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Post more photos fuckos: cosplayers, loot, staff ass etc.

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does anyone know this character

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Please look at my shitty photos.

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It's time to move on

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>me on the right

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Don't believe the lies, FAKKU party and /cgl/ Discord meets were great fun

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Why did that even become their flagship image? I read that doujin years before fakku was a thing

sorry for not buying anything, I went super budget this year

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It got quite popular being hosted on FAKKU and they buddied up with the author to release it officially

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Yet they never bothered making a sequel. baka

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Who wanted a sequel? it was a meme doujin.

It was hilarious but barely fapworthy

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thsi real

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someone with persona knowledge explain the relation to that cosplay and diapers

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>explain the relation to that cosplay and diapers

there isnt any.

that tumblr post is either a fake story or just overly exaggerated (like all cosplay drama stories).
if anything, the diaper probably symbolizes shit taste.

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Star Platinum was great for hopping in.

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anyone go to that cosplay deviants party thing?

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I just realized everything I bought from this con are all Atlus related

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>top right red persona shirt
>default japanese font


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It sucked. Here's a clip of what went down.
twitter dot com

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I dunno, I actually love it

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where did you buy that red shirt

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And then AX banned them from inside the con because they were signs. Actually, these photos might be from after that because they can't control shit on the street.

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Toshikigirl booth in the Artist alley. I dunno when their actual website is ever gonna feature it though.

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Kinda wish I stayed outside to take more pics.

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You should've, that's pretty much the hotspot for cosplay shoots.

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it's crazy how much that area blew up
last year it was nowhere near like that and the year before it was a ghost town half the time

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I was watching them doing that for quite some time ..they were sorta out of main pathway leading to exhibitors inside, but still manage a curiosity crowd and random cosplayers jumping in for a shoot, was entertaining to say the least early morning while it wasn't crowded yet.

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Did not get much in the spoils of war.
I couldn't get to see their booth. I wanted a "Go to sleep" shirt but I like the Japanese version better.

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Motherfucker, where were they selling that?

Was it from that same booth that sold P1 CE?

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I got both the P5 and Kaneko books at Kinokuniya. I had trouble finding them too only to realize they were near the entrance...

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Kinokuniya is a bad buy unless you need it asap
they jack their prices up 40-50% above the yen price. it's actually a little worse because they don't take into account conversion. ie 1000 yen becomes $15

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The DJ sucked. It was awkward seeing the girls on stage try to dance to the shitty music.

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Fuck, I forgot to take conversion into account. Oh well.

Bonus: Last year. I simply love Yoshida's work. Tactics Ogre is one of my favorite books and I recommend it to even people who hasn't played it yet. I wanted to get my hands on a Nier Automata book but all I found was the strategy guide. I don't suppose any of you seen it?

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What's your haul, guys?

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search for ISBN 4757552661
Nier Automata world guide

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amazon jp might be cheapest btw. it's telling me $25 including shipping

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I didn't think they were enforcing the sign thing as much as they were previous years, I still saw loads of people with them.

Bag ruined it

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Yeah it was after they got banned although I only found out a bit after I took the photos.

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my haul, almost all AA stuff

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Literally 10/10, perfect body, I actually forgot what thin girls looked like.

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Yeah I know, it just sticks out so much
I basically just got this DSLR and it's fun as fuck. Might head over to /p/ to learn more.
How the fug do people get that nice DoF?

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What are your fitness goals you want to accomplish before next AX?

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Hit 1.25/2.25/3/4 for reps at sub 15% bf.
>tfw still above 15, prob 18 or 19

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>look at pics taken from AX 2015
>was relatively in shape. slimmest I've ever been in my adult life
>look over pics from this AX
>35 pounds fatter from 2 years ago

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Low f number the better ie f1.4. Or high mm ie 200mm or more. Or both ie 85 f1.8, 200 f2.8. That's it in a nutshell

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Oh and distance between subject/thing you focused on and background affects it too

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Lose 30lbs more then bulk 20 and lose 10.

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That Eden of the East poster brings back bad memories

That series had so much fucking potential

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Crank dat f-stop down

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>Collect morgana lanyard things off of ground

>see one thats wet

>Think its just water from rain or something

>Its fucking alcohol

its was legit dumped on it on purpose i think because it was a large blot on the ground from the residue

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>PLan all year to record video and take photos with my dslr

>Get on plane

>PLane takes off

>Realise i forgot all my cameras

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Just me and my mommy, hanging out I got pretty hungry so I started to pout She asked if I was down ⬇for something yummy and I asked what and she said she'd give me her milkies! Yeah! Yeah! I drink them! I slurp them! I swallow them whole It makes mommy happy that her breasts are sore... More mommy! More!! 1 milkies, 2 milkies, 3 milkies, 4 I'm mommy's little baby and she's my candy store! She is so squishy!She makes me feel good! She fills me up like a mommy should!~

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Soon my dude

Winter is coming

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>ask for a photo from cosplayer
>asked for her cosplay page etc.
>post picture on my fb
>she finds it and tells me to take it down
Seriously bitch? I literally asked you if I could take your picture at the con and you said yes. Now you tell me I can't share that picture because it's "your photo?"

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post it here

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Fit enough to cosplay the Thai Kickboxer from Gaki no Tsukai.

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Nintendo logic

>> No.9559415

was it a bad photo? wouldn't people share the photo on fb anyways?

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bro work on your traps

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something similar happened to me at wondercon early this year.

>took a selfie with a cosplayer
>she gave me her business card as well with facebook and other social media links
>she asked if I could take a regular picture as well since she just wants a lot of different pictures of her.
>take one and show it to her on my camera
>she says it looks cute
>fast forward a week after the con
>post pictures up and tag her in the pictures i took
>a day later she sends me a message tells me to remove the pictures
>I tell her that she said it was ok
>she doesnt believe me and constantly demands to have them taken down

I did remove the pictures but a week later I just put them back up on my facebook page.
fucking bizarre but whatever. people are weird.

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this was my first AX and it was like a dream

I miss it so bad

>> No.9559880

Not quite over it either. The best you can do is work on how to make the next one even better.

>> No.9559943

It's bad when I had a dream that it was next week.

>> No.9560156

The fact that the photos were taken on the same level of the spectators made it difficult to follow the gathering and see what was going on

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> Voice of Haru was cosplaying Haru.
Damn, wished I saw that.

>> No.9560719

Mine too. I feel like the really small local cons I go to now will be ruined for me.

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At first I thought that way but small cons still have a certain charm to them.

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any pic of the columbine cosplay yet

>> No.9560783

check her twitter out then

>> No.9560788

already confirmed that it was just a ghost

>> No.9560823

Oh, I know. That's where I found out. I would have liked to see her in person.

>> No.9560824

dank meme mode: shoot at f1.4 all the time (don't actually do this)

>> No.9560856

I was going to say Fuck that shit do it anyway but outside it'll get a little tricky without more filter power

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I miss it

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Neon District was lit

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>/cgl/ Discord meets

I hate that this is a thing now. The point of coming to 4chan is anonymity, but now you have to give that up to be "in the loop" on anything. I like meeting you guys in person once or twice a year, but otherwise I don't want my interactions with /cgl/ to be clouded by reputation and other personal shit.

>> No.9560912

Yeah it fucking was. I regret hanging outside so much.

>> No.9560926

totally agree here. honestly the discord is pure cancer anyways. only certain types of people frequent it.

i miss the old meets.

>> No.9560935

The AX discord was nothing but meme spouters and people blogging about themselves the entire day.

>> No.9560939

>i hate discord meets because I couldnt make any friends

thats literally what youre saying.
what were you expecting from a meet? just to meet other people and then never see/talk to them ever again? I dont understand.

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I know m8, once I start bulking I'll add in shrugs and a forearm isolation.

Swear to fuck if Im still skinnyfat by September I'll go mad.

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Jesus Christ why, Rory's lips go from pink to dark red when she's in the mood, blue is completely off the mark.

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There are lots of photos of Xanthy as Haru from the con, posing next to the P5 itasha and at her panels. Check around Twitter and other social media sites.

Here costume was decent but not great. The wig was a bit off especially.

>> No.9560986

did you go to any of the regular 9pm general /cgl/ meets each night?

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I find it amusing when VAs cosplay their character. I'd post Rie Tanaka as Mitsuru but I'll keep this thread AX related.

>> No.9561107

Its some prick's secret club that spouts 3 year old memes as if they're the newest shit

>> No.9561119

Who this qt haru?

>> No.9561128

Xanthe Huynh, her VA.

>> No.9561142

ax was awesome except for kayhettin elysiam

>> No.9561339

I bet some anons off here too. Besides, the doscord was new so no-one knew anyone.

The old meets? You mean the ones run by tripfags that are the exact same issue?

>> No.9561565

You lie. You look adorable. Maybe too adorable so guys just assume there is a boyfriend somewhere.
Also remember that facially you look better then most of the people at cons so beware of the troll advice.

>> No.9561574

Why would you put it back up. She sounds stupid but you sound lame. You didnt spend any money on taking the picture so if stupid doesnt want to be on your facebook just thank her for wasting your time and delete her. Are you desperate for people to think she is your friend.

>> No.9561583

What the percentage of gay guys at this con? Seemed to be pretty high.

>> No.9561717


>> No.9561757

uhh, overreacting much?

the picture was part of a cosplay album i made with hundreds of other cosplayers. its not like its just that one picture of her.
I put her picture back up because regardless of her attitude about the whole thing, her cosplay was still good and thats something I want to share with other people.

mind you, this was the picture of just her. not the selfie with her.

>Are you desperate for people to think she is your friend.
not sure why you even brought that up.
I dont give a shit about e-fame or any of that. I just want to take pictures of cosplayers and share them with people who are unable to attend these types of cons.

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a group shot from ax
not sure what the deal is with eve but the rest of then look alright

>> No.9561980

>not sure what the deal is with eve
DYEL faggot

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>Last year stands sold rising sun flag and a gay flag

>This year no rising sun flag trans gay demi sexual etc

Next year i have no fucking clue whats going to be sold

>> No.9562107

>not sure what the deal is with eve

what do you mean?
im guessing you didnt even play the game.

>> No.9562164

I think it's supposed to be that one girl from RWBY who kinda looks like Rory.

Well yeah, that's pretty much what meets have been like in previous years and at other cons. If I like somebody enough I'll add them on FB. Discord is fucking cancer when connected with 4chan, it's like tripfags turned up to a million.

No, because I couldn't find out when or where they were. I looked through the threads and asked a few times, and nobody seemed to know, though a few people replied that they didn't know either and were also wondering.

That said I was kind of working during most of AX, so I probably wouldn't have been able to make it anyway.

>> No.9562191

>If I like somebody enough I'll add them on FB.
lol get the fuck out of here with that privacy raping normiebook bullshit.

>> No.9562198

I hate to break this to you, but this is /cgl/, the most normie board on 4chan. (Well, except maybe /soc/.)

Besides, that's why you have a separate account for con/cosplay shit.

>> No.9562199

I was referring to his no effort wig and kangaroo pouch, but all fucking right then

>> No.9562222

the AX cgl discord was shit anyways. its already a tight knit circle jerk anyways.

>> No.9562232

the wig looks fine. in the game, eve has some pretty messy hair.
>kangaroo pouch
the guy isnt even that fat.

nitpicking much? or pointless vendetta.

>inb4 im being "defensive" because i know them or im one of them.

>> No.9562632

She doesnt need you to share her picture. Thats why you seem sad. You arent doing anyone any favors. Its not like she's oprah. Keeping her makes you look like a professional, thats why you are fighting so hard. There are so many shots of me on the internet with people taking credit. It doesnt help me but it makes them seem like professionals with money to burn. I tell someone "no" cause overexposure is real and they still plasture me in their portfolio.
If she checks your album and see's that picture shes going to call you a creep. Becareful.
I guess thats why my friend struck out. She said there wasnt an opening to get a guys attention. I think girls need to be agressive at cons. She said, "i'll just be forever alone". So guys if you see a girl you like give her a little waive each time you see her. If she is shy its an icebreaker.

>> No.9562656

Nayrt but the wig looks bad in that picture, senpai, and not in the same way Eve's hair gets in the game. You can admit you just wanted to accuse someone of not playing it desu.

>> No.9562816

>She doesnt need you to share her picture.
but she did though. thats the reason why I looked her up and tagged her in the pictures in the first place because she originally asked me to do so.

>> No.9562843

If you don't have a six pack don't bother showing your lard. Same applies to girls who wears a crop top with huge gut hanging out.

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>the AX cgl discord was shit anyway
t. someone who didn't come to the meets and is salty

>> No.9562878

How were the meets anyway?

>> No.9562925

why do you guys feel like shilling so badly?

i went to the meets, people are ok. but the discord is a cancerous circlejerk and there's no denying it.

boring and exactly what you'd expect from a bunch of randoms meeting up.

>> No.9562990

Same as they always are every year, pretty good

>> No.9563003

They were complete and utter sausage fests unless you got into the lady-only meets and then they were their own, distinctly feminine brand of cancer.

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File: 2.93 MB, 2592x1944, DSC00365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This year was great. Kind of didn't get to see everyone I wanted but I saw folks to keep me happy.
Highlight of that week definitely was the AKFG concert. I hope other bands realize that they can just book concerts outside of AX's shitty system and just decide to book in the area that same week. (Might not work all the time but wouldn't hurt to try)
Wont be able to get here on the 4th of July next year so I'm going to have pray they don't fuck up lines again but I'm just going to prepare for the worst at this point.
Funny thing is those Metal detectors weren't even turned on, not to mention there were plenty of other ways to bypass the lines to get in.
Sucks for the people that had to get their badge on Friday though.

>> No.9563262

Same as usual. Easy to be apprehensive at first, but everyone is actually pretty nice. It's good to go to them and meet people you actually want to stay in contact with. Helps to bring a few drinks too.

>> No.9563377

>Wont be able to get here on the 4th of July next year

It's on the 5th - 8th next year, falls on thurs-sun iirc

>> No.9563384

If it's anything like this year then Day 0 will be counted as a soft Day 1 with events and panels happening and shit.

>> No.9563424

Her VA is 戸松 遥, you shitlord.

>> No.9563446

Fair point

>> No.9563543

PSA: If you're going to pose with a violin, please understand it goes on your left.

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File: 2.28 MB, 1780x2670, DSCF8573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've uploaded every photo I've taken at Anime Expo over the last ten years - 3,156 total. Most of these have only ever been seen by my circle of friends and it was fun digging through them and seeing fads and trends that people were wearing at the time. It was also fun seeing my own ability improve with each year, going from 2008 where literally not a single photo is in focus to having something actually looking decent in 2017.

Maybe someone here will find an old photo of themselves.


>> No.9563888

That's fucking sweet dude.

>> No.9563890

thank you anon!

holy shit, i think i found myself in the blurry background of one of your 2008 pictures. what a trip!

>> No.9563894

>but the discord is a cancerous circlejerk and there's no denying it.

one guy in the discord even admitted they wanted the discord to be close knit because having more people is too overwhelming or some shit.
in other words, the "group of friends" have already been established and any other new people will just be ignored. this happens to literally every discord group so im not surprised that it happened with the AX discord.

>> No.9563905
File: 1.46 MB, 1868x1199, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking over 2013 since that was my first AX
>see this


>> No.9564042


>> No.9564060

I want to say "Maybe she's just left handed" although I highly doubt it, but I'm also hoping she didn't drop so much money on a violin only to use for a cosplay..

>> No.9564065


I feel like 3/4 of that group are crossboarders and the only ones active are the crossboarders that formed their group of friends and a quarter of any actual gulls. Plus there's hardly any recognizable names or anyone I've seen from past discords in the AX discord

>> No.9564071

I think it's more likely she borrowed it from a friend.

>> No.9564078

You put my mind at ease for a second but then realized what kind of friend doesn't show you how to hold an instrument before lending it to you?
Here's to hoping she took really good care of it if is borrowed

>> No.9564084

the fact that anyone suggested there be a discord should be enough evidence that it's only crossboarders

>> No.9564101

Nice of you guys to host an actual meet on here then

>> No.9564222

its kind of damned if you do damned if you don't

host a meet on here and you get lots of thirsty crossboarders
host a meet on discord and you still get crossboarders because they're the ones on discord
old cgl is kind of cliquey in that if you weren't in there back in the day you're probably not going to see anyone from there now
they're still there, and they still pop up kind of (maguma especially) but most of old cgl has moved on from cgl oddly enough

>> No.9564326

So if theyve moved on from cgl, then whats to say theyre "the real cgl" while those who browse here now aren't?

cgl meetups are whoever comes to the outside of west hall at 9 pm, thats the way its always been and thats the way it always will be, regardless of who or what you think should be attending.

>> No.9564330

i think the people who actually participate here are fine. a lot of the people who show up to the meetups are just randoms who just pop up for the duration of the convention ("crossboarders") and never actually post here at other times

>> No.9564367

And yet there are people in this very thread who said they didnt know where the meetup was, those people are more likely crossboarders than anyone in the discord that we're all bagging on

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File: 239 KB, 770x610, 1498323149518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly this

I was hanging out with old /cgl/ tripfriends at the con but that wasn't an actual 'meet', they don't do them any more because it's a closed circle.

At least the discord is trying since they can filter people out if they want, plus a lot of people meet spontaneously since the posting rate is 10x faster.

>> No.9564370

Every year I have too much fun with my friends so I miss the meetup with losers on the internet.

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File: 323 KB, 957x863, 2017-07-17 08.06.51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friend sent me this post when someone went to shit that never happened land instead of AX.
Bonus- theyre a chronically ill, non binary brolita, with he/him pronous.

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File: 1.69 MB, 2144x1424, DSC_7873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a lot of the people who show up to the meetups are just randoms who just pop up for the duration of the convention ("crossboarders") and never actually post here at other times
This is me, I do this at every con I go to, sorry bud.

>> No.9564453

>vid of a staffer deepthroating dick got uploaded to xvideos

>> No.9564490

Unless it's the girl with the perfect ass I don't care.

>> No.9564498

Theres a part 2 also

>> No.9564563

Was she a staffer? I didn't recognize her.

>> No.9564618

>Neon District wristband
>Shot inside a porta potty


>> No.9564646

stop making up shit. it was just a regular attendee. both of them were.

>> No.9564664

Dammit why couldn't I get lucky at Neon District?

>> No.9564672

She was a staffer, it doesn't matter though. Staff are allowed to hookup with fans if they want, AX isn't some weird corporate organization that forbids inter-office relationships or relationships with staff and customers.

>> No.9565128

There's a lot of different staff levels too. If one of the lower ones feels like some dick, who are we to judge?

>> No.9565134 [DELETED] 

blocks your path

>> No.9565152

>She was a staffer
proof? otherwise, im calling bullshit.

seems like people are just gonna say shes staff or hes staff or they're both staff just so to spice up the story behind it.

>> No.9565183

Not with that chinrest it's not.
I've known some left handed violin and viola players, but it doesn't matter. Everyone learns it the same way.

>> No.9565189

As a violinist i winced thinking about that chaos of someone using the bow with their left hand during a packed in orchestra.
Their bow hitting someone elses bow.

>> No.9565216

That angle makes his penis look small.

>> No.9565244

>"my girlfriend... "
>"your boyfriend... "

>> No.9565281

it's okay her boyfriend's mom adopted her.

>> No.9565306

No link?
For shame!

>> No.9565324

im sure thats why it was so easy for that guy to hook up with her.
shes got a fucked up life.

just type in anime expo on xvideos

>> No.9565425
File: 18 KB, 76x165, mfw trying to look cool while getting the succ at ax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girl bending over instead of getting on her knees to give Pink Shirt Guy the succ

confirmed for amateur

>> No.9565431

Why don't they paint their skin white!!!

>> No.9565612

Nayrt. Couldnt find it on xtube checked other x site and it was there.
If that was a port a potty then they are disguesting. She is already disguesting for having her hand in the ground. Two adults go on the stairs or to your room. Plus the conversation was lame.

>> No.9567146

That's because this board is pretty shit these days, desu.
The real problem, far as I see, is that 4chan "culture" isn't compatible with convention culture; you can't hurpdurp around irl and expect to get away with it. When this board first came up, it had a very con culture atmosphere that was gradually pushed out, and the nonstop dramu threads were the sign that it was basically over.

>> No.9567560

Well maybe she shouldn't have sucked all those dicks that she ordered off of eBay.

>> No.9569255

Why not just call it a crossboard meetup if it bothers everyone so much? It's a fucking anime con and this place is the only place you can discuss cons so of course there's crossboarders.

>> No.9574008

Is this the end?

>> No.9574040

it has been 3 weeks so i would say yeah

>> No.9574164

God, I seriously need to learn to honor my promises.

While this thread is still a zombie, does anyone have any pics of Morgianna (Magi) or Lucy (Fairy Tail)? Remembered seeing them but missed my chance for pics.

>> No.9574268

Would explain the plastic walls and the crowd noise.
>both cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend
>she's into gagging herself on dick to the point of puking
>"my boyfried is like my brother, his mom/ his dad adopted me"

>> No.9574861


>> No.9576585
File: 2.66 MB, 640x284, IMG_8364.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an anime expo hookup video finally appears online
>it's not the anime expo orgy everyone is talking about

>> No.9576700

This is the closest thing you'll get to an Anime Expo orgy video, anon.


>> No.9579657

LA might be up for the Olympics in 2024 or 2028

How will this affect AX?

>> No.9579685

Better question is, will AX even exist at all or remain in LA by 2024?

>> No.9579760

I hope I'm not still going by then holy shit I'll be old.

>> No.9581882

It will be 2028

I hope AX returns to Anaheim

>> No.9581929

I'll be in my 40s. I'll probably get labeled a creeper just from the mere fact I'm there.

>> No.9581937

>How will this affect AX?

it wont. seeing as the summer olympics usually start end of july to august.

>> No.9582052

I'll be close to 40s. Maybe if I cosplay and wig it up.
Sounds really pathetic though.

>> No.9582728

Oh god. At least you didn't post the Girugamash commercial

>> No.9582775
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not f/1.2

>> No.9583198

Is there enough room?

>> No.9583214

I'm still cumming from AX.

>> No.9585658

keep this thread alive until next AX

>> No.9588727

Can someone point out some links for pictures at AX, Instagram is a giant clusterfuck where people can't be asked to put down the proper tags for their pictures

>> No.9589001


>> No.9589143

As someone who snuck into the FAKKU party, that place was shit.

>> No.9593472

what is the discord?

>> No.9594348

dont bother.
its the same 5 people circlejerk that only talk out of the 80 something people in the chat.

>> No.9594416

calm down turboweeb

>> No.9598331

Nothing good

>> No.9598394

**If anyone paid 50 cents for the raffle at the TOKYO OTAKU MODE booth, you were signed up for a premium account and will be charged $15 in a few weeks. They didn't allow you to cancel for the first month but it's available to do now.**

>> No.9602655

Do tell

>> No.9605230


>> No.9605258

they are inside a fucking porta pot so thats why there are plastic walls. Also explains all the noises around them, most cons line porta pots up and people wait in line to use them.

>> No.9605269

Since this thread is kept alive by the power of necromancy and I don't feel like making a new post, who's going to Nisei Week?

>> No.9605270

That Galko needs tiddies. friendo whos name escapes me is on point tho

>> No.9608272

one post every 3 days to keep this thread on life support until next year's AX

>> No.9614064


>> No.9618564


>> No.9618780
File: 15 KB, 234x175, ax girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>girl sucks on the guy's balls
>anon complements her
>"it's basically like eating out a girl"


>> No.9618816


Fuck off retards

>> No.9618845

She's wasn't very cute also THEM NIPPLES

>> No.9618853

>folded hand on neck
>how the fuck do you even hold a bow
>shamefru dispray

oh well

>> No.9618858

Holy shit this thread is still up

>> No.9618859

how is this still up

>> No.9619069
File: 2.24 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170704_211954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, surprised myself

AX cannot die so soon I guess

>> No.9624019

AX will never die

>> No.9626466

Jesus thats a tiny dick, if I was single my new goal would be to get over my autism and go to a expo now for some easy lay to raise my self esteem.

>> No.9630205

I think we just want to see how long we can stretch this thread out.

BTW, anyone have any Touhou this year?

>> No.9630669

>tfw have had the thread open/pin'd since day 1

>> No.9632292
File: 3.07 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_2758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll get posting over time.

>> No.9635242
File: 3.07 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_2762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9635562
File: 543 KB, 1365x1365, IMG_2352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had a fun time at AX, but didn't cosplay. Thinking about going next year, is VIP worth the price?

>> No.9635624

They're mailing the 4 day passes next year so not really.

>> No.9639451


>> No.9639498

Vip is worth it if you need one of the following:

Get into the exhibit hall early/first
You go to a lot of panels
Want to book your hotel before others
Want to buy concert tickets first

Exhibit hall and tickets can be priceless benefits if there's a guest you like coming

>> No.9641550

name is jeff

>> No.9641987

After months of procrastination I have finally uploaded the pictures I took this year at AX, it's not much but it's something

>> No.9646886


>> No.9648687

she's not a staffer, she clearly has a 4 day badge, plus staff badges were green
quit making shit up

>> No.9653650


>> No.9658388

Never ever

>> No.9661578

What are you guys cosplaying as next year?

>> No.9661613

Saw this.

This is why people think cosplayers are trash. Remember that when you're bitching about how cosplay isn't consent.

>> No.9665641

But... she isn't even in cosplay??? It's just a normie thot at a con

>> No.9668765
File: 3.29 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_2766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9668980

>cultural appropriation
im visibly upset right now

>> No.9669088

im surprised this is still going, i didnt even check these because its way too much to read.

anyway, anyone else like... go to little tokyo and realize the chick from that lolita reality show worked at one of the shops? it was so surreal like. wow. you do cake porn and yet you're also right here lmfao. LA is fucking weird.

>> No.9669092

that Alice is cute..

>> No.9673662


>> No.9677377
File: 3.35 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_2791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have some more

>> No.9679145


>> No.9682436

How fast do the black friday sale badges run out? Is there anyway to be ready to buy them asap so I guarantee myself a pass?

>> No.9682864

They lasted a week or longer last year.

>> No.9684791
File: 432 KB, 1107x1383, IMG_0456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best Pain wheel I've seen so far

>> No.9691445

Hope you're already planning your cosplay and toning your bodies losers.

>> No.9691835

>im visibly upset right now
You are literally not anon

>> No.9693823
File: 328 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171114-173345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was Black Friday sale always 70$? I thought it was 45

>> No.9693886

Past few years its been $55 but the price jump to $70 this year is crazy

>> No.9695440

It's going to be set perfectly on the weekend again so it'll be huge. Also they're mailing the 4 day badges.

>> No.9695450

and said "issue" is blown way out of proportion.

>> No.9699670

we getting this to 2018 lads

>> No.9703068

Happy Thanksgiving

>> No.9703887

Premier badges are on sale now.

>> No.9703888

how the fuck are black friday badges already sold out

>> No.9703911

dammit all

>> No.9703928

It's only $13 cheaper literally who cares

>> No.9704181

Your mom is $13 dollars cheap.

>> No.9704202

So she's sold out already? Get rekt retard

>> No.9706004

Who else bought a premier pass?

>> No.9706068
File: 120 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20171126-150003_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course.
Next year will kinda suck since they're mailing all the badges. The first day is usually the best with how few people are there.

>> No.9706447

Does anyone know when the next price hike is going to be for the standard 4-day pass?

>> No.9706449

(Next Price Tier: TBA)

they haven't decided yet but I reckon it's not going to be til after the new year

>> No.9706460

why get 2 premier passes at different rates?

>> No.9706465

Sounds good thank you anon

>> No.9706471

Holy fuck, this is an old thread.

>> No.9706472

Where to cop the madoka patches?

>> No.9706475

they should still be having their blackfriday/cybermonday sale. other anime inspired patches too.

>> No.9706527

I got one myself right after AX and another for someone else just recently.

>> No.9707428

do more clean / snatch pulls for them joocy trap gains

>> No.9710490

One more month till 2018!

>> No.9714658


>> No.9718206

Do you guys think it's worth going to next year's? I missed the cheap four pass. Now I'm trying to convince myself it's worth the money but all I remember are the lines.

>> No.9718226

Badges are mailed next year dude.

>> No.9718705

Don't forget the lines to get into the convention center once you have your badge, the lines to get into the dealers hall and artist alley, and the lines to get in to any event worth going to. Mailing badges doesn't fix the problem if they aren't going to manage anything else any more effectively. Especially if they're not going to bother clearing out rooms between huge events.

>> No.9722861

10 days until Christmas

>> No.9725617

Why won't you let this godforsaken thread die?

>> No.9726146

the show must go on

>> No.9726679

not him but you also sound stupid

>> No.9726698

Damn, that drama bomb at the end. I can see why he stopped filming.

>> No.9730612

It's Christmas eve!

>> No.9730670

>This thread was partially kept alive by two Asians porking in a porta potty

>> No.9731511
File: 95 KB, 771x1086, 7396917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Merry Christmas!!!

>> No.9734684

Almost there

>> No.9737456

Holy shit, I dont come here often but how is this shit still alive?

ANYWAYS, this may be a stupid question but are there ever any successful get togethers that happen as far a rooms-harings go off of here? A few buddies and I had plans that fell through, but I still want to try to go, not sure where the best place to turn for room-sharing for AX goes.

>> No.9738215

Facebook for roomsharing but you’re better off rooming with friends who are also attending if at all possible. /cgl/ avoids meetups because thirsty crossboarders show up to them to try and get a cosplay gf

>> No.9738403

Happy New Year

>> No.9738441

AX 2017 thread in 2018

>> No.9740742

Remember to call it a cross-board discord, the lower we set the bar the less expectations are ruined!

>> No.9744369

How wheelchair accessible is AX?

>> No.9744409


>> No.9745477

Would if I could, but sadly plans fell through and there is no way it would be worth it for me to go unless there were atleast 4+ other people splitting the cost. I don't care about any of that, it's essentially just a place to stay/sleep since I'll be out majority of the time anyways.

I'll check out Facebook and other forums

>> No.9748979
File: 82 KB, 641x520, AnimeExpoMap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How hard is it getting a hotel for regular attendees?

>> No.9748996

Book now

>> No.9748998

It doesn't open until the 28th...

>> No.9749020

Is there any hotel recommendations? I had the Mayfair hotel last year. The double room was way smaller than the pics show.

>> No.9750421

AX just sent out an e-mail concerning hotels

Start with that

>> No.9750437

nayrt but they’re right. Just because it doesn’t open until the 28 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and get a room anyways. It’s called planning ahead.

>> No.9752916

I don't really care about Rem, but that girl looks really cute as her

>> No.9752924

What the actual fuck how is this thread even still open

>> No.9752928

Anime Expo babby here... been in the scene for years but not sure how AX specifically does it. If anyone can get a hotel room for the con dates now, what’s going to happen on February 28th? Just discounted rates?

>> No.9753951
File: 3.48 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_3012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A mixture of some dude getting action at AX, this post by >>9585658, and posting pics related

>> No.9753953

i hope you guys dont accidentally reach the post limit!!

>> No.9753991

It doesn't matter now, I only wanted this to hit 2018.

>> No.9754136

Will Porta-Potty Blowjob Girl be there in 2018?

>> No.9754149

I also want to know this

>> No.9754162

>she cucked her bf/stepbrother

>> No.9754311

No problems. No problems. We got some pseudo-incest going on, but NTR in its purest form.

>> No.9755673

Finally I can unpin this thread once it dies.

>> No.9757216

Aw, I want to see if this thread would survive next AX.

>> No.9759265

it may

>> No.9760251

whos going to be at ALA?

>> No.9760332

I can't wait for this thread to die already.

>> No.9762749

I thought it did the moment it reached 300 posts.

>> No.9763934


>> No.9764003


>> No.9767784

Good bye

>> No.9767831

Rise from your grave!

>> No.9768597

Arise thread

>> No.9768764

It's dead, son...

>> No.9768875



>> No.9768915

>Page 11

>> No.9768947

It's over

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