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TFW want Fancy Hospital Special Set so badly I'm crying.

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>Takemoto Novala used to call lolitas otome
>Wrote a book about a lolita who only wears ETC
>ETC advertised in GLB
>Gets called lolita by stockists
>LG designer (ex-ETC) got confused when people asked her about otome kei
>Japanese and Chinese (casual) lolita tags have lots of ETC coords

Why are Western lolitas still trying to push Emily Temple Cute as an otome kei brand?

Not even expecting people to think of it as a lolita brand, just don't understand why they get so triggered when someone posts ETC in a lolita group.

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Otome literally means "maiden". Did Novala mean otome as in dressing up girly, which can be said about lolita, or as in otome kei? Did Novala forget what he meant at the beggining? Did the translator fuck up? Who cares?

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Why are you asking so many questions about it if you don't care?

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Lol you don't know how to apply the proper tone to what you're reading.

Isn't that considered something that puts you on the spectrum?

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You sound triggered desu

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She ended with "who cares?"

I'm sorry but you clearly missed the tone in that post. And now you're just using the "triggered" meme as a crutch.

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She? How are there still only 4 posters?

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Its mostly women in Lolita threads. Are you from another board populated by mostly men?

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loooove bloomers but what is with the shine on those shoes? they look like they're made of silly putty lol

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Does anyone have tips for keeping clothes safe from cigarette smoke? I have to move back home and have nowhere else to store my clothing, but my family smokes indoors in a small house.
I plan on keeping my door closed with a long stopper blocking the gap, but I'm really worried my lolita will smell like shit.

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/cgl/ is mostly female populated anon.

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there is very little you can do since the smell just penetrates fucking everything. All you can do is do what you can to limit contact, whether it be full plastic or zip up covers with an air exchanger in tje room or some other trick.

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I think anon meant someone was samefagging

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I was trying my best to ignore that over used meme, anon.

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You can literally see how many people are on a thread. It shows how many different IPs have posted. I'm assuming it was 4 at that point but now it's higher.

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Eep those shoes are so adorable ;u; wish i had more like that in my wardrobe

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Lor posted her vid about Kelly Eden

My first thought is that her makeup looks absolutely awful on her though.

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Ziploc the hell out of everything. Move out ASAP

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I think Lor making this video was a good move - Tyler's coverage was funny to us lolitas and really ONLY us. Her covering someone outside the fashion that has a 'big' following was bound to have some pretty bad backlash from that side.

That being said, Lor being all "I'm so delicate!" was a little annoying.

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agreed, ziploc. also keep deodorizors like baking soda in your room. i would even double bag if you can. then put it all in a rubbermaid bin. then sell some of your dresses so you can afford to move out, jfc

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These are all grand ideas, but even with me sealing my milsurp and vests with a food sealer, the smell of fucking smoke was still on them even after opening them months later when I moved out and grabbed some stuff from my grandparents. It is going to be a hyuge up-hill battle to keep her coords and accessories from being stained with the smell. I would even suggest off-site storing just to make sure nothing happens to them.

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Could any of you recommend a shopping service for US sites?
I used one before but the fees were annoyingly high, are there any cheap and good ones out there?

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where do you live? Maybe I could do it for you if you do it for me?

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I'm from Germany!

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can you stop namefriending already?

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Unfortunately it's not as easy as just moving out, as the reasons I'm moving back are not primarily financial ones.

I will try the ideas mentioned here. I generally keep things stored in vacuum or dress bags anyhow, so I'll look into plastic totes.

I've heard good things about Ozium as far as deodorizers go, so I'll try that, too.

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I actually really enjoy this video. She presents it well and doesn't ramble too much. Good to go, Lor, I usually find you a little annoying.

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those comments tho
people are still fighting

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T b h people getting upset over Tyler's video are big babies. I mean, come on.
I honestly like Lor, but the whole ~uwu i'm a delicate soufflé that wishes everyone was nice and that we could eat a lovely rainbow cake alltogether~ thing is annoying at times. She's too nice.
I can't believe that even after her sugarcoating SO much people are still upset, yikes. Imagine being that sensitive.
Kelly needs to gtfo kawaii fashion altogether. She has nothing to do as a "kawaii leader".

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Because Kelly's fans are a bunch of little babies.
>weh lolita drama
>weh lolitas suppose to be luvlies
>weh ur picking on kelly
>weh she made a mistake
>weh how dare u
They don't bother listening to anyone but themselves.

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Haven't watched Lor's stuff before this and I know nothing about her but she sounds fake as fuck. This seems more like she didn't like the backlash she got for sharing Tyler's video so she had to backpedal so people wouldn't stop thinking she's a fragile lovely snowflake uwu

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I didn't watch any of these videos but Tyler is so fucking annoying. We deserve a better lolita comedian.

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... you didn't watch watch but time to criticize!!!!

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Sorry I should clarify.

I've not watched these videos in particular. But I've seen some of the other LWLN videos. She's just annoying. Her voice and character are terrible.

I wish we had someone funnier than her for our community as a whole.

I admit I don't know anything about the Lor/Kelly thing because I didn't care towatch the original video to begin with.

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nayrt but heh. I mean you're entitled to your own opinion. I like her desu, the whole voice and character is funny to me.

But I agree with you in a way I wish we had more lolita youtubers that did fun stuff,satyre,... Lor did the Shit Lolita Says serie (and so did deerstalker along with other really fun lolita videos, but now that Milkyfawn is gone it's just cosplay and boring unboxings to me) if you wanna try and watch her.

We're cruelly missing lolita youtubers in general, there were plenty back in circa 2011-2012 but they just disappeared/stopped/died/...

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uhh... yeah me too??

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lmao i fucked up

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Seconding this, they also keep whining about Tyler ‘body shaming’ Kelly for her trashy hair colour and fake tits that she paid for, but they go on to tell Tyler she has bad hair and looks like a man? Double standard much? Kelly’s fans are clearly a bunch of thin skinned snowflakes who wouldn’t last 10 minutes going outside in any alternative fashion because ~uwu people are meanies~ They’re all as clueless about lolita as Kelly is.

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I agree with you , Why can't lolita news just make something funny without ppl getting butthurt. Fuck I loved every minute of that video, you go Lolita News

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Is there another Lolita comedian on youtube other than Tyler?

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...how do you not know Lor? how new are you?
she actually is like this. she's pretty mellow and I think she had plans to make a video about the KE stuff and then LWLN came out and was so good in explaining things in a humorous way. I'm glad she referenced Tyler's video as a jumping point. Excited to get home from work and watch it!

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Bless Lor, I know she's just trying to put out something a bit easier for folks to digest than what Tyler made, but Moses. All that ass powdering niceness, all that tip-toeing as to not hurt anyones precious fweewings uwu~. Ugh. Pardon me if I sound like I'm being an edgelord. I'm sick of people feeling the need to restrain themselves from speaking their mind and telling it how it is just to accommodate these oversensitive types.

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The new aniversairy collection from Btssb is so beautiful! I especially love the large costum lace (but the dress costs ~3000$)


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And I like that Btssb always puts out new ideas of headdresses, it's very unusual but with the right outfit it can look amazing

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My point exactly. I want options.

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What do you think Momoko would be like nowadays?

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Wow that lace is gorgeous. I don't love the main design though, I don't really care for the v design of the bodice. But that design seems very typical for baby.

I enjoy the fact that baby changes up their wigs in stock pics unlike another brand we know that uses the same horrendous one.

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jesus, how much are they charging for that DIY looking thing?

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Lor is a literal nobody. The only people who watch her videos are newbies and non-lolitas.

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>literal nobody
>only newbies and non-lolitas
these are contradictory

>> No.9683380

Probably still not giving a shit and still rocking her frills.
(I have a lame gay headcannon that she and Ichiko are in a relationship sort of. Without really admitting it. But that's because I'm lame and gay myself.)

>> No.9683382

I don't watch her stuff but even I know who she is?

>> No.9683385

Nah given the fact she's like 17 and that the movie was released in 2004 (and the novel a bit before) she would be 30 or in her very early 30s today

>> No.9683388

Reminds me of my cats necklaces tied all together
Same here but i'm not gay

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I'd actually love for "otome" brands to be talked about alongside lolita because I love those brands and they never get any attention. Milk, ETC, Jane Marple, and Leur Getter all being unrelated to lolita seems to be a very western concept.

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You sound really new anon

Also god, all those special snowflakes still whining after all her fucking sugarcoating to not hurt anybody's widdle feefees. How sensitive can you be?
There's this one girl crying about how her video puts her off of lolita community for good lol. How do these people even function in the normal world? Do they just cry when someone yell at them?

This so much. You don't sound edgy at all. You're totally right. I,also,am tired of not being able to express myself at times just because some people cannot handle things that aren't all sugar and spice and everything nice.

>> No.9683400

God, anything over the stupid This Week in Lolita trans bitch. It's so hard to watch that video because it was her trying to be edgy.

>> No.9683404

Diy project

>> No.9683407

god damn joke thief.

>> No.9683426

You're not an edgelord at all, you sound like a reasonable person. When people first started wearing Lolita in Japan, it was all about rebelling from societal standards. When did the whole ~lolitas should be luvlies~ crap become a thing in the first place?

>There's this one girl crying about how her video puts her off of lolita community for good

Good fucking riddance then. To wear lolita you need to have a thick skin and not cry about the opinions of strangers on the internet. Same goes for Kelly, none of the pieces she showed in her Japan hauls fit her fake boobs and looked good on her anyway. If this whole ordeal puts her off the fashion then that's not exactly a loss for the community. It's just one less whiny ita.

Bottom line is that we shouldn't feel afraid to speak our mind in order to not offend oversensitive types that probably don't even wear the fashion. Most of the people complaining are Kelly's fans who have already decided that anything that isn't 100% positive regarding her is wrong and that lolitas are all meanies and 'body shamers'. No sugarcoated critique is going to change their mind so why should we even bother? Good on Lor for trying but they're never going to see that what Kelly did was wrong. Yes she made a mistake but she handled it in the worst way possible and then broadcasted it to the internet without any remorse, and that will impact how Japanese brands will see the overseas community.

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It came from Japan lol

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She is fake. Anyone who thinks her uwu sweet snowflake thing is real is an idiot.

>> No.9683440

That being said, at least she is reasonable in her videos.

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I thought everyone shipped them lmao how can someone not?

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That will mitigate the problem somewhat but your shit will still be ruined. I used to date a smoker and had a separate room in his house where my stuff was packed away carefully in plastic and still ended up smelling like shit regardless of every soap and deodorizer

>> No.9683449

Did cleaning help at all? I know some anons have received items from Japan reeking of cigarette smoke.

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Holy shit this is ugly. Like an ott version of that meta amulet print for 10x the price

>> No.9683456

I washed everything over and over trying to save my stuff when I moved out, but most of it still stank too bad to keep

>> No.9683464

this would look so good draping over all my curls omg

>> No.9683465

100$ (Btssb really has the most ridiculous prices especially in head wear and accessories)

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More bows than a native american raiding party

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why did you upload such a horrible version of the photo?
I am in looove with this! the ribbon colors and floral brooch are perfect details. I only wish the tiered ruffles were upside down Vs instead of straight across...they look kinda lopsided and awkward with the way the print is cut.

wait, is that an underskirt perhaps? if the ruffles are a separate skirt sign me all the way on. I'd love a hi-lo ott op like this. this colourway is mature and decadent.

>> No.9683485

May want to get your head checked, that thing is an atrocity

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A-are you okay?
What is going on here, have we been raided by sissies or something

>> No.9683528

Lor your wig color is doing your skin tone zero favors, the pink eyeshadow is not helping, and to literally call yourself a delicate souffle is something no one can take seriously, it's fucking awkward. When people sugar coat themselves like this it's usually a big red flag not to trust them. Basically your getup needs work and your facade is creeping me out.

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I mean, the book is pretty damn queer coded, and the movie only slightly less so. Anyone who doesn't ship it is probably naive or homophobic.

>> No.9683530

She'd probably be insulting conlitas on /cgl/ and enjoying her life of tax fraud and lovely MTO Baby dresses.

>> No.9683552

It takes a while to get that shit out, and you have to hope that the item in question can take the beating as you clean it. I managed to get the smell completely out of a JSK but it seriously took two weeks of cleaning and soaking with multiple rounds of vinegar, baking soda and oxyclean.

The good news is, bookmark jsk is an insanely sturdy dress and all that shit didn't do anything bad to the velveteen or foil.

>> No.9683582

Yeah, there's a lot of efamous lolitas that lurk here but Lor isn't one of them. Nice try tho

>> No.9683609

She gets several things wrong about Tylers video. She said it wasn't mentioned in Tylers video that she couldn't try it on, but it was mentioned multiple times as a red flag Kelly ignored. Lor also says that "maybe Kelly didn't look at the tag", even though Kelly herself said that she looked at the tag. She is being too nice to Kelly, I get she doesn't want to cause drama, but there is no way around how much of a dumbass Kelly was being in that video.

>> No.9683615

alright, quit being so jaded. both of those are me you replied to and I'm a cis lolita with curly hair. dwi

anyway, pic related: catherine cottage has all these gorgeous leather randoseru on the rakuten but, as much as I want one, I could never spend 600 on a bag, especially since I can get 2 new dresses with that money.
I can't wait to get an increase in disposable income.

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File: 198 KB, 1000x1000, catherinecottage_es6010mr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dropped like a dingus

>> No.9683619

Pics? I didnt know they released a special set of that print.

>> No.9683621

How is she a kawaii leader anyways? Shes a basic bitch with pink hair. Pink hair is the only thing even remotely "kawaii" about her.

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File: 121 KB, 480x640, B42HC310-p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omg guys! Can you believe this dress is only $270! Im putting in an order with my ss right now!

>> No.9683640

If she didn't want to cause drama, why make that video in the first place?

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>> No.9683645

Why aren't you getting the headpiece? It's only $16 more.

>> No.9683646

Lor's voice and tone is really annoying, her video has some good points but her fake sweet let's-ger-along personality makes this painful to watch.

>> No.9683649

I think Lor meant that Tyler didn’t address the issue of trying things on, like whether it is normal or not to be told no.

>> No.9683652

Would it be considered rude to go to a brand store while wearing another brand? I want to go shopping in Japan and wear Lolita, but I don't want to offend any shops.

>> No.9683667

Not really, many brand stores are in the same department stores or malls. If you’re really worried you could wear a mix of brands in your coord but don’t overthink it too much. It’s more important to look like you know about the fashion than to show your loyalty to a specific store. What are you going to? Change your outfits in the bathroom between every shop?

>> No.9683668

I wasn't sure, that's why I was asking. Thank you for the response, I'll just focus on looking good!

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File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, ppppbbfffffffttt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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New to lolita fashion, i was wondering if big boobs ruin these outfits? I'm not fat, but I am 32FF and wondering if these clothes are better for DFC types? I would love to get into this, the outfits are so fucking adorable.

>> No.9683674

I really hope this MTO means Baby's going to do more embroidered releases.

>> No.9683675

Okay will you let her know then tia

>> No.9683677

It helps to have a young prepubescent male body.

>> No.9683679

Listing your bra size isn't helpful because so many people wear inaccurate bra sizes. I highly reccomend measuring your bust and underbust, we can help you more if we have measurements. Knowing what style or brand you like would help too. There's a huge variety of styles, brands, and cuts in Lolita, there's probably something for you as well.

>> No.9683681

It isn't ruined. Large boobies can look cute but you ahve to make an effort to style well.


>> No.9683684

I can tell you 32FF is my accurate bra size, been through the bra drama before. I think looser and less bulky clothes would look better, but all the best stuff is top heavy which would probably look bad on me
nah 100% natural. They are basically a 34DD(cupwise) but with a smaller band, so not that uncommon.

>> No.9683688

You could try binding your tits? I agree a lot of these would look better with DFC, depending out the outfit of course.

>> No.9683697


Gave you a detailed reply in the help thread >>9683693
don't rush into the fashion. do lots of research. lots of tips in my response

>> No.9683744

How about you give it a go then? I know I wouldn't have the balls to weather that kind of exposure and trolling.

Someone like Tyler is rare because she has a spine, manages not to give a fuck, and manages to actually be funny most of the time. And she doesn't dress like shit or have really weird mismatched make up. She also knows how cameras and lighting work.

She doesn't have bad hair, she doesn't look like a man, and she is smart enough not to surgically insert industrial waste products into her chest cavity. Pluss she doesn't dye her hair attention whore pink. She's not pudgy and not delusional enough to buy dresses she won't fit into. All things that make her a decent lolita.

I don't mind those brands either, I'm more upset about Axes femme because it looks so cheap, is the fast fashion version. And to add insult to injury
>wear JetJ JSK to work
>normie only marginally familiar with the fashion asks
>Did you get that at Axes Femme?
>don't even bother explaining, will only come over as a douchebag who prefers to spend $300 on a dress rather than the $30 knock-off version.

>trans bitch.
Don't cut yourself on that edge now, it's not kawaii.

It has a very Sound of Music vibe (made out of recycled curtains)

That thing is definitely not worth 600 dollars, anon, save your money. Is it even leather? It looks like pleather.

And what site are you looking at? I just found one of their bags for 2800 yen, which is about 25 dollars I think. Are you sure you didn't just pull a reverse Kelly and added a 0 at the end?

>> No.9683756

Her shocking pink hair is definitely not kawaii. It would have to be pastel.

No. You're a customer, as long as you're polite and clean what you're wearing shouldn't matter.

Start by getting a skirt. I'm not accusing you of anything, but a lot of people are under the illusion that if they have big boobs they're not fat. The skirts are usually a lot cheaper than the JSKs and OPs, and if you don't fit into the skirts, sorry, you may actually be fat after all instead of just having big knockers. If you can only wear sack dresses you're going to look fat regardless.

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File: 36 KB, 191x166, totemo kawaii ne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably because she has a large following online, that's why she's perceived as an "influencer". She wears a lot of pastel clothes and her house is very cute, I'll give her that, but she's culturally insensitive and seems to have no respect for the country she claims to love so much, being a self proclaimed weeb.
Also the "whore" sign in her room is anything but kawaii.

>> No.9683810

Your link to the randoseru is actually just a plastic cover for it. 600$ is a normal price for those bags because they are very well made

>> No.9683842

can we just ban the taobao resellers from lacemarket

>> No.9683866

It's like you're painting "I'm fucking new" on your head by saying this. Lor is known by any lolita worth half their salt.

>> No.9683867

Almost 100% sure takemoto intended it to be gay. I'm a biased gay though who's read the book 8 or 9 times.

Ngl it's sad to see so many people think Lor is fake. She's obviously quite camera shy and careful of the way she speaks. She's clearly trying hard to be non-offensive but that doesn't make her fake. She moved to Canada and is in my comm and she's an absolutely amazing person to talk to and be around. She has a genuine soul that anyone who meets her can easily see.
> Tfw I'd be a delicate flower too if people called me fugly every chance they got. If she stepped out of line/acted like Tyler the first thing people on cgl would scream is that "ugly people need to be nice because it's all they have going for them, like fat people need to be funny" Ya'll are impossibru.

>> No.9683875

Agreed get them the fuck off

>> No.9683885

I guess I’m an odd one out, then, but I don’t really have any ships regardless of media, so I’m just weird

>> No.9683889

>I'm not a sissy
>should I get this fetish bag?

>> No.9683897


They already are, though. Lolitaupdates allows otome brand updates alongside the lolita stuff. It can't really be helped if girls aren't quite as interested in these brands, or if they don't like the distinctly different otome vibes as much as they like the pure lolita stuff.

If you're talking about lolita general on here, there's a kneejerk reaction because the most often times we see these brands mentioned, it's usually a noob asking why their otome dress won't fit a lolita petticoat, usually followed by a lot of explaining of what otome brands are and how they're left out of lolita brands lists precisely because they often don't fit a petticoat, and how it's just not possible to get the right lolita silhoutte out of a cute dress that just doesn't fit a petticoat.

I don't really mind a discussion where the two are mentioned side by side, but I also don't miss the days where half the thread is given to explaining otome to some newbie who bought the wrong dress. I think if you make posts that make it clear you know this crucial difference (eg- start your posts with "otome brand, but ...." or "not-quite-lolita but this is nice" or similar), then your posts will do all right, the newbies wouldn't get confused and we won't have them asking ass backwards questions like "if I can't fit a petticoat under a JM skirt and JM is allowed discussion, then why can't I wear my F21 dress that has the exact same cut as this other JM jsk that's styled in a completely non lolita way to a lolita meetup".

>> No.9683904

Out of all those brands, only Milk shouldn't be worn with a petticoat most of the time. What you want people to do sounds like what >>9682873 wants people to stop doing.

>> No.9683913


Actually, every time I've seen it it's ETC being brought up. I think they went through a phase where a dress looks like it has a wide skirt, but the inside lining doesn't actually allow a petticoat. What's confusing is that they re-release their hits fairly often, so there's different releases of the donut dress alone that does or doesn't fit a petticoat, and someone who is buying it secondhand off yja or mbok won't be able to tell which one it is until it arrives.

>> No.9683914

Agreed, they should also ban user Mrk. I also think people with more than 5 neutral feedback should also get a warning... I wouldn’t trust someone with so many red marks.

>> No.9683918

Been thinking about this. Mrk seller has insane shipping fees (50 usd?), that no taobao shopping service has. It is their choice, I agree, but I don't want these kind of dishonest practices in LM

>> No.9683920

Well actually having bust measurements helps when trying to find dresses that will actually fit you since dress sizes don't go by your bra size, anon.

>> No.9683924


Add JM to that list. Unless by petticoat you actually mean a very flat, daily poof petti or no petti at all. You can even see from their stock photos and owner photos that a lot of JM just isn't lolita-level poofy.

>> No.9683933

You're right. I found them cheaper, for 45000 yen, but still, not sure why you'd want them. They're for the 6 to 12 age group, and many kids in public schools choose a less childish bag (backpack) by the time they're ten.

The clothes of that brand are really cheap, but they're making a killing on those randoseru because it's such a rite of passage and the grandparents on each side, who may have only one grandchild, fight over buying it and will spare no expense. It's still pleather and though made in Japan, not worth it. If you really want one, sometimes they go up on mercari.

>> No.9683941

this is not the right way to use this word

>> No.9683943
File: 666 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-07-17-32-24-143_com.android.chrome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moitie's section on Wunderwelt Fleur has been updated! Some of the items cannot be bought on Moitie's web store. The tweet accompanying the update says that stock is extremely limited (like one or two pieces) so interested anons should grab the items fast.

>> No.9683946


>> No.9683960

It's way too saccharine for my tastes but I think the video has a valid place in the larger lolita community. There's a lot of younger and noob lolitas who will connect with this video more than Tyler's and maybe they will know better what to do if they go shopping in Japan.

>> No.9683963

Maybe I'm stupid as fuck, but how do you turn off the email notifications from lacemarket? They're driving me nuts

>> No.9684006

DESU everyone is making a massive deal out of it. I lived with a 60 a day smoker who smoked in her room. As long as their door is shut and yours is too, you should be fine. Never EVER leave the house without shutting your bedroom door and your closet door though.

>> No.9684008

I'm a 34DD and I manage. If you're skinny elsewhere (I assume you are from the smaller band size) then you can probably even wear sack cuts if you wear a binder.

>> No.9684015

When did they re-release the donut print?

>> No.9684017

I fit a malco modes petti under on of my JM pieces no problem. would I do this with most of them? no. but it's like like its unheard of.

also petti = lolita is such a western comm. thing, which is part of the issue. for some reason, y'all can't determine whether or not a dress needs a petti to look good, so you start drawing 500 lines in the sand

>inb4 ita
this is how Jfashion magazines break this shit down. stop hiding behind the "I want to stop all the itas!!!!" facade and admit we have a label addiction

>> No.9684021

>most of the time
I see a lot of stuff worn with a petti in their webshop right now

>> No.9684022

yes it is.

>> No.9684029

No it's not at all, you don't use decadent to describe things like that. The denotation may fit, but the connotation does not.

>> No.9684083


No idea. Not a huge ETC fan so I don't keep track. I should also mention I'm not particularly sure which donut print it is either (they have more than one iirc). Just that one lolita general someone started posting about which release can hold a petti and which ones cannot.

>> No.9684152
File: 374 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_2017-11-07-09-57-18-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MMM is holding a re-release survey! Crossing my fingers that they'll consider Iron Gate or Ruins Cathedral. What are you voting for, gulls?

The link to the survey is on the MMM Facebook page.

>> No.9684164

Ruins Cathedral and Iron Gate are not hard to find, and they'll probably change it to "Neo Iron Gate" that looks like a mix of Iron Gate and Royal Gate.

>> No.9684170 [DELETED] 

I'm personally hoping for either Ruins Cathedral or Net Print. Finding Net Print is virtually impossible.

>> No.9684172
File: 9 KB, 199x266, 37d13d6ddca7cba47e924aed5a85c84e--moi-meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm personally hoping for either Ruins Cathedral or Net Print (pic related). Finding Net Print is virtually impossible and other colourways for Ruins Cathedral like gold x ivory or gold x black will make my heart sing.

>> No.9684184

So I guess these are series, not specific colorways? I really hope that's the case. I hope there will be also some love for nonprints.

>> No.9684210

Would anyone be down for a capsule wardrobe version of Build Me a Coord? Or a new Build Me a Coord thread? I'm bored as fuck and want to make collages.

>> No.9684230

Those black x red socks are so pretty. Too bad im broke right now or I would totally snag them.

>> No.9684259

Sleeping Garden, hands down.

>> No.9684262

Go for it, I'd be very interested.

>> No.9684290


okay? just wear it then. All I said was JM is also pretty flat. Also speaking from firsthand experience.


Yes. Flattish daily poof petti.

>> No.9684329


I answered Iron Gate in the "other" section anyway. Maybe if enough of us do it they'll actually re-release it.

I could do with a different gate anyhow. Royal Gate is flocked and I'm lazy to send it to the drycleaner's, so I almost never wear it.

>> No.9684354

That's still a petticoat

>> No.9684364

I've gotten a pretty decent cute one off fril for $50 total after SS fees and shipping.

>> No.9684373

Pretty sure they're for actual kids and not lolitas, come back when you want to tell us about your AP bag

>> No.9684381
File: 13 KB, 194x259, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes they are made for children, but they can be cute with Lolita too.

>> No.9684384
File: 91 KB, 600x800, 6d796c3b03c1c1ec7dd37a576a5d5216--lolita-style-gothic-lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for the terrible picture, have another.

>> No.9684386

I agree anon, but I contacted LM about it and they don't care at all.

>> No.9684392
File: 119 KB, 368x546, edab6100-6851-5a3b-a50e-f5da47d5af11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I voted for pic related. I also included a lolibrary link in my vote since there is no way to add pictures and I want to avoid confusion in case they don't know the names of their older releases anymore.

>> No.9684394

Good choice! I think stuff that is shirred already will be easy to sell as a brand.

>> No.9684399

I'm surprised this seller hasn't been banned. Reading through her profile, a lot of positive and neutral feedback is actually quite negative. And she seems to provide retaliatory negative feedback too. Stay faaaar away.

>> No.9684420
File: 185 KB, 741x1049, tumblr_oszqc8Nb2u1wo5eaeo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related would be too good to be true

>> No.9684443

completely unrelated question, but how do you call large fringes like the one on Lor's wig?
I'm going to visit the hairdresser soon and i want to be sure that my request will be understood

>> No.9684480

I don't think it has a name desu, I just call it a large fringe. Just show them a pic?
I wanted it once,but it looked godawful on me and I remembered asking for a "large fringe" and they gave me just that

>> No.9684486

So I almost made a separate thread for this, but I'll probably get better answer here instead of shitting up the board.

Any advice for introducing a non-weeb GF to lolita fashion? I haven't been dating her for very long, and this is more of a mid-term goal for me than anything else. I know she enjoys the 'gothic aesthetic', but apparently if she had known I was into anime before we started dating it would've been a deal breaker. She knows now (and apparently is crushing on me hard enough to overlook it. She seems to really enjoy how much of a deviant I am in general.), but I want to see her in some lolita fashion. It's not even just a sexual thing, she would just look so incredibly cute in it. Any tips for how to approach her with this idea? We are both in our twenties, and we're both on the lower end of the income scale. I don't really care about dressing her in brando, I just want a qt 3.15 gf who occasionally looks super cute. I realize these dresses aren't really built for strenuous activity. Seriously. I'd be super happy just going on a normal date with her all dolled up. She /seems/ to like getting dressed up, so I think there is a good chance she'd enjoy it too.

Oh. One more thing, she is a bit overweight. Should I hold off on introducing her to this just because of that? No offense but I've seen threads about how y'all bully each other. It's fucking hardcore. I am a little worried she'll get super into it and end up being destroyed by some sort of EGL mafia. Should I be?

>> No.9684490

Try wearing it with her! If you like it, you should enjoy it

>> No.9684493

Don’t let her go on CGL and she won’t be bully. If someone else posts her she won’t see

>> No.9684498


... as tempting as that is, I'm 6'3. I've also gone from 290 > 220 pounds over the past year or so, and while my weight seems stable now I would like to see if I can change my body composition a bit more before I buy anything as insanely expensive as this.

Also... I kind of feel like I'm too tall to really pull this stuff off. 'cute' doesn't really go super well with tall. Maybe if I was naturally skinny instead of slowly getting my shit together. Maybe.

>> No.9684503

They do, the only brand that will look even remotely okay on you is AP with half shirred cuts. Maybe you could try baby and Meta full shirring, if you can max it out without being obese, it looks better than on average size girls

>> No.9684504

>I haven't been dating her for very long, and this is more of a mid-term goal for me than anything else.

Stop, stop, stop. Don't force someone into lolita fashion. You should find a gf who's a lolita or is an otaku instead. The relationship you're in right now is not going to be long term if you try to get to force her into wearing lolita fashion.

>> No.9684518

How you know she fake bitch?

>> No.9684523


>Stop, stop, stop. Don't force someone into lolita fashion. You should find a gf who's a lolita or is an otaku instead.

I'm not going to try and force it. This isn't a requirement for me, not even remotely. It'd just be a... perk. I'm asking for advice on how I can introduce her to the idea of this stuff in the most favorable way, like a sales pitch. If she doesn't buy into it? I'm definitely not going to try and force the issue.

If I was going to try and force her into it, I wouldn't be here looking for an insight into the aspects of female psychology this stuff appeals to. She is her own person and if she doesn't want to dress in elegant clothes and have tea or whatever, I'll accept it.

>> No.9684531

They're the typical fanboy.

>> No.9684534

I voted for those two too!

>> No.9684542

Yes, please. Lacemarket is not just another avenue of sale for resellers

>> No.9684547

>I'm asking for advice on how I can introduce her to the idea of this stuff in the most favorable way, like a sales pitch.

It's not going to sell. Never try to sell someone a fashion. People wear things they like, not from someone else's opinion.

>> No.9684556

>It's not going to sell. Never try to sell someone a fashion. People wear things they like, not from someone else's opinion.

So in your opinion, I should try just showing her some pictures of this sort of thing (in case she hasn't been exposed to it at all), and if she's ever going to like it she'll say something?

I'm honestly uncertain if she's ever /seen/ goth loli stuff. You can't be into something you haven't been exposed to, right anon?

>> No.9684561

>not even just a sexual thing

>> No.9684570

Yes those seem to be pretty trendy, it will be easier to get it right than if i was asking for victorian ringlets. Thank you anon!

>> No.9684580

If you genuinely find jfashion interesting, I would suggest looking into it for yourself and let her know this is a hobby you are working toward. Whether you decide you want to wear lolita, ouji, aristo, what have you, do the research like the rest of us and get to know the fashions. if you still like it, let her know you are losing weight and saving up to wear it, and that you think it would be cool for you two to try it together. if she says yes, great! if not? still work toward it. if it's not a sexual thing like you say and a genuine interest in the fashion start with yourself before you try dressing other people

>> No.9684585

Can we not respond to bait for once?

>> No.9684589

This is cgl, gulls are notorious for gobbling bait

>> No.9684601
File: 179 KB, 480x640, 1013184057_59e08a294188d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Atelier Boz

It's burando

>> No.9684604

Honestly, the guy didn't go off about muh fragile masculinity when someone told him to try it himself first. I don't think this is bait.

You wanna see bait, check the draw thread

>> No.9684608
File: 44 KB, 350x406, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u sure

>> No.9684609


>> No.9684611

didn't we find out that guy's a fetishist though? It's a shame because I had some of his pics saved because they're cute af and his coords are actually nice.

>> No.9684618
File: 17 KB, 246x374, grimace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If I was going to try and force her into it, I wouldn't be here looking for an insight into the aspects of female psychology this stuff appeals to
People like pretty stuff. That's all there is to it. It's not like our ~lady brains~ have a lolita cortex that no males shall ever understand.
Some girls love it, some girls hate it. You're asking the wrong people, you should be asking her. We can't mindfuck your gf into liking something.

>> No.9684619

>If you genuinely find jfashion interesting, I would suggest looking into it for yourself and let her know this is a hobby you are working toward. Whether you decide you want to wear lolita, ouji, aristo, what have you, do the research like the rest of us and get to know the fashions (...)

Yeah, but this stuff is expensive as hell, and I am still naive enough to find stuff without a label attached to it cute/stylish. If I actually legitimately get into it, I'm signing up for a commitment to something waaaaaay out of my $10/hour salary, and possibly for two people?

I mean, considering how freakishly tall korean teenagers are now I could probably find stuff to accommodate my height, and it wouldn't be that hard to incorporate elements of this stuff into my wardrobe...

Aw fuck. There really isn't a way I can get her casually interested without falling down the rabbit hole, is there?

>> No.9684620

What country are you from?

>> No.9684623

this exactly

>> No.9684629

Nayrt but yes just show her pics of it, if it catches her interest she'll want to wear it on her own, if it doesn't then she won't and that's that. You could ask her if she'd ever wear it but that depends on her and how she'd take it, I say just show her some pics of nice coords and see how she reacts to them.
Careful how you tread though, even if she genuinely likes it and wants to wear it, you might end up with an ita girlfriend instead.

>> No.9684630

>There really isn't a way I can get her casually interested without falling down the rabbit hole, is there?

Nope. Frills or gtf out

>> No.9684645 [DELETED] 

it's not that expensive for what it is

>> No.9684646

What colour could I do with a goldxwhite coord? I wanted to do cobalt blue, but that seems a little overplayed. Ideas?

>> No.9684651
File: 23 KB, 478x373, 1426142536288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even just sexual
>goth loli
>korean teenagers
>don't care about brando

>> No.9684652


Yes, but clearly if I just manipulate her properly I can trick her into-

Okay, yeah, no, I see your point.


Alright, I'll probably do something like this, then.



Thanks for the advice. You girls are alright.

>> No.9684662
File: 155 KB, 1200x900, DNduLvxU8AA_PAk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Triple Fortune so tacky and misshapen?

>> No.9684673
File: 89 KB, 601x848, 8203c94b-c141-4884-ada1-d02e529321e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just found out about it, fuck I want it so bad.

>> No.9684687

Oh no. These are terrible, they should just stick to bonnets.

>> No.9684694
File: 1001 KB, 1080x2751, Screenshot_20171107-145658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have any deets on this?? Just saw this posted to amino and it looks like more is unfolding on the sellers personal fb page

>> No.9684699
File: 369 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_3495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems weirdly connected to this other incident?? Same person who posted the milky Berry set for sale has had this greasy chick harassing her on her personal page, she's also claiming to work for BABY NY as their manager, as if.

>> No.9684709

I'm not sure you even know what you're asking. You mentioned wanting for her to look "cute", and there's lots of jfashions that aren't lolita that it might be easier to get her interested in. Larme is cheaper and palatable to people who aren't used to jfash, for example.

That being said, if you're serious about getting yourself and her into lolita/aristo/ouiji, there are lots of ways to get cheap clothes, even for dudes your size. Check out the taobao thread.

>> No.9684712

If you want cheap clothes it's better to give up on lolita or hunt for good deals secondhand

>> No.9684721


What the fuck?

>> No.9684722

That's so easy to find secondhand

>> No.9684723


I'm about to go into work, but I don't usually hang around /cgl/ (except sometimes to pop in and be amused by the drama). I've actually never heard of Larme, desu I've just always liked cute/elegant clothes and darker aesthetics, so lolita is something I have a general awareness of.

I guess I'll look at these other fashions when I get home from work.

>> No.9684724

If you're buying brand, yes, but he said he wasn't concerned about that.

>> No.9684725

Then he's going to be ita

>> No.9684729

you can't get someone into a fashion like this. it takes a lot of guts and true love to wear it, and dedication to build a cohesive wardrobe.
this is the worst possible idea, I don't know what else to tell ya.

do not push this on her. it's not worth the time or money if neither of you are genuinely interested in the subculture.

>'cute' doesn't really go super well with tall
watch your effing mouth
>t. 6ft lolita

>> No.9684732


>> No.9684740

I smell jilted witch hunt. this is dumb af.

>> No.9684762

Agreed! Shops, resellers, and vendors shouldn't be on there, imo. It should be for individuals.

>> No.9684821

>gf is a normie
>you are a normie
>both poor
>gf is fat

The fact that you haven't heard of larme or cares about jfashion makes me think you're a retarded normie who feels good about being less normie by watching anime but is too boring to really get into it. You only heard about Lolita from the entry level anime you watch, haven't you?

Dump the girl and go full weeb or give it up and go full normie. Don't be this pathetic lukewarm bullshit.

>> No.9684829

Thanks, very good advice. Sorry didn't see that there was a designated place to ask for advice

>> No.9684839

What's wrong with lukewarm? Why do people have to be black or white but no shades in between? That sounds boring, a world of people who are only stereotypical extremes and can't have casual interests. Sounds autistic.

>> No.9684844

because people need a reason to bitch about shit

>> No.9684849

I never understood the autism behind elitism. So what if someone isn't as into something as you are, they can still like it and have a small hobby born out of it. There will always be someone who knows more about the subject than you do anyways, why make a contest out of it?

>> No.9684850

Nothing. Anon asked for advice and got it. Either take interest in fashion and culture, or go away and stop. If they just go for whatever it will go something like that
>his girlfriend buys some shitty dress from milanoo
>gets posted to ita thread
>people "bully" her
>she, rightfully, blames anon
>they break up

>> No.9684857

Where does it say anon is introducing her to the culture? I'm pretty sure he just wanted to but his chubby some dresses because he likes the astetics.

>> No.9684871

You can take an interest in the fashion, doesn't mean you have to be involved any way whatsoever with the ""culture""

If she likes it I don't see the harm in her dressing up cute, keep it casual though because the community will change her as it's a toxic bucket full of crabs.

>> No.9684875

At this point I'm sure you are the anon in question, but whatever. If they don't know the brands, what looks good and what not, they will only embarrass herself. Lolita is a hard fashion, they should learn about it, and it includes culture.

>> No.9684894

If you’re built like a linebacker you’ll need everything custom made. Knee length dresses cut for the average Japanese woman are going to hit just below your ass, which is not the silhouette you’re going for.

>> No.9684900

I don't like this bitch already, need more deets to fuel me

>> No.9684916

All of their designs look like tacky hula costumes. Maybe if the designers spent more time on actually designing instead of tackily cross dressing like wannabe Takarazuka stars...

>your face looks like a fat guy
She said, with a wart over her lip

If a guy says his GF is chubby, she’s probably obese and won’t fit anything either.

>> No.9684967

So is there absolutely nothing we can do about the resellers that are starting to swarm lacemarket? I want a function to block specific sellers from showing up in my feed or something... Also, Isn't it against the rules for them to continuously post without proof photos?

>> No.9684973

speak for yourself lol

>> No.9684977

We can move back to egl comm sales

>> No.9685121

Not the anon in question, i just don't get salty over people being into a hobby even if they aren't very well versed in that hobby. In the end this is nothing more than a time/money waster and its done because you like doing it, other people are allowed to like it, even if they don't know shit about lolita they can still enjoy it and buy outfits, it doesn't hurt anyone. Who cares.

>> No.9685126

They are right though. People can enjoy the fashion and have some outfits, doesn't mean they have to be deep into the anus of the culture. I personally think its more fun to be in the community, as catty as it can be, because these things are nice to talk about, but its not everyone's cup of tea especially if you are sensitive. You can be into the clothes but not the community, not an odd thing at all.

>> No.9685293

Why are the Leighs being talked about AGAIN on RCU? It's like beating a dead replica.

>> No.9685302

Hopefully this is ok to ask here--

I'm headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend and was wondering if anyone there knows of any good shops that carry lolitable stuff?? Specifically jewelry/accessories and cardigans.

>> No.9685306

Everything in Tulsa is shit, don't bother.

>> No.9685307

What the fuck??

>> No.9685337

But isn't it the Paris of Oklahoma?

>> No.9685341

Does anyone have any advice on wearing a corset (either under bust or over bust) under Lolita? I can squeeze into most brand but when I wear skirts they tend to cut in a little and show off love handles.

>> No.9685348

sure but its still oklahoma

>> No.9685398

Buy Kera magazines or Gothic Lolita Bibles, and show them to her. She might hate them and think you are a pedo, or she might like them. How open minded is she?
One problem I experienced myself is that if you go surface level only and barely try to understand or dig deeper into it (at least in terms of culture and how to get good deals), your looks will look mediocre. Look at the it's thread, look into Ota no hime. Girls who shoehorn normie clothes into the fashion look like frumpy old ladies that didn't grow up in their minds. Yo I'm just don't get the look. You have to invest time in research and find the right dress, right color, etc. For me it was the search for achieving that look what has taken me so much time.

Look for yourself. You can get good brand for cheap in second hand. It just takes time to wait and learn what is a good deal. Taobao helps too. Cheap clothes can help, but won't look good unless you truly know the aesthetic points, the culture and have experience by looking at threads, maybe Instagram and Facebook groups.

>> No.9685427

Haven't seen the post, but they still haven't been kicked out of the international lolita community. Newbies and new business partners should know about their shit too

>> No.9685442

You’re going to be incredibly uncomfortable if you have to wear a corset all day and aren’t used to it. It’s easier to stop overeating.

>> No.9685444

My first piece of advice would be to try control pants. They smooth out your waist without adding to it. The problem with a corset is that the corset itself adds bulk even though it clinches you in.

>> No.9685470
File: 327 KB, 2000x1404, 1479393494954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slowly introduce boyfriend to lolita fashion
>start with simply skirts and dresses, nothing too gaudy
>built it up to a point i can wear even my most busy of outfits around him
>am now at the point he will happily buy new new outfits to spoil me
I've done it. I'm at princess level. I'm going to make it guls.

>> No.9685478 [DELETED] 

Does it feel good to get other people to spend so much money on you?

>> No.9685481

Does it feel good to get other people to spend so much money on you for nothing in return?

>> No.9685488
File: 74 KB, 320x454, 1490973286694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nothing in return
Being a good girl princess is the greatest gift I can give them.

>> No.9685495
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1463618151588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9685501

Silly crab.

>> No.9685502
File: 59 KB, 425x567, ywtrhqvb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe all the dumb stuff people are asking for on Moitie's facebook page that you just know they are not going to buy. Besides that some of the prints they are asking for are available on Wunderwelt right now, asking for long dresses and shirring when Moitie obviously does that a lot already? If they make EVERYTHING long and fully shirred, normal sized people won't buy it anymore. Yes, I'm salty. Shirring is ugly af.

>> No.9685505

I was happy for you at first but now you sound like you have several daddies

>> No.9685506

Why does it sound like that? Have you never seen "them" used for a single person before?

>> No.9685509

She said boyfriend before, there's no reason to switch to them. Idk, she just reminded me of a sugarbaby I know.

>> No.9685510

I think you are kind of autistic and don't have a good grasp of the English language.

>> No.9685526

We "deserve" nothing. Tyler is the only one trying her hand on this sort of thing. if you don't like it, you can try making your own.

>> No.9685530
File: 112 KB, 740x791, 986F54C9-3169-47AD-B306-99D0E42AFD01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry if it’s already been posted but...

>> No.9685535

Is this thing for real? It looks like a parody of itself.

>> No.9685536

I just cringed so hard I hurt myself.

>> No.9685542

Yeah it’s real

>> No.9685543

WW/Moitie don't understand the hell they have unleashed by asking the community what they want. This never ends well.

>> No.9685549

Everyone involved is too obsessed with social media

>> No.9685550


>that image.

I-is this the power of /cgl/?

>> No.9685604

This is the most hilarious thing I saw all day.
What a hot mess.

>> No.9685605

Why are the comments so positive?

>> No.9685620

I just wear shapewear to smooth out the lumps and a sports bra to squeeze my chest.
I tried wearing a corsette under one of my dresses once and I think it just made me look fatter with the extra bulk.

>> No.9685624

> talk to my bf about lolita a lot and always poimt out what I like in an outfit when we go out shopping together
>Tfw my bf bought me my first "lolita" skirt and a line petti from amazon a year ago on my bday.
> I've bought 3 dresses since 2 of them which are brand.

I honestly thought I'd be a lolita in heart forever and yesterday I ordered another dress.

>> No.9685627

>thinking that ~$200-$300 dresses are anywhere near "princess level"

why are poorfags so delusional

>> No.9685629

If you want to wear a corset, train yourself up to wearing it all day long. It can be a nice supporting piece that add structure, but it's not something like spanks you just throw on. Personally, I love them. But that's just me...

>> No.9685655
File: 120 KB, 345x437, 173701-m-02-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will IW start their winter sale? Do you think the Higanbana series will be for sale at some point?

And do VM and Moitie still do Lucky bags?

>> No.9685663

People are asking to make more stuff with shirring, because so much is without. Stop being crazy, there are tons of cheap 62 cm waist moitie for you out there. It’s cheap because most Lolita’s cannot wear it.

Financially speaking moitie adding partial back shirring like most brands would save their business. Demand is there. Go collect older stuff if you cannot get over yourself.

>> No.9685670

Most of their OPs are fully shirred anon

>> No.9685678

This. Tbqh as a busty-chan I would be more than happy with simply accurate measurments. I know I can fit MmM. I just won't buy new unless I've found accurate measurements elsewhere, and that can't be good for their business model.

>> No.9685682

Yeah, they do mention the full shirring in Japanese I believe but max and min measurements would be nice

>> No.9685690

I expect people will vote for rare prints. Ritual for example was only released in-store in limited cuts and colours (was the skirt ever sold in ivory?).
They mentioned they don't have all of the art of older releases so I think the options they put in the poll beforehand are most likely to get a re-release.

>> No.9685694

Actually no that isn’t true. Their empire waisted ops are, but some of their normal waist one is not at all. I have Royal Gate op and it has 0 shirring and I find it common for that cut/fabric. Their are some with partial shirring with that fabric but not the norm. Then a lot of jsks don’t have any give, same with skirts. The 2nd market reflects that clearly, that’s why there is 700$ stuff and 50$ stuff.

>> No.9685699

Isn't that the same cut as Archangel? Is that why Iron Gate, Gothic Arch and Holy Queen are the most expensive?

>> No.9685700

I believe Archangel has partial shirring, but yes it is the same cut. The fact that they can do it for that one means rereleasing the others with partial is doable.

Iron gate is special but note the skirt price is far lower than the fully shirred op.

>> No.9685704

Anon it was just released. It wont be in any sale until at least seasons next sale cycle. Its not that expebsive and its quite beautiful. Quit being a cheap ass and just get it allready.

>> No.9685705

Weapons grade autism. Impressive.

>we amewricawns meik mustakes

Why are her fingertips so orange? What kind of mistake is that? The grubbiness...

>> No.9685775

I just got in a dress from closet child and it stinks of concentrated cigarette smoke; is this common or what I been lucky up until this point?

>> No.9685781

That's really strange. Everything I've gotten from them online has smelled vaguely bleached or like that Japanese detergent/Febreeze smell. What condition was the dress listed as?

>> No.9685796

It was listed as "B". It's in good condition, it just smells. I mean, I'm trying to air it out but if it doesn't clear, this $100 purchase is going to turn into a $130 purchase after dry cleaning.

>> No.9685798

Can’t help the fact that I have to go there so I’d at least like to get something that might relate to my interests.

Plus, it’s better than where I’m from.

>> No.9685806

>thinking it has to do with money and not that people are willing to spoil you in the first place
Someone's not a pretty princess I see. Don't worry you'll make it

>> No.9685812

I would feel disgusted with myself, my parents have sadly raised me to be a worker

>> No.9685820

Wow, this is some Alan Tutorial level wtf, except (supposedly) made unironically. After a few minutes I went from laughing to wondering why she was shouting about not liking hate while not caring about hate while saying she'll be leaving hateful comments. Just...what.

>> No.9685821

I don't know how bad your "love handles" are, but if you can achieve a smooth silhouette when you suck in your gut I think you can get away with some Spanx or other such shapewear instead of a corset.

>> No.9685822

Your parents are brainwashed. Girls should be pretty princesses who never do anything but look as pretty of a princess as possible. Don't tell me you don't even have a princess point system?? I'd be disgusted if I was NOT treated like a pretty princess, like, what did I do wrong?

>> No.9685824

So long have you been in a relationship with your daddy?

>> No.9685829

Long enough for him to recognize my well deserved princess status. This impression is usually made within the first two minutes of courtship. This trick is to twirl around and say "ohohohohohohohho"

>> No.9685842

Yes, let you inner princess free anon. There is nothing quite like being able to express yourself around your loved ones
>when gets into photography so he can take pics of you
>when he starts entertaining tea parties with you
>when he surprises you with that dress you had your eye on
So this is princess energy huh? Not bad....

>> No.9685909

I always imagine that's usually who gets posted in the ita thread. People who like the fashion but aren't heavily involved in the community and thought they could post photos of something they tried out online.

Excluding the ones that are obviously known for their blog posts and are probably too into the community.

Ya gotta get that perfect balance.

>> No.9685922

>new copypasta

>> No.9685936
File: 95 KB, 201x210, 48rfjhs2t5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this has got to be an elaborate troll
I refuse to believe this shit is genuine

>> No.9685975

gulls pls stop replying to this bait >>9685822

>> No.9686025

Deletes any negative ones.

>> No.9686035
File: 379 KB, 684x366, Screenshot_35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9686069

Please tell me someone downloaded or mirrored that reaction video to scarfing scarves. My tab refreshed, and wa-la, it was gone.

>> No.9686083

>There is nothing quite like being able to express yourself around your loved ones
What does this have to do with it?

>> No.9686102 [DELETED] 

Some of the OPs are fully shirred, but because it's a fully shirred empire cut most of the time it looks fucking terrible on people with tits. I've seen several normal sized girls on CoF with above average tits and they looked horrible wearing those MMM OPs. Shirring doesn't equal flattering for larger body types.

>> No.9686104

Because it can evolve into a lifestyle. If you have to hide it you are not taking advantage of your princess status. Tell me how many princess points you have with your loved ones so far, we can work from there

>> No.9686106

Some of the OPs are fully shirred, but because it's a fully shirred empire cut most of the time it looks fucking terrible on people with tits. I've seen several normal sized girls on CoF with above average tits and they looked horrible wearing those MMM OPs. Shirring doesn't equal flattering for larger body types

>> No.9686124

I hope so but doubt it. What a shame.

>> No.9686135
File: 108 KB, 480x640, Bbbbby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on the new Baby releases? Anyone getting anything?? Considering getting this one, but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it or not

>> No.9686138

At this point in time I'm fed up and tired of all these useless OTT piles of chiffon and ribbons. Probably not the opinion you wanted to hear though.

>> No.9686178

Agreed. I'm so tired of that shit. Lolita became way too OTT in general and it looks like a costume even more than before. Doesn't help that most girls that wear those super OTT dresses only wear lolita at cons,tea parties and meetings.
Nothing against casual lolitas but conlitas are cancer. Same for OTT.

>> No.9686190
File: 6 KB, 275x240, 1486886427149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she deleted the video kek

>> No.9686196

agreed 1000000%

99.9% of the stuff I find myself drawn to anymore is pre 2010.

I actually dropped out of keeping up with lolita fashion in about 2007. Still wore my old stuff, but didn't get anything new and didn't even care to visit egl anymore, though I kinda regret it. And now, 99% of anything I buy lolita related is second hand, just because I'm not fond of a lot of the new releases. I don't know. I like things I can wear daily to school and work and not OTT crap.

I just prefer the older lolita aesthetic, I guess. it seemed a lot more 'practical' and wearable on a daily basis than most new releases.

>> No.9686200

Right but that has no relation to getting the people around you to buy you stuff

>> No.9686211

Then they should ask for different cuts, not more shirring which is ugly

>> No.9686213

Which brands? Imo it's much easier to wear lolita casually/daily now

>> No.9686218

I'm considering some of the aatp stuff, maybe the headdress and the corset. That baby dress is cute, has a sort of magical girl vibe to it. But like other anons have said it's super OTT and you probably wouldn't get your moneys worth unless you go to a lot of events.

I feel like the style of OTT costume like embellishments are creeping their way into baby/aatp's regular stuff too lately. Like the newest aatp angel print just has those organza ribbons that don't quite match and almost look like they should be on gift wrapping. Just the weird little out of place details like that make me feel like I can't wear this stuff out without feeling like I'm wearing a costume. Like >>9686196 I want stuff I can wear out shopping or to class, not OTT stuff that just sits there. I often look at new releases and think about seam ripping off half the extra crap but I'm too scared to do it.

>> No.9686219

the proof that americans are a mistake

>> No.9686232

Who did back shirring kill that makes you so angry?

>> No.9686238

Yeah, fuck off and buy it. It's really beautiful and deserves it.

>> No.9686268

How much is this one?

>> No.9686282

¥302,400 ($302) (including a bunch of head dresses n shit)

>> No.9686283

>that Kelly Eden math

>> No.9686287

What's so wrong with over the top ? Let ppl have their fun for that one event to show everyone else up

>> No.9686289

Lor was as lovely as always but you can tell she's just choosing her words carefully as Tyler got so much flack from people who have no idea about the lolita community and Japanese sales practices because they're too busy licking Kelly's boots.

Showed this to my normie friends who often buy designer and they weren't surprised about the no return policy so I can't understand why so many people are being so wilfully ignorant and chalking it up to 'lol mistake'

>> No.9686301

It's over-saturated to the point of newbies sincerely believing the fashion can only be worn with elaborate wigs on top of 100% matching coords dripping with lace and underskirts and accessories, and only ever at events or conventions, never casually like a street fashion should be.
None of this is stopping girls from wearing toned down coords and old school pieces on a daily basis, but it's disheartening to see the fashion turn into this, you know?

>> No.9686302

Same here! I like brand releases up to 2011 at most (I love Sugar Pansy for example) but since then, there's nothing I truly loved and if anything,the more it goes on the more I dislike what brands release. Baby totally changed imo and AP became taobao tier.
But hey,that means we usually get things for pretty cheap since they're out of the fashion (even despite the old school rise lately) and have already been owned.

Not trying to put down anyone liking new stuff or wearing OTT btw, you guys do whatever you want and i've seen OTT stuff that I actually liked on rare occasions but I just reaaally don't like seeing it so much.

>> No.9686313

Ahhhhh...I get it now, I guess it does suck seeing ppl go straight in to OTT without taking the time to just wear the fashion normally. I've never made a OTT coord, but I always found it fun watching those videos where the girls make sceptors or wings to go with their dress. Or huge fucking spoons can't forget the spoons.

>> No.9686314

Otoh, if you have fairly modest tits, like 32B range, these cuts make them look C to D range, if you’re going for that. So much cheaper and less painful and risky than getting implants.

I hope she gets professional help but she doesn’t look like she can afford it.

I wouldn’t say 99%, but about three quarters of my wardrobe is from between 2004 - 2011. Classic or gothic, but yesterday I bought my first lilac AP OP and I’m eyeing two more, all lilac, pink, and sax. Never thought I’d fall into pastel and like it. I’ve ordered pastel wool to crochet matching boleros, hope some good patterns are posted in the handmade thread.

>> No.9686334

Being ugly

>> No.9686339

What are you doing to support brands that didn't hop on the OTT train?

>> No.9686698

What's the price of international shipping like from BTSSB New york? I'm from Canada and I'm eying a few things there. I heard AP USA usually has ridiculously high shipping so I'm wondering if Baby is the same.

I usually buy second hand from Japan so I have little experience buying directly from brand.

>> No.9686723

I think you can check shipping if you type in your info but don't actually check out.

>> No.9686729

I buy directly from them when they release a piece that I like, otherwise I buy stuff that suits my style secondhand.

>> No.9686737

You're right! Thanks anon.

>> No.9686841

Seconding this. I looked all over the site and can't find a setting for it. Considering just deleting my whole watch list but that alone would take forever, deleting them one at a time.

>> No.9686940

Sorry for the nooblita question
I want to order some stuff from wunderwelt to my tenso address, on their website it says

"We can ship to package forwarding services.
Please note that for orders using such a service, PayPal is the only accepted payment method and credit card payment is unavailable."

How does that work? I imagine you would do that through their English website, does it detect automatically that you're shipping to a tenso address and then the website redirects you to paypal?

>> No.9687043
File: 75 KB, 446x400, 1504857077907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can deal with the hate

yeah sure

>> No.9687117

34DD is doable, especially if your 32 because it usually means youre not too fat/chubby else where. Im 34DD and i fit most brand as long as it has a bit of shirring. Avoid full shirring for now, unless you look good in normie full shirring one size fits all tourist dresses. You might even be able to fit some AP OPS without shirring with a tshirt or minimizing bra.

>> No.9687582

Recently found a taobao DD on a resale site. The original shop is sold out so this is currently the only listing I can find for it. For sizing, I'm at the top end of the small size and bottom of the medium. They only have the medium in stock. The dress has no shirring or lacing on it. Would it be a bad idea to get it? I'm worried about it being too loose.

>> No.9688053

just get the medium. dont wear something too small

>> No.9688728

Hey gulls, I'm new to the lolita scene and accidentally bid on something on LaceMarket from a seller who is on the blacklist (I only checked the blacklist after the bidding because I had assumed that people that were banned would not be allowed to post sales). The seller in question is "lolifairy" and she is now messaging me repeatedly trying to get my PayPal information.

I have sent LaceMarket support 3 emails about the matter all of which they have not responded to. lolifairy is now threatening to contact support regarding the matter and I really don't want negative feedback on my account considering I just started buying lolita. What should I do?

>> No.9688739

You should go ahead and buy what you accidently bid for. The user isn't on a blacklist.

>> No.9688751
File: 8 KB, 674x221, opera_2017-11-10_11-20-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this false then? I don't know why this would be here if not?

>> No.9688767

Then why is the user still able to sell on LM?

>> No.9688770

That is why I'm confused. They're on the blacklist but still able to list. Should I message her asking what is going on?

>> No.9688781

Ask in the other thread, this one is autosaging.


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