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Last thread. >>9567305

Petti deflating? Wig cap too tight? Share those cgl-related feels.

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>tfw scared of aging
I don't want to be any older. Considering suicide at 40-50.

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>favorite brand is Galaxxxy
>go to AX
>they're there, with the most lame looking shirts possible
>get back from AX, with a lot of shirts left over
>they're back in Japan
>see their twitter
"please buy our leftover stock from AX, its on sale!"
>no one's really going for it
>sale's still happening

Seems like they took the shirts no one wanted to AX, got surprised us filthy Americans didn't want them, brought them back to Japan, and they aren't selling over there either.

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Same anon, same.

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>postman leaves a note, saying he "missed me" (I was home) and I can pick up my package at the ghetto post office
>go to ghetto post office the next morning
>they can't find my cosplay, but say they'll call me tomorrow
>this, combined with loads of personal stuff, forces me to break my diet

I'm fat and I want my shit.

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>post office depends on your area
stop buying expensive Chinese clothes and move out of the ghetto

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Same, but only if my parents pass before me

No point growing old alone

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why dont you lose weight
It scares me too :(
Yesterday I went to the storage room and accidentally looked at my photos album in 2008 during a Japan trip, almost cried because I used to look so good back then
Is there any simple OTC medicine to make skin look younger

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>No point growing old alone

lol how about a husband

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>best friend posts a picture of a milanoo dress and says "this is so cute i might buy it soon! hehe"
I'm so torn, I don't know if I should let her go for it, or if I should lead her in the right direction..

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I'm not in the ghetto. And my order was only $23. I still want it though.

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Stay out of the sun. Stay out of the sun. Stay out of the sun.

Research good sunscreens and wear that every day. Physical sunscreens tend to protect a bit better than chemical ones because physical sunscreens don't react to other chemicals. Other than that, maintaining good hydration. I know it's been repeated ad nauseum in skincare threads, but sun damage is the #1 cause of aging.

Besides that, exfoliating helps as well, however keep in mind that you need to keep on top of a good skincare routine every day. Find what works for you, expect backwards steps (when I started on my search for a good skincare routine, I broke out for a good 2 months trying things out even though I took the precautions in introducing products every 2 weeks etc). Good luck.

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You aren't her friend if you tell her to go for it. why the fuck would you knowingly encourage her to waste her money?

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Good one. Can't even get a bf lol

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>I broke out for a good 2 months
like acne? I never have this problem so I'm not sure

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I could be your bf, but I don't have a dick tho

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>have a big event coming up where literally the only person in the world who I care about impressing will be
>get brilliant idea for a few coords
>get all the pieces together
>try them out
>few weeks later(today) try them out again
>second guess literally everything
>event is in less than a month
>it's not realistic to plan out entire new coords for this because a lot of theme are themed around a specific theme that I haven't based my wardrobe around
>literally panicking that I'm going to look so dumb
>ED in full swing because of this too
>don't know if my coords are actually shit and it took me this long to realize because I'm retarded or if i'm just pissy and nitpicking everything because I haven't eaten anything but half a quest bar in a week and i'm hangry as fuck

k i l l m e

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I hate CoF threads so much. I use them as a way to comment and critique coords, and I love discussing with people exactly how a coord could be improved by changing this part or that part. It's really fun, but when I post to CoF and it inevitably gets crossposted here, none of that happens. Last time I was posted I had dozens of comments, people going back and forth, but NONE of it was about how I could improve my coord. It was just people bitching about what substyle of coord it was and some people saying they hated it and and some people saying they liked it, but no actual advice or suggestions. If y'all hate my coord than at least tell me which parts so I can improve ffs.

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Yeah, acne. I even got pustules at one point. I finally figured it was from Missha's time revolution first essence and the oil. I also was not using a sufficiently exfoliating cleaner. Since I've switched to an exfoliating foaming cleanser and got rid of those two, my skin has never looked better. I look practically glowy.

If you already have a routine, it wouldn't hurt to try to switch things to see if you have better results. For instance, I just started using an eye cream (I know lol) and my eyelids look a lot better now.

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One time my post-man said he wouldn't give me my dress unless my bf fought him lol.

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Reminds me of when my new tea parties arrived and the post-man said "Sorry, I need a MAN to sign for this."

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that anon's post about being considered 'old' at 24 really hit me right in the kokoro, especially since people usually respond to that kind of stuff with "noo, you're still so young!" on here but the responses she got were like "it's okay, you can wear lolita even if you're old!" I'm almost 30 and it's scaring me to think that I'm gonna die so soon and that I won't have my whole life ahead of me anymore

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I got some Slim-Fasts today, but I was embarrassed so I peeled the labels off and wrote "anime juice" on the bottles.

Are you female-me?

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There's a girl in my comm who turned 20 a few months ago and won't shut up about how old she feels now and how she'll have to stop wearing lolita soon because she'll be too old for it. I'm 26. I want to smack her.

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well 24 is old, that's like 2nd year into a PhD program

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Why the fuck would you buy slimfat.

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You should be at least 10x more embarrassed to be drinking "anime juice"

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>drinking your calories

This is why you're fat JSYK.

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>be NEET for more than a year
>leave room once every two weeks
>don't eat like shit
>still got smile wrinkles
Why are you lying anon?

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Where I live 24 is usually when people get their college diplomas, maybe a Master's, certainly not a PhD

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I understand that fear, but it's scary that so many people are afraid of aging when it's something that happens to everyone. For some reason we're supposed to be excited about our birthdays up until our 21st (at least in the US). That people are more afraid of aging than death is a little unsettling.

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Must be all the dick you sucked

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I'm not scared of death because if I suddenly die I won't know, it'll be over and not a problem.
People are scared of the PROCESS of death, such as aging, because it isn't over yet.

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I live in Europe and to be fair the US looks really scary to me. Lots of people there talk about your early 20s being a good time to get married and have kids, buy a house, start investing but also travel the world, meet the love of your life and learn programming. If you lag by several years then you're a sad loser. I'm not even from a poor country (Finland) but the only people I've seen start with the family/'real job' stuff are people from small towns who went to vocational school or got pregnant at 17. Most people in their mid 20s work at call centres, malls or the supermarket.

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At least try to gently steer her away and link her to better sites. I remember a super enthusiastic girl found out I was into lolita fashion. She was super sweet and sooo excited. But she said 'wish.com has some great stuff,' and I tell her that the site isn't great because they have low quality stuff OR resell Taobao at a jacked up price. She says 'no they actually have some good stuff and reviews. I'm nodding, thinking... how can I demand she not use that site, but kindly? She ended up buying a petticoat she was disappointed with, so lesson learned, I guess. You can at least say you tried and try to save your friend some money, just make sure not to make them feel stupid.

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>forces me to break my diet
>forces me

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...forgot to finish my thought: I'd freak out too if I had all that pressure on me but no opportunities to make any of it happen.

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>early 20s being a good time to get married and have kids
who the fuck said this lmao

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>accidentally get hairspray on katyusha, dries a little yellow-y
>wash it
>put it in a bag of dry rice afterwards so the moisture absorbs and the wires might not rust
>shake all of the rice out afterwards
>good to go
>wear katyusha to next meet
>flip hair a little
>like 10 grains of rice come flying out of the nooks and crannies of my bow

at least the wires didn't rust

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To replace my meals with.

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Do Soylent or something at least.
Or whey protein+almond milk+ multivitamin, literally just as effective but less meme shit. Why would you replace a meal anyway, that won't help you lose weight. You could eat something like a normal person but learn to count calories.

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Oh my god don't even get me started on that shit.

This ridiculous book for wayward jesus freaks came out a while ago, and my 21 year old GF of two years read it and would NOT stop pestering me about getting married. Kept saying "I'm not asking you to marry me, I'm asking you if you THINK you want to marry me" and didn't understand why this made me uncomfortable when I haven't even graduated college.

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This month I've finally hit my goal weight (5'4' tall, 85 kg to 50 kg) after working out for a year. I feel good and I'm proud but my legs are deformed because of a car accident. Can't help but feel like shit because I want to cosplay cute girls so bad, I want to wear stockings and lolita but I'll never be or feel cute or sexy.

I live in Europe too and I agree. Most of my friends who are 20+ still live at home, none of them want to have kids or get married yet.

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Suffering Sappho, Lesbo-chan! I keep seeing you posting on here!
Nayrt, but if I ever break up with my boyfriend I will let you know! Good luck!

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What is this "Nayrt" shit? I know what it means but I'm seeing it a lot lately. Stop it, you! It's oldspeak!

>> No.9569760

Nayrt, but: Not Alienating Your Reply Time

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Nobody asked you, retarded twat

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Oh that's way to late, the effects of aging are readily apparent by 30 even if you take care of yourself
I really hope you eat well, moisturize, and avoid direct sunlight
If you smoke or you're a fatty you should just kill yourself now

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I need to drop 15 pounds by September so Dragon Con thinks I'm cute.

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I mean, what would you prefer? DA?

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Greater risk of birth defects and autism the longer you wait
Christmas cake really isn't a meme and something will be wrong with your kids if you wait

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I may have replied to you in a another thread

slimfast is SHIT. Get iso-100 protein powder, it's super low carb Do protein sparing modified fast.

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I personally enjoy the chaos of implication

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You are being trolled.

It stands for "Not anon you replied to"

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I know that, I'm just wondering why it emerged from the depths. I think I was in high school last time I saw that.

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Commissioner here:

Customer waited 10 days for a full costume (That I quoted them would take full month-2 month time span)- Paid me in full for costume and shipping and I woke up today to a nice little Paypal claim.

I hadn't even gotten her money yet (PayPal 21 day hold) and I just sent her a refund- didn't bother emailing her back.
Received an email 20 minutes after refund along the lines of "Please send full costume and any materials you purchased, need costume before August 4, making it myself."

Wtf is wrong with the fucking cosplay community, gulls?

(Pic Related)

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Tell them to pay you and you will. Idk man.

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If you can't open jars, change the oil, or pick up dead mice and bugs on your own, you can't sign for a package your own sweet cheeks

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>bf wants to try spanking me
>mfw I have tea tomorrow and can't sit down

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I mean, feel free to ask her for an explanation, but honestly that person just sounds a little touched in the head and you'd be better off ignoring them — they got their money back well before the quoted completion time.

>> No.9569859

Her Explanation was that she thought I had already completed it, despite telling her she was in a queue.

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>mfw high school was the year before last

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>mfw high school was 2009

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maybe you should allow men at your tea party so they can sign for things and open jars

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>tfw graduated in 2007
I want to die.

>> No.9569882

More like to be our chairs.

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Risks of autism and birth defects starts to become statistically significant after the age of 35. Fertility also doesn't start to really decline until then. That's an entire decade after you're 25, so yeah, the Christmas cake thing is stupid.
Nobody is really financially stable at 25, so it's stupid to have a kid you can't afford when you can wait 10-ish years with no real risk.
I live in a very expensive part of the USA and I never hear people say your 20's is the best time to have kids. Most of my 20-something friends live with parents or have roommates and are focusing on careers or advanced degrees.

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>stop taking contraceptive pills and lose weight
>fit brand
>but awful looking fucking heavy duty painful acne everywhere and mega oily skin

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Your body and face are going to start sagging no matter what.

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>Ten year reunion in a couple of weeks
>Have nothing interesting to show for the last ten years, mostly been involved with career and other lame side projects that people will never care about
>Strongly considering not going, but will probably be called out since I live within 15 min of my HS
>Not to mention, class is around 90 people max so everyone will know

I'm really conflicted and I know your feel my brother.

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Good thing lolita is a modest fashion. I'm just going to wear a mask.

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I was super depressed and couldn't muster a smile no matter what. Then you made me laugh. Thank you.

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>4 y/o iPhone broke today, no money to replace it
>Filling out applications
>Get to "References"
>All my references' phone numbers are on my phone
>All applications say they'll call me to tell me to come in for an interview

Guess I'll have to make do with a 2005 flip phone for a while...

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I cry uncontrollably each time my dad shows disappointment in me. Why am I so fucking broken.

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I haven't been eating that much food lately. So almost every day this week my boyfriend has cooked or ordered my favorite comfort food to try and get me to eat. And I've been eating. I can work out more and I have more energy. But I haven't been counting calories and I have to just listen to my body for when it's full. (Doctor's orders that I can't count.) Lord, kill me. I don't want to be a fattier chan.

>> No.9569969

>moved to a new city for work
>left all my lolita friends behind 2 states away
>comm mods here don't accept my request to join the FB group even though I followed the rules exactly
>work is demanding so I don't even have the time to go out and make normie friends

How do you make friends after college?

>> No.9569981

I made my friends AT work. Ymmv

>> No.9569987

I haven't made a single friend since high school. Don't know how people do in college.

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>tfw a girl in our comm openly fat-shamed Momokun during tea

>> No.9570011

I get along fine with my coworkers, but we're at very different stages of our lives. I just graduated, while most of them are older and married with kids. I like them, but I can't relate to them about things that aren't work stuff.

>> No.9570012

Most people who do things like that have some sort of social impairment like ASPD and haven't learned to control impulses so they make other aspies who have look genuinely retarded or fake in the public eye

>> No.9570039

i'm actually glad my blunder cheered you up anon! i tried to play it off and pretend that i didn't just shoot tiny projectiles from my headdress but a few people totally saw.

>> No.9570043

Honestly, even if you are straight, the LGBT events on campus are great for meeting people. Yeah, there are for sure some aspies, but I made some life long friends from going to the LGBT resource center open house every year.

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1 year ago I was getting really close to being an overweight bmi. Not there quite yet, but only a few pounds away.
I tried really hard to lose weight. At first it didn't seem to be going well but the past few months have been great. The past couple of weeks especially.

I've lost ~20 lbs and more than 3 inches from my waist. I'm only 5 lbs away from my goal weight. A lot of people have been noticing my weight loss and I've been getting a lot more complements on my figure.

Best of all, my wardrobe fits 10x better than it did. I've had my all-time dream dress hanging there doing nothing for months because it didn't fit when I bought it, but now it's nearly a perfect fit. I'm so excited to coord it and wear it after all this time. Even things that fit pretty well and looked good on me before look noticeably better now.

I see a lot of gulls talk in these threads about having a hard time losing weight. It can be really hard at first, but if you stick with it, you can make it. It's 100% worth the struggle.

>> No.9570051

I don't like associating with people who's enter identity is gender. They're annoying as fuck.

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Been on the slender side most of my life, but after high school I started gaining weight and I was nearing an overweight bmi. I wasn't quite there, but I was only a couple of pounds away.

I decided to try losing the weight, and at first it was really really hard. I messed up a lot, and even though I wasn't gaining anymore weight, I wasn't losing any, either. I was getting really discouraged and frustrated and I just wanted to give up.
But I kept with it, and now I'm only 5lbs from my goal weight but I'm also happy with where I am. I get complimented on my figure, and best of all my Lolita wardrobe first nearly perfectly now. I don't have a single piece that I don't feel confident in anymore. I'm chuffed to bits with how I look, and I couldn't be more proud of myself for going through with it.

I see a lot of gulls talk about wanting to lose weight and struggling with it, especially in these threads. I often times turned to /cgl/ when I was having a rough time too, and some of my best encouragement came from other gulls. Thank you all so much.
And to all gulls looking to lose weight- don't you dare give up! It's hard, especially when you first start, but you've just got to stick with it. You'll get there in time, and you'll thank yourself for it. Seriously, the feeling of accomplishment alone is 110% worth it. I believe in you.

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You're full of shit.

>> No.9570095

>Finish high school
>Go to school away from home
>Don't know anybody
>Parents want me to go Greek because it actually probably is great for meeting people
>Decide against it because if you think cosplay is drama city try living with like 25 other girls
>Thankfully went to Uni in a big city so con scene was good enough to meet some local cosplay peeps
>People from clubs and part time jobs rounded the rest out
I think I just lucked out

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>Moved into new place a week ago
>Start new job on Wednesday
>Apartment is comfy, but i only have the bare minimum of furniture (bed, a dresser, a sofa, a TV table setup, a desk/chair, a recliner, and a few lamps)
>Spent the first three days rewatching old anime because internet was set up
>Spend the rest of the week sewing and patching up a little wear and tear from Colossal and AX costumes and signing up at the gym closest to my building because the fitness center is closed until August
Realized i haven't spoken to another person aside from the man working in the office (who calls me 'new girl' because i was the first to move in that day, but its nicer than it sounds) downstairs and the people at the gym or at the grocery in like 4 days. Kinda weird.

Also I posted a while back about how my mom put my PS3 outside when she thought it would catch fire, only for it to be caught in the rain (dad promised to replace it, which he did). Well i moved out, and left a few things behind to get when i returned home in towards the end of August (mostly just fall clothes, but also my desktop PC and PS3) Well she decided to surprise me by mailing me a package with some of my stuff in it, and lo and behold she accidentally sent the old dead PS3 (new one is a Super Slim, dead one is a regular Slim) and i nearly died of laughter.

>> No.9570152

You can sit on my face any time, honeypie

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>seeing a lot of tweets lately urging artists to support the maker of Paint Tool Sai
>finally come to terms that pirating everything doesn't mesh well with my morals
>decide to buy Sai2
>get a soft yet pleasant feeling out of supporting people who create things that help me
>go to the Paint Tool Sai site
>there's no Mac version
BGM: "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)"

>> No.9570156

>Nobody is really financially stable at 25, so it's stupid to have a kid you can't afford when you can wait 10-ish years with no real risk.
Oh man...
My fiancé's parents had him when they were 20, in college, living in separate dorms and with no income. His mother dropped out of college and moved across the country back in with her parents and hasn't been able to find a job paying above minimum wage since. His father hardly got to see his son for the first few years of his life. They've struggled financially for as long as he can remember and it has clearly affected him.
Lesson learned, right? lolnope
He doesn't understand why I want to wait until we have a stable income and stable home before I even chance getting pregnant. We're 25/26, which he believes is "old" when it comes to having kids, and are both poor overworked PhD students renting a dinky little apartment. In a few years I'm sure at least one of us will have a career and we can start seriously thinking about babies. But he and his parents especially keep talking like I'll stop being fertile the second I turn 26 and I'm just trying to get out of having kids at all. They actually blame lolita.

>> No.9570158

You could, by technicality, buy the regular windows edition and pirate a copy for your mac. They're still getting the money?

>> No.9570163

Your brains have literally stopped working due to malnutrition. Eat something you stupid fuck.

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Comments like this just make me want to starve more. Thanks for the courage to not eat for another three days anon.

>> No.9570169

>on public transport
>meet location 1hr on train
>in full lolita coord
>worst passengers, blaring music and trash talking, no etiquette
>if only driving to city had no traffic

>> No.9570172

I'm not sure what the problem is.

Telling someone to be healthier is not an insult. That's like telling someone to get smarter, faster, stronger. There's no way it can be made negative unless you're too lazy to change.

>> No.9570175

She claims to be body positive but then secretly gets lipo in 5+ places and lies about it. She deserves all the shit anyone can throw at her.

>> No.9570185

You either posted this from the 1920s, or live in the super-Deliverance ass-rape backwoods.

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I miss watching yaoi porn with my sister.

I'm gonna fucking cry.

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>be 22
>been linking a girl i met online for some time
>we literally like the same stuff it's not even funny
>just recently find out she's 17

>> No.9570264

Not really a problem
You can groom her like a mentor, when the 18th birthday comes take her on a date, then fuck her brains out after

That's what I did, but then again I didn't meet my girl "online" lol you are worrying over nothing, it's not like she isn't taking dick from some boy in her school ( sooner or later)

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I lost all my cosplay friends over the years.

They became older, got other interests, some started doing drugs and I avoided those like the plague, some moved away and others just plainly vanished from one day to another.

Cosplay and convention age is between 14 and 20.

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>adding people online
>trying to make friends
>they either never reply or talk to me once and go offline forever
Why is this world so lonely....

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>climbing up the lewd cosplay fame ladder
>have to pretend to like MooMoo

Life is hard

>> No.9570407

>RIP dignity

>> No.9570429

>tfw you just come /cgl/ to see grills bitch at each other and have absolutely no idea what else is going on
>start to realize no qt3.14 gf to watch anime, play vidya and possibly work out with
>tfw i think i just need more friends

>> No.9570526

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9570558

Your just as bad as her.
>acting like you had dignity when doing lewd in the first place

>> No.9570587

Lurk moar Eugenia

>> No.9570591

>lurk more

How is this at all relevant to what I said? I've probably been here longer than you've been out of middle school.

XDDD it's funny because she's dying XD!

>> No.9570598

How is my age relevant to what i said?

I say lurk more because anon gave you actual advice and you just ignored it. But sure, go bald and dumb if you think people will care about you that way.

>> No.9570615

It's 2017?
Health < Social Network likes
Thirsty boys wouldn't possibly understand

>> No.9570622

I have come to the sad realisation that after 11 years, a shit ton of money spent on a huge and mostly unworn wardrobe that I don't really care about lolita anymore. I wish I did. Maybe I need a break but I haven't even worn it out since 2016 or maybe even 2015. Maybe it's just because my depression has worsened? Or that the local comm has changed a lot. Idk.

>> No.9570624

>I said lurk more because anon gave you actual advice

That's not what "lurk moar" is supposed to imply. It's directed towards newfags who don't know anything about the board/topic at hand, which is why your age was brought up. I can tell you're super new.

>> No.9570626

then what will you do with those clothes?
give it to your kids?

>> No.9570628

Didn't anon say there's only one person she cares about impressing? Pretty sure she doesn't care what people in general think. Anorexia is more often than not not about what others think but about what the person who has it thinks.

If just being rude in telling anorexics to eat something actually worked I don't think it would be such a problem.

>> No.9570641

>unironically thinking just telling anorexics to eat is actual advice

HoLy F uCk you're a genius. Nobody has ever thought to tell people who starve themselves to eat before??? You're at the goddamn forefront of treating eating disorders, someone fund this guy ASAP.

>> No.9570691

People are fake ass bitches. It hurts. But I guess we can just keep trying?

>> No.9570735
File: 154 KB, 1280x720, kill_me_baby-04-yasuna-assassins-dopplegangers-confused-idiots-cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mom goes to Kroger and sees a guy and girl cosplaying

I'm surprised. People still do that? They weren't entering a mall, they were entering a grocery store. Well, I wonder who they were cosplaying.

>> No.9570746

Even when I wear simple Lolita to the store. People assume I'm cosplaying. I just smile and wave

>> No.9570747
File: 7 KB, 259x195, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/fit/ fag
>never cosplayed before
>wanna rep my boy
>have fun getting the outfit together
>Oh shit third eye
I don't think I thought this through. I have no idea how to best create the third eye and my attempts look like shit.

>> No.9570749

Stick a fucking googly eye to your forehead!

>> No.9570789

That anon must be trolling. Finish high school at 18 and get into college immediately and you'll probably graduate at 22-23. Twenty four is pretty much still college age since not everyone goes to college straight from high school lol

>> No.9570822

One of my friends absolutely hates lolita, and isn't afraid to tell me. She's a cosplayer too, but I'm a lolita along with being a cosplayer. She's explicitly told me not to talk about lolita around her and that it "makes her uncomfortable" because of the name despite me telling her it has no relationship with the book. She's tried telling me I shouldn't buy brand or make new cosplays, but I've started wearing lolita and talking about it more because one person who doesn't like it isn't going to stop me.

>> No.9570826

Do what makes you happy, anon. There's nothing wrong about the fashion nor its name, your friend can fuck right off.

>> No.9570834


>> No.9570835

>pay for classes
>less money for my fashion shit
It hurts

>> No.9570838

Special effects makeup, google that shit. I guarantee there are tons of tutorials out there to help you out with that. Youtube tutorials are especially helpful.

>> No.9570842

Um, that's actually a myth. Women stay fertile well into their 50s, and the increase in birth defects goes up from 0.5% to 1% every decade (that's not really "significantly"). It's not really a huge leap. But men can't sell their obsession with prepubescent girls if they don't convince women they aren't worth anything after 30.

>> No.9570852
File: 51 KB, 277x265, 1497660904167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry you're Christmas cake. So am I.

>> No.9570865
File: 66 KB, 753x293, Maternal Age Chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> increase in birth defects goes up from 0.5% to 1% every decade (that's not really "significantly").

This is taken from the website of the national down's syndrome society. This is taken from data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control in the US. You can see the increase becomes exponential starting after age 35, and is not increasing at a factor of 'one percent' every decade. By the time a woman is 49, her chance of having a baby with down's syndrome is approximately 1/10 live births at 39, the chance was 1/150 live births. This is not a "one percent increase."

I agree with you on that our society is obsessed with youth and a certain youthful image of women, but please don't let your viewpoint get in the way of scientific fact.

>> No.9570871

>implying there is anything wrong with liking women in their prime at 16-24
How delusional are you

>> No.9570881

I'm a nico cosplayer btw, so I guess I should expect this kind of thing
>uses cosplay as a healthy dose of escapism from personal problems
>nico's birthday, let's post some pictures of nico cosplay and mess around for fun
>immediately called cringe by close friend, other friend asks me if i'm ok (aka whats wrong with you)
>know they're joking but take off cosplay anyways

>> No.9570882

I'm not (quite yet), I'm just debunking myths that have been popularized far too long. There's only a 4-6% difference in fertility from 20 to 40. You can hit up google scholar or any academic resource to find studies on fertility rates.

Thanks for posting that. I tried to find specific statistics for autism, but most of the findings revolve around the increase in children diagnosed since the 90s.

Child birth is the highest killer of girls aged 15 to 19. But keep telling yourself that, pedophile.

>> No.9570883

Have fun, anon. Ten years ago, that would be considered cute. Sorry that your favorite character has so much memey bullshit attached to her.

>> No.9570887

>implying I'm going to impregnate them
What the hell are you talking about
15/16 is legal almost all developed countries.

>> No.9570891

15-19 isn't pedophile tier. I love how older women try and berate men for being attracted to girls more attractive than they are. I see it on Facebook all the time too, not just with age, but size.

>> No.9570896

>tfw trying to get a STEM degree with a minor in mathematics even though i'm a total airhead whose only passion is clothing

i could be living the daily lolita dream since my partner is smart, has a high-paying engineering gig, and is willing to take care of me... but for some reason my stupid ass wants to do this. i even stopped wearing lolita as often because it freaks out my classmates and i need their help sometimes. why do i enjoy suffering?

>> No.9570913

>Child birth is the highest killer of girls aged 15 to 19

Wow thats not true in the slightest. It's accidental death and suicide by a long shot, childbirth only accounts for 1% of deaths in that age group.

>> No.9570917

>looking for a cosplay online since I want to cosplay with a group but don't have time to make the cosplay in time for big event
>friend says she sews a lot and specializes in "2 day cosplay"
>did not realize this meant that she tends to procrastinate
>commission her because let's support a friend instead of buying from some rando online
>give her 2 months, she takes 5, complaining about how difficult some parts were and how much time she's spending on it with the other work she has to do
>paid in advance so she could afford the fabric, don't have the heart to ask a struggling college student to stop early and give back my money after 3 months pass
>ends up incomplete and inaccurate, extremely uncomfortable, a small blood stain on the front
>have to spend a couple hours fixing it just so it's wearable

don't do business with your friends y'all. I'm tempted to go out and buy the cosplay from someone else and just accept this loss

>> No.9570920

You have to have a passion in some part of it, right? Are you only doing it to impress your parents?

>> No.9570924

The conversation is about child birth, not age of consent, though?

>> No.9570930
File: 336 KB, 1200x898, 20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how did this thread become a convo about pedophiles

>> No.9570938

Did you not read the last reply?

>> No.9570942

>tfw 23
>look like 14

>> No.9570945

It's not just fertility, it's the risks associated that are also a lot higher after 35. 35 year olds are known as "elderly" in obstetrics because the risk of complications really starts to ramp up then - not just foetal abnormalities, but all the other shit that can happen like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and placenta previa. There's also studies quoting 2 x increased risk of miscarriage over age 35, 2x risk of stillbirth over age 40. There's also an increased risk of prematurity which can also leave the kid with a lot of shit wrong if any of the stuff prem babies are at higher risk for happens.

Also, SOME women can stay fertile into your 50s or you can have early ovarian failure without knowing it, so the idea that you can just bang and get pregnant is only relevant to some women later in life. Fertility clinics make a lot of money off people who thought they had their forties to breed. You don't know which box you're in before you get there unless you have a strong family history of early menopause or already have something like PCOS.

>> No.9570947

my parents don't care at all, i think i'm just trying to impress myself and see if i can actually do it. i have a tendency to challenge myself to the point of making myself miserable and this just happens to be a challenge that will take 4 years. i'm dumb.

>> No.9570948

Older women berate men because they remember being 17 and that time that the gross old dude hit on them thinking he was still hot at 35.

>> No.9570951

The fact that you're self aware puts you 100% beyond most kids in your situation.

I think you have a chance to break out of this and find what you love.

Regret from going trough over 1000 days of STEM for no good reason is worse than that of not trying it.

I was in a similar place as you but I'm less confident in wearing lolita than you :P

>> No.9570952

That's great, completely understand. If he was still hot it wouldn't be an issue right?

>> No.9570954

And your source for this information is what? A television documentary?

>> No.9570958

You obviously don't remember being 17.

>> No.9570959


>> No.9570965

Who said I'm gay?

>> No.9570966

I remember being 17 and not wanting to fuck anyone my own age, yes, older was my preference.

>> No.9570968

So you used to like older women, now you like younger women? What changed?

>> No.9570970

Male or female?

>> No.9570971

No. I liked older men, and now I like men my own age. Because I'm older.

>> No.9570974

Male, obviously.

>> No.9570988

Who said I'm male?

>> No.9570992

O-Oh ...

>> No.9571006

I had the same issue
thought it was good at first, but getting carded everywhere fucking sucks

>> No.9571010
File: 8 KB, 208x148, 1476588496379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to die.
>decides to wear cute casual outfit to go to the city today
>wear a short flowy pink pleated skirt and a little sleeveless lace button up blouse
>feeling kinda cute but also not used to wearing something so short and constantly covers my butt with one hand when walking up stairs
>also why can't stores just do something in between "super short" and "something an elderly woman would wear" i just want to look cute without having to worry about people looking there
>it's super super windy
>get in the subway escalator, everything is going ok
>it's extra windy in there but i'm keeping my hands on my butt and one with my bag in front to be sure nothing bad happens
>suddenly hear something falling
>it's my little cat charm
>try to crouch a little and use my hand to catch it
>huge fucking gust of wind
>my skirt is floating, exposing my panties entirely to all of the people standing behind me
>don't even look back and run
>stop somewhere and hide behind my hands for approx 5 minutes thinking about ending my life right now

>> No.9571011

Just like my japanese animemes

And they are called midi-skirts. Buy those.

>> No.9571015

>thinking he was still hot at 35
Dude, 35 y/o dudes crush it with late teens and early 20s girls. They actually have cars and money and apartments bigger than one room

>> No.9571017

There's these things called shorts or shapewear you can wear underneath your skirt so if there's a gust of wind nobody sees your panties.

i've ran into situations before where even my heavier skirts blow up in the wind but I wasn't phased because nobody's gonna shit themselves at the sight of biking shorts.

>> No.9571023

So you think because you had daddy issues everyone else does too ?

>> No.9571026

So being attracted to maturity, stability, and facial hair means I have daddy issues? And did I say everyone has to like older men?
No, I did not. But there's nothing wrong with it.

>> No.9571027

holy shit women are fucking shallow as hell. You all are like human garbage

>> No.9571029

I'm sorry you're so undesirable

>> No.9571032

that's not what I said
but y'all don't even like guys for them. Pretty eye opening to see women didn't like me for me, they liked my money and status instead.
are women even capable of love, or are you just cold-hearted thots who see the world transactionally?

>> No.9571035

When you're a teenage? Yes it means issues
>implying you were thinking "hmm yes 'tis a great man to marry" at 17

>> No.9571037

>that's not what I said

No, but we can tell.

>are you just cold hearted thots

I stayed a virgin until I married and have remained faithful, you're just upset because nobody wants you so you accuse us of being thots even though you literally know nothing about us.

>> No.9571043

>thinking a handful of 4chan posts make up a representative sample of women
>assuming people on 4chan are being honest/genuine

I was going to dignify your question with an actual response, but I doubt it would do much good at this point.

>> No.9571045

>I was merely pretending to be a shallow cunt
lord knows you lot generalize the fuck out of men based on what you see when you pop into r9k, but god forbid someone judge you by the words you wrote yourself.

>> No.9571048

everybody knows that this is our female equivalent of /r9k/ and nobody gives a fuck about a man's opinion here

cry more about how nobody likes you. no wonder people only like you for your money, you're whining like a pussy.

>> No.9571049

the difference is cgl hasn't had a fucking mass shooter come from our board

>> No.9571051


I'm new to this thread, dude. Been lurking here for a while and didn't feel compelled to post until recently. I don't go on r9k because it doesn't interest me. I like frilly dresses and sometimes I like to read about petty cosplay drama, and I'm only replying so that you either start contributing to the conversation or gtfo.

I realize there's a non-insignificant chance that you're just here to get a rise out of people, but seriously, go shit up another thread. The feels thread is a nice place for people to vent and it gets shit up way too often. Not going to reply anymore to avoid further damage to the thread, but my final piece of advice is to try not to judge all women by a few 4chan posts. It'll only make you unhappy.

>> No.9571052

>implying I was sleeping around instead at 17
Sorry, I valued myself and every relationship I looked at long term. I graduated early and already had college credit. I wanted someone going somewhere with their life, not another teenage boy who couldn't even do his own laundry.

>> No.9571059
File: 604 KB, 456x671, 1449556245512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>Never thought I was all that good looking
>Start going to cons and get hit on by more than a couple QT's
>Huge confidence boost
>Friend makes an offhand comment that every time I was hit on I was wearing some kind of mask/helmet/partial face covering
>Fuck, he's right
>Confidence takes a nosedive

I never went to cons looking for a hookup or anything of that nature, but fuck me, this just slaughtered anything resembling confidence I might have had.
Truly I am in hell.

>> No.9571065
File: 480 KB, 1000x923, feminist ants.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol at all these women scared of turning 30.

You have all the power in the age ranges of 12-25, you can use your pussy to get men to do whatever you want, it's an extremely valuable asset.

At around 30 years old you lose that power, men aren't going to bend over backwards for you anymore, especially if you're a single mom, have lots of tattoos, are feminist, have lots of ex-boyfriends or past sexual partners, etc.

Me? As a 22 year old man I look forward to being 30-60 years old. I'm an incel, never had sex or a girlfriend, but as soon I'm wealthy in my late 20s I'll be able to fuck all kinds of girls, then I will have the sexual power, and be able to fuck 16-25 year old girls.

Men's sexual value goes up as they age, and women's goes down. Deal with it, you had your turn while young, and it's men's turn when they're older.

Men primarily want sex/youth, women primarily want money/resources.

Everyone for most of history.

People should be getting married and having kids when they're teenagers, divorce should be heavily discouraged and illegal without good reason, and adultery should be punished with death or severe prison sentences.

You think that's crazy? No, modern western society and your feminist brainwashing is crazy.

>> No.9571066

>I'm an incel
Disregard and do not respond to incels.

>> No.9571068

>i'm an incel

How many schools have you shot up today?

>> No.9571071

Excuse you, I'm the very first post and I'm male.
Don't respond to me ever again, thanks.

>> No.9571073

I cheated on my boyfriend and he started beating me and made me cut lolita out of my life entirely. I miss my comm.

>> No.9571074

You're both terrible people and I wish you the best.

>> No.9571078

I mean, you sort of brought this on yourself no? Like it's shitty that he beats you but you're toxic as fuck as well.

>> No.9571081

>not being grateful that your boyfriend beats you

I love it when my bf gives me a good slap in the face.

>> No.9571092

If your boyfriend hits you, you should stay with him. it means he loves you enough to take the risk of going to jail for you.

>> No.9571096

I'm now reminded about how impressed I was with that girls ability to keep a straight face.

>> No.9571101

This is good logic in some cases though.

Not all cases are justified, but there's definitely some cases where a girlfriend/wife deserves to get hit, and it shows that he's willing to risk jail time to keep the relationship working.

>> No.9571109

>Befriended girl at ANext a couple years ago
>Follow her on Tumblr
>She's a bit immature (25> and refuses that NaruHina is canon) but she's still sweet
>Within a span of a couple months, she gets kicked out of her parents' place
>Everyone offers help but she only takes help from her girlfriend
>Other friends in circle know said girlfriend isn't good for her and is only stunting her maturity
>Meet her childhood friend at ANext this year
>"...Yeah, she left my messages on seen and she wants to change her name to (insert goth mary sue name here)"
>People just say to let her rot in her misery and mediocrity
>I feel bad because I also needed the push to get out of the same slump

What do I do?

>> No.9571113
File: 529 KB, 625x626, 1454814788190.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9571115
File: 49 KB, 800x800, __kishin_sagume_touhou_drawn_by_twumi__b83eb45cffb7921f2b7ac954aba5471c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Push her further into the abyss. Find a joy in seeing people throwing their lifes away with stupid choices.

>> No.9571129

>Share those cgl-related feels.

>> No.9571151

He's disappointed because she's an ita.

>> No.9571157
File: 316 KB, 1103x1379, IMG_20170605_234402_639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omg anon are you me? I have the exact same problem. I also have super long, heavy periods and worse cramps now. I'm kind of debating going back on birth control, but I don't want to get bloated or gain weight again and not be able to fit IW.

>> No.9571161
File: 191 KB, 1200x900, tumblr_o1e37lXcjx1qbdkw9o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have small closet full of beautiful brand
>Don't do anything besides work, sleep and depression eat
>No friends, no car/transport, no where to go or even local comm to hang out with
>No reason to own anything beautiful since I don't do anything worthwhile

>> No.9571164
File: 218 KB, 600x579, MATLAB-Logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You show an extreme version of over dependence towards you parents. Its quite common, so don't worry. The issue is for you to solve though, are you going to keep on depending on them, or allow them to wear you like a puppet. I'm sure you're an adult (or young adult), so now is the time when you really change your relationship with your parents, you aren't a kid anymore.

Tell yourself (and maybe them) that you are no longer a fucking child anymore. You are an equal to them, and you have to be responsible for yourself.

>> No.9571170

I only do cosplay to get attention of twitter because I'm a horrible person.

And only japanese people.
If western people like my stuff or retweet my pictures I write them messages or tweets in broken english, trying to emulate a japanese getting angry at foreigners.

>> No.9571171

>No reason to own anything beautiful since I don't do anything worthwhile

don't think like that anon, there are plenty of reasons to own something you deem beautiful. If you enjoy collecting them and admiring them don't let the fact you don't get to go out in them put you down

>> No.9571174
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw some fat bitch rage-quit because her Instagram post "only" got 327 likes

>> No.9571182
File: 5 KB, 259x195, 15073491_177787932684415_3245806121704212758_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suddenly find a bunch of dances I want to cover
>all require a group of people
>remember that I dropped all my dance friends since I'm about to leave for school
hopefully they'll still think of me as a friend when I get back

>> No.9571192
File: 14 KB, 183x275, IMG_1515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That feel that even though you're a guy you have almost the same w/h ratio as the trap I'm going to be cosplaying. I know this body would be of some good use!

>> No.9571195

Cringe thread is the other way

>> No.9571199

>people always guess my height and age about the actual numbers
Is this a compliment?

>> No.9571200

1.78m height
12cm dick
thick belly but not overall fat

is that you?

>> No.9571210

>grow up with insecurities
>get fit and learn hold a convo long enough
>finally get gf
>introduce her to cosplay
>pressuring me to have sex in cosplay
I don't want to mostly because I want to keep my hard work pure. It's a conflicting feel. How do you deal with your partner wanting to have cosplay sex?

>> No.9571213

Just say no. Tell her what you told us.

>> No.9571214
File: 72 KB, 540x403, slurp slurp bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9571218

Sounds about right. I also have very broad shoulders and naturally big legs

>> No.9571226

but honestly majority of cosplay would improve if they just wear a mask

>> No.9571235

well don't be a retard, do a cosplay that doesn't cover your face and see the QT's you get this time.

>> No.9571236
File: 44 KB, 650x366, capt_1980-650x366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm regretting my plans to sell art at conventions with a friend as a collective.

>fun but unreliable best friend is A
>we've been friends forever and always get ideas for selling shit, but never go through with them
>most of the time it'll end up with me making art for said thing/creating a blog/setting up a store etc and nothing happens afterward because she doesn't hold up her end
>our next greatest scheme is to start tabling at conventions
>as usual, I throw myself into research, find the best suppliers, figure out how taxes work, come up with ideas for merch, find some conventions for us to attend
>B, a close reliable friend, offers to help with initial costs and with producing merch with equipment he's bought for his own business (B is a BRO)
>with C, I set an easy goal for us of creating X amount of merch each month because I want us to approach this with discipline, I surpass it quickly because I'm enthusiastic
>end of the month approaches
>she has made... half a button by this point
>whenever I try to finalize details with C ("Let's buy X button maker! Let's apply here and get a seller's permit!") she pushes back ("Why do we need this button maker? I don't think we need a seller's permit unless we make X amount a year") and it's annoying af for me to explain why when she hasn't done any research herself
>anddd when she hasn't even done the bare minimum of making stuff to sell yet, much less do research for how to sell shit in general
>she ACTUALLY tells me to stop drawing things for merch so fast because it's discouraging her from making her own
>besides that, she can be a lot to handle as a friend and this + everything else is making me bitter
>B tells me I should just go ahead without her when she doesn't meet her end of the bargain
>mfw I'm just waiting for her to miss the deadline, but I really should've known better than to try to start something like this with her again

>> No.9571240

Good shit, anon. Post pics in the crossplay thread when you're done!

>> No.9571251
File: 117 KB, 1200x675, IMG_1562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's a lot shorter than me but I figure if my ratios are similar to his and with the armor making my shoulders hidden, my hands hidden by gloves and the hip armor giving the illusion of even bigger hips I could pull it off, just need good makeup but my sister is a cosmetologist and it's going to make sure my face looks girly. Still have cardio and squats to do though but no upper body at all I need that trap mode. I lost like 40 pounds but now my stomach is flat and the fat stayed in my butt so it's coming along but I could lose like 10 more pounds and get that hip ratio down.

>> No.9571257

Yeah, we're both awful and it sucks. We both should probably just kill ourselves.

>> No.9571260

>can't concentrate
>have to read research paper for homework
>is about killing a bride after you inherit her father's money
>head researcher's name is Jafar
Fuck it, I just can't take this guy seriously now. I just hope his head researcher isn't named Iago or I'm just done.

>> No.9571267

>dude's head researcher is a parrot
Yes, in my experience this has been proven to happen with professors on occasion.

>> No.9571273

>is about killing a bride after you inherit her father's money

what is your field lmao

>> No.9571278

Gender studies

>> No.9571279
File: 214 KB, 242x800, sure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9571281

>commission a costume because it's leather and moving not to mention have to make my other costume
>commissioner says back in Dec that she has openings for Spring and 50$ down
> make payments and as everything just incase
> march she finally starts and I send her exact pictures of my body with the tape measure on it so it'll come out right
> also request gloves so it comes out to 380 dollars
> very end of may get it, sleeves are too short, waistline and pants stay closed
> contact her and tells me to ship it back and I'll pay another 16$ for her to ship it to me, mention gloves.
>says she'll make them or I can get a refund tell her to make them ill keep the costume because con is in august
> starts ignoring my messages giving me excuses why I'm not getting gloves
> get refund this morning con is in 12 days major peeve

What drives me nuts is we were discussing other costumes for her to make me and such. God forbid if I sent the jacket back I probably wouldn't have seen it again.

>> No.9571283

oh you're that anon, good luck, looking forward to pics

>> No.9571291

I was taking a drink and accidentally snortled some water while reading that. Yeah, I'm done for the night now.

>> No.9571310

Take B's advice, A may be depressed or just unable to manage their time yet but you shouldn't let their issues ruin your potential.

A may be bitter and blame you for their failures. They'll either get their shit together eventually or never at all, but you've already made the effort to meet them halfway and they didn't.

Move on, remind yourself you've been burned twice, and never make plans with them again.

>> No.9571319

>used to do cosplay for fun
>started doing it for attention bc i knew i was hotter than most girls
>saw girls making money off patreon
>made a patreon
>lewded myself for 2 month got 2k
>had sudden epiphany
>realized I was ruining the community by making cosplay look like porn and i had 0 skill
>realized cosplay wasnt fun for me like it used to be
>stopped patreon
>cosplaying as a hobby now rather than a job
>started to stop sexualizing every character and started appreciating them for who they are
>learnt to be okay with not being 'successful' in the industry despite efforts and have fun
>stopped needing attention from horny creeps
>enjoying cosplay now more than i ever had

>> No.9571323
File: 57 KB, 537x256, gWhpFZ4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me your patreon secrets.

I would gladly whore myself off for a few pictures a month and earn a living with that.

I'm a crossplayer btw.

>> No.9571330

its not that great the pressure that is on you to constantly have good content
but basically you have to have big boobs and confidence to earn that amount and al ready have a big fan base
>big boobs or hot body
>if your fat photoshop yourself thinner
>good camera
>editing skills

>> No.9571332

Well, I got editing skills.

Maybe people will pay to see my dick or something.

>> No.9571342

>1. be female
>2. be white or asian
>3. $$$$$$$$$$$

>> No.9571348

girls like kayybear earn quite a bit and shes a poc but then again she does sell actual nudes on her patreon so nvm just another whore

>> No.9571349

At least one researcher has listed his cat as co-author. He was a physicist, though.

>> No.9571350


>> No.9571360

Tons of women are into masks. Idk why, something about the mystery and the ability to project whatever face you want onto the person. It's not that you're ugly, it's that you're wearing a common fetish item.

>> No.9571387

I had some underwear I needed to return, but now I'm stuck with terrible underwear. I was putting my a/c unit in the window, and the neighbor offered to help. The dude's 15 year old little brother tagged along with him. I had the receipt lying on the table near the window with some others. After they left, all my receipts were gone. I realize the kid likely just though he was helping by tossing out some receipts, but damn. This kind of blows. Checked my trash, so he must've just picked them off the table and wadded them in his pocket or something. I'm guessing the younger brother since he likely doesn't realize adults keep receipts.

Oh well. This is why you don't let 15 year old teenagers in your apartment.

>> No.9571396

That is awesome and I am stealing that. I am now co-crediting my cat in everything.

>> No.9571397

I think anon might be asking that same question right now. Remember, it's not to late to pick something else.

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