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Haven't had one in a while and I just injured myself SPECTACULARLY last weekend, so lets have a cosplay injuries thread!

>Worst way you've injured yourself while cosplaying, or dressed up in jfash, or MAKING cosplay, or LARPing?

>Most bizarre injury from cosplay/crafting/LARPing

>It may not have been funny at the time, but looking back, the funniest/stupidest way you've injured yourself while doing this shit?

I'll go first I guess. Burned my hand on the heat gun while making armor last weekend and pulled my arm away so fast that I dislocated my shoulder.

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Not intense really but I ended up with a 2nd degree burn on my arm from a curling iron that fell on me while styling a wig. No scar anymore except a light patch but it hurt like a bitch and looked nasty for a week or so.

I also burned my friend's forehead with the same iron while styling a wig on him. He's never let me live it down.

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I sewed my hand to a hoodie, both by sewing by hand and in a sewing machine, both times same finger

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I get headaches from wearing wigs for prolonged periods of time.
Extreme cases when I am under the sun.

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I've had so many stupid injuries across the board.

>be 15 and baby homestuck, paint acrylic straight to skin, had allergic reaction, was in ER with rashes and hives and shortness of breath while dressed up like fucking Gamzee
>be Elsa, someone asks for photo so I lay my long train out, as I turned someone else stepped on it and tripped me so I fell on my back and I hit my head with a mild concussion
>be Rachel Alucard, fall multiple times on her stupid shoes that I changed into for a meetup, use umbrella like third leg at photoshoot
>be Ritsu from K-ON, pretend air drumming with drum sticks, one flies out of my hand and hits someone else at con

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What iron is it so I know not to buy it?
>t. clumsy hands

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I was trying on a top for a costume I was working on, and sprained my shoulder while adjusting my boobs. I laughed so much at the absurdity of it that I didn't even notice how much my shoulder hurt.

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I sprained my ankle trying to do a Jojo pose

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Used my hand and arm to form out some fosshape whilst I had my travel steamer on and ended up burning my arm.

It got all blistered (one section had a gross pus filled blister that burst suddenly and without warning)

Now I have a nice burn scar on my arm in 3 circles where the steam vents were on the steamer, good times.

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Smashed my face off marble flooring a few years back while at a cosplay even. Short story is don't run in heals. Slipped and have never seen so much blood in my life

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I honestly have no clue, it's an old af curling iron my mom has had for years, almost fully metal besides the handle and it doesn't have temp control. They make way nicer ones with guards for that kinda stuff nowadays.

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Sliced deep into the side of my thumb and about halfway through my thumbnail when cutting down a resin piece, also a puncture wound on my palm from doing the same thing

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>Buy and custom some boots for a Lina cosplay
>Right foot is slightly bigger that left
>Boots are perfect but a little small on right foot
>Nothing too much noticeable tho
>Went to a con, take the train, wait for enter, con is very big and keep walking around. My right foot itches a bit.
>On hotel, when I quit my boot, foot is full of blood. My toenail is ember on my finger. Now it hurts. I disinfect it and bind up.
>Next day it hurts like hell. But fuck everything, is the greatest con, I had a great cosplay, I saved a lot for this shit and we had the cosplay contest.
>But after a few hours I had a lot of fever and feels sick. My boot felt so tight. I quit it and my leg was swollen from toe to knee.
>Had to go to hospital, they drain my leg and had an urgent surgery. Keeps here 2 days.

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Ohh, now I get it. Thanks anony

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I have a scar across the back of my hand from a hot glue burn. I dropped a dollop of it on my hand and panicked and tried to wipe it off. It just spread the burn. When I finally peeled the glue off, it took my skin with it.

I had my nose broken at a rave. A friend bent down to pick something up, I thought he was sick and I bent down after him, only for him to suddenly stand and hit my face with the back of his head.

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I never really had serious injuries on any larp but every few years there is someone who injures himself in a way while making camp. Most serious was when a girl tried to cleared a bush with an axe and planted it in her leg.

And most "funny" "injuries" are always ticks on the nutsack, as long as it happens with someone else

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It was years ago when "glomping" was still an issue. I was Roxas and my girlfriend at the time was Axel. Some overweight nutcase tackled us to the ground and I got whiplash. 0/10 would not recommend.

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I don't understand how things escalated that much

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The fact that you can hurt yourself playing dress up...

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Dude I got forcibly dragged into a glomp circle-slash-yaoi paddle circle at a con literally a decade ago and I still remember the intense batarang-shaped bruise I had on my ass for weeks afterwards. The girl wielding the paddle hit me right smack dab on my wallet in my back pocket, and it had a metal plate on the front in the shape of a batarang.

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Friend got clothes-lined by a bony-ass teenager who asked for a photo at my first con with her. The girl wanted to know if she could have a photo "hugging" my friend. My friend complied, the girl handed me her camera. My friend's like 4'11", and tiny, and barely came up to this girl's shoulder. She ended up with a bruise across her throat because the girl's idea of a "hug" was a clothes-line style tackle. I was scared shitless we'd have to take her to the hospital, she was so fucked up. Another friend who was in us ripped that girl a new one, and she snatched her camera and scurried off before we could do anything else.

I do not miss yaoi paddles. At. All.

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I had binded my boobs with sports tape for a crossplay I was doing, got super drunk and ripped the tape off later when I had to go to sleep.
The drunkness took the pain but I woke up with dried blood and bruises all over my boobs the next morning.

>don't drink and crossplay

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There's literally cosplay that I've made without me getting cuts, burns, bruises and other wounds.

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I was having a cosplay photoshoot on top of lots of rocks and thought it would be fun if I would stand on top of it with a friend and take really cool pictures, but when I wanted to come down, I slipped and sprained my ankle really fucking bad.

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One of my first cosplays and first conventions ever I was in a really skimpy costume. Like; Leotard and high heels skimpy.
I was so nervous that within the first 10 min of being in the con hall, i was walking down a short flight of stairs and my legs were so shaky from my anxiety of being in such a revealing costume that they gave out underneath me and i fell face-first down the stairs.
I twisted my ankle, tore the tights i was wearing, and smeared my makeup from landing face-first on the carpetted hotel floor.
I had to have someone princess-carry me back to the hotel room i had JUST left.
It was more a bigger injury to my ego but still the worst thats ever happened to me at a con.
btw I was 17 and it was my first cosplay.

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>sitting crosslegged on the floor in front of table top ironing board
>ironing cosplay with reckless abandon
>whip iron into my leg
>didn't even realize it had happened until a few seconds later when a huge blister formed

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>working on work bench with heat gun on high
>turn it off and set it down so I can mold what I just heated into shape
>cord is twisted and the loop is around the backrest of a chair next to the workbench
>pull out chair to sit down
>yank hot heat gun off workbench
>gain long cylindrical second degree burn across my thigh

No fun, my friends. No fun at all.

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not /terrible/ per say, but once I accidentally cut a little bit of the tip of my thumb off with sewing shears...

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cosplaying a tetsuya nomura design and one of the zippers eats my leg

and at the end of the weekend someone stole it

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I wore Bodyline shoes that were 5cm too small (just enough to be uncomfortable) to a meet where we walked around a mall all day and just hung out. After tripping a ton, I realized that the sole of my right shoe literally peeled half off, and I was tripping because it was getting stuck. So, I had to do this awkward shuffle for the rest of the day, which caused my heels to chafe so much they started bleeding. Luckily, the blood came out of my socks, which were luckily not brand. Screw you, too-small shoes.

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im assuming you mean 0.5cm, because 5 cm is the difference between a size 10 and a size 4

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I've started just taking tylenol to start the day in cosplay to stave off the headaches. Staying hydrated also helps.

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For a recent costume I had managed to get too tan for my dance tights but had no time to buy new ones... so I just walked around tightsless and oh god the chaffing. So much chaffing.

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zippers are dangerous

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Sprained my ankle with my RHS. Now they're for sale.

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Oh my word, yes. I do. Whoops.

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ouch oh my god that must have hurt awfully

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A paper cut can kill someone in certain conditions.
Infections are a bitch.

Get a splinter, woops it had something on it, oh fuck now you have an infection, it'll go away right? You're shit out of luck, now it's a blood infection, hope you can get to the hospital before you drop fucking dead faster than usain bolt on the 100m

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I once got resin in my eye. I wanted to kill myself. That bad. Wear goggles!

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surprise, the splinter is actually exdeath

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Trying to do some acrobatics as Tracer and racked myself on a fence.

Somehow the suit and my puss-puss both survived.

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One of the most horrifying stories I heard was how a lady lost her thumb to a staph infection. She didn't do anything dramatic to the finger - she just accidentally stabbed a sewing needle into it while repairing her husband's shirt. She eventually needed to have it removed because the infection got too deep and into the bone.

Infections are serious business.

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Surely you'd notice before it got that bad tho??

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Worst one was just burning my hand with a curling iron several times while styling my Roxy wig just before a comm meetup. Luckily I was at a friend's house and her mom is a doctor so she patched me up, but it still ended up blistering a little at the meetup.

Less an 'injury', but wearing my massive Condesce horns at a con all day was all hells of painful. The wire holding them in place was digging right into my scalp, and the pressure they were exerting (along with the three wigs I has combined for volume) gave me a terrible headache. Ended up having a friend stand behind me and lift them off my head slightly for a while just to alleviate the pressure. My friend who was cosplaying the Handmaid didn't fare much better, the bolts she used to attach her horns were also digging into her head. Moral of the story is, large Ancestor horns are a pain.

I haven't had a good track record with Homestuck, apparently.

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An obese stood on my toe and cracked it.

>> No.9573511

those "people" should be banned from cons. And everyday life.

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Subluxated my hip and shoulder posing, smeared hot glue on my hand, fell down on the stairs (embarrassing), and wore flip flops for 12+ hours and had blisters for days.

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Godspeed, brave ancestor-cosplaying-anon.

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>Subluxated my hip and shoulder posing
What was the pose? A JJBA stand?

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This one requires some explanation

>live in tiny dorm room
>ventilation by way of box fan, no A/C in Cali
>have a cool remote switch for the fan from the 70s
>works by using a dog whistle
>as such, random high pitched sounds will trigger it, sneezes, opening soda bottles, dropping something metal, etc
>often to comedic effect

Okay main story

>working on sweet EVA armor
>Barge cement and spray paint drying everywhere
>fan running in main window, crossflow through to bathroom window, so we Gucci
>go to bed exhausted
>wake up in the middle of what I assume was a nightmare
>feel a little floaty
>try to get out of bed
>fall the fuck over
>feels like having a fever and being hung over at the same time
>oh shit wtf is habbenig
>notice fan is off
>some asshole sneezing probably made me retarded

Totally deserved for using that switch it but makes a good story

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Johnny's leg's up pose. My joints fall apart a lot (ehlers danlos), so Jojo posing probably is not the best thing for me to do. I've learned. Never again shall I jojo pose.

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I still have a scar on the palm of my left hand where I sliced it open to the muscle with an exacto knife while making props over 10 years ago. It was while I was in the US for school too (am Canadian) and I didn't want to get boned by having no insurance so I used a billion bandaids instead of going to the hospital for stitches. Looking back now... I'm lucky I didn't lose my damn hand to an infection.

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>Went to friend's house to work on group cosplay a month early to get them to do things earlier than last fucking minute
>Instead, screw around and get tricked by friend into propelling myself off a treadmill and hitting the wall like the world's shittiest skipping stone

I got horrible rug burn on my butt, friend told other friend's mom it was a RASH when asking for lotion, and I couldn't argue because I'd have to admit I'd been fucking around on her exercise equipment :X

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Holy fuck anon that's brutal

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An acquaintance of mine who I wasn't really familiar with at the time of the con, picked me up without my consent or without warning (she was 5"8 and around 300 pounds. I was 5"3 and under 100), threw me over her shoulder, and started spinning me around and 'squee'ing over my hetalia cosplay.
She swung me head-first into the elevator door and knocked me out. I got a bloody nose and a concussion on FRIDAY.

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Sometimes it doesn't matter. Certain strains of staph are highly resistant to antibiotics and the only current treatment is to excise the infected tissue. In this case, since it reached the bone, goodbye thumb.

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Once when it was very late, and I hadn't had much sleep, I attempted to hot glue something to an arm band I was currently wearing. I missed. It was high temp glue. It sucked, but it sucked more for knowing that I did this to myself by being damn idiot.

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AYYYYYYYY zebra buddies! You would not believe the number of times I've gotten down into a pose and then when I try to get back up everyone's laughing at me because I'm stuck. Had to have a photographer hand me my arm once. Real fun.

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As if I weren't paranoid enough about bad stuff jumping into my body every time I get a scratch.

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Back in the day, my friend broke his pinky blocking a fat fuck swinging a yaoi paddle like a home run derby contestant.

I've never seen a fatty run so fast.

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not really a terrible injury, but I got a pretty bad calluses and pretty much a pretty bad cramps because the shoes I was wearing is too big and has a pretty high heels, I ended up skipped the 2nd day of the event because I can't walk really well because of the injury

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Just sliced my palm open on my fabric shears like a moron because I dropped them and tried to catch them and they went point-first right into my hand.

>> No.9577097

How the fuck did your hand get caught in a sewing machine?

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Okay, I've got a fun one.

> started machine sewing 12 years ago
> early memory of a kid in home ec sewing through his finger, straight through the nail like >>9565329
> spend 12 years hearing about other people doing it, thinking how the fuck do you do that

fast forward to a few days before AX
> wake up early to start sewing
> going fast on a mockup
> yank arm back towards me
> needle attached to finger of course, so the machine hits me in the fucking lip
> look down, see broken needle through finger
> aaaaa...

Luckily it didn't pierce the nail, just the flesh on the side of my finger. And since I was alone in the house, no one else panicked at my injury so I was able to go on autopilot and peroxide that shit. Spent twenty minutes icing both my finger and the lump on my lip from where i hit it. Everything was fine after that except...

Fast forward three weeks
> still some tenderness in finger, but no other signs of infection
> can see small black dot under the skin, getting closer to the surface day by day
> eventually open up skin with needle and tweezers
> extract the world's tiniest needle shard
> oh

And to this day, like >>9577097 I still have no idea how the fuck you sew through a finger, because I sure as hell don't remember how I did it.

Just remember senpai: if/when you sew through your finger, disinfect that shit thoroughly and watch for foreign bodies, especially if your needle broke. I was lucky and mine rejected without infecting, but it still left a tiny scar

Also a fun one:
> 5" platform heels for a cos
> ok on flat ground, but San Jose sidewalks are fucked
> half a block from the hotel, trip in a sidewalk crack and take a forward dive
> knees hit the pavement
> didn't drop my coffee
> prop doctor's bag had first aid kit in it

And the other lesson learned is that a $5 first aid kit is a great investment.

>> No.9581215

Dude in my town jumped off a ladder as Shovel Night. Realized later that knight that he lost three toes.

>> No.9581352

my feet have never survived a single con

when will i learn

>> No.9581387

I've done it before. I have guiding the fabric under the needle, my attention wandered for a second, finger under needle. Boom, sewed through finger.

>> No.9581849

Irritated a previous shoulder injury by carrying around a huge wooden shield type prop at the con all day

Apparently you can sprain your clavicle

>> No.9581904

Haven't done a lot by scratch yet so I don't have much beyond the pin/needle puncture. God help me if I do extensive foam work though. I'm clumsy as fuck when cutting and never notice right away if I slice myself.

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My hairy ass legs got 50 shades of fucked up from the rubber boots I was wearing. They were rubbing directly against my skin in a suit I was wearing. By the halfway mark of day 2 of the convention I couldn't walk in the boots anymore because the pain was unbearable. Had to patch up my legs with bandages before heading back to the convention for the night time 18+ panels.

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Ate shit on the last step of a staircase walking on Geta sandals. Left sandal flew off and the arch of my foot landed on the corner of a step. Right sandal stayed on and rolled inward upon coming down.

Walked it off like a champ. No breaks and no sprains. But my god did it hurt.

>> No.9582993

destroyed my shin running up the escalator at Fanime

>> No.9583086

Post pics

>> No.9583094

Oh that reminds me of my first cosplay, unfortunately. It's been a dozen years and I still don't wear flip flops

>> No.9583338 [DELETED] 


I feel u zebra anon. Subluxed a shoulder once posing and had to have the photog hand me my arm.

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The top of my boots for a cosplay at Colossalcon chafed and it lightly scarred so now I've got a ring around my left calf.

>> No.9583477

Cutting my finger with a box knife or burning my finger with a hot glue gun when making proton packs. Tbh all I really cosplay myself is Ghostbusters but I love what others do.

>> No.9583482

I was young and cosplaying Yuna and the leather of the boots I was wearing stuck to the back of my ankles because it was really hot outside. It hurt so bad that even though I barely went to cons back then I was begging my mom to take me back, and I had painful marks for around 2 weeks. My lesson was learned that day, for sure

>> No.9583565

Dude your leg looks like mine xept more hairy. I had my rollerblades leave a scar in the exact same place because my socks weren't high enough

>> No.9584351

Are you the anon that mentioned this in the resin thread?

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I have a question. I'm making a panel for a local convention about cosplay health & safety. What are the most overlooked hazards or any other very dangerous activities in cosplay that can cause serious injuries (like ripping your cornea off with defective cosmetic lenses, inhaling toxic fumes released from heated up EVA foam, etc...)

>> No.9587427


I think it's less that the health and safety measures are overlooked and more that people see them as suggestions and guidelines than actual rules. A lot of people, myself included sometimes, will forego safety measures because it would take longer to go find the dust mask and goggles than it would to complete the step you need them for.

>> No.9593883

Does this count?

>wearing two pairs of Circle lenses at once

>> No.9594034

Don't wear circle lenses underwater. A girl whose page I followed ended up getting some crazy kind of eye parasite from wearing her contacts in the water.

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Somebody please post the gumdrop story.

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File: 824 KB, 1976x1728, crippled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The worst cosplay injury.

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Spent months and hundreds of dollhairs on metalworking a pair of digitigrade articulated stilts. Wore them for 30 minutes at Otakon, 3/16" steel cable digging into my leg with every step because I was rushed and didn't adjust them. It was blisteringly hot, heavy, impossible to walk in, and pinching everywhere. It fucking sucked. Still have the scar.

>> No.9594843

...Vicar Amelia anon???

>> No.9597639

>got hot glue on my left index finger/palm
>partially crushed the meat of my right index finger with pliers
>in the same day

>> No.9597646

I tore off ductape with my teeth and a piece got stuck between them. Took me forever to pluck it out and had to search for floss. Hurt like hell for some reason.

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