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Scrawny roid-rage fag got the last one deleted.
Dont shit it up with off topic bs about getting GAINZ this time.

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Lolita feel, been working nights and it's ruining my life.
>All days off spent sleeping in 'til dinner time and up all night
>Haven't been to a meet since I started this job
>Find out rumors going around that I've been banned from the comm for borrowing a girls dress and not returning it?
>Comm leader's been inactive forever so there's no one around to say that's untrue
>Don't even know where the fucking rumor came from because I've never borrowed a dress from anyone, bit of an outcast so they probably all believe it
>Why even live

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Tfw the comm president tells you to "make like a woman driver and get lost"

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>Live in arse end of Australia, Perth.
>No cons I'm interested in for literally months.
>Wife has stopped caring about my nerd shit and doesn't help me put together cosplays.
>Constantly get a few weeks into design and build before I get depressed and stop.
I think I'm doomed just to normie it up at cons for the rest of my life.

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What did u do anon

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>tfw your friend assembles a Stranger Thongs coord and it looks like shit

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Keep pushing yourself. You can finish it if you put some heart in it!
Go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!

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>tfw STILL no lolita gf to boss me around and make me worship her

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Nayrt but this is adorable. Thanks for the indirect motivation, anon.

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hmu i'll treat u right

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Leave an email then

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>tfw no gothic lolita gf

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Dude same. I live about four hours from Perth and there's so much time between cons that I'm interested in that I just lose all motivation

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>tfw no lolita gf to feed a McRib on the toilet

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>tfw getting married soon

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I'm worried I'm only with my gf because I don't want to be alone, not because I love her.

But more than anything, I want her as a cosplay partner.

Do I suck?

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Your comm sounds pretty shit DESU. Another reason to move away to get a better job-life balance.

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>pumped to make some cosplays and getting better at sewing
>know nobody dedicated enough to cosplay with IRL
>have very high body type/looks standards for cosplays
>all while living in a huge metropolitan area

This kind of blows. I feel a bit guilty for being so hateful towards all the fat people cosplaying people not even remotely their size, but at the same time I just have so much pressure on myself to get fitter and better at costume creation as well.

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perhaps the shitposting general isn't the best place to look for one

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>literally look like DMC 4's Dante
>no gf because trust issues

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Did you have to remind me of that fact that Nero will never be my bf?

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>tfw no cute Kyrie to cuddle with
brb buying bleach

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> tfw when your crush likes you back
> end up officially dating after the weekend
> finally i have someone to do couple cosplays with and i can have him take my coord shots
> i'm so happy

> pic related because now i can have both

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will you force me to dress up in cute girly outfits?

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>hate myself
>would really like to stop hating myself

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>tfw also have both
>can never get anything done anymore

I'm happy and in love but my productivity has decreased 1000%
Happy for you though!

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I wouldn't go outside without you wearing one

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My room is a mess and I just...have no motivation to clean it. I know it sounds small, but it's really upsetting me. It has gotten so bad that I don't even know where to begin. even some of my lolita dresses are on the ground. The idea of my expensive clothing being all over the nasty floor makes me feel so disappointed in myself that I end up feeling even more depressed and unable to tackle it. This is the worst my depression has ever been by a long shot, as I used to be able to force myself to at least manage small tasks. But now, I'm just like a lump unable to do anything. I also am tired all the time no matter the amount of sleep. What do I do, gulls?

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s..senpai... but that would be lewd.

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I'd even hold your hand too. But you have to treat me like shit once we get home

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Dibs DIBS, fuck off other bots this one is mine I saw her first.

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>But you have to treat me like shit once we get home

No deal.

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Are you literally a female version of me? I feel pretty similar. I've been trying to clean up and put order in my room since 6 years ago, and I have been procrastinating on it.

This must be close to some sort of mental disorder or something.

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>tfw have a date with a cute girl who cosplays sometimes
Wish me luck gulls.

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At least let me rub your feet then

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Trying to get more into Lolita so decide to start using facebook. Join most groups fine but rufflechat thought I was a bot! Does anyone else find it's becoming harder to join lolita groups on fb especially if you want to remain private? I'm not a huge social media user but the groups seem like fun and I wanted to use them.

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Where you at? I'm working on a DMC3 Vergil cosplay and two people should have a better chance than just one, right?


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By exercising and eating properly, I've dropped 35 lbs using MyFitnessPal. Since I've been eating healthy non-junk food my skin has become clear and bright, and I've finally learned how to style myself and not resort to wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time. I've become a lot prettier simply because I'm taking care of myself now. I've been receiving more and more attention from salespeople, customers, and strangers. Honestly... I hate it. I want to be invisible again.

I've had male customers try to chat me up while I'm checking out their groceries and they get this sour look on their face at the end of the transaction because I just did my job and didn't reciprocate. The fucking audacity. Is this how it's like to live as a pretty girl? Leave me tf alone.

I've been wanting to cosplay forever since arts and crafts are super up my alley. Now, I've held off on cosplaying because my weight used to fluctuate often since I wasn't controlling my eating habits. I'm down to a stable US size 4, so cosplay is finally a viable option. I can pour myself into finishing a good accurate costume, but all this attention I've received lately is making me second-guess whether I should do it or not. Cosplay is attention-grabbing, and so is being pretty and fit. Double whammy.

I've read so much con horror stories that the possibility of becoming a target for those kinds of experiences terrifies me. At a con, I think my paranoia and anxiety would make me sprint to the nearest restroom and rip off my cosplay as soon as I received any creepy attention. I always have 1-2 friends with me, but we often split up and do our own things for a part of the con. I know I'm thinking too much about this, but it's a legitimate fear of mine. Has anyone else felt similarly? How did you get around it?

Sage for blog post.

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I know the feeling. Usually I clean it every now and then.
Now I just pick up trash when I have no more room to place trash.

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No, you have to lovingly bully and tease me while I am in cute skirts.

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Anyone here want to be my gf?

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are you seeing anyone sad anon?

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Make a list! You break it up into pieces of what you need to do that you no longer feel overwhelmed by the entire task at hand. You can make the list as broad or as specific as you want.

1. put all dirty/floor laundry into a hamper & separate by color/delicateness
2. wash lolita dresses & hang up
3. wash lolita blouses & hang up
4. pick up trash & put in giant trash bag
5. etc...

I used to suffer from the same thing, but this changed it. All I have to do now is make a tiny effort to keep things in their proper places.

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nayrt but doing it to a guy who actually wants it is boring. Forcing one into dressing up and then mocking and ridiculing him enough to break his pride is what makes it fun.

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Well duh, i'd put up resistance, otherwise how could I fully revel in my shame if I felt none.

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I can be your bf if you want

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Please reach out to your friends and family, anon. You need some professional help for your depression.

From a completely non-professional standpoint, try setting small tasks for yourself. Clean off your dresser one more, collect all the dishes in your room and bring them to the kitchen, try to clean off your bed. Reward yourself when you complete one.

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hey hey hey hey hey......you know what this thread is made out of..........boyfriend material

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Don't play with my heart, I bet you don't even have a real Devil Bringer

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>still no conservative military lolita gf who'll lovingly blow me a kiss and wink as she adjusts her officers cap and makes a tumblr dyke taste the end of her boot while wearing D.Walkure

There's nothing left for me in this world

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Well, I could always sell my soul for one

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only one thing left to do anon

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Can I be your Shinji?

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geeez calm down anon, you know it wouldn't kill you to come visit us once in awhile.

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Yeah, please finally end it.
Do you really think your desperate posting every thread would attract one? A real conservative military lolita would probably hate your guts.

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>tfw had to feed lolita gf raisin bran in bed because ran out of frosted flakes

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Try messaging the mods and explaining?

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Please get the sand out of your vagina, Stacy.

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Do you really think some girl that enjoys dressing up in cutesy military uniforms and that gets pleasure out of bullying worthless people would be all over some guy that spends his day shitposting on 4chan?

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But I want to be bullied

>> No.9675669

I think you're taking shitposting a bit too seriously there, Stace

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I have one right here. *points at dick*

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>tfw creeping on crush
>watching a youtube video she posted
>she is playing with her pet and talking to it
>tfw sound of her voice makes me feel

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Pick one.

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Sorry for getting fed up with some desperate loser that posts every thread about how he doesn't have this or that kind of lolita girlfriend and tries to get the contact info of anyone that gives him the time of day.

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Pick up the trash and do your laundry. Once it's done put on some music, a show, or something to pass the time while you fold it. Once you get those two items out of the way getting the rest cleam will feel achievable. Trust me, you'll feel better about yourself once you're not looking at a mess of junk in your living space

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Just because you can be with whomever you want at a whim doesn't give you the right to belittle others who can't. Fuck your female privilege.

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Do you honestly think it's just one person? You should try browsing a board that isn't /cgl/ sometime sweetie

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>muh r9k


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>bought pattern for cosplay
>no measurements on the package but their stuff tends to be true to size
>started sewing with it
>pattern is made for someone of the opposite body type
>doesn't fit at all

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>autistic; will never be elegant or graceful
>wardrobe is painfully tiny
>weather in area is too hot to wear anything cute
>skipped meals in hope of losing weight but only managed to send self into shock until hospitalization
>suicide looks better every day

>> No.9675684

>How did you get around it?
Started out with masked characters to build up confidence

>> No.9675685

>skipped meals in hope of losing weight but only managed to send self into shock until hospitalization

/fit/ here, that is bait unless you went like a whole month without eating.

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I second messaging a mod.
Honestly considering the obvious non-lolitas in many lolita groups like COF, Rufflechat, etc. it’s bizarre that they’ll give actual lolitas a hard time.

That sub is full of men, too.

>> No.9675701

>That sub is full of men, too.
No, that sub is full of cucks, learn the difference, it could save your life.

A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg. loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.

E.g: I know John's always wanted a girlfriend but since him and Mary started dating he's become a cuck. She spends all of his money and flirts openly with other men. I can tell it bothers him but he's so afraid of losing her that he doesn't say anything."

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I went two. I'd buy granola and allow myself a handful for every two days.

>> No.9675712

>tfw no spooky scary skeleton gf

>> No.9675720

Holy fuck, not even I could do that, props to you.

But that's not how you lose weight properly, there are ways way safer and even more effective for that.

You have to bait the body into thinking everything is okay so he keeps spending a moderate amount of calories per day and keeps your metabolism somewhat active.
If you stop eating or enter a gigantic caloric deficit per day, the body shits itself and you remain in a low expenditure state until death by starvation.

Basically, bait your body with 16/8 fasting eating paleo or keto. That is, if you want to lose weight. If you wanted to build muscle that's another story.

>> No.9675726

>bait the body into thinking everything is okay so he keeps spending

Please do not misgender her body.

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Where2find qt who will do genderswapped cosplay together and then have confusing in character roleplay sex with afterwards.

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>tfw no cute yandere gf that handwrites and sends you poems soaking the paper in her scent and signing the poem with a heart drawn with her blood

>> No.9675779

>in an urgent need for a decently wealthy, good looking bf in the age range of 26-36, who's lovely, caring, wants children and can deal with my love for lolita and that our entire house will be a white n pink pastel mess with hello kitty on top.

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so basically you mean

>> No.9675782

Exactly, I was thinking of that girl. Yuri is best girl.

Are there any women like that irl?

>> No.9675786

>urgent need
>age range of 26-36

t. Fresh out of the cock carousel looks for beta provider

>> No.9675787

I have to disagree. Monika is best girl.
sage for OT

(but I mean you can definitely pay someone to act that way for you. or check the friend finder thread.)

>> No.9675788

>tfw have only ever been stuck with just plain psychotic bitches instead of psychotic bitches who only want to be with me, even in death if necessary

One of my last girlfriends pretended she'd been beaten and raped the night I dumped her just to get a rise out of me because she knew I'd be worried. I guess the bright blue dyed hair should've been a warning sign

>> No.9675790

I said decently wealthy, which in todays words means
>can provide enough income for a 4 room apartment, 1-2kids and go on holidays 2-3 times a year
I'm not expecting someone rich though, I wouldn't say no to someone with an income larger than the average. (I'm coming from a top 10 most expensive cities in the world so a 4 room apartment is like a dream to me)

>> No.9675793

>best girl
Well, it's your taste I suppose. The only girl that was a no for me was Natsuki. Tsundere's get on my nerves. I'd say:


>pay someone to act that way for you
It's not the same. And it would be actually disgusting coming out of a loosened up prostitute. I hope I don't ever fall that low.

>One of my last girlfriends pretended she'd been beaten and raped the night I dumped her just to get a rise out of me because she knew I'd be worried.

That's fucking disgusting.

>blue dyed hair

I just want a girl that idolizes me, that has a fanatic admiration for me and wants to be only with me somethink like my loyal disciple, I'd want her to see me basically as a divine being. That would kill for me and that would dedicate herself to me.

Close to impossible in this day and age I suppose.

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Happy Halloween to all the gulls who don't have any friends or comm to go out with.
I hope I'll find someone next Halloween who'll twin Hospitality Doll with me.

>> No.9675799

>tfw that's how I treated my ex boyfriend but he still ended up cheating on me

never gonna do that again

>> No.9675800

If you care about money at all, you aren't looking for love, you're looking for a victim. Sod off golddigger.

>> No.9675803

Yeah, I knew she was crazy in the exit stages of the relationship but I didn't think she'd stoop that low. Oh well. Good luck on your search, bro. I think I'm the opposite. I'm looking for the girl to be the divine being to worship in my situation. I have a lot of love to give and nobody to give it to

>> No.9675807

Sorry, but in todays world income is somewhat important, especially if you want to provide for a family. I'm absolutely NOT searching for a victim, what does that even mean?

>> No.9675808

Don't let a retard spoil you, a true good man would love that, I know I would.

There are people who get a great computer and upload a youtube video of them smashing it to pieces for a few laughs.

And there are people who get a great computer and treat it with utmost care, and both stay together for ages to come.

>> No.9675809

>Good luck on your search
Thanks mate.

>I'm looking for the girl to be the divine being to worship in my situation. I have a lot of love to give and nobody to give it to
I don't thing it's mutually exclusive though, I'd give my yandere gf lots of love. But good luck to your search too.

>> No.9675812

>tfw am this way towards my boyfriend but also constantly scared he'll leave me because I'm nowhere near his perfection

All I want in life is to serve him but that also means that if he ever leaves my life is over. There's no one for me but him.

>> No.9675814

I won't leave you, babygull. We're in this together

>> No.9675815

Lookout boys, there's a sissy in the house.

>> No.9675816

>Sorry, but in todays world income is somewhat important
>muh ifawn
>muh purses
>muh boutique
>muh perfume
>muh expensive car
>muh spoiled kids
>muh wannabe soccer mum

>what does that even mean?
>muh divorce gibsmedats
>muh child alimony

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>tfw I feel strongly upset that others are getting this and I'm not

>> No.9675821

How will golddigger-chan ever recover?

>> No.9675823


>> No.9675824

iktf cute girl i like SINGS to CATS. fuck.

>> No.9675826

She'll fake rape accusations for a gibsmedat out-of-court settlement so she can start therapy.

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>dieting the past 3 months preparing for con
>got to goal weight and then some
>its 2 days before con right now
>get period a week early
>face broken out
>bloated and nauseous from period

E-everything was supposed to be perfect ;_;

>> No.9675831

wew same hat

>> No.9675840

>tfw getting raided by /r9k/
Why couldn't it have been one of the boards with cute guys?

>> No.9675841

Console yourself, I'm disgustingly clingy and possessive and need a lot of attention to even function normally.

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>tfw I'd even put up with this right now

>> No.9675846

I don't like that i fit these requirements barring the pastel. Pastels are just shitty weak versions of good colors.

>> No.9675849

>wants children
>wants a lolita lifestyle

pick one, anon

>> No.9675854

>And it would be actually disgusting coming out of a loosened up prostitute.
I mean I never said prostitute or even sex worker. You could pay someone to roleplay. Lots of girls would do it.

And my order of preference is
I agree that tsunderes are annoying but I feel like Natsuki is mostly just putting up a tsundere front, and isn't a real tsundere. I also feel really bad for her t b h. Yuri is fucking annoying and not even cute imo and Sayori is just kind of pathetic. She's only above Yuri because she has a cute design and I sympathise a little with her.

>> No.9675855

Ok, you sound very sour. Just because I'm working and want to be with someone who's equally much into work if not even more I'm the one who'd end up as a soccermom? Oh hell not! I mean what else than love, care for eachother, having children and a good,stable income to provide for the family do you expect to be in a relationship?

I'm literally just tired of middle eastern dudes sending me dickpics on FB, while my friends are all on their way to church. (Well, this sounds sour aswell, sorry)

>> No.9675856

i am almost certain most of them are from /fit/ this does not negate the fact they may be r9k crossposters however.

>> No.9675857

If you and him both work how will you raise proper children.

>> No.9675858

There's a thread up on /r9k/ specifically talking about how /cgl/ is basically /r9k/ with frills.

>> No.9675863

Strong colours upset me, they make me nervous in the same way classic music does.

Have you ever checked out how many Lolita mommies there are? There are even lolita dresses for children and babies. Though I also admire other cute styles and since I've already worked with children and grew up with my mother also always being able to take good care of herself and her style, I really much think it's possible.

>> No.9675865
File: 156 KB, 270x270, 1508382577781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9675866

Ever heard of daycares and one parent only working parttime or half days? My mom only worked half days and I went out pretty well, going to university rn

>> No.9675867

fit poster here, also think posters mainly from fit are here also.
there are a lot of r9k types that post on fit.
i also don't think there are many feel threads on fit either.

>Why couldn't it have been one of the boards with cute guys?

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>tfw has only been less than 9 hours since seeing bf and already want to kill self
Love is painful

>> No.9675872

Well they're not wrong lol

>> No.9675875

>Yuri is fucking annoying and not even cute imo and Sayori is just kind of pathetic. She's only above Yuri because she has a cute design and I sympathise a little with her.

Now you've fucking done it, what the fuck did you just say you little homo cuck bitch? I wish I could smash your fucking brainlet head with a slegdehammer, you fucking turbobeta, I'm going to fucking murder your wife's son and your dad's black stepson while you watch you retarded turbocuckold.

Yuri is cuteness incarnated your taste is that of a retarded numale normie who has been brainwashed into becoming a sodomized soyboy. I'd knife your neck so hard your spine would just come the fuck out from the impact of my hand.
>muh poor natsuki
Just kys already you closeted pedo degenerate.
You wouldn't say any of this to my face you fucking coward piece of shit.

>> No.9675877

Hey you were here yesterday, weren't you?

>> No.9675878

>having kids to let them be raised by strangers
You are literally (non-figuratively) everything that's wrong with the modern world. A soccer mom in the making.

>> No.9675882

these are trolls please stop feeding them, summer ended a long time ago

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Yeah that's me.
I'll see him a bit later though. My only solace is that I know he misses me as much as I miss him.

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Daycare? Not tutors and private kindergartens? Do you want to raise a weak ineffectual child that will blend in to the depressing melange that is the constantly lowering bar of normal?
What did strong colors ever do to you, do you not appreciate vibrancy? Not even reds girl, just non washed out blues or greens. Pastels look like someone left something out in the sun for a decade.

>> No.9675893

Minimalistic white base with planned color accents is the best décor out there for your home. Pastel just feels stale as of now.

>> No.9675896

I prefer smooth dark concretes and dark woods. But that's just me and i crave minimalism and a sense of cleanliness.

>> No.9675903

>dark woods

I'm actually the opposite, light woods do the trick for me, the lighter the better. Dark woods look like you're a 20th century snob using faux wood imo.

>> No.9675925

>just got out of the hospital
>have huge scar on the entire lower length of my left arm from surgery
>will probably be permanently disfigured
>can no longer wear short sleeves
>can't wear Lolita in general for a few months as I heal
>package lost in the mail

wish I had died at this point

>> No.9675929

I need friendly colurs around me all the time since I recovered from a severe depression. Light colors which are not too vibrant, pink in different shades, strong colours only in very small doses and as few red and black as possible. I can't even sleep in dark bedsheets, because they cause me nightmares.

Dark woods are nice, but one needs huge rooms to make them work in the right way. I like the wooden structure to peak through white color, which is common in Scandinavian countries

>> No.9675933

Hi, I have a huge scar over the lower half of my thigh due to surgery. If you give it some time and follow the massages and use the right lotions it'll heal to a point that it's barely visible. These days people don't even ask me for it.

>> No.9675935

Make guro lolita a thing anon.
On a more serious note, I don't think your scar will be this much of an issue. And can't you wear very towned down lolita?
I'm sorry about your package though, that sucks big time.

>> No.9675937

This thread is shit but I still just really love Lolita.

>> No.9675938

went through a long and hard depression with literally no support whatsoever. finally manage to crawl out of it, and want to make something of myself/make up for all the lost and missing time, but still alone and lacking support so I drown myself in lolita and computer shit to fill a void.

I just want to be someone's special, appreciated lolita girlfriend with a computer science career but I think I should give up on the relationship and throw all my time and effort into my career.

makes me sad because I have so much love and affection in my heart, I want nothing more than to love and take care of a guy who loves and supports me mentally, but alas. old.

Thanks depression. Fuck you.

>> No.9675942

How old are you? I'm sure there's hope for you, you've come so far already. Don't give up!

>> No.9675944

If it makes you feel better I just blew off a girl who is doing computer science and already getting work programming. There was no love in her though.

>> No.9675947

>make guro Lolita a thing

I guess I'm just in time for Halloween but I don't have the energy to actually dress up.

thanks. hopefully it won't be too bad down the line, but for now it's just making me depressed

>> No.9675949

Well where are you based, anon? I'm sure we could make this happen

>> No.9675950

Aren't we all looking for this? Managed to get a decently wealthy, decent looking bf in that age range but the rest is questionable.

>> No.9675951

I fit this profile. Are you good looking enough for me?

>> No.9675962

Delet this

>> No.9675965
File: 262 KB, 416x577, fucccc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9675967


>> No.9675971

First of all, I'm a girl. You apparently missed that. Secondly, calm the fuck down.

>You wouldn't say any of this to my face you fucking coward piece of shit.
You wouldn't say any of this to me either, you'd be too busy fawning at how cute I am, loser. Go back to r9k.

>> No.9675972

Pretty sure anon was just shitposting.

>> No.9675976

can i give you my cummies?

>> No.9675978

See I would like to think that they were shitposting, but honestly with all the r9k assholes hanging around here lately, I wouldn't be surprised if he was serious.

sage for OT

>> No.9675979

Impossible /fit/ is for chads or people who want to be chad.....maybe I should check out /fit/

>> No.9675980

>fit is for chads

Oh my sweet summer lass.

>> No.9675983

/fit/ is full of manlets who think lifting and getting swole will instantly turn them into Chad.

>> No.9675984
File: 70 KB, 500x375, faptoluka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found out that "cgl" means something creepy outside of this board.

Will lolitas ever disassociate themselves from DDLGs?

>> No.9675985


maybe I won't go there after all, still it sounds like they definitely want to be chad

>> No.9675986

we don't like it either. but I am pretty sure that /cgl has been around for longer than the gross acronym has been. so it's more like

>will DDLG ever stop shoving themselves into lolita?

>> No.9675987

Thanks so much~ Happy halloween to you too anon.

>> No.9675989

This is how I was with my ex and he cheated on me. It makes me sad because I want to someday find someone who actually wants that. :'(

>> No.9675991

Ugh anon, that was me... and it did kill me. :( I've been alone for a long time, and had a really bad time after he left me, just now starting to put my life back together and it's so hard. even though I am 100% completely over him now, it ruined me in so many ways. I won't ever be able to get the time I spent being suicidal and a recluse back, and now I'm pretty much too old to be wanted by any man.

Please don't let yourself go down that path if you possibly can. I regret so much.

>> No.9675994

ITT: lots of yandere girls and the guys who want them.

>> No.9675995

Looks like some seagulls decided to fight back and have invaded /r9k/

>> No.9675996

please invade us, we're really fucking lonely

>> No.9676000

There's some /pol/ retard spamming infographics and walls of text, get rid of him and you got it

>> No.9676001
File: 8 KB, 225x225, anime logic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm asexual and aromantic. At least, I think so. Never felt anything for anyone beyond fleeting crushes on a couple of girls. On two occasions, I dreamed of falling in love with a guy and with a girl, and I woke up feeling extremely bitter about it not being real. My friends are getting into serious relationships now that we're in our early 20s, and I'm happy for them.

But then I wondered if I should get into a relationship, too. They look so happy and fulfilled. I've had a few guys indirectly confess to me before, but I avoided the topic while also making it clear that I wasn't interested. I don't get out much since I'm really introverted, so I don't meet new people except for my coworkers or through introduction by my existing friends. I thought for a long time, and decided that I would try it out the next time an opportunity presented itself.

Then I browsed CGL's feels threads and said, "Fuck that." You're all nutty.

>> No.9676003
File: 33 KB, 590x333, 1509229570759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a beautiful /fit/ chad, I am ready to be shunned by neurotic emotionally stunted women.

>> No.9676005

>I'm a girl

Well, that kind of explains the mental retardation, the poor taste and bad manners. I am no longer angry.

>using words like pathetic and annoying

Please stick to being a hairy female truck driver, don't tarnish cuteness.

>> No.9676008

Don't give up, girl.
>tfw we will never even meet

>> No.9676012
File: 63 KB, 640x480, 1506789364088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm asexual and aromantic.

Stopped reading there, don't go all in starting from the first sentence.

>> No.9676013

Daycare is expensive as fuck.

>> No.9676019

Pls be in Europe

>> No.9676020

Unless you're like 40-50 it's not a problem. Even then people still find love.

>> No.9676024

You are stop to think about how many people live whole lives without finding a lasting love or having kids.

>> No.9676025

At 25 to 60, almost everyone single is physically or mentally damaged goods, why bother?

>> No.9676026

I'll try anon. You don't give up either!

>> No.9676027
File: 122 KB, 453x639, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no yandere gf to kill me

>> No.9676028

/fit/ is virgins crying about not being chads and >tfw no gf-posting between squat sets because they all hate themselves

>> No.9676029

Attractive sugar daddy here looking for lolita.

>> No.9676030
File: 90 KB, 768x569, homuramcveigh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no one to act yandere over except for the founding fathers of our country

>> No.9676031

ya but when we cry we have the big muscles we've built to hold us tight.

>> No.9676034

>you'll never have a yandere gf stab you repeatedly in the chest with a kitchen knife while both of you smile and she feels genuine happiness and joy and then escalates to laughing maniacally while life escapes your grasp and you fade away feeling each stab with less intensity until you stop existing

Please someone help me.

>> No.9676046
File: 72 KB, 600x361, 32eifK6x1qkjrb6o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, mang, but I dunno how else to succinctly say "never been interested in romance" without using aromantic because that is its definition.

>> No.9676048

Well they're formally inviting us now:


What do you say, gulls?

>> No.9676049

>no pics
>no email
>no detail

game is weak

>> No.9676050

They want to be bullied. I say go for it.

>> No.9676051

this. I'm calling salt daddy.

>> No.9676052

> how dare females use adjectives

>> No.9676053

If you aren't baiting you are mentally defective and should live in a rehabilitating facility.

>> No.9676055

>speaking like a cap'n that sailed the seven seas
Adjectives or not, point still stands.

>> No.9676058

Kill yourselves. It's like masturbation, feels just as good and it's easier. Seriously do it.

>> No.9676064

Oh wow, we got an edgelady over here. Who hurt you?

>> No.9676068
File: 41 KB, 620x352, baka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, I forgot how 4chan gets so triggered over people not feeling attraction to others. Silly me! Don't worry, anon, you may die alone and thirsty but at least it won't matter in the afterlife!

>> No.9676069

what details you want.
Also, posting pics on 4chan is something that will never seem smart to me.

>> No.9676070

fuck you

>> No.9676072

You didn't mention location, even country. No email, not even a throwaway. No mention of what you are actually looking for (just pictures? sex? video chat? long-distance? local?)

As someone who has been sugaring for four years now, you seem like you have no idea what you're doing, and that immediately sets off red flags.

>> No.9676073

yeah you're definitely baiting. Saying "pathetic" and "annoying" isn't even swearing.

>> No.9676074

Careful anon, there is barely an inch between the edge and your face. Don't cut yourself.

>> No.9676076

>being so much of a cuckold that you actually give money to girls for a few pics or videos while they get fucked somewhere else
>bragging about knowing how this whole cuckbusiness works and giving smug advice on it

This is the saddest and cringiest thing I've seen in 4chan.

>> No.9676081

So? It doesn't need to be swearing, it's just not ladylike, period. It's pretty disgusting for a woman to say things like those.

>> No.9676089

I hit 13 pounds lost and won best coord at a meet this week. Feels good man.

>> No.9676093

Not selfpics duh

Roompics or moneypics, ask what you want, cam chat or something else

And you’ll have better luck if you use the board lingo

Say you’re looking for “classic lolita” or something or name your favorite brand

>> No.9676098

I don't know what either of those words mean, I just wanna plow a qt and shower her with outfits i wanna see her in.

>> No.9676100

Then drop an email

girls here are kind of wary, they are thirsty for brand (ie money) but they want someone who knows a little about the fashion

>> No.9676102

Meh, i'll just stick to tindering during anime expo etc.

>> No.9676103

Disgusting whores

>> No.9676109


>> No.9676112
File: 858 KB, 200x267, ffffuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you wanna cosplay with your friend but your friend has been getting increasingly unintelligent since graduating college
On one hand, she's still an amazingly compassionate and genuine person and I consider myself very lucky to be in her life. On the other hand, I can't take anything that comes out of her mouth seriously anymore.

One good thing that comes out of this is that seeing her IQ's quick descent has really highlighted the fact that your brain is a muscle and it has to exercise critical thinking and learn new things to "stay in shape". I'm making a point to learn Spanish and piano, and reading daily news off the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. I'll probably get around to reading a lot of the "classics" off of American high school reading lists that my school never did. After that, I'll see if I can buy some cheap college textbooks.

I don't know how to break it to her that she's slipping. I want to make cosplays and do con photoshoots with her, but she's starting to be a bit... insufferable at times. I still love her a lot so I can definitely room with her for cons, but it's difficult to not stare at her blankly when she starts talking on certain subjects. Hard to keep my expressions under control when we'll be standing in line talking for 5-6 hours every con.

>> No.9676113


Just leave this board already you pathetic pile of shit faggot.

>> No.9676116

Yeah, keep talking like some ghetto dweller and keep wondering why no man likes you while you schlick to yaoi.

>> No.9676118

the last person you replied to isn't the same person you were replying to before. But if anything it's just proof of you being ridiculous. also I'm not into yaoi. you've got an awful lot of assumptions there, pal, and you know what they say about assumptions...

>> No.9676119

Sounds like its time to find new friends, anon
Also is she actually being annoying and cringy irl and theres a gap between your maturity levels or are you just being a petulant ass? Reading the news and having hobbies doesn't make you smarter than someone else desu

>> No.9676120

I don't care who "he" is, I see a whore talking like a convict, I call it out.

>> No.9676122

Anon tell her to visit a doc. Finishing college doesn't make you suddenly drop a significant amount of IQ points, she could be seriously ill. Speaking & thinking slower or memory & speech issues could be nothing at all or symptoms for something worse.

>> No.9676128

I have large gross scars from surgery on my leg and back, but when I wear lolita with the leg scars exposed, no one ever says anything. Don't worry too much. You can always wear long sleeves or gloves if it bothers you that much.

>> No.9676139

Thank you, I will. But why are you still here? I'm sure a big catch like you wouldn't spend his precious time shitposting on a board full of awful ghetto dweller women because he has no other form of affection in his life. I'm sure you wouldn't visit a board for the sole purpose of attention whoring about the very special fact that you're in possession of a greasy dick between your legs. No, you sure have much more qualities to offer. So why don't you fuck off already? The thousand gfs of yours must be waiting already.

>> No.9676140

I know, I'm one of them. But I also don't try so I can't say much about that.

>> No.9676145

>board full of awful ghetto dweller women
Nah, speak for yourself.

>because he has no other form of affection in his life
>bringing this out of the blue

>you're in possession of a greasy dick between your legs.
Uh, afaik, my dick isn't greasy. Maybe you should stop giving the succ to hobos for $5 on dark back alleys and step up your business.
>you sure have much more qualities to offer
I agree with this.
>So why don't you fuck off already
Male created, male oriented, male dominated website, so, you get out.

Calm down tomboy, it's never too late to learn a little bit of feminity.

>> No.9676156

On the topic of cussing and being female, I used to cuss a lot. I really didn't care, and I've always been a bit of a rebel anyway, so with everyone always saying not to cuss for whatever reason, of course I did it.

Anyway, I somewhat recently got with a guy who said he'd prefer if I didn't cuss. I started thinking about it, and love him and want to do everything I can to show him how much he means to me in both word and action, so decided to give it a shot. I actually much prefer it now. I don't mind if people cuss at all, but I think it shows more discipline and character not to.

I read a bunch of my old posts on a different site not too long ago, and wow. I honestly don't mind cussing, whatever, but it almost made me cringe. Plus, I find it much more entertaining to find other words to use. It's like a game to me.

>> No.9676158

>a board full of awful ghetto dweller women

Proof that not everyone is like you

>> No.9676162
File: 268 KB, 500x465, natsume 02.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Annoying, sometimes. Clingy, no. Maturity-wise, I feel like we equal out. I'm mature in some ways that she's not, and vice-versa. And yeah, you're right on the news and hobbies thing; I worded it poorly. I mean to mentally challenge myself in ways that I was too lazy/stressed to do so before. I want to learn new things and get invested in basic things like knowing the state of the world. In this way, I can exercise my mind and keep myself mentally active. And by staying mentally active, I'll keep my mind in shape so that I may readily tackle more difficult subjects in books and real life.

Oh my god, reading all this back I realize I sound incredibly stupid and immature. It really nails my point home: it is time for me to step up my game. I don't wanna resign myself to be an idiot. /puts head in hands

It's very sweet of you to show concern for her, anon! But I don't think a doctor's visit is necessary in this case. I will be more specific. She used to be logical and well-researched; if she made a statement on something, you could trust that she could back it up with facts from reliable sources (which she would). Now she's become more reactionary and concludes things on the fly without basis.

I've asked her where she gets her information a couple of times, and she flounders a bit before quietly admitting that she only saw it on Tumblr. She doesn't use her brain as much anymore. She's always following a new fad diet but quits it within a week. She's not as stable as she used to be.

In school, you're constantly presented with new material that requires you to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You use your brain every day. She's graduated and doesn't have to use her brain the same way she's had to do so her entire life. She isn't exercising her brain so she's stagnating, and I don't want it to happen to me.

Doesn't mean I think poorly of her character, though! I'm musing on how to discreetly encourage her to challenge herself.

>> No.9676164
File: 19 KB, 313x260, rudeguycame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you, twelve?

>> No.9676166

Pretty sure a twelve year old would put "unique" and weird labels onto himself such as "asexual" and "aromantic" to look cool.

>> No.9676169

>tfw desperately want to cosplay and make friends
>tfw don't want to embarrass myself by having a shitty outfit
>tfw need a qt to hold my hand to calm my social anxiety down because don't want to attend alone
>tfw I thought roid cocktail was supposed to make you alpha

>> No.9676171


Real alpha here, you fucked up, if you were alpha you wouldn't have used roids.

Taking the easy amoral path is beta behavior.

You can pretend but (((we'll))) know.

>> No.9676173

masT is pretty damn alpha, so is bimbo and chem.

I just don't like being alone. I just want to dress up and take fun and cringe pictures with friends.

>> No.9676177

I'll make it brainlet friendly.

roid =! alpha

You're playing a tabletop game with some buddies, everybody is having a good time playing(natty), suddenly some retard flips the board with tard rage and says he won(roids).

Is the retard who flipped the table an alpha? Or a cuck whose fear of defeat made him go the easy route?

roid = beta mentality

>> No.9676179

I don't get it. Natty is like playing monopoly but except you have to cut and colour your own bank notes. It's just inefficient.

>> No.9676184

Tumblr should be considered a mental illness.

>> No.9676188

Roids are cheating, it teaches bad habits, there are things in life you can't cheat on, and these things can kill you.
Getting swole on roids has about much merit as a fat person eating 3 donuts instead of 4 one day.
Getting /fit/ is not only about the body, it's about the mind, the discipline, achieving things slowly and putting hard work into it.
With roids, you'll be a beta on the inside, and people in the know will be able to tell you've roided, you'll lack functional strenght. Not to speak about the drawbacks of roiding such as lower sperm count, testicle shrinkage, moobs, etc.
>b-but muh cycle
Yeah, pumping your body full of shit to counter side-effects from roids looks fun.
Anyway, your call.

>> No.9676189

>Maybe you should stop giving the succ to hobos for $5 on dark back alleys and step up your business.
>bringing this out of the blue

>Male created, male oriented, male dominated website
So? Are you trying to tell me this applies to /cgl/?

Also nice job avoiding my point.

The post you quoted is either you samefagging, a man or a really retarded gull. Of course you don't cuss to your crush/bf like you do on image boards, wtf.

>> No.9676193

>Roids are cheating

To cheat you have to be playing a game. I'm not.

>Getting swole on roids has about much merit
I don't care about merit. I care about results.

>t's about the mind, the discipline, achieving things slowly and putting hard work into it.
It's subjective

>you'll lack functional strenght.
Oh shit. I didn't know I was being meme'd. I'll stop now.

From the rest of your post, you evidently know nothing about AAS usage.

>> No.9676198

>>Maybe you should stop giving the succ to hobos for $5 on dark back alleys and step up your business.
>>bringing this out of the blue

Not really, you started talking about greasy dicks and I assumed how could you have come into contact with those.

>So? Are you trying to tell me this applies to /cgl/?
Afaik, this whole site was made by a jewish man called moot w. snacks.

>Also nice job avoiding my point.
No point. Just tomboyish rage, go wash your cunt, it smells like fish.

>The post you quoted is either you samefagging, a man or a really retarded gull. Of course you don't cuss to your crush/bf like you do on image boards, wtf.

>if someone disagrees with me is a samefag or a man xDDD or a retarded gull

Have you considered the possibility of her not being a tomboyish piece of shit that likes to imitate big boy's talk?

>> No.9676199

>I care about results

And results you obtained, quoting you: "tfw need a qt to hold my hand to calm my social anxiety down because don't want to attend alone".

I'm impressed by your alphaness, bravo, that's what you get for taking the easy ride.

Fat men deserve more respect than you.
Not gonna bother with the rest of your post.

>> No.9676201
File: 271 KB, 568x535, thongdiaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stranger Thongs
We lolitas only wear the strangest kind.

>> No.9676202

Do those actually exist? Wouldn't shit just dribble over it and fall into the floor?

>> No.9676203

>between squat sets
pretty accurate except for this. people on fit don't even lift.

>> No.9676205

>Implying lifting is anywhere near GOMAD and squatting in terms of importance

>> No.9676210

It's fake, anon.

>> No.9676211


>> No.9676215

Lmaoo you've got some baggage anon, not all of us can survive off of autism bux. If she wants kids, being with someone who is financially independent, while she is as well, is pretty important.

If you're 26-36 and can't afford an apartment, you probs don't have ur life together to settle down yet, so it's a pretty easy filter.

>> No.9676216

The only Chad like people on /fit/ are only Chad like because they're running superhuman levels of gear.
Prior to injecting bulk shark hormones they were beta incels.

>> No.9676218
File: 160 KB, 960x720, coolguys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw a lonely girl in our comm is an ABDL
Should I help her?

>> No.9676219

>Just tomboyish rage,
Quite the opposite.

>go wash your cunt, it smells like fish.
weak and boring

My point is that you, my fine gentleman, are fishing for (you)'s and attention in a way that's not related to the thread OR the board. At least try to make your shitposting about egl/cosplay.

>adding xDDDD to a quote automatically counters the argument
That's not what I said btw, at least finish reading the paragraph. If you want attention, you gotta give attention.

>shitposting and cussing
>big boy's talk
Holy kek. Yes, you're completely right, I'll go and leave all those important matters to highly intelligent representatives of the male gender like you. You won, you filthy disgusting robot.

>> No.9676222

>muh shekels

Varg Vikernes has relatively a lot of kids for today's standards, lives on his own property in the countryside and his income is probably lower than what autismbux offer in European countries.

They live a more fulfilling life than what you'll ever experience with your shitty golddigging materialism and your debt culture.

Life it's not about being a 24/7 workaholic that makes 600k a year, it's about cutting off superficial crap and being smart with your money, which would be hard to do with a golddigger because the moment she didn't have MUH IFAWN she would freak out and claim you neglect-raped her or something.

>> No.9676228

>My point is that you, my fine gentleman
See, that's what I want to see.

>That's not what I said btw, at least finish reading the paragraph. If you want attention, you gotta give attention.
Women should NEVER cuss, it's disgusting and cringy as fuck. I had an ex that used to moderately cuss and she wouldn't drop the habit. Eventually gave her a smack or two and she did fine for the rest of our relationship.

>Holy kek. Yes, you're completely right, I'll go and leave all those important matters to highly intelligent representatives of the male gender like you.
Thank you.

>You won, you filthy disgusting robot.
I'm a /fit/izen.

>> No.9676233
File: 32 KB, 500x434, peachcry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is vaping lolita?

>> No.9676234


>> No.9676245

>tfw /cgl/ wants /fit/ and not /fa/

why live

>> No.9676250

>women are wired to go after masculinity
>men are wired to go after feminity
>caring about /fa/ is a femenine evolutionary trait (become liked on the community or nobody will defend you, seek a man to personally protect you)
>caring about /fit/ is a masculine evolutionary trait (be able to stand your ground or you will be killed, attract a female who wants to be protected displaying characteristics associated with strength)

Connect the dots. Drop your fag beanie and get the fuck in /fit/.

>> No.9676253
File: 18 KB, 480x360, iahtethis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the 16-year-old girl in your sister's comm is really hot
I'm 27. I shouldn't think this. Help.

>> No.9676260
File: 35 KB, 704x464, Mokkori_City_Hunter_16_48F67A0C.mkv_snapshot_12.09_[2016.07.11_01.21.32].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>small and weak as fuck now
>tfw I won't look like an aviator sunglasses wearing, no sleeves post apocalyptic '80s tough guy action hero or Fabio for a good long while

>> No.9676289

Stay safe anon

>> No.9676291

>tfw no cosplay gf

>> No.9676293

Two more years till she's legal.

>> No.9676298


My friend who was previously 'asexual' recently became a raging lesbian, sexual awakening through multiple orgasms and all.

No asexuals exist, just people who didn't discover good sex.

>> No.9676299

That's not entirely true but for the majority it is.
There are people with serious mental impairments.

>> No.9676300

Roids aren't cheating. You literally can't get the big without them. Any intelligent person lifts natural for 2-6 years before jumping on roids.

>> No.9676323

I dunno, I hate to use SJW terms but sexuality really is a spectrum. Some people are horndogs/hypersexual and some people sex is only okay or even meh.

Even barring quality of sex, some people just dont enjoy it as much as others for multiple reasons.

Not OP but I can feel pleasure when I have sex but it's not very much, I don't particularly like it so i don't seek it. Simple.

Besides that there are loads of reasons for it.

>sexual abuse
>reduced physical sensation
>sexual phobias

>> No.9676330

>Roids are cheating.
Roids are the ONLY way to achieve a Hollywood body.

Unless you're supernaturally gifted you're not going to be lean and 3d.

>> No.9676332


So basically, people who haven't had good sex for various reasons.

>> No.9676333

No I completely get that, but trauma doesn't make you asexual. Or medication. Those things can be fixed.

They make you less sexual as a person but not wholly asexual.

>> No.9676335

sure, but I've had sex and it was pretty shitty. the person seemed to do okay given what I know good sex is supposed to be, but im not about t keep fucking if i hate it.

also reduced physical sensation reduces the effiacy of actual good sex anyway, yes?

>> No.9676338

that's fair. I dunno I call myself asexual because I don't like sex at all and it gets people off my back regarding expectations. I'm not like "eww yicky" but it's just not a fun thing. Masturbation does very little for me too

>> No.9676344

Completely get it. People are wired differently and 100% agree on reduced physical and probably mental sensations.

>> No.9676347


Yeah see, masturbation did nothing for my friend either. And then.

No to mention even if a person is 'experienced' they may not be attuned to your particular settings. Just because a guy has fucked 25 girls doesn't mean anything imo. You're you, you have special settings. Hate to bring up the 'special snowflake' meme but I think it does apply to sex.

Again everything is anecdotal, but the 4-5 cases of asexuality I've seen somehow disappeared when they found good sexual partners.

>> No.9676349

BTSSB again delivers with shitty quality, ugh.

Why do I even buy shit from them. Nothing compares to solid IW, VM, MM, or even AP.

>> No.9676353

What did you buy and what's wrong with it? spill, gull.

>> No.9676354


Porz Kerchief. Not happy with the fabric at all, bodice is unlined which I could live with if the fabric was either substantial or fell well, which it does neither. I'll make it work though. The pattern is really pretty and the print is really crisp,

>> No.9676356

It is more acceptable than smoking, but still not kawaii.

>> No.9676358

>Con this weekend
>Going to see ex-friend I used to cosplay with
>She's cosplaying with friends I'm still friends with but I'm not
>Cue awkward
>Do I hide or
>Eternal groaning

>> No.9676377

roids are only cheating if competition forbids them
You're still a fag for roiding and being >160

There are only heterosexuals and those with mental health conditions that need treatment and could range from depression to schizophrenia and everything in between

Vaping isn't cute
Smoking is bad for you no don't do that

Light blue/white is the best color scheme


>> No.9676378

ahaha I'm in a similar situation.
>whole friend group dropped me when friend A (who joined the group because of me, like two years after the group's formation) and I got in a fight
>Friend A and I made up and are very close again
>ex-friends still refuse to acknowledge my existence
>very awkward because friend A has to remind ex-friends over and over that she can't spend all con with them bc she has plans with me, her best friend

Not sure what you should do, anon, but just know I sympathize. It really sucks.

>> No.9676380


>> No.9676381

>Adult male
>Less than 200
Pick one.

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