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Who's going?

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(wanted to make the thread more neutral) It'll be my first 'big con', I hope I can finish my new suit by then

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Really good guest list for a 1st year

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Butch Heartman confirmed

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I'll be going, Fri-Sun

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>supporting Crunchyroll

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why not?

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Alright new thread here we go

>What are your plans
>What will you dress as
>Expectations for the con?

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Are there any cosplay gatherings for this con?

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I heard it's going to be an absolute shit show from someone who works exhibitor.
>schedule not out until 2 weeks before
>was a pain in the ass for exhibitors to schedule their staff and events
>even now there is bad communications between them
>the ones who are in charge are the same people in charge of NY comic con
>many experienced volunteers denied because they don't want outside influence
Basically they denied anyone who volunteered in other cons and only accepted people who never volunteered before.
>volunteer policy is basically come for free
Standard volunteer policy is to reimburse the badge. Basically a volunteer can quit crunchyexpo at anytime and they won't lose out on the badge money at this moment.

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I'm on the fence. I'm skeptical because it's Year One but at the same it's so close by to me, friends are going, like some of the guests...
I killed my premium crunchyroll sub a month ago before even learning about the con. Goodbye con perks, but I still don't want to support them

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It's likely to be low profit for artists.

The AA is way too big for a first year con, you can tell they accepted so many people as padding for extra content in case other shit didnt pull through.

Should have started with half or quarter of the 200+ they have currently.

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i'm going for adam savage lol

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Going as press and only because it's local

Probably go to Magwest instead since the badges cross over

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I'll be there, also have extra room at Avatar Hotel if anyone needs a room

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Can confirm, know a group that has a booth.

Oddly enough, they got back to me within 12 hours regarding a cosplay rule question, which are somewhat ridiculous as well.

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I'm going because I live down the street and can get absolutely, positively blasted

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>Prop weapons are allowed at Crunchyroll Expo as long as they’re made of cardboard, foam, or similar light material.

Wait...so is wood okay? Plastic? Whoever wrote these rules isn't a cosplayer because this is vague as fuck

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gull meetup?

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I'm bringing a nerf weapon (modded), with a removable orange tip if someone wants to take a picture

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Pretty sure plastic falls under light material. Solid wood props were being banned at my local con recently.

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I am just for Saturday. It is my birthday after all on that day.

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Probably low profit for you.

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they SERIOUSLY overdid it with the guest list. Theyre trying too hard to pad out the first year and its going to be too overwhelming I think. Especially because of the shitty location.

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>oh no this con is too good I'm having a terrible time

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I'm stuck in the corner at the AA. Shameless self plug. Bringing my switch and hopefully getting same local splatoon 2 and mario kart games running.

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Go for a walk

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You taking any at-con commissions?

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I do, but it's to email.

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They're gunna stream it nico nico douga style again like they used to do for other conventions? That shit was so fun.
Aug 26th Virgos unite

Crunchyroll usually does a shit job at everything, but I think they hired a fuck ton of new people recently which might show why this con looks so good for it's first year. Adam Savage going is going to draw a lot of cosplayers/people in for sure.

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I was at a thing that was streamed over Nico Nico Douga once, years ago. The Japanese audience thought me and my brother were a gay couple and started typing "HELLO GAYS" into chat.

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Going just for the [email protected] seiyuus, had absolutely no interest before they were announced.

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Event schedule has been released. Looks like CWF is gonna be MIA,

Looking at the list I'm not surprise, it seems like they really relied n their guests and industry for 90% of the programming

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I thought it's only Hiromi from CG there?

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Horie is the voice of Pierre in SideM. Their anime is also starting in the fall, but they'll probably only promote Juni Taisen

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I honestly don't know a single P that reps SideM

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I do but I'm a S.E.M P I think PIerre is whatever but the man has a fascinating jaw line

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Since it's an industry con this is to be expected. And for a first year I think they got a solid enough lineup.

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Definitely going to Magwest instead, it's a 24 hour event and I can still get in the crunchyroll dealer's room with my mag badge which is half the draw of a con for me anyway.

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Even AX has panels from non pros.

However because of just keeping panels in house it has probably the best panels list I've seen in cons in a long time.

Fan panels can go die in a fire

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I know a shit ton who do, you just have to know where to look

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Apparently none of the guests had any word in when their panels/autographs are

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I'll sneak in some drink for you

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Best panel I ever went to was a fan panel called "history of hentai" at Ikkicon a couple years ago. Got a bit drunk before, and i swear the host had a fucking doctorate in the subject. Half hour of actual presentation, then videos were played, I think the line up was Brandish, Pigeon Blood, then Inyouchuu Etsu.

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Too many white people on the guest list.

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Did anyone manage to get the advance autograph tickets?

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This guest list is packed with youtube sensation filler.

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Le funny joke poster has arrived

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its ok bro it's to balance out all the asians attending

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lol no. I wish it had good guests but it's really limited and they invited that dirtbag digibro.

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>Not liking the man who helped kill SAO

You're also ignoring an Olympic gold medal figure skature, Amano, Freddie Wong, Adam Savage, the Japanese VAs and the director of Castlevania. I can understand if the guests are not your cup of tea but there are a load of big name people here who are relevant to the anime community

But that was one fan panel out of the SCORES of shitty ones out there. Industry/Guest panels at least have a standard level of quality as the presenters know their shit and are prepared.

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Freddie Wong seems like a cool dude. I don't like Amano's art and I've met Savage like four times.

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>Olympic gold medal figure skature
I thought this was such a weird and pandering get originally but hell it made a ton of girls suddenly want to go and at the end of the day it got them a lot of attendees.

As for Adam Savage I'm surprised I don't see him at more Bay Area cons as a guest since he lives locally and is still relevant because of his cosplay and props but still has normie appeal. I know him personally and I'm still glad they have him on the roster.

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The VAs they invited aren't big name ones, really.

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He also got interviewed by Japanese media groups as well. His interest really comes across as genuine.


These comments stem from you not liking the guests as opposed to the guests being bad.

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Anyone have a coupon code for tickets?

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Digibro is actually trash tho

I'm still going for Savage at any rate

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Can somebody red pill me on MF?; I remember her being a controversial cosplayer some time ago and never remembering what for.

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Conslut. CR must be pretty desperate if they sunk low enough to have her as a guest to their own con.

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She's nuts
Also I've never heard of any of the cosplayers except for her, everyone they picked is trash including mf

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Pretty hype, going Saturday. Guest list is strong, not even sure why you'd bother with MAGWest lol

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Magwest is for great game rooms and concerts. Also they're related but one is still clearly more /v/ than /a/

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I heard from someone it was more because she knows someone high up in the CR ladder

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>Have MF over CWF

So sad

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they probably paid zero dollars to her. i imagine CWF would have cost more.

hell, they probably got bjs from her.

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So when are we all having the /cgl/ meetup?

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CWF costs literally next to nothing. It's like any other interactive panel you'd see at conventions except more wrestling-themed.

Plus it's more fun than whatever this MF person would bring to panel, which probably would consist of self-dribble and no substance

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They still have no fan panels.

>> No.9608249

100% MFknew someone high up to be a featured guest. She's not really relevant or popular these days.

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What makes you think CWF costs nothing?

>No fan panels
They have a few cosplay tutorials. Meanwhile how does a lack of fan panels concern you?

>> No.9608275

they have those "talks" mini panels

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MF has a more rabid fanbse and thus will push badges.

I hear good things about CWF but do you th ink a con including CWF in their programming will increase their attendance like a cosplay or industry guest can?

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Thank god, she's a pretty shitty person

>> No.9608616

MF doesn't have a fanbase. She's literally who? to most people now.

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Anyone have room in a hotel for 2? Me and my cousin (1 female, 1 male). We can pay obviously.

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I second this
I've been to the convention center before and don't remember any particularly obscure/noticeable places for a meetup other than the dropoff front entrance with the fountains?

Does anyone know if this con is doing the ticketing thing similarly to how JapanExpo was some odd time ago where you couldn't get into the convention center without buying a ticket aka badge? It's a first year, so I'm skeptical.

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Japan Expo change that and allowed in and out privileges come con time

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She makes money and is ONE person. She makes 400 on patreon which is 400 more than CWF. Her FB pages has over 20k likes and is know all throughout the US.

Meanwhile CWF requires an entire team of performers and does not have a presence online. Their FB page barely breaks over 1k likes and are only known in CA. The con would lose more cash picking up the CWF as they gotta comp way more badges.

So from a business standpoint, why bring in the CWF when their shows are longer? Cost more? Less well known? Appeal to only a niche audience (general cosplay advice vs smack talk) and can only be used in one way?

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Who is CWF?

>> No.9608732

Thanks for proving my point

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they have domics too

like fucking really

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Wrestling themed improv smacktalk.
At most large west coast cons.

>> No.9608787

I do, Hit up my email
[email protected]

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do you still have room? how much would it be for sat/sun night? also, what would be the best way to get to the convention from the avatar without a car?

>> No.9608843

think it'll be fun if I go alone? I feel bad asking other people I know if I can stay in their hotel, since we're not really close friends and don't wanna seem like I'm using them -_- Also, the ticket comes out to 80 something dollars, which is kinda expensive.

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Cons are cons. 1 is good, 2 is much better.

>> No.9608903

thanks for the "you. sigh cons are such logistical / emotional nightmares for me :/ the con magic is real, but getting there is terrible lol.

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Fuck domics, that guy is the biggest faggot

>> No.9608950

Making money from lewds on patreon is not the same as having a fan base who will come see you at cons. Idgaf about CWF, but MF doesn't have a fan base these days and is definitely not "known throughout the US".

>> No.9608981

It's hard to tell because it's a first year con. Do any of the guests excite you? If so go for them and it'll be worthwhile. You can try making friends but I don't know how many people are going to begin with. I hope it's a lot because it sucks for a con to be empty. Cough Japan expo a few years ago at this same location

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Wait who helped kill SAO?

>> No.9609002

Hate to ask but who is CWF

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I wanna see LilyPichu and try to get a photo/autograph. She's doing an Influencer panel with Domics and her friend SleightlyMusical.

>> No.9609019

Lilypichu is trash lmao

>> No.9609043

get a gold play button and then talk dude

>> No.9609087

I have more fans/ twitter followers / patreon $ than her and I've been in the game way less

its really not that hard if you figure out how to properly run social media.

and I wouldn't consider myself "well known" or good enough to invite to cons either.

She probably sucked someone's dick to get in.

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I'll visit you

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Man the thread sure has gotten alot more active now, a few weeks ago it seemed like only 5 people from here were going to go.

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i dont know who MF but taking a quick google search it looks like they dont have a good past(+5 years ago, nothing recent it seems), HOWEVER their craftsmanship looks pretty good and it looks like CR chose her because she could create and cosplay their mascot accurately. I think having the face character at their first event is valuable and a good choice on their point.

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A couple of weeks ago no guests or events were announced so there wasnt much to talk about. I'm glad it's active, I was scared it was going to be a Japan Expo part 2 thing.

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I mean this exhibit hall is pretty huge looking from their map, worth it for one day at least imo

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You don't have to be able to cook good food to realize what food is shit
Lilypichu is shit and you have shit taste, admit it to yourself and move on.

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idk anon it's pretty admirable to make a living off doing nothing but just being a girl on the internet.

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What happened at japan expo

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I'm just trying to finish my suit, taking a break to let the paint dry

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>You don't have to be able to cook good food to realize what food is shit.
Mah nigga.

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-hyped con on social media
-flew in top guests and artists
-pitiful attendance, the con was mostly empty
-top singers,artists,guests only had like 50 people most at their concert/panels

I can't find an image properly showing the emptiness, but imagine the lack of people in the background but in an anime expo sized dealers hall.

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I mean Momokun does that too. Does that make her less shit? No.

>> No.9609163

okay good point.

>> No.9609167

what manga is this, sauce and google are giving me nothing

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>5534 attendees
>262,000 sq ft surface area

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I'll get back to you when I do
making simple animations and doing a kawaii voice is fucking easy
almost as easy as attracting beta orbiters that'll give me money

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CWF is gonna have a big event at SacAnime with real wrestlers, and that con's the weekend after CRX. Do you think the CRX organizers factored that in when deciding their programming?

>> No.9609193

Is anyone else worried about the threats of something happening at this con? All the politics stuff recently has made it all seem more real and possible

>> No.9609207

Oh shit give me your social media secrets

>> No.9609210

Post frequently, be pretty, hit the right tags, get popular people to mention you

>> No.9609213

We won't actually know whether CRX has made it until the doors open on Friday. It very well could be JX part 2. People are going back to school or already at school (local high school started last week) and already spent their money on the California big three of Fanime, AX, and SDCC.

What the hell is with you paranoid fucks at conventions nowadays? Or are you the same person? There's been someone who keeps going "oh man don't you think something is going to happen?!" in every pre-con thread I can remember.

>> No.9609223

>> basing what's popular in cosplay community solely on social media number

people like you are cancer to cosplay as whole

>> No.9609226

>do you th ink a con including CWF in their programming will increase their attendance

This sounds like the ignorant opinion of someone who has never attended CWF. I pitty you.

>> No.9609236

ntayrt but im constantly afraid of getting shot at cons but I work in the industry so I have to go regardless of my fears or no $$$ no life.

>> No.9609248

there is a firearm for more than every man woman and child in the US. deaths have continued to drop year after year for more than a decade. you're more likely to die in a car crash than you are to get killed by a gun. If you aren't afraid of driving on the highway because you might get in an accident you have no reason to think you're going to walk outside and get shot. You're even less likely, statistically, to be shot if you're not black or not involved in crime of some sort including gangs.

tldr you're afraid of nothing

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I was there in the AA and I didn't even make the cost of my table. When Saturday passed and attendance didn't improve, everyone fucking panicked and the president/director of the con had to come down and have a meeting with everyone to try and chill them out. Vendors were packing up and leaving early. Most artists left without making back the cost of the overpriced tables.

CRX seems smarter so far than JPX in that there's way more local advertising, and the cross con deal with MagWest is really smart, since both cons benefit. So I'm holding out some hope for it since the situation looks a bit different. Could still go real bad though.

>> No.9609266

I don't think CRX factored in anything about CWF because they probably don't care about some panel that only appeals to a niche audience. CWF isn't as big as the guys who keeps shilling it on here think it is.

>CWF is gonna have a big event at SacAnime with real wrestlers
The fact that they're going to have real wrestlers just makes CWF even LESS about anime/cosplay. Why would an anime convention even want something like that when they can fill the timeslot with something more relevant?

>> No.9609267

this is sacanime we're talking about here. they have been skewing more and more away from anime for a while

also sacanime lol in general

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Is it cuz Butch Hartman,
Son you think that way
the terrorizers won

>> No.9609286

It's unclear whether the MagWest collab was planned as it took them months to officially acknowledge the other. But what is does say is that CR only planned to have half of the venue anyway which is still smart for a first year con.

And yeah the advertising is nuts. I saw an ad on the rotating billboard on the Bay Bridge

This. Unless the wrestlers are cosplaying and aren't their characters then what's the point?

>> No.9609289

it's good for both parties because CR can get some crossover and hopefully some more foot traffic/business for their vendors/AA who they want to keep happy and MagWest gets people in the door who might want to buy a badge for the whole event if they like what they see.

>> No.9609291

I got a free MagWest badge from a friend at the last minute. I'm dropping by the CRX exhibit hall for a few hours on fri/sun. I don't usually do big anime cons, so I'm not sure how to make the best of this. What are other people prioritizing in the exhibit hall?

>> No.9609298

since it's a first year con it's probably not going to have the all-out industry megabooths that you might see at AX. Just go in, check out stuff, buy stuff if you want (make sure to google because you can find a lot of things online for cheaper/more acceptable prices). I like to look at the artist alley because some of them have cool art you won't be able to find except at conventions where said artist is. it's not a big anime con at all.

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Does this seem right

>> No.9609340

10k seems optimistic for a first year con at this point in the summer.

>> No.9609478

Outside of the entry stuff (which they did fix) it seemed like JX did everything right yet still failed

>> No.9609480

That's fair, thanks for your logical response I was over reacting

>> No.9609486

A few things about the inclusion about SPW into sac anime

- CWF and SPW are partnered together but their shows are separate. CWF is pushing their same style of show but now they got a wrestling ring

- CWF is closely tied with two wrestling federations APW and SPW, this is due to their ring announcer doing extensive work with them.

- SPW and Sac Anime have ran partnerships together in the past. They had a cross promotion where Sac Anime attendees could show their badges for discounted tickets.

- SPW also did a big charity show for Autumn (the cosplayer was hit in the head by a stray bullet when she got caught in the crossfire of a shootout). Autumn is also a big supporter of the CWF

Also in general the storytelling tropes of wrestling and anime are very close and the anime fandom has been interested in wrestling for a very long time.

Add those factors together and you can see why this partnership makes sense

>> No.9609490

Yeah they didn't invite any cosplayers besides MF which is sad because the Bay area has tons of cosplayers but instead they're flying out a friend. It makes them all look terrible.. I would have much rather seen a handful of California cosplayers than them flying out one single cosplayer who is never invited to cons for a good reason.

>> No.9609507

I don't think that's fair, MF hasn't done anything sleazy for years. Is it wrong to think people are capable of change?

>> No.9609522

>Is it wrong to think people are capable of change?

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someone ask him about his incest manifesto (1/4)

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>> No.9609550

What's with all this kink-shaming in this thread?

Why not just focus on seeing the guests you like instead of attacking the ones you dislike?

Who are you actually interested in seeing at CRX?

>> No.9609557

I think it's cus actual celebs/guests have never had stupid internet drama

Meanwhile- all these YouTube stars don't know how to PR so all of them have had something bad about them

>> No.9609581

Funny part is a lot are going anyway as attendees. Some even have more Facebook likes than mf

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>stream it nico nico douga style
>tfw Crunchyroll's bootleg stream is never as fun as Nico Nico's actual con streams were

>> No.9609678

Oh wow friend of mine did a facebook live of the exhibitors hall and it looks like they're really make use of the hall, A lot better then JPX for sure.
Anyone already there wanna give us an update since the exhibit hall just opened? They mentioned cosplayers are already there

>> No.9609710

Good crowds, im estimating at least 8k

>> No.9609716

> forgot to pack make up for cosplay
> eh I'll pick up some at walmart
> confuse miles with km, walk all the way there and back

Holy shit, the convention center really is in the middle of nowhere, isn't it?

>> No.9609744

Yeah which is why I fucking hate Santa Clara, I don't know why all the cons are flocking here.

>> No.9609766

Myself and 2 friends will be at crunchyroll expo streaming essentially for 72 hrs on twitch. Just search up on twitch IRL and you'll see us. Pretty sure we're the only ones.

If you're bored come find us and hang out as well, let's just meme it up together :] we'll be in vorpal swords kuroko outfits

>> No.9609786

so how is it?

>> No.9609818

Cheaper than SJCC/SFO, bigger than Doubletree

Yeah always hated that about Santa Clara, it was nothing but industrial/residential for years w/o any city center. They built that new Santana Row-lite but too pricey for con-goers

>> No.9609836

So far theres a good crowd. I really like the artist alley (but I´m from socal so everything seems shiny and new). Exhibit hall didn´t really have much and felt small & boring, but the layout was nice. The panel rooms were huge, but I haven´t gone to one yet. Ran into MF and she was nice and complimented my cosplay. Haven´t seen too much cosplay yet, ill take some pics later today :) sorry for blog post

>> No.9609838

I'm working at WGW booth at the back of exhibit hall, come say hi and I'll provide a shot for you seagulls

>> No.9609848

oh yeah the ´food truck area´ only has 2 food trucks, maybe there will be more tomorrow. It sucks because nothing is close to this convention center.

>> No.9609867

>It sucks because nothing is close to this convention center.

they should just move this shit to LA or somewhere that has a lot of food places you can just walk to

>> No.9609869

Does anyone know who the 3 muscle bros with the stream are? They're nice looking

>> No.9609888

Hardly anything going on right now. I don't know in the gaming scene if this is normal for mag west but for CRX in the con scene, it's pretty whack. I hope tomorrow is better.

>> No.9609892

>Con is two hours away from me
>I need to take my car in to get it fixed.

I hope you all have fun.

>> No.9609912

How was it today, for those that went? Contemplating going. I only every go to the bigger cons nowadays, but I'm sure this should be pretty big considering it's CR.

>> No.9609915

Maybe a little high, but probably not as over-estimated as people are hoping. SVCC pulled in 10k+ their first year as well, and CRX is definitely marketing as hard as they did, if not harder. I think their only limited factor might be space- SVCC took up the whole SJ Con center, while Santa Clara is considerably smaller.

>> No.9609935

Dunno but they came up to an artist alley table asking for someone to draw them in the Yaoi-est pose possible for $3

>> No.9609937

Drive by their coliseum billboard every day on 880S.

Morbid curiosity might get me in on sun But I already promised to watch the Mayweather McGregor "fight" with friends tomorrow...

>> No.9609938

It's in Santa clara because it's cheap and still near crunchyroll's hq. If they wanted good to walk to they'd be in sj

>> No.9609950

I think it's worth going, solid booths and things to do.

>> No.9609959

>find a niche
>set a schedule
>get shout outs

its really easy

also lewds will get you a bunch of "empty followers" which will just gawk at you, not pay for shit, never retweet you, so don't be impressed by high follower counts for lewds lol

once you hit 10k followers, you dont gotta worry about shit, the rest will come just because you have followers and post occassionally

>> No.9609989

That's LITERALLY what cons look at. I'm sorry that you're having delusions that conventions are not still a business. When you're looking at a cosplayer objectively, inviting someone with a small social media presence makes no fucking sense unless they're going to be free and absolutely guarantee some badge pull.

Source: I work for a couple of conventions.

>> No.9610001

This is pretty good for its first year. Sad Magwest isn't bigger but the game room has some pretty good cabinets and I'm always happy to see Super Soul Bros. For CRX I think the venue is just big enough. No spot looks too empty. Also the AA is top notch.

>> No.9610036

>CRX event ends at 10.
>MAG is 24 hours
Although CRX may have the guest, but mag has the parties.

>> No.9610069

That is suspiciously way too much insider knowledge about CWF. Anyways, I don't think CRX cares about any of that since it's not relevant to them.

Also wrestling storytelling can also be found in tv soap operas but mexican novella fans don't try so hard to get panels at anime conventions. You're trying too hard to blend in two things only you like that don't need to go together. Sorry CRX rejected some niche wrestling panel, maybe it should actually be about anime.

>> No.9610072

nice meeting you. Should've told you I don't drink :<

>> No.9610105

Yo we're playing Joking Hazard in either lobby or second floor or Hyatt in a bit

>> No.9610108


Woody's Got Wood?

>> No.9610113

Oh shit where yal at?

>> No.9610139

probably weapons grade waifus. weeb military-esque art. they're based in union city.

>> No.9610156

Never forgetti

>> No.9610157

>That is suspiciously way too much insider knowledge about CWF.

All of that stuff were things they announced in show and on their FB.

>> No.9610161

CRX rejected some niche wrestling panel, maybe it should actually be about anime.

CRX has the following items In their programming....

Mario Mashup - CRE guests play against each other in Mario Kart. While the play Mario Kart the appeal of the panel is to watch guest fight each other.

Lastman Screening - Which is a new animation based off of a COMIC BOOK

>> No.9610171

I'd say both are more relevant than CWF to the convention

>> No.9610297

CWF falls under the same umbrella as events like cosplay burlesque and cosplay chess and the masquerade.

You're forgetting that the participants of the show are actual cosplayers and there's no wrestling involved. A CWF entry could be entered in the masquerade if it wanted to. Not to mention AX has CWF as featured programming and AX is notorious for being super tight when it comes to allowing fan panels/non anime content.

So my question to you is why is CWF not relevant to an anime con?

>> No.9610399
File: 284 KB, 960x945, IMG_6814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wheres the party's @ tonight?

>> No.9610414

It's still a relatively new concept on the scene. It's not really comparable to those others because if you go up to the average con goer they have an okay idea of what the burlesque, masq and chess are but you're going to get a lot of incorrect guesses on what CWF is. Also I think a lot of wrestling fans forget that not everyone knows about the smack talk culture or what makes pro-wrestling appealing in the first place.

Bitching about not getting picked up will get you nowhere. All you can do is re-evaluate your pitch for next time .

>> No.9610585

>know all throughout the US.

For being a psychotic, two-faced, hypocritical bitch. Yes.

>> No.9610596

Already day 2 at the con and I'm already depressed I came here alone after all my other friends bailed. I'm just wandering around the exhibition hall trying my best not to spend money either.

>> No.9610655

Is it true they're confiscating all liquids at the entrance. Seems like people would be dying.

>> No.9610675

I went in with a bottle of gatorade just fine.

>> No.9610732

Whoever told you that is a liar

>> No.9610750

Are you a trap?

>> No.9610767

No why

>> No.9610776

why not make new friends at con?

>> No.9610801

Two faced? How

>> No.9610810

Has anyone met Amano or gone to his art exhibit? How was it?

>> No.9610814

Hard to when everyone seems to be in a group of friends already, plus it would seem weird to cling to a stranger all weekend without knowing them well

>> No.9610822

Went as Kobayashi and Tohru with my gf, was my first time cosplaying and was pretty fun tbqh

>> No.9610824

Art exhibit was legit. It's a lot of the original pieces used for early FF.

>> No.9610841

Went in with two water bottles, dunno where this came from.

Was a highlight for me, fantastic, not too crowded. Really impressed with this con so far desu

>> No.9610845

I went in through the parking garage and was fine with water. But at the entrance with the food trucks security was making everyone get rid of all outside food and drink, which was retarded because they advertised the food trucks inside.

>> No.9610864

I met him and waited in line for an hour for a friend so that he could sign a few art books. He gave everyone a small drawing on whatever it was that people wanted him to sign, as well as his signature.

>> No.9610869

Also the turnout was really good, I don't have a lot of experience to compare but there are big crowds and a lot of artists.

>> No.9610872

Are you a cute boy anon?

Who are you cosplaying as?

>> No.9610874

I'm a boy but not cosplaying

Could be cute tho

>> No.9610880

>goes on /cgl/ and doesnt cosplay

I think we've found why you have no friends at cons anon

>> No.9610887

To be fair not many people are doing cosplay here either compared to fanime

>> No.9610895
File: 1.80 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any of you guys going to the Claris concert, if anyone wants to hang out look for the guy with glow sticks

>> No.9610905

I´m sorry but who is CWF??? It´s a cosplayer right? She´s not even on the guest list?

>> No.9610926

its cosplayers who trash talk each other like its pro wrestling. if you never watched wrestling it won't be very interesting.

>> No.9610953
File: 1.82 MB, 371x209, tumblr_okvna4S8de1s05wxzo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>rejected some niche wrestling panel
>>should be about anime

What about Tiger Mask W?
What about animes that used wrestling moves in their fight scenes?

We could've had the wrestlers from Tiger Mask as guests

>> No.9610979
File: 1.70 MB, 2592x1944, 20170826_113548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Took a picture with a pretty cool Ike, I wanted to take a bunch of selfies with other cosplayers but it was two years since I wore my suit, and I was totally destroyed in maybe 4 hours

>> No.9611010


>> No.9611022

Okay, so aside from how CWF got Bret'd by CRX

How's the con itself overall? I know people are saying this is better than Japan Expo, but that's not really saying much. So is CRX worth going if they are gonna have another go at 2018?

>> No.9611029
File: 8 KB, 234x250, 1422730282701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>These big fucking licensing companies throwing around their cash to make a ''''''convention'''''' which is a glorified ad platform for their content
Madman Entertainment does the same fucking thing here in Australia and they're killing off independents with it

>> No.9611051

if they kept their expectations down it has done fine. good amount of people on saturday. the guest selection was decent but not ones i cared for. i think it would be worth at least one day if they hold it again next year as there's not really enough to do for multiple days unless you're going to see as many panels and guests as possible. it's not a big con like AX or Fanime that has lots to do for multiple days

we have a ton of cons in california to begin with so crx isn't really doing damage to the smaller ones. there's not much overlap and of the ones coming up they are different targets. sacanime next weekend mainly caters to people up north. sf comic con is, well, a comic con. jpop summit in two weeks is more about music which crx doesn't cover at all. if anything crx would be the one in danger because they were gambling on this time slot so late in the summer. i think they've pulled through for a first year con.

>> No.9611057

>No food or drink allowed inside via front gate
>rear gate doesn't give a fuck
>Only suppose to enter through the main entrance
>people walking out of the AA and back to get to the food trucks because there's literally nothing around for like a mile.
>the AA is literally over crowded and they had to seperate tables in first fucking row because the AA artists threaten to call the fire marshall.
>Everything is spaced way the fuck out for no reason.
>200 fucking AA people
>autograph hall is a fucking mess
>roach coaches instead of a goddamn maid cafe


>> No.9611058

oh I forgot the best one

>> No.9611061

>roach coaches

>> No.9611062

Food Trucks are called roach coaches back in the day for obvious reasons.

>> No.9611067

first time in California, anon-kun?

>> No.9611090

bitch please, Fanime all you need to do is go outside and get them from the mexicans for a dollar.

>> No.9611105

>maid cafe ever being worth shit for food
Food trucks cost like ten bucks out here but at least the food is good

Just sneak food in because they don't even check under whatever you have on top of the inside of your bag

>> No.9611140


>Started on time
>Ended on time
>People stayed for awards
>A guy won
>Interesting half time act

It's like im 13 years old all over again

>> No.9611141

Dude, the game show was a hoot. Hime dancer was phenominal! Bowser was also an excellent dancer (and so cute omg she's me con crush). And the AoT act was a riot.

>> No.9611209

Lololo implying Fanime staff has anything to do with the Mexicans.

And why is 200 AA people a bad thing?

Also maid cafes suck ass. Why do you want to overpay for Costco pastries and shitty tea and wait 3 hours for it?

>> No.9611216

>And why is 200 AA people a bad thing?
Because artists presumably make less money, but for guests it's great because of the variety.

>> No.9611271

so they can talk to cute cosplay grills anon, not like they can get attention anywhere else

>> No.9611330

maid cafes aren't even a good place to talk to cute girls because their time is spread out amongst a whole table

the mexicans are everywhere all the time. concert? check. convention? check. they make money and the cops don't hassle them

>> No.9611344

Yesterday Saturday around noonish the two door guards starting enforcing it. People walking back from the food trucks either turned around or dumped their leftovers in the now overflowing trashcans. Those tables next to the doors had confiscated water bottles all lined up. It was odd because in the morning I got through with two bottles in my backpack just fine

>> No.9611348

Not really animu but mega64's panel was a blast. They couldn't get their laptop to display their video intro and the con A&V guy was stumped so they just turned off all the lights and did the rest of the Q&A in the dark.
Was a highlight for me especially since I can never make it out to AX

>> No.9611479

Loved it too, I think their panels works best when they're small, especially when the audience are diehard fans and ask good legitimate and interesting questions. Watch any Anime Expo panel they've done and you'll see how cringy those are in comparison.

>> No.9611610

There was miscommunication because they started letting fluids back in an hour later. Failing that just go through an ajar exit door instead of the actual entrances

>> No.9611703

How was CRX from an "expo" point of view? I work for an industry company and I'm wondering if you guys think it'd be worth having a booth there next year.

>> No.9611741

Nobody wants to hang out with some guy that doesn't even bother to cosplay, it's just weird, dude.

>> No.9611744

>comic shit
Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.9611808

I wanted to go; there videos available?

>> No.9611814

Decent foot traffic even on a Sunday in general. Not sure of the numbers but it looked good for a first year.

>> No.9611859

Anyone know why the police presence was that intense? Don't think I've ever seen that many cops at a con before

>> No.9611880

Because terrorists n shit

>> No.9611933

I went to the CRX feedback panel and we got to speak with the CR CEO and got a few questions answered.

>10k-12k estimated attendees (not official yet as con was still happening)
>Working on getting more of the following (content regarding panels, game room, quiet/relaxing room, 18+ panels, viewing rooms, backdrop photosetups)
>No definite location for next year yet (up in the air, could Santa Clara could be somewhere else)
>Want to push guidebook app more (imo it was very streamlined the way they setup their guidebook extension)
>Might look into 2 day badges/family packages (since they had a dedicated kids day on Sunday)
>Looking into more food kiosk and food truck options (limited because SCCC didn't want food trucks but Hyatt allowed them on their parking lot)
>Addition of cosplay repair center
>Planning of CRX 2018 is going to start in 2 weeks
>CRX2017 was planned 6 months ahead of time
>Working on improving autographs and acquiring tickets

Taking into consideration it is a first year, it did very well. I will attend next year for sure

>> No.9611954

>improving autographs
Really? I thought it went great. Then again, I got my autograph tix by going balls AM in the morning

>> No.9611968

I had fun, I'd definitely go again next year

>> No.9611988

Thanks for shating this anon. I missed that panel.

This was such a nice con. It all went so smoothly. I can't wait for CRX 18. I really hope they partner with Magfest again. Dancing like a maniac to chiptune was a highlight.

>> No.9611998

Well some people were asking if it was possible to have more to do in the morning because even though some people are ok with waiting in line 1-2 hours for an autograph, others aren't. They just want CRX to add more content so time goes by faster

They said they're open to the idea but that this all just happened by coincidence

>> No.9612028

What was everyone's thoughts on the Artist alley? Location? Management?

>> No.9612040

As an artist, I had no expectations since this was a first year con. Did about average for what I pull at most cons anyway, so I'd call it a success.

I was towards the end of the alley (like near the end of the hall) and I thought it was really roomie, comfortable, and well-air-conditioned, but I heard that in the middle and towards the front of the AA it was a lot stuffier and more congested due to some weird layouting errors, which sucks.

Overall pretty good, though. I felt like the AA had a good mix of different types of artists. I wanna say it was a little print-heavy, but I also didn't get to see the Alley much.

>> No.9612057

Loved the AA, made great especially considering it's a first year con.

The arrangement of artists was superb, loved the different craft artists and not all cheesecake artists. Please do this again.

>> No.9612058

As someone who spends alot of times in AAs as a non-artist, the setup of the tables was mostly okay, the first row was oddly cramped compared to other rows. I don't think they actually measured the space between rows at all and eyeballed it with how inconsistent spacing was between rows. It was certainly stuffier in those aisles and areas, although for all I know it could just be how the A/C placement of the hall worked out.

I agree with >>9612040 that the hall was a bit print heavy, but that does seem to be a trend these days as many artists have built up large print libraries the last few years. Certainly less craft booths than other cons.

Given the size of the hall that AA was in, I doubt there was any other spot they could have placed it in without shrinking the size, since they would have never moved main stage to where AA was because they desired the complete level of darkness that the AA room with it's windows at the side wouldn't have offered. It was weird how they had a staffer just walk around each aisle yelling when it was close to closing time.

All in all it was a good AA, significantly better setup and showing compared to other cons that attempt to start large.

>> No.9612082

Oh, sweet new summer child

>> No.9612085

tfw they haven't partnered with Hoodslam, which literally have Ryu, Ken, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and the Predator as wrestlers.

>> No.9612087

Except the animation was fairly Japanese (granted, RT involvement) and that doesn't explain all the My Hero Academia up in the place.

>> No.9612088

I'll be honest, everyone I talked to, even niche guys who normally do APE or guys out of state, did really well - I mean, it's kind of a consequence of the fact this was probably the biggest nerd-related con Santa Clara Convention Center has done (HydraCon was small, AOD last year was small, GaymerX was small, Japan Expo was smallish) - and aside from the aisle against the wall, the layout was good and aside from rush hour traffic, everyone I commissioned from and chatted with said at worst they did better than break even.

>> No.9612094

Also, desu they should have put up a big-ass sign saying "HEY IF YOU ARE FROM MAG-WEST OR YOU ARE CRX-REGISTERED BUT GOING TO MAG-WEST, PLEASE HEED THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS". None of the volunteers enforced it on Friday except some staff vets toward the end (and at least there was a few notifications in the main atrium about restrictions), then Saturday, someone tried to stamp down and told everyone we couldn't get into panels, period... which was shittily enforced (I always got into everything that wasn't main stage and even then I managed to get into Masq/Game Show).

Also, Crunchyroll should kind of talk to Aramark - first day, we were explicitly told drinks were okay, but then second day, people were saying they couldn't come in with drinks, which apparently got rescinded or something.

>> No.9612100 [DELETED] 
File: 1.41 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoever left this in the Mag-West feedback box... keep doing the Lord's work.

>> No.9612103
File: 846 KB, 3264x2448, IMG_7955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoever posted this in the MagWest feedback box... you're doing the Lord's work, son.

>> No.9612113

They had to else CR and others would dominate the local market for streaming. It's the right move to expand into mixed media like CR. They're still gonna lose in the long run imo.

The next step is if madman can sustain growth before the internation anime funding era happens within the next 5 years which coincide with chinese/korean animation wave.

Also its good to have some fresh blood in the con scene for some of the states like WA,QLD. I kind would like to see them maybe expand into NZ or SA.

>> No.9612156

I have to say, that fucking skit + the host throwing in "I Believe" was fucking great.

>> No.9612233

CRX fucking sucked.

The lobby alone for MAG was better than CRX's entire convention.

>> No.9612252

>MAG panels sucked
>Shitty artists in "jam" room

The only thing It had going for it was the arcade and concert room and that was literally 50% of what there was to do at MAG, so I'm pretty sure this is bait or you're retarded

>> No.9612265

Damn, wish I knew that on my visit on Friday. So that's why some random dude near the food trucks thought my magwest badge could get into panels. I saw a few times that badge-checking sucked, but didn't get enough time to actually try sneaking into things.

>> No.9612360

>mfw bomb sniffing dog appears

>> No.9612502

Mag panels were way more interesting that the generic stuff CRE had

>> No.9612505

>being a sperg

>> No.9612688

It sucked on both ends, but Mag-West's suckage was more enforcing it for concert space - the wording basically said nothing except for the concert space (I guess they implied no panel access).

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll tried to crack down hard Saturday. I was Mag-West registered, so

>> No.9612824

Site said that MAGWest badge gives you access to the exhibit hall

CRE badge gets you access to concerts

What's so hard to understand?


>> No.9612968

Except volunteers and some staff on both ends didn't know about this and the big "RESTRICTIONS" poster in the atrium got taken down Saturday for whatever reason.

>> No.9613010

>waiting in Amano line
>In the third row, friends in the second row, followed by a group and some girl in a chocobo shirt idk
>they call up the first row
>Rat her ass out
>staffer dressed as Nightwing lays down the banhammer
>smugly bask in the glow of justice
haha bitch get dunked

Every person I told this story to seemed mildly impressed that staff even gave two shits, so I guess that's to CRX's credit.

>> No.9613425
File: 1.29 MB, 245x160, 1480431209951.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>two FFXV cosplayers in second line
>another group shows up and says hello, then just stays in the line
>mfw and also when they announced that the tickets for Amano were out
>just went straight home

>> No.9613827
File: 2.04 MB, 4032x2268, 20170825_174605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry anon. What prevented you from arriving earlier to secure a ticket? Due to this con's size, this was probably the easiest chance to get Amano's autograph; all you had to do was show up a few hours early and wait.

Did you at least see his art work on display in the upstairs gallery before going home?

>> No.9614482
File: 2.64 MB, 4160x2080, 20170826_140618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me and the husbando got there in the morning before the place opened, ended up being in the fourth line
The only problem was people kept cutting in line whenever it shifted
I'm also double butt-hurt because Mega64 also did their podcast that day and I could've got in on that

>upstairs gallery
Yeah we got in that, it was pretty cool, incidentally Octopimp was there wearing that ahegao shirt

>> No.9614700

known CRX shill spotted

>> No.9614703

>10k attendees

Sounds like bullshit.

There were probably barely 5k attendees

>> No.9614705

Can't believe they made CRX a free, badgeless event except for the dealer's hall

Thats really cool of Crunchyroll to make the event completely free

Oh wait it wasn't free? Maybe put some staff checking badges around the con you fucking morons.

Entire weekend I went to multiple panels and events, the artist alley, and the dumb gallery thing without a badge. Didn't need to sneak in at all cause there wasn't anyone checking badges.

>> No.9614708

Badges did nothing for CRE except Dealer's Hall cause there was no one checking badges for anything but that

>> No.9614711

it felt like way more people than Japan Expo and they were supposed to have 5k

>> No.9614775

Why would you complain about that

>> No.9615017
File: 17 KB, 328x215, hmph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyart, but if I shelled out a chunk of cash for a badge yet didn't even need to use it then I'd be mad too.

>> No.9615579

So why are people complaining about the lack of fan panels?

>> No.9617985
File: 13 KB, 332x332, 1490143388017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


CRX honestly wasnt too bad, we had quite a bit of fun at it :^)

>> No.9622425


The Mega 64 panel was probably the only thing to break up the monotony

>> No.9622990

>Not liking panels dedicated to the actual industry the con is set up for
>Not liking panels that showcase the behind the scene process of anime
>Prefer panels usually lead by unprofessional people who lack basic public speaking skills speaking on dumb subjects

>> No.9623456

Its not a preference its a balance, 2/3rds of the Crunchyroll panels were blatant advertisement. Behind the scene process of anime is rarely shown at these panels, shows like Toco Toco TV do a better job if thats what you care for. And its exclusively anime that Crunchyroll wants you to buy, specifically the anime. Nothing for manga, games, the creators or anything else.

This is either someone too young to understand why black and white logic is bad or a diehard Crunchyroll Shill I'm responding to.

>> No.9623530

The people that are defending CRX this hard remind me of the people that defend Mighty No. 9 really hard

It wasn't a trainwreck but it certainly wasn't a con worth $70 with $120 VIP Passes

>> No.9625049

I just really don't like fan panels. I think AX was smart by kicking them to the curb, same thing with CRE. Sure they products they want to sell but the overall quality of the panel is still leagues better than Homstuck QAs and bullshit like that.

Wondercon, Comic con and Big Wow all got rid of fan panels and keep everything tied to guest and industry and its way better for it

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