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Not a /cgl/ so apologies if I'm being a shitter and not seeing the stupid questions thread.

What are these little arm capes called and wear can I buy a cheap low-quality one?

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They're just called capes

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a capelet.

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Caplet, and you're probably going to need to commission it or make it yourself depending on what you need

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I just need a sherlock holmes plaid hat and capelet as a prop. It's for a shitty video.

The hat is easy but the capelet (cute name) is impossible to find cheap. It needs to end before my elbows too.

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If you can't find a capelet you should be able to make one quite easily. Here's a tutorial I googled: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Circle-Cape-Stop-Motion-Tutorial/ - if you're not happy sewing you could glue the raw edges under instead of hemming. Just be aware that the tutorial doesn't use "proper" sewing methods so I wouldn't recommend using it for making a properly finished garment, but your purposes it sounds like it should be good enough?

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