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AKA clean up your room or do you live in a cellar

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Sometimes images like these make me sad. Wish I had more Asherbee saved, her house looks disgusting.

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I'm not a cosplayer but I've been to lots of their houses. Most of them are like this. Messy and cluttered as fuck.

Why are cosplayers so dirty?

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Neither of these are real houses, they┬┤ve gotta be staged

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Nope. First one is from Mexico, not sure about the second, and this one is from the USA.

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>ITT: Cursed images

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oh god, I think I actually know who this is.

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Blocked this one out because he is just a kid. But this poor kid's mum posted this on my local cosplay page. That god damn room, I feel incredibly sorry for him, he gets dragged around to cons, where his mother dresses him up like he is a doll and then lives in a dump like that.

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God, is it stuff he'd be into at least? Or is it obviously mom forcing her interests onto him?

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Holy crap this gives me flash backs of being younger, there are drugs in that house, I guarantee it

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The second one probably is, but the first one with the pink hair is almost certainly someone's real living conditions.

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I thought it was fake at first too, but if you look into the background, there is a computer and monitor set up and running, with what appears to have youtube playing. If this wasn't a real house there would be neither electricity nor wifi

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Holy shit, how does people live like this?

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I have no idea. You hear people blame it on poverty all the time, but that's dumb and judgemental. There's a difference between being poor, and being filthy.

Hell, there's a difference between clutter and filth. You can be poor and still keep a relatively neat and clean home.

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this one always makes me the saddest. she looks so happy.

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Really. I grew up in a home like that. Your "normal" meter is pretty broken. When you live in that kind of situation. Your nerd hobby is all you have sometimes.

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Speaking from experience, if you aren't in a good state mentally that stuff can really start to pile up. You set something down and say "I'll get it later" and then you put something else on top of it, and something else on top of that, etc etc etc. Hoarding is a lot like that, you keep telling yourself "I need this, it's useful, I don't want to throw this fabric scrap away because it was expensive and I might use it again, this thing here has sentimental value and I can't bear to part with it" etc

I used to live in a room that was literally stuffed to the ceiling. Think Howl Jenkins' bedroom except it was 99% trash I would never use again. When I moved out of there I threw most of it away. It was no way to live.

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Didn't this girl turn out to live in one of the worst parts of Mexico? Really sad. :(

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>if you aren't in a good state mentally

Mental illness and depression I can understand that lack of awareness more.

>I need this, it's useful, sentimental value, etc,

This is that difference between clutter and filth I mentioned. I know I do the 'I may need it later/this means something to me' thing, and have been fighting it and paring things down in little bits.

It's hard when you know you can't afford to replace something. Or when a thing has a happy memory associated with it, when your life is not so happy.

General filth and dirt, bugs, etc, without mental illness is what I do not understand. I was protesting people who hold up 'but I'm poor, weh' as an excuse, or people who say that it's obviously filthy because the person is poor.

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Not staged, but she looks like a clean normal person. Maybe her family are just lazy people.

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>filth, dirt, bugs
>without mental illness

If you've got shit crawling around in your trash piles and you're not immediately going Agent J on every single one, there's probably some mental illness involved.

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I spent 2 years living with someone who was (as he claimed) mildly schizophrenic. Specific mental illnesses like schizophrenia can cause a complete lack of give a shit about hygiene. He was pretty unclean himself, but the house was worse. He was chain smoker indoors, unventilated, and my friends claimed they could smell the house 5ft away. I couldn't even enter his room to clean because it smelled so horrible. He had 5 cats, two of which were long-haired so there was cat fur and the occasional puke pile in addition to all the cans and cigarette butts. I tried to keep things clean by myself, but it became too much to handle so I eventually just stuck to keeping my room clean (and sealed) and caring for the cats. Pic related is what the living room looked like 2-3 days after cleaning. The basement and his bedroom were significantly worse. Like there were paths in the basement lined with cigarette butts. Also the laptop pictured here had so much ash caked in the keyboard he has a 2nd keyboard sitting on top of it.

I was so glad when I finally got out.

I can understand how poverty can contribute to some of these houses that look like they have a ton of structural damage, but when the house looks fine and its just clutter in the background its guaranteed mental illness.

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Jesus christ. I'm sorry you ever had to live there, and I'm glad you got away.

I can have empathy and patience for people struggling with mental health issues, but I have a hard line when they won't do anything to help themselves, be it therapy, medication, or just trying their best, and make other people (and animals), suffer. That is the point of go fuck yourself.

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My brother is schizophrenic and there is nothing you can do to get them out of their apathetic mood.
the medication he got is just there to lessen the little voices in his head not make him more dynamic.
And it's bad for his heart apparently but without it Jesus asks hiom to do bizarre stuff such as not eating for 40 days....

They are a lost cause.

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This thread makes me sad.

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Knew someone like this in college. Cat hair and all. Always sick because of it.

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Not OP but I'll dump a few gems I've saved over the years of disgusting battle stations.

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These images are neither cosplay or EGL, I love seeing them but please make them relevant

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Found a few more.

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i'm really surprised they own a bedframe? usually that's the first start of grossness

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I'll never understand why people get so buttmad about messes in what are clearly crafting spaces. Unrelated bedroom shots are one thing, but I have never met a cosplayer whose craft area isn't a disaster leading up to the con.

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>implying any of the messes posted are a result of crafting
peeling wallpaper and water damage is not crafting

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>lack of bedframe is start of grossness
>implying it's not the lack of bed sheets

Imagine the oil buildup. For the point/those with limited space, a bedframe is an unnecessary inconvenience.

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what the fuck

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investing all that money into plastic but not decent living conditions...what

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decent living conditions don't fix bad charisma, which is the cause of being lonely.

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I like this from an aesthetic standpoint. It'd be cool if the girl was thin and more attractive.
Thanks for posting this, anon. I'm going to save it and use it as photography inspo. I swear if she was some pale, skinny Russian chick, that picture would have at least 4k notes on Tumblr.

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Is that...is that a sailor uniform?

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Straight out of a horror visual novel

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well that's why I'm surprised. Like how are you rich and together enough for a bedframe but not sheets?

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