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What are your goals in cosplay and jfash for the next year? Want to learn to sew, craft your first piece of foam armour, or build a capsule wardrobe? Share!

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Become better at sewing and even better at armor building.

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also a better cosplay photographer.

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>wear lolita more often
>remember to actually photograph my coords
>get better at using social media in general

Sounds kinda shallow but I'm sick of /cgl/ being the only way I interact with the community since my local comm died.

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Learn to use my serger
Go to a cool west coast con
Fun couple cosplay with my bf

Diversify my wardrobe (more gothic, more sweet, and get dresses in colors I don't have yet like pink and bordeaux)
Go to a meetup for my comm
Make more Lolita friends

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Actually finish a cosplay for once instead of getting halfway through then getting distracted by a different cosplay

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>invest in flashier jfash
>fix my vintage Japanese sports car to complete the 80's jfash cyberpunk aesthetic
>try handmaking some LARP armor
>find a gf

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Oh hey same, except that I've always been a lonelita. But Tumblr is dead, and Insta is convinced I want my facebook friends to be able to find me. Plus honestly my coordinates are nothing social media worthy.

To throw in some other goals:

>more blouses and accessories
This was a goal last year too, and I think I've improved, and rounded out a number of places, but I'd still like to do better. I especially need black blouses because for some reason my blacks never match.
>Do a wardrobe cull
Not a large one, but I have a few things that don't fit, or don't suit me so well.
>get better at hair and makeup
I'm awful at both of these things. I try and try but damn if it isn't generally a disaster.

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>Oh hey same, except that I've always been a lonelita. But Tumblr is dead, and Insta is convinced I want my facebook friends to be able to find me.
Ughhh, exactly. It feels far too late for me to get a tumblr if I don't already have one, but I really hate Instagram and there aren't many other options right now. I'm also lowkey uncomfortable with the idea of putting my image out there online because it looks like I'm going into a profession where lolita could seem really unprofessional (although that ship might have sailed, I already have coords that show up on lolita-related Google searches because people pinned them to Pintrest after they were crossposted here from CoF years ago), but hair and make-up is part of an outfit so I don't like just stickering my face. With Tumblr I at least had the confidence people were unlikely to find my username unless they already had the same interests, but with Insta chances my classmates could find me are very high. Tempted to make one just for the personal satisfaction of having a taggable, searchable archive of my coords and a more permanent outlet for translations than cgl, but I don't know how soon the site will be totally dead.

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>lose weight
>get more head accessories that arent rectangle headdresses
>find a husband to share a life in Japan with

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my goal for the year is to actually get my pic taken at a con and not get posted in the bad cosplay thread

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I definitely need to start spending more time while making stuff, and also redo things when they don't work out. I already started though and things really do come out better the second or third time!

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Need to put more effort into finding a gf honestly, not so much for the sex but for the emotional connection and couple cosplays.

It's hard as fuck finding one that's both into anime/Vidya, is willing to cosplay and makes her own cosplays, and is in my league

Even then, I'm too scared of losing a friend in such a niche hobby and never make a move

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>Do more waifubait cosplays
>Become waifubait
>Make money doing waifubait
Next year is the year I start making money in degrading ways.

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This is why you can't find a gf, they smell desperation from miles away.

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>Go from vegetarian to vegan (finally)
>Think more carefully before wasting my money (will i wear this?)
>Acquire at least one DD
>Make new friends

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>wear lolita at least once a week instead of once a month
>ditch my normie shit and wear axes femme/secret honey etc on the daily
>finally get a skincare routine going
>find a lolita friend

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Got a few for both this year!

> learn to properly ventilate a wig hairline
> use leds for the first time
> make babby's first facial prosthetic
> get better at linings and at satin stitching

> get one more colourway of my dream dress
> make peace with bonnets
> organise more meetups than I do currently
> wear or sell every unworn piece (main or otherwise) currently sitting in my wardrobe

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I conceal it hard though, I've had girls in my classes hit on me but I'm just too worried of losing a friend/making it awkward between us so I never make a move.

For me it's a catch-22, since the better I know a person, the more attractive they are for me (if we have similar interests), the more I'm scared of losing them as a friend.

Anyways, back on thread topic, I'd need to get better as sewing. My stitches are messy as fuck. Also want to learn how to use patterns properly.

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>Finish my vaguely planned LARP outfit in time for the summer event
I hope it turns out really cute. But to be honest I really need to get a move on considering how much embroidery I'd like to deck it out with. On the bright side I've decided not to sleep in-LARP and work my ass off to make a comfy fantasy camp. Instead I'll have to plan day-packs from my comfy modern tent in the off-area. The bag better turn out good...

>Buy a petticoat
I've been admiring lolita from the sidelines for too long. The memory of trying on my friend's petti when she gave me the only JSK I own is so sweet to me. I'm convinced that if I get my own petti my need for more lolita will increase tenfold.

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Have a few for 2018!

>Lose some weight and get semi-toned
>Build my lolita wardrobe
>Travel interstate for cons more
>Travel overseas for at least one con
>Up my cosplay game and work on more armour to complement my sewing skills
>Get boyfriend to finally cosplay with me

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>get a job for burandobux
>if that fails, step up my sewing game and make a bunch of main pieces
>sell stuff I don’t wear for closet space and burandobux
>maybe start a blog idk

Same here.

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>finally start the lifestyler blog i've been meaning to write
>acquire at least 2 of the main pieces i highly covet rn (not necessarily DDs but still want them badly)
>hit 50 main pieces
>knit loliable things for my wardrobe
>maintain weight of 100 lbs or slightly lower
>work really hard

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Have some self respect.
>in your league
Well there's your problem right there.

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>wear axes
I was envisioning this and questioning your judgment until i saw that second line

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>actually make progress with the classy 2b instead of just planning
>completely redo my mess of a sewing room

All I want is some nice grey walls and to get rid of some hideous carpet.

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>It feels far too late for me to get a tumblr if I don't already have one
Honestly, it is. Once Tumblr added an algorithm to tagged search any chances of starting up on the site cold were pretty shot. The way things are now, you have to have lots of followers and they have to have lots of followers in turn to get noticed. It frankly kills the community aspect and made it a far worst host for fandoms and communities.

I'm in the same boat, although I used to run a decent popular fandom blog. Even if the people who followed that account are still on the site, it's unlikely they will follow a new sideblog for jfashion or reblog lolita content and nothing you post will get noticed unless someone is already reblogging it. It's frankly a mess

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>already lost weight, so I want to start working out to get more toned/slim
>expand my wardrobe
>try to dress up more than once in a blue moon
>(already started this but) exchange all my crappy, un-matching drugstore makeup with actual good stuff
>learn how to style my hair

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I have self respect anon. I respect myself so much that I'm confident I can become queen of the neckbeards ez.

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I have a lot this year
>Tone my arms and loose thigh fat
>Finish half started cosplays
>Do location shoots with friends
>Phase out fanart from being the majority of my artist alley merchandise
>Work on a fanzine
>Relearn and build up confidence in speaking Japanese

2017 was such a shit year that I want to be hopeful for 2018. My sugar daddy said they'd take me to Japan at the end of next year if my internship works out so I'm excited for that. My friends also agreed to do some elaborate cosplay plans with me and if that doesn't crash and burn like it usually does then I call that a win.

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Gonna try and make an X-wing flight suit. Getting an orange suit from the military surplus store, then making the chest box.

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maybe i'm an outlier but i started a blog less than a year ago and already have about 1k followers and high interaction on posts. all i do is post my coordinates and pictures. the thing about tumblr is that you kind of need to choose a niche, stick to it, and post very aesthetically pleasing things

protip: only the first 5 or so tags actually count for anything in the search. i see a lot of jfash people abusing tags like they would on Instagram and putting the most effective tags last, which reduces the chance of people seeing your content

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That's positive, at least. I created an account a year or so ago because I wanted to be able to follow individuals instead of wading through the crap on CoF, but right after I did it they changed the tag algorithm so you couldn't track tags properly and "similar" tags would show up for everything you searched or followed. Dunno if they fixed it but at the time it made following things like #lolitafashion or #gothgoth useless, because it'd "helpfully" put content from #lolita or #goth into your feed as well. Some of my favourite lolitas switched to Instagram around the same time so I never fully set up my account.

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>lose weight to fit my lolita stuff more properly
>invest more on blouses, socks, accessories, jewelry, etc
>finally buy a parasol jfc i need one
>wear lolita more often
>buy more casual everyday main pieces instead of splurging on fancy OPs and JSKs (i mainly want to wear more old school style stuff for everyday settings)

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>make an EGL wardrobe post
>start attending meets again
>go alone in lolita to all the cool places the comm visited while I was too busy to join
>make my room more aesthetic - fix all the stuff that neeeds fixing, get a nice rug and lampshade, keep it tidy
>either start posting coords online more regularly or accept that I don't really need multiple similar items for "variety" and sell the least practical ones
The last one sounds weirdly specific but it's an issue. When I posted online a lot I had a stupid amount of slightly different pairs of shoes, bags etc in each colour because I was a perfectionist about not wearing slightly sweet shoes with a classic dress or w/e and I didn't like wearing the same items over and over even if they were a perfect match because I didn't want people to complain my coords were "samey". At the time I was really proud of having a varied wardrobe but now I don't have much e-presence I don't use half that stuff, I just wear the same few comfy pairs unless I'm going to a meet.

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>Buy non print.
>Get more brand.
>Buy more wrist cuffs.
>Buy more bags and shoes in clors I don't have.
>Wear lolita out not just to meets.

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>lose weight
>get stronger physically
>phase out more of my normie clothing
>get more ETC, JM and milk stuff
>build a stronger himekaji wardrobe
>do some agejo looks because I miss it
I found a gym buddy today and honestly I'm so excited! We are going to scope out gyms tomorrow. I already eat ok, but honestly I want to build muscle

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>Buy more accessories
>Do yoga more often
>Wear lolita more often
>Buy other jfash for casual days

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>Eat better, walk more
>Keep improving my comm
>Be the best comm leader I can be
>Plan more meets

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>Get a job
>wear lolita more out of working hours
>try to get better at makeup and do something else than natural looks
>try to go to an event next country (and see my friends from there again)
>Take more pictures (i'll be happy to have memories later!)

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>I've been admiring lolita from the sidelines for too long.
Get on it! I waited for years to get into lolita and I really regret it. If you want it, try it. At the very least you can try selling off what you buy if it doesn't work for you.

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That's nice to hear, honestly. I had good success with posting quality, niche content in the past, but based on how difficult it has become to find up-and-coming blogs lately, I worried that jumping in had become too difficult. Hopefully this is true of others and it's not a big issue

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-see my abs again and get my waist and legs back. Probably a 10-15lb weight loss with strict diet to decrease my body fat %, but it will depend on how much muscle I put on achieving my physical skill goals. Planning to start properly on Monday once I'm back from my holiday.
-learn more tricking moves, fancy flexibility stuff and general "fighting game moves" so I can cosplay fighting game characters and get some awesome shots. Classes are unfortunately stopping from next week for winter break and not starting again until mid January, but I can work independently on my flexibility and basic kicks without needing sprung floors and foam mats
-finally start Asuka Kazama cosplay, I keep thinking I'm too fat, too old, and too unfit but I'm not going to get younger watching the fabric sit there.

-Get brutal with my wardrobe and pare it back to dresses I actually wear
-make sure I have at least one casual and one "fancy meet" coord I'm 100% happy with for every main item.
-see what modifications I can make to uncomfortable shoes - a bunch probably need the bag of ice in the freezer stretching method.
- get more hair accessories of differing types

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Get more toned for cosplay and be able to lift more than 27 lbs total.

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>craft your first piece of foam armour
this, I think I'm a little ambitious but I found pep files for this costume I've been looking for for ages. It's nothing super crazy but I feel like if I'm not careful it will come out very ill fitting.

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2018 is going to be a scale back for me, 2019 is when I'm looking at getting ambitious again. Want to lose 20 lbs by summer 2018 and looking to be at my target weight by summer 2019. I've got 2 simple group cosplays to finish over the next 5 months to be ready for con season. I'm looking at actually flying for some costal cons this year, hence the scale back on elaborate cosplay as I have no idea how to transport armor sets or oversized props while flying. Gonna take a pass on doing any costume contests for 2018 while I work on my skills and hope to place at bigger cons in 2019.

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>actually cosplay instead of doing commissions for friends
>maybe he into lolita now that I have a real job, even if I'm starting at the old age of 26
>convince my best mate to crossplay

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>Stay more active. Go swimming more and walk instead of taking the subway several times a week.
>Sell some of the lolita things I impulse bought and don't need.
>Stay active in my comm and try to help it grow.
>Get to know some of the other lolitas in my comm better and hang out with the ones I'm already friends with.
>Gather more GLBs.
>Find my tripod and use my actual camera for coord shots, instead of my shitty phone camera.

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my goal is to stop making cosplays / doing things last minute

>> No.9718486

> Continue to take care of myself (mainly caring for my skin and building muscle, I'm happy with the weight I've lost this year)
> Get organized and be better about prioritizing so I'm not crunching all the damn time

Would also be nice to meet some new friends to do groups with, but I'm not holding my breath for that one.

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My goal is to wear lolita at least twice a week! And wear cute things every day besides that! And make two cosplays! And continue losing weight! And make lolita friends and go to meetups, at least once a month! And continue to expand my wardrobe, and sell some stuff I don't like anymore!

>> No.9718658

>Stop picking at my face and if skincare doesn't work in helping my cystic acne + garbage skin texture finally actually go to a dermatologist like I keep telling myself to
>Sell impulse purchases and buy necessary filler wardrobe items like cardigans and layering items
>Actually invest in a pair of leather shortboots as I just can't make myself spend so much on burando pleather garbage
>Wear lolita at least once a month (job uniform and often being busy on my days off make this difficult, but I hope to go back to college in the fall of 2018 as I'm a dropout-chan)
>Do my best to get involved in a comm even though I live far away from everything, go to at least the big Halloween meet
>Save money to spend in Japan in May and try to lose a little bit of weight, unsure if that will work as I haven't changed weight in about 6 years

I'm 5'4" and fluctuate around 115-120 lbs, though maybe I did lose some weight in the past year as I gained biceps from my job. Honestly just fine and happy with my weight and I'm the thinnest of all my friends, I just know I'll feel like a fatty-chan in Japan.

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>lose weight/get toned
I was almost at my goal weight but then I went to live with some unhealthy friends this summer and put on 10 lbs because I stopped paying attention and they don’t own a scale

>get better at makeup
In high school, me and my friends weren’t into makeup, so I never learned how to use it. I’ve been watching a bunch of youtube tutorials and I have some basics down, but I want to learn how to do the more elaborate stuff too.

>get a job on campus
I quit my normal job awhile ago to focus on school and within the next 6 months I’m gonna be desperate for money so I should probably look for something now before it gets to that point

>make new friends
All of my cosplay friends live at least an hour away. I’m hoping to find someone in my city that’s into cosplay or jfash

>post photos
I have lots of content, but I’m bad at keeping up with social media

>do more photoshoots
Related to the last one. I have all these photoshoot ideas, but I don’t do them because I already have a backlog of photos to edit/post

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>115-120 lbs

I was in the same boat for quite awhile anon. You can do it. Just make a few changes in your day to day life and STICK WITH THEM. My biggest problem was that I would make good changes but then I’d drop them in a week

>> No.9718675

Thanks for the advice anon! Honestly I think I just need to eat better and sleep more. I don't want to work out as I think I get enough physical labor from my job, but I need to eat more salads and plants, less sweets and breads, less dessert. I've managed to stick to eating an apple as my snack three months ago, trying to get to where I eat a simple salad every day for lunch. The hard part is less snacking late at night and sleeping more than 6 hours on work nights, I'm such a night owl that it's hard to get tired (or maybe it's the late night food).

Hopefully diet changes will reduce my muffin top and cellulite thighs, I really don't want to work out ugh.

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i'm a similar weight and height and I feel like i've hit a wall in terms of weight loss. i'm a healthy weight but i just dem cute thighs and smaller arms. i managed to lose a few stone in the past couple of years but my weight loss just stopped. it does my nut in that I struggle so hard to go below 117ish.

what daily changes did you make when you were in the same boat?

have you tried fun types of exercise like dance dance revolution or learning weeb dances? i enjoy those because i fucking hate gyms with a passion

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>continue losing weight and hopefully hit my goal
>start a proper skincare routine instead of winging it
>wear daily makeup again, not only for cosplay/coords
>get a nicer normie wardrobe

i've already started on the first two but i recognize they're all long term projects. i'm down about 10lbs but i want my old measurements back dammit and that's still far away. i also don't really want to imvest in a bunch of new clothing during the weight loss process, but hopefully by this time next year i can be casually kawaii too.

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Cosplay the shit that I want to cosplay, regardless of what other people think

Alternatively or additionally, reach out to make friends who actually like the shit that I like, instead of hanging out w people I have nothing in common with just because it's convenient to stick with old acquaintances instead of making new friends.

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>get down to 100-105lbs (from 121)
>get better at sewing
>expand mori wardrobe with planned purchases and not just random bullshit
>research more about dolly kei and decide if I really want to wear it - if yes, get some pieces
>start taking coord pictures
>finish making my cosplay and take pictures
I don't think I'll have enough confidence to post the pictures, but I want to at least have some.

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>Start my kawaii home decorating blog (literally just a glorified pinterest board for me to put all my ideas in one place since nobody is gonna care about it)
>Finish phasing my goth pieces out of my wardrobe and fully transitioning into the pastel piece of shit I am (hmu if you're a US medium and spooky)
>Wear jfashion at least twice a week. Reasonable start for transitioning into lifestyle as I do wear a uniform 5 days out of the week.
>Open up an etsy shop, or at least do more private commissions for my friends.

>> No.9718695

>get a nicer normie wardrobe
I feel like I should do this too, but I hang around /fa/ too much and now my fashion sense is irreparably warped.

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>what daily changes did you make when you were in the same boat?
-eat healthy everyday
-one cheat day a week but even the only for one meal
-count calories
-if I drive somewhere, I’ll park a decent ways away to get more walking in
-I watch a lot of tv/netflix so I started making myself exercise during each episode. I would typically exercise for 2/3 of the episode and then rest until the end, then start up again when the next episode began

>> No.9718759

Ahh yea those are good. How many calories do you have? I know it's different depending on the lifestyle. I've counted calories lots of times in my life and it often ends up in me straying into ana type thinking and super low calories in an effort to break through the wall but I end up with 0 energy and super depressed/irritable. I wish I could find a good balance

>> No.9718766

500 calorie deficit is enough, get your basal metabolic rate and the amount of calories you burn by doing daily shores, biking to work etc then take 500 calories off. I'd be allowed 1600 calories a day.

>> No.9718859

I went from about 1500+ a day to somewhere between 900-1100.

I also forgot to mention that I cut out soda and alcohol. Most of the time I just drink water. It’s good for your skin and sometimes when I feel a craving, I’ll just drink some water and that’ll fill me up enough to keep me from snacking between meals.

Also try not to snack late at night

>> No.9725170

>build a capsule wardrobe
I really want this but I can't decide on the colours

>> No.9725184

>I end up with 0 energy and super depressed/irritable.
Because you're not supposed to just cut calories and call it a day. If you go really low and end up with something like iron deficit/anemia, you'll feel like shit. Same if you're the type to get a lot of caffeine, if you cut it all from one day to the next you will end up with migraines.

People always go "hur durr doctors know nothing" but if you diet and always fee like shit, you should make sure there's nothing wrong with you.

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>go from zero lolita to wearing it every day in less than half a year
>change job and go to the new one in lolita from day one
>move in with my bf
>try to join local comm and get lolita friends
>learn some craft
>get my dream items
>don't own a single non-lita clothing piece (maybe with exception for some cosplay, kimono/wa and j-fashion)

>> No.9725890

You're obsessed

>> No.9725894 [DELETED] 

>I just know I'll feel like a fatty-chan in Japan.
I think you’re overestimating how slim girls are. Yes, they’re skinny, but the average weight is ~111-115, and the average height is around 5’2”. Meaning, compared to the average you’re actually likely a bit skinnier. Also, at 5’6” i got down to 98 pounds, and gained ~5 pounds back within the first month of being in Japan. Don’t forget to stick to your diet in the temptation of Japanese food!

>> No.9725897

>I just know I'll feel like a fatty-chan in Japan.
I think you’re overestimating how slim girls are. Yes, they’re skinny, but the average weight in Japan for girls is ~111-115, and the average height is around 5’2”. Meaning, you’re fine. Also, at 5’6” i got down to 98 pounds, and gained ~5 pounds back within the first month of being in Japan. Don’t forget to stick to your diet in the temptation of Japanese food if you don’t want all your hard work to be wasted.

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Not really. I'm just happy to finally be able to get into lolita.
Changing job is mostly unrelated, I hate the current one for unrelated reasons, and it's a nice excuse to transition into full time lolita, even at work, since I'm not able to do that at the current one.
I have never ever owned a single pair of jeans, so I'm not that far from not having much non-lita pieces.

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Same, except I get stressed out that I might mess something up and stop working on it until I get bursts of inspiration three months later that last a day or two.

>Still trying to figure out how to insert a sleeve

>> No.9726019

Either getting a sewing machine or starting on a full-armor cosplay. I've acquianted myself with basic sewing and foamcraft, moving away from just wearing Chinese costumes and only doing the wigs/accessories myself.

>> No.9726025

5'4" 115-120lbs is actually on the lower end of average BMI, only about a point away from underweight.

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>get rid of my facial hair for good
>get my first lolita
>make my debut in lolita, going out for the first time as a girl
>meet and lose my kiss virginity with my bf
>learn to sew
>create own lolita brand
>become the next Mana
I might have got a little ahead…
Maybe in few years.

>> No.9726075

My list regarding /cgl/ related stuff...
>Buy a fucking sewing machine, sewing all by hand is exhausting
>Do a full ouji coord
>Wardrobe cleaning and ouji-fy

>> No.9732187
File: 51 KB, 540x960, IMG_20171207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy a better phone, I guess

pic related, it's terrible

>> No.9732216
File: 46 KB, 540x540, 1509688494073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy monitor head
>debut lolita wardrobe
>wear Halloween coord to Disney World Halloween
>get back into nanchatte
>try to cosplay again

>> No.9732219

>I have never ever owned a single pair of jeans, so I'm not that far from not having much non-lita pieces.

I don't understand lolitas or even people in general like this. Same with the whole oh I've never owned sneakers sort of thing. Like I get that wearing lolita and pretty things is awesome and fun, I do it about 75% of the time I go out. But FFS, not owning a single pair of jeans? It seems so impractical. Do you have no desire to ever exercise or go hiking? Kayaking, skiing, ice skating, anything.

When I read about people who don't own jeans or sneakers I immediately picture a greasy, fat weeaboo. Or at the very least a doughy skinnyfat.

>> No.9732229

The trick is to use practical pants for practical needs. For me cargo pants work great, I always make use of the pockets available.
I dislike jeans as a material for some reason. Always found it ugly, never felt comfortable in them, and I associate the pants themselves with working class. The late trend of jeans with holes on knees makes them only worse for me.
I'm underweight actually.

>> No.9732230

>Start using my DSLR for outfit shots rather than my phone
>Find some way to post outfit shots in a way that google will index them and bring them up when people search for print name.
>Maybe blog?
>Buy more accessories and shirts, sell at least 5 of my main pieces.

>> No.9732232

I have ex-army combats for that stuff, anon. I have a very physical outdoor job, so I'm pretty fit.

>> No.9732233

What kind of armour you going for bro?

>> No.9732234

I haven't owned jeans in 10+ years, because I think denim is uncomfortable af. You can wear workout pants, cargo shorts, sweats, boots, etc. you know; there's more than one type of active clothing. You also wouldn't wear jeans or sneakers to kayak, ski, or ice skate, which is ironic.

>> No.9732235

>Go to at least 10 larps.
>New fancier plate armour
>Do a photoshoot in lolita with my armor, because people keep talking about that on here and it actually looks pretty awesome
>Get rid of old sweet dresses I don't wear any more
>Buy more socks
>Hang out with my lolita friends more

>> No.9732239

>hunt dream dresses
>expand wardrove in general
>create an Insta account just for lolita
>become better at saving money
>get a better paying job

>> No.9732241

>wearing jeans for hiking
Confirmed for filthy 5Km plebe.

Jeans are uncomfortable. I wear wool blend or cotton pants for work and chinos for a more relaxed sphere.
And when you don't leave the house/don't care, you gotta get dem flanel pyama pants with ugly tartan print.

>> No.9732244

>get with a theatre group and work on my acting
>keep on lifting 5x a week
>don't fuck up school
>get more bohurt tier armour
>learn basic welding for a grail tournament helmet
>improve my sewing
>start learning how to make shields for LARPs
>manage to find times to actually go to the LARPs
>make my self-made LARP group a succes
>join atleast one event team as orga/story/game master


>> No.9732357

>actually learn how to make my own stuff instead of buying
>Get better at photography, start putting myself out there more
>stop being a complete autismo in social situations (tfw even going to cons hasn't seemed to help much)
>get to the point where I can actually call myself /fit/ and make the characters I cosplay as look good. Gonna try losing around 30 - 40 lbs. over the next 4-5 months then enter perma lean bulk mode.

>> No.9732392

2017 was one of the shittiest years of my life. I feel like I stagnated or even fell backward in many aspects of my life, especially jfashion.
This year did really help me figure out what is important to me and how to handle failure and loneliness, though, so I feel better prepared to tackle 2018. I'm trying to focus on creative, productive goals rather than consumption based ones.

>wear lolita more often (>2x/mo)
I barely wore lolita this year because I didn't have all of my clothing.
>photograph/document my outfits
>learn to sew and make alterations -> sew a basic set (head wear, OP, belt, bloomers)
>improve embroidery skills and try silk embroidery
>needle felt something other than an animal
>improve art skills -> publish at least 1 finished piece per month -> work up skill and courage to sell
>blog at least once per month
>make a penpal friend
>attend one con or big meet up
>expand magazine collection (OnS, GLB, Larme, LVeR)
>sell things I don't wear
>buy 1 dream dress, 1 simple piece, black footwear, boppers
>expand casual wardrobe slowly and with care

>> No.9732401
File: 54 KB, 480x640, 1508785760764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lose 30 lbs, quit drinking beer (hello vodka soda)
>Buy more lolita shoes and socks
>Save money better
>Take an evening course in millinery after I finish my degree
>Sew for myself more
>Improve my cooking/cook with less oil/maintain my vegan diet without losing out on nutrients

>> No.9732408

>lose 80 lbs (probably not gonna happen)
>buy mostly nanchatte.. esp Eastboy brando
>adopt a minimalist lifestyle
>cosplay and actually look good
>Learn to shop on korean & Japanese sites.
>make cosplay friends.. or nanchatte friends..

>> No.9732453

Jeans for exercise...wtf? I have more mobility in frills than jeans, I tend to get technical outdoor or activewear to actually be active in because jeans are uncomfortable af in comparison for pretty much all the activities you mentioned.

>> No.9732513

lmao literally the only people I've ever met who told me they found jeans uncomfortable, were fat. Or were just in denial and wearing jeans that were too small for them.

Confirmed for a bunch of fatties, except for the one underweight skinnyfat.

>> No.9732514

I don't wear jeans because I wear actual nice pants and I wear joggers and shorts for exercise.

>> No.9732603

Not even going to give you a (you) for the obvious trollposting.

>> No.9732608

2018 goals:
>dump bf if he doesn't become more useful and date a lolita instead, give her my brandmedowns

>participate in a group cosplay with anyone as long as they are on a similar level or better than me

>flat tummy by summer, already 23 lbs down, 12 more to go (as much as I can lose without being underweight lol)

>> No.9732618

Healthily Skinny anon here, jeans fucking suck ass for exercise...
I guess it takes someone who never ran in their life to think that exercising in jeans is a good idea...

>> No.9732689

>Drop my last 31 pounds, from 151 to 120
>Buy at least 5 new brand dresses
>Re-open my etsy shop and use all the money to save for more burando
>Try to lose fat in my calves and thighs because even after losing quite a bit of weight my thighs and calves have not budged little to none!
Ya know, basic new years resolutions

>> No.9732705

I am also in the big leg club! I've resigned to just avoiding UTKs lol

>> No.9732734

I'm glad someone understands my pain! Otk's aren't much better, but at least with OTK's I can buy a thigh garter to keep them up nicely

>> No.9732744

Yeah OTKs are hit or miss. Sometimes they work and sometimes there's no hope at all lol

I usually stick to tights or ankle socks!

>> No.9732763

Buying all the cute stuff I found on mercari and fril, and start an ~aesthetic~ instagram account

>> No.9732904

>Start doing weights to develop my core and back muscles (I have terrible posture and it looks p bad in cosplay if I don’t have a brace)
>Start doing ballet and pointe again to get the rest of my muscles back
>Sell half my cosplays
>Only make cosplays I already have >70% of the materials for
>Get a steady full time job
>Organize things with con friends outside of cons
>Learn how to dye things without making an unholy mess of my kitchen every time

>> No.9732924

>Learn how to dye things without making an unholy mess of my kitchen every time
If you work out how to do this black magic post it in a help thread

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