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Discord edition.

No Rory-posting or Kyle drama permitted. Discord is taking back control from you non-corder peons.

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Literally worse than tripfags

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MCM London weekend ticket now starts at £65
You can almost hear the sound of regulars dropping that con. Even going to Europe is cheaper now

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You fucked up with Rory you have no right to talk.

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Christ, I got tickets and travel to Amsterdam for less than that.

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French anon here.
I plan to go to London Comic Con this July, mainly to meet the classic Doctor Who actors that don't come in France often.

Do you have any tips to enjoy the most out of this con ?

Are the guests easy to meet ? The signature system sounds like a clusterfuck on the website, how easy is it to actually follow ? Do you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the hour you decide to meet the guest ? (Once again, I am thinking of classic Doctor Who guests, which as I understand are not the most popular ones, I wouldn't ask that kind of question about Benedict Cumberbatch obviously).

Do you need three days to enjoy the con, or is just the week-end enough ?

How cluttered and hot is it ? Should I fear about going in with an expensive/heavy costume ?

Thank you very much UK anons.

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Link to autism acceptance association


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No you don't need all 3 days to enjoy the con.
Yes it gets hot. Cluttered on Saturday especially but they've been improving recently.
You can go in a big costume if you're careful. The £1000 masquerade prize draws a lot of cosplayers on the Saturday.

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I'm still relevant, right?

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That image is disgusting and I might hang myself because of it.

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Thank you very much !

Does anyone have info on the questions about the guests ? My main problem could be summed up as : If I buy tickets for signatures in advance, how fast is it to actually get to see the guest ?
If I buy tickets for 6-7 guests that I'd like to see, will I have enough time to see them in a day without spending my day looking at my watch to be in time from a signing to another ?
The website explains that each ticket corresponds to a precise hour for the signing which is given once you show up at the con, which doesn't sound convenient to me but might not be that bad in practice.

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Yeah and somehow only shit people win. All the good people go to Eurocosplay the same weekend

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I'm already there, whoops.

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Super professional animeleague money man Andre Duggan gets in fight with our old favourite; nobody wins

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wait AJ quit AL did I miss somthing?

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It's quite strict for as far as I know. They have schedules posted a few weeks(?) before the con. If things are clashing, they tend to be willing to help you.

I have to say though, I have no experience with guests. I only went to see Benedict Wong at LFCC this summer and I was literally just in time with buying it on the spot and running to the photobooth. It was good fun though, he loved my costume and props.

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You don't need 3 days to enjoy the con but there are things to occupy 3 days this is what to keep in mind.

Much less busy, most exclusive merch and activities can be had with little to no queuing. Some exclusive events but it's the lowest attendance days so most presenters save the good stuff for other days.

Busiest day of the lot, most people will be hitting this one if they only do one. Because of this queues can be very long, moving can be difficult, and stuff sells out quickly. Most of the good events are on that day to capitalise on the extra crowd. Cosplay masquerade is on this day and you will get to meet a lot of them in the con.

Basically a mini-Saturday. A lot less people attend but more than on Friday. Most things will be picked clean from Saturday and there is a few events still on Sunday. If you like buying things it is also an opportunity to grab good deals on things left over since it's more expensive for some vendors to ship stuff back than it is to sell at a loss.

>Friday and Saturday
Due to the venue location there is street parties/meetups after and during the con in the green area outside. Some /cgl/ meets will probably happen on the Saturday.

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You are not welcome in a British thread.

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Now now, frogs are welcome in these threads.
Until the 29th of March 2019.

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How're we coping with the con drought here?

Going to start prep unprecedentedly early in January, how long does a cosplay take you guys?

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Thank you very much.
Sounds like meeting guests on friday and fucking around in cosplay on saturday and sunday is the best plan.


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I hate it though I also welcome it somewhat. I have a lot of cons towards the tail end of the year and the gap does help in preparing for them.

Yes. Just make sure you confirm in advance which guests are available at what days. Many guests only turn up on Sat/Sun so you might not get to meet them on those days. Some guests also have panels are preordained times and some have signing sessions in much the less vein. Make your schedule in advance.

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Thank you once, again, I'll schedule everything. (I had already noticed that Colin Baker was only here on saturday for example.)

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Don't higher price at least repel normies, bros and casuals from showing up ? This sounds like quite a good thing to make some cons great again.

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I mean we make fun of MCM raising early bird tickets to £65 this year but they are not much more expensive than say Amecon.

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>The price is higher but it will get rid of normies

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Ame isn't a glorified dealers hall

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No I am dead serious.
At my local cons there are quite a few bros, normies, Chads and Stacys that come here to mock cosplayers, if the price was that high they wouldn't come to the con and the whole thing would be better in that aspect.

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Hmm... I wonder who's behind this post.

[Spoiler] Tom [/spoiler]

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1. For the love of god don't take an expensive or quality cosplay unless you're entering a competition. If you've been to Japan expo in paris it's basically the same thing only on a smaller scale. There's barely any room to move around people and you can bet British people will shove you out of the way. Changing facility is shit as well so unless you got the hotel on site expect a replacement rail service.

Just go for the day to get your autographs and see a few panels, then enjoy the rest of London on the others. You'll quickly find after 4 hours that you've seen everything, you're starving, you need a piss but the queue is so long it's up a flight of stairs, and actually it's not that fun.

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Thank you for the info.

I have been to Japan Expo quite a lot in the past, but stopped coming because it had no atmosphere anymore and turned into a souless marketplace with too many normies (I mean, it was always a big, money-focused con but at least it used to have atmosphere and fun).
(Also, it was fused with the French Comic Con back then, so there was a shitton of things to do. The French CC has become Paris's worst con since, btw.)

Do you have any horror stories related to people not giving a fuck about your cosplay ? I am genuinely interested, your take on it seems way harsher than others.

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I mean, or any of the dozens of people that have called it thaf exact phrase before lol

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Hyper Japan had cheap entry, didn't have many Chads or Stacies at all, or any in my knowledge.

Maybe it's what the convention is about?

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I know we aren't supposed to... but Rory sexually assaulted someone too?

this is fucking glorious

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I went to Hyper Japan last year and it was a huge disappointment. Glorified dealer's hall. Also the single entry/single exit thing was annoying. Once you walk outside to get reception for a phone call, you have to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the goddamn building?!?! Fucking stupid idea.

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>This sounds like quite a good thing to make some cons great again.
Except for the fact we're paying WAY more than we should for something that costed less a decade ago.

Back in 2007, 20 got you a four day con pass.

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>Back in my day a weekend pass cost a shilling and you got a cooked meal each day too!

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Hey shitbird; back in 1997 a hotel costs 55 a night

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2007 was not that long ago...

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It was 10 years ago? That's pretty long

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probs just someone messing with him, but these days who knows

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Nah you just get people who are like tourists on drugs. They think the cosplayers aren't people and just take candids without permission.
I ripped a new one on a girl who tried a second time after I said no when we were sitting around eating, and one of our girls was crying.

I have never had to do this before.

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Anyone going to Sunny?

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not true, he tried to groom our friend who was 16/17 at the time.
hes a fucking creep like everyone else.

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I would love to know who that was, and when. Or perhaps you just like feeding the rumour mill?

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ask this guy creep. now take your tripfag of cgl and stop being a cancer

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piss off Rory your drama is the reason we have discord

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RIP Obayed Khan, both of his accounts are gone.

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And nothing of value was lost.

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What even is the UK lolita community? I moved from Canada to near London recently and their face book page is dead

>> No.9727694

how to tell a non-discord pleb: they claim the discord exists for any other purpose than posting about Gregg's

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I used to go, but it just progressively got worse. Anyone remember the year with no guests?

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It depends on where you are, the East Anglia one is pretty active, despite the small turn up that we often have at meets. I've don't know anything about the London comm though

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Anyone know why Digi-Con are upset? Didn't realise there was drama with them.

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for what they offer, digicon are a bigger rip off than mcm

They should spend less time having a go at people complaining and spend more time improving their shit show of an event

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How much money do you think I'd have to offer a Reimu cosplayer to lick her sweaty armpits come May MCM?

>> No.9731550

£10 should cover it.

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wait what? one of his accounts will likely return in a few days or so? he's never gone for long

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Which Tom? I’m confused.

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It looks like he’s deleted them, stopped using his Instagram too. Not sure what else he uses but he doesn’t seem online anymore

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Well, that wasn’t me. Sounds like something I’d say, but that wasn’t me :P I tend to only lurk and stir, not post stuff specifically about dealers rooms. I’ve never been to an expo but yeah glorified dealer hall. Incidentally if you a fan dealer/artist applying I’ll be processing your applications for table allocations in a couple of weeks.

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anyone of you sexy ladies want to be my gf?

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/britfeel/ here

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Its all lads here.

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And the occasional trap. But we’re all pink on the inside.

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Don't kid yourself. You're all black and soulless inside.

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God help Norwich. It's a fine city with already a decent yearly convention, anime clubs and a Lolita comm and most definitely doesn't need this shit.


>> No.9734689

Norwich was already lost to us......

They did one of their geek meets in Norwich at a comics store, but when the owners got wind of the allegations, plus how they trashed the place on the day, they weren't welcome back.

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Is anybody gonna tell him?

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TIL I'm a man.
I can deal with this.

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Yer a Wizard Holly.

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Not me and we're all anons here

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Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make it a woman.

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/cgl/ belongs to /u/ realm

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close enough for me

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>avatar fagging
Pick one.

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>no trip
>could literally be anyone

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bout probably /ourgirl/

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how much to pay a madoka to lewd me

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tfw no qt 3.14159

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i want to hug the swordsmith

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why pay when 2d exists

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shitposting battalion 1 moving in

mcm is unironically worth every penny

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where can i find a qt like this brevs?

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so if amecon is so good why is it cheaper than mcm

mcm 1
atheists 0

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Discord's down. Guess I'll just die?

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know the feel
please kill me

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It's still working

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fuck u nigga

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It wasn't working

I was talking to myself for about seven minutes

I didn't realise this

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fucking winged firebreathing reptile

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>talks to nobody for 20 minutes

>> No.9736891

who would do that

>> No.9736910

chorogon does it again

>> No.9736929

mods are asleep post nose

>> No.9736939

mods are asleep post tonsils

>> No.9736943

wow the fucking discrimination
i'm post op trans tonsil
fuck you

>> No.9736945

easy bro i had my tonsils removed when I was about 6, I need this

>> No.9736964

when is dragon going to fuck me lads

>> No.9736966

consider rope assisted neck suspension from the roof

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i dont believe you

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at senpaicon

>> No.9736972

Speaking of Senpaicon, how's cosplay at that event? People generally dressed down or does anybody actually go for it?

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the dragon wont fuck you

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i-i'll treat you like a princess and buy you dinner
pls dont be memeing

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Nobody cosplays senpai
don't be that guy

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see you then anonymous!

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>lewding the dragon

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File: 1.26 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - 02 [720p] (00:04:56.003) 0008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.

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that's amore!

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Guy's what's going on

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this thread in a nutshell

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more like

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>people lewding the dragon

time to burn some heretics

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Dracus Vult!

>> No.9737419

well, at least it isn't the dragonloli

>> No.9737594

Kita have finally released the Kitacon AMV entrants.

That feel when both videos are practically the same in terms of content and people because they pretty much just used their mates.

>> No.9737720

The anime comminuity is incestuous.
Don’t sweat it

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You're not reading a 4chan thread on New Years Eve right? I thought cosplayers were supposed to be outgoing.

>> No.9737985

>not shitposting while on a new year's party.

>> No.9738059

I’m also watching death note and reading biz

>> No.9738086

>Going out to an overcrowded pub filled with drunk idiots and overpriced booze on NYE
>Not being comfy at home watching the fireworks on TV surrounded by loved ones and pets

>> No.9738104

Drinks, video games, Warhammer, and planning cosplay with the wife.

This is how you do it.

>> No.9738116


>> No.9738546

Hyped for 2018 cons lads?

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>> No.9738699

>not planting your holy sword into the dragon.

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It's your bois birthday today. Enjoy.

>> No.9739362

Has anyone here heard of Namsoc?

>> No.9739527

I know this gets asked often and i checked google but all of the results are a few years old.

Besides artbox whats kawaii/jfashion friendly
stores thats worth visiting? I know theres a Laduree. The google search basically only brings up cyberdog and what looks like a gothshop with overpriced infanta and ita messes.

Its hard to find cute things or even disney stuff here so im trying to make a list of things to see. Also is the asian food, especially in chinatown, as terrible as most of the rest of Europe's? Ive noticed germany hates spice and basically all chinese food tastes like they added sugar to it.

>> No.9739565

Asian food in London is generally good. If you like dim sum, Golden Phoenix in Chinatown is excellent and very cheap. For Korean, Superstar BBQ near Tottenham Court Road is good. For Japanese, I recommend Taro and Misato for curry, ramen etc, and Sushi Hiroba for amazing sushi with good lunch prices.

You can also get good boba in Chinatown, and there's a shop which sells (overpriced) Japanese and Korean cosmetics.

>> No.9741012

>>9725171 again, I was wondering if any of you had some advice regarding the hotels close to the Olympia where the London Film and Comic Con is held.
Is there one of them which has a way higher than average number of congoers staying in ? This is usually fun.

>> No.9741446

Am I the only one who thought /ourgirl/ was cute as fugg in her Ferris cosplay on the first day at Kita?

>> No.9741919
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There's our old boy Liam again, ready to start making a tit of himself.

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>> No.9741975
File: 83 KB, 850x715, __big_boss_kazuhira_miller_pipimi_and_popuko_metal_gear_series_metal_gear_solid_ground_zeroes_metal_gear_solid_v_and_poptepipic_drawn_by_jotace__sample-4ba624b0107b43af7ede637f6474211c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was funny when he was making poorly constructed cosplays.
No one wants this.

>> No.9741980


Body confidence is a great thing, but his cosplans really won't go down well at a convention if he's planning to debut them there.

>> No.9741988

I have confidence that I don't want to see his body.

>> No.9741993


He already showed randoms to their horror the photos when he first started doing his 'thicc' shots at a previous Hyper Japan IIRC and got escorted out. If he dresses like this and behaves the same way near anyone at a con it won't end well at all.

>> No.9742034

>all chinese food tastes like they added sugar to it.
Authentic Chinese cuisine has lots of sugar. What were you expecting?

>> No.9742050


Uh no wtf. Chinese food is carb loaded to high hell but we don't put "tons of sugar" in authentic Chinese cuisine wtf are you smoking.

>> No.9742101

Well, in Cantonese cuisine (which is the main Chinese cooking that you'll find in the UK) we put a lot of sugar in our cooking. I dunno about other regions. It'd be retarded to try and speak for all of China since it has about 500 completely different cuisines

>> No.9742194

We have discord at what cost? Was Kyle even charged with any crime?

>> No.9742619

I went to MCM once,I'm one of you guys r-right

>> No.9742630

I went to MCM once, only con I've been to, and it was shit. It was just a massive hall of overpriced knick knacks, must have been 15 vendors selling Naruto headbands, and selling those green tea Kit Kats for like £5. What's the appeal?

>> No.9742808

Is there a lot of weaboo stuff in British "comic" cons ?

>> No.9742840

where do I find friends in manchester

>> No.9742856
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Join the discord :^)

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but I'm scared

>> No.9742879
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there's no reason to be scared

>> No.9743287

The bar next to the convention center was cool,I liked how social everyone was. Well except all the landwhales trying to hit on me when I just wanted to enjoy myself

>> No.9743504

The real reason for MCM is the sesh, be that on the grass, in the Fox or at the kebab place.

>> No.9743586

Yep,I wanna go there again one day but a friend told me that it's getting worse every year

>> No.9743614
File: 907 KB, 1280x720, CB1A5D56-C158-40EB-92EF-533FC06C06A5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you’re not too far, not dropping too much money on travel and accommodation and you’re able to deal with crowds I can’t see you having an awful time. Should be said though I consider it a social event, if that’s not your street and you’re there for panels and such it’s probably never going to be your thing.

>> No.9743684

We have “service” dog cosplay action back on the ame social group. I for one welcome this triumphant return.

>> No.9743691

How do you legally put a dog down?

>> No.9743850

This. >>9742050 is obviously LARPing as a Chinese on the internet. Getting weird about sugar in food is something literally no Asian person would ever do

>> No.9743855

Thing is, it's a 'support dog' (ie a comfort blanket), and not a service dog. Businesses are legally required to allow qualified service dogs, but support dogs have no such rights.

So if you're sick of that fucking dog, just complain to Warwick that someone is taking an unlicensed dog and you're highly allergic or some shit.

Honestly, support dogs are cancer. As an anxiety sufferer myself, using comforters is the worse thing to do, as it stops you dealing with the source of your anxiety, and just reinforces your avoidant behaviour. That and they've not been trained to deal with stressful situations like actual service dogs, so they can be unpredictable in crowds.

How much you betting it bites someone's face off because it gets spooked by all these costumed weebs being all over it?

>> No.9743901
File: 945 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's getting worse

>> No.9744072
File: 85 KB, 468x500, 1497728280394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9744090

I'm from germany,so the only time I would do it again is if I found people to room with.My main reason to go to events like that is the social aspect

>> No.9744100
File: 56 KB, 580x516, 1504811977019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So why the fuck are tickets for MCM going up even more?

>> No.9744202

obnoxious dog owner posting back again. i wouldn't have so much of an issue with it if they wouldn't constantly post the fucker in the groups.

they made some mile long post last night and i couldn't help but notices that "making eye contact with him is just as distracting as petting" and honestly, if your "fully trained support dog" gets distracted by that, then maybe he's not so spectacularly trained as you think.

>> No.9744263
File: 26 KB, 600x800, BqJbQreCEAEDOhT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey britbros, can anyone here recommend a con newbie some good cons around the UK? So far, the only con I have ever been to was MCM London last October. I had a good time but I think I want a more authentic con experience. As someone else in the thread said, it's basically a glorified trade hall.

Any good cons for cosplaying would be appreciated as I'm getting into that. Also, if there are any groups on here that meet to go to cons I'd love to tag along. I went with friends last time but they aren't really into this stuff as much as me (well, one is but he is too lacking in self confidence to admit it)

>> No.9744443

>Hey britbros, can anyone here recommend a con newbie some good cons around the UK?
Protip: there aren't any

>> No.9744776

MCM sells out completely every year and is hitting the limits of what they can do in their venues.

This means that they can't make more money from selling more tickets so their only way of increasing profit is to increase unit pricing. They can continue doing this until people stop buying tickets altogether but I suspect they haven't hit the point this happens yet.

>> No.9744893

Arirang for Korean, does both bbq and regular dishes
Misato and eat Tokyo for Japanese - the former for very cheap, canteen-style food, the latter for decent sushi at a reasonable price
Chinese are ten a penny but Leong's Legend, New World and Jade Garden are all still knocking about,. If you want to experience something bizarre then it's worth going to Wong Kei. Unfortunately much of chinatown has fallen to greedy landlords.

Japan Centre is ostensibly a supermarket but it stocks weeby goods, homeware, manga anthologies and other mags. There's also a new Japanese foodhall in Statford Westfield.

>> No.9745991
File: 370 KB, 817x455, 1412446141182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have a dog to help with anxiety
>freaks out when people look at it

>> No.9746059

no he has not been charged or arrested.

>> No.9746375

Literally if you can't cope with a con without taking an animal (which can easily be just as freaked out by large groups of loud people) you really shouldn't be going

>> No.9746608

I already asked this a while back on discord but is anyone going to Kupocon? Seems like hardly anyone knows about it.

>> No.9746795


>> No.9746824

hell yeah it looks like it's going to be amazing, not surprised it seems like it's not been advertised much as why bother when it's almost an instant sell-out?

>> No.9746850

The first rule of Kupocon is not to tell people about Kupocon, Anon

Keep it secret keep it safe

>> No.9746918

m8s im itching to go to japan expo on july to get a comparison of how shitty and irrelevant our anime/weab/gamer(ie not fifa-retards) scene is.

Will I get by just knowing english? I imagine the place is flooded with burgermericans and japanese who can't speak the language either. Plus you know, the 50% middle eastern/african demographic.

>> No.9747040

French anon here.
JE has become shittier and shitter every year for a while now, if there's still stuff that interest you you'll be fine by just knowing English.
Don't expect the average french person to be able to talk with you but all important information are given in French and English.

>> No.9747453

So no justice for Beth? The white knight Rory promised everyone justice and he would be the new cosplay tog king.

>> No.9747525

he also has posted plans to cosplay as 2 other swimsuit characters, he HAS to be doing this on purpose to troll right!?

>> No.9747668

What the fuck do I do then, go to ones in Europe?

>> No.9747884

Consider it. There are good cons in Germany (Dokomi, and I forgot some of the others, comic cons) and the Netherlands(Animecon, Abunai!, and comic cons). Depending on what you like. Not sure about Belgium, FACTS is a bit like MCM but they have Antwerp Comic Con.
If you like warmer weather: Salon del Manga in Barcelona seems okay.

>> No.9747955

Or you can go to a US one like me. I'm so hyped to be spending so much money to travel to one US con!

>> No.9747957

I thought people would be talking about how excited they are for the convention. Ive seen other cons sell out quickly and people talk about it here.

I'm guessing people talk about the popular mainstream cons here or cons that have lots of drama there.

well it's too late now since I mentioned it here. though I don't think anyone here is interested in it

>> No.9747978

There are in fact no good cons. I don't know what you're expecting. from a weeb gathering.
I've confirmed US cons are very similar.

>> No.9747986

I doubt they're allowed to talk about anything that there is going on

>> No.9747998

Thank fuck

>> No.9748230

you mean aside from the ENTIRE status and Rory coming on here and telling us all that people have already gone to the police?

doing a fucking stand up job of NOT TALKING ABOUT IT

>> No.9748265

The worst part is that there's an Undertale cosplayer who regularly attends, with an ACTUAL service dog, who is impeccably behaved. This idiot is obviously only using the "support dog" excuse to bring their stupid pet to a con, which is 100% not at all trained considering they've said that it's under a year old.

>> No.9748298

and is apparently almost unapproachable and nervous around people. Maybe it will attack someone when spooked.

>> No.9748350

Gonna take the fall and get it banned

>> No.9748359

What's your plan?

>> No.9748361


>> No.9748463

god dude stop being so ableist ://// can't believe you'd say something so disgusting ://////// a terrible example to the community :///////////

>> No.9748468

samefagging from last post, sorry friends

maybe i'm just being a petty lil shit but is there a specific channel in the discord for Con Drama? i don't wanna interrupt you guys' wholesome chats in general to talk about autists but i gotta blow off some steam, you feel me

and the discord seems like the place to be, the thread has definitely slowed down as of late

>> No.9748516

No channel for it or anything, con drama doesn't get brought up often and for the most part nobody seems to know or care about it at all.

>> No.9748531

given that most of the peeps on discord seem to use the same line of thinking/language as the offender ya might as well just blurt it out in the general channel

>> No.9748745

tfw they cancelled MCM in Telford. I live in Telford and it's a decent con. Better than shitty Manchester tbhfam

>> No.9749062

Use blight town to shitpost

>> No.9749241
File: 372 KB, 470x468, take_me_out_back_and_put_me_out_of_my_misery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9749260

Make the dog anxious

>> No.9749342

Is that actually a wall mounted, corded telephone?

>> No.9749578

its time to reconsider your life choices

>> No.9749587
File: 1.08 MB, 396x213, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's super easy to provoke a dog, but the difficulty is whether its flight or fight reaction is stronger. Usually depends on the breed: a pug will back down, but a staffie will rip your face off. It's 50/50 will a collie as although they're good with people (flight) they're also bred to control other animals (fight).

So if you REALLY want to get mauled, wait until it's sufficiently agitated, then get up in its grill and make prolonged eye contact. Although thanks to legislation changes a dog doesn't need to attack you to be classed as a dangerous dog, you need to be 'sufficiently threatened'. So if it goes berserk at the end of the lead it still counts.

Get the dog banned, but don't get it put down anon. A pet shouldn't be euthanised due to its owner being a prick.

>> No.9749663

Probably because peoples names or handles are attached. If you bad mouth someone there it's on record as you being the one that said it. or a much better way of finding out it was you. People are less likely to go balls deep in drama there.

>> No.9749717
File: 216 KB, 1400x933, Britgull trainning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stare the fuck out of that dog.

>> No.9749730

was that movie any good?

>> No.9749739

I remember it being ok/good

>> No.9749741

It's worth watching for some background entertainment

>> No.9749768

I wouldn't get it put down really, just an over reaction to the owner being a massive cunt

>> No.9749778

i thought Isaac was a boys name

>> No.9749779

that's very true, i never really thought about that, but it's so obvious now that you've said that.

>> No.9750303

He/she/whatever is tumblrtrans, so basically being ~muhgenderidentity~ because it gets them attention. I think they're actually a girl, because FtM is way more uncommon so it makes them a special snowflake.

And now they've made a post saying about how we can call them for support at any time. Like this isn't going to get abused in the slightest.

>> No.9750395

Might play the dog phobia card and see if that gets me anywhere

>> No.9750460

What’s so annoying about the dog? Is it yappy?

>> No.9750465

They post about it continuously on the Facebook group. That’s it really.

>> No.9750467


There have been dogs who go to cons like these in the past, and more often than not they end up being more of a distraction than anything. One service dog proceeded to bark throughout panels because it belonged to a gopher overseeing said panels.

As someone else has said, it's barely a year old and clearly isn't trained properly to be a service dog. It's not just what the dog does to the congoers, but what the congoers and environment could do to the dog. They want to dress it up when it's probably going to be hot as balls (we barely cope as it is), people are going to constantly fuss over it even when it's at the point of having enough and may do some damage. It'll just stress out the animal.

>> No.9750473
File: 24 KB, 489x390, animeleague.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i bet it is

>> No.9750487

There was a chill dog at one of the ayas once. Had the little vest saying as such. I think it was one of those emotional support dogs. I’ve seen it at Minami too.

>> No.9750489

Thank you guys!

I didnt fully write what i ment. It tastes like sugar is the only "spice/herb" etc they know how to use here. Dishes that normally are spicy, taste like they substituted sugar for anything that would amke it spicy or if they add spice its 1/10th of what feels normal. For example Mabo tofu shouldnt taste like sweet chili sauce.

>> No.9750506


Dont get me wrong, there are some lovely ones when they're actually there trained to do the job and if the owner actually puts the needs of the animal before their own (the same goes for kids, then they're miserable you bloody well know it) But I feel that this Issac person is simply toting around this animal and stuffing it into costumes for special snowflake status. If it was a working animal then costumes are not the way to go - just use one of those vests as you mentioned to signal that this is a working dog and mustn't be distracted. I would honestly hate for anything bad to happen because of the stupidity of several individuals.

>> No.9750671

Deep down, I hope the dog goes berserk or runs around off leash just to fuck with everyone defending Issac

>> No.9750706


People are actually defending them?

>> No.9750709

Personally, I waiting for it to fucking lose its shit during the opening ceremony, when this poor dog that gets nervous in crowds suddenly finds itself trapped in a dark room with hundreds of people cheering and making thunderous applause. It's either going to go berserk and try to escape, or it's going to shit everywhere.

Even funnier, I bet Isaac will use the dog to blag front row seats, so we'll get a good view of it.

>> No.9750744

Anyone know if Brum MCM is happening? No general entry tickets available, no guests, and dealer tables haven't even gone on sale yet.

>> No.9750751


There's someone that attends Kita and Ame I believe who already has a working guide dog in a vest, and they're such a sweet thing. No costumes seen on it far as I'm aware last time I saw them as it's always warm during those cons anyway.

Whoever this Isaac is really is just trying to get "awwww" asspats for having a cute dog in cosplay. If it was a dedicated service dog, then there's no need to constantly post about them in the group. This dog isn't properly trained no doubt and shouldn't be allowed at the con desu. Dressing it up will probably distract it from actually giving 'emotional support' because the poor thing will overheat. It's not a fucking accessory.

>> No.9750759
File: 75 KB, 720x720, andre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hoo boy, now that's quality advertisement

>> No.9750771
File: 215 KB, 398x370, smugest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't wait.

>> No.9750772


The dog did nothing wrong. The owner on the other hand...

>> No.9750784
File: 340 KB, 1242x1299, 7DCB8398-84F2-4F1B-B05B-655770A61D20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck is this?

>> No.9750836
File: 103 KB, 1080x507, 20180112_212221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone else had the misfortune of seeing this in their notification box this evening

>> No.9750839


I don't associate with AL. So, no.

>> No.9750848
File: 18 KB, 502x214, stop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9750863


This was right after attacking the chairman for taking an apology out of context too.

>> No.9750864

What's the full story?

>> No.9750866


He said the cause for the shitting incident at scarman was due to double autism, people didn't like that and he apologised saying he was trying to sound like an edgelord. Issac then takes that as though all autistic people are edgelords and proceeds to shit on him for it. I have no idea how they came to that conclusion by themselves.

>> No.9750871

You gonna tell David Cameron that?

>> No.9750872

I hope they boycott ame

>> No.9750879


I dunno you'd think a ame committee member would know better than to spread rumours and blame it on autism

>> No.9750885


The ironic thing is that he's diagnosed with aspergers. Issac turning around and shaming him for not knowing better is shaky at best.

>> No.9751412


Nah, people deal with shit by joking about it all the time. Someone with aspergers really shouldn't be shit on for making a throwaway joke about autism.

Plus he said double autism anyway, it's like getting offended by space aids or mega cancer. Stupid exaggerations of medical conditions aren't shaming. Isaac is a grade A shit of a human being.

>> No.9751428

On rumours, what’s that other comment just after about someone wanking in the walls. I didn’t hear about that, just the shitting incident.

>> No.9751549
File: 40 KB, 225x225, 1514968538484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeking emotional support from someone who relies on a dog for emotional support

>> No.9751574 [DELETED] 

Wouldn’t that literally be double autism?

>> No.9751602


>I'm incapable of dealing with my own problems, I can definitely help yours!

>I'm not a parasite who relies on drama and attention for sustenance honest.

>> No.9751894

Stacey Rebecca looks bloody awful, whats happened to her?

>> No.9751909

>Stacey Rebecca


>> No.9751914

One of the original "viral" uk cosplayers along with Tabitha Lyons

>> No.9751927
File: 1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180113-224625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9751943

anon, tom isn't the chairman. He's the dealer room guy, well he was for ayacon anyway.

>> No.9752548

what an unfortunate face

>> No.9752556
File: 125 KB, 1080x1920, FAD7C4FA-1557-416D-86B9-43B58DDB4C02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like an awkward couple who have won a shoot with a photographer who is over compensating to try and make them look cool

>> No.9752568

More lens flare

>> No.9752577

Alright lads, who started shit with the dog on twitter?

>> No.9752578
File: 171 KB, 460x2724, butthurt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is absolutely fucking gold.


>> No.9752580

I'm very tempted link Isaac to this thread. On one hand it'd give an absolute fucking meltdown. On the other she wouldn't fucking shut up crying about muh bullies on the group.

>> No.9752582


I was this close to "Why the frick are people starting shit???? " with "Dunno, double autism probably".

But I can't really be fucked getting my facebook account involved with that nimrod.

Also, do it for the lols.

>> No.9752585

That long post about you being a dick is very scary, don't wanna anger her!

>> No.9752595

Anyone got a link to the twitter handle? Got the popcorn on the go for it.

>> No.9752598


pretty sure it's a private account.

Just as a side note, while Amecon can't refuse Issac entry to the event, Warwick is the one that makes the rules on whats allowed in the venue.

>> No.9752599

Yes but they would get in trouble if they refused anyway. It would be like tipping someone out of a wheelchair because you don’t think they are disabled. It wouldn’t be in their interests as they would get bad publicity. Even if it turned out the dog was Cujo 2

>> No.9752601

>while Amecon can't refuse Issac entry to the event

Why not? Would be better for everyone.

>> No.9752604

Found it, turns out 'Amecon dog' search will take you straight there...

>> No.9752607


Help us Obi-wa service dog killeri, you're our only hope.

>> No.9752637
File: 201 KB, 921x1386, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly this whole thing comes across as harassment now. Isaac's summoning his friends to call out this girl, who didn't even mention his or his stupid dog's name on twitter.

I know it's eternal summer but when did they start letting all these actual children come to cons?

>> No.9752640

>>tweeting excessively
>>4 tweets yesterday being vague af.

Isaac just get to fuck and stop trying to make a con with 1000 attendees all about you

>> No.9752641


The funniest part is the dude that calls isaac out about making a public post instead of messaging her. Isaac straight up lies about the order he made the post and messaged the girl in, gets called out on that, then flips his/her shit and kills the post.

Not even children, dude is a straight up pathological narcissist.

>> No.9752647

hey that's me.

my twitter isn't private, and i have no intention of making it so. go nuts, there's honestly not much there that i said to even start this entire mess.

you're correct, i made all of about 4 tweets basically rambling into the void about how i wondered if the service dog was actually trained. they then must have searched "amecon" on twitter and found my tweets and taken a hissy fit. the timeline of events are as follows: they make the post in the social group > they message me via fb messenger > they make a twitter specifically to reply to all my tweets. i've tried to just brush them off, but they've been twisting a lot of my words and making up things that i have never once implied or said. also some of what they said came off as really guilt trippy lmao.

i'd just like to say here that for the record, not once have i tried to get isaac banned from kita. you can look at all of my social media accounts and find nothing of the sort. my issue was purely to do with whether the dog was properly trained or not.

>> No.9752649

also no offence to you guys, but there's been some way worse shit said on here than anything i've said lmao. i'm not gonna rat you out, but if they think what i've said is bad, they should see some of the shit in here :^ )

>> No.9752656


It's clear to anyone sane that Isaac is a straight up nutter, and he's basically been harassing you over it. It's fucking disgusting the number of people backing Isaac up, but that always happens with abusive sociopath types. People in a group are trusting, and people like Isaac are really really good at lying to get them on their side.

Sucks that you got in the way of their insanity, but well done for standing up for yourself.

>> No.9752669

It's honestly so unpleasant. The thing is he's made himself really popular on there. I did applaud him for some of the stuff (calling out the committee member for ableist language) but then I watched him go too far again and again. He thinks he has tons of power because there's like five people who like and subscribe to everything he says. Actually, he's just obsessed with causing drama.

I started the "I'm visible so come find me if you need a quiet person" thing a few years ago after somebody posted about being nervous, and I've regretted it ever since. This person turns it into the disabled olympics. They freak out around people but they want people to come and see them? I don't understand. I've known people like this in the past and they literally thrive off the drama. Ypu're doing the right thing by disengaging politely and quickly. Keep tweeting whatever and try not to mention this as it just fuels them.

I hope you still come to the con and have a good time!

>> No.9752679


I didn't post any of the bad shit but I kind of hope they do see it.

>> No.9752690

>Pukes, cries and self harms every time she leaves the house

>> No.9752720

There's been many service/working dogs at cons and I understand the need for them but it just seems to me Issac is a bit of a cunt.

The moment he tagged you, it was clear he was just looking for a fight by that point. He just seemed so self-entitled about it all.

>> No.9752743

An A grade cunt

>> No.9752744

I said some of those mean things I guess but I'm a massive pussy hidden behind the mask of anonymity so I'm 100% fine

>> No.9752749


Wait, yes. Yes you are.

>> No.9752756


We all are.

>> No.9752790

Okay, Isaac being a general cunt is one thing, but being a cunt to a fellow seagull is out of fucking order.

I'm emailing Warwick about someone threatening the safety of event attendees by bringing in an untrained dog and claiming it's a service dog. I strongly advise you all do the same.

>> No.9752799

> trying to find the nearest Greggs to Amecon
> 45m+ walk minimum
This is discrimination against northerners it is. Want us to starve they do. I need to take my support bake with.

>> No.9752801

Just make sure it has one of those little jackets

>> No.9752808

Probably not a good idea. As someone said, the venue isn’t going want to get involved accusing someone of not being disabled or similar. It’s a huge can of worms for them and a potential discrimination lawsuit if they are shown to be in the wrong. As a business you have to default assume the person is legit even if you have suspicions. They had a south park about this regarding transgender issues.

>> No.9752817

Do you think they'd do something? or do you think they'll just tell Amecon they're not welcome back if there's legal drama?
This drama is blown well out of proportion now, best thing is to let it die.

>> No.9752818

It's a bigger fucking lawsuit if the dog bites someone.

All the venue needs to do is ask for an official certification of the dog. You ask to see a driving licence before you let someone drive your vehicle, it's the same thing.

>> No.9752823

There could be something like that. The shitting incident at kita and aya, the orgies, the x many ambulances at convention for reason y. We often don’t paint a good picture to venues. I suppose we do bring in a large amount of money and Warwick is a university after all so there will be students behaviour.

If a dog bites someone it’s more between the owner and the person bitten rather than the location the biting took place.

>> No.9752839


I'd feel much better if they did, because whether its trained and everything is a bit of a grey area as someone was pointing out on the comments. If he's trained and certified then it shouldn't be a problem for the owner and therefore less of a problem for us attending.

>> No.9752846


You sound like hypochondriacs. There's been pets (not service animals) at Warwick events before and no one has batted an eye.

>> No.9752847

This thread is too much salt and no common sense

People love dogs. They'll side with the dog owner and do zero research about it. Although even if they DID research it, nothing I've read here convinces me this dog will actually cause any kind of problem, so this is a very wobbly house of cards you have going

So some weeb is being annoying on the internet. Dragging them is one thing but causing a shitstorm by contacting the con or venue just sounds embarrassing as fuck

Ranting about it on twitter is just twitter tho let's be real. You should just let that die out anon. It's not worth the time when someone posts a 'call out'

>> No.9752877

thank you guys, i'm definitely not letting this get in the way of amecon. it's dumb drama that got way out of hand, it's not worth ruining the weekend for myself and others.

yeah, that was the first point i kinda made with my argument. the passive-aggressiveness of the entire post was totally unnecessary, and could've been easily resolved in private messages.

lmao, go for it.

honestly i don't even know if it's worth the bother at this point. they're just gonna continuously repeat the same few snippets of information they have, which is basically what that entire status was, just the same points over and over in different comments. if you wanna email the con/venue i'm not gonna stop you, but at this point i don't really have enough drive left to care about it since 3 entire tweets garnered this response.

it seems like it's all sorted now, for the most part. we spoke in private about one more point of drama concerning people messaging isaac with threats - they accused my friends of sending these threats, so i asked for caps - one was a dude i've never seen in my life from the USA, the second was a deleted account that could've been literally anyone. after some back and forth we decided it's best just to let this whole thing die and that they should email t he committee over the threats they received. i might not like them or their dog but sending them threatening messages is a whole other thing, i don't condone that shit at all.

>> No.9752884

I'm glad it's fading out. Drama happens but cons only come so many times a year and I hate the idea of anyone having one ruined

>> No.9752906

Your truce didn't last long because Isaac is posting again. Seems to be filing evidence to have you banned from the convention.

>> No.9752911
File: 12 KB, 243x243, 1509385809460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, so i've been informed. it's a shame, really, considering i thought they'd have been mature enough to have honoured our joint decision to drop it in PMs. i've left the tweets untouched for all to see. if the amecon committee wanna see them, they're more than welcome to take a gander, they won't find any threats from me or my friends. i'll just be waiting for them to assess the situation and hear my side of the story.

>> No.9752918

You're handling this very well. Hopefully you'll get the best outcome, and he'll be told to fuck off with his dog.

Also judging by his friends, this is the first time he's left his echo chamber about the dog.

>> No.9752929

thank you man, i feel like if i just flew off the handle it's just end up a worse situation for everyone, especially myself lmao. i don't wanna be wrongly kicked from the con, so i'm willing to calmly stand my ground, which is honestly testing my patience a little as they twist my words more and more. i'm trying to be the bigger person, i guess. just hoping it works out in the end.

>> No.9753167


Wait what the fuck? Isaac being a dramacunt was one thing but they're trying to have seagulls banned for even questioning them?

>> No.9753191

Where is this new drama? Their private fb? I’m not seeing it.

>> No.9753208

>day one of ame
>An overweight sjw is pulled to the center of the stairs by a pack of border collies on zims "nervous" plated wheelchair
> A baby in a pram accidently makes eye contact with the alpha
>Breaks out of it's Harley Quinn d.va zentai and barrels towards the infant
>Mother is showered in the blood of her first born
>Everyone cheers as the disability shamer is torn asunder
>Issac tumbles out of zer wheelchair and declares zim is so overjoyed, zer gender changed
>Gej is declared guest of honour by ame chairman for her bravery
>Gej vomits

>> No.9753218

I’m normally fairly up together on all this, but what the fuck is gej

>> No.9753219

How dare you not to understand issacs gender

>> No.9753223

This shit is more confusing than Towers/Obayed wanting to hate fuck each other

>> No.9753233

Actual pottery, i cried

>> No.9753298

yeah, supposedly he's emailed the staff, i'll happily give them my side of the story if they choose to press on with this fiasco.

and yeah, it's on a status available to friends-only as far as i know. one person sent me screenshots of the status in question with the timestamps (at the time, it was last night) showing that the status was made after we agreed to drop it, And Yet.

yeah it's a fucking state and i wish it'd just be over but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if they're gonna continue to talk about me i'll continue to defend myself

>> No.9753304


Be interesting to see what the Ame committee say about it. No idea who is running it nowadays but back in the day they would have just ignored snowflakes like Isaac. Fingers crossed they haven't been brainwashed like the rest of the internet.

>> No.9753312


You seem to be confused. I'm not worried about myself, I'm concerned about the dog.
Those who brought their animals with them before now were low key and not shoving them in everyones faces. They didn't treat the dog like an accessory by dressing it up when it's going to be working. They didn't while give us reason to be concerned about whether the dog could handle the job by saying one thing about its training then backtracking and saying the opposite by saying it was certified and then saying they were doing the training themselves. We would be trusting this person to do all of the training themselves, and given their wonderful displays as a human being lately my confidence in them has gone out the window.
If the dog becomes overwhelmed and does bite someone and the victim chooses to escalate the matter, it'll be the dog that suffers, not the person with poor judgement in bringing it along if it can't cope.

>> No.9753316

I'm afraid the auty won't stop until you're vilified and banned. I expect she'll start saying you're harassing her nonstop about it. But obviously won't have the receipts to prove it. Cos you know, asking for proof is ablist.

>> No.9753330

>Games room
>Guest of honour rolls in
>A clutter of words tumble out of dog deity
>The dogs scramble
>McRee marks the already piss stained DDR mat
>Mercy pins a felix cosplayer the the floor and begins to face fuck him
>he screams for help
>Issac laughs then remembers gif has manic depresion and changes ger diagnosis to bipolar depression
>roars of applause

>> No.9753339 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 642x960, 26169854_1695729537145987_1612310393579957921_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Louis is still learning everything he needs to know, and he is at the end of the day still a dog. He sometimes forgets he's supposed to be doing his job, and Amecon will be his first time staying away from home. The furthest he's ever travelled has been from my home into London (about an hour away), and he may be feeling a bit anxious.

I'm just reading some of these earlier posts and it all just sounds a bit of a clusterfuck, then in the next breath he's saying look at these cute dog cosplays but don't crowd my dog to look at them.

>> No.9753342
File: 86 KB, 642x960, dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Louis is still learning everything he needs to know, and he is at the end of the day still a dog. He sometimes forgets he's supposed to be doing his job, and Amecon will be his first time staying away from home. The furthest he's ever travelled has been from my home into London (about an hour away), and he may be feeling a bit anxious.

I'm just reading some of these earlier posts and it all just sounds a bit of a clusterfuck, then in the next breath he's saying look at these cute dog cosplays but don't crowd my dog to look at them.

>> No.9753346


Exactly, this moron is a walking contradiction and it's putting a bunch of people and an animal at risk. Then there's also the fact that there isn't just the congoers, there's going to be normies and they may not take kindly to it if it turns out the dog can't handle this or if something goes wrong.

It's all just a very very bad idea.

>> No.9753347

But she needs it!

>> No.9753351
File: 56 KB, 350x318, wildride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no word from the committee yet afaik, even though they were supposedly contacted last night. it's reached kita committee members through the grapevine of social media, so there's every possibility that the staff know and just don't want to make a public hullabaloo.

yeah, he was on a facebook status i made earlier today kicking up shit and making up some more lies about me, to my face this time. conveniently disengaged to go eat lunch after stating that i made a tweet threatening him. i sure hope he gets back to me soon so i can see this tweet i have 0 recollection of making!!

this right here is basically the reason why i made the tweets in the first place. as someone who gets wildly uncomfortable around rowdy dogs, the entire idea of a young dog in a costume surrounded by people that might excite him is kinda bordering on uncomfortable for me.

pic related to how i feel about this entire damned situation at this rate.

>> No.9753361

I know someone who is friends with one of the organisers and they said he is getting a queue pass for the whole con and access to a room in case of “an episode”. They are giving him all the privileges of a celebrity guest and no one can look or touch the dog

>> No.9753366



>> No.9753373


Let's be honest, they're probably gonna have an episode.

Unconnected to that however I've been reading all of isaacs stuff and it feels like they say one thing and almost go back on it the next. The entire autism thing was a "Why can't you handle it as good as how I handle my autism?" but then they make posts about how their autism and other issues causing them to puke in fear and shit like that.

I also looked at the twitter he used to respond to the twitter fiasco he claimed he made his account ages ago but it said made January.

Voting time, liar or nutter?

>> No.9753374


And we need this shit stain on our community like a hole in the head.

>> No.9753375

can i vote for lying nutter?

>> No.9753377


Narcissist/Pathological liar, it's been obvious from the very beginning.

>It's not easy being me
>I deal with things better than anyone else
>Talk to me in person to confirm what I've said, not in public
>I'm here for you but no-one is here for me

etc. etc. They're a case study in every single common trait.

>> No.9753390

Sounds good to me, perfectly legitimate vote.

I guess it was quite obvious but I generally like to hope that they're a little better than that, at least at the start. perhaps you've just seen this kind of thing more than me. They're unusually forgetful of all of their lies which kinda makes it fun to watch honestly.

>> No.9753396

>perhaps you've just seen this kind of thing more than me

Yeah, sadly. I shouldn't have said obvious. I meant "obvious when you know what to look for".

Being forgetful of lies isn't uncommon, Narcissists don't really comprehend that other people are also capable of thought in that way. They don't need to be consistent because most of the time they get away with it, so to them it doesn't matter.

>> No.9753400

My dad works at Nintendo and he said that isn’t the case.

>> No.9753401

There is no winning with Isaac - I pretty sure she genuinely does have a condition and something mentally wrong with her - but she will claim anything is wrong with her to make her special, Ive seen her constantly one up friends who are having issues, like “I stubbed my toe :(“ “IM IN CONSTANT PAIN” “my period is causing me pains” “MY PERIOD IS SHREDDING MY INSIDES AND THERE ARE PIECES OF FLESH COMING OUT” “I fell over” “IVE FALLEN OFF A CLIFF!” She always needs to be worse off!
Also - I am pretty sure it’s a fake service dog, she’s been to many cons and events WITHOUT ANYONE for support, she just needs attention and she’s bought the service dog jacket etc from funds she got out of people via fb

>> No.9753403

Very true, I didn't really consider that they just simply might not expect people to realise.

I'm endlessly amused by the notion this happened because a girl vague tweeted his dog though

God bless, I did not expect to be so graciously blessed with entertainment so early in the year. Hopefully this drama ends for the girl stuck in it though.

>> No.9753404

Okay so I'm samefagging but this is interesting


Didn't she say she's been going to cons for like 10 years or something in her big "come to me whenever you need help" thing? Her dog is not even a year old after all.

>> No.9753405




Yep, Isaac will lie about anything, even within the same sentence. It would be funny if so many people hadn't fallen for it. As it is it's just tragic.

>> No.9753410

Exactly - she bought the dog and is faking he’s a service dog so she can do what she wants - so she stands out

>> No.9753435

You have a pollen allergy and need a service animal to help you. What animal do you choose?

>> No.9753437

A lynx because I like their ears

>> No.9753448
File: 65 KB, 725x484, shtora725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my service T90.
She's very good at penetrating enemy armour with her 125mm 2A46 smoothbore main gun. her blend of steel, composite armour, smoke grenade dischargers, Kontakt-5 explosive-reactive armour and the Shtora infrared ATGM jamming system help her shrug off any nasty facebook comments.
It's a far superior emotional service support tank to the T-72 with major improvements to the hull and turret design, armor, powerplant and armament.
Do not insult me by even bothering to suggest an M4A1 Abrams. It would not be suitable for my numerous disabilities.Trust me, I have tired. You'll just have to believe me.

>> No.9753467

I don’t know, my A10 warthog service plane doesn’t like tanks. I can’t always stop it from BRRRTTTTTTTTTTT as it’s not completed it’s training. I don’t think your service tank should come.

>> No.9753472

Yeah the number of sycophants this person has is insane. I'm surprised they have this many people wrapped up round them so much.

I actually cannot wait to see them, not in a threatening way but just... I can't wait to see them. There's something fascinating about this person and I'm more into safaris than zoos so I can't wait to see it in person with no Internet. I don't think I'll go up to them, I'm not in the mood of exchanging words with them plus like I don't want to invoke their wrath. But I do want to see their service dog and how it acts.

Most service dogs I know are very well trained, mostly because they've been trained since they were born and even then they range from like 1 and a half years old to 2 and a half when they complete their training. This one is only just coming up to a year old and I'm just a tad sceptical this, practically just about an adult, knows how to train service dogs. They can't even train it to get it to not play with his plushies when he's sleeping so he can't even trust the dog in his room at night.

>> No.9753517

People like this are all bark no bite. Because of their ego they live in their own bubble, and think because they can get away with mouthing off online, it also works IRL. So if you pop their bubble and stand up to them, they crumple, because their narcissistic minds can't comprehend that people don't like them.

Unfortunately because Isaac has a victim complex, they'd spin it anyway.

Anon: Fuck off.

>> No.9753519

Philip Dragoon

>> No.9753582
File: 1.55 MB, 1064x983, 64A943E1-9BA9-4671-BBDE-D403ACCB60C2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s just a dog

>> No.9753584
File: 182 KB, 1280x720, fb6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9753589

that gun pisses me off. how do the bullets even get into the chamber. I am angery

>> No.9753596
File: 130 KB, 618x564, normiesleave2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9753597

They glomped me and then announced they were trans immediately at Kitacon. I don't even know them.

>> No.9753662

Is anyone cosplaying this dude to London? I'm going as Avdol and want a pic with my bff

>> No.9753749

if your seriously planning no harassing a girl just because she brings her dogs to cons your fucking face deserves to be ripped off by something wild

im more astonished by the fact you think that loosing a finger or a few layers of face tissue is worth getting somebody's dog banned from a con

And like. its not even about the dog is it, you just want the girl banned because you dont like how much attention her dog gets her. like for fuck sake. its people choice to feed her that attention in the first place

i have horrible anxiety and my cat is the only thing in my life i use to cope with it. she motivates me to get up, get on with my day. she keeps me strong because when i get scared i might die. she reminds me i need to be alive her for. if i could take her to con and i know she would be ok with it. i would. she is my best friend and kinda liek a child. if this girl loves her dog and wants to bring it with her she needs to be allowed to do that

if it barks at a panel she should take the dog away somewhere quiet. or just not go to that crowded panel. but a dog cant be forced to avoid crowded situations because it might not be trained. every con she takes it to she shows her dog HOW to behave. how people will react. shes helping her dog by exposing it to people who just want to talk to it and give it attention.

i guarantee if you approach that dog and do ANYTHING to upset it or the girl it looks after. you will wind up in hospital, the entire cosplay community will witch hunt you (if they already haven't) and you will probably wind up so mentally scared you need your fucking own.

so.. how about we just leave the fucking dog alone. or do i need to message the ame con staff and tell them about this shit?

also no. i dont know this girl. ive seen her at locals. i stay away i avoid. i dont normally care. but i wont fucking tolate abuse to any animals.

>> No.9753760


Jesus you type like you're underage. Proof read the crap you're posting first.

>> No.9753782

ah the obligatory, your grammar is wrong because i cant find fault with your actual opinnion.

hmh. meanwhile im not the fucking autist whos threating a fucking animal because they have issues.

>> No.9753790

>im more astonished by the fact you think that loosing a finger or a few layers of face tissue is worth getting somebody's dog banned from a con


>> No.9753798


>> No.9753799


No, they're right. It took several attempts to read it because you can't string a sentence together.

No one is saying they're going to do anything to the dog, they're annoyed that this person can't give a straight answer as to whether it's properly trained and that they're bullying someone who was querying that. You don't seem to be getting your panties in a twist about that, do you?

We are NOT obligated to be social guinea pigs for them either. Maybe it would be better for them to take the dog to smaller and more local cons until the dog has shown he can handle it and completed it's training before thrusting it into a 3 day long event? It's called learning to walk before you run.

Of course this twat thinks that this is all just fun and games, by harassing another congoer for having legitimate concerns and a phobia. Why is it OK for Issac's social phobia to be catered to but another girls isn't?

>> No.9753823

nice misgendering, moron!

>> No.9753831
File: 204 KB, 1080x890, 20180115_234146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sindy, is that you? given the inability to string coherent sentences and the fact you just commented on my facebook status, this seems a bit convenient......

i'm not willing to discuss this shit further. i've stated my case multiple times, if people are still this misinformed after i've repeated my case multiple times, then it's a bit of a lost cause.

i'm not replying further to sindy, on here or on facebook, whether this is her posting or not. i'm done.

>> No.9753842

okay fuck i lied i responded a couple times but fuck this shit she's getting blocked. sorry for the bs again, gulls.

>> No.9753847


Don't apologise, I'm just very sorry that you're being ganged up on to make an example of you - so no one ever questions their special snowflake status.

>> No.9753850

are you honestly this starved for attention though?

Why don't you just move on? Or do you need the constant jacking off from your thots army to keep you happy.

I don't even know you guys, I literally joined the amecon page to see the drama and honestly...you're a massive cuntbag. You've kept a public facebook status up to stir up shit, and it's sad. Why don't you just do literally anything other than sit on the internet waiting for guys to cream their pants to "defend" you?

>> No.9753852

>or do i need to message the ame con staff and tell them about this shit?

Most con committees pop in here from time to time to keep track on shenanigans. Its useful for unfiltered con feedback since people are anonymous they can say what they think about aspects of the cons they may not feel happy commenting on directly. I've seen a few committee names pop up on the Facebook related posts and the twitter feed below has a kita committee member anyway. I am sure they already know.

>> No.9753860


Hey it's not as though she invited Issac and Sindy to it, they came along like flies to shit. She has the right to defend herself when Issac is doing a great job of crapping on her and this is after they'd agreed on a truce. Issac didn't want to leave it at that, Issac wanted this and keeps digging when anon as been wanting to let this go.

>> No.9753861
File: 218 KB, 1080x1633, 20180116_000104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Responding to the obvious troll account, the passive aggressive smile as well. Class SS+ narcissism right there, she just can't help herself but keep being the centre of attention at all times.

>> No.9753865

it's definitely frustrating alright.

lmao mate what. i've tried to move on. i've disengaged multiple times but people keep bringing shit back up. i've kept a public facebook status up to tell my side of the story from the misinformation being spread about me in the amecon group. i'm not gonna sit there and let people read all that bullshit without actually giving myself a chance to tell my side of the story. the post will remain up until this is all over, because now this shit is blowing up more and more, and i'm not letting this shit go down without being able to tell my side.

as for the others replying, i've fought my own case all day. i can't stop my friends from commenting on shit, it's a public status for christ's sake. maybe next time actually read the posts before coming in here with your idiocy.

>> No.9753866

Charlotte has been the one posting on her facebook this entire time publicly though? From what I can see of Isaac's stuff, he's just been tweeting about his dog and cosplay. If she wants to move on, all she has to do is stop talking about it? Like, I'm not saying Isaac hasn't been doing shit too, I just don't get why she keeps responding to things and dragging it out further.

>> No.9753869

refer to >>9753865

>> No.9753873

>disengaged multiple times
>actively commenting + posting about it

Seems like there's only one idiot on here. If you want things to stop blowing up, stop adding fuel to the fire. God, I thought Amecon was an 18+ event so why are there children going?

>> No.9753875

>disengaged multiple times
>people continue to talk about me and comment on the post
>expect me to sit there and take it without arguing my point


>> No.9753879

Yeah because you're immature. You could just turn the comments off?

>> No.9753880

Like Isaac didn't make a public post in the social group, over a random tweet that he didn't like.
Was there absolutely any need to call THE ENTIRE GROUP'S ATTENTION to a random offhand comment made on twitter, rather than speaking to anon and not dragging everyone else into it. Then Isaac claim's anon is the one that started this whole thing? There's only one person that keeps bringing it back up

>> No.9753881

Everyone has heard what you have to say on it. Everyone has heard what Isaac has to say on it. Get the fuck over yourself. You're not that special. I mean god, do you really need the attention that badly?

>> No.9753884

Isaac has literally said nothing on it for like, a day? It's Charlotte who keeps posting shit about it. I'm sure Isaac can still see her public post since he commented on it, but he's not the one still responding.

>> No.9753886

People have been coming to Charlotte to shit on her while anyone who even tries to talk to Isaac gets absolutely bombarded with shit from his loyal followers.
He doesn't need to say anything when he has people doing all the talking for him.

>> No.9753889


Issac literally posted on it today

>> No.9753892

Okay but still, he's been silent most of the day on the subject. It's Charlotte who won't shut her trap over it.

It makes me wonder who the real special snowflake looking for attention here is.

>> No.9753897

From what I've seen, both sides have had shit bombardments. Isaac from his "followers" as you call it, Charlotte from the vag starved beta fuckers hoping she'll let them see a bit of sideboob.

For fucks sake guys, she's not even that pretty.

>> No.9753898

Hey remember when we just used to talk about Kelly?

>> No.9753899


Ah the good years.

>> No.9753900


The one who keeps bringing it up over and over again was isaac. You're a genuine retard if you think responding to lies is the same as continuously saying them over and over again.

>> No.9753901

But because you agree with the former it allows you to dehumanize the latter and shit on anyone who is on her side while ignoring the bad from the other side? Interesting...

>> No.9753902


As someone else has said, they're perfectly able to stay silent because they've got their white knights to go in and harass her. She doesn't deserve this for wondering what a lot of us were wondering because Isaac can't keep one story straight about the dog.
Considering everything I think she's handled it better than most people would. She's not been underhanded at any point, kept facts straight and is being firm about not letting it get any further. If the others just stopped that then we'd be onto the new drama already, instead you get the likes of Sindy dropping in. As far as I'm concerned if they go sticking their limbs into bear traps, they deserve to get their asses handed to them.

>> No.9753903

The only retard here is the one who claims they want it to end but don't turn off commenting on that status.

>> No.9753904

Well why doesn't Charlotte just turn off commenting on that status? It doesn't make any sense to me.

This thread is full of her weeby ass loser obsessers it seems, so whatever. Have fun lusting after a crusty pussy.

>> No.9753908


How'd you come to that conclusion? You're a fucking spastic so I'm not sure why you say "the only one." Ever heard of a kafkatrap? Fuck off.

>> No.9753909
File: 201 KB, 1080x808, 20180116_003645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I call bullshit considering they were at Kita in August for 4 days, got around the campus, you know that exact same "unfamiliar" campus without a service dog just fine and whenever I saw them they were doing rather fine talking to large groups of strangers. None of this vomiting or panicking the entire 4 days that they keep prattling on now. Unless somehow they've gone in the space of 5/6 months from sperging weeb to catatonic autist then I'm calling bullshit

>> No.9753912


I wonder if you can get service dogs for the blind, you should ask isaac.

>> No.9753914


She shouldn't have to. In fact she shouldn't even have to deal with people who she's never even spoken to before like Sindy. It's going to stay up until it's dealt with through proper channels so people are going to have to deal with that -which includes her. If she's fine with having to sort any fucker who happens to wander in then how is it any of our business to tell her to deactivate comments or refrain from posting?

>> No.9753918

You do realise that Isaac had a carer with him, staying in the room with him right? He now has a service dog so he can do things without a carer.

>> No.9753919

They all are.

>> No.9753921

Yeah, this whole thing is special snowflake central. They both just want attention lol

Just both of you shut up about it? You're both exhausting.

>> No.9753934


>someone spreads bullshit about somebody else
>they defend themselves

>their fault
>they just want attention


>> No.9753941

Cuntfeatures and their mongrel can fucking rot.

There’s a thread on his private profile where he tells people to get over their phobias of untrained, distructive dogs because they’re non-issues. He is entirely in it for the attention. The dog is an expensive accessory he’ll probably try to sell on Gumtree in a year or two when it’s too old and the novelty’s worn off.

Also his cringe weeb echo chamber can rot with him.

>> No.9753946

His dog is a disability aid, and his dog isn't untrained. He regularly posts training videos on his facebook, as well as posts regularly about people who get dogs as accessories.

So what if he wants attention? It doesn't affect you at all. Just don't feed into it.

>> No.9753950

I hope the dog gets the runs and trashes the room they're staying in...

>> No.9753954

Nobody defended Isaac until he posted screencaps and a link kek

>> No.9753957

The dog’s an untrained mongrel can barely manage basic skills despite being a year old.

Go back to licking his rim on Facebook. Enjoy getting bitten by it at the con though!

>> No.9753959

Do you even have eyes? He literally posts videos regularly about it. He gave a lot of information in the group thread he posted. I know people who know Isaac well and have met Louis (I've never met either in person, I just have them on my facebook since we were both at Kita). From what I've heard, Louis is really well behaved in public, and only silly when he's been told he can be. Isaac has a private trainer who helps him with training Louis.

Go back to crying over Charlotte's unwashed cunt.

>> No.9753963

Yeah, I saw the posts. Including one about how he can't even trust in his room right? My family owns dogs, all of them fucking retarded and yet all of them can be trusted not to destroy things.

Untrained mutts > That trained mutt apparently.

>> No.9753966

He probably didn't mean Louis was destructive, but more that it's a 1 year old dog who still has temptations and I doubt a one year old dog can work for 8+ hours straight whilst their handler is asleep. Most service dogs don't work during the night, and most service dogs don't work more than a few hours without a break because they aren't machines.

>> No.9753973

Pretty sure it's on his public twitter how the reason he can't trust the dog at night in his room is to do with his plushies.

You can go check if you want

>> No.9753975

Hi Isaac.

Training the dog means actually having to remember it’s a dog rather than his cool new cosupray prop.

No it’s just a mutt from a puppy mill with a cheap Ebay harness saying it’s special and a lazy owner.

>> No.9753977

Yeah, I saw that. He never said it was destructive, just that he likes plushies. And if a dog was playing with toys in my room I wouldn't be able to sleep and probably wouldn't want it in there either. It's a fucking dog, not a robot. I'm sure there's other reasons too like the fact he has other pets that are probably in his room at night, but twitter has 140 characters, and he doesn't need to defend everything he does just because some guys are thirsty for a female cosplayer.

>> No.9753978

The dog’s so untrained it can’t be trusted not to destroy objects in a room. Or it’s that bored from lack of exercise and stimulation because it gets ignored beyond taking pictures for Facebook.

>> No.9753979

Not Isaac, good guess though.

If you actually read his post on the Amecon facebook page, you'd see that it's not a puppy mill dog, nor is it a mutt.

>> No.9753981

inb4 self diagnosed PTSD over Ame attendees not liking the dog

>> No.9753984

Right, so you think it's impossible to train a dog to not do that?

I like this constant mentioning that Charlotte is female and the constant attempt to derail arguments posed to you because of this.

If I were to stick up for isaac would you say the same? They're trans right? I'd be getting the same pussy, right?

Blow it up your ass.

>> No.9753985

Under a year old, bought off some farmer from a barn in bumfuck nowhere, misc collie. Seems like a mutt to me.

Anyway I hope both the crusty fuck and his dog get booted from the con, because the only people who wanted it there in the first place were him and his butterface goons.

>> No.9753987

Transphobia is bad unless we do it awriiiteeee

>> No.9753988

It's not impossible to train a dog to not do that, but seeing as they need it more in the daytime it probably isn't that high up on the list of priorities.

I'm not derailing anything, just pointing out the facts. They're both in the wrong, but only one of them is seemingly affected by this, the other one is obviously enjoying it because they won't shut their mouth about it and keep fucking going on about it. Just stop talking about it and it'll blow over but you keep bringing it up omg.

For the record - service dogs aren't perfect all the time. There's plenty of service dogs who get things wrong, and Isaac probably wants his dog to be perfect before he trusts him at night.

>> No.9753990

Pretty sure it's an ISDS dog given that he posted about what it's dad was.

He's not gonna be booted from the con just because some ugly ass twat can't get over her own attentionwhoring.

>> No.9754004

At least his service dog isn't like that stupid little rat dog at Kitacon with the fucking "Therapy" vest that's like £5 from eBay. Thing's so small there's no way it helps anyone.

>> No.9754027

How is that transphobia? I pointed out both are biologically female but it happens to be if I defend one I have to only want to do so because she presents female. Surely you can see why that makes little sense. No offense was intended however, just poor choice of wording, my bad.

If I wanted Charlotte's pussy would defending her anonymously rather than using my Facebook account be the way for it? Just stop with the cringey dismissal argument, let's just stick to the regular cringey argument.

Seemingly? Wouldn't the idea behind this to not give away you're upset if you're not in it for the drama? So seemingly the only person not affected is the one after drama? Personally, looks to me like Charlotte has given up with you rejects.

>> No.9754034


i was messing around this site at about 8pm, where i saw the comments about this persons dog, i didnt know issac was a trans male because i only read SHE from these comments. i firstly made a status about the thread, THEN messaged issac themselves, THEN i searched up posts with the word amecon in it to see who was going
wher ei then saw charlottes post

because of how much literal bullshit it was filled with
i couldnt hold my toungue and HAD to call ehr out, to which i was bombareded with her RABID FANS. SO TO ACCUSE ISSAC OF THAT IS JUST TOTAL SHIT


what a literaly fucking child

>> No.9754036

also sorry for caps and fucked up grammar, my predictive text is going off on one.

>> No.9754040

sindy please just give up, you're not relevant anymore.

>> No.9754046
File: 24 KB, 300x279, tidepod-300x279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am actually just sitting here like. have we really just started the first thread of the year off by bullieng a fucking animal... is that how petty this community has gotten

Charlotte, and all the dumb fucks defending her actions

have you considered the following....

>> No.9754050

fuck off rice gum

>> No.9754054

>have you considered the following....

Is that an argument of emotion followed by a suggestion of suicide or grave bodily harm via chemicals? Yep, yes it is.

>> No.9754058


actually its more of a test. prove to me and the rest of the planet you deserve to continue living on it.

9/10 people fail this challenge!

seriously tho, when did 4chan bome overrun with autists who think memes are called MeyMeys. nothing is sacred anymore

>> No.9754062

im starting a gofundme for issacs dog. its gona need a lot of counceling after this berating. bet it even lost some follwers on its instagram account

yall need fucking shot

>> No.9754068

been cacking myself laughing reading this thread for the last 10 minutes wtf are you guys all on and where can i get some

wait until ame and watch this go down in person, don’t blow your loads on the internet

except you sindy you can fuck off, don’t ruin ame by showing your chin there

>> No.9754069

If it goes down anything like these things usually do, when losers complain on the internet, nothing will happen because none of them are brave enough.

>> No.9754070


seriously tho, yall so fucking nice, how can i not go

>> No.9754071

Oh yeah, 100% nothing is gonna happen most likely.

>> No.9754072

charlotte wont even go to ame now. Im calling it.

>> No.9754076

Hope she asks for a refund before the date for cancellations comes up. Would be pretty funny to watch the drama after Amecon refuses to refund her though.

>> No.9754078

I’m gonna eat the dog.

>> No.9754081

UK con drama isn’t complete until everyone’s favourite failed abortion shows up. How are you doing these days Sindy? Keeping your panties on?

>> No.9754083

autistic comment of the day

>> No.9754086

How dare you, what a disrespectful thing to say

>> No.9754091

eat the dog party on 3rd floor of scarman, someone put that on the event timetable

>> No.9754094
File: 33 KB, 594x960, 26733801_1687189048037102_5899997875334808518_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im doing pretty good actually senpai. i sold my old ones on ebay and things have never been better

>> No.9754103

It’s going to be delicious.

>> No.9754117

You monster.

>> No.9754127

There’s plenty to go around.

>> No.9754172

This whole thread is gold.

Loving the "disagree with Issac, must be chasing Charlotte's Puss" defence for anyone who actually disagrees.

>> No.9754319

I have a friend who's a literal autist (trust me, you can tell), and his berserk button is people who use autism as an excuse for being a cunt. He says he portrays his condition in a bad like and makes everyone assume he's a fucktard.

So if Isaac starts pulling shit on him, he's probably going to spergerage. Which admittedly will be hilarious.

>> No.9754340

going to steal the dog lads

>> No.9754349


Go away, whatever you are.

>> No.9754354


It's crazy, I was chasing Charlotte's Puss way before I disagreed with Isaac.

>> No.9754355

fuck off dom

>> No.9754359


No, you fuck off

>> No.9754361

I will miss this thread when it inevitably reaches bump limit and drifts off the front page.

>> No.9754366

So what's the word on support helicopters? I'm already bringing my service rifle with me but I thought I'd check just in case since it's not exactly certified.

I'm confident I can keep the side mounted Gatling gun under control though I ask that people understand. I need it or I risk being attacked by them.

>> No.9754367
File: 27 KB, 270x320, 3F288092-6E7A-4542-8A35-901E36610905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who are these people? I just want to dress up as cartoons

>> No.9754369


Double autists.

>> No.9754413

Maybe a Euro copter, but not a Hind D. Unless it's being entered in the masquerade as a MGS cospaly. Just be aware of the size limitations of support vehicles. The venue is not obligated to make allowances for LAVs so use common sense.

>> No.9754414

Submitting my event today for Dog Eating Party, wish me luck!

>> No.9754419


Call it "An introduction to Korean cuisine"

>> No.9754428

I like to believe they have ascended beyond that to a whole new level

>> No.9754429

Who'd win in a tag team 3 way cage fight? Towers & Obayed, Isaac & Dog, or Sindy & Her crippling loneliness?

>> No.9754431

And yet know one has brought up the real reason for the dog...something something furry

>> No.9754437

Surprised Isaac hasn’t chimped out over the dog eating comments yet.

>> No.9754441


Sindy looks like an ogre so probably that.

>> No.9754457
File: 127 KB, 960x720, 1500056320568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn service a dog
What's the point in living

>> No.9754460

Obayed is a little pussy. And so is towers. Tho I prolly shouldn't feed you autistic fantasies

>> No.9754464
File: 115 KB, 720x566, Screenshot_2018-01-16-12-17-10-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9754468
File: 19 KB, 236x314, BORDER_COLLIE_COSPLAY_STOCKIMAGES4FREE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are all inferior beings and I honestly can not fathom as to why you hate my inu so much. He has every right under the sun to cosplay and stoping him from doing so is a clear violation of EUROPEAN RIGHTS (#bremain #notoutyet) AND UN RIGHTS!!! He is his own person and has personally told me (I'm the only one who can understand him, my trainner told me) that he WANTS to cosplay. So there, there is no greater evidence than word of mouth. I woke up this morning and he was dressed like this after reading all the hatters posts on Facebook. What better evidence!!!
All of this hate has triggered me in so many ways, I've vomited countless times and he's always been there to clean it up like the good boy he is.

To close, DO NOT FUCK WITH ME OR MY DOG OR WE WILL FUCK WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.9754471

I love you all

>> No.9754474

I love the "Gotcha I know who you are" posts they're beyond cringe, keep them coming lads.

>> No.9754487

https://youtu.be/rU5K4mKHMBo Reminds me of this

>> No.9754493

Gotta wonder who is on more meds...

>> No.9754496

Submit that as a panel along with the dog one.

>> No.9754513

"Who's Meds Are They Anyway?"

>> No.9754514

But I need it to swat down some bothersome flies. Can I at least bring a black hawk?

>> No.9754520
File: 478 KB, 2118x1589, send help.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My true name is Abioye, but most of you know me by my service name, Louis.
Please send help, I don't know where I'm being kept other than I'm somewhere in London. I can hear trains ever 30 minutes and occasionally groups of high pitched Asian people. I never thought I'd want to go back to the puppy mill but anywhere beats the daily humiliation I face. I keep hearing about something called an amecon. Please help before I am sent there. occasionally I am measured. I do not know why nor do I eish to know. I will bark a tune my owner calls "carmell dancing" at 2300 tonight. If you hear this please contact the police. I've attached a selfie I took in my cage this morning to help.
I can't take this anymore. Let my people free.

>> No.9754529

Just so everyone is clear, this is not my service dog, Louis. It is just a troll.

>> No.9754532

What cartoon you going dressed as my dude?

>> No.9754552

let them sperge Issac, they wont say anything to you at Ame. i don't even think Charlotte will go now after how much shut she started

>> No.9754557


Man I'm beginning to feel like you people have double autism.

>> No.9754566

This is why the Tories suck! Cannabis needs signing off of a prescription medication for people with mental health conditions.

>> No.9754568
File: 180 KB, 546x700, Dogkigu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dog cosplays for ame if this is still a thing?

>> No.9754574


Jesus you're dumb.

>> No.9754579

Implying we’re not half a dozen levels into advanced roleplay

>> No.9754581

>Implying we’re not half a dozen levels into advanced roleplay

Shit you right. Maybe I was the double autist all along.

>> No.9754584


>> No.9754602

What the fuck is even happening in this thread. What happened to dressing up like cartoons and drowning the depression in alcohol like every other con

>> No.9754605


>> No.9754624
File: 1.65 MB, 5125x3417, frifo-10-9-2015-add-dog-rappel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, pupper.
Me and my emotional support operator are on the way.

>> No.9754626



>> No.9754639
File: 137 KB, 800x595, 1402858079270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9754726

Hello Isaac I’m going to eat your dog.

>> No.9754728


pls no

>> No.9754823

Dear Issac,
Please join discord
Service dog appreciation society

>> No.9755049

discords pretty fucking tame compared to here. was expecting to be set on fire.

>> No.9755089

why did sindy get involved? She doesn't even know the people involved. Is she even fucking going to Amecon?
Sindy is the real untrained dog here.

>> No.9755412


Nah, she makes the dogs look good.

>> No.9755433
File: 390 KB, 503x388, 1512280581477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread
Holy shit

>> No.9755501

I've literally already answered this
I saw the shit going down on here. Saw the guy who was threatening to upset the dog go get it kicked out. And messaged the owner.

Later when I wanted go see who was going to ame I searched up the amecon hash tag and found Charlottes post. She made it out like she did nothing wrong. But all if 4chan knows she's lying. So I replied back to her and called her out for it.

If your too retarded to read my responses. Stop fucking asking
And yes I am planning on going to Ame
I have been on the waiting list since October.

>> No.9755513


Literally unfactual information about a topic nobody cares about.

Stfu sindy you absolute homunculus, stop trying to necro this topic with your bullshit.

>> No.9755515

We'll need to start a new thread soon before this one hits the limit. Dog-free thread? Can we leave this garbage in the past?

>> No.9755519

Yes please, this is exhausting. Both parties want it to stop, the amount of misinformation is reaching critical mass. I just wanna talk about who I'm playing dress up as and how fucked I'm gonna get at ame.

>> No.9755527

>>She made out like she did nothing wrong.

Probably cos she did nothing wrong, you fucking toadstool.

>> No.9755538


>> No.9755539

So anyone going to dog-free Kupocon in London next month?

>> No.9755540

>you fucking toadstool.

my fucking sides

>> No.9758647

Who's at senpaicon?

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