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Previous thread >>9629318

Try to keep it /cgl/ related and not just about your family/relationship problems

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Man I just really love lolita.

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I need to do my makeup for a cosplay i dont even want to do, i dont know how to put make up on, and i really don't want to do It. Im new to this and
i feel ugly and shitty and i just want some help

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>be a lolita
>need to consider how to spend on burando in the future
>interested in digital currency
>miss out on bitcoin boom
>take out $10,000 out of brokerage account
>buy ethereum in 2015 when it was $0.50
>sit on it
>cash out ethereum two weeks ago
>now have over $5,000,000
>don't have to worry about spending too much on burando, I have enough money to buy burando
>last week
>phone starts blowing up
>"Hi Anon, this is so-and-so reporter from the WSJ"
>"Hi Anon, I'm so-and-so reporter from Bloomberg"
>"Hi this is ZeroHedge calling!"
>have to hire an attorney to refer all questions concerning my ethereum score so media leaves me alone
>no comment because I don't want 15 minutes of fame and I'm a private person
>lose money because I need to hire lawyer
>will lose money again because I need to pay Uncle Sam
>will have less money to spend on burando

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Don't worry you'll probably still have several million left over.
just be smart and you can make that into even more burando money
I envy you, good luck anon

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If you suck at makeup, just ask someone else to do it. If you're stuck in a place where you have to do it yourself, I'd honestly suggest you just not put makeup on at all. Makeup can make a cosplay look a hundred times better, but if you suck it just ruins it all and looks laughable.

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>get into cosplay
>have no previous experience with makeup or hair styling
>wig looks cheap and makeup isn't the best
>get posted here in the bad cosplay thread
it makes no sense why people here are so obsessed with ridiculing people who just want to learn

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I want Squirrel Party so badly and I don't know why.
I already have a bunch of expensive burando I really like but fuck I want the squirrels. It's too bad the only ones left on the bodyline site are the backwards print. Maybe one day.

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this seems so $100% real lol

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Thanks for the reply do you guys have any good simple makeup tutorial? Im really lost here....

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I dreamed I was on the toilet at a tea party when someone kicked down the door and shattered my nose. I got blood all over my burando. Thank god I woke up immediately.

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It happens to lots of people, don't take it to heart. If anything, take it as a little push to do better for yourself. Not exactly the same but when I started in Lolita I found myself in a few ita threads. Hit me hard at the time, but at the time I was really settling for that being the best I could do, so being posted was a pretty good kick to learn how to dress better and I feel a lot better about myself.

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Just take their advice and move on.

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sit tight ill be making one next week for silly boys like you

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usually when people get posted in those threads, the comments are just that it sucks and they look ugly, no concrit at all. Just bashing random people
which is why I'm glad those threads have died down

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Stop larping faggot

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If I was nearer to you friend I would help!
As a base I usually put on a bb cream, some mousse through my eyebrows, and some mascara. False lashes might also be a good start~

I just bought some basic-tier skirts and thigh highs a week ago, and as they're starting to trickle I just recently realized I can use my IW blouses with them.
I've been slightly less in love with most classic releases lately, and have been getting more into collecting old MM pieces. Despite the market being down lately, most pieces have been so expensive and it makes my heart sad
>at least my dream will go on for longer, then

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If you suck at cosplay and know it, don't post photos online until you learn. not that difficult.

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different tutorials go well with different faces (shape, eye color, eye size, what needs to be emphasized or hidden for your specific face), and what character you're doing.

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I don't post photos online, it's the people who say your cosplay looks good and ask to take pics, then dump them on /cgl/

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>weight fluctuations causing cosplay measurements to be all over the place
How do you manage cut and bulk cycles while trying to cosplay?

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I super duper want to believe you, is there anything you can do to prove this is really happening?

Your story sounds cool, anyway!

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I want the Japanese sellers I'm buying from to mail their stuff to my SS faster so I can get my stuff faster hurry up now Now!!!

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>Do really well on first cosplay.
>Real life friends want to jump in and cosplay with me.
>Want to do 4 person group cosplay.
>Literally everyone picks the exact same costume as me.
>Despite this we make it big and even get recognized on Twitter by the dev of the game we are cosplaying.
>Everyone mad hype for next cosplay.
>Tell them the plan 7 months in advanced.
>No communication from them except people looking up straight up party City Halloween costumes and asking me if they are good.
>I make everyone an essential part of the cosplay so all they need to do is make some armor shoulders.
>The week of the con, 1 friend is scrambling to now START.
>Other one has a party City costume and last one has literally nothing.
>Just me and my wife cosplay only for like half of 1 day because we were so disappointed.

Bad feels.

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Sorry that happened to you then, anon. I have no sympathy for people who knowingly post photos of their shit cosplay online, but it's different when someone is just trying to have fun at a con and someone is too scared to say something to their face so they shit talk them anonymously on 4chan.

kind of like when someone secretly snapped a pic of a lolita in a super casual coord and posted it. just overall creepy.

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I get to go shopping for fun fashion now. Huzzah! I just bought a bunch of cute underwear. The other stuff I want to buy will be coming out in October. I'll be getting a couple sweaters and new thigh high socks for the collection.

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>Extremely hyped for secret santa
>Looks at form

I've already lost twenty pounds but I'm so embarrassed to put my actual measures. I'm waiting until nearer to the deadline to see if they change more. I know it's unlikely to get clothing in the secret santa and the measurements section is optional but a girl can dream. I also don't want my santa to judge me.

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Same. I just gave my shoe measurement and what kind of clothes I could fit in instead of exact measurements.

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I can finally be a weeb

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I reached my milestone of 20 dresses!
Sadly I've only gotten the opportunity to wear half of them out...
I'm still working up the courage to wear lolita out more. In the meantime just making coords is really fun.

>tfw now broke but swimming in brand

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I love my forwarding company so much. I asked them to confirm the weight of my package since it was unexpectedly heavy. They got back to me super fast to say they'd do it, then offered to pop the box open and photograph the contents, and even repackage it if the packaging itself was the source of the extra weight. They've always gone the extra mile to make me happy, and I'm glad to know I can trust them with my business and my brand.

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>tfw my friends find room in their hotel for me at the last minute

I avoid eggs at the con because the risk of food poisoning is too high. What are some other good foods to avoid?

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My dick

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(posted on wrong thread before)
>Go on a complete cleaning spree. Throw away as much as possible
>Find a weirdly constructed rose from my bodyline shoes
>Haven't used them with the shoes for a long time so throw it away.
>Flash forward to meet, want to wear my BTSSB headbow, notice it's missing one of it's weirdly constructed roses.
>I fucked up.

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There's a very high chance that I'm going to be moving interstate.

It's taken me several years, but I've made several friends in my comm. I can comfortably make conversation with 50% of the members without feeling anxious.

I don't want to have to start again.

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never eat the con food. most of the time there are restaurants nearby that are better and cheaper.

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>me, new to lolita, checking websites for pieces to start collecting
>Finds dress I saw once and have been lusting after for a while for cheap
>Seller is in the US
>I'm not, and I won't be for a few more months
I feel I should be focusing on the basics, like blouses and underskirts/bloomers for now, but damn I really wanted it. It hurts, man, hurts real bad.

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Who did you use?

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If you will be in the US eventually, why don't you explain your situation to the seller so that you pay now & they will only send the dress once you're there? Possibly offering to pay more for it if it helps. They might not want to do it if they're decluttering or something, but I think it's worth trying if it's something you've been after for a while.

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>thinking of killing myself last year, every living moment
>got work
>got therapy
>lost weight
>cosplay looks better and better.
>crafting skills are leveling up
>still feels anxious about work, friends, crush.
>Work has been giving me lots of stress
>partially because of my own fault
>thinking of killing myself again
>feeling anxious and relax at the same time feels strange!
I am writing stuff down, helps a lot with shitty toughs.

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>be man
>weigh almost 200lbs
>not a fatty
>little girl tells me I would have made a pretty lady

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Relatable. Do you take something to help with anxiety? Like Xanax?

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Good feel:
>have been very active in local lolita comm for the last few months
>starting to really get along with people
>be invited along for dinner after meets, people initiate conversations with me online and IRL, everyone leaves nice comments on my social media and seems interested in my life
>feel like I'm finally making lolita friends

Bad feel:
>hours at work got cut significantly
>will still make enough for rent and groceries but will need to reign in lolita spending a lot
>will run out of new things to wear to meets really fast now, especially since meetup invite frequency is increasing
>comm isn't that brandwhore-y and I doubt people will exclude me based on this, but still feels bad man
>will have to miss out on most releases (+ release talk), can't participate in auction talk, etc.
>literally zero friends left outside of lolita so social life kind of depends on this stuff
I'm a pretty decent seamstress, have every issue of OnS and have access to very affordable good quality fabric so I'm going to try to spend my extra free time making new stuff instead of buying it. I prefer non-print anyway.
>is what I tell myself

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I want to lose weight, but my medication really keeps me from losing. I finally got under 50 kg, been struggling for a few weeks now, lowered the doses on my medication but I can feel my mind slipping already.
I'm terrified that I'll go to a meet/con and lose it, but I don't want to take my meds and gain weight. Guess I should just buy Fancy Hospital already.

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Don't put other people in danger from you going batshit just because you want to lose weight.

>> No.9633874

That's what I'm thinking too. I'm not prone to violence and the like, but it could really be bad if something happened, and the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone in any way. Thank you for actual solid advice.

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Start counting calories and find what your TDEE is with the medication.

>> No.9633896

I do count calories (and usually eat less than 500/day). My medication is just messing up my metabolism and body, antipsychotics are famous for that.

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>buy ticket to first con
>put in for days off at work
>about to buy hotel room
>something suddenly dawns on me
>realize that I don't fit in at all
>didnt buy room

Where is the best place to sell a ticket? The con hasn't happened yet.

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110lbs is really low. How tall are You? Do you think you can control it without the meds?

>> No.9633914

I'm pretty short, around 5'2.
I wish, I'm still on a pretty high dose now, but I can feel that it's too low.

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I thought about it but I can't see them holding the dress for three and a half months, honestly.
Like I said, I'm still new to lolita so it's not the end of the world for me just yet. (Plus I really should not be spending money on frivolous things right now)

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I'm sorry, and at 110 you're at the low end for your height. Any lower and you'll be underweight and close to anemic.

Why do you want to lose more weight?

>> No.9633928

How tall are you?

>> No.9633932

Nevermind I see it.
Why would you want to lose more? You're at an ok weight right now.

>> No.9633937

Eating less than 500 calories a day is ridiculous, anon.

>> No.9633956

I think 110 lbs is a perfectly acceptable weight at that height. I don't think you need to lose any more than that.

>> No.9633962

Echoing other anons that your intake is too low. That could be messing with your metabolism too. Does your psych know about your eating habits? I'm not familiar with the range of antipsychotics, but your psych might be able to prescribe something else.

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just do what I do and subsist purely off of granola bars, pop tarts, and bottled water for the entirety of the con

or go out to eat with your friends if you're not pressed on cash

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My friend alerted me that some people in the local comms think I'm a sugar daddy.
>I'm literally the same age as majority of the comm.
>I'm frugal and sometimes pretty cheap.
I think it's pretty funny if not a little disconcerting.

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I just really don't like how my legs looks, and I feel too fat for J-fashion atm.

I know, but it's the only way I can lose right now.

Tried that, there's a few "new" ones that are supposed to not make you gain, but they don't do anything for me. Really wish they did tho.

>> No.9633994

in what way do you not fit in? like, if you want to go to a con, just go

>> No.9633996

congrats! I always stayed around the 20-25 mainpieces, just because my closet wouldn't fit more

>> No.9633997

Rather than lose weight, it would probably be more beneficial to exercise if you're at 110lbs and still feel fat. Having to restrict to 500cals a day to lose isn't healthy in that you probably aren't getting enough nutrients (and will feel shitty as a result). It's going to work against you and your weight loss in the longterm.

>> No.9634007

I can't explain it without sounding cringeworthy. I'm cringing as I type this. You're just gonna have to trust me man, I don't fit the bill.

>> No.9634011

If 400lb virgin weeaboos can fit the bill, you can too anon

>> No.9634016

Lmao not really. It's not that easy or simple.

>> No.9634019

It's your first con, right? What kind of people do you think attend cons?

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>currently a student from an upper middle class/well-off family
>have a job
>family pays for my living expenses
>as a result can afford to buy my own brand and other stuff I want
>bf is lower middle class
>he still offers to buy/buys me brand anyways
Fuck, I love him to death and I feel really bad every time he buys me something. I pay for his food half the time but I need to do it more frequently, I wish I could take care of him more.
I'm looking forward to the future and reaching a position where I can truly spoil him (and buy every dress I want by myself).

>> No.9634025

don't listen to the other anons, 110 lbs at 5'2 isn't low at all. especially if you're flabby/untoned. you could bear to lose another 10 pounds or so. try exercising.

>tfw lost ~20 pounds after quitting an antidepressant cold turkey and now i'm sub-100
feels good man

>> No.9634030

Sacrifice one of your dress to Jane Austen.

>> No.9634031

>/cgl/ - Cosplay & Eating Disorders

>> No.9634035

Being 5"2 and 95 lbs (or sub 100 etc) is underweight. Your weight can lead to health problems in the future.

Original anon, if you want to feel better, just exercise. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you get in shape you'll look and feel better at 110 lbs and you won't be set up for health problems when you're older either.

>> No.9634043

Take the Ana shit elsewhere. Enabling her suffering is cruel.

>> No.9634055

I bought the OP not too long ago in sax. It was the correct direction. But I feel you. I already own a good deal of brand. But the squirrels called to me.

>> No.9634065

People looking for a good time enjoying their favorite pastime hobby. They usually enjoy anime a lot and want to talk to others about their favorite shows, characters, waifus, ECT. Sometimes there's a few comic book fans as well doing cosplays of their favorite comic characters.

If I didn't know the crowd I wouldn't be saying I don't belong.

>> No.9634068

I've a bad stomach so tend to bring my own- theres a lot of packaged foods you can bring to eat; protein bars, tinned fish, packet soups, noodles, cereal, crackers & cheeses, fresh & dried fruit, lots of bottled water. If its a few days its bearable to just snack 5/6 times a day instead of eating regular meals.

>> No.9634072

>shedding weight naturally = ana shit
amerifats make me laugh

>> No.9634076

>Uses imperial measurements in post
>Lol stupid Americans
What a moronic false flag

>> No.9634097

sorry you're fat and can't stand other people being skinnier than you amerifat

>> No.9634099

Look at this American logic

>> No.9634100

look at this disgusting fatty logic

>> No.9634105

Are you okay?

>> No.9634108

You'll never be HWC

>> No.9634118

Calm down ana-chan

>> No.9634122

I mean, there's those people but there are also people who haven't watched anime in decades but come for the parties. There are people who come for the gaming. There are people who are just tagging along with their friends. Even if you say you don't belong, you won't really know without attending first because from my experience, con attendees are people from all walks of life.

>> No.9634127

Where has she been these days?

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>still wonder if lolita gangbang story was true.
>also wonder if there is any video.

>> No.9634130

Anons I'd so much rather buy stuff for your fat self than get something that might not fit you. Please don't be embarrassed!

>> No.9634138

Feeling sad and lost and wanting to buy some lolita to fill the void but nothing is calling to me. Also wanting to be spoiled. fuck.

>> No.9634139

Huh. My feelings exactly. I actually said this same thing in a text earlier.

May all of our dream dresses show up cheap and perfect condition so we can fill the void and have something to look forward to.

>> No.9634147

I just want to be pretty and girly seagulls )':

>> No.9634209

>be at DragonCon
>find a guy who's cosplaying as Rick
>he's p hot
>take him to my room
>suck his Pickle Rick
>it was p tasty
>ask him for his number
>find out were close by
>meet up at a bar last Saturday
>played some video games
>go to his apartment
>suck his Pickle Rick again
>tell him I'll be at AWA dressed up in lolita
>says he'll be dressed up in ouji

I'm looking forward to sucking his Pickle Rick in lolita at AWA. :3

>> No.9634229

If you want to hook up a blow bang situation I have a solid 8. I can put on a yellow shirt and pretend to be morty.

ooooooooo weeeeee

>> No.9634238

I got posted to the ita thread but all it did was make me stop wanting to be creative. I feel like my coords are boring but the minute I try to do something different people hate it

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>Be petite, Asian lolita
>Weird weaboo boys constantly hit on me
>Tell them I'm gay
>"haha lesbians so hot ;)"
>get grossed out
>then realize that I only get hit on by dudes is because my girly, lolita dresses make me seem straight to other gay girls.

Any other gulls experience this problem? I just want to be girly and drink tea with a lolita girlfriend rip.

>> No.9634246,1 [INTERNAL] 

>Recently had really bad depressive episode
>Grades dropped significantly from near perfect to just passing
>Spent a majority of my time just soaking up in my own self-hatred
>Decided to take up cross stitch and dabble in making small lolita accessories
>It's literally turned my life around - I feel successful after making things like I'm actually achieving something
I've always been the type of lolita who would just buy things and never hand make my own (I couldn't even sew a button on if I had tried) but doing "lolita lifestyle" type things and making cute lolita aesthetic pieces honestly gives me so much joy. Now I can see how cosplayers enjoy making costumes so much...
On a side note, does anyone know any good babby's first lolita sewing projects? I've made little bows and a couple rectangle headdresses, but I'm stumped as to what to make next.

>> No.9634249

>all walks of life
That's the thing, I'm from all walks of death.
>tips fedora as I sheathe my katana

But seriously, I'm not the same as any of them. Money isn't an issue, but wasting 300 on a room isn't the best way to blow my money.

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>Broken up with via text on Thursday.
>Violently ill since Friday.
>Burando parcel gets sent back yesterday because I couldn't get it.
>Wheel falls off car on the way to work today.
>Leaving for Japan in two weeks; probably going to get nuked.

At this point it would be sweet relief.

>> No.9634269

I can't decide whether to buy some accessories and a skirt I want now, or to save for another week or so and buy a dress I want instead.

>> No.9634271

>Recently had really bad depressive episode
>Grades dropped significantly from near perfect to just passing
>Spent a majority of my time just soaking up in my own self-hatred
>Decided to take up cross stitch and dabble in making small lolita accessories
>It's literally turned my life around - I feel successful after making things like I'm actually achieving something
I've always been the type of lolita who would just buy things and never hand make my own (I couldn't even sew a button on if I had tried) but doing "lolita lifestyle" type things and making cute lolita aesthetic pieces honestly gives me so much joy. Now I can see how cosplayers enjoy making costumes so much...
On a side note, does anyone know any good babby's first lolita sewing projects? I've made little bows and a couple rectangle headdresses, but I'm stumped as to what to make next.

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File: 230 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nqz51squm31s44uweo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>joined local comm facebook group months ago
>never been to a meet because of anxiety, lack of confidence in my coords, and don't have my own car
>pictures of a meet on Saturday were posted
>everyone looks like they're having fun
>get sad
>see next months meet
>"wow this looks REALLY great and fun, I really want to make an effort to go"
>its the same day as my sister's wedding

Will I ever go to my first meet or should I just accept my status as a lone lolita?

>> No.9634280

Wristcuffs, or maybe even sock toppers! And maybe those wired headbows?

>> No.9634286

Sock toppers baffle me. How do you keep them from riding up or falling down? I made stretch garters for a cosplay and they were so annoying

>> No.9634300

The handmade thread has a bunch of scans of OnS (popular lolita sewing book from Japan). There are some pretty simple, patternless accessory tutorials stuffed in there.

>> No.9634304

>finally started learning how to use a sewing machine and have all my materials
>project is simple but I'm still too nervous to start

>> No.9634314

I honestly hate having such a long face. I don't think it looks very good with sweet lolita, and sweet lolita is my favorite type of lolita to dress in.

>> No.9634322

Try being uggo and socially crippled.

>> No.9634359

Same here, anon. I'm femme and I only like other femmes. I actually have no idea how to let other girls know I'm gay without saying it. I heard if you make eye contact and smile at a girl for a while she'll know? But that sounds. Super creepy.

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Can I be real for a second?

This community is fucking atrocious right now. You're all acting like a bunch of whiny, entitled little babies. Ordinary women spent their money on fancy clothes for you to marvel at. They made it for YOU, and they're going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of "fans" picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren't perfect and are using that to fucking riot.

Guess what? No coord was never going to be perfect. It was never going to live up to your hype. It was never going to be everything you'd ever want in a lolita.

What it WAS meant to be was a fun way for girls to feel angelic and pretty, and I just checked the #lolita tag on Tumblr and it was exactly that. What more do you want?

Is the coord blouse-less? Sure. Is it wig-less? Maybe. Are the tights purchased from Spencer's Gifts? Sure, fine.

But holy shit what do these people OWE YOU?

How fucking entitled do you have to be to witness this painstakingly-crafted Jfash and then say "yeah but..."

We should all be fucking weeping in our chairs right now at the sheer size and scale of the achievement. We should be showering the people behind this thing with the praise they deserve for pulling off one of the most elegant fashion trends in recent history.

Lolitas don't owe you their beauty. Yet they gave you 18 QUINTILLION blogs of it.

If you have the fucking audacity to complain about it then you don't deserve it and you were never fans in the first place.

>> No.9634386

Post the anus copy pasta.

>> No.9634415 [DELETED] 

Accept it

There are always going to be plenty of us who will stay alone for the whole ride

>> No.9634417

You will be alone for the whole ride.
But that's ok. There's always going to be a lot of us who will never go to meets or interact with anyone who shares your interests.

>> No.9634444

Officially at the first year mark for starting my lolita wardrobe. Honestly didn't think it would have lasted this long. Turns out I really love it.

>> No.9634460

no, not a fan of pills.
I only take some supplements.
Just reflecting a lot and prioritising if I should give a fuck about things

>> No.9634469
File: 23 KB, 210x240, doodlebob-spongebob-squarepants-2.62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

after sadposting for months, i finally made friends with another lolita who i can have actual fun conversations with!

but also my long-term best friend ghosted me out of the blue, and they got me into the fashion in the first place. i was almost done putting together their birthday and christmas gifts too. what am i even supposed to do in this situation?

complex feelings ensue.

>> No.9634475

you know your friend better than I do, but I wanted to mention that I've had friends ghost for a while when they're just going through some shit or life just gets busy. then they get back in touch later. it's kinda flaky, but over the years I've done the same thing a time or two, especially when I've been super depressed and didn't want to burden people with it. so maybe it's possible she's not ditching you? she might just need a "hey I miss you, please let me know how you're doing even if it's bad."

either way, good on you for making a new lolita friend.

>> No.9634489

I do exercise, but thanks for the support. I just have unfortunate genetics that gives me "THICCC" thighs, exercise or not. Congratulations getting sub 100 anon, I'll try to get there soon.

>> No.9634499

Lots of walking, jogging on the flat and low weight/high rep exercises will help with weight but not build too much muscle in your legs. Longer distances walking and running are good, like an hour at a time.

>> No.9634539

Well anon you're in luck because I am also v uggo

>> No.9634541

i agree, anon. everyone's gone insane.

>> No.9634567

>Tfw you order something on Taobao, not realizing that the store is out of stock so you're preordering the next release
> Tfw you wait months for them to be re released, making other orders
> Tfw your items are finally shipped and received AND you have a balance to cover shipping
> Tfw it's been almost a week and you are still waiting for your SS to update and let you 'pay' the shipping fee so you can get your shit
> Tfw I just want my dresses goddammit!

>> No.9634568

>inb4 people call me an idiot child

My shipping from taobao was always a bit pricy but last time I understood since I bought boots, a wig, 2 costumes and big ass ahri tails.

But now I'm buying a costume that weighs 600 grams and it's still 34 bucks? I was expecting ems to be like 20 bucks but whatever I guess it'll arrive quickly. I should have bought from aliexpress I guess. It's a simple and light costume so I would sew it myself but I'm making 2 other costumes so I just wanted to buy one this time

>> No.9634569

I've worked really hard to put myself in a good place and I know I should be proud, but I'm not. I'm sad. I see anons complaining about their weight or their lack of clothes and here I am with almost everything I could ever need. I'm a petite, cute enough, have easy access to nice dresses and accessories, and I can do it all on my own. But I'm still so sad that my face hurts and I don't want to speak. New releases don't interest me, hunting down accessories isn't interesting, even visual kei concerts aren't making me happy with their silly dances and crazy fans. None of it matters.

I'm realizing even with all my indulgences, I will be alone. I wish I could find a partner to enjoy all of these things with, but it's not happening and I finally understand this. Men might whisper to their friends how cute I am, but they won't approach. And even if they are brave enough to talk to me and get to know me, they just think I'm an object and not a person. How am I supposed to fill this void?

>> No.9634570


Your personality must suck then for no men to ask you out or want to be around you.
Or they think that since you're pretty you'll be shallow and stuck up, but it seems impossible for men not to treat you extra nice if you look nice and start up conversations.

>> No.9634571

>Men might whisper to their friends how cute I am, but they won't approach.

Resting bitch face

>> No.9634578

I have everything you have, and a wonderful gf, life still sucks. #depression

>> No.9634591

Major reason why i stay away from these threads.
I wonder if people act retarded because of a malnourished brain or if they were already retarded when they decided to starve themselves.

That being said, if you want to lose weight without dying in the process, skip eating meat, fish, any type of greasy food like french fries or junk food like Doritos. Do some exercise, starting slowly otherwise ot will make you feel worse if you push it too hard.
But don't fucking skip meals or your organism will think you need to keep as much nutrients as possible and you'll have the opposite result.

>> No.9634608

>Guys don't ask me out
Have you tried asking them?
Nothing says you have to sit in your tower waiting for a guy or that you need to wait for a guy to come entertain and ask you on a date

>> No.9634610

Pics? I'm asking for a friend.
You're being too modest you're pretty, you are average at least.

>> No.9634612

It's about wanting to feel desired for who you are, I think. I'm a different anon and I don't feel quite as lonely as her but I relate to this on some level.

>> No.9634624

Do you think guys don't like to be desired and chased a little too? Especially in the jfash/con scene where guys are so awkward and shy and have been scared by "stare rape" style rhetoric.
You're gonna have to give it a shot eventually

>> No.9634639

I don't know about in general but in lolita comms, male oujis who are well dressed and social are relentlessly fawned over.

>> No.9634672

"Starvation mode" is a myth fatty. If you eat less calories you will lose, doesn't matter at all WHAT you eat, just how much.

>> No.9634680

damn i feel this af, i've been in such worse places than I am now and it feels like my head wants to drag me back down whenever there's any stress in my life

>> No.9634681

Guy here, I don't care for or want to be chased. I don't mind it, but it's not something I ask for. It tends to repel the shy girls.

Though I'm just a normie, so take it with a grain of resalism.

>> No.9634684

>agreeing with a rewritten copypasta
anon pls

>> No.9634693

I'm glad you accept that you're never going to find a person who shares interest in your hobby. Get over your depression, anon, because it's never going to get better or less lonely as you grow older.

>> No.9634694

Lol, fuck off back to /r9k/

>> No.9634699

>girl asking a guy out
>in 2017

>> No.9634700

>Guys don't ask me out so I just sit and mope and wait for a handsome guy to come save me

>> No.9634713

have faith anon

i was like you 3-ish years ago when i finally came to the realization that material things and just "being pretty" can only make me happy for so long. now i have a loving fiance who takes care of me and appreciates the effort i put into lolita stuff. love is something that just happens. i found my soulmate on 4chan of all placaes. just be patient, stay humble, and let people in, because you can't just expect everything to fall into place without a little effort.

>> No.9634720

have you tried making friends? you sound like you're putting so much priority in hooking a man that you're forgetting friendship is a thing. there are other ways to not be alone.

>> No.9634739
File: 70 KB, 500x375, faptoluka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally somebody said it. Anyone who shames "itas" deserves some ice down their bloomers.

>> No.9634744
File: 108 KB, 1228x693, 1505835085705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to find my soulmate on 4chan
>keep getting ghosted for no reason

>> No.9634748

>looking on 4chan

Theres ur problem

>> No.9634751

Quit responding to bait, I Stg I've seen this at least 3 times the past week on this board

>> No.9634754

>tfw actually found my soulmate on 4chan
Don't give up hope, anon. It's possible.

>> No.9634755

I've made one of my best lifelong friends from 4chan. I've had some good connections through contacts on /cgl/ but they all just stop replying for no reason in the end, including one who specifically made an email just to talk to me which I still find baffling
It's repackaged pasta from /v/, the pasta is originally about No Man's Sky

>> No.9634758

Luka > Miku desu

>> No.9634759

>wanting to go out any one of the fat smelly virgins that get mad when you reject them

>> No.9634760

>Anyone who shames "itas" deserves some ice down their bloomers
But what if they're REALLY ita??

>> No.9634761

I don't think that anon believes in itas.

>> No.9634763

You probably just gave up. I'm not so desperate as to just settle for any loser who has slight interest in my hobby and can understand my stupid memes.

So they can all leave me again? Nty

>> No.9634767

I've had girls indirectly ask me out before, it's not rare or unheard of. It's done in a much different way than when a guy does it though.

>> No.9634769

Rin > all desu

>> No.9634770

Yikes. So you are a bitch.

>> No.9634772

What is that supposed to mean? Are you seriously admitting that you have never really been asked out before?

>> No.9634775


>> No.9634777

On second thought, it's probably best if you never make an attempt to socialize ever again.

>> No.9634781

I mean they pussy foot around and drop hints of plans together instead of being straight up about it.

>> No.9634787

Gakupo > all desu

>> No.9634790

You must be some attention whore cosplayer then.
Protip: not every girl that talks with you is asking you out, creep

>> No.9634793

My boyfriend is literally everything I could wish for in a guy. It's not like I was trawling through threads looking for a relationship, we just happened to bond over shared music taste and added each other. Stay bitter.

>> No.9634797

What the fuck are you talking about
I'm not even talking about cons. I mean every day life, college, work, etc. Women I vaguely know from the same class will make an effort to try to hang out. All I'm saying is it isn't uncommon at all and there's nothing wrong with it.

>> No.9634798

>Especially in the jfash/con scene where guys are so awkward and shy and have been scared by "stare rape" style rhetoric.

Being a brolita, I prefer not to ask someone who's a lolita out. That's not a good idea. I came here to wear the fashion. It's better for me to be asked out first.

>> No.9634804

I'd imagine you feel it's a bad idea because you're a brolita, you could be easily suspected for having ulterior motives, especially if you're badly dressed (since most well dressed people in this subculture are assumed to have a genuine interest in the fashion).

>> No.9634808
File: 69 KB, 617x466, heyisthatanime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ice down their bloomers
Good idea. Shrink that bagel anus to a Fruit Loop before the inspector sees it.

>> No.9634814

Have fun being friendless and loveless the rest of your life, you old hag.

>> No.9634818
File: 18 KB, 400x300, naoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9634827

If a girl is asking you out she is either desperate or uggo. This is the rule, there is no changing it.

>> No.9634836

Plausible deniability, fuckboy. Girls don't want their ego shattered so they'll take the safe option.

>> No.9634845

That's wrong but okay, live in your own little world.

>> No.9634849

This exactly. They always ask or state in a way that if you decline it doesn't seem like you're rejecting them.

>> No.9634859

>tfw none of my friends are interested in cosplay/going to cons
>just want to do cute pair and group cosplays ;__;

Where did you find your cosplay/weeb friends, gulls?

>> No.9634868

And guys do? You're full blown retarded

They don't exist

You all need to grow the fuck up

>> No.9634875


>> No.9634876

Aww bb, who hurt you?

>> No.9634878

>you probably just gave up
jesus, i was just trying to help. your hostility is probably a direct contribution as to why nobody likes you. meanwhile i'll have fun being in love and being loved.

>> No.9634881

>Where did you find your cosplay/weeb friends, gulls?

>> No.9634891

Jokes aside

It turns out they're going to have a tournament there for a game I'm good in so I'll be able to win my money back.

Originally my brothers were supposed to come and we'd split the hotel or AirBnB, but crazy stuff happened and now it doesn't look like they will be able to come so I'm footing the bill myself.

I'll go to prove you wrong, but when I end up on once of these 'shit cosplayer' and 'weird attendees that dont belong' threads it's your fault.

>> No.9634892

Dont you mean 'GET >>>/out/?'

What a newfag you are.

>> No.9634904

Not that anon, but the proper term that used to be used is "normalfag". "Normie" was used by /r9k/. Of course, the term "normie" is now used everywhere so w/e.

>> No.9634907

It could be worse.
I was in a similar place for a long time after I lost a previous girlfriend, and I couldn't enjoy or care about anything. Then I met someone, actually a seagull, and things seemed to be getting better. I had new motivation to get my life in order because I had someone I really loved again. I never told her, but I was actually working toward buying a house because I wanted to ask her to marry me.
She ghosted me anyway. I probably wasn't good-looking enough or something, so at least you have that going for you. Maybe try asking someone you find interesting out?

>> No.9634912
File: 727 KB, 500x200, When+the+scissors+glide+through+the+wrapping+paper_dd9a15_6361802.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I definitely feel this. I'm still fairly new to garment making, though I have a good foundation in the more basic skills. I get anxious about cutting into good fabric. I'll measure 2,3,4x and then still put it off. It's really only cutting fabric tat does it. I'm fine stitching and trimming, but that first big cut just puts me off of starting a new piece of a garment.

Consequently my cosplay progress is painfully slow and I fear I'll never make it up to the loftier projects I want to try.

>> No.9634915

This is going to sound like strange advice, but just trust me on this one, okay?
Try making furniture.
Carpentry is a great way to build confidence in making stuff in general, because it is 90% thinking and measurement, and 10% having confidence in your thinking and measurement. It's a great way to get yourself some practice in committing to a cut.

>> No.9634946

What game? I'm sure some sponsored pro is going to rob you of that chance.

>> No.9634951

Ah, really? I'll try anything desu, and I really could use more practice and confidence. For some reason I imagine cutting into wood would be extremely satisfying. I've been meaning to make some sort of custom lift for a detolf display case for a while. I hope that's an okay beginner project.

Anyway, thanks for the solid sounding advice anon.

>> No.9634952

Found the celibate.

>> No.9634954

omg I wrote "desu", I swear. I have no idea how "desu" autocorrected to "desu"

>> No.9634956
File: 78 KB, 240x228, 1504384332626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking newfags

>> No.9634957

Haven't been around since last year's halloween, I see.

>> No.9634958
File: 2.00 MB, 268x177, f3a578d88990d3cc398a152d0eae7a284bffe0b8_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh. I see

>> No.9634963
File: 12 KB, 240x240, POwGu01F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been around for roughly 6 years, but don't actively engage much in threads. I admit my ignorance and apologize for the slight derail.

>> No.9634966

You're adorable, date me.

Anyway, probably the best thing you can do to pick up carpentry is to find a place that does real furniture work, if possible, and ask if you can work as an assistant for X amount of time or similar. Not only do you learn basic woodworking skills, they'll also probably teach you upholstery which is a whole new set of fabric skills, and you'd also get paid for your time learning.
Not really a downside there.

If you don't have enough free time to try and learn it 'properly' you can always start with little hobby projects. A birdhouse is a bit of a cliche but you'd be surprised at how fun it can be. Bat boxes are also a good first project. You can make both out of cheap pine wood without trouble, which is good for practice.
If you want to get into something like a display case, you'll want to buy sandpaper. Lots and lots of sandpaper.
You will also want to buy a decent, proper-fitting set of work gloves so your hands don't turn into sandpaper.

>> No.9634968

Every time I visit family during vacation I get sick, I didn't even start on my costumes like I promised myself, just bought shit that all needs work because cheap cosplays are never complete, have the right color accesoires and/or need the fit altered.

>> No.9634978

Injustice 2

I can hold my own against a pro. I'm expecting one or two to show up so I can see how well they measure up to me. If it's winner takes all I've got a 50/50 chance. If it's a split I've got a 90% chance.

My main problem is that it's on PS4 and I play best with Xbox One controllers.

>> No.9634985
File: 972 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nq4c5owZGm1so2t73o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Th-thanks, anon. I think I'll start with a small hobby project like you suggested. A cute little bat box in time for Halloween.

>> No.9634989

Good luck friendo.

>> No.9634993

I have the same problem when using cloth that's $25 on a custom design. My advice? Pattern everything with muslin. Sew it up with black thread and try it on. If it fits, seam rip it then pin the muslin to your expensive cloth and make the cut.

Sure you end up sewing it together twice, but that's better than wasting 4 yards of expensive cloth. Plus you end up with a cloth pattern piece that can be reused.

>> No.9634997
File: 1.32 MB, 1314x2520, 1459642263170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm probably going to be making one or two of them sometime soon as well, since I moved recently. If you've got any contact info you can share, I'm willing to offer tips as needed.

>> No.9635005

Sure! I hope twitter works. @justforqiqs

>> No.9635012
File: 359 KB, 600x900, 58975696_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That... is the only one I don't have!
Perhaps you've a Discord or something? I don't do public-facing social media much, since I'm more of a maker than a wearer.

>> No.9635017

I actually have done this a few times and it does tend to help, though it sometimes makes me feel wasteful of the fabric. I'll try doing it more often and just try to get over/used to the anxiousness.

Np! justforqiqs#6830

>> No.9635023

>Have a very busy study
>Just recently quit my student association as they were a bunch of weebs and I didn't fit in anymore.
> Feel very lonely as the friends I have seldom visit me or want to hang out.
> Fall back into old habits and dangerous thoughts.
> decided to get a pet in near future
> Cat or dog? I know how to handle cats, but I also love dogs. My SO and I are both busy, I am home a lot more due to irregular college hours. I see a lot of people with dogs who have full-time jobs or aren't home most of the time, but I don't want to do that.
> Decide to just get 1 or 2 cats.
> Still wonder. How do people manage to keep dogs whilst not being home that much?

I need new friends. My house will be run by cats.

>> No.9635030

>con in 2 months
>working on my armor for the last couple months
>gotta rush with the big things now before I am off to uni next month
>friends say that they completely understand how stressed I am
>when all they gotta do is get some clothes for a closet-tier cosplay for the same con

Am I being a dick for feeling disdain?

>> No.9635036

>Am I being a dick for feeling disdain?
Maybe, but it's completely understandable.

>> No.9635052

Have fun turning into the lonely cat lady

>> No.9635170

Does anyone ever feel like they'll never be pretty enough?

I know I'm cute or at least slightly pretty. My friends give me compliments, strangers give me compliments, I get asked out on dates, I have a boyfriend. I'm in a good position and I should be happy with my looks. But I'm not as pretty as I want to be. Nobody calls me beautiful. People don't fawn over me. I'll never compare with brand models, or incredibly pretty popular cosplayers, or even really attractive normie girls. I know I never will, and it's a bad feeling. It doesn't help that I don't know how to apply makeup that well, either. I suppose I just have to get used to my current state.

>> No.9635174

Your looks will disappear in a decade minimum, so you shouldn't worry too much.

>> No.9635180

Actually, I'm Asian and both my parents looked quite young until their late 40s so I'll definitely have my youth for more than a decade. But thanks for trying to comfort me (?)

>> No.9635182

>nobody calls me beautiful
>people don't fawn over me

kind of contradicts with
>my friends give me compliments
>strangers give me compliments

this might be one of those cases where you're just way too in your head about it. flaunt what you have. also the joy of being fawned over by strangers wears off after a while. constantly being referred to as a "china doll"/"baby doll" by strangers just because i'm a small azn gets really creepy.

>> No.9635183

idk man, I like that I'm cute but not so breathtakingly attractive that I get tons and tons of attention.

>> No.9635185

I guess it's a grass is greener situation for me then. I just wish I could look in the mirror and really be satisfied.

>> No.9635186

Most people assume I'm gay when I wear lolita. More girls hit on me in lolita than when I girl's night out at gay bars.

That sounds ruff anon. Sorry for the pun. Hope you pull through! Breakups over text is the grossiest feeling.

Congrats on finding lolita bud! How long has your best bud ghosted you? If a month or two I worry but some buds have ghosted for a week or 2 and come back. Even strong people have breakdowns and hide a while.

You are not in the wrong to feel sad for your own reasons! Everyone has their own problems. Dont feel guilty! Also agree with other anons! Ask guys out. Guys into jfash are shy and every con creep story will scare them more from approaching! We have the upper hand.

>> No.9635187

i mean, being pretty is really great

but this sounds like more of a you wanting attention thing, which is fair but it's not the same as being okay with yourself. get some confidence.

>> No.9635200

>being pretty is really great
Th-that doesnt really help anon. I already know that i'm just trying to convince myself how being the way I am might just be ok.

>> No.9635271

Being super pretty is overrated.
Men in general, myself included, tend to look for a girl who is good looking but not trying to be a model.
If you want a guy, you gotta get around to the idea that boyfriends aren't worshippers. Just because men experience affection and praise differently doesn't mean they need it any less than you.
Just try to keep that in mind, I guess.

>> No.9635274

As a super pretty girl I can tell you this is written by some salty guy/gal that got turned down by a super pretty girl.

>> No.9635275

>assuming that girls only want to look pretty to attract men

>> No.9635277

Idgaf about being cute for men

>> No.9635287

>have core group of cosplay friends
>all really negative people who sometimes take their negativity out on me
>eventually start drifting away from them
>still attempt to reach out occasionally to talk cosplay
>get nothing but negativity in response
>oh well

Guess I'm torn between feeling bummed that this group of people I genuinely had fun with didn't work out for me, especially because a bunch of us recently got interested in the same series and it's hard not to think that just a few years ago we would have already been having craft nights to put our group together, and the bittersweet recognition that, even if I don't have a crew now, I'm at least able to have fun with this hobby and at cons without running the risk of putting up with unnecessary bitching or getting petty comments randomly.

>> No.9635288

>as a super pretty girl

>> No.9635289

She literally said she wants attention. Men or women, it's vapid as fuck.

>> No.9635291

You got me exactly wrong.
I'm saying that trying to get men to fawn over you by being pretty is a waste of effort, because being excessively pretty isn't the thing for men. Most men--at least the decent ones--care only so much about any one thing.

We're literally talking about an anon who is asking "Why don't people fall all over themselves to worship me?" here, y'know?
I'm just trying to offer the perspective I know, and the answer there is "Because men don't care if you're pretty when your personality sucks."

I do not understand why any of that that's controversial, or why people are being so defensive.

>> No.9635292

>Because men don't care if you're pretty when your personality sucks

This isn't necessarily true though, why do you think Trophy wives exist?

You just sound dumb.

>> No.9635293

Basically the correct answer that nobody bothered to give the delusional idiot is "Nobody fawns over you because they have self-respect you clearly can't comprehend."

It's not really nice to say, but that's the gods-honest truth, plainly spoken.

>> No.9635298

Trophy wives aren't worshipped, though. You're losing track of the topic, here.

Trophy wives are literally the opposite--they're worshippERS, not the objects of worship. That's the whole point of the concept, in fact. It's a form of lazy entitlement by rich guys that, unfortunately, works.

>> No.9635303

You're the one losing the topic, you said

>Because men don't care if you're pretty when your personality sucks

Also, this is proven wrong by like female streamers and such. Their personalities are shit but as long as they're pretty men throw themselves at their feet.

Again, you sound dumb.

>> No.9635305

streamers, trophy wives, and porn stars are a fucking fantasy, not something most guys want to have
they're like a Ferrari, fun as fuck to ride, look pretty, and you want everyone to know you got one, but when it comes time for maintenance, you're gonna get fucked in the ass

which is why the average guy won't put up with a crazy cunt unless she's really really fucking hot.

>> No.9635314

also to be fair these are literally the bottom of the pile of men, guys who are so intimidated about approaching a girl in real life on equal footing they instead pay money for attention

>> No.9635316

No one wants to actually date female streamers lmao.

>> No.9635317

You mean desperate virgins and underage childeren?

Most men want a chick they can have fun with and enjoy being around. Men don't want attention whores because they ALWAYS need attention and lack any characteristics other than being pretty.

Please don't cater to others, just be yourself and you'll get more men than you know.

>> No.9635364

I mean... I was gonna reply but everyone else already kind of made my point for me.

Anyway, my broader point is please be nice to boys. They don't always show it but it does hurt their feelings when they're just treated like affection dispensers.
This has been a public service announcement.

>> No.9635366


I'm still not seeing my point being refuted, there are still men who do worship these types of women.

Anon was acting as if it were some unheard of shit and I've given multiple examples of it happening. Each time the actual argument against it agrees that it does actually happen, b-but it totally doesn't count because (insert excuse)

>> No.9635369

Oh, I see. You're one of THOSE.
I'm not going to bother, since you're not interested in any perspective that isn't your own or, indeed, in letting people unlike you express their thoughts at all.
Begone, thot. Back to whatever SJW tar pit you slithered out of.

>> No.9635373

>again I don't have an argument so I'm going to say the generic "you're one of those" without actually pointing out what is wrong with your statement

10/10 golden response my dude. Please come back when you can actually form an argument.

>SJW pit

I'm not an SJW, at all. I'm just pointing out the flaws in anons statements.

>> No.9635375

>I gave multiple examples
no you didn't lol, that was all generic bullshitting to suit the dumb narrative you're trying to push

>> No.9635379

I did, I'm sorry that for whatever reason that makes you delusional you don't agree with them, but there are multiple examples that refute anons statement

>> No.9635382

then where are these specific situations you're listing?
because it sounds to me like you're just pulling things out of your ass to be a contrarian cunt

>> No.9635386

I feel like if you're too lazy to scroll up and read my posts you don't deserve a reply but i'm going to reply to you anyway to call you out on how lazy you are.

>> No.9635389

I tend to look for a woman with brains, not looks. I don't care much for boobs even tho some cosplayers show their cleavage with their cosplays. Boobs are basically a body issue for women.

>> No.9635390

why don't people wash their freaking lolita before attempting to sell it? it's so gross.
"oh here, this shit is stained, I haven't tried washing it but I've had luck getting stains out of things before so you should be able to remove it" -gags-

>> No.9635395
File: 109 KB, 500x681, flirtyhank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your dead con crush appears in your Timehop

Fuck, I wanna die.

>> No.9635396

Same, my friend, same.
Another thing that really bugs me is that cosplay girls in general (and /cgl/ especially) seem to think they are entitled to your attention and help, but if you show any desire for equality in the friendship they just accuse you of being thirsty and tell you to get lost.
It's like... bitch I thought we were friends. I'm not your servant, if you want me to work for you, fucking pay me.

Sorry, I'm venting... but you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

>> No.9635398
File: 34 KB, 480x399, ssbanal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't want to get married
>suddenly realize that, if I do, I can have the bride dress as Miku
Fuck. I need to get a new gf to marry.

>> No.9635402

>men throw themselves at their feet
only the beta cucks

It's funny how I got sexual intimacy from girls by trolling the shit out of them and not giving a fuck about offending them.

>> No.9635404

It's not worth it desu.
I had a girl I wanted to marry, but she ghosted me after we'd been dating for like two years and a bit. Guess she decided to trade up.

Girls are trouble, anon. Find yourself a cute trap instead.

>> No.9635409

Girls love that shit.

>> No.9635410

nah girls are still okay, traps are all mentally unstable in their own ways anyways

women are a mixed bag but it's kind of interesting dealing with someone who thinks so differently from you

also t and a are fucking based and no trap will ever have either sufficiently

>> No.9635411

>unironically uses the word cuck

Spot the incel

>> No.9635415

I think you mean teenage girls who can't distinguish between confidence and being a cunt?

>> No.9635427
File: 283 KB, 397x1342, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are a cuck if you are throwing money away on a girl that you aren't fucking.

I should have mentioned that it's not needed on someone who is actually humble. But when they're not and I don't give a shit about the outcome, it's a lot of fun.

>> No.9635428
File: 97 KB, 1000x1000, sasharamen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>staying at a shitty motel for the con, because my friend's sister needs a place that accommodates her rat dog
>pooping in the lobby because it has the only clean toilet
>leave bathroom
>see a morbidly obese woman enter with her skinny tween daughters and husband (It's obvious who gets all the food in that household)
>she starts shrieking to the manager about some "black kids" dressed up in "gay" costumes
>smirk to myself, knowing my roommates are freaking out the normies

>enjoy the con, then return to the hotel
>mfw that bitch is eating a heaping bag of McDonald's while her daughters swim in the pool naked

>> No.9635434

Stop agreeing with me, you're a shitty dude and you're making my reasonable point look bad.

>> No.9635436

Are you and/or your friends even black, or was she just being retarded?
Also, why would she care even if they WERE gay costumes?

I 100% believe your story, but it raises so many questions.

>> No.9635447

Two from my group were black, yeah. The rest were white, one Chinese.

We were in Atlanta, so I guess sometimes the hicks from rural Georgia spill over and freak out about how gay everything is. Same thing happens here in Nashville.

>> No.9635458

Too late, damage has been done and now you all look as insane as that incel

>> No.9635497

Basic unlined rectangle skirt with full elastic waistband. Focus on good construction first. And make it so that you can add details later if you keep it.

>> No.9635498

By that logic, trying to use "incel" as an insult because a small portion of people on the dry are weirdos who aren't getting any for a good reason is kinda fucked up senpai.
You know that some people aren't getting laid because they're more about long-term relationships and not interested in one night stands, right? Men like that do exist.

>> No.9635503

I like hearing constructive criticism o my outfits so that I learn to coord better. I prefer to look my best. I may not be all that pretty (thankfully not a manface, just akward and homely) but darn it, I want to dress as well as I can. It is a skill you have to develop.

>> No.9635505

You misunderstand me, me calling him an incel was just me stating a fact, it's the addition of insane that was supposed to be the insult.

>> No.9635506

There's a difference between constructive criticism and being catty, though.
This particular place has a strong tendency toward the latter. There's a big argument going on in the friend making thread that's basically a living example of it.

>> No.9635508

That's a bad example anon. That's just shitposting between an incel troll that stumbled on over from r9k and anons who don't know when to stop posting.

If you go into any selfpost thread, aka actual board posters and actual content, you find constructive criticism and such.

Any real thread it leans more to constructive over catty, unless you're talking about obvious b8. In which case, yes, overwhelmingly catty.

>> No.9635511

I actually do Iintermittent fasting and stick to high protien-high fat low carb to lose weight. Works like a charm for me since it prevents snacking and carbs don't keep me full.

>> No.9635512
File: 95 KB, 1280x720, elf4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I appreciate the dry wit, but it's not really fair to let one douchenozzle be representative of all men just because he's annoying.
I'd much rather you take me as an ambassador for my kind. I can be a bit of a pillock sometimes, but I think my heart's in the right place and I try to treat everyone nicely.
I think that makes me pretty average, and that makes me a far better representative for men than him.
If you'd like to swap contact info, I'm absolutely certain I can make a good case for most men being good people who are worth knowing.

>> No.9635518
File: 100 KB, 400x290, Futaba_Sad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking thorugh P5 cosplay
>makes me realize how lonely i am
>want friends to cosplay with but too shy and awkward

plus who needs another futaba cosplayer am i right

>> No.9635520

I've had someone I was crushing on and close with die, too. I even think she was "the one"

It never gets easier to remember, but you need to keep on living.

>> No.9635528

I cosplay Yusuke and same. Let's be friends! Lol

>> No.9635529

Let me just offer a bit of entirely unsolicited advice.

For 99% of social interactions, if you just say "Hi, I'm kind of shy but..." as your introduction it basically excuses any awkwardness that follows. It's a difficult first step, but if you can do that part you have nothing to be afraid of, since everyone feels shy sometimes and almost everyone will be willing to meet you halfway and try to make you comfortable.
And, y'know, anyone who doesn't meet you halfway is probably a jerk you're better off without anyway.

>> No.9635549

Laziness, or they think their burando is so delicate it'll dissolve with the faintest contact with water. Or some odd combination of both. It's disgusting.

>> No.9635550

yeah! lol you from cali?

thank you for the advice anon, im really bad at starting conversations

i also just realize theres a friend finder thread!
maybe i'll submit something?

>> No.9635554

Ntayrt but

>> No.9635561

It's been a big ol' argument for a while.
I think it's just that people are bored at night so they turn to shitposting. I've been monitoring it for a while and I've made a few posts, but I'm trying not to get stuck into it.

It's probably best to wait until tomorrow so that when people go into the thread, they don't miss it because it's in the middle of all the nighttime shitposting.

That said, if you don't mind that I'm a bit of a dweeb and a consummate smooth-talker, I'd be interested in getting to know you. You seem nice.

>> No.9635563
File: 746 KB, 832x632, pic o me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>started newest friend finder
>thread has been derailed to the point of no return
>mfw I just wanted to make friends

>> No.9635569
File: 26 KB, 640x524, 57095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel you.
>was going to post
>thread devolved in to some autist sperging about the men
>tfw man and feels awkward posting now
Maybe next thread

>> No.9635571

As if the feels threads are any different .
Pretty sure there's 1 topic every thread that sets off a huge argument for 20-30 replies

>> No.9635574

At least it isn't the cof hugbox. I can deal with a few insults if it means I learn what looks good and what doesn't.

>> No.9635578

Same. I finally mustered up some courage!

>>9633254 is MFW the thread is derailed

>> No.9635583

I think it's partly my fault and I am so, so sorry.
I was trying to raise a mild concern and then other people took it way, way too seriously and turned it into something I did not intend.
I can only say I'm sorry, and that I hope you won't let the loudest voices color your opinion on the whole of the demographic.

>> No.9635585

I typed it all up and everything too.

It's ok. At the rate they're sperging it'll be next thread in no time!

>> No.9635587
File: 917 KB, 500x283, 1437243863153.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess >>9635512 fell flat, huh?
I thought I was being cute.

>> No.9635590

You're not completely wrong, except that you should take things that are said here with a grain of salt (heh). Not every gull posting is a lolita, and judging by the coord suggestion threads, quite a few are itas and have no clue about lolita or fashion in general.

>> No.9635592

Yo I'm totally new here and what the hell is an "ita" anyway?
I've been seeing this all day, because I'm not a regular. I've picked up that it means "bad at lolita fashion" in some way, but it seems to have some more nuance than that. Is it just "shit doesn't match" or is there something more to it?

>> No.9635593

>Buy two IW dresses. Already prepared for customs but with IW being 60% off during the extra 10% sale it's still pretty good.
>JetJ ships the dragon dress from way back when
>Baby also decides to ship a preorder like, right now.

I mean, I already know customs is gonna get involved, none of it is a surprise, I'm not going to terribly broke and this isn't Europe so the amount isn't even too terrible. There's still something unnerving about waiting to explain to customs about how and why I have enough money to buy three boxes of expensive clothes.

>> No.9635594

that's literally it, congrats. Can also be considered bad personality traits too (in the community).

>> No.9635595

Is... is that normal?
I've imported all kinds of weird shit, including once having a remailer ship me an issue of a Japanese magazine in what must have felt like an empty box with it's relative size, and I've never had customs get involved.

Hell, I didn't even get any questions when I was importing what were, literally, hazardous corrosives.

Will they really question you about clothing? Where do you live?

>> No.9635596

thats basically the jest of ita which is someone wearing a bad coord or something not matching well with their outfit. I think its like a japanese onomatopoeia meaning ouch so its incessantly so bad my eyes hurt!

>> No.9635598
File: 1.43 MB, 640x360, 1503514482352.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey im one of the people you argued with in the thread after really thinking about what you have to say it is kind of shitty you have to struggle so much to try and make friends with people who share the same hobby.I'm sorry if i came off kind of cunty

>> No.9635599

Just got a package in from a Japanese seller. Somehow it smells like dry cleaning in Japan smell, a little clinical, but fresh. Great state to recieve my DD in!

>> No.9635600
File: 302 KB, 800x800, 60711306_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's be friends, then!
I know I can be a bit opinionated, but I really just want to get to know everyone without people thinking I'm strange for it.
Give me a chance to win you over with my smug witticisms and comedic failures.

>> No.9635602

You seem like a giant fucking faggot anon, just wanted to let you know.

>> No.9635604

I'm difficult to deal with and I don't always know how to connect with other people because I have kind of an extreme personality, but I try.
Oh lawdy do I try.

>> No.9635610

Hi G!
Get yourself a cute cat! I do hope you will feel better soon.

>> No.9635616


>> No.9635620
File: 16 KB, 680x501, 1504585001131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you've been pining over your con crush for nearly a year and know that, even if you did ask her out, the reality would be disappointing compared to your expectations.

WTF, what kind of tweens are okay with swimming nude in public??

>> No.9635625

The exact kind that even your creepy uncle wouldn't want, because they're probably gross and trashy in their own right.

Also, why not give it a go anyway? Nothing's more painful than the "coulda, shoulda, woulda" a few years later. A short casual relationship or even a rejection would probably be better in the long run.

>> No.9635635


They normally don't, aside from being similar to those anons in the wardrobe threads that ask "how do you afford 100+ main pieces? Are you a sugar baby? What's your job? Where do you live?". Except, yanno, these are customs employees and they already know where you live because it's written on the box, and you can't really flip them off because they will be handling everything you ever import. Even government employees can be assholes, it doesn't pay to make enemies by telling them it's none of their business.

As a bonus, some girl got busted a few years ago, she made her living by underdeclaring secondhand luxury handbags and reselling it on the local market. It's more of a tax department case than a customs case, but we're still not sure whether the tax department caught on to her by other methods or the customs department just noticed she was importing a shitton of handbags. I've got nothing unusual in my importing history, but all the same I'd rather not be on some government agency's radar.

I do actually get a lot of boxes of stuff from both Japan and China, but this will be the first time three different boxes of burando have all breached the customs threshold ($300). Hoping it doesn't trigger anything other than the usual nosy questions.

>> No.9635643

That's understandable I guess but I wonder if there's any way to put them at ease. I likely don't live where you do so I don't know if this would work for you too but I wear lolita all the time, including to when I go to pick up my mail, so the employees know me by name and by look and don't even ask questions, they know I buy shit from Japan to wear it.

>> No.9635649


That wouldn't work, I'm afraid. Their staff rotation and the rate I receive my boxes almost always assigns me to a different person each time. I have a friend into kimonos who is at your level tho, the post office always seems to assign the same girl to process her stuff through customs and they don't even bother asking anything anymore, just tell her how much to pay and when she can pick up her stuff.

It's all right, like I said, there's nothing really dodgy in my purchase/financial history at all. Just kinda nervous all the same knowing two boxes are in customs right now and somebody should be calling me up soon.

>> No.9635651

You can do it, anon, you're not doing anything wrong even if they think it's suspicious. I hope you don't have to pay too much for your stuff and that you love everything!

>> No.9635652


Thanks, anon. Been waiting for the dragon dress for a long time, I hope it's worth it.

>> No.9635653
File: 212 KB, 589x335, that berserk life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gotta be a responsible adult and save money
>"eh whatever I could get hit by a bus tomorrow"
>buys another dress

>> No.9635654

>Even government employees can be assholes,
Especially government employees can be assholes. It's like it's part of their hiring requirements.

>> No.9635658


The old customs department was quietly replaced and redesigned a few years ago due to being prone to corruption and bribery, so I guess you're not wrong.

The new people are much nicer and try to move your imports into a lower tax rate if they can, though. I like to think they're nicer people, they just have a job to do all the same.

>> No.9635673

Thank you to all who responded with your kind words. I was feeling really down when I wrote this out.
Lol, this isn't me.

I worry about that too, if I am fortunate to make a connection with someone.

You're right. I have someone I'm considering asking out. I want to wait until I'm not sad. If he says yes, I would feel bad canceling a date because I'm too sad to leave my home or talk.
I want to be happy and healthy when I start a relationship.

My priorities are me>friends>find a partner. I've done well to study hard, work hard, support myself/hobbies so I'm ok. I have a few friends, but they're great and I can be myself with them. I'd just like to have a relationship at this point. I didn't have time to date until I was 26 and now I realize guys won't approach me and if they do, it's because they want a trophy-kawaii gf or ONS, which I'm not into.

I'm really sorry you went through that. I hope you find someone better who loves you and wants to buy you a house. I had my first serious relationship and was so happy to find someone who wanted to take the time to get to know me and to share my interests with. I knew it wouldn't last forever since he was younger and he had his dreams, but he ghosted me. And I felt used. Like this guy spent all this time getting to know me and my interests as a tool just to say he was dating me. Which is exactly what I've been avoiding all my adult life. He contacted me recently to apologize, and maybe that's why I've been so depressed, but damn. We need to choose better people.

>> No.9635688

Well, that's the thing about the heart, isn't it? It's not really a matter of what's best, only about what's exciting.

On the plus side, I met someone new just last night who I'm already crushing on, so maybe there's an upside to this story after all.

That said, I'd be happy to comiserate with you if you'd like to talk. I'm a terrible insomniac anyway, so it's not like I'm short on time.

>> No.9635691

Sounds like depression. Having a partner will never make you happy if you can't be happy alone. You'll just start relying on them for your happiness.

>> No.9635695

>You'll just start relying on them for your happiness.
Nayrt, but this one hit home.

>> No.9635700
File: 81 KB, 842x792, 1505761924500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all of that sperging out in the friend finder thread from that one guy likening himself to some oppressed racial minority because one gull said she wasn't looking for romance

Jesus Christ. I'm a guy but the worst I've ever had happen to me from a friend finder thread is no replies/ghosted a few times. It sucks but I'm not going to automatically assume it's because everyone browsing the thread is some raging misandrist

>> No.9635709

Surely bringing it up in a different thread long after everyone else let it go will be the right move.
There's no way your extremely valuable and not at all self-indulgent personal example will reignite the argument.

You colossal tit.

>> No.9635711
File: 16 KB, 547x480, 1492384781509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be Misako
>you will never tour the world being paid to wear expensive burando

just end my life famalam

>> No.9635712

We're near the bump limit anyway.

>> No.9635714

Yes, me commenting on the transpirings of something that happened on this board when this thread's just hit bump limit and will cease to be posted in within the next couple of hours is more inflammatory than you getting your bloomers in a bunch and insulting me. You colossal plank.

>> No.9635720

He should try transitioning. There was a pre-OP pre-HRT MTF in my comm who managed to bully two lesbians out of the group because they weren't interested in his "female" penis. Claimed to be oppressed, called them transmisogynists, likened it to not dating someone because they're black, etc. All because lesbians weren't interested in dating someone who is biologically male. And people supported him, because they considered him a poor oppressed minority who's entitled to date people even if they don't want to date him back.
Then we found out he was a sissy fetishist (no shit) and was sending sexually charged messages to underage members of the comm, so he was finally banned. One of the lesbians hasn't come back to the comm, though, and I don't blame her.
That thread gave me flashbacks.

>> No.9635728


New thread

>> No.9635734

Good luck. I hope your crush works out.

I've depended on myself for happiness for 28 years and overall I've been really happy. I just think it's time to add a relationship to complement what I have going for me.

>> No.9635754

>but but muh opinion
You aren't a man, your opinion is less than nothing in regards to men and how they work and think.

>you never countered me lelel
>you have to have my opinion or your statement is wrong

This is the part where you commit sudoku.

>> No.9635830

bruh, have you had the opportunity to cuck your all your dorm RAs boyfriends? then again, I don't have to do shit when I go out on a weekend night at the bars; just looking good does all the work for me.

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