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The thing is: We have the worst Kawaii Ambassador in our country.
> No one likes her
> She does nothing for the community
> She barely wears JFashion
> She is not active or known around the country

So, how does one change a Kawaii Ambassador? Is that even possible? Can we organize a coup and dethrone her?

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Petition to impeach Kelly Eden. She's friends with a pedophile and porn stars right, shouldn't those be federal crimes in the world of kawaii

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I hate Kelly and she knows nothing about jfash. She thought the Muppets collab with irregular choice was yumekawaii for Christs sake

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OP here. Didn't even know Kelly was a Kawaii Ambassador, I'm not American.

Anyway, guess the easiest way is to make a petition, but to whom should we send it?

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She's a Kawaii Leader, it's a title given by NHK and it's completely unrelated to Kawaii Ambassadors.

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Which Kawaii Ambassador are you talking about? The one from the Lolita Association from Misako Aoki or the one from Kawaii.i? Honestly I have never heard from any Kawaii.i Ambassador that they do anything useful for their community, and from the Lolita Ambassador I think only Briz Blossom seems to do somethibg (though I'm not sure if she just get invited to events with Misako Aoki or if she helps organizing them). From all other Lolita Ambassadors I also have never heard that they do any special events or anything. So what exactly is your problem anyway?

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Anon what do you mean?? Whipping out your asshole on camera is so totemo kawaii!!(◠◠) Such a deserving Kawaii leader

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Those disgusting soles make me want to cut, jesus.

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Wat. You can’t just drop info like this without details. Spill please!

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I actually like Kelly a decent amount but always find the wigs she wears to be cringey. Maybe the uncut bangs?

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She hung out with Dahvie Vanity knowing about his sexual crimes, for instance, this was taken back in 2012, right when he was getting in deep shit. She is also friends with people who do porn requests on Patreon, and those that do nude modeling (and not in the artistic sense). Theres 2 entire snow threads on her on lolcow if you want to look

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hopefully her jfash phase will be over soon, at least the AP fiasco probably turned her off lolita

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As far as I know the Kawaii/Lolita Ambassador of each country should do its best to promote the fashion and unite the comms.

France has Yumi EG, Brazil has Akemi, Canada has/had Cadney and Argentina has YueMoon as Kawaii Ambassadors. but for how long does this title is kept? If I'm not satisfied with the lack of activity of my Ambassador, who should I reach?

Or are we forever stuck with a dead horse?

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The complete list for you folks.

The Kawaii Ambassadors are:

Misako Aoki
Chairperson of the Japan Lolita Association

Daniela Michel
Ambassador of Mexico

Stephanie Medeiros Cadney
Ambassador of Canada

Nadine Olivier CupcakeAndTea
Ambassador of Canada

Kiga Tymianski LaLibertalia
Ambassador of Canada

Arthael Walkingshadow
Ambassador of Thailand

Mila de Blois
Ambassador of France

Yumi E.G.
Ambassador of France

Pom Pommandarine
Ambassador of France

Paula Moraga Azema
Ambassador of Chile

Daiana Abal YueMoon
Ambassador of Argentina

A. S. きつね
Ambassador of Taiwan

Akemi Matsuda
Ambassador of Brazil

Ruby Masako
Ambassador of Hong Kong

Nanami Saito
Ambassador of Japan

Emitsu Hiyoshi
Ambassador of Japan

Akane Hashimoss
Ambassador of Japan

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how does one even become a kawaii ambassador?

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Some years ago (2012 ~2014) Misako promoted local elections in some countries. People had to candidate and then be voted. Some places had just one candidate, so this one candidate was automatically elected.

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A lot of these people stepped down.
Couldn't even be bothered to wash her nasty feet before hopping on the bed, most embarrassing behavior.

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doesnt the US have an ambassador too? from that whole Anime Matsuri fiasco

and Daniela doesn't live in Mexico anymore does she? how does that work?

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Is Cadney even active anymore?

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Yeah she posts on insta

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>A lot of these people stepped down.
Do you know which one? What happened then, did they elect new people or what?

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I thought the Lolita Association would support them with events etc., not just give them the title and that's it. I know the french Lolita Ambassadors and while they organize Lolita events in France, they would also do it without being an Ambassador. There was really no advantage of getting an advantage besides getting a fancy title.

So I don't understand why OP has a problem, because the title means nothing.

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* sorry, I wanted to write
...There was really no advantage of becoming an ambassador besides...

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>Dhavie Vanity
Jesus christ, I remember being 15 and thinking he was ~sooo cool you guyssss xD~ and being ruined when I found out, so I hate her even more for being friends with his creepy ass while knowing all the shit that happened.

How the fuck did this washed up scene kid get chosen in the first place?

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the kawaii ambassador program is dead since the matsuri fiasco anyways, why even care?

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very much so, just more privately/locally. stepped down from the ambassador role when the others did.

also >>9699891 kiga's been exclusively into cosplay shit for years and has nothing to do with the lolita community anymore, this is really outdated

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Why does there need to be a government for this?

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>How the fuck did this washed up scene kid get chosen in the first place?
>be white
>have decent photos of yourself
>have enough "cute" things to feasibly position yourself as someone who likes kawaii culture (for example, her Hello Kitty collection)
>have something of a following online
Done. I'm just glad Sanrio kicked her to the curb.

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>Stephanie Medeiros Cadney
Why the fuck does she go by Stephanie Christina on FB

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Yes, her name was Ann but she stepped down too.

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the same reason most of us dont use our full real names on our lolita fb pages, so all our normie acquaintances/employers dont search us up and get immediately weird about stuff, and so fb doesnt reccommend you to all your extended family. Not particularily out of the norm.

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Kiga still is a KA unless she stepped down.

Really no one cares about the KA. If you were legit you said something when the AM drama happened, the rest are attention whores.

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Pls tell me we can overthrow the canadian lolita ambassador? shes a fucking cunt and hasnt worn lolita in years and doesnt take part in events anymore.

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Cadney at least helped at conventions and the Meta tea party but NADINE DOESNT EVEN WEAR LOLITA FUCK

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Who do you think is a cunt and why do you think they matter? If they don’t wear it they aren’t active anyways.

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canada has some awesome lolitas that have nothing to do until con season rolls around. we have no programming the rest of the year pretty much and we could have some great events if a new ambassador stood up to bring brand attention over. toronto has hundreds of lolitas and not a single brand store, same with vancouver.
As for why shes a cunt? thats personal but what i can say without revealing is that she was incredibly mean spirited to the one event she showed up for, acted like it wasnt good enough for her, and made fun of one of her LOCAL comm members to her face. nadine is a snake.

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The whole thing is about Misako. Want a lolita ambassador? Pay Misako to come visit you and say you want one. Pay her enough and you get to pick who it is.

Misako doesn't give a damn if the people she picks better the community, hurt the community or anything else. She just wants cold hard cash (or expensive gifts! she's not picky).

And that is why no one who is even remotely anyone in the lolita community gives a damn about the whole thing any more. It's reputation suicide to become a kawaii ambassador at this point.

It's also why no one has been clamoring to have the girls who stepped down replaced. The organization lost face, and the girls who stepped down did so in protest of the organization supporting a creeper.

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OMG OP, I can't believe you're still butthurt about your friend not getting elected as a Kawaii ambassador for your country, get over it.

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Mexican fag, she only gets invited, but has never helped organised anything ever, iyam, Daniela did a better job.

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are you talking about the argentinian ambassador? please do

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"No time to shower. Gotta represent."

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oh god, shut the fuck up, Daniela is with the Leighs, she's even worse
she is what she is because basically sold her body out, lol
who cares about the lolita ambassadors, they don't do anything

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She doesn't, since when? Doesn't she run the FanExpo lolita stuff every year and have a pretty decent wardrobe? I don't much like her personally because of her habits of biting off way more than she can chew event wise and refusing to ask for help but just because she isn't posting coord pics online all the time doesn't mean she doesn't wear it

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Sorry you can’t do shit nor fill her shoes, Briz.

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Any girl that has tattoos like this should be immediately disqualified from Kawaii Ambassador. That shit's not cute.

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Should also be disqualified from being referred to as kawaii in any capacity.

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She does the fashion show at AN, as well. She isn’t from the gta so she doesn’t go to many events but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a leader elsewhere.

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so butthurt

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Sinners are winners sound great." Zero fucks" is excellent. Jayy wass a jerk as well but dahvie was screwing him on payments which I totally believe. I still find myself listening to the music. >>9700642
I hate tats like that. No effort paper tracers. I actually asked a girl were they tats. Cause they look like stickers or markers. I guess it makes them easy to laser off.

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I don't have friends in lolita community, that's low bait.

The problem is that our country has so much potential for holding nice events, and even with that, we have to stick with con-meets or whatever. We have two nice yearly events, and none of these are supported by our ambassador. She doesn't even live here in our country anymore, it's stupid.

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