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Previous thread: >>9473878

Please keep this on topic about the event and the goings-on about it.
No real names and blurr out all facebook names to avoid getting this banned.
We need civility to a certain degree.

Some girls have started to file Paypal claims, if you are willing, it's highly suggested you do so as well

Just to recap what happened:
>Mini convention in Florida
>$80-$150 ticket prize
>claimed to be a "catered" event
>"catered food" includes plate of starbursts, devil dogs, and packaged children's snacks.
>"Outside catering company" turns out to be B-chan with a fake company.
>dress code but allowed her friends in dressed like itas/goths
>same friends were "VIP" and had triple the amount of raffle tickets everyone else had
>as a result her friends won half the raffle prizes.
>ran out of their shitty food and sugar for the tea
>Ran out of hot water as well. (which we all had to walk across the room to get ourselves)
>no milk, honey, cream, or ANYTHING for the tea
>Mimosas promised for VIP, but only part of the VIP got mimosas.

>Lors Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHdlyC96klA

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>"plate & cup table settings rentals"
Yo where the fuck do they make you rent plastic spoons and plates

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The Dashcon of lolita teaparties? Was there a ballpit?

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>that sad plate of starbursts
I love nothing more than failed convention stories

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people don't understand how much work goes into organizing an event like this. i'd like to see you do a better job

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I organize events better than this in my tiny apartment kitchen for myself.

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I could get some Bisquick and bake better food myself for the same price as those fucking packs of starburst. There's no fucking excuse.

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>for myself
not really 'an event like this' is it?

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well my post was a joke but what my post was implying is that anyone can organize and prepare catering better than what was put out and paid for at that "con". With 30 dollars worth of walmart or kmart baking pans and 20 dollars worth of baking supplies I and anyone with google can bake enough cakes and treats for 20 people that would look much better than what was put out.

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Where's Choke? I want her to chime in about this clusterfuck. I bet she can divulge some information about this event.

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Not to mention, B-chan has a history of running small tea parties and events. You'd think someone who boasts experience in this might actually try to learn from past mistakes and do a good job. But I guess that's all you can expect from someone who can't even run small events successfully and proceeds to blame everyone else for not "working hard enough" while she sits on her ass after arriving an hour late

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No, but there were belly dancers.

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They looked like sweaty ravers

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I don't know if you're B-chan or one of her friends, but you guys seriously need to learn to stop responding in these threads, especially since the only defense you keep throwing out is "event organizing is hard :(((". If it's too difficult for you don't fucking do it, no one is going to feel bad for you for charging money for a substandard event and you're making yourself look worse.

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I was surprised to not see anyone kicking up a fuss about Lockshop being there what with all the "quality fuckups" and everything anons were claiming at one point.

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Filing Paypal claims is just going to discourage anyone from attempting to organize something in the future.

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exactly, it will discourage B-chan from organizing something in the future. no loss.

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it's not healthy for her to spend too much time on her feet. if you want everything to run perfect maybe offer to help out next time?

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>it's not healthy for her to spend too much time on her feet.

If the whale lost some weight, she'd be able to stand up better. Also if she's too fat too run around and take care of the guests paying money to be there- perhaps she should have brought more staff.

there is literally no excuse for things going as badly as they did. either get better, or dont host anymore large events.

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How is it still not getting through to you that if you're not suited for running events, you shouldn't try to run them? This is the weirdest entitlement I've ever seen. "Oh I'm too fat to work that hard" okay? Lose weight or don't try to organize things

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why do people become so entitled just because they paid a bit of money? if you can see someone is struggling help them

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It's not healthy for her to spend too much time OFF her feet. She's a hamplanet for a reason.

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"a bit"
80-150 dollars is a "a bit"

>> No.9487370

>a bit of money
Yeah, people definitely paid $100 to be B-chan's impromptu free labor while she sat on her massive ass and whined. Not like more volunteers day of would've solved the fact that the catering was a scam anyway, kek

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it's not my fault you're poor

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it's not her fault you're poor

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Hahaha, holy shit. B-chan lurking confirmed.

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Not surprising. The initial thread was likely started by her too.

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This bitch is a confirmed drama whore, who most certainly started the first thread herself. Assume any and all white knighting is her and her shitty bodyline whale herd. She spends a fuck ton of time on /cgl/ and has started drama here before.

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Omg this is beautiful, she's such a dumbass. B-chan, seriously, every post you make here is making it a little less likely that anyone will ever come to one of your events again, and a little more likely that attendees will be angry enough to go through with filing paypal claims. You need to stop being such an entitled bitch and start doing damage control

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What pains me the most is that I /know/ I can do better than this. I'm not a lolita and I'm not close with anyone in the community, so the opportunity may never arise. But I know I can do better with the small experience I have from helping set up family gatherings several times a year. If I were to be put in charge of a gathering with no prior experience (which B-chan actually does have), what would I do? ASK PEOPLE. Ask people for advice and tips on what to do to help things run smoothly and implement as much as you reasonably are able to. This event had 50+ people and you can expect the community to tear into you if you do abysmally bad, so why the hell would you want to be lazy about it and not properly prep for it?

For catering, I'd save on costs by making as much the food I can by myself and maybe ask a few friends and family members to help me out. I'd bake cakes, croissants, scones, etc the day prior. Wake up early and make tea sandwiches the morning of. Mimosas is made up of 1:1 orange juice and dry sparkling wine stirred together; it's so fucking easy to make that it's laughable. Recipes are on Google -- literally one click away.

Rent good tableware (plates, cups, teapots, spoons, forks) from an actual catering company and NOT B-chan's fake catering company that I can only imagine she set up so that she could pocket the "catering costs" of going to the nearest Kmart to pick up plastic spoons, Skittles, powdered donuts, and Starburst. Shop around and get quotes from surrounding catering companies so that you save on money. Stock up on tea things like honey, sugar, etc. so that there's more than enough to last the tea party. People are paying anywhere between $80-$150 each to be there so it better be worthwhile. Keep the room blocked off from outsiders so that they don't wander in and take pictures of your attendees, causing them discomfort.


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Have a reasonable schedule. Have a reasonable plan B for the schedule. Someone said that the plan had the guests do a Q&A for 3 hours (or was it 6 hours?). That's obviously too much. 1-2 hours of Q&A each is a lot for guest and would wear on them. Not that it mattered much since B-chan cancelled the Q&A and said that it was fine since the guests were mingling with the crowd on the floor.

Show up early and not an hour late like B-chan did. The venue would ideally have two rooms so that one could doing setup while the other has the attendees sitting comfortably. Do the setup as early and as quick as possible so that people are left wandering outside the venue for an hour while prep happens. For this reason, I'd employ 15-20 volunteers. Get friends or family members to join in and loan them coords if they aren't in the fashion. Don't shit-talk the people around you constantly like B-chan so that you actually have a fair amount of people who'd want to help out. Have a reasonable budget plan and don't invite international guests if the costs don't fit the budget.

B-chan. I know you're reading this. Take notes, and maybe you can salvage your dirt reputation next year. I want the lolita community to succeed and to have fantastic tea parties. Criticism is necessary for progress.

Sage for rant/planning/blogging.


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This looks worse than what the ladies at my church put out every Sunday for free. Planning a good event is difficult, but charging $80+ for shit and lying about details is unacceptable.

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I've done a better job with much smaller budgets; I call bullshit.

>> No.9487421

i'm not her i just realized it didn't make sense to refer to myself

>> No.9487427

Ok B-chan ;)

>> No.9487434

>I'm not a lolita and I'm not close with anyone in the community
>irrationally invested in this

>> No.9487445

When you're organizing events you have to be either good enough with people to run an efficient team, or at least not actively alienate everyone you're trying to work with, or active and on top of things enough to get shit done by yourself. I've been confused by all these 'event planning is hard' comments from B-chan because I've planned similar size events before for my college sports team, never with significant problems, but I think that's where it's coming from. It sounds like B-chan wasn't willing to ask for help, pushed away the few helpers she did have by talking shit about them and making impossible demands, and then also wanted to sit around and not do much, and was surprised when it ended up being a disaster.

Of course, the other important thing an event organizer should have is a drive to see their event succeed. I can't imagine feeling good about putting on something so poor quality, and even saying you're going to do more events while ignoring criticism. Mean, lazy, and apathetic is not a winning combination. Sage for blog post, sorry

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Same. I could make coffee cake, strawberry shortcakes, tea cakes, and probably some petits fours with a box of Bisquick.

It's not hard.

>> No.9487466

Does anybody have pics of these supposed belly dancers?

>> No.9487468

UK anon here.
what the fuck is biquick

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File: 529 KB, 1865x790, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

US anon here, I didn't even know what it was before I googled it.

>> No.9487476

Are some people really this lazy that they can't combine a handful of ingredients together themselves. Yuck.

>> No.9487477

reminds me of security guard san

>> No.9487478

Umm, no?
If I spent 80 dollars on food at a restaurant, I wouldn't get up and help the wait staff if they sucked. I'd ask for my money back, because I spend 80 dollars. Especially if I saw said wait staff just sitting around doing nothing because she's obese.

>> No.9487535

Even if that were true, your failed attempt at white-knighting just inadvertently made us respect her even less than before. Time to put down the shield and let her own up to the consequences.

>> No.9487543


She looks deconditioned - most obese people are. She needs to move around to make herself feel better. I bet her doctor told her this millions of times but she won't listen and will keep stuffing her face full of carbs and fats and insists her CPS is keeping her from doing anything. There being literally dozens of solutions for hamplanet exercise and conditioning.

>> No.9487560

Seconding this

>> No.9487567

Lol the comments section for Lor's video

>> No.9487571


Look up Lor's video. She has a short film segment of the 'intermission' dancers.

>> No.9487573

What are the chances of ScarfingScarves mentioning this?

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Those were supposed to be belly dancers?

>> No.9487582


Donate to her Patreon.

>> No.9487594

I'm blind and my laptop has no sound. Can anybody direct me to a specific timeframe?

>> No.9487600

Don't worry about sound, it's a sped up montage.

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>plate of just starburst

fucking iconic

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Nah,Catering for an event isn't hard. I've done more assisting my aunt's catering business.
Simple starting estimates based off of ticket sales, controlling your "possibly lazy" staff, and having decent runners for stock. It's all timing and control with q/q (quality/quantity based on budget)

Hell there are books for dummies on this subject.

It could have been done at a faction of that price

>> No.9487614

I stopped donating when she couldn't keep up to her promises. I would have gladly continued if she couls have figured out a working schecule. Still hoping she will pick up though.

>> No.9487620

Is it bad of me that how much of a shitshow this was and how bored Nunu looks sat in the back while the organizer was a no-show makes me feel smug about how much better the TPC events were?

>> No.9487630

You can't really compare them, the TPC is a well-established community and has been running events for years.

>> No.9487668

>as a result her friends won half the raffle prizes.
Los said in her video almost everyone won something tho, can anyone who attended confirm?

>> No.9487680

yeah that's why some people make money off of doing it for other people.

>> No.9487703

Everyone "won" a haenuli artbook because Nunu brought a ton of them. All the good prizes (actual items, tights, etc) were won by her friends.

>> No.9487721

So the wa ita (looked like an eBay dress) at 5:11 in Lor's vid was an organizer's friend?

>> No.9487727

Actually no, she was a vendor, and she gave up the haenuli dress lol. I forgot who won it after that.

But the pigtailed nobra ita won like 4 times and so did the girl in the HL replica (both her friends.)

>> No.9487729

OP mentions a dress code? Any more info on that? Just looking at Lors video it seems like a lot of people were well dressed, and the girls hanging out with the organiser looked
not great

>> No.9487746

A video of the full fashion show was posted today, if anyone's interested. Nothing too remarkable/cringey, posing was kind of awkward but a lot of the models looked really cute

>> No.9487750

From the website's FAQ:
Q: "My friend/significant other/myself want to attend your conference but we don't own anything from Lolita fashion, can we still attend?"
A: "Yes, anyone who purchases a ticket can attend. Only attendees who purchased a VIP are required to wear Lolita specific attire.
Other than Lolita attire, any Japanese Street Fashion/Alternative clothes may be worn. Dress code for this event is: No jeans or casual pants, no T-shirts, no sneakers, no flipflops or casual shoes, no clothes that would be torn, dirty or damaged."

>> No.9487769

That's a really confusing dresscode considering that there are plenty of sneakers and T-shirts fall under the Jfash umbrella and there was a jfashion brand in the fashion show selling printed T-shirts. They should have made it clearer and specified whether T-shirts/sneakers are okay in fairy kei or not okay at all.

>> No.9487774

There's some good suggestions in here but you definitely can not bring handmade food into a rented space! I've never worked with a venue that allowed this due to food and beverage regulations. It kind of sounds like she tried to save money by making things, realized it had to come from a legit company so tried to set one up, then ended up wasting a bunch more money because venues almost always charge a huge fee if you're not using them or their approved list to cater.

>> No.9487777

I've honestly never heard of this.
I've helped bake foods for a family function at a rented place for somebody's anniversary.

>> No.9487780

That just goes back to the basic idea that if you can't afford a legit catering service that justifies an $80 ticket price, you shouldn't be hosting an event in the first place.

>> No.9487781

They definetely let her bring whatever considering the brought in pre-packaged food from walmart lol.

>> No.9487782

Some places I've found let you bring your own food, but they're usually places like churches, museums, universities, etc. Places that don't already have an in house catering service. Places like hotels, restaurants, other wedding event spaces either insist you use their catering or bring in from a list of approved caterers

>> No.9487799

Please tell me you submitted this to BtB for next week

>> No.9487814

Look I'm just saying if B-chan was restricted by rules saying "no homemade food, catered food only" like some are suggesting then she still had no excuse.

Food list:
>cheap candy
>$1 vending machine snacks
>cheap baked goods
>made her own drinks but couldn't supply enough
>couldn't supply enough tea stuff

How fucking hard is it to go buy some party sized assorted cheesecakes and some refridged macarons or at least some fucking ferrero rocher instead of starbursts and skittles and FORTUNE COOKIES?!?

This bitch raided the Halloween candy aisle, a vending machine, and a fucking Chinese restaurant to feed people who paid $80-150 expecting a catered meal.

She made up her own catering company, she could have made food and called it catered to get around any 'no handmade' food rules but instead she went cheap to pocket the cash.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the 'catering' to be that shitty. You can whiteknight the rest of the event all you want as "Waah she's unable to stand/work too hard, you should have helped!" but you can't whiteknight the catering because seriously, are you going to suggest people should have gone elsewhere for a meal or offered to chip in and bring food?

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>This bitch raided the Halloween candy aisle, a vending machine, and a fucking Chinese restaurant to feed people who paid $80-150 expecting a catered meal.
my sides anon, ily

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File: 141 KB, 471x400, 1478984190543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and a fucking Chinese restaurant

>> No.9487855

Most normal people only use it for pancakes, it's a single mom's favored choice
> 'i could have done better using cheap premixed crap'
..is how that post should read to you

>> No.9487895

i use it solely for soup dumpling and its the best comfort/sick food

>> No.9488186


That wa-ita girl gave up the dress because it wouldn't fit her. Ironically enough, the next girl that won it wouldn't have been able to fit it either but took it anyway like what the actual fuck

>> No.9488195

Jfc. I give better customer service at Starbucks from the sounds of it. Holy shit. Im not a lolita, but I am all for fucking customer service and I love the industry. I also used to be a baker/cake decorator for 3 years. Hot damn. I couldve thrown a better event, for cheaper, in my damn small kitchen.

>> No.9488201

I can understand where anon is coming from. I saw food and was like "Oh! Thread about cakes! I used to make cakes in a super cute bakery for 3 years!" Then I realized what the thread was about. As someone in customer service, it really rustles my jimmies to see someone taking advantage of others, especially people who are into lolita like some of my friends, and fucking them over with such a shitty organized 'party'. Its insulting.

>> No.9488211

I've only baked traditional cakes, muffins and occasionally cupcakes... but i'm sure i can do better than OP's image.

Honestly my fantasy is to have a little coffeeshop/nerdspace that has occasional weeb/lolita events.

>> No.9488239

She probably took it to sell it

>> No.9488258

This anon is correct. I've been working conventions for years.

Did your family charge the attendees to be there? The issue comes into play when people pay to attend.

Because prepackaged food does not break any Heath violations. Venues can have restrictions on top of that which leads to using specific catering companies but if you are selling seats at an event with food the food has to meet certain requirements. Most states have rules against home kitchens.

>> No.9488270

Didn't that guy in the tartan skirt win two of the same item? I can't remember what it was but I remember expecting him to give something up, then when he didn't, I remembered he had a table in the vendors area where he was selling secondhand clothes lol....

>> No.9488286

>prepackaged food does not break any Heath violations
Even so she claimed had hired a catering company and instead of actually hiring one that could comply with the rules of the venue, she made one up and served the cheapest prepackaged food she could find. That's cheap on top of cheap and there's no reason for it other than to pocket the money for herself.

>> No.9488288

I'm not trying to justify what she did. It's very clear she is either terrible at planning or just misleading people. I'm just trying to explain why you can't make the food yourself which seems like a popular alternative in this thread.

>> No.9488289

Yes he won the two sets of Haenuli Headbow and Tights.

>> No.9488292

Ah. My bad then! I understand where you're coming from but a lot of lolitas doing meets make their own foods so I can see their mindset on the matter, especially when I don't think anyone really knows what rules the venue has on food? We're just going off of "Well most venues ___"

>> No.9488307

A note on the raffle tickets, she didn't give her friends extras, she allowed people to buy extra tickets - so her friends bought all those tickets. Yes she was really grubbing for more money day of the shit show

>> No.9488309

>Did your family charge the attendees to be there? The issue comes into play when people pay to attend.

I feel like you could probably get away with this if you referred to it as a "mandatory donation" or something, instead of a ticket.

>> No.9488311

I host some of my comm's events that range from 30-60 people. I set everything up, take care of all the food and drinks, and I do everything by myself. Even the first large event took time to organize but it wasn't a shit show like this.

>> No.9488323

How did you do it all on your own anon? Do you have a checklist of things you go through? I'd be so overwhelmed without help!

>> No.9488328

No, because at least where I live, it's seen as rude to make guests pay for an event for anniversaries/weddings/christenings/funerals/etc

>> No.9488330

To follow up, we pay for everything. I'm pretty sure part of the cost covers an insurance if anything goes wrong with a guest.

>> No.9488341

Even if she had to buy prepackaged items because of the venue/budget reasons, there's nicer things available at low price points.
What she got for us to eat was fucking disgusting. It was 80% junkfood and that's all we got to eat until like 6-7PM lol.

>> No.9488343

80% junkfood is probably her regular diet. She doesn't know any better.

>> No.9488362

That's not an excuse. Has she been to a lolita meet before?? It's pretty clear that higher quality food is the norm

>> No.9488401

I was just making fun of her weight.

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I'm a little late to this party but I got a screenshot from the video in the last thread and couldn't stop giggling.


>> No.9489190

Maybe they shouldn't have wasted time and money hiring belly dancers for an event that had absolutely nothing to do with them. But who cares, you're probably just baiting anyways

>> No.9489251

That screen cap pretty much sums up the event

>> No.9489397

And that's why you have no right to talk in regards to paid events. When you charge someone to attend an event and serve homemade food, you're basically selling food without a license.

>> No.9489401
File: 84 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_2017-05-22-21-27-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did any of you fill out the survey? Im not going to any more of her events but curious to see if she'll really take any criticism to heart

>> No.9490303

in a group of three people ive cooked meals in a few hours cooked and fed ~120 people theres no excuse to be serving that shit with 80$ tickets

>> No.9490317

I still have a right to complain, sugar tits.

>> No.9490329

You know what ? I will just put in my two cents about rushed among other excuses etc. She could have gotten many a delicious and affordable snack option if she had gone to costco or something. If you had to have food that wasn't hand made Costco or hell your local grocery store could have been affordable and done well.
Aussie bites. Usually 3 -7 dollars for 32
Cran orange scones..9 per packet and god they're amazing
A veggie platter
And some excellent spreads or cheeses .. something for 20-50 people where they paid so much... I don't know all of whatever the budget rundown was but I would call for an audit. Everyone who was there deserved so much more

>> No.9490332

First girl's poses are making me cringe so hard.

>> No.9490349

Am I the only one disgusted by the fact that Lor signed autographs for other Lolitas?

>> No.9490369

I assume they asked her to in which case it's not disgusting. It's not like she set up a signing booth, is it?

>> No.9490374

Some people seriously look up to her. If they do, then let them do whatever.

>> No.9490382

Not at all. Those people asked her to, did you expect her to refuse? It's not like she had a table, a queue and was charging $15 an autograph.

>> No.9490435

It's poetic how closely a plate of starburst resembles a half deflated ball pit.

>> No.9490464

Seriously. Literally those raspberry/walnut cream cheese logs with crackers are so delicious, and not more than 4 dollars, and could be one for each table. There is no excuses for having freaking starbursts considered part of a meal.

>> No.9490474


>> No.9490479
File: 373 KB, 600x489, Trin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9490501


those fatasses prolly wouldnt have charged more than a tenner per hour

>> No.9490509

Then don't run an event so badly people demand their money back.

>> No.9490516

Then as the event coordinator she should have fucking worked around that or chosen a different fucking venue. Her incompetence turns my blood into salt

>> No.9490644

>Filing Paypal claims is just going to discourage anyone from attempting to organize something in the future.

More like it'll discourage them from lying and putting on a shit show of an event. I hope that B-chan is ashamed because just looking at these pics is making me die from secondhand embarrassment.

Do a good job, or don't do it at all.

>> No.9490655

it would be cool if lolitas had signature books they took to events and asked their senpais and friends to sign. it would be a cute, tangible memento and something to use all them stickers on

>> No.9490656


>> No.9490675

I do this for meets I host, like a guest book that I ask everyone to sign. I love it, few things make me happier than hosting parties and cute clothes so the book is a great reminder for that!

>> No.9490677

cursed image

>> No.9490686

Can we as /cgl/ try to figure out how great of an event we could have made with B-chan's budget?

If she sold each of the tickets for $80 - $150, how much would she have made? What were the ticket classes exactly and how many went? It was standard and VIP right?

>> No.9490697
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I had to do it. The internet forced me to.

>> No.9490704

Wrong image?

>> No.9490707

look closer.

>> No.9490719

Some cute parfaits could have been assembled after arriving. Just get some plastic clear cups and layer prepackaged pudding, cake or cookie bits and slices, frozen fruit thawed out into a sauce, some whipped cream and top it with some cocoa powder or even hot chocolate mix and add a wafer cookie as some kind of decoration. I can think of 50 other ideas, more if they had a microwave available

>> No.9490722

I regret being blind. I just shit myself laughing, anon.

>> No.9490749

Holy fuck anon I love you so much.

>> No.9490752

You are a blessing anon. I can't stop cackling

>> No.9490760

Everyone agrees anything from Florida is a fucking train wreck right? I wish we could just cut Florida off of the US already.

>> No.9490763

Fyre was not for weebs, use the "ice rink" from AM instead

>> No.9490769

Wait I dont see it...

>> No.9490771

pics of it?
I feel like fyre was more noteworthy.

Besides, it's like one for weebs, one for frilly weebs, and one for normies.

>> No.9490773

Hell, I wouldve brought my damn mini fridge just to store stuff like whipped cream. That's FREE. You're welcome. I throw better dinner time meals for my cats.

>> No.9490774

Look in the skittles jar.

>> No.9490779


>> No.9490829
File: 1.10 MB, 2000x2000, 1495594211844 cbt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While making this, I had a strange feeling I had seen this before. Then it hit me.

>> No.9490831


30$ is what youd pay a 3 star hotel for afternoon tea in england.

youd literally gorge yourself to death with all the sandwiches, scones, cheesecakes, tarts, pavlovas, panna cotas, eclairs, creme brulees, and for some reason, samosas and skewers.

>> No.9490844

>for some reason, samosas and skewers.
I guess they want you to feel like you got some kind of nutrition out of it.

>> No.9490846

A lot of the nicer places are £30+ so more like $40 but yeah, must suck to be in the US and not be able to just book that.

Although to be fair I've had some nasty experiences with hotels leaving cream-based desserts out too long in summer heat and them starting to go sour.

>> No.9490851

This is basically a thread about a disastrous tea party, anyone has any good places I could go to in San Francisco or surrounding area for my birthday? I want it to be a good first time.

>> No.9490887

What are you talking about? Lots of hotels, especially the Ritz Carltons, offer afternoon tea for like $40.

>> No.9490924

I hope you're all proud of yourself for bullying someone who is actively trying to contribute to the community, while you all sit on your asses and talk about how great a job you could've done.

>> No.9490928

I actually think she took from the community because my bank account is short $80 plus gas and board, with nothing to show for it except new friends which are usually free.

>> No.9490930

All she contributed is a plate of starbursts and impressions of her fat ass on the seats she never got out of

>> No.9490946

Why would she bother herself with what a shithole like this thinks? Nearly all the comments I see on facebook and youtube are very positive.

>> No.9490951

do savory palates have any place in the lolita "life style" ?

>> No.9490954

if you put on a shit show you get shit talked. plain and simple.

>> No.9490960

It wasn't a shit show. Sure, there were some things that could've been done better, but people here have impossible expectations.

>> No.9490961

for $80 yeah i think they're entitled to expecting something decent for their money.

>> No.9490963

$80 is chump change.

>> No.9490970



>> No.9490978
File: 452 KB, 450x253, 1485885593523.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually was considering volunteering if there was any discount. cant find caps but there was talk about volunteering at this event but you still had to pay 80 fucking dollars. im not going to pay 80$ plus gas and maybe board to drive across the state to fucking work.
i felt like she probably couldve had a lot more help if there was volunteer discounts or atleast some kind of cute prizes or even fucking coupons for helping

>> No.9490982

$80 might be nothing in the grand scheme but people have gotten a lot more value for $80 at other places than they did that this one. That's the difference.

>> No.9490985

Either underage or incapable of living within their means.

>> No.9490986


na its cause of the pajeets

>> No.9491000

That would have been the smart thing to do since normal establishments offer an incentive for volunteers. It made less sense for the models to have such a discount than volunteers considering you're always running around with no time to enjoy an event

>> No.9491001

i NEED all the dirt on this event if any of you went please tell me everything

>> No.9491003

read the fucking thread

>> No.9491029

Last time I paid that much for food it was for a full course meal at Carthay Circle, the 5-star restaurant in Disneyland.

>> No.9491042

I'm going to make a gold platter of starbursts a regular fixture at my comm just fuckin watch me

>> No.9491048

Exactly. Hell, $80 can get you entry to a whole anime convention.

>> No.9491107

Not that anon but I'm not lolita either, a longtime friend of mine is so I know of the communities and just kinda enjoy reading the threads.

>> No.9491182
File: 5 KB, 161x250, 1474923759122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9491216

So is this the dashcon of lolita events?

>> No.9491226


Someone get this anon a squire, this knight has clearly worked very hard be a to ignore all the plausible workarounds that DIDN'T include homemade food.

>> No.9491230

It's ridiculous how hard B-chan's whiteknights are working.

>You can't serve homemade food!!
>"Well you could have served better prebought food, here's how.."

>> No.9491233

$80 is chump change for what was advertised, $80 is fucking ridiculous for the college Anime club tier shitfest that occurred. But I'm sure you're just B-chan trying to make the ticket price sound cheap to save face at this point.

>> No.9491236

>t. spoiled brat living off daddy's money who's gonna be in for a shock when she blows through it all
Hey B-chan, here's a hint: people who actually work for their money, instead of just borrowing from mommy and daddy and scamming, tend to have standards as to what they use it for. Sorry your event was such a failure that your only defense is "I know you wasted your money but you could've wasted more" kek

>> No.9491238

Okay fuckwit, why wasn't better food fucking catered? The event is called 'Cakes and Couture', where were the fancy cakes? Where was the nice plating and the cute teacups? Where were the tiny deserts? Where were the dainty little sandwiches? Why weren't there nice tea kettles out for tea? Why wasn't the dining thatbwas advertised actually served? If the venue didn't allow homemade goods inside then they would have a list of approved catering services and probably have a few good recommendations for what you were looking for.
I've seen better catering inside a Barnes and Noble for the MakerFair that's meant for hyperactive 8 year olds.

>> No.9491239

I mean, she DID start the event post originally, then forgot to take her name tag off while she was samefagging, questioning her own choice about the belly dancers.
I wonder if her and her knights realize how sad this is.

>> No.9491242

Lmao, you're calling me out for agreeing with other anons about how a better job could easily be done?

>> No.9491244

No I'm just stupid and read that wrong lmao,

>> No.9491268

So which is it B-chan, are you too rich to be associating with filthy commoners who don't want to be tricked into wasting $150 on some fortune cookies and starbursts, or are you too poor to be spending the bare minimum on decent catering and all of us mean seagulls are being unfairrrr? I'm willing to bet you're formerly rich, deep in debt and grandstanding to cover for it, in my experience those are the only people who embarrass themselves talking like this

>> No.9491304

If I pay $80 for an event you better give me more than fucking starbursts

>> No.9491325

Check the #cakesandcouture tag on IG, there are videos. One is a trashy unicorn with a scepter and the other is a fatty with a black cape.

This. I just can't get over the fact that there were belly dancers at a Jfashion event. Why? Were they her friends too? It makes no sense otherwise.

>> No.9491397

It's pretty easy to get event permits to get around this...

>> No.9491470

I think the aesthetic of goth and maaaaybe classic lend themselves to more savoury palates.

>> No.9491509

You could do more old fashioned savory dishes, like rosemary bread and scones with vegetable preserves or fancy food like pheasant. There's lots of cute tools for bento that could be used for cutting vegetables into cute shapes for something like a light, colorful salad.

>> No.9491585

Not to mention the classic cucumber sandwiches and such.

>> No.9491629
File: 497 KB, 1164x2071, DEXATI20170521215759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9491667
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1490758181083.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek, thank you. You said everything I was thinking.

This thread is absolutely divine. Truly the DashCon of Lolita, and, at this point, I think that Starburst plate will live on in meme history. Never change, gulls. Never change.

>> No.9491671

I love you added the Peanuts references to this. You're awesome. <3

>> No.9491777

I'm curious, when did pajeet become a derogatory term? I've started hearing it around ever since the shokugeki no souma hayama arc.

>> No.9491785

How the fuck is Misty Sky fitting that whale? The OP too. That's got to be a replica.

>> No.9491827

It's definitely a replica

>> No.9491833

The amount of BMI at that event is high enough to kill a handful of adult men, Jesus.
There were tons of Misty Sky replicas made, so of course one of those hamplanets has one. If someone showed up in a replica to a meet I'd kick them out asap

>> No.9491962

Yeah all these salty anons getting mad about paying $100 or so and complaining about not getting what they paid for amirite lel

>> No.9491965

God forbid someone gives some decent advice

>> No.9492068


check the "pajeet, my son" meme.

also the whole street shitting issue on pol

>> No.9492073

Wasn't there a rule about replicas not being allowed?

>> No.9492075


are lolis normally these obese outside of japan or is this an outlier?

britfag here so not much exposure

>> No.9492082

I'm not sure what's worse, the fatties in american comms or the 40 year old hags in britfag comms

>> No.9492088

>tfw britfag with a comm that is mostly underaged

I'd prefer to hang out with 40 year old hags than girls fresh out of highschool with their cheap bodyline and stripy socks.

>> No.9492092

Pretty hard to ban replicas at an event when half the attendants can't fit into anything else.

>> No.9492093


>> No.9492120

Someone posted a new video about this on amimo kek

>> No.9492204

>This is basically a thread about a disastrous tea party,
yeah. that is the topic.

ask your question in a thread that is not about this particular event, walnut face

>> No.9492303


those slags arent 40.

theyre just really fuckin ugly 20somethings, british genetics and all.

>> No.9492385 [DELETED] 
File: 787 KB, 720x960, D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this rocked up at any of my meet ups, I would leave immediately, possible leave the com. Not comfortable with that whatsoever

>> No.9492393

I was a bit creeped out when I saw him. I'd seen him on the internet somewhere wearing the same coord and thought he was creepy. He's a belly dancer/ performer... I can't remember what his style of performance is called.

>> No.9492396

He was at the front doing registrations before we went into the room. He was a volunteer, so must be fatty-chan's friend. I bet the belly dancers were his idea.

>> No.9492400

And of course his clothes were Haenuli because that is the favorite designer of fatty-chans, brolitas, and anyone who's body isn't to brands' standards.

>> No.9492412

This is not true, at least where I live it isn't. I work for a nonprofit and we have fundraising dinners all the time. We sell tickets for them at roughly $100 a seat too. Dinner was catered through local restaurants, but dessert was all homemade stuff.

>> No.9492425

I don't know who he is but i'm a sucker for grandpas doing things like cosplay or lolita.

>> No.9492428

I was creeped/amused when I initially saw him (he looks like donald duck as ebeneezer scrooge) but he was pretty nice any time I saw him, and the woman he was with overheard me saying that the haenuli item i wanted was sold by the time i got to the table and it turns out she was the one who bought it so she let me just re-buy it off her for the same price. i think ogre-kun and grandfather rabbit made me more uncomfortable.

>> No.9492432
File: 15 KB, 236x315, db45eabca388dcd86bdb5126c439cf4a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>donald duck as ebeneezer scrooge
jk, I mean sherlock holmes,

>> No.9492465

I wouldn't do the Ritz Carlton. Went there once & they literally gave us teabags... Not what I expected

>> No.9492514

I've done event planning for non-lolita things in the past so it's easy and manageable for me. I also like to handle everything myself so the attendees can relax and enjoy the event.

>> No.9492642

And it's pretty much the same as Lors video but with footage of the food https://youtu.be/06TfppIXVpc

>> No.9492668

OK Mike.

>> No.9492726

Looks like the kind guy you'd see at the Ren Faire, seems pretty harmless. And fairly normal compared to some of the other guests.

>> No.9492772

Ogre-kun made me extremely incomfortable. Grandfather rabbit isn't a grandfather. He's the dad of one of the girls that went. She's in our comm and he always comes to meets with her. Won't let her be by herself.

>> No.9492830

Don't mention the ice rink, I'm still traumatized

>> No.9492833

A lot of people keep saying he's creepy but I think this dude is fucking awesome. What a champ

>> No.9492861

Why is he a champ? For dressing up in a kilt and going to an event that has nothing to do with Scottish clothing? Congrats, he's a party crasher.

>> No.9492867

That's questionable. A different kind of questionable than I was expecting, but still questionable. Unless she's mentally impaired or something? We have one girl in our comm who can't really function without a chaperone but still gets dropped off at our meets like we're qualified to babysit her, so if it's like that then I'd prefer having their parent around, too.

>> No.9492872

It's not a kilt. He's wearing Haenuli's "lolita detective" set. Hence the Sherlock Holmes vibe.

>> No.9492875

There's nothing wrong with her. She's 16. I guess she's sheltered and he feels the need to chaperone her.

>> No.9492881
File: 22 KB, 222x400, IMG_4624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So he's wearing a normal skirt??

>> No.9492883

Yes, anon. That is 100% not a kilt and definitely a normal skirt.

>> No.9492885
File: 347 KB, 900x698, IMG_3901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's wearing this skirt. Not a kilt. He took off the front bow. The hat and capelet are the same print. It's funny that he wore a capelet to a summer event... in Florida. Also, he could've worn a fancier shirt/ blouse. Even a regular black men's dress shirt would've looked better than that black t-shirt he had on.

>> No.9492887

My bad, thought it was a fancy kilt from the rest of his outfit. Retracting my previous comment.

>> No.9492890

As if it's not embarassing enough to have your dad come to events with you, he shows up in a skirt? Poor girl.

>> No.9492894

This is so fucking creepy and the fact he wants to be referred as 'they' makes it even worse.

>> No.9492895

I hate it when parents think that we will babysit their children at a lolita meet. I feel like lolita is a fashion for adults. If a teenager can't take responsibility for herself and behave like an adult without any supervision, then she shouldn't be coming to meets until she's old enough to do so.

>> No.9492900

Not same grandpa dude. The guy in the skirt was there with his wife. The dad of the girl was wearing a white suit and a hat with bunny ears.

>> No.9492912
File: 65 KB, 540x410, tumblr_ojc49liDvA1vnmhkyo1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's the point, it'll discourage shitty hosts from lying and hosting shitty meet ups

>> No.9492914

He's wearing a petticoat too.

>> No.9492922

This guy is not her dad. Her dad was wearing rabbit ears and a white men's dress suit. She's not embarrassed of him coming to meets with her. She actually takes pride in it and tells everyone that she dresses him up and he "enjoys the fashion". I think she's the one who asks him to come to meets with her. She probably feels more comfortable having him around. I feel bad for him. He always seems so bored at meets.

>> No.9492925

>suit and rabbit ears
I need pics.

>> No.9492929

Unfortunately it will discourage people from supporting and attending future lolita events hosted by other people because of the fear of it being a bad event like this one.

>> No.9492930

No the sad bunny man is the dad, tartan man is there on his own. He touched my dress while I wasn't looking it was so uncomfortable.

>> No.9492934

it's normal for Florida and the rest of the south, the obesity rate for adults there is like 75%

>> No.9492947

Not true. B-chan has a horrible track record, so people shouldn't have expected much from this event anyways.

>> No.9492951

The girl I was talking about is an adult, just severely autistic. Telling her to stay away from meetups would be textbook ableist and nobody wants that label so we grit our teeth and endure.
I agree about kids, though. I don't mind them at super casual or convention meets but it's so awkward to have an actual child at, for instance, a tea party. You constantly have to evaluate if what you're saying is kid-friendly and fuck that, I don't go to meet ups to babysit and censor myself. Come back when you're an adult pls.

>> No.9492957

Agreed about the censoring. We usually don't use foul language and such at tea meets (or any meet for that matter), but there are certain topics that are awkward to talk about in front of a minor.
We've had another member (who is also a minor) come to a tea meet, but she was by herself. No one realized that she was a minor and the staff served her a mimosa. She gulped that thing down as fast as she could. lol

>> No.9492960

If she's an adult, then you shouldn't feel like you need to babysit her. Even though she's autistic, she's an adult and she should assume responsibility for herself. It shouldn't be assumed that whatever she does is the other attendees' responsibility.

>> No.9492967

We like our fried food. XD

>> No.9492973
File: 119 KB, 720x960, IMG_3902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's him with Lor.

>> No.9493032

red flags raised and waving

>> No.9493116

I know! She said "all VIPs MUST wear lolita" and "no replicas" and yet her own friends, who were VIP holders wore replicas. We all know that red Holy Lantern JSK was a replica.

>> No.9493250

I was actually there at this event and it was am absolute shit show. The only thing I can say is that thankfully they weren't fortune cookies, that would have indicated that we were to expect actual food, those were muffins. Like you can get them from the vending machine, muffins. Sadness if I ever knew it. For 85 people in attendance, less than 10 staff/volunteers ain't shit. I still want my $80, B-chan

>> No.9493302

She only had 1 or 2 volunteers actually helping out during the tea party. I ate all of my sandwiches and some of the sweet stuff/scones and then I thought it was over and that was it. Then maybe an hour later comes the volunteer and drops offf the little petit four. AN HOUR LATER.

>> No.9493320

I think she would've had more volunteers if she had offered them a discount or free entry. The way I see it is volunteers are there to work, not enjoy the event and eat. Her friend K-chan (who actually payed full price for a VIP ticket, but spent most of the time volunteering) kept telling me to be a volunteer. I actually considered it, but when I asked B-chan what was in it for me and she said I still had to pay full ticket price, I decided not to do it. I understand that volunteers aren't working for monetary compensation, but at least give them something in return as a reward. Maybe that way people are way more willing to do it and actually get some work done.

>> No.9493326

She had the muffins in the packages during the "mocktail hour", then unwrapped them and served them during tea. lol

>> No.9493331

She was expecting 65 guests and 80+ showed up. She must've run out of the food for the tea party and since no one even touched the muffins at the mocktail, she "recycled" them into the tea party.

>> No.9493335

If no one touched them at the mocktail, it's because no one wanted to eat them. Not now, not later. At least she didn't serve the starbursts and jelly beans.

>> No.9493336


>> No.9493343

I'm glad they were wrapped during the mocktail. If I'd seen them unwrapped and then seen them on my plate later, I would've been seriously grossed out.

>> No.9493352

I felt like we were putting on a show for the people in the event upstairs. They kept coming into our room to take pictures and ask questions. And none of the volunteers or B-chan herself ask them to leave or even thought about closing the door.

>> No.9493358

She should have expected how many people were coming because she (should have) had access to ticket sales to see exactly how many are coming.

>> No.9493360

>Closing the door

How come no one thought about this at the event? Easiest solution ever. Where were the staff/volunteers?

>> No.9493362

We were literally super uncomfortable because people kept coming in and taking videos and pictures without any consent. Like there were minors in that room, so it was beyond rude

>> No.9493363

The volunteers were either in the back washing off the plates to recycle them back at us with new food or running back and forth to serve two people their food and go back to get more

>> No.9493366

Plus she said that "when ticket sales closed" maybe 2 weeks prior, the final count was 65. She said there would be absolutely no tickets sold after that date. How did she allow 20 more people to buy tickets after that? She seemed so surprised about it too like she wasn't expecting it. Did she not check her website to verify? Or maybe she said she would close ticket sales after a certain date, but forgot to actually do it or decided to keep them available in order to make more money.

>> No.9493370

There were supposedly 8 volunteers. Only one volunteer was on table duty. Where were the other 7? Ridiculous.

>> No.9493378
File: 6 KB, 320x240, 13620983_1097013803696187_7629215351680668395_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally my face as that poor guy had to go back and forth between the tables and back with just two plates. Meanwhile, the other volunteers were nowhere to be found

>> No.9493405

They should've at least provided him with a serving tray. I've seen cheap plastic ones for $1 at Dollar Tree. Then he could've carried maybe 5 plates at once.

>> No.9493410

Like $80-$350 went where? Poor guy didn't even have a damn tray to use. Everyone felt so sorry for him.

>> No.9493429

Most of the budget was probably spent on bringing in all of those international guests and lodging them (I can't imagine how expensive a round trip ticket to Korea must be. And that was only 1 special guest) plus renting the venue. That probably ate up all of the earnings (At the least I know that Haenuli and Lor spent about 3 nights in their hotel, so that's about $150/night multiplied by 2-4). I heard B-chan had to pay for a lot of things out of her own pocket. Probably everything else, that's why everything seemed so cheaply done and mediocre.

She mentioned that she wanted to bring Minori from Japan too, but at the time she still needed to sell 5 more VIP tickets and the "queen and king" tickets in order to do so. If she had actually gotten away with that, I'm sure the event would've been even more poorly done.

>> No.9493435

Muh god, muh sides

>> No.9493439

I could drown myself in tea and sandwiches for $80, it's not chump change for an afternoon event.

>> No.9493440

My fucking sides, if anybody said what they thought on facebook they'd be beaten down and accused of bullying and being ungrateful.

>> No.9493443

Stop giving men asspats for half-assing Lolita.

>> No.9493446

Must be chump change when you're used to spending so much on McD's to get to that size

>> No.9493453

If it had been only a tea party, yes $80 per person would've been way more than enough to serve some decent tea foods, but it was more than just a tea party. The tea party was only a fraction of it. Not defending her. I still feel like this event was poorly planned and she could've done a better job even with a limited budget, but people seem to think that their $80 was paying solely for their food. It wasn't. It went into paying for everything.

>> No.9493475

I think that's what makes him unsettling to me. He looks too normal and well-adjusted to be in that company.

>> No.9493480

Get out. Not everyone down here is a fat fuck like you.

>> No.9493488

Actually, I have a 22" waist.
Fried food tastes good. Just burn off the calories and you won't get fat.

>> No.9493489

Down here we have fried everything from Oreo cookies to fried gator meat on a stick. Yum!

>> No.9493493

Did you say 85 people??? She netted over $6000 for this and you got vending machine muffins?! That's not even counting those that paid $150 for a ticket. I would be fucking livid. Like tar a bitches' brand level furious.

>> No.9493507

About $8,800.00 is what I calculated that she must've netted. That is assuming the regular tickets were $80, but I'm pretty sure I payed $84 or so. Besides, after a certain day, she raised the price to about $100 for the "commoner" tickets and raised the price of the VIP ticket too, so taking into account how many people bought their tickets kind of last minute, she must've netted a lot more than that.

>> No.9493517

>would be textbook ableist
There's a difference between ensuring wheelchair access at a meet location and taking on the role of a handler when you have no training for it.

>> No.9493533

That's not net, that's gross. Start at $8000ish, then take out of that the hall rental, and like >>9493429 said all the special guest lodging, food, and flights. Then the belly dancer's fee. Then the cost of cutlery. Then the cost of food. Then the skittles. In that priority. And who knows if she comped her friends their hotel rooms or gave them other perks. What's left is what she actually netted, and it could have been in the negative.

A more realistic level of attendance for that level of guests at that ticket price point would have been about 200 attendees or $16000ish gross.

>> No.9493534

You guys saying red flags know it's kinda normal NOT to let your underaged child go to a meetup with strangers alone?

And if he's dressing up maybe he enjoys it. Don't judge someone you apparently don't know, don't chase cute grandpas away from lolita even if his outfit is kinda ita right now. Teach him right.

>> No.9493535

Awww he's precious.

Even if he doesn't enjoy it it's sweet that he puts up with it.

>> No.9493551

Admittedly not Florida, but I went to China from Washington for $450, with advance planning. Add 300 for a couple nights and your looking at certainly less than 1000 for the trip.

>> No.9493553

Fair enough. But still, if you spent 1/8th the money earned on food, you could have done better.

>> No.9493564

$1000 round trip plus lodging for 1 person. Maybe a little more since it's to/from Florida (so they probably had to make airport connections). Multiply that by 4. That's $4000 or more on special guests. I don't know how much the venue charged her. Could've easily been $1000-$2000 since she rented the space for about 10 hours.

>> No.9493687


Girls want to say "lolita is for everybody" but they really just mean other girls & young guys.

Let the old guys have fun dressing up. They aren't creepy until they act creepy. Have some humanity.

Also, it's understandable for a minor to have a guardian with them.
I think it's precious that her dad is supportive of her hobby. It reminds of the sports moms who attend practice wearing team shirts.

>> No.9493863

From the point of view of a former convention organizer, this would be somewhere in the bottom 10-20% of first year conventions. Not quite dash con level, or IFCon (look it up) but quite poor. From what I've read, I would attribute the poor experience more to incompetence than malice, but it certainly seems like some people were left quite disappointed, which unfortunately, can make people second guess themselves next time they want to go to a new event.

As for the "Help next time if you want to criticize," I would be more than happy to, as I still carry on convention related consulting, just get me in touch.

>> No.9493871

I get the feeling that he was moreso there to spend time with whoever he went with (SO/daughter idk we haven't confirmed) and to also show some interest in their hobby. I honestly think this is really nice, and he was obviously going for a scottish look, so I can't say he's half assing it. If he was in a full coord he'd get shat on even more for looking too manly or w/e.

If he hasn't done anything creepy etc. to anybody let him live, I think it's really sweet he made an effort to be involved.

>> No.9493874

I know I'm beating a dead horse but its not hard it literally budgeting and cost. don't promise a service you can't proved. its like anime conji's tea party 7 or 8 years $25 a ticket and all they served was sandwiches with a slice of deli meat and fruit juice.

>> No.9493883

I don't really see how this applies if the adult is coming for the sole purpose of watching over their kid. That tells me that they aren't expecting other lolitas to "babysit" or do it for them. I guess I don't understand what the big deal is about a parent coming with their underage child to a meet. Just specify the meet as 18+ if it's that big of an issue. Their presence shouldn't be bothersome unless they do something really wrong or weird. We're all adults, so it shouldn't be that hard to just deal with it.

>> No.9493949

B-but anon he has a dick and he's wearing a skirt! He's a revolutionary! YAAAS QUEEN SLAY

>> No.9493952

Lolita isn't for everybody.

>> No.9493979

Lolita isn't for everyone, stop giving guys ass pats for bad attempts

>> No.9494015

When I spoke to his wife she referred to him as "the Lolita" so I'm not sure if your assessment of the situation is correct...

>> No.9494033
File: 31 KB, 299x411, Fish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread

>> No.9494084

Only fatties say lolita is for everybody lmao

>> No.9494219

He was there with his wife. He was a volunteer. He prefers "they" pronouns. He's a performer and "tribal dancer"/belly dancer. I've seen him on the internet before wearing the same coord, so he frequents conventions and events like these. He was no sweet/ innocent chaperone. He knew exactly what he was doing. He's no newbie to this. This is his "style".

>> No.9494235

That brings me back to the question of why the fuck there were a bunch of belly dancers at a Jfashion event. Did the attendees know about this when they bought their tickets? I'm pretty sure that if lolitas had the chance to choose between belly dancers and no belly dancers, most would go for no belly dancers. Especially if that means cheaper tickets or decent food.

>> No.9494239

The belly dancing troupe was the very first "special guest" announced back in September of last year I think. I thought it was weird, but I didn't say anything to B-chan about it because I thought I was the only one who thought it wasn't appropriate. So yes, the attendees knew about the belly dancers way before the bought their tickets. They were supposed to perform during the mocktail hour to keep people "entertained" until the fashion show started, but since everything started so late, they performed in between brands during the fashion show.

>> No.9494246

The belly dancers looked so unprepared. I felt like I was watching some high school talent show. The music wasn't even suited to the style of dance that they were doing. They were confirmed since October/November of last year. That's way more than enough time for them to come up with a good routine and get enough practice time in to put on a good show. There's no excuse for them to be unprepared. At least they covered up the rolls on the fat one with that black dress. I was trying to contain my laughter whenever she moved her fat belly around.

>> No.9494249

"Lolita is not for everyone" well aren't y'all special snowflakes now.

Istg if everyone claiming "lolita isn't for fatties/uglies/cripples/grandpas/etc." applied their standards to themselves they'd burn their burando and jump off a tall building, 100% of them.

Get back to shittalking the event of or gtfo to the opinions no one gives a fuck about thread

>> No.9494255

The organizer didn't even poll the community on what kind of guests/performers they'd want to see at the event. Had she done it, I'd never pick belly dancers as one of my choices.
I think she knew the dance company personally and they were doing her a favor by performing at her event or she's friends with the dancers or something. I mean, she was so quick to pick them.

>> No.9494256

She calls him grandfather often though cause he is both to her, she doesn't have any other family but him as she considers him both her grandpa and father (he adopted her)
it's cute but to be fair, I'd be worried about someone if they were my only family.

>> No.9494264

That explains a lot. She's an only child and both her parents look so old. She always introduces him as her "dad", tho. she was being so bratty to him at the event. Whining and nagging for him to buy her a bunch of Haenuli's stuff.

>> No.9494298

> I'd be worried about someone if they were my only family.

Are you saying he should be worried about her, or that she should be worried about him?

She's at least 16 years old. I get that he wants to make sure that she is safe, but she's old enough to have some freedom. He could drop her off and she could check in with him every now and then by giving him a call with her cell phone. I know she has one.

Unless she's the one who asks him to stay with her. She might be sheltered and not feel safe or comfortable when one of her parents isn't close by.

>> No.9494302

Lolita has never been marketed as a fashion for everyone, it's always been targeted to thin, pretty girls. Sorry you're not in that target audience

>> No.9494324

This is emphatically not true though? As far as Japanese sizing goes anyway, Lolita isn't sized for thin girls and a lot of lolita icons and even models aren't traditionally pretty by any means. It's marketed to weird girls. Just because it doesn't fit obese americans doesn't make it for the thin and pretty only

>> No.9494347

True. In Japan, there are different standards to what is considered "chubby" or "fat". There is a video on YouTube about it. For them, a BMI of 25 is considered "obesity" where in the US it is considered borderline "normal".

>> No.9494417

Did you get triggered so hard you forgot how to reply to posts?

>> No.9494471

I request everyone in this thread who thinks lolita should be only worn by thin pretty girls to post two photos of themselves, a full-body shot and a face close-up to prove to me that they are indeed thin and pretty (whether they are either I will be judging for myself, as is the way of the internets)

Those who are deemed unworthy are required to quit lolita and eat some shit (proofpics will also be required).

Show me how you fit your own standards shitfaces :D

>> No.9494473

Go take a nap, anon.

>> No.9494480

Note no alterations unless you're Mana himself

>> No.9494495

Sorry you got posted

>> No.9494498


Aww, you tried.
Srsly tho looking through old Harajuku snaps you'd get lucky if 1 in every 10 girls could be considered attractive, women wore it to stand out and, like anon said, look weird

Stop trying to make it a fucking beauty contest with your dumb beauty pageant mentality

>> No.9494508

First show me a picture of you, anon.
I'm not about to give out who I am, be banned from my comm for being a gull.

>> No.9494581

Lolita is for japanese and their asian friends. Then you guys spent enough money to become slightly in.

>> No.9494600

Back to the event. She seems like a person who has decided she needs to make x amount of dollars. She's kinda robbing everyone. Boycott her. At first glance it didnt seem that bad but did she ever plan on feeding you guys? Her tickets cost to much for a few bags of snacks. Its like she forgot to shop and give you all leftovers.
At that price everything should be good to great. Maybe I should throw a tea. I didnt think you guys were forgiving.
How much did lively lor and the event cost. I would imagine lor was free.

>> No.9494601

It's so easy to spot the fatties lmfao

>> No.9494602
File: 270 KB, 639x679, 1495356743834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is embarrassing

>> No.9494604

>Lor was free
Her plane ticket and hotel sure as hell weren't free.

>> No.9494609

> Lively Lor

Lor wasn't free. Neither were Haenuli, Chokelate, or Fluffy Tori. I don't know about Moshi Moshi Watermelon since they're somewhat local (South Florida). She had to pay for all of these people's international flights and their hotel stays. Her problem is that she got way too ambitious. Bringing all those international guests to a first year convention/event. They must've cost her thousands of dollars on top of the venue rental leaving her with very little budget for food and everything else. Bad planning and budgeting from her part.

She claims to have experience in event planning and catering, but I call BS. I feel like she created Steep Tampa just as a "get rich quick" kind of thing without actually considering what really goes into an event-planning business.

>> No.9494613

> Maybe I should throw a tea

Anon, if you're in the CFLS comm, I strongly support you in this idea. I'll do my best to be there!

>> No.9494618

> Lor was free

We all know Lor charges an arm and a leg to be special guest at events. You can bet she wasn't "free". I'm pretty sure that travel and lodging expenses weren't the only expenses.

>> No.9494619


If there was any way to throw a "seagull tea party". Only /CGL/ gulls allowed.

>> No.9494765

Somepeopleare over calculating cost. If she is so sickly that she couldnt help then maybe she gets foodstamps/food aid. Everything she served could be bought with aid and looks like it.

>> No.9494775

What value does lor bring? That youtube video wasnt worth it. If lor was being paid she shouldve jumped in earlier to mc the fashion show. She couldve helped out. Im not talking physical work but not acting like shes never bern to a tea. Shes not that famous. She didnt really interact with the guest well. If she was more famous and busy then fine but shes lucky to get gigs. Like how paris hilton use to act. She earned her fee and was really a guest. Lor act like she paid for a ticket and basically smoozed the brands. It wasnt about the event it was about her doing what she wanted. Since b was supposedly paying for flights she shouldve paid for some russians. And I guess we shall see about cost because of these paypal disputes.

>> No.9494777

Did the venders go back home after the event? Unless B-Chan got a cut from their sales it doesnt make sense to ship them over.

>> No.9494799

True. She works for Uber, tho. 12 hour shifts, but probably just a few times a week, not full time.

>> No.9494806

I don't know about all of the vendors, but I know for a fact that she payed for Choke, Nunu, and Fluffy Tori to come over.

>> No.9494813

I know Lor stayed until Monday, so she probably stayed about 3 nights in their hotels if she arrived on Friday. I know she was hanging out with B-chan in Tampa on Sunday as if they were the best of friends. Nunu and Fluffy Tori stayed at least until Tuesday. They were with other lolitas at Disney Magic Kingdom on Monday. There's a video about it on Fluffy Tori's YouTube channel (Fluffy Kawaii Jo).

>> No.9494820

>she was hanging out with B-chan in Tampa on Sunday as if they were the best of friends

And all B-chan did up to the event was shit talk about Lor. I know Lor isn't the most amazing person in the word, but B-chan's such a hypocrite.

>> No.9494828

Lor said she was still sick, but it's true that she didn't really make an effort to interact with anyone. She'd sign autographs/ take pictures of you asked her, but besides that, she was stuck in her phone/ camera all day and she did a terrible job as MC. Said she didn't know she was MC until the night before the event, but B-chan had her listed as MC since maybe 4-5 months prior, so she must've known. And the fact that she admitted in her video that she wanted to flake last minute it's just terrible of her.

>> No.9495101

I'm scared to think than when I see her again, I might have a slip of the tongue and tell her "hey b-chan, how are you?" Then everyone will know I was a gull in this thread.

>> No.9495108


> She admitted that she wanted to flake last minute

That would've been the second time (she flaked at DFT back in 2015). Would've been a big blow to her reputation.

Lor lives in Canada now. I don't think she cares too much about her US followers anymore. Most of her subscribers aren't even lolitas anymore. I think she's losing her fan base. She lost me a long time ago for sure.

>> No.9495111


Same! I'm going to have to be extremely careful about what I tell people or tell B herself. They might be reading this thread.

>> No.9495133
File: 60 KB, 450x446, anonhelp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in the arms of an angel.....

>Every single hour in /cgl/ an anon is violently abused. Three thousand anons were rescued last year. For hundreds of others, help came too late.

Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan, will you be an angel for a helpless anon? Every day, innocent anons are abused, posted and laughed at, and they’re crying out for help. Please, reply to the post number on your screen, and join /cgl/ with a monthly gift right now. For just sixteen dollars a month, (only 60 cents a day,) you’ll help rescue anons from their abusers, and provide care, food, shelter and love. Join online in the next thirty minutes and you’ll receive this welcome kit with the photo of an anon in a shelter right now.

>> No.9495176


>Where's Choke?

I'm pretty sure she's one of the gulls on here.

>> No.9495403

The only value she brings is by being a magnet for the event, people know who Lor is and I'm pretty sure itas and newbies like her since she's kind of 'lolita is for everyone uwu' type. She's just there to bring more people in for the event by being a name other lolitas recognize. Not sure how smart B-chan is, but maybe by having Lor there alongside Choke she was hoping to quell any residual anger from Choke scamming the shit out of people. 'Oh well only ONE guest has a rough past, but look at how great everyone else is!!'
Honestly I think B-chan should have ditched inviting Lor and Choke when she had such a big name like Hanueli there. Choke is a known scammer and Lor doesn't DO anything, so I think B-chan seriously wasted her money on having those two guests. I know I'll get flack for this, but inviting someone like Kate would have been better, she had the facade of creating LACE so she has a better following of the special snowflake group than Lor, and would have interacted with people way more since she loves the attention.

>> No.9495458


>inviting someone like Kate would have been better, she had the facade of creating LACE

Kate is just as bad as Lor, tho. She is also a flake. She tried to get attention by creating LACE, but never really did an effort to make it work and just abandoned it. She might've interacted with the crowd better, but a lot of lolitas dislike her for things she has done and said in the past and since she's no longer in the public eye because of her "I don't want to be a part of the western lolita community. I'll keep wearing lolita for myself" crap, newbies might not have a clue about who she is.

I agree the only special guest that was worth it as this event was Haenuli and having her alone would've been more than enough. She was very friendly and tried to mingle as much as possible despite her limited English (she can hold a conversation quite well). Like mentioned before, Lor had her big nose stuck in her camera or phone all day and wasn't even trying to mingle. I know she said she was sick, but that's no excuse for having that attitude of entitlement that she had that day. I didn't even see Chokelate until the vendors set up. I thought they were going to put her in the fashion show or something.

>> No.9495556

Did you realize Kate was a guest for the Florida event last year but flaked which was why Cadney had to take her place lol You want to substitute a flake for a shittier flake? Lmaooooo Also Lace was a disaster from the inside out starting from the beginning.

>> No.9495581


>substitute a flake for a shittier flake


But it's so true...

>> No.9495604


She was a guest at the DFT event in 2015, which happened right after she went to Japan and her cat drama, that's why she flaked. Because she "no longer wanted to be a part of the western lolita community". She did mention in her social media that she was going to attend DFT, and then she'd disappear from the public eye afterwards, but she flaked. She can't stick to her words and see things true, just like with LACE.

>> No.9495642

I didn't realize that, didn't know she was such a bad flake. and while LACE was a total disaster and a fucking joke, people still eat up that anti-bullying kind of shtick in this community. Even though a lot of lolitas hate her she still seems to have a fairly large following with rabid whiteknights.

>> No.9496056

Last big event not last year, my bad. But yeah Kate flaked on the DFT event because she was afraid of the backlash since this was around the time she pretty much gave a big fuck you to all lolita communities. So she got Cadney to do it instead. Kate is an insecure little bitch and it also complexes me other anon how anyone still considers her relevant besides the bot followers she has on instagram.

>> No.9496166

Idk about Cadney being flake she was a lot of fun and super chill at DFT, but my bf and I were just talking about cakes & Couture and he called it cakes&cooters which in my opinion is a much more accurate name.

>> No.9496182


> cakes&cooters

OMG that's so accurate.

>> No.9496190


Cadney seemed like a real chill, nice person. I loved meeting her at DFT and I'm so glad she replaced Kate and Lor. It's too bad that she's not really relevant anymore in the lolita community. She used to be kawaii ambassador. Now she's not really involved anymore. I rarely see her wearing lolita these days, but that might just be because she's not as active as she used to be.

>> No.9496274

Should we make a third thread for Cakes & Couture or will we let this die?

>> No.9496277


Seems like all that everyone is posting is the same information over and over.

>> No.9496492

Someone should make a new thread. Or will someone make a new tgread in a week as an update. No >>9496277
Bchan or friend its not the same info. Seems like someone just wanted to be a boss & wanted tge comm to pay. Either cheaped out to pocket money or hang with brands/ slightly e-famous .

>> No.9496534

made me kek

>> No.9496538

The belly dancer in >>9483638
does adult work.
Not sure what she's doing in an event where minors are present. But considering B-chan is a regular at The Castle, this is probably where she picked up this trainwreck.

>> No.9496550


My thoughts exactly. Either she picked up/ befriended the belly dancer at the castle, or it was that guy with the tartan skirt who recommended her. He is a belly dancer/ tribal dancer himself, so I can see that happening.
She must've known her already, because the belly dancers were the very first "special guests" announced. Either she owed them a favor and got them a gig at her event or they have a friendship or something. Or that guy said "hey I know these great belly dancers" and B-chan didn't even think once before picking them or bother to look up who they were or what reputation they had.

>> No.9496566


>The belly dancer in >>9483638 → # → # does adult work.
>Not sure what she's doing in an event where minors are present.

She wasn't doing anything R-rated, tho. She was just dancing. She didn't bring any of her adult R-rated business into her dance at the event.

>> No.9496592

Any news on coordinate contest winners? Lol....
Also can't wait for the pix to get uploaded

>> No.9496597


>Coordinate contest winners
You wish. I'm pretty sure she never had a prize to give the winner, that's why she hasn't released the results.

>pix to be uploaded
Photographer-San said she was working on them "as fast as she can" edititing them and stuff. It's been what? 2 weeks? She can't have those many photos to go through. She barely had any work at the event.

>> No.9496656


Make a new thread! I'm really curious to know if those who filed PayPal claims will get anything back in the end and how B-chan reacts to that.

>> No.9496774

Get your head out of your ass with this spooped out of events bs.
It's good if more people become careful and selective, and hold future hosts accountable for their planning and reputation. I highly doubt this will keep people from events, they might even be encouraged by the fact that a babies birthday party is better organized. Someone might feel like they can step up to the challenge and team up to crate a new host party and do your area justice with good events.

Also for the poor souls that wasted their money in this garbage fire dont be scared of requesting a paypal claim. You did not get what you paid for.

>> No.9496919

New thread: >>9496918

>> No.9496963

Thank you! :D

>> No.9497024


The whole coordinate contest was a joke. Not in the sense of the participants looking terrible (there were a couple who did), but in the way it was organized and the way it was supposedly judged. I call BS on the whole "we were busy and we lost the ballots where the judges had written down their decisions". Couldn't B just go up to them and say "hey sorry we lost the papers, but who did you choose again?" That would've been so easy! If they were as unprepared as Lor said they were, then they probably didn't even know they were supposed to be judging the coordinates as it was happening. Also, with all the amount of raffle prizes she gave out, it's possible that she got confused and raffled off the ones that were supposed to be used for the coordinate winners. Towards the end of the raffle she said "before we announce the coordinate winners, lets go take a group photo outside", but I don't know what ended up happening and instead of that, everyone started leaving and the group photo and the coordinate winners never happened.

>> No.9497038

I didnt understand what you were going for until the bottom left corner. Her event was like a peanuts affair. Both sugary but the peanuts was more thoughtful.
-----the peanuts put on less of a fiasco.

>> No.9497045

At least The Peanuts had milkshakes...

>> No.9500494

perhaps there's more backstory to explain this? maybe her real parents are seeking custody or have kidnapped her previously to take her back and he stays with her to fend them off if need be..?

just a hypothetical though

>> No.9500579

I swear he was her grandad

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