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Previous thread >>9555333

Let's be salty and angry together! But keep it /cgl/ related.

My feel
> get "we've missed you" ticket in mail from post office with a huge fat customs bill added to it
> track and trace says it is scheduled for redelivery today
> run out in the rain to the ATM to be able to pay the carrier in cash
> wait patiently for scheduled window
> no burando.jpg
> furiously refreshing tracking
> "sorry, you're delivery is running late. It will be there asap."
> f5 f5 f5
> suddenly on tracking window "We've missed you anon. "
> Idiot didn't even ring my bell and just put another slip in my mailbox

Wasted a whole morning for nothing gulls, I am angry and still separated from the sweet sweet burando.

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Delivery guys often do that, just put in a slip instead of ringing.
Lots of videos about it on youtube.

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damn, must be rough. My delivery guy saw my lights on and rang two times after I didn't hear it the first (had earplugs in).

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>cleaning out my cosplays to sell
>nothing but "what ifs" go through my mind
>Mods haven't approved any of my posts, which makes me want to keep hoarding these even more.

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>cosplay plans in the pipeline for ages
>have materials, fabrics, tools, etc
>seem to be literally incapable of actually making anything
W-what do I do? I want to cosplay so much stuff but I just can't get myself to work on it. I always end up being distracted with other things until it's way too late...

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Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it. Schedule it into your day at a specific time for a specific amount of time and make a small goal like "finish x piece"

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>going to buy lolita for qt gulls
At least someone will be happy. AND cute.

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I find it very difficult to start tasks but I find that once I get going it's hard to stop, especially when I start sewing.

Do you have friends who have projects to work on? Get together with them and and have a crafting day! I've done it once and found that it was really effective and got more done in day than I had before.

I find that having some accountability or a set date to work on something also really helps.

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where's mine

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Easy. Just be qt and trick me in to thinking you like talking to me.

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>trick me in to thinking you like talking to me.
That is like "being a woman - 101"

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Unfortunately all of my cosplay friends are 3+ hours away because I live in bumfuck nowhere. Part of the problem is that I'm just exhausted 100% of the time, like...to the point that I know something is medically wrong, but I can't afford to get checked out. When I do get hyped for working on stuff I'm just too wiped out after work to actually do it, and the weekends aren't really much better.

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What is your job?

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hit me up my dude

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>got out my nexplanon
>dieting now?
>gonna fit my burando someday
>gonna buy me some burando someday
>don't feel like shit today, not even cramping

>gyno was a twat
>tells me i should wait longer to get it out next time
>been 4 mos, crippling depression and weight gain and heavy bleeding
>puts me on the pill, i ask if it will help
>tells me she has no way of knowing but better not give up and ask for a switch so soon again
>tell her i'd rather be sterilized
>'yeah i went back and forth about it when i was your age too, but i have a daughter now, you'll change.'

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This girl was walking around Anime Expo.

Literally 10/10, perfect body and cute face, I actually forgot what thin girls looked like because they're all so fat now.

>tfw busted a nut to this video

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Her face isn't all that cute, anon. Certainly not a 10/10. And walking around like that she's probably a slut.

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Dutchanon? If so, I recommend getting the PostNL app because it will tell you what your customs bill is before they show up to your door, so you have an extra day or two to get the burando ransom ready and don't need to do any more mad dashes to the ATM.

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What's your current dream coord or dress?
This is important.

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Thanks, will do that! Let's hope they actually ring next time.

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That helps too lol

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Is that a guy?

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nun op set

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R&D. It's not that the job is difficult, it's that the chronic exhaustion for other (unknown) reasons combined with work leaves me worn out.

I've worked manual labor all day in previous jobs and there really isn't a difference in how tired I am at the end of the day, so I know it's not the job itself. I really need to see a doctor about it because I probably have a sleep disorder, but it's too expensive to do so.

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>go to con
>Dress as unusual character
>Bunch of girls come up to take pics and talk with me
>Talk to them for a little
>They lose interest and leave
It hurts to have no "game". Since when did being awkward at an anime con become so much of a bad thing? I thought they were for awkward nerdy people to be themselves.

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Ntayrp, but crystal dream carnival tiered jsk is mine.

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I dunno, a lot of the time if I see a nice cosplay from something I like I do pics and chatter but I don't really care to hang out with them.

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I suppose you pass
[email protected]

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Depends. What do you like talking about

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I'm on 4chan so..
Anime, manga, cosplay, lolita, visual novels, videogames, books, fitness, and mental issues.

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Don't be a cuck, cuck.

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You are all pitiful. As if some random 4chan user on the internet is going to actually fund your lolita closet. Get real.

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Kanzaki Ranko collab dress from Baby

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Do I pass? >>9559062

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>t. poor beta

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Why not? I buy things for my online friends all the time.

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My honey cake dress and purse are going to be delivered within an hour or so.
I want to wait outside for mailman-sama.

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what cut/colorway did you get?

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Mint Switching

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Bruise on one cheek. Knee pulped. Not qt. Want to be qt.

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>come to /cgl/ because this is where femanons talk about ther periods and discharge
>no such discussion to be found

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but how does that make you feel?

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Does this help?
It's a complex kind of feel.

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My knee is oozing blood and serous fluid.

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pill is not good for weightloss anon, try the copper coil no messing with your bits for 10 years

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Is this where you vagina is?

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Going to a music festival in the woods, not sure if I'l dress super OTT but I'm wearing burando for sure (it's a tiny laid back festival) as I never get a chance to anymore. Actually bought that nazi swan jsk on a whim cause it was going cheap on closet child and it was my preferred colourway, thinking about doing a secret garden theme because it's a secret festival. Staying in a hotel at night so not even having to slum it. I hope nothing happens to ruin it because I've actually not done anything for myself that involved travel in about 3 years with ill health/family bereavement. Wish me luck anons!

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Try taking some multivitamins, you could be deficient in something. And also make sure you're going to bed/waking up at the same time every day, even if you get 8 hours of sleep you'll be tired if your sleeping pattern is all over the place. And of course good diet and exercise help.

If all else fails you really do need to see a doctor.

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Oh no, that's so enfuriating!

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Geez, she sounds like a twat. Can you get another gyno?

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>tfw when can't complain about phobia which is commonly on /cgl/ or people will respond by posting more photos of it to be funny

>> No.9559253

Your fault for being a little bitch

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Are you afraid of seagulls?
I am and i hope no one posts images of seagulls here...

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Hm, that's fair.
No, I think they're cute. This thread must be pretty rough then huh.

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yeah i got you now, anon
sounds like it's time to get off the internet.

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>younger sister has a hot friend
>said friend wants to cosplay Street Fighter Cammy

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>tfw fell down the stairs and got ugly bruises all over legs before a photoshoot

currently trying to figure out how to shoop them away because they're so damn noticeable

>> No.9559321

Dance tights.

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>my electric bill was over $50 more than expected
>mfw I was planning on having a lil bit of spending money for contacts but have to be responsible now

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But imo it's not even that, it's just so hard to make friends at cons in general. People just keep hanging around their own clique and don't really befriend anyone new.

Everytime I do go to a con I try to socialize but never meet people that stick around, so in the end I go back to my own "clique" too

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I'm going to try color correcting my bruises with some makeup.

>> No.9559349

This thread is off to an interesting start.

>> No.9559352

it's too late since the photos were already taken and i didn't have any

clone tool it is

if i were smart i would have done this

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>tfw I get pictures back from my shoot
>forget to sit up straight
>gotta decide if I want them shopped or not

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My doctor only charges around $100 an appointment. Talk to friends. Find someone who really likes their pcp, call the office and ask. Some doctors really do care.

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>tfw it's so hot and humid and damp I can't wear lolita
>tfw because of the damp I'm terrified of my dresses molding in my closet.

I own a ton of velvet y'all. I've got damp-rid containers stuffed all around my closet but damn 90% humidity and rain is no goddamn joke. My closet is also getting to be too crowded and that ups the potential for trouble. I might have to start storing my blouses folded to make more room.

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My mailman knows I'm a lunatic so he does the cop knock to make sure I hear it if I'm home.

Happy feels:
I got a higher paying job today!! I've been stuck doing small projects and mostly volunteer work the past few years while in college but now I finally have a stable job I can rely on! I can't wait to start buying lolita again, my wishlist has grown so much over the past 3 years!!

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I'm so scared over this net neutrality stuff, I could shit.

Where will I go if I can't cgl anymore?

>> No.9559480

The grave.

>> No.9559487

Who told you this? I think they were making 'lol grills' jokes, anon. This doesn't happen here.

>> No.9559489

wow, what is your electric bill? The highest mine has ever been was like $55.

>> No.9559490

What's the harm? In the very least, we just get to share dress feels

>> No.9559496

Congrats anon!

>> No.9559502

>hot topic selling authentic merch cheaper than a con would sell it

the GOAT

>> No.9559508

What 'authentic merch' are they selling? And I'm having a hard time believing it's cheaper there than at cons with how insanely overpriced their shit is.

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>dude I know puts all his effort into trying to buy a gf
>mfw I spend my money on Nendoroids instead

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OP, hope things work out for you. My roommate is going through the same thing more or less. He can sleep 14 hours and be exhausted, he's wiped after a 4 hour shift. He's going through the arduous and expensive process of elimination to narrow down what could be causing it. So far we know it's not sleep apnea and that his bloodwork is pretty normal, but it's a couple months till his next appointment. It's a shit thing to deal with and I sympathize with you. If you find anything that works for you, please let me know, ok?

>> No.9559534

I mean, cons are pretty overpriced as well.

I got a Miku shirt and a Kill la Kill poster from HT for $10 each when they were having a big ass-sale.

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>female, 5,9" 127 pounds at the moment
>losing weight and dieting
>dieting stresses me out
>I never feel skinny enough
>I always feel like shit
>I can't exercise because I have diseases in my knees and a bad back
> my shoulders are too wide
>I want a slimmer waist
>every morning I weigh myself and I feel like shit because I haven't lost any

I feel bad all the time and I need advice

>> No.9559562

At your height and weight, you're on the very bottom range for a healthy size. If you lose much more, you'll find yourself in the underweight range. I'm not saying you shouldn't still be careful with your diet, but try not to feel bad that you're not still losing weight. You don't honestly have much weight TO lose without it starting to affect your health.

>> No.9559568

My place is under 500 sq ft. and it was $150. Feels bad.

>> No.9559589

At least you have your husband/boyfriend who loves you!

>> No.9559596

5'9" and 127 lbs is fine, anon. Personally, it helps to check mybodygallery.com. Seeing other people's bodies with the same height and weight as yourself can be reassuring.

>> No.9559608

>Found DD for good price and plan to wear it to graduation
>Slew of shit has been preventing me from finishing uni for years now
>Pumped to have a good semester and look fab af come graduation
>Also paranoid I'm going to fail again and should just kms instead
>Completely dropped another DD as I was using it as a reward for finishing uni 2 years ago but fucked up
>Tfw don't want my dream dress to become another painful reminder

>> No.9559609

wow! Where do you live?

>> No.9559612

If you're referring to the weight-loss anon who got married, that's not me. But I'm supporting you from over here! And the body gallery reference thing is a great idea!

>> No.9559615

:) yeah that's true

>> No.9559618

Wow are you me? I'm also 5'9ft and 127lbs and trying to lose a little bit of weight. I don't weigh myself everyday though but I do feel the "not skinny enough" shit.

>> No.9559620

I probably am you

>> No.9559622

Also though you probably didn't mean to reply to me sinc I never said I have a boyfriend, I do have a boyfriend though, and he loves me a lot, so that does make me happy

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>16yo girl from my sister's comm asks me to take her to prom
>mfw I'm 33

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Oh god

>> No.9559649

You're already skinny.

>> No.9559650

Did you say yes?

>> No.9559651

Got to prom
Wait 2 years

>> No.9559657

You need to start flirting with your postmen. These fuckers never even bothered to ring (because I'm living at the 8th floor) until I caught them in front of their cars and my mailbox.

>> No.9559671

advice pls

>be me, lolita
>used to be stalked by a dude who was angry i rejected him
>suspicion that he's still stalking me today
>not enough proof to go to police, so just have to remain alert
>use a fake name for all of my social media (which happens to all be lolita related) so there's less possibility of him finding me
>want to start going to meets
>wondering if i should keep up with my fake name or give them my real one

keeping up with my fake name would be weird because i've already slipped up and said my real name to a few people when introducing myself. but consistently going by my real name irl would also be weird because it might give people the impression that i have a speshul lolita name (when i'm just trying to avoid a stalker) and might confuse people. the latter would also risk stalker finding my profiles if anybody mentions my real name online. RIP.

>> No.9559676

I know plenty of people that have different names they go by online for safety. Only a weirdo wouldn't respect your choice especially because it can affect your safety.

>> No.9559682

>Get home from work
>Realize i haven't fully unpacked from AX
>Unpack what's left
>A wig didn't seem to make the trip back
>Panic and start rattling off messages on LINE and Skype to various friends and groups who i knew i spent time with in their rooms
>Turns out a friend i roomed with packed it on accident
>Crisis averted
>Lol nevermind turns out a shirt i bought and the copy of Persona 4 Golden i bought at the Atlus booth are MIA

>> No.9559721

I recommend a dehumidifier machine. Not too expensive, saved my own velvet drssses.

>> No.9559722

Anon are you me? Uni is a bumpy ride

>> No.9559724

Sort of in the same position as you, I'm just not a lolita
But I am a cosplayer though I've sort of given it up after my stalking ex-bf so I had to give up a lot of my social media accounts where I would share my cosplay photos
I use my fake name everywhere and despite that it was kind of weird at first but I do feel safer
You shouldn't feel bad about adopting a fake name especially for your own safety.
You can give a false excuse (or no answer at all) when someone asks you why, but generally I think you should tell them, that way they know it's serious to keep your name hidden especially if your stalker tries to ask around for your information

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File: 500 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lxi336x4Fc1qeumowo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why I don't use my real name in fandom stuff online anymore! I had someone who went crazy and internet stalked the shit out of me. Went on for months before I shut down all my blogs.

Good luck, anon!

>> No.9559730

Plenty of people use a different name for their lolita related social media to avoid their jobs/family/whatever finding them.

I have to use a different name on all social media, lolita or otherwise, because I'm a teacher and students would inevitably try to add me. It's not that weird and honestly no one cares.

>> No.9560042

Completely unrelated but got nowhere else to go

>goes out of town to visit friends to see if it helps
>literally no one makes anything feel worth anything
>planning to kill myself later today and they don't even know

inb4 suicide is a selfish act etc etc, I don't care I just wanna kill myself :^)

>> No.9560048

If you don't care, why post about it?
If you want to talk about this (and clearly you do), a hotline or actual therapist will be much more helpful than anything you could get on a board about cosplay and EGL.

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>paid the burando ransom today
>everything fits
>happy feels

Two items even have the original tags, including an oldschool AP skirt, so happy!

>> No.9560069

Do you have any plans or meetings within the next few days, can you at least hold out for that? If not put at least a 48hr raincheck on it and see how you feel then. The end result is pretty absolute, what does an extra day or two matter in that regard, something might even change in that time, you never know.

>> No.9560073

I just got a customs notice and I'm so jealous you guys can just pay cash at the door. Ours is either online which you need a special ID to log in with or you have to go to the fuken office. I don't have the ID yet so it's a paaaaain in my ass.

>> No.9560079

just use your real name and become a /k/ lolita

can't expect other people to like you if you don't like yourself.

>> No.9560081

Agreed! The copper coil is the best decision I ever made. It settled after a few months and I never had to deal with any nasty hormonal side-effects. It was really cheap in my country too.

>> No.9560085

I prefer going to the post office over having to have cash at hand. but my post office is just a short walk, so I can immagine if you live in bum fuck nowhere it's a hell.

I wish the mailman could just carry a portable pin with him, it would safe so much trouble

>> No.9560088


>> No.9560092

I'm trying to imagine a weird scenario in which they mention your name and find you- I suppose through an Instagram description or something. Just say you go by your fake name, and say "Well, it's my nickname" or something along those lines, if you feel the need to explain in a situation-by-situation basis. I think also if it were me and someone said that they go by a fake name to avoid a crazy Ex, I'd be totally understanding.
>just don't pick something like Isaki

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> Tfw want to buy some cheap, cute dresses for everyday wear, but still give me a bit of a Lolita feeling
> 1950s retro dresses tend to fit the bill
> Fat bitches love 1950s retro dresses
> Every review I find says that they fit small
> Check and double check the measurements before buying
> Still are fucking tents because the companies know the fat bitches are to dumb to take their actual measurements and are going to order smaller sizes to feel better about themselves
> All I want is cute dresses that I can throw in the wash and not be devastated if I ruin them because replacements will be easy to get

>> No.9560172

I didnt even think about that! They will for sure cut off 4chan, chinese sites, facebook throttle(i dont use anyway), kiwi,lol, korean tv shows, most african stuff, female health websites, cam sites, backpage, reddit is going to look like a mobile site, imgur-gone, and meeting paid fetish work clients will be history.
I love being an american and I am a prude 95% of the time but when I wanna be nasty I want to be nasty. If net na becomes fully enforced kiss all sexwork goodbye for americans. While I agree the internet is too filthy in certain spots its not bad enough to be policed. I live in a catholic state with a large muslim pop. Two groups that dont care about your feelings. I also do foot porn and its safer from a "getting paid" point to meet them on-line. Damn republicans. A vpn will not help in my case.

>> No.9560176

>Sexwork will be dead
Oh noooooo, that would be sooooo terrible to those poor trashy white girls

>> No.9560189

>B-b-but what about the men? Who will sate their fantasies now?

>> No.9560194

Nayrt. Try vitamins b. I really felt it when I took a ton.
Cons have always been overpriced. Thats why people bring their hard to unload stuff. Cause people go for convince(sp).
Someone has sticky fingers.
Kinda says something about the economies of western nations.

>> No.9560199

>finally went full orbiter and bought shit for a girl online
God I feel so ashamed about it. I regret my decisions.

>> No.9560209

>dresses came in this week
>con crunch and finished all accessories on time
>con is tomorrow
>also get paid tomorrow
>going with boyfriend who I haven't seen in a long time
>smash tourney and tea party at con so hell yeah
>been planning going to this con for weeks because I got a good job, good pay, and I deserve a nice vacay
>stress of life gradually fades away while I sew

This con is gonna be like the first bite of a hot meal, I just know it. Life had been kicking me in the ass lately and this is all I need to keep me going

>> No.9560219

Why though? What did you buy her?

>> No.9560224

Are you the meta who was offering to buy girls shit earlier in this thread?

>> No.9560225

She's just some random I met online a few weeks ago. I paid like 60 bucks for shipping for her for a bunch of cosplay stuff.

>> No.9560232

Time to neck yourself. This crime is unforgivable

>> No.9560233

Have fun anon! You've earned it

>> No.9560246

Is she even cute?

I guarantee I am cuter than this girl.

>> No.9560247

Lmao it's a lot more than just white girls sweetie.

>> No.9560248

No because that's me and I don't regret my decisions.

>> No.9560254

If you're an actually cute gull drop your email and I'll orbit.

>> No.9560256

I'm considering it. I don't even have a chance with her or anything.

>> No.9560258
File: 28 KB, 1023x512, tumblr_notuag0Obw1twe2yno1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[email protected]

You better get on this before the thread derails.

>> No.9560260 [DELETED] 

>I don't even have a chance with her or anything

Makes the crime all the more unforgivable. Women are routinely bought off with dinner, gifts or alcohol, but there's usually a chance of sex at the end of it.

>> No.9560264

I was a trap for all my highschool years to get free stuff until it backfired...

>> No.9560268

>be 5'8, wife is 5'5
>teenage daughter is apporaching 6'

Can someone explain how that is possible? Im honestly dumbfounded

>> No.9560270

>26 year old man
>my 14 year old nephew is taller than me and my brother

>> No.9560272

Height isn't 100% genetic. It's part nutrition too. Still it's possible.

>> No.9560287

...I'm 5'8" and 130-ish, I thought that was light enough? Have I become a fatty-chan without realizing?

Some happy feels
>Went to a con with my BF last weekend
>Couples Cosplayed my OTP
>Got lots of positive attention
>Dress I had been eyeing on the IW website at one of the booths
>Accidentally caught fireworks coming back from the convention Saturday night
>Got to go to all the events/play all the games/ go to all the booths we wanted
It was basically the most magical, drama free convention I have ever had. It made me fall back in love with nerding out all over again. My boyfriend's pretty special too, obviously.

>Sitting on dresses that don't fit me
>been passively trying to sell them for the past year
>why is the market so slow
It isn't even about the money, it's more I want someone else to appreciate them.

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File: 33 KB, 650x487, Laughing-Gulls-L8X1827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's usually a chance of sex at the end of it

>> No.9560299

The cash amount is always some retarded sum like €23.67 that I rarely have on hand exactly, even if I know about it a few hours in advance. I can just give the mailman €25.- and tell him to keep the change but this adds up in the long run. Like >>9560085 I prefer going to the post office, which fortunately is only a 10 minute walk away. If I could pay online or on a portable pin it would make life so much easier.

>> No.9560326

I know this feel and have complained about it in a feels thread before.
>looking for flattering, feminine dresses to wear when lolita is inconvenient or inappropriate
>check local websites
>size XS: 70cm waist
Like what the shit, at no point does this website identify itself as being for plus sizes, so why does everything start at what in stores would be an M or an L while claiming to be XS? The models are mostly skinny and hourglass shaped at that, but the actual dress measurements are more like 85-70-85cm for the smallest sizes which can hardly be considered hourglass at all, especially by the waist-cinching standards of the eras everything is inspired by. I almost wish these sites had a customer showcase so I can see what kind of potato sacks these dresses look like when not severely clipped back on a pretty model.
>inb4 " u must b Amerifat"
Nope, European. I guess vintage/retro style is a fatty magnet in many countries.

>> No.9560328

5'8 at 130 is healthy for a female, im a 5'8 dude same weight, and skinny as fuck. Maintain that weight and you'll be golden.

>> No.9560332

>be me, 22
>depressed and poor af
>can't work due to crippling anxiety
>hospital bills out the ass

I'm tired 24/7 and I can't even afford medication. I tried exercising recently but the past week the weather's been shit and I'm too poor to afford a gym membership. I just wanna be able to work and go to cons and cosplay again gulls. And I don't even know where to start to work on things.

>> No.9560333

>I am a prude 95% of the time
>meeting paid fetish work clients
>when I wanna be nasty I want to be nasty
>I also do foot porn
We clearly have very different definitions of "prude".

>> No.9560342

stop eating fatty chan

>> No.9560343

this. I still don't get why PostNL (and pretty much any other company like it) invest in a portable pin. it's easier, faster and also safer for the mailman. but no, big companies can't spare some money to invest in good stuff.

>> No.9560344

the only time I like living in the USA

>> No.9560358

Ugh that sounds like a pain in the ass too. We can't even pay at the post office at all. It's either declare online or take like 2 buses to go to the customs office in the middle of nowhere, or pay the post office an extra 20€ to declare it for you. I swear to god I don't even hate paying customs but it's such a pain in the ass for me that I do everything I can to get around it.

>> No.9560361

What size waist are you looking for? I can help you look if you give me examples of the sort of styles you want.

>> No.9560376

Only thing I liked about living there. When I go home for the first time in like 3.5 years at the holidays I intend to take full advantage of it.

>> No.9560379

If you didn't eat you might be able to afford the medical bills.

>> No.9560384

...but why so many hospital bills? Maybe you should move back with your parents and go on their insurance, you seem to not really have it together on your own there.

>> No.9560431

You forgot that the customs office is also only open during working hours. :^)

>> No.9560461

AP's tiered sugar pansy.

>> No.9560465

>person at con decides to grab my prop
>Asks to see it
>I guess so you already have it
>They say it seems really fake
>"Look at how floppy the blade is and it bends so much"
>Tell them to stop
>"Lol just chill out"
>Months of work snapped in half because some retard wanted to test out how far he could bend my prop
>Have to go the rest of the con without it and it looks like shit glued back together

>> No.9560474

Sit ups are free you fucking whale

>> No.9560484

Are you making a request? You haven't even tricked me yet.
nice choice though

>> No.9560486

Ah yes I forgot about that shitty 4pm on the dot.

>> No.9560490

I just wanted a stranger's approval. And I'm bored as fuck, hence abusing this thread to whinge about my bruises. What color should they be before I go back trying to get fit? Yellow, like my dream dress?

>> No.9560499


>> No.9560510

>lmao umm it's NOT just white girls sweaty :)))
Back to tumblr please

>> No.9560512

Did you or your wife have a mom who smoked or was around smoke when pregnant with you? That could stunt your height but not affect your daughter's.

>> No.9560513

IIRC, height genes are more complex than genes for eye/hair color. Whereas hair expression mostly comes from two genes, height is from something like ten. So it's a lot more possible for tallness to "skip" a generation or just be a freak chance since the parents could be carrying and not expressing a super tall height gene.

>> No.9560515

Growth hormones left over in the food you eat, milk you drink, etc
Like how the cash me outside girl looks like she's 20 when she's 14

>> No.9560516

Dude you're a fucking idiot. A girl that I used to be friends with played around with guys with shitty self esteems just so that they would buy her stuff. Once she got bored she'd look for another unfortunate soul to leech off.

>> No.9560517

Did you discover the love that dare not speak its name

>> No.9560534

Once they're yellowish you're good to go. Much easier to take out of photos too and they shouldn't hurt as much.

>> No.9560536

The hell does that have to do with Tumblr?
I like my sex workers asian as god intended.

>> No.9560578
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post a pic of my coord


>> No.9560654

Yeah, fatties are into vintage-y shit a lot of the time. Don't know why. They've ruined the 50's kind of dressing style for me completely.
Also what the shit, in WHICH store is XS waist 70cm????? WHERE?? Link that shit if you can/want, sounds like fucking gold. I don't even wanna know what their XL is then.

>> No.9560656

(Or maybe I do wanna know.)

>> No.9560661

Well, she hates herself and doesn't seem to be able to string most guys along. I guess I'm just a retarded exception.

>> No.9560694

>Don't know why
A lot of plus size modern clothes are ugly and shapeless, plus a many retro styles emphasize an hourglass silhouette, which looks good on curvy girls. That's not to say that a 50s dress will magically look great on a girl with no waist, but I see why it's an attractive style.

>> No.9560793
File: 211 KB, 496x750, sonicbuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a job interview working security on Wednesday, and I'm pretty stoked because it would allow me to read books and shit all night.

I'm just afraid I won't be able to go to cons if someone kills me.

>> No.9560800

Any advice for the purple painful stage? Besides ice and Advil.

>> No.9560801

what kind of security? depending on where it is it may be fine

>> No.9560826

How'd you dispose of the body?

>> No.9560849
File: 390 KB, 500x600, 72c4da43-d9a3-5c9b-8a2f-a784be0ade92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back when I had no money my dream dress would be on Lacemarket all the time. While I had money, it was nowhere. I checked Lacemarket today on a whim. It was there. Favorite cut, favorite color, lower price than I've ever seen it. Checked my bank account. Buying it would leave me with about $20, so I was hesitant. Then I remembered I have $250 cash in my wallet from a job last weekend and another check coming in the mail. Bought the dress. I'm so excited I could burst! I literally became a lolita because I tried on this dress in-store and I loved how it looked on me so much I decided then and there I needed to get into the fashion (but couldn't justify having my dress be $500+ AP so I didn't buy it). It's mine! The dress is mine! I'm going to be so cute!

>> No.9560862


>> No.9560863

kek that dress is so fucking ugly. money well spent.

>> No.9560869

I'm in this boat too. Blood work came back completely clean. After all this investigation it looks like it's probably just depression for me. I was really hoping it'd be something easier to fix. Crossing my fingers for all of us. I feel like I'm sleeping through my entire god damn life and it sucks.

>> No.9560909

That's it. Don't bump in to things, it hurts.

>> No.9560918

>I feel like I'm sleeping through my entire god damn life and it sucks.
i had this issue for years. it turned out to be migraine related. basically every weird little health problem or sensation turned out to be migraine related. but for a while i thought it was Lyme, maybe just Lyme too advanced to detect.

however, i am not 100% convinced that the near-narcoleptic level of passing out is due to migraine, even if flopping onto the nearest level surface and losing consciousness is the best way to get through an attack. a supplement like 5hour energy helps (caffeine, no sugar, lots of B vitamins) but sometimes it does not matter how well i slept, or how much caffeine i just gulped. when i gotta conk out i gotta conk out.

my brain acts like it craves REM sleep because i will start dreaming before actually falling asleep, and have continuous vivid dreams throughout the sleep period.

my neurologist thinks it is related to chronic migraine but i also think i led her to conclude that by asking her about it in the context of often needing to sleep through an impending attack. idk, blood work and brain scans all come back normal. blood pressure fine. just constantly fatigued and able to fall into deep dreamsleep at just about any moment.

>rambling bc literally tired of being tired, need to stay awake during next job and not doze off on my feet like the last one
>will never buy brand again at this rate

>> No.9560925

S-should we tell him?

>> No.9560932

Congrats anon, that's so exciting!

>> No.9560934

>Don't bump in to things

But that's one of my hobbies.

>> No.9560938

>that's your dream dress
Oh sweety

>> No.9560943
File: 51 KB, 600x600, nasty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm going to be so cute!
Good luck in that dress.

>> No.9560944

That sounds lewd. Are you in to bumper cars?

>> No.9560952

I'm glad you got it!

>> No.9560953

was the person who designed this colorblind? this dress looks cute in pink and blue, but this and the grey just look disgusting.

>> No.9560961

We have some pretty opposite tastes, I can't fucking stand the blue and pink colorways. Mint is alright.

>> No.9560965

Ntayrp but the peplum part really doesn't look good in the ivory or mint imo.

>> No.9560973

what's with everyone's hateboner? i mean the dress isn't my taste but i'm a firm believer that a lot of things look better when worn well

grats anon

>> No.9560974

I agree the stock photo looks a little odd as well but I've worn the dress and I liked how it looks on me. I'm way too excited to have a bunch of gulls with different taste ruin this. Besides, if everyone adored this dress I probably would've had to pay retail or more for it.

>> No.9560979
File: 184 KB, 1000x1000, overcoming despair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't like being American? What fuck is wrong with you? Are you a commie or an untermench or something?

>> No.9560980

Can't do the situp position at my level of fat. I will roll in some direction every time I lift myself.

>> No.9560983

What is a lolita term for the vagina? I never know what to call mine at meets.

>> No.9560998

Ask your boyfriend to help you with exercise, I'm sure he'll be happy to oblige!

>> No.9561006

True lolitas don't have vaginas.
They're all like barbie dolls.
No pee hole. No poop hole. No vaginas.
They never fart, pee, poop, have sex, or any other nasty thing.

>> No.9561012

of course they have sex, that's what lolita is about. Having sex in cute little dresses your daddy buys you :3

>> No.9561015
File: 76 KB, 516x465, OTKiJ1v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>teenage me, ed
>young adult me gets it mostly under control
>insert trauma, eating habits swing the opposite direction and fat ensues
>adult me tries to lose weight in a healthy way
>hyper focusing on food and calories causes relapse into ed
>now lying to partner about eating habits so he doesn't know I eat < 300 calories a day

At least I'm losing weight. Burando will comfort me, right?

>> No.9561017

They're not real lolitas then. They're just girls. :'(

>> No.9561031
File: 2.25 MB, 320x240, glorious routine pt 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gurl, I gotchu.

Download (pirate) Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide for free at-home workout routines. Requires little to no equipment, and you can modify the routines to work for you. Make a free account with MyFitnessPal and track your calories there. MFP tells you what your calorie intake should be to lose x lbs per week. Counting calories is neither easy nor hard -- it's just another step in your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% diet. You can lose weight just by restricting your calorie intake. (Don't try to lose too much weight too fast -- you can get gallstones from that. 2lbs/week is the typical limit.)

Remember: your health is 50% mental and 50% physical, and they are intrinsically linked with each other. If you neglect one side then the other side suffers too.

>> No.9561034

A+ advice anon

>> No.9561138

I'm laying in bed and I don't wanna sleep but I also don't wanna stay awake because Behind my eyes hurts really bad (and that's literal, not some weird metaphor) please help me gulls

>> No.9561144

Same so I'm reading manga instead.

>> No.9561183
File: 4 KB, 275x183, images (9).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mfw I realize only now that I already own one of the skirt I own in a different colourway. Now I can twin with myself I guess...

>> No.9561209

It might be eye strain, and possibly from computer/screen use.
My doctor told me that every 20min you're on a computer you should give your eyes a few minutes break by not using a screen, and looking off into mid-level distance like the far end of the room you're in, and then further distance like looking out a window.
Hope it helps, anon!

>> No.9561217
File: 88 KB, 402x402, degenerate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel terrible. I told my dad to "get lost" in anger today.

Also, I'm thinking of going to a superhero bar event, but it may be full of normies. It's at a dance club. Will they make me dance??

>> No.9561232

> cute little anon feels bad for saying something barely insulting
You're so sweet you make my heart hurt. Your family must be so cute!
(I'm a girl saying this completely unironically. I've been telling my father to fuck off since I was kid, but then again he has broken my nose before)
Your family seems like a real breath of fresh air. Never change.

>> No.9561237

Lol, I'm not little. I'm 6'5".

Sorry about your dad.

>> No.9561239

Was talking about your penis of course, silly anon.

>> No.9561241

Eating 300kcal will fuck up your hormones. Ge a proper diet an go running. You'll regret doing what you do know.

>> No.9561244
File: 102 KB, 501x454, noseblud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your insults only arouse me further.

>> No.9561249

Dance if you want, chill in the sidelines and chat if you don't want to.

I only like dancing alone, but if I get really drunk I can't help it and I go all the fuck out. It's embarrassing as fuck.
I have to wake up in the morning and see a snapchat of myself doing a parkour roll in the middle of the dancefloor.

>> No.9561254

Honey, that's called abuse.

>> No.9561263

I tried helping someone who is starting to get into lolita after changing fashions and her ita friend keeps posting bad advice

>> No.9561289
File: 70 KB, 500x375, faptoluka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend was dressed as Luka when she learned that both of her parents have cancer.

Just imagine, being dressed as a cartoon character when you get that news. Horrible.

It's been a few years now, though, and both parents are doing much better.

>> No.9561316
File: 27 KB, 415x423, 1480391410800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Airplane delayed
>Miss connecting flight
>Get rerouted and hotel night
>Skin acts up
>Yesterday's clothes
>Thrown on in an uninspired hurry to boot
>Tired as fuck
>Both look and feel gross
>OFCOURSE my reroute plane has a hoard of fashionable chinese tourists
>One of them is in lolita
>The mighty need is rarely ever this strong
>Write upset feels post about my pathetic inferiority by gate
>Post as it's time to board
>Get redirected to "You've been warned" page
>Apparently some /b/tard got the free airport wifi banned in febuary
>Suddenly don't feel as bad anymore
>Board plane without posting.

At my destination now and feeling better. The "where is my luggage"-bogaloo is pretty wild though. Wish me luck gulls!

Pic vaguely related.

>> No.9561340
File: 176 KB, 548x548, mikupissed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stop at Wendy's in lolita
>cashier asks if I lost a bet

>> No.9561346

The luggage is found! Happy end to my feels.

>> No.9561351

Not really. Prefer to injure myself in the traditional ways, like falling, cooking.

>> No.9561367

Practically I know that, this isn't my first rodeo. Doesn't mean I'm capable of doing it at this point. I'm already exercising in excess of what I eat. The actually eating part is what I can't stomach doing. I only get the calories I do because he makes me breakfast every day. We don't get a chance to eat dinner together so he never knows.
>what is a disorder

>> No.9561403

>extremely stressful personal shit happening, not much I can do to besides wait it out
>start indulging into jfash again
>REALLY fucking tiny, (30-21-33, underbust 25) stores in town sell stuff that could be used for coords
>makeup lookin good
>get so into it that I sometimes forget how fucked up my situation is
Things are bad, but at least I look cute as fuck.

>> No.9561477
File: 164 KB, 1122x1300, 34195765-Laughing-turkish-guy-pointing-sideways-Stock-Photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but at least I look cute as fuck.
This is why I wish I was female.

>> No.9561509

Have you considered getting help? There's a lot of long term consequences for short term ED behaviors.

>> No.9561518

At least you're losing weight. I'm stuck here eating a generous 1000kcal/day not losing a milligram. I'm pretty much sedentary couch potato mode though. Thinking of cutting down a bit more since I hate exercise.

>> No.9561525 [DELETED] 

>really excited because brand fashion show and tea party at a nearby con.
>get picked to model. really excited.
>had fittings yesterday. my dress is beautiful and I can't wait.
>some girl shows up to fittings in full lolita
>girl is a local. immediately starts bragging about all her brand to try and rub it in us out-of-towners faces.
>really snobby and complains about everything.
>next day. Getting ready for fashion show.
>really snotty girl makes her entrance
>wearing full lolita again WHY
>looks like shit and is wearing a dress that isn't meant for her body type
>the constant complaining starts again
>i was so excited to be here but now I'm stuck listening to this weeb
>other models and even the designers are visibly cringing
>so embarrassed just want to leave

>> No.9561530

wow. That is probably the worst insult you can get.

>> No.9561547
File: 28 KB, 720x586, 17103546_1856335227974892_7618347676485983948_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy holy grail dress online
>pride myself in paying invoices the hour they're sent
>credit card company hasn't received my payment yet
>LM payment declines
>have to wait for CC company to be aware I've paid them
I'm so irritated! I have the money! I have everyone's money! Just fuckin take it! Ugh.

I want my dress dammit.

>> No.9561553

Just go walking, that's what I do. Or hiking. Going for a 3 hour hike tomorrow. Hoping I don't get too lightheaded

I've made an appt with my psych but the soonest I could get in is 4 months from now even after explaining what's going on, because 'merica healthcare. It's being exacerbated by the fact that my friend literally went through the same thing recently and is now in a residential treatment facility.

>mfw I'm upset I'm not that small and want to trade places with her

On the plus side I've got quite a bit of fat to lose that my body will be chewing on before going after muscle. No gall bladder so can't get stones, but fatty liver is a possibility.

>> No.9561576

Have you tried nutrition or meal replacement shakes? It isn't really the answer, but at least you'd be getting the nutrients you need along with protein until you can go see your psych and won't be passing out on a hiking trail somewhere

>> No.9561586

>finally meet best friend of a few years IRL for a con
>we've planned out a duo costume with him crossdressing for the first time
>I did a bad job at trying to make his face look girly but he's still adorable
>he's enthusiastic as hell about it and wears the skirt again with some cute tops I bought him on Sunday

I've loved but never had the body for the girly stuff he likes wearing so it's hard to resist going full sugar-momma. Help I'm exciteddd

>> No.9561590

I think I'm gonna get a meal replacement bar or two to take with me and eat one for breakfast and have one in case I absolutely need it

>> No.9561637

This happened to me too, but it was an old Walmart employee

>> No.9561651
File: 54 KB, 438x613, 1471011918832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only friend who's into weeb stuff told me she can't go to a con with me after all
>already bought tickets for both of us
>don't want to go alone

It's not like I've started making my costumes too.

>> No.9561661

>started a new job
>Hoping maybe I could make some friends
>First day
>"Beiber was sooooo cool in concert!"
>Okay keep trying
>"Have you seen love island?"
Everywhere I turn are people who are world's apart from me with their interests. Why's it so hard to make friends. Why do all the kawaii Lolita girls or cosplayers seem to be non-existant. I mean I guess I could be friends with these people but the conversation would fizzle out in seconds. I just want someone I can hang around with in cute clothes, sew with or watch anime or whatever with. Cry.

>> No.9561708

take me anon

>> No.9561732

are you actually fat?

>> No.9561734
File: 25 KB, 853x480, IMG_7926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>planning to go to a con with a good friend I haven't seen in a long time
>found out my friend passed away two weeks before the con

It was the worst feeling in the world especially considering I first met my friend at the same con years before.

>> No.9561752

I had an old man stop me in line at McDonald's to ask if I was being hazed. Apparently he though I was in a sorority, and their hazing involved their girls wearing petticoats and pom pom hair ties. That one caught me off guard.

>> No.9561753

Was your friend a 90 year old?

>> No.9561764

I'm sorry anon, I hope you're okay. Are you still going to go?

>> No.9561770

this is wholesome. spoil that fool, anon.

>> No.9561781

You don't have to be besties with your coworkers, but its entirely possible that they have other hobbies. You can test out the waters without seeming like a total weirdo. Who knows, maybe there's someone you work with who wants the same thing you do.

>> No.9561807 [DELETED] 

Yeah, this was a few years ago.

>> No.9561814

Yeah, this was a few years ago, and I went to the con anyway that year, if it weren't for some of my friends, I would've bailed out early.

>> No.9561838


When will they learn?

>> No.9561849

>making my first costume
>starts off pretty good
>begin painting and priming
>fuck up
>"maybe I can fix it
>begin to fix it
>fuck up more
>" maybe I ca-"
>fuck up even more
>"are you kidding me???"
>somehow even more fucked up

Kill me, no cosplay for me I guess. I'm too much of a loser.

>> No.9561857

Are you Batman helmet anon from the help threads?

>> No.9561862

Yep, nice detective work.

>> No.9561864

Gross alcoholic here. I am so thankful to Lolita for giving me ways to make friends where alcohol isn't involved...but at the same time all j want to do is drink with my lolita friends. I feel like the only way for me to get close to someone is to drink with them and I want to get closer to my them because I need friends. But I'm an alcoholic and drinking is bad and I might do something embarrassing. But drinking is fun. Fuck I just want to go to a bar in Lolita with a bunch of friends

>> No.9561868

>tfw can kinda relate

>> No.9561871

Why does it have to be a bar? You could just drink at home or the hotel or their home.

>> No.9561889

I've always wanted a lolita drinking buddy.

>> No.9561983

I've been saying "Joann's fabric" for years and nobody has corrected me and I feel fucking stupid just now realizing it's just Joann.

>always called it handcock and not hancock fabrics

>> No.9561993

Because I've never been to a bar in Lolita and I'm trash who thinks it would be fun. I really haven't been to that many bars relative to other ppl my age due to lack of friends and being too afraid to go out alone.I normally drink at home alone so a change of pace would be nice.

Hi friends let's go to a bar together

>> No.9562010

>Because I've never been to a bar in Lolita and I'm trash who thinks it would be fun.
I haven't gone in lolita but I have in cosplay.
It is fun. I imagine it'd be the same in lolita.

>> No.9562011

Just because someone likes Beiber doesn't mean they can't also like anime, or sewing, or cute clothes.

The reason you struggle to make friends is because you make assumptions about people based on minimal information instead of actually trying to get to know them.

For example, I was an auto mechanic apprentice for a year (and still enjoy working on cars to this day). But I am also a sweet/classic lolita, I sew and I watch anime. If you met me as a mechanic you probably would assume we have nothing in common, right?

>> No.9562077
File: 34 KB, 652x408, 0k3dy66jphdzf3bepsbs631iu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found a lolita on OkCupid
>compliment about her dress and how pretty she is
>she replies with a polity 'thank you'
>try to develop a conversation
>she ghosts me

Why are gulls so mean ;-;

>> No.9562080

buy her brand next time you message her or talk about it first message fucking stupid
or talk about how you like oujia or some other gay shit

>> No.9562087

everyone i know says it that way

i do not, but people just look at me funny

you are fine

>> No.9562088

>tfw it was faster to just increase my credit limit

sweet burando come to me

>> No.9562089

replicas are divisive. never admit to liking them so soon.

>> No.9562092

that's why. Girls on OKC are picky fatty chans who think that because they get 100 messages from creeps a day they deserve a 10/10

>> No.9562094

Seeing different specialists and them "referring" me to someone else who can "help me better" and then the next doing the same. It took almost 3 years for me to get what I assume is a "correct" diagnosis.

He has helped me, and I'm thankful! He does kind of enable me a little bit too though, which isn't so good haha.

Wow I'm dumb I didn't even think about doing something at home. Thank you anon! I've been using MFP for almost a month now, and its helped a lot! I just wanna do so much at one time and I get really overwhelmed and discouraged when I don't see my life changing in an instant.

>> No.9562230
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This isn't very /cgl/ related, but I blame this board, I didn't know I was so far from being a normie until last weekend.

>Be at my first D&D session
>Only female, but whatever, the others are really chill
>Session goes well until we get to a cave of goblins
>I chuckle and say how it's good we have no elves in the party
>They all look at me confused
>Don't you guys know about how gobs always rape elves?
>No one knew
>This is not common knowledge
>We all go quiet for a moment

Apparently I was the biggest degenerate there and I went completely spaghetti. I thought at least one of them would catch on, but no, I've been on this site so long that I no longer know what certain social boundaries should not be crossed when discussing weird nerd shit. I never thought this day would come.

>> No.9562236

>you will never be a master of Nanto Roku Set Ken
At least I can dress up as one

>> No.9562240

goblins don't rape elves you dumb female, it's orcs that rape elves

>> No.9562249
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Aw, you seem really sweet. I wish you luck with improving your health!

>> No.9562283

Whoops, I got drunk at home and forgot about the dance until I read this.

At least I painted some Funko Pops to look cuter.

>> No.9562290

I think it's just you anon. I've never heard of that. Either way even among other nerds why would you bring up NPCs raping someone?

>> No.9562291
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>> No.9562301

how fucking new are you lol?

>> No.9562320

>tfw no bi/les gf to go to cons with
>tfw can't do matching yuri cosplay
>tfw can't be degenerate furries together

why live

>> No.9562332

Those gobs are raping humans

>> No.9562335
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I have such a fucking shopping addiction, holy shit.

Somebody helpu me. I'll never get back out of my parents' house at this rate.

>> No.9562338

That's ok anon i just dropped a grand.

I only have a grand.


>> No.9562339

Started a new job recently and have been super exhausted all the time. Have barely made it to the gym, and have been binge eating a little bit. My brand is starting to get a little snug, and I'm freaking out.....which, in turn, is making me want to stress eat. What are some good exercises I can sneak in while I teach children throughout the day? Or lower impact ones I can get in once I'm exhausted at home?

>> No.9562382

Marshmallow Bunny JSK (AP), Classic Fairy Tales JSK (AP), Little Squirrel OP (Meta), Typewriting Squirrels, any cut (Meta)

>> No.9562466

Quite the shopping list

>> No.9562473
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Dear god. I was just shopping for prop-making supplies when an employee came over and followed me as he spoke for five full minutes about how "society was 80% evil in 2005, and it's only been climbing since. We're probably up to 93% now, so stay safe." He also said never to tell women where you live or they'll use you as an "emotional tampon."

>> No.9562488

idk about you but I show up at the houses of random men I know to talk about my emotions, like, all the time

Seriously though, did you report him? Being crazy is one thing, but harassing customers with his crazy shouldn't go down well with management.
>Captcha thinks a tablecloth is pants

>> No.9562489

He seemed like he was really off.

He just wanted to "help me avoid the friend-zone" and tell me about the Cloud Amiibo coming soon.

>> No.9562499
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I'm really sorry that this isn't really /cgl/ related, but I don't have anyone else I can talk to about it.
If I don't greentext it I'll just ramble..

>Brother dies when I'm 8.
>Bipolar mother has severe breakdown and pulls me out of school.
>Have zero close human interaction outside of emotionally abusive mum and histrionically jealous sister until I'm 18.
>Meet a guy online. Jump into a 'relationship.'
>Turns out to be a legitimate animal-abusing sociopath who learns about my mum and starts doing exactly the same things.
>Cheats on me and generally treats me like trash. Every time I try to leave he threatens to hurt or kill himself, says that 'his' friends will all blame me and I'll have nobody again.
>Finally get my first job at 22, start to gain confidence and grow closer to small group of friends.
>Leave ex right before fourth year (this January.)
>End up falling in love with one particular friend. Dating him now.
>Generally being autistic pushes the rest of the group away from me.
>Leave job because it was where my ex lived (3 hours travel from my own home.)
>Only really have my now boyfriend and my old, close online friend who has also just started dating someone.
>I've been nothing but kind and supportive because I know she makes him happy and I like hearing him gush about her.
>Try to talk about my guy and friend is just a relentless asshole about every single detail.

It's my boyfriend's birthday on the 29th.. He lives with the group of friends I fucked up with, and my ex is still their friend so he's invited himself and his new girlfriend along to the party. Everybody likes her more than me, even though she's a methhead who he was cheating on me with for two years. I'm so scared of going and I don't want to tell my boyfriend because I know he'll be hurt to know I am.

I just want a friend. I want to be able to talk to somebody who won't be a dick. I want someone to teach me how to make real friends.

>> No.9562500
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>mfw I melted my bag with hot glue.

If you lived in Nashville, I'd help you my dude.

>> No.9562518
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Kind of a silly feel: I really like RoseMarie Seoir's collars like pic related, or their Lolita ribbon choker, but at the same time I feel too self conscious to wear them in public. I wear lolita fashion daily so I'm beyond giving a shit about what people may or may not think but I still can't shake off the "oh no people are going to think it's a fetish thing" thought.
>inb4 just wear what you want
>I know anon I know

>> No.9562521

Yeah, don't wear that in public.

>> No.9562524

People already think lolita is just a fetish.

>> No.9562529

If your current boyfriend's friends like your ex and a meth head you need to wake up and realize this boyfriend of yours isn't much better. A significant other's friends is a huge gauge as to who they are, you seriously need to get the hell away from everything and focus on yourself. If you saw another anon saying this would you tell them to stick around? No, you'd tell them to run for the hills. If you need to move away to have some sanity then find a way to do that, look for people finding roommates or go looking for cousins or something. I'm not trying to sound mean but it sounds like you'd be way better off not saying for awhile and just focusing on yourself.

>> No.9562532

Not dating**

>> No.9562537

Yeah but I rarely if ever get that sort of attention when I'm out and about (if it does happen I'm too fucking oblivious to notice). Would a collar or choker change that entirely? Maybe, maybe not, I'm worried that it would which is why this feel is kinda dumb.

>> No.9562540

The guys at the house are all stoners.
My boyfriend just lives there because he's known one of them for a long time (and he's opened up about not trusting him any more.) He works away for weeks at a time and uses the house as a place to sleep.

His actual friends will be coming to the party, and I'm excited to see them because in the few times I've met them they've already been a hundred times more welcoming than the others, but at the same time I'm worried that I'll panic from being around everyone else and put them off.

(Boyfriend is saving to get new qualifications for a stable job where he won't need to leave as often, so it'd be irresponsible to move out before that happens. We usually hang out here, but I have no room to host a birthday party.)

>> No.9562549

>go to Joanns for buckram for mascot head and fleece to cover it, pick up some nice clearance cotton.
>everyone in line is super needy and either wants them to guess how big a chair is or needs 45 3" cuts
>finally get up front and ask for 6", 1 yard, 3 yards
>old lady cuts them hands ticket
>go to counter and it rings up $187
>read slip, says I got 25 yards of buckram, simple mistake
>ask for woman to fix it, she gives me side eye and says she needs her manager to approve it so we have to wait
>manager approves, leaves, lady reprints and I leave
>ticket rings up $10,000
>she has changed all the quantities to 250 yards
>go back to counter, people behind me are complaining, ask the woman to please fix it again
>she tells me I'm trying to mess her up and she has to remeasure all my fabrics to know I'm not lying to her.

>> No.9562555

Don't they have it in different colors? I think the beige of this reads more high fashion than fetish. A girl in my comm had the cuff on, and it looked like fetish inspired jewelry more than bondage equipment.

>> No.9562557

In all honesty the gyno may have been right. It takes about 6 months for your body to adapt.
I still have mine and for five months I bleed all over and had miserable back pain. At month 5 I stopped having periods and the pain is gone . Though everyone is a little different when it comes to hormones.

>> No.9562564

They do! I might get it in beige instead, that's a good idea.

>> No.9562567

I've personally noticed a big shift from "nice outfit" to "eww keep your fetish in the bedroom" just by wearing OTKs instead of tights with a coord, so it wouldn't surprise me if you'd get more fetish comments if you start wearing collars with lolita. It's up to you whether you want to wear them anyway, though.

>> No.9562576

I see your point. I actually have a choker from Baby, might be a good idea to wear it more often to test the waters.

>> No.9562591

anon, buy fabric online.

>> No.9562592
File: 145 KB, 480x360, IMG_2655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be gay as gay can be
>goes to a well respected private school in a different state
>never seen lolita girls in real life besides that one ita back at high school
>quite a few at my school
>one in particular wears a full classic coord every Friday
>crushes hard on her
>does a full illustration of one her coords I see her wearing a lot
>instant friends
>been close for two terms now
>birthday came and bought a JSK she's been talking about forever
>She literally cried when she opened it
>"you're like the sweetest person ever, anon! Not even my mom would get lolita stuff for me. You're a true FRIEND"

I know that's what we are but it hurts me every time it comes out of her mouth each and every time.

Not a fellow lolita just love cute lolita girls.

>> No.9562598

Aww, anon. I hope that one day you find a cutie lolita girlfriend.

>> No.9562603

The gyno was right, anon is just being a little cunt. Anon needs to fix her own problems and stop blaming it on others. It's pathetic.

>> No.9562605

How old are the kids and what do you teach?

>> No.9562607

Aww, next time I talk to her I won't bang her so hard ok. Sorry you had to find out that she's mentally stable and into men.

>> No.9562610

If it takes 6+ months of severe depression, mood swings, blood loss and other issues just to 'settle', you have to wonder if it's worth it. It's obviously not food for your body to fuck with your hormones on such a strong level.

Combine condoms, pulling our, a low-dose pill and cycle-timing if you have to; But if someone recognizes that something is bad for their own body, they shouldn't have to just keep putting up with it and 'wait it out.'

When I started on the pill my doc straight up said "Look, there are a lot of dosages and combos you can try. If you're noticing bad side effects over a few weeks, come back and we'll try something else. Often people keep waiting for 6+ months for symptoms to go away, but really they just get used to feeling awful and are shocked when they go off of it and feel so much better again."

>> No.9562616

Being on a pill doesn't cause someone to be a raging BITCH. Not does it CAUSE them to gain weight or have 'crippling depression. Anon needs to grow the fuck up and start treating her symptoms and stop treating her laziness and emotions.

>> No.9562620

That's not necessarily a negative, anon! I was friends with my current gf months before dating, and since we were both unsure of the other's feelings we both talked about being just friends a lot before I finally just told her how I felt and she said she felt the same. You know your situation better than me so I'm not saying you should necessarily do that, but who knows.

>> No.9562622

What's your excuse?

>> No.9562626

That's not bad, maybe it's a sign that you are looking at things wrong. I used to be a dyke, but a friend made me realize I was looking for love in the wrong places. I thought I loved her, but she loved me too as a best friend. She taught me that friends don't have to be romantic partners. She set me up with a guy that had been waiting to talk to me, but was scared to because he saw I was into other girls. We've been in a long relationship now for years, I have never felt better!

Please anon, look at this from the better perspective.

>> No.9562629

Nayrt but are you a complete fucking idiot? Yeah it literally can cause mood swings, depression, and weight gain, I'd say ask your gyno but you're obviously a man so why don't you just google it. I swear this is one of the most pointlessly hostile feels threads I've seen in a while.
>inb4 fatty trying to justify herself
I'm not on birth control and I know from personal experience most pills that cause weight gain can be avoided with careful diet. Your post was just moronic.

>> No.9562631

It pisses me off when people make excuses and blame others for their shortcomings instead of fixing them and taking responsibility.

If telling people the truth makes me a BITCH, I honestly don't give a fuck. But just because you think I'm a BITCH doesn't mean you can use that as an excuse to continue being lazy.

>> No.9562633

Do you think it's an acronym or something?

>> No.9562635

>"I know that it can cause weight gain"
>"I know that I can change my diet and exercise to counteract the drug"
>"I just choose not to because I'm lazy af"

Ok, thanks for proving my point.

>"b-but you're a man so whatever you say is a lie and invalid, you don't know shit"

>> No.9562636

Wrong reply, sorry anon. It was for >>9562629

>> No.9562638

>hurt I'm funneh
Hahaha I laughed at it, gud wan.

Does that make you feel better?

>> No.9562642

I love how there's a dream dress thread, and then the dirty birdies in here trying to flirt with Krampus for some free burando.

>> No.9562645

Excuse you, I'm at LEAST a 5.25/10.

>> No.9562651

>sorry anon
I like that you're pretending like you didn't reply to yourself. Anyway did you even read my reply? I said I've avoided weight gain through diet personally, but there's still debate in the medical community on whether that's possible with every drug, as they're not sure yet if all of them work by increasing appetite or not. So I'm not going to judge someone for struggling more than I did, and I think it's a little bizarre to see someone this furious about it. I'd say more about the mood swings/depression thing but you're not even pretending to not be a huge bitch yourself, so I'm not sure why you even brought it up. If you're really a woman, this seems like some weird kind of projection to me.

>> No.9562664

Wasn't trying to apply you're uggo, but rather a fucked up version of Sandy Claws.

>> No.9562665

Fuck me, imply.

>> No.9562674

I'll take it.

>> No.9562747

Find any new playmates yet? Make any gulls dreams come true?

>> No.9562771


The mood swings part is kind of controversial, but only because there aren't really good studies to prove it. There are a handful of not very well controlled studies out there, one implying the Depo shot may have a small chance of increasing depression, but another not finding any correlation between depressed mood and taking pills or the Depo shot. Hopefully we get better studies in the future regarding this. From a practical point of view, most people in practice would agree most mood swing symptoms would go away after several months, but again, this hasn't really been tested in any study.

>> No.9562775

Not like we're exchanging stuff for sex. I did buy 2 gulls something though.

>> No.9563107

Anywhere from 6 to 17 (and the occasional adult class) and I teach sewing lessons and art lessons. I've done reps with the sewing machines occasionally on my lunch break, but I'm terrified of breaking them

>> No.9567595
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>cosplay gf broke up with me last week
>went for a drive a couple days ago and we made out
>she's still not talking to me a lot
I love her

>> No.9567721
File: 1.44 MB, 1920x1920, 1500520465466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when people call momo thicc not fat
>the reason why obesity is accepted

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