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Staying in-character with your best friend Edition

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>tfw stole her boyfriend
>tfw no more best friend to stay in character with

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you're the worst.

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Wah! Watashi went to the kawaii burando-chan tea party this weekend, and smelled someloli do a big old smelly FART. Dx Uguu, my dude! The sugoi time was ruined, and it's all arigato to that baka.

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I'm really glad I'm participating in the SS this year. Got in a car accident on Saturday, my first one and breaking six years of nothing going wrong, sigh. I'm okay but my car definetly isn't, I just feel like depressed garbage, but I know my frown will turn to a smile once I get my gift, and even wrapping my gift for her right now is making me a bit happier as I know she'll be ecstatic when she gets it (I'm one of those overspenders haha).

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I'm on the verge of tears
>meet other gull in friend thread
>long story short we're perfect for each other,same taste in animu,jfash,both wearing lolita
>developping feelings for her and so does she if i'm not mistaken
>she lives in europe,i'm in murica
>absolutely no way for me to move due to job and language barrier
>probably no way for her to move either because it's a completely different country,finding a job would be difficult and she has a chronic illness
I just wanna kill myself now. I thought I finally found the perfect girl to love.

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man the friend finder thread sure seems to cause a lot of heartache ;-;

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Yes ;_;
It hurts so much because we're so similar and just absolutely PERFECT for each other, even in past experiences and we're both aspies.
I'm so at loss rn, if she ever finds a gf (i mean,she's such a cutie,there's no way she'll stay alone forever) i'll probably just cry my eyes out even more than when i got catfished this year.
Man. I don't fall in love easily but when I do, it hurts every time.

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did you tell her about your feelings at all?
if you feel like she's interested in you as well it'd probably be better to make sure, and maybe then you can try working something out together.
if there's a will there's a way anon, I believe in you!!

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Literally all the fabric I normally buy on fabric.com has gone up in price by 15% or more :/

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Good feels: Purchased a dream dress earlier today!

Bad feels: Still sad about losing contact with someone from /cgl/ ;_;

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yeahhh someone replied to my post there, but then haven't contacted me??? Like cmon lets talk about anime and shit :(

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Thanks anon,eventually maybe i'll tell her if i get the courage to.

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>Really want to cosplay Kamala.
>The internet would fucking destroy me for being too pale.

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Fuck those faggots. You were born free; do what you want

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What the fuck man.

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>see tween girl dressed as Kim Possible
>impressed with her taste, I ask for a pic
>mfw she does an ahegao pose

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I cosplayed carol Danvers instead, cause I'm white and like her design better. Although I don't read/know nearly as much about Danvers than I do about khan

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Kamala isn't even that cute, you can do better than her

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I wanted to post more on insta but I can’t bring myself to go on it because so many people are cute and pretty and I hate being reminded that I’ll never, ever look like them. Cosplayer or jfashion wearer, it doesn’t matter. I have small eyes, a mannish face shape, eye wrinkles when I smile, thin disgusting lips, it’s like I have too much skin on my cheeks so they sag down and pull my resting mouth into a roastie-looking frown, and worst of all I have horrible nasal labial lines and there’s nothing I can do about them.
I’m actually crying as I type this. I got all dressed up in jfash and had my friend take pictures today, but then I’m reminded how old and ugly looking I am and don’t want to post anything.
I can make myself look pretty good with beautycam and stuff but it just isn’t me and it hurts to look at because of it.

Additionally I don’t know if I’ll ever get married or have kids because my standards are higher than what I can get - I may be ugly but I’m not fat and I TRY to make my hair and clothes look good, unlike guys who are this deep into weird hobbies and “4chan humor” (that sounds stupid but idk how else to describe it). And so I honestly fear for my life in 10 years if I fail to get work I like, I don’t have a husband, and I’m too old and ugly for the clothes I like.

Sorry for the retardation. I had to vent.

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remember that all of those photos that you compare yourself to are likely retouched. i guarantee most of them are just average/only mildly pretty without all of the minor shoop, filters, and costume makeup. i would know, i knew some instafamous/cosfamous people from highschool who looked hot in photos but waaaaaaaay different irl. they get to curate how they look online.

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I honestly think you're exaggerating, or at least focusing too much on your flaws. I can relate though - my face has a masculine shape, to the point where I've been told I transitioned too late (I'm cis). Though the way I see it, ugly but dressed well beats ugly but sloppy by a mile.

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I transferred colleges this semester to a small four year this fall. In an effort to make friends and seem more approachable, I stopped wearing anything remotely J-fash for a while. But by the end of the semester, I've realized that doing this made no difference.

I'm wondering if I should start phasing j-fash stuff back into my wardrobe next semester but I'm worried that I'll be completely ostracized because unfortunately my college has a lot of preppy, snooty and extremely judgmental upper-crust kids. I wear very toned down j-fash (larme and otome) but it's still so outside the norm for here. Is it worthwhile to be true to myself and my own style at the risk of being harassed?

It's a complicated feel.

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>just transferred to out-of-state university
>trying to make friends but meeting a lot of "Of course, we can get coffee sometime" and getting flaked
>see someone in my class with some anime charms on their phone but look super normie
>turns out they cosplay and like animu and was honestly so normal and not weird and spergy
>keeps her personal facebook clean
>we've hung out a few times, for food and studying and she asked if I could follow her facebook page and instagram
>totally did because I want to support a possible new friend who cosplays in the local scene here
>literally so snowflake-y, closet cosplay, with snow filter photos and edits
>tags a million things on her photos, random musica.ly vids for closet cosplays, special ahegao pictures for when her pictures get a certain number of likes
>not sure if she's got some crazy evil twin because this person cannot be the same chill fun girl I've been meeting the last few weeks and having class with

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I think it depends on what "harassed" means here.
If you are actually afraid that someone would go after you, insult you, or assault your or something, it's probably better if you just let it be.
I used to live in a really shitty neighborhood where people would definitely be more aggressive towards me when I was wearing Jfash so I stopped doing it. It hurts, but your safety and health should always be your top priorities.

If you don't think that anything that extreme could happen though, I'd go for it.
I wear toned down gothic lolita and on campus I definitely get a lot of stares/judgement/etc., but there have also been quite a few instances where people recognized the fashion or complimented me.
I think larme and otome are probably the best Jfashions you could work with here since both of them can be made quite preppy/combined with mainstream clothing articles, so people will assume that you're just fashionable/into vintage stuff instead of immediately recognizing it as 'kawaii harajuku' stuff.
Good luck anon!

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I tell myself this but then I see natural looking videos or photos someone else took and they STILL look good. I know “life’s not fair there will be some pretty people” but it seems that there’s so many and still, average or mildly pretty is better than ugly.
Ouch anon, that’s just cruel. Ive only been through the
>friend “yeah because you’re ugly haha”
>other friends, if you’re not ugly “haha good one” or
>other friends, if you are ugly “aww hey, that’s mean”
>it’s the second one
I was never called pretty growing up and so rarely complimented by my parents or grandparents and that probably affects me. Well, a therapist and a friend’s mom have said I looked “exotic” and “different” but that registers to me as “not pretty”.

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>met a cool gull in the FF thread
>exchanged a couple of messages
>and that's it
I'd like to think she's busy but she probably thought I was lame and ghosted me, oh well

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Stop being a pussy. If you spent a bunch on your wardrobe, it’s wasteful to not wear it. If you’re not going to wear any of it cause you’re so scared, sell it so that people who actually will wear it can.

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damn anon are you bitter you cant afford a big wardrobe or something

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I'm gonna ask my con crush to cosplay Zone-Tan.

Wish me luck. She's kind of mean, so this may not work out well.

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While me and my SO are both from Europe, we only share English language. I live in a foreign country that I don't speak language of well (or at all), they completely do not know the language here. But we still are going to live together, we already have plans.
Language barrier is not that scary, you can get around almost everywhere in Europe without speaking a word, or only sometimes communicating in English with locals. And if you had her, who is native, you would have it so much easier.
I can't say about job finding problems. I work in technical field, so the international companies are many, and I only use English at work. But as a native I think you could easily find job as a language teacher.
Such things are really tiny obstacles when it comes to true love.

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>group of friends wants to do a nier group cosplay
>Get picked to do Adam, but told I have to lose weight
>Everyone making their own
>A month before the convention I get told I didn't lose enough weight or gain enough muscle
>They think my cosplay would look too bad
>Kick me out and find a random to take my place
>Throw out my cosplay and wig and don't bother going

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Holy shit dude is that even considered friends at that point

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>tfw love nanchatte but can't/won't wear it bc it'll only be seen as super fetishy in your local area and you don't want to attract creeps

>> No.9719689

I'm considering doing this to someone in out friend circle. He needs to lose at least 70lbs. The rest of us put in a lot of work to look good physically, it's not right if they don't put in the same amount of work.
Hope it motivates you to achieve better goals anon.

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>tfw wore over the knee socks with skirt once and got asked "how much?" multiple times
>I was in high school at the time and like 15

What is wrong with people

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Wtf, anon? What a bunch of dickbags.

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When telling your friend to lose weight, tell him this:
>start using MyFitnessPal (100% FREE)
>strength training is 3 days a week: upper body Monday, lower body Wednesday, full body Friday
>jogging/cardio is 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
>keep one day as a rest day (Sunday for me)

So many fatties don't know how to lose weight and will only become dejected because they're easily overwhelmed when faced with healthy life decisions.

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When telling your friend to lose weight, tell him this:
>start using MyFitnessPal (100% FREE)
>strength training is 3 days a week: lower body Monday, upper body Wednesday, full body Friday
>jogging/cardio is 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
>keep one day as a rest day (Sunday for me)

So many fatties don't know how to lose weight and will only become dejected because they're easily overwhelmed when faced with healthy life decisions.

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Seriously, just learn to do your make-up and use filters. No one rolls out of bed looking insta-ready, stop comparing yourself to people's social media.

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Fatties BTFO

>> No.9719733

170 pounds for a 6 foot tall guy is a fatty?
Granted I wasn't a 145 pound stick like they found to replace me but that's not even close to fat

>> No.9719737

Why do all of you assume I'm obese?

>> No.9719749

Go the sukeban route so you can wear uniform-esque clothing while looking like you can and will stab a motherfucker for looking at you funny.

>> No.9719753

Because you probably are.

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Because we'd only expect this kind of treatment to be aimed at someone who is obese. 170 lbs at 6'? You're a healthy weight for your height, though at the heavier end of healthy (chubby, maybe). If they asked you to lose weight, you're probably just not very lean or muscular.

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I’m more bitter that people spend so much on clothing that is limited and often wanted by others, only to not wear it and let it sit in their closets because of ~anxiety~. Wear it or sell it.

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Thanks anon, I hope we'll work something together. I have to yet tell her how i feel because we're both spaghetti
I think it's pretty cute you and your SO are going to live together, real goals right there

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>my standards are higher than what I can get
Fortunately for you there are way more men in the 20-34 age range than there are women but you might have to settle for a 9 instead of a 10

>> No.9719775

>though at the heavier end of healthy (chubby, maybe)
The normal BMI for his height ranges from 18.5 to 25, his weight puts him at 23.1, far from chubby

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Same. I can’t even wear a knee-length tartan skirt without strange men making comments like “hot for teacher” or calling me jailbait or whatever. Kids in my country don’t even wear school uniforms! Apparently all these guys watch schoolgirl porn and want me to know about it. I just like tartan and blazers, leave me alone.

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6' 170lbs (nominally) here, and I look almost skellington mode. Maybe it has to do with how much of the weight is muscle vs. fat.

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>Brown women have a very selective pool to choose from
>White woman have hundreds of characters to choose from
>Waaahhh why cant I cosplay a WoC

I mean for gods sake theres even a white Ms. Marvel. That same white Ms. Marvel even has different costumes and haircuts. Like, cmon now.

>> No.9719800

Some people cosplay because they like the character. Anon may not even read Carol stuff.

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>met girl at a con back in June
>We've texted, snapped and chilled with each other (with mutual friends being there) since then.
>Asked her out on a date, made it clear it was a date. She said yes
>Have never been on a date in my life, am 24 and virgin (she knows this btw)
I am fucking anxious I feel like puking help me, it's this Friday

>> No.9719811

She said yes dude. Its not like you're going on a date with a stranger. Relax and have a good time.

>> No.9719822

Get a tan

>> No.9719856

just be yourself

>> No.9719857

Tfw when the only thing I do when shopping is looking at little girls' section and thinking "wow,this would look good in a fairy-kei/menhera/whatever coord" and wishing that those fucking glittery heels with Elsa in the insoles went all the way up to size 36(they only go up to 34,FML)

>> No.9719859

i buy clothes from the kid's section sometimes anon, no shame. i mean not the kind that scream "THIS IS FROM THE KIDS SECTION" with visible princesses and shit but they have way cuter sweaters and socks and stuff.
>tfw shopped at this one store called Crazy 8 last year and bought a bunch of adorable shit
>shop ladies probably thought i was crazy
if it fits well, it fits well

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Reposting since i accidentally posted in dead feels thread

>go to cafe with bf wearing lolita
>catch sometime staring at me
>its another lolita
>go to smile at her on my way back from the counter
>she fake smiles at me like i'm a piece of garbage ita mess
>quickly look away

o-okay ;_;

any time i've seen a lolita in the wild its been a welcome sight, and i would think the same for anyone else who's in the fashion so what the fuck mang?

has anyone else had this happen to them?

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You didn't even talk to this person, you have no idea what they're thinking.

Its possible that you are an ita.

Its also possible that a stranger who wears the same clothes as her smiled at her and she wasn't sure how to respond.

Its also possible that's she's in a comm and seeing other people dressed in lolita isn't that big a deal to her.

Get out of your own head. She probably didn't spend this much time thinking about you.

>> No.9719871

how do you know her smile was fake? why do you think a stranger owes you any kindness just because you're wearing similar clothes?

it's like wearing a plaid shirt and expecting everyone in a plaid shirt to be your bff

>> No.9719873

This reminds me of a girl from my comm who always brags about having bought stuff from the kid's section (we can tell) and then turns that into a tirade about how horrible kids are and how they're disgusting crotchdropping fucktrophies who don't deserve all those nice things. It's... something.

Maybe she just has a weird smile? Some people have smiles that look fake or pained even when they're completely genuine.

>> No.9719877

i know sometimes in public I just want to do my own thing and not be bothered by strangers. if they smile at me, I smile back, but it could be seen as a 'fake' smile I guess, since it's just a quick smile to reciprocate, but I honestly mean the best. It probably doesn't have much of anything to do with you anon. and if it does for whatever reason, well, thank the devil that you didn't have more interaction with her.

>> No.9719879

that's... weird. i wouldn't brag about it and i don't despite kids for having cute clothes. i just buy them because they often have cute motifs like bicycles and cats and shit, and they fit my shapeless banana body.

inb4 she also doesn't actually fit into them, but "fits" into them

>> No.9719885

96cm boobs don't fit into kid's clothes,sadly. I haven't been able to shop at the kids sections since I was...about 8? Early puberty and chubbiness don't mix well.

>> No.9719889

You're good, anon. I get what you mean, kids do get cuter motifs and if you want that sort of thing as an adult you usually have to pay out the ass for a 'quirky' brand that is honestly nothing special otherwise. I wish I fit into kid's shoe sizes sometimes. A few years ago I was looking for round-toed low heels and it was impossible to find any in adult sizing but the girl's section had tons of them.
A lot of lolitas in my comm seem to hate children so I guess it's become a ~trigger~ for me to hear someone bring this up, because usually it's like, oh boy, here we go again.

>> No.9719890

96cm boobs barely fit in lolita, fml

>> No.9719896

So she stared at me because the doesn't think seeing people in lolita is a big deal and then she didn't know how
to react to a smile. Right.
It wasn't my best outfit, pretty casual but i dont think it was literally ita.

I dont think we magically become ~~frilly friends forever~~ but i mean, she was staring at me first. I didn't really know how to interpret it but i guess i assumed she was curious and so i was i? Its not like i ran up to her and gushed about the latest AP release, I just smiled at her.

I thought that but even my bf said the same. And i understand, I like to keep to myself but i wouldn't really call being smiled at being bothered by a stranger, especially when they interacted with me first.

>> No.9719900

Most shirred pieces fit just fine

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>Buy a bunch from wunderwelt at beginning of year with my tax return
>Clean it up, remove stains, decide what I want to keep and sell the rest
>Just made back all the money I spent by selling the fixed up burando, while keeping at least half of my haul
I feel a little weird that I basically got it for free in the end, minus the weeks worth of cleaning/cost of cleaning material, but it's otherwise a good feel.

>> No.9719905

Anon, you are way overthinking this. Chill.

>> No.9719910


>> No.9719918

I mean, i know... but it kinda threw me off, maybe its just me though. I've been in the fashion for a while but I've rarely been in the same place (coincidentally of course) as another lolita while also dressed up myself. I just thought I had appropriate social protocol, but apparently not.

>> No.9719919

Maybe not very feel but in fact i was angry af about this situation.
>Last week i was with my gf on small Xmass con
>she was cosplaying and participate in cosplay contest
>It was her second cosplay and also contest
>Her cosplay was Mysterious Heroine X Alter from Fate/GO
>Before contest we were talking with people about that there are no many new cosplayers in our country, even so, the make 1 or 2 cosplays and that's all
>There was one girl cosplaying as Kotori in some Xmas outfit and singing at contest
>And sits in cosplay few years
>She sang one note wrong then, start crying and run of the scene
>One guy from organization of con run after her to say sorry
>also made offical apologies that it was fault of technichians
>and also she won best costume prize
>My gf when was her time at scene accidentally drop sword
>also technichians fucked up by not dimming light when they should
>next the guy that run after kotori before shouted at here to better next time watch out coz someone could get hitted or some stuff like speakers.

But for good gf didn't cried and anything and still want to cosplay.
It's not about prize but WTF why someone gets carrot and other a stick.
SRSLY i don't understand

>> No.9719924

Master race flat chest coming through

>> No.9719925

That guy was clearly trying to fuck Kotori

>> No.9719926

might as well get a sex change

>> No.9719929

I wonder why they hate kids?

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Hot damn. That's a really good idea! You're helping yourself and others. I hope you continue with this practice because we all need more pristine burando in our lives.

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File: 654 KB, 2048x1365, ct-jimmy-garoppolo-bears-49ers-trade-rosenbloom-20171031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still no Jimmy G doujinshi
I am sad

>> No.9720075

sorry you can't wear any cute clothes anon :^)

>> No.9720077

Girl, why? I'm brown and I think Kamala is a shit character. Aim a little higher.

>> No.9720098

It's your gf's fault for cosplaying MHX. The guy probably spent $2000 rolling for her and got nothing, now he's triggered by the character

>> No.9720107

I like to buy stuff from Ralph Lauren's childrens line. Good quality at a price point I'm actually willing to pay.

>> No.9720150

>Boyfriend and I are planning a trip through Europe by the end of 2018/start of 2019, hitting all the good tourist spots with stops to lolita related stores
>Got several dream dresses and finally figured out which substyle I'm most comfortable in
>Finally started posting pictures of my coords and being more active
>Wear my coords out to my classes, feel my anxiety lessen over time, confidence growing
>Started yoga, learning Japanese, and spending more time on art and writing
>Getting a raise at my job
>Finally took skincare seriously and am now acne free
>Planning on getting own apartment in 2018 too

Life is really good.

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>tfw I'm a crossboarder from /m/ while my boyfriend's home board is /cgl/
>frequently get mistaken for male while he gets mistaken for a girl from /cgl/ when posting on other boards
>before finding out his gender by actually seeing him, some of our online lolita friends thought he was a girl and that I was a lesbian
>he honestly knows more about lolita and cares more about my brand than I do
He's not interested in dressing up and I'm not interested in making him but I really lucked out. I love him to death

>> No.9720174

I want to quit my cosplay group but we just finished a Christmas shoot and I don't want to leave until it's posted and I don't want to leave on Christmas. So. I'm just biding my time and it's really awkward and shitty talking to them when I have this on my mind.

>> No.9720206

Wash your taint, don't just spray some water at it, get a soap and wash cloth and scrub up

>> No.9720220

So,at what max bush measurement do you say Lolita ~fits~? 92?

>> No.9720231
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Wash your body. Wear nice close. Be casual.

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She said yes!

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Oh yes I know that feeling. I cringe and tense up when I see most pictures of myself so I can't give you any advice, but consider this:

How many times have you seen someone and felt your heart flutter, or just been taken aback by how beautiful they are? That's happened to me like a handful of times out of the thousands and thousands of people I've seen IRL and online, and never from just a photo. If you've ever had a proper crush you how much further it goes than just appearance. Before you met them you might not have even noticed them. But after, once you've seen their expressions and heard their voice and know how cool they are? That's when they stand out to you, and I think that's how it goes for most people.

You are cuter than you think and I know you'll meet someone!

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>>2 part feels
>>friends with goth lolita and another girl thinking about getting into it
>>see the stuff the one wears, pictures they post, and when they talk about it.
>>feeling slightly jealous that as women they can dress in such varied, cool, and pretty ways.
>>guess it's another day of slacks and button ups, with the occasional jeans on weekends.

>>2nd part
>>Think the girl who wants to get into it is really cute, and enjoy seeing how happy she is thinking about starting.
>>she's a mess of low self esteem, combined with low income, which means she constantly doubts herself and keeps putting it off.
>>want to encourage her, but understand her reasons, even though I think her low self image is silly because she's so cute, with great interest.
>>know a lot of them come form her previous relationship and verbal/emotional abuse so just let her be and try to be encouraging and listen when she talks about it or sends me pictures.

I don't even know. I kind of feel like she'd be real happy getting into something she's wanted to for a while, but I also fear the community and her own high standards may just make her self image issues worse.

>> No.9720255
File: 39 KB, 500x375, 1347307801462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 part feels
>friends with goth lolita and another girl thinking about getting into it
>see the stuff the one wears, pictures they post, and when they talk about it.
>feeling slightly jealous that as women they can dress in such varied, cool, and pretty ways.
>guess it's another day of slacks and button ups, with the occasional jeans on weekends.

>2nd part
>Think the girl who wants to get into it is really cute, and enjoy seeing how happy she is thinking about starting.
>she's a mess of low self esteem, combined with low income, which means she constantly doubts herself and keeps putting it off.
>want to encourage her, but understand her reasons, even though I think her low self image is silly because she's so cute, with great interest.
>know a lot of them come form her previous relationship and verbal/emotional abuse so just let her be and try to be encouraging and listen when she talks about it or sends me pictures.

I don't even know. I kind of feel like she'd be real happy getting into something she's wanted to for a while, but I also fear the community and her own high standards may just make her self image issues worse.

>> No.9720257
File: 62 KB, 538x445, 1512440431676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend is going to cosplay Boxxy. Should I tell her she's a little late to that party?

>> No.9720277
File: 1019 KB, 500x270, 1403191042259.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make the weeb pilgrimage to Japan finally
>check out shibuya 109, laforet, all the dream shops
>i'm 6 feet tall
>nothing fits

>> No.9720297

Sorry, anon. You won't find many sympathetic people on 4chan especially if they think you might be fat, even though a lot of anons are overweight themselves. I still think it was a shitty thing for them to do even if you were fat (which you're not).

>> No.9720303
File: 3.57 MB, 480x270, ttxuj66pxb301.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry anon

>> No.9720311

Nobody would think its weird for a black person to be Capt Marvel through. People would think its weird to have a white Ms Marvel tho. Its ok either way, but they act like its a sacred cow.

>> No.9720327

Then unfriend her, just to be safe.

>> No.9720449

>decide to use my day off to take good pictures of things in my wardrobe and maybe some floordinate pics
>no good indoor lighting so rely on natural light
>extremely overcast day, dark af, impossible to take decent pictures
well fuck

>> No.9720462
File: 17 KB, 500x439, 1510879513880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm still not a 1980s post apocalyptic tough action hero
>tfw I never will be

>> No.9720487

Smdh l fukin hate wypipo

>> No.9720489
File: 45 KB, 750x591, 56465464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just popping in to say that two aspies in a relationship may sound like true love beautiful perfect romance uguu but in reality it's always a fucking disaster.

Aspies need understanding and caring NT partners that are willing to learn and understand the aspie's strengths and limitations. and the NT acts as a caregiver in many ways.

It's probably for the best that ya'll can't be together.

>> No.9720498

That girl sounds like me, minus the weird bragging about shopping for kids' shit.
>A lot of lolitas in my comm seem to hate children

Correction, a lot of millennials in general hate children. Rightly so. They're parasitic, expensive little fuckers and most of us aren't cut out to be parents. Most humans in general aren't cut out to be parents in all honesty, unfortunately a good chunk of them will never realize that. at least the our generation tends to realize they aren't capable of properly raising another human being in an overpopulated world that's quickly running out of resources.

>> No.9720537

>a tirade about how horrible kids are and how they're disgusting crotchdropping fucktrophies
Lots of girls in this board feel the same way
It's worrying

>> No.9720568

That's cool, by all means don't have children. But why go on tirades about it? That's what annoys me.

If they don't like children then it's a good thing they won't have any. I just wish we could do something fun like go to a theme park or museum or park or literally anywhere we could hypothetically encounter a child without someone autistically screaming about how much they hate "parasitic crotchdroppings". They don't have to prove anything to us, none of us want them to procreate in the first place, so please chill out and stop being an embarrassment.

>> No.9720693

My facial plastic surgery finally finished healing and I've never felt better in lolita or cosplay!

>> No.9720700

Great anon. What did you get changed?

>> No.9720708

Thanks! I got double eyelid surgery and natural looking V line chin.

>> No.9720717

Glad you're happy with the changes and for your newfound confidence! Good luck anon.

>> No.9720720

Listen, if a girl dresses me up as link because all they would need to do is stick a tunic and tights on me, I'm not going to spend an entire con mute and only screaming random noises when I exert myself.

Actually now that I think about it, yes I would that sounds fun.

>> No.9720721

How much did it cost?

>> No.9720756

That was me today too omg. I HATE my dark apartment and have recently just given up trying to take pics in it. Today I curled my hair for like the 4th time in my life and got dressed just to take a selfie outside since there’s snow and what I thought would be good lighting but still too overcast and ugly cars in the background.

>> No.9720763

The surgeon was a friend of my relatives, so in total I paid around 6 million won (~5500 usd).

Thank you!

>> No.9720773

>skinny, objectively pretty (or at least not ugly), good wardrobe, nice to people
>tfw still no irl friends or happiness and want to die
i'm so lonely but i'm in no position to try making new friends because i am emotionally fucked and literally psycho but i also refuse to get help because i am emotionally fucked and literally psycho

at what point do you check yourself into a mental hospital? would that even help? i was self-medicating with clothes and cute shit but it's not enough. i always thought being pretty would be enough to make me happy but it isn't, there's no point

>> No.9720775

Hey anon, not sure you need to check into a mental hospital, but it sounds like getting professional help might be good for you. Hope you can get to a better place.

>> No.9720789
File: 2.97 MB, 640x360, tfw gf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9720808

Men being men.
I got the same happening at 16 (and i very obviously looked like a teenager) even now (where i'm still mistaken for being under 18 at times) it happens from time to time it's disgusting. I'm sorry for you anon, that's terrible.

>> No.9720822

thats a great anon. I am so insecure about my jawline/chin i would love to get it surgically changed, but theres also social stigma against plastic surgery so idk. do you think most people will notice/care?

>> No.9720823

Some people like feeling unique and special, and while I wasn't there and am only going by what You say, perhaps she was one of those people and felt somehow threatened seeing another person try to 'take away' her "uniqueness". It's pretty rare, but it has happened to me as well. Who knows. Just don't waste time and energy worrying/stressing/talking about it. who cares!

>> No.9720824

Start with trying to find a decent therapist (this may take four or five attempts, I ended up with a clinical psychologist but other people have found counsellors, social workers, etc more useful)

>> No.9720835

I haven't faced any negativity at all after getting the surgery, most people can't even tell. I don't know much about surgeons in America, but in South Korea they are very experienced and make you look like you were born this way. I know some people who have faced negativity and gossip over breast augmentation, but nobody has really said anything about my face likely because they haven't noticed or don't care. I think the only people who might care would be family or a significant other, strangers or acquaintances won't be able to tell you've ever had surgery. The surgeries boosted my self esteem greatly, and even if people did judge me I still wouldn't regret it. Good luck!

>> No.9720838

If people aren't looking for it mostly they can't tell unless you've got a bad surgeon or went for extreme makeover levels. I had fillers and botox in my face (basically the non surgical v line that everyone in Singapore seems to get) which has significantly changed my face shape but people haven't said a thing.

>> No.9720845
File: 294 KB, 634x662, ledditgoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently at work listening to a presentation about diapers, and I'm giggling my ass off thinking of you gulls.

>> No.9720851
File: 80 KB, 400x614, missm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't care about cosplay race politics, or marvel comics, so maybe I'm lacking context here, but how could it be considered wrong for a white person to cosplay an originally white character? I'm not even trying to play le devils advocate or anything I'm just genuinely curious/kinda confused.

>> No.9720862

The current Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan) is a brownie.
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) is now Captain Marvel.

While their outfits have a lot of similarities, a Muslim Marvel costume is different and recognizable. Its more dress then leotard.

>> No.9720865

Thanks for the input, I think it's something I will seriously consider after paying off student debt!

>> No.9720891
File: 20 KB, 259x224, death.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, lolita
>got first job for those sweet burando bux
>workplace is primarily other teens working their first jobs too
>first official day of work
>cleaning alongside another dude
>it's quiet so we make smalltalk
>suddenly, the dreaded questions
>"do you like anime?"
>"what race are you? are you half japanese? you are? that's so cool!"
>"so you must like anime, right?"
>proceeds to list off all of the anime characters he thinks i look like
>tells me i'm a total "kuudere"
>make it clear that i'm not really into anime
>he still weebs all over me for 2 hours
>mfw he tells the other dudes at work that i'm hafu
>mfw they're weebs too and now they won't leave me alone

god forbid they ever figure out that i'm a lolita. i just wanted to make burando bucks in peace but now every day of work i'm tailed by a flock of weebs who only like me because i'm half japanese. i mean i know they're probably just awkward and trying to relate to me, but they're forcing all this anime shit on me and it's creepy. kuudere jfc

>> No.9720893

>Things that have never happened

>> No.9720894

have you ever met highschoolers anon?

if you can't believe that highschoolers pull these kinds of things, i've got bad news for you.

>> No.9720895

I'm surprised you have never encountered a weeb. Those creatures travel in packs.

>> No.9720900

Are you underage? Yes.

>> No.9720901

i'm an 18 year old in college. why are you bloomers in a twist?

>> No.9720920

>first job
>job for burando bux
how are you paying for college

>> No.9720922

scholarship and savings. i did well in HS and got a lot of college credits so i really don't have much more to take. i'm setting aside half of my paychecks for "future" stuff, so it's not all going towards clothes or anything.

>> No.9720931

ur edge decapitated my head off!!!! TWICE

>> No.9720933

Can people that hate kids, be called "bigots"?
Will that shut them up?

>> No.9720937

With how many people on here thinking it's impossible to afford this fashion if you're in college/highschool, it really makes me question how stupid you all are.

>what are scholarships
>what are second hand sellers
>what are taobao brand
>what are not being a dumbass

>> No.9720941

fr though. i started wearing lolita properly when i was a broke 16 year old because secondhand brand is a thing. if you shop smart and don't feel like hopping on every new release, it's no more expensive than nice quality normie clothes.

>> No.9720943

Not that anon, but I'm in college with several scholarships and I'm still paying well over $25k a year. Likely that number is higher than most because I'm going to a prestigious university out of state, but right now buying lolita really isn't an option for me at all. Also, the reputable taobao brands that aren't shit quality can come out being pricey af. By calling out people who think it's hard to afford lolita in college by essentially implying it's easy to do so with scholarships, taobao, and secondhand, you're basically falling into the same logical fallacy.

>> No.9720948

i think their point was that it's stupid to be salty that a college kid can afford lolita. everybody has different financial situations, so asking how somebody can afford something (when the answer is right under their nose--they just can) is silly and unnecessary. but i agree with you too.

>> No.9720949

>people are stupid for thinking buying luxury clothes items is hard! just buy secondhand and taobao!

68% of students with a bachelor's graduate with student debt. is it really that hard to wonder why people question how so many people are throwing finances at dresses that on average cost over $100 secondhand??? not saying it's impossible, just pointing out the majority of people can't afford tuition.

>> No.9720951

nayrt but is it really that hard to come up with an answer on your own? savings, parents, grandparents, working, inheritance, scholarship. it could be any number of reasons, but it all comes down to one thing: they have the money to do it.

>> No.9720953

I decided to take up sewing so I could make some of the cute stuff in mooks like Otome no Sewing. It probably wasn't the best idea ever to make my very first sewing project a dress with instructions that aren't even in English, so I took about a hundred steps back and decided to actually LEARN how to sew instead of just winging it. I feel so stupid, though. All of my projects so far (not counting stupid easy stuff like pillows) are so ugly and imperfect. I'm so used to easily picking up new skills, and now for the first time in my life, a skill I'm actually interested in isn't coming to me naturally. I might even be...bad at it.

>> No.9720954

i'm the one who asked the question, it wasn't meant in a salty way or really for an actual answer, mainly just my shock in question form. i've had a job since i was 14, saved all my money, got scholarships, and still am struggling to pay for college. which is why i was a bit shocked how someone who just got their first job is doing it, but i agree i shouldn't have made it question form or posted at all.

>> No.9720958

There are still a ton of dresses below $100 secondhand, including AP and BTSSB. Stop acting like buying secondhand is damaging someone's wallet to the point where they're unable to afford anything else/paying all towards college.

>> No.9720960

desu I would be embarrassed to say I had my first job at 18, like even if my family had money I’d like to have some sort of life experience by then. You’re not wrong to be surprised.

>> No.9720964

>Stop acting like buying secondhand is damaging someone's wallet to the point where they're unable to afford anything else/paying all towards college.

you are SO right. if someone's already 30,000 in debt what's a few hundred more for some dresses? before "scholarships, family, etc!" please remember i am referring to the 68% in debt, not the 38% that can afford to spare the extra cash.

>> No.9720965

i was the one who answered your question and i didn't take it to be salty or anything. everybody has different contingencies in their lives when it comes to finances, and mine just happen to be different. it's okay to find it weird.

i know i'm late in the game, but my folks wouldn't let me get a job until now (for good reason). believe me, i wish i could have worked sooner. it wasn't something i was putting off. everybody has different situations.

>> No.9720972

Did you volunteer in high school a lot or something? Idk what you’d put on your resume/application for college and get accepted if the only thing you had was good grades. Maybe they don’t actually care about that kind of experience, I wouldn’t know.

>> No.9720973

>implying you actually need experience for basic retail
Entry level jobs are entry level.

>> No.9720976

are you asking how i got into college? i took part in this weird "early college" program where they basically took you out of HS 2 years early and threw you into college. i got into that program because of my grades, and i was able to stay at the same college even if the program ended.

i also volunteered a lot and was the president of some honor society stuff, which also involved volunteering. i was a nerd. if you're asking how i got the job, like the other anon said, it's entry level.

>> No.9720977

>resume/application for college

>> No.9720980

Yeah I meant college. Ok that all makes sense.

>> No.9720987

People get full rides for their grades, wtf are you talking about

>> No.9720991

Oh, sorry, I misread. But still, I personally got a scholarship to uni for my grades alone. Just got to get high enough grades. Not American though so not sure how it works over there.

>> No.9721009

>I wouldn't know
There are also a shitton of kids with good grades, and I'd imagine those full rides would go to the ones with the additional work or volunteer experience.

>> No.9721011
File: 44 KB, 1024x768, kon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, get mad crush on fb cosplay dude from nearby city
>add fb dude and talk to him from time to time
>meet fb dude at a con, holy shit he's cuter and sweeter in person than I thought
>talk to him for a minute before leaving because nerves

this guy is an 8/10 in all fields, and im maybe a 7/10, im always starting the conversations and he always replies but it's obviously one sided, i feel like hes just being nice. how has he been single for so long though? he doesn't seem to be the guy to hook up and he definitely does not seem gay so what am I doing wrong? I haven't had a crush this bad since middle school (which is a long time ago)

I feel you anon, everything was too short on me as well (5'8") and my shoulders were also too big for most items, which had never happened before

>> No.9721015
File: 39 KB, 639x719, 1502646659773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>order some clothes from this one store, but pick the worst shipping option with no reliable tracking by accident (I live in a third world country, so this is a bad idea. I've been incredibly lucky with shipping so far, but this very well could be my "time")
>wait a few days, notice one of the items are still in stock
>buy it again, picking a better shipping option this time, throw in another clothing item I didn't get on the side because why not
>bf thinks I'm an "impulse buyer" because I bought the same thing twice
Reeee. Is it actually that weird?

>> No.9721020

How well do you even know this guy?

>> No.9721032

Heads up for any language though
You will get a nicer reply if you learn how to get someone's attention in their language and then ask if they speak English, because some people don't like average tourists and appreciate the effort.
Knew someone once who saw that exact thing happen - they were in France and asked someone in French if they spoke English, then asked for directions. Then later someone else came to the same person, asked only in English, and got the cold shoulder.

>> No.9721034

Honestly not too much, its mostly from what ive seen on fb and my conversations with him, Im aware im putting him on a pedestal for the most part but I really just wanna get to know him more and go on a date since thats how you get to know someone better

>> No.9721038
File: 13 KB, 360x360, pig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8/10 guy into cosplay
What where

>> No.9721039

you just started. if your skill hasn't improved within 1 to 3 years, then you should give up.

some things come easily to you, others don't.

>> No.9721040

exactly! they hardly exist, and the fact that he doesn't give me fucboi vibes is unheard of. so the fact that he does not have a girlfriend and has been single for so long is astonishing, we share so many hobbies even outside of anime and cosplay as well as morals and ways of thinking which is why im head over heels for someone i don't fully know well but would love to get to know more

>> No.9721044

It's not Rink is it? He is the only good-looking seemingly non-thot one I know of.
Regardless good luck to you, I'm jealous of your feels.

>> No.9721046

I have no idea who Rink is
thanks but nah, my feels aren't getting me anywhere which is why im venting on cgl and looking for advice from anons

>> No.9721059
File: 156 KB, 478x524, 1512285573861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ty. I'm really excited.

>> No.9721080

you have found an interesting person
the question is, which one is the mask
it's probably the cosplay persona

>> No.9721083
File: 88 KB, 500x298, B1C44696-FC6E-4B59-85F3-8AEE288FD97A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh anon, this made me feel so much better. I didn’t think of it before and you really are right, it’s so different being with a person irl than seeing pictures. Things develop and people get more attractive through a specific set of eyes. Now I just need to find guys to hang with lol I work freelance from home and everyone at my internship is female. Life after graduation is a transition which is probably another factor contributing to how I feel.

Thank you, you’ve helped me!

>> No.9721125

Do you have a history of buying things in multiples or shopping at least once, but usually more a week(for fun stuff, not stuff you _need_)
There's lots of checklists around to help you know if you've got a spending problem, so do a google.
Most importantly, if you are saving more than you spend, who cares if you like shopping.

>> No.9721138 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 400x266, Ariana-Grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate hate HATE Ariana Grande

>> No.9721200

>Tfw un your country more than 35% of 25 and under people are jobless
>All jobs without experience taken up by people who dropped highschool being 16(minimum age you can start to work and/or leave school)

>> No.9721210
File: 531 KB, 853x572, 1510788980368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw someone cool who I thought ghosted me from the FF thread got back to me after months last week and I missed the message because my notifications fucked up
>happy to hear from them, responded with relief but I'm not sure if they're still checking their email now

fug, I hope they read this

>> No.9721233

She's long gone
Let her go

>> No.9721237

why are "LS" allowed to give advice in BSoLF? ALSO GO AWAY BELLA AND TAKE YOUR REPLICA BAGS WITH YOU

>> No.9721249

C’mon, I’m sure you secretly love all that attention.

>> No.9721275

>Studying abroad in Japan next semester, April to July
>really want to bring a cosplay with me I can wear to a con
>The two big cons I know of are either in March or in December

At least I can track down all the places I've seen in anime, r-right?

>> No.9721278
File: 731 KB, 640x480, otokojojo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask him to come over to watch a show. Choose some comedy.


>> No.9721302

>backstory: I'm pretty secretive about my weebness because I'm self-conscious about it, so I don't bring it up around normies.
>cosplay and take photos
>parents know I went and make my cosplay, but don't know much about anime
>show them to my parents only, and only the most basic ones of other people
>at grandparents house, mom asks me to show photos to everyone
>mom also brags to other people that I make "costumes"
>don't know how to tell her not to brag about it without bringing up the fact that it's embarassing

Not a great time.

>> No.9721313

Sorry anon. My mom did this and now I don't show her or tell her about my cosplay at all.

>> No.9721354


While I completely understand where you're (both) coming from, take it from your parents perspective.

>Having talented kid that can make own outfits out of scratch
>Try to connect with them even though you don't understand and they don't give you a lot of room
>Brag on how awesome they are about this type of hobby because you don't release that they're embarrassed about it
>Suddenly have your kid stop showing you the stuff they made seemingly without reason, wonder what you did wrong

If your parents support you enough to care about seeing your stuff and wanting to show it off to others, they care about you enough to be interested in what you have to say and the hobby itself! Parents aren't always evil - tell them (both) that it's not a hobby you're ready to share with a bunch of people yet, and that you'd prefer to keep it between you and a select few others.

I had this happen to me and afterwards, did the same thing; I stopped showing my parents my stuff, and when we finally sat down and talked about it almost a year later, this is what I found out.

>> No.9721370

why would i want attention from dumb teenage boys working the same dead-end job as me? no thank you

>> No.9721375

You can make them do stuff

>> No.9721389

My mom and dad have been yelling at me all the time, calling me a failure and other terrible names. This has been going on for months. I usually hole up in my room all day but get abused anytime I leave to get myself food/use the bathroom/do laundry/etc.

I feel like shit. I'm 23, still well over a year from a useless degree, and every job I get, I get fired within a couple weeks. apparently most jobs require you to not call out sick even once or twice for the first 60-90 days, which is literally never going to happen with me. I've never gone more than one working week without becoming too ill (physically and/or mentally) and needing a day off. And most jobs that aren't heavy physical labor require multi-tasking, and I can't multi-task for shit. I'm also a tiny skinny bitch and physical labor is never something I could do.

I'm a burden to my parents and they don't even like me. I think they only still sometimes tell me they love me out of robotic obligation, because it's the only "positive" thing that comes out of their mouths regarding me, and it's only when they're leaving the house.

I know I'm a loser and a burden and honestly I feel like I've just been wasting time by not hurrying up and becoming an hero.

I'm not who you replied to but you have such a good point and this is probably exactly the thought process of those anons' parents. I wish my parents would take an interest in my hobbies, however embarrassing they may be. Instead they just mock my lolita wardrobe and wince when they see me going out in my coords. My mom said she thought I'd grow out of anime and lolita no later than 21 and get some adult interests like knitting (?!?!). Yeah.

>> No.9721395

sounds like you need to move out asap. do you have a weak immune system? if so you could get a doctors note and try to find a nice office or telecomm job :(

>> No.9721444

Yeah if you have an official diagnosis I think it's illegal to fire you because of that? Discrimination and equal opportunities and all that?

>> No.9721456

>>Or they could be a merchandiser. Good pay and you set your own hours.

>> No.9721510

>gf has always had a hard time making friends
>introduce her to my best friend and his gf
>they hit it off really well
>she's super into cosplaying and gets those two to wanna do group cosplay
>plans are being made
>I'm in a city a couple hours away for uni
>they meet up a couple times without me to hang out, make plans for the cosplays and my gf also gets them into some of her spirituality stuff
>fast forward to 2 months ago
>gf calls me
>she and my best friend have been regularly meeting up
>neither me nor his gf knew about it
>been "getting close" (apparently no kissing or sex tho)
>been talking about just leaving me and his gf behind and run away
>she tells me all of this under tears
>pretty much all contact breaks of with fuckface and his gf
>my gf has since shifted from her being sorry to "nothing I did was wrong, nothing happened"
>doesn't care that I still feel betrayed af
>can't even work on cosplays like usual to take my mind of off stuff
>constantly having anxiety attacks

Fuck everything

>> No.9721516

>being a cuck

>> No.9721519

I wouldn't want to have a whiny cunt working for me either.

>> No.9721559

everybody betray me and now I am the fool

>> No.9721574

Leave her you cuck, it's both her and your best friend's faults, she doesn't deserve to be in a relationship

>> No.9721606
File: 1.87 MB, 500x305, no headpats.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take months to respond to someone
>see this
>check email
I guess I did deserve it

>> No.9721614

I was in a similar situation. Are you helping around in the house? Cooking meals for the family, cleaning more than just your room, basic yardwork etc? I was to the point where I would just sit in my room all day outside of classes and not help with anything, and my parents were really bothered. When I started putting in effort to do my part I noticed a big change. Sure, we weren't all perfect family but things were by far more civil.

>> No.9721622

Talk to him you fucking autist.

>> No.9721623

Leave her.
She's a fucking hoe.

>> No.9721647

What kind of illness?

>> No.9721649

Dump her then ghost her.

>> No.9721669
File: 63 KB, 700x700, len_kagamine_x_reader__mysterious_girl__last_chap__by_pinkstar144-d6j203q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talk to a gull from the friend thread
>we both love vocaloid
>talking about vocaloid husbandos
>I tell her mine is Len
>she never responds

>> No.9721677

>Ralph Lauren

Enjoy your ugly autism clothes. Those aren't even cute for actual children

>> No.9721687
File: 70 KB, 300x300, 10354116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favorite too!
Lets be friends!

>> No.9721708

do you have a discord? I bought that figurine, its the nicest way I've seen his hair done.
>they pushed the release date back by 3 months

>> No.9721740

I don't use it much, but poochyena#1412

>> No.9721809
File: 6 KB, 538x83, 149084665937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's amazing how much I'm willing to spend on burando now that I know about its quality.
Just over a year ago, I could never imagine myself splurging $200 on a blouse.

(I wish MM will come back now that MMM's revived)

>> No.9721829

>Why would I want attention from people my age that are like me?

>> No.9721841

i have standards, that's why.

>> No.9722079
File: 150 KB, 500x584, fuck-this-shit-just-kidding-need-to-pass-17789720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ordered Holy Lantern skirt and some Axes Femme stuff through SS for the first time
>SS is more expensive than I expected, ok kinda saw that coming
>Chose EMS to ensure my package arrives safe and fast
>Package held at customs for three weeks
>Had to fill in information request form that took me an hour because of the SS' confusing prices
>tfw i will very likely have to pay at least €100 extra for customs

>> No.9722083

not to mention it will probably take another three weeks before I finally get my package.....I wanted those Axes Femme skirts for autumn/winter.....

>> No.9722086
File: 173 KB, 225x224, 1336668581218.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know that feeling anon, it fuckin sucks. how much was your SS? all the hidden costs is one of the reasons im hesitant to start looking on fril and yahoo japan.

ive paid 200GBP before for surprise customs fees on one package, i was so mad

>> No.9722088

What the fuck? What shopping services have you been using? I recommend ZenMarket for Y!J, and Japonica Market for mercari and fril. I've used both of them for years and never had any problems like "hidden fees".

>> No.9722090

customs fees not SS fees. this was quite a while ago when they started cracking down on packages coming into the UK, and i wasn't expecting such a high fee.

anyway, as for those SS, what price do you pay? i'm always having to tally up how much customs will cost on top of everything too and it's a right pain in the nut.

>> No.9722095

¥300 for every item you buy through ZenMarket, they give you ¥300 when you sign up so basically you don't pay fees on your first item, and you can pick the shipping method you prefer and decide how to pack your items.
These are Japonica's fees: http://japonicamarket.com/smart-payment.html They're not exactly cheap but afaik they're one of the few shopping services that can buy from mercari and fril so I'd say it's worth it.

>> No.9722117

Actually now that I look at it, it's mostly the shipment and customs screwing me over, not so much the SS.
Domestic shipping: 1690 YEN / 12.77 euro (I ordered from three different places so that's normal)
SS: 2100 YEN / 15.86 euro
International shipping: 5800 YEN /43.84 euro
I'm just mostly angry that I paid so much for shipment and still have to wait about a month for my items to arrive thanks to my country's ridiculous custom laws.
I should have known, I guess I have only myself to blame....
I used fromjapan, they're not bad and even offered to lower my invoice but I was too afraid to get caught or have my items not be insured.

>> No.9722126

ah thank you. will most SS mark down packages for you?

jeez that's shit. for me the downsides of marked down packages don't outweigh being assblasted by customs. although, I say that but one day with my luck i'll probably lose a package and rage

>> No.9722131

I don't know if Japonica will (never tried to do it myself) but you can choose any price you want to display on packages from ZM, and you can also ask them to not use any stickers on the parcel if you want it to not look like commercial stuff.

>> No.9722152

What the fuck is your deal? You're a parasitic, expensive little fucker. Wasting resources on fucking clothes of all things, not to mention the mental illnesses you're walking around with.

How does that feel? Now shut the fuck up about your hate, you're worse than racists and sexists.

>> No.9722171
File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1460689858375.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

current feel: knowing that in lolita, the dress I want is a good deal, but to normies I'm a crazy lady spending a stupid amount of money on frills

huh, that's good to know, thank you. i'll dip my toes into SS soon.

>> No.9722177

Normies spend equal amounts on other bullshit including boring clothes that aren't worth the money in terms of quality, materials and construction. It's easy for them to judge when what you're doing is "weird"; just live your life.

>> No.9722178
File: 645 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I met a girl on the chans that makes my heart light up with joy (as in,my cheeks hurt from smiling whenever we talk) and I finally showed her lolita fash yesterday then anxiously awaited her response only to hear "holy shit,this is SO cute i fucking love it" and enthusiastic "ooh" when i showed her my coords.
I don't really expect it to go anywhere,especially since she's from another continent (thinks about moving to mine for reasons though) but she makes my kokoro go dokidoki. She even leaves me good morning messages when she goes to sleep since it's about when i wake up.
I haven't felt "love" in years and i think i'm feeling it again.

>> No.9722179

⅓ of all the students make it out of college without any debt at all, and you're wondering how this one person wants to afford lolita after getting a job?

>> No.9722180

>tfw just want to wear lolita and sew, but bf invited over his annoying, aggressively normie friend
>always interrogates me about anything ~weird~ he sees me doing
>thinks practically everything I do is weird and needs to be questioned
>including but not limited to: my clothing, my music tastes, books I’m reading, every single one of my hobbies, vegetarian diet
>at first I thought he was just being interested but he asks the exact same dumb questions and makes the exact same lame jokes every single time so I’m pretty sure he’s just poking at me for the fun of it
>have started hiding sewing projects and only wearing normie clothes whenever he comes over so he has nothing to question me about
>can’t hide vegetarianism though since we’ll be having dinner together
>mentally preparing for having to answer his “but whyyyyyyy???” for literally the 25th time
>tfw still cleaning the entire house for this asshole because I’m too houseproud not to

I miss my bf’s awkward weeb friends. They still treated me weirdly but they were like that around all girls so it was nothing personal. With this guy I feel like the subject of some sociological thesis I never consented to be a part of.

>> No.9722182

>have started hiding sewing projects and only wearing normie clothes whenever he comes over so he has nothing to question me about
Excuse me if I start asking you "but why?"
Seriously, why are you hiding from this guy? Have you talked to your boyfriend about this? You should if you haven't, let him know that the shit his friend does makes you feel bad. You shouldn't feel bad about the things you love, especially not in your own home.

>> No.9722183

Why don't you try talking to your bf about him.

>> No.9722184

yes, that's a very good point. I think I just have general spending guilt because I couldn't afford anything expensive up until recently.

thats cute anon.

>> No.9722207

Vegetarianism is stupid

>> No.9722214

ok I need a source.

>> No.9722217

Instead of complying, just tell him to shut his fucking mouth every time he acts like a jackass.

>> No.9722221

I have, but he’s an even bigger autist than I am so he doesn’t see how this guy is making me uncomfortable and thinks he’s just showing interest. He’s also kind of his only friend at this point, so I’d feel bad telling him he can’t invite his best friend over to his own home.
I used to think it was genuine interest too, but there’s only so many times a genuinely interested person would ask
>but WHY do you like this??
>why don’t you do/wear [completely different, unrelated thing] instead of [thing you like]?? Wouldn’t that be better/easier??
before they know what my answers are and stop asking these questions. He also constantly asks me if I look down on women who wear pants and doesn’t seem to believe me when I say no. He has seen me wear pants a few times so I don’t know where this shit even comes from.

That’s just like, your opinion, man. And I have no problem with that or with someone eating meat in my home. It does annoy me to have someone waving bacon around and repeatedly asking me if I’m offended by that, though. Put it in your mouth or put it back on your plate ffs don’t play with your food like a toddler.

I probably will at some point, but I’m one of those people who cries angry tears when I’m confronting someone and I don’t want to give this guy the satisfaction of making me cry.

>sews angrily

>> No.9722238

Ask yourself for a source, you literally said 38% of students don't have any debt in the post i replied to.

>> No.9722243

>It does annoy me to have someone waving bacon around and repeatedly asking me if I’m offended by that, though
Is he always drunk or something?

>> No.9722246

If he's not picking on you, he's likely genuinely daft. Maybe if you treat him with that in mind his behavior will upset you less.
>but WHY do you like this??
>because it makes me happy

>why don’t you do/wear [completely different, unrelated thing] instead of [thing you like]?? Wouldn’t that be better/easier??
>I don't care about doing/wearing things the easy way, I want to do/wear what makes me happy.
There's not much to argue about things that you personally love, really. If he thinks you or your interests are weird then tough titties, you're not looking for his approval so you shouldn't try so hard to justify yourself to him.
Next time, try turning his questions back to him. A simple "Why are you asking?" will likely be enough to tell you whether he's making fun of you or is actually being stupid, deliberately or otherwise.

>> No.9722279

dump his ass, hun

>> No.9722308

>unrelated feels
finally watched the disaster artist and it was so good, so many mixed feels of it being funny/but feeling so sorry for Weisaeu. Greg and Tommy truly are best friends ;-;

>> No.9722311
File: 76 KB, 556x479, 1511449793428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feeling sorry for Wiseau
I saw the movie last weekend and enjoyed it but he came across as nothing but a jealous cunt to Greg during filming, not to mention to his whole crew

>denying your buddy a possible big break on Malcolm in the Middle because you think lacking facial hair later in your movie = character development

>> No.9722336
File: 17 KB, 400x225, trumpvangelion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a load of stuff coming in the mail! It should arrive in 1-2 weeks! Just in time for Christmas, yay!

...Oh shit, I'll be away from home then. I don't trust my asshole housemates to collect my parcels for me since they wont even open the door for a parcel for themselves.
FUCK. How screwed am I?

>> No.9722340

tfw shipping on ur taobao order is $80

>> No.9722354

I'm visiting home for the holidays, and brought some lolita items. My dresses etc. are hanging in the closet but I left a box of some AP accessories on the desk. My mother assumed they were jewelry from when I was a child while I was out, and decided to give them to my niece, who seems only mildly interested in them. Mfw I want to ask for them back but it's too embarrassing now.

>> No.9722357

What is there to be embarrassed about? Go in there and get your stuff. If anything, the fact you're so ashamed of your fashion is what's embarrassing.

>> No.9722361

>the fact you're so ashamed of your fashion is what's embarrassing
I meant too embarrassing as in, wouldn't most people be embarrassed to ask for a gift back? i get it was a mistake, but an adult asking for a gift back from a child is just embarrassing, at least to me.

>> No.9722366

>not being embarrassed of demanding a gift back from a child

Depending on how young your niece is, perhaps explain the situation to one of her parents and ask if they would mind returning the jewelry to you? If your niece doesn't seem too much into the jewelry, then that works in your favour. You can even offer to replace it with a gift that you know your niece would appreciate better.

>> No.9722367

You don't need to ask for it back from your niece, explain to your mom that the jewelry is yours and it's not meant to be given away.

>> No.9722368

gl anon. as soon a kid finds out someone else wants something, they want it more.

>> No.9722372

get your stuff delivered to your local post office. most should do that

>> No.9722381

This isn't that hard, anon. Explain the situation both to your mother and the niece's mother - both should be understanding and fix their mistake.

>> No.9722384

This, you need to tell your mom not to give your stuff away.
Then do what >>9722366 suggested

>> No.9722436

Yeah I actually help a lot. I often do their laundry and clean the bathroom (not "my" bathroom, THE bathroom, there's only one cause poverty). I don't cook because I'm not allowed and have almost set the kitchen on fire two separate times because I'm a goddamn idiot who can't multitask at all. I'm also not allowed to help in the yard because I'm mildly allergic to ants and highly allergic to bees/wasps and epi-pens aren't cheap. Plus we live in the ghetto and I don't think they care much about how the yard looks, we've got an old washing machine rusting away on the fucking porch. But I often vacuum the house and stuff like that, help with pets, without being asked because I do enjoy housework to an extent.

I'm autistic, I have OCD, and have severe panic disorder. I know, I know, boo-hoo, but it's so bad that I'm actually not able to drive a vehicle of any sort. I have crashed a golf cart because I got severely frightened by a big cricket flying in my face.

I think most physical symptoms of illness that I feel are completely in my head, or caused by constant stress, or something. I've been this way since I was a child. I never was in school for a full school week, not even once, I'd always miss a day or two a week or at least go home early. I was always at the school nurse's office complaining of various symptoms and if they wouldn't let me call my mom or if my mom wouldn't pick me up I'd usually end up vomiting in front of a bunch of people and then my mom literally had to get me. I remember my parents constantly worrying that I'd be taken away from them by CPS because I always missed so much school, but it was never an issue despite lack of doctors notes because I would literally get perfect scores on the standardized state tests. If one kid gets a perfect score the schools' grade shoots way up so they didn't want to risk losing me, lol.

My credit is ruined and I don't think I'll ever be able to get a place to live.

>> No.9722442
File: 42 KB, 800x800, 1469632398771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have crashed a golf cart because I got severely frightened by a big cricket flying in my face.

>> No.9722443

Are you cute anon?

>> No.9722455

My cuteness is one of the few things I'm confident about. I've considered getting a sugar daddy to "save" me but I don't know if I want to stoop to that level. I might just be better off dead.

no lies I still laugh about the fact that that actually happened to me. At least I can see the humor in my idiocy.

>> No.9722569

I don't know much about sugar daddys/babies However you do not have to do anything sexual with them, so it might not be as bad as you think. Alternatively are you able to ask any family members for help?

>> No.9722624
File: 47 KB, 750x498, 4964368823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you all handle feelings of just being kind of unsightly? Sometimes I look in the mirror and am like yikes, don't need to see that again any time soon.

>> No.9722646
File: 34 KB, 480x399, ssbanal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I ask my con crush to do kabedon pics with me?

>> No.9722661

Plastic surgery. I'm booked in in two months lmao. I realise this is terrible advice but I know how you feel.

>> No.9722667

Shit really? That's nuts, I can't imagine doing something like that, isn't it super expensive? What are you going to get changed?

>> No.9722671

Good luck anon! I posted previous about getting plastic surgery and it was life changing. I'm so excited for you.

>> No.9722672

Hahah, yeah. I can hardly believe it myself.
I'm getting rhinoplasty and a chin implant because I hate my uggo features. I saved up the money, it's just under 7 thousand pounds. Saving up that much money is fucking awful, but seeing my face every day is worse. I'm not saying you should just get surgery but I mean.. it is an option.

>> No.9722676

Thank you! I'm excited too, just going crazy with the monotony of waiting for it. What did you have?

>> No.9722683

I hope it works out for you, I've seen some horror stories before, and honestly that's what makes me scared of it.

>> No.9722685

Yeah me too. I think finding a surgeon you trust with lots of experience is the best route. The most botched jobs i see are people who go to like Malaysia to have it done on the cheap, or generally don't do research

>> No.9722689
File: 170 KB, 979x719, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Browsing local comm after recent con
>I swear to god, nearly half the photos are of men in drag
Is this a recent thing? It's just so tiring to see great characters wasted on 5'3" skinny Asian fuccbois who think they're being ironic or controversial by dressing up as female characters that look nothing like them

>> No.9722695

>great characters wasted on 5'3" skinny Asian fuccbois
If any guys can pull off the crossdressing look, it's short Asian men.

>> No.9722704

>tfw I bonded with a patient over her son's cosplays

Dem warm, fuzzy feels. She's going to show me more when we visit again. Merry Christmas everyone.

>> No.9722724

Double eyelids and a v jaw line! The wait time is the hardest, leading up to and then waiting for recovery to finish. Don’t be an idiot like me and eat salty foods during recovery, it made my swelling time last so much longer.

>> No.9722745
File: 69 KB, 1024x576, she says she wants to kill herself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone bought a bag I wanted because I was stupid and tried to save 500 yen
>you never know what you've got till it's gone
>for the first time feel what it is to dream of some item
>will probably never see it on sale again

>wanted to buy two matching wallets
>one is not in stock
>with no matching bag feel like there's little point in getting any

>denying being underweight for a long time
>finally weigh self
>51.5 kg
>at 175 cm

>suffering depression for a long time
>going through some of the most difficult times in life
>promised my bf that neither of us will die before the other
>sticking to the promise dearly
>suddenly feeling like breaking it

It's too much at once gulls… And it's not even all that is troubling me. I don't know what to do.
Getting something to enjoy was supposed to cheer me up, but now it feels like the nail to the coffin.

>> No.9722761

Cheer up anon. I know things are bad right now but it won't always stay that way. I had severe depression years ago and iktf.
Please take care of yourself. You're loved.

>> No.9722774

I felt the same when my amazon order got canceled. But got 3/5 items anyway so it's not that bad.

>> No.9722785

Hey there, anon, as someone who's struggled with both an eating disorder (not saying you have one from your post, just identifying with the underweight thing) and severe depression, I want to encourage you to actively choose to get better. It's hard as fuck, but if you make yourself live a healthier life and get help to overcome these things, I promise you can feel so much better and live a life in which you are happy. Please make the effort and choose to work to get better.

Sorry that you missed out on a couple cute buys, but don't lose hope completely. You'd be surprised what pops up out there!

>> No.9722830

Does a mostly weeb-y feel count?
>studied some Japanese in college
>used to be around N3 fluency
>haven't touched it for a few years since graduating like a dummy
>recently started studying again, at least an hour every day
>remember a lot more than expected but obviously have a long way to go
>still, seeing progress and starting to feel more confident
>going to join a couple speaking groups with native speakers soon
>have been planning a trip to Japan next autumn with friends since earlier this year
>new goal for the trip is to be able to have a smooth time talking to lolita shop girls
>eventually going to be able to have subbed anime playing in the background while sewing like I used to without missing as much of the story

I'm putting more focus on writing in my own study than we ever did in my college courses and realized today that while my grammar isn't as good as it used to be, I'm already starting to surpass where I was with kanji. I'm really excited but feel like a nerd trying to share it with anyone else, so thank you for your time, gulls.

>> No.9722834
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feel bad for a lonely guy in my class
>invite him to a cosplay event
>he shows up dressed as Fred Flintstone in blackface
>he keeps screaming "I yabba dabba dindu nuffin!"

This was a fucking mistake.

>> No.9722858

>some Japanese
>N3 fluency
What how? I took 3 years and still am probably only N4 at best and I was pretty average/above average in the class.

>> No.9722866

I took 4 years of nip in college and can't really speak with any fluency. Or at least I don't think so, I don't have anyone to speak with.
I focused on grammar so I'm pretty confidant in that, but I suck at memorization so I barely have any vocab. Where does one find people to talk with? Twitter's too intimidating.

>> No.9722880

please be real

>> No.9722896

It could be a number of factors. For example, not all university courses are the same; I took two semesters of beginner Japanese at my first college, transferred to a new school, and had to take the second semester again because my second college's beginner courses were much more intensive. I was maybe a little above average compared to my classmates once I caught up, but there were students there who really dedicated themselves to the language and at least two passed the N1 test in their 3-4 years at university. I minored in it (so ~3-ish years of courses, I said "some" because I didn't major in it and didn't even take all of the language courses that were available, instead opting for one or two cultural ones to fill the minor reqs), joined in study sessions outside of class that sometimes had native speakers participating, and did some limited study of Japanese linguistics in my own time/for other classes, so maybe I just had more exposure than you during my time at school.

I live in a big city, so there are a couple of speaking practice groups that meet weekly here. You could try to find something like that in your area, but if that's not possible, there are a number of sites and apps that can connect you with other people studying. HelloTalk is a neat app, I've only just started using it, but it's got a lot of options for texting or voice recording if you're too shy to immediately start talking to a stranger on the phone. There are tons of free resources out there. Good luck!

>> No.9722912

Omg is this real?

>> No.9722961
File: 46 KB, 497x478, heartbroken.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, I slept it over. The lost bag still hurts really badly. It was the first time I got excited over something like that, it would have been my first handbag, and I was a little afraid of spending too much. Now I would spend much more just to get it…
But at least it doesn't press on my depression as much.
I don't know how being underweight makes me feel, I'm okay with it, I think. At least I will be able to fit more things. I believe I'm eating enough.
I will try to find the items I want again. There are actually two bags. One appeared on Mercari only twice, including this time I fucked up, but the other one I have never seen. That's why I'm so sad about it. But maybe I shouldn't worry too much, the bags were released in 2016, people might not have got bored of them yet. I just won't get it for Christmas…

>> No.9722969

At least you know why he's lonely now. Lol.

>> No.9723006

Oh thank you for the advice! I didn't know that.

>> No.9723141
File: 175 KB, 223x344, fat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this is exactly why I don't invite normies to the meets.

>> No.9723214

My friend sugared for a while, and I've heard that's not the case at all. Pretty much no one is going to pay for you just to exist. Sure, there are stories of people being paid to go on dates and hang out, but they're opportunities you get once in a blue moon. Sexual stuff is expected.

>> No.9723312

>tfw friend is able to go to her first lolita meet, but I can't since they said too many people already rsvp.
Not fair that I can't go with my friend :/

>> No.9723368

How do you make friends at cons or find cosplay girlfriend, actually? Bonus points if you are scared of talking to people and always afraid that you will make some mistake and either make people hate you or hurt somebody without intentions?

>> No.9723380

post face

>> No.9723390


I dont have a photo of myself nearby. I dont take myself the photos - and, truth to be told, Im afraid of showing my face on 4chan.

>> No.9723391

>tfw you can't drive because of ptsd from a car crash, and have no weeb friends.
i haven't been to a con in so long. i finally am in a mentality where i'd be okay with going to a con alone. even the nearest bus station is too far away.

>> No.9723428

Do rideshare apps or taxis not exist where you are? Maybe check the con forum/facebook page and see if you can carpool with someone.

>> No.9723475
File: 904 KB, 500x532, FearfulShiver.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Generally hype for larp coming up this summer
>Finally started on my costume
>Embroidery is instant swagger in this hobby I swear
>Good feel
>The race I plan to play gets an updated description
>Really different compared to the old one
>Went from "pretty western fox" to "full weeb kitsune"
>Okay I can deal with this
>I am a weeb after all
>New descriptions leave some questions unanswered so I'll need to email the race-author
>Check her out on Facebook beforehand
>Pretty cute, seems stable
>Oh, she has a cosplay page?
>She's fucking shit
>Try and be non judgemental since her only competition was a novice one
>Still see huge flaws in her sewing
>All her pictures showing her torso are odd
>Must be some serious insecurity fuelled shoop
>Slims herself to look like a stick under normal shoulders
>Ominous feeling of dread
>Foresee I'll need to email with her pretty extensively to clear out race-questions
>Please please please don't be a psycho

>> No.9723484


Maybe she just need somebody more experienced like you to help and guide her?

>> No.9723494

If only it were so simple. Truth to be told the situation is laid out for her to guide and help me portray her race in an acceptable light etc.

I'm not in a position to help or guide her in any way shape or form, not that I actually want to. Our differences seem to lay in the very core of our ambitions when it comes to cosplay. Furthermore we're not even going to email for the sake of cosplaying, but about larping which I greatly assume she's way more experienced than me at.

>> No.9723547

Then you're probably too ugly.

>> No.9723550

>friend comes over in an hour
>trying to think of an anime we both haven't seen to watch
After awhile you start scraping the bottom of the barrel for series.

>> No.9723551

>I yabba dabba dindu nuffin!
I laughed out loud.
Is this a thing I missed out on? that's hilarious.

>> No.9723559

>Do rideshare apps or taxis not exist where you are
they do, but if it costs $15+ just to get across town I don't want to imagine the cost of a 2 hour+ drive. i'll check the facebook page though, thanks for the tip!

>> No.9723605
File: 114 KB, 1116x480, [Orphan-tophf]_Senya_Ichiya_Monogatari_[x264_10bit][039E305F].mkv_snapshot_00.22.01_[2015.10.12_23.08.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watch pic related

>> No.9723631

>Late at night
>I'm a bitter elitist
>I hate everyone who cosplays
>I haven't cosplayed myself in a year
>Hate myself

>> No.9723673
File: 257 KB, 736x1083, 9644798a26cfa06684655a8cb21757d3--ed-sheeran-tattoo-tattoo-stars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no ed sheeran bf

>> No.9723697

He looks like a fucking toad, no jaw at all.

>> No.9723719
File: 38 KB, 640x428, 1510873330957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you finally sort through your entire wardrobe, making a massive stock image list of everything.
>Organize and categorize
>Putting up loads pieces of oddball impulse buy or baby first lolita items/off brand
>Things are selling
>Finally things are falling in place, wardrobe looks much more consistent
>No more overwhelmed feelings and regret when looking at it.
>So much easier to coordinate outfits when everything has it's place.

I'm glad I was able get things in control.

>> No.9723727

This isn't even /cgl/ related you shit stain

>> No.9723759

People tell me I look like him all the time. I... don't take it as a compliment.

>> No.9723789

Sold some of the items I bought as a babby lolita. I'm glad I didn't buy too much back then, my taste has changed a lot since last year. Today, I finally bit the bullet and bought more petticoats that will hopefully now fit my ideal poof better. I'm a bit bummed that I'm not getting a parasol this year, but that can wait.

Congrats, anon!

>> No.9723797 [DELETED] 

What is so terrible about this?

Is this really what women have to complain about?

A bloo bloo bloo, I wore sexy clothes, and got attention from men who want to throw money at me

You know what I have to complain about? Being homeless, because unlike women who can just get a man to take are of them, a man without money or family-support just becomes homeless.

Also I would kill to have female attention, even from ugly fat females.

Loneliness and rejection for life, being an incel for life, is a 1000x worse than being raped. Rape lasts a short-period of time and you get over it, a life-time of being a virgin and alone, the mental pain and damage is far worse.

You stupid bitches are so ungrateful, you'll probably be begging for men to hit on you once your 30.

>> No.9723801


but you know all these #metoo girls can do their own thing. more beta cucks to throw their money at me. I'll gladly take it, teasing them and knowing they blow loads while thinking of my tight little body/funding my luxurious lifestyle is nothing short of awesome.

sorry you're homeless, have you considered going gay for pay?

>> No.9723802

>my tight little body

>> No.9723805 [DELETED] 

Link to pics.

>have you considered going gay for pay?
I look better than a lot of guys on Chaturbate who get a lot of views.

I don't watch them, I'm not gay at all, I was just curious to see how much money they could be making.

I think even the best ones make practically nothing compared to female camwhores. Gay4pay almost doesn't exist, male prostitutes barely even exist.

>> No.9723808

If you don't have a money get a fucking job. Men are homeless not because they don't have funds but because they're alcoholics, drug addicts or mentally sick. Do you think there is a difference between 50 yo man and woman? I'm pretty sure that in both case there is no one to sponsor them.
If you want to be raped just go to fucking prison. It's not that hard.

>> No.9723813 [DELETED] 

>Do you think there is a difference between 50 yo man and woman?
As a woman ages, her sexual value goes down greatly, and so she would have a greater chance of homelessness. She would still have an advantage, but you're right, old used-up females can be homeless.

>If you don't have a money get a fucking job.
There's (sober) people with full-time jobs who are homeless. A job doesn't mean you get paid enough to not be homeless where I live (America).

>Men are homeless not because they don't have funds but because they're alcoholics, drug addicts or mentally sick.
Absolutely untrue.

>If you want to be raped just go to fucking prison. It's not that hard.
I don't want to be raped by a man.

There's no such thing as a woman raping a man, but if it exists, I would very gladly want them to do it to me.

You women never stop complaining about male attention, never shut-up about muh rape, and I would love to be raped by the opposite sex. Then you complain that I'm privileged as a white man. Holy shit you cunts piss me off, swear I'm gonna go full ER but with rape, specifically targeting cosplay sluts.

>> No.9723814 [DELETED] 

Also no ones raping me in prison I'm too strong.

I would do great in prison.

>> No.9723833


Im afraid that people from my area might be reading this board as well and it would mark me as weirdo forever, too. So I cant post photo.

>> No.9723834

Go back to /pol/ and /r9k/, those are your containment boards.

>> No.9723839

Dude, I'm sorry about your situation. Genuinely. But taking it out on women and being bitter about women isn't going to help.

Try this charity:
Created to help men deal with their issues and get help.

That is, if you're not a troll.

>is 31
>still recovering from being raped as a child
>had to live with my abuser and continue being raped or be homeless
>still find sexual harassment or being hit on very distressing

The things you're saying are meant to be hurtful to people like me but I know that's only because you're in pain yourself. There are services and people out there who can help you. You just have to ask for it.

>> No.9723842 [DELETED] 

Yeah none of that bullshit is gonna help me unless they give me a free gf/sex, and I don't think there's any charities giving away free gfs or sex.

Also I'm not homeless, but very well could be. No societal safety-net like there is for women.

>> No.9723852

You said you were homeless in your last post. If you don't get help you will be alone forever because no woman will want to put up with the attitude that you have currently.

If you want a girlfriend, if you want somewhere else to live, if you want just to be happy, only you can take the steps necessary for that. There are male only homeless shelters, refuges, charities, and helplines. There is a safety net for anyone who's willing to ask for it but if you're not willing then you're right. No one will help you because no one knows you need it.

>> No.9723867 [DELETED] 

It's just that I could very easily be homeless, and I'm prepared for it.

>only you can take the steps necessary for that
Well thanks for admitting this, instead of pretending that any fucking "charity" is going to help me.

I'm just saying

The pain of being incel >>>>>>> The pain of female rape victims (highly over-dramatic and influenced by TV shows and movies)

A lifetime of being alone, never having sex, never having a gilrfriend, never having kids, is easily enough for men to kill themselves or kill other people, or rape, understandably.

It causes a deep-seated hatred of how society works, how unjust society is, misanthropy. No one can help me because I'm a man, if I was a woman, it'd be like living on easy-mode, you stupid cunts live on easy-mode, or you had the opportunity too.

You don't have to do ANYTHING, just simply exist, and there's countless guys who will take care of everything, free housing, free food, free stuff, free sex (not only free, you get paid for it), etc.

>> No.9723873

You didn't understand my point. You have to go to the charities or organisations in order to get the help. That's what you need to do. That's literally the only step you need to take. But if you won't, then yes, you're going to suffer and continue living miserably for the rest of your life.

I can't tell if you think you're trolling me or not. I would be concerned about you if you're a real person but I don't know that you are and I've been on the internet for most of my adult life so threats of rape etc. pretty much just glance off me at this point. I'm not upset or in pain. Whereas you seem to be highly emotional. Here's you in reverse if you were a woman:

>men won't fuck me because they're shallow dipshits
>only men get help because of the patriarchy
>men don't have any real problems and should shut their mouths
>I'd better go on a rape spree to teach them how terrible they all are
>someone is showing me compassion better call them a cunt

Does that seem like a desirable partner to you?

>> No.9723878 [DELETED] 

>Does that seem like a desirable partner to you?
A highly unrealistic one, I have never seen anyone act even remotely close to that.

>>I'd better go on a rape spree to teach them how terrible they all are
Said no female ever, even on the internet.

A woman like this obviously doesn't exist, but even if she hypothetically did, and wanted to be in a relationship with me, yeah I'd have no problem with it. I'm sure she would stfu about that stuff, and I wouldn't have any reason to complain anymore so I'd do the same.

This hypothetical non-existent woman sounds preferable to me, because she sounds highly unlikely to cheat compared to a normal woman, a "normal woman" of course having an extremely large ego, very high self-esteem, and strong sense of entitlement.

> You have to go to the charities or organisations in order to get the help. That's what you need to do.
There is no charities or organizations that help incels.

>> No.9723881

I linked one charity that offers free, non-judgemental therapy for all men. Incels aren't excluded.

If you were abused as a child you could also speak to the Mankind Initiative. If you were a male sexual abuse survivor you could speak to Safeline. There are also tonnes of non-gendered mental health charities like MIND and other services that could help you with what sounds like at least severe depression.

You sound very young. I hope you get the support you need eventually, kiddo.

>> No.9723886 [DELETED] 

I'm 22, and none of these fag charities can do anything to help me. If I'm gonna kill myself I don't need their opinion on it.

I'm not depressed, just extremely irate over being an incel in the 21st century western world. I hate modern society, especially how females act.

There is nothing any of these charities can do to help me except give me a free gf, which obviously isn't happening.

Pisses me off that you think these organizations can help, the number of men like me is growing, and I don't think it's a coincidence that so is the number of mass shootings. Society really deserves it.

>> No.9723889

Well, you had me going for a while. 22 is a kid. So enjoy your incel youth, I guess.

>> No.9723891 [DELETED] 

I'm a fully grown man, easily capable of raping and killing you with my bare hands.

If given the chance, I'd at least rape you, for these patronizing and condescending comments. Calling me a kid, and recommending bullshit when I told you there is no help for my problem.

>> No.9723892

>I want a gf!!! Life is so hard without gf and free sex I'm gonna kill myself!
>I hate all females 'cause they are all stupid goldiggin egocentric cunts!!!
You really can't see the problem here? No wonder you can't get a girlfriend with such attitude.
My sister married ugly poorfag and helped him to get a job and now they are happy together. You know why? Because he is a really nice guy who treats people well and concider females as human beings. All our family loves him and no one of us does not care about his unfortunate past or his appearence (dude is really fat and ugly), 'cause he is A GOOD PERSON.
Summing: if you can't get a gf the problem is you and only you. Stop being angry fuckface and lower your standarts. I bet that you are about 3/10 and only want 6-8/10 girl. That does not work like that. Grow up and you will be fine.

>> No.9723893

Bring it, kiddo. I'll take you over my knee.

>> No.9723896 [DELETED] 

By the way I have at least 20 IQ points on you, I've never seen a woman that isn't operating at the mental level of a child, to me it's like they literally have mental retardation.

>My sister married ugly poorfag and helped him to get a job
Shit that NEVER happened.

It wouldn't matter if I was the nicest guy in the world, it wouldn't get me a girlfriend, I know for a fact that it would actually hurt my chances. To be honest my problem is lack of money, combined with the area I live, and lack of social connections, that makes it basically impossible unless I started getting a lot of income, that is the only thing preventing me from getting a girlfriend.

>Summing: if you can't get a gf the problem is you and only you.
There is an entire world of complex problems that you don't understand. The problems with today's society is not my fault.

>Stop being angry fuckface and lower your standarts. I bet that you are about 3/10 and only want 6-8/10 girl.
I am jacked and have good facial structure.

I don't give a fuck what a girl looks like, don't care if she's ugly and fat, her pussy still feels the same, everything I care about is non-physical:

- Is she a virgin? What's her past sexual history?
- Does she have STDs?
- Is she an attention whore on social media?
- Does she seem likely to cheat?
- Is she feminist/SJW?

>> No.9723901

>By the way I have at least 20 IQ points on you
Does your daddy work for the CIA as well?

>> No.9723911 [DELETED] 

No. Thanks for talking.

I bet you're a doormat irl, you let me threaten you with murder/rape, insult you, and just keep posting suicide hotline websites and feeling sorry for me, that's a good trait in a woman.

>> No.9723915

It's fine I get it. I'm pretty ugly too.

>> No.9723916

That's because I'm not afraid of 2edgy4u youths on the internet, anon.

>> No.9723918

I hope you kill yourself sooner rather than later.

>> No.9723919 [DELETED] 

Well everyone else gets real offended on /cgl/ and lolcow whenever I go on these rants.

>> No.9723933



>> No.9723938

lol are you that same retard that's always going on and on and on about homelessness in /r9k/ and then gets butthurt when people suggest he could suck dick for money because "im totally not gay, i just want a sugar mama"

>> No.9724008

if they mark you as a weirdo for being on /cgl/, but they saw your post by lurking /cgl/ that'd be pretty hypocritical

>> No.9724033

>I'm cool and handsome and just the best
>they exist only for sex reeee
>too poor to get a prostitute so i need a gf
>it is the fault of SOCIETY that I can't gf!!!

You are so stupid that I don't mind to post in dead thread to tell you that.

>> No.9724046
File: 70 KB, 564x846, 1481346538764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't bother, he's a prolific shitposter even on /r9k/.
He's either a top-level baiter with a consistent narrative or he's legit and beyond help.

His ideal society looks like this

>> No.9725126

Hypocritical but not surprising

>> No.9727520

Seriously, what the fuck did I just read?

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