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Last thread: >>9503081

Previously in Lolita General:
>Buying from mbok, fril, maidenclothing, yahoo, wunderwelt, closet child and mercari
>IW lucky pack JSK without stock photo
>The new lolibrary isn't even in its final form yet
>Not paying taxes for your lolita clothing in the EU
>A browser version of Aliceholic
>Sad reminder that BPN closed down
>A lot of anons defending Lolita the book
>Not tagging your non-lolita coord as lolita
>Getting cheap teaparty shoes
>JSK with a skeleton knights print
>Atelier Boz finally has a new webshop and it works
>iced tea
>Love letter lolita e-zine first issue
>Ozz oneste/Ozz Croce lolita releases

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I swear to god I'm not baiting, but I got so excited and was just about to buy these before I read the description. How likely is it that I'm going to be seen as trans/fakeboy/"appropriating" if I wear these socks online and irl? In lolita and out of it. I don't live in a super liberal area or go to gay bars, but the other subcultures I'm into have have tons of people straight out of tumblr. I'm not really much worried about being attacked or "caring about people's opinions" I just hate constantly getting asked about things enough already and I don't want to attract that crowd.

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I'm bi and I have no idea what you're talking about, what's special about those socks?

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New LWLN is up for ILD


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nayrt but it looks like the trans flag

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Trans flag colors. It's pride month right now.

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>Not paying taxes for your lolita clothing in the EU
Frilly european criminals.

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I didn't recognize it. But I wouldn't think of the Dutch or French flag if I saw socks with red, blue and white stripes either.

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I say don't bother. I doubt they'll actually work that well with lolita and it's not worth the tumblry attention it'll garner, positive or negative.

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Fuck yeah, I got something to eat my lunch in front of.
Bless youtubers that upload when i'm in need of some entertainement.

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I didn't recognize it. But I wouldn't think of the Dutch or French flag if I saw socks with red, blue and white stripes either.
I think only tumblr/teenagers would care.

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Sorry my internet keeps blinking. They're specifically marketed as "trans pride socks" on sockdreams so you can't say coincidental. I'm not worried about normies, just the super sjw/super into pride people irl outside of lolita. And possibly getting rumors and constantly asked about being a man or fakeboi inside and outside of it.

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Yeah, unless you're on a college campus, I don't think the average passerby with make the connection. Especially if you're in lolita. They'll be to distracted by everything else going on that they won't spend a ton of time looking at your legs.

With all that said, they're a bit fug. Just a bit. But do as you wish.

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I was mostly excited it because it seems to match a Milk dress exactly. I should've gone with my first instinct, especially since looking more closely it's baggy even on the model and I have no problem with the tinier brand socks. I just asked here since there's no otome thread.

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There's no otome thread because otome is dead

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There's no otome thread because otome is dead, and the girly thread is almost dead too

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I guess otome is the new "kodona"? This change in consensus goes by so quickly.

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I just saw a lolita group when I was out getting dinner. Alice in Wonderland themed I think. Cute stuff. Haven't seen any in the wild before.

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Otome was never really a thing in japan, it's just easier to say that so people get what you mean. "Real otome" was proto-lolita and is now soft-lolita according to Japanese lolitas and just categorized as their brands by everyone else. Jane Marple-style and ETC-style for example.

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Tough you're right otome kei was a thing before lolita, they don't call that soft lolita now. Soft lolita is something Misako came up with to describe non-lolita coords for girls who are beginners and want to transition to ''full'' lolita slowly. About Jane Marple style and Emicu style you are right too, but they also call that casual lolita or just lolita depending on the coord.

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I've seen some anons translating girls and saying they say similar things. Not soft lolita word for word but considering them related brands and casual versions. I don't speak Japanese and probably shouldn't trust anons as much so I'm sure you're right.

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Actually I just looked at Misako's book again and it says soft lolita is also for lolita when they go to school or work and can't dress full lolita, but want to dress girly with the heart of a lolita.

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I should add I also don't speak Japanese and I use google translate

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That was probably a meet for ILD.

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Does Lady Sloth have a good reputation?

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Thank you, I should probably clarify that I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just horrifically out of the loop and someone gave me a weird look at a meetup when I brought her up. Maybe they just didn't know who she was?

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What was the BTB #5 Secret???

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Alright, it's been a couple of years, time to finally tell this story.

>be me
>best friend is an uber driver
>he calls me up telling me he has the most unbelievable story
>Describes a girl with frizzy, fire truck red hair, a blue vintage dress, and some sort of dead animal skin around her neck
>I immediately realize it is a girl in my comm based on this description.
>He tells me she orders the uber, and he drives around a wal mart parking lot looking for her, and she steps out from behind the dumpster and gets in.
>He drives her home, it's uncomfortably dead quiet the entire ride
>Arrives at a lavish house
>She steps out; walks over to the garage
>Garage door is slightly ajar
>She gets on the ground and rolls through the gap between the door and the pavement
>I shit you not

Now whenever I see her at meets it's all I can think about. To confirm her identity I sent my friend a picture of her and he said it was definitely her.

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Came in to ask this too

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Anyone order the new Diamond Honey dress? I got the pink set.

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Had a severe panic attack after I sent a package overseas with a lower value than the buyer paid for. Never again.

>> No.9507162

Didn't know I needed this until now. Thanks!

>> No.9507170

Ugh I want to get the full set in black but I got a paycut this month.

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>have a MIGHTY NEED for the black set
>swore up and down that I wouldn't get another dress until I get my grades in
It's so cute, I hope to God it sticks around for awhile

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I am so tired of these "Lolita history" and "feminism history" posts. It's so fucking boring. I wish she would stick to relevant drama and dumb/funny shit posted by dumbasses on FB or wtf lacemarket posts. Shit I can actually laugh at...

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Has there been any real drama lately? Everything seems pretty quiet.

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Posted this in another thread too but I found this skirt while thrifting and I'm trying to distinguish if it's a replica or not. Has a replica even been made of this print? If so, what should I be looking at to tell the difference? Any input would be much appreciated!

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Is that from sock dreams? The only in-house socks from them worth a damn are the extraordinary lines, that looks like their standard trash dreamer shit.

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Brazillian comm being replica lovers

>> No.9507299

would you pay 20+ euros taxes on all your packages worth 20 euros and above? the gouvernment would get rich with the amount of taxes you get hit by while importing

>> No.9507302

I do remember a replica on ebay similar. did you check the lace for the AP logo? do you have other AP dresses to compare the fabric with? does it have an AP tag? does it have pockets?

>> No.9507303

please be real please be real

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Eurofag here. I declared a new purchase from AP at full value because I get terrified of lost packages, and of getting found out. Taxes worked out at half the cost of the dress, plus the couriers "admin fee" for the privilege. It sucks choosing between paying an almighty fee or risking everything.

>> No.9507318

Any news on if we'll get a final GLB?

>> No.9507322

yeah, with more expensive dresses it's quite a risk, but getting 20 euros taxes on a 25 euros headbow or something is kinda ridiculous

>> No.9507323

I thought the last one would be released around the 24th of may, but that date has passed and I haven't seen any

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There's nothing to stop Western girls from carrying on otome and/or girly fashion, you just need to update the definition to say that although the Japanese never had an official word for it, it was what the western girls used to refer to a particular look that was popularised by this, that or other brand/model/era/whatever. You will probably need to redefine the crossover points where JM, ETC or LG bleeds into soft/casual lolita, or whether the newer girly brands (Axes Femme, Fint, etc) count as otome or if girly fashion needs to be seperate. At least if you do searches, anything that was marked for otome kei is still pretty useable this way.

Because whatever otome was or wasn't supposed to be, it sure as hell wasn't normie Western or Japanese fashion, and at least a whole decade of it sure as hell wasn't lolita fashion either. You might as well continue using the word otome or girly fashion to continue describing it instead of fumbling around trying to describe 2008-era ETC as "proto lolita, but with cable knit shorts, and sweaters with girly bows on them, they aren't the same thing as proper lolita with the lolita silhoutte, and yes they were proto lolita but not full lolita in those exact same years that btssb, AP and other full-lolita brands were full lolita".

>> No.9507352

They just look like cute socks anon, don't worry about triggered sjw, SOCKS for them if they get triggered.

>> No.9507365 [DELETED] 

I love the UTKs and black shoes

>> No.9507369

ETC did have releases suitable for lolita back then tough, not talking about coords with shorts. It seems girly style is just a less old fashioned term for otome kei.

>> No.9507376

>20 euros taxes on a 25 euros
Wtf? The tax should be between 17 and 27%

>> No.9507381

Dutch custom handles a basic fee of about 15 euros and then also adds a percentage of taxes (not sure how much). you're pretty much fucked when you order something small, but pricier stuff is more balanced with customs. when I order something of 100 euros, mostly I have to pay around 45 euros in taxes

>> No.9507383

That's a postnl fee

>> No.9507385

true, but most of my packages get delivered by postNL. DHL and such will ask for different fees ofcourse.

>> No.9507405

Has anyone bought from blablahospital UK? It says
But then it also says :
>It is a legal requirement that we declare the full value of the goods (not including shipping charges) on all packages destined outside the European Union

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File: 11 KB, 300x207, BAEA074C-87CD-438E-8BB1-DF7DDF8828E4-5343-000007E56409EDA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ISO sheer black ankle socks, preferably with lace tops. Considering the ones from AatP but I don't wanna pay 30€ or more for socks. Am I stuck trying to go through taobao/eBay/aliexpress and waiting a month or has anybody seen some good offbrand socks at fast fashion places like Bershka or H&M?

>pic not related

>> No.9507425

What would be the consequences of getting found out? If it's a severe enough punishment, it doesn't sound worth it to me.

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File: 163 KB, 2048x1608, IMG_2401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat ripoff of Bitchin' Hobo Hospital

>> No.9507433


I'm not sure what you're saying. Anons shouldn't be allowed to have otome fashion threads because ETC made some lolita dresses?

>> No.9507448

Hey I'm european too, I was just joking anon!
But you're totally right. Fuck them, I'm not paying them shit. We're already overtaxed.

>> No.9507452

This. When she began talking about the whole black people thing I yawned and quitted. She should stick to drama and the like but it's pretty quiet lately so heh.

>> No.9507471

Can only speak for German customs up until I moved away a few years ago, but whenever I had to pick up a package from customs I brought some sort of proof of what I paid for it and was taxed according to that, there were no fines or anything if it didn't match the amount on the package. I never tried bringing a fake invoice or anything like that, don't know what they'd do if that was found out (although probably nothing, I doubt it would be worth it over a purchase of a couple hundred euro).

>> No.9507478

Thanks anon

>> No.9507490

That's a relief to hear. I had this whole scenario concocted in my head that if the value didn't match the invoice exactly, they'd come for you with the full force of the law.

>> No.9507499

Lol I was affraid of that too. Not that anon but I cheated on the invoice several times by doing it very carefully on paint (changing numbers) and they never noticed anything. In my country they ask us to send them a mail with the invoice/bill/whatevs and i screenshot it then very carefully change it and for extra mesure i send it to my phone where i make it look like i screenshotted my paypal with my phone.

>> No.9507501

There are girly fashion threads and lolita fashion threads, why have otome threads as well?

>> No.9507504

It doesn't work like that

>> No.9507512

At my customs office they just want to get shit done and barely care about matching values or fake invoices. Just don't pact like a clearly bought thing is a gift (you'll need to name the estimated value of the gift anyway).

>> No.9507544

What do you think about ''modern'' prints, like a cat café? It doesn't really feel lolita to me

>> No.9507546

What's your lolita style and what kind of music do you listen to?

I wear old sweet (not really old school but more of a 2007-2009 style of sweet) and listen to a lot of alternative music/rock/metal
(and,shame on me, i still love one or two MCR or PATD songs)
some occasional chillwave,cute jpop like Perfume, and classical music

>> No.9507549

I wear casual, sweet lolita (mostly in black) and gothic lolita and I mainly listen to visual kei and metal

>> No.9507554

I wear classic and old school sweet and I listen to trap music and just like, chill electronic.

>> No.9507555

I hope she does something about brolitas and feminism next. Cause after Japanese and African Americans, men rebelling over their masculinity ought to be discussed.

>> No.9507557

Awesome find! I wish I was able to find brand while thrifting. As far as I know, Whip Collection hasn't been replicated and it looks like the original. All that it's missing is the detachable bow.

>> No.9507558

Brolitas is such an unelegant word. I will never get used to it.

>> No.9507560

I feel sad whenever people say they are going to donate their lolita clothes to a thrift shop because I think normies would use it for carnaval and halloween

>> No.9507561

Agreed. It reminds me of bronies. Why is it whenever men get into something they gotta make sure you know they're a Man™. Just call yourself a lolita ffs

>> No.9507563

I know a male lolita who hates it when others call him a brolita (he says lolita is a fashion not a gender) but he never says anything because he doesn't want to be seen as a special snowflake.

>> No.9507578

I wear gothic exclusively and listen to mainly classical, gothic and alternative music and soundtracks from video games, movies and plays.

>> No.9507585

It's very fitting in that way.

>> No.9507589

I was actually hoping she mentioned cakes and couture.

>> No.9507591


I'm not into otome, anon. It doesn't matter to me whether there are otome threads or not.

But if some girls want to discuss a style of otome that's more MILK, Jane Marple, ETC and Leur Getter and not so much Axes Femme, Fint, Ank Rouge, or generic "anything that looks girly", why not? I don’t get anything out of breaking up other people’s fun.

Besides, the brands themselves could use the publicity. Having an active discussion group tends to get new girls interested, and gets some girls to start buying new releases, which is more money for the brands. Which I assume is a good thing for those who like that brand.

>> No.9507592

I don't. Please don't give her any more ideas to continue with this shit. It's not news. If she wants to continue this shit she should put it in its own video and not with the title of lwln so I know to scroll past it. It's such a bore-fest.

>> No.9507593

I am really disappointed she didn't. That shit was a fucking goldmine. Instead she went full Tumblr on us about feminism and a bunch of shit not related to Lolita.

>> No.9507599

Stupid question, but I'm attending the TPC event and have a gold ticket for saturday, would it be disrespectful not to wear AP to meet the designers? Or is that just a thing for tea parties?

>> No.9507606

I kind of disagree with her on this one. For one, I'm missing the point of talking about black history as if it had been a key factor in the popularity of lolita fashion in the states, which it wasn't. Truth is, black girls did not start wearing the fashion before anyone else in America, and they didn't do it for the reasons she expose on the video, I mean they probably did it because they like feeling cute and everything but not because they were conscious of the social stereotype they were breaking, unlike the Japanese girls that started wearing the fashion for the purpose of breaking the social norm, so to speak. So no, I don't think Lolita is feminist in America. I think it was born in a weabo context if you ask me. But that's just my opinion. Also, no hate to the black community, I still think they look amazing in lolita.

>> No.9507609

This color palette has existed far longer than the idea of using flags to represent who you like to fuck, so go for it.

>> No.9507612

Man I've never seen a lolita in the wild, I feel so alone :c
I saw an ita once at a Halloween party but that's it.

>> No.9507626

But áll of the brands you mentioned were talked about it otome threads and are now talked about in girly threads

>> No.9507627

Maybe you just don't pay attention to your surroundings?

>> No.9507629

>I think it was born in a weabo context if you ask me.
Maybe for you lol

>> No.9507630

For some reason I always see lolitas in westfield in stratford. Saw some girls wearing fairy kei a few weeks ago too. Why a shopping centre, its not like theres anything jfash related in there (at least that ive seen anyway) when the centre of town is 30 mins away and has more relevant places to shop

>> No.9507631

They're not the only guest, so I don't think it's disrespectful, but you might feel more comfortable wearing AP.

>> No.9507635

Another anon, but no, still no lolitas around. Yet I live in big city and I know they are exist here.

>> No.9507636

Maybe they didn't need a special reason or place to wear what they like

>> No.9507640

Of course! I was kind of worried it would come across that way, (Ive worn lolita there before too kek) its just always younger girls and I wonder what there is in such a mainstream place that appeals to them to plan to go there, instead of somewhere like covent garden that has all the same stuff plus some places of interest but its not really that deep I guess ahaha

Oddly specific PSA for anyone near stratford; In the old shopping centre, theres a really cute (but very small) bubbletea tea place in the 'village' bit at the back. They have a lot of choice and its really cheap, no more overpriced bubbleolgy for me!

>> No.9507644

the lace does have the logo and the fabric seems right, but the tag is missing. It does have pockets - does the original have pockets?

>> No.9507646

Same. I've spotted an ita on my campus a few times and plenty of Milanoo monstrosities at the local renfaire, but never a real lolita outside a meetup. Which is weird, because the community in my area is huge.

>> No.9507649

>the lace does have the logo
Then you can call it a bingo, I think. No replicas have brand trademarks - it would be a strong violation of copyright. That's why brand usually try to put their logo as much and as big on their prints as possible.

>> No.9507651

Only time I see lolitas in the wild I was wearing my not so cute work clothes. Seems to happen to me a lot.
>tried to say nice coord
>got the frilly shoulder
>tfw I knew where she got 90% of her coord

>> No.9507656

Maybe they don't wear their frills daily, or they don't frequent the places you do. I've been wearing the fashion daily for about six years now and I've never met another lolita on a regular day, just people who knew what it was or people who said they wore it but weren't wearing it at that moment. Those were very rare instances too.

>> No.9507659

I'm a AP faggot and mostly I listen to anison, EDM, denpa or 80's music. I don't listen to anything that would connect to my fashion style really.

>> No.9507664

I like present day sweet releases of taobao brands and don't listen music at all. Formerly I was listening power metal and k-pop, but now any kind of music seems to me too noisy and distracting. I don't know what happened to me.

>> No.9507687

This happens to me when I have listened to music for too long periods

>> No.9507699

I know that feel. I usually just smile to myself and don't say anything.

>> No.9507717

We're rare pokemons and most of us disguise themselves as normies or tone down their magnificent coats on regular days.

>> No.9507733

>most of us disguise themselves as normies

>> No.9507737

More like you're a 'normie' who disguises herself as a lolita at meetups and cons.

>> No.9507741

It was a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard

>> No.9507748

Yeah no, my only real normie items are work clothes like suits. Everything else is j-fash or western alt-fashion.

>> No.9507762

If I wear lolita only 2-3 times a month (due to high fatigue and because putting on makeup is a pain and i'm lazy) but not especially at meetups/cons (in fact i barely ever go to meetups or cons. It just happens to be 2-3 times because that's as much as I go out in a month besides work) does that mean I treat lolita as a costume?

>> No.9507766
File: 26 KB, 300x225, B8657E3B-FC35-4973-9D01-7E9455B06694-288-00000012C4D55DE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know if the trim on APs Assorted Cookie release is supposed to be white or offwhite? I got it the mail and the trim on it looks offwhite. I thought maybe it was yellowed from age so I washed it with baking soda but that doesn't seem to have done anything. The stock photo looks white but I was wondering how accurate that is before I go in for round two with oxy clean

>> No.9507774

>most of us disguise themselves as normies
>being this much of a casual

>> No.9507784

no... you should be able to come to that conclusion on your own. its generally weebs who only wear it to cons/meets. if you dont need a special occassion to wear lolita you're fine.

>> No.9507794


I didn't say they weren't. I just pointed out that the name could still be used to strictly refer to the proto-lolita non lolita girly brands.

>> No.9507836

I got through with telling them a pair of Teaparties is a brithday gift from my friend. Worked only because it was a my birthday few days ago and it was shipped through a SS from a private adress

>> No.9507845

AP's stock photos have a brightening filter on them, but sometimes fabric dulls with age and baking soda won't help.

>> No.9507860

I wear old AP style sweet or old school gothic, the music I listen is related to what I wear like older visual kei artists especially if they aren't metal or rock like Velvet Eden, doujin artists that do 'lolita feel' music like Yura Hatsuki or techno/trance jmusic, industrial, synthpop and futurepop, most subtypes of trance music especially psy trance and old trance, Dnb, and most of the electronic genres except trap, EDM and more 'modern' mainstream dance stuff because it's not my cup of tea, i'm 'old school' also about music genres.

>> No.9507864


Dutch costums suck. Especially when you package gets delivered by PostNL.. which it almost always does as you can't choose. They don't even announce the taxes to you, they just show up and expect you to have the exact amount laying around.. I once got a package from DHL and UPS and it was so much better. DHL texts you and you pay them before they ever deliver it, but the fees are almost the same.

I always lower the value of my packages as none of my packages in the last 5 years ever got lost and I have lived on 4 different addresses and even now get packages from Japan almost weekly. I have a problem...

>> No.9507878

>you can't choose
I can choose.. If it's delivered by postnl you probably used ems and not dhl

>> No.9507886

oh sweet anon, you are so naive
china doesn't give a single shit about copyright; tons of replicas have brand logos on them, especially for small brands like ap.

>> No.9507923
File: 299 KB, 1080x1080, 1494866646380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wear classic lolita and I listen to Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Radiohead. Plus a lot of weird psychedelic rock.
I enjoy classical music too, to fit in a little bit more with the way I dress. Dvorak and Beethoven are my favorite composers, although lately I've been listening to more Rachmaninoff as well.

>> No.9507937

Show tunes.

>> No.9507989

What musicals? I love listening to Finding Neverland and Chess when I'm dolled up

>> No.9508007

I don't remember which thread it was, but an anon was looking for a Fancy Hospital JSK in white. Well, it's currently in stock on the AP USA site!

>> No.9508021

We've got the same music taste, anon. I wear mostly gothic and classic.

>> No.9508053

Old school sweet. Visual kei, my faves are Malice Mizer, Lareine and Versailles. Metal in general, I like Black Sabbath, Rammstein and Oomph! especially. Also rock and alternative rock in my native language

>> No.9508068

Ayy! Do you have any faves?
Though lately I'm feeling lazy so I tend to listen to quite a bit of chillwave/dreamwave like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPhYmMjbVU0
and then I'll listen to some Green Day/Paramore/... when i'm feeling more energetic

>> No.9508069

What's your native language anon?
Man, Versailles, I almost forgot about them. It was good. For some reason I never really got into Malice Mizer and felt like that made me a bad lolita at first lol

>> No.9508070

2010 sweet, I listen to bedroom pop, dream pop, shoegaze, and cute jpop. I've been wanting a chance to recommend music to gulls again. Give Kero Kero Bonito, Frenesi, Chouchou, and Mili a try!

>> No.9508077

Yass I love Kero Kero Bonito but didn't know about the two others. Will check!
If you like dreamy stuff I 100% recommend dreamwave channel. It's so chill and relaxing. Set my alarm to The Deli by them. Never woke up feeling so comfy before

>> No.9508078

I mainly wear gothic and gothic-esque sweet prints. Fave themes occult and medical and favorite motifs are crosses, skulls, architecture, and occult symbols. I'm getting into sweet though, but only still only comfortable with dark colored or black prints (no pastel colorways for me yet). I'm mainly into the current lolita trends of silk chiffon, longer dresses with overskirts, veil headdresses, etc., but will always have an appreciation for 2009-2010 cuts and coordinates.

Onto music! I like dark cabaret style stuff! Things like Jill Tracy, Birdeatsbaby, Amanda Palmer...minor piano dirges that I can picture the singer laying on top of the piano to fit my aesthetic. I also like a lot EDM; Knife Party, Porter Robinson, and OMFG are my faves. Showtunes, mainly Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, and the Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill. I have a very eclectic music taste, only some of which fits my look, but I love music so who cares!

>> No.9508082

(Side note, for your listening pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=romVq9JbdAo )

>> No.9508084

psy trance is best trance

I wear classic lolita and a bit of sweet. I listen to mainly kpop, trance (and occasionally to other related genres like house, progressive, and dubstep/chillstep), and swing-style big band jazz

>> No.9508104

I wear a lot of oldschool and some sweet-classic and gothic, and I listen mostly to 80s goth and electronic music and late 80s-90s dance/rave music. I used to listen to a lot of indie and alternative rock as well as dubstep/rap/grime when I first got into lolita in high school but it's been years since I've kept up with releases in those genres.

I don't like jpop (had an embarrassing koreaboo phase as a teen but haven't listened to any kpop since 2011), vkei or most classical music so nothing except the goth stuff fits the aesthetic.

>> No.9508105

Good taste anon!

>> No.9508110

Should add that I'm with >>9507664 and >>9507687 on barely listening to music these days though, I can't focus on work with music in the background and I don't commute any more so I don't have much need to listen. sage for OT

I've only seen a wild lolita once in the past five years, but there aren't many lolitas in my area. I don't think anyone wears it daily and desu I think a lot of the ones who claim to wear lolita regularly massively exaggerate how often they really wear it.

>> No.9508116

>tfw you never run into other lolitas while wearing lolita

Good insight on the bubbletea options anon

>> No.9508134

I dig it! I'd never heard of squid ethics.
It's hard to pick favorites when my taste is kind of all over the place, haha. Lately I've been listening to Perfume to keep my spirits up at work.

Just going down my music player, some faves are: Chopin, Dir en Grey, Deftones, The Kills, nujabes, Radiohead, shing02, Rachmaninoff, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

>> No.9508259

>I don't think anyone wears it daily and desu I think a lot of the ones who claim to wear lolita regularly massively exaggerate how often they really wear it.
>I've never seen it so it's not a thing

>> No.9508285

>You wear gothic and classic and listen to three bands I've loved for so long (Diru, YYY, Radiohead)

Nothing meaningful to contribute here. Just thought that was super cool. I also wear gothic and classic.

>> No.9508294

i wear gothic and sweeter classic
I listen to punk-influenced girl bands like mitski and sports, some screaming females
all the 2005 emo and 'emo'
occasional electronic stuff like solonely or clipping

recs always appreciated

>> No.9508296


Jack off Jill. My fave song by them is When I Am Queen.

>> No.9508304

You'd probably like Sleigh Bells, Stolen Babies, and Babes in Toyland.

>> No.9508308

I feel like an angsty eighth grader again!
They're really catchy, thanks anon

>> No.9508427

Good taste anon!Malice Mizer in my opinion are the epitome of 'lolita' music. >>9508084
It's what i'm listening right now, sometimes I prefer more psy trance rather than long uplifting trance tunes. I love house that sounds groovy, sorta like deep house.

>> No.9508430

Oh i forgot i love 90s dance/rave music a lot!I'm an Eurofag so this music was very popular when I was little. I love so many different genres that are unrelated I know. Kpop, not a fan...It sounds too much like western mainstream pop.

>> No.9508466

But I doesn't listen it for few years already...

>> No.9508489

Is there a thread where it's appropriate to self post for coord feedback? Coord help? Or do I just keep waiting and hoping people give concrit on my CoF post?

>> No.9508493

coord help thread if there is one

>> No.9508498

Don't worry, I tought it was super weird at first but liked couple songs and got into it eventually. My native language is Finnish, I'm sucker for melencholy and good lyrics and the most complicated ones in English and German definitely require some extra research for me.

>> No.9508506

yeah, you sometimes can choose which shipping option you would like from the seller, but mostly they don't offer DHL or it's more expensive than EMS.

I often use a website to calculate my fees (invoercalculator.nl). I really wish PostNL would have a portable pin pad, that would make everthing so much easier and I bet safer for the deliverer too

>> No.9508510

replicas do have brand names on their print, but brand name lace is more difficult to replicate
maybe you can find small puncture holes of where the tag has been? most of the time on the waistband. a fair amount of AP pieces have pockets, I don't think China wants to do the trouble of creating pockets. also a thing you can check is the care instruction label, it often mentions the brand name there too

>> No.9508512

Check out santa hates you and eisenfunk.

>> No.9508524

I didn't think it had anything to do with who did it first. Just a piece on African American lolitas because their experience was so different to Caucasian American lolitas.

>> No.9508573

How does visual kei not fit the aesthetic

>> No.9508574

I live in a village in Belgium and I have seen lolita both in Belgium and the Netherlands when I wasn't even in a big city. I've also seen a couple of girls with a hime cut.

>> No.9508576

It's most useful to ask for concrit in your comm

>> No.9508581
File: 93 KB, 480x640, P13OP320-w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think about simple releases like pic related? I feel like I never see anyone wear stuff like this, maybe it's because they want to wear more fancy stuff to meets tough.

>> No.9508586

Maybe you somehow mispronounced it and said "lady slut" ?

>> No.9508601

Are you me?
Anyway, congratulations on your A+ taste in music and lolita

>> No.9508603

I mostly wear non printed "simple" stuff like this.
But I would never buy it new at full price, still really happy simple releases are still a thing.

>> No.9508607

Do you buy printed dresses at full price? I used to think about resale value a lot before buying directly from brand, but I noticed I wear my solid pieces much more often and never sell them if they fit well, so now if it's a solid piece from a brand that fits me I buy it new.

>> No.9508610

I've fought about it, but there hasen't been a dress I wanted that much yet. But if there was one release I really wanted, I would get it new, but I guess that applies to non printed pieces too.
For me it's mostly because of the second hand market, it's much easier for me to find non printed/simple pieces I like, so buying them new at full price is hard to justify for me. I don't really care about resale value now, but I did before I worked full time haha.

>> No.9508624

I love that stuff but I also feel like it's too expensive for what you get, so like >>9508603 I rarely buy at full price. I know it sucks that I'm not supporting the brand and not stimulating them to make more solid stuff but with shipping and customs I'd end up paying €300+ for something like that and yeah... no. Sometimes I do buy new from IW because they're a bit cheaper and in my opinion better quality/more durable than for example AatP. Plus they have sales often.

>> No.9508638

Eurofag here. In the past two months I've had two packages come through, one from my SS and one from Bodyline, and didn't have to pay taxes on either one. Was I just lucky?

>> No.9508641

My packages from BL have always flown under the radar and those from my Taobao SS are 50/50 and the fees are usually low, but anything containing burando arrives alongside a harsh kick in the ladyballs. I'm starting to suspect that my country's customs is full of salty Bodyline-chans who want brandwhores to suffer.

>> No.9508672

> I'm starting to suspect that my country's customs is full of salty Bodyline-chans who want brandwhores to suffer.

I never had custom fees for any of my 3 taobao orders but I had to pay customs twice for Bodyline in the past. Also Japonica. They taxed me like more100% of the value (i marked it down to 22euros they asked me for 23 euros). I hate them so much.
I always ask burgerlitas if they can mark it down (if i'm buying secondhand from the land of freedom) because I also got customs fees from buying a dress from a US seller. But I know some of them won't mark down stuff so heh.
Being european sure is suffering.

>> No.9508673

>tfw dream dress appears for extra cheap on lacemarket
>message seller for shipping quote yesterday
>auctions ends in 12 hours
T-They'll answer right? I already lost an auction for a dream item this week, I'm so frustrated.

>> No.9508674

Burgerlitas don't know how good they got it

>> No.9508682

Just bid on it. If it's a dream dress and is as cheap as you say it is you'll regret not getting it. I don't know where you live, but what is the worst case scenario, shipping cost wise? If it's something you want that badly you wouldn't fret over that anyway.

>> No.9508684

Well,given I'm a eurolita and the seller is located in US...I'm kinda scared lol
It's a 90$ starting bid

>> No.9508687

I feel too rude to ask US sellers to mark down

>> No.9508690

I ask them nicely and always add "if that's ok with you" and shortly explain that customs are hell where i'm from so that would be really neat if they could do that. Never had a problem so far. I hope it's not seen as rude

>> No.9508695

Being a Canadian Lolita is even worse, get me out of here.

>> No.9508698

Aw man, how is it where you are?

>> No.9508701

Not that anon but the exchange rate between CAD and USD is so shit right now that deals essentially don't exist.

>> No.9508703

So with AP AND Imai Kira going to Dream Masquerade Carnival what's the betting someone's going to ask them to re-release Cat's Tea Party?

>> No.9508704

I somehow find it a lot harder to find solid pieces I want secondhand, especially moitie and etc.

>> No.9508707

This is why they should vet questions beforehand. There's so many weird or rubbish q&as at these events.

>> No.9508710

Seconding that yes they do

>> No.9508711

Classic and sweet. I listen to trap, "trappin in Japan", and house mostly.

>> No.9508719


>> No.9508722

I wear 2010-13 style sweet, and listen to a lot of bubblegum jpop, electronica, aidoru stuff, and showtunes.

But I also like really heavy style rock music and what I like to refer to as 'baroque rock.' (Stuff like Strawberry Trapper and Schlehit Melodie.) I want to know where I can find more music like it, because the sound is so cool.

>> No.9508733

I wear gothic and gothic-leaning sweet dresses in black colourways. I listen mostly to folk punk, post-hardcore, midwest emo/screamo and similar stuff. Never met another lolita into the same stuff, but I still have hope.

>> No.9508746
File: 28 KB, 801x534, Laughing-Hard-Meme-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9508749

Someone remember to ask why they call it "lolita".

>> No.9508752

Our most expensive options are between 50-70$ for very fast international which no one uses, expect to pay around 20-40, that's still super cheap for a dream dress if the dress is only 90

>> No.9508754

She used to be the most popular Western indie brand but nowadays not many people wear her stuff...

>> No.9508776

Then why do we reside on the same board cosplayers are? I'm not baiting.

>> No.9508785

I have no idea and I think it's dumb. It would be better for cosplayers to have a con board. I don't know why people put menhera and larme threads here instead of on fa either.

>> No.9508788

>i don't know why people put menhera and larme threads here

Same reason the gyaru, otome, and (rip) mori threads go here, because they're all jfashion.

>> No.9508790

The menhera and larme threads make sense being next to lolita threads, but you could say the same about why lolita isn't in the fa board. It would be better if we could get a Japanese fashion board or something but it won't change now.

>> No.9508794

But why on the Lolita and cosplay board instead of the fashion board? It never made sense to me to put cosplay and Lolita on the same board and I think it was decided by weebs who don't do either.

Yeah it would be way more logical to have a con+cosplay board and (j)fashion board.

>> No.9508797

>why are they on the lolita board instead of the fashion board

I don't know if you're new or something, but every time you bring up something remotely jfash related on effay they screech at you to go to /cgl/ or spam


>> No.9508800

Better question here is why you think /fa/ is mature enough to handle Jfash on their board.

>> No.9508803

No I'm not new, I just still question why they do that and never undersood the cosplay egl combination. I know it's been discussed before and it will probably never change, but neither will I ever understand.

>> No.9508826

Sorry for your learning disability then? Not sure what else to say if you've read the discussions and still can't grasp it.

>> No.9508832

If I want to buy something off of Y!J using Buyee and consolidate with stuff I have at Tenso is that possible? I think I remember it being okay, but I can't find it in their FAQ.

>> No.9508838

What logical reason do you have? None were ever mentioned in the discussions other than weebs find it convenient.

>> No.9508848

Since there won't be a jfashion board I can only point you to the plenty of examples /fa/ has given as their reaction to people posting jfash on their board.

Anon, I hope you find someone to help you with your comprehension issues.

>> No.9508858

Why are you so butthurt about me not understanding why fa reacts like that and why egl and cosplay was put together in the first place

>> No.9508863

hey slav

>> No.9508867

Ah, so you are new. You should have just said so, I started to think you were actually retarded.

>> No.9508873

I suppose I am retarded and you know the reasons but are just keeping them secret

>> No.9508875

>keeping them secret

if you weren't new you'd either know them or know to look at archives to find them. you've been told the reasons you just seem to be too dumb to comprehend.

>> No.9508877

>I think it was decided by weebs who don't do either
This is true. I don't know if it was moot or someone else, but whoever made /cgl/ definitely wasn't a cosplayer or a lolita. It actually used to be a pink board meant mostly to share pictures of sexy Comiket girls. Only later did cosplayers start posting themselves, and it was even later than that when lolitas discovered it and started posting (mostly about dramu), years after it was created. I actually remember cosplayers being upset about this and having to be reminded that the 'gl' part stands for 'gothic lolita'.
>yes, I'm old

>> No.9508879
File: 728 KB, 320x180, fuckit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I still haven't heard back from Japonica since they messaged a fril seller about her item (which is the only one that didn't reach the warehouse) 4 days ago. Can I abandon hope of ever getting it (or my money) back?
Went to check her ratings, Japonica had business with her twice and it went well. Last person rated her on may 18 and Japonica bought the item on may 22
They can hold my other items til the 21th

On another note I messaged a seller of my dream dress on LM two days ago,the auction will end in a few hours, still no response on the shipping quote. Don't even know if she sold it on another website already.

Why is this happening to me? I just want to get nice things for once that I can afford it.

>> No.9508883

Thanks for explanations, anon. Now I know the origins.

>> No.9508888

Or you know, you could have checked the archives instead of accepting spoonfeeding.

>> No.9508899

>sandals with socks edition
>OMG, finally a thread about my ultimate fetish

not a single fucking picture on topic.
come on girls

>> No.9508904

I didn't make this thread to talk about your fetish but feel free to post coords with sandals and socks

That's a different anon

>> No.9508925

sounds like you're doomed

>> No.9508932

burgerlita here, maybe it's because I used to live in the U.K. but i'd be happy to mark down a package, just ask and explain the situation

>> No.9508944

I wear simple classic the most, leaning in the gothic, sweet, or a little OTT directions sometimes.

I like all sorts of rock (classic, prog rock, alternative, mid 2000s era "screamo,"), some metal, jpop, anime and movie instrumental sountracks (Yuki Kajiura is my fave). An embarrassingly huge portion of my playlist is anime OPs, EDs, and Love Live.

>> No.9508960
File: 63 KB, 410x640, 80338_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imo socks with sandals is one of the lamest sounding fetishes I've come accross but at least it isnt dangerous I guess

>> No.9508965

I guess i feel like its asking for a discount. It just feels so cheeky.

>> No.9508977

Just buy the dream dress anon. If it had sold earlier somewhere she should have deleted the auction, it's hardly your fault if she's not keeping her listings up to date.
I've bought a few things from the US, worst case scenario the shipping will be about $30, maybe a bit over if it's a really heavy dress.
Good luck!

>> No.9508979
File: 85 KB, 746x690, 1479787779917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always like to see the room background in pics but I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.

>Gaara gourd
>giant rolls of something
>rainbow brush tentacle
>bookshelf buried in the back

>> No.9508982

Asking for a discount isn't rude either, unless she stated she doesn't accept offers

>> No.9508984

What social media do you use for Lolita?

I have Instagram and Facebook accounts, I used to have a Tumblr but porn/ddlg blogs following/reblogging lolitas turned me off.
Lacebook seems dead, and Twitter not very useful. I heard Lookbook deletes lolita posts.
I also know some of the efamous lolitas use Youtube, but I'm not a huge fan.

Any other recs or opinions? Should I just try harder at tumblr?

>> No.9508986
File: 1.63 MB, 720x720, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon. I'm just so anxious about both of these things so I feel kinda relieved to see someone answered

>> No.9508990

I use tumblr but I never post myself there, partly because most tumblr users are there for porn. I just post things I like and find useful/want to keep. When I want to see coords I go on instagram, and twitter for shop coords.

>> No.9509002

Japonica aren't going to throw your items out come the 21st, don't worry. If the due date approaches and your order isn't finished they'll split your order and send out the items that have reached their warehouse.
I suggest you send them an email and ask for updates, but 4 days isn't very long to wait imo.

>> No.9509066

Oh, that's comforting to know. Thanks anon. I just really hope the seller will contact them and say she just forgot, I really needed this item so it would be a huge relief. Given they had business with her twice in the past and it went well, I think it'll be ok.
At least I hope.

>> No.9509084

amino kek

I only use IG and FB, too. I prefer IG but it's not great for discussion or community stuff.
Why would Lookbook delete lolita posts?

>> No.9509129

I was actually just looking at this on Baby's web shop and I love it, but it looks too maidy for me to be comfortable wearing out. I buy non-print direct from brands when I think it's something that will be difficult or just as expensive to find second hand (e.g. exclusive colours, less popular brands like Antique Beast and Physical Drop).

>> No.9509135

I said I don't like vkei.

I'm not saying this because I've not seen it, I'm saying it because I've previously heard girls claiming they wear lolita outside of meets and later found out they were lying. E.g. one girl said she wore lolita to class "all the time" a while back, but when I had a conversation with her about it a couple of years later and she admitted she'd actually only worn lolita to university twice. This happened with more than one person. It's not like I think daily lolitas are a myth or anything, but in my area they're definitely outnumbered by overcompensating weebs. There are also a lot of girls who still "identify" as lifestylers and talk like they wear lolita a lot because they're not shy of wearing lolita outside meets, even though their lifestyle years are a couple of years behind them and nowadays they actually only wear lolita once or twice a month because of work. If you talk to any of these people you'd think they wore lolita a lot, but once you get to know them or their friends you realise its mostly exaggerating.

>> No.9509141

Thank you!

Thanks! They delete anything they find too costume-y, apparently.

>> No.9509156

>daily lolitas outnumbered by overcompensating weebs
In that case that's really shitty. Why do people have to lie about things like this?

>> No.9509229

Now I get why daily lolitas are so rare to see! At least they could wear otome/soft lolita or casual lolita instead of normie fashion. I don't know why most lolitas I see online (my place has no lolita comm) even in their free time don't wear anything lolita or any frilly jfashion but super normie stuff. Maybe most lolitas are conlitas?

>> No.9509232

>Maybe most lolitas are conlitas?
Don't do this to me anon. I like to think the true daily ones are just quieter, I know I can't be bothered to post all my daily coords. Don't shatter my hopes.

>> No.9509251

I don't wear lolita daily much (mfw few items), at least I try to wear something that look like jfashion looks (Larme or soft lolita) or western goth but I feel really sad to see the majority are normies that wear lolita. I feel too weird to share my daily lolita coords because they are boring or really casual, I wear these AP casual pieces usually.
> I hope i'm wrong and lifestyle or daily lolita are still a thing nowadays

>> No.9509255

i exist, but i just don't make a huge deal out of existing because it's my "lifestyle" after all. i'd say that most actual lifestylers are the same. we just wear our shit and go about our business.

>> No.9509271

I am in love with Jack off Jill and Jessicka's new stuff with Scarling.
I like you anon.

>> No.9509298

I don't see a reason to judge people for dressing normie in their off time, since I personally like some normie clothes (larme is just girly Japanese normie clothes anyway, it's not like it's more lolita just because it's Japanese...) but I'd say that most lolitas are not daily lolitas. Most are not conlitas and I'd say at least half are not meetlitas, but even girls who wear lolita outside of meets often only wear lolita a few times a month, since most people's job and schedules don't allow for it (even otome/casual) and weekends are often taken up with dirty chores.

I think true daily lolitas are incredibly rare, even if I take people's claims at face value I only know like...one or two girls who are even close to wearing lolita daily out of sixty or more lolitas I know well.

>> No.9509317

>Why do people have to lie about things like this?
If people feel like they're being judged/perceived as lesser for wearing lolita less often, some people will lie to try to improve their social standing - there's even an incentive to do it anonymously if you think it'll make people take your opinions more seriously. Heck, I've done it, especially when I was new and insecure.

Or, the really charitable way of interpreting it is to say that they feel like they're telling the truth at the time because they make these statements right after their first couple of forays into wearing lolita outside of meets, when they think it's going to become a regular thing, but then never persist with it and therefore later admit they didn't actually wear it often.

>> No.9509325
File: 126 KB, 339x500, 1487675996902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They could wear otome/soft lolita, but imo, I would rather spend the money on a true lolita outfit than a casual otome outfit, even though I might wear otome more often I would be happier wearing the lolita dress.

>> No.9509337

Yeah, some of us simply don't like otome or don't feel excited enough by it to justify the cost (like for me I don't really like ETC or Leur Getter or MILK, I love JM but it's so expensive it doesn't seem worth it for a casual dress). It's probably a minority opinion, but I dressed pretty boyishly before getting into jfash and I like lolita despite the fact it's girly, not because of it. I won't feel happy in any random non-lolita outfit just because it's girly.

>> No.9509345
File: 145 KB, 480x640, B41OJ215-w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So who else is obsessed with this release?

>> No.9509349

Like nearly everything Baby/AatP have put out in the past couple of years, I like the print but not the cut.

>> No.9509350

Opposite here, I don't really care for Baby/ AatP usually but I love how ultra over the top this is. All the cuts and colors are so damn cute I can't decide which to get.

>> No.9509356
File: 330 KB, 1218x2048, 1495732577846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While I like ETC and MILK (Leur Getter is too expensive for me to have interest), they still go for a lot second hand. I could pick up some cheap lolita brand jsk on Wunderwelt for the same price as the otome brands.

It feels weird how much conversation on cgl now revolves around how often someone wears lolita and what lolitas wear outside of lolita. There was never a big focus on this before. Who cares how often people wear lolita and what they wear out of it. That isn't what we are here for.

And >>9509298 has a point, someone wearing larme outside of lolita is percieved as "more lolita" than someone who wears girly normie clothes outside of lolita, even though they're both pretty much the same thing, just one is Japanese and one is sold my Forever21.

Otome is cute, ideally I would love to wear some kind of cute feminine fashion every day, but I need to build up my lolita wardrobe before that, and there are also going to be many days were I need to just throw on shorts and sneakers and a cute top.

>> No.9509376

Tumblr, I haven't had issues with weird blogs. I immediately block them if they like/reblog and that seems to have prevented more. I haven't had to block any in a while now.
I also use Twitter for Japanese brands and models. I even received a thank you from a brand before! I thought that was pretty sweet.
Wear.jp and Amino for seeing other people's outfits. Otherwise I have to use the COF thread.

>> No.9509401

I call myself a "daily lolita" because I wear lolita as my daily clothes- outside of work, it's what I wear 95% off the time that I go out. What I don't usually admit is that I only go out about once or twice a week, aside from working full time I mostly an at home in my pjs. I don't think this makes me a bad lolita, but I do fear it makes me seem like a loser in general...

>> No.9509411
File: 55 KB, 380x380, putumayo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was wondering if putumayo runs particularly short? I'm only 160cm tall but I'm worried my classical puppets daily petti would be too long/full for pic related

>> No.9509424

I have a package coming from Japan to the UK. It has been in customs for 6 days now but I haven't received any sort of notice asking me to pay for it. I don't know what to do. Is there any way to pay for EMS customs if your slip has been misplaced or posted to the wrong address?

>> No.9509523

putumayo runs very short. I'm 163cm and I've had to sell every single putumayo item I've gotten. The last jsk I sold measured at around 78cm in length. Never had any of their skirts before though.

>> No.9509550

At work if you have a dress code it's OK to dress normie, I always think someone that wears lolita even in their days off from the fashion or at work (if possible) show their personal style that is similar to their lolita preference. There are also 'normie' items that could be used for create actual otome or other jfashion looks, also toned down enough for work. There aren't just tees and jeans or super plain outfits into normie fashion. I use a lot items from 'normie' brands to create jfashion outfits. On many fast fashion shops they sell chiffon printed skirts, peterpan collared tops, accessories with bows and so on to create a simple otome/larme/whatever look for every occasion.
My online comm has some daily lolitas but most of them wear other alt fashions daily more than lolita or wear lolita pieces in non lolita coords (as i do usually).

>> No.9509709

I've never seen this before and I fell in love. I feel like applique dresses and such are underrated but they're so detailed and fun to look at.

>> No.9509711 [DELETED] 

I think most lolitas in my country wear lolita or other alt fashion outside meets (I live in the Netherlands and I know a few lolitas who never go to meets). That being said, I also feel like a lot of people in the Facebook group never wear lolita and never go to meets either.

>> No.9509713

I think most lolitas in my country wear lolita or other alt fashion outside meets (I live in the Netherlands and I know a few lolitas who never go to meets). That being said, I also feel like a lot of people in the Facebook group never wear lolita and never go to meets either. I think a lot of people on cgl lie about what they wear in general.

Larme isn't only girly normie clothes and I think in the West the more unique coords are more popular. Some larme brands have released things that appeal to lolitas, like clothes with alot of ruffles and wristcuffs.

>> No.9509729

A lot of people consider brands like ETC,LG and JM good for caudal lolita instead of otome. I'm not even talking about Japanese people, when I got until lolita the guide I read recommended ETC and JM for caudal lolita.

>> No.9509730

My style is 80% gothic, 15% sweet, and 5% classic. I mostly listen to metal, hard rock, and hardstyle, with video game music and other songs that sound good to me.

>> No.9509765

I wear classic, and I listen to K-pop and classical music almost exclusively.

>> No.9509797

Whenever I've been getting packages from Japan they have been delivered almost straight away after arriving into the UK if they don't get caught by customs. If they do it takes a few days for them to be processed and then I receive the notice, I've never had to wait as much as 6 days though. Might be worth calling Royal Mail and giving them the tracking number, I imagine they would send you another slip if that's the case.

>> No.9509803

LG is the same price as ETC & Milk tho

>> No.9509819


Not the anon you replied to, but I did want to point out that some of the brands you listed can't actually hold a petticoat big enough to achieve the lolita silhoutte. In that sense I can see why it's easier to buy an IW jsk and be able to wear it for both casual lolita and lolita lolita.

But honestly speaking, I just assume that some girls aren't head over heels for otome styles the same way some girls are into sweet and some girls are into gothic -- they just like a different aesthetic than what the otome/girly style brands produce.

>> No.9509847

Those brands all have dresses that fit petticoats

>> No.9509877

Join me anon, join my appliqué appreciation club. I hadn't heard of it either until I was browsing LM one day and someone was selling it for dirt cheap because of a faint tea stain and missing waist ties. I got the stain out and honestly it's one of my favourite pieces, I wish i owned it in every cut + colourway

>> No.9509915

PostNLhas an international tracking site, if a package arrives in the Netherlands and gets through customs, you can track your package through that site. (You can use the original tracking, you onky need to fill in the netherlands and your postal code.) It will give you the ammount you have to pay, once it gets out of customs and the 3S-code.

>> No.9509981


Yes, but when you're buying them secondhand it can be hard to tell which is which, especially if the seller only does flat lays, and otome doesn't have its own otolibrary that tells you whether a skirt can fit a petticoat or not.


Only firsthand. Secondhand, LG is a newer brand. Whereas there's much older ETC and Milk pieces floating around. Pretty much the same reason old school is so much cheaper than newer releases.

>> No.9509997

If anyone needs chocolate themed items for a coord, this 15-piece lot even has a chocolate camera.


>> No.9510025
File: 41 KB, 596x471, yikes-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today in Most Embarrassing Behavior: inviting yourself to another YouTuber's house in another country in an attempt to farm efame points.

>> No.9510055
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1487198827992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am aspiring to get into gothic/kuro loltia, but I mainly listen to different kinds of electronic music, especially early to late '00s style trance/techno and progressive house. So stuff that's not really compatible to the fashion.

>tfw recently I was daydreaming about going to one of those classic dance music festivals like MAYDAY, Nature One, Love Parade, Trance Energy and the likes with a group of frill friends while wearing 2010 style sweet and raving all day long
>mfw I have no frill friends
>mfw it will never ever happen

Also rip Love Parade and Trance Energy

>> No.9510056


I'm retarded

>> No.9510068

Yeah, I understand why people do yhs, I think it explains why we don't see lolitas out in the wild that often.

>> No.9510069

I think she's just referring to visiting Sydney...

>> No.9510375

I'm super sweet like milky planet but I also wear more elegant sweet like crystal dream carnival, I listen to rap and horror core

>> No.9510391

Does anyone know whether Dreamholic usually does a summer sale? I saw they did one two years ago and don't want to order from them now if they're just going to announce a general sale a few days after.

>> No.9510402

holy shit that's adorable; I'm not a sweet lolita at all and I love it. (will admire from afar)

>> No.9510406

Completely agree with you. The black thing was completely unnecessary and it's not like black girls make up a significant portion of the American comm. Also nothing against them, I think they look great and all that but the video just seems like try hard sjw bait. Let's face it, pretty much everyone in the west found lolita through visual kei, anime, weeb friends, general interest in Japan, etc.

America is a melting pot of cultures, many american born girls do lolita because they can, and feel free to. Many more come from immigrant families or super religious and in that sense do try to break the mold set for them by family. Briing slavery and black culture into it is, while interesting and illuminating on the black girl struggle, has fuck all to do with lolita here.

But of course if anyone said that out loud we are privileged racist nazis.

>> No.9510412

What taobao reseller marks items up the least?

>> No.9510416

I want to like this but it's the exact wrong kind of tacky for me.

>> No.9510418

>But of course if anyone said that out loud we are privileged racist nazis.
this. God nowadays you can't say anything if you're white because you hurt the poor POCs feefees

>> No.9510468

The PoCs dont fucking care. Its the crybaby white tumberites that wont shut the fuck up.

>> No.9510477

This. I don't give a shit but white tumblrinas get upset I'm not offended.

>> No.9510494

I feel like black lolitas saw that video and went "wut? Well okay... "

>> No.9510583

front bangs and side over the ears of my lolita wig is a bit too thick and blocks the face too much, dont want to tie it at the side as it looks too wide.

are you able to cut off specific patches of hair/wefts from the wig? cause all youtube vids show is that they are a very long string of hair.

like just a fingerful of bangs totally removed.

afraid it might cause a bald spot though

>> No.9510584

Cute idea but ugly cuts and the colors seem hard to coord with anything but brown or red/ white

>> No.9510600

it will cause a bald spot, do not do this, your only option is to tuck it away somehow and avoid this wig brand or style from here on out

>> No.9510615

I've never seen a LG dress for sale for under 20k yen.

>> No.9510623

oh man I want this!

>> No.9510660


can i cut the bangs shorter then?
im sure the side over ears can be fine like what a pixie cut would depict.

front centre bangs though.. hmm

>> No.9510681

I had a similar problem with an old wig. I was able to heat-style it (bit by bit over a few days) so some of it could fall to the side, and made some small braids "underneath" that I sewed to the cap. But if I had the funds I would probably have just bought a new one instead of going through all the trouble since it wasn't a good wig anyway.

>> No.9510696

LG have winter sales where it's up to 50% off, making dresses around 15k. I personally get my LG secondhand and usually pay between 12-18k for a like new jsk.

>> No.9510698

post pics? im having trouble picturing what you mean exactly.

>> No.9510702
File: 269 KB, 972x611, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone won an auction from hisausa_sirayukihime on Y!JP? All their dresses started out at 1 yen bids and I'm wondering if they're legit since From Japan keeps warning me about sellers now doing 1 yen auctions and charging ridiculously high shipping costs.

>> No.9510923
File: 246 KB, 743x1050, 1468960306939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there search terms for auction sites for old school? Do Japanese lolitas even acknowledge "old school" the way the western community does?

>> No.9510934

I haven't won anything, but I did bid once out of curiosity on one of those 1 yen auctions. Apparently they have a borderline price set under which it is impossible to win. If bids do not reach that price, they all are deleted when the time runs out and nobody wins. This seller is sketchy af, putting a BIN price at 30000 yen for a plain IW luckupack dress is ridiculous.

>> No.9510991


As a tangent to the whole girly style/soft lolita/otome discussion, is there a reason why Milk (heart bags aside) seems to be significantly less popular in the West than Jane Marple, ETC and so on? I mean, the 'target audience' doesn't seem to be that different - just something I've been curious about.

>> No.9510992

So is voodooodolly overpricing when asking us eurochans for 76$ International Priority? Like wtf, even my basket costs less.

>> No.9510993

Their sizes are close to EU size 34 I believe. Jane Marple has the biggest sizes.

>> No.9510996

In my experience they don't really label them but that wouldn't be much of a help really. In the west an average lolita doesn't usually notice if the dress is actually old and many label simpler pieces as old school and that would probably happen with Japanese sellers too. Just research the dresses you like or think are old and eventually you will be able to regognise older dresses more easily.

>> No.9511001

Baby calls it classical which sounds much prettier than old school

>> No.9511034
File: 25 KB, 300x226, 8d40fa430c6ec3dd0e5f9e08002a6248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw win dream dress on Lacemarket
>tfw seller didn't respond before and after i won the auction and it's been 3 days
...She sold it somewhere else and forgot about the listing, right? There was a comment on it from 2 months ago and her only feedback is from three weeks ago

>> No.9511039
File: 109 KB, 209x193, 32d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My lucky pack just shipped, I'm so excited

>> No.9511067

Thanks, friend! I knew something had to be off about it because they posted dozens of items at 1 yen but I wasn't sure if they were fakes, overcharging on shipping, or what because they have 0 negative feedback.

>> No.9511079
File: 320 KB, 1426x898, testtttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


unwanted bangs, and unwanted hair covering my ears.

I'm certain I can just trim the sides to be a little on my top ears and look fine.

the front bangs though...

>> No.9511087

That's the one I mentioned that is the most expensive, holy shit I can't believe someone actually uses it. That would be the actual cost for the service, not overcharged. I believe it is tracked and insured and quite fast, so I can see why an indie brand would use it, but they should give you more options if you agree not to do a charge back if your product is lost. Plus I think if you don't mind a slower shipment, you can add insurance to first class for a much better rate

>> No.9511106

Is Alice plus Fururun dead? They haven't updated since April

>> No.9511120

Closet child has a lot for less than that. I just won one for 17k, and got the Fruit Stamp OP for 11k. I mean, yeah, lots of the newer, more popular releases go for more. You just have to be willing to wait.

>> No.9511137

Youtubers having friends and acting like friends is discussion worthy now?

>> No.9511144

Congrats, anon, mine too!
What are you hoping to get in it?

>> No.9511176

I wear lolita several times a week, but I feel like my daily coords are too "unpolished"/not perfect enough to post, and I tend to use the same more practical shoes/bag for most coords

>> No.9511191

I have no idea. Just hoping for a good variety to bulk my wardrobe

>> No.9511304

im sorry if im being incredibly obtuse here, but i get where you're having troubles but im not entirely sure what the problem is with the front bangs. if it's covering up too much of your face, cut them shorter but you can't turn a wig with bangs into one without. if they're too thick and look unnatural, consider picking up a pair of thinning shears. they're the only actual hair cutting tools i have and they're indispensable to making shitty wigs look realistic.

>> No.9511327

I really hope not, I got all my favorite dresses from them. Hopefully they update soon.

>> No.9511341

I exist along with my wardrobe of 75+ main pieces... I don't think anybody would know, though, since I only post to CoF a few times a year and rarely go to meets

>> No.9511348
File: 296 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-07-12-09-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear i can not stand people rage posting stupid bullshit like this when they are clearly so new to the comm they dont even wear lolita yet

>> No.9511350

What in the world is that?

>> No.9511354

>Maybe if I'm extra vocal about my Lolita Opinions, nobody will notice I don't actually wear the fashion!

>> No.9511357

basically just slut dancing

>> No.9511363

She should stick to tumblr cause no-one outside tumblr wants to hear this sjw rambling bullshit. Ever.

>> No.9511364

...I kinda like it ngl
Not sure why anyone would want to do that in lolita, though. Those high-energy coochiewiggles are completely wasted underneath a poofy skirt and petticoat.

>> No.9511371

Reggaeton is a music genre, not a dance. It's club music. She could've meant she hops up and down to the beat of a song by Daddy Yankee, not necessarily that she's popping her ass.

>> No.9511411
File: 42 KB, 599x430, auctionID_j412288246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have the money at the moment but can someone help put the world to rights and pick up this beauty on YA for 5500 yen?

Knowing that someone else might get to love it will soothe my soul. Auction ID: j412288246 (just stick it into google).

>> No.9511500

If I normally wear a size 24.5 in bodyline shoes might these be ok? I haven't bought any shoes online other than bodyline before and I dont know about IWs sizing and such. I do have a pair of bodyline 26.0 and they fit (with some wiggle room) but thats because they run small.

>> No.9511524

What's the best way to get wrinkles out of brand? Especially for things with a different texture than regular cotton, such as cotton buckingham from btssb.

Most tags say ironing is okay, but I'm scared of damaging more delicate parts, such as gold/shiny parts on prints. Are steamers good, or is steam too much moisture?

>> No.9511543

Same is in my online comm/country, there aren't much local comms but most people wear other alt fashion and lolita outside meets, not much wear just normie clothing and wear lolita/at fashions at meets or anime cons.
I listen to that anon!Well I listen also to the 'dark version of techno/trance' which is mostly from industrial subgenres or synthpop, few visual kei music is made of this type of music and I wouldn't never be into goth if wasn't for this type of music because I grew up listening to eurodance, trance, house and so on.
I wear sweet and gothic as I said before.
>mfw my friends don't have my music tastes so I can't go to raves or concerts I love
>one of my friends that is far away goes to a Infected Mushroom concert while I can't
>why living
>I'm not even a clubber or a party goer

>> No.9511593

I've never had a problem steaming my garments. Maybe you'd have to worry if it was red for bleeding, but even then I've never had any of my red items bleed from being steamed.

>> No.9511668

It's been on y!ja unsold for literally months, you'd probably be able to wait until you have money.

>> No.9511708

I get this awful feeling in my chest from seeing lolitas in the wild while I'm in my "regular person cosplay". Regardless of whether it's ita or a good outfit.

>> No.9511717

Generic, a little bit casual and old, nothing too sweet or classic or gothic, almost all re-releases of old pieces or random stuff from mbok fril y!japan etc.

I like classical music. And I know vaporwave is an old meme but I really like it.

>> No.9511739

What kind of steamer do you use?

>> No.9511865

I'm getting close to 130 main pieces (all brand).
I really like to take photos of my coords as floordinates or displayed nicely on a mannequin, along with details shots, but I don't like posting photos of myself in lolita online, and I don't go to meets either.

>> No.9511888

Putumayo runs hella short. They're cheaper as well. These two facts are becaaaaaause their market is younger. They aim at girls who are still in high school and may not have as steady an income as the customers other brands shoot for.

>> No.9512057

I might buy it. The lace sticking out at the top of the bodice bothers me though.

>> No.9512997

Steaming is usually fine, just as long as you know that your prints aren't going to run. The gold/shiny parts should be OK, I just steamed my wardrobe yesterday with an iron that also functions as a steamer, and some of my dresses had glitter on it. It was fine and the glitter didn't come off.

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