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Previous thread: >>9676398

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I hate skirt coords. :( And I'm pretty small, I fit everywhere except the bust.

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Get a binder, reduction, lose even more weight, or wear AP/Meta then. Not much else you can say when you physically won't fit.

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...So, the answer to my original question is yes, a binder would help and not just make a boobloaf?

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If you're over the cup size the garment is made for nothing but changing your body will. Seeing as you said fit I figured you meant physically and not aesthetically. No one can tell you if you aren't going to give band and bust size measurements really.

If you can manage to get down to a 2-3 inch difference from your high bust to your full bust than that should get rid of it. Under bust doesn't matter as much visually unless that's already too big as well.

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Has anyone ordered from Maiden Clothing through tenso? I placed an order on Tuesday, and it appears I'm supposed to be waiting for the card payment link now but I still haven't received it. Does it usually take this long?

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Just to add, I've received the stock check/order confirmation email yesterday.

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Physically, I can usually fit with a little squishing (32DD, bust is 92cm), but it's not comfortable and you can see that I'm stuffed in.

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Moitie's looking for a designer it seems.

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I ordered something and got the confirmation mail pretty soon, then the payment mail about three to four days later, and then for them to actually process the payment in the store another two days.

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They were very slow for me last summer

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>We're currently on a short break and will return on October 28th. Thank you, Automatic Honey!
>glances at the calendar

okay then.

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Translation from google translate, but it isn't that bad.

† Recruitment information †

Graduate of Fashion College
At least 3 years of practical experience (considering previous pay)
One resume, curriculum vitae

Style design picture: EGL and EGA 5 pieces each (coloring unnecessary, 7.5 body balance)
Please write before and after the plain (pattern picture) in the margin of the style picture.
Print illustration: 1 piece for skirt (summer) 1 for over knee socks
Be able to use Photoshop, Illustrator. The use of a copyright-free motif is also acceptable.
Handwritten design is also possible.
Highly original with similarity to Moi-Meme-Moitie.
Please send the application by e-mail.

It's nice that they demand to have some experience and try to keep it professional, but I guess it won't stop weebs and kids from applying.

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Surely they don't accept applications from people outside Japan. Nobody here paid attention to previous burando job ads either.

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Would it be bad form to ask a LM seller to leave me feedback? I'm new to lolita and only have +1 on my account right now. I bought a $300+ dress, the transaction went without a hitch, I feel like that's good feedback to have.

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If nothing bad happened, why would they react poorly to you asking?

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If you're aiming for pic related, it's marked as sold out because the reservation period has ended. They usually add ready stock a couple of months later unless it's some super popular item that sold out during reserve but that happens rarely with VM. It's also worth to follow their twitter, they often post pictures of new stock arriving at their physical locations.

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Just ask politely and it shouldn't be an issue at all.

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That cape looks delicious warm. I hope it's real fur.
>100% Polyester
Why did you show me this OP.

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I've asked sellers to leave me feedback before. As long as you ask nicely it shouldn't be an issue.

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Seeing Kelly Eden get btfo by LWLN was absolutely delightful.

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highlight of my week

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Because high quality polyester is superior

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Anyone know any good or decent wig shops on ebay? I don't feel like dealing with taobao right now and the store I used to buy from seems to have closed.

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Same. I couldn't watch Kelly's video because of her obnoxious demeanor, so I'm glad Tyler could sum it up. So much second hand cringe.

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No it's really not. It's terrible for the environment, but who cares about that right.

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Tyler murdered her, and I especially love the incoming comments trying to defend Kelly kek

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I don't know where else to post this but someone please tell me it's a joke.

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Apparently she's new and didn't know the price so just plucked a figure out of thin air. Jfc.

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delete this
lrn 2 block names or our nice new general will get zapped

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>I hope it's real fur

Shoulda put that bait in a snare and made your own.

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I have personally used loki doki and she does preorders.

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Nah, I just have my dad do it for me.

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I dont, especially if I want my fur to be white and stay white

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link pleathe

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>As if faux fur doesn't yellow

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>as if dyeing real fur doesn't hurt the environment
You're just buying into the bullshit of the fur industry, either way that cape looks great and I already bought it

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>bullshit of the fur industry
Please do tell because my experience is first hand.
Keep in mind fashion is the second industry leading in pollution due to the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

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Please go be a hillbilly somewhere else.

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I love watching a murder of an idiot.

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She did a really good job with this. So many idiots can now get quickly and fully educated on just. how. terrible. KE's behavior was.
it's not that she made a mistake, it's how she handled it.
At least on a credit card you have time to pay it back.
And that time would have been enough for her to sell in the States. A US buyer wouldn't have to worry about international shipping, hell a Eurofriend could have gotten it and beat customs!
Even eating a teeny loss by slightly discounting that NWT set would have helped her...but of course she wouldn't have thought of this...because she's not a lolita.

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I wonder what dress she traded it for?

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i ordered thru Japonica and they havent sent the items to the SS yet. idk what the hold up is

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God, the comments are a wild ride

>Lor sharing it tho

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>Lor shared it

>all that savagery

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>sometimes the 0 on the end just hides itself on the tag
What in the world does that mean?

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Oh my god thank you so much for answering this.

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tags arent always printed correctly?

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You know, you take two seconds to look at the price tag and assume you were right and ignore all the hints that something's wrong and it's more expensive than you thought. Funny how really easy it is to be stupid.

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I hope that comment is being sarcastic

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Thing is, when I went to AP in laforet last year and bought just a few cutsews, the shop girl was very clear to me about the price, and even showed me the total to my face on a calculator when she was deducting the tax percentage. Maybe I had a different shopgirl than Kelly but no way would she have not been made aware of the price for such an expensive dress. It makes me wonder if she did buy the dress with the intention to return it, or like someone in the comments of Tyler's video suggested, she tried to return it because it didn't fit and decided to play dumb. Surely she can't be stupid enough to miss all those hints that there was an extra zero on the price? Or maybe she is, who knows, her story just doesn't add up to me.

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maybe she just wanted to create some drama for views

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Maybe she's just retarded.

>> No.9678801

I for real think she may be mentally defective if this isn't just one big effort to troll. I don't understand how she could ignore so many red flags otherwise.

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Agreeing with this. I've never bought at a shop in Japan where they didn't point directly at the number on the register or lay out each item's price clearly. In fact, when you start spending that sort of money and they realize you're a mute idiot (aka foreigner), they go out of their way to get that shit duty-free for you on your passport, so I have no fucking idea what the hell actually went on for that dumb cunt.

>> No.9678810

I get being distracted but how stupid do you have to be to completely ignore your card getting declined? Just look at the fucking register one more time! Look at the manager being present! Part of me is inclined to believe that she legit thought they knew her and that was why she was getting special attention.

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...i...i actually kind of do give a flying fuck about this

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Plot twist: she's a troll who did her homework and managed to get her videos a shitton of views by becoming a shitty clickbait meme

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I don’t get it as well. I‘m currently in Japan and have been to AP in Laforet and Shinjuku (and many other stores as well). Once they see you’re a foreigner they show you the price on the cash register or a calculator and in some cases even try to say it in english. So far even the tiniest shop tried to make sure I knew the price I had to pay. And since tax is added everytime as a foreigner you get used to check the full total before paying.

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It's either this or she is literally retarded.

>> No.9678834

What?? Are they rereleasing the original cuts and colourways along with the new MTO?

>> No.9678856

Exactly this. Checking out at AP is a fucking ordeal. Expect it to take 30 minutes at least, with the shop girl carefully adding up each thing, writing down the price, showing it to you on a calculator, then swiping your card and having you sign for everything (probably while showing you the price yet again). And even if you're a foreigner they go through the whole 1 payment or multiple payments. Then they spend forever rewrapping each item individually in clear bags, then wrapping it all in the pink bag. I don't know how you could sit through that whole thing and not once double check or question the price.

>> No.9678897

I've never checked out at AP but I've shopped at Pierrot and CC and it didn't take that long. The shop girls spent more time chatting with me than wrapping everything up. It might have taken so long because it was a credit card transaction, I did that once and jesus never again. CC was even faster than Pierrot, even when they spent a good while wrapping shoes up.

>> No.9678973

CC is lightning fast. They got shit to do so they want you in and out. It's not representative of most shops. Sometimes AP can go faster if there are multiple people working and the store is dead, so one can do the transaction and the other the wrapping.

>> No.9678986

Like I said, never shopped at AP. But it sounds abnormally slow compared to literally every store I've shopped at in Japan (lolita and otherwise) so I'm quite suprised.

>> No.9678992

I guess I wouldn't have guessed before experiencing it either. Sometimes I'll go for a release and spend 2 hours just buying one dress. I think a close contender in slowness is Swimmer because they have to pick the items from all over the store. Lots of other shops in Laforet and Shibuya 109 can be slow but none seems to have as intense of a check out experience as AP.

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New AaTP reservation:
Forest Where The Angels Live
Comes in low waist, high waist, sack and skirt cuts

>> No.9678998

They behave exactly the same as Liz Lisa and other places I've shopped at. Not sure where you're shopping, but generally they find you a fresh item from the back, remove tags, package it all, let you choose your bag, add everything on a calculator, let you know if you need to go elsewhere for tax refund or request your passports to give you tax free. Then once they have all that done, they can charge you. Generally this is done by two people, it's true for anywhere I've shopped that I can get a point card. I don't know Anon, I'm glad they take their time, I love how everything is wrapped like a present. They even give you plastic covers for when you get a paper shopping bag and it's raining out.

>> No.9679001

the bodice: yes
the print: no

>> No.9679036

Maybe it's because I live in Japan so they don't have to go through all of the duty-free and tax refund things? The staff usually knows I live here because it's like the third question they ask me. Checkout has never taken me more than five-ten min if they're busy or they're doing extra stuff like applying discounts. I love how efficient they always are, without making you feel like you're being rushed and making sure everything leaves their hands in good condition.

Just so people know I'm not trying to start arguments, it's just facinating to me how different our experiences have been. Laforet is one of my favorite places to shop because of how friendly all the shops I've been to are.

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This looks more like a baby dress than an Alice dress. Why even have the different brands if their shit looks the same?

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Does anyone here know a seller that would take a custom acrylic pin commission?
My friend's birthday is coming up soon and I found out she lost her cat, so I wanted to commission like a frilly kitty pin in the cat's likeness with its name on it for her...

>> No.9679098

diy shrinky dink

>> No.9679106

Where can I find long, old-school-esque bloomers. Good quality ones... I can really only find short bloomers with short (or no) lace and it's driving me mad. I'd honestly prefer some nice brand bloomers or something, but really.. anything long with good quality materials is okay by me.

>> No.9679112

Closet child or f+f

>> No.9679114

I would if my artwork wasn't terrible. I've heard of printable shrinkies but I don't see a usable picture of the cat on her social media.

>> No.9679115

Thanks, I don't even know why I never thought to check F+F. I have a pair of frilly butt bloomers from them, too.

>> No.9679117

That's probably part of it. The whole passport thing does add a solid 10-15 minutes to any checkout because they're filling in forms while your goods are getting wrapped up. I have noticed that they'll skip that if there's multiple people in the store, and if you're trying on/buying multiple things they start gathering the fresh inventory from the back while you're still shopping when everything's held at checkout.

Completely agree with you on the friendliness of Laforet.

Sorry to hear about your friend's cat. Manufacturing wise, I don't know which places could turn around a one off acrylic item in under a month plus you'd need to factor in how long the art might possibly take.

Maybe a custom shrinky dink commission might be faster?

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where did Lor share it? Anyone has caps? I'm curious what she said

>> No.9679142

You know any artists, anon?

>> No.9679155

Tyler is so much better than we deserve.

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Moitie update:

KERASHOP MARIA and Atelier Pierrot are accepting reservations on behalf of Moitie on items in pic related. Though, I don't see any of the items in either of their web shop.

Moitie's official Facebook uploaded some pictures from their photoshoot yesterday. Moitie has also opened an official Greek Twitter (it's all Greek to me).

Moreover, Moi dix Mois' Twitter had this message from Mana himself:
I think it's announcing a new beginning for Mana as a producer?

>> No.9679178

when you're trying to look put together on monday when you were partying all weekend

>> No.9679191

Agree. I found her story so fishy because I've been here for ages, and when you're used to customer service in Japan, eternal bowing and smiles and greetings with detailed explanations on how to use and care for the stuff you've bought, it's kind of jarring to shop overseas and be confronted with surly shop staff who resent customers for having to do their jobs, or the complete opposite, the unprofessional kind who lack boundaries and start whining at customers about their personal life, or give unwanted advice or lowkey sexually harass you and shit.

Her story just doesn't add up. That, or she is actually a complete moron.

Not saying that there aren't shop staff in Japan who resent dealing with foreigners for some reason, but they're the exception, not the rule. They're making money after all.

>> No.9679204

I am one but I wouldn't want you to be stuck with me as default just because I'm the one replying to you at the moment. You could create a throwaway email, make a couple of posts in the artist alley and draw threads with what you're looking for and the price range you're willing to spend and see who replies.

At the bare minimum, it'd help you vet interest and styles to match up with what you're looking for.

>> No.9679211

she said on her fb that shes making a response video.

>> No.9679266

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction anon. Here's my post if you're interested >>9679264.

>> No.9679308

When I was 15 I bought my first brand dress from a physical lolita reseller in my country and when I asked how to best care for it, the woman at the counter outright scowled at me and dismissively told me to check the tag. She then shoved the package at me and went back to looking at her phone, completely ignoring me thanking her and saying goodbye.
>later found out this was the owner herself
>the shop is gone now
hm I wonder why

>> No.9679333

Thanks anons, it's good to know I don't need to freak out just yet

>> No.9679337

Will this be part of the in store MTO? Or can be bought at the online shop as bloodbath or MTO?

>> No.9679344

What if you don't want any bags?

>> No.9679349

Looks like an aatp dress to me

>> No.9679350

Victorian maiden

>> No.9679355

Is that neo gothic arch headwear?

>> No.9679394

How fast do items on Maiden Clothing generally sell out?

I believe so. The katakana match. "pt" seems to be short for "print".

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File: 1.26 MB, 960x1200, collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all up on the website now!

>> No.9679406

Same. I like Tyler's motormouth style, it's so much easier on the ears than Kelly's bimbo lingo.

Tell me about it. I was watching Project Runway and one of the girls buys fur, and snooty Tim Gunn is like but we're a cruelty free show uwu. Bitch, you set that girl up last week with her crap wonderwoman costume, and it was rabbit fur, rabbit meat is pretty good in a stew. Discarded crappy fake fur is ultimately much harder on the environment and wildlife.

>since it never fit
But I tried to force myself into it plenty of times regardless, the seams and elastic is all on their last legs, on top of it being bodyline. But let me charge more than most brand dresses in pristine condition cost on the resale market! No one tell her the actually value is barely $20, but do tell everyone else.

Some people really think they have a knack for business when they have zero people skills, it's ridiculous.

You tell them, and can even hand them your own bag, your "ecobag" and ask them to put the item in there. If it's really expensive and/or delicate, they'll probably still insist on wrapping some nice paper around it.

It really depends. I've seen items sell within hours of going up, but I've ordered a dress that I had my eye on four months before. If it's something you really want, best go for it as fast as possible.

>> No.9679425 [DELETED] 

Do any of you have a size small or original release pocket embroidery jsk? I need to have the elastic replaced in the straps of mine, and I'd like to know how long they are unstretched before I do that.

>> No.9679426

Little Dipper is the only place I could find peeking ones

>> No.9679428

Do any of you have a size small or original release pocket embroidery jsk? I need to have the elastic replaced in the straps of mine, and I'd like to know how long they are unstretched before I do that.

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I honestly cannot wait, shits gonna be gud

>> No.9679471

All that butthurt lol. It's gonna be good indeed.
Why are they so whiny and sensitive? I'm the first ont to sympathize but she entirely deserved the backlash.

>> No.9679473

Because she is getting ~bullied~ uwu

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What a bunch of weenies. If they think this is bullying they must be really sheltered.

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File: 20 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9679480

Thanks for the update! RIP wallet, tho.

>Last comment
Thanks! I'll go for it, then!

>> No.9679513

It is real. But in this case they're being overly dramatic, there's no bullying.

>> No.9679528

I really love that there's Neo Gothic Arch headwear now and it looks awesome. But the likelihood of me ever getting that print is slim so i'm not sure I want to throw money at that. But those socks? Give.

>> No.9679565

I've been watching those doll delight vids on youtube, but are their dresses any good? Where are they sold? Some look a bit twee.

>> No.9679578

They're awful and not worth the price.

>> No.9679594

She had a website for a while and was selling them well above brand prices, around $400 a piece.

>> No.9679595

It's not a relevant argument in the lolita general, ain't nobody going to discard their Sheglit cape

>> No.9679598

I'm getting it anyway. It would look nice with solid pieces as well or even different white and silver prints

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File: 75 KB, 446x400, BD9CEF6D-19EB-49CC-9507-72F4CF949237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cruelty free
>fashion labor industry

>> No.9679606

Thanks! I was so confused because I've never actually seen anyone wearing them, not even in the ita thread, and they don't have an online shop. It looked like an unprofessional outfit with the socalled organizer never being on time and never checking out the fashion show venues until five minutes before the event.

>I'm never on time and make people wait for hours teehee!
>volunteer models sitting on the floor of the venue waiting for over an hour
>it's normal I'm Filipina hurdur

Don't know why the owner/designer puts up with it. It's not normal, it's shitty. I work with a bunch of flips and none of them ever use that excuse or are habitually late.

>> No.9679608

Online MTO
Online MTO
Online MTO!

>> No.9679610

Wow, and in the clips she makes a commission dress in one night. If she can wrap it up in one night, it's not worth 400 bucks.

>> No.9679620

Her stuff used to show up in the ita thread from time to time when she was more active. I haven't heard anything from her in months until you brought her up. Sometimes I think of her when a sewing newbie makes especially heinous fabric choices, though.

I'm not surprised to hear that her brand is a big ol' mess. If she was really a professional business owner she wouldn't participate in some trashy reality show on a channel nobody watches. That's such a desperate move.

>> No.9679773

Would little boots like that work for lolita?
I saw them for 28$ so i'm wondering if I should take them.
Also any good links to pink boots that aren't outrageously expensive?

>> No.9679774
File: 65 KB, 800x795, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck,dropped it

>> No.9679780

I want to say yes but something about the design and construction looks clunky and awkward in a bad way, like they slapped some bows and scallops on normie boots. They look kinda bad, anon, sorry. Also, paying $28 for boots seems like a bad idea, it probably says a lot about the quality.

>> No.9679797
File: 23 KB, 484x500, s-l500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I kinda see what you mean? The sole part,probably. I'll probably get them in brown for normiewear then. The bows are detachable though.

>> No.9679803

Has anyone had one of their listings disappear from Lacemarket? I had two JSKs listed but I don't see them anywhere. I checked under my active, sold, unsold, and drafts and I don't see them.

>> No.9679809

Thanks anons!

>> No.9679812

I think these could work for casual lolita if you have small feet and slender legs. They’re cute, but this kind of boot can be very unflattering on chunky legs, especially if your skirt goes past the knee.
>speaking from experience /cries

>> No.9679829

They were probably deleted. Happened to all of the replica bags I tried to sell.

>> No.9679852

Why would you make up a ''Lolita name'' for when you're wearing lolita? It's like you're leading some kind of double life or making up a persona. Just saw someone on livejournal ask others to come up with a ''Lolita name'' for her.

>> No.9679861

Probably a child or a dumb adult who thinks the fashion is a costume and meetups are LARP events. Or maybe they're a sissy pretending to be a woman, you never know.

>> No.9679867

On one hand I get it if you want to keep your irl life a little separate from your weeb life. On the other hand we have bitches that want to be an abloobloo fairy princess, larp it up, and/or attempt to become famous. Most often I see it as a variation. Cassandra becomes Cassie or vice versa. Emma to Amelia. Or using your middle name. I’m a Katherine and there’s a lot you can do with that

>> No.9679882

How is it not relevant, you're paying for something to be produced vs something that already exists (ie all the rabbits they eat in China anyway). Yeah it all takes resources to produce into clothing, but one takes significantly less and is easier to figure out where it's from when the tag just tells you the last place it's been touched.

>> No.9679889

If your name is from a different language and all your friends are english speaking or you use a fake name for a facebook account if you want to keep lolita private from your normie friends.
I guess there are some that don't like their names but don't feel like changing them officialy so they only use ones they like in lolita, or something like that. Why would I care what name does one use? It's their personal case.

>> No.9679895 [DELETED] 

Sheglit is made in Japan

>> No.9679901

Maybe her name is like Mildred or Bertha or Gertrude and she feels it's not uwu kawaii enough or some shit.

>> No.9679918

Help, please?

Sold a dress for very cheap on LM and took a hit shipping it to Guam, in the end made less than 1/3 of what I paid for it. That's totally fine, but now the seller (5 days after she received it) is claiming that there's stains on the dress. She sent photos of the stains, and I see that they are there, but there weren't stains when I sent it. I'm 100% sure of that, but of course I don't have proof (except that they weren't there when I took the sales photos, but I doubt that counts as proof). She was upset because I didn't disclose, and I'm not sure what to do.

In the meantime I sent an email back saying that I was sorry, but that the stains weren't there when I sent the dress, and that perhaps it happened during transit (but I'm not sure how that would have even happened, although this is the ONE time I shipped something without putting it in a ziplock first), and suggested that she carefully launder the dress (and gave her suggestions for laundering, as I've washed the dress before) and said hopefully the stains will come out.

I'm not sure what else to do. I'm worried that if she disputes it or brings it up to LM mods, she'll definitely win. She has more positive feedback than I do, and I don't really have evidence other than my word.

Any gull suggestions?

>> No.9679920

wtf, did you give her free international shipping or what?

offer her a full refund if she ships it back, she pays for shipping. or partial refund

>> No.9679929

Offer her a partial refund? Really it sounds like she wore it managing to get a few stains on it and is milking it for what it's worth.

>> No.9679930

I said it was free shipping in the US. She haggled with me on price a little, which I was fine with, and then after purchasing said she lived in Guam. She said that it "should be the same price", and that she'd had issues with sellers in the past, but... it wasn't the same price. It was actually almost double the price of shipping within the Continental US. I don't know if my postal worker swindled me or what, but I paid it anyway and didn't even mention it to the buyer.

I really don't want to give a full refund because that means I'd be out about $25 and have a dress that I don't want back in my possession. If it comes down to it, obviously that's what I'll have to do, but... ugh.

>> No.9679932

She already paid way less than what it was worth, though. Ugh. I don't want to doubt her, and she isn't asking for a refund yet, but... man. It sucks. I just hope she takes my suggestion to wash it and that the stains do come out.

>> No.9679935

>although this is the ONE time I shipped something without putting it in a ziplock first

If the stains a small black dots, there is your answer. It's most likely mold. She will get rid of it if she soaks it in oxyclean.
Offer her partial refund anyways. You shouldn't shipped it without moisture protection.

>> No.9679936

Maybe mention the shipping, then offer a partial refund with the shipping cost accounted for? After she replies, though. Sorry this is happening, she sounds like a horrible buyer.

>> No.9679940

It's not small black dots, unfortunately. They're wide orange spots. Honestly it looks like tea stains. I never drank tea in that dress, though, and some of the stains are on the lower back of the bodice.

Thank you. That sounds like the best plan to me, if the stains won't come out. I want to believe she's a good buyer, she does have over 80 positive feedback after all. I'm just very confused, and it's an unfortunate situation for both of us to be in.

>> No.9679952

definitely sounds like maybe something leaked into the package - water/rain/something, during shipping. always package your dresses in some sort of plastic.

>> No.9679962

All the people I know with a ‘lolita name’ are either men roleplaying as women or weebs roleplaying as kawaii anime girls. There’s not a single Asian person in my comm but a good chunk of our members have Japanese names. It’s pretty cringey.
There’s also a few girls with very common names that add or change something to their name so we can more easily distinguish them, but they all work with what they have and don’t make up something completely new. The people I know who try to keep their lolita account separate from real life stuff only change their surname, not their first name.

>> No.9679982

Wtf were you shipping? I just shipped a dress to guam via the priority mail envelopes and it was only $9. Its all usps so unless you were ahipping something in a huge box or it was extremely heavy idk how the price would of been so much more

>> No.9679989

I didn't use a prepaid box, which I think was part of the problem. I supplied my own box and it was about a pound and a few ounces. They charged me $17. Honestly I think the postal worker ripped me off

>> No.9680060
File: 104 KB, 302x249, 1456002578674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else notice a lot of used items from Japan have the same scent? What the heck is it?

I've bought a lot of second hand dresses and other items from Japan (figure, merch, books, etc) and they almost ALWAYS have this similar maybe sort of musty smell? What is it??

>> No.9680062

Those are perfect classic lolita names

>> No.9680065

Yes. Even my stuff I had in storage there came back smelling the same way. I think at one point I read it was some kind of tree or something there that makes stuff smell that way but I can't find any info now.

>> No.9680082

Yeah, I always chalked it up to humidity/moisture/storage. When you order directly from companies the smell's absent, so it must be something that's present in homes.

>> No.9680137

yeah its almost fruity floral basement smell?? lol

>> No.9680165

It's their detergent

>> No.9680203
File: 142 KB, 846x780, hakuchosha_Ba_fpGwAlLO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have any of you bought from here before? I can't even find prices..

>> No.9680207

It's the smell of japan.
I use it to tell if something is from japan.

>> No.9680233
File: 561 KB, 900x450, 23231261_1743334995710963_1245506550292915324_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready for Celestial MTO

>> No.9680250

Detergent in Japan doesn't smell like that

>> No.9680274
File: 366 KB, 444x466, Elegy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elegy carries some in black and white as well.

>> No.9680279

That's the problem, I keep running out of priority mailers and having to use boxes, it is so much more expensive. I recently shipped from Indiana to New York just one dress and it was like 13.00, and couldn't use first class because it weighed too much

>> No.9680309

jfc, that must have been part of the problem. I should go back to priority mail boxes :/ I just wanted to recycle a box I already had, but it seems like it wasn't worth it.

>> No.9680384

Slightly random but I was watching this Buzzfeed video and I recognised girl D at 1:31. She's a lolita. I can't remember her name but she posts pretty often to CoF


>> No.9680417

I read somewhere that 2nd hand sellers spray their dresses before shipping the Nippon equivalent of Febreeze as it is etiquette over there.

>> No.9680442

I think you missed the part where anon specified good quality.

>> No.9680490

Haha, yeah they definitely spray it with something - I would suggest washing clothes from Japan before wearing as their washing machines only wash in cold water, so unless they got the items dry cleaned, or went to a laundrette, there will be some grime left on the clothes.

>> No.9680492

They use the same detergent as everyone else.

>> No.9680504

Good for you?

>> No.9680610
File: 302 KB, 500x600, 11011348_59f9522c1759c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anyone else getting the Celestial MTO? I was going to sit it out but the new pink and teal are kinda pretty and now I can't decide if I want it or not.

>> No.9680612
File: 172 KB, 500x600, 11011340_59f9502a9ac1f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pink is so soft and pretty.

wtf is up with that waist though. The overskirt doesn't seem removeable

>> No.9680614
File: 253 KB, 500x600, 11011350_59f952850d927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's removeable according to this picture

>> No.9680623


I missed that pic completely. Thanks, anon.

>> No.9680628

I don't get overskirts like this. Does anyone actually like them? It looks so ugly how it's about a mile longer than the skirt itself and all it does is obscure the print.

>> No.9680634

pink is sitting in my cart... of course if i get a main piece i need to get the socks and at least 1 headpiece.. -sweats- this is a lot of munny

>> No.9680636


I'd ditch the legwear, you can easily wear it with any pink or (off)white legwear, plus it looks like the weird digital print on tights material, which is half-sheer and looks odd on some legs.

Matching headwear is more important for a cohesive look anyways.

>> No.9680680


>> No.9680684

They've been up for a while now, it's nothing remarkable.

>> No.9680710
File: 86 KB, 720x540, comf o r t a ble.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My favourite dresses and colour ways pretty much never sell well
>Waits until the new years sale starts to buy anything
>Buys my dream dresses and favourite cuts at 60% of the price
Feels good man, can't wait until January

>> No.9680713

Same, I actually got my Moitie dreamdress in a lucky pack last year

>> No.9680719

Meta's Nazi SS Uniform is for sale on LM.


>> No.9680722

I never understood why that's so popular, is it because it's controversial and was removed from the international webshop? There are nicer looking military lolita sets out there.

>> No.9680723

Why must I never find in green

>> No.9680724

Do you have to self-post this in every thread? No one's going to pay that ridiculous price, unless they're an edgy Chinese princess whose daddy has recently come into money.

>> No.9680725

What do you think looks nicer? I love military and am interested in other sets

If you think the only people who pay for status dresses are rich Chinese girls, you are a poorfag. I hope you never want iron gate or puppet circus.

>> No.9680728

Excentrique is best, then there's Atelier Boz, Alice and the Pirates, other stuff from Metamorphose

>> No.9680729
File: 6 KB, 234x275, Luigi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pastel pink
>Collar bones and arms are covered
>Pretty lace
Holy shit this dress ticks every box in what I look for in a dress, too bad I won't be able to get enough money in the 2 day reservation span

>> No.9680738

Haha, sorry I just thought it would be mildly interesting. No need for the douchey-tone.

>> No.9680770

2nd week I've forgotten to submit ugh
between work week and secret santa shopping...next week for sure though

>> No.9680773

Pics of examples tho? I know brands well but I want to see what you think is good military. I own Aatp and find their stuff meh for it. Meta has calmed down on their military stuff beyond coats.

>> No.9680777

Gulls, was Metamorphose Die Walkure set inspired by actual nazi uniforms? I remember it caused a ruckus at its release because of its high similarity, but would wearing one out for a meeting or whatever get you into trouble? I just feel like it would.

>> No.9680781

Obviously lol, have you not seen it? Even the name is nazi-inspired

>> No.9680786

Someone in my comm wore almost the entire set to an event once and nothing really happened. I think it depends on your region/the people in your comm.

>> No.9680787

Lmao oh god it's just as I remembered then.
Why would you wear that at all? Except for idk a /pol/ meeting lol

>> No.9680793

Tbh I can't imagine it going well for me. Especially since I'm white,blonde with blue eyes,and leave near Germany.
I would get ripped into shreds and mistaken for some kind of neo nazi trash (and probably get punched in the process)

>> No.9680796

Because it looks cool

>> No.9680797
File: 702 KB, 1386x706, burandopantsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i almost forgot Baby made panties.
but isn't reselling them really nasty? i mean even if it's brand that's just gross

>> No.9680798

Holy shit I want Baby panties now

>> No.9680804

desu I'd buy them just to have them. Not even wear them.

I also want one of the old Baby nightgowns, but I've never seen them for sale.

>> No.9680810
File: 7 KB, 112x112, DER31jiVwAA463y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saaame. I really want burando loungewear/nightwear, they made such cute things! I wonder why we never see them. I wonder why we never see some dresses at all to begin with

>> No.9680811

Eh the name is from a play, although he was German and Hitler loved it. But Hitler liked anything that was idealistically German.

The series is inspired for sure by the iconic military uniforms of the Nazis, but all military pieces are referencing something. All military regimes are gross, including the British which is what most military Lolita is based one. Not sure why it is only controversial to wear this meta set.

>> No.9680816
File: 37 KB, 311x296, 1496095034633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>D.Walkure/Dark Secrets is largely inspired by Nazi uniforms
>Not sure why it is only controversial to wear this meta set.

>> No.9680823

And Meta named the set that way because of the play you think? It's controversial because it's so obvious. Wouldn't it be frowned upon if you wore a set with the confederate or KKK flag on it to a lolita meet-up in the US? If you ever go to a meet-up in Europe, I recommend you don't wear the Die Walkure set.

>> No.9680829

Likely it's because of private sales to aquaintences/friends, or the rare time something like that makes it to a shop like CC it sells before it makes it to the webshop.

>> No.9680831

Victorian Maiden still makes loungewear and nightwear, I bought some last summer

>> No.9680832

not knowing the Ring Cycle operas by Wagner

it's only because Wagner was also German that Shitler wanted to claim his work as a symbol of his ill nationalism.

>> No.9680835

isn't an opera a play?

>> No.9680844
File: 127 KB, 736x756, 27c18a75fe7a3d302e9156d9d52248dc--hermes-scarves-silk-scarves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have examples of wearing big silk scarfs with lolita?

>> No.9680863

I want to get some really nice clip in bangs. Anyone have a place they really trust/recommend? I'm looking for some sets natural enough to wear both in lolita and day to day.

>> No.9680880

Do you feel like youd never be able to wash it enough?

>> No.9680883

I don't think they look ugly at all

>> No.9680962

Does anyone have an invite link to the vetting discord?

>> No.9680968

Is the cgl discord ded again?

>> No.9680972

I really wanna change my name to Mildred

>> No.9680981

Green coat, eyepatch and hat sold earlier this year on y!auctions. Keep your eyes open anon.

She's right you know. Personally I don't think Die Walkure is Puppet Circus or Iron Gate tier, but it all boils down to different tastes.

>> No.9680992

They don't show the JSK in pink. ;_;

>> No.9681003

What have been your favorite lucky packs in the past?
Which ones are you saving for?
Which SS totally fuck up in January?

>> No.9681054

I don't know senpai, getting kind of tired of the whole I'm an edgy lolita youtuber who knows about /cgl/ tehe trope.

>> No.9681087

The people who defend this saying it isn't nazi-inspired at all are so embarrassing. If you like it and want to wear it, just do it without giving any fucks.

>> No.9681137

that really short girl from canada right?

>> No.9681139

Anyone remember this girl? She wore a bodyline set years ago to audition for x factor or something. Shes got a great voice but shes also a weird ~nerd girl~ burlesque dancer.
I just want to support lolitas who get into the music industry but with this girl and Lolita Komplex to choose from... ew..

>> No.9681158

I actually enjoy her voice. Her coords and "acting", not so much.

>> No.9681160

What's wrong with lolita komplex? Also there are a lot more lolita musicians in Jpn

>> No.9681175

her voice is great, but the concept of this video is middle-school tier garbage and the way she styles herself is really questionable. especially her makeup.

i hope she refines her image.

>> No.9681244

Wait, Moitie does lucky packs?

>> No.9681253

Just wear it. Won't hurt

>> No.9681261

Anyone else here feels like their poof is never enough?

>> No.9681267

seek help anon

>> No.9681274

Of course, why wouldn't they

>> No.9681279

I've never seen anything about them, most brands announce them online or something. Where do they even sell them? The shops all closed down, didn't they?

>> No.9681287

Some brands keep them secret actually, like Jane Marple. When Moitie had their own physical stores they had them for Halloween and New Years, but now they still have their webshop and stockists (like Atelier Pierrot) that do them for New Years at least.

>> No.9681289

Thank you so much!!

>> No.9681297

Np, this is why it's never a stupid question to ask about lucky packs, how (and if) they are announced, and if they do them on other occasions besides new years, changes over the years

>> No.9681341

They're ugly when they're too long. Like that cross ap dress I forgot the name of

>> No.9681344

Why should I?

>> No.9681350


Their music.

>> No.9681352


I didn't think it was possible for someone to rip off Emilie Autumn and still be worse.

>> No.9681534

I’m wanting to make my own light pink wrist cuffs but I’m not sure about the lace - what do you guys recommend?

The only craft store we really have is Michael’s, so something from there is preferred.

>> No.9681537

If your hair isn't black or very dark brown, don't bother. Color matching them is a pain in the ass with light hair

>> No.9681541

I have several wrist cuffs and try to match them to the lace on the dresses I wear them with. So cotton lace for oldschool, net lace for sweet, raschel for meta etc

>> No.9681559


>> No.9681569

>raschel for meta

>> No.9681624

The comments on the video desperately trying to defend Kelly are the worst collection of cringe I've seen in a while.
>she's totally not responsible for her actions only knew what she was told!!
>lol y'all dress like 6 year olds on halloween
>why all the hate i bet ur jealous
Always amusing to see grown adults behaving like giant babies when interacting with women in frilly dresses.

>> No.9681626

I do sometimes but then I see my reflection on storefront windows and prove myself wrong. Get yourself a cage skirt and see if that sates your need for maximum poof.

>> No.9681659

i really do think she has an incredible voice, her opera/musical stuff is endearing
mostly just the edgelord concept, band name, inactivity. singers voice is meh tier but i like their tatu cover. i wish more westerners started bands full of frills!

>> No.9681665


>> No.9681722

I'm the opposite, I always feel like I'm overdoing it when I get dressed. Then when I see pictures from the meet it looks like I'm hardly wearing anything at all, even when I'm wearing two or even three pettis.
Do I have petticoat dysmorphic disorder???

>> No.9681734
File: 103 KB, 500x749, Louvrianne scarf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry if this isn't what you're looking for anon, it's the only one I've come across. I love the drapy look of square scarfs/shalls with lolita.

>> No.9681738

the higher notes she chose for the chorus...actually the entire chorus was a mistake
this is so over the top with her gestures and expressions it's clear this is a heavy-handed act for recognition.
I hope she learns to coord, write lyrics, and do make better, on top of letting her real quirks stand out. I felt like I was watching a high schooler's vampire knight MV tribute.

>> No.9681740

It means sometimes you didn't realise there were 3 zeros instead of two because they all blend together at the end of a tag.

Admittedly this kind of thing happened a few times to me in japan, i'd have to pause and think wait is this 10 dollars or 100 (especially at the beginning of my trip, since i had just been in korea for a couple weeks beforehand where x000 roughly exchanges to x dollars, instead of x00 to x) but keyword here is THINK.

The correct exchange should literally click on a couple of seconds of thought, and anyone going overseas should know to double check manually or check with a friend especially if it seems to good to be true.

KE is quite possibly retarded for having looked at the tag so many god damn times and not realised, honestly i think she's lying or hiding something about the story. Perhaps something sinister, since she's trying to play the innocently ignorant angle so hard. (oh my god haha i'm so ~silly~ and ~unobservant~ i accidentally bought a $1500 dress)

>> No.9681745

I thought she didn't actually look at the tag until days later, which is even stupider. she just took the word of her equally idiotic friend because she wanted the dress. noob casuals are the worst.

>> No.9681747

At 3:08 or so she says she looks at it with him. The worst part is the even ASSUMES it would be really expensive, any (logical) person would try to prove the friend wrong and prove your original assumption, which was that the dress must be expensive.

>> No.9681750

Thanks. I've been trying to tie it in a way so it doesn't have a lot of volume, but I don't dislike that coord

>> No.9681765

Poof addiction is a serious thing. It starts harmless with the second or third petti but before you know it, you ripped all your dresses and end up stuck in the door of a party city store screaming for your next dose.
Yet it's not incurable in the earlier stages. Seek help.

>> No.9681767

I don't understand why she just didn't compare it to another dress in the store, if I thought a super detailed dress like that was going for 150 bucks you'd be damn sure I'll be checking every other dress to make sure this is right?

>> No.9681768

Nah. I'm pretty oldschool/goth so I'm not into big poof for myself.

However I do find myself feeling like my platforms aren't high enough.

>> No.9681788

its likely that she bought it knowing the price and returned it because it didnt fit her

>> No.9681802

She even told her viewers that AP bonnets normally go for $100+ new. So she was well aware even while in the store for the first time that AP is pretty darn expensive and a super extravagant dress (that comes with a bonnet!!) prooooobably isn't going to be as cheap as a bonnet alone... but lol no fuck it why think things through when you can just go back later and demand everyone else to fix your mistakes amirite?

I suspect this too. She was told that trying it on in the store wasn't okay, but fuck the rules, she has pink hair! so she "bought" it to try it on and then returned it when surprise! it didn't fit around her implants. And then she got offended when the shopgirls were carefully looking it over for any sign of damage, when that's just the logical thing to do when someone returns a dress that clearly didn't fit them. Ugh.

>> No.9681805

I want to make myself an apron to wear over my dresses when I'm doing chores at home, and I have OnS 12 in the mail. Would a heart apron like >>9681673 provide enough protection while cooking and cleaning or is it better to get one that wraps around the bodice, too?

>> No.9681826

Who is this peterlervold guy on instagram and why does he comment on most of Misako's pictures? Looks like a sissy

>> No.9681830

I mean if you want to look retarded, sure, wear net lace wristcuffs with everything you own regardless of style

>> No.9681845

Anyone seen this lacemonster from Etsy? https://www.etsy.com/listing/559467663/lolita-dress-adult-baby-dress-doll

>> No.9681847

Etsy was a mistake.

>> No.9681855
File: 127 KB, 488x590, fairykeirc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could we please keep Fairy Kei stuff off of Rufflechat? K thanx.

>> No.9681872

The point of the post was that it was a collab with a putomayo designer And that the AM people are behind it. Lolita related.

>> No.9681912

Is there a good image of what bust cuts should and shouldnt look like.. besides stock photos vs dirndl?

>> No.9681927

What needs to happen for lolita brands to stop working with the leighs?

>> No.9681945

He is a sissy, refers to to lolita as "female sissies" and roleplays that Misako is his girlfriend. Makes us male lolitas actually here for fashion look real bad

>> No.9681953

Damn . I forgot about her til now. Cringy acting and meh coords aside, tbqh, I got bored halfway through.

Not that we need more musicians , but I'd like to see more lolitas working in the industry too - seeing people like Nana Kitade during my babbylita years makes the fashion seem more of a subculture to me.

I think that if I were to be a musician, I'd rather write songs based on my personal experiences, like most artists do, and keep my Lolita identity mostly separate. I like Lolita lifestyle aspects, but I'd never try to shoehorn the fashion into my work , let alone perform in it. My brand is too precious to handle sweating on stage. I'd probably show up to interviews in Lolita, but that's as far as that goes.

>> No.9681973


For most kitchen chores, no, but I guess it really depends on what you're doing and how you're likely to get dirty.

I messed up when I made a simple apron, not only did it not cover my sides, it didn't fully cover my front either. But when washing up, cooking, chopping things, even while cooking hot bubbly things, you're far more likely splash yourself on the front or your arms than the sides of your dress, so I used my messed up funky apron for ages with no problems. So you should be pretty much all right with the heart apron. The only practical change I'd actually suggest is to add a couple of patch pockets to put a handtowel in one so you can always wipe your hands, and whatever you need in the other, and maybe keep the ruffles short so they don't flop into whatever you're doing.

I'm trying to think of a situation where the sides of your dress need protecting, but unless you're clumsy and always doing pirouttes while you do your chores, whatever gets the sides of your dress dirty is likely to get your sleeves and a good part of you dirty too, in which case you're better off changing into non lolita old clothes entirely.

>> No.9681999

The description listed them as "new" if you'd bother with google translate.

>> No.9682007

I reckon they could come out and say "we are really sketchy please don't work with us" and brands would still flock to them.

>> No.9682053

Which tells me it's actually super easy to get deals with Japanese lolita brands, I will keep that in mind for when I finish uni

>> No.9682058

>keep my Lolita identity mostly separate.
Do you have some sort of lolita persona that's different from the rest of your life? lol

>> No.9682101

Any recs for a y!auctions ss that can bid in real time (or relatively quickly) and not get refused by sellers? Chibitenshi is on vacation right now otherwise I'd go through her.

>> No.9682109

nayrt but that's why these "lolita personas" always seem weird to me. Maybe it's because I'm a lifestyler but lolita is such a big part of my life that it seems strange for people to have a separate "persona"

>> No.9682123

Perhaps "identity" was the wrong word for anon to use. I was under the impression that a lot of lolitas keep the hobby seperate from the rest of their lives. My work colleagues and most of my family don't know i'm a lolita and I use a pseudonym for social media. It just makes life simpler.

>> No.9682129

buyee ma dude

>> No.9682131

you dont need to be a lifestyler to find that weird

>> No.9682132

that's pretty weird imo, like you lead some kind of double life: normie on workdays, lolita on sunday like once a month.

>> No.9682137

>always doing pirouttes while you do your chores
Wait, doesn’t everyone?
Seriously though, yeah it’s mostly the front that needs to be protected. I want to make an apron that wraps around at least 3/4ths of the skirt because I’m a clumsy mess who will sidestep into all sorts of things, but I wasn’t sure if there’s a similar risk from the waist up. Probably not. The pockets are a good tip.

>> No.9682139

I knew cgl was full of conlitas

>> No.9682142

Is it popular among efamous lolitas to shit on the community as a whole?
Seriously do people think that using their popularity to convince people that comms aren't worth bothering with is going to make them better? There are people holding local comms together by a thread because it's so trendy to whinge and shit on them. Is it for attention or what?

>> No.9682144

How does that help with being efamous/popular? If anything, the support of a local comm makes you more efamous. It's more likely their comm just sucks or is not worth bothering with, as is the case with many comms.

>> No.9682149

Hmm I can't help but feel like calling the lolita community as a whole (namely the western community) "toxic" is very trendy. Seems like everyone has something to say and many people claim they're "leaving" the community.

>> No.9682151

Can you give examples?

>> No.9682152

Or they've gotten popular by hating on *elitist* BRANDWHORE snobs!!! from the comm.
Or they've done shit in the past that has them banned/shunned from the comm.

Some comms suck, but in my opinion, it's generally the people who rage quit or get kicked/pushed out of comms that really suck.

>> No.9682153

I agree it’s kind of weird. Like maybe if you work with shitty teenagers or in a super conservative area where they’re likely to think anyone outside the norm is a witch I could understand wanting to keep it on the downlow, but in general I feel that keeping it some kind of secret just makes it seem suspicious and wrong to outsiders. People are more likely to think it’s something unsavoury if you’re going out of your way to hide it and use a pseudonym.
My family, non-lolita friends and some coworkers know I wear lolita and some even follow me on IG. They’re used to me wearing dresses and lolita is just a few steps up from that. Most of my coworkers don’t give a damn what I do in my private life, but I suspect that if I started sneaking around and acting like it’s some big secret their ears would perk up and they’d suddenly be a lot more interested. If you act like something is shameful people will pick up on that.

Are you taking about someone in particular? I haven’t noticed anything like that since K8, but then again I don’t keep up with anyone who’s considered e-famous.

>> No.9682160

i respect your opinion but if i was a musician i wouldnt be afraid to perform in lolita. how much do you fucking sweat, washing clothes is a thing that exists and its not a huge deal if you wear the fashion regularly. do you also not wear lolita in the summer? are you one of those people that roleplays and changes their name in lolita? because thats fucking weird dude.

>> No.9682173

I wear the fashion regularly but it's not appropriate for the professional environment I work in so I wear it on my days off and weekends, there's nothing wrong in that, not everybody aims to be a lifestyler.

I get your point anon, I'm not ashamed of my hobby but I'm sure a lot of people don't share their hobbies with their colleagues. Plus I look young for my age so most of my colleagues and wider family treat me like I'm younger so why give them more ammo? After all it's pretty well established that lolita can be misconstrued by people who don't have a clue.

Your bait is too obvious, come back to me when you've got a less tired insult.

>> No.9682175

I want to think of more concrete ways to kick them out of the lolita community. I'm one of the people who did go to the police about them (one of the few I reckon) but nothing came from it due to lack of proof. I'm still angry about it. But it's hard because I'm not in the US. I think it would be easier for someone in the Houston comms. This is what I've thought of for now though:
>Contact location for AM to inform them of the debt to George R. Brown location
>Contact brands sold at Shop in Wonderland
>Contact magazines (Kera and Eternita have worked with them in the past)

>> No.9682181

Most of the people who post about this aren't too famous or famous at all--they've just posted statuses or IG posts about it and received floods of comments with people agreeing with them. Maybe it's died down, but about 2-3 months ago, I saw at least five posts like this and loads of people agreeing I the comments

>> No.9682188

girlyhoot/katiebabydoll made a big fuss about leaving after she spent a month or so in Japan. she made a post about the japanese community is so much better and western lolitas are toxic. not sure if it's still up since she came back anyways.

>> No.9682191

I'm not a huge fan of lolita comms myself so I don't see any problem with it. In my experience the people who go to meets a lot are the people who wear lolita the least.

>> No.9682200

zenmarket also bids in realtime

>> No.9682205

Am working on saving shit from livejournal and thought it would be neat to save some shit from the olde EGL/daily lolita days.
I just don't know where the fuck I can host all those pics so if any of you gulls got an idea...

>> No.9682209

Pinterest? i've seen albums with thousands of pics so maybe you could set up an account and make an album for every year

>> No.9682224

Not bad! But what about things like links of scans that have tons of pictures. Found this one from 2002 and it has lots of pics,patterns,...

>> No.9682227


>> No.9682232

>Where to Eat For the Dark at Heart
This entire website neds to be saved

>> No.9682272


Having a proper 'persona' is kind of weird, but what about interaction that's mainly internet based?

I have a separate fb account with no personal info on it & a nickname for online jfash discussion/selling groups because I don't want to interact with random people I've never met with my actual account. Used that account to get in touch with the comm where I live through their fb group. I've just met them for the first time, I got along with them really well and will be seeing them again soon. A few of them have added me as a friend, but I feel like it might be a bit rude to be interacting with them on a 'throwaway' account, especially considering I do actually want to become friends with them. Am I right in thinking that? What would be a graceful way to handle this situation?

>> No.9682357

pretty much any big shopping service does this, and you don't often get refused from yja sellers (unless it states specifically in their description or smth)

>> No.9682366
File: 72 KB, 758x245, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.58.03 am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well thats certainly one way to get your sale attention i ... guess

>> No.9682368
File: 107 KB, 786x431, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.57.44 am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9682401

I've been interested in lolita for quite some time and I've been recently lurking /cgl/ for quite some months now (also read the sticky too, hellolace is dead though) and I have absolutely no clue what to do and what not to do.
Is MyLolitaDress good? They have some dresses I like but one guide said they do replicas and I'm not sure if that's really bad or not.
I'm not familiar with the board at all too (even though I've been on 4chan for quite some time) so excuse me if I'm not posting in the correct place.

>> No.9682413

mylolitadress is primarily a taobao reseller, so while they sell a lot of taobao brand items there's some replicas there too. replicas of brand prints are very frowned upon, but shoe/bag replicas are more of a grey area. do what you're comfortable with. Basically, they're an ok site if you don't want to order from taobao directly and are happy to pay a bit more (check the taobao thread for how to do that if you're interested, theres a lot of good beginner options on there) - but as with any store, look up reviews online and make a decision for yourself if you'd like to buy from there

>> No.9682419

Ugh the sticky needs to be updated.

thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com is a good place to start your research. Look for the Intro Post.

>> No.9682434

hasn't this girl been doing this for a while?
wasn't she also a Bernie Sanders supporter and made one ad being very obnoxious about that?

>> No.9682443

gosh really? i havent been looking on lacemarket regularly so i must have missed out

>> No.9682456
File: 41 KB, 245x245, tumblr_mvy90qgnRc1s0kwxdo4_250[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi lurkerchan I'll give you a little informative post.

On CGL: we don't have spoilers and we're a blue board. It's discouraged to make a thread of just yourself so browse the catalog before you start something new.

On Lolita: generally speaking you'll get the best bang for your buck by buying used, either through the major western markets (facebook and lacemarket) or overseas (closetchild, wunderwelt, takoyaki co, mbok auctions and yahoo japan auctions). Bodyline is commonly reccomended for newbies but it's in a bad place right now and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. Taobao is fine too but it's a whole other can of worms, you'll need to use a shopping service or forwarder. It's a little scary the first time but pretty straightforward.

As for resources online I'd encourage you to check out fyeahlolita, the intro post of "the lolita guidebook" on tumblr, and just browse around.

Drop your email and I'd be happy to answer other questions and talk about styles.

>> No.9682463

It's not worth paying that much for taobao and prints are more difficult for new people. Just get something simple from lacemarket, closet child or wunderwelt

>> No.9682473

S3 my dude. Use Amazon web services it is hella cheap

>> No.9682506

"Op" here. Sorry that was terribly worded out. I don't have a "Lolita identity/persona" - I meant hobby and for some reason, I used a different word.

Probably because I was thinking about the singer in question while I was typing. I'm tired

>> No.9682510

Ew god no. This is purely a practical standpoint.

I did theatre for a long time and I'm aware how hot stage lighting is. Besides the precious value of my brand (I collect a lot of older pieces), it'll be difficult to pack if I'm on tour.

>> No.9682598


nayrt, but I do have seperate FB for lolita and work.

If potential employers google my real name and my personal “work” email, they’ll get the FB account that has more “responsible grown up” stuff, like productivity and mealprep stuff. I don’t hide my lolita, I simply don’t say that I was at a lolita party, just a party, and I don’t post the brand rundown, or that my outfit cost $$$$.

The lolita FB exists for other lolitas to have something that isn’t my real name to tag and share. On that one I post goofy doodles and whatever stuff might interest that group of friends. That way my “serious” FB doesn’t get clogged up with too many party posts or too much otaku content.

Life would be simpler if employers didn’t do a quick-n-dirty google and then make snap judgements based on ten girls posting the same party resulting in a timeline that’s party all the way down, but they do, so it’s easier to keep that seperate and make it easier for them the find the parts of my life that are nicely organised and neat.

It's easier to brain when you realise both accounts are equally fake, and both accounts are equally real. I'm a real person, but I'm not my FB account. I interact with people on both accounts equally sincerely and mostly post on FB according to which specific person I think is interested in stuff.

Having two accounts is mostly window dressing so other people can make a quick snap judgement like “oh this person seems to have her shit together and is hireable, she also likes fancy dressup parties”, and “oh this lolita is really into Angelic Pretty but also sometimes wears Moitie, I’ll let her join the local comm”.

I’ll caveat this by saying the person who originally spoke of a “lolita persona” seems dodgy af though. Having a work FB seem totally logical even if you’re not a lolita. Having a second personality just for lolita does not seem logical or rational at all.

>> No.9682617

Anyone know of any good/current lolita blogs? I really miss blogs as opposed to other forms of social media [tumblr/instagram/fb] and really miss them. It'd be cool to find some old school or gothic lolita, but any type of lolita works

>> No.9682632

Has the dress arrived yet? As a seller, I wait till the buyer let's me know everything went smoothly on their end before leaving feedback. That way I know the dealings are 100% done. And buyers are more likely to leave me feedback if I don't give theirs right away. I hate being ghosted when it comes to feedback.

>> No.9682664

Last time I shipped priority mail out of the usa it cost me $55.

>> No.9682683

what kind of content would you be interested in seeing from a lolita blog?

>> No.9682746

managed to pre order celestial op in pink just in time, kind of regret it already considering the original op cut is one of my dream dresses and the detailing just can't compare..

>> No.9682797

I'm working on archiving EGL/DL and decided to do it on Pinterest (for now) as suggested, but I'm blocked because of the whole Photobucket fuckery.
I downloaded the fix embed extension but I have no idea on how it works. Anyone knows?
Many good pics have been lost because of their shit

>> No.9682815
File: 110 KB, 500x544, 1459024534507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is she trying to channel this?

>> No.9682829

I must admit it's pretty funny though. I had a hearthy chuckle when browsing the sales earlier.

>> No.9682849

so, the thing about saying you lurked but still need to be spoonfed basic things makes me want to tell you to lurk much, much longer.
you are not ready. egl on livejournal has some great resources in the memories. do some reading. figure out the differences between brand and average taobao.
>>9682463 is right. buy something that's a non-print with 2-3 colors max as your first main piece. it'll be easier for you to coord.

>> No.9682855

Those visual kei dudes can do it without smelling gross

>> No.9682856

there's another anon who's already doing this.
checked the archive but I have to run to work, does anyone remember if temporarily NEET anon ever posted gallery links of the D_L images she saved? the plans started in the General in mid September...

>> No.9682858

I underestimated how obsessed some people are with using Facebook. So glad twitter is more popular where I am.

>> No.9683115

what meta dresses have raschel?

>> No.9683549

I mean writing shit like that is an established meme...

>> No.9683850

oh sweet newb. so many. so fucking many of them.

>> No.9685831

ill bite, even though i think its you self posting.
Its yanii, shes part of buzzfeed or does stuff with them now. She recently did a horrid "easy" halloween costume makeup video.
I think shes part of NYC lolitas or something

>> No.9685834

i think its laundry soap/fabric softener. It may also might be a spray/ japanese fragrance thing in general.
I went so a friends house whos mom is still FOB and their house smells like it too.

>> No.9686389

i noticed my clothes washed in a certain brand of oxyclean have the same smell

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