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Can you guys help me decide what to wear this weekend? I have a big date that I can't decide for.
Not like entire coording, just what dress.

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Fancy Hospital or Dreamy Planetarium hands down.

Ok now for the non troll answer, seriously wear one of the solids on the left, pink or lavender. Even as a daily sweet lolita idk if I'd wear one of those sweet prints on a big date. Just go for cute and elegant.

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I agree with >>9590301, the pastel solids. I personally prefer the pink

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Whoops - I didn't meant to make it sound like I'm trying to win this guy over, he's already my bf and knows I wear lolita and has seen most of my wardrobe ha.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Then why is it a "big date"? We really needed more context to begin with...

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Oh cause I haven't seen him in two weeks as he was in a very rural part of another country that doesn't have cell service. He gets back this weekend and he asked me to dress up.

Also he likes prints.

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Honestly the solid pink one is super cute, wear it.
But if you must wear one of your prints go for the pink one next to fancy hospital, the others are pretty shit imho.

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That's melty sky.

I rarely wear the pink non print one as it's pretty old and I bought it damaged (it's missing a bow) but sure.

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That's really sweet! Also, lowkey, if my boyfriend told me to "dress up" for a date, I would 100% assume he was proposing.Okay, not really but still.

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Pink solid on the left is cute and seems pretty date-y to me.

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Ha! That'd be funny, but he always asks me to dress up. The occasion is just more special this time cause we haven't seen each other in awhile and we've had very little communication because of where he is.

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Melty sky has a very romantic swish and drape to it, I vote for that!

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It does? I'm always told about how trippy it looks.

(secretly hoping he gets an acid hook up when he gets back and I'll totally wear it for that)

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Wouldn't this discussion fit better in the Coord Help thread?

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I even said in my post
>Not like entire coording, just what dress.

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...A dress you'll build your coord around. It's whatever anon, I just thought it was it would be more appropriate to have this discussion elsewhere. I hope your date goes well!

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it still derailed the lolita gen thread, and would be better suited for coord help.

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I know. That is why I mentioned that I did not need help coording which is why I didn't post in the coord help thread. I was looking for quick replies and I got them.

I didn't think people would be so interested. I'm sure the thread will take a different direction like most gens do.

Instead of complaining at me, you could have changed the subject.

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>has all week to pick dress
>needs quick replies
>selfishly derails gen then bitches at anons who suggest it'd be better for coord help.

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New aatp print. What do you guys think? Will it be a bloodbath? Personally, I really like JSK1 because of the beautiful flower trim.

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I think it's adorable. I plan on getting JSK II.

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I half-like it (love the wine motifs, love the squirrels, but I don't really care for cutesy bears...). I would be concerned about whether the print will be centred that neatly on the actual releases, however.

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What time will the online reservations start? Sorry for dumb question

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>mfw comm posts group picture of everyone dabbing
goddammit, this happened last year too. Why do they keep doing this? Glad I was out of town and didn't go.

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I'm in this comm too and in the pic, super cringy. Idk why they couldn't have just posted the normal group pics

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 17:00 (JST)

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I hate when you're taking group pics and someone yells "let's do a silly one! " or "let's do a jojo one" and you really don't want a dumb looking pic of yourself but of course that's the one that inevitably gets posted.

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It's easier for insecure people to feel better about looking ugly in a photo when they're being "ugly" on purpose

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I like the lavender dress on the far left.
Also, sell horror garden to me.

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Because it's their clothes that they wear in their free time? Why would they change into something different just to go to a store?

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Burando prints being centred neatly is probably the last thing I'd worry about, Aatp/Baby have been putting prints correctly on their dresses for years.

Side seams now, I think they just plain don't give a fuck about side seams matching, so they've never even bothered. Like, at all. But I've never seen a baby/aatp print that's obviously misaligned on the front or back.

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Talking about dresses derails the thread now?

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I really want the skirt but I don't have money for it until two months from now

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Are they forcing you to be in it?

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I had to pick something to wear today so I wanted to narrow it down.
I was too vague.

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The thread was suddenly about her personal life.

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Love this series! Even the misspelled "especialy" is cute IMO. I can see a blood bath for the wine colorway.

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I'm not as familiar with Baby/AatP's release schedules. How frequent do they release in comparison to AP? I just want to make sure we get a Halloween print from AatP.

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I want the skirt and JSK I in every colour except white!
>was supposed to be saving up

My comm always does this, too. Usually after only taking one or two regular pictures where half the people are blinking or still adjusting their clothes. It's so annoying.

Nayrt but if the entire comm is posing for a picture, suddenly stepping out of the group photo is really conspicuous and weird. I once had to step out for a different reason and the next half hour people were complaining to me about about what a party pooper I was. I can't even imagine how they'd react if I openly protested against their epic maymay posing in that way. I'd probably get a secret or two.

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I see it for sale sometimes. I'm sure you can get one.

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lemme guess.... ontario?

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nope, but that confirms my horror that other comms also do this...

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Maybe it's a cultural difference then, in my comm it's okay to step out of group pictures, the only thing that happens is that someone asks why

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Actually I'm kind of really surprised they aren't out yet, don't they usually do their Halloween prints in July? So that girls can order them by August and they get delivered to those in the US before the end of October.

Aside from Merry Making Ghost Town the other Halloween prints weren't particularly big hits, though, so I wonder if they decided to cancel this year's ?

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Hey everyone.

What would you do if you bought a dress on sale from a lolita brand but when your package arrived it contained a full-price dress (but you still like it very much and want to keep it)?

Would you return it? Pay the difference? Dodge and risk being banned by the brand forever?

Asking for a friend

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Rosy night's masquerade almost sold out in all cuts/colorways and they did a second run for the headpiece...for Baby/Aatp this seems like a success. Reservations for that one started mid of August I think, so I guess they will announce one soon?

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Love it, minus the bears. But I get that they needed an excuse to sell clip-on bear ear with that release.

>> No.9590881

Last year it was late august when I mailed Tenshi about Rosy Night's Masquerade.

Keep it unless they contact you about it.

>> No.9590888


Ah, good point. Guess I forgot about that one. Mostly thinking of Guilty Meltin Sweets or that weird Chocolate Additction.

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Contact them and offer to pay them to keep the dress (if the dress is that awesome).

Mostly because none of the brands seem to be doing that well and while my handful of dollars probably won't save them I also don't want to be one of the straws the helps to break them. It'd probably be a different scenario if I were poorer or if the brands were doing better like five years ago.

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If you do decide to keep it the LEAST you could do is say something. That dress was either bought by somebody else, who they now have to send a new dress, or they think it is in stock which means somebody will buy it and then they have to find out their stock was wrong and possibly will check everything, or they will think the manufacturer didn't deliver all the dresses, or they know it's delivered to the wrong person and are spending time/money to look for it (It's not like there are dozens of people working there.). In any case it's an asshole thing to do to keep it without paying for it.

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Email them about it, but make sure they offer to pay return if they want you to exchange it. You shouldn't be paying anything out of pocket for their mistake. They also are not legally allowed to bill you for the mistake dress instead, I think. Not as sure what the Japanese stance on these kind of mistakes is though. But if it's a US branch: http://lifehacker.com/5969021/what-should-i-do-when-a-company-makes-a-mistake-in-my-favor

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IW doesnt have a US branch

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Email them, describe what happened and ask what options they suggest.

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I had a feeling this would be next.
Maybe it's just me, but I'm really not liking much this year compared to last year.

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I really like the print but I'm not a fan of the contrasting white bodice. Wish there was a skirt option!

>> No.9591082

I really don't like these big pilgrim-type Amish looking collars AP puts. The black colorway was looking tempting but then I saw that block of stark white at the neck and it's been a common motif for the past year on OPs

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This is amazing and adorable but
>Tfw when you're trying to be less of an alchy and you know that wearing a dress with cute forest creatures and delicious wine won't help

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I've seen a lot of people wearing these and similar socks/tights. Are they all from Baby or do other brands make ones like these?

>> No.9591106

The originals are AatP/Baby but there are replicas on Taobao.

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I'd dodge and risk. Their fault, not mine.

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What's with the low standards for dispatch and shipping on lacemarket? I'm reading some 'positive' reviews of people who waited weeks for the item to be shipped, then were ignored whenever they sent messages.

I bought from a seller with good feedback and she's been ignoring me for over a week, there's been no sign of my package, and I've been given a dud tracking number. Is that normal? If it eventually arrives apparently that's material for good feedback. /salt

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If someone says in their description or TOS that they ship within a few weeks and you agreed to it don't be surprised when it takes them that long to ship, some people can't get to the post office every day. Leaving bad feedback when the seller states it may take them that long can result in the seller contacting LM mods since it was in their TOS

are you sure it's a dud tracking number or have they given you one they printed out before shipping? I've had AP give me tracking numbers that don't update for a week.

Are you new?

>> No.9591235

She's already shipped it, I'm not about to leave her bad feedback, since it hasn't actually arrived yet. And the number is the one from the receipt, it's just too short to work.

>> No.9591239

K it's obvious you're new but at least it's more understandable about the tracking number.

Still, you can't bitch about people taking weeks to ship when they say in their listing it could take that long and you still agreed to buy.

>> No.9591240

Is this in the US? Seems quite common for people to be especially lazy and just ship in priority envelopes and boxes because they can't be bothered. Then take a week to get to the post because it's not like you can ship from your house or anything. Oh that's right. You can.

>> No.9591255

no, europe. the slow shipping could be a fault of the delivery company, I'd just like to be able to track it.

Mostly I'm just surprised how lenient some people are about giving good feedback when they've been dicked around.

>> No.9591266

>it's not like you can ship from your house or anything. Oh that's right. You can.
I work at a place that deals with USPS daily and I can assure you its not a good idea to "ship from home"

>> No.9591269

Oh really? Why is that? I've never had a problem with it and I can't even guess why it would be.

>> No.9591280

>I've never had a problem with it and I can't even guess why it would be.
Unlike most Americans, you probably know how to ship things. Most Americans do not. They try to pick the cheapest method of shipping only to have their packages returned because what they were shipping was over the weight of their label, or they try to reuse labels, or they ship things in a plastic bag, or they do things like ship make up without properly wrapping and are confused when it breaks in transit.

It's baffling to me because I learned how to ship things in high school. But education sure has gone down hill in the past 10 years.

>> No.9591281

Maybe try to run the number in Aftership, or try the site the carrier uses, sometimes trakcing numbers are reference numbers and you have to obtain the tracking number with a later step. Maybe ask the seller if she can check if it works, if it doesn't she can maybe call the post for help.
Unfortunatly even shipping within Europe can already take a month with a cheap company.

>> No.9591285

That sure is Valentines Day.

>> No.9591290

Ah I see. So only not a good idea if you incapable of doing anything right. I thought it was something within the system that you were referring to that made it worse than drop off.

>> No.9591297

>how lenient some people are about giving good feedback when they've been dicked around
I agree anon. It actually really bothers me as I leave honest feedback, but because I'm just one person, I can't actually affect their 5-star shipping rating.

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Solid pink, I'd wear it a la mode with just a big petti and heels unless the person you're going out with is into the alt scene somehow

>> No.9591308

I love it and can't decide what colorway. I'm thinking ivory and black, but the brown is amazing I just don't normally like brown colorways

>> No.9591310

USPS is pretty useless, actually. They refuse to help anyone who has a lost package and pretty much do whatever they want.

>> No.9591314

thanks anon! I think I've managed to work out which shipping company the seller used, and possibly managed to track it. I had no idea aftership was a thing. I did ask about it 10 days ago but I've been left unread.

i suppose the best thing to do is read through all their reviews and see if they've actually been shady. it's just dodgy when some seem to have good reviews, but upon closer inspection they're a terrible seller.'

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this cut of gms is my all time favorite dress. I clutch my heart every time I see it.

>> No.9591411

Agreed. I generally leave honest feedback too. But I also always try to keep contact, to ship out as soon as possible (often next day the post office opens), and even tho I have a "once it leaves my hand, not my problem" policy, I try my best to help if something happens. I mainly just have the policy in case I can't help either, so I won't get the blame if it's not my fault. Never had problems the few times I bought from LM, but this these stories make me feel kinda scared to buy non-the-less.

>> No.9591417

USPS in my area is incredibly unreliable. I've tried to do at home pick up only to have them cancel, be hours late, or just no-call no-show multiple times. I live in an area where you can't just leave packages out on the porch, too. Between work, classes, and the post locations, it's really not always feasible for some people to get to the post office every few days.
As long as a seller mentions it in their TOS, I really don't mind.

I really hate the bodice of the JSK and OP, but I like the print.

>> No.9591419

Do you gulls think dyed hair in lolita is ok?? I have pastel pink hair and I wear both sweet and gothic and yea wigs are useful sometimes, but it's really hot where I live at so I tend to skip on them

>> No.9591430

Go for the lavender JSK, it's super cute and simple and light and perfect for a summer date

>> No.9591433

I don't know how to describe it but prints these days look so flat and lifeless. It's just missing the weighty and character-filled quality of older illustrations.
I really hate this one in particular.

>> No.9591438

thank God for all the variations of usps flat rate priority. That's my jam

>> No.9591452

Why are you wearing Lolita if you think it's too hot to wear a wig? The dress +petticoat make you overheat more than a wig would. Stop making excuses, I live somewhere where it's 104° right now and I manage just fine with a wig on top of it all.

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personally I prefer natural hair to wigs, but it really depends how the hair looks. ratty limp hair with huge showing roots can make an otherwise good outfit look bad.

>> No.9591479

Head's up - there's no brown colorway. There's a burgundy/wine with brown accents though.

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File: 88 KB, 640x640, IMG_9216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good for you anon, but not everyone tolerates heat the same way. I do suck it up and wear wigs for meet ups but for everyday wear i think it's excessive

This is how my hair currently looks. I recently got a princess cut to fit the lolita aesthetic more, and for bleached and dyed hair, it's in pretty good state. I agree about the roots thing, that's why I don't really wear lolita when my roots are extra noticeable, and if I do I cover it up with a big bow or something

>> No.9591491

Sorry to hear it. This makes me super salty considering I'll go out of my way to make sure shit ships within a day or two of payment. The last time I didn't do that was because I needed a specifically sized box and couldn't get to Box City until the weekend. But fuck those sellers, I still got it out the same day as buying the goddamn box.

>> No.9591492

I've had my package destroyed and they were very helpful to me. The main thing they need is for the sender to open the insurance claim though, not you who would receive the item.

I really don't mind much of wait either, but a week is pushing it especially since above anon didn't get any response via messages. I always think what would it be like as the buyer and try to see their side of things. If I were buying, I'd just like to know about any delays.

>> No.9591497

I highly prefer natural hair, as long as it's well maintained and healthy, also, properly styled. If your pink is not faded (which might mean retouching every 1 to 2 weeks), and your hair is super healthy, I don't see why it should be a problem. As long as it fits your coord that is. I don't mind pink hair in an all-black gothic coord, but I do mind pink hair when you have accents in another colour.

I have my hair died natural black, spends hundred of euro's in it, only use high end shampoo from my salon, etc. People have though it's a wig because of how healthy and full it is.. Really, if your hair is full of dead ends, you have grown out parts, your colour is faded, or anything like that, do something about it. Wigs more often looking worse than well maintained hair, problem is many people don't maintain their natural hair as well and opt for a wig for ease.

>> No.9591503 [DELETED] 

I can tell you are fat just from this image.

>> No.9591506

anon from >>9591497
I think you need to start using hair oil. It's starting to look dry and a bit frizzy. get some good hair oil, and use only one drip after every shower in the longer part of your hear (where your skin won't get sebum on so fast).

I also highly recommend salon shampoo and conditioner, it a thousand times better than any shampoo you'll get from drugstores and such. Don't even thing about 2 in 1 shampoos, get a nice bottle of shampoo and conditioner for dies hair. I like to sue Keune care and protect line for died hair, but generally, most salon shampoos are great!

>> No.9591507

I also prefer natural hair to wigs if your natural hair is healthy/thick enough. Yours looks pretty thick, so as long as you try to style it a little (not just leave it straight), then I think you're fine.

>> No.9591510

I love this print! I put in a request for the ivory but I'm still not sure if I like the pink better.

>> No.9591512

I wish ap still did every release as a skirt. I live the print but hate both cuts so im gonna pass.

>> No.9591518

Thank you anon! I decided to ask since I've noticed many gulls are against colored hair in lolita, and I was wondering if many of you consider it ita. I also take really good care of mine, and I think in general healthier hair looks better than damaged in most instances, not just lolita

oooo, what gave it away?

>> No.9591520

Original post didn't say what brand so I was unsure.

>> No.9591521 [DELETED] 

massive arm + classic fatty shoulders. You should really not dye your hair bright colors until you lose weight.

>> No.9591524

I think it's because nobody wants to be "that bitch" who gives negative feedback and risk drama or backlash from the seller.

>> No.9591528

This is dumb, just don't leave feedback if you don't want to leave negative? That's what I do.

>> No.9591533

That doesn't help anyone though. If you're that worried about it, leave neutral and it won't affect your feedback. But if it really warrants negative, then contact mods after they leave negative for you.

>> No.9591536

Do you have any suggestions for hair oil? I have to admit my ends get dry and I would like to find ways to control that and my frizz. I use coconut oil on my hair before washing it. Also, I use cleansing conditioner or color safe shampoo, but its a generic brand. I'll see if I can get a better shampoo + conditioner, that might help.

Thank you for the suggestion!

I think its a little bit too late for that but thanks for your unsolicited opinion on my body weight anon

>> No.9591537

>salon shampoo
you know, they aren't lying when they say that salon shampoo is literally repackaged drugstore shampoo with exclusive scents. you should look at the company that manufactures yours and try their drugstore equivalents

>source: beauty chemists say this all the time about what they formulate. "the beauty brains" is a nice podcast if you want to hear more from the chemists who make your products

>> No.9591538

Idgaf about anyone else once I'm done with a seller unless it was genuinely a terrible experience like they sent me a dress smeared in period blood, sorry. I know this makes me a bitch but I don't feel it's my duty to warn others that the seller might take a week or two to ship?

>> No.9591540

nayrt but jesus the salt is real today
also OP I disagree about your hair looking dry and frizzy, it looks fine to me and we cant even see the ends.

>> No.9591542 [DELETED] 

You posted yourself on 4chan you fat cow, what did you expect?

or maybe you just don't understand? Should I start speaking your language?

Moo moooooo mooo moo moooo moo moo.

>> No.9591543

your hair is cute and looks better than most frizzy lolita wigs. go for it.

>> No.9591546 [DELETED] 

how's the meetlitas, HWC?

>> No.9591548

>Bringing up a troll who's been gone for months

Why? Stop clinging onto some role playing troll.

>> No.9591552

idk, I've been gone for months too. this just sounded like a special brand of retarded that only lonely housewives might use

>> No.9591556

Don't bring her up, hopefully she's dead or tied up in her "husbands" basement but mentioning her always brought her back when she was around.

Unless you want to be the person responsible for provoking the worst shitposter /cgl/ ever had to start posting again that is.

>> No.9591562

eh??? honestly every productive conversation I've seen in the last few days has been shit up by dumbasses like >>9591542 if she's gone, frankly that's worse. at least she was predictable and mildly entertaining from time to time.

>> No.9591566

She disappeared around december, posted once again a few months ago, and hasn't really been doing her normal posting since.

If she's real maybe her husband finally stepped in and got her mental help. Aside from her absolutely annoying shitposting some of the stuff she said was entertaining like the time she went on a rant about Emma Watson looking like a boy but it's clear if this wasn't just some roleplayer that she had mental problems.

>> No.9591567

>Idgaf about anyone else once I'm done with a seller
You mean anyone else ever? Do you use feedback anon? Someone has to write it, stop being so selfish. It's no one else's duty either, but we do it to try and help other buyers.

>> No.9591569

>implying wigs are mandatory in lolita
Got lost on your way to one of the cosplay threads?

>> No.9591571

>The dress +petticoat make you overheat more than a wig would

>> No.9591572

i appreciate sellers that try to be punctual, ty anon

this isn't about purely shipping. you should detail your experience with a seller in your feedback. if noone left honest reviews, sales communities would be lax and full of people who get away with being shitty because everyone's tiptoeing around trying to be nice.

i use mythic oil, it smells really nice and i find it keeps my hair looking healthy. you can use any cheap oil and it'll have the effect of making your hair look less dry, but i imagine cheap ones don't actually help your hair in any way.

can we please make a conscious effort to ignore these "fatty!! fatty!!!" posts, i cringe when i see people try to defend themselves or interact with them, it's literally not even worth arguing about.

>> No.9591574

oh, don't get me wrong... she was fucking batty. I'm just saying if troll of the year is gone and this is what the threads look like, then we've got some problems

>> No.9591577

I'm in love with your hair to be honest.

>> No.9591582

Do you know someone named Miri? I think I know you.

>> No.9591595

It makes me think a lot of the posting that got blamed on her wasn't actually her, but there's been no sight of her normal posting and the last time her trip popped up was like in May if I remember correctly.

There will always be shitposters, but she was a particular flavor of crazy.

>> No.9591613

Thank you!

I used to use Moroccan oil on my ends every morning and that somewhat helped, but I havent been able to buy some in a while. I might try mythic oil and see how that works for my ends.

Not that I remember of

>> No.9591623

Your hair looks so nice! I'm sure it works well with both sweet and gothic anon, no problem there. The color is really light and cute.

>> No.9591630

Are you talking about a Finnish girl named Miri?

>> No.9591649

>Seems quite common for people to be especially lazy and just ship in priority envelopes and boxes because they can't be bothered

What's wrong with shipping with priority? As long as you state you're using priority, who cares? You sound like someone who wants the cheapest shipping option available to you.

Also I don't think it's a huge deal to take five business days to ship. Many lolitas work a normal office job and can't get to the post office. Also, they can't ship from their house because they aren't home to do so / don't want to leave a package with an expensive dress in their mailbox. As long as you are upfront about your shipping time and aren't unresponsive with your buyer, I don't see any problems.

>> No.9591653

About hair oil, I know it sounds normie as fuck but coconut oil is really good and can even lift a tone in your hair. It's great from recovering from discoloration and a lot of people use it before doing dye retouches.
Do you follow a hair care schedule? Hydration, nutrition and reconstruction?

I dye my hair red and don't use coconut oil so that it won't lighten the color even more, but I use extra virgin olive oil.

>> No.9591669
File: 30 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ofsycbmbxl1rwq6nso1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love dyed hair in lolita and I think any colour is fine

>> No.9591673

That's really dumb and assumptious

>> No.9591682

Not really, it's been a problem since the days of egl_comm_sales, it's like people are generally wary of leaving negative feedback even if it's well deserved, unless their experience was exceptionally atrocious.

>> No.9591689

I never noticed it being a problem, are there any examples of drama that happened because of negative feedback?

>> No.9591698

Summer shit-tier discussion questions:

>Is there a color/cut/style of dress/accessory that looks especially good on you? Is there one that looks terrible?

>Do you have an an excess of any particular pieces (blouses, jsks, jewelry..), or do you feel your wardrobe is fairly balanced? If you have a normie/other j-fash wardrobe, is it equally as balanced as your lolita one?

>Do you have trouble balancing makeup/hair/coords that look good both irl and in photos? Any tips to look not washed out in photos and not overdone irl?

>You are visited by a time traveling lolita who brings you the lowest quality item from a 2024 Angelic Pretty release and the highest quality item from a 2024 Milanoo/Spreepicky/YourLeastFavoriteEbayBrand release. Can you tell which item is from which brand?

>There's been a bit of a swing from cardio based fitness to weightlifting. Has this affected you, particularly in your ability to wear lolita?

>What is your favorite purchase from Lacemarket? Have you ever made a loliable purchase from a normie thrift store and would you feel comfortable admitting it at a meetup?

>Would you ever use the word "loliable" around other lolita? How is the way you make conversation at meetups different than the ways you make conversation with your normie?

>Do you have a favorite era of lolita fashion?

>> No.9591709

Can't think of an example off the top of my head but I do know people being wary of leaving negative feedback has been a thing for a long while. It doesn't necessarily have a logical reason for it, mind you, it's likely just girls not wanting to be "too harsh". This attitude is unfortunately common in lolita, where girls don't want to be "bitches" so they become doormats instead.

>> No.9591712

That wasn't her lol that was me. I would impersonate her sometimes and she hated me most cause I could play her own game better than she could.

You.. Want a predictable troll? She was boring as fuck by herself. She needed interaction to be entertaining.

>> No.9591729

You're just always supposed to talk it out and get a mod or something involved, but sometimes it's something like $30 shoes being completely wrecked and you'd rather not deal with messaging back and forth about it and repacking them.

>> No.9591735

>looks good/doesn't
Hats look fantastic on me, and I can't wear short sleeved blouses (see comment below)

>wardrobe composition/balance
I have far too many brand cardigans. Like, an ungodly amount of cardigans. But they are so damn cute I can't help myself. Most of my wardrobe I'd call "casual cute" (a mixture of otome and himekaji brands) and it's fairly balanced. Most of my normie wardrobe anymore are sweats and tees for working out and coaching (my side job)

Yes, but I'm also not a picture person. I look fine enough when I'm incidentally in photos so that's good enough for me.

>desu, probably not. there's been some crappy brand, and I'm sure somewhere there's a halfway decent eBay scam piece somewhere

I've weightlifted for years and can't wear short sleeve blouses without altering them. Don't be me, folks.

>fave LM purchase; admiting to thrifting
My favorite purchase was from LM was an IW Blanche mini skirt in black. I wear that thing everywhere.

I buy hats, cardigans, accessories and even coats from vintage stores and I'd be happy to tell people. I know my taste is good, why worry about where it's from?

>"loliable"; meet chat
Loliable is a super weird word to me, so I don't use it. I'll just say vintage or offbrand. My conversations at meets aren't too different than the ones I have at work (I work with "the public" and have to make a LOT of small talk every day)

>Fave era of lolita
Old school gothic, which i ironically do not wear

>> No.9591741

Yes? i don't want a $12 item shipped $10 priority. It's so wasteful and you're wasting my money, not yours.

>> No.9591794
File: 110 KB, 1080x1080, 17934679_476352662758037_8796638165227012096_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you say this is a lolita coord even though the main-piece is from Rosemarie Seoir?

>> No.9591796

Yes, it really needs a headbow/headpiece of some sort though. What photo app is this?

>> No.9591801

She is wearing a hair accessory

>> No.9591804

A small hair accessory isn't the same as a headbow or headpiece. Even a bigger bow clip would be better. Esp in sweet coords, the head piece is pretty important.

>> No.9591805

But typically people state their shipping charges. It's your own fault if you're buying something that clearly states "$10" priority shipping.

By the way, pretty sure the cheapest priority is like $6 now.

>> No.9591807

Seconding the comment about a more prominent hair accessory, otherwise yes, this is a lolita coord. The brand doesn't matter as much as the aesthetic and the quality, and this looks adorable.

>> No.9591810

You figured out her trip? Because I'm talking about when she trips.

Or are you saying you're just shitposting pretending to be her?

>> No.9591818

Line cam probs

>> No.9591826

i noticed a lot of talking about me so i am stopping in

i have stopped stirring shit on /cgl/ for various personal reasons

a lot of my time now is taken up you know life moves on

husband is doing well and so am i

but if you guys really miss me so much i'd be glad to drop in and shitpost once in a while

no promises

i'd apologize for all my shitposting but lets be real i'm not sorry in the least

anyone who claims to be me without my trip is just a fangirl hoping to get my attention tho

>> No.9591838


>> No.9591850

I'm glad you came in here and cleared this up so people can stop talking about you. I don't care if you're real as far as your claims or not but it seems like you've gotten help for whatever issues you have. Please don't start shitposting again.

>> No.9591865

i don't think i will like i was

but there are some that miss me here

which is very strange that months after i leave people still talk about me like i am always here

but you know i am there

in your hearts

shitposting loudly

>> No.9591871

The problem is when people don't state it clearly. They don't list what method they track and then you overpay to find out they shipped it first class anyway. Why not try to be a curteous seller? Priority varies what kind of envelope you choose and if they are already overcharging for priority I doubt they can figure out the cheapest priority envelope.

>> No.9591990

Well, I usually wash my hair about once or twice a week, and during that time I use dry shampoo to maintain it clean. On washing days, I'll apply a mixture of coconut and olive oil to my hair for an hour or more, then shampoo, either with cleansing conditioner, color safe shampoo or purple shampoo if it looks brassy and yellow. If I need to dye it, I let it dry then dye, but if not, i just condition like normal, add leave in condition and a hair serum, and thats it. I used to moisturize my ends every morning with moroccan oil but I haven't been able to buy some so that's been out of my routine for a while.

Good to know! I'm happy many people see it as okay

>> No.9592053

What piece is this? I like it.

>> No.9592063

>They don't list what method they track and then you overpay to find out they shipped it first class anyway.
Okay, I agree with this part. It's happened to me as well. I usually just call them out on it in a message.

I guess what I'm saying is as a buyer, you have to assume all sellers suck and you have to take precautions from not getting ripped off.

>> No.9592066

Who are these assholes? I always tell people beforehand what shipping method, how long it typically takes to their country, etc. It's part of the quoting process I do when someone asks me how much shipping will be. I've had too many close calls with parcels being delayed or late not to make sure the buyer knows everything that's going on when it gets into the post.

>> No.9592079

I mean, I can name names if you'd like, but I also wonder if they're just ignorant? What irritates me is when they put the price of postage on the the package but have charged you something else entirely. I don't expect to be refunded for a $2 difference, but for something like $10? Sure.

In general, I write my shipping policies in my TOS or in the paypal invoice if I don't directly talk with the buyer about it. If it's international, then of course it's talked about beforehand.

>> No.9592089
File: 22 KB, 250x333, 1502143918067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting from the old thread because Iit went into autosage.

OMG I just snagged one of my dreamdresses for real cheap, I thought this was quite a rare dress but I guess not? It's not like I care anyways, I'm just so happy to have finally gotten it, I really thought it never popped up on the second hand market. So I wanted to share with you! BTW, I've been looking for some coord inspo but have found litetally nothing, no floordinates, no coord pics. If anybody has some pics, could you maybe share?
(Sorry for my english and my enthusiasm)

>> No.9592109

Just curious, what's so annoying about that? Sorry if it's dumb to ask.

>> No.9592111
File: 1.66 MB, 2188x3115, 1501962321582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one that was on y!Jp auctions right? Grats anon! I almost bid on it myself thanks to this floorinate I had saved from a while ago but I'm glad I didn't since it was someone's dream dress. You could go sweet or classic sweet with that dress pretty easily.

>> No.9592116

I know it's common for some sellers, that's how they make more money. I've started asking about it, but some sellers get all up in arms about it.

>> No.9592127
File: 34 KB, 420x560, 48a4312b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe you already saw it, but i found this. kind of a coord.

>> No.9592136

That's dodgy as fuck. I know some Taobao agents do that with discounted shipping, but they put it into your invoice as a 'handling' fee.

More rhetorical than wanting name and shame, actually. It just seems like common sense that you would keep track of these things and inform your buyer so you don't end up with a chargeback or PP dispute on your hands.

>> No.9592159

This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I have the millefeuille bolero in burgundy, Will def pair it with the dress. And I actually own the long version skirt, just like in the picture. I got it a couple years ago because I thought I would never get my hand on the JSK.
And yes, it was the one on y!Jp auctions. Still can't believe it actually mine now, yaaas

>> No.9592162

Thank you for sharing! Yes, I'd actually seen it. I don't really love it, I think the bolero looks off. The cut is too short, don't you think? And the pink doesn't really match. I'd still take it as coord inspo, I have a dusty pink bolero from IW that should match the skirt so maybe I can do an improved version of this :)

>> No.9592214
File: 6 KB, 168x211, 1423096827780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't know where else to ask. I've been to Lolibrary after like one year of not visiting the site and it's AWFUL. I can't find anything. What happened?

>> No.9592226

My board now bitch

>> No.9592233 [DELETED] 

> I would impersonate her sometimes and she hated me most cause I could play her own game better than she could.
That's... really pathetic and not something to be proud of.

>> No.9592234

They tried to make the UI look/function better and screwed up the search function. You can use faceted searching to find things, but it's a massive pain compared to the old system of tags.

>> No.9592235

>I would impersonate her sometimes and she hated me most cause I could play her own game better than she could.
That's... really pathetic and not something to be proud of.

>> No.9592243

I'm so sad that the wardrobe feature is gone. I used to use it to keep track of my wardrobe and my wishlist. Even had someone contact me with a dream dress of mine that they were thinking of selling through it.
Bring back the old Lolibrary.

>> No.9592244 [DELETED] 

congrats i guess m8?

like who even r u?

>> No.9592245


>> No.9592248

Damn. Thanks for explaining, anon. Here's to hoping they'll fix it soon. Is there some way we can help?

Oh no, I'm so sorry anon. I've been using Pinterest to keep track of my wardrobe, I guess it's a pain to migrate (esp. find and pin all your items) but maybe you can use that platform now?

>> No.9592253 [DELETED] 

just for the record i have no idea who this anon is

i knew people impersonated me but i never hated anyone for it

i used to encourage it you know kek

anon is delusional

>> No.9592267

I'll never get why gulls post links outside the dream dress thread. Is it a "I can't have it so you should pay as much as possible for it"-thing? Not interested i cats tea party btw, but the increased link sharing bothers me.

>> No.9592271

I think this is one of the nicest prints AP's done this year, but that's not really saying much since most of their new releases have been bland.

>> No.9592280

Sorry Anon, didn't mean to bother you. Just saw it and wanted to share. I need someone to chat :(

>> No.9592282

My comms cover photo is middle aged mom-litas "doing the dab"

>> No.9592286

Don't buy something if you can't afford shipping, why are you so mad? If an item is cheap and shipping is overpriced, you still got a great deal. Get over it

>> No.9592294

>Assuming I can't afford it
Sure anon. It's more the fact that some sellers consistently do so to get extra money and I feel it's very dishonest. Why not tack that extra money onto the price of the auction? It just feels sleazy pretending shipping costs more than it does. Since you're assuming, I'm going to assume you're a seller that does it.

>> No.9592350

No, it only looks like it has volume because she's holding out the skirt portion. And with the angle also concealing how short it is

>> No.9592449

oh god this is super cute, the OP in white has me sold - finally not a sack cut gulls! let us rejoice!

>> No.9592451

Can anyone possibly sauce that bag? Holy shit its adorable

>> No.9592453

Rosemarie Seoir

>> No.9592469

Not an attention whore like you.

>> No.9592470
File: 131 KB, 933x204, why hwc trolls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She didn't always trip. I was there when the friend thread happened and she got butthurt. I've watched her do this shit from day one.

>> No.9592511
File: 185 KB, 1440x582, Screenshot_20170809-112704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's it like walking into a bodyline shop these days? Since they haven't restocked all the decent things in so long is it just a sparse pile of the dregs?

>> No.9592515

Stop shitting up the general

>> No.9592521

They only don't restock online, bodyline in takeshita street is popping. Its huge, well stocked and clean, except a little pricier than than buying online - mostly i assume because it isn't the "sparse pile of dregs" that is their online shop.

>t. was in japan 3 weeks ago

>> No.9592616

damnnn, how annoying. they probably cba with international lolitas and shipping lots out now. i wonder if they have the shoes i want in the shop so i can get my partner's brother to get them for me..

>> No.9592635

bet it was this

>> No.9592637

this is what they play on repeat in hell

>> No.9592641

Recently lost weight and have been able to start buying brand and would love to get some OTKs, but am worried about how they'll fit. My calves are really muscular and I don't think they'll shrink much more and I don't want to buy OTKs only for them to hit me at the knee and make me look shorter and fatter. What is like the max calf size you'd say OTKs fit and look good on?
Current calf diameter is 16in/41cm

>> No.9592644

I'm not overweight but I tend to wear tights and short socks to be save just because the print of UTKs and OTKs gets distorted by my calves.

>> No.9592816
File: 691 KB, 3996x1329, dresses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I'm gonna try to get into lolita (I have tried on and off for a while but I wanna try a bit more serious now), but because I'm an inconsistent bitch and can't for the life of me decide what substyle I wan't to go with
I've decided that it would be easier to pick two colors and get dresses in those colors.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with black and lavender, pic related are some examples of what I'm thinking of
I just wanted to ask first, is lavender a hard color to coord?
And second, what colors of hair/wigs usually looks good with lavender?

>> No.9592828

Meta is usually pretty forgiving in the tights/sock department, you might want to try them

>> No.9592833

Some people say matching lavenders is annoying, especially with AP lavenders but if you just focus on matching cool lavenders with cool lavenders and vice versa with warm, you won't go crazy. There's no need to be too anal about color matching if you do that. As for hair colors, you can't go wrong with natural shades. Silver/grey would work too imo.

>> No.9592837

I think it's always nice to start off with one dress and then try to make a coord. Then you can look for dresses that match your stuff.

As for hair, a neutral blonde works with everything such as a neutral brown. Grey and silver might be a bit much for lavender, maybe try platinum blonde or a nice black.

>> No.9592854

Depending on your budget I would start with one solid dress that you can change substyles depending on the blouse, shoes and accessories which are more affordable than a dress and just as important.

>> No.9592860

Thanks for the tips!
I have a few wigs, so I can probably experiment a bit with that

Also, not really related, but where would you guys recommend getting accessories, like headwear and stuff? I know you can get pretty nice shoes, bags and socks from taobao, but I haven't really found that many nice head accessories and jewelry.
I know you can get headbows and bonnets and stuff from brands, but they're a bit more money, and I kinda want to be more frugal with accessories in the beginning

That's a good idea, thanks
I'm guessing a jsk would be better for that purpose?

>> No.9592862

There are lj's that have over 1000 comments and not even a real description on their profile right now, in 2017. Why did lolitas let egl die? WHY?

>> No.9592864

It depends on your own preferences, but a skirt would be most affordable as a main-piece.

>> No.9592871

I think I'd rather invest in a dress, I'm not really a huge fan of skirts desu (not sure why)

>> No.9592883

AP is the only brand I fit well. Non print IW and Baby are good but their prints are not stretchy enough
Which Meta otks because I've had 2 pairs of printed ones and the print was stretched out so bad, and they didn't come up high enough because of my thicc legs

>> No.9592903

Was wearing lolita today and a guy stopped me in the street saying "your outfit is fine for a costume party but i think women should be you know...elegant and sensual".
Also got stopped by two mothers who said "wait so you wear that EVERYDAY? BUT WHY? Isn't that weird??? What about your job?" while one of them tried to lift my skirt.

Why are normies so annoying and invasive? I'm just wearing something because I like it, why can't they just grasp that simple concept?

>> No.9592908

people are so fucking weird. could you imagine being one of them and having the gall to approach a stranger like that? how much self-awareness do they lack?

coming from another anon who had her skirt lifted up by a middle-aged woman last month, people need to mind their own business. talking is one thing, touching is another.

>> No.9592909

Did anyone ever try to replace the boning in an Atelier Pierrot dress with spiral steel? Not necessary for waist reduction, but to keep the shape nicer after wearing it (plastic stays curved), as it goes past the waist, and not everyone has small almost non-existed hips...

>> No.9592928

>your outfit is fine for a costume party but i think women should be you know...elegant and sensual
Indeed? This does sound like a thing a real person would say to a stranger in the outside world.

>> No.9592930

>talking is one thing, touching is another.
This. I can't stand when sometimes girls from my comm see me wearing a new dress and they immediatly approach me and lift the skirt part, feel the fabric, touch the lace, grab the bodice. I'm like: paws off. Why do you have to touch it, man? I never gave you permisson to invade my personal space. I hate when they do that. It's totally fine if my besties do that, but for people I only ever see once every couple of months at ameetup? No thanks, stay away weirdo.

>> No.9592994

That's nuts! My comm members always ask before touching anyone's anything. Some people can be so inconsiderate and rude...

>> No.9593117

I've done that to people in my comm without thinking and then immediately apologised. It wasn't like I had dirty hands or anything but I felt bad.

>> No.9593120

i wonder, why do comm members always ask to touch my dresses? it caught me off guard the first time it happened because i didn't consider it to be a common thing. i mean i don't mind at all as long as they're asking, but why? it happens every meet. i've never wanted to touch somebody else's dress, so i just can't understand.

>> No.9593122

Feeling the fabric is the only way to know it's quality completely. it's mainly to check the fabric, as knowledge when you buy something new yourself.

>> No.9593123

i understand if you buy something yourself, but why feel up other people's dresses? i can't imagine that people are "checking the quality" of my dresses, especially when i'm wearing popular releases. it seems like such a strange reason.

>> No.9593128

It's also just very interesting to many people with a fashion hobby to keep track of all brands and what they're doing, including quality. You can't buy every dress to check quality, so asking on meets is one of the most easy ways to go.

Fabric quality can do a lot. Like, AatP has this weird weave in the cotton dresses (not sure how to explain it). I love it, and I want a dress from them just because of it. But I love Atelier Pierrot, their designs are heaven, but I didn't dare to buy for a long time because of the fabric. Getting a general sense of a brand, and keeping an eye on it, will help in the long term, even when not buying right now.

>> No.9593152

>looks good/doesn't
Warm colours like wine, brown and rose pink compliment my skin tone. I only own a few lolita pieces in these colours though...mostly a lot of black, which washes me out without make-up. I look bad in cool colours like mint but grey and some blues are okay because they bring out my eyes.

>wardrobe composition/balance
Maybe too many blouses. Nowhere near enough jewellery, I only started buying brand necklaces this year and still usually end up wearing pearls with everything. My normie wardrobe has a pretty cohesive colour scheme and aesthetic and functional mini-capsules for other alt styles (goth, nanchatte) but I desperately need more shoes. I'm really picky about everyday style so I end up spending years looking for the perfect, comfortable pair of leather boots/white sneakers/whatever, and then when I can't find any I like I end up buying impractical things like gothic platforms that don't match most of my wardrobe.

I take some stuff up a notch with photos in mind but I never want to take it too far...I've been at meets with girls who looked good in photos but were borderline terrifying IRL and honestly I'd rather just look nice in real life - there's always editing. I do my final outfit check standing as far as possible from the mirror so I can see if everything looks balanced from a distance.

>future brand quality
Yeah, probably?

I've wanted to start lifting for a few years since I like tomboyish styles, but I also want to stay looking like a delicate maiden for lolita, although I wear long-sleeves most of the time so I'd probably be able to hide my biceps in lolita anyway. Mostly I'm just too lazy.

I have no issue admitting when I've got stuff from thrift stores, people are usually interested in lucky finds.

>loliable; meet chat
I think it's a useful word but sounds kind of weird to say out loud, so I use on Facebook but not IRL.

>favourite era
2000-2004, peak gothic.

>> No.9593157

does anybody have any comments about brand coats?
Like, would a second hand btssb coat protect me an a (southern) Canadian winter?

>> No.9593159

If you're considering buying the same item, or from that brand in general, it's helpful to inspect the quality. And since there aren't brand stores everywhere the only way to do that is when you see someone wearing it at a meetup.

>> No.9593161

it obviously depends on the specific coat anon

>> No.9593166

I'm looking at the few wunderwelt has on their lm rn, I mean they're all pretty much wool, which I've had for my regular coats. I'm just wondering if brand coats tend to be more ~decorative~ rather than something that will actually work as a winter coat

>> No.9593167

>Is there a color/cut/style of dress/accessory that looks especially good on you? Is there one that looks terrible?
I look godawful in puff sleeves, as well as non-empire waist skirts. also if i wear any highwaisted/empire waisted skirt or dress without poof, I look like a goddamn broad shouldered man
>Do you have an an excess of any particular pieces (blouses, jsks, jewelry..), or do you feel your wardrobe is fairly balanced? If you have a normie/other j-fash wardrobe, is it equally as balanced as your lolita one?
I have WAY too many hats/headdresses in comparison to my amount of main pieces. My normie clothes consist of ugly sweats and t-shirts or the same pair of jeans and t-shirts
>Do you have trouble balancing makeup/hair/coords that look good both irl and in photos? Any tips to look not washed out in photos and not overdone irl?
I don't really have much trouble. my makeup in and out of lolita is light anyways, too.
>You are visited by a time traveling lolita who brings you the lowest quality item from a 2024 Angelic Pretty release and the highest quality item from a 2024 Milanoo/Spreepicky/YourLeastFavoriteEbayBrand release. Can you tell which item is from which brand?
yes, even if brand quality deteriorates over time it never would deteriorate *that* much


>> No.9593171

>There's been a bit of a swing from cardio based fitness to weightlifting. Has this affected you, particularly in your ability to wear lolita?
nope since I don't exercise at all
>What is your favorite purchase from Lacemarket? Have you ever made a loliable purchase from a normie thrift store and would you feel comfortable admitting it at a meetup?
even though everyone and their mom has it, I fucking love my Nameless Poem, which i got on LM. I did manage to find a nice loliable pair of paten leather demonia heels at a thrift shop and a cute pair of red heels
>Would you ever use the word "loliable" around other lolita? How is the way you make conversation at meetups different than the ways you make conversation with your normie?
I would say something that is loliable is something that fits the general aesthetic of lolita, but that also isn't really mainstream fashion. for example, some demonia heels! also I wouldn't know because i'm too shy to talk to people at either.
>Do you have a favorite era of lolita fashion?
early 2000's gothic. hnnnnnng

>> No.9593172

From what I've heared, brand coats aren't very warm, not even the wool ones, because Japanese winters are mild.

>> No.9593177
File: 136 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mcrij41q4r1qbuhibo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there a color/cut/style of dress/accessory that looks especially good on you? Is there one that looks terrible?

I look great in red and dresses with a fitted waist. I look terrible in full shirring, sack dresses and empire waisted dresses

>Do you have an an excess of any particular pieces (blouses, jsks, jewelry..), or do you feel your wardrobe is fairly balanced? If you have a normie/other j-fash wardrobe, is it equally as balanced as your lolita one?

My normie wardrobe is more tops than bottoms, I always end up buying too many shirts/blouses. My lolita wardrobe is more dresses than skirts and blouses. I have hardly any accesories.

>Do you have trouble balancing makeup/hair/coords that look good both irl and in photos? Any tips to look not washed out in photos and not overdone irl?
When I do my makeup I try to walk around the house to see how it looks in different light. What looks good in the bathroom will look different in natural light, will look different in florescent kitchen lighting.

>You are visited by a time traveling lolita who brings you the lowest quality item from a 2024 Angelic Pretty release and the highest quality item from a 2024 Milanoo/Spreepicky/YourLeastFavoriteEbayBrand release. Can you tell which item is from which brand?

Yes? Even at its worst, the design of AP stuff is totally different than spreepicky.

>There's been a bit of a swing from cardio based fitness to weightlifting. Has this affected you, particularly in your ability to wear lolita?
I'm a lazy chubbychan who doesn't exercise.

>>What is your favorite purchase from Lacemarket? Have you ever made a loliable purchase from a normie thrift store and would you feel comfortable admitting it at a meetup?
Never bought from lacemarket, but I would have no issue admitting something is thrifted.

>> No.9593180
File: 56 KB, 400x519, tumblr_mlkv8flbLU1s6vvgio1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Would you ever use the word "loliable" around other lolita? How is the way you make conversation at meetups different than the ways you make conversation with your normie?

Yeah, I have no issue using common lolita terms with other people into lolita. I don't talk about the fashion to normies really, even my non-lolita friends are familiar with the popular brands and common terms through me/other friends.

>Do you have a favorite era of lolita fashion?

2010 era OTT pastel vomit sweet

>> No.9593203

I personally quite like the print, but I bought from AaTP recently and the quality was bad, so I'm passing.

>> No.9593207
File: 654 KB, 4207x3394, P1220739_crop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm from Michigan and I wore a BTSSB coat in -10F. I was definitely warm enough though my face got really cold. But the coat itself was definitely warm enough. I'm wondering if they just might not be enough for people who aren't used to cold weather. If you are, I think they are fine.
>Pic related is the coat I have

>> No.9593208

I know that quite a few BtSSB coats are cotton/poly and not wool, but MM have made coats that were pure wool. I also have an F+F wool coat that's nice and warm, and they have the option of adding a fleece lining to theirs too.

>> No.9593215

Ah, it's the printed ones I'm interested in and I'm a big fan of AatP, but if I'm just going to ruin the print I won't waste the money and keep with the patterned stockings I already have. Thanks for the info

>> No.9593219
File: 42 KB, 290x387, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My wool VM coat has served me fine in Wisconsin and Northeast Ohio (in the snowbelt)

>> No.9593225


It's definitely a thing of some places having colder winters than Japan -- China in particular gets snow as a given, rather than it making the news when it happens. In the countryside the wind factor probably makes the cold even colder. That's why taobao and F+F have the option of adding fleece to their coats.

That said, the coats are plenty warm if you don't live someplace too cold. I took AP's lucky pack coat to Japan in January and ended up not wearing it because it was too hot.

>> No.9593227

...but... Michigan is really fucking cold? I think anon was saying people aren't used to cold when they say brand coats don't cut it

>> No.9593234

>>Colors, cuts.
Cool pastel colors look best on me. High waisted cuts looked great on me when I was thinner. Been losing weight and they are starting to look better at least. I just wear them with boleros for now. .
I have a lot of jewelry. I have a lot of shoes. I also have a lot of oddly shaped bags. My wardrobe is pretty damn versatile and well-rounded. My Normal wardrobe is t-shirts, jeans, athletic clothes and stuff that doesn't go out of fashion quickly.
>>Makeup/overdoing it.
In lolita, always overdo it. Especially if there will be photos. Overdue the shit out of it. Going light-handed on makeup with me makes it look like I'm not wearing any.
>>You are visited by a time traveling lolita
Yeah. I can tell my precious AP from anything.
I fucking hate cardio. I only do it for warming up. Strength training all the way. I'm already a potato. I'll just be a potato that can kick your ass if you say your nasty shit to my face.
>>What is your favorite purchase from Lacemarket? Have you ever made a loliable purchase from a normie thrift store and would you feel comfortable admitting it at a meetup?
Bought a lot of my dream items from Lacemarket over the last few years. Honey Cake, both colorways of chess chocolate that I have. I wore a lot of loliables as a beginner. These days, I stick mostly to lolita-specific items. But I still own and use some of the better loliables that I own. But I find them more from existing shops rather than thrift stores.
>>Normies/Lolita "loliable"
I've used loliable in discussions with lolitas. With normies, I refer to lolita as Japanese fashion. But there have been times where, depending on the person, that I've not separated it from Cosplay. It's easier for some people to grasp, understand and it's less annoying to explain. AKA, you are the boss and you're talking to co-workers.
>>Do you have a favorite era of lolita fashion?
2008-2012 OTT sweet.

>> No.9593241


Yes and no. The burando coats are plenty warm, and Michigan is plenty cold. Like I said, I took a cheapskate burando coat to Tokyo and it ended up being too warm for mild Tokyo winter. I'm not dissing on burando quality.

There's just much colder arsehole weather spots in the rest of the world. Especially in rural China (heated buildings being close to each other tend to make cities warmer, and despite a high population China still has a lot of rural areas that aren't full of heated buildings).

Maybe should have explained that the main point is that is why chinese brands have the option of adding fleece lining to their coats.

>> No.9593243

What's the material for this coat?

>> No.9593245 [DELETED] 

Which weight is ideal for someone who is 5'3"?

>> No.9593248 [DELETED] 

probably 100-105 lbs

>> No.9593262

Is it okay to steam dresses with reds?? I just got a steamer and did a test run on a blouse, it seems to create a tiny bit of dampness for a minute, then it goes away fast.

>> No.9593263 [DELETED] 

All depends on how your body puts on weight anon. I'd say 120s - 130s range is good. I'm 5'3" and can fit brand comfortably at +135lbs. >>9593248 sounds really low, but not impossible.

>> No.9593267 [DELETED] 

i'm 105 at 5'3... it's not really low at all, it's a healthy weight.

>> No.9593269

It's this particular coat.
Main fabric: Wool Mossa (95% wool, 5% nylon)
Fur: 80% acryl, 20% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester
I will say the fur is so soft and makes my neck feel so nice and warm, I love it.

Other parts of Japan get cold too, I don't understand why you think brand caters to Tokyo. I wouldn't expect Tokyo lolitas to be the ones buying the full length coats.

>> No.9593274 [DELETED] 

It just sounds low to me but I don't doubt it's unhealthy. My mom is around 5'3" and when she was 115lbs, she was flabby thin but still healthy. When I was really physical fit and toned, my lightest was around 128lbs and I still could fit most brand (Just not older pieces) so I really think it depends on where you put on weight.

>> No.9593278 [DELETED] 

It just sounds low to me but I don't doubt it's healthy. My mom is around 5'3" and when she was 115lbs, she was flabby thin but still healthy. When I was really physical fit and toned, my lightest was around 128lbs and I still could fit most brand (Just not older pieces) so I really think it depends on where you put on weight.

>> No.9593310

I've never tried AATP though, it's just the couple pairs of baby intarsia knit otk's I bought that didn't fit me. Maybe another anon can give input on AATP specifically. I have never tried the new sheer style otks they released this year

>> No.9593314 [DELETED] 

~115 pounds is normal.

>> No.9593324

I really want to get this, but my bust is too big for jsk I. I'm not sure if I like jsk II, it's such a weird style. What substyle is that cut? I am thinking I would have to wear it with gothic or sweet stuff since it's high waisted and poofy looking, it just doesn't look as sweet-classic as the other jsk. It looks like it would look bad with an a-line petti and I have no idea how to coord it. Plus the ribbons look kind of cheap. My bust is 96 cm but my waist is 70. Help!

>> No.9593325

Then why am I still fat?

>> No.9593333
File: 92 KB, 480x640, tricky nightmare factory jsk black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the same cut of the Tricky Nightmare Factory series and I think it looks great with my A-line Malco Modes. I've worn it with softer A-line pettis before and it still looked nice IMO but the print wasn't fully displayed due to the gatherings. If you want to make it more classic looking, I'd suggest wearing blouses with high necks or small peter pan collars.

>> No.9593336


It's just where I ended up staying. And I did make a point that the coat was too warm, too warm for Tokyo winter.

If you really want to check which countries are colder, check their latitudes. The closer to the equator, the closer to the tropical climate.

>> No.9593340
File: 186 KB, 1182x1016, where is the tail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting here in hopes that some Chinese lolitas browse here instead of taobao general.

I paid a deposit for ToAlice dresses but can't figure out how to pay the tail money. Like, do I put it in my cart and message them, or is there a hidden link I missed because I wasn't at the computer exactly on August 10th 4pm, or...?

>> No.9593354

jesus anon, your calf is the size of my thigh. maybe you should try for sock dreams they do bigger sizes i really dont think brand socks will fit you

>> No.9593367

Speaking about kera, would there be any profit in selling my kera collection?

>> No.9593376

Yes, I agree, I never said that wasn't true. But anon is from southern Canada which is within reach of Japan's climate. I'm unsure of what you're trying to argue.

>> No.9593398


ONLY this part:

>I'm wondering if they just might not be enough for people who aren't used to cold weather.

Maybe I should have quoted that in my comment so that starting my comment with

>It's definitely a thing of some places having colder winters than Japan [....] That's why taobao and F+F have the option of adding fleece to their coats

would have made more sense. Sorry for being confusing.

>> No.9593408 [DELETED] 

I'm 5'3" and I've never broken 100 lbs.
It depends on how your body handles weight though, as I'm naturally petite.

>in;b4 anorexic, eat a sandwhich, ect.
My doctor says I'm healthy

>> No.9593415


Why even bother asking 4chan. Google up a bmi calculator and check what weight you're listed as underweight, and what weight you're listed as overweight, and try to stay in between the two.

For lolita, it doesn't even matter. Ideal weight but carrying it all in your upper body will still fuck up fitting into burando, while being heavier than ideal but pear-shaped means the heavier girl fits into burando better. Why would you put so much stock into weight when dress measurements are in width and not weight?

tl;dr, pointless question. Next.

>> No.9593418

Nayrt but guys coming up to me to tell me how to dress is like 50% of my "normie" interactions. It's either
>more women should dress like you
>you shouldn't dress like this, it's not attractive
It's always total slobs telling me this, too.

whatever weight is the most lolita-related because this isn't /fit/

>> No.9593428

Eat a sandwich, please.

>> No.9593432

it's become a 2-3 year old watered down meme far removed from its origin (which is rap/drugs btw) and it's fucking embarrassing

>> No.9593438

Cosplay or lolita shoes? They seemed to have a lot of shoe stock, also they had shoes that I wanted which were out of stock on their website last I'd checked before going there. Then again their website appears to have restocked their shoes or something now.

>> No.9593440

Fatty, I'm 5'5 and i'm 110 which i think is an acceptable weight, if i were over 115 i would actively start losing weight and eating better/less.

>> No.9593483

Cgl I need help
I think I am becoming a dress hoarder.
I have around 40 dresses. I don't need more and I keep buying.
Don't need money, so don't really need to sell them. Still trying, but sales aren't going well. Don't really want to sell for cheap because there is no hurry, but I keep thinking I should sell just because of space. I don't wear them, but I like having them.
How do you manage to move on and sell what you don't wear but like?

>> No.9593487

How's the cohesion in your wardrobe? Maybe try eliminating dresses that only work with one blouse or that you can only coord one way, if you have such main pieces? I'm a bit of a minimalist so I try to only buy things that work with what I've already got. I used to just buy anything I thought was cute, not caring if it didn't match anything I already owned. I've since sold most of it and have stuck with what I wear/what goes well together.

>> No.9593495

Not good

30% sweet stuff with matching blouses. Almost 1 blouse per dress
20% classic OPs
50% gothic

Overall, 40% Ott looking dresses I can't wear every day. Long dresses because I am tall, but end up looking too formal for most occasions.
Actually trying to move into full Gothic, but having a hard time convincing me to sell my sweet stuff I haven't wore in over a year, but consider dream dresses

>> No.9593508

I (almost) know the feeling! I switched from sweet to classic to gothic and had a hard time letting go of a couple of dresses (Cosmic and Searching for Baroque--talk about a mixed bag) until I found new gothic dream dresses that I KNEW I needed to have.

It's rough, but I felt terrible just collecting dresses that I'd never even wear. I know you said money isn't an issue for you, but for me, it was. I was blowing my fun money on stuff that was useless! It just made me feel kind of dumb.

I'm a spreadsheet/journal person. Using those to map out my wardrobe/plans helped me immensely.

Best of luck! You can do it.

>> No.9593513

You can donate a couple of pieces to lolita events or organise your own meet where you give a dress as a price for a game or lottery (I wouldn't do a best dressed contest, so girls with a small wardrobe have a chance). You can do a ''two dresses for the price of one'' thing (let them choose from a number of dresses and make the first dress a bit more expensive than you normally would, and a time limit) so you get rid of more pieces quicker. You can use Marie Kondo's methods. You can trade your sweet stuff for goth stuff. You can organise a swap/sale meet or suggest to the comm mods to organise one.

Personally I feel much more relaxed looking at my wardrobe and choosing what to wear when my closet is full of things I actually wear, instead of having to go through a bunch of stuff I don't.

>> No.9593535

Did you feel any regrets after changing styles? I'm scared of finding myself longing for a sweet dress I sold, thinking "I could rock that dress today". I just find it harder and harder to wear. As if I could just not bother to try wearing more adventurous styles. So I don't know if I am not pushing myself enough or holding onto ideas rather Than reality

Will try spreadsheets. I'm mostly too attached to things

>> No.9593547

Thanks for telling me about the shop, I'll check them out. I'm working on building my wardrobe and they don't need to eat a sandwich >>9593428 my calves are huge and if I was any shorter I'd look deformed

>> No.9593548

I don't, but mostly because I feel like dark colors look a million times better on me and gothic lolita fits my "aesthetic" so much better. Sometimes I'll see a sweet print that I love and want, but I'm trying to save up for some trips so I'm trying not to branch back out to multiple substyles.

It wouldn't hurt to hold on to a couple of sweeter dresses or items. Going along with the spreadsheets, it could be beneficial to take pics of coords/floordinates to help determine which sweet things to keep (if any.)

>> No.9593573

I understand everyone lives in different climates. That comment was in reference to the anons thinking that brand coats aren't warm enough. For most people they will be. I just get annoyed that people spread around the rumor. Either you live in the coldest part of Russia (for example) or you're used to a warmer climate. The second is a lot more likely to have a large group of people perpetuating the idea. That was my point.

>> No.9593578
File: 40 KB, 357x200, sashay away.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see you galacticbuttholeleakage-chan cowboy

>> No.9593647
File: 53 KB, 426x640, 4254_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bodyline 258 in black are the ones i've wanted for ages. annoyingly they just cropped up on LM but they're a size too small.

>> No.9593656

That date is when they cut off preorders. You need to follow their Weibo to see when balance payments go up.

>> No.9593661

why is it that people have trouble selling burando at half it's price, but people buy taobao dresses for the same price the seller bought it for, if not more.

>> No.9593668

Maybe because people believe that burando can be bought in closetchild or Wunderwelt probably for cheaper, but taobao dresses cannot be found in Japanese second hand shops

>> No.9593671

I've been wondering the same thing. My friend recently bought a set off taobao that totaled to around $70 before shipping, wore it once, listed it for $120 before shipping and it sold within the week. It was still in stock on taobao and everything, so it wasn't a rare piece by any means. I just don't get it. Maybe it's bought by new lolitas who think they're getting a great deal by getting a set for $120 because they don't know taobao and brand quality differences?

>> No.9593675

Some lolitas perceive taobao brands to be just as good as Japanese brands. If they've never bought anything directly from taobao themselves, they probably aren't very familiar with the price point. Lolibrary also hasn't been updated in a while. So $100 for a taobao dress looks like a good deal and burando, especially non-print, priced at $150 (originally $300) is "not worth it".

I don't understand this attitude myself, but at my last meet there was a girl talking about her taobao purchases with this type of reasoning.

>> No.9593680

Where the hell is this sort of shit happening? Please spill because I'd like to know where not to take my tourism money.

>> No.9593686

I think because a lot of people recommend taobao to new lolitas

>> No.9593701

Are you guys incapable of understanding that people might just like the design or print? >>9593668's reasoning also definitely comes into play.

>> No.9593712

It may cause the color to run. If you tried it and it didn't run then you're probably good to go.

>> No.9593716

But why pay $120 for something that is still available in the original shop for $70? Nobody's attacking Taobao here, anon, just wondering why a surprising number of people are willing to unnecessarily overpay for it.

>> No.9593718

I think navigating Taobao, the website itself, is intimidating for some people. Its the reason resellers do a healthy business.

>> No.9593728

I sell my Taobao NWT (like if the color or fit is off) but sell my brand after years of wear. I only buy unpopular brand pieces too, which probably contributes.

>> No.9593730

Ay that's my floordinate! I'm really happy for you anon that you got it, I really love this skirt and I hope you do too. One warning though: after I handwashed it and hung it to dry, some discoloration showed up once it was dried. The top of the waistband became a little yellowed. Therefore, be careful when you wash/dry it!
Enjoy your skirt! I look forward to seeing more coords with this skirt!

>> No.9593732
File: 142 KB, 1114x744, 14107805_1255805951099036_2088754635762245865_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Different anon, but I have 17 inch thighs and I eat a lot of sandwiches.

>> No.9593763

because some taobao is harder to find than secondhand burando. it can be more obscure. and if somebody really likes a print that they haven't seen listed anywhere else, they will buy it for what they think it is worth.

>> No.9593777

In some cases, the "reserve period" for things is already over and there are no leftovers to buy. Not all Taobao is always available all of the time. So if somebody missed out on it, and they're convinced they'll probably never see it for sale anywhere else, it makes sense to buy it.

>> No.9593779


Apparently I'm just early. The "tail money" was available at exactly 4pm August today, I miscalculated the time and thought that should have been yesterday.

But now I can't figure out how to get a second dress payment at the 69yuan tail price (I ordered one extra dress for my sister). Aigh, time to go inflict google translate on some poor hapless shopkeeper.... but at 4pm tomorrow, so they're actually awake.

Thanks for the help though.

>> No.9593827

I've seen girls in my comm overpay almost 2x on pieces that were in stock and available to buy from the original store, just because "Taobao is hard :'(" even after several others in the comm offered to help them or include them in their group order. As far as I can tell, people who do this are mostly just lazy and dumb.

>> No.9593828

That's why I specified "in some cases."

>> No.9593832

It's a really pretty coord anon! Thank you so much for the heads up about the washing, I like to play it safe, so I'll better take it to the drycleaners. I wonder if this dress is unpopular or why there are so litte pictures of it coordinated? I really thought it was a well liked print. Maybe because it's older?

>> No.9593833

I don't think anyone was wondering about those types of, because then the reasoning is really obvious.

>> No.9593834

*those types of cases

>> No.9593841

Anon my thights are the same diameter. I own and wear lots of IW OTK's, they look really cute on me. Just because my legs are thicker and I'm so tall (1.80) they don't reach very hight up my thights, but it doesn't bother me. I also own some AP OTK's, they fit but are def smaller and the wover print distorts but only a teeny bit. Looks fine IMO.

Chill, it's probably a matter of proportions. You are probably much smaller overall then her, also in height.

Btw these comments made me question if maybe I'm indeed fat. I know my legs are thick but now I'm feeling pretty bad desu. I also know cgl is probably the worst place to take this kind of stuff seriousy, but I've always felt very insecure because I'm so tall and big. Feels bad man.

>> No.9593843
File: 8 KB, 260x172, zmg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>far removed from its origin (which is rap/drugs btw)
I had no clue. Thanks for the explanation.

>> No.9593849

former ED anon here to say most of what CGL calls "fatty" is normal, and you should ignore them. If your healthcare provider says you are healthy, you fit brand and you like the way you look that's all that matters. Numbers thrown around in a place like this are meaningless and taking them seriously can lead to more trouble than it's worth.

>> No.9593998

I feel you. I'm more of a collector then actual wearer. I don't have much time due to my job and when I have time OTT sweet doesn't fit the occasion. My solution was to shift my focus on dresses that are sweet but simple enough to wear them as everyday clothing. I bought a lot of simple blouses, simple shoes and small ribbons to easily tone down coords. I do still have a few OTT dresses that I keep because of sentimental value for things like tea parties or conventions.

>> No.9594020

I am actually attacking them because I've yet to see taobao that is nicer than basic Japanese brand

>> No.9594040


>attacking people for a wardrobe preference

I'm a Mary Magdalene brandwhore, but you need to chill. Who cares if someone likes lesser quality clothing. Some people are in it for the ideas, and taobao admittedly is more creative at points.

>> No.9594045

Baby I'm so chill I'm practically dead

>> No.9594086

Well when you like something you often want to touch it, wether its a puppy, a person, a dress, etc.
I like that the fur is faux
Ive seen them for 10 bucks so unless it is very rare i doubt it

>> No.9594125

Thank you for the reality check anon, you are right.

>> No.9594130

How dare you have tastes unlike my own!

>> No.9594145


Idk maybe they got the order swiched and other girl was suppose to get the dress? It happened to me when I was ordering petticoat. I was pissed because i was ordering just one petticoat and it was suppose to be laced. I was too lazy to return it and got refund for the extra fee i paid. Hey girl from Europe who got laced petticoat. You are such a lucky girl :(

>> No.9594183

>the fur is faux
Does brand even use real fur? I thought they all used faux fur.

>> No.9594193

Usually but there was some bolero or something from baby at one point that was real fur so not always. In general though Japanese brands use real fur more often than western stores, there is very cheap rabbit fur from china available and less of a moral concern over it. But most lolita stuff I have seen is faux, just not all.

>> No.9594206

Really? Do you have a link? I can't seem to find what you're referring to.

>> No.9594289

im 5'3" and 115lbs. i dont think i need any more sandwiches as i consider myself quite chubby as it is

>> No.9594311

Most of the time, it is fake. But VM and Baby and a few others have used real fur before. someone used to have a guide on EGL listing items that were real fur, but I can't find it.

Here are a couple of links from a quick search:

Not that I think anyone would want that cardigan, it's pretty ugly.

>> No.9594312

Taobao dresses can be cute but not worth it. I'd rather use the money for brand

>> No.9594362

So much for your self esteem, huh?

>> No.9594363

Person who does dabs the drug here... I think you're confused.

>> No.9594380

Really depends on the coat but from what I have seen and experienced I persolly think that most brand coats are not worth it.

I own a VM winter coat that I bought new for like 70000 yen and it's the biggest disappointment ever. It looks nice but the quality is similar to shit you get from western fast fashion brands. It's supposed to be high quality wool but it's just too thin and not warm at all. If it gets below 0°C I have to wear like 3 shirts and multiple pairs of tights under my outfit to even stay remotely warm.

I also have a MM coat that is better. It's really thick and keeps me warm below at -10°C.

>> No.9594384

You never think someone has bad taste?

>> No.9594387

I always have to wear just-waist or dropped waist cuts or I'll look much stumpier and heavier than I really am. I've lengthened the straps of quite some jsks in order for them to look more flattering. I like wearing waist belts that fit the coord and style. High waists and empire waist dresses look pretty bad.
I also really love longer dresses, my ideal dress length is a little bit below the knee. Innocent World's long length pieces are great for this.

>excess of particular pieces
I suffer from "getting so excited by main pieces you forget to stock up on basics"-syndrome for a bit. Working on it though, by getting more blouses. I already had a collection of (floral) tights before getting into lolita, so that works out great.

I have a lot of trouble with makeup because I basically have never worn any. When I'm in full coord I try to just do some tasteful bbcream/eyeliner/mascara, but I really don't know what I'm doing and I feel my face looks really off to me even with very light makeup. It's certainly something I'll need to get used to.
My hair is great for lolita though, it's very long, wavy and thick and just brushing it is usually enough to make it lolita-suitable. I'm really thankful for this because I dislike wigs a lot.

>time traveling lolita
Ehh, I wouldn't assume 2024 Milanoo is better quality all of a sudden, whereas Angelic Pretty, while declining, probably just gets suckier in comparison to other brands. Compare it to milanoo-tier shit and you'll still see the difference, at least design-wise.

>cardio and weightlifting
Honestly, I don't do shit for exercise. I stay slim by not eating a lot. My shoulders are very broad already, so I don't think weightlifting would ever be a good idea for me.

>Lacemarket/thrift store purchase
I won a gorgeous, fairly old IW jsk for like 25 bucks once. It ended up fitting perfectly too.
A lot of my vintage blouses come from thrift stores so I'd never have a problem admitting it.

>> No.9594440

Its arguably just easier to buy off lacemarket than wait 2 months for a dress off a foreign website. I wouldn't look into too much.

>> No.9594449

>wait 2 months
It's never taken me over a month to get a taobao dress

>> No.9594451

I got a friend who is studying photography. She is naive regarding Harajuku fashion, but she stumbled upon my IG and she loved the sweet style (because she has never seen it before).

She is very good and tries hard to research. Managed to explain her Lolita and other harajuku as urban-originated. As something creative: NOT COSPLAY.

I can notice she does research, but is far from truly understanding. She asked me to do a series of photographies for her courses trying to show how the fashion makes you special, lover of japanese culture and anime, and independent, crossing the rules of society.

As much as I would like the idea, there is some degree of cringe there: special snowflake, I dress to be special, it is about myself and not about the fashion, anime uguu kawaii. Maybe I am overly-negative.

anons, what are the no-no's in the western j-fashion community? specially for Lolita?
How can I explain her that the fashion is not about anime or being japanese?

>> No.9594453

Jane Marple also release real fur a lot, I see it on auctions and some will come up if you search "rabbit fur" on lolibrary. Most people don't realise but a lot of those fluffy pompoms that have been trending recently are real fur too, RoseMarie Seoir's are rabbit.

>> No.9594455

How does lolita fashion make you a lover of Japanese culture and anime? If anything gulls act like they are superior to Japanese lolitas.

>> No.9594460

Maybe get her a book like http://www.popmatters.com/feature/73221-japanese-goth-a-manifesto-for-the-beautiful-macabre/ (it actually also includes sweet lolita, but the best thing is there is no mention of anime/weeb stuff)

>> No.9594463

I mean, you've just said it. Lolita isn't anime-related. It's a street fashion. It's really that simple. And it doesn't have any significance to the traditional culture of Japan, much like VK or gyaru.

Ask her what she thinks about alternative fashion. That's all it is, really. We've built a subculture around it, but it's not like punk or goth.

>> No.9594465

It can take that long or more if it's a reserve item that still needs to be made, but in that case there wouldn't be anyone in the Western market selling it either so idk where that anon is getting that timeframe from. Even really slow shipping rarely takes more than a month.

>> No.9594469

Yeah that description made me cringe something fierce. People are into it for all sorts of reasons; some want to look like their Japanese animes, some aren't into anime at all, some want to be special and counterculture, some don't like standing out and would actually love it if lolita became mainstream, etc. Maybe try to impress upon her that we're not some hivemind who are all into it for the same reasons. I know plenty of weebs who are into lolita but I've also met girls who came into it from a historical costuming or vintage fashion perspective who have zero interest in Japanese pop culture otherwise.
t b h I'm also not really comfortable with claiming to be somehow more creative than cosplayers. Sure we try to put together original coords instead of replicating an existing character but there's no need to take potshots at cosplayers for that, especially the ones who make their costumes by hand which imo takes a lot of creativity. Our hobbies are totally different, so why compare them at all unless someone brings it up first?

>> No.9594473

Thanks for the suggestion. I just bought it and will read it myself.

I will try to keep it as simple as you say, and be urban fashion only.

Me bad. I never mentioned her cosplay, but I wrote that because in several occassions people ask me about my "cosplay" and try to link Lolita to cosplay with the belief that both are originated from anime.

>> No.9594533

Thanks for the info anons. I'll have to research into it more, mainly because I'm on the other side of the fence and I prefer it.

Did you buy a coat released in spring? The coats vary in warmth because they make them for different seasons.

>> No.9594574

I own these and I also desperately want a new pair because mine are getting too beat up from frequent wear. Seems a lot of people want this specific model so maybe we could email Bodyline.

>> No.9595365


nayrt, but two months sounds about right. Or actually, I just received a dress I paid the deposit on in March, three of my preorders are nearing their two month mark, and I'm still waiting for a fourth to announce the tail payment. And these are dresses I've never seen irl and basically guess at the quality. When I think about it this way I'm almost willing to pay extra because other people will have bought the dresses and can comment on the quality.

I bought these direct from the taobao shops using the forwarding service. But if you're buying them from one of taobao resellers the prices won't be $70, it'll be more like $120 per dress already, so someone selling them for $120 on lacemarket seems reasonable.

>> No.9595584

what do you suggest? I'm writing an email now, but something tells me it's not going to work. I'll just add that there's multiple people who would like this shoe back in stock?

>> No.9596453

Newbie lolita here, what's the name of the two far left dresses? Solid pink and solid lavender?
They're gorgeous

>> No.9596736

I hope this thread is okay for me to ask something lolita related,

Is it okay to wear twin tails for gothic/classic lolita? I've never really been into lolita until I saw a dress to be released recently and I am figuring out my first coord at the moment.

>> No.9597341

wouldnt it be good for self esteem to have people tell you that you should eat more?

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