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Last thread >>9506810
Last general synopsis
>Trans socks
>Otome/soft lolita/casual lolita/girly fashion
>Euro customs fees
>Your lolita style and music choice
>LWLN feminism video discussion
>Lolita's in the Wild
>Simple releases bought new or secondhand
>Daily lolita's
>Sketchy Japanese sellers
>SJWs on Amino

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just use Lolitas.

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Phone auto correct.

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This release bothers me but I don't know why

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Looks like a cheap-ass spinoff of Melody Toys

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>Best AP print in ages
>Still the same high waist shit

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Since there's no wtf sales thread, this seller has these listed as angelic pretty tea parties and is selling them for $65.

>obvious offbrand brown sole is obvious

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What's the going rate on Cinema Doll in lavender (any cut) these days?

I checked mbok and Yahoo Auctions and someone was selling the OP for 600,000円, which seems like a joke.

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Also this is pretty embarrassing

"Beginner Lolita Starter Coordinate FULL SET 12
Buy It Now: $90"

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I like the idea of this but the execution is so weird. It's like the seller just had these items left over and noticed they individually made up the components of a coord.

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Honestly I would've hated this as a new lolita because my anus was SO CLENCHED when it came to coordinating...I was afraid of being called "ita"...but now I really don't hate the idea of this coord at all. I'd probably nix the socks, but I really like the dissonance for some reason.

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...You do know a beginner lolita can buy these items and mix and match them with other items they may possess to create a better coord, right?
Honestly, if I were still a beginner lolita, I'd consider it a pretty good deal, and I've seen similar "starter sets" before too - all of which sold.
Buying multiple items as well helps to save on shipping (and for the EU, insane customs)
Unclench your panties.

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I thought the not tall enough border print would be my biggest problem but time has given me many ways to think around it and now I love it. But here are new questions:
- Why are the three main characters, Lyrical Bunny, Little Bear and Vanilla-chan, not in the middle? I understand where they tried to go for with two other characters crammed in a same space making it "the fourth character" but that''s just plain stupid.
- JSK cut looks little bit too fancy at least from this picture. But maybe that's what they were going for with _Fancy_ Whip.
- OP collar should almost reach the waist. Now it looks like it has shrank and the bow (which should be on waist) has gone up with it.

I really want to like that black but instead I might go with mint. It would have been nice if under the whip curtain background was a darker wallpaper or some other color. Old cotton fabric would have been great, too.

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Of course, but will they? It's listed as a starter coord, newbie itas are going to go "oh i guess i'll just wear this with my black target ballet flats".
If it were listed as a variety pack that's a different story. Also i'm unsure about that blouse being in a "starter kit", doesn't really fit the aesthetic in isolation.

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the print is perfect but the cuts are shit tier. that makes this release hurt more than if it was an ugly print and cut. So much potential...

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I feel like this is a poor attempt at trying to make an ageplay print look less like ageplay... The end result is just a tacky clusterfuck that doesn't make much sense aesthetically or thematically. I hate it.

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The 600k one has been sitting there for more than a year now. It's more of a brag listing desu.

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Not a good development, anon. There's a difference between not giving a fuck that you don't 100% match your pinks, and then there's "got dressed in the dark, I'm blind and can't tell that nothing goes together". This coord is definitely the latter. I'd work on getting back some of that colour sense, lest you turn into one of those perma-itas that always look bad.

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Huh, and I thought it was because I've given up on life. Thanks for the insight I guess?

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So, Lief decided to collaborate with the Leighs apparently. Can't say I am not dissapointed in them a bit, but bigger brands do it too, so I can't blame them really

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Given up on life, feels thread is here >>9507896

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Too bad I feel nothing

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I'd rather a newbie be wearing that than shitty Bodyline.

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in all honesty they're probably oblivious to the situation

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>being this stupid
Better a shitty quality bodyline dress in a decent coord than this shit

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I think you are making the mistake of trying to judge colors from a photo on a screen. The only thing that doesn't belong in that coord is that top because it is out of theme with the rest of the outfit.

Some of it does go together, you're just focusing on color alone.

Don't preach color sense when you are making a rookie mistake yourself. Most ad's for clothing sales online mention that colors aren't true. You don't know that those pinks don't match more in person.

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I'm not the one who posted the photo.

Do whatever you want, though. I'm not the one who has to wear those clothes.

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Innocent worlds sales up. I want to get the elizabeth and London jsk but I might get it in my happy pack in the next few days. Aaaa

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the brand SWIMMER is closing?!

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Do you have a link to an article or something?

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it's on lolita updates

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>accepting shitty quality bodyline
>being THIS stupid
if it was a beginner lolita they wouldn't have a "decent coord" anon, even less so if it was bodyline in horrible quality
meanwhile all they'd need to fix this is a cute bolero or cardigan to cover the blouse and maybe different socks
the bag is fine, there's different shades of pink in the print. the headbow could be better but it's better than no headwear at all, like if they had a shit bodyline coord

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...you DO know that is AP's Sugar Pansy skirt right?

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Risa cancelled from AP Paris tea party. Feels better now that I couldnt come

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There's no ageplay prints in lolita

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I think this is the first time since the scamming came to light that a new brand works with them, the other brands were already working with them before

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I don't know why they invite models in the first place unless they do other lolita-related stuff/wear lolita normally.

Do you know what ageplay is?

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It's like LARPing, pretending you're a different age than you are. Wearing a teddy or toy print isn't ageplay and nor is lolita just because we wear clothing inspired by victorian children, doesn't mean we're pretending to be children.

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>what is a theme
Dreamy Baby Room is inspired by baby dolls. Just like how Fancy hospital is inspired by Barbie nurse toys. People who automatically assume something is a sex thing are the real problem.

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Literally search Lolita Updates on Facebook, anon.

>> No.9512210

>People who automatically assume something is a sex thing are the real problem.
As tumblr would say, they're literally sexualizing things that aren't meant to be sexualized and then crying about how they're sexualized/ageplay when they're literally just clothes meant for women, made by women.
Honestly people who do that (cry about sexualization without realizing they're automatically equating those things with sex that shouldn't be) are the real problem.

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it's also on SWIMMER's official facebook page as well.

i'm pretty sad because i just moved to japan a month ago and got so excited that there was a SWIMMER shop close to where i live.

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>no corset lacing
This will have me rolling in my grave.

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Anyone remember the name of that other big-ish Jfashion brand that shut recently, the last year or so? (the fashion brand not GLB)

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>go on Fril with promise of old non-prints being cheap and abundant
>find nothing but 10+ set bulk listings of Baby shopping bags and AP hangers

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milklim probably

>> No.9512265

Milklim still exists.

>> No.9512267

tl;dr is that they are closing because the manufacturing costs are too high according to their staff which would have been no problem if they would offer their goods international.

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Yes, we know.

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Is the sole only brown on knock offs? I swear mine look this, but now you're making me want to check...

>> No.9512289

I roll my eyes every single time I see people coming up with this shit.

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Anon are you sure you're searching in the right way?
There aren't that much non prints i've seen lately iirc but don't worry, it'll come. Also check mercari.jp

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>still no skirt version as well
>fuck this shit
W-well i can get the JSK, the thing is i love casual coordinates and skirts are better for this type of coords.
Infact anon! I'm tired to see this sexualisation where there is nothing of these in lolita unlike other women styles where the sexual part could be present.
That means neither online shops would remain open?If yes, it's horrible because i made a big wishlist of things i want from them and there won't be anymore updates.

>> No.9512301

Nayrt, but not everyone has Facebook.

>> No.9512302

The onlineshop closes mid-december and pretty much everything sold out after the announcement of closing. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if they change their mind after seeing how people now buy all their stock only for scalping purposes because hurrdurr closing.

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File: 14 KB, 236x314, 18a58b5acbdcea4c514fd10c19ed6f6c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry to dissappoint but older AP Teaparties used to have that sole, the black sole is a newer thing.

>> No.9512311

I'm searching via brand name even though I'm not particularly picky. Am I doing it wrong?

>> No.9512312

Same anon but Mercari is giving me 502 and 504 errors constantly. I can't get past the homepage.

>> No.9512313

As I recently recevied a dress covered with mold, is it save to put a detachable ribbon with a metal pin in the wash without risiking it to rust? It doesn't seem to have any mold stains but it smells awfully.

>> No.9512315

>Trans socks
Just to reply to the anon who was thinking of getting those socks, I thought you should know that Sock Dreams socks can be VERY baggy in the foot. I have a pair from them and while they're cute colours, I rarely wear them because they feel a bit uncomfortable around my feet. When I do wear them, it has to be with very tight shoes to keep them from sagging and wrinkling underneath my feet while I walk. And they certainly won't stay up on their own, you'd need sock glue or garters.

>> No.9512321

I wouldn't risk it, I recently saw a dress get destroyed because the owner put the detachable ribbon in the wash with the dress, and the clasp leached rust all over the fabric of the dress. You can easily wash the ribbon separately in the sink, but I'd advise using some kind of sealant on the clasp before doing so

>> No.9512353

god fucking dammit

When are they closing? Why won't they just open an international webshop? I'd buy the shit out of their stuff if I didn't have to use tenso every time

>> No.9512354

Gross, where did you get the dress? And personally I wouldn't risk it, I always remove the removable parts before washing any dress

>> No.9512355

And nothing of value was lost

>> No.9512356

They will start closing stores in August and then close completely in January 2018

>> No.9512357

wish more brands understood that there are thirsty people like us that want to buy everything they have.

>> No.9512358

Seriously, it's just so stupid yet so stereotypically Japanese that Swimmer is ready to completely close down rather than trying to open up to the international market. WE DON'T HAVE CUTE STATIONERY OVER HEEERRRE

>> No.9512359

Wow it all sold out? I just bought a ton of stuff from them to use in goodie bags for the ILD meetup. So glad I didn't wait on that and got some cute stuff for myself as well.

>> No.9512362


I guess I'll simply remove then pin then and sew back on later.

I got the dress secondhand and the seller throw it in to the package without any protective bag or something lie that. It was moist as I opended it. But overall it's a nightmare. Navie as I was I didn't use paypal but bank transfer and not only was it moldy, it has also a super yellowed collar. At least she seems collaborative and is willing to give me some of the money back.

>> No.9512365

sorry for all the mistakes, I'm really tired

>> No.9512375

I'm still so fucking salty that Axes Femme's "international" webstore is basically just an English version of their Japanese webstore and you still need tenso to buy from them. Is selling internationally really that hard? CC, WW and most lolita brands manage just fine and have done so for years.

>> No.9512386

Violet Blue on Rakuten is great for cheap Old-School printless dresses, but you really have to be fast, since it's really cheap!

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>find shop
>great dress right on front page
>under 2,000Y

Bless you, your family, and your cow.

>> No.9512392

Your welcome! I have been lurking their site for ages. I just want to buy everything, but Old School dresses are just too short on me.
They also regularly restock, I think almost the same moments as CC. They sometimes have popular prints as well and almost everything is really cheap. So it's a great site to watch! (I say almost, since every JetJ item they add are pricewise so much higher than everything else they sell.)

>> No.9512394

Oops, I pushed the post button too fast!

>> No.9512398

Thankfully I'm trying to restrict myself to gothic stuff or darker colors (I don't wear pastels well) but damn these prices are tempting me to go sweet.

>> No.9512414

Same. Europoor here and if the Paris store was still in business, it'd probably be cheaper for me to fly there and back and not claim anything (yeah, shame on me) than to pay to use tenso + shippping and get hit with a big ass customs fee.

>> No.9512426

I can't see anyone in that print pretending to be a child

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File: 49 KB, 500x500, spreepicky_Cosplay_Madoka_Lolita_Princess_Bow_Platform_High_Heel_Shoes_SP130232-1_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really bad if I wear Madoka's shoes with lolita? I'm not even a cosplayer, nor I have the interest in it, but I have always loved the way Madoka shoes look.

>> No.9512478

I love her shoes so much, honestly they just look like cute shoes if you don't know madoka, go for it.

>> No.9512480

I think they look too costumey. Maybe if the buckle were smaller.

>> No.9512490

I put in an order for two items and neither of them say low stock. Crossing fingers I get my Palace Rose skirt and socks! I've wanted a gobelin piece for years!

>> No.9512494

how is it stereotypically japanese? Not trying to say you're wrong, i'm legit asking

>> No.9512508

Or then theres AP who use to have an international website, but then they tossed it, and now i have to use fucking tenso to order from them. I use to buy from AP once a month, but now I dont even bother with them anymore because i dont want to pay fucking tenso fees when i never use to have to before.

>> No.9512512

They look too costumey. I know they sell them in black though, and they look a bit better in black opposed to fire engine red.

>> No.9512517

I'm holding out for my LP praying that mana will bless me.

>> No.9512521

Are you buying or selling? Would be best to just check most recent LM listings where it was sold

>> No.9512525

Ah that's the one I was thinking of, thanks!

>> No.9512534

It's not that hard, a lot of Japanese brands are just retarded

>> No.9512538

>not all anons are the same
Duh, man.

I just came into that argument, I wasn't actually someone who was originally involved either. I love how you can't contend what I'm saying, though because we both know it's true.

I'm curious, however, as to what happens when someone like you buys something and then when you get it - it's not the exact color you saw in the ad?

>> No.9512540

Has everyone had good experiences with steamers, are they better than ironing? Is the steam too much moisture for prints that can run? Which steamers do you use, handheld ones or regular?

>> No.9512542

Steamed various prints with a $15 handheld steamer I got from Aldi. Use distilled water in it only. Nothing has run in any way. If you want to know of a specific print lmk because I have quite a few. The only print I know of (I don't own it personally) that's notorious for running is milky berry

>> No.9512567

...Milklim still exists, just saying.

>> No.9512568

>tfw whenever i use "lolita" on other boards (rarely ever do and rarely crossboard but sometimes i mention it for a reason or another, like in a /vg/ thread where a character is an actual gothic lolita) everyone goes crazy at the mention of the name/think i'm a little girl/pedo/..
;_; you're the only one who understand, /cgl/

>> No.9512570

Surely everyone on 4chan would know what it is?

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>> No.9512579

I've mentioned it on int and they thought I was talking about a random girl named lolita

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For the most part they thought i was dressing like an animoo little girl or something.

>> No.9512609

Japanese culture is notoriously xenophobic and many smaller companies refuse to do business with other countries.

>> No.9512721

Heh. Their loss.

>> No.9512779

Have you ordered from them? I've never ordered something from DreamV using Tenso before

>> No.9512796

I've steamed a red and cream IW dress with a professional quality steamer and it didn't run. That's the only time I tried it though

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File: 85 KB, 480x640, b1752de5-8eeb-5eac-a2d3-db64606a67ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own one of the kumya kumya purses with the clasp opening (pic related) and can do me a massive favour and measure how wide the opening is? I can't find the info anywhere and I just want to know if it'll hold my cell phone. It's 27cm tall so I'm holding out hope.

Otherwise I'd have to size up to a pochette and they go for a lot more.

>> No.9512827

First thing I noticed, topkek

>> No.9512830

DreamV is a brand. Rakuten is the website hosting the stores.

>> No.9512834

Sorry, I meant to type Rakuten, not DreamV. I have ordered from DreamV before but never from a Rakuten site that needed Tenso

>> No.9512962

>yet another release with no fully shirring

AP has done some of the best fully shirred normal waist cuts. When will they do that again??

>> No.9512971

Hopefully never. Their half-shirring sizes already go high enough that most fatty-chans can wear them comfortably, and full shirring hardly looks good on anyone.

>> No.9512975

I think they meant full back shirring?

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File: 25 KB, 211x340, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sorry this item is sold out

Someone got a deal.

>> No.9512983

The JSK cut looks like it has full back shirring, so I doubt it.

>> No.9512985

Fuck. No...my dream dress...how the fuck did i miss this...

>> No.9512992

Pretty sure they left off a zero by mistake or something. I saw it one minute and as soon as I clicked it was gone. They might've yanked the ad when they realized.

>> No.9512998

Well shit i hope it pops back up again!

>> No.9513014

The paris axes femme store closed? That sucks, i loved that shop

>> No.9513025

What's your body type and what kind of cuts do you guys wear?

I'm 5' 4" and 126 pounds; most of it is in my thighs and my chest is average sized. I do have some fat in my shoulders and a bit of a tummy.

I typically go for longer dresses even though I'm short, a good pair of heels can save me. I like empire waists and just waists, and as for fabric type I prefer thicker things like velvet and cuts with boning to cinch me in a little bit. I like having room for my boobs too, though.

Also feel free to suggest to each other dresses/brands that would work for their body type. Does this deserve its own thread?

>> No.9513032

you realise the boning in heavy dresses is to support the weighty fabric and keep it from collapsing in on itsself not for you to use as a plastic waist trainer

>> No.9513056

I'm 5'3 and like 100 lbs, every cut except drop waists and low cut bodices look good on me

>> No.9513059


>> No.9513060

I don't have enough of a tummy for my pudge to damage the plastic boning, I just think it makes my waist look slightly more defined and my stomach look a bit flatter.

>> No.9513064

5'1'', 100 lbs. i like to wear empire, high waist and regular cuts. I have a small chest and pear shape so I tend to wear cuts that I think look good on me

>> No.9513069

I'm 152cm and 41kg, with most of my weight in my thighs and also a bit in my lower legs.

I've barely any boobs or shoulders, so I always go for lace up pieces and avoid most square neck cuts. I prefer just waist or slightly higher waist cuts. I find empire waists making me look preggers (on pretty much anyone, not just me), so I avoid them too. obviously with my height, low waist stuff doesn't suit me either.

I like cottons for fabric, preferably non-print or tartan. when it comes to lace, I prefer cluny lace best. I'm not much a fan of many newer designs

>> No.9513072

How long do IW invoices typically take after these big sales? Has anyone gotten any invoice yet?

>> No.9513083

5'2", no idea how much I weigh. Measurements are bust 30in and waist is 25-26in depending on bloat and other factors. Heavily pear shaped with a long torso and fat as fuck legs. If I'm wearing an a-line dress I have to be careful with the petti or it looks awkward.

I wear pretty much anything, long length EGL, super short old school, and everything in between. I favor giant heels to balance my figure a bit, and I avoid empire waists in general out of personal preference. I love AatP's long bodiced dresses, they're pretty awesome. But finding them from the era I like isn't easy, and my style has shifted away from prints for the most part. Otherwise I favor just waist cuts

Biggest fit issue I have is with Moitie, the ribcage is cut too wide for my frame. Not that that's ever stopped me from buying it.

>> No.9513088

Which has more to do with not having English-speaking staff than anything else, and it would not be worthwhile for every company to hire staff just for international orders (I do agree about the xenophobia, but in Japan just like everywhere else they don't care where the money comes from). Plus the Swimmer announcement said that due to increased production cost in recent years it has become difficult for them to produce items like they want them to be while still keeping the (low) prices. Everyone here always seems to jump to conclusions based on bits and pieces of info.

>> No.9513099
File: 82 KB, 569x466, 1494545618682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5'7" hourglass. Chest's too big for anything like Moitie and I look twice my weight in anything high-waisted. Older AP also tends to look weird on my torso and that sucks. I try to look for regular waisted cuts with some length, but will go for the occasional drop waist.

>> No.9513106

I'm 5'7" too and honestly I love high-waisted. I'm not super thin and my boobs aren't huge but somehow they seem to make me look thinner, weirdly enough

>> No.9513131

full shirring never looks good on anyone, just looks like gauze desu

>> No.9513137

5'3 118 lbs.
I have broad, bony shoulders so I try to avoid puff sleeves which is pretty hard to do.
I have short legs, so I avoid dropped waist.
Things with full shirring look weird on me. They tend to ride up a lot and become uncomfortable. Blouses with full shirring become crop tops.

Moitie gives me boobloaf sometimes and I'm pretty flat.
Old-ish AP (2007-2009) works well, as well as BtSSB from the same time.

>> No.9513139

They could just get like one agent in Europe and one in the US. Plenty of small brands do that but for some reason Japanese ones don't.

>> No.9513141

I have a wide ribcage and some Moitie really squeezes it.

>> No.9513148

5'3 120 lbs. My weight is fairly evenly distributed except for my chest, which is considerably large. I also have high hips.

I surprisingly look good in cuts busty people are supposed to stay away from (sack dresses like the Holy Lantern OP for example). High waisted skirts and square neckline tend to look best on me though.

As for brands, I look the best in Baby and AATP, especially some newer releases. I have the most problems with IW out of everything I've worn.

>> No.9513154

I've got a really narrow ribcage (roughly 27" underbust) so a good chunk of my wardrobe is too big in that area. Moitie just happens to be the most pronounced. I feel like the patterning is made to suit Mana's frame first, and no one else matters, so the chest is a bit broad to accommodate him.

Not going to lie, I love body shape and fit discussions in Lolita, it's so facinating to me.

>> No.9513155

Fellow busty lolita here and honestly I think high waisted cuts can be perfectly flattering, but as with any clothing item on any body type, it needs to fit you properly. Some people may just look plain bad in certain cuts but even among body types, people wear clothes differently. Flattering cuts are something to keep in mind but venture out if possible. Big busts look like shit in high waist or no waist cuts because people try to cram them into tiny Japanese bodices which like 90% of the time just aren't made for boobs bigger than like, maybe a C. I'm someone that thinks sack dresses can look cute on a variety of sizes but you need one that actually fits, in my experience a 15+ cm difference between the dress max and your bust is good. If your boobs are big, IMO make them loaf/a uniboob because the other reason big bood sometimes look weird in sack dresses is you can see like each boob individually and it's really strange to look at.

>> No.9513156

Typically 1 week, sometimes up to 2 weeks if they are loaded with orders. I've placed my order within the first 15 minutes of the sale, and no, I haven't got an invoice yet.

>> No.9513161

>6'0, 135, slim hourglass

my height is more in my legs than my torso but i'm still extraordinarily tall so this fashion is a struggle.

just waist is the only cut i can wear without looking like a hag, but i look really good in it. underbust and corset cuts also tend to be very flattering on my figure. long innocent world pieces are what i've favored in the past but i'm starting to move towards short moitie and long atelier boz. i've given up on trying to make long sleeves look long enough.

semi related i'm glad i don't like sweet, else i'd feel very self conscious. it seems sweet lolita leans heavily towards high waisted stuff in the last few years.

>> No.9513202

But we are the ones who suffering.

>> No.9513204

Do you only buy OPs? Their JSKs are a lot smaller.

>> No.9513206

Also, it's not patterned to fit Mana, his pieces are made larger for him.

>> No.9513210

5'3 and 105 lbs. 32/24/35 with a shorter torso and long legs. i haven't noticed any cuts looking particularly bad on me so i just wear whatever. sometimes i wear a sports bra for empire waisted/highwaisted cuts to reduce boobage a little but it's never a huge issue. older AP fits me best, new AP is getting kind of baggy for me. i hope it doesn't sound like a humblebrag but it's eye-opening to realize what other lolitas have to deal with and worry about in terms of measurements. i mean that in a good way, i like how you all remain steadfast!

>> No.9513225
File: 264 KB, 600x600, HTB121fiGVXXXXa5aFXXq6xXFXXXM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have my job's summer party coming soon. Initially considered wearing an underbust jsk by IW (antique clock), with a silk office blouse, but I realized it may look unfitting for the occasion.
I don't like bodycon dresses and most suggestions from random Google searches give floral dresses that look no better than my IW dress.
It is the blouse that bothers me.
Tldr: wearing super toned down Lolita to an office party? Doable?
Any suggestions of one piece dresses that are simple but cute enough?

>> No.9513226

Nope, I buy OPs and JSKs, both have that problem. Even older ones are a bit big, although corset lacing helps. That's an interesting tidbit though, I didn't realize that he had larger sizes specially made for him.

>> No.9513227

5"3 and 116lbs
I'm lucky enough to have my fat reparted in an even way.

I like classic cuts that enhance my 25" waist, I also own two empire waists which looks nice since I have a small chest and small/average shoulders
I always wear small heels because i suck at walking in big ones.
For the fabric, ehhh idk. Cotton is neat. I wear mostly old AP and some Baby.

>> No.9513229

Wear a bolero or a cardigan instead?

>> No.9513230

Hmm, it depends on the type of cut you get. Normally you can tell from that.

>> No.9513233

Oh I know, originally I wasn't complaining at all. I've knowingly bought stuff that would be too big somewhere and just alter it (darts usually). Ribcage fit is just my particular difficulty with Lolita.

>> No.9513243

I'm 5'2" 105 lbs, so most stuff fits. However I have wider shoulders/upper torso than the average for my height. Or at least wider than what designers think someone my height should have. I recently bought a bolero from Innocent World that is way too small for me.

I avoid straight up empire waist because they hang like a tent off my shoulders and boobs and I am not tall enough to negate the bad proportions. I also have bigger trap muscles, so I avoid high neck blouses because they make my neck look thick and short.

Another thing I avoid is drop waist/low waist because I have a short torso.

Everything else is ok and it's not difficult to avoid the items that I listed above.

Things that I like to wear are high waisted JSKs (but not yet empire) because they end up hitting close to my natural waist and the skirt portion ends up being longer without hitting your legs any lower in proportion to the bodice. I also like puffy sleeves for Blouses and OPs because I can fit my shoulders in there comfortably. I like lots of different lengths for dresses, but I have to wear heels with the longer cuts.

>> No.9513249

The bow bothers me more than the buckle, personally. The thicker strap would be fine without that massive bow. The two together, though. Eesh.

>> No.9513251


I wear IW dresses to the office on a regular basis, I don't think a party can be much worse.

Gonna caveat that it depends a lot on your area and what your colleagues/boss thinks is weird. If they mind weird prints or bright colours, it might be easier to go with a solid, minimalist dress (a la Moitie instead of IW, if that makes sense).

I'd definitely stay away from the lolita blouses, underbust dresses and anything with hime sleeves/many tiers of lace. A simple dress with a simple bolero, lace shawl or cardi and some nice heels/sandals should do fine for the party.

>> No.9513257

I'm sure there's some Chinese lolitas here that can answer this for me: What are the most popular brands in China? I know there's enough that like AP and BtSSB. Is there some that have hardly any presence or no one buys from?

>> No.9513268

I'm 5'0 and ~100 pounds. Pear-shaped, the weight goes to my butt and thighs and I'm flat as a board. I go for just waist stuff and sometimes high waist.

My problem is the bust not fitting because my ribcage is so small. I don't care for dresses that only have waist ties because the bust is always baggy. The worst is a BTSSB jsk that gaps horribly at the chest, so I need to use fashion tape.

>> No.9513270

Anyone get their happy packs yet?

>> No.9513271

I actually ave a moitié dress that leave space for boobs without making it look like a boobloaf ! It's like my chest is aknowledged and not hidden away or anything.

>> No.9513279

Meta has been getting more and more popular thanks to the wa-styled releases. JetJ is fairly popular as well. I would say IW is less common and not as popular as in the west. Also AP is re-opening their physical store in Shanghai, it was the main announcement at the tea party. Wouldn't be surprised if Baby decided to open one as well.

>> No.9513290

5'1'', 100 lbs, 31'' bust, 23-24'' waist, 34'' hips. I have a pear shaped body and small bust so I like wearing empire, high-waists, and regular cuts. I avoid low-waist dresses because they tend to look odd in person/photographs and I don't think I would look good in them. OP's and JSK's are my favorites to wear and I haven't come across any skirts that I like yet.

>> No.9513308

5'6 106 pounds, most cuts look fine on me. I'd love to try the sack dresses AP do to see how those look

>> No.9513313

Lol at most people pretending that they're 100 pounds

>> No.9513319

What do the gulls think about mini top hats in this day and age?

>> No.9513336

No. Never. They were a bad idea even back then

>> No.9513341

Agreeing with >>9513336, mini hats are one of my worst pet peeves in this fashion.

>> No.9513366

5'5", 120lbs.
I am a fairly exaggerated hourglass (35 - 26 - 35) so anything other than just waist or low waist looks like shit on me. I have chunky upper legs and thin calves, so I love Innocent World's long length dresses. Their longer bodice is also a great help since bodices are always more high waisted than they're supposed to be. I always lenghten the straps of my jsks.
Puff sleeves consistently make me look like a linebacker even though I love them.

As for fabric, velvet looks wonderful but is a bitch to keep poofy if you wear lolita casually often. I really like IW's thick cotton and I gotta say venice lace is the most beautiful type of lace. Tulle lace is second.

>> No.9513403
File: 46 KB, 250x333, 3a1ddccf-189b-5e3d-853c-3e819de08024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mini top hats have never been a go. However i do like mini hats in general. They look silly on me, but there are a few girls in my comm that coord them wonderfully.

>> No.9513434

I actually don't care about mini top hats unless they're glue gun tier crap, but any glue gun accessory tends to look like crap.

>> No.9513442

No, I haven't found an item I want yet. I have ordered from Rakuten stores that didn't sell international before, but those did if you asked. But Violet Blue won't do it, they have said that in their FAQ multiple times. I haven't tried out my Tenso adres yet and I believe you need a telephone number if you pay with CC.
But, you can also use Buyee for Rakuten shopping, which is a bit more foreign friendly. (Or an SS, but I believe Buyee's system directly buys something.)

>> No.9513443


>> No.9513458

Sugar pansy is my fave print and seeing someone disrespect it this much hurts my soul.

>> No.9513460

Gulls are all skinny and when they complain about sizing it's only because their boobs are so big or their ribcage is wide

>> No.9513463

100 lbs looks a lot different on someone who is 5'1 vs someone who is 5'3

>> No.9513467

5'1, 125 pounds. I'm pear shaped and carry most of my weight on my upper thighs and some on my upper arms. My waist is pretty defined. I do have to be careful about blouse that have tight sleeves shorter than elbow length. I mainly wear JSKs and skirts. I'm pretty short so I wear heels for added height and to make my legs look less chunky. I avoid empire and drop waists, though just waists or ones that are slightly higher are good. I find that longer dresses just make me look off-proportion.

>> No.9513491

>I recently bought a bolero from Innocent World that is way too small for me.

IW is notorious for their ridiculously small shoulder widths. Your shoulder probably aren't even that wide. I've had to resell IW blouses that fit me fine everywhere but the shoulders... This isn't really a problem I've had with any other brand. The most I've experienced other than IW is with some of AP's OPs, but even then they still fit, they just become uncomfortable quickly if I move in certain ways or try to reach up and grab anything

>> No.9513504

I'm 5'6" and 100lbs. I have a short torso and narrow rib cage and desu nothing ever fits. Corset lacing does help, but some newer AP just looks baggy on me. Meta is just huge, even old meta.
Baby can be okay, MM and VM have been too big of the few I've tried. I think they just need a very specific sized person with lack of lacing.
AP blouses are always too big and too short on the sleeve length. I don't know why, but I continue to buy them...

>> No.9513509

just because you're fat doesn't mean everybody is

>> No.9513513

Ive put in an order in since the sale started. I haven't bought from them directly in a few years, so I don't recall how long it usually takes for them to complete your order, but I can only suspect that the sale is delaying order process

>> No.9513521

Judging by the self post threads and whatnot, I really doubt that people are the weight that they are saying.

>> No.9513526

The fatties are posting body shape and measurements instead of weight.

>> No.9513528

I'm 5'5ish, pretty sure my body shape is inverted triangle. I prefer higher-waisted cuts (anything natural waist or higher) and look pretty bad if I try to go with an untucked blouse + skirt; it makes me look stumpy.
I only have one high waisted skirt but I love it a lot, and luckily have small enough tits to pull off sack dresses, so I'm happy for that.

>> No.9513529

I don't like the asymmetry of them and I think they look ridiculous anyway.
Mini hats like >>9513403 are less ridiculous, but the asymmetry still bothers me.

>> No.9513532

5'3" and 126lbs, most of my weight in my bust and thighs and regular waists look best on me but I end up buying more high-waisted AP than I do flattering IW though because I'm an idiot. I'm trying to get lose enough weight to fit other cuts and styles though.

>> No.9513533

Which threads are you looking at? The Draw Me thread has quite a few girls who look that weight provided they are short.

>> No.9513548

Stupid question is stupid, but has anybody worn bodyline replica shoes to a brand tea party? Obviously wearing brand shoes on non-replicas are best, but wondering about people's experiences

>> No.9513560

Yes and I felt like a peasant

>> No.9513593

Did anybody say anything to you or did you (assuming you were only one) feel out of place?

>> No.9513596

Nobody said anything but it was like my shoes had become more ugly in a room with so many nice shoes

>> No.9513664

Well good to know I'm not too too wide. I still have issues with empire waist though.

>> No.9513675

5'3", 116lbs, 32/23/37 and I wear mostly VM, JM and LG. Prefer square necks and dropped waists since I have a longer torso. Hate empire/sack/high waist/non-defined waist cuts. Some AP looks passable on me, Baby mostly doesn't, IW works when it's their just waist cut (no boobloaf since boobless), Meta's a complete crapshoot and MM is tight on the ribcage but fits similar to VM.

My legs look dreadful knees up so it's better to have the bottom of the dress at the knee or slightly lower since my calves look fine. Arms are also kinda thick so puffy short sleeves are generally a bad idea and I use cardigans to hide all of that nonsense anyway. Material-wise, prefer to get cotton whenever I can because I'm apparently still living in 2004.

>> No.9513706

as an hourglass with a large bust full shirring looks best on me and fits most comfortably, especially with shirred straps. I really love that shit and wish it'd make a comeback for at least one season

>> No.9513729
File: 80 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ofibsei5d31rgwg0zo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sworn off bodyline for two years
>go to site out of curiosity
>everything is cheap
>feeling spendy

be with me in this trying time, anons

>> No.9513734

think about it: if you're really feeling spendy why waste your money on a bunch of cheap shit as opposed to a really nice item that you actually want

>> No.9513739

Admittedly there are some dresses I've always wanted to pick up for casual wear, but yeah I get you. I only have one or two BL pieces left in my wardrobe but I've gotten so accustomed to brand quality.
Maybe just one. One that I've actually wanted.

>> No.9513745

5'7, 105 lbs, straight up and down. I absolutely need corset lacing in pretty much anything I wear. All Japanese brands end up being too large, even stuff like old MMM and VM, but surprisingly, Taobao stuff in a small fits me really well. I like underbust cuts, since they tend to be more flattering on a smaller bust, and I don't have to worry about it being too baggy at the top.

>> No.9513747

Can anyone tell me the measurements of
Angelic Pretty Celestial Cutsew OP? On lolibrary all the measurements say "about" which seems sort of sketchy. It says the waist it is "about 70cm" when it's a free waist OP, so I'm confused as to if it'll fit me. I have a 76 cm waist, if that helps

>> No.9513751

5'1' 105lbs, most weight is thighs and hips, pretty slim from the hips up.

I really like drop waist dresses. I was afraid to try them because I thought they'd be awkward since I'm short but they actually elongate my torso and make me look slim, go figure. I'm fond of anything that tightens in exactly on my waistline, too, since it gives a very slight hourglass look.

I almost never wear high waisted dresses, they always feel awkward and I feel like I'm wearing maternity wear even though other people look really cute in them.

>> No.9513756

5'4 and 130 lbs- thank god most of my weight is in my thighs so they get hidden by pettis...

the most flattering cut on me is a high waist and then underbusts, since the area below my boobs is pretty slender. I prefer higher heels, since my legs are pretty short. they also help since

>> No.9513762


>> No.9513769

nayrt but pretty sure was eaten by a rhinoceros mid-post.

>> No.9513809
File: 45 KB, 500x283, tumblr_inline_mn04p5OYr41qz4rgp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my dream dress right when I thought I was going to lose the auction.
I'm so unbelieably happy I've been squealing like a weeb for two minutes then danced on some music for another two minutes.

Thank god nobody saw or heard me but my day has been meh and that was the highlight of it.

>> No.9513928

Related question, what are your most worn burando shoes? I want to splurge on nice shoes but the shoes I wear most are just plain black Mary Janes that suit classic and sweet, I want nice brand shoes that would be versatile (so probably not TP's or those glitter AP shoes) but not too plain to where they aren't cute

>> No.9513957

5'2 and 118 last time i weight myself, though i go between that and 122 depending.
i have a chunky everything and I still consider myself chubby despite dropping down from 140. I don't have much of a waist.

I like anything that isn't sack dresses or high waisted. I prefer jsks because I have fat arms. Losing weight has made my boobs go down in size so they aren't a problem anymore.

I stick with AP sweet style from 2008 to 2011.

>> No.9513987
File: 18 KB, 291x271, hurdurIlooklikeaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the HRT didn't hit hard enough

>> No.9513996

Is buyee down? tried to use it for y!a but I keep getting "this site is currently unavailable"

>> No.9513999


Really? Fuck off asshole.

>> No.9514009
File: 29 KB, 451x301, PicsArt_03-01-12.50.23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 5ft, 50 kgs or so, measurements 90 70 90 (cm, fuck metric) which seems nice and even but is actually a lie because my shoulders, neck and ribcage are very broad in comparison to my otherwise petite frame which can be really hard to work with. I can't help being so buff *flexes* I'm forever doomed to never wearing puffy sleeves or high neck collars and I constantly cry over the fact that even if I chopped my boobs off my ribcage would still be 80cm and would look shit in all the cute ETC and innocent world.

>> No.9514017

I'm pretty sure they are a man or trans, right? They never came off as a normal lolita and seemed more like edgy brolita trying to fit in to me.

>> No.9514027

>height in feet
>weight in kg
>measurements in cm
>fuck metric tho

>> No.9514039

Oh boy, here comes the next forced meme.

>> No.9514040

Congrats anon! what dress was it?

>> No.9514044

If you're gonna make bait at least make it interesting? They're too established for something that banal. Try something more exotic like they used to be Yan's waifu or they're the reason Swimmer is closing.

>> No.9514053

well obviously I meant imperial but I've been awake for too long my friend.

>> No.9514102

Those are real lol

>> No.9514115

Yay! What dress was it?

>> No.9514212

Unless you're just using that word to mean short...

>> No.9514224


>> No.9514246

How much is the tax that IW adds to their items?
I'm eyeing the sales

>> No.9514249

the only thing I could find about japanese taxes was 5%, but I'm not sure, as the taxes have been upped last year or something

>> No.9514260

By definition if you have those measurements and big shoulders / big ribcage...nothing is petite about you except your height.

>> No.9514264

They add the sales tax, which is 8% now.

>> No.9514268

I have the same body type as you! 5'3" and 130 lbs. I always get confused because I have small measurements up top and then when I weigh myself it's kind of deceptively more than I expect, but I have such huge thighs which lolita is great at concealing.

>> No.9514272

"Too established"? lmao, you think so highly of yourself, ScarfingScarves. It's very obvious you're being defensive. You've done nothing of importance to the lolita community and I wouldn't even put you on Kate's level of "fame".

>> No.9514275

It saddens me how secrets were like a weekly newspaper for some, but it's slowly and stubbornly dying out.

I get that we don't really need it as much now, but I do miss those mornings of waking up, drinking my coffee, eating my cereal and reading secrets before I started my day.

>> No.9514277

Same here. No idea how much I weigh but at 85-65-95 I actually look skinnier in lolita than out of it. It's part of why I prefer skirts to start at the natural waist and end exactly at the knees. High waists, long skirts, shorter skirts etc. are not for me.

>> No.9514283

I'm 5'5" and 128, 32-27-39, so pear shaped as heck. Anything that emphasizes my waist is my friend, esp in Lolita because the poof makes my waist look smaller in comparison. I can pull off sack dresses since my legs are skinny and shapely and I have no boobs, but overall that kind of dress is hard to get the Lolita silhouette with so I leave it for other fashions.
My biggest problem is my waist since it's just slightly too big for a lot of pieces I want, but if I lose weight it will come off my boobs first and I'm really happy with their size now.

>> No.9514311

>tfw you fell for the highwaist meme

>> No.9514357

5'7", 140, hourglass. I seem to carry most of my weight in my thighs, for better or worse. MM, VM, and IW all fit me well, though I end up showing a lot of cleavage in MM's dresses with lower necklines and have to avoid them. I prefer cuts that hit right at the knee. I have a long torso, so just waists tend to hit my rib cage a lot of the time except for with the mentioned brands; AP never fits, it's always both too short in the torso and too baggy. Empire waists look dreadful on me. I try to stick to cuts made for taller girls, MM's dresses that fit me perfectly for whatever reason, and skirts. I'm not pick about materials, but I do prefer heavier fabrics that feel sturdy rather than, say, chiffon.

>> No.9514368
File: 31 KB, 300x300, 5793_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Melody Doll!

I kinda miss that too. I also miss when secrets weren't just "hurr ur fat and a bish gtfo"

>> No.9514378

In fashion and clothing petite only refers to height

>> No.9514382
File: 83 KB, 581x640, 1462248424302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. I must obviously be ScarfingScarves. The only one who can object is ScarfingScarves. It couldn't possibly be someone else who wanted to poke fun at bait. There absolutely no chance.

You really got me. A+ Sherlock. Would've gotten away with it and everything.

>> No.9514387

If you're actually hourglass, high waisted should be flattering. Do you mean empire waist? Where the waist comes right below the bust?

>> No.9514391

166cm, 48kg or so. Flat as a board, but with a defined waist and hips. I guess a very small pear shape.

I like dresses just long enough to cover my knees bc they look gross to me, and I like high waisted dresses (I only really wear JSKs with blouses, OPs just don't do it for me and I hate how your blouse always rides up with a skirt). I wear tall heels all the time despite being relatively tall and lanky just bc I like them. I quite like chiffon, but I also reeeeally like my velvet dresses, and especially woolen dresses. I have bad anxiety and the weight of them is comforting to me lol

I get really discouraged because brand is disgrustingly large on me sometimes. I have like 10 spare cm in one of my AP jsks, and the straps are so long it sits at my nipples. I just have to move the buttons down to fix that part, but even with my biggest, most padded titty pushing bra, there's STILL too much extra space in it. It's really discouraging. Even M sized taobao is sometimes too big. Usually I buy L when i buy from china, but I have a M sized Pumpkin Cat dress and it's not quite as big as that AP jsk that's giving me trouble, even though theoretically the measurements should have been right.

>> No.9514402

Anon, are you me? Our body types are almost the same (I'm a few kg heavier) and I have the same problems

>> No.9514411

Neither is flattering because as I said, I look fatter than I really am because my waist is hidden. Natural waist suits best.

>> No.9514412

130 is not huge, I lift and am 13% bf (very lean) at 135, 5'3 so I'm pretty small. People are so dumb or there are just a bunch of skinnyfats in the world, no one ever believes my weight and they try to say I must be 100-110

>> No.9514435
File: 29 KB, 500x474, $_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would these work for lolita? found them for 20$ and desperately need a second white pair for summer

>> No.9514437
File: 360 KB, 500x490, s-l500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also hesitating with these at the same price.
if that can help i'm into old sweet but with an elegant twist to it

>> No.9514440

no for both

>> No.9514448

Wrong board

>> No.9514450

These would if you replaced the weird lace-ribbon with a nicer one.

>> No.9514454

These are tacky.
Get a better ribbon and these are fine.

>> No.9514459
File: 49 KB, 479x720, 287833659523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope this is the right thread for this question; anyone knows where I can get a high quality chemise OP? I remember F+F used to have one but it looks like most of their old designs are gone.

>> No.9514479

Get someone to make it for you custom. The F+F one was meh, and the year and years girl doesnt do lolita anymore.

>> No.9514488

I think Millefleurs had dresses in that style?

>> No.9514500

Are you muscular though? I don't eat much and do moderate/light exercise to stay skinny but not get muscles.

>> No.9514504

>the year and years girl
They have a few designs that are somewhat similar but looks like they're all sold out.
I suppose I have no choice but to get one custom made, but thank you, anons!

>> No.9514506

Since very few plus size lolitas are replying, guess I'll give this a go. I'm 5'8", 170 lbs, and unfortunately an apple shape. I carry almost all of my weight in my stomach, upper thighs, and upper arms.

I own some brand but I make most of my dresses. A true high waist cut can look okay on me with the right petticoat, but the majority of brand "just waists" hit me in between my underbust and waist and look awful. I'm glad I can sew my own dresses. I look better when the bodice of my dresses hit just under my natural waistline, are made with vertical rather than horizontal details, and have light boning to prevent the seams from collapsing.

I have nice legs for my size so I generally try to make my skirts hit just above my knees. It makes me look more slender.

I'm working on losing weight, but part of me will be sad when the dresses I've made recently don't fit any longer. Hope there are other tall slightly overweight girls with small chests out there that I can sell these pieces to.

Sorry for the blog post, but hope it helps some of the bigger girls out there.

>> No.9514514
File: 12 KB, 320x320, 214208651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know when pic related was released?

>> No.9514516

You could look for them secondhand and they will probably do similar stuff in the future

>> No.9514519

That's a good point! I'll keep an eye out, thanks!

>> No.9514521


>Posting how different body types fit in lolita is off topic because I'm fit and not ana chan or fat

>> No.9514525

I've never sold/bought anything from the werstern market, and i'd like to sell one blouse and trade (if possible) an OP for a JSK.

How does selling something on lacemarket works? Is it a bit like on ebay?

Also, have you ever traded an item for another? how does it goes? isn't there too much risk of scamming (since you can't be refunded the item with a paypal dispute or something)

>> No.9514526

Not super muscular but more definition than I'd like. The only brands I have trouble with are mm because of lats and some moitie cuts

>> No.9514531

I've traded before, post a listing (it's pretty self explanatory, just check out the site and make an account) . If someone messages you a trade, have them make a listing for their item and buy yours to ensure good feedback and prevent scams.

Only do trades with someone who has good feedback

>> No.9514535

nayrt but I'm in a similar situation as them, and I think one problem is that we have no feedback ourselves, at least not on LM. Only trading with someone with good feedback goes both ways, right? I can link people to my eBay account but I only ever buy on there, which is different from selling or trading.

>> No.9514548

I see nothing wrong with them anon, if you know how to coord them. Just replace the ugly lace. Link?

>> No.9514657

honestly it's probably Daniela's influence. She organized big group orders for Lief in Mexico in the past and promotes them pretty hardcore by wearing the brand a lot

>> No.9514659

Just look on Aliexpress for lolita shoes and you'll find comparable replicas for similar price & free shipping... teaparties are $22

>> No.9514667

I mean I'm sure there are at least some pieces you can make alterations to once you lose the weight. I lost a lot of weight all at once for health related reasons and adjusted my diet afterwards in order to gain just a bit back and maintain that.

Losing weight in a healthy way was hard for me for health reasons; I'm diabetic and prone to severe lows/seizures so sometimes I would literally eat out of fear when I wasn't even hungry.

But after I got extra sick, NOTHING fit. I was scared I would have to sell everything and start over but I went to a local alterationist with every single piece and she did what she could to the majority.

>> No.9514675

What's your favorite ambassador and why? what is your most hated one?
I hate Daniela.

>> No.9514680

>trying this hard to stir drama
While there are important figures that I appreciate, I don't care about any of the kawaii/lolita ambassadors, I don't think they contribute anything worthwhile for the fashion or the subculture and their role is redundant at best.

>> No.9514682

The only ambassador I know is Misako Aoki. Am I retarded?

>> No.9514684

Nayrt but there were a few ambassadors appointed in countries that Misako visited, some of them are efamous to an extent but they're mostly popular and well known in their own communities.

>> No.9514688
File: 3.14 MB, 1580x2238, iceberglolitameme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey I made a thing.
which level are you all in? pls don't lie.
(also last level is a joke, and every board has one of these. also I got lazy with the coords, sorry lol)

>> No.9514692

In between adept and experienced.
But my wardrobe is 55% brand and I only own popular brands for my main pieces. I also have most of my dream dresses/

>> No.9514696

>last level is a joke
Frankly all of these look like jokes.
I'm a sort of mix between skillful brandwhore, true brandwhore and lifestyler: The majority of my wardrobe is secondhand brand that I've bought from the Japanese market or new from the brands, my wardrobe is cohesive, I wear lolita whenever I leave the house, to work, and sometimes indoors (up to five times a week), my room decor and taste in music and literature is lolita-friendly...
I don't really post online so I'm not popular, I don't wear coveted things or sets, nor do I sew my own clothes.

>> No.9514701


>> No.9514703


>> No.9514705

Lmao I got true brandwhore and it even looks like me

>> No.9514710


>> No.9514713

Sorry for being retarded, but how do you know wich one you got?

>> No.9514724

true brandwhore for the most part but I'm not well known online or in my own comm, I try to stay lowkey

>> No.9514743
File: 892 KB, 320x240, 1482254854409.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cons and meets
>one brand thing
>damaged wunderwelt

Yeah I'm Adept.

>> No.9514746

Between experienced and skillfil brandwhore

>Have never been to a paid-tea party

Lost it at the bottom level

>> No.9514752

Skillful brandwhore

The only thing holding me back is not having been to Japan yet.

>> No.9514753

The whole thing seems like a not so funny joke or made by a newbie

>> No.9514758

True brandwhore I guess? My range is between "brandwhore" and lifestyler so I think it's a happy medium.

>> No.9514760

So bring here correct version made by somebody experienced then! Funny as well, of course.

>> No.9514768

Why using the japanese second hand market is experienced? why any kind of lolita wanting to buy brand would buy a dress for 300 dollars when you can have it for 200 on the japanese market?

>> No.9514774

>more than 30 main pieces
jesus. I don't even have 30 tshirts

>> No.9514776

Not many people know how to buy from the Japanese market, it explains why some whine about the secondhand market being "dead"; it may be slow on lacemarket, but it sure isn't everywhere else that matters.

>> No.9514785

More people in my comm know how to buy from fril than from taobao. I guess I'm lucky.

>> No.9514788

I guess somewhere between experienced and skillful with a touch of true brandwhore and lifestyler. I've owned popular dream dresses, have an 80%+ cohesive brand wardrobe, have bought from physical shops but I don't deal with ott or photos or comms at all.

>> No.9514792

You are.

>> No.9514799

I feel like mbok has far less than it used to. Though that could be people migrating to Mercari/Fril. Usagiyouhinten is another one of the dead ones too.

>> No.9514806

I have 49 main pieces total, 42 of which are brand. This time last year I had about 12 or 13 main pieces, 5 or 6 of which were brand.

good luck anon

>> No.9514807

I'm between adept and experienced

>> No.9514836

Is she still an ambassador? She doesn't even live in Mexico anymore and all she does is suck John's dick

>> No.9514844

In between "brandwhore" and true brandwhore, apparently, but working towards lifestyler. IMO there don't need to be that many newbie/entry-level layers but maybe I'm just in too deep so I lump them all together.

>> No.9514926

Are you me anon?I'm 5'2 and a bit smaller than you but I have the same body shape, I love a lot to be almost flat chested but my waist is always too big for some pieces, mostly older skirts. I have a difficult time to find old school skirts that fit despite i'm petite for western standards. If I lose weight I can risk to be badly underweight.

>> No.9514931

VM is gold. You could also take a look at the French indie Lusty n' Wonderland

>> No.9514932

I don't know where I am at. I have over 40 main-pieces, all brand, a lolita wardrobe that is 90 percent brand and some off-brand accessories, and several complete sets with matching headbows, bonnets, stockings, etc. I don't put it on often, and I don't belong to a comm.

>> No.9514935

>wearing lolita at work
>regular customer comes in all kinds of inebriated
>tells me I look like I make really good cookies
>calls me cinnamon roll queen

most fun compliments I've ever received while wearing sweet.
Just thought I'd share for any of the people worried about wearing sweet in public

>> No.9514950

Aw that's cute! I got called a creampuff last month while also wearing sweet, bwahaha.

>> No.9514955

>all the girls under 5"4
God most of you are so tiny, i'm envious. I think taller gals are beautiful as well but I'm so lanky/have bad proportions despite being thin

>> No.9514958

I was similarly shocked scrolling through all the 5'1s and 5'0s!
I'm 5'11 and I guess I never realized the extent to which that is rare.

>> No.9515007

I'm 5'5'', 108lbs, and have a very exaggerated pear shape. I can wear medium sized children's t-shirts and am almost completely flat, but have a butt and all of my weight is in my hips and thighs. Needless to say a lot of OP's are too big and so I tend to be picky about certain brands.

On the whole, though, the only things I actively avoid are full-shirring and cuts obviously meant for larger busts. I've had no problem with sack dresses, high-waisted cuts, tall collars, etc. I like showing off my legs so length isn't an issue so much as fit in the bust and shoulders. It's really nice to hear from so many other smaller girls.

>> No.9515032

>I like showing off my legs so length isn't an issue
do you know what fashion you're in? hide your shame, slut

>> No.9515037


>> No.9515046

I can't tell if people are trying to prevent the thread from turning into skinny bitch wank or if someone is actually being a jelly fatty.

>> No.9515083

I phrased that extremely poorly. Lolita is about modesty, etiquette, being a lady. Conservative and dainty silhouettes, covered shoulders, closed toed shoes (with a few exceptions but I hope you get what I'm saying). I was not trying to insinuate that I want to wear miniskirts and call it lolita. All I was trying to say is that I appreciate cuts that don't cover all of your legs. Think ankle-length. Think calf length. Not... miniskirt.

I'm an American so my standards for height and weight are considerably smaller than most other countries. I won't bother shitting up the thread citing measurements but you can easily google the difference between Japan and America.

Christ almighty I did not expect so much salt over a little positive body image.

>> No.9515093

Not the anon you're replying to, but
the flashiest fashion alive, left alone ott coords
if you call normal, educated human behavior etiquette (oposed to being a pig in public)
>being a lady
so brolitas aren't a thing then
>covered shoulders
we have had threads about good blouseless coords
>closed toed shoes
tell that to the japanese

could we please stop the "decent pure maiden" bullcrap? lolitas have a life outside of the fashion. anyways, the "rotten girl" stereotype is a thing in lolita too. you sound new.

>> No.9515108

I am talking about conventional, standard, across-the-board, entire articles in GLB types of conventions. Lolita is a fashion that is going to have many variances and of course you cannot make sweeping statements like this and cover every facet of it. It sounds to me like you're just trying to be contrarian. Nothing that I said is anything like "decent pure maiden," you can swear and curse and be as crude as you like while having a presentable coord.

>> No.9515113

nayrt but you sound absolutely unbearable

>> No.9515198

Try buying some small things before asking for trades, it's always nice to have feedback. even if it's just as a buyer, it shows you aren't just a scammer

>> No.9515265

Does it piss anyone else off when you leave seller feedback as soon as you get the dress, then they never give buyer feedback? I know I have some already but jfc it's not that hard to say "nice buyer" and move on, especially if I respond to your invoice less than half an hour after you send it.

>> No.9515267

Newfriend here. I've been interested in lolita for awhile, but I just started actually being in the fashion a little over a year ago after lurking. I already have twelve main pieces, not counting my more "expensive" jewelries. Eight of those main pieces are brand.
Save yourself while you can, anon.

>> No.9515346

VM is beautiful but unfortunately too narrow in the shoulders to fit me comfortably. As for Lusty, did you mean to suggest the brand for custom orders? They don't have many examples of dresses on their page and I'm not familiar with their quality.

>> No.9515368

Okay gulls I have an issue and I'm sort of worried. I made an order from ClosetChild at like 9p.m. EST or so on Friday. The problem is, my ancient computer decided to bite the dust right then and there as I was on my Paypal page. After unpackaging my new laptop, I checked and CC had my order, but I didn't pay for it. They haven't invoiced me yet. I got a bunch of good deals, so I don't want for them to get relisted due to nonpayment or whatever. Should I panic yet or wait a little bit longer?

>> No.9515374

It's fine, if you don't pay with paypal when you check out you just need to wait for them to invoice you and they're not going to do that on the weekend, wait until tomorrow.

>> No.9515397

If you're worried, maybe shoot them an email saying "oops, had computer issues, please send an invoice." They're pretty responsive.

>> No.9515406

I think tall girls are beautiful (and can even be cute) anon!! I'm 5"3. I hope I'll find a tall gf eventually

>> No.9515410
File: 103 KB, 299x287, mwahahaha.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to /cgl/, where there's always a jelly fatty

yeah I mean for a joke it's fairly accurate and pretty funny but this seems very focused around comms and not everywhere in the world is america

>> No.9515479

Where is the next thread?

>> No.9515529

Make it yourself. It's not that hard jfc.

>> No.9515595

who in the heck told you this was just for america
I'm not american myself, ott is a worldwide plague, look at omnia vanitas and events alike in Europe
plus most countries also have anime cons even if they're local and shitty

>> No.9515954

new thread

>> No.9516704

It is. They've been friends for a while (if Daniela can be friends with someone lol), so I'm not surprised at all.

Hope nothing bad happens to Sora desu.

>> No.9520282

Reincarnation Clothing has made these and is a wonderful dear to work with. She's a historical seamstress, but has done short versions which are top notch and super comfy. (its my favorite summer dress!)

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