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Previous thread: >>9484586

Last time on Lolita general:
>Cakes & Couture
>Wearing a dress you're selling before its sold
>FrostedFoxCookie: Misunderstood Lovely or Ita-chan
>If you cosplay a lolita character whos wearing brand is it cosplay or lolita
>Where are they now: IW models edition
>New Salt-chan discord
>Lolita capsule wardrobes: fake or fact?
>LM scammer
>Get better pictures bodyline

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New AP print I'm so glad theres finally a skirt cut but those suspender things are not cute.

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This is giving me deja vu, did they release something really similar with different cuts before?

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Just take the suspender off then it's a skirt.

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Noooo I love the suspenders!
Love these cuts but I'm not excited by the print

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Its pretty similar to fruits parlor imo

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>Wearing a dress you're selling before its sold
This is totally unacceptable unless you have the buyer's permission.

A new AP release I like that will actually be long enough for me? This is a good start to my day.

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looks like a neo-lolita version of Fruit Parlour to me.
Eh, liked the original better.

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Kinda reminds me of diner doll too

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I can kind of understand it if the item was already listed as used/worn many times and will be washed before it's sent out, since plainer stuff can take literally months to sell even if it's priced below market rate. I've felt really frustrated before when I've had a dozen dresses that I can't wear taking up room in my closet for months. Still not a great thing to do, since you run the risk of staining/tearing an item and changing the condition to worse than it was listed as, even if the condition was already listed as used

It's totally unacceptable for anything listed as new with tag, new without tag or "only worn once" IMO.

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I'm not usually into AP but this is super cute. I hope I can snap up the skirt secondhand somewhere. /poorfag

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>AP finally makes a regular waist OP with shirring again
>Don't like gingham, even if it's subtle
H-hopefully other people will buy it and AP will realize people want regular waists again?

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Looking for some lolita related advice if someone could lend a hand.

>boyfriend getting interested in j-fash (ouji accesory yay)
>lolita event coming up
>tells me he wants to go with me and try boystyle/ouji/kodona/whatever you want to call it
>he tells me his coord plans (simple but cool, borrowing things from me) and he wants to wear pic related sneakers
>tell him that nope.jpg, those don't go with the style at all (imho) and that we should search another alternative
>bf is broke atm, no money for shoes
>still insisting that those shoes would fit, not 100%, but would do the thing
>i don't want to be embarassed honestly

What should I tell him? I'm trying to be tactful and so, but I don't want to be a killjoy for him, since he's sincerely excited to go to the event. Would those freakin sneakers fit in any remote way?

Also sorry if this would fit better in a boystyle thread. :(

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You dropped your pic.

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File: 35 KB, 750x500, adidas-originals-mujer-jeremy-hombre-scott-wings-3-0-todo-negro-t406_4976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ups, sorry. :( Here it is.

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Yeah, no way. Buy him correct shoes.

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The event is in 2 weeks, no way they would arrive w/out being overpriced. Anyway thank you, I'll try to find a solution. :)

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Idk, is his joy less important than you feeling embarrassed? Is he not going to feel embarrassed either way because he's not used to wearing ouji?

>boystyle/ouji/kodona/whatever you want to call it
you are guilting of not using the right term, I sentence you to buying your bf shoes

>> No.9490129

I'm already looking up some nice ones. >< I think it's the best solution. The picky one is me, anyway. I think that will make him happier overall. :) Thank you for the sentence lmao

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I really like those for a jpunk outfit but they're not old-fashioned enough for ouji.

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Male anon here

have you ever fucked in your Lolita outfit?

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>tfw lone lolita
>tfw no one to attend AP tea party in Paris with

Well, I don't really have a perfect coord for it anyway

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Try thrifting if your budget won't allow new.

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I've seen this so many times that I can't even tell if it's a copypaste or real any more.

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Waiting for the day someone starts their comment with 'female anon here'

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Yeah something not perfect but plainer would probably be better. Unless he's going for something that would go with those.

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How can I know what shops are located in sendai? Is there a closet child?

>> No.9490236

There's an AP:

You might just have to look through all the brands websites to see if they have locations there.

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you could buy him some basic dress shoes from a thrift store. i've found some in newish condition before.
also i dont think youre comm would be too mean to him if the rest of his coord is on point. its normal for newbies to make these kind of mistakes.

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it's not completely subbed in english and there are other parts but it's really interesting to see Misako explaining Lolita fashion

>> No.9490283

US anons are going to be triggered because she used substyle as a synonym for theme

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The second part of the meow_tan interview went up, she says she left lolita because she gained weight.


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Anon here >>9489926 is right that it's a neo-lolita fruits parlor. Some parts of it are sort of ugly, the mint and the blue look similar and you can hardly seen the lemons in the pink colorway. Still it's the cutest print released in ages, I might actually buy this one.
>posting random fruits parlor coord for nostalgias sake

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in the fourth part where they have a little tea party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9YseFw81Mw&feature=youtu.be I think I fell in love with the one with the plaid JSK. She's so silly it's kinda cute.

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I would have liked this if it had a normal waist, I hated the stripes on the original Fruits Parlor but high-waist cuts just look disgusting. It's so disproportionate to have such a huge area of skirt and no waist.

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This is a really cute and informative video, I especially liked the little history lesson. Interesting how she says that Classic Lolita is popular in Japan and pastels are popular in the US, I don't think pastels are still as popular here anymore. I like hearing the Japanese perspective on the Western interpretation of lolita, like how the scepter trend jumped from the US to Japan. I wonder if Japanese lolitas save photos of our coordinates for inspiration.

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There's a video on youtube showing the attendees of a brand tea party (I think it was AP?) and one girl explicitly said that she's taken inspiration for her OTT coord from girls overseas: https://youtu.be/wixAkHQ0qbM?t=12m38s
It's fascinating imo.

>> No.9490366

That's so cool! It reminds me of this video of japanese girls talking about what they envy to foreigners (mainly talking about white people but well) and some of what they envy to us is what we envy to them. I found that really funny.
It's nice to see we're all taking inspiration from each other.

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Thats so awesome
Do you guys think lolita would be better or worse if there wasn't a language barrier between eastern & western communities?

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Can a lolita girl be my mommy :3

>> No.9490413

They also have a baby and I believe aatp. I'm sorry it's been like a year and a half since I was in Sendai, and I didn't buy anything so I don't recall.

>> No.9490417

if you have money

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The history autist in me is super salty about how lazy and inaccurate the period costume illustrations were. Lolita actually does take a lot of inspiration from 18th and 19th century fashion but you can't demonstrate that point with a bunch of pictures of generic princess dresses.

>> No.9490427

I would have loved more attention to detail on that too.

>> No.9490438

oh god himezawa at the end gave me war flashbacks. I kinda do feel bad for how they laughed at her though

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I think part of the 'magic' of lolita is that it being from overseas, language barriers add a sense of mystery and also separate things from reality, because things get mistranslated or sometimes not at all it adds a foreign-ness; you cant understand whats written down, say in a glb article, so your imagination wanders and fills the gaps and you can create a magical lolita world in your mind. At least I think so kek

I honestly think there would be a lot of fighting between eastern and western comms, but at the same time we would have a better understanding of the fashion as everything could be understood clearly with translation

>> No.9490486

when is it?

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LWLN just released a new episode. It's about feminism and lolita.


>> No.9490661

thanks for the heads up, youtube is eating my notifications

>> No.9490678

>that Haenuli tattoo snark
w e w

>> No.9490709

only thing that got a change in expression out of me was the comment about haenuli suing someone for tattooing a photo of their dog on after it's used on my royal pet

yeah I'm not watching these anymore, what a waste

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lmfao okay if babbling about japanese feminism 101 is your idea of fun I'm not stopping you from watching them anon, I'm just tired of these exhausted conversations over and over

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Arguing with stupid "lolitas" defending replicas. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

"b-but anon, sometimes I'd like to use {insert print} but it's too expensive"


>> No.9490848

>"b-but anon, sometimes I'd like to use {insert print} but it's too expensive"
this is why nobody gets a living wage

look her dead in the eye and say she is contributing to poverty by giving away her own scarce resources in support of exploitation and theft. call her a class traitor.

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File: 262 KB, 416x577, foku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already did but they replied "Thank god OUR com is about LOVE and not what people wear"

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Lolibrary says the bust measurement for this OP is 88cm, can anyone confirm this? It's my favorite dress ever but if there's no shirring and that measurement is accurate then I'll give up on it now. Thanks in advance! pic related

>> No.9490950

Why do you need someone to hold your hand everywhere you go

>> No.9490952

It would be way better because there are wrong translations sometimes, and I've noticed some people don't consider Lolita a subculture or even their clothing style, but just something they wear to meets or cons to hang out with their weeb friends. I think it was better when we sometimes had translated articles from Jpn, so it would be pretty nice if people could just read all GLB and blogs.

>> No.9490957

It's had like 500 releases and they're all slightly different but my version (2006 release so slightly different details) fits 88cm really comfortably, I think it'd go to 90 or maybe even 92.

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File: 251 KB, 1778x1000, 2_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>RinRin wig
but why?

>> No.9491018

...because rinrin invented the idea of dying a section of your bangs, right?

>> No.9491026

It's pretty distinctly RinRin, anon.
I don't get it either.

>> No.9491031

>distinctly RinRin
I guess if you only pay attention at the Jfashion community, sure.

>> No.9491035

It's the exact same length, style and colours as she had her dyed, it's not just a generic wig with a dyed section.

>> No.9491038

>Jfashion community
Who do you think the wig is aimed at?

>> No.9491045

Still feels like grasping at straws, but only because I've seen a lot of other people with this cut/coloring that have nothing to do with jfash.

not part of the discussion, anon

>> No.9491050

Not really my cup of tea either(especially the "can black people be lolita" thing) but you gotta admit her videos are nice. Also I really like her voice, could listen to her rant for an hour seriously. We already have so little interesting lolita yootoobers that we should encourage them imo

>> No.9491070

The thing that really bothers me with this print is how the print is semi-transparent. You can see the gingham pattern on the parfaits.

>> No.9491074

I'd rather have no content than bad content anon, but that's just me. Also her voice? Seriously? Maybe if she's not trying to do the "quirky newscaster" inflections on everything because that alone is enough to ruin a video imo.

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File: 384 KB, 735x551, screeeeeeeam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got photoshop and I need practice. Give me reaction picture requests and I'll try to make them.

>> No.9491121

I really like that about it.

>> No.9491125

Go to draw thread >>9479795 There's someone else doing reaction pic requests and there's a lot pics not yet /cgl/ified

>> No.9491141

Oldfag here, returning to lolita after six years. What the hell is otome-kei and why are people tagging perfectly decent daily lolita coords with it on Instagram?

>> No.9491142

I have an ETC print that has something similar and it's really cute irl

>> No.9491144

I should clarify, I know what otome-kei used to be. I thought it was mostly a style that pre-dated lolita, with brands like Pretty, Pink House, Axes Femme, and JM, with a more mature look. That's clearly not what it is now, so what is it? A separate substyle to lolita? A new type of lolita? A new name for casual?

>> No.9491145

Wow. Some things never change.

>> No.9491156

Sure, 'oldfag', how about not trying to stir up the 'lolita is soo OTT now, normal lolita is casual now' debate?

>> No.9491167

>Gulls attributing to malice what could be attributed to ignorance
Oh look, another thing that hasn't changed.

>> No.9491232

How difficult is it to just google shit, oldfag-chan? The days of "check the memories" on LJ are long gone but google is still there for you, try it.

>> No.9491234

I'm planning an event with a raffle and was wondering what sort of things are good raffle prizes. It's a smaller event so I can't get like a brand dress but I was thinking for the ""bigger"" prizes I would get like a nice underskirt or two, some brand socks, an angelic pretty lookbook, and maybe like a brand novelty of some type? And the rest just be like cute stationary from aliexpress? What are your thoughts

>> No.9491241

Sounds good, assuming you pick items that can work with several substyles or if your comm generally likes and wears similar things.

>> No.9491245

It's the new kodona

>> No.9491252

Some people hate underskirts. I would go with things every Lolita needs like (brand) wristcuffs and bloomers

>> No.9491259

I feel like not many people actually wear wristcuffs but bloomers are a great idea
Yeah most of our comm wears sweet but then the next largest group is gothic so I'm worried about alienating them with an onslaught of pastel pinks. I'm definitely trying to stick to white & black coloured items

>> No.9491261

Maybe instead of an underskirt get a petticoat, and I'm not sure what your comm looks like (or if you care) but maybe watch out for super size restrictive clothing items if you have a range of sizes in your comm. not saying you have to cater to landwhales, but keep in mind what kind of sizes most of the girls are.

>> No.9491275

If you have the money for it, get him some shoes. I mean, have you see the coord on him?

>> No.9491276

I don't have wristcuffs because I don't want to order only wristcuffs from a brand (because of shipping) and I can't afford to buy brand mainpieces new. Offbrand wristcuffs are really shitty, and when I buy secondhand I always check if they are selling wristcuffs too but they never do.

>> No.9491279

Comb the Japanese market, you might be able to find wrist cuffs brand new. I've found some pairs new with tag in the past, they're not uncommon.

>> No.9491355

What shopping service do you use to get that cheap mbok burando? I haven't used one before, and reading reviews just made me anxious because there are so many

>> No.9491381

I love JetJ, but Jesus fucking Christ their secondhand prices baffle me. I've never bought directly from the site, so maybe these prices are accurate, but three, four, seven hundred dollars for a second hand+ dress? I bought IG for less than what some of these people are asking.

>> No.9491540

FromJapan but they've gone pricey now (flat fee so not good for cheap items, cheap for expensive items).

>> No.9491547

I used Buyee once and it was ok

>> No.9491556

Not everyone thinks her content is bad though, its not like she's yumi king.

>> No.9491570

You guys ever feel like you don't have any friends in lolita? Like when your having a lolita based issue & need to vent but your normie friends don't care and you can't post about it here because you don't want drama tied to your name? It's just so frustrating

>> No.9491575

All the time.

>> No.9491651

Momoirokumasan but she's not cheap and she's been busy lately

>> No.9491665

Holy shit, the inflections are so bad. End of every sentence has a downwards inflection and she slows down after a long and fast sentence. Really annoying to listen to.

>> No.9491668

Yeah, all the time. I used to have a close lolita friend back in 2008 but we live far apart now, and I'm too shy to join a comm near me. I miss her a lot.

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File: 17 KB, 280x373, 3ab756aa7f89d33d1eca955ce52a6810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting here because the help thread is about to sage.

I just bought pic related super cheap.
The lolibrary listing says the bust is 90cm and has no shirring.
With an 83cm bust is it going to look huge on me?

>> No.9491702

I expected that to be a trainwreck but actually enjoyed it. I felt like the Perfume Bottle segment at the start went on too long though, would have liked to see her discuss another recent release as well.

>> No.9491709

Would you guys recommend cottoncandyfeet?

>> No.9491723

I haven't seen anything on them outside of that one lady constantly shilling them on CoF. Search for reviews?

>> No.9491729

Both ALB and Lor posted positive reviews of them


>> No.9491731

I saw ALB but as much as youtubers assure us their sponsored reviews are honest, I still get a little skeptical.

>> No.9491750

I had a pair and they're on par with bodyline. They're not that comfy. I know lolita shoes aren't known for comfort, but eh. I sold them because I didn't like the fit.

>> No.9491759

I don't personally have a pair but a girl in my comm does and she says they're not great quality and quite uncomfortable. She only wears them for outfit shots and then changes into something better.

>> No.9491786

No, you should be fine. You need about 4cm of ease, plus room for a blouse underneath. You could always wear a padded bra for a couple of extra cm. It might be a little roomy but it won't look terrible. I'm the same bust measurements.

>> No.9491804

Lolibrary just updated with some nice UI and search options. Thanks for working so hard Lolibrary! Can't wait to look through a bunch of old dresses for fun.

>> No.9491805

Bodyline quality, just more expensive than bodyline

>> No.9491881

How come i can easily fit 90 cm bust dresses with a 95 cm bust?

>> No.9491916

How do people store their lolita? My wardrobes almost full and I'm not sure what's the best way to store it all. I have a few plastic boxes to put under my bed which I use for blouses but I worry about wrinkling them or anything bigger I put in.

>> No.9491918

Either the dress measurements or your bust measurements are off, or it doesn't fit you nearly as well as you think it does

>> No.9491930

A bigger walk-in closet, like a true lolita lifestyle dictates

>> No.9491945

Thats the dream but I pretty much live in a closet

>> No.9491950

that is the realest shit

>> No.9491989
File: 509 KB, 1280x999, 7cc7b86c_2f07_45e7_9c6f_81ac77db1fce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just make the whole room a closet

>> No.9491998

My bedroom doesn't have windows, just a single skylight, so I can hang all my shit on the walls and not worry about sun damage.

>> No.9492004

Rejoice! Thanks Lolibrary, I love you.

>> No.9492015

My goals in life.

>> No.9492055

What exactly did they update? It looks the same to me.

>> No.9492145

They make film for windows that blocks 91%-99% of UV depending on which you get. The things you learn from skin care communities

>> No.9492173

Is it just me or is search by year still not back?

Wardrobe+clothing rail+shoe rack+freestanding shelves for bags+drawers for legwear and bloomers+a few boxes of accessories. If you're no longer able to hang stuff that needs hanging you have too much stuff or too small a wardrobe.

>> No.9492176

I hate it so much. You can't watch the video with any kind of background noise or else you'll miss one of her drawn-out "jokes" and then be lost for the next minute or so while she speedily rattles on. Plus the weird swaying she does, ugh.

>> No.9492227

Looking much better now! I hope they put back the user function soon, I miss adding dresses to my wardrobe and to my wishlist.

>> No.9492530


Did the new AP photo book have new releases? I've seen few people having the book but I haven't seen any new pictures. There's a new pony print at least on the cover, where are the pictures?

>> No.9492533

if anyone's interested. Antique Beast is open again

>> No.9492536

Need some help gulls, I ordered my dream dress on Maiden Clothing and they got back to me confirming that it's still in stock but my Japanese is limited and don't know how they want me to proceed in paying them by card. They said they're doing card settlements through NICOS HP and I don't know how that works.

Do I wait for them to give me a link to that website to pay them or do I contact them (NICOS HP)? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never ordered from Maiden Clothing before.

>> No.9492560

They will send you a link. MAke sure your credit card is unlocked for overseas transactions. If you fuck up you can email them back and request another link, I've done it before.

>> No.9492563

Shoving yourself into a dress isn't fitting it anon.

>> No.9492570

Thanks anon, noted. I got the email and paid by card, hopefully it went through without any problem. I've made overseas transactions with my card before without any trouble, but I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.9492600
File: 1.95 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_6733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hoping /cgl/ can help me! I'm not too experienced with burando and I don't have a memory for dresses, but I've always secretly wondered if some of the offbrand stuff I picked up during my "dipping the toe in" phase is actually a replica, or concept replica, of some older burando design. I'm even interested in hearing what dresses they "look like," if at all - I'd love to have the real thing.

Top left is taobao, rest are bodyline obv.

>> No.9492606

None of these are replicas. The design of the bottom left JSK reminds me of this: https://lolibrary.org/items/victorian-maiden-baroque-jacquard-heart-frill-jsk Especially the bodice, but I wouldn't say it's a replica. Bottom right is kind of ugly though, I wouldn't wear it if I were you.

>> No.9492614

I really don't wear any of them anymore, but as I've been seeing more brand and wondering more, it's good to get answers.

And yeah, that dress and the skirt also has a generally VM look, hence my worry c: thank you so much!

>> No.9492638
File: 161 KB, 728x934, seedy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this girl's ass must be made of fucking diamonds, when she wears these shorts they go up in value!!

>> No.9492644

Why so salty? It's only a $10 and includes shipping, which will end up being around $10 anyways if she uses 2 day priority mail which includes a tracking number

>> No.9492654

Including shipping on the first post, she still paid less for it than what she's selling it for, after wearing them. That's not how the secondhand market works.

>> No.9492723

wasn't the glb 64 supposed to get released today or something?

>> No.9492724

>that's not how the secondhand market works
Uh, yes it is? Supply and demand. I mean. I think it's a dick move to sell something for more than you bought it too, but if there's someone out there who's willing to buy it for that amount it damn well is how the secondhand market works.

>> No.9492729

Could be worse. For example if it's damaged and $32 more.


>> No.9492731

I looked for it before and they don't have a preview/preorder on amazon.jp, I hope 63 wasn't their last issue because I'm hoping for a proper send off

>> No.9492733

people still use mbok?

>> No.9492759

They didn't even mention the damage and that it had been altered! This is bullshit that people can get away with this when the evidence is plainly available. Does lacemarket say it's not their problem or just choose to ignore it? I don't know if it's legally wrong but it's morally wrong and the sort of behaviour we should be discouraging in the lolita sales community.

>> No.9492764 [DELETED] 

What is a reasonable price in jpy for a basic burando blouse?

>> No.9492765

What is a reasonable price in jpy for a basic secondhand burando blouse?

>> No.9492774

I think since it's in the description, it's fine, but wow, what a dick move. She barely even waited two months to try to make a profit off it.

>> No.9492778

yeah on second reading they did mention the alteration but not the sun damage. escandalo

>> No.9492792

Is there a reason why you wouldn't?

>> No.9492795

Thanks, anon. I just bought some headwear.

>> No.9492797

Since that's in Japan that's honestly probably an entire apartment

>> No.9492801

Moral or not, she can sell for however much she wants, but she should at least be penalized for stealing the proof photos. Sure it's the same item, but come on, they weren't her pictures and it's incredibly lazy.

>> No.9492806

I'm sorry, but your salt is stupid. The secondhand market varies per lolita and how much they need for shipping and how low they're willing to go. You must be a poor gag if 10 dollars bothers you this much.

>> No.9492807

there used to be a lot of pages of my favorite brands but now it's only 1 page and all stuff that's also on other places

>> No.9492808

We all know that's what gemgem does. She's on my do not buy/sell list for a reason. I hope LM adds the block feature in the future, because seeing her shit just makes me angry.

>> No.9492813

good luck with your sale, hopefully the stench of your rotten cunt on those shorts makes up for the extra cash

>> No.9492816

I can remember there was a pre-order on amazon, but then it disapeared. I hope there will be a 64

>> No.9492826

I was like this for the first couple of years I was in the fashion so I made a really big effort to go to as many meetups as possible and get to know the people that come out to them the most. After we establish a pretty good comm-based friendship, I'll ask them to meet up outside of comm stuff just to hang out. I'm a bit of an idiot when it comes to social stuff so if I can do it, you can too, anon!

>> No.9492903

It's hers now so she can sell it for however much she wants.

>> No.9492905

Sauce on what she does?

>> No.9492907

Jesus Christ anon what did she do to you??

>> No.9492935

This is my goal, though I'm still in the going-to-as-many-meetup-as-possible phase. There are some people I get along with better than others but I haven't made any real friends yet. At what point do you feel comfortable inviting people to do stuff outside of the comm? Does it help to have hosted 'official' meet ups before? I worry about coming off as weird or pushy.
I'd really like to make some lolita friends my own age to do chill things with. So far most meetups I've been to have been full of teenagers and slightly immature early twentysomethings and while I do enjoy hanging out with them, I always feel so exhausted afterwards. Sometimes I feel more like their mother than a peer. And I'm only a few years older! I get the feeling most 25-30 aged lolitas in the comm feel the same way and don't come to big as meetups nearly as often.

>> No.9492982

Just as FYI the top one is Little Dipper and they only make original designs.

>> No.9492984

I'd say anywhere around 3,500 to 5,000y depending on condition

>> No.9492986

How hard is it to find secondhand clothes from smaller brands like princess doll?

>> No.9493109

Resells for profit. She's bid on cheap items I was bidding on before because she just wants to resell it for more when I actually want to wear it. Pisses me off, get out of the fashion if you're just trying to make money off of people. I don't get why the online community excuses this behavior.

>> No.9493144

It's so strange, because Japanese Lolitas put systems into place to avoid people reselling for profit, and most other alt fashions I'm part of shun people who do it. It's not contributing to the community, which is a big deal.

>> No.9493150

Is there any taobao shop that sells something similar to the antique beast bat cat headdress?

how the hell do I get a batcat headdress?

>> No.9493155

make it yourself or wait for it to crop up on the 2nd hand market
However I think the shop is open right now and you might be able to snag one

>> No.9493159

Thank you, that's good to know! I bought directly from them off mylolitadress where most replicas are marked clearly, but I thought it best to be sure.

>> No.9493168

Buys cheap stuff of mercari, auctions and wunderwelt's LM account and resells it for way too much while she screams on facebook about how she "IS SICK OF LOOKING AT ALL THAT STUFF" and we should "LET HER CLEAN HER CLOSET!!!". It's pathetic.

>> No.9493193

Yep, shop is open right now, so see if you can get one. It's a lot cheaper buying from them when they're open, because people usually end up selling the headdress for around sixty dollars, when it retails for 3900 yen, max.

>> No.9493222

Not to mention how everything is "RARE" and so so "URGENT".

>> No.9493230

I've recently tried on a newer release of it and I have a 95cm bust. It does indeed fit and still has a bit of room

>> No.9493231

It took around 9 months to a year to progress to the hanging around one on one point but that was mostly my fault for being quite busy. After I had seen friends at comm stuff a good amount of times (4-6) I thought it was okay to start talking to them one on one about any random lolita related subject and from there it's quite easy to be like, hey let's get some coffee and read BTB together or whatever. Another thing I like to do is if it's not a food related meet, I like to ask around and see if anyone wants to get dinner or lunch afterwards. Usually ends up being 1 or 2 people where you can chat and gossip.

As for age, I do agree. I tend to get along best with the 25+ comm members especially since they tend to have a little more money and freedom to go where they like. You could consider hosting a small paid tea party that's on the more expensive side to attract that kind of crowd.

>> No.9493272

I'm sorry that cgl is not backing you up on your rage of $10, when most of us realize that $10 for shipping is very reasonable. Often for my country's shitty postal service, it would cost more.

Fuck man, with so much better examples of scalping, this really makes you look like a bitter bitch that can't afford the pants. If it is too high for the market value it won't sell. It's not rocket science.

>> No.9493278

oh sorry, $15. I depended on other anon's posts rather than a picture. Still not a sin to humanity. Probably paid about that amount to get the thing.

>> No.9493294

You're overpaying for your shipping anon. That's shipping flat rate for a pair of pants. I'm not that anon, but I also hate paying for a seller's laziness.

>> No.9493318


Thanks, there's a chance for me!

>> No.9493330

Depends on the blouse & condition. Probably under 5000 for cotton and less for short sleeves. Closet Child rarely has chiffon blouses under 6000

>> No.9493449

What's the best way to deal with crumpled bows on dresses? I recently received a package and most of the bows are a bit out of shape from being folded and aren't returning to their usual shape no matter how much I fuss with them.

>> No.9493459


>> No.9493468

I noticed today that all of my closest friends are people I have met through lolita. I still have some "normie" friends, but the people I actually talk to daily and consider my best friends are all lolitas. Is this generally true? It seems like a lot of the other people in my comm also consider other lolitas to be their best friends.

>> No.9493471

Another example here:

If it was a more common item I'd give benefit of the doubt and assume she could have bought it elsewhere for more, but she's in the oldschool group that fril listing was posted to and I've not seen it anywhere else (it's not a common dress). "Asking back what I spent" by charging $189+shipping for a dress she bought for $45.

Pisses me off because she has another dress I want but I do not trust her one bit.

>> No.9493473

I did not need this temptation.

>> No.9493528

No one will pay that much for a solid old school dress, that one at least.

>> No.9493539


Any ideas how to keep her out/shun her? What do the other alt fashions do?

>> No.9493545

She doesn't fit into a lot of what she buys.

>> No.9493546

As people get older you realize that a lot of friends you had in school drift away because people change. Most college friends are just circumstance friends and also drift as you graduate. People start realizing that it's not as easy to make new friends as adults because the people around you are suddenly not interested in the same things, are older, have families. Lolita is a hobby that brings together like minded people so it's fairly normal to become close friends with people in the comm. Especially if you move to a new area, lolita is great starting off point for a new social circle.

>> No.9493568

Not that anon but this explains so much. All my friends that I hang out with are lolitas. I barely consider anyone in my grad program my friend they're more like glorified study buddies but I couldn't figure out why.

>> No.9493584

>Thanks for working so hard
>after like a month+ with absolutely zero news or updates whatsoever

>> No.9493586


...that sounds like a fire code violation. All rooms considered to be "bedrooms" in a building have to have two methods of egress, a door and a window that opens. I hope you have like a rope ladder or something I guess.

>> No.9493590

unless you donated you have no grounds to be mad. it's a few people doing you a service for free.

>> No.9493593

Sorry, but regardless of that person themself, that price is also kind of reasonable.
The original seller was from Europe. I've bought shit from Europe before and the shipping was $35+ sometimes, and that was without customs.

>> No.9493596

To add on to >>9493593, lots of girls buy dresses only to find they can't fit, so not only does she barely make any profit from this price, it may not have even fit her anyway.
I do agree she shouldn't have used the seller's proof photo though, but she seems to have good feedback, at least.

>> No.9493599

>unless you donated
>to a site that removed nearly all its functionality and didn't update for A MONTH with ZERO news
yeah sure anon

>> No.9493601

>what is reading
i'll reiterate: you have no grounds to be mad. it's a few people doing you a service for free.

>> No.9493621

"What is criticism?"
You're not doing someone a service if the main features of your site were down for that long, doesn't matter if it was free or not.
Some of us used Lolibrary for the wardrobe feature and it's still down.

>> No.9493622

>something something "if you disagree with me you are x"

no, i just think it's stupid that people keep coming at services like Lolibrary and Lacemarket when they're free to use and run by people who do it out of kindness.

>> No.9493623

If you're so flustered about her, you should be flustered by that thingsweneverdid girl. I've seen her scalp and resell by 300%.

>> No.9493624

How do you even know that she bought it from there though? It's not like it's the only one of that release in the world.

>> No.9493627

>No one will pay that much for a solid old school dress
You're right that that one isn't worth anything but iconic solid oldschool pieces like the Elizabeth OP can go for quite a lot. The red colourway worn in Kamikaze Girls is worth over $500 on both the Japanese and Western markets (other colourways still $200+), one sold on auctions for 57,000 recently:

>> No.9493629

"Run by people who do it out of kindness"
Anon, it literally does not matter if they do it out of kindness if they can't keep their site functional. And if they can't, that's not "working so hard!"

>> No.9493632

...There are other actual rare oldschool dresses besides Elizabeth.

>> No.9493633

make a better site, provide actual crit, or take it up with them directly? the site is functional i honestly don't understand your autism

>> No.9493636

It's possible she bought it elsewhere but this isn't a piece that had a large production run or was or re-released to death, and the timeline of when she started listing it and when it was sold on fril line pretty much exactly up. If it was something common like that Sweetie Gingham she's selling for $100 over what it typically goes for I would just assume she bought it for higher, but I only found a couple of instances of that dress selling on the western market and none of them were in that colourway.

>> No.9493638

>Make a better site
"I can't take crit"
>Provide actual crit
This is actual crit. A lot of us have been wanting the wardrobe function back, and the shoes section also isn't back, at that. Not to mention actually adding and updating new entries, last time I checked.
>"What is functionality"

>> No.9493639

When did I say there weren't?

>> No.9493641

Search by year also isn't back.

>> No.9493660

So it's worth more because she attempted to try it on and stretched it out? Now I know definitely not to buy from her, even if it's something I'm after.

>> No.9493668

Maybe post links in the comments of where she bought what she's selling. It's perfect, comments are only deletable by mods.

>> No.9493679

that seller inside, why is there such an influx of people bitching/complaining about LM "scalpers" lately?
>secondhand moitie prices being high, as if that never happens (it does)
>kate wearing her dresses that she's selling, as if no other users ever do that (they do, and most also never even mention it)
>people reselling for profit, as if that's never happened (it ALWAYS does, where the hell have you been?)
>people not understanding how the secondhand market/SS fees works and complaining about a $10-30 difference for brand (aka poorfags)

>> No.9493680

Yeah that's why I specified. There are a bunch of older solid ones people would pay what she listed that one as, plus the sought after ones. That dress looks really unflattering.

>> No.9493688
File: 2.92 MB, 1917x967, anna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just watched this interview from 2016 with Anna Tsuchiya, and she seems like such a sweetheart. I love how excited she was and how impressed she was by all the lolitas putting together their own coords and making their accessories. She kept worrying her voice was too deep, but honestly, I love her voice. I think it suited the hime look she was wearing. I feel like my shriveled little heart just grew three sizes.

>> No.9493692

Maybe because in every other community besides Lolita, that shit is frowned upon? Lolitas tend to have this "every bitch for herself" kind of attitude, whereas a lot of other alt communities want to help one another. I'm involved in several other alt fashions, and I had never heard anyone say things like, "just because we wear the same clothes doesn't mean we're friends," until I got into lolita. Thé atmosphère is just completely different.

>> No.9493695

>Thé atmosphère
You obviously don't know how the lolita community works. This is not just another "alt community", this community has its own rules and history, including secondhand history.
Are you new to /cgl/ or something?

>> No.9493701

>B-but lolitas r supposed to be lovely, why is everyone here so mean?

>> No.9493706

Where the fuck did I imply either of those? I've been into Lolita for a decade, and posting on cgl since before we were a blue board. Anon asked why people were getting so flustered about LM scalpers, and I explained why.

>scalpers detected

>> No.9493709

>This is not just another "alt community", this community has its own rules and history, including secondhand history.
And so does every other alt community. Stop acting like lolita is this unique, mystical fashion. It's practically a toddler compared to other alt fashions, get your head out your bloomers.

>> No.9493710

... As does almost every other alt community. Lolita just seems to attract the outcast girls with princess complexes that got bullied when they were younger and are now becoming the bullies so there's way more salt.

>> No.9493717

What y'all are saying is true, but I think it's pretty sad. This sort of shit is why the feels thread is so full of lonely lolitas. I don't think lolitas should be lovely or sweet, but I do wish we were a more welcoming community.

>> No.9493722

>"I've been into Lolita for a decade!"
>whining because not everyone wants to be your friend
>"Lolita just seems to attract the outcast girls with princess complexes that got bullied"
You must be a troll.

>> No.9493773


You'd have to be willing to put your own username on the line, though.

Although I guess if you've managed to track someone's buy/sell habits then making an empty puppet account so that you can post proof of scalping isn't too far out of the way.

>> No.9493783

except they have no proof that that seller bought the item from the listing on fb, so that isn't "proof" really

>> No.9493784

I can't relate to this at all?? The community has always shamed scalpers.
>every bitch for herself
There are actual strangers keeping an eye out for my dreamdress.

>> No.9493789

I kind of agree. I've been in other hobbies where the community is nastier overall (several fandoms I've dipped my toes in are downright insane) but when it comes to money, lolitas are by far the most money-grubbing. At least in my comm there are several girls who will try to haggle down every expense, lolita-related or not (sometimes in restaurants), in a country/culture where haggling is not the norm and considered rude, under the concept of "mo money mo burando". You can't even mention how tacky that is because they have [insert popular print] and you're just jelly neener neener. It's getting really annoying.

>> No.9493797

Yeah don't sweat it anon. Most people only have the bitter realization that their college friends are not real friends only after they graduate. That happened with me but thankfully at that time I already had some real friends in place. Lolitas are salty bitches but at least we make good friends sometimes.

>> No.9493798


Anon, if you've been here any significant measure of time, you'd have lived through the Great Whining when Holy Lantern shipped out -- and underage newbs started immediately complaining on cgl that the secondhand prices were still too high because they were at fucking retail instead of $500. We're not even talking a month after the MTO shipped out, we're talking the minute someone on social media posted a HL coord there were idiots whining on cgl demanding to know where all the half-priced popular dresses are. I don't even know what world these dumbasses inhabit where "other lolitas" are just some kind of mechanism they can score half-priced popular dresses from instead of being real people who just received an expensive, coveted and popular dress.

I'm all for outing scalpers, but cgl has a history of being whined at by poorfags and underage girls when they receive $50 from their mom and they find out they can't actually afford any burando from lacemarket. It's not really "every bitch for herself", it's moreso that cgl is not your private army, your nanny, your hand-holder, your whatever-goddamn-nonsense you need because you have no brains and no money.

I mean c'mon, are you really expecting us to band together and go leave nasty comments on some girl's sales post because she's selling a pair of shorts for $15 more and free shipping? Really?

>> No.9493801

I saw it and I just want to tell her it's okay to be tall and have a high voice in lolita! On the other hand I always cringe at cathycat's coord from this tea party/fashion show, especially when she's standing next to the amazingly dressed attendees when she interviews them.

>> No.9493813

I noticed that too, but her things still sell fast because she's borderline e-famous. Though at least she doesn't seem to be a reseller, only a scalper.

>> No.9493878


For those of you with proof, might be a good idea to round up the screenshots and post to getoffegl together with the scalper's screen names and info. At least when someone does a google search in the future they'd come across it and have some warning that these people scalp. Last I checked membership is open and everyone can post, so it's not like you need to wait for mod approval before throwing up a post.

Getoffegl used to be the wank comm that kept scalpers and scammers in line, because girls would read all about the shitty things other lolitas did, and most of it was publicly posted. It's the migration to fragmented facebook groups, along with facebook's fucked up algorithm and fubared search that makes discussing scalpers and scammers so much more difficult. Cgl is great for anon discussion, but nothing is permanent (not even the archives) so we're always having to rehash the same old history instead of having something permanent that lolitas can just look up by themselves.

>> No.9493900
File: 2.15 MB, 1763x2400, a074ac369f1988de7b28e3ca8114c039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's be honest. Lolita is a hobby that's a pretty big part of your free time. I also draw a lot, but I don't spend nearly as much time for that like for lolita. So a lolita friend is already someone you can talk a lot to.
Also, it is likely for lolitas to have more in common than just lolita fashion. My best friends are lolitas, because they also watch the same animes, read the same mangas, follow the same people, most draw as well and they are generally in the same period of life (in a long-term relationship, being or getting married, traveling with their SO and so on).
This is the major reason I feel so much more close to them than to co-workers or old high-school/college friends.

>> No.9493919

Hey guys I'm here from /ic/
I'm making a lolita character for a comic. She's an alp (basically a not sexy succubus that wears a hat and can shapeshift) and want to take advantage of her shapeshfting to bring a subculture I love from afar to life.

What are some good resources I can use for my research? What are things you'd hate to see in a character like this? I wanna do this subculture justice since this character would be one of the secondary characters/early antagonist.

Hope this was an okay place to post this.

>> No.9493921
File: 198 KB, 1240x1705, Fleurette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>on the way to the tea party like
Can someone explain to me (I'm not a native english speaker) what does "like" mean in this sentence? Seems kind of random.

>> No.9493922

It's a sorta grammatically incorrect use the same way i'd use it in the following sentence

>I am like this person

So used like that it's kinda like leaving the descriptor blank, or using a reaction face to show what you're acting like.

It's just slang. Hope that made sense? Kinda harder to explain than I thought it would be lol.

>> No.9493924

You know they probably have real lives too. They don't just have endless time to work on it?

>> No.9493926

First get to know the fashion by reading guides like the lolita handbook on tumblr.
Second, realize there is no real lolita character, everyone is different.
But consider some things about most girls in lolita:
- lolita is very materialistic
- it's not as much about self-expression as you think
- the 'I need money for brand items' meme is real, lolitas can be pretty money-hungry
- we all love looking pretty in floofy dresses
- almost every lolita loves drama

Things that we hate to be associated with:
-Cheap materials
-"All lolitas are mentally ill to wear something like that"
-"They want to look like 11-year-olds"
-"Every lolita is a weeb/otaku"

>> No.9493927

and basically the rest of that blog

and a few popular brand websites so that you can see current styles:

try to stick to one of the lolita styles and make sure that her skirt is the right length (around/slightly past the knees). one of the big pitfalls i see with people trying to draw lolitas is that they draw our skirts way too short. also make sure that she's wearing a petticoat--so if you see her from slightly underneath or if her skirt flips up a little bit for whatever reason there's not just a flap of fabric and nothing else, but a layer of floof underneath.

maybe run her outfit designs by us so that we can let you know if they're ita or not? i'm not really sure how into the fashion you are so sorry if i'm sounding preachy.

>> No.9493929

>everyone is different
Obviously. Her personality is based on her alp origins, not a fashion.

Looks like none of the things I'd want to avoid are anything I thought in the first place so that's good.

I'll take a look into that tumblr page, thank you for your input :)

>> No.9493935

Oooh thank you! Right now I'm just doodling her in some pics from 4chan to get a feel for how her design works since she's in the baby stages of physical design.

I'll definitely take you up on the offer and post some when i'm ready and see what you guys think :) is in the general okay if it's not soon enough for the same thread?

>> No.9493936

>it is likely for lolitas to have more in common than just lolita fashion
I wish this was the case for me. I'm in the same period of life as you (getting married, settling down, starting a career) but the overwhelming majority of my comm is 18-22, still live with their parents and are either in college or taking a gap year or three. There's nothing wrong with that ofc but I'm past that phase and it's difficult to identify with them on everyday life issues. Couple that with the fact that "just because we both wear lolita doesn't mean we have to be friends" is like my comm's unofficial mantra, and it's been really difficult to connect with others in my comm. I currently have more in common with my boss than with anyone in my community and that's kinda depressing.
>sage for whining

>> No.9493953
File: 7 KB, 150x137, ganbatte.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think that posting your designs in the general should be okay! it's related to the fashion and you'll probably get the most feedback here. other gulls should chime in with their opinions though in case i'm way off the mark.

if you end up with multiple designs/doodles that you're ready to post, i recommend making them into a quick collage and posting them as one pic so that people don't feel like you're flooding the thread or anything. good luck!

>> No.9493959

Always post in the general or people will throw a fit for you starting your own thread. The general will always have people who will help.

>> No.9493964

Hmm, I think that's some bad luck you have there.
My comm has very young people as well, but I can get along with them really well, because we have so many other people in my age as well. You could say they fit in, because we have a nice range of ages.
I think if I didn't have these 4 close friends that I have so much in common with, I'd not feel nice in my comm as I do.

>> No.9493986
File: 19 KB, 500x467, s-l500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found these BTSSB replicas on ebay for 25$ from a seemingly good seller and I'm debating on whether or not I should buy them since I need "small" shoes (all of my lolita shoes have a chunky heel or a platform) that could also work for normie wear somehow.
What do?

>> No.9493999

Does the seller use their own pics at least? Or do they just use Baby's? Replica debate aside, if it's the latter I'd stay away because you can't know what you're getting if they don't use pics of their own product.

>> No.9494073

This is 100% a good idea, and I hope someone does it.

>> No.9494077

I love how all the traits you came up with are basically Momoko.

OP, read Kamikaze Girls if you want to see a lolita character done quite well, but please don't make your character exactly like her, ok?

>> No.9494145

Don't worry, like I've said before she's got her personality already set out. I'm looking mostly for things specific to lolita and things i might've done that would make any real lolita look at her and scoff because I did something really stupid on her or something.

I've been studying these resources all night and realized there's a good reason i never got into this myself: I can't coordinate for shit.

I might check out the manga but i see there's a movie, is the movie any good? I haven't been so good at finishing manga lately.
I just didn't know if the help thread would've been better ;;
Can do :)

Thank you all who gave me some advice and tips. I've got a lot sketched out but i'll post when I get her basic colors worked out and can draw her more consistently. I appreciate it!

>> No.9494148

this still exists??

>> No.9494154

This is a good idea, I always Google a seller when it's my first time buying from them

>> No.9494160

If that's the case then they need to hire more helpers so the site gets improved faster. And maybe balance their schedules better so they can actually finish the site. If RaineDragon can be on tumblr posting scans all the time and she's working on Lolibrary, she can also update Lolibrary, and not take an entire goddamn month to do it.
Stop making excuse after excuse for easily solvable problems because we're not all going "uwu Lolibrary I wuv you" like >>9492004

>> No.9494163

Here >>9492933 and in the rest of that thread you can find really good information. It's a lot to read but if you like Lolita it will be enjoyable and interesting.

>> No.9494164

>- it's not as much about self-expression as you think
Wtf??? Yes it is, unless you're a conlita.

>> No.9494167

When people talk about Kamikaze Girls, they usually mean the movie. To be honest I didn't even know there was a manga, I thought it was based on a book.

>> No.9494170

The manga is rubbish, but the movie is awesome. Totally recommend it.

>> No.9494175

I used to think like this but when I got to know people better, especially the ones who don't go to meets often, I found a few girls who like the same art as me and visual kei. Plus I can always find people to talk to about making your own clothes.

The movie is good but the fashion in the movie is outdated now, though we do still wear that style (some try to be really accurate about time periods in Lolita and call it oldschool and others just wear the dresses how they want (without breaking many rules though))

>> No.9494176

>it's not as much about self-expression as you think
lol what
Please explain

>> No.9494179

As far as costume design, your best bet is basing her dress off of existing pieces by major brands. One of the biggest pitfalls that tend to ruin lolita characters is their shitty designs: they always look too much like maids, look too tailor made for cosplay, or have generally odd designs that don't translate well irl.

Like the other anons said, materialism ala Momoko is pretty common. If the character is going to be a personification of is as community, you might well go with accurate stereotypes.

p.s. Obviously our greatest fear is having our dresses tarnished. I figure you could use that.

>> No.9494185

I agree for the materialistic,"need money for brand" and looking pretty part but not about self expression??
The drama part is accurate, we're not all dramawhores but most of us won't say no to some fun gossip.
Typical wymins amirite?

>> No.9494190

I hope you'll show us once you're done! That sounds really neat and i'm excited to see a well done lolita character (but no pressure, we won't throw bricks at you if something is ""off""). Also thank you for using the gen and not starting your own thread like nearly all of the crossboarders do.

>> No.9494192

Self expression is definitely an element, but we care much more about the actually dresses than the fact that it makes us stand out in the crowd. Most of us simply like how the fashion looks and could care less about how unique it is. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if tomorrow lolita became the normal standard for fashion and everyone was wearing it, I would be happy.

>> No.9494196

What do lolitas smell like?

>> No.9494201

Nayrt but when I hear "self expression" I tend to picture an ita in a shitty handmade skirt, converse and ugly kandi bracelets that ~mean a lot to her~. Maybe when it's lolitas vs. the rest of the world there's an element of self expression but within the global comm it's more about looking good than being true to yourself, whatever that is. Ideally you'd express yourself by coording well and looking good because otherwise nobody really wants to see it. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I'm ESL...

>> No.9494204


>> No.9494205

Stop saying we

>> No.9494206

sugar, spice, and everything nice
and/or cheap fabric and bitter gossip

>> No.9494208

On cgl it's about looking the best you can but I started wearing lolita because of self expression, not to please other lolita's

>> No.9494209

Most lolitas don't wear the fashion to portray their identity or be unique, otherwise we'd have more lifestylers.
Lolitas wear lolita because they like the look of it and love the dresses. That's basically all there is to it.

>> No.9494215

>cheap fabric

But why do you like how it looks? Does it seriously not have anything to do with who you are for you? Or are you one of those weebs who also wears larme, menhera, mori and more?

>> No.9494217


>> No.9494220

Well, I don't like it because it's ~special~ or not-normie fashion. I simply like poofy dresses with ruffles and ribbons. Like another anon said, if tomorrow lolita was normie fashion I'd be soo relieved.

>> No.9494222

"cheap fabric and bitter gossip" was a reference to an old /cgl/ tan and /fa/ tan doodle iirc

>> No.9494223

Self expression is not about trying to look like a special snowflake either. If someone who likes sports wears a FC Barcelona shirt, that's also self expression.

>> No.9494234

I don't think these would work for normie wear but if you want them for lolita only they might be worth it.

>> No.9494244

I have always loved fancy dresses and before lolita I was in love with just regular edwardian and victorian dresses.

I wear lolita because it simply fits my aesthetics and I feel cute in it. I never felt cute in jeans and a tshirt.

Of course its going to be some form of self expression, you can learn a lot by how a person dresses, but thats not WHY I wear it

>> No.9494245

Is there a male version of lolita that's not cross dressing? Like puffy 18th century suits?

>> No.9494247

Ouji and EGA

>> No.9494251

What do you even think self expression is

>> No.9494253

Check out the boystyle thread, newfriend: >>9460968

>> No.9494259

What im saying is self expression is not the sole reason of wearing it, nor is it really the first reason why I chose to wear it. The self expression part is a byproduct of me choosing to wear it at all.

I didnt consciously go "Yes I want to wear this to show others the real me, this is my inner self!"

My inner self is not lolita. I am not a "lovely" and I dont lifestyle, I just wear cute clothes.

Self expression is about showing your thoughts and feelings typically through art and theater arts

Lolita dresses do not capture my "inner self" if I was going for that I would just wear kigurumis all day because im lazy and like to be naked at home for as long as I can

>> No.9494261

>My inner self is not lolita. I am not a "lovely"
You know the thing about being a lovely is a joke?

>> No.9494263

For most people it is, however for a lot of other people it isnt, as we see young and new lolitas complain all the time about it.

Most people think of lavish outfits like lolita and equate it to "lovely girl that sips on her tea and does lady like things". I dont see how you could try to say thats not what people think. That idea is why some people even get attracted to lolita

>> No.9494272

>as we see young and new lolitas complain all the time about it.
Where? Lifestyle is about having lolita related hobbies, bringing elegance to your life, and wearing it as your normal clothing style, not about your personality. The lovely personality idea is a joke basically originated from GLB just like gothics drink blood, and the fake mannerism is a Japanese thing not unique to lolita.

>> No.9494278

Mainly you see it from itas that get upset with critique, which you can find on CoF and the Amino app mostly since they dont usually come to cgl

I dont think you get what im saying. Part of self expression through lolita clothing would typically be a more lifestyle thing, that the lolita fashion shows how you truly feel and how you want to be seen and would fit in with being more "lady like".

I do not wear lolita because of those reasons, I just wear it because i like it. I dont really bring elegance into my life or have lolita related hobbies, the fashion literally does not represent my true thoughts and feelings or my inner self. It does show I like cute things and that I feel good wearing it, which can be related to self expression.

>> No.9494291


It's still up. Not like I tried commenting or posting there yet though.

>> No.9494299

How do you leave feedback on the new lace market? There's not a my account page anymore.

>> No.9494301

But anon, you say you admire the aesthetics of historic clothes and feel some connection towards it. Is that not a projection of your subconscious thoughts and feelings? Fashion is very much an art and a way of self expression, if not for yourself then at least others and you should acknowledge that.

There are many differences in why people are into lolita fashion, how they found out about it and what elements they are attracted to. Perhaps it is these ideals that are the self expression and could carry over into the life of the person who wears the fashion. That's my personal definition of lifestyle too, is that since the first time I saw lolita, it spoke to me, it represented a world that I felt I belonged to, like when you hear an amazing song for the first time. Some elements of my life suit this vision but not all, it's not the 18th century and people should feel free to enjoy and interpret this fashion in all of it's forms

>> No.9494307

just go to the buying or selling page (depending on wether you're the buyer or seller) and on the right of each item there's a feedback button.

>> No.9494364

I have the holographic ones and I love them so much, but my goodness they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned, and I own some pretty awful shoes. These ones literally made my toes BLEED. However the staff members have been super helpful and I told them about the problem and they're looking to improve the comfort of them so I still think they're a fun brand

>> No.9494376

I do not trust sponsored reviews from this kind of media that tend to only speak well of everything. I'd go for small blogger reviews if possible.

Also, heard that they're pretty uncomfortable, specially the high heeled

>> No.9494389

But isn't that also Self-expression? I'm just expressing my likes through my clothing

>> No.9494395

Then is eating a strawberry cake self-expression? Is your purse part of your self-expression?
Rather not. It is just a preference, a thing you like.

>> No.9494402

Wearing lolita isn't like wearing jeans and a t-shirt though, it's a very outlandish style and choosing to wear it is a form of self expression, it's some sort of statement, even if that statement is just "i like cute shit". If you didn't care to express yourself through clothing you'd wear jeans and t-shirts and tracksuits 24/7.

>> No.9494407

Exactly. That's why a band or football tshirt is self expression but the h&m tshirt your mom got you is not.

>> No.9494413

I think people want to distance themselves from the image off "Lolita is expressing myself"= some shitty noob in a cheaply handmade maxipad headdress and a miniskirt that is totally a rorita at heart type

>> No.9494424

Is it normal for Meta's physicalshop-only items to not have any tags?

>> No.9494444

You get the exact same thing from other subcultures, though. I've heard "goths need to support each other" countless times when sensitive babybats get criticism and these are people who dress like vampires who've been through a shredder, not like saccharine princesses. It's one of the geek social fallacies, not at all unique to lolita.

>> No.9494475

unpopular opinion: if lolita became normie fashion tomorrow i'd hang myself. i have MS and this shit takes so much energy to wear, lol. It's all I can do to wear it once or twice a month to meets and wear "normal" clothes in between; I'd live in yoga pants and camis if I had the choice.

>other posts
I think the "self expression" discussion here is a misunderstanding based on that one ESL person's post. calm down, i think she literally just means it's an expression of your interests (in this case, fluffy clothes)

>> No.9494486

>Like another anon said, if tomorrow lolita was normie fashion I'd be soo relieved

I have a hard time believing lolitas who say this, especially when the lolita community as a whole reacts negatively to anything that might bring lolita to the mainstream.

>> No.9494541

No I'm dead serious about this. I want lolita to be like goth or hipster fashion; not everyone has to wear it, but noone really bats an eye. I want to immerse in the crown while wearing frilly shit. I hate getting compliments, because I do not want any special treatment.

>> No.9494551

Nayrt, on the one hand I get what you mean but on the other hand, goths get pestered all the time too. People touch their hair and clothing and accessories (especially if they're wearing anything spiked) and get told it's not Halloween and worse; stories about goths getting assaulted aren't uncommon. So if lolita became more recognized by the general public we probably won't have to constantly explain what we're wearing but the "hey bo peep where are your sheep" comments probably wouldn't stop, and neither would the stares. It's just something we have to live with.

>> No.9494552

Why would other people wearing lolita affect your ability to wear it?

>> No.9494568

Lolita is technically becoming more recognized by the general public.
Shitty articles keep being made about it, not to mention mainstream cons (including Comic Cons) are now full of lolitas.

>> No.9494570

Goth fashion is not mainstream, and hipster fashion changes depending on trends, it isn't a defined style. Just because malls have a Hot Topic doesn't mean goth is mainstream. Most normies think goths are weird. You chose to wear an eyecatching weird fashion, live with it or leave it.

>> No.9494571

You are many years late to this realization.

>> No.9494573

Because they fear normies distorting the meaning of the fashion or mainstream stores trend-hopping and selling costumey minidresses as "lolita", resulting in people thinking badly of actual lolitas, not because it becoming more popular freaks them out on principle.

Having been both a goth and a lolita, this really depends on your area. Yeah, goths get harassed but most people ignore you because they already know what goth is. A situation like >>9494541 would be nice but I imagine there'd be some misconception about it being adult baby princess dress-up fashion or something, just like people think goths are depressed Satanist S&M freaks, so I don't know if it would help.

>> No.9494665

i can't believe all you took away from this video was "she gained weight". this girl had some pretty solid advice about struggling with self image & social approval.

>> No.9494670

nayrt but how is she supposed to hire people for a service that charges and makes no money? They shouldn't have to balance their personal lives around running a free service. People who code all day at work and/or school aren't going to just start coding in their free time too cause a salty anon on /cgl/ wants her wardrobe feature back.

>> No.9494683


>> No.9494696

I was referring to the discussion with comments like >>9494551 since apparently there were still people out there who didn't realize this but ok

>> No.9494700

>Goth fashion is not mainstream
You obviously did not grow up in the U.S. because goth fashion was everywhere when I was a kid growing up, and this was in the 90s before Hot Topic was even a thing. There wasn't a kid in school around who didn't know who goths were. If someone didn't know what goth was they were living under a rock.

>> No.9494704

>how is she supposed to hire people for a service that charges and makes no money?
Applications? And what is she even doing with those donations then?
>They shouldn't have to balance their personal lives around running a free service.
Then why did they start this service in the first place if they can't maintain it
>because people are giving crit
ok, whiteknight (or RaineDragon). keep making excuses instead of fixing your site.
Seriously though, if they're not coding in their free time, when the fuck are they coding?

>> No.9494713

Goth isn't mainstream in the sense that tons of people wear it, but it is in the sense that everyone can recognize it. A lot of people don't even know what to make of lolita at all, that's why we get weird comments like "are you a dancer/in a play?"

>> No.9494724

I'm looking for some cute brown leather shoes that are comfortable for some of AP's chocolate jacquard prints and sweet lolita in general. Can anyone recommend some?

I usually go for Fluevog for comfort, but I can't think of anything that'd go well with them. Maybe some brown Mary Janes that aren't hideous or brown leather some boots that'd look cute in lolita.

>> No.9494733

Nayrt, but I assume there donations go towards keeping the site online, ie paying the hosting fees. Stop crapping on people that are volunteering their time and money. Why don't you volunteer your time and money and make your own site?
I'd rather have some sort of database than none at all. Use something else to keep track of your wardrobe if it's so important to you. Really why wouldn't you have that backed up. What do you do when you visit Japan and want to buy things that match your wardrobe, but your internet is slow? Keep a local copy or at least on a proven cloud service like Google.

>> No.9494751
File: 7 KB, 796x30, wut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone using Japonica knows what it means? Ayaka is the name of the seller of one of the items i ordered and it seems to be the only thing they didn't got yet? (can't tell for mercari but they left a good rating on every fril item saying they got it so i assume it's the only thing left?)
I'm spooked now, it was the item i needed the most, pls arrive safely.

>> No.9494817

Do you know what hire means? It implies that these volunteers will be paid. Donations aren't enough to pay anyone a wage, it's just for hosting. And they code when they're at work or school, as you would know if you could read.

>> No.9494965

Nah, like, if it was the expectation that I wear it (the way it's currently the expectation that I shave every part of my body despite that being almost completely impossible to maintain with my illness so I just cover up). If it were the expectation that I have to put as much effort into everyday wear as I have to put into wearing lolita, I'd literally die.

The point I was trying to make is more along the lines of like... at points in history, the expectation for dress has been so elaborate that you literally needed a servant or servants to help. I have no idea how people survived that shit and I'm so glad I was born into a world where I can wear sweatpants to the grocery store if I need to.

>> No.9495061

>all this whiteknighting

>> No.9495118

New thread

>> No.9495205
File: 145 KB, 960x720, 1379322_10151696208552966_1718873477_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's posted with a picture, infer that they will be the ones doing or being whatever it is pictured.
It's like saying:
>my face when

>> No.9495285

Do you not understand that server space, bandwidth and domain names cost money? It's a site made up entirely of photos, which people access in large quantities frequently. I'd be interested to see what their bill is like, and I bet you the donations don't cover it.

>> No.9495290

You act like you never used a public library before. That's essentially what it is, understaffed, little funding, and a looooot of work. Also a month is barely enough time for such huge updates for code. Maybe you shouldn't spend all of your time hunting for shit ya don't need and offer to help?
Take a long walk to the library in your inner city or offer to volunteer.

>> No.9499524

Welcome back, I'm sorry the younglings are this rude, there's been event drama this week and then a holiday weekend and with ILD coming up...

What made you return? Tell us the story, please?

>> No.9499570

I smell like violets or an expensive private oil blend, one of my friends smells like Marc Jacobs Daisy, another like Tea Rose. Someone else said they wear Lolita Lempika, another likes Flowerbomb. Faint scent of cosmetics and fruity shampoo. And we often additionally smell like milky tea and macarons or cake and champagne. <burp>

>> No.9500989

how do I get over my fear of a coord or main piece looking like too much?

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