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Oppressed by natural blondes Edition

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>can't search for lolita porn without getting thrown in jail
Won't make that mistake again.

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That's what you get for being a filthy degenerate.

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>tfw no lolita gf to step on me

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That's a pretty plain maids dress in all honesty. She made more effort on the wig than the costume/cosplay.

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>"white privilege"

but...they're both white/french...

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Some sjw snowflake wants to feel morally superior

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>tfw I am finally ready to start looking into the dating scene again
>tfw want a man to marry and share all my nerdy habits with and maybe even get an ouji prince
>tfw all the locals around me that share my interests are insanly obese and cringe worthy

Guess I will just be single forever

>tfw no bf

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It sucks seeing the feels thread being shit up by uggo bait-chans and roleplayers
you have to be extra steamed or retarded to be pulling this shit for so long

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>hobolita kind of day
>cardi instead of blouse, no makeup, hair thrown into a quick braid for errands
>girl at store tells me "cute coord!"
>excited at first that normie girl knows lolita
>quickly remembers i look like trash
>avoids eyecontact and wheels out as quickly as possible

why cant i run into people familiar with the fashion when I dont look gross? I very rarely ever leave the house without at least foundation WHY do I have to have an encounter with someone on today of all days!

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>used to subtly troll feels threads into derailment
>now every thread is flooded with crossposting fagboats that have no idea how to properly bait gulls
What a fucking shitshow.

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If you kiss another girl while both of you are in character, is it gay?

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Name some funny SOL anime that takes your mind off depression.

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I've done this and yeah, it's still gay.

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The Daily Lives of High School Boys is great

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But why?

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Why did I do it or why is it gay?

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Because I was a cringy teen who was all into reenacting OTP business at the time. It's gay because we were two girls cosplaying two guys. Either way, it's gay.

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So it was only gay because the characters you cosplayed were both male.
Basically it's okay for girls to kiss because there is no stigma associated with it.

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>been told I am attractive as recently as last night
>look in the mirror
>wonder what they're seeing

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> waiting for replies about buying dream dresses
> brand sales and lucky pack sales
> worried that as soon as I purchase something, sellers will decide to sell dresses I've been looking for
> last time I was in this situation I bought nothing and sellers changed their minds

What a first world problem, causing me stress when I should just accept whatever happens

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>Basically it's okay for girls to kiss because there is no stigma associated with it.

I'm trans and let me tell you how wrong and upsetting it is to hear this shit. Everything LGBT peeps do is stigmatized and you have no idea just how hard it is when we face discrimination just for being alive. I'm depressed. I'm constantly getting judged. You think it's easy to feel like this everyday? You straights have it so easy.

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>I'm trans and
Yeah I thought the convo was about actual women. Why is this relevant.

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And to add to that, I want to vent out that whenever crossdressing cosplayer girls kiss or do anything sexual in public, that is a microagression towards trans people. These little cosplayer girls know no one will bat an eye to this kind of behavior because it's oh so romantic. But when actual trans people do it? Of course everyone freaks out. it's like you're shoving it on our faces that you guys get a free pass.

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We get a free pass cause we aren't mentally ill

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Nope, sorry sweetie, but your kind are the true degenerates here. You people exist to oppress. Like wooow you're so cool, not being mentally ill and everyone likes you because of how much of a NORMAL human being you are and I'm such an animal

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Yeah everyone, does like me

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yea, no one hates straight couples who make out in the middle of a hall way at a con, only hate it when gay people do it. /s

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>ouji prince
>cringe worthy

Yeah, I can't imagine what your problem is. Maybe you're not in the same standard you seek? Can you hold a conversation? Are you beautiful enough to be able to judge men by the weight of their gut and not their deeds? Women are only single because they choose to be, they've (or someone else) convinced themselves they deserve more and they're better than they are. It's not always the woman's fault, that's the problem with satellites, friend-zoned, and white knights- constantly putting you on a pedestal when you're just a normal plain jane just like everyone else.

I'm not saying go for the cringed and disgusting, but consider attitude and compatibility first.

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Well I don't. Sorry to say darling. How does it feel knowing you're responsible for the many gay people who commit suicide? Fuck's sake. Why is it so hard for you people to treat us fairly? Scared we'll steal your boyfriend huh?

Yeah very funny

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Scientifically, girls are naturally more sexually fluid. Up until you're taking a strap on screaming kill all the men, it's not gay it's just cute.

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nah I'm gay and I hate trannies like you

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Don't hate, besides you're probably just jealous (s)he can be anything they want and you cast yourself into a single role that you're now stuck in.

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>nah I'm gay
Heh, yeah suuure you are. You're most likely just a fake. None of my friends would defend straight people. Ever.

Preach. I'm glad somebody understands at least

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is that you, K?

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how have you never heard of gay people who hate trans people? a tonof lesbians hate troons for being entitled and aggressive

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>None of my friends would defend straight people. Ever.

Well that's sad, I literally just defended you.

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I'm not entitled and aggressive? I'm just pointing out that trans people are treated unjustly, no matter where we are or what we're doing. Back to post I replied to, if two straight crossdressing girls perform anything sexual in public while nobody cares, it is just plain rude. There are plenty of LGBT people now more than ever and people should at least know that this is a microaggression and it affects us deeply, especially those who have severe depression and self esteem issues.

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Also, to the people who think we are being entitled, we really aren't. We're fighting for basic human rights, plain and simple. I'm sorry this might not be a good analogy for anyone who might be offended, but we are like the black slaves from long ago. We want to have a right to live without consistently getting called out and bullied by homophobes in public. We deserve a safe space to protect us, our own bathroom, hell what's so bad about having an extra bathroom just for trans people? Why keep making things difficult for us?

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>I'm just pointing out that trans people are treated unjustly, no matter where we are or what we're doing.

or you just attribute literally any criticism of yourself to "THEY JUST HATE ME BECAUSE I'M TRANS!". No, its because of your personality.

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No, it's not. You wouldn't know because you aren't even trans? Do you even watch the news and see what kind of shit we deal with? Also, I'm allowed to feel this way because I'm constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY threatened, most trans people are. Look I'm fine and dandy that you lovely peeps arent mentally ill but don't go making fun of us? And the lot of you wonder why some trans people turn aggressive.

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She's half asian, her mom and uncle is clearly Asian, her last name is Dupain-Cheng. Did you two even watch the show?

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>If only there was a way to derail this even further.

So, what do you guys think of the Flat Earth theory? If only we had proof.

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Leave it to trannies to be the most annoying vocal minority. My brother's a tranny so I have a lot of experience dealing with the fucked up brains you poor souls are forced to live with. Anyway, anime.

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>was going to post nice feel about a purchase I just made
>heated political argument clogging up the thread

Jesus christ gulls I'll just go be happy by myself damn

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Take it to /lgbt/, /cgl/ isn't your personal soap box, and this is not related at all.

>> No.9724666

That's nice but what do you think about flat earth?

>> No.9724667

Stating facts is annoying huh? So so typical. Our struggles always fall to deaf ears, but that only makes us even more vocal. If only you would at least be considerate then we wouldn't have to "annoy" you, but no, it's just too difficult to act human towards another human.

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How is this not related? Feels thread is for feels isn't it? I was just making a comment about two crossplayers kissing

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The earth is definitely 100% flat. We KNOW that the Earth has to be flat because otherwise how would it fit into it's burando? The evidence just doesn't add up. NASA is hardcore shilling for NASA, it's ridiculous how obvious it is.

Also Mr. Yan did 9/11.

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There were plenty of feels threads that had "unrelated" topics as well as lots of venting and everyone just lets it slide. Don't be such a mean hypocrite

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This. I wish you trannies would butt the fuck out of women's conversations and venting sessions.

>> No.9724686

Yeah sorry nah, but I also identify as a woman and you all have to just accept it. I'm the same as you. You may sound really dumb now but it's okay sweetie, everybody makes mistakes.

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I wish TERFs would butt the fuck out of my fashion, yet here you are....


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Feel thread is for /cgl/ related feels.
All of those are highly off-topic and really belong in /lgbt/ or even /pol/ when it gets political. This isn't your personal soapbox for your sexual rights and discourse on "micro-aggression". Nobody here cares, I'm sorry.

And I'm not even discussing the bait in this thread.

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You all are just as bad as the person screaming about "micro-aggression". This isn't for "women's conversations and venting sessions". It's for anyone including male, female, or whatever to talk about feels related to cosplay, conventions, and life interactions directly related to their fashion such as losing weight to fit in brand, the happiness or lack of that their clothes brings them, or interactions with others based on their fashion.

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You talk as if this 'derailing' shit never happens. You may as well start reporting shitty memes as well if you're so triggered about a bunch of people having a conversation which, mind you, stemmed from a /cgl/ related post.

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You're an awful SJW, try harder.

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My one post had nothing to do with that train wreck. I was just legitimately trying to derail the thread.

>> No.9724712

It's because you understood that if shit got too off-topic, the thread got deleted. I'm sure a bunch of people from other boards saw the threads you derailed, and assumed anything goes in the feels thread. You've created a monster!

Oh well, at least I'm going shopping for Christmas presents soon. I'm putting together a space outfit right now. I'm sad 'uchuu'-related accessories and items are so bloody expensive. Suffering...

>> No.9724713

this, I'd literally get done from a breakdown and then laugh after 10 min of watching daily lives

>> No.9724714

You still tried to derail the thread you shitheads and openly admit it. You deserve bans

>> No.9724717

This is 4chan.

>> No.9724718

for once, a red pilled lolita

>> No.9724721

This is the only good thing in this whole thread fucking 10/10

>> No.9724722

hey stacey nice blog you got there are you new here

>> No.9724723

lol.. "your" fashion

>> No.9724724

Yeah, this made me smile.

>> No.9724726

They aren't so new to not realize we don't use the word 'Stacey' here, /r9k/.

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Fine you want feels?

I'm a man in my 30's stuck at home watching my young kid. With nothing better to do, than instigate some in fighting between the gay and trans out of sheer boredom.

What the fuck has my life come too. :(

I haven't even cosplayed since before 2010.

>> No.9724729

Well we do now, Stacey. Sweetie ~

>> No.9724732

Did you use to cosplay a lot? That was a long time ago when /cgl/ was still full of amateur convention photo floods. That would be a related feel.

Threads have always been derailed on occasion, but it's just lately it's been too ridiculous. That's where the anger comes from, it comes from the intensity of derailment lately.

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please mr yan we're counting on you

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Go back in your Poke Ball, please. Just go.

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What the fuck?

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Hardy har har

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>one of my shitposts finally made a screencap

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Ntayrt but

>> No.9724742

Stop being so easily dis-railed by trans shit (or if you are at least say positive shit about us)

Also want to go to magfest but like none of my friends are going this year so still trying to figure out what to do for lodging.

>> No.9724743

Yeah and it's a shitty one too, you fucking loser

>> No.9724744

>at least say positive shit about us
Couldn't agree more. We deserve all the love we can get, but jealous women will be jealous.

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Wow, quit telling us what we're allowed to talk about you fucking fascist Trump supporter.

This thread has officially been CIS-RAILED

>> No.9724747

I used to cosplay once a year at Otakon.
I was poorfag growing up. So I basically took trash materials, and recycled it into different props and materials. Sometimes I'd get lucky and get like the perfect green or blue sheer looking sweatpants for a buck on the clearance rack. I'd collect stupid shit for a year when I was 14-15 until I got something decent together. Then the last 3 months before the con would work my ass off to make it look like it wasn't trash. My life became easier when they stopped using styrofoam packing and switched to soft plasti-foam, much easier to work with. Then it got to the point where I needed a wheel chair to get around, and that put a damper on things for a while.

>> No.9724748

I was kinda being sarcastic people don't say positive shit on 4chan.

>> No.9724750

Cis white scum.

>> No.9724751

I'm just a tranny who knows what to expect here.

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for good measure

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File: 45 KB, 720x480, (G_P) Votoms (Remastered) 31(x264)(4C1697E5).mkv_snapshot_08.47_[2016.04.21_00.51.11].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I think that was a wonderful post, but it's about to get lost in the muck. I'm sorry. That's a bummer you had health issues that put everything on hold. Maybe sometime in the future you can get back into it and cosplay some bad ass older characters that you would't have been able to do when you were younger.

>> No.9724758

I love and support you, your life choices and identity is valid. Being trans is OK and I love you. #positivity

>> No.9724761

You are cracking me up. So much Mr. Yan.

>> No.9724762

I love this so much holy shit I cant stop laughing

>> No.9724766

If my daughter chooses to get into anime and other nerdy shit, I can at least help her with that. That thought makes me happy. We do go all out for Halloween though, now that I can walk again.

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Oh god. I want to think this thread was derailed by bait, but then I remember the current cringe thread. I'm not sure if all this is bait, or if there's actually a person with a stick up their ass who is seriously spewing all this shit in a complete honesty. (You >>9724727 are not included in this.)

If it's the latter, there is a cross-dressing thread related to cosplay and j-fashion in the catalog. There's also a board called /lgbt/ on 4-chan devoted entirely to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people.

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...you've got some really poor taste in humour then

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My sides are hurting too. I've saved them all for future use.

>> No.9724772

>this thread is reserved for cgl related topics EXCEPT FOR THESE TWO TOPICS EVEN IF THEY'RE CGL RELATED LOL NO FUN ALLOWED

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Just gonna leave this here

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File: 50 KB, 960x540, FB_IMG_1513570704182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After all that we've been been through I can't believe you're actually gone. I wont forget a single moment we shared intimacy via my lips. I never would've guessed just moments after this photo I'd never feel your glossy surface once more. Albeit shattered into a million pieces you're still whole in my heart <3

RIP cup of shinji 2016-2017

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Bless you anon.

>> No.9724780

Sorry about your failed garbage tier meme

>> No.9724783

This is the most emotional thing I've ever read.

>> No.9724785

A moment of silence.....

>> No.9724787

pics or it didnt shatter

>> No.9724788

It aint even my meme tho?

>> No.9724789

Did you know people who died in 9/11? If so, my condolences. In the meantime... did you know Mr. Yan can melt steel beams?

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>come to /cgl/ to share /cgl/ related feels
>see thread in this state

>> No.9724796

>can melt steel beams
Jesus it's been ages since I've heard this meme. Get with the times you fucking granny

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Is this better?

>> No.9724803

at least edit in some falling debris you lazy mongrel

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>> No.9724813

epic fail

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>> No.9724885

Cringe thread got shit up, then the ita thread got shit up, now the feels thread is shit up too.
No one cares about your SJW bullshit

>> No.9724915

Yeah... I guess somebody's ass got put on blast, and now they're back on the attack.

>> No.9724954

What is with Americans and not contacting the seller before purchasing something when the "international shipping" option clearly states to contact the seller for a quote?

>> No.9724955
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>isn't human
>wants basic human rights

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Face it, /cgl/ feels are always the same boring crap
>bought my dream dress
>lost my dream dress
>starting sewing again
>weight gain/loss
No one wants to hear about that for the 100th time. Everyone comes here for the raw drama.

>> No.9724966

I like hearing about dream dresses...

The raw drama part does remind me it should be noted not everybody on /cgl/ visits the cringe and ita threads. Fashion is shallow, but not everyone is involved in roasting others. It's just something that's been around for about as long as /cgl/ as.

>> No.9724970

On losing dream dresses, my family laughed this year when I came to visit because my closet is getting bigger. Still wasn't able to bring the petticoats, obviously. (I don't wear lolita, I can't imagine having to travel with your petticoats.)

I remember this horror story where some girl went on a trip, and somebody broke into her house. Stole her entire closet of brand. I kind of feel this need now to take all my nice clothing with me on trips now lest treachery be afoot. Also spreading some Christmas cheer, and gifting a friend with some nice stuff that I bought and never ended up wearing.

In unrelated news, my internet connection is sucking. Fuck.

>> No.9724994

Found a cosplay page of some girl who bullied me in high school for cosplaying and being a weeb. To be fair, I was really cringey, but I remember her being pretty terrible to me. Feeling salty because she's only started this April and has always been skinny and looked cute and has a few hundred likes already on her page (I've never really felt like creating a 'brand' was my thing since I only cosplayed for fun so I can't really compare but).

But she's also doing really revealing or 'patreon only' lewds for her cosplays also like Elizabeth from Bioshock in her normal blue dress and then a "lingerie set". Lowkey feeling a little better knowing she's reduced herself to a softcore pornstar.

>> No.9725006

>posted feel a couple weeks ago
>nice anon dropped email and offered to talk
>sent email
>mfw this happens 9/10 times i exchange emails with someone on /cgl/

i can't call it ghosting but it gets my hopes up just to be shot down again, RIP. pls don't offer unless you're going to follow through it hurts

>> No.9725018

what kind of feels did you post?

>> No.9725022

sad ones

>> No.9725041

>running some errands while fully dressed in lolita
>exit the supermarket with my bag full of groceries
>quickly check pokemon go on my phone to see if there is anything worthy to catch
>stand there for maybe two minutes
>some 60 year old angry soul staring boomer woman approaches me
>"when I was your age people used to read books"
>tfw my outfit was less worthy to comment on to her than me holding a phone in my hand
>tfw I read a lot of books in my free time
>tfw I play pokemon go maybe once a week
>tfw boomers still find a way to call you an illiterate retard

Man, I can’t wait for fucking boomers to die already.

>> No.9725071
File: 45 KB, 500x301, angryanimeblackandwhitecuteFavim.com1192151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread became cancer. Fuck /pol/ and /r9k/.

>> No.9725074

don't you mean tumblr? idiot

>> No.9725076

>Graphic design is my passion
Thank you

>> No.9725078

Seconding >>9724490 with Daily life of Highschool Boys. Also, try out Nichijou, it's very similar.

>> No.9725079

>why can't americans read?
>why are americans so stupid?
I don't really know what you were expecting from them honestly. This is common knowledge

>> No.9725080

>pokemon go
That's too bad. I was about to defend you

>> No.9725089

Shoulda teared up, looked her dead in eyes and said "I just got the message that my father passed away."

>> No.9725091
File: 27 KB, 448x461, 1502724432892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was she white? It's always the old bitter white boomer women who shits on girls. I bet her husband cheated on her for a younger mistress

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How do you tear up on command?

>> No.9725099

Typically, I'll grab the edge of something flat with both my hands and then move my hands in opposite directions.

>> No.9725114

Iktf. I get shit from middle-aged people anyway but when I'm wearing Jfash they get a lot more mouthy and annoying.
>in train on my way home from a meet
>texting with probably a concerned look on my face
>50-year-old guy scoffs, rolls his eyes at me and loudly says 'What's wrong, your instagram selfie not get enough ~"likes"~?', air quotes included
>I was texting with my dad about my mom who had just fallen and shattered her elbow, but ok

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Why didn't you threaten to kill him and burn his house down?

>> No.9725124

Do you not have enough emotional baggage to be able to tap into that and lose it at a moment's notice?

>> No.9725132

I've had two miscarriages but whenever i think of it i don't feel like crying. Instead i feel bitter and guilty.
What kind of emotional trauma do you need to cry on command?

>> No.9725141

Not really emotional trauma, but I can pretty much cry on command by inventing some sad scenario in my head and it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to start after that

>> No.9725150
File: 368 KB, 339x555, OhYeahNoibat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Worried embroidering larper from last thread
>Race-author replied to my email within the same day the arrangers forwarded it
>Perfectly sensible answer to all my questions
>Overall good impression of her through text
>Enough to make me chill

Thank gods whatever problems she has doesn't seem to bleed through her entire personality!

>> No.9725152

I do the same

>> No.9725160

I really hope you guys don't use this to manipulate people.

>> No.9725168

Uh. Did you read the string? Cause that's what anon suggested it be used for.
I mean, hilariously, but still

>> No.9725169

>be okay at cosplay
>work really hard at improving my skills
>always friendly and helpful to other people
>be told in person often that cosplays are amazing
>in good shape and conventionally attractive
>get nice photos taken
>maybe 30 likes when posting photos on ig
>begins to rethink how okay at cosplay I actually am
>considers self posting in bad cosplay thread to see what people really think of my work when anon

I know, cry harder about attention I'm not getting. But it's less that than maybe I actually suck and people are just being nice about it to humor me. If I were actually any good, more people would want to look at my photos, right?

>> No.9725172

Are you showing enough boob? If youre doing cosplay for IG likes, quit the hobby.

>> No.9725185

Thinking about my anime husbando is enough to get me to start crying in under 15 seconds. I like to view it as a talent.

>> No.9725188

who is he

>> No.9725193

Same, I've been hit by 3 cars in my life and they've all been by fucking unapologetic baby boomers. I've never been helped either, they just honk loudly and then move to drive past me.

I have the right away and the walk sign is on, calm the fuck down grandpa, you can be 10 minutes late to bingo it's okay

>> No.9725197
File: 1.17 MB, 1440x852, (Duke_of_Devils)_Shu_Itsuki_CG2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shu from Ensemble Stars. The english speaking fandom is shit but the stories are good.
>I love him so much I'm going to cosplay his doll

>> No.9725206

Drag her.

>> No.9725248

I literally look like that guy

>> No.9725255

>an attempt to score a qt cgl gf has been made

>> No.9725262

I, too, look like a flaming homosexual. Maybe we're twins?

>> No.9725264

Pics or gtfo

>> No.9725269

pics or you're lying

>> No.9725275

Too bad I'm a raging lesbian :'( better luck next time Anon-kun

>> No.9725279

I mean, you understand I used ouji prince as a joke right? I know its hard to tell in text, but people dont normally actually try to find a "prince"

I can definitely hold a conversation, and I am definitely pretty enough to judge by weight to a point, and I dont even mind dating fatter men at all, but obese is not going to happen. Im a well educated woman that takes care of herself and is very ambitious. I havent any friend zoned/orbiters/white knights for like a good decade so I havent been put on a pedestal and I understand I have my own flaws that I live up to and work on. In fact some of my flaws can be hard to handle, and I know that! (depression, anxiety)

Im not literally looking for a prince, that was just suppose to be a cute way of saying I would like someone to dress up with me.

But im not compatible with non educated men who are happy to live in their parents basement forever. I don't even mean he needs to be alpha or anything, I love dorky men that need to be taken care of, I would be happy to have a house husband.

>> No.9725283

Just search for uploads by the JP site cutiespank,problem solved, then you will have burando lolita porn.

>> No.9725286


>> No.9725308

If you were a guy you would be the biggest fedora tipper based on this post

>> No.9725309
File: 24 KB, 250x333, 1474837773688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talks lolita porn
>posts a cosplay pic

I don't think you deserve it anyway.

Fuck off back to /r9k/ with your bullshit. What you're saying makes no sense knowing that there isn't a disproportionate male to female ratio.

>> No.9725315

I don't have lolita porn so I can't post it obviously.

>> No.9725322

Jonghyun died suddenly and for some reason I’m still in shock. I’ve followed shinee since 2009 and earlier today, before I found out, I was fucking blasting it after not listening to it for a while. He was so talented, I can’t believe he killed himself.

>> No.9725328

yes because being educated and having dreams is fedora tier.

You can have all the non motivated and fat men or woman you want, dont worry, I wont stop you.

>> No.9725363

>Fuck off back to /r9k/ with your bullshit
No need to get angry here.

>> No.9725378

Same, anon. I have been crying since I found out

>> No.9725469

>post in the friend finder thread
>someone replies, who i end up really clicking with
>exchange photos (in normie clothes)
i... didn't realize i was that ugly.

>> No.9725484

Don't think too much into it. they probably just died in a car accident.

>> No.9725495

>normie clothes
That's probably where you went wrong imo

>> No.9725524

they sent theirs in normie clothes so that's what i assumed they wanted from me too


>> No.9725556

And I literally look like Fabio

>> No.9725583

>getting LASIK just so I look better in cosplay
Can't stand contacts so it's the only way

>> No.9725596

Man I just really love cosplay

>> No.9725597

>messaged a girl too much
>accept creep status, move on, be less creepy next time
>girl messages back today
>too scared to reply
Sorry I didn't mean to ghost

>> No.9725604

>tell a girl at a con I like her cosplay
>expect her to say "you too"
>she says "thanks, it was pretty hard"
>didn't register, i say "thanks" anyway
>it gets awkward
>silently walk away

>> No.9725639 [DELETED] 

>ama lolita
>enjoy making little accessories and embellishing hats and plain things to spruce up my coords and dress up my stuffed animal bags
>bf got me a stuffed animal plush
>really love it
>really love bf too
>can't stand when he's not there
>started making little clothes and accessories to dress up the stuffed animal to resemble him
Putting my accessory making skills to weird use I guess

>> No.9725641

repost because typo
>am a lolita
>enjoy making little accessories and embellishing hats and plain things to spruce up my coords and dress up my stuffed animal bags
>bf got me a stuffed animal plush
>really love it
>really love bf too
>can't stand when he's not there
>started making little clothes and accessories to dress up the stuffed animal to resemble him
Putting my accessory making skills to weird use I guess

>> No.9725670



>> No.9725672

Exactly. Now stfu retard

>> No.9725677

It feels fantastic, please an hero transfaggot anon

>> No.9725678

You are subhuman anon, you don't deserve human rights. I'm sure you've even told yourself this on occasion.

>> No.9725687

that’s adorable, anon

>> No.9725814

I am a hikikomori, NEET, incel, with a professionally tested IQ in the top 2% of the population.

Primarily the only interest I have in cosplay is masturbating to girls dressed like anime characters.

Sometimes I wish I could go to cons and interact with people normally, primarily girls. My problem isn't that I'm a stuttering retard, it's just that I'm very serious and mean looking. I'm mentally operating on a different level than everyone else, and particularly with women, I'm mentally operating on a vastly superior level.

If I wanted to talk with women and not make them feel uncomfortable, I would have to put on a very fake persona. I would have to alter my true personality and speech to dumb them down, alcohol is helpful of course. I don't want to be so manipulative and deceptive, it's a trait of psychopaths, but I have no other choice if I wanted to talk with women.

I've never been able to socially function well in society, I really can't stand it, that's why I left society. Only problem is it's (practically speaking) impossible to get a girlfriend due to my financial and social status.

>> No.9725821

In porn Lolita has a completely different connotation than when talking about fashion. Don't know where you live, but in some places they really do monitor this stuff to find sexual predators.

I always find it funny when someone thinks they're too smart to interact normally with other people or find gainful employment. Women love smart men, but they hate self-absorbed assholes. If the only reason you want to go to a convention is to hit on cosplay chicks, do everyone a favor and just stay home.

>> No.9725826

I'm a shut-in, forever alone, political lesbian, with a professionally tested IQ in the top 1% of the population

Primarily the only interest I have in cosplay is to bust a ladynut to /fit/ dudes with their mantitties out.

Sometimes I wish I could go to cons and interact with people normally, primarily boys. My problem isn't that I'm a low IQ plebian like the rest of you, it's just that I have permanent bitchface. I'm on a higher plane than the rest of you, especially men, and may ascend at any moment.

If I wanted to talk with men and not make them realise my vast superiority I'd have to fake somewhat of an interest in them beyond how their dicks give my ladyparts happyfeels. My only option at this point is to kill my brain cells with alcohol so I, too, can be just like the rest of you.

I don't fit in because I operate on a superior level. That's why I isolate myself. The only problem is despite my vast intellect I can't get a job so no men want to give me multiple orgasms while also financially supporting me.

>> No.9725827

>I always find it funny when someone thinks they're too smart to interact normally with other people or find gainful employment.
Obviously you can't relate.

I'm not looking for gainful employment, don't want a job. I know what women want, and it's specifically one thing I don't have, it's something that I would still need no matter how attractive I was, or what my personality was like.

If I was a woman myself, I wouldn't need it. Men would give it to me.

Can you guess what this one thing is?

>> No.9725828

Is it a good personality? Because if it isn't I have some bad news for you, my dude. Also see
That's you, that is.

>> No.9725829

> it's something that I would still need no matter [...] what my personality was like.
Looks like you can't read.

Very funny.

>> No.9725831

>I can't get a job so no men want to give me multiple orgasms while also financially supporting me.

That's just not true, if you're a female there is countless men who will do this for you, even if you're fat, ugly, stupid, bitchy, broke, and NEET.

Because men aren't whores, they PAY YOU for sex.

>> No.9725834

Fucked my back up lifting my weight rack onto a high shelf too quickly.
>can't exercise
>can't sit still long enough to sew my cosplays

>> No.9725856

/r9k/ shitposters please go

>> No.9725888

My boyfriend knew I wore lolita and has seen me wear them for meets and fashion shows, but I never knew that he was fine with me wearing it in public with him. I asked him to get high tea with me while I wore lolita, and he agreed like it wasn't out of the ordinary at all. I even made sure that he knew I was going to be in lolita, because I expected some sort of balking from him, and the only thing he said was "You're going to have to wake up early and get ready by yourself because I know how long you take." I'm really happy.

>> No.9725898

unsolicited advice?

>> No.9725899
File: 51 KB, 960x544, 1511551420677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>short and average looking, can't even claim ugly privilege
>multi-time college drop out, underachiever
>only have job thanks to family nepotism, not particularly good at it
>27, officially in creepy old fart territory
>stopped dating three years ago, I'm way below what a girl in my age bracket and social class expects
>live in an unremarkable boring part or the world
>taste is shit, entry-level casual garbage

At least I have two really close friends I hang out with regularly and I'm moving out so customizing and decorating my new condo is something to look forward to.
I like lurking this place and /fit/ because it humanizes people in a hobby/lifestyle I have a passing interest in and would never approach IRL.

>> No.9725900

I have a professionally tested IQ in the top .6% of the population, and the only thing I want for Christmas is for you all to stop shit-posting.

>> No.9725925
File: 117 KB, 608x592, yangholdsbackafart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A girl in my comm opened her car door on the interstate (to empty her bf's pee jar) and her cat jumped out.

What are your favorite kinds of tea for meet?

>> No.9725930
File: 118 KB, 340x368, psgchildhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have a free facial coupon for the spa
>discover that the facial lady can't work with my "sharp" chin
>convince her to polish my ass cheeks instead

It's something, but I'm worried I'll have bad skin for the comm Christmas meetup. Butt feels great though.

>> No.9725973

>tfw feel genuinly disgusted by obese people

That's what i get for browsing too much /cgl/!

Thank god they're rare where i live

>> No.9725975

I watch Rick and Morty, step down peasants.

>> No.9725979

My gf is a lolita. We’ve been dating for 3 years now. When she’s not around, I fap to her lolita coord pics she has taken. I feel disgusted and I cheapen the fashion as it’s some porn. How do I stop doing this?

>> No.9725985

>not fucking her in lolita
You're SO CLOSE to the real thing

>> No.9726030

>tfw con flu is actually just a manic depressive episode after leaving the atmosphere of a convention

>> No.9726031
File: 37 KB, 318x459, spread love not hate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Straight people aren't degenerates, just like trans aren't.
Being trans is not being mentally ill, but you are just fucked up in the head in your own way.
World needs more tolerance, but blaming it on people unlike you doesn't make you allies. You act against your case.

This is such a fucked up way of thinking.
You seem to be thinking of transtrenders. They jump on the train for attention, they can be whatever they want.
Being trans is not about choice. It's about stopping having to be someone you cannot and do not want to be, and becoming someone you can be happy as.

>microagression here
>microagression there
>severe depression and self esteem issues
How about you stop caring about people who have fun and enjoy themselves, and work on yourself instead?
>we are like the black slaves from long ago
You are so retarded. You don't know how good trans people have it.
>We deserve a safe space to protect us, our own bathroom
So you want segregation, because trans people do not belong among cis ones? Just like blacks were supposed to sit at the end of the bus?

I'm trans and I think you are a shitty human, no matter who you identify as.
I hope you are FtM. Get away from my lolita, freak.
You clearly identify as a trans. A trans, not a woman. You are not one of us.
Go to >>>/lgbt/ with your bullshit.

This is why I never want to be seen as trans, never clocked. There sure are many retards, and they tend to be very loud minority, giving everyone bad image and making life much more difficult for anyone T.
I just want to be pretty and enjoy my brand in peace.

>> No.9726033
File: 47 KB, 587x587, 1510256455956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being trans is not being mentally ill

>> No.9726049

>Get away from my lolita, freak
kek, you're both freaks, and should both quit lolita.

>Being trans is not being mentally ill
gender dysphoria is a mental illness you retard.

You just identified yourself as trans.

>> No.9726050
File: 21 KB, 291x302, brain problems.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not different than being depressed.
In the context mentioned it has been clearly used as an insult.

In the past being gay also was considered to be a mental illness. Now it's seen just as a sexual deviation. The terminology surely is flexible and changes over time, as we learn more, and our society changes.

>> No.9726078
File: 25 KB, 300x300, 1486854812602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You just identified yourself as trans.
I stated a fact, in the medical meaning. But it doesn't mean I identify myself as trans, along with all the movement, and people who call themselves as such.
I can say I'm AMAB, if that makes it easier to you to understand.

>gender dysphoria is a mental illness
Now that I think… Yeah, gender dysphoria is indeed a mental illness.
Being transgender isn't. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a solution for the illness, if it weren't relieving its symptoms, by resolving the core cause, would it?

>> No.9726086

im a minority trans bipolar depressed suicidal genderfluid snowflake! life is so hard dealing with these microaggressions every day. susan asked what gender I was? what a fucking bitch! my life is so hard and fucked. i have it worse than everyone. let's compete for who's going through the most struggle, because it's totally me. people should cater to my every needs because im so different and oppressed. you will never understand.

>> No.9726092

Nice blogpost.

>> No.9726094
File: 37 KB, 600x600, 1413688109889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you're a white, heterosexual male

>> No.9726096

>I just want to be pretty
I hope you can get plastic surgery soon, trannie-chan.

>World needs more tolerance
>I hope you are FtM. Get away from my lolita, freak

>> No.9726103
File: 22 KB, 511x288, blush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm instantly ashamed of my hypocrisy.
Thank you for pointing it out, I will try to improve.

>> No.9726121

If she read books then she would have known better than to judge one by it's cover.

>> No.9726122

Why are we derailing with tranny problems? Just go bitch on LGBT like the rest

>> No.9726123

Transitioning isn’t actually a solution. The ratio of post-HRT/post-SRS trans suicides is the same as pre-HRT/pre-SRS. Detransitioning is becoming a lot more common, too.

>> No.9726128

ugh this niche really needs to be filled by a cute girl, who is an actual lolita

I keep telling myself I'm gonna fill that niche but I'm way too scared of the dramu I'd cause. I like porn but I also like being a mostly invisible member of both the online lolita community and my local physical comm. I'd probably just do some softcore solo stuff but lolitas are uptight prudes, I'd be roasted, plus I don't wanna make normies think lolita is specifically a sex thing (which I think is ridiculous personally, just because people wear jeans or shorts in pornos doesn't mean jeans are inherently sexual)

>> No.9726130

Please don’t.

>> No.9726132

>tfw IQ is in top 0.02% of the population

I just want the filth I'm surrounded by to recognize my status as a demi-goddess.

>> No.9726136

Just sell it on Tumblr and keep your face out of the shots. I remember Cecil Fujisaki released a 'lolita' series of videos where she gets fucked in all sorts of ita outfits

>> No.9726174

I sometimes consider making amateur lolita porn with my boyfriend but I'm too worried about being found out even if I censor my face and wear a wig

>> No.9726184

>debating on selling a LF shirt I just received because I'm not sure if the color suits me

I love the print, but it's a cooler baby blue, which I'm not used to. black is so much easier to wear, but I wanted to add a pop of color to my wardrobe.

>> No.9726201
File: 1.30 MB, 2550x1650, AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final-p8,11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's misinformed, I have researched the topic really deeply, and there are two reliable researches I'm aware of.
One is a little dated Swedish research. It shows that suicide rates among transgender people are higher than general population, but also show decrease in suicide rates in this group, which can be attributed to medical advancements and increased acceptance of transgender people.

The other is from joint research of the William Institute and AFSP (pic related). First of all, the research is about suicide attempts and not about successful suicides. These are much more common, so the % are obviously higher, and many could be just cries for help.
Second, which is most important, it doesn't account for time and circumstances when the attempt has been made.
The findings can be read two ways. The first one is that people post-HRT/SRS are more likely to commit suicide.
The other one, is that people with so strong dysphoria to attempt to take their own life, will also seek more risky ways to change themselves. The attempts could happen way before HRT/SRS.

Alerting are also rates for people who have been sexually assaulted at school, which can reach as high as 70%+.
If you read the full NTDS report, you can find, that
In K-12:
>MTF respondents experienced sexual assault more often (15%) than their FTM peers (10%).
>MTFs were at nearly double the risk for physical (7%) and sexual (3%) assault than their FTM peers (4% physical, 2% sexual) [from teachers]
>More than half (51%) of respondents who were harassed, physically or sexually assaulted, or expelled because of their gender identity/expression reported having attempted suicide.
>Of those who were physically assaulted by teachers/staff or students, 64% reported having attempted suicide. And three-quarters (76%) of those who were assaulted by teachers or staff reported having attempted suicide.

This is what's wrong with this world. Not the fact that transgender people exist.

Let's not derail anymore.

>> No.9726207

I want trannies to leave

>> No.9726210


>> No.9726211

I want a gf

>> No.9726212


>> No.9726213

Where are the coveted anti-sjw military lolita gfs at?

>> No.9726216

what is, if they are pro-SJW?

>> No.9726218

is it wrong that I am ok with trannies

>> No.9726221

They don't exist

>> No.9726225

>They don't exist
what is if pro-SJW lolitas starting to tale up arms?

and despite the fact, that I am ok with trannies, I still think they are mentally ill (somehow)
I also think that homosexuallity is at it's core also unnatural (but I am ok with that too)

>> No.9726226

Pro-SJW lolitas exist. Pro-SJW military lolitas do not

>> No.9726234
File: 553 KB, 133x150, padoru.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you're a white, heterosexual, cisgendered male
>tfw you cosplay anime girls purely for your own enjoyment
salty gulls can stay mad, I'm immune to all forms of verbal attack

>> No.9726236

I guess I don't exist then. I'm not really pro-sjw though, more just anti- anti-sjw (and anti pro-sjw)

>> No.9726241

For what purpose

>> No.9726244

>tfw trying to convince friend that cheap Wish shit is not "kawaii" japanese/korean fashion

>> No.9726245

>salty gulls can stay mad
are you lost? most people in this thread have been bashing trannies anon. but here's the attention you wanted, from a fellow white, straight, cis male.

>> No.9726246

Because everybody who tries to shove their political ideology down my throat is incredibly obnoxious

>> No.9726248

I don't know a lot about wish, but I always assumed they were just taobao resellers like aliexpress. For people on a budget, there's some cute finds from taobao (and thus wish/ali if they resell them) if you know what to avoid. it's just chinese interpretations of j and k fash imo.

>> No.9726249

What does political ideology have to do with not liking trannies and nu-feminists?

>> No.9726252

Trannies are not relevant to cgl and should take their shit to LGBT if they want to piss and moan about shit like passing and dilating.

>> No.9726253

I love military themes, but I'm neither SJW or Anti-SJW. I just don't give a fuck what other people do that doesn't impact me directly and/or negatively.

>> No.9726254

They're pretty much the same thing, yeah. My friend's issue is that she's pretty damn rotund, really cheap and doesn't have any fashion or common sense.

So what she buys is usually very cheap, too small, of awful quality and really ugly. Most of it is very see-through and even when it's on purpose it looks awful on her body. She barely owns any normal clothes and refuses to buy anything of quality because she thinks she can get good stuff at outlets or from Wish for like 5 dollars.

>> No.9726257

Ironic crossplaying seems to trigger transpeople who put ideology before their own mental health (since crossdressing without going all out degrades them or some retarded shit), but anyone who's cool with it is cool with me.

>> No.9726283

>self drafted a design, made a dummy out of some old bedsheets, adjusted the design, made another dummy
>super pumped to work on my cosplay
>fabric is made out of rubber/vinyl on the inside, so when I try to sew it the top sheet puckers and doesn't feed properly.
>need to wait until friday for my newly bought walking foot

This sucks.

>> No.9726290

Don’t be sad, you didn’t ruin your cosplay and you’ll have a new walking foot on Friday! A walking foot will change your life, it’s such a useful attachment.

>> No.9726292

Crossplayers are cool, let people enjoy what they like. Fun things are fun.
What I hate are the fetishists, who claim to be transwomen, just to get near lolitas. These should be closed in a mental ward, if they can't keep their degeneracy at home.
t. T

>> No.9726297
File: 1019 KB, 500x373, DepressByScreen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been seeing this online shop around my facebook feed recently
>Apparently based in my city
>Held promotional parties and such
>Couple of my qt friends have been there
>Must have bought from them too and never complained I figure
>I've been wallowing in mediocrity and self doubt about my style recently
>Today I actually click the advertisement
>Shit's fucking cash
>Find like five pieces of clothing which scream my name
>Want to buy them immediately
>Have next to no cash because Christmas
>Sitting here contemplating on dipping into savings with a catch
>All money I get from relatives this Christmas will go straight to savings
>Like betting I can't spend more than I'll get later
>No idea how much I'll get (I have some irregular rich aunts)
>My savings are so plentiful that I've never feared hitting the actual bottom
>This would just scrape off the foam of the coffee so to speak
>Still makes me anxious
>But I want that sweet domestic shipping
>Dream of having somebody else deal with customs
>Fuck it I just want cute and graceful clothes
>I want to feel prettier than I feel right now

I've always considered myself a stingy person so these splurging feels frighten me. Please help me /cgl/, should I do it?

>> No.9726301

Buy 2 or 3 instead of 5.

>> No.9726306

I tried filling a cart just to get a better overview as I was waiting for a reply. You're right, with only three safe items I feel way safer. It still means going into my savings but the chunk feels nowhere near as daunting... It will most likely win my Christmas money bet too.

>> No.9726314

Gee, said safe a bit too much there. Does that count as a typo?

Either way I did it. I bought one skirt and one shirt belonging to the truly cute spectrum and one sweater which might pass for a normie style (that's what I meant by safe).

They'll arrive in the new year for all I care, I'll enjoy being low-key excited until then.

>> No.9726316

which online shop was it?

>> No.9726320
File: 119 KB, 321x259, ClothedKittyReach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Peiliee shop

... Guess you all know I live in Gothenburg, Sweden now.

>> No.9726323

I almost regret asking, there's so much stuff I want now even though I'm broke.

>> No.9726328

I had no idea that place existed, and my workplace is located on the same damn street.

>> No.9726330
File: 100 KB, 320x239, MariWavingMoney.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you're already there I guess I can go on about my purchase. I got the
- Pastel Fairy Strap Dress in black
- Sweet Girly Ribbon Shirt in white
- Rainbow Sweater Hoodie in white

Have the gif I regret not using in my post about taking the plunge. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.9726331
File: 492 KB, 2048x1518, explain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>generic cute fashion
>suddenly: straight up fetish shit
What the fuck

>> No.9726333

Oh damn, look at me doing advertisement for free. It's the power I wield as a consumer. This sort of makes me even happier. I hope you enjoy the close availability if/when you buy from them. The cheapest method is "pick up at our office" which was for 15 USD compared to the 30-40 USD alternatives internationally. More free advertisement, ahoy!

>> No.9726335

nice choices! i don't know if i can resist at least purchasing a couple things

>> No.9726337

This is the first step, next you'll have to move on to advertising on Instagram and then you can infiltrate their office and truly become one of them.

But thank you, I'm flat broke for Christmas but I'll probably buy some cute stuff after I get paid!

>> No.9726342

Too bad I don't use instagram. Merry Chrismas anon!

I wish I could explain, but let's just guess it sells...

Merry Christmas to you too. It has been exciting getting so many replies I haven't been able to reply to them in time. This is my last post before bed, I swear.

>> No.9726343

Never too late to start. Merry Christmas to you too!

>> No.9726348

I'm pretty pumped, mostly because half my issues with sewing are feeding issues.

The other half is sewing too fast and losing control of the path, but I'm starting to learn to fix that.

>> No.9726350

is that another taobao reseller shop like spreepicky?

>> No.9726365

until you get it you can try to put tape on the bottom of a regular foot! i assume its not the best because i've never tried it, but it should work temporarily.

>> No.9726401
File: 348 KB, 498x370, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is cute

>> No.9726406

>tfw no cosplay gf to do couple's cosplays with
>Stuck doing obscure cosplays no one recognizes

>> No.9726409
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm afraid the guy I met at the con may not be a virgin.

>> No.9726421

I would be more worried if he was, especially if he's over 20.

>> No.9726427

>Be photographer
>Arrange a little while back to do a shoot with a R6S cosplayer
>We plan in detail and agree for her to send a picture of the whole outfit a few weeks before we do the shoot so I can prepare my gear better
>Comes to the time where she’s supposed to send it and she messages me that she’s doing some sewing and she’ll be able to show me tomorrow
>Fast forward 2 weeks and I’ve heard nothing
What should I do? I don’t know why she’s suddenly broken off despite her being so excited in the past

And a disclaimer, it wasn’t a nsfw shoot or anything like that, we were going for an epic war sort of look.

>> No.9726438

is.. is that a bad thing?

>> No.9726442

what's wrong with virginity?

>> No.9726445

The average man loses his virginity at 16, the average girl at 15. If someone is in their 20s and a virgin, it's a red flag. Definitely not irredeemable, of course, but suspicious.

>> No.9726446

lol this really is the female r9k.
>the average guy
the average guy doesn't go to anime cons and thinks lolita is a slutty fetish fashion

if you want to only deal with the average guy and be a judgmental sexist bitch then that's your prerogative I guess

>> No.9726450

>tfw first kiss at 16
>lost virginity at 18 to someone I didn't even care about, just wanted to get rid of the sword of damocles


>> No.9726454

>finally find worn pics of a weird AP dress i've lusted after for a long time
>mfw it looks kind of cheap and costumey off the mannequin

damn... i'm not going to divulge what it is in case i change my mind (not like it'll ever show up for sale anyway) but i feel bamboozled. anyone else fall out of love with their DD after seeing it irl/worn?

>> No.9726463
File: 175 KB, 223x344, fat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 26
>been seeing a girl recently
>like her
>the idea of our relationship getting physical fills me with dread

>> No.9726469

realize that if she comes here she's probably a hateful person and will mercilessly shame you for being a virgin and being yourself

>> No.9726471

I'm incredibly curious now anon. Don't answer if you don't want to, but was it a salopette? I find they always look terrible worn, no matter who's wearing it.

>> No.9726472

>lose virginity a little ahead of schedule
>in the years since then I've become more of a weirdo
I believe your assessment is incomplete

>> No.9726474

what is suspicious about having to live in a small redneck Alabama town for 20 years of my life?

Also, slight nit pick, but the average age of someone losing their virginity is 18.

>> No.9726478

not a salopette, but still shorter than usual with little cap sleeves. i thought because i'm short it would be good on me, but all the worn pics are from japanese girls of a similar build and it looks like a trainwreck... also the torso of the dress is abnormally long (similar to some salopettes) and it bunches up at everybody's waist. RIP me.

>> No.9726480

>the average age of someone losing their virginity is 18
That's according to the older studies. The new ones are lower.

>> No.9726517

> If the only reason you want to go to a convention is to hit on cosplay chicks, do everyone a favor and just stay home.
To be fair, that's good advice. Why you'd hit on cosplay girls as opposed to just regular girls who live closer + are less likely to be obsessive, I dunno.
But what about the cosplay chicks that wanna get laid?

>> No.9726525

me with fancy hospital op. i mean, it looked kind of costumey to begin with, but i loved it on the mannequin. after seeing posts of it worn on ig, it's just an unflattering cut.

>> No.9726526

I just saw a thread on a website called "4chan". There were some comments in the thread that seemed really strange, like the posters had completely alien mentalities.
It made me feel confused.

>> No.9726531

Post pics of feet pls goddess so I may worship them

>> No.9726553

according to what? every study I've seen recently has shown that people today have less sex and start having sex later than in previous generations, along with staying at their parent's house longer than before

>> No.9726555


>> No.9726575

I've lost more weight and recieved my first brand blouse! It's a little tight in the shoulders, but I can actually button it without looking like I'm busting through the seams, besides the shoulders, it fits fine, I might have a seamstress fix it and make it more comfortable!
My measurements were 130cm/110cm and now they're 98/80. I'm so proud of myself, I can finally fit into shirred brand and my measurements aren't in the triple digits anymore.
I cried desu.
Happy feels gulls, happy feels

>> No.9726594
File: 58 KB, 900x739, 6682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why would you want to have no strings attached sex in another city with girls you find attractive
Gee idk that's a hard one might have to think about it.

>> No.9726604

Congrats anon! my first brand item was a baby blouse and it made me honestly love brand so much. To be fair, all I had before was a few of bodyline's better pieces, but after that one 2nd hand old baby blouse, I started buying only brand items. The quality is to die for, especially for a lot of the older pieces. So many nice details and pretty lace and ahhhhh.

>> No.9726609

People are staying virgins longer now.

>> No.9726614

Virgin men , hnnng

>> No.9726659

wow, and I am 24, gonna be 25 in two months, and I am still a virgin, and will ever stay one
(but at least I turn into a wizard when I become 30, so I got that going for me, which is nice)

>> No.9726668

I can understand your feelings (except for the high IQ part)
my recommendation, give up on women

>> No.9726705

>too smart for stupid girls
>my big brain makes them soooo uncomfortable
>so smart it hurts
>neet weeb
>thirsty for vagina
>posts about being "not like others" on anon board
>too smart
>so perfect

No wonder you are alone.

>> No.9726784
File: 18 KB, 259x224, 1308eed60c33365f47919f298d511f98.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently hand-embroidering a Christmas gift for my cosplay senpai. It's a good feel, gulls.

>> No.9726825

tfw con crush is aromantic
regret fucking her so much, months later i still have feels
pls get therapy and be my gf K ;w;

>> No.9726832

Like she smells a lot or something?

>> No.9726840

doesn't get feels for people

>> No.9726841

It's a snowflake thing that means they won't date anyone.

>> No.9726845
File: 356 KB, 800x949, 1513727123083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good one

>> No.9726848
File: 108 KB, 643x413, 1510359553582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you're an aromantic who's afraid of ppl falling in love with you because you know it's just gonna end in their heartbreak

>> No.9726849
File: 74 KB, 704x480, 1508179689348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that not just a nicer way of calling yourself a slut?

>> No.9726857
File: 65 KB, 540x410, are you stupid...?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You see the post number at the end of the top of the posts? Next to the little "No."? Click on it when you reply to a post. Learn to link posts, dumbass.

>> No.9726860
File: 244 KB, 837x794, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9726861

Except I wasn't trying to reply to any post in particular because it was a topic being discussed by several people, retard. Get the stick out of your ass

>> No.9726900

A penis.

>> No.9727094

My penis is 6.5"x5.25"

Significantly bigger than average, doesn't matter because I can't show it off in public to attract females.

>> No.9728228

This thread might be in sage but just stopping in to guess... a means to support yourself in a gainful, independent manner that won't have them playing mommy to your ass just because you want to continue living the carefree life of a stay-at-home NEET?

There is such thing as a sugar momma', you know.

>> No.9728864

Oh my God

>> No.9732499

>Significantly bigger than average

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