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As a new gull can somebody please explain what the term "ageplay" is? How does sweet loli actually cross into ageplay? Most kid stuff just happens to be cute.

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Try this: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ageplay

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It actually doesn't actually cross into ageplay. Take everything you read on here with a huge grain of salt. There is nothing actually ageplay about lolita, yes even sweet lolita. It's all a bunch of horseshit.

A tiny percentage of disgusting ageplayers used AP clothing in their photoshoots, and stuff. That, in combination with the 2010 OTT sweet reducing in popularity in favor or a more OTT hime sweet-classic stuff resulted in a ton of idiots parroting that sweet lolita is ageplay.

That is literally all there is to it.

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To add, sweet lolita is known and loved for childish motifs in prints. Somehow westerners started freaking out over Dreamy Baby Room for no reason (probably that's what those gross ageplayers wore?). In japan it was still a popular print and no one cares.

Adding to the mix the stupid Lolita book associations normies have, leads a lot of them to believe lolitas are fetishists or its a sex thing. That plus the ageplay thing made western lolitas get scared and shun all things super sweet, but a lot of us are still in it, and realize its bullshit.

Please remember cgl has a loud retarded minority about most topics. Lurk and learn, but don't take everything you read as the final and true word on the subject. Hell, maybe even this post has some wrong info in it, but the bottom line is that lolita =/= ageplay at all.

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that anon didn't actually explain what ageplay is haha

it's a gross kink/fetish where someone acts as a child/minor (usually young girl) with the partner acting as an adult figure (e.g daddy/mommy) and they involve couple/sexual shit in it

it's got obvious paedophilic overtones so lolitas obviously hate it when they're associated with it. Unfortunately, the cutesy aesthetic of lolita (particularly sweet, hence the 'sweet is ageplay' comments) often gets confused/mixed up with ageplayers as they'll often use pink/pastel/cutesy motifs in their online stuff/how they dress.
Most of the time the sweet=ageplay comments are meant to be sarcastic/ironic, but ageplay people often tag their shit as #lolita because they're either referencing the book, or they don't know shit about the fashion and think the term applies to them. That's where the joke kind of comes from.

tl;dr ageplaying is gross, lolitas hate it, they ESPECIALLY hate lolitas who practice the kink/mix it with the fashion as it gives all of us a bad image.

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Dude, let people have their kinks, as long as they're consenting adults doing stuff with safety and so. Ageplayers aren't into kids, they are into adults acting like kids. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seconding >>9579345 's post, the most important stuff in all of this is that ageplay =/= lolita.

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If all brolitas are sissy degenerate perverts then all lolitas are ABDL ageplay fetishists that like to piss and shit their pants

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Don't forget the unfortunate tag crossovers
#ap = ageplay
#aatp = Alice allowed to play (alice refers to girl with older unrelated male)
#btssb = babies/toddlers/siblings/sisters/brothers
#cgl = caregiver/little

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How. How did this happen.
I've seen cgl used by them before, but this? Please be troll

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Ageplay kinks are gross and people into that shit deserve to be kinkshamed.

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I can see #ap, but the rest have to be a joke right?

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Also that Melanie Martinez bitch just made it worse for us and apparently she knows about lolita but still is ruining it.

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Yeah. If you need to pretend to be a kid getting sexually assaulted in order to get off you should really, *really* speak to someone with a couple of years of med school on their resume.

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The only real one I know of is cgl, commonly stylized as cg/l. The rest is a hilarious troll.
>tfw when I said I like /cgl/ and someone assumed I meant cg/l

Also, OP, why didn't you google this? Are you the same person who made the other ageplay post a few days ago? They also called sweet lolita "sweet loli," which concerns me.

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