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Having fun with friends Edition

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Looking forward to seeing how you all derail this next thread and cause it to be nuked again

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Man I just really love /cgl/.

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Only just found out that I was supposed to be wear bloomers all these years.

Also, some hick bitch grabbed my hair today because she "thought it was a wig."

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>Also, some hick bitch grabbed my hair today because she "thought it was a wig."
Remember to swing your hip first, keep your elbow down and tight, and aim for the chin with your first to knuckles

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>tfw elf tier
>tfw wish was amazon tier
sorceress a shit

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Elf best girl tho.

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Sorceress best girl

Elf too flat

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She was like 80 tho. It happened at Target.

Get back on your shelf.

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Does that whale actually have a deformity with her lips or is she just really bad at makeup?

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H-Hey what do you have against flat/modest chested women??

Most likely the latter

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>when your friend has huge tits.

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I know that feel
>when she's younger than you but bustier and taller
Even though I think they're an inconvenience and wouldn't like to have huge tiddies,I can't help but stare

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this post = /cgl/ in a nutshell

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No, most of /cgl/ doesn't want huge tits because they get in the way and make a lot of outfits look bad.

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Also back pain. I had to have breast reduction and trust me it's fucking hell. Guys only stare at your tits when talking to you,bras are fucking expensive,"cute" outfits look slutty or weird on you,it hurts,it gets in the way,...
I don't understand why anyone would want big organic milk bags attached to their torso

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>tfw no cowtit lolita gf

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>flatties desperately trying to convince themselves

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Taking the b8 but it's an objective fact that the vast majority of Jfash looks better with small tits because the clothing is tailored for Asian girls with small tits. I have big tits and they look nice with some normie outfits but they really fuck up the shape of a lot of blouses and dresses in lolita especially.

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I have 32C/D honkers and they feel enormous. I know they’re not objectively large but as a kid I hated them and wished I could just lop them off. Now I embrace them but sometimes I still get sad seeing flatter girls. I think DFC and bazonkers can look good, both, but AA to B cup objectively makes nicer lolita and ouji. Simply because most dresses are tailored with a smaller size in mind.

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Just stick your boob friends in the creek while you pose on a rock.

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Yeah pretty much.

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Flat is justice!
All tiddies are good tiddies anyway. But it's a fact that small breasts or even flat chests look better in japanese fashion like lolita since it's tailored for small azn girls with small breasts like >>9688857 said.
I always felt "wrong" in normie clothes so discovering nihonese clothes like Liz Lisa and the like was the best thing ever.
That said,I've seen a pirate lolita with big tiddies and I swear I'm not gay but...

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I like where you're going with this.

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I've been calling the girls in my comm "dindus" for a year, and JUST found out it's a racist thing.

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>tfw no lolita/jfash friend to have tea and knit with

i'm seriously considering joining the group of old ladies who knit at the church weekly because i want to partake in cute hobbies with others so badly

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Why do you always post some variation of this in every thread?

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Were they black?

Did they enjoy it?

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Do it, I've been to an embroidery group of mainly old ladies as a guy and it's been awesome.

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poor girl, that looks awful. and I thought I had it bad with my 34Ds

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What the fuck did you think it meant?

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>will my holy lantern MTO ever come home?
I'm starting to feel true despair, gulls

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Oh my god lmao.
Reminds me when I was just a kid, about 8, and called a little bitch from my class a squirter because I thought it was a bad word because I saw it on a porn pop up and thought "that must be grown up language for something bad"

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>>when your friend has huge tits and she keeps complaining about they make her life soooooo hard
bitch shut up, even if it's true stay quiet for the rest of us
i swear to god

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>when your friend has huge tits and she keeps complaining about how they make her life soooooo hard
bitch shut up, even if it's true stay quiet for the rest of us
i swear to god

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It does though I would much rather have small breasts. They're cute and perky and you can fit everything you want without worrying about popping a button. I'm not even fat but I have huge tits and I hate it

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I've been browsing /cgl/ since this spring, and I always found it extremely silly for gulls to get so worked up about clothes. But now I know... now I know.........

I came home from work today to find that my stepmother had knowingly put my stained favorite shirt in the dryer. It was STAINED. You know what you absolutely must not do to a stained shirt? Put it in the dryer. It was my favorite fucking shirt and now I can never get the stain out. I have to toss it. I don't remember the last time I've been this angry. I won't make fun of gulls anymore. Now I know. Now I FUCKING know.

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My condolences for your shirt, anon.

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>too flat
No such thing.

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I make friends at cons but only because I drink constantly and it makes me overcome my shyness and be social.

But after cons I’m so nervous to initiate conversation online and I dont want to be a bother at all ~_~

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My parents yelled at me for being "such a roastie".

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....how did they even learn that term?

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>when youre perfecting jam and cream cakes despite the odds of ever being welcomed at a meet being 0%

Just lop off my benis senpai

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So last night I found out my boyfriend's ex wrote a massive historical epic alternate timeline-exploring canon-altering years-spanning fanfic about these two fuckers. She self inserted herself and my boyfriend into them apparently.

I don't know if I can compete with that.

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Why would you be unwelcome at a meetup?

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>Just lop off my benis senpai
Because he has a dick

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That's not a reason to be unwelcome though, comms are generally welcoming of guys as long as they dress and behave well.

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Last time i tried they all ignored me or made an intent decision to not include me despite my attempts at chatter. Ended up just excusing myself and going home and faked getting a text from work. I even made a point to braid my beard nice and wear somewhat appropiate clothes

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> I even made a point to [...] wear somewhat appropiate clothes
>somewhat appropriate
What does that mean? Either your clothes were appropriate or they weren't. Don't forget that these meetups are for fashion, and most participants in the subcultures are girls, so if you're not dressed well they could be suspicious of your intentions. Sounds far fetched but it's true. What were you wearing?
I think that, once you improve that aspect, you can reach out to the comm's mods and explain the situation, even apologize for making people uncomfortable if necessary, and clear up any suspicions they may have. Don't lose hope yet, this is fixable.

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>I even made a point to braid my beard nice and wear somewhat appropiate clothes
Soooo what were you wearing, anon?

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If memory serves correctly I was wearing a light cream button up shirt, casual vest, kahkies and a pair of boots. What mildly irks me is that there /was/ another dude there wearing basketball shorts and an anime shirt. May have been a boyfriend?

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I'm a dude who thinks lolita is great but I'd never attend a meet, so I don't know much about them. But surely a male wanting to attend one would at the least be wearing something like ouji or aristo, no? If they weren't going fully sissy, that is

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Yeah. If you had a girlfriend that was in the comm it might be acceptable for you to just wear 'formal wear' (even though that's often times frowned upon).
But yeah if you're by yourself, definitely wear ouji or aristo.

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You weren't wearing lolita, ouji, or aristo, that's why you weren't accepted at the meet. You probably looked like a creeper crashing a meet to spy on lolitas, which happens sometimes, so we're generally wary of brolitas. Wear the actual fashion and maybe you'll be accepted.

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I was just told to not wear a wife beater and blue jeans. May just be a case of instructions unclear, sewed testicles to shoes kind of deal. Even still the immediate assumption that males are creepers is a little mean

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Maybe she a bit to much traumatized

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That guy was likely someone's boyfriend, yes.
Unless you looked like an incredibly dapper casual dandy (which is probably not the case), that probably wasn't a good look. But don't worry, like I said this is fixable, you just need to wear some proper clothes and make it clear to the comm that you have genuine interest in the fashion.
If you feel more comfortable in something like dandy than ouji, try looking up dandy styles inspired by Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian or even 20s men's fashion and use that as reference. Use this reference for styling your hair and beard as well. Dandy fashion isn't generally named as accepted at lolita meetups in most comms as far as I know because it's not J-fashion and not directly linked to lolita like ouji is, but if you pull off the look, I doubt you'll be turned away.
>t. comm mod

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Well, meets are there for people who wear lolita (and ouji & EGA) fashion to spend time together while wearing the fashion.
It's quite weird to have people around who don't wear the fashion, it would be the same if there were a bunch of women who didn't even try wearing it and went for like a prom dress or something, it would be pretty creepy/weird to me too.

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Yeah I thought as much.
The assumption isn't that males are creepers, it'd be the assumption males trying to crash a meet centred around a fashion that's predominantly for women are suspicious. I don't think the suspicions are ill-placed if the guy showing up to the meet isn't even in the fashion to begin with, either. If you genuinely want to be accepted at meets/into a comm, don't half ass it and actually wear the fashion instead of something you'd just consider smart and formal.

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Why would you want to compete with that? To put it nicely, she's very creative. But probably just a little obsessive.

It sucks but lolita fashion tends to attract certain types of men. Hang out with us on cgl. And when you do want to start wearing the fashion, the ouji thread here is pretty helpful.

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I was doing the best I could, which I conveyed to the at time community head. When your drawers are mostly your military uniforms you get a little eye blind. Are there any good websites for such garments that have American sizes? Gets a little old when you do the measurements and the asian sizes end up being like xxxl

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>the immediate assumption that males are creepers is a little mean
I don't mean to be harsh but it's better to be mean and keep yourself and your comm members safe, than accept everyone and get bit in the ass as a result. On occasion you'll see girls complaining here about overly lax mods who readily accept genuine sissies and fetishists into comms because they label themselves "brolitas" or "trans women", and then the same people end up preying on unsuspecting girls. There was a discussion about this in the ita thread iirc, any mod that's worth their salt (no pun intended) and puts members' safety as their top priority would be wary of things like this. Not to say that women can't be sexual predators too, but you know what I mean.

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Fan+Friend do custom orders, some Taobao brands do as well, just be sure to have accurate measurements. Checking out the resources in the ouji thread will be a good start: >>9601536

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I would have deleted the last comment but im on mobile. Literally said allowed "or i could just look at the fucking thread she recommended"

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You mean like how the people on here are totally not sexist against guys?

>> No.9689617

Sorry to burst your bubble but real life isn't like what you see on 4chan.

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I'm sorry for your shirt anon.
A-At least you understand us now I guess. Especially when said article of clothing can cost up to several hundreds of dollaridoos and is very delicate.

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>Mfw I will never get to buy my dream jacket from boz because my shoulders are too wide.
I-I gues I'll have to stick to F+F...

>> No.9689640

If it's any consolation, flattering, well fitted clothes are much more important than brand. As long as your F+F is well made and flatters you, you'll look amazing.

>> No.9689641

By not being a turboautismo who writes fanfiction

>> No.9689644

So it runs in the family I see.

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>tfw lolita friend who dresses in the same style as you is fat
I love her but I wish we could twin in non-shirred dresses.

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Get her hooked on hiking and social athletics

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If a girl is bringing her boyfriend along who hasn't got much interest in the fashion, it's fine if he just wears a nice blazer or vest or something, but for a guy to be coming on his own it says to me that he's just thirsty for a lolita gf.

If you have a genuine interest in the fashion but don't want to wear the dresses you probably want to find some atelier boz or shop around fan plus friend. If your interest is just a fetish, though, you can just get a regular gf or hire a prostitute to wear a "lolita dress" from Jlist or something.

A lot of us get pissy when girls show up in other jfashion or casual wear claiming to admire lolita and not dress in the fashion, this isn't a male-exclusive thing, but the intentions are more in question for sure. Even if you're wearing a $5000 tux it isn't lolita, let alone jfashion

>> No.9689860

What if you have a genuine interest in the fashion AND are thirsty for a lolita gf?

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>a little obsessive
Guys like that tho, but that's besides the point.
I've been checking out her facebook profile all morning and she's taller than me, more intelligent, older, more mature, more successful, more accomplished, prettier, bigger boobs, dresses better. And that's just me looking at her pics, he doesn't like talking about her and from that I get the feeling she meant the world to him and can only imagine what kind of relationship they had.

What I'm saying is I feel like the consolation prize, like not even second best.

>> No.9689865

The girls will sense your thirst and will reject you unless you dress and act nicely, in which case you'll probably have some who thirst for you too. Just keep in mind that whatever relationship you get out of this won't last long if your only interest is to have a qt lolita gf.

>> No.9689868

>Guys like that tho, but that's besides the point.
Guys get a bit weirded out by insanely elaborate self insertion fic levels of obsession.
Unless they're also the type of guy to make that stuff, in which case you really, really don't want them in the first place.

>> No.9689876

>Just keep in mind that whatever relationship you get out of this won't last long if your only interest is to have a qt lolita gf
Wouldn't this be true of most relationships or friendships formed through meets? You're all there because of a mutual interest in the fashion but beyond that, what do you talk about? What if someone wants to take it to the next level and none of you can? Just really makes me think

>> No.9689890

Well yeah, most friendships formed through meets are quite shallow, but most women don't go there expecting a life long friendship.
It's just about being able to enjoy lolita together with other people, and then there's always the chance that you really click with someone and actually become good friends.
Guys who don't even wear the fashion and only attend meets just to find some qt lolita gf seem extremely delusional.

>> No.9689900

>You're all there because of a mutual interest in the fashion but beyond that, what do you talk about?
Other mutual interests, life, dreams, etc. Conversations get carried over from meets to Facebook or IG, bonds are strengthened, we plan to meet again, the cycle repeats.

>> No.9689937

But what about the seedy and disreputable comm underbellies lurking just beneath the surface of these superficial friendships and acquaintances? The rivalries, the innuendos, the backstabbing? I want to experience it all gulls

>> No.9689955

Why would you? Drama and pettiness take all the fun out of comms. You don't sound like a very nice person, in all honesty.

>> No.9689971

I guess you could say... people aren't very nice in general

*sheathes katana*

>> No.9689976

How do you backstab someone in fashion?
Is it like "I'm not going to wear this specific thing" and then wear it?

>> No.9689985

>tfw 24th birthday coming up
>reminder that i'm ugly body and face wise,flat,small,worthless,still depressed after 5 years and aging,so getting uglier
>even lolita doesn't give me joy
>nor does anime
I wonder if I should just end myself already. My family would be devastated if I was gone apparently so it's the sole reason I'm still there

>> No.9689992

Let me make you happy, babygull

>> No.9689995

and how would you do that?

>> No.9689997

Misery loves company

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I wish someone could. Deep inside I have some hope but god am I tired.
>tfw autist level of awkward around people and extremely nervous when it comes down to love so decided to "give up and just see"
B-But I still want to be loved

>> No.9690006

Then what have you got to lose? Take my hand, babygull. This doesn't have to be the end

>> No.9690008

At least you got quads

>> No.9690009

Idk anon. I just really wanna end myself t b h.
Also you probably wouldn't want an ugli

>> No.9690012

lmao oh well at least that's something. Maybe it's a sign of good luck

>> No.9690015

Where do you live?

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>> No.9690019

Give me some contact info then

>> No.9690025

Don't throw it out! Repurpose it into a nice ironing board cover!

>> No.9690036

She wrote fanfic about him. She is coo coo for cocoa puffs. He is undoubtedly relieved to be free of her crazy even if he misses her being a demon in the sack.

>> No.9690040

[kawaiironing board flashbacks intensify]

>> No.9690121

>flat, small
Not really a negative for a female.
>still depressed after 5 years
As somebody whose Dysthymia (chronic depression) got better for the first time in many, many years, you shouldn't give up hope. Have you tried therapy? A goof therapist can make a world of difference (had mine for 2,5 years now).
You're only 23, you have at least 6 great years ahead of you and at least another 10 decent ones as long as you put in some effort.
Plenty of time to set yourself up for something that will make you happy.

>> No.9690125

Care to be more specific?
It's not like people are going to stalk you if you post a country on an anonymous imageboard.

>> No.9690150

>going fully sissy

That's never an option though, anon.

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>The rivalries, the innuendos, the backstabbing? I want to experience it all gulls

Just go to lolcow and please yourself with all the petty drama then.

>> No.9690170

>Wanting to compete with Zutara.
Don't, everyone laughs at how non-cannon they are.

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>Friend has never done wig work crazier than a tease
>Suddenly wants to make enormous monstrosity wig for an OC don't steal
>Try to warn her that she's going to put a lot of money into wefts and product and will still probably be unhappy with the results
>Months laters she's telling me she sunk 60 hours into the wig, it's way too heavy and it looks awful
>Welp I tried

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>tfw I've had more success with contact threads on /soc/ than with ones on /cgl/

why is it so difficult to make gullfriends?

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Check your email again

>> No.9690224

Same anon, same. One even opened up to me about some heavy shit and then just disappeared immediately after, whereas one of the friends I made on /soc/ years ago would probably be the first person I'd invite to my wedding

>> No.9690231

Yeah, surprisingly enough most of the people that have contacted me on /cgl/ have just been thirsty guys, whereas I've made some cool friends to play vidya and talk about life with on /soc/. Whelp.

>> No.9690248

Thinking of doing a cosplay involving a hard gelled/styled wig, have little to no wig exp

How bad am I fucking up doing this? It's literally just a ponytail gelled to stay in place rock fucking hard but I don't know how practical this is or not at my skill level.

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Are your parents incels?

>> No.9690310

>tfw have 11 dresses coming in the mail/at my ss/at my post office right now
>added them all up
>pretty much 900 dollars worth of dresses
>gonna get another one soon
I spend too much. Please help me

>> No.9690312

>Have terrible social anxiety and depression
>Figured a con would be a good place to meet people because they'd all be into anime and games and stuff too
What a terrible mistake. I lurked this board for months finding a con and even getting an interest in cosplay and jfashion. All of it was for nothing though, I thought the people here would be welcoming and that I could have a blast talking about anime and games and stuff, especially with how supportive people seemed to be on this board. However, everybody here is already in a social group at least four people strong who they stick around with, and every time I try to talk to anybody (which takes an immense about of courage for me) they only return a wave or a hello before turning away. I've spent the past two days wandering around and standing at the edge of the room. It's bad enough I feel nauseous and am shaking from the anxiety of being surrounded by so many strangers, it's probably making me come of as a huge creeper. I just feel lonelier and more depressed than ever. I'm not angry at other people for not instantly befriending me or anything, I understand, I wouldn't want to talk to me either (as I said I probably come off as creepy). It's just disappointing, I haven't had a proper conversation with someone for months, I was really hoping I'd be able to make some friends, chat about anime/games, maybe even hug somebody but now I'm just crying in my hotel room and planning to leave a day early.

>> No.9690316

I'm really sorry anon. Have you tried striking up a conversation while waiting for a panel or something? What area are you in? I feel so badly, I can relate so much. Wish I could give you a hug.

>> No.9690326

Yeah, I tried that. The person sat a seat away from me with a friend next to her. To be fair, I probably waited too long to strike up a conversation which is why it didn't work, but a couple minutes after that I moved up a seat and said hello. I had rehearsed a conversation in my head where I was going to talk about the characters her and her friend were playing, say that I hadn't watched but was planning to watch the series she was from, and then talk about the subject of the panel. What ended up happening was that I physically couldn't bring myself to not sit on the edge of the new seat away from her, I still said hello though. She was just browsing texts on her phone, so I thought she would be up to talk, but all she did was turn to face me, smile, say hello in a cheery voice, and instantly turn away to talk to her friend. I felt so embarrassed I couldn't pay any attention during the panel, and as soon as it ended I rushed out of the room. That was at about 16:00 and I haven't been able to talk to anyone since.

I'm in SE England. A couple gulls are actually at this con, it's small and it's its first running so there aren't many people. I met up with them over Discord. They're lovely because they put up with me and talked with me and such, but I really wanted more. If either of them are reading this, you'll be able to identify me easily ofc, (thank you for being so nice and sorry I'll be leaving unannounced...)

I wish I could hug you too anon.

>> No.9690329

Post a pic to the general help thread with your general idea and we'll let you know if you're fucked or not. Doesn't sound nearly as ridiculous as my friend's idea.

>> No.9690338

I'm so sorry about that. I really wish I could make friends with you if I was there me and my friend would surely have welcomed you. We're super awkward too (i'm asperger and she's very very shy)

>> No.9690349
File: 149 KB, 841x720, kirinoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How rude. They were good boys.

>> No.9690351

Thank you, your sentiment means alot to me, I have autism myself. I did try to talk an online friend to coming (if only so I'd have to pay less for my room) but they laughed the idea down.

Do you want to talk more? I could use someone desu and you're really nice. Add me on Discord if you want cglthrowaway#9215

>> No.9690363
File: 53 KB, 1116x480, [Orphan-tophf]_Senya_Ichiya_Monogatari_[x264_10bit][039E305F].mkv_snapshot_00.22.14_[2015.10.12_23.09.14].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least I gave you a good rec.

>> No.9690374
File: 666 KB, 896x1194, Stocking_angel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still no gf dressed as Stocking to come home and feed frosted flakes to in bed

>> No.9690430
File: 1.89 MB, 4087x6011, Yui_and_Azusa_in_dresses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Planning my suicide tonight. I've reached a point where things are absolutely unbearable for me. It's been a good several years lurking this board, but I feel like I won't be around here anymore very soon.
>tfw feel horrible all the time
>tfw no joy in life around me or hobbies
>tfw even s/o doesn't make me happy anymore
>no plans for the future

>> No.9690441

How're gonna go anon?
Also, if you're in a country other than the US, I'd suggest going to your doctor and talking about this a bit except toned down. They might send you to a psychiatrist, maybe not. Just remember to keep in mild so they don't lock you up somewhere. The end goal is to get on antidepressants, I'd recommend sertraline. It's a really mild and noninvasive kick of serotonin. In the past it's helped me get a foothold on my mental state, so rather than sitting in my corner 3 hours a day, sleeping for 14, and net surfing for 7 I could take a step back and start to fix my situation.

>> No.9690458

Do a backflip.

>> No.9690462

Get help instead of offing yourself, life can be worth living again, I promise

>> No.9690472

Don't anon, there's plenty to enjoy in life. Ah who am I kidding? I think about shooting myself every other day

>> No.9690478

>all these replies
What can anybody say anymore? Surely this isn't the first time you've heard any of this

Why do it anon? Did you have plans for the future? Did have hobbies you enjoyed? Did something change, or was it always like this?

>> No.9690538


>> No.9690552

Post tits before you gtfo

>> No.9690553

I don't even have a s/o, should I off myself off too now?

>> No.9690558

I finally broke up with my boyfriend. He's always been judgmental of my disorders, always told me lolita looked silly, never wanted to encourage me, always just agreed with me when I was being negative instead of trying to help out, would ignore me for long periods of time, and constantly sleep with other girls.

I only stood with him so long because I'm so fucking lonely and every guy I've been with has been the same. I envy you gulls that have good boyfriends. Please keep them close.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go cry my eyes out over the fact that I will probably never see half of my wardrobe again because it was at his house and he will most certainly not let me get them back from him because he's a giant dick.

>> No.9690566

sorry anon
that's awful

>> No.9690570

Jesus Christ, you need to steer clear of people like that.
Get some decent gullfriends and if you feel up to getting back to dating, try dating a guy who understands the lolita fashion.

Do you have a decent comm?

>> No.9690572 [DELETED] 

I'm not going to say what the other anons are saying.

I 100% agree with the idea that suicide is perfectly fine. Life is shit, and once you've experienced enough of it there's really nothing else that can tie you down to it. It doesn't even need to be life ending out of despair, just out of the acknowledgement that life will always be hard, it'll always be a struggle, and that our psychology ironically has evolved in a way that we inherently find little pleasure in life while we find and are much more strongly taken over by sorrow.

You can do it, Anon.
Or, you can hold off on it.
It's up to you. Life sucks, and don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't kill yourself.

>> No.9690574

You sound like the gf of a narcissistic guy I know, although she doesn't cosplay I think. It baffles me how she doesn't drop his cheating ass, as with her looks and personality she could have any guy.

>> No.9690575

I don't have a comm because I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. I try to steer clear of people like that but honestly I feel so much self hatred that I probably just lure them in easily and unintentionally push away anyone that isn't toxic because I'm always such a debbie downer.

>> No.9690583

Where you from?

Shit sucks, but you're not the only person who's been used, there are others out there who've been through it and understand how to get to the next stage of your life.

First step, look at all your existing and future relationships with the lense of "is this good for me, or an I only doing this because of obligation/fear/routine?".

If it's not good for you, ghost, cut ties and try again - don't continue anything that's harmful.

>> No.9690597

You could probably call the non emergency police number and tell them he's refusing to return your property

>> No.9690635

>suicide is perfectly fine
I agree here wholly
>dont let anyone tell you not to kill yourself
Frankly that’s a little stupid. If you have loved ones it can be good to hear why they want you to live, etc. obviously guilt tripping is shitty but I don’t think encouragement toward a given path is unfair by definition. Few people are incredibly decisive on suicide- it took me months to mill it over before I decided if I wanted to try (I didn’t), and all of those days are spent in limbo between being unhappy or apathetic most of the time and being willing to make it less unbearable finally.

Kind of ranty but basically I know how annoying it is to hear the “you have so much to live for” meme but at the same time it’s fair to hear it out.

>> No.9690709

Well anon, you can only go up from here, try to get back your wardrove, if it is valuable enough you can try to sue him, and when all is done, cut ties and don't look back. You'll find someone eventualy.
Still fascinates me how can you deal with a relationship like that without breaking up earlier. I'd rather be alone than being with a shitbag like that.

>> No.9690729

that sucks anon. if I was in the geo area I'd legit stomp over and help demand your property back

there might be some community resources that would help you with that, I'd ask around

>> No.9690741
File: 146 KB, 450x800, 123619024_o2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Falling hard for this coat
>mfw $430
>Living in the tropics, no reason for such excesses
>But it's beautiful

>> No.9690824
File: 60 KB, 1014x1024, WHY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no cowtit lolita gf

>> No.9690846
File: 90 KB, 660x495, wtfcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see wedding versions of Mario and Peach as Amiibo toys
>bf: "I'll bet a lot of people are going to get those for their wedding cake toppers."
>me: "Is that what you'd want?"
>bf: "Yeah, if I were enough of a chump to get married."

>> No.9690847
File: 93 KB, 1280x720, 1494118145784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanted to go to local con with friends because we barely see each others anymore these days
>tfw I'm a dumbass so I agreed to work every weekends and holidays on December so I can get more money
>con will be on December this year
The only positive is that I'll earn a bit more money and that not going to the con will make me save money as well. I still hate myself for that.

>> No.9690868

Your bf sounds like a bro

>> No.9690881

Getting married is only good for the tax break.

>> No.9691026

>tfw financial situation gets so bad i might have to sell dresses to finish the months
Hold me gulls.
Why is life so fucking expensive and so shit? Whoever said money doesn't buyhappiness was a fucking moron. I hate being fucking poor and having to treat my fucking depression makes me even more poor. I should've killed myself already.

>> No.9691109
File: 108 KB, 443x441, 1457060097703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought and paid for a cute skirt through ZenMarket a couple of days ago
>mfw it's still on "Awaiting Buying"
I know they don't work on Sundays but it's been like this since I bought it on Friday, what's their damage?

>> No.9691114

What tax break, I do taxes and the standard deduction for married filing jointly is lower than two people filing single.

>> No.9691116

>tfw start getting into otome games
>tfw could never convince any cosplay friends to do a group from one with me

It's a shame because a lot of them have such great designs. I might just bite the bullet and cosplay from one alone and tell myself I'll be happy even if no one recognizes me.

>> No.9691166

You know what, I don't know if it's any consolation but your messages strike up quite a lot of emotion in me. I'll try to act differently if a stranger randomly says hello and consider that they might be someone like you who seems sweet but just desperately needs someone to slow down and talk for a while.

I wish you the best of luck on your next endeavour.

>> No.9691179

Money doesn't make you happy, financial instability just has a tendency to fuck things up. Why didn't you put more into savings or an emergency account? Having a couple of months' worth of rent is standard unless you literally live paycheck to paycheck not spending on anything but the bare necessities.

>> No.9691188

How do you gulls deal with knowing a guy that would be perfect for you, but he's taken? He enjoys the same things as you, had a similar history (of negative stuff), so you'd unerstand each other perfectly.
Can you even have a satisfying relationship with another person while he's out there and you imagine what could have been?

>> No.9691191

You're putting him on a pedestal. Don't do that. The only person you're hurting is yourself, and potentially your future partner who you compare to that guy.

>> No.9691197

You realize there's a world of 6 billion other people out there, don't dwell on it and move past it. I was highly infatuated with one of my friends a few years ago in a situation with a few similarities. She was taken, but she was gorgeous, highly intelligent, shared my interests and had the same dark sense of humour as me. I had to put it to bed when I realized she could easily go for weeks or months without talking to me whereas I'd talk to her every hour of the day if I could and would never leave her hanging. There's always someone better and more suited to you out there somewhere, you just have to find them

>> No.9691224

It's a rare combination of character traits, that I met 2 times in my life, last time was 10 years ago.
It's kinda hard to believe I should be able to find something similar like that (or even better as one of you claims).

I'm aware it's insane to look for something like "a perfect partner", but with a troubled past like mine, I find it hard to believe another person would be able to understand. And even if you found somebody who did, in most cases it would be for the novelty of being a shy, introverted, emotional girl, that would be unlikely to leave them, generally more submissive and eager to please, which would eventually wear off at which point the would just leave me. But not actually for understanding me and sharing those character traits, making for this kind of long lasting, wonderful and stable relationships you usually just read about.

I just wish I could just be a normal girl and enjoy a more casual approach to dating, but I can't. Not with what I've been through.

I'm working on myself, will try online dating once I feel somewhat confident with myself, but I don't think I can let go, even though their relationship is unlikely to fall apart as they are getting a house (I have no idea how they do it, he's still a student like me and works a job that shouldn't pay that well).
Maybe I just enjoy to be broken hearted for the first time in 10 years, who the hell knows.

>> No.9691231

>go to cons annually since high school with a group of friends
>friends get into acid in college
>Know they're gone once they start going to camp outs, talking about existentialism, start wearing bandannas, etc
>Their lives revolve around acid and being with people who drop
>Go hang out with other friend group and talk about anime, movies, games, surfing, skating, music, college, jobs, etc
>Old group finds out they are boring since they only talk about drugs or shit talk each other behind their backs
>Eventually the group dies
>I will never relive the days in highschool with my old friends

>> No.9691233

I tend to find you open yourself up for disappointment more when you're actively looking and not able to find what you consider your ideal partner. I cared for my last ex deeply and enjoyed the relationship we had but I never went looking for her, it just sort of happened and I guess that made it all the more of a pleasant surprise, the jaded fuck that I am. But my life philosophy has been for a while that you should never expect anything so you're never disappointed; I know it's not for everyone

>> No.9691241

I can kind of relate anon.
I went through an extremely shitty relationship which has left me with pretty extreme trust issues and self esteem issues, and it's been incredibly difficult for me to actually get close to anyone ever since.
I started talking to someone I met on /cgl/ and developed a crush on them. Things were going well but then I ended up cutting it off, for no real reason.
I feel like at this point I just want to feel miserable/heartbroken, it's pretty weird...

>> No.9691244

I was the guy in this scenario and long story short, once I gave her back her self confidence she hung out with a bunch of people and eventually decided she liked a guy probably because he was more violent and aggressive. She broke up with me and probably fucked him maybe 1-2 weeks and then went back to being the depressed manipulative person she had always been.

>> No.9691245

How long ago did you cut that person off? It sounds oddly familiar

>> No.9691252

Happened a while ago. I posted about it before, so maybe it sounds familiar because of that.

>> No.9691256

You should message them again anon, I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you

t. someone who's been ghosted by a /cgl/ crush

>> No.9691259

Thank you anon, but I'm not too sure if they'd be happy.
I seem to be incapable of having any kind of meaningful relationship with other people anyway, so things probably wouldn't really improve.

I'm sorry to hear about your crush though, I hope you'll hear back from them in the future.

>> No.9691268

I'm sure you're not completely incapable, anon. Hang in there. I can chat with you if you'd like. And thank you, I appreciate it.

>> No.9691271
File: 38 KB, 500x280, tumblr_ohgvc4r3fO1r78xioo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can relate
>over half a decade relationship
>mostly long distance
>tells me he hates being long distance
>despite this no forward momentum by him for future planning beside meeting 1-2x a year
>pushing 30
things are kind of looking up though I sat him down and said we NEEDED a several year plan to figure out where shit was going so I got that going for me, which is nice

>> No.9691276

Thanks for the offer, but I feel pretty hopeless when it comes to that kinda stuff.

>> No.9691281

Me too, anon. We can share in our hopelessness together

>> No.9691283

Knowing myself I would probably just end up ghosting you too, and I'd rather avoid that.

>> No.9691286

>I went through an extremely shitty relationship which has left me with pretty extreme trust issues and self esteem issues, and it's been incredibly difficult for me to actually get close to anyone ever since.
I'm in the same boat really.
That kind of relationship made me lose all interest in men for 9 years.
After nearly 3 years of therapy now I snapped out of my depression and of course instantly fell into this hopeless, unrequited love.
At least I'm not completely broken and still capable of love after all this time I guess.

>> No.9691287

I understand, anon. Think about it, though. I'll leave this throwaway open for a few days

[email protected]

>> No.9691365

>browsing since Spring
>im such an old fag guys

Ive been here since 2006 and I still feel like I dont deserve the old fag title.
This board has gone down hill.
theres a real feel folks

>> No.9691371
File: 156 KB, 768x768, ahegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my ex is getting married at a con I was looking forward to
I wanna die, anons.

>> No.9691373

>getting married at a con
How completely tacky and non self-aware do you have to be to do this?

>> No.9691383

dude you don't even know the pain big boobs can be, small tits ftw

>> No.9691386
File: 260 KB, 378x345, hamadaface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the kinda person who would like a stupid theme wedding and even I think a con wedding is p dumb

I don't want to invalidate your pain and I honestly don't know your life but I think you're probably better off without them if that's how they roll

>> No.9691432


>> No.9691440


>> No.9691442

Literally go to cons and bring booze.

>> No.9691462

>others think i'm pretty
>have "ideal" measurements according to some posts, can fit into whatever i want without checking
>great wardrobe with a few dream dresses
>not a complete idiot, excel in uni
>have followers and people who admire my coordinates
>still crave death every single day

i feel like i've run out of checkboxes to tick in order to feel like i'm succeeding. i get #triggered when people tell me they wish they were like me at all because i'm miserable. i have a presence, but i'm alone. being lonelita is suffering.

>> No.9691467

Been sad bc I gained weight, so been wearing lolita even less than normal (which wasn't often anyway), but wore two coords to a recent con that I felt good about, and found a fake fringe style that suits me so I can do cute easier/casual hair styles that will work with a headbow rather than having to fuck around with a wig so things are looking up!

>> No.9691473

pls be my gf. I'll make you happy.

>> No.9691486

Happened at anime matsuri 2015

>> No.9691498
File: 1.42 MB, 526x288, nVOqPTa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be out of work for over a month due to injury
>be broke af but covering bills
>be almost proud of my budgeting and restraint
>mfw comm starts hammering out expensive ILD plan details

>> No.9691544

Do you ever feel like everything is a mess in your life except your wardrove? My degree is getting really stressful and am doing horrible, feeling really depressed and have no friends to pull me through, guy I was dating is losing interest in me, but at least I've bought two of my dream dresses this year and seeing them in my closet always cheers me up even for a moment.

>> No.9691565

>planning my suicide tonight
I doubt it. More like you're planning your "suicide" to get more attention.

>> No.9691573

before that you might wanna read The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus, it makes me feel better every time

>> No.9691576

Lol you jelly ass mf

>> No.9691651 [DELETED] 

The more sexual partners a woman has had, the more likely she is to:

- cheat
- divorce or break up
- have STDs
- have a low sex drive
- generally be unable to bond and maintain a healthy relationship

There is no reason to want another man to fuck your girlfriend, in the past or present, other than having a literal cuckold fetish.

If a girl has fucked just 1 guy, she's ruined, and it only gets worse the more guys she fucked. All men think like this, they just have no choice, so they lie about it, and cope by pretending they don't care.

I will spend all my time getting rich, and then I will find someway to get a young virgin wife, I will beat all odds and do it. Any tips? I think might have to go to South East Asia for this, but I don't know what the western world will look like in 10-20 years.

>> No.9691660
File: 80 KB, 500x475, 060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9691671


>> No.9691736

I feel like this but with my collectibles

The rest of my life is falling apart but my amiibos are on FUCKING POINT

>> No.9691790

>south east asia
What's the point then? Your children won't look like you. racemixing=failure, fucked family tree and shame for your ancestors.

>> No.9691792

>flat chested

>> No.9691800

>n-not true anon! delet this!
>p-please i need a provider to marry once i hit the wall and i'm forced to stop riding the cock carousel
>y-you're an incel, p-romiscuous women are the best, what men doesn't like a loosened up vagina that knows every cock in the neighborhood? delet!

You made your grave, now lie in it.

>> No.9691802

>have big tits, 32FF
>have never had back pain
Is it the combination of really good posture training throughout middlescool and shelling out the extra shekels for higher end bras? I feel like I am either weird or people are struggling with bad posture and/or bras...

>> No.9691809

Someone please get the buckshot and just fucking shoot me in the face already

>> No.9691814

here it goes
*unzips dick*

>> No.9691815

>controlling boyfriend won't let me have friends or go to cons or anything
>haven't talked to my family in years probably think I hate them anyways
>all I have is 4chan now
L-lol at least I can live vicariously through it

>> No.9691818

28hh here. A lot of shoulder/upper back pain is caused by ill fitting bras combined with poor muscle development long term (especially development into poor posture). I am still getting a reduction because its out of proportion and it causes pain in my lower back, and also can't fit into a lot of clothes. Even after losing 15 pounds (and 4 inches off my waist and 2 off my hips) I didn't lose any in my bust.
>mfw rarely fit into JSKs/ops/blouses
>most dream dresses have no shirring
>hopefully reduction in next year

>> No.9691822

>feel suffocated in my living space so i invest in new organization tools; takes up my leisure money for the next 2 weeks
>super annoying and tedious chore but starting to feel better as i go
>suddenly; dream dress on resale for about what ive spent on wardrobe organization stuff
>mfw i have no face

>> No.9691840

go to a bar and hire 3 or 4 big guys to go with you to get your stuff back. they dont have to hurt him or say anything, just stand with you menacingly. hell give it back. while at the bar have a couple tasteful drinks, chat with the overly friendly drunk girls playing pool and remember that life goes on and someone will love you as much as you love them somday

>> No.9691844

tfw found out guy ive been dating for three years is my third cousin
>most embarrassing behav- im goin to kill myself

>> No.9691845

Fart on him.

>> No.9691849

>ftw people think a friend and I are bf/gf
we do a lot together, like cons and cosplay.
It hurts a little.

>> No.9691854


Post details, how'd you find out?

>> No.9691855

>Watching Dateline
>Girl got stabbed 42 times
>One of the pictures they showed of her was her in cosplay
>They talked about her going to an anime convention
Pretty sad

>> No.9691861

I laughed a little

>> No.9691951

Dump him

>> No.9691952
File: 182 KB, 662x642, tumblr_onoykbf6iO1tfx3t8o2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>engage in a sugar daddy sort of arrangement
>end up falling in love with the guy
now I wanna give him a son
pls help

>> No.9691956

Step 1: stop RPing and fuck off back to r9k

>> No.9691957

>engage in prostitution
>want a son
Sterilization is the best course of action teebeeaych

>> No.9691965

Zutara is worst ship tho, don't worry anon.

>> No.9691972
File: 107 KB, 494x400, animedeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A girl at work has a crush on me. Is it bad that I kind of want to date her just for the couples cosplays?

>> No.9691981

Get him to cum inside you lol

>> No.9691983
File: 69 KB, 1024x768, 9fb657b0-e4fd-4eda-bc63-a3ec860fc8b9..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw eating frosted flakes in bed next to lolita gf because she's asleep but REALLY want to feed her

>> No.9691987

You dindu nuffin, you a good girl UwU

>> No.9691988 [DELETED] 

What episode? This is triggering my cosplay gyro fetish.
>tfw no cosplaying gf to Halloween makeup stab wounds all over and dump fake blood on and pretend to be dead while you fuck her brains out

>> No.9691989

What episode? This is triggering my cosplay guro etish.
>tfw no cosplaying gf to Halloween makeup stab wounds all over and dump fake blood on and pretend to be dead while you fuck her brains out

>> No.9691991
File: 377 KB, 640x480, 4chin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My parents are the normiest people of all time (watch things like "Dr. Phil" and "House" unironically), but somehow they know what Bane-posting is.

I've literally NEVER bane-posted in my ENTIRE fucking life and I'm an only child. They're so computer illiterate that they have to ask me just to unplug and replug the router. They don't follow politics, so they don't care about the whole alt-right versus SJW debacle, and they've never once watched The Dark Knight Rises.

How the FUCK do they know what bane-posting is??

>> No.9691993

If you loose weight you will loose half if not all those tits you have

>> No.9691994

they are part of a cult, anon. I bet they have weird friends who pretend to have a book club but secretly summon satan every saturday

>> No.9691996

Tourist from other board just coming in off home page.

...What the fuck is going on in this thread?

>> No.9692013

sounds hot

>> No.9692015 [DELETED] 

Depends on the persons genetics. It usually helps reduce size, but you want lose "hall if not all of your tits"

>> No.9692016

Depends on the persons genetics. It usually helps reduce size, but you wont lose "hall if not all of your tits"

>> No.9692017
File: 104 KB, 500x500, 1510069546517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this isn't /r9k/, but I still gotta share my social awkwardness feels. I never feel compelled to start conversation, it's always more comfortable for me to sit and say nothing than bother to try and engage someone. I don't have autism (as far as I know), I just find social situations to be difficult because I can never decide what to do and/or am afraid of saying something stupid.

It's crippling, because I enjoy going to cons but I miss out on so much because I just never feel like initiating interaction.

>> No.9692018

How do you know that they know? Did they make a "big guy for you" joke? Did they quote lines from the opening of TDKR? Did they literally mention "baneposting" in casual conversation?

>> No.9692019

Yo, take baby steps. Just start by saying hello to them, even if thats all that happens. Slowly work up your social skills. Talking to a mirror and watching my facial expressions helps me feel less awkward about myself because i could correct weird things i did, but i am also a little crazy and don't know if i should offer "talk to yourself in a mirror" as solid advice, its just something that helps me.

I get really nervous around people, it used to be so bad i would sweat noticeably, shake like i was cold, and my tongue felt like it was always in knots. I can't tell you how many times i was in the middle of a conversation and had an episode and someone asking if I was "ok" lol so awkward. It took awhile to hammer this out, but its worth it. Once you make at least ONE friend you can talk to it gets so much easier form there, especially if they know you have trouble and don't judge you for it and even try to help.

>> No.9692020
File: 105 KB, 739x742, 1505311470954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9692021

Is she secretly into anime?

Not into normal guro, but a patrician fetish fantasy is both of you being immortal and disemboweling each other during sex only for all of the wounds to heal rapidly afterwards.

>> No.9692022

Latter. They were joking with me by intentionally misusing contemporary lingo like "Bae" and "Bruh" and shit, and all of a sudden, one of them just goes "Haha, just kidding, we're not hip. We don't bane-post or whatever", and I asked them "how do you know about bane-posting?", and my dad just kept saying "what are you talking about, everyone knows bane-posting", but he was purposely avoiding the question because he knew I was getting frustrated and he wanted to fuck with me.

Everytime I ask, they act coy about it because it's the only "hip" thing they know that really bothers me-- but I'm not bothered by the content itself, it's HOW they know it that's eating me alive.

>> No.9692025

It's confirmed, your parents secretly browsw /tv/.

>> No.9692027

>my dad asked me what "pepe" was and "what was up with this funny green frog"
>left the room

>> No.9692040

It was called "infatuation". They barely talk about her though

>> No.9692044

Dump his ass

>> No.9692047

>went to a con, not in cosplay but because my friend invited me
>didn't have much fun
Is it because i didn't dress up? I felt really out of place being the only friend in the group not dressed up. I guess I also didn't really understand what you do at a con.. I want to get into cosplaying and con culture shit because it looks like fun even the drama is funny at least to read, but I don't want to go there just to show off a costume, though I'm ok with that I am just wandering what are some things people normally do other than dress up?

how do you have fun at a con, as in, what occupies your time there? I definitely feel like i did it all wrong.

>> No.9692051

I literally just go there for the LARP'ing/Boffer event to play fake swords with grown-ass men. Other than that, I literally have nothing else. I'll walk around and play some games or try and draw the cosplayers in the sketch artist's gallery even though I can't draw, but otherwise, you just have to actively go out and try and search for things you might like. You have to do some actual legwork to find the things you might actually enjoy doing, cause otherwise you'll never know if you don't explore.

>> No.9692057
File: 49 KB, 656x480, tiger6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cons should have more fake sword fighting events or fake fighting events in general. I've been watching through the original Tiger mask, so I think it'd be hilarious is people were willing to go pro wrestler in costume. But i understand why its not done because costumes take a lot of work and sometimes money to make them and that kind of stuff is asking for shit to get destroyed.

>> No.9692062

search the archive for Buttcape's google doc with places that offer custom sizing. I'm at work so I don't have my bookmark. there's some gooood stuff out there, beyond F+F

>> No.9692063

>and that kind of stuff is asking for shit to get destroyed

Local 'con legend always enters the boffer tournaments wearing some elaborate cardboard armor fully well KNOWING it's going to be destroyed. Still does it every year anyway. The absolute MADMAN!

But yeah, I agree. The whole "fake fighting grown-ass men with fake-swords and fake-dying" events are the best events in the whole con. I literally couldn't give too much of a crap about anything else. These boffer tournaments are like my version of beauty pageants/bodybuilding competitions/cosplay contests/World Series.

I just work out and fantasize about them every year until my time comes, like some sort of big, autistic dweeb. Everyone has their hobbies, I guess.

>> No.9692064

>watching a tag team of fat hatsune mikus fight a tag team of fat harley quinns in cheesy played up drama while actively engaging with the audience
pro wrestling should be a staple at cons. Could you imagine how great it'd be if people were really in character?

>> No.9692067

anon, he's your bf. you didn't force him at gunpoint, he's with you because he likes you. why are you being nutso? please stop thinking about their relationship, which obviously failed.

are you happy with him?

>> No.9692068

I'd be so down for this.

>> No.9692071
File: 15 KB, 208x193, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Re-enact anime episodes of Naruto in a wrestling format, but with fat people in bad cosplay poorly reading the lines off a hastily printed script

>> No.9692072
File: 13 KB, 650x650, 1489493403591.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's secretly dicking her on the side

>> No.9692079
File: 56 KB, 500x375, 1477955354761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw people start going to cons just to see the wrestling matches
>normies get involved too
>cons go away, cosplay pro wrestling takes over and begins to air live on television weekly

>> No.9692084
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, 1471836623789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cosplay pro wrestling grows larger
>replaces all previous sports, football and footburger are practically forgotten
>super bowl is replaced with the biggest wrestling match of the year, The Weeadome

>> No.9692098
File: 1.74 MB, 300x290, 1505986186562.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw my boyfriend likes Lolita and cosplay
>He likes to buy me cute things and lewd things
>Now his parents think im a greedy little gremlin
>Literally jusk asked for a 11 bucks wig on taobao
I love them so much but that hurts my feelings because i didn't ask for the 90% of things he just likes to spoil me like a princess

>> No.9692129

>feels like princess

oh hun... you can do better than him

>> No.9692134
File: 14 KB, 254x248, 1de2044d869fa73d60a9367645618904d7e4e935ae8f8b85e6f3abd2dea87578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9692135

>reading comprehension
I can't tell if women are getting dumber or if the dumb ones are just getting louder.

To break it down for you:
>Anon says that 90% of things aren't being asked for, which makes her feel like she's being spoiled like a princess
>The $11 gift is something she's asking for and therefore doesn't count among the 90%.

>> No.9692140

You go to panels, buy shit you don't need, and hang out with other losers like yourself. Being in cosplay makes it 10x more fun.

>> No.9692144

Would you rather have an exciting but high-effort gf, or and easy-going but less rewarding one?

I need to pick one so we can cosplay.

>> No.9692146

>high-effort gf
Please explain, whenever anyone says their girlfriend is "high maintenance" I genuinely have no idea what that means.

>> No.9692147

She mostly speaks Vietnamese.

>> No.9692150

I would pay to watch lolita olympic style boxing

>> No.9692164

Avoid like the plague anon, all your money will go back to their family and you’ll get emotionally exhausted.

>> No.9692171

>tfw put on falsies for the first time
>realize a lot of pretty lolitas I see are wearing falsies and makeup and circle lenses and whatever else
>not as ugly as I thought I was, or everybody else is just uglier than they seem?
>either way I feel better

>> No.9692177

Make them fight over rare brand, ladder match style

>> No.9692180

mister rococo

>> No.9692182

Why do they have to be "ugly" just because they wear contact lenses and wear falsies? Don't both just accentuate beauty that's already there?

>> No.9692184

2nd this
it's a super amusing short

>> No.9692185

i graduated college and some extended family came to visit, my great grandpa was asking him questions and realized that his dads dad is also my boyfriends grandpas dads dads brother or something
were still together but every time it comes to mind i want to puke a little. inbreeding is a phobia of mine and now i realize ill never want to have kids with him, if i even want kids at all.
>tfw incest is ita af

>> No.9692187

Maybe I worded it wrong, I meant that most people look quite different with makeup on and naturally I look different (and pretty good like they do) with it on too, because this entire time I had been comparing my makeup free face to lolitas who have been done up.

>> No.9692190
File: 835 KB, 2000x1200, 1482026057679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god this is great, i want to make a video or play like this
>lolitas having a tea party in frilly room
>suddenly a buranda slowly drops down from the ceiling and a ladder set up under it
>Ding! Ding! Ding!
>lolitas using the furniture to smash into each other and sabotaging anyone who dares climb the ladder for the dress like the monkey experiment with the ladder and fire extinguisher

>> No.9692194

make it happen lol, you can be the next deerstalkers since they quit caring about lolita skits

>> No.9692203

just make sure you don't overdo it. imo circle lenses/falsies/heavy makeup are unnecessary on most people, and a lot of lolitas who do a combo of all 3 look way better with less.

>t. someone who did that combo for years only to realize i look 100% better without it
i regret not knowing until now

>> No.9692206

High maintenance usually means 'needs a lot of attention' or 'has very expensive hobbies/taste'

>> No.9692229

Are you guys going to fuck again?

>> No.9692247

i dont have a very high sex drive in the first place but hes always asking

>> No.9692253

Ah I see, thanks anon!

>> No.9692255

While it probably won't cheer you up, if it's the first situation like that in your family, you won't spawn an abomination. Good for you!

>> No.9692258

We're all abominations here, anon

>> No.9692260
File: 35 KB, 477x351, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I was so excited thinking I could wear lolita to my new job once or twice every week.
welp, those dreams have been dashed.
I've worn lolita 5 times so far, mostly sweet/old school sweet, once a casual spank-inspired coord. Just heard from my supervisor who told me in private that some of my male coworkers are 'uncomfortable'. Someone mentioned to her that I wore a french maid outfit once.
I haven't even worn an apron coord yet, let alone anything that resembles a freaking maid outfit.
I am aware that normie+older in age is often the worst combo for wearing jfash around, but it was immediately apparent from the bit she repeated that it had little to do with my outfits and a lot to do with how one or two guys perceived them.
so now I guess I have to only wear on days off and weekends. supremely bummed.
>thanks to ignorant normies, who think anything with lace and printed stockings is a maid outfit, my fashion Friday tradition is no more.
>still dressing up for the holiday party though so dwi

>> No.9692262

Unless you're like the royal family and have been inbreeding for hundreds of years you aren't going to spawn some horrifically deformed baby.
People freak out about incest, but forget that everyone in the world is at least 13th cousins or so. Chances are anyone you meet will be like 8th or 9th cousins with you and most of the taboo comes from it being a very close family member

>> No.9692265

But we look human, so nobody would notice.

>> No.9692295

i dont want a downs kid tho

>> No.9692301

literally just fight her, but with words and maturity. call sexual harassment if it continues to be a problem

>> No.9692314

There is just as much chance you'll have a downie with them as with any other person.

>> No.9692329

good thing microwaves exist i guess

>> No.9692331

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.
You're so far removed it's literally not incest.

The chances of you having the same chromosomes and passing them on is like 23/4^10.
Past first cousins, it's a non issue.

>> No.9692338
File: 158 KB, 1440x1816, Screenshot_20171114-052615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to attach picture.

>> No.9692369
File: 105 KB, 1085x1217, 1492972892945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Accidentally got a tan.
>Recently dyed creamy blonde hair looks gyaru as fuck.
>Don't want to waste the effort of getting it blonde, but kind of want to make it dark again so it doesn't look so silly.

>> No.9692379

Embrace the gyaru

>> No.9692395

Pls b gay

>> No.9692454
File: 212 KB, 373x471, 1378794091684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>know a gull in real life
>pretty sure she has a crush on me
>think she's kinda gross but might ask her out anyway
>probably next time I see her (most likely tomorrow)
Posting here because I know she reads these threads.

>> No.9692457

why do you think she's gross?

>> No.9692469

I guess "gross" is a little extreme, she's just below average in every regard but then again I don't know her too well.

>> No.9692478

Twisted cold blue steel right between the corset lacing

>> No.9692480
File: 657 KB, 750x812, vap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know seapunk/vaporwave is over and has been a dead aesthetic since 2015, but a small part of me still wants to get this shirt, a teal wig and become the wavy mermaid 90s cult bitch I knew I could be since 2012.

>> No.9692481

That's a great deal though! Less than 100$ a dress. I bought two brand new dresses this year for a total of $600 ish dollars

>> No.9692507

happy feels but

All of my best friends roomed together for a recent convention. Two of them I'm pretty sure have developed feelings for each other and they've been cuddling a lot lately and hanging out. I'm really happy because one of them is my roommate and the other is a great friend and it means I'll probably see a lot more of great friend around. They're both pretty reasonable about feelings too so even if it doesn't actually work out I'm not afraid of there being drama. It's just so great and I'm happy for them

>> No.9692512

Pretty dumb, but I was watching an item on LM. it had a couple days left before the auction was up and I really really wanted it but the shipping was a bit insane. Still, I planed on bidding for it on the last day... but the seller just added more time to it because of the stupid BF thing. I'm annoyed at myself for feeling grumpy about this, but oh well I guess.

>> No.9692520

so you're so desperate you'd ask out some girl who is 'gross/below average' in every way?

>> No.9692540

I own this shirt ands its so comfy! You should totally get it!

>> No.9692679

Problem is I don't exercise at all and she already exercises like crazy (but eats a lot).

>> No.9692900

>tfw buying boots from the kids' section because only children's sizes come in pink

>> No.9692907

Maybe op is below average too? Not meant as an insult but a genuine compatibility thing

>> No.9692909

In that case it works, but OP came across as being very desperate and pretty rude.

You're right though, it's hard to tell intent from text only. Still comes across as desperate since OP said stuff about her having a crush on him, but her also being gross. Not sure why you would call someone gross that you wanted to date, but okay.

>> No.9692910

Not them, but I'm not getting any, so why not?

>> No.9692912

I get the vibe of the “Anime is trash and so am I”

>> No.9692915
File: 355 KB, 568x474, 1510353858443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw got big package in mail today
>bought a skirt I was worried would be too tight, it fits perfectly with plenty of room to spare
>finally free from midterms so lots of time to wear lolita and relax the next few weeks
>going to a con with bf next week
>probably going to see a musical next month
>getting a high-tier wishlist dress set as an early Christmas gift
>have another big package coming in the mail
>steady progress on my secret santa gifts
Everything is good!

>> No.9692950

Are you literally retarded or just ignorant? Being a third cousing doesn't mean shit, learn about consanguinity and stop being retarded.

>> No.9692979

Buy a cosplay I've been looking at for half a year, chose custom size. Get a message 'sorry we can't make a costume this big' yes I know I'm fat thank you.

>> No.9692980

>that guy who wants a /cgl/ "gf"
>wanting a girl who would literally cheat on you over a dress

>> No.9692992

Yeah, don't cosplay if you're fat.
It just draws attention to the train wreck that is your life.

>> No.9692993
File: 166 KB, 1116x1034, 2ED0601E-96A8-4866-BEEF-63D6574080BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> one of my lolita inspirations followed me back on Instagram
> feels good man

>> No.9693004

I still want one so I can hold her hand, tie her bows and tell her how cute her coords are

>> No.9693009

So, you're a literal cuckold?

>> No.9693011

Incel be gone

>> No.9693013

I mean he sounds perfect for a gull t b h

>> No.9693017

>disliking cheating whores is being an incel
How many sugar daddies do you have?

>> No.9693019

>every woman here is a cheating whore
How many good boy points do you have?

>> No.9693021
File: 110 KB, 720x720, 1510214557919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>obsessed with material possesions (dresses, lolita rooms, etc.)
>stated multiple times they want a partner with money
>unironically have sugardaddies they leech money out of with pics, camming, cuckshit
>not a cheating whore
I hope you aren't this delusional and that you are just baiting or something.
>a materialistic whore would cheat on a guy over money? WHO'D HAVE THUNK?

>> No.9693022

I can feel you mouthbreathing on me from here, incel

>> No.9693023

Nice rebuttal meaty hole, now go be a whore somewhore else? Get it?

>> No.9693025

Nice tendiebreath, dweeb, now go be a virgin somewhere else? Get it?

>> No.9693029

t. too poor for lolita gf incel

>> No.9693052

You either didn't get the pun or your IQ rivals that of a 13 year old down syndrome kid. Just wait till you grow older and no sugardaddies are interested in your bullshit, the laughter will never end, you'll become a loosened up good for nothing old hag that won't be able to even get a beta provider.

I'd rather get myself a good escort than pay for mrs. daddy issues and her bullshit

>> No.9693053

>I'd rather pay a prostitute for sex because it's the only way I can get it than pay for mrs. daddy issues and her bullshit
Wow you sure showed us, betamax

>> No.9693055

I'd cheat on her too if that would make Dominions 5 come out two weeks sooner.

>> No.9693057

>I'd rather pay for a good looking 10/10 escort to have some sexy time and be done with it than to buy some below average unfaithful cunt some dresses while putting up with her period bullshit nobody cares about just to have a quicky once in a blue moon while she flirts with her patreons on cam
fixed that for you, stop coping.

>> No.9693061

>the only way he can ever have a woman who isn't his mother willingly touch him is via a business transaction
Tell us more about how you're definitely not omega, anon

>> No.9693064

You still don't get it, I'll try to dumb it down for you:

Paying upfront in an honest manner for sex with a beautiful female


Proxy payments for sex through dates, dresses and the usual stuff with a subpar damaged goods dress-obsessed "female" that will probably cheat on you and whose idea of hard labor is dildoing herself on cam for her patreons while you provide them beta bux and frilly clothing

Guess which option is the beta option?

>> No.9693071

I think that healthy relationship with a beloved one is the best choice, but you didn't even think abou that, did you?

Your life is miserable.

>> No.9693076

>I think that healthy relationship with a beloved one is the best choice, but you didn't even think abou that, did you?
It is, but I said it's better to buy a escort than to have a /cgl/ "girlfriend".
Same thing but cheaper and more straightforward

women>whores>unfaithful /cgl/ golddiggers

>> No.9693148

>hates gulls
then why are you here?

most lolitas are grown women who are employed. I'm over 25, single, and fully employed. In my last relationship, my ex and I mutually bought gifts for each other, and I just happened to spend more on him.
If it made my future partner happy to buy me one or two valuable dresses I like I wouldn't mind that at all. Especially since I wouldn't need them to do it because I have my own money and I've bought everything in my wardrobe on my own
>minus secret santa gifts from gulls
>love you guys!

It'd also serve you well to know that few of us on here are 100% heterosexual. Thus is the sad fate of the cis hetero normie begging for a gull gf.
you're a pretty disrespectful person coming in here and calling us all camwhores. I'd rather you keep your ignorance to yourself.

>> No.9693333

just because youre married to your sister doesnt mean cousins aint incest

>> No.9693515

The thing from zoolander?

>> No.9693551
File: 259 KB, 380x284, 1509385070100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck anon...
Did no one call you out on that for the whole year?

>> No.9693705

To be fair, "dindus" is pretty 4chan exclusive. It only started to be recognized by normies about a year ago, so it's still relatively obscure.

>> No.9693771


>> No.9694760


>> No.9694895

>past year got into a new relationship with dream girl who I met through some mutual friends in the cos community here
>she was into geeky/weeby stuff, we would couple cos, liked crafting with me, super sweet and kind, and also not like fauxgay like a lot of other girls in our cos scene
>slowly devolved into very abusive relationship
>controlled all my time, would tell me cos I'd worked on for weeks didn't look good/"Did you gain weight?", make me feel like whatever I did wasn't good enough unless she was there with me, slowly made me cut out my friends
>would take my dinner left overs or food left on my plate and throw it away telling me I needed to lose weight
>cut up one of my cos like an "accident" day before con because it was "too revealing to wear in public"
>would kiss me, touch me in public and prviate even when I said no and wasn't in the mood until I gave in
>flip flopped and would splurge hundreds of dollars on dream figures or merch or plushes for me
>tell me that we were perfect together
>felt trapped, thinking no one else would love me the way she did and that no one else could love me for the pos she made me think I was either
>only solace was that we both lived alone in different apartments
>two months ago finally woke the fuck up and got out with the few outside friends I had left after ex kept suggesting we move in together and I realized how much I was afraid of that
>still feeling like a mess
>realize I went through unconsented sex, a lot of mental abuse and gaslighting, started seeing a therapist but everything feels broken
>paid already for Katsucon flight, badge and refunded my hotel share with the group my ex and I were going with
>friends offered space in their airbnb but
>feel like throwing up when i see my old costumes or even think about cosplaying and going to cons or making new cos
>dont even know what I would do if I see my ex there

Sorry for the emotional dump.

>> No.9694922

wrong thread lol this ones been saging for days

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