts my feeling to be honest but oh well.

>> No.9510921
File: 697 KB, 250x188, get2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comm mod wholeheartedly recommends Lockshop to clueless newbie
>another girl in comm is currently whining about a 10 day old secret for which she would have to have scrolled past countless screenshots of Nina being shady
>completely ignores those in favor of "some1 dint like my friend's coord :("
My comm's never going to kick that scammer out, are we?

>> No.9511212

Anyone attend the LA event? How was it? I live in the area but I'm pretty lonelita so I didnt attend

>> No.9512034

Then host tiny meetups?

>> No.9512062

It was good

>> No.9512066

This is so fucking cringy. Im so sad for your comm.

>> No.9512086

The LA ILD event was fun! You should consider coming to the winter event. This was my first ILD (been to other meetups but ILDs just never fit my schedule) and I'm glad I attended. Everybody dressed to the nines and there were tons of raffle items -- as in they ran out of time to finish the raffle and had to go overtime on the venue rental. I think the venue actually turned off the AC to try to kick us out. They'll probably post pics on the event page soon, so you should check those out if you want to get a better idea of the tea party.

>> No.9512188

Hostchan sounds like kermit fucked a charlie brown mom and had a baby

>> No.9512453

If Lockshop is so bad why do people still buy from them?

>> No.9512903

There’s a lolita who uses the fb comm page to ask stupid questions. She’s so entitled that she expects others to spoonfeed her. It’s usually “insert pic of dress” Omg this is cute uwu where can I buy this ? “ and “ I don’t Taobao.” Hello, what’s google for?
When a kind member helps her, she doesn’t thank them. It doesn’t take long to type out a thank you to reply. She’s not even a newbie, she’s been in the comm for almost two years. It’s not hard to show some humility.

>> No.9513294

It's hilarious that she tagged another mod saying "please see this" when she was disrespecting a mod to begin with.

>> No.9513328

can't wait to see her next youtube video about what meanies the comm is !

>> No.9513347

What a hoot. She even dared to say it's ok to not thank people because 'oh I'm too busy to'. It takes 3 seconds to type thank you, and a whole hour to try and defend yourself when people point out how absurd the reasoning is.

>> No.9513350
File: 90 KB, 640x631, IMG_0771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh look and she posted this. Please girl. We all know who's the real butthurt person. (Spoiler: It's you)

>> No.9513355

I love how our comm isn't that active but has moments of gold like this.

>> No.9513356

Is it weird to really enjoy running a comm? Community is a big part of the fashion for me and I really love setting up events, even smaller meets and seeing people enjoying themselves (and enjoying myself too). I love seeing shy members come out of their shell and even host small meets themselves, newbies making friends and improving together, hosting visitors from other comms, and watching the community grow into something everyone can enjoy. I spend a lot of time putting meets together and planning new things we've never done before.

It used to be very hard to get people to even show up a few years ago, so maybe it's still new and exciting to have people really interested and enjoying the community.

>> No.9513362

Not weird at all. I'm actually a bit jealous because I've grown weary from my comm with the needy newbies and drama mongers but I still feel like this sometimes because I do genuinely want to contribute to the group and see it grow and thrive.
Embrace your good feels, anon, enjoying your role as a mod is a huge part of the "job".

>> No.9513385


and then block them...
I came to see if this had been posted. I'd hardly spoken to her and had nothing major against her. Talk about defensive. No loss, I guess.

>> No.9513387

Does anyone have a link to the community doc? With summer holidays creeping up and people going on vacation it'd be good to have the resource at hand if people are trying to find local comms to visit!

>> No.9513395

Wait nevermind I found it. Can we start linking this in the OP post again?

>> No.9513423

She blocked you ? That's real butthurt. Over being called out on her selfish and childish behaviour. I hope her kid isn't raised without manners like she was.

>> No.9513433

Yeah, even for one comment. She blocked everyone on the post. I couldn't believe it. Nobody said anything particularly inflammatory so it's pretty hilarious to me. Strange lady.

>> No.9513497

It's a hit and miss with her. You get good wigs then you get shit wigs.

>> No.9513628

>if you get a wig at all

>> No.9513690

That's essentially what I do with my friends. But then it's not really a meetup, is it?

>> No.9513702

Or you get nothing and she blocks you on social media.

>> No.9513717

People keep saying this is happening but I've never seen solid proof. I really like one of the wigs they have atm but if my money could go to better people I'd like to know it for sure.

>> No.9513744

I'm moving to Vegas later this year, but I've never heard anything about the comm. Anybody know what they're like?

>> No.9513792

>solid proof
Are you new? There's been plenty of proof posted. There's even an Anon going around collecting proof. Contact her if you really need more, but seriously just look in the archives.

>> No.9513808

are you in texas?

>> No.9513834

wow and she was the one calling everyone sensitive. All she had to do was type thank you instead of playing the victim.

>> No.9513868

God you sound adorable. Your comm is very lucky to have you.

>> No.9513877

DC comm? I'm in not-quite-NOVA and i've been out of state for years. Is this comm still fragmented into multiple competing groups or has drama died down?

>> No.9513963

You can host meetups that aren't huge that are open to new folks. Just put out there that youre doing dinner at a cafe, or a low key who wants to go to the arboretum and take pictures. Not everything has to be a High Tea or have raffle prizes, coord contests and speeches....

Just meet up and hang out with folks and be kind.

>> No.9513968
File: 263 KB, 600x753, 1495407272826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its calmed down a lot. Everyone's pretty chill now other then the occasional girl with a parasol up her butt. Most of the salty trouble makers have moved or gone dormant from getting too fat for their dresses.

There's a big flux of events happening from PA to NOVA now too, so if you're ok with a drive, there's usually several things a month going on.

>> No.9514208
File: 270 KB, 1536x2048, 55eba74294e5bloli_in_pink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the same person?

>> No.9514214


>> No.9514219

It was pretty fun! Awesome raffle (didn't win anything though *tear*) but it was hot. Everytime something is held at that venue, it's always way too warm.

>> No.9514315

I have heard of plenty of comms where planning competing events is frowned upon. It was all over the cupcakes & couture post. I would say, "hey, I cant make that event- how about a daytime activity too".

>> No.9514323

This sounds like china. What we (americans) have made fun of we've become.

>> No.9514354

Yeah, our comm had to outright introduce a rule not to plan meetups on the same day because we had a member try to outright ruin someone else's meetup by setting one up on the same day. Of course, we have exceptions - if there's an event with limited seating/RSVP the mods would probably approve it so the people who couldn't get in can go do something else.

Idk about the climate of the comm in question but I would hope that the mods are at the very least approachable enough that in the future the members who were excluded feel comfortable enough to ask them about other options. Personally, I wouldn't want to put members in that position, because as in >>9504434, for our comm ILD is a time new members gather the courage to come hang out for the first time. I just get excited about babby members learning about lolita and coming out to meets so I wouldn't want to discourage them. Anytime else, capped and "exclusionary" meets are fair game.

>> No.9514769

Former Vegas lolita here. Vegas comm is mediocre at best now. Most of the decently dressed people moved out a long time ago. Save yourself the trouble.

>> No.9514772

> inb4 "but chlamydia-chan!!1"
Isaki left/was kicked out a long time ago.

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